Sorry Tony D’Ambrosio but it’s just Starting: Rich Hoffman is vitriolic,condenscending, and disrespectful?

Sorry Tony D’Ambrosio, but your recent Letter to the Editor complaining about me in the wake of the recent levy failure will not keep me off the pages of the newspapers or other media that cover future school levies. I understand that as we speak many people like you who supported the Move Forward Lakota Campaign have realized that in order to force further taxation upon our community that you must neutralize me from the calculation, since facts are not your friend, and charisma is vacant among your lot. Too bad if my vitriolic rhetoric is offensive to you, because if you think you’ve heard the worst of what I can dish out in the past, see how bad it gets if your clan attempt to place another levy on the ballot. Each time I will promise the next campaign will be worse than the previous one, for this was the third time in 18 months that such a thing has been attempted, and the community has told you NO. To ignore the community’s wishes is to spit in their face, and the vitriolic rhetoric is in response to the audacity of the school system, and its radical unions to ignore those past votes and proceed on with future attempts. Such a position is an insult and deserves such language.

For those of you not acquainted with this little tiff between myself and Tony, here is the letter he wrote as it appeared in the Pulse Journal.

I make no apologies about anything stated in that so-called insulting letter. In fact, the reason I said the things I did was to irritate people like D’Ambrosio and their incessant pursuit of imposing on me, my friends in business, and my neighborhood friends more taxes. I consider it an insult that radical teacher unions control our schools and drive up the costs unnecessarily. I consider it insulting to watch our teachers attempt to go on strike as they did in 2008 over higher wages. I consider it rhetoric to disguise an obvious ploy against the taxpayers by using their children as hostages in order to capture further pay raises. When I am lied to and manipulated, it makes me angry, and I do not hold back my anger. So when a reporter asks me what I think, I tell them. When I write, I don’t hold back my thoughts.

Property taxes in the Lakota District are high. It costs approximately $1,140 per $100,000 of property assessment currently. I think that number should be reduced so that we can attract more commercial development to our district. Tax increases are a fools attempt to satisfy their own interests without any knowledge of the bigger picture. Parents who blindly lobby for higher taxes are only thinking about themselves and the children they send to the school. They have no concept of the world outside their neighborhoods. They are what make our communities bad, even though D’Ambrosio attempts to paint me as the extremist.

I’m sure to the pacifist progressive, saying the things I do seem extreme, because they are used to running over all who stand in their path and they use guilt as the weapon. They use the smiling faces of our own children against us in a radical push for ever imposing tax increases. Progressive education has taught us to be “CIVIL” when we are run over, to be kind to those who wish to slap us in the face. When a business owner in our community declares that taxes are hurting them, they are called names, boycotts are initiated, and the guilt of school pride is fully applied to extort more money from them, to silence them into a cold drink at a lonely bar, because they know they are being extorted by an entity in the school that is sold as a friend, but acts like an enemy. That is your CIVILITY! No, I’d say I have not been extreme enough. I have held back much! Believe me!

But one of my readers wanted to come to my defense, so that my temper would not erupt into a boil on epitaphs of fury onto the conduct of Tony D’Ambrosio. So I will place the letter written by one of my frequenters below and allow them to sum up wonderfully what 18,000 others are also feeling, on a movement that is just now gaining its footing. Because it’s no longer just Rich Hoffman that is saying these things, it’s beginning to be others who used to VOTE YES, and have come to learn that the smoke and mirror are hiding a betrayal yet unrealized.


In response to the Pulse Journal Letter about Rich Hoffman:

I read with great interest, the letter from Tony D’Ambrosio, stating that the Lakota community gives too much credence to Rich Hoffman and that the Lakota community deserves better. I wonder if this levy had passed if you would feel the same way. I also have to question why the levy failure in your eyes can only be linked to Rich Hoffman, and not the notion that perhaps thousands of voters voted against it of their own free will and opinion, and I’m certain for many different reasons we can only imagine.

It makes sense that Mr. Hoffman would be quoted often in the Pulse ( just as the pro-levy “move forward” movement was quoted quite often), because these organizations consists of volunteers who take much of their free time to rally to their cause. Mr. D’Ambrosio, if you were opposed to the levy, did you take time out of your schedule and help the move forward people? Voting is a wonderful thing, but it takes more than just a vote to make a concept come alive, and I would say both sides of the issue did a very good job.

You quoted a lot of things from Rich Hoffman’s blog–and agreed, some of them were very insulting and condescending, its part and parcel of his writing style. If you don’t enjoy, I would encourage you not to read it. I find it interesting that you didn’t see fit to quote many of the other items on his blog. Facts such as the average Lakota Teacher overall compensation is $130, 219 per year. The discussion of the very public and unprofessional feuding amongst school board members. The many discussion about needing innovations in education. A very insightful discussion on what the average American makes, another on successful people who did not go to college. Even more shocking and dismaying, actual letters from community members outlining faculty misconduct by both teachers and administrators, merely swept under the rug. (and in one case, the offending teacher switched to another high school in secret–lucky for those parents!)(Threatening letters written to local businesses that do not support the levy. A letter from a teacher’s spouse outlining how now that the levy has failed, how the teachers need to work as little as possible.

I could go on and on. The point is no one person or opinion can make or break a community.
I agree Lakota deserves better…… between the lines without prejudice and read the facts. If you still want to vote “yes”, it’s your will and it’s your right. That’s the beauty of democracy!!

Yours truly,

Loyal Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom Reader


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Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

NO MEANS NO: The ghost of my friend Henry David Thoreau

One of the most disgusting sentiments of the weak parasitic big government types is how they have not only made legalized robbery fashionable in their never ending quest for more and more taxes to feed their incessant bellies, but they have taken segments of great classic literature and distorted them to suit their purposes, much like they have done with everything else. This is one of the most obvious evils that they have done with my favorite transcendentalist Henry David Thoreau and his very short work Civil Disobedience.

Civil Disobedience is only about 30 to 40 pages long. It’s really not much more than an essay and in its opening line comes the famous phase, “That government is best which governs least.” Just a few sentences later Thoreau states, “That government is best which governs not at all.” Yet, civil rights leaders and union socialists have used Thoreau as a kind of hand book to protests and how to engage in them. It was the 60’s hippies who have used the words of Thoreau to lie down in the street and fill the jails of their location with their body’s protest, in order to overwhelm the police and their human cages. The big government progressives seem to only have read the words in Civil Disobedience that pertain to slavery, and war with Mexico, which were the hot button issues in 1849, and they missed the true point of the book!

After the rash of school levy defeats in Southern Ohio after this past election I went back and read Civil Disobedience on the morning after to reign in my thoughts on the matter. The work that Thoreau intended was an anti-tax protest. Thoreau says in his short work, that to pay taxes to an unjust system is a weak acceptance of that system. And that if a citizen does not like what his government is doing, then do not pay the tax. Civil Rights activists point to Civil Disobedience and say this is where they got the idea to allow activists to be placed in jail as a kind of badge of honor. But the fools that many of them are missed the point entirely. Thoreau was put in jail himself for not paying his taxes, and he belittled the entire concept of jail as something that was beneath him in his book. It wasn’t the act of going to jail that was the aim of Civil Disobedience, but in cutting money off from an unjust, oppressive state. He wasn’t even protesting the United States; he was protesting control of the state over his individual sovereignty, and then proclaiming that a state of cowards who refused to acknowledge the individual rights of all men, including slaves, deserved not to have their coffers refilled by the tax collectors. Civil Disobedience is actually a much shorter version of the same thing explored in Atlas Shrugged, that the way to defeat a tyrannical government is to simply not endorse its existence with more resources. By giving it money, you endorse the behavior, even if it’s through your taxes.

That seems fair enough to me and makes sense. Generally, if I don’t like a restaurant, I don’t spend my money on it. If I don’t like a movie, I don’t go to the theater to pay money to see it. If I don’t like a particular brand of car I don’t buy it. And in government, if I don’t like the service or what they spend my money on, it only makes sense that I not be forced to spend money on it. Well, there is a lot in government that I’m not happy with. I do like the roads and highways, but I pay for those with my gasoline tax. I like the post office so long as a stamp can cover the costs. I like the military. I like NASA. There are probably a few other things I like………………but the rest, I don’t support. I don’t support a dictator type president. I do not support a looting congress and senate. I don’t even support a bunch of Supreme Court Justices who look at the Constitution and proclaim that within it there’s a Supremacy Clause. For my money they are a bunch of moochers and looters who do almost nothing productive. And the biggest looters of all are the education system.

I’ve made it no secret that I think our education system is pathetically under equipped to handle the problems of the modern day. The entire structure of the education beast seems motivated to social cause’s not actual individual education. I have noticed that public education from the top to the bottom is a complete failure. The kids in high school are missing all the important lessons, case in point I first heard about Thoreau in high school English and it took me nearly a decade to get the bad taste out of my mouth so I could revisit the material properly. I had the same experience with Shakespeare; teachers absolutely butchered the material so it was unattractive to an inquisitive mind. And kids seem even more out-of-touch now than they were back when I was in school. There are so many tools available to students, yet Departments of Education, school boards, labor unions and finally the teachers themselves are hanging on to an old expensive model that simply doesn’t work. Yet we are forced to continue to pay for this failure with tax levies imposed on the property owners every 6 months.

Lebanon was a local Southern Ohio district that had defeated their levy in May of 2011, but yet was passed 6 months later with less than 200 votes in the November election. The Little Miami School District finally passed their tax levy after the 9th attempt by only 70 votes out of thousands. Lakota, my district failed for the third time in 18 months, and Mt. Healthy failed for the second time in 6 months. In fact at Mt. Healthy the school put the issue on back on the ballot the very next day after the previous vote! In the election of November 2011 there were 611 public school districts in Ohio and out of those 180 had a levy on the ballot this past November. Of those 180 levies, only 87 were successful. Of the 87 that were successful, only 27 were for new funding, the rest were for renewals of existing funding. So what do these numbers tell us?

Those numbers indicate that tax payers are tired of the game, that they’ve spent all the money they care to on education, and that the government needs to loosen its control over education, and privatize it. When 10K per kid is not enough money to provide an education something is wrong and that something is that government education is more about being a big business than teaching children. Those numbers tell us that people are tired of the game, and they want something else.

Those numbers do not indicate however that the voters who said no mean to be disrespected, blown off as though there were children. Yet that is what each of those schools who failed their levies intends to do, all 103 of them. When the voters said NO at the polls they did so for the same reason that Thoreau said no to his taxes, because he didn’t like the product and he wanted a change. No means NO! But an intrusive government run institution such as public education does not take no for an answer. Instead they put the issue back on the ballot again, and again, and again until voters say yes and they do so because they, the government, believe that your money is theirs to loot and plunder for all it’s worth, and they will do so until you either run out, or die trying to keep up with the increases in taxes. Those who ask for more and more taxes to run government care not a bit about individual lives, about whether or not the tax payers suffer. They only care about the survival of the institutions they serve. They are mindless soldiers taking orders from an omnipresent greed driven government of socialist tyranny!

When I said no to further taxation I did not mean to come back to my door for more! I pay enough tax and the services I get for those taxes are not of quality, and I don’t wish to pay more to an entity that does not value individual rights, and for the same reasons as my good friend Henry David Thoreau, I view paying more taxes to be the same as committing an evil act because it feeds institutionalism that is breaking the soul of America.

The evidence comes from the academics themselves, that their system is an utter failure. They read the same book as I, yet they took from it collectively, thousands upon thousands of those academic idiots one meaning, and that is that Thoreau told them to go to jail to protest an injustice. But the jail was the byproduct of not paying taxes, which was the original message those pretentious cowards ignored. And if they missed that one very important point in one book that is only 30 pages long, who on earth are they to be expected to get anything more complicated correct! This is why I do not trust the Department of Education to instruct our children to brush their teeth, let alone guide them on a life quest that will take them through the adventure of existence. No more taxes means just that, and for every one of those 103 schools that come back again to the public for yet more taxes, they are nothing but robbers with the weapon of force, with the political machine at their backs to empower them to take and take and take until the money is taken out of your pocket and placed into theirs with a smile on your face. And you will smile and like it because they will tell you to. Oh, if you are good and kiss their ostentatious asses enough they may smile and shake your hand at a football game on Friday night! Of course you are too stupid if you believe such things to see that they are using your children as a gladiator to the same effect as Rome did, to help sell the evils of their politics with patriotic uniforms and cheering masses. And the games also sell a few soft drinks and pop corn as well as a bit of admission to help the slush funds.

It is for this reason and a host of many others that I believe that education funding is among the most evil endeavors currently entertained by government, and it needs to be eradicated in its current state and reborn as something else that actually works. And it needs to happen while there are still people capable of individual thought who can make it so. Because without action, eternal, blind compliance is the next step into an abyss America will never recover.

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

How to Fix America: Glenn Beck’s Epic Speech and Pink Floyd’s The Wall

The first people to see that something has been terribly wrong in our country are naturally those who either intentionally or unintentionally refused the static patterns of social behavior introduced to them or people who have been there and seen it for what it was, and left that dark place with warnings. Glenn Beck, refused the static indoctrination and left college which he shares with me. I would say that to this very day, this is why he can see and think outside the invisible box of social behavioral thinking. He has not allowed himself to be taught to ignore the chains about his soul. He sees clearly what is holding America back and he has attempted to share that vision with others who are beginning to see for themselves that what Beck has been saying is true. Anyone who listens to this next video clip and wishes to continue to believe that all is right in America, and that we should continue on as we have been, are nothing short of shape-shifting devils hell-bent on the destruction of our country and wish to remain blissfully ignorant of their treachery. Because any sane individual will take pause at the recordings Beck unleashed on his radio program and will feel compelled in some way to take action to restore a sense of value and pride in the American name.

To understand what I mean by static and dynamic patterns click on this link for review:

I have known for my entire life the contents of Beck’s recording above. I have seen it up close, it has always been clear to me. Unfortunately, it was not so clear to the rest of the country. I tried to warn them in the years past, and the collective “they” told me that I was just a rebel, too much so to stay in college, too much so to just take a job within the system and get paid well to do it, too much so to just close my eyes and play along. I lost many friends along the way, and even members of my own family, because they did not want to hear what I was telling them. Well, Glenn Beck has succeeded where I haven’t. I’ve been outside the castle walls of this established thinking and attacked those walls many times completely alone. So it was refreshing when Glenn Beck penetrated those walls and began broadcasting from within the establishment. And I learned that there were others out there fighting the same fight I had been all along, and now one of us was on the inside broadcasting on the radio and TV. And finally someone broke through into the publishing industry and began to put out the kind of books I had always dreamed about. For everything that has been said about Glenn Beck by those who control the power structure, his success in publishing cannot be ignored. Glenn Beck books sell, because the public wants what he is writing about, which says a lot about the true state of our country. If you want to see the future, look at what is selling in your local book store.

Because of his success within the walls of the established thinking Beck was invited to speak at an event hosted by David Horowitz, another reformer who has been fighting those castle walls for decades now. David Horowitz has a different background. He is of the latter in my initial description. He was once in the darkest of places along with people like Bill Ayers, and he left them to join the few who attacked the castle walls to release our freedom which was held hostage within that kingdom of intellectual socialism being brewed from within.

He’s is right about the “drowning man” syndrome. Those who have been in control of what goes on within the power structures are drowning with their own failed policies, and they have been for years stealing from all of us by way of taxes to compensate for their epic failures. Glenn Beck has been pointing this out from within the castle walls for quite a while now and his books have been very successful. This is where Beck has succeeded where others have failed. There have been many books, but most of them stayed within the parameter of established thought, and did not become New York Times Bestsellers. Beck’s long list of literary successes far exceeds anything he’s done on the radio or television, because it is books that can change the static patterns of society with a dynamic that is introduced slowly. Books are the primary way in communicating a change in a static pattern, because they have to be absorbed differently than other media. Among Beck’s books are The Real America, An Inconvenient Book, The Christmas Sweater, America’s March to Socialism, Common Sense, Arguing with Idiots, The Overton Window, Broke, and The Original Argument. Over the last 5 or 6 years Beck has put out at least two books a year. He just released a new one about George Washington and looks to continue on that pace. Being firmly involved in the publishing industry now, Beck is a force that cannot be ignored by the powers that have been active in controlling our civilization for many generations now.

Beck has been able to articulate what those of us with a mind have known for years, that those in power, the looters of government have built careers on telling us that lies are the truth and the truth are lies. I learned this many years ago. Anyone who knows me understands that I love pirate stories and mythology, because in the back of my mind I used to be one and know I can survive very well in that type of world. I have dealt with some of the worst and most ruthless people on this earth, and I know what is in their souls. When I met my wife, I was selling cars which put me in contact with many of those ruthless people and had just closed a deal where I sent an old man across the street from the dealership to his bank to take out what was left his retirement and give it to me to pay cash for a truck I was selling to him $5000 dollars over invoice. I did it because I was dating my wife at the time and wanted the money to take her to a 5 star restaurant downtown. So I figured my plunder of the old man would give us a great night on the town. My take from the $5K would have been $1,500 for that one sale, so it would give us a great night out. After all, I was in heavy competition for her attention. My wife was a fashion model at the time and had many rivals for my affection, so I thought that spending a lot of money on her would impress her. Most of my rivals were men twice my age, I was only 18 at the time, and many older men already successful had their eye on her.

Well……it didn’t impress her. When she heard about my deal with the old man she was angry. She told me she’d rather go to McDonalds than to eat at the Masonette on blood money. She made me feel really bad about the deal which surprised me, because the world I was living in said that my $5000 over invoice deal would make me the hero of the dealership for months, maybe years to come. In fact, I knew at the time hit men who worked for organized crime who actually put their mothers in the hospital for indiscretions unbecoming. So this language my girlfriend, (future wife) was speaking to me was very foreign and would persist for many years to come, much to my frustration. Because of her, I have had to always play every business deal straight, with no looting of my own involved, and because of that, I found that I was always on the outside looking in regarding the little classes of power that evolve around legalized plunder, otherwise known as tax money. This has infuriated me at times, but has also shown me how wrong the rest of the world truly is, because I was removed from the smoke and mirrors to see clearly how evil and distorted human beings in their dealings with one another had become.
Over the years I have been an inventor, only to have the deals crushed by corruption. I have been a gunsmith, only to find I could not do business because of the regulations involved, I wasn’t not willing to jump through federal hoops to perform the task. I have started businesses, several of them to find myself in court defending lawsuits because I did not pad the pockets of a politician. (Yes it is a corrupt game, I know many politicians in town some of them current including state senators and county commissioners of Hamilton Country who directly played the extortion game with former mayors and council people.) I have been a part of the creative community and have witnessed firsthand the inbreeding that goes on there. I have done a lifetime worth of work and experience in just 25 years. I had no idea that I was like Hank Reardon until I read Atlas Shrugged and decided once and for all that I would not even attempt any longer to feed the monster that is government and involved in virtually everything. Instead, I turned to creative endeavors, tasks that I could perform that could not be robbed and pillaged from my effort. In fact, I write so much on this blog site because what I give away for free cannot be stolen, looted, mooched, or otherwise confiscated. I am officially on STRIKE, until the world changes, and I can invent, create, and contribute without being robbed and soaked for everything I’m worth along the way. In this way my son-in-law who has read Atlas Shrugged and loves the book says I remind him most of John Galt. From his perspective, I can see how he’d say such a thing. But as for making the world a better place, I will only contribute to the destruction of this education class, these Victorians who brought progressivism to the United States. When they stop looting, then I’ll start really contributing, beyond words on a page, or computer screen, because as much as I put up here is but a fraction of what I’m holding back. Glenn Beck is made of the same stuff. This is why he is able to do 3 hours of radio every day, 2 hours of television, write 2 books a year, run a company , maintain at least 2 web sites and still have time for his family, and still read a few books a week…….because he’s functioning from that deep well that drives America and is unique to freedom lovers all over the world, and that energy is not the property of any looter of government for them to scoop up and use to their benefit—and evil devices.

What cannot be disputed is that the “system” is broken and corrupted. America cannot function if looters run the asylum. I spent 15 years fighting them on their terms because my wife held me to an oath to be good and honest and in my occasional anger from wasting my days in court, in pursuing permits for construction, for being told that “HE WHO HAS THE GOLD RULES” and to learn that the politicians sought office to control that “GOLD” and that was their primary objective, so if I did not play the game my family could be sued, I would be smeared in the court of public opinion and the mechanisms of the system would be turned against me. I would say to my wife, “Why can’t I just cut off their heads and place them on a pike at the end of our driveway! If this were 400 years ago I could without any trouble! Every single one of them should be scooped up with a giant shovel and tossed into a burning pit and covered from the eyes of humanity, for these are evil, evil men and women, and if the God I learned about in church had any justice about him, he’d strike these bastards down in a fiery fury! Where is my GOD Yahweh, who would burn cities of sin to ashes, who would part the Red Sea for Moses, who would collapse the city walls of Jericho! WHERE IS HE!!!!!! If he will not do it then I WILL!!!!!!!!!”

And she would tell me, “Now honey, calm down. Here is a nice dinner, relax in your hot tub and watch the stars pass by in the night sky. If you want to beat them, do it with your wit. Do it with your mind. Don’t stoop to their level.”

That is why I say that the world is lucky that I am married to her. Because unlike the character of John Galt in Atlas Shrugged who uses the system itself to crush the looters, my first inclination without my wife is to go to war with them all and conquer them one by one till they are all eradicated, and to HELL WITH THE LAW! But I am on strike, make no mistake about it, for all the reasons Glenn Beck has discussed and concludes here.

So as Beck does what he does for Israel, for the presidential and congressional politics, from inside the castle walls, I turn my attention to the education machine that has corrupted our society with this massive dumbing down process that brick by brick built these walls, the wall that Pink Floyd the musical group described in their album The Wall.

When I was younger, and a functioning pirate of the modern type, I used to look down on my fellows who sat listening to that album, drinking and smoking pot in college proclaiming “Why Rich, why should we fight it? Why should we be so inclined to violence like you are? We are all just bricks in the wall.” This would set my mind into a fury. I remember well when my friend and I got into a fight with the football team of Miami University in a bar on campus over the rights to a pool table. It was the whole team against us, and the fight evolved into the back alley until the police came and took everyone away but me which I never understood because I was in the heart of it. One of the football player’s girlfriends was on hand to watch her boyfriend be wrestled away into a squad car, as my friend was and a dozen other hot-blooded drunk men, who just saw themselves as bricks in the wall and wanted to fight somebody before the mortar dried imprisoning them forever. “The police don’t want any part of you.” She said. “You scare them.”

I thought about that for years thereafter and placed it against what I had learned since. It was because I refused to be just another brick in the wall of progress, of this castle fortress that I have been committed to tearing down, that caused the fight in the first place and the girl saw it, and the police saw it. Most people accepted their role in “The Wall” as that Pink Floyd song suggested, smoking a joint, getting drunk and understanding that you are just another brick in the wall. Well, no! I do not, have never, and will never accept that my life is simply just another brick in the wall of tyranny! That is not what being an American is supposed to be, even if I cannot see any resemblance of that America in contemporary culture. I am proud that Glenn Beck now on the inside where the wall is weakest is clawing away at that wall of institutional protection as I and many thousands of others are now doing from the outside. So even though it may feel desperate, and like the world is coming to an end, the world already ended years ago. What we are doing now is taking it back and rebuilding it step by step.

And when Glenn Beck talks about Israel, and this recent hatred of the Jews, which is oddly reminiscent of other fascist governments from years past, and if our education systems actually worked, kids would understand how, but now the anti-Israel movement is in full swing from the same factions that are attempting to bring socialism to America. And it is being done on the backs of the elite, “education” class. To show you how history repeats itself before I let you go dear reader, let me share with you a clip from one of my favorite movies of all time, a Clint Eastwood film called White Hunter Black Heart where he explains to a woman of society what she really is to him, even though his goal of the evening is to seduce her for sex.

Doing the right thing requires being true to yourself even when it’s inconvenient and there are a lot of Margret’s in the world who need to be scolded exactly the way that woman was. I can say from experience that my wife was right; it is far more fun to beat our enemies by turning their game on themselves, by exposing them for the cheats and looters they are than simply blasting them into oblivion with violence. Because if the culture is not changed, then the bad and corrupt among us will breed like insects and will always outnumber those of us with a mind and the goodness to use it. The way to beat them is with the light, to force them to scramble and hide in every crack they ever thought to inhabit, while we tear away at the castle walls they have built when we weren’t looking. While they hide they cannot defend their walls, and then we can tear away at them brick by brick. For the greatest weapon known to mankind is not the fist, the gun, the whip, the cannon, although I enjoy the discharge of the violence from those weapons, the greatest weapon is the truth and it will crush your enemy flat when exposed to it.

To win this war, all you have to do is find the truth yourself, and to hold it firm in your grasp and the rest will take care of itself. Use that truth to beat away at the walls of institutionalism and political control and tear down the castle that our enemies have built with our lives that make up those walls. And do not allow your own children to become just bricks in the wall, as they currently are being used for the Wall Street Protests. The cycle is predictable, and you know where they will end up, 20 years down the road, they will be just where you are now, looking at the world and wondering where America went, and why the house with the picket fence is no longer an attainable aspiration. And guilt will rot their souls when they realize that they helped destroy America one brick at a time, and their personal lives are crushed under the weight of its foundation. It’s not too late to save yourselves, and give your children a lifetime of freedom which awaits them where the castle of power once stood, and liberty can once again thrive without imposition to innovation from those best equipped to perform the tasks. The bricks are already crumbling away, so fret not. The process has already started.

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

The Key to American Exceptionalism: It’s not what you think it is

Fresh off a full day at my daughter’s house celebrating her 22nd birthday and indulging in a Pirates of the Caribbean movie marathon which was one of her birthday wishes, my thoughts returned to the genius of Walt Disney and his foresight to create the original ride of which that film series is based in his Disneyland amusement park so many years ago. This love of pirate lore has deep roots in American society and for good reason, because pirates are one of America’s parents, and to understand America, you have to understand the role that a pirate plays in the process.

Before indulging in that deep abyss of psychological exploration all one must do to witness the world as it always has been before rebellions of courage have lashed out against tyrannical static patterns of thought, the current Obama administration displays clearly why I have always considered it more important to teach my kids about the value of piracy than the importance of getting a doctorate in medicine, or political science. Because to me, the thieves, the scallywags, and the politicians of this world are those who seek to control others through rules and regulation and they should be fought as an enemy to individuality. President Obama to date has been the worst, yet best example of what such thieves and looters are capable of and why the world should run in the opposite direction of such moochers and social parasites.

Walt Disney knew what few people were ready to acknowledge when he designed Disneyland, then his much larger theme park Disney World. When I was a kid, I marveled at how Disney got away with having a theme ride about rapists, terrorists, and drunken bastards robbing and looting in an aimless life, and placed that ride within a very short walk from the Liberty Tree in Liberty Square as if both sections of his park were equal in some way. I always felt that Walt Disney was trying to tell people something important. Even though he sold the Disney image with Cinderella Castle there was something under the covers he wanted to instruct every American alive of the importance, and the sign posts are everywhere in Walt Disney World.

This became very evident to me about a decade ago when I was at Disneyworld with my wife and most of her family. The Park had closed except to employees and their families at 9 PM after the light parade, so for the next two hours the whole park was ours, since my niece was an employee at the time. So my wife, daughters my niece and two nephews went on a quest of adventure those next two hours that cleared up the whole problem for me. We had free access to the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, before Disney reinvented it with the film franchise, and the ghost of Walt Disney spoke to me as we rode that ride 8 times in a row from 9 PM till 10 PM. The line was so short we had it virtually to ourselves. We could get off, get back in line and do it again almost immediately. After 4 times in a row the employees let us just stay in the boat and continue on for the next 4 times.

At this time I was reading a book I knew populated the libraries of Thomas Jefferson and John Adams with considerable respect, and I knew that it was a key to the wording of the American Constitution. It was also the book that created the very first libel law suit in the history of mankind, so the Founding Fathers being interested in the laws of England were very much aware of its importance. The book was called The Buccaneers of America written by Alexander O. Exquemelin who served under Henry Morgan’s command on those Buccaneer exploits that took place on the Caribbean oceans of the 1670’s. Morgan was a privateer serving the kind of England with the profits from his loot in raiding the Spanish and their hold on Central America. To England, Morgan was a privateer. To every other nation Morgan was a bloodthirsty pirate. Since the King of England Charles II was becoming very wealthy under Morgan’s exploits the English Jamaican colony town of Port Royal was left alone from the long arm of English law and the Governor of Jamaica gave Henry Morgan free rein to do as he pleased. This was the birth of freedom, even though the results often ended in prostitution, drunken orgies, and other decadence, freedom from the laws of kings began in this small Jamaican port.

Well, another important figure to the foundation of the United States also played a part in all this. The very young John Locke who was serving as Secretary of the Board of Trade and Plantations for Anthony Ashley Cooper, 1st Earl of Shaftesbury a very close confidant to the king. Locke was in a unique position to see how the behavior in the far away land of Jamaica influenced the politics of England to the highest rank. What Locke learned in these observations became the Two Treatises of Civil Government which Thomas Jefferson and James Madison would use to modal the Declaration of Independence after. You see, John Locke became a philosopher based on all these observations, the most pivotal in America history up to that point, because John Locke and the exploits of Henry Morgan occurred a hundred years before the American Revolution and set the foundation of thought that would become America. The seeds of rebellion had been planted by Locke and nurtured along by patriots like Sam Adams and Thomas Paine. But the ship that carried the seed for Locke to plant was Henry Morgan.

After Charles the II died, England sought to make peace with the French, Spanish and Dutch, so English heroes like Morgan were suddenly cast into the light of piracy and were hunted down for crimes that just a few short years ago made them wealthy. Fortune hunters who sought to live the “pirate’s life” of Morgan took to the seas and found themselves bandits as the governments of the world outlawed the practice of privateering.

But the new world of America had attracted all the adventurers and discontent of the world’s countries, many of them coming to America to settle in the various pirate towns, such as New York, and especially New Orleans to be free of people like Obama’s contemporaries, they were every bit as alive and well back then let me assure you. Pirate captains like Black Sam Bellamy continued on in the tradition of Henry Morgan for as long as they could. Politics being the nature of static patterns attacked the dynamic social patterns of the pirates by settling the new world themselves, and buffering out the effect of the wild outlaws who occupied this strange new world called America.

But some men, the raw adventurers who would rather die than lose their freedom, even if it was the chains of hell itself they fought against continued to pillage and plunder long after the laws of civilization had pulled tight the noose of control. This is precisely the same pattern that occurred in the American West. Politicians used the adventurous spirit of its wild and wooly class to settle the frontier. Then once the blood of their enemies had been shed they turned on the adventurous and killed them. This is how Black Beard came to be. Black Beard just thirty to forty years prior would have been a hero for England. But in 1718, he was an enemy to the world because he refused to acknowledge the laws of politicians, and proved far too difficult to socially control.

The great classic movie The Buccaneer with Charlton Heston playing Andrew Jackson and Yul Brynner playing Jean Lafitte was about the unholy alliance between Jackson who teamed up with the pirate of New Orleans in Lafitte to fight off the English in the War of 1812. Jackson wisely used the unpredictable static patterns of the pirates around New Orleans to defeat handedly the English troops who occupied the city. Did you not know that Mardi Gras was brought to Louisiana by early French settlers and the rituals of wearing masks and bringing single women to elaborate masked balls was started by the French pirates and prostitutes of New Orleans?

This is why Walt Disney recreated a New Orleans town to place his new ride Pirates of the Caribbean into at the very first Disneyland. Being a natural patriot, who had dropped out of high school, and never had any formal education of any kind, Disney had taught himself, and this is what made him a unique thinker. Disney obviously loved The Buccaneer movie, but during that same period of time the great classic novel called Atlas Shrugged came out, in 1957. In that classic book one of the key characters is the pirate Ragnar Danneskjöld who serves as one of the three main protagonist’s who raids and loots the “looters” of society. In the case of Atlas Shrugged the “looters” were politicians like Obama in the very first clip. Ragnar stole back from the politicians the loot they plundered from those who had originally earned the money. There is no question that Ragnar’s character in Atlas Shrugged, Yul Brynner’s adaption of Lafitte in The Buccaneer, and the many stories of Henry Morgan and how the Founding Father’s adored Morgan and his band of Pirates led to the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. So as I was reading at the time of traveling down that boat ride for the sixth and seventh times that night the words of Exquemelin and Locke were clearly written on everything I was looking at.

In those two short years, 1957 with Atlas Shrugged, then in 1958 with The Buccaneer the static pattern of the pirate as a villain, as depicted in Captain Hook, or Captain Flint was suddenly shattered and a new way to look at piracy emerged, which was not shaped on Christian values of morality, but on the true intentions of the human soul. This is why the Disney ride is so popular, and why the movies are so enjoyable.

This is also why pirates are the keys to understanding what America was supposed to be, and what it still can be. This is also why films like Pirates of the Caribbean, and books like Atlas Shrugged are absolute keys to dusting off American Excepetionalism and becoming once again what we were in the beginning, when freedom was an idea created on a pirate ship, written down by a surgeon, witnessed by a philosopher, studied by revolutionaries, and translated for us by artists. It is why we root for blood thirsty killers like Jessie James even though publicly we chastise them. Deep in our hearts we know that the key to our inner desires is to not fall in line with what society tells us to do. The key is to cast off the control of the politicians and their rules, their laws, their meager attempts to control human beings as though they were cattle. The key to American Exceptionalism is in being…..well exceptional……exceptionally free, and living with a passion to protect that freedom, at any and all cost.

We like pirates and outlaws because they have the courage to question the rules that bind the human soul. We may call them unholy, unethical, unpatriotic, but deep inside we call them bandits and mean it as the highest compliment. I have yet to meet a man and especially a woman who doesn’t love a bandit in their lives whether they admit it in the light of day or not. Because the bandit seeks freedom as the highest goal, and adventure is but the vehicle that takes them to their destination. It is the rest of the world who watches in envy as those with courage take their freedom and live each hour of the day by the fruit of their valor. For the rest, they just watch Pirates of the Caribbean and fantasize about a world they could have lived, if only they weren’t such gullible fruitcakes with one foot already in their coffins.

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Avast There Matey: Birthday, Pirates, and Freedom at all costs

Avast there matey’s. As my daughter returned to her abode after a full night of retail work, a 22nd birthday awaited her and it is the duty of her family to usher in these festivities with the kind of rhythmic tempo demanded by her upbringing. To understand what follows for those of timid nature, please refer to these past articles.

It was her husband who carried on a tradition that has become a part of our very souls…….savvy. For my daughter has been raised to think as a good and just person, as her sister has been as well, by my wife who is as good and just a person to ever breath air. However, I had my hand in their upbringing also and presented to them a firm distrust of the law, and a wit to survive no matter what the social conditions or government circumstance and that if injustice befalls my children at any point in their lives, that the pirate life would be the only life for them. And so the most treasured prize she desired on this birthday of hers was the recently released Blue Ray edition of Pirates of the Caribbean’s 4 film treasure chest that her husband bought for her, and hid in her home to be found with the aid of a treasure map seen in the video below.

But our love of pirates goes far deeper than Pirates of the Caribbean, for we have spent many nights and days indulging in pirate lore as I taught all my kids the valiant efforts of Henry Morgan and a host of real and unreal mythical pirates which have populated the dreams of my daughter and reside deep in her soul which will overlook her through a life time on earth and a life which will extend into the ever after. It is without doubt, these figures of my stories passed through my daughters exhausted 22-year-old mind as her fingers gripped her steering wheel on her journey home after 12 hours straight of work and no sleep until her final destination and the treasure hunt that found her at the day’s conclusion.
My daughter might say that in her recollections of my stories she sees me most in the spirit of Captain Montana Mays. May’s military commanders disliked his wild and reckless ways: he lost seven ships chasing sea monsters and other cursed ilk. But they admit that he always finds a new ship to sail, even if she doesn’t meet Navy specs. His crew and the American press love him, and extol his exploits every chance they get.

Her mother, my wife emits the essence of Calico Cat, being too successful in the Atlantic; the “Cat” became a target of every nation that sailed there. But it was treachery by her own crew that nearly led her to the gallows. Disguised as a widowed Puritan she escaped to the Pacific, where she has but one goal: to amass enough power to return for her revenge.

Her own husband the heroic Jack Hawkins at the wheel of the Dauntless! Her sister Bonny Peel, mentored by Calico Cat, she saw her opportunity to command when the Cat mysteriously disappeared. Tough on her crew she’s rumored to be kind to those she captures sometimes even ransoming them back for nothing more than the right to dock at their ports.

But that’s not all, Duque Marcus Vaccaro, also known as the “Golden Tongue,” is Spain’s most important negotiator. He alone can interrupt the king at any hour, and his imperatives often become reality. He has been dispatched to the Italian city-states, the Knights of Malta, and even to England and France. Devereaux, the French privateer, has lost his sanity to his obsession with finding the Dragon’s Eye, a gem that legend says grants the owner immortality. The beautiful Lady Baptiste, considered both a hero and a scourge, she has even been asked by Madame LaFontaine to be one of her girls. Her allegiance remains true to her ship and crew. Madame LaFontaine is the proprietress of Chateau Fontainebleu, a burlesque house in New Orleans. Her girls report everything they hear to her which she can then sell to the highest bidder. Guy LaPlante born in New Orleans has never seen the France he defends. Both Madame LaFontaine and Vicomtesse Richelieu covert his new-world attitude, but he desires only one treasure: Lady Baptiste. Luc Savard watched Canada become a pawn and forgotten territory while the upstart United States thrived, Savard grew increasingly dissatisfied. Starting life as a pirate preying on U.S. ships was a start, but when he was outlawed by Canada, he vowed to fight on his own until he controlled the entire hemisphere. Tabatha McWarren was run out of Providence. Two months later she arrived in New Orleans with a crew devoted to her life. To join her crew, a sailor must drink a mug of her home-brew of cursed blood. Geoffery Flores signaled his resignation from the French Navy with the dead body of his superior officer, who referred to him as a half-breed. Captain Flores is ruthless to his prey but generous to his crew. Gaston de St. Croix might have damned his soul, but Crimson Angel has shown him the gates of heaven. Jonas Richman knows the seduction of evil only too well. The loss of his family to violent predators left him with a single motivation: the destruction of any servant of evil! Brent Rice has always been signed on with the American Navy; he’s just always been there. Although he has no rank, his stories of ship engagements are so exact, and his knowledge of naval strategy so advanced, he is sought after by every military commander. And finally, Sammy the Skull! While Sammy Skulow was alive, he was considered one of the most brutal and insane captains. It is only fitting then, that his hatred for everyone damned him to living even after his flesh rotted away upon his death as his body roams the seas with his sails set for destruction as a phantom ghost and recruiter for the gates of hell!

These are but a few of the characters which populate the childhood mythologies of my children and my oldest daughter is particularly deeply embedded in this lore which gives me great comfort in the knowledge that her survival is not dependent upon the souls of mankind. So to celebrate her 22nd birthday it is appropriate for all of her family to recreate the mythology of her youth so the spirit does not die as her age advances. For it is a rule we all established long ago, that so long as the rules of man could provide a reasonable living, that we would be kind to our enemies and live by a justice generally agreed upon by the collective minds of man. However, should the looters of living continue to rob and pillage our existence to the point where our own lives no longer have any quality, then plan B is already on our minds. I’ll crush ye barnacles matey…..savvy……….for there are far more things to fear than the spirit of those who are willing to leave the static patterns of society and the rules that come with them to defeat the enemies of freedom…… matter what the cost. Shiver me timbers the sweet trade is what comes next when all else fails. And birthdays are a not only a celebration of what years have passed, but what the years have yet to show.

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You are a Slave: Learning who “THEY” are

Who are “THEY?” When you say in a sentence, “they say this isn’t fashionable,” or “they say that’s unhealthy for you to eat,” who are “THEY?” Well, “they” are our subconscious acknowledgment of a shocking realization exhibited in the video below, where we are all slaves to the masters of our static patterns. It’s a condition that the human mind seems prone to submit to, and has always been so even though there are periods of our history where human beings have rebelled against the tendency of compliance. The undercurrent to any rebellion has always returned to compliance for a general culture once safety is made the priority over freedom. This is especially true in our American culture where our Declaration of Independence and Constitution was an attempt at freedom from the “they’s” who seek to rule us.

Many of the clips below come from popular culture reference but toward the end much of the footage comes from George Orwell’s 1984 film adaption where William Hurt played the lead character. If you have not seen that film, or have seen it but not in quite some time, it’s easy to find on Netfex. You should remedy that problem quickly, since Orwell was writing about a trend of which we find ourselves on currently.

Nobody wants to consider that they are being “farmed” toward an aim that is not of their making. But think about it. Our society works at jobs they can’t stand, and they spend their first quarter of a century preparing for that condition. Then in the next quarter we marry someone, have children which involves complete self-sacrifice, so the first 50 years of our lives are already committed to everything but our own individual needs. By the time we get our lives back our bodies are broken and our minds are mush. Our aim is to overeat and to lose consciousness through alcoholic endeavor. Or to take a trip to Vegas where all the rules of society are suspended somewhat and anything can happen. So we find ourselves “farmed” toward social goals that are not of our own making.

But who are these farmers? Well, the recent declaration from the Occupy Movement is that the farmers are this mysterious 1% while the rest of the world is the 99%. That is a start in the right direction, but that 1% is not the bankers, and the super rich as our public educations have prepared our minds to lash out against with the principles of socialism cleverly tucked into the curriculum. If it was so easy to identify who the true “farmers” of our society were, we’d be able to identify them quickly. No, the “farmers” remain more elusive than the obvious wealthy among us. The clip below from George Carlin shows that many people are aware that there are “owners” out there beyond the pens that hold us and who rule our lives in subtle obscure ways. But George makes the mistake many people make, even in their critical analysis, they are being steered away from the “farmers” and their anger is directed at the “rich,” quite on purpose.

Well, there are two kinds of rich. There are the rich who invent a way out of the pens the “farmers” put up to control us and they become rich by making our life in the pen better. Then there are the rich who become wealthy by stealing the profits of our labor. That is not the corporation who employs a person in the pen; the real thief is the same type of person who has always looked to the social casts of European nobility, or the feudalism of Japan, or virtually any culture that has a very involved “class” system. The real thief of our labor, of our very souls is members of the political class. They are the true farmers, the ones who build the pens we live in. And those pens are put around us through regulations, and the people who create those regulations are the real farmers of our lives, supported by the education class, the pretentious “farmers” of our current civilization. They are the academic minded progressives which Teddy Roosevelt philosophically brought back to America after his trip to Africa following his presidency. The European hero Roosevelt showing his disregard of the United States Constitution on many occasions during his presidency both justified and unjustified was all the rage among European nobility and before returning to the states took a grand tour through Europe where he met every king, queen, prince, princess and being of noble blood in an ass kissing ceremony that went on for nearly a year. At the end of it, Roosevelt had become the leader of the first Progressive Party which paved the way for the pompous Woodrow Wilson to become president, and Walter Lippmann who would become the media example of how to control public sentiment. Early on, learning from such presidents as Roosevelt and Wilson, Lippmann said the heard of citizens must be governed by “a specialized class whose interests reach beyond the locality. This class is composed of experts, specialists and bureaucrats. The experts, who often are referred to as ‘elites,’ were to be a machinery of knowledge that circumvents the primary defect of democracy, the impossible ideal of the “omnicompetent citizen.”


It is in these types of people who became our farmers. They are the ones who have set up our pens and heard us about as “they” desire. “They” set up our jobs through regulation. They take our profits from our work, and the profits of the businessman who falsely believes they are earning their freedom by becoming a business owner. The corporation only succeeds if they make an alliance with the “farmers” of the “elite ruling” class. Most business people are every bit if not more encumbered by the chains of the “farmers” than the workers simply because the farmers need the businessman to provide the options to the citizens, so the businesspeople do get a bit more food to enjoy. But they are not in control of their own freedoms–far from it.

We are all being herded around by the pretentious class of academics who run our legal system, run our education system, and command our political structure. They are our farmers. They set up through regulation the pens of our behavior. They decide how fast you will drive down a highway and how long it takes you to get from point A to point B. They decide if you will wear a seat belt, buy insurance, etc. You are given the illusion of free choice, you can stop by a McDonald’s along your journey if you feel hungry, or you may decide to go shopping, but to the “ruling class,” the “farmers” of our existence, it’s no different from allowing a cow in the pasture to graze where the grass is fullest, because all the options are still controlled by the farmers. We are given “sin” zones were we are allowed to partake in guilty pleasures, such as in Vegas or other places of gaming like casinos where we are offered a chance to run out of the pin and become free. We buy our lottery tickets and play slot machines hoping that we may hit a jackpot and win our freedom from “The System” but even those activities are controlled. We are encouraged to drink too much, to numb our wits, and spend our winnings on sex, so that we will always be hungry for more and stay somewhat content in our confines within the pens of regulation.

But we are not allowed to break free, even by accident. If something happens which allows us to break loose from our “farmer” masters, regulation is there to hunt us down. This is what recently happened to Carlos Rafael, the fisherman from Massachusetts who caught the 881 pound Blue Fin Tuna but lost it to federal regulators who confiscated the fish when Carlos landed at port. The fish was worth over $400,000 dollars if allowed to sell on the open market. The reduced value of $5000 is the direct worth of the meat since the confiscation required butchery as the only option for the meat.

To see more detail on this story check out this article.

To understand how important catching a Blue Fin Tuna is check out this video.

When Carlos Rafael lost his giant blue tuna fish, he lost his ability to climb out of the pen from which he has been placed. As a fisherman, and businessman, Rafael has for a long time challenged the long arm of government regulation. Rafael is the type of man who the “farmers” are wary of. They watch him continuously pushing against the regulations set up to control him, and “they” don’t like that he questions them. So when they had the opportunity to punish him, they did so, by taking his fish. If a member of the “ruling class,” (the farmers) had captured the fish it would have been sold to a wealthy European collector who would stuff it and place it upon their palace wall. The ruling class fisherman would have collected the total amount tax-free, and the fisherman and all his friends would have taken a trip to Vegas and gambled it away on games and women. And the whole system would have been happy. But when Rafael caught the fish, it was taken from him, because people like Carlos Rafael are not allowed to have tools which might help them escape from the pins that regulation holds them in. Carlos like many of us is allowed to do as we please as long as Carlos catches fish for local restaurants, provides jobs to area citizens and behaves reasonably. But he is not allowed by the “farmers” to leave the control of regulation, and catching such a large fish might have done that for Rafael. Carlos might have sold the fish and taken his money to the Caribbean to build a house and retire, and that is not allowed. So he was robbed with regulation and kept in the pen.

None of this is new. We are all aware of it even if it is too painful to look at. And we have been pitted against each other by the true ruling class so that we fight each other in a chaotic battle that occupies our thoughts so we don’t plot and scheme for a way out of our pens. Whites fight blacks, women fight men, young fight the old, the poor fight the rich, it is all designed by the political elites to herd us about to harvest for the means “they” deem necessary.

But what happens when our farmers screw up, and they do a poor job of farming? Well, the first to feel the pain is the animals themselves, “us.” When the farmer cannot feed their animals in the pen, or they cannot afford any longer to keep such elaborate pens to contain us, we are the first to feel the pain of their folly. And when we feel the pain, and begin to realize that we are in a pen, we start to push back.

The truth of the matter is that we don’t have to be in a pen of any kind. During the American Revolution we fought against this very “farmer” like existence. If you want to understand why the revolution of 1776 took place at all look around. It was because of a pretentious bureaucracy in England who wanted to loot off our backs so they could feel they had a right to rule us. Well, nobody has a right to rule you! If they do, it is because you surrendered away your rights for the comfort of the pen. You have given the meek, ostentatious ruling class the ability to control you with your desire for escape into alcohol, and safety for your terrestrial lives. It is you who hoped to gain an advantage at life through the collectivism of social justice which created this class of farmers who have built the pens of regulation that we all live in, and we learn to live in those pens before our lives ever get started in grade school.

I can tell you this dear reader, I will never be happy in a pen. There isn’t an intellect on this planet, not even in this universe that can plot a way to contain me within their boundaries. I will NOT endure their stupidity in my life. I never have, and I never will. My love of freedom began the moment I left the womb of my mother. If you don’t believe me, ask her! There has never been a moment in my life where I have ever considered trading my security for freedom. NEVER! The moment I could first remember my thoughts, I saw the farmers for what they were. I could see what they were doing clearly out beyond the pens. I watched their comings and goings and I have tried to warn my fellows stuck in the pen, but they didn’t listen. They instead looked for ways to impress the farmers so that they would get better treatment, and more food. While they did that, I looked for ways to dig under the pens that held us.

Dear reader, I have been on the other side of the pens. I have been in the farmer’s house! I have sat at their table and taken their food while it was still warm! I have done so right under their noses! I have walked from their table across their barn yard without fear of being caught and back to the pens to warn my fellows and show them the hole I dug under the fence, but I was unable to convince anyone but a few to venture out of the pen into the open.

I have been able to do these things because I have looked those farmers in the eye and stared into their souls and what looked back was fear. Fear that I realized they had no real power, no real control. They were in fact nothing but pens and pastures and that if those beings within the pens come to realize they could leave those pens forever, that the farmers would have no power to stop it from happening. And the farmers would suddenly go from being the most powerful personalities in the world to nothing within moments.

So I tell you now, freedom is within your reach. You do not have to go hungry. You do not have to suffer. You do not have to live the life of an imprisoned animal maintained by a foolish farmer. All you have to do is climb under the fence where I show you, and you can have everything and more, because the world outside the pen is much, much better than what the farmer is feeding you. It is “they” who should fear you, not the other way around.

Think about it, and get back with me!

Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy the slop the farmer gives you in the trough.

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

New Ideas From No Lakota Levy: The Pretentious Education Empire

I made a major announcement on the Doc Thompson show just before Thanksgiving where the No Lakota Levy group is making plans to work with a local foundation to help kids in the Lakota School District with their pay-for-play fees, brought on by the school because they cannot balance their budget and is using the same old extortion methods to wring money from the residence and business owners of Liberty and West Chester Twp. The reason we are getting involved in this business of helping the students is we want to help take the edge off the kids who are being used as a tool of combat by the school system to drive up the enormous labor costs brought on by a radical union element while the school levy battles look to continue well into 2012. Listen to that announcement here:

The final straw with many of the business owners who have associated with No Lakota Levy were the threatening letters and nasty emails we received after the third levy defeat. After the election, as they did last time, radical employees of the school system who we employ to perform a community task show what they are really about. Below is one such letter from what appears to be the husband of Lindsey Schmidt the Lakota West English teacher. The man wrote the letter by signing it, and he addressed all the teachers of Lakota, so he is obviously invested and is seeking to provoke the teachers into a radical froth of anger. I show his letter the way he sent it so that you can see for yourself dear reader, what these employees are really all about and how they think.


To the teachers of Lakota,

It is obvious that, with the continued rejection of school levies in
Lakota, schools will need to make further cuts to streamline
operations. I believe it is incumbent on the teachers of this district
to be sure that the next round of cuts be initiated by the labor force.
It is time for teachers to stop giving their labor away for free.
Make gone the days of 50-70 hour work weeks. Work only to the hours
stipulated by your contract. Take the hours you used to devote to
grading papers, offering extra help, and improving your presentations
and put them toward the attention of your families. To make up for the
loss of step increases, use the extra time you have previously given to
your district for free to seek out a second job. Contract out any
remedial help to struggling students. To take pride in your work, you
must realize that your labor is valuable. Stop giving it away for free
when clearly the times of public support have changed. When the public
can no longer afford the system of the past, it is the public, not the
labor force, that will have to decide how to counterbalance the

William Schmidt



It is because of people like this, that more and more people are deciding that they don’t want to give money to prop up the wages and benefits of this very protected class of pretentious education employees. Members of the community want to help the kids, because that’s why we send them to school in the first place, but more and more people are sick and tired of throwing money at people like the man who wrote the above letter. People like that are standing in the way real education improvement.

The No Lakota Levy group is going to help provide that bridge for those who want to help the kids without giving the money to the school itself in what is becoming known as a black hole of investment. No Lakota Levy as a group has also tried to help the administration balance their budget by telling them how to do it. The situation is simple. The superintendent should instruct the teachers union, (the LEA) that it needs to lower their labor costs by 5%. What that means is that the average salary which is currently $63K per year would need to be $59,800 per year. For teachers who make $85,000 per year would have to take a wage cut of $4,250 making their yearly wage $80,750 per year, hardly a severe hardship. If the LEA would agree to this, Lakota would balance its budget for the next 5 years. It’s pretty simple. If some of the teachers don’t want to agree to the reduction, they are free to shop themselves around the open market, but any school district they might go to will be going through the same cost adjustments that Lakota is going through so it’s a move at their own risk. They might be out of a job in those districts in a few years anyway if they refuse to bend on their pricing.

That would take care of the financial problems at Lakota and if the LEA cared one bit about the community they work in, they’d come up with the idea on their own. After all, even at $80K as opposed to $85K, they are still WAY over the average income of the tax payers who pay for the teacher salaries. But the LEA won’t make such a move, and the superintendent won’t even ask. The school board won’t even put the idea on the table, because they are all part of the same money-making system and are made up of the kind of people like William Schmidt. Mr. Schmidt is actually encouraging the teachers to do less, because the community is not willing to throw more money at them. In my opinion the cuts should be 30%. No teacher should make $80K per year and only work 9 months a year. They aren’t doing any service that is all that incredibly valuable. They are simply doing the work that lazy parents don’t want to, and they are charging a killing to do it.

Those problems are not the greater problem of the community. The public schools are part of the community, but they are not the hub of the wheel that everything else revolves. They are according to them however. The pretentious school employees behave like some only child from a wealthy family, who has no perspective on life but to scream like a baby and have the parents shut them up by giving them things to appease them temporarily. Well, finally the community is learning to stick up for itself and not allow themselves to be pushed around by these spoiled brats. And the No Lakota Levy announcement of working with the foundation is in the spirit of the community taking back control of the education system little by little from these radical union types.

Taking control of our schools again from these pretentious academics is probably the most important thing we can do during the year of 2012. Little by little, if the community begins to inject itself upon the empire of public education, the dictators who rule those scholastic hallways will retreat back into the abysses from which their minds belong. But it starts with honestly answering the questions, “Is this the best we can do in public education?” “Are we happy with an ‘excellence with distinction’ rating that means virtually nothing to the outside world except those who sell real-estate, because the kids are coming out of the meat grinder of public education far from being self-reliant, but instead seem destined to be forever dependent on government in some fashion or another, deeming the education received to be a perilous failure?” Well my answer is that I’m not happy with it. It’s too expensive, too liberal, and too pretentious. Take those elements away and the education system could operate with half the cost, and produce much higher results. Don’t believe me……..give it a try. You’ll never know unless you try.

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

The Super Committee isn’t so Super: Complete failure across the political spectrum

On Monday November 21, 2011 the Super Committee of the United States Congress declared that it wasn’t quite so “super” when it acknowledged that they could not, or would not come to any decision on where cuts to the federal budget could be implemented as the total deficit climbed over $15 trillion. To understand exactly what all this deficit talk means, and to translate the decision of the Super Committee to proclaim it’s stalemate just before the Thanksgiving Holiday, Doc Thompson of 700 WLW had on Nathan Bachrach to put it in perspective. You can hear that discussion at the video below.

It doesn’t surprise me at all that the Super Committee was unable to do ANYTHING productive in the two months they have been meeting. Consider for a moment how much a congressman in the capital makes, which is $174,000 a year for rank and file members plus other benefits that can be seen in more detail at the below link:

Imagine the dysfunction of politicians making six figure incomes, which is a healthy sum for anybody, sitting around doing nothing but making noise. The Super Committee worked for two months on a task of reducing the national debt and made no ground at all, and to my mind that means they should all lose their jobs for their epic failure. But how can we expect things to work at the federal level when it doesn’t work at the local level? As this news was breaking about the Super Committee the Lakota School District like virtually all school districts in Ohio are trying to figure out how to balance their budgets to the same results.

Lakota is looking for $12 million dollars to cover their deficit spending that we’ve demonstrated is caused by their very inflated wages which average over $63K per year for over 2000 employees. And with all that supposed talent hired for managing our education dollars, not a single one of them is capable of making any kind of hard decisions on how much to cut from the budget or where to cut it. Why?

Well, the answer is because the entire governmental system from the local schools all the way up to the federal government is built around a looter mentality where the participants have rigged the system to extort legalized plunder from the tax payer for spectral services that actually amount to nothing. For perspective, what government is doing for us is similar to what bottled water companies are doing. They are collecting water, putting it in a plastic container, and selling it to us like they are doing us a favor. But in reality we can get our own water easily, and don’t need a bottling company at all. The bottling companies have created the “perception” that their water is better than water that falls from the sky. Government is doing the same thing with education; they are teaching our kids in an old archaic fashion that is grossly too expensive when a computer could do a much better job for most of the topics. Homeschooled kids outperform public educated kids in virtually every category, so if the goal was to improve the actual education of children, schools would explore the answer as to why. But that is not what is desired, because government education is a “make work” program that is similar to the bottled water company. Government does the same thing with housing, with social security, with medicine, with transportation, with food production, they have their hand in everything and in reality they are simply making it seem that they are working on your behalf when all they are really doing is just selling a service you could get easily on your own. They only exist to “create” jobs, not results.

The weakness in government skill level however is exposed when they are actually required to “manage” costs, instead of simply asking for more money. During the discussed Lakota school board meeting, my family and I spoke about if I should go or to continue with our plans to take my son-in-law out to dinner for his birthday. I decided to take him out for his birthday because my time is worth more than sitting with a bunch of dysfunctional, unskilled, malcontents for an hour and a half and listen to the administrators bungle around the hard decisions in a comical display of ill-equipped politicians who are attempting to cover up the fact that they have no courage, no fortitude, and no idea how to make a proper decision. Because they know that they are part of a system designed to loot from the public treasury, and they’ve benefited from that system so are not equipped to point out the flaws. Your local school board knows it. Your local superintendent knows it. And your local congressman knows it. Every member of the Super Committee knows it. It’s all a scam designed to loot money from the public. For more information and video on how this works, check out this article:

It is a sad state that we have so many government employees who are not paid based on performance but just to sit in a chair and wear a suit. We have allowed them to cruise along making excessive amounts of money for doing virtually nothing. They are exposed when they are required to actually do something, and the problem is epidemic, it’s across the entire political spectrum from top to bottom.

It is in these losers that we place our trust to eliminate a 15 trillion-dollar deficit, to educate our children, to care for our elderly. If the lack of effort on their behalf does not spell out for you the magnitude of our country’s severe failure in virtually every category, nothing will.

America is due for a complete, philosophic identity calibration. It is time for our nation to figure out once and for all what it is. Are we going to continue to be the home of the free, and land of the brave…….or are we just simply a society of looters, which our politicians reflect regarding our general society?

The answer to that question will determine the fate of the United States of America, and that decision will happen on your watch dear reader. You and you alone will decide what is to become of our country. So you better chose correctly.

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

Kali Ma Will Rule the World: Why the labor unions are by definition THUGS

Do you know where the word “THUG” comes from? It’s the slang term given to the Thuggee criminal fraternity of Hindu thieves dating from the 17th century and going into the early 20th century. The Thuggee were a cult of maniacs engaged in mass murder. The modus operandi was to join a caravan and become accepted as bona-fide travelers themselves. The thugs would need to delay any attack until their fellow travelers had dropped the initial wariness of the newcomers and had been lulled into a false sense of security gaining their trust. Once the travelers had allowed the Thugs to join them and disperse amongst them—a task which might sometimes, depending on the size of the target group, require accompaniment for hundreds of miles—the Thugs would wait for a suitable place and time before killing and robbing them. (Source )

The film Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom had some fun with the terrible culture of the Thuggee in the popular 1984 film as Matt Clark and I did also in the Sunday November 20, 2011 broadcast on his ClarkCast radio network heard on WAAM Ann Arbor. The subject was comparing the labor unions of Ohio who led a $30 million plus campaign to repeal Issue 2 in Ohio to the human sacrifice aspect of the Thuggee culture which is why I think all labor unions are no different from the Thugs of that old Hindu culture.

I know many of those union “brothers” and “sisters” in the public unions don’t appreciate being called “THUGS” but what else are you? During the whole Issue 2 campaign your side did nothing to argue in favor of the union position. Your union’s arguments relied almost exclusively on “fear” to win people over to your side, which is what thugs do, they “scare” people into action they might not otherwise take. Sure, it’s not murder what the unions participated in, but the idea that everyone else in the world should sacrifice themselves to your honor is what you portrayed, so I’ll repeat what I said to Matt in our interview. In the end after all the votes were cast it was the reign of the mindless Thuggee union lobby that turned out the most votes, not because they were more deserved, but because the votes were cast or not cast based on fear. There were a lot of people who stayed home that night and didn’t vote. Those voters of indecision were simply instigated into terror, which was the design of the Thugs.

The labor unions in the course of the Issue 2 campaign told Ohioans that the earth would open up and swallow whole women and children, that fires would erupt all over Ohio, that thieves would be breaking into our homes and there would be no police to come. We were told that schools would fail, that nurses would not be on staff to care for the sick. We were told that the public employee is similar to a divine entity and that the tax payers owed their lives to their existence and that required a tax sacrifice of not just dollars, but of blood. We were shown that any reform of any initiative connected to the public labor unions would be met with a mob of protestors chanting for more sacrifice, more money spent on their behalf. The unions convinced much of Ohio that the sky would open and the wrath of God would cast itself upon the earth and that in this battle Satan would emerge with pitchforks in hand and armies of demons would bring havoc upon the entire state in a never-ending apocalypse that would go on till the end of time.

We were told that if Issue 2 was not repealed that ambulances would sit idle as our senior citizens grabbed at their hearts in their last dying moments. Fire trucks would sit idle as forests grew across the parking lots and wrapped their roots about the tires. Police cars would sit rusting away in the sunlight of an apocalypse as the sky burned with fire and meteors from thousands of light years away pummeled Ohio into ruin.

We were told that to prevent these things from happening that the gods of public service required more blood sacrifices, more taxes, more support to be successful and that if they did not get these sacrifices then the world as we know it would come to an end with a fury unmatched since the dawn of the human race. The sacrifices required the lives not only of ourselves, but of our children and our children’s children in a never-ending ceaseless debt which would extend into the foreseeable future or as long as the sun continued to burn and that if there was anyone who questioned the validity of this sacrifice, then they would be the worst, most despicable species of human to ever walk the earth………………..they would be big, mean, greedy people who only care for themselves……………selfish beyond refute or excuse, and a menace to all humanity.

And after all that was said and done and the unions had Issue 2 repealed, the problems that brought it into existence still persist, and the fears that the unions uttered will still come to pass. Firefighters, police and teachers will still lose their jobs, because tax increases are not the solution. There cannot be anymore blood sacrifices of our hard-earned money to the cult of the Thuggee band of union workers. Sorry, we are fresh out of blood, human hearts and dollars to give you in your blood thirsty quest to dominate the world with a progressive utopia held in reverence to the great Kali!

“Kali Ma will rule the world!” But not with our money!
(For more on Kali and reference pictures: )

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

Legalized Plunder: You have been SCAMMED at every level!

The letter seen here was sent to one of the supporters of the No Lakota Levy effort in the fall of 2011. The names and email addresses have been removed to protect those involved. However, it is the intent of the letter that is actually quite sinister and can be seen quite clearly if read analytically. This is a boycott threat from a pro tax levy advocate to the owner of a business who supported No Lakota Levy in the recent fight over higher taxes in a local public school. For those who don’t know it, No Lakota Levy has been on the front lines of forcing the local school system to reduce dramatically their cost to the public instead of just raising taxes to feed the public schools inflated budgets.

Notice the pretentious nature of the letter, the assumption that this business owner has an obligation to pay higher taxes just because they are doing business in the community or might employee a student who happens to attend the local high school. This is a fine example of LEGAL PLUNDER from a local public education establishment who uses many extortive measures to soak the public for everything they can in order to gain for themselves vast sums of wealth.

In speaking about situations like this business owner and their support of No Lakota Levy, the taxes paid are already extraordinarily high, and if the levy had passed, this same place of business would have had to pay at least two employees worth of yearly salary in additional taxes, so even if this radical protestor threatening a boycott and all her friends and family refused to dine at this place of business, the taxes from a levy passage would have still been more than the loss of business from the boycotters, and that is a reality the pretentious protestor does not fathom. Yet the local school, like most in government believes they are “entitled” to legally plunder the wealth of the community for their use at will.

To understand what Legalized Plunder is, have a look at this short, but very good video.

Many people forget that public school is an arm of government and functions from the same arrogant disregard for the public as the federal government does. As I write this, the leaders of the above mentioned school instead of approaching their unionized workers about providing a discount in service are instead trying very hard to find someone who can combat me in a campaign, so they can at some point win a tax increase at the ballot box. The school district is functioning like all government does, they are never satisfied with what they get, they simply loot, pillage, and plunder all the resources around them so that they can have what we have, who are the actual producers of the community. They employ every method mentioned in the video, particularly “The Magic of Legislation.”

A sample of such legislative magic is the ability of a school system’s board of education to take away transportation from school districts residents so to inconvenience them if a school levy should fail. This is simply a form of legalized extortion and it’s taught by the OSBA in Columbus Ohio at a class called Levy University (all this is paid for by the tax payers, directly and indirectly). Many parents will simply vote in the next election for an increase in taxes so they can get their school buses back, which is less than 5% of the total education budget to begin with, but that’s irrelevant. The goal is not legitimized budget concerns and cost reduction. The goal is extortion to satisfy radical teacher union contracts. The same strategy is done by cutting school electives, sports and other items of passion as a way to torture the community into seeing things in the schools way, just like an organized crime element. Wages and benefits of the school employees are never considered, even though they are over 70% of the cost most of the time, and often make 30 to 40% more than the rest of the community who must disperse the taxes to pay these plunderers. It is in legislation that the thieves write laws to make this plunder possible and it’s so embedded as a reality that none of the thieves want to change.

In the levy problem of my local school district, the leader of the last pro levy effort threatened through media reports that the school superintendent whom we just hired at over quarter million dollars in yearly compensation and benefits will take an active role in the next levy attempt. You see, instead of acting like a company CEO, which we are all told is the reason superintendents are paid so much money, more in fact than the governor of Ohio, and actually cutting costs, renegotiating union contracts and other real measures that any CEO would engage in, the superintendent at this school is at least a double dipper, maybe even a triple dipper, meaning she’s retired from other school districts and is receiving retirement income from all those schools also while working for the school in my district. This makes her very wealthy purely on tax payer money. In reality she in no way engages in any management of the real costs. In the end, the district hired her to pass a school levy, like a hired gun in a Wild West town to gun down opposition to the tax increases the public school plans to implement (LOOT). And when she and I meet in the next campaign she’ll get paid over $250,000 a year to do what I do in the media during my spare time for free. This whole scam of superintendents being bought and paid for by the unions with this double-dipping retirement ability, and internal hiring practices etc. were created in the Ohio legislature by union lobbyists, so they would also know they have a friend on the other side of the negotiating table. (CLICK HERE TO READ MORE ABOUT THIS. WATCH THE VIDEOS AND LISTEN TO THE BROADCASTS. IT MAY BE ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT THINGS YOU EVER COME TO REALIZE. It is a direct example of LEGALIZED PLUNDER

I use this local school issue as an example of how this occurs on the microcosm, because most everyone has a public school in their neighborhood who is engaging in this type of plunder openly, for all to see. That’s why the arrow on the wheel in the video silently stopped on the Public Education section. Because public education is disguised as a tremendous community benefit, but in reality is quite an elaborate scam designed by some of the most prolific looters in the business. But this isn’t just happening in our schools. NO! The schools are an easy target because they sell themselves one way, and in reality are something else. Since they are in our communities, it’s easy for anyone with eyes to see. But when it comes to congress, either at the state level, or the federal, the looters, thieves, and legal plunderers are making an absolute killing on our tax money and they could care less how much the actual public suffers, so long as they get their loot.

Glenn Beck had on Peter Schweitzer to discuss the new book Throw Them All Out, which created the controversial 60 Minutes investigation that has ignited the nation into examining this situation for all it’s worth. For the record, my good buddy Darryl Parks of 700 WLW covered this story in great detail during this past August, well ahead of this recent revelation exposed in Schweitzer’s new book. Check these links out too. You’ll be glad you did!

August 1st through the 3rd 2011

Who profits and how much:

If you have any doubt, any question, any concern what-so-ever about what you heard Beck talk about, or Darryl Parks, or me then meet some of those government looters for yourself below. The same people who are calling for higher taxes, the type of people who expose the neurosis of the PTA moms to lobby business owners for HIGHER taxes, listen to them here when questioned if they would desire to pay higher taxes into a direct account when the reporter provides an iPad for direct payment.

It is no surprise when the looters are confronted directly that they’d behave in the fashion shown, because they are exposed for what they are, Legalized Plunderers who think they are entitled to the wealth we have worked for. They believe they OWN what you make with your hands, or with your mind. They believe they are privy to your property and are fully intent to continue this behavior for as long as they can get away with it. From your local school to the highest level of our government we have in place simple looters who care not one authentic thought as to the outcome of your existence so long as they get your money in their pocket.

And if you doubt it at all, even one iota go listen to the Darryl Parks broadcast at the link provided above. He breaks it down in very specific detail at the various levels.

You Dear Reader have been scammed in the worst way possible, and for every mad lunatic PTA mom out there who write letters of extortion on behalf of their slave masters, they are as bad as the looters they work for. The system is irrefutably broken well beyond repair, and reform will never be possible so long as there is money to plunder from the masses.

The only way to stop it, to expose the thieves and looters of our society in their legalized plunder scams is to cut off the money supply to these scallywags and let them dry up exposed to the light of day, because as long as you give them money, they will continue to find new ways to plunder it from you using the law as their weapon.

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior