“Dead Men Tell No Tales” : Being the hunter, not the hunted

I love that song and it came to my mind upon the frequent warnings I have received from friends and concerned citizens after the election in November of 2011. After all, I have a lot of enemies, or was that a secret? That song is one that most accurately reflects the spirit I harbor beyond the mask of social convention.

Never-the-less, I am touched by the letters like the one below warning me of the murmurs they are hearing from their circles of associates. For those concerned about my safety just listen to the words of that song and you will hear the ghosts of my past. Yet I do appreciate the concern from the very good people and their prayers sent in my direction such as the one below.


Hi Rich,

I don’t know if you are a believer, but none of this going on is a surprise as the Bible tells us in answer to: What moral conditions will be characteristic of society in the last days?

It’s in the Bible, II Timothy 3:1-5, NIV. “But mark this: There will be terrible times in the last days. People will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, without love, unforgiving, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not lovers of the good, treacherous, rash, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God—having a form of godliness but denying its power. Have nothing to do with them.”

The real slide came when Roe vs. Wade became law (no, I’m not Catholic) and we care more for the humane treatment of our pets than an unborn human being. Just think what an outcry there would be if dogs and cats were “put down” the way a human being is in the womb. People would go to jail. In the last days “wrong will be called right and right will be called wrong”. That’s a Bible quote but it escapes me right now chapter and verse.

Thanks for your watchful attention and correct assessment of what is going on in our schools and with the unions. You have a real gift. Be careful, Rich, because you will be a target of more than words soon.

Blessings & prayers,


As to that last part, worry not. I have been hunted, and I’ve hunted all my life. When I was younger, my life was very much like that song. Once I was married, my wife was able to calm me down enough to focus my energy intellectually, so if my enemies find that they can’t beat me intellectually, and decide to resort to violence, then that will be to their folly.

Let this post stand to witness that I wish no violence upon those who disagree with me. I am completely confident that all our disputes can be settled in the court of public opinion, in elections and the various activities resulting in debate and politics.


As seen during the Lakota campaign where our signs were stolen and vandalized, I know all too well that the foolish among us, the half-wits, the unsophisticated, the thugs, creeps, goons, punks, losers and so on, will resort to violence when they realize they cannot beat me with intellectual debate. At that time they typically resort to violence or legal action.

Well, there isn’t any violence that I haven’t seen before, and as I’m sure the reports have indicated from those out there who view me as a threat have discovered, I do have a past that is soaked with blood. Also on the legal front, I have also seen much of that as well.  That I am not like that openly now you can thank my wife. She gets full credit for saving many of my foes from a fate that they fully deserve. She has showed me that it can be more fun to beat your enemies with intellect. So give her a round of applause.

But……………………………………………….there is a reason that as much as I’ve said, as much as I’ve put out to millions and millions of people, that tales from those crypts have not emerged. Because………………..

So worry not. It would not be advisable for my adversaries to go down that path. If they aren’t up to the task themselves, chances are I know the people they’d hire. And there aren’t any of them I’m concerned about even if they were all hired at the same time.

The wise thing would be to increase the intellect of my rivals, and I hope that by arguing with them, that they may become better. But if they chose the easy path, the one of violence, then they may learn why more voices from the crypts do not emerge.

Davy Jones locker is sealed up tight.

So to my enemies, enjoy your fantasies, and for your own sake you better keep them that way. And you should send my wife a Christmas card and thank her for being my wife, because if left to my own devices, I would not write, I would not do the radio debates, the stage debates, or the TV. I would do what I’ve done in the past and you wouldn’t like that………………………………………………….

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Rich Hoffman

Institutional Failure: Sex, Cover-ups and Penn State

To begin to wrap your mind around the Penn State scandal involving Jerry Sandusky the defensive coordinator of Penn State and the cover-up participated in by the university, I’d refer you to the article link below for a foundation understanding to the sex trade industry that is a global problem and is participated in by a majority of our population. It is so wide-spread that you dear readers are also probably guilty to some extent.


It should come as no shock that Jerry Sandusky was engaging in such behavior out in the open and using some of the children of the Second Mile Foundation for his own sexual pleasure and prostituting them out to rich donors of the university. If you understand that such things are happening right out in the open, yet do nothing to change it, you are one of the millions who “chose” not to see and are guilty of serious crimes that cannot be forgiven in church on Sunday’s. The pain of this action is that when we are finally forced to look at something that is very painful, the result can be tragically life shattering. In the Penn State case, the university relies so intensely on the football program to recruit new students to their university that they put a blind eye to the conduct of its officials. This happened at Ohio State as well. See my article on that unfortunate situation here, where I use clips from a movie to explain the problem of university politics and public perception.


Specific to the Penn State Program, and just how sinister the situation truly is, listen to Scott Sloan and Tracy Jones of 700 WLW talk about the “time line” of the scandal, and who knew what and when they knew it. Also listen to one of the students who participated in the riots at Penn State when it was announced that the iconic Joe Paterno was fired from his long coveted position.

You can see here the kind of rioting that was going on at Penn State, which that student from the broadcast played a part. Scientifically speaking, it is interesting to examine the tribal nature of these students in their acts of violence, triggered by the announcement that Paterno had in fact been terminated.

It is amazing that these students had such a reaction, and seem to care nothing for the children who were raped and abused by the long arm of cover-up perpetrated by the very popular football program’s pedophile assistant coach and his co-workers.

But this is not specific to Penn State, although it’s one of the worst we’ve come along in quite some time. This is a case of institutional failure precipitated by a focus on sacrificing the individual identity of the participants for the sum of the collective life of the institution.

As mentioned, Ohio State just went though this, although at a lower level of offense. Public schools too are prone to such scandals. Within 15 miles of my home over three very large public school districts had similar scandals that were successfully covered-up to protect the integrity of the institution. The Mason School System had a cover-up in regard to the Stacy Schuler case.


Lakota just had a similar string of scandals that were completely suppressed by the institution.


And Fairfield City Schools had to be investigated by the FBI involving their school board and a private businessman, which is summed up in this article wrapping all three scandals into one abridgment.


So why do these crimes go unchecked? Why are these things allowed to happen? Well, it’s because our society has been taught, and encouraged to embrace collectivism as an ultimate salvation when in our hearts we desire freedom. This creates a duality in our natures that is always seeking to balance itself. We may use charity to satisfy our collective desire for acceptance, then to pay homage to our individuality we may cater to the dirty sex of our inner desires to bring balance to our lives. The trouble is that our individual natures are applied toward the wrong outlets, and this creates these scandals.

The individual will always seek to obtain what it desires. But due to our collective attempts in social respects we push our deepest darkest desires into the murky corners of our reality. We cheat on our spouses, we embark on pornographic journeys, and even the worst of us do what Sandusky and Schuler engaged in. The more embedded the individual is into a system where the individual is suppressed, the worse these crimes are.

So it is the fault of the institutions themselves. It is the false perception that the individual exists for the institution when in fact the institution exists for the individual. If the institution does not serve the needs of individuality and freedom, then it can be said to be corrupt.

Institutions like Penn State, or Ohio State or even Lakota and Mason use football and other sports to unite the collective minds of their benefactors, and once intimate with the institutional system, individuals have shown that they are prone to ignore overwhelming evidence of impropriety so that their collective identities associated with the institution can be preserved. It is not uncommon for a normal American male to know the sports statistics of their favorite sports player, even if the player is only a high school or college football player, than to know the specific qualities of their own children, because the clueless father is in service to the institution instead of himself. And in order to rectify his loss in individual needs, he seeks it in sexual depravity. This is an endemic problem and is most of the reason why cover-ups continue in large programs like Penn State, because many people know they too are guilty of similar acts not just in action, but in thought, and they are therefore not in a position to cast judgment. They are slaves to the institutions which control them, even if passively with their alma mater sweatshirt. (By the way, do you know what alma mater means? (Latin: “nourishing mother”),

I view such people simply as slaves. I would not trade one second of my independence with them for financial security which is the reason many of them trade their freedom away in the first place. I would actively seek to bring down and destroy any institution that assists in covering up such impropriety as seen at Penn State, and I’d do it without sorrow. If the institution does not serve the individual needs of the participants, then it is bad and should be dismantled. Because always, if you lift up the rug, you will find the kind of activity engaged in at Penn State. Such crimes are endemic to all institutions, every single one. It doesn’t matter if it’s a college, a labor union, a government, or even military activity, if the individual is crushed to serve the institution, then the institution is evil. There is no mediation in such a statement. See this article for more evidence:


The results of a crushed spirit is sexual deprivation and broken individuals who aren’t fit to lead their own families, which then breed a society of lost children who will sign up to attend the college of their fathers and mothers to pay homage to the Gods of college football like Joe Paterno, and when that God falls, those individuals will be lost and will seek to destroy the threats to their collective society, because they have lost their ability to think within their assimilation into institutional control, and riots will follow as the only measure to redeem themselves from the lost identity they discover upon learning that the institution has failed them.

Finally, for more evidence of this tragedy in various degrees view these articles for yourself, and examine the contents carefully, than consider where in the scheme of things your mind falls. Because in the end, only you can save yourself from the forces that seek to corrupt your minds.



If you know something is wrong and you fail to act, you are at fault also, and the people at Penn State are all just a little bit guilty of putting on the blinders for the thrill of a victory in the games of Saturday and an alliance to the institutions of collectivism.

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Rich Hoffman