‘The Richest Man in Babylon’: Real wealth creation in Ohio won’t be possible until it’s a ‘Right to Work’ state

Whenever I go to Columbus, Ohio, I have a few bookstores that I go to every time. I consume a tremendous number of books, about three large books a week. If they are smaller, under 200 pages, I read five or six. It’s probably my favorite thing to do in the world, and I often read very early in the morning, between 3 AM and 6, and after the hours of 7 to 11 PM. Between those hours, I work hard, really hard. And reading settles my mind and keeps everything from fragmenting. On the weekends, I usually read for around 8 hours daily, starting around the same time and ending around noon. Then I spend the rest of the day with my family doing whatever comes up in those engagements. But it had been quite a few years since I last read The Richest Man in Babylon, published in 1926. I read it in my twenties, so I thought it was odd that while I was talking to people at the Capitol during the Governor’s State of the State speech for 2023, I was sitting in the gallery waiting for everything to start when a person made a great effort to sit next to me and ask me to sign a copy of that book. It was a nice paperback copy that  was a miniature version that could fit easily in the jacket of a nice suit. This person told me he was a fan of my blog, recognized me because of my big white hat, and wanted me to sign his copy of the old George Clason book. So I signed it, and he was very happy about it. He sat down near me, and before we all left after the speech was over, he came over to shake my hand again enthusiastically before departing back downstairs, where all the members of the Representatives and Senate were gathering in the rotunda to have lunch with Governor DeWine. 

I’ve signed many books over the years, but they are usually the ones I have written; it’s not usual to sign other people’s books. But the more I thought about it, the more it made sense as I talked to various legislators at the after-event. Once I left the Ohio Statehouse later that day and visited my bookstores, I bought a modern copy of that book and reread it later that evening to connect with that enthusiastic personality. After my talk with everyone that day, it all made sense. If you have not had exposure to that very famous book, The Richest Man in Babylon, it’s typically found in the business section of a bookstore and is a foundation for how wealth is created. It takes place in Babylon to take the edge off any modern references, but the idea is that wealth is created by effort, and it is beneficial not just to the people who have the wealth but to their community as well. If we have a society of many people who have created wealth for themselves, we will have a better society. It is very much the opposite of this “tax the rich” culture that we get from the various socialists and communists embedded in our American culture these days, which has become much worse under the economic policies of Joe Biden and Democrats in general. And when you get behind the scenes, away from the cameras and newspaper reporters who never cover significant political events correctly like a Governor’s State of the State speech, wealth creation is the number 1 concern because it’s the thing that makes everything in society go. 

One of the big topics that emerged from Governor DeWine’s State of the State speech was the effort to bring businesses and jobs to Ohio and that there would be spending investments to do so. But on the checkered floor of the Statehouse were lots of discussions about how exactly to do that. And I love these kinds of discussions. Some people see lobbyists, corrupt politicians, and maniacal lunatics when they talk in those places. Yet, I generally see the kids all these adults grew up to be trying to do something good from their own perspectives with the same enthusiasm that kids build new things with Lego toys. No matter the political ideology, I find everyone eager to conduct some version of a childhood dream of saving the world one law at a time. And you don’t get that unless you get the chance to be behind the scenes and talk to people who are actually making the sausage. I usually come away from those events encouraged. But the efforts typically fall short because the real problems never get dealt with.

And regarding Governor DeWine’s efforts to bring more business to Ohio, the truth is that we can spend all the money we want. But until Ohio is a Right to Work state, the big multi-billion-dollar investors will not bring their big corporations to Ohio because of their fear of labor unions taking over the management of their facilities. Ohio will continue to lose opportunities to South Carolina and other places until we join them in becoming the Right to Work states that protect business investment from the socialist encroachment of the labor union movement, which never should have been allowed in American politics. To understand these basic economic truths, I would recommend everyone to read The Richest Man in Babylon and come to your own conclusions. But until people have a basic understanding of wealth creation, it’s a pointless debate with the kind of communist labor union advocates who think that the value of labor unions is in more sick time, the 40-hour work week, and weekends and holidays off. All those things mean less productive work, less output, and more paid time off for a company trying to make things.  

The sum of many conversations on that topic was that Right to Work was dead in Ohio until President Trump returned to the White House, and likely longer because Trump likes labor unions. In his big MAGA party, labor union members have been voting for Trump. So suddenly, we have friends in the Republican Party from the labor movement, and nobody was going to dare push those friends away at the expense of dividing voters away from Trump. And Governor DeWine, for all those reasons, had no stomach at all for Right to Work discussions. But eventually, and not decades away, but just three or four years, Ohio will have to be a Right to Work state if it wants to be the next Silicon Valley in a 21st-century economy, which I think is entirely possible. Ohio is a great place to live and work. The business corridors between Cincinnati and Columbus, and Columbus to Cleveland, especially on the east side, and even all the way up from Cincinnati and Toledo, are some of the best in the world. There is room for plenty of country living and rock-and-roll businesses that create vast wealth for everyone involved. But what’s preventing that investment isn’t a lack of input from the state to develop the infrastructure to do it; it’s the protection of investment from those looking to do so from the greedy hands of the communist labor movement. Nothing kills wealth-building faster than a labor union. It might get union members paid off days where they don’t have to work, but it doesn’t help a country be competitive while the rest of the world in Asia is working seven days a week, 24 hours a day, for a rice cake. And that is what we are competing with. Ohio needs to be a Right to Work state, and the sooner it is, the quicker real investment into Ohio can begin. Until that happens, speeches like the Governor’s State of the State are just enthusiastic dreams that are held back by reality. 

Rich Hoffman

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I Hate Love: Remember, Jezebel was thrown out of a window and eaten by dogs, which I think was a wonderful thing

One of the things I hate the most in the world is the word “love.” I absolutely hate it. Not because I don’t love things; actually, there are many things in the world that I “love.” I am very passionate about a great many topics and things. But the way the word “love” has been dispersed to us over a long period, most recently with the KGB intelligence strategy to impose in America the peace sign during the hippie movement, the goal was always to undo us to collapse while we were busy “loving” each other. The peace sign was meant to change our value systems from a warring nation with the best military, capital markets, and endless opportunities for the most people, and to erode those values so other countries could knock us off to be the new world players. The peace movement was always an attack, meant to take advantage of our natural inclination to “love” as we have interpreted the Bible by many of the same maniacal characters. The churches themselves have sought to be the big power players competing with governments for power since the beginning of time, so much of what values they have extracted from the Bible were interpreted for us in view of our role being sheep more than the shepherd or the wolf. I’ve read the Bible, backward and forwards, along with many other books, and I don’t get a message of love at all costs. Love has a cost, and that is the insult when a hippie culture of communists came along in the 50s, 60s, and 70s to impose on an entire generation a KGB strategy meant to undo us all by exposing our misunderstandings of Christian values that say we must love at all costs.

Instead, I look at love as a currency that has value. And by associating love as unconditionally, then we have allowed elements of our society to take advantage, and they certainly have. That’s not how it is in my life. If I love people or things, there are conditions. And if those parties don’t live up to the expectations, I don’t love regardless. And why would anybody? The idea that we should love each other no matter what we do to each other is ridiculous. It was the enemies of America who came up with all these dumb notions about hate, that “hate” hurts you more than it does me kind of thing. No, hate is a value system that pulls love away from those undeserving. And allows you to function guilt free when people betray you. And under such functions, a nation is then better able to make decisions on treason, sedition, and betrayal of each other or of our country and the values it represents.

The part of the Bible with Jesus in it saying things like “forgive them, father, for they do not know what they do” is very small. Over time, we have been directed to focus on it because those sentiments serve the power forces in the world in whatever form they present themselves. Many people who point at the Bible and say it tells us to love unconditionally never read the Bible but instead allow themselves to be seduced by an institutionalist from the church who interprets life much the way a common politician does. I would say that the God of the Bible is a vengeful character who killed many millions of people to stop them from essentially worshipping Baal. Satan, Lucifer, and all elements of the Beast are constructs of the pagan gods who predate the Exodus. God spent many pages of the Bible punishing those who keep running to Baal and breaking the Ten Commandments. Any modern interpretation of the unconditional love of God by sending his son Jesus to die for our sins is wrapped up in the powerful forces of the world who want their sheep to go quietly into the slaughterhouse instead of fighting for what’s right. 

Love is something that is earned, and it should be something that is a deterrent to bad behavior. If people don’t value God’s love, which is what much of the Bible is all about, then God’s wrath comes upon them, and they will be punished for their behavior. Sometimes it’s death, such as the holy man in Kings 13, who a lion kills because he disobeyed the Lord.   Apparently, he was punished for not listening, and a lion just came along and tore him to shreds. And people saw the body and just kept walking by as the lion stood next to an ass (a donkey). The churches of Europe throughout the Middle Ages after the fall of the Roman Empire, then up until the present period of subversion by intelligence agencies, whether it’s the KGB during the Cold War or the CIA in America yesterday trying to discourage voters from voting for President Trump, love has been the means to attack, to keep everyone unaware of the actual war that has been going on for centuries. And what you get in the end is the worship of Baal, just as occurred in the Bible repeatedly, from those who spit in the face of God and then had to feel the wrath. To my way of looking at things, the wrath of love lost should be a deterrent. To lose love should be something people don’t want to experience. And if they think love will always be there and you don’t have to work to maintain it, you will see a collapsed culture. 

And there is nothing worse than the “free love” movement where sexually, the whole ceremony of love has been cheapened on purpose. I have a significant social media imprint and can’t record how many women send me DMs for hookups, which I find repulsive. They don’t know better, especially the young women who are coming out of their teens and are 20-somethings looking for a welfare check from an older man. They were raised in this free-love environment that started with the topless losers at Woodstock in 1969. Many of these young women are the kids and grandkids of those old hippie, pot-smoking deadbeats. And love lost its currency a long time ago because it was cheapened, but it is an evil culture that has turned to Baal repeatedly, just as Jezebel did. Remember what happened to her? She was thrown out of a window and eaten by dogs because she went against God. And I think that was a good thing to have happened. We are at a point where we have to stop the strategy that Saul Alinsky and many other enemies of America have inflicted on us all, our gullibility toward love, and our misplaced value of maintaining love at all costs, because we believe it’s the thing God wants us to do. I don’t think God wants an immoral society and that everything is cool just because Jesus died on the cross. We live this life and die to be born again in heaven. Instead, I would argue that we should fight for what’s right, whether here on earth in 2023 or in heaven beyond time’s reach. Love is a currency we should cash in and distribute to those worthy. And to those who aren’t, they need to feel the wrath of hate and all that comes with it.

Rich Hoffman

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The Truth Behind the Low Gas Prices: Government knows the real election results, and it terrifies them

Yes, gas prices have been low going into the 2023 year during Christmas of 2022, but it’s not because of the Joe Biden administration. It’s because of the last election. It’s not some miracle that suddenly, gas prices were driven down to under the three-dollar range during the Holiday Season. As I have been saying for a long time, the Biden economy is in a depression, technically. It is only propped up by the same phony public relations tricks that have hidden election fraud over the last couple of years and have attempted to paint the war in Ukraine as in America’s interests. Half a year ago, America was in a recession which the Biden administration denied because it would make them look bad during an election year. They wanted very much to curve off the impact of a massive red wave where they’d lose the Senate too, not just the House. So, they hid the realities of the economy from the public, and the media was, of course, complicit in that deceit. They are all wired as liberals, and that’s how they get away with it. They just didn’t cover the nasty news, much like they were complicit in the FTX meltdown, where even days before it was discovered that Sam Bankman-Fried had pulled off the most significant financial heist of wealth ever known, which his cryptocurrency scam that essentially contributed massively to the election of political Democrats. The money that was spent on Democrats was fake money from this scam, yet nobody will be able to take it back now. The media was complicit in building the kid up, and many people were scammed as a result, yet nobody found out about the fraud until after the election. 

I would propose that an even bigger scam has taken place than what occurred with the Fed, and that is the unholy relationship with Larry Fink at BlackRock that they had to print fake money and distribute it among the money managers of Wall Street to allow them to buy up boards of directors around the world, especially in America and highjack the biggest corporations politically. Vivek Ramaswamy has done some of the best work in exposing this, but I would recommend the book The Lords of Easy Money as well. Everything was exposed between those two books, and that crisis will prove to be much more significant as an intentional fraud of the American people over time. And the news is complicit there as well. So everyone knows by now that most of 2022 were a year of multiple quarters of the recession currently in depression territory. And the last thing Washington’s political machines can afford is a bad Christmas season where the numbers are bad on consumer goods. That would really put a dagger into things, so the gas prices are artificially lowered, well below the market value, which is exacerbating the market volatility. They want people to have the extra money to overcome the out-of-control inflation so that the cash flow numbers don’t look so bad in January. Because the year of 2023 is going to be very eye-opening for a lot of people who aren’t very political. And things are going to get nasty, as they should.

But the most significant part of the entire scam is the revelation to the political insiders about the election results. They know who really won the election, precinct by precinct. I’ve seen election maps of the entire country before in war room type of situations; believe me, political parties know exactly how many votes were obtained where and by how much. There is nothing that isn’t known. And where election fraud occurred, it’s always obvious because the spikes in the precincts where it occurred are always statistically above the average in trends where it wasn’t performed to the same extent. Democrats know that they lost the House by a lot more than was actually reported, and they realize they lost the Senate and several governor seats. The only way Democrats held power in the Senate and in governor races in places like Nevada and Arizona was because they cheated. They rigged the election, and the FBI and other intelligence agencies have been caught in their cheat strategies from the 2020 election with the revelations of their influence over Twitter, so there is no question that election fraud did happen. And in 2022, even though that same complicit media hid the election fraud as part of the operation, the Democrats know the real story from those precinct maps. They know there was really a massive red wave that did sweep the country in the last election. They tried to keep the House with election fraud, but the momentum was too great. That is why gas prices are down. People will vote with their wallets every single time, and dying on a hill over gas prices will for the Desecrators of Davos types destroy everything they have been working to do, so they are relenting just enough to close out the last quarter by flooding the retail markets with cash not wasted on high gas prices. That’s the real story. Not that gas prices are low, but as to why. They should have been low all year, but the desire to price people out of their current cars and jump into the EV market has been a plan for a long time. But the real election results show the cost of such a move, so to retain power, they are trying to throw a bone at the public just to get through the Christmas season. 

What they won’t tell you on the news is that the election of 2022 scared everyone in politics who want to hold on to their old order of globalism first and perpetuation of the Administrative State as they have been doing for most of the last couple of centuries. Before, when the United Nations showed an interest in global government, we giggled it off as ridiculous even though they clearly showed their cards ahead of time. But now we know what conspiracy theorists have been saying for years, and we voted accordingly. Even though the results have not been Trump Republicans taking over all government branches, people did vote that way. The intelligence agencies that have been stealing elections for decades now know how people voted, and it terrifies them. Even if the results don’t show in actual people in those seats, Democrats know that their policies are being rejected; it’s getting harder to cheat, as the lawsuit in Arizona clearly shows, and if big Democrat donors like FTX aren’t there for them in the future, what is going to happen to them. To kick the can down the road as most politicians do, they did the only thing they could do: artificially lower gas prices, hoping that everyone would just go back to sleep. They want to give everyone a Merry Christmas so that early into 2023, the news stories aren’t that we are technically in a Joe Biden-led recession that would translate into serious voting problems in 2024. With Trump announcing that he’s running again, they know they don’t have the cheat mechanisms in place to stop it the way they have been because there is now visibility on the matter, and they are in a panic. This is the best Christmas present of all for the rest of us.

Rich Hoffman

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Beating the Bad Guys: The members of the “A Team” continue to have success, and for good reason

I was having a bad day, as some days sometimes go and I received a very nice text from a friend who showed me a photo of her sister reading my book in her backyard.  I really appreciated it, and it didn’t take long to smooth out that bad day into what I often say, wrestling alligators and making boots out of them.  But at a time when things were pretty tough, it was nice to see someone send me something that was positive.  I appreciated the gesture.  And it also reminded me of what I had done a year prior with that book and how significant it has been to improving the world in ways that aren’t typically measured.  Around August and September of 2021, I had given out 100 copies of my book, The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business to those I considered part of the “A Team,” various members in politics, business leaders, legal people, and in the trench freedom fighters I thought had a chance to do good things, and wanted to.  I couldn’t give books to everyone I knew, but I did to those who showed the most promise of doing big things on a war front that the mainstream news was ignoring.  While they wanted us to look at everything but what was important, I had been pointing out with greater frequency that real fight that we are all involved in, and I knew I needed to do something to help facilitate that effort in our war time epic that we are living through presently. 

Prior to the book coming out in August of 2021 I was pulling into the parking lot of the World’s Largest Truck Stop in Iowa when I received a call from another very good friend, a VIP known statewide.  He was upset that I had changed the name of my blog site from Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom, to The Gunfighter’s Guide.  For over a decade he had come to rely on my blog site for the kind of news that he couldn’t get anywhere else, and he wasn’t happy with the name change.  I explained to him that we were in a different world now.  I felt that there was a real need to provide people with a guide to fight and defend themselves in this increasingly hostile world, a world that desired to commit election fraud to remove a president, a world that was clearly fine with committing treason against the United States of America and to sell away all our assets to syndicates of global criminal enterprise.  And a world that would French kiss evil happily then spit in our face and call us the bad guys.  A lot of people were lost in how to deal with those elements and I had a background that had some strategy that might help them, so I was planning to focus my intentions on doing just that.  He seemed somewhat satisfied with that answer, even if he protested the change.  But now, a year later, what I was up to has been quite clear and I am happy to report that the world is moving in the right direction.

For instance, one of those copies of the book I gave to the controversial Venessa Wells from Lakota schools.  I saw her as a bright new voice in the fight for constitutional preservation and thought she might make good use of it.  But I didn’t give a book to the Lakota school board president Lynda O’Conner.  Even though she and I were attached at the hip at that time, I felt she was just using me to gain power on the school board and to become its president.  I didn’t care because if she gained power, then there would be a 3 to 2 vote against another levy on the ballot, so it was a mutual relationship kind of thing.  But I didn’t see her as someone who would make use of the strategies outlined in my book.  But Venessa was.  Its one thing to talk about the news, as I had been doing on my blog site for years.  Its quite another to come up with unique strategies that could heavily leverage wins to those who follow the outlines of my book.  And that was what was needed.  I often talk about the paralysis that most people have when confronted with evil.  Most of society suffers from this condition.  And those who aren’t afraid to fight often feel the system is so against them that they can be identified and destroyed once they are singled out.  So they often find themselves running from the bad guys instead of fighting them.  That was what had to change which I had to explain to my VIP friend.  I was talking to someone just a few days ago who felt they were targeted to be killed, and they felt they only had a short time to live to do some of the good whistleblowing work that needed to be done, before they were killed.  In my personal background, not only do I have a long history with Lean techniques, and all kinds of business improvement techniques and psychological analysis, but I have a background with various mobs and criminal elements.  I have known very well various judges and hit people, so I know the underbelly of society thoroughly.  And I don’t want people to feel that they will be killed just for doing the right things in life.  That’s why I wrote the book, to help those people feel they can do their work, and not worry about such things. 

A year later, after giving out those 100 books, and then the many others who have bought the book for themselves and made good use of it, there have been some very good victories against detrimental odds that now show a path to success, just as I knew it would.  But sharing that with others isn’t so easy.  People get inundated by information coming at them from all sorts of directions.  But the track record is unmistakable and it makes me happy to see.  I appreciate all the great feedback, but more than that, I enjoy more seeing people win at life, at whatever they are trying to do.  On the freedom movement side, if they win, then I’m happy.  But in business too.  It’s a hostile world out there and people need some way to get an advantage.  And if the concepts in The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business are followed in regard to international trade and intercontinental relationships entire nations could be brought down, such as China, or groups of hostile nations such as the Desecrators of Davos.  They are much weaker and more vulnerable than many think they are, they aren’t so scary, if you know how to beat them.  And that was the point of The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business all along, and why I changed the name to my blog site, to help people learn how to beat those scary forces out there that want to control the world, whether its locally, statewide, nationwide, or internationally.  There is no reason to be scared, or powerless in this world.  If you know how to beat the bad guys, in whatever field, then I want to see people free to do so.  Good people should never worry about being killed or destroyed for doing the right thing.  And after a year of strategy outlined in that book, the track record is obvious, and there are many more victories to enjoy before its all said and done.

Rich Hoffman

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Mitt Romney is Wrong, Joe Biden is Not a Good Man: The collapse of the Liberal World Order as shown on the Family Guy

Mitt Romney’s article in The Atlantic was remarkable in many regards. It reflects the view of The Liberal World Order, as they call it now, and their perplexed quandaries into the nature of political existence. It sums up their coastal assumption that peer pressure was always going to be able to pull everyday Americans over to their view of things and that they would end up as the masters of that liberal society as the borders of American thought came down and the rise of international globalism would replace old ideas of nationalism. Their entire premise was like asking fans of the NFL to cheer for the football organization instead of any particular team within it. Instead of having a favorite team to go to a stadium to advocate for, the Liberal World Order believed that people would cheer on the NFL itself.   They believed that after all their liberal educations, top-down management style, and tampering with markets with their slow and cumbersome ideas, people would cheer on this Liberal World Order and would like it. So they are bewildered as to why President Trump is so loved and why there are still investigations into election fraud from the 2020 election, even two years later. It was just announced that Maricopa County in Arizona rejected the election results of that 2020 election, which is taking us historically into new territory; more will follow. And on that same day, Wisconsin declared that drop boxes were illegal that were used during Covid to steal votes for Joe Biden. And that those drop boxes were illegal during 2020, so all votes counted by that method must be rejected, which would give the state to Trump naturally. The Liberal World Order is watching all their schemes fall apart and see how much they are hated, and it’s shocking to them. However, they only have themselves to blame. 

Over the 4th of July, I was looking for some kind of White House celebration, which I couldn’t find. Biden did give a speech, obviously to his progressive base urging people to hang tight, that things would get better. But the contents of the speech really weren’t aired until the next day. Not even ABC News, owned by Disney, showed it. Yet what I did find on television was a 2019 episode of Family Guy that featured Peter Griffin working at the Trump White House. I like Family Guy, and even though they are typically a very liberal group of creative Hollywood types, their humor is usually funny. But this particular episode was obviously filled with frustration and hate toward the Trump family and a direct shot at the people who elected him. It was so filled with hate that I wondered who at Fox, who aired the program, did they think made up their audience. Satire is one thing in comedy, and usually, with a show like the Family Guy, that is where the laughs come from. But this was an episode I had not seen before, and they were showing it as a repeat on the 4th of July, which seemed like a pie to the face of America. It was interesting to watch, especially in the context of Mitt Romney raving in The Atlantic about how a return to Trump’s America would essentially be the end of their dreams of the Liberal World Order. After all, that was the view of that Family Guy episode. They didn’t make it for the general public but for their progressive viewers, whom they think are the majority. But only now do they see that they don’t have a majority, and they never did. They are being rejected wholesale and aren’t sure what to do or think about it.

What’s different now as opposed to times in the past is that they have let us know during the Trump years what they really think of us. And now that the information is out there, they’ve created this awkward society where the truth about how we feel about each other is known.   For many years, just like the Family Guy show, we put up with their liberal viewpoints because we wanted some entertainment. So we gave them the benefit of the doubt so long as everyone was generally polite with each other.   But after we elected Trump, and they failed to secure the election for their pick, Hillary Clinton, they felt entitled to make fun of us and use all methods of peer pressure to drive us toward their Liberal World Order, which was never going to be an option. Yet they thought it was.   That much was evident in art like what the Family Guy broadcast. Before we knew just how much they hated us, we could join together mutually over popular entertainment or good food. But once they revealed how much they hated Trump and his voters, there was no way to put those sentiments back into confinement. The problem was always their intention to take America someplace it didn’t want to go. The frustration from Mitt Romney and his good friend Joe Biden is reflected in that mentioned Family Guy episode. It was a joke to their kind of people, the Liberal World Order. It’s an inside joke only they understand because it’s their view of the world. To us, it seems like some foreign sentiment that is not American. And now that those battle lines are clear, we do have a different kind of society, and they realize just how much in the minority they have always been.

When Mitt Romney said in his article that Joe Biden was a good man, he clearly was out of step with the rest of the world. According to Joe Biden’s daughter, the two showered together. That isn’t a “good man,” that’s a pervert, a scum bag by every measure. There is nothing good about it. And knowing that, it’s no wonder that Joe Biden and his wife raised a bunch of screwed-up kids, especially regarding Hunter, a known drug addict and sexual deviant at best. The Biden family was selling out the highest office in the land for years and got rich off it. They are what the Liberal World Order intends for a specific class of elite rulers Mitt Romney wants to be a part of. But Joe Biden is not a good man, by any measure. Yet that is what that side tells us, and when we refuse to see things their way, they feel entitled to attack us, just as a group of Antifa thugs harassed Bret Kavanaugh at a local restaurant upset about Supreme Court rulings. These same Liberal World Order people who run The Washington Post, The Atlantic and make cartoons for the Family Guy will deny that Antifa even exists, as they have burned down cities. But they seem upset when they see the wrath of MAGA as they steal elections because it’s the only way they can attempt to prop up their world order that nobody but them wants. And they are in the gross minority, yet they appear to have just discovered it. I would say to them, they would have seen this reality earlier if they didn’t steal elections to maintain power. Because the people are not with them. They have never been. Any assumptions they have made about the nature of American life were made in a bubble of their own creation. That is a fault of their own; their failure to acknowledge reality and assuming progressive peer pressure games would shock and awe ordinary people into following them. They never liked us; we used to work to get along with them. In entertainment programming, we have put up with their jokes against us until we realized they were serious. And now they have to deal with our anger, which they made. That means for the Mitt Romney types out there that Liberal World Order is collapsing under the many mistakes of the left, and it’s not coming back. That fault is their own, and certainly not from MAGA and the Trump voters who were always in the majority no matter how much smoke and mirrors, with the help of media, attempted to hide it.

Rich Hoffman

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J.D. Vance is Right About Women in the Workplace: The corporate job was not worth destroying the American family

I think the J.D. Vance comment about women in the workplace was a very smart thing to say, even though it was apocalyptic to the progressives in politics. Apparently, it’s still a very controversial thing even to question women’s role in the workplace; even now, in 2022, where we are re-thinking just about everything politically in American society. In a Tweet at the end of June, J.D. Vance said, “If your worldview tells you that it’s bad for women to become mothers but liberating for them to work 90 hours a week in a cubicle at the New York Times or Goldman Sachs, you’ve been had.” He said that in reaction to comments made in the wake of Roe v. Wade, which was overturned by the Supreme Court, leaving progressive politicians apocalyptic because it attacks a basic premise of the Democrat Party over the last 100 years. The assumption was that women were equal to men; to prove it, they needed to be in the workplace, paid the same, and expected to be the same in every way possible. However, now we see something I have been saying all my adult life. I’ve never been on board with the progressive premise for women, and the facts have proven the pitfalls more than valid. The question isn’t whether having a career makes a woman equal to a man or socially viable. The real question in society is whether a career is the priority over building a family and who does what task to maintain the social priorities within a marriage.

What is amazing about this specific time is that the MAGA movement, which J.D. Vance represents as an Ohio senate candidate, is about questioning the basic assumptions regarding all progressive positions made over the last century. It’s not enough to be a conservative; the new Trump emergence of MAGA conservatives is to question what we have seen and done as a country and to define what actually makes America Great and how we can do it again. And increasingly, we are asking these kinds of questions, which were off the table in progressive political discussions. Women in the workplace and the death cult of abortion are taboo subjects at the center of their entire political platform. But I have argued for years that women would have gained the right to vote, the right to own property, and many other issues of equality because of the American Constitution, regardless of socialist, progressive politics sticking its noses into micromanaging family life in the United States. Yet, at the core of the progressive movement was something much more sinister, becoming apparent to many more people over the last several years, especially since the Trump presidency challenged progressives in ways they were never prepared for. Progressives were intent on destroying the concept of the American family. The goal was to put a husband and wife into a corporate job and let the state raise the children. And now we see with the push from progressives to assert gay rights, to have drag queens in public schools, and to start teaching sex education under the third grade, there is a sinister reason that they wanted moms away from their children and slaving away at some ridiculous job as J.D. says, 90 hours a week so that women could earn the respect of their peers at the next wine tasting. 

Women are second-guessing everything now that we’ve seen a few generations of this behavior, and many women are starting to question whether or not it was all worth it openly. They went out and obtained their degree, worked in the power job, and played the corporate game. But then their kids grew up resenting them because they weren’t there and were always busy. They had a nice house to live in, cars, and food in the refrigerator. But that nurturing family environment that all humans crave was left lacking, and the government could not provide a viable substitute. I’ve watched this trend, I know quite a few power couples, and many of them have turned to the housewife life for their own survival of marriage and family. Those who could best afford it have put their families first, and that often means having someone in the home who runs it like a CEO runs a business. There is a lot to running a family, and the trend emerging now that we’ve seen past mistakes is to put family more as a priority in the future. My mom was a stay-at-home mom in the heart of the 70s when the social pressure to get out into the workplace was incredibly brutal. I watched her be tormented for her decisions all her life. I married a woman who wanted to stay home with our kids, and we’ve now been married for over 30 years, and it was worth it. It was even more challenging for her. But recently, with Melania Trump making the same decisions in a high-profile White House that people could see was running correctly, a lot of younger people like J.D. Vance and his wife, who jumped through all the hoops, went to all the right schools, are asking themselves if the career priority life was worth it. And for many, it just isn’t. It’s a path to an elderly life of misery and lots of regrets. 

This is just another doomsday scenario for progressives, which under the pressure of the MAGA movement, do not have good answers to any of these questions. We’ve watched corporate influence on humanity spiral out of control, especially in the wake of Covid, where the government game became very apparent with the vaccine mandates. If you wanted a job, you had to get the jab, and this opened the door for homeschooling options and to protect the home by having the woman in a family stay home to protect it and the children. The corporate/government alliance was just too much, and people saw the ugly face of it too quickly, which is where we find ourselves today. People are more than validated to start asking questions about all things progressive. Was it all worth it to put career before family so that you could tell your friends and neighbors that you had a powerful job and were equal to men in the world? For many women, it’s not enough. Corporate life has led them to a miserable life, and they are now old enough to cast an opinion about it in the voting booth. And J.D. Vance understands this problem very well. If you want to make America Great Again, do you start with a priority for the American family, or do you stand by the corporations so they can have easy access to labor, who have just sold us all out to the Desecrators of Davos dedicated to the same progressive causes that have destroyed the fossil fuel industry and cost us all many more dollars at the fuel pump for basic necessities? In the hundred-year march of progressive politics, they moved toward our destruction with a steady drumbeat until 2016, when President Trump was elected, and MAGA became a real  political platform, which rattled progressives. And over the last six years, they have accelerated their plans, especially with Covid, and it has instigated a tipping point for many people where they are now prepared to ask the kind of questions that J.D. Vance is asking. And for many women, the answer is no. The cubicle job has not been worth it at the expense of their families. They were promised by progressive politicians, like Hillary Clinton, that they could have it all. But now reality has set in, and they have buyer’s remorse. And they are voting based on the result. 

Rich Hoffman

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How to Explain Election Fraud to Non-Believers: Texas Republicans Disavow the Biden Administration, and more will follow

The Texas Republican Party has disavowed the Biden administration due to the evidence pouring in regarding the 2020 election. This is more than political theater; it’s an actual legal position that more states will be joining in the months to come because there has now been time to look at the various election discrepancies and to understand what impact they had on the final result, which shows that Job Biden did not come close to winning the election and that he should not be in the White House presently. This, of course, brings up several very inconvenient legal problems, such as everything that Biden has done, all his executive orders, all his policy decisions, and everything he has signed his name to has no legal merit because he was elected fraudulently and every day that he is in office, he is causing further damage to a country that is being run by the administrative state, and not the people of our republic. We do not have a flea-bitten democracy; as liberals say all the time, we have a representative republic. The assumption was that if Democrats screamed loudest and most often, they could override the legality of office holder positions, but we are seeing that no matter how loud they shout and attempt to suppress the crime that many thousands of them committed, the evidence of massive election fraud is coming in fast now. And lots of people are talking about it way more than they thought would be at this point in the Biden administration, and they aren’t sure what to do about it. Nobody can ignore the obvious problems it causes. 

The plan all along was to control the messaging in the media, to keep the evidence from getting out. As I point out, the plan for stealing the election leads all roads to the World Economic Forum members who did it. It’s all the same people involved in Covid, manipulating the media with massive donations, the war against fossil fuels, climate change religious radicalism; the guilt points ultimately to the door of Klaus Schwab and his partners in crime, the Desecrators of Davos as I call them. They were heavily invested in their Great Reset, with trillions of dollars of assets they controlled, and they weren’t going to let an American election destroy their plans. They were going to get rid of Trump, hell, or high water, and they were going to insert their guy into the White House to make sure their plans happened, which were outlined in their eight predictions by 2030, four of which directly attack the lifestyle of the United States. Many want to believe that China worked out all the details of backdooring our election system, and it looks like they certainly played their role. But the instigators point back originally to the World Economic Forum. They are the characters of intent. They operate outside nations’ sovereignty and aren’t tied down with silly things like laws and social constructs. They are simply the next evolution of Socialist International, functioning like a secret society that isn’t a secret. They control the media, they control most of industry, and they control the political movements around the world and are determined to finally make the ridiculous work of Karl Marx come to reality under global unity. So, when you want to know who stole our election in 2020, look no further than Klaus Schwab and the gang. They ate the canary; we can still see the feathers sticking out of their smiling faces. 

Now that there are better social media platforms that aren’t controlled by the Desecrators of Davos types, such as Truth Social and Gettr, talk of election fraud is accelerating. That is what the J6 commission is all about: hiding the real crime of election fraud by attempting to penalize those who were upset about the fraud. Facebook and Twitter no longer have market share in shaping the story; too many people are now on the alternatives that the nightly news can’t be contained behind a façade of discourse that would deny election fraud until the end of time. So there is a panic that I have noticed from the liberal antagonizers who are trying to harass people who continue to profess that election fraud happened by challenging them to prove it. Well, here is what I have been saying to all of them, those antagonizers. It’s not our job, the victims of election fraud from the 2020 election, to prove to people who do not want to see the evidence and make them look at it. The criminals who committed the fraud and continue to advocate for it with an illegal president in the White House signing all kinds of legislation, none of which has any legal merit, don’t get to give us more work to do to convince them of their bad deeds. Instead, the abundance of evidence is everywhere. I’d refer them to read the CISA report that shows the electronic machines could be backdoored through the internet and likely were. That is an official report that is quite concerning. That’s a big problem all by itself. But we don’t even need that to prove that Joe Biden should not be in the White House. We have the names of the mules who trafficked ballots and were paid half a billion dollars by Facebook to steal the 2020 election. There is a clear prosecution trail, and the path to justice flows through Facebook, and ultimately the ringleader of the Desecrators of Davos, Klaus Schwab, where Bill Gates, George Soros, Mark Zuckerberg, and Larry Fink all are working to undo America as a superpower and to give birth to a New World Order that they control. What’s hard to understand about that? 

The next thing that people who are trying to conceal the steal is that they point to the states certifying the election, that no judge found in favor of President Trump and that we should all just move on. It’s quite evident in hindsight what the criminals intended with the election; they knew legally that there wasn’t enough time from November when we had the election to January when the next president was to be inaugurated to pose any real legal challenge. The game all along was to run out the clock and push Trump out of the White House. It was a coup organized by the same radical elements we had just seen, even in the FBI, working on getting rid of the people’s pick for president and inserting characters of their desire from the administrative state. Trump’s lawyers tried to do a multi-year investigation in December 2020, but that just wasn’t enough time, and the courts rejected all the efforts because courts take time. Everyone knew it would take years to dig through all the election fraud issues, so the steal intended to use the process timeline to help hide the evidence. They figured it would be too late by the time everyone figured out what happened, which is where we find ourselves today. The evidence is there, but nobody really knows what to do about it because it has significant legal implications that nobody wants to deal with. But just remember, the same people who lied to us about Covid, about the use of Ivermectin and Hydroxicloriqine to treat it and save lives, and instead pushed vaccine mandates on us that only were good for the drug companies who made them, are all the same people trying to steer everyone away from election fraud. And that tells you exactly who the guilty parties are. They are all involved in the greatest crimes ever conducted on humanity, and punishments for those crimes are mandated justice that can’t be ignored. They have been caught, and there is a mounting chorus of voices who realize what happened and aren’t happy about it. 

Rich Hoffman

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The World Economic Forum Must Control Elections Worldwide to Implement their Plan for Global Domination: The lessons learned from Hillary Clinton

If you search my site here of Hillary Clinton’s name, you will see that I have written hundreds of articles about her guilt and corruption, all of which have turned out to be true. It has taken, in some cases, six years to uncover some of the crimes. Some of her crimes, especially regarding Benghazi, have not been adequately investigated, but time will prove them all to be true. While I enjoy the Glenn Beck’s of the world and Alex Jones’s work, I would distinguish what I have done for over a decade to be much different. I purposely work to keep theater out of my statements, even though the things I say may sound like radical conspiracy theories. How they sound is only relevant to the experience of the consumer of the information. The relevancy of what I say obviously is something I consider essential. Otherwise, I wouldn’t mention it. From my perspective, if I’m talking about it, it’s something you should be concerned about. When I talked about Obama and his illegal presidency, or the crimes of the Clinton family, or the crimes of the current Biden family, election fraud, manufactured viruses like Covid was and distributed by our own people to help the Desecrators of Davos change the world to global communism, I have no plans to say in the future, “oh, my bad. That never came true.” Instead, I expect everything to be proven true, just as this Hillary Clinton case has proven concerning the Sussman trial, which revealed that Hillary Clinton actively promoted the Russian conspiracy with the Trump campaign and many millions of dollars wasted with four years of Hell that followed a properly elected presidency. All because she wanted power and was throwing a fit because she didn’t get it. Never underestimate the evil people will perform to gain power over others. 

So when I say that everyone should expect the World Economic Forum supporters to attempt to use the Monkey Pox or some other virus as a way to try Coronavirus shutdowns 2.0 before the Midterm elections in 2022, I say it with the meaning to take it seriously. I watched all the coverage from this year’s World Economic Forum from Davos this year, and they are clearly delusional. They are not paying attention to global trends toward populism, and it’s not hard to read between the lines as to why. I’ve said it for a while now, the Democrats in America, and the progressives around the world, have no plans for America ever to have a fair election again. They got caught stealing the 2022 election, as the evidence from the movie 2000 Mules shows clearly. For anybody who wants to debate that fact, just interview those 2000 Mules and trace where their money came from to harvest ballots to put Joe Biden into the White House. With the same confidence that I’ve said everything about Hillary Clinton that has come true, Facebook will turn out to be the bank that paid the cash to all the election fraud mules, and they should all go to jail for what they did to our country. If we had a law enforcement system that wasn’t beyond corruption, the next step for 2000 Mules would be massive investigations and trials in congress. It might take a decade for everyone to admit to it finally, but eventually, they will. But ultimately, it wasn’t just Zuckerberg who stole the 2020 election, it was the entire group of the Desecrators of Davos who did, and for that, we must focus our anger.

The World Economic Forum spent much of the last week of May 2022 talking about its elaborate plans for global domination. But what they didn’t talk about was their need to control all elections worldwide to make it happen. There is no way for them to get votes from the world to support their efforts. There is an assumption in their meeting that voters won’t have a say in their efforts. And it is that aspect of their candor that we should be most alarmed about. At local and state levels, I would caution all public officials to role-play what the next pandemic will be. There is no question that this is why the Biden administration is flirting with giving over American sovereignty to the World Health Organization so that they can manage lockdowns from a centralized United Nations source. They watched how Americans reacted to Covid and the vaccine mandates. That is why the WHO is being tasked with managing future pandemics, taking constitutional law out of the hands of American courts, and placing them into global governance. That means that it will take local officials to challenge their state governors in the future with constitutional challenges, especially those that come from the World Health Organization and the United Nations. The apparent plan is to use another manufactured crisis, just as Covid-19 was manufactured and released by communist China with the help of Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci, as proven in the book, The Real Anthony Fauci by Robert Kennedy Jr., to change election laws and prevent a free and open election in the fall of 2022. The World Economic Forum characters are counting on that to save them from a wave of populism that will destroy all their plans. 

Knowing what the plan is and learning from the past, not to just dismiss something that seems outrageous only to turn out to be true, America at every local level needs to consider the lessons of the Doctrine of Lesser Magistrates to challenge any legal assumptions that might come from the direction of the World Health Organization and ultimately, the World Economic Forum. Their plans are obvious, they already have our CDC and Biden administration in their corner, and none of them can afford a real election in America this coming November. So now is the time to role-play just as they do for implementing viruses, as they have just done with the Monkey Pox. We must role-play our counteraction against their methods with legal challenges of our own. Instead of accepting an Executive Order health emergency to shut down our economy this coming fall to hide the terrible inflation numbers and the impact of actual in-person voting, we must have a legal challenge ready before the executive orders are even written or before a blue state governor like Ohio has in DeWine attempts to use emergency power to take control of everything, all in an effort to manipulate the election results that might put a wet blanket over the World Economic Forum’s plans for global communism and dominion of all national sovereignties. The lessons we have learned from the past have been costly. So this time, lets put them to good use; let’s learn from history and be ready for them when they do attack through the back door of emergency powers because they have no choice but to try. We are not dealing with honest people; these are international criminals who seek protection from justice by world domination, so let’s not take them lightly, as many did with Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton is a product of these criminals; she’s small potatoes. The big cats are in this Desecrators of Davos group, and they are out for blood. They have told us so, so take them at their word and take nothing for granted. 

Rich Hoffman

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President Trump Endorses J.D. Vance: Rolling the dice for the ultimate jackpot, Saving America

It will indeed test how much a Trump endorsement means to candidates such as J.D. Vance for the Ohio Senate. Because with less than a month out from the May 3rd primary election, J.D. Vance is fighting with several other candidates for the old Rob Portman seat, and among them, Mike Gibbons appears by polling to be in the lead. I have been on the fence with Jane Timken, Josh Mandel, and J.D. Vance from the beginning of the race. I’ve come to know all of them, and I like them. Mike Gibbons, for me, was a distant fourth place; he is way too squishy for me. But he’s not the worst in the world. For me, this race came down to who would be a good fighter who would push back against Mitch McConnell for the leadership role again and who could fight with MAGA in the senate and start to turn the tide in ways that Ted Cruz and Rand Paul have not yet managed to accomplish. I’ve had my eye on Josh Mandel for that kind of combat. He’s shown that he’s willing to fight and make things uncomfortable for opponents, which I think the next senate term will need. But obviously, Trump has other ideas. I’m sure Marjorie Taylor Green’s endorsement of J.D. Vance helped Trump’s decision, along with his son, Don Jr., and the billionaire tycoon, Peter Theil. I see a strategy evolving, and J.D. Vance wouldn’t be bad for that strategy, so while I was surprised to see President Trump endorse anybody in the senate race, particularly J.D. Vance, the overall strategy could be a good one. And it says a lot about what kind of message Trump intends to sell about his next term and the kind of America we are likely to be when we get there. 

J.D. Vance has been a never-Trumper, much like Glenn Beck was. Trump has come around to forgiving Beck. It has taken me longer to even listen to Beck again, sometimes, because of how he was against Trump in 2016. Things were very personal back then. I was one of the few people who openly supported Trump during the Republican primary, and I remember what people said and did against him. I was not for the Trump dinner endorsement with Mitt Romney, which turned out to be such a disaster. As much as I like him, Trump has a personality trait that some might call a weakness; he wants to convert people over to his way of thinking. He likes to be liked, although he doesn’t let being liked alter his management style. So, he gets away with a weakness for love of likeability, and the J.D. Vance story is one of those Trump success stories. Does it look better in 2024 to put people close to you from the beginning, like Jane Timken or Josh Mandel, or to convert a friend from Never-Trumper to ally in the senate? Trump thinks the conversion is better. I think the loyalty is. I would have picked Josh Mandel if I was Trump because he was always with Trump, even when it wasn’t popular in 2016.

But Trump has plenty of people in his camp who were loyal when it was hard. What will likely mean more in uniting the country after the 2022 midterms shows that people who used to not like Trump are suddenly very pro-Trump, and that is what J.D. Vance has been? I’ve met J.D. Vance a few times through a very dear friend where I could talk to him personally. He’s a very nice young man who certainly has the kind of tenacity that you’d like to see representing Ohio in the senate. The movie based on his life, Hillbilly Elegy, and the book he wrote of the same title tells a very compelling story of a struggling blue-collar family from my backyard of Middletown, Ohio, that I think will keep Vance from being pulled into any corruption in Washington D.C.  J.D. Vance doesn’t need politics to define him as a person, which I can’t say the same about Rob Portman in the beginning. I was with Portman when he first started; he needed politics to define him as a person. I set up the WLW interview where Portman debated a similar panel of Republicans all wanting to take a vacating House seat back in 1993 when his political career was just starting. I wondered about Portman even back then. He said all the right things. He hung around with the disparaged Ross Perot supporters as kind of a fringe Reform Party candidate. But as we saw over the next several decades, he became one of the biggest RINOs in Ohio. He worked too well with the far-left progressive Sharrod Brown. Obviously, we’d like to seem more of a fighter than a bridgebuilder for his replacement. 

When it comes to politics, it’s always about how the game will be played, not necessarily how it is played today. With what we know, election fraud, government corruption, and globalism on every front, we are shocked to see what we always suspected was just under the surface. Trump looks to have a clear strategy for tackling the problem of Saving America. Not just Making it Great Again, but saving it from all three branches of government led by a knowledgeable executive branch, where an understanding of trade tariffs will be critical to those battles to come. Perhaps J.D. Vance will be able to go on prime-time television and sell just how America can get 10 trillion dollars in damages from China to begin to pay for the massive damage to our economy from the Covid attack. Or perhaps J.D. Vance will be another Romney dud. Whatever the case, what’s clear is that Trump isn’t playing it safe. If Trump wanted to show how many victories he could get with his endorsement, J.D. Vance was not the safe pick. It’s somewhat risky. 

It should be an exciting primary. Trump’s visit to Delaware, Ohio, will undoubtedly help get voters out in what is typically a lite primary election. And higher voters mean more votes for the fewer establishment candidates, which is a marvelous thing. We should all be much better off than when we started the year. With a higher turnout, we’ll have a more representative government, so however things come out on the 3rd, we’ll have a good idea of how 2022 will shape up. Trump could have played it safe and stayed out of the primary until the results were announced, then supported the Republican, whoever it ended up being. But by picking J.D. Vance, he decided to make a high stake bet. And that is something I can respect, even if J.D. Vance wasn’t my pick. I can appreciate the chance Trump is willing to make when he didn’t need to make it. If he were a typical politician playing politics the way it is typically played, such an endorsement never would have happened. And since it did, we can at least see that Trump isn’t afraid to roll the dice for a big jackpot. And the winner of this jackpot means nothing less than Saving America for generations to come. 

Rich Hoffman

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The Climate Change Cult of Larry Fink and his Desecrators of Davos Friends: We need a separation of church and state to protect Ohio’s powerplants

Think how ridiculous the concept is; for many years in America, we were told that we had to take the Ten Commandments out of our courthouses, that we couldn’t pray in public schools, that we had to have a separation of church and state. Then, we watch the Desecrators of Davos at their World Government Forum in Dubai use climate change religion as the primary means to attach all of us to their insane view of the world. They have introduced a religious cult to the world and suddenly think it mandates a necessity for change that ties all of us to it whether or not we believe it. Climate change, by no measure, is a science; it’s a cult of earth worshipers who have a maniacal desire to return to the primitive village of global habitation. And they want it for all the same crazy religious disputes that have taken place over the history of the human race, to control those villages during human lifetimes. It’s a ridiculous proposal, yet when it comes to the global management people who spoke in Dubai with Klaus Schwab and the usual Desecrators of Davos crowd who are using climate change speculation at creating fear and anxiety to drive change, we see those changes in our local communities. This is no longer a debate for the nightly news, it is attacking the infrastructure of the United States, and it’s all built on nonsense, just as Covid science was. It’s a scam, a power grab no different than some crazed religious fanatic pointing to the rapture as a reason to sell all our worldly possessions. The essence of the climate change religion is to advance their cause without any evidence whatsoever, only fear and made-up articles paid for by billionaires who donate the funds to their own version of a mythical armageddon. 

In Cincinnati, Ohio, we are losing another power plant, the Zimmer plant, which is actually up the river in Moscow from downtown Cincinnati. It was scheduled to close by 2027 purely over ridiculous environmental standards imposed on it by a government captured by the Desecrators of Davos, the Larry Finks of the world. They use ESG scores to impose changes to progressive businesses rather than political ones at the ballot box. They knew people would never vote to cut their own throats, so they attacked the boards of directors of power plants like Zimmer and gave them ridiculous standards to live up to based purely on the climate change religion. And knowing that the inevitable is happening anyway, the Zimmer people are just throwing in the towel and closing the plant early. Where is that extra power going to come from? The Desecrators of Davos intend to impose on us all wind and solar methods that may or may not work all the time. And when they don’t work, we are supposed to sacrifice our power needs to the gods of climate science and be happy about it. Their reasoning is just as crazy as some Mayan priests cutting off the heads and hearts of human sacrifices on a temple top in the Yucatan, hoping that the killing of people might help make it rain for their crops to grow. We might laugh at such notions now in the modern age, which the Mayans or Egyptians might have believed. But the climate change radicals are just as ridiculous. 

It’s one thing to look at people like the Descrecrators of Davos and laugh at their sheer stupidity in what they believe. For instance, I could have owned a condo in Florida in the 1980s and today measured the same distance from the porch to the high tide mark, and it wouldn’t have changed at all. I could also point to archaeological sites in England now covered by water across the English Channel and show that the sea level there rose several hundred feet from the last Ice Age. People could have walked then across to France without getting wet. Climate change is a condition of living on earth, and some cycles occur every 10,000 years, every 600,000 years, and every 10 million years. The climate will never stay the same whether or not humans are on it. Instead, the climate change religious lunatics have seen how well the phony science worked with Covid and have become encouraged to make their long-planned moves to control the world much more aggressively. It’s not that we can laugh at their stupidity from afar; they are in all our companies, our government, and running our country through finance, attaching all of us to their radical religion. Whether we agree with their religion of climate change or not, we are all being forced to live under their rule, just like some medieval dispute between the Catholics and Protestants. It is the dumbest thing in the world that we addressed in America upon its founding. Separation of church and state. 

Just as liberals protested that they didn’t want to see our Ten Commandments, we don’t want to see their stupidity over wind turbans and solar panels. We don’t want to be tied to their crazy cult, which isn’t any different than the fanatics of the Jim Jones massacre or the Helter Skelter murders. What the Desecrators of Davos believe is insane; their religion of climate change is the stuff of lunacy. They do not have a right to attack our infrastructure in America with it, so the same argument must apply in their direction. Climate change is not a science. There is no scientific evidence anybody can point to and show a need for any human action on it, any transfer of energy from a coal plant to a solar farm not while China is opening a new coal plant much dirtier than Zimmer every week as we allow the Descecrators of Davos through agents like Larry Fink to destroy the Ohio power grid leaving us all starving for power. What business will want to come to Ohio if they can’t get any power and have to wait for the wind to blow or the sun to come out to be able to microwave a sandwich in the breakroom? It’s insanity to allow a mindless cult to take over our energy grid in America by a bunch of religious fanatics who are just as superstitious as the many failed societies of the past who turned to sacrifice as the way to propel civilization forward. Not that a history lesson should be necessary, but it has never worked. And it won’t work this time. So it is time to call things what they are. Climate change is not science; it’s a religious cult advocated by losers who have no idea what they are talking about and expect the rest of the world to follow them toward our own destruction. When power plants in Ohio like Zimmer are shutting down over this nonsense, it’s time to call it for the good of the rest of society. The left has argued that they wanted protection from the religious founding of America with a separation of church and state. Well, we need the same to protect our businesses and our very lives from the religious cult of climate change. If they want to worship the earth, they can dress up in their stupid robes and chant to the ocean somewhere. But they need to stay out of our lives. Their insanity cannot be allowed to set policy for America or any of its people.

Rich Hoffman

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