The World Economic Forum Must Control Elections Worldwide to Implement their Plan for Global Domination: The lessons learned from Hillary Clinton

If you search my site here of Hillary Clinton’s name, you will see that I have written hundreds of articles about her guilt and corruption, all of which have turned out to be true. It has taken, in some cases, six years to uncover some of the crimes. Some of her crimes, especially regarding Benghazi, have not been adequately investigated, but time will prove them all to be true. While I enjoy the Glenn Beck’s of the world and Alex Jones’s work, I would distinguish what I have done for over a decade to be much different. I purposely work to keep theater out of my statements, even though the things I say may sound like radical conspiracy theories. How they sound is only relevant to the experience of the consumer of the information. The relevancy of what I say obviously is something I consider essential. Otherwise, I wouldn’t mention it. From my perspective, if I’m talking about it, it’s something you should be concerned about. When I talked about Obama and his illegal presidency, or the crimes of the Clinton family, or the crimes of the current Biden family, election fraud, manufactured viruses like Covid was and distributed by our own people to help the Desecrators of Davos change the world to global communism, I have no plans to say in the future, “oh, my bad. That never came true.” Instead, I expect everything to be proven true, just as this Hillary Clinton case has proven concerning the Sussman trial, which revealed that Hillary Clinton actively promoted the Russian conspiracy with the Trump campaign and many millions of dollars wasted with four years of Hell that followed a properly elected presidency. All because she wanted power and was throwing a fit because she didn’t get it. Never underestimate the evil people will perform to gain power over others. 

So when I say that everyone should expect the World Economic Forum supporters to attempt to use the Monkey Pox or some other virus as a way to try Coronavirus shutdowns 2.0 before the Midterm elections in 2022, I say it with the meaning to take it seriously. I watched all the coverage from this year’s World Economic Forum from Davos this year, and they are clearly delusional. They are not paying attention to global trends toward populism, and it’s not hard to read between the lines as to why. I’ve said it for a while now, the Democrats in America, and the progressives around the world, have no plans for America ever to have a fair election again. They got caught stealing the 2022 election, as the evidence from the movie 2000 Mules shows clearly. For anybody who wants to debate that fact, just interview those 2000 Mules and trace where their money came from to harvest ballots to put Joe Biden into the White House. With the same confidence that I’ve said everything about Hillary Clinton that has come true, Facebook will turn out to be the bank that paid the cash to all the election fraud mules, and they should all go to jail for what they did to our country. If we had a law enforcement system that wasn’t beyond corruption, the next step for 2000 Mules would be massive investigations and trials in congress. It might take a decade for everyone to admit to it finally, but eventually, they will. But ultimately, it wasn’t just Zuckerberg who stole the 2020 election, it was the entire group of the Desecrators of Davos who did, and for that, we must focus our anger.

The World Economic Forum spent much of the last week of May 2022 talking about its elaborate plans for global domination. But what they didn’t talk about was their need to control all elections worldwide to make it happen. There is no way for them to get votes from the world to support their efforts. There is an assumption in their meeting that voters won’t have a say in their efforts. And it is that aspect of their candor that we should be most alarmed about. At local and state levels, I would caution all public officials to role-play what the next pandemic will be. There is no question that this is why the Biden administration is flirting with giving over American sovereignty to the World Health Organization so that they can manage lockdowns from a centralized United Nations source. They watched how Americans reacted to Covid and the vaccine mandates. That is why the WHO is being tasked with managing future pandemics, taking constitutional law out of the hands of American courts, and placing them into global governance. That means that it will take local officials to challenge their state governors in the future with constitutional challenges, especially those that come from the World Health Organization and the United Nations. The apparent plan is to use another manufactured crisis, just as Covid-19 was manufactured and released by communist China with the help of Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci, as proven in the book, The Real Anthony Fauci by Robert Kennedy Jr., to change election laws and prevent a free and open election in the fall of 2022. The World Economic Forum characters are counting on that to save them from a wave of populism that will destroy all their plans. 

Knowing what the plan is and learning from the past, not to just dismiss something that seems outrageous only to turn out to be true, America at every local level needs to consider the lessons of the Doctrine of Lesser Magistrates to challenge any legal assumptions that might come from the direction of the World Health Organization and ultimately, the World Economic Forum. Their plans are obvious, they already have our CDC and Biden administration in their corner, and none of them can afford a real election in America this coming November. So now is the time to role-play just as they do for implementing viruses, as they have just done with the Monkey Pox. We must role-play our counteraction against their methods with legal challenges of our own. Instead of accepting an Executive Order health emergency to shut down our economy this coming fall to hide the terrible inflation numbers and the impact of actual in-person voting, we must have a legal challenge ready before the executive orders are even written or before a blue state governor like Ohio has in DeWine attempts to use emergency power to take control of everything, all in an effort to manipulate the election results that might put a wet blanket over the World Economic Forum’s plans for global communism and dominion of all national sovereignties. The lessons we have learned from the past have been costly. So this time, lets put them to good use; let’s learn from history and be ready for them when they do attack through the back door of emergency powers because they have no choice but to try. We are not dealing with honest people; these are international criminals who seek protection from justice by world domination, so let’s not take them lightly, as many did with Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton is a product of these criminals; she’s small potatoes. The big cats are in this Desecrators of Davos group, and they are out for blood. They have told us so, so take them at their word and take nothing for granted. 

Rich Hoffman

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President Trump Endorses J.D. Vance: Rolling the dice for the ultimate jackpot, Saving America

It will indeed test how much a Trump endorsement means to candidates such as J.D. Vance for the Ohio Senate. Because with less than a month out from the May 3rd primary election, J.D. Vance is fighting with several other candidates for the old Rob Portman seat, and among them, Mike Gibbons appears by polling to be in the lead. I have been on the fence with Jane Timken, Josh Mandel, and J.D. Vance from the beginning of the race. I’ve come to know all of them, and I like them. Mike Gibbons, for me, was a distant fourth place; he is way too squishy for me. But he’s not the worst in the world. For me, this race came down to who would be a good fighter who would push back against Mitch McConnell for the leadership role again and who could fight with MAGA in the senate and start to turn the tide in ways that Ted Cruz and Rand Paul have not yet managed to accomplish. I’ve had my eye on Josh Mandel for that kind of combat. He’s shown that he’s willing to fight and make things uncomfortable for opponents, which I think the next senate term will need. But obviously, Trump has other ideas. I’m sure Marjorie Taylor Green’s endorsement of J.D. Vance helped Trump’s decision, along with his son, Don Jr., and the billionaire tycoon, Peter Theil. I see a strategy evolving, and J.D. Vance wouldn’t be bad for that strategy, so while I was surprised to see President Trump endorse anybody in the senate race, particularly J.D. Vance, the overall strategy could be a good one. And it says a lot about what kind of message Trump intends to sell about his next term and the kind of America we are likely to be when we get there. 

J.D. Vance has been a never-Trumper, much like Glenn Beck was. Trump has come around to forgiving Beck. It has taken me longer to even listen to Beck again, sometimes, because of how he was against Trump in 2016. Things were very personal back then. I was one of the few people who openly supported Trump during the Republican primary, and I remember what people said and did against him. I was not for the Trump dinner endorsement with Mitt Romney, which turned out to be such a disaster. As much as I like him, Trump has a personality trait that some might call a weakness; he wants to convert people over to his way of thinking. He likes to be liked, although he doesn’t let being liked alter his management style. So, he gets away with a weakness for love of likeability, and the J.D. Vance story is one of those Trump success stories. Does it look better in 2024 to put people close to you from the beginning, like Jane Timken or Josh Mandel, or to convert a friend from Never-Trumper to ally in the senate? Trump thinks the conversion is better. I think the loyalty is. I would have picked Josh Mandel if I was Trump because he was always with Trump, even when it wasn’t popular in 2016.

But Trump has plenty of people in his camp who were loyal when it was hard. What will likely mean more in uniting the country after the 2022 midterms shows that people who used to not like Trump are suddenly very pro-Trump, and that is what J.D. Vance has been? I’ve met J.D. Vance a few times through a very dear friend where I could talk to him personally. He’s a very nice young man who certainly has the kind of tenacity that you’d like to see representing Ohio in the senate. The movie based on his life, Hillbilly Elegy, and the book he wrote of the same title tells a very compelling story of a struggling blue-collar family from my backyard of Middletown, Ohio, that I think will keep Vance from being pulled into any corruption in Washington D.C.  J.D. Vance doesn’t need politics to define him as a person, which I can’t say the same about Rob Portman in the beginning. I was with Portman when he first started; he needed politics to define him as a person. I set up the WLW interview where Portman debated a similar panel of Republicans all wanting to take a vacating House seat back in 1993 when his political career was just starting. I wondered about Portman even back then. He said all the right things. He hung around with the disparaged Ross Perot supporters as kind of a fringe Reform Party candidate. But as we saw over the next several decades, he became one of the biggest RINOs in Ohio. He worked too well with the far-left progressive Sharrod Brown. Obviously, we’d like to seem more of a fighter than a bridgebuilder for his replacement. 

When it comes to politics, it’s always about how the game will be played, not necessarily how it is played today. With what we know, election fraud, government corruption, and globalism on every front, we are shocked to see what we always suspected was just under the surface. Trump looks to have a clear strategy for tackling the problem of Saving America. Not just Making it Great Again, but saving it from all three branches of government led by a knowledgeable executive branch, where an understanding of trade tariffs will be critical to those battles to come. Perhaps J.D. Vance will be able to go on prime-time television and sell just how America can get 10 trillion dollars in damages from China to begin to pay for the massive damage to our economy from the Covid attack. Or perhaps J.D. Vance will be another Romney dud. Whatever the case, what’s clear is that Trump isn’t playing it safe. If Trump wanted to show how many victories he could get with his endorsement, J.D. Vance was not the safe pick. It’s somewhat risky. 

It should be an exciting primary. Trump’s visit to Delaware, Ohio, will undoubtedly help get voters out in what is typically a lite primary election. And higher voters mean more votes for the fewer establishment candidates, which is a marvelous thing. We should all be much better off than when we started the year. With a higher turnout, we’ll have a more representative government, so however things come out on the 3rd, we’ll have a good idea of how 2022 will shape up. Trump could have played it safe and stayed out of the primary until the results were announced, then supported the Republican, whoever it ended up being. But by picking J.D. Vance, he decided to make a high stake bet. And that is something I can respect, even if J.D. Vance wasn’t my pick. I can appreciate the chance Trump is willing to make when he didn’t need to make it. If he were a typical politician playing politics the way it is typically played, such an endorsement never would have happened. And since it did, we can at least see that Trump isn’t afraid to roll the dice for a big jackpot. And the winner of this jackpot means nothing less than Saving America for generations to come. 

Rich Hoffman

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The Climate Change Cult of Larry Fink and his Desecrators of Davos Friends: We need a separation of church and state to protect Ohio’s powerplants

Think how ridiculous the concept is; for many years in America, we were told that we had to take the Ten Commandments out of our courthouses, that we couldn’t pray in public schools, that we had to have a separation of church and state. Then, we watch the Desecrators of Davos at their World Government Forum in Dubai use climate change religion as the primary means to attach all of us to their insane view of the world. They have introduced a religious cult to the world and suddenly think it mandates a necessity for change that ties all of us to it whether or not we believe it. Climate change, by no measure, is a science; it’s a cult of earth worshipers who have a maniacal desire to return to the primitive village of global habitation. And they want it for all the same crazy religious disputes that have taken place over the history of the human race, to control those villages during human lifetimes. It’s a ridiculous proposal, yet when it comes to the global management people who spoke in Dubai with Klaus Schwab and the usual Desecrators of Davos crowd who are using climate change speculation at creating fear and anxiety to drive change, we see those changes in our local communities. This is no longer a debate for the nightly news, it is attacking the infrastructure of the United States, and it’s all built on nonsense, just as Covid science was. It’s a scam, a power grab no different than some crazed religious fanatic pointing to the rapture as a reason to sell all our worldly possessions. The essence of the climate change religion is to advance their cause without any evidence whatsoever, only fear and made-up articles paid for by billionaires who donate the funds to their own version of a mythical armageddon. 

In Cincinnati, Ohio, we are losing another power plant, the Zimmer plant, which is actually up the river in Moscow from downtown Cincinnati. It was scheduled to close by 2027 purely over ridiculous environmental standards imposed on it by a government captured by the Desecrators of Davos, the Larry Finks of the world. They use ESG scores to impose changes to progressive businesses rather than political ones at the ballot box. They knew people would never vote to cut their own throats, so they attacked the boards of directors of power plants like Zimmer and gave them ridiculous standards to live up to based purely on the climate change religion. And knowing that the inevitable is happening anyway, the Zimmer people are just throwing in the towel and closing the plant early. Where is that extra power going to come from? The Desecrators of Davos intend to impose on us all wind and solar methods that may or may not work all the time. And when they don’t work, we are supposed to sacrifice our power needs to the gods of climate science and be happy about it. Their reasoning is just as crazy as some Mayan priests cutting off the heads and hearts of human sacrifices on a temple top in the Yucatan, hoping that the killing of people might help make it rain for their crops to grow. We might laugh at such notions now in the modern age, which the Mayans or Egyptians might have believed. But the climate change radicals are just as ridiculous. 

It’s one thing to look at people like the Descrecrators of Davos and laugh at their sheer stupidity in what they believe. For instance, I could have owned a condo in Florida in the 1980s and today measured the same distance from the porch to the high tide mark, and it wouldn’t have changed at all. I could also point to archaeological sites in England now covered by water across the English Channel and show that the sea level there rose several hundred feet from the last Ice Age. People could have walked then across to France without getting wet. Climate change is a condition of living on earth, and some cycles occur every 10,000 years, every 600,000 years, and every 10 million years. The climate will never stay the same whether or not humans are on it. Instead, the climate change religious lunatics have seen how well the phony science worked with Covid and have become encouraged to make their long-planned moves to control the world much more aggressively. It’s not that we can laugh at their stupidity from afar; they are in all our companies, our government, and running our country through finance, attaching all of us to their radical religion. Whether we agree with their religion of climate change or not, we are all being forced to live under their rule, just like some medieval dispute between the Catholics and Protestants. It is the dumbest thing in the world that we addressed in America upon its founding. Separation of church and state. 

Just as liberals protested that they didn’t want to see our Ten Commandments, we don’t want to see their stupidity over wind turbans and solar panels. We don’t want to be tied to their crazy cult, which isn’t any different than the fanatics of the Jim Jones massacre or the Helter Skelter murders. What the Desecrators of Davos believe is insane; their religion of climate change is the stuff of lunacy. They do not have a right to attack our infrastructure in America with it, so the same argument must apply in their direction. Climate change is not a science. There is no scientific evidence anybody can point to and show a need for any human action on it, any transfer of energy from a coal plant to a solar farm not while China is opening a new coal plant much dirtier than Zimmer every week as we allow the Descecrators of Davos through agents like Larry Fink to destroy the Ohio power grid leaving us all starving for power. What business will want to come to Ohio if they can’t get any power and have to wait for the wind to blow or the sun to come out to be able to microwave a sandwich in the breakroom? It’s insanity to allow a mindless cult to take over our energy grid in America by a bunch of religious fanatics who are just as superstitious as the many failed societies of the past who turned to sacrifice as the way to propel civilization forward. Not that a history lesson should be necessary, but it has never worked. And it won’t work this time. So it is time to call things what they are. Climate change is not science; it’s a religious cult advocated by losers who have no idea what they are talking about and expect the rest of the world to follow them toward our own destruction. When power plants in Ohio like Zimmer are shutting down over this nonsense, it’s time to call it for the good of the rest of society. The left has argued that they wanted protection from the religious founding of America with a separation of church and state. Well, we need the same to protect our businesses and our very lives from the religious cult of climate change. If they want to worship the earth, they can dress up in their stupid robes and chant to the ocean somewhere. But they need to stay out of our lives. Their insanity cannot be allowed to set policy for America or any of its people.

Rich Hoffman

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These Loser Politicians Don’t Represent Me: Only preventing election fraud can fix the economy, Ukraine, border security, and the other problems in the world

This is precisely why we must have very secure elections. Obviously, all those losers who have supported open elections, elections by illegal residents, early voting, and elections with no voter ID intended to cheat to get people elected who otherwise wouldn’t have a chance. After what we have seen since 2020, we must be a lot more careful about our election process. We cannot assume that people will do good things domestically and follow the rules.   Because without tight security on our elections, we have seen that malicious people will have a field day. It wasn’t just the 2020 election, but likely every election for the last two decades. I might not have believed that until I spent much of 2021 traveling all over the country. The election results reflected in our House and Senate are media creations, not actually representatives of real people. There is only one way that could have happened, through massive election fraud over a long period. A systematic acceptance of cultural election fraud by the political class knowing that there is profit in the game for them to keep the system of chaos that they currently have.

I have to say that because we are all being pushed into having an opinion about the Russian invasion of Ukraine as if we only have one of the two teams at play to pick from. Do we support the United Nations’ creation of Ukraine, or do we support the gay-hating Russians who are putting nationalism before global peace at all costs? International peace means surrendering everything to the Desecrators of Davos, you know, “you’ll own nothing and like it,” people. That’s not a good option. And Vladimir Putin has made it his reason for living to destroy the United States. That’s not a good pick either. I don’t like either option. I feel very sorry for the people of Ukraine caught in the crossfire of bad politics. But join the club. We are all victims of that to a large extent. I don’t support any of the dumb politicians making so many mistakes in America, that’s for sure. These losers who have run up the debt kept an out-of-control Fed that blew up our economy with unjustified trillions of unrepresented money on the fed’s balance sheet don’t deserve sympathy. The stupidity of the Biden administration is beyond rationalization; I didn’t vote for that loser. And I didn’t vote for many of those Desecrators in the House and Senate who tell us that anti-American sentiment is the wave of the future. Many of those elected representatives were only elected through fraud, blue state governors, and lax election laws that otherwise would have kept them from office. I’ve seen the American people up close, and they aren’t voting for losers like this. Only through falsified paper ballots and coordinated election fraud like Facebook was caught conducting could these people actually win an election.

We aren’t obligated to get behind these people just because we are all Americans. This isn’t a “team America” kind of thing where we have some patriotic obligation to rally behind the United Nations debacles in Ukraine. The stupidity of the politicians that we have seen in America, especially lately, can only be prevented with secure elections. And we have not had secure elections. We have been taken advantage of by the political class. They have betrayed our trust, and now they are purposely wrecking the economy, letting in a wave of invasive illegal immigrants into America through the southern border. What is going on between Mexico and America is far worse than the Russians invading Ukraine. We are supposed to care about the Ukraine border when there is no concern given at all about the border of the United States. Only stupid people would suggest anything else. Or people deliberately trying to undermine the United States.

Whatever the case, only secure elections can protect us from this kind of management malpractice. The way our politicians have handled things does not represent me.   I reject the way they have expressed America to the world as losers. Biden and Harris don’t represent me. But it’s not just Democrats and socialist-oriented progressives like Bernie Sanders and the bartender AOC. Mitch McConnell doesn’t represent me. Rob Portman doesn’t represent me. The corrupt Ohio governor and United Nations spokesman Mike DeWine doesn’t represent me. I don’t have an obligation to stand behind any of those losers, especially when they show themselves as an embarrassment to the world. 

I can deal with being cordial to people I didn’t vote for if others honestly voted for them. After all, we have a republic, not just some damn flea-bitten “democracy,” as we are told all the time. If people vote for some of these liberals, so be it in a representative government. But we are not following leaders in America. We are not obligated to support losers. We elect representatives, and if the elections are not secure, how can a republic function at all. Just because a candidate is illegally put in power, it doesn’t mean that automatically people will follow that person like some invisible rules of chess where elite capture means you win the game. We elect people to do a job as our representatives on a matter. And what we are seeing nationwide, especially over these last few years with massive mistakes over Covid and now this disaster in foreign policy with Ukraine, Afghanistan, Iran, and China, is not reflective of America. America didn’t vote for these people. Election fraud does not count as a win. The people can possess the seats, but its quite apparent that they don’t represent real people at the ballot box, and if we can’t prove that or secure that, then we have nothing as a country.   Of course, the enemies of America will laugh and say, “that’s right, you have nothing.” Klaus Schwab, George Soros, Larry Fink, Bill Gates, and many others from the Desecrators of Davos want the downfall of America. They have targeted us for attack, and they are doing it now. While we look at Ukraine every day and all the sadness that a video camera can show us, where were those cameras during Covid when suicide rates spiked up to ridiculous levels? Where we destroyed trillions of dollars of global economic value? When the government attempted to supersede our American constitution with vaccine mandates that only helped the pharmaceutical companies who put money in their campaigns? Where is the justice when a scumbag lier like Jussie Smollett gets out of jail after just a few days while January 6th protestors remain in prison after more than a year and all their “due process” is ignored completely? If illegally obtained representatives are put in place, this is the kind of world it produces. Only a corrupt society could produce this much nonsense, and I would point to the lack of security of our elections that has enabled it to occur. In the future, we need poll watchers at every voting place. We must have a photo ID. We must have one day with limited hours. We cannot trust mail-in ballots. We cannot just blindly trust voting machines because we have seen there is intent from foreign actors to tamper with our elections, and we can’t put anything past anybody. We can’t have doubts on election day, ever again. We must treat our elections with the utmost seriousness in security and assume that everyone has hostile intent because often they do. And it is then and only then that we can say we are one nation. The goofball politicians we have in office presently, screwing up the economy, Ukraine, everything, are on their own. They don’t represent me at all. 

Rich Hoffman

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Why You Must Always Be Ready: The biggest secret in the world

In the video above, I answer a question that I get asked a lot, “what’s in the backpack?” Well, I carry that backpack with me everywhere. When I’m not at my house, it’s always nearby. And of course, watching the video, you will quickly see what’s in it, my .500 magnum, which is one of my conceal carry guns. And additionally, that backpack is heavily armored. If someone shoots at me from behind, or even from another direction, I can have a way to absorb the bullet harmlessly and take away the danger. It’s a big pack for that reason; it covers a lot more body area. Then hearing that the next question is, “why do you feel you have to be so well-armed and to defend yourself so heavily?”

Most people would be happy with some little Glock tucked in their pants. But not me. I want to be ready for a small war, and there is a good reason for it. I put those thoughts into my Gunfighter’s Guide to Business, which has become highly relevant in the early years of 2020. When I was writing that book, I knew that it would stir up trouble, and it has. To my mind, it’s the good kind. But one thing is for sure; you don’t have to go out into the world looking for trouble. Trouble will come to find you, and for all kinds of reasons. The main reason is that the world’s bureaucracies were all built to conceal a dark truth about human nature. They were built to conceal laziness and the unambitious, which is in the majority. Everyone wants a trophy for success, but not everyone wants to do the work to become the best at something. And when people discover they can’t loot off you for their own efforts to make them their own, then they seek to get rid of you in any way possible to erase your memory from their minds. And that is why it’s important to be well-armed and always ready for trouble when it comes looking for you.

While I was writing The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business a few years ago, I had a confrontation with a consultant from a very expensive and powerful firm that teaches Lean Techniques worldwide to the biggest corporations that there are. When he found out that I had my own theories on process improvement and that I took exception to his constant beratement of “shooting from the hip,” as if it was a reckless assertion toward productivity, he became irate when he discovered I was writing that book. “what are you going to say that hasn’t been already said, the field is crowded with opinions on process improvement. Pick your poison and get with the program.” My response was, “well, I want to create a system that doesn’t involve poison, something that is more reflective of what is really going on in the world.” That’s when he lost it and pretty much swore himself to be my enemy, which didn’t work out very well for him. There was no provocation to try to make the guy mad. He went there on his own. It was the realization that a kind of scam was being exposed that he secretly feared was the real issue. And ultimately, this secret is a big problem out there in the world. I knew it was, but watching some of the violent reactions that played out, knowing that the secret would be put into a book I was writing, was just too much for him, and many, many others. 

The truth of the matter is what I said in the video when people find out they can’t steal from your efforts to hide their own lazy and unproductive natures; they actively seek to eliminate you from the discussion, whether it’s cancel culture, outright violence, social ostracization—whatever means they can come up with. And we are seeing that play out on a mass scale these days in business, politics, media, and even neighborhood soccer games. It’s everywhere. But what’s worse for them is when you don’t care, and you don’t need what they offer, which is kinship in a team environment. At that point, everything they have ever been taught turns out to be a lie, and they can’t handle that knowledge. There is a great yearning in the world for nobility and individualized respect. While traveling all over the world, I have found that when people see those elements in you, they often pay reverence instantly. People crave the kind of individualization that evolved in American culture and, ultimately, American business. But there have been many who have shaped this European collectivist mindset into global affairs and have evolved a kind of socialism during international trade that has found its way into every aspect of business. And the big secret was to hide the incompetency of the many from the eyes of the few. So when people often criticized me for “shooting from the hip,” they meant that I should always sit down and consult with others to figure out the best next step. Even if my idea ended up being the way to go, the bureaucrats wanted to believe that they had some hand in the process and wanted to share credit for the endeavor. But to a person like me, that all takes too long, so I cut them out and take my shots without them, which denies them of the theft, which makes people angry, very angry, for being exposed. That’s why I carry the backpack, and it has come in handy often. 

After dealing with that guy, and many others like him over the years, I felt it would be good to address the process improvement problems that all businesses have, especially these days with all the woke problems that are entering our places of employment. There are many great techniques for process improvement out there, but most of them never address the real elephant in the room. What makes people corrupt, and why do they intentionally sabotage process flow in a business? I often point to the time clock, even the salary people, and say, “look how quickly they leave for the day.” Their minds were never on their work; they just collect their paychecks and associated with other people waiting for someone else to do something. They are too lazy to do things independently and often leave all the heavy work for the few with a mind to do it. And there is no fancy consultant class that can address that issue. To deal with that, we must deal with the real problem that sits at the heart of all process improvement needs, the lack of human capital and raw individualized leadership. That is why I wrote The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business, to empower the types of people who really do all the work and to prevent those who get in the way from doing so. And also to explain that consensus building and teamwork are only distractions away from productivity. In the world we have today, it is the few who make everything happen and the many who try to hide behind those exploits and take credit for them as their own. If you let them take that credit, they will love you. But if you don’t, they will do everything in their power to get rid of you, even if it means killing you any way they can. Sometimes they become so jealous that their minds lose all reason, and their thoughts become a Shakespeare play. And the only way to have real peace is to carry a backpack like the one I do and make sure that their intentions do not become your reality.

Rich Hoffman

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How to Beat the Party of Davos: Instead of guns to exert power, they use ESG scores

I’ve been dealing with these types of people for years, the gang of communist thugs that make up the World Economic Forum. Usually, their actions come out in various businesses worldwide, and you can see their imprint in efforts such as Lean Manufacturing. The giveaway is when they start talking about how we all need to begin connecting to nature and building our lives around it as if the natural order of things was the superior approach to all existence. So when I recently wrote my Gunfighter’s Guide to Business, I did so to bring down these kinds of nature-loving gangs who see capitalism as an enemy and all societies that have been built off it. I meant to apply that book to the micro-politics of whatever industry needs to understand how to process improve themselves into a healthy state or whatever country needs to fight off the efforts of a villain. When it comes to The Party of Davos, as they are being called now for a good reason, I saw the timing of my book as an offering to help people fight back their efforts. My approach was to make it simple because it essentially is. I see the Party of Davos as a collection of people who participate in the World Economic Forum and to confront them the way we used to in America, as a gang of thugs who were robbing the world and bringing them to justice in the ways of the Old West. Whenever I travel around the world, I am always amazed how much the people in those countries enjoy American Westerns, so I purposely set my Gunfighter’s Guide to reflect this already proven understanding of law, order, and justice that the human race craves everywhere they exist. My goal was to clear away all the smoke screens so that people could see the Party of Davos for the criminals they are and bring them to justice in the way that classic westerns always utilized. Hey, I didn’t ask for this gang of thugs to inject themselves into my life or the existence of my country. They robbed the American train, and now it’s time to pay for that. They committed the crime; now they need to do the time. 

I didn’t pay much attention to this gang of thugs when Trump was in the White House because he understood how to deal with them. Trump would go to Davos and taught the glories of American economics, and make them all very angry, then he would come home and continue to promote an all America First policy. Of course, the Davos gang stepped over the line in response. They have the ear of many politicians in the states, much like when Butch Cassidy and Jesse James were robbing banks in America. They had their sympathizers. And in modern times, many of these sympathizers have taken money from the Davos gang, from one of their pawns, the Chinese criminal empire. Of course, many have been caught pushing the Fed to feed the massive asset bubble that is being blown up as we speak to continue what was started with Covid, to cause The Great Reset that has long been planned. Remember, Covid was created in a Chinese lab by the American Department of Defense, brokered by Dr. Fauci. Just read the book, The Real Dr. Fauci. This is all too much to look at within the framework of its totality for many people. But suppose you understand that the Party of Davos is just another gang of international criminals; well, in that case, the context is much more digestible relative to what they really are. 

The Davos Party intends to do their work, not as bank robbers with guns as Jesse James would have done. This time, it’s ESG scorecards that ultimately intend by their own admission to bring the world in harmony with nature and change the definitions of capitalism to embody their view of existence, subservience to nature, not in dominion over it. Everything they do essentially cascades off that basic premise. I should know, I watch the Davos coverage every year, and I have read many of their books, especially Klaus Schwab. I understand Larry Fink of BlackRock, the old flower-child hippie from Southern California who just happened to make a lot of money on Wall Street and now intends to use that power to reshape the world in the image of some communist pot-smoking hippie from the 60s. Finance is their new weapon of choice; instead of robbing banks and trains at gunpoint the way the gangs of the Wild West used to, they do it with pens, paper, and stock options with the intent to impose Environmental Social Governance (ESG) to change the world into their liking. Larry sits on the board of the World Economic Forum, so he is undoubtedly one of the gang leaders, and he makes his threats known when he sends his yearly letter to the CEOs of America, letting them know what might happen to them if they don’t maintain a proper ESG footprint. BlackRock owns over 100 million shares of Disney stock, for instance. Behind the smiling faces and friendly letters is the threat, go “woke” or go broke. Do what we say, maintain your ESG score, or we’ll dump your stock, and your company will drop into the tank on the public exchange market. Essentially this is the same kind of behavior that Butch Cassidy used to justify his robbery of stagecoaches. And Jesse James did, too, justifying all his violence behind continuing the Civil War from a Southern perspective. 

The problem is apparent when we have people from the Biden administration like Dr. Fauci and the Secretary of the Treasury, Janet Yellen, along with John Kerry reporting to Klaus Schwab at the World Economic Forum as if he were the boss, not the United States. The Party of Davos intends to rule the world by ruling over all its governments without a host country to call their own. Much like the outlaws of the Old West used to hide out in the desert and wait for some unsuspecting victim they could impose chaos on, the Party of Davos looms in the background. It gathers up world leaders to eat out of their hands, then return to their home countries to inject poison and pave the way for their next great robbery. Sure, all these gangs of thugs think that what they are doing is for the right reasons. But in the case of the Party of Davos, America has its own laws. We have a very good Constitution built on thousands of years of human experience. And it is our law, and the Party of Davos is breaking those laws every day. And the people working with them are traitors who need to be punished. There is no question that eventually, once we clear out the smoke, we’ll have to admit to ourselves that these criminals in the Party of Davos were behind Covid. They were also behind the stolen election of 2020. They wanted their party people in charge, so they interrupted our election process, took away the rightful vote of the American people, and installed their own guy for their own reasons. They have trillions of dollars invested in The Great Reset, and they weren’t going to let President Trump stop those plans. So they got rid of him, and now they plan to bring us all under their thumb. But that’s not going to happen. I have published a strategy guide for beating them based on my experience. And if people use it, they can easily beat this gang of thugs. Because that’s what they are, a gang of criminals intent on world domination, and they must be stopped.

Rich Hoffman

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Justice is Coming: We are one election away from Impeaching Joe Biden, and others

Justice is Coming

It’s a clear warning for those who are fighting against our Constitution. The time for justice is coming. Many of the crimes that the political left has deliberately committed over the years assumed that they would overthrow the Constitution before we arrived at this point. But the beauty of our Constitution, as I saw all the time, is that it is built for just this kind of justice. It takes time, but it’s better than the chaos of armed insurrection. But conflict is a natural part of all order, and when we are attacked, order, justice, and personal satisfaction are certainly expectations we are more than warranted to expect. And the crimes are mounting in 2022 for a massive groundswell of Republican gains in the House and Senate at the federal level and many state races that will purge the genuine socialism and communism emerging from the Democrat party. With Biden getting caught trying to stoke war between Russia and Ukraine alone is far worse than what the Nancy Pelosi-led House did to impeach President Trump. With that bar of impeachment lowered, the House will move to impeach Joe Biden in 2023 over several issues, and they will be more than justified in doing so. My purpose for this particular article is to lay out the case ahead of time for all those liberals who will certainly cry about how unfair it is. Well, they had their chance to swing the bat, and we saw what they did with it. They went for all our heads, and they played to kill. Thankfully our Constitution has held, and now the momentum will shift in the other direction, and there won’t be a lot of room for sympathy. I would say the impeachments, the investigations, and the general aggression that will have to come from Republicans in the House and Senate is better for Democrats than the violence that would otherwise be justifiably due. And when it does, the crying in the media won’t help them. It is time to pay and pay they will.

As I write this, the mail-in ballots from the Pennsylvania election in 2020 have been deemed unconstitutional, meaning the election results there were illegally counted. Democrats in that election pushed for the counting of all ballots, illegal or otherwise, and knowingly committed election fraud in order not just to win the presidency but many down-ballot races that have put in place many unlawful representatives. The most significant justification for a Biden impeachment is his handling of the border with Mexico. The Biden administration took an oath to the American Constitution that required him to protect the border. Still, instead, the Biden people have adopted an Open Border Society approach advocated by George Soros to poor millions of illegal aliens into our country essentially to vote and keep Democrats in power illegally. Biden has knowingly broken the law to commit election fraud by flying these illegal aliens into targeted population zones to affect the upcoming election. That is why Democrats generally do not want voter I.D. because they knowingly participate in this type of election fraud. And that is the key part of the case in Pennsylvania; how do you know that a mail-in ballot is the vote of a real person? You can’t; it’s too much of an opportunity to commit election fraud, which obviously did occur in Pennsylvania.

Additionally, that same type of fraud occurred in all the contested states, which struggled to find 45,000 votes to put Biden up over Trump in the 2020 election. Logic can only conclude if we were just looking at this one form of election fraud, using illegal aliens to prop up Biden in the last election, that this practice is typical, not unusual. The apparent attempt to do the same for the 2022 election, and forever forward until our country is destroyed as a Republic and crushed by a mob ruled Democracy that impeachment of Biden by a new House and Senate majority would be getting off easy. 

But more than that, to turn to Ukraine, which has been at the center of the Biden family corruption, and attempt to point the world’s attention to a much-needed war there with Russia, while Russia plays bad cop to the Chinese good cop in diplomacy is far beyond a crime of intention. Based on what the Democrats in the House did to Trump over his Ukrainian call, the call between Biden and Volodymyr Zelensky on January 28th was impeachable because it was an American president trying to stoke war for the prime purpose of political distraction domestically. With several Supreme Court losses centered around Executive Orders to force mandatory vaccines to fight Covid, which was created by Dr. Fauci in a Chinese lab and unleashed to the world—again during an election year to tamper with the results of that election, the actions of Biden just on this incident rise to the level of impeachment from office. Just this one thing. But of course, we know many things will come to investigation in 2023 that the Biden people will not be prepared to deal with because their assumption all along was that the American people would throw out the Constitution by the time we arrived at this next election. But, as we can clearly see, if the Constitution is intact and the rule of law applied, the Democrat Party will essentially be done for, and there will be a lot of cries about unfairness and tyranny. But the cries will fall on deaf ears because this time, people saw what the villains of our country intended, and they can’t hide their eyes from what they saw and experienced.

For those who are more soft-hearted and might be inclined to listen to the cries of unfairness that will come from ABC owned Disney, and CNN, MSNBC Bill Gates, and the billionaires at Davos consider yourselves lucky that Americans have waited and turned their need for satisfaction to the justice of our Constitution. I have said from the start of all this, even though the crimes were evident and terrible, that before we grab our guns and start a real war of violence against a grossly incompetent and malicious government domestically, and lots of foreign actors who have been given a key to our back door and have intended to destroy us all, what is coming from our replacement government Constitutionally principled, is getting off easy. They might think of it as the worst thing in the world as it’s happening, but history will measure us all by the justice of a Republic, led by law and order. And when those laws were broken, as they have been, the remedy was within the Constitution all along, and that makes it different from any other period in human history, which is magnificent. Sure, we could slay all these tyrants in a bloodbath, and for many, it has been tempting. But what we have coming will be much better than that. And as it’s happening, there is no reason to cry for the criminals in our government who will have to pay. They brought it upon themselves and can only look in the mirror as to whom to blame. We didn’t choose for them to do all these things, they did them intentionally and corruptly, and now they will have to pay. 

Rich Hoffman

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I Support Josh Mandel for the Ohio Senate: It’s all about making elevator rides uncomfortable

I Support Josh Mandel for Ohio Senate

The upcoming senate race for Ohio to replace the Rob Portman seat is coming up fast.  There were some good elections in 2021, but that’s all behind us now.  It’s time to go or get off the pot for endorsing someone for the Ohio Senate Race of 2022.  I like many of the candidates; I think they all have some great attributes.  The key to something like this, which still has many months of campaigning, is to pick the person who will best serve that seat a few years from now, not necessarily where politics is presently.  And I think, especially after reading The Nixon Conspiracy by Geoff Shepard and The Real Anthony Fauci by Robert F. Kennedy Jr., that the political world of tomorrow will be much different than what it has been over the past decade.  Picking candidates for the climate we are coming into is essential because the political terrain will be robust with political stunts, media hype, and the ability to shame candidates on the senate floor and still ride the elevator back to the parking garage after.  It’s not going to be for the political lite but rather those who can most withstand betrayal and scandal and support the Trump America First Agenda without hesitation. And my pick to be that guy is Josh Mandel. 

I like Jane Timken a lot, but after meeting with her a few times and watching her campaigning now for several months, she’s too conventional. She’s a bridge-builder, and we’re talking about a senate that needs to get rid of people like Mitch McConnell in the leadership and who will instantly harass Chuck Schumer right out of the gate.  Even sitting in the bathroom stall, they need to shame all the comfortable senate members like Lindsey Graham.  Retaking the Senate as a Republican majority is a war, including even the RINOs who are there now who have not been protecting the American Constitution the way they need to.  Jane talks about herself being a fighter, and I think she is, perhaps for some time in the past or the future.  But not for the 2022 race extending past 2025. She’s just too nice for that environment, for what has to be done.  I have nothing against her, she has done an excellent job with the Republican Party in Ohio, and I think she can work the Trump endorsement that she no doubt would get once the primary is over. Still, she’s just too conventional to excite people into action.  

The other guy I had been rooting for whom I was happy to meet is J.D. Vance.  His problem is that he was a Never Trumper, and in a Trump-heavy election, that is coming back to bite him.  He has a lot of money pouring in to support him, a lot of the big conventional money would rather have a Trump hater than a Trump copy, so J.D. Vance is raising a lot of money and has a shot to keep things close.  But what it comes down to is he’s too nice of a guy.  Like Jane, he might make a great senator in a different time when people played nicely together, and a legislative agenda was more important.  But these are not those times; what matters is America First and nothing else, and the ability to fight with peers on the senate floor the way Lauren Boebert and Marjorie Taylor Greene are in the House.  Radicals have overtaken the Democrat Party, I would say for the last 40 or 50 years. 

The masks of communism are off now, but the radicalism is deep in their culture, especially as it extends into the media and global investment brokers.  To undo all that, it will take a lot of political theater and members on the Hill who will write legislation endorsed by the Trump White House and fight for it on the floor, perhaps even physically.  It’s not what you see on TV that anybody must worry about; it’s what happens in the halls, the offices, and during the commute that requires aggression and boisterousness.  The Democrats are the enemy, and the fight has to be taken to them.  J.D. Vance is a nice guy who does pretty well on Tucker Carlson and can come up with some one-liners.  But when it comes to fighting, he’s not the guy for the battlefield.  Like I said, maybe during a different time.    

The rest of them in the field, such as Mike Gibbons, are to the left of J.D. and Jane, and I don’t consider them relevant in this race.  They may make some noise, but they don’t have what it takes for this Senate seat that essentially needs to pressure Sharrod Brown’s supporters to fall off the earth.  None of this hand-holding that Rob Portman has started with the Brown camp is what Ohio voters have been wanting.  Democrat progressives need to be destroyed.  There were three things that Josh Mandel did that solidified my opinion about him.  He worked with Darby Boddi at Lakota in gaining the support of the growing number of angry moms there, and he did a fantastic job on 55 KRC with Brian Thomas to talk about it. I personally spoke to Josh at a Republican event privately and on stage in front of a really big audience with big-time Republican members in the audience such as Jim Jordan and Frank LaRose, about his commitment to the election fraud that robbed Trump of the Executive Branch in 2020.  And the third thing was an event at the Solid Rock Church in Monroe where he had the Tea Party religious right showing great support.  He appeared on stage with Jena Ellis from the Trump legal team and was very evangelical.  Now, that particular assemblage of the electorate is only about 30% of the total conservative vote, but they are passionate, and when they are winning, they are contagious.  When Trump gives out endorsements in the summer of 2022 after this primary race is over, it’s going to be Trump for Renacci for governor and Mandel for Senate, and these people will be the ground troops who fill the crowds. 

When people wonder if Josh Mandel can win the general election, as he obviously can win the primary, the answer to that will be yes.  Even though he will come across as weak and vulnerable in a general election to Democrats and media members, the people who actually vote will put everything on the table for a hard-core Trump supporter, especially as Trump does many campaign stops in Ohio during that election season.  Any scandal that follows Josh Mandel around, as he is a little on the wild side, won’t matter just as it hasn’t for Trump.  Mandel will have the evangelicals, and they will be his foot soldiers to success.  People in Ohio will vote for someone attached to Trump’s hip, and none of the candidates in this race has more openly embraced Trump than Josh Mandel by sticking to the election fraud issue more.  Trump will reward Josh with an open endorsement as he will be campaigning for Renacci anyway.  At that point in the race, the other candidates would be nowhere near as exciting to Ohio voters as someone who isn’t afraid of political stunts and sticking to them when the pressure is most significant.  And when it comes to taking the fight to the Senate floor in Washington D.C. I asked Josh the same thing. I asked the other candidates how prepared they were for the battle to come.  Only Josh Mandel gave me the correct answer about actually showing light in his eyes when the talk of fighting liberals personally and directly came up.  And I’m convinced that with Josh Mandel, there will be many uncomfortable elevator rides for the opposition in the years to come.     

Rich Hoffman

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Government Schools are Like Dirty Public Toilets: If you gotta go, you go

Public Schools are like Public Toilets

I often say about public education that it’s like using a Porta-Potty at an outdoor concert full of drunks after waiting for an hour in a long line in the hot summer sun as opposed to a nice private bathroom in your master bedroom.  I mean, if you gotta go, you use the damn thing.  But optimally, you want the nice one off your bedroom.  Public education is garbage and has been really since its inception.  I try to help make the public school in my district better by electing good people into office. Still, so long as the progressive labor unions run the government schools and a corrupt communist-oriented Department of Education sets the policy, there isn’t much hope for public schools.  And that’s the real point from the government and why the governor race in Virginia is competitive.  Parents after Covid have heard the quiet stuff out loud, and it has scared them.  Your children are not your children, they are possessions of the state, and with that simple revelation, Terry McAuliffe uttered that which was never meant to be said in public.  The true intentions of the entire progressive movement, the micromanagement of every aspect of our lives, and the theft of our children to turn them into communist insurgents.  Thankfully this year, and this 2021 election, we have options.  But the damage is decades old and is nothing new to me. 

I started this blog site over a decade ago to cover the stories our local newspapers wouldn’t cover about gross sexual acts teachers routinely committed against the students of my home district of Lakota.  This latest terror in Loudoun County, Virginia, where a guy dressed up as a girl raped two girls brutally in a bathroom, is not unusual in public education. What’s unique about this one is that it involved the trans bathroom controversy, which is going on in most public schools.  The issue is hot in Lakota, which is in northern Cincinnati.  A majority of the current school board members supported it, which is why there are so many candidates seeking to knock them out during this election.  But this has been going on all over the United States because it comes from the Department of Education essentially and the talking points of the teacher’s unions who are entirely in support of all the Democrat Party platforms.  The trans condition is a new wrinkle to the old problem of school boards covering up this bad behavior from the parents to keep all this bad behavior undercover.  Newspapers and local television will cover the football games and all the feel-good stories but ignore all the vile sex abuse in just about every corner.  A quick search of my blog site will list hundreds of stories that I have covered, and those are just the tip of the iceberg. There’s a lot more that goes on that nobody will ever find out about. 

I ran into a lot of trouble with Lakota when I covered a grade school teacher taking naked pictures and sexually abusing students in the classroom.  This was ten years ago, and the school board very much wanted to cover up the whole case.  They thought that I was hurting real estate values in our community by slamming the school by me covering it.  They worried that people wouldn’t move to the neighborhood because everyone knew that schools were the only reason people bought homes.  Most adults in my community didn’t want to hear about the sexual molestation of children by school employees because it might hurt property values.  So the coverups continued.  Ten years later, one of the people running for this year’s school board is Vanessa Wells, who had her daughter threatened with murder in Lakota.  Of course, the school board tried to cover it up and attempted to suppress the story, which was a considerable court case.  Vanessa became tired of being a victim, so she put her name in the ring to become a school board member.  Truthfully, the way to solve the problem is to elect good school board members. Still, until recently, until some of these stories started being talked about because parents realized during Covid shutdowns what was going on in the schools, nobody wanted to discuss it.  Parents were happy to get the free babysitting service, and they didn’t want to know the bad stuff.  People voted for big progressive school board people, and the unions ran all over them.  In that way, government schools became like that public toilet that nobody cleaned, and people pissed all over, then expected good results.  

I’m happy to hear that more and more parents are homeschooling their children.  My kids are homeschooling their kids, and the resources I see there are amazing for them.  When my kids were young, my wife and I homeschooled them at various times.  One issue was when the school demanded we give our kids sex education in the 4th grade.  We had to pull our kids out of school because the political pressure was so great that it became impossible to send them to school.  My kids both spent their senior years of high school in Europe, where they were learning about life in real-time, not just reading about it in some art class where their classmates were plotting all the ways they would get drunk on a Friday night at a football game.  I learned firsthand that public schools were a waste of time and were evil in their social intentions, so I’m not surprised at all at the news stories now. I’m happy that so many people have finally caught on to what I’ve been saying for three decades.  The straw that finally broke the back of public education was the overstep of progressive politics, first with Covid, then by driving the transexual issues of unisex bathrooms. 

I am encouraged by each election, as they are all opportunities for positive changes back to tradition.  But the brand of government schools is forever damaged.  A few years ago, if I had said that public schools were equivalent to a dirty public toilet, many people would come to their defense.  But not today.  Now, most people are just saying, “yeah, you’re right.” Public schools and their government overlords and labor unions have done it to themselves.  But none more than Terry McAuliffe letting the cat out of the bag at a debate with his challenger in Virginia for the governor race.  It’s true; public schools have always sought to steal our children, to use them, to abuse them, to turn them into Anti-American activists. It’s the system itself that is at fault.  It was broken from the start, and the school board’s job was not to manage the district and the money but to lay cover for all the crimes because the value of the school to the community was much more important than the kids themselves.  So great evils were perpetuated, and the expectation was to always cover it up from the parents so they’d keep paying for the higher taxes and keep running on the treadmill to fuel the whole enterprise, never questioning anything.  But times have changed, and I think it’s for the better, as ugly as it is.  It’s about time that everyone admits what the problem has always been.  Public schools are dirty and messy, and if you love your child, you would never send them there.  Ever.

Rich Hoffman

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Looks Like its Time to Bring Back Hanging: We have a criminal government, and we must meet it in the street

Maybe its Time to Bring Back Hanging

A recurring theme of American westerns is the temptation of the domestic woman to coax a man not to meet evil in the street and right wrongs but to stay safe and keep the doors shut.  To hide in the bosom of a woman in trade for sexual security replacing mother as the overseer of what’s good in the world.  Of course, the man must do what they must and meet evil in the street and conquer it, then return home to the woman for forgiveness, which usually he gets.  The point to the stories is that women are the guardians to domestic bliss and the love of home and family, but that the threats to those wonderful things come from outside sources, and sometimes to eliminate them, the hero must go and throw all concerns for danger aside and do what has to be done.  That theme was particularly strong in Clint Eastwood’s Pale Rider from 1986.  Sure, women had the right to vote long-established. At that time, women were in the workplace sharing breadwinning activities, tricked by the government to become taxpayers serving the government rather than guardians of the house and protecting the children from the villainy of government.  But that’s a story for another time.  Presently we are faced with the trend of great evil, and it’s time to face it down in the street and figure out what to do about it.  In the Pale Rider theme, two women were tempting Clint Eastwood to stay in the house and live happily ever after with them, hoping to ignore the evils of the world from inside, a mother and her young daughter.  Of course, Eastwood would forget both and face down the bandits in glorious gunfire, doing what needed to be done despite the cries of safety from the women.  And that’s where we find ourselves in a very modern time.  We have a challenge to our order of American hopes and dreams and a real need to throw away safety, security, and domestic bliss to face down evil for all its worth and deal with it squarely.  After the crimes showed just in election fraud from 2020, I think the case for bringing back hanging as capital punishment is more than justified and is something we should have a serious conversation about.

Men and women certainly have different roles in any social order, and since westerns were produced and society has “evolved,” our opinions about things have become murky.  I would argue that all this ambiguity has been on purpose to allow criminal activity.  Like all bad guys in the world, they seldom ever sell their actions that way.  But it takes good people to see bad people for their worth, and sometimes, the good people must risk it all to do what must be done to protect the world from evil.  And to understand how to tell good from bad, it must be clear which is which.  As the social order of our times has been formed by those most hostile to tradition, it is helpful to turn to history and our culture of stories for clarity which I’ve done due to the 2020 election. I’ve spent many weeks on the road in 2021 and traveled all over the Wild West studying history.  Much of it was to finish off my manuscript to The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business, a book that makes a case for many things that need to happen in the 21st century. I’ve probably seen every western ever made, but to think about the vast evil I was witnessing, I needed to go and see the places I had read about over so many years and consider the options.  And one thing that continued to come up in the many books I picked up unique to traveling in those western areas was that hanging seemed to work a lot better than the legalisms of the progressive era. 

I was in Deadwood roaming the streets as my family waited for a table to eat at a nearby restaurant as I ran across a book that turned out to be fantastic for this purpose called The Outlaws of South Dakota.  It was the kind of book you wouldn’t just buy on Amazon, it was a local flavor, and it was perfect for getting a good taste of Deadwood’s history.  I had read about so many places in Deadwood that my visit gave me a good foundation for the words on pages, and by the time my family was seated, I had an excellent place to take my research to the next level.  And it was clear from that research, no matter where I traveled, from Deadwood to Lincoln County, New Mexico, that when people would hang bad guys for simple threats and slights against innocent people, the society worked a whole lot better.  When the attempt to replace justice with lawyers and human resource departments was introduced at the start of the progressive era to stop people from shooting each other in the streets, the trend of criminals was to hide their actions behind rules nobody wanted to follow.  And evil spread like wildfire.  After banning alcohol with the 18th Amendment in 1919 and the women’s right to vote in 1921, we can see the intention of governments and the criminals who prospered from the power grabs of the progressive era.  Replacing the woman as the guardian of domestic bliss was the first step, and robbing a man of something to fight for was the second.  The gunfighters in the streets were pushed deep into history, the alcohol slugging loner ignoring the women and meeting a bad guy in the street for frontier justice was a thing of the past, and what the government instead gave us were comb-over lawyers that interfered with justice giving rise to “organized crime” as we would come to know it.

These were the days of Bonnie and Clyde and Al Capone, who would take the government overreach and profit from the chaos.  People no longer stood up to evil or even their wives for the right to justice.  Now preserving justice was not even a domestic problem; everyone hid in their homes and called the government to do the work.  It’s out of this chaos that Saul Alinsky learned from Al Capone himself how to make the Democrat Party into a government-sponsored organized crime syndicate, which is where we find ourselves today.  It seems like a long time, but the election fraud that we saw in 2020 was just the result of 100 years of progressive erosion of justice.  There was no longer a woman to turn away from maintaining domestic bliss and family love to risk it all to face down evil.  Now evil was everywhere, and nobody could see it because nobody was home even to fend it off.  Everyone worked for the government to be good taxpayers to fund a monster government that criminals essentially ran.

We were supposed to maintain that government by elected representatives, but we learned in 2020 that the criminals were running the show, and nobody was meeting them in the streets to stop them.  They didn’t respect our laws, and they certainly didn’t appreciate any of us.  While traveling and reading this year, it became clear that the only way to stop that lack of respect is to get back to the days of what worked and what didn’t.  What didn’t work was putting safety first and listening to what the government wanted to do about justice.  What did work was that people at the front of justice, alone in faraway places like Deadwood, South Dakota, often hung bad people at the point of a crime, where it happened quickly.  And things were much better off than they are now.  So perhaps we should be thinking this way again.  Because what is going on now just isn’t working, and we need it to.  We have a criminal government, and we need to meet it in the street and deal with it accordingly.  But to deal with evil, first, we need to see it.

Rich Hoffman