The Political Climate Change Hoax: Yes, the Great Lakes are draining and will soon be gone

Climate Change is Rediculous

Oh my gosh, Greta Thunberg, an 18-year-old girl from Europe, is challenging Joe Biden on climate change. And California realizes that with all their hack and slash economic policies; they think they will save the earth; they won’t reach their emission goals until the next century. Meanwhile, the socialists of the world are making climate change the centerpiece of all their concerns displaying to everyone how little any of them know about actual science. To the smart people out there, they have seen the shell game. It’s the same stupid game that the left has been playing with Covid, phony statistics, phony scientists who are no better than whores on K-Street, that will say and do anything for a federal grant. They’ll “love you a long time” for the right price, and they’ll put anything you need in an Excel spreadsheet. But it came to a point for me while I was doing some additional research into the origins of life across North America. Hint, the Indians were not indigenous people in America; that too is a made-up lie meant to despair the creation of America in the first place. As I have reported in many places, some of the best archaeology we have in North America points to the mound-building culture that looks like it dates to the periods of Stonehenge. As it so happened, I was reading some of the books I recently bought at my last trip to Stonehenge and comparing them to the investigations into what is called “The Giants of Ohio,” and America in general, and that drew my eye to some of the radical swings in sea levels over just the last 10-15 thousand years. Yes, advanced people could easily have come into North America during the Archaic Period, and it’s pretty clear that they did, bringing with them a world economy that nobody has been thinking about over the last hundred years of academic study. 

Since I live in Ohio, the Great Lakes are a real treasure to the state that I think about. Most people know what they are and think of them as a kind of inland sea. Also, people might think of them as very old, but the truth was that they formed during the Ice Age, really in geological terms, was just yesterday. Humanity was building advanced societies, such as Göbekli Tepe in modern-day Turkey. At that time in the world, the Great Lakes of Ohio and Michigan were former river valleys where massive glaciers were taking the path of least resistance, moving along slowly there. The weight of the glaciers was so great that they actually pushed down the earth’s crust in those locations displacing the curvature of the planet itself. As the ice melted, without the aid of global warming by manufactured contraptions, mind you, the water stayed in those low spots and formed the Great Lakes. The weight of the water and ice was negligible. However, when the mass changed, the water began to flow toward the St. Lawrence Seaway at an increased rate.

Fairly recently, scientists have discovered that the Great Lakes are actually draining at a rate faster than the rivers can supply them. Many in the region know that Niagara Falls is the point where all that water flows from Lake Erie into Lake Ontario. They also know that where the falls are currently will continue to move all the way down to Buffalo, New York, year by year by a few feet each time. It won’t take long before the falls are gone altogether. In fact, the whole of the Great Lakes, except for most of Lake Superior and Lake Huron, will be gone entirely in a few thousand years. Chicago will sit in the middle of nowhere with vast farmland to the east where people could walk over to Michigan. The same with Detroit and Cleveland. They, too, will be sitting on land that extends far into what used to be the lakes but will by then be vast expanses of farmland. The lakes are draining because the earth’s crust is trying to push up from under the weight of the water from where it was pushed down by the ice from the Ice Age. The more shallow the water gets from the lack of weight, the faster the landmass pushes up. In our lifetimes, we will see a significant loss of shoreline in those city areas because of this effect. Of course, none of this climate change results from a single human being. It’s just part of the lifecycles of the earth.

One thing that struck me when studying my books from Stonehenge and is something I learned about while visiting Dover on the east side of England facing France across the English Channel is that; just as the future of the Great Lakes, people used to be able to walk across the great body of water there. Back in the Ice Age, sea levels were several hundred feet below where they are now. Looking at the English Channel today, it seems impossible to consider such a thing. But that is what the latest science says. Ocean levels have constantly been changing, well before there were ever any people. My daughter and I had a wonderful time hiking Dover’s Cliffs, and I often think about it. We told my son-in-law and my wife that we were going to use the restroom and take a few pictures of the cliffs there and the massive English Channel. We’d be back in a few minutes, so they waited for us in the car. We came back seven hours later. It was an excellent adventure, but what made me lose track of so much time was in learning about these little details and how they have played out against the many changes the world has seen in geologic time. 

The point of the matter is that the climate change activists are phonies looking to convert capitalist cultures into communist ones and count on our ignorance to believe them. But reading a few books on the matter and just some casual investigation will prove that manmade climate change is a thing of politics. Climates have been changing on earth for millions of years. As humans, we have been lucky to have had our entire civilization spring up so quickly between these geological catastrophes, able to leave for space within a few thousand years. That is a miracle, and that is science. Trying to bend our economic system to some made-up whims of worshiping the earth is just downright stupid. And anybody who believes what these political hacks of climate science advocates say is ridiculous. Whether by accident or on purpose, the information to refute climate science activism is abundant. But like Covid, the government is seeking to exploit ignorance in favor of political power. And that is a game where the enemies of capitalism need to be defeated spectacularly. And just consider how pathetic their cause is, where they have an 18-year-old nobody as their spokesman. She’s not a scientist. She’s not the next Albert Einstein. She’s just a teenage girl. And that is the best thing that the climate change movement has going for it. Because the facts are not on their side, and anybody willing to look at them can see that quickly.

Rich Hoffman

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The Stupidity of a Billion Dollars for Tri-County Mall: Its bad behavior that killed the shopping complex, money can’t fix that

A Billion Dollars for Tri-County Mall

Believe me, I want Springdale, Ohio, to succeed. My idea of going into the big city when I was a kid was going to the Tri-County Mall and the surrounding areas. They had everything there, and I have always loved it. When I was first married, the Forest Fair Mall opened just down the highway at Forest Park, and it had all kinds of exotic stores and places to eat, along with a movie theater. I thought I was in heaven. I raised my family in these malls, and I would love to see them stay alive. But I think the city council of Springdale is smoking crack if they think voting to spend a billion dollars on refurbishing the Tri-County Mall into a mixed-use development is going to work. It’s enormously stupid and is doomed to fail, and they should not do it. Instead, they need to understand why those malls failed, why all those stores and restaurants left, and make changes to their communities. Because if you don’t change the behavior of a community, throwing money at it won’t improve a thing. Instead, money is made in all economic activity because of behavior. Behavior is not changed by money. Behavior makes money. Bad behavior destroys money. 

From Springdale’s point of view and that of Forest Park, they blame Liberty Center’s success a few more miles north along I-75 for their demise. That state-of-the-art mixed-use community is a real treasure, and it’s where I go these days when I want to go out on the town. I love Liberty Center. It’s great to go see a movie. Eat at a nice restaurant. It has a traditional mall environment, and it also houses an outside mall area that feels like a downtown kind of atmosphere. But you know what it doesn’t have, thugs walking around with their pants half down acting like they will beat up all the customers. Liberty Center is privately managed to get rid of scum bags and losers when they threaten the positive shopping experience of the guests, and they do. They don’t put up with gangs of kids hanging out at Liberty Center, which is why the shopping area is doing well. That is also what destroyed Forest Fair Mall and Tri-County Mall. It wasn’t the change in box store status that came with online retail shopping. It was more that moms found it easier to shop for things from their living rooms rather than go to these malls where young people hang out and misbehave, dropping F-Bombs as they walk by and acting like they might be raped at any moment.  

This isn’t a racist thing; as much as progressives would like to make it so, it’s a behavior issue. When I was young, Tri-County and Forest Park were considered great places to live. Fairfield, which was just next to Forest Park, was voted in Playboy magazine to have some of the most beautiful girls in the country. I went to church in Fairfield. I dated lots of girls from Fairfield and Springdale. I used to be a driver for some of the old Cincinnati Bengals players after they retired, and they lived in Forest Park. I would take them home to their wives in their nice Forest Park homes. Those cities were family-friendly and full of economic prosperity. But as liberal politicians moved into their city councils and mayor positions, they brought many progressive ideas, which we all talk about now. But I was pointing all this out 20 years ago, and the writing for the decline was on the wall. The more liberalism moved into Springdale and the Tri-County area in general, the more that families moved out, north into Liberty Township, West Chester, and Mason. The smart money is left to get away from the bad behavior of progressive politics. And that same story could be said in just about every city that has seen its wealth leave, dropping the value of their communities to derelicts, government addicts, and substance abusers. People do not enjoy being around lousy behavior, and when they see it, they avoid it with other options. That is what killed Tri-County Mall and much of the retail in that area. The local government failed to protect their families by allowing bad behavior to move in and take power with some woke view of the world from a progressive perspective. 

Putting a billion dollars into the same bad behavior will not succeed in Tri-County. Case in point in Over-The-Rhine in downtown Cincinnati where Vine Street repurposed itself to give the illusion of a safe space. The problem is, the surrounding areas are still hives of gang activity and bad conduct up and down Liberty Street and around Findley Market. Instead of crime happening on those streets, gangs like the Glacier Gang follow millennials back to their homes in the suburbs of Sycamore Township and Mason and rob them there. It’s not something they are talking about on the news because they are afraid that people might stop going to downtown Cincinnati for a night out, but it’s a real problem that always stifles economic growth. Bad behavior kills the making of money. 

Oh, I’m sure people reading this who are in denial will say that such judgments are “racist” or are coming from the mind of “white supremacy.” Well, I’m none of those things. I would tell anybody who wants to know to interview any mom-type outside of the I-275 loop and ask them what they think of Tri-County. They’ll say openly that they don’t want to get robbed, raped, or groped because many moms over the last decade who have shopped at Tri-County Mall have been harassed in some way by gangs of youth who didn’t respect the shopping experience. Was getting raped an exaggeration on the part of the moms? Maybe, but it’s how they felt while going to the mall, so they instead turned to online shopping to avoid the threat altogether. Then once Liberty Center opened, they went there instead or made the drive over to Kenwood. With that said, Liberty Center has its own problems. It needs a government bailout as we speak because it’s not hitting the targets it needs to financially. Much of that is due to the changing market of box stores compared to online shopping. It’s a challenging environment these days under perfect conditions. But then-Governor DeWine of Ohio shut down the state economically, which hurt Liberty Center immensely. They still haven’t opened their playground there over liability concerns. The government often gets in the way of positive economic growth, which is undoubtedly the case at Liberty Center. 

To show how stupid government can be, just think of the Springdale City Council, knowing all I have said here but refusing to admit to themselves because of their progressive politics that somehow a billion dollars of investment will change anything. Who in their right mind will invest in a restaurant or store in this new complex knowing that the people who will be giving them money will likely bring trouble with them? And who is going to live in these new apartments? People who don’t care about getting their cars broken into? Or harassed as they are walking down the sidewalk with a gang of kids playing rap music out of the trunk of their car and selling pot out of the front seat? No, you can’t put lipstick on a pig and pretend it’s a flower. It’s still a pig, and until the government puts value on good behavior in their society, they will always see a loss of revenue 100% of the time. It’s a fundamental law of economic activity which progressives choose to ignore. But it certainly doesn’t make it any less relevant. 

Rich Hoffman

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The Mythic Realm: Understanding Elon Musk, Bob Iger shortcomings at Disney, the Build Back Better disaster, and why communism always fails

The Mythic Realm

I could actually write a book just about this topic of the Mythic Realm. Still, recently, an opportunity came up professionally where I had to talk to many political people and business people in the same Christmas setting.  I was near a whiteboard so I could tell the story of what I put on the video here contained.  The subject was a bunch of things that flow together to my eyes.  But to the groups of people, they understood some of it, but not all of it, because of the bubble concept that I explained in the video.  Most people all their lives never leave their bubbles of understanding, and I don’t look down on them for it.  I see it as a natural condition of the human race.  But when the topic of Elon Musk came up and all that he was up to, and understanding why Build Back Better is such a bad idea, or the vaccine mandates for Covid are so destructive, the answers to all those questions are often outside of the bubbles that people live in.  So I put together this little video to explain it to people who want to begin understanding some of these kinds of things, such as where economic power comes from.  It’s not the Political Realm or even the Business Realm.  All economic activity comes from the Mythic Realm, and it is there that we should always focus on creating more!

I also put in this article the WSJ interview with Elon Musk in its entirety where he said that the Build Back Better concept should be “deleated.” As I explained, Elon Musk is more shaman than industrialist, even living in a state of depravity to stay authentic to himself.  To my mind, our American society should be producing hundreds of Elon Musk types instead of a few here and there.  When I think of Elon Musk, aside from his tamperings with the political and business realm, I think of people like Thomas Edison, Tesla, the actual man, and Albert Einstein.  What people call genius, they say such things because, from their point of view in one of their social bubbles, the ideas from the realm of myth seem so extraordinary.  But really, it’s all point of view.  What always matters is the Mythic Realm because it is there where all ideas that generate all economic activity are created, which then cascades into all the organized elements of society.

I provided in the video an example about the aviation industry.  Where Prometheus came from stories about building fire or Indian legends about Thunderbirds who could fly, the idea for flight came from the human imagination in thinking what could be.  Then along came the Wright Brothers, who converted their bicycle profession into the first functioning plane.  From there, the political realm instantly saw the benefits, decided to utilize the airplane during World War I, and created rules and regulations for constructing airports, parts suppliers, and general aviation functions.  Then, of course, the Business Realm figures out what companies need to form to meet the world’s growing political need for airplanes.  And from there comes the Cultural Bubbles of all the individual companies that started making airplane parts and the workers who inhabit those cultures.  The exact trajectory of thought could be said to emerge from the auto industry, smartphones, everything that we consider economic value.  When I talk about intellectual currency, this is what I’m talking about.  Financial currency is needed to flow in the political, business, and cultural realms.  But intellectual currency is required to feed the Mythic Realm, and without that position, nothing new in economic energy is produced.  Therefore, the goal of our society or any society should always be to make more Elon Musk types, or even George Lucas, who created Star Wars.

I always talk about Star Wars because, as a kids product, it does a great job of creating ideas in the Mythic Realm among people in our society.  There was an excellent interview with Bob Iger from Disney, who is stepping down now as CEO.  I think he did a pretty good job stabilizing Disney as a company, but his problem was that he spent his entire time as CEO in the border between the Political Realm and the Business Realm, where most CEOs and CFOs think all the real value is.  But when it came time to make more Star Wars movies, he was lost, and what he made was a bunch of corporate woke garbage.  The fans became angry at Disney because the new films and books were made by a guy who was obsessed with the titles he held.  He made a mistake almost all corporate people make, putting their imprint on something that flows out of the Mythic Realm, but that they never understand the ideas. They end up smashing them into the bubbles of business culture, assuming that everything will just work out.  But it never does.  That is why Elon Musk tends to disparage titles in these companies and offices.  In the Mythic Realm, he likes to have all the executives close to where the action is.  As a modern company, Disney does OK if it sells the fantastic work created by people like Walt Disney.  But because they live in their corporate bubble, people like Bob Iger are paralyzed to do anything new, much like the Chinese suffer from their centralized communism. 

This is essentially why socialism and communism never work because they insist on an old aristocratic European view of the world that never figured out these things.  I feel I can talk about it because, really, for the first time in mass culture, we have a time where we can look at all these elements as an entire whole.  I read so much and from so many different sources that it is evident to me.  I don’t know that such an understanding of social constructs would have been possible 100 years ago.  But with the benefit of hindsight and great modern examples of success in the Mythic Realm, we can see these things clearly now.  When I shared these insights with that large group, they all seemed to have an “oh my gosh” moment, so it seemed like a practical thing to discuss.  When we want to understand the world around us, whether it’s Build Back Better, Star Wars success under Disney, Elon Musk and his quest for Mars colonization, or the intricacies of why capitalism works better than communism at managing society, understanding the Mythic Realm is the key. I’ve said for years that despite all my interests, I appreciate nothing more than mythology because what humans do better than any other known form of life is generate imagination, and therefore a change in circumstances directly derived from the mind.  No matter what someone thinks about God, it cannot be questioned that the purpose of human existence is to use the imagination to continue expanding what goes on in the universe.  We are not so insignificant as a species to assume that nature rules over the minds of humankind.  But that humankind is part of nature and the ever-evolving process of creation which the universe craves.  And once you understand that, everything else makes a lot more sense.

Rich Hoffman

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The Best Thing I Received for Christmas: Todd Minniear in Liberty Township

I Got Todd Minniear for Christmas

Another question that comes up always after Christmas, mainly out of obligations of small talk, is what did you get for Christmas?  Was it all worth it?  Did you have a good Holiday?  Well, for me, this year, I did have a great Holiday.  But it wasn’t just family gift exchanges that I enjoyed.  Just a few days before Christmas, at the Liberty Township Building just down the road from my house, Todd Minniear was sworn in as my next trustee, one of three.  He is the product of a series of off-year elections where constitutional conservatives were targeted for election to either replace liberals or offer a more conservative candidate aside from the ones traditionally provided.  For me, it was quite a nice Christmas present to have Todd give me a call and invite me to his swearing-in, which I went to and was greeted there with a kind of class reunion from the various campaigns of 2021, and it was nice to see all that hard work come to some positive culmination.  I say it all the time, if you want a good government, then put good people in it. Don’t just sit on the couch and hope things work out alright.  Either run yourself for an office locally or support someone who wants to.  After the Trump presidency, that was certainly my story where obvious political shenanigans to remove him from office took place.   The audacious behavior of the national establishment is something I’ve seen plenty of times locally, over thirty years.  And the election of Todd Minniear, a constitutional and freedom-minded purist, was a significant achievement in my community and was a sign of things to come nationally. 

Another thing I say all the time to just about everyone I speak with is, “don’t be a victim.” Never allow yourself to be a victim in the story of your own life.  Those people we put into elected positions in our republic are never supposed to be our “betters” or some useless member of an aristocracy.  They are there to represent us.  But that’s not the way the political class views that relationship.  Often, they get into public office for the attention of it and the power that follows by having their hands on the levers of rules and regulations that govern our lives.  In the case of a local trustee, the question is often, “can I build a new pole barn on my property to hold my classic car.” The politicians usually will reply, “but think about the lowered property values of the community.  They don’t need to be penalized because you want to protect some gas-guzzling old car that should be on the junk heap, according to the United Nations.” They don’t say that they often work to protect the interests of those who give them campaign donations to keep them in power instead of representing all the community’s people all the time. I’ve been involved in politics in some way or another all of my adult life, and I have seen all the kinds of corruption that can come out of it, all the ugly stuff.  And I understand entirely how that corruption comes about and how to fix it.  The solution is to follow the Constitution of the nation and our state.  If everyone did that, things would work pretty well.  When politicians get away from the constitutions and bring their personal desires or biases to an issue, that’s where corruption starts.  

I don’t think any politician gets into a public office with the idea of becoming corrupt.  They get that way because they lose their way while solving problems.  Corruption starts to eat away from them once they get off the constitutional script.  For instance, I have several very close personal friends who are politicians.  People like George Lang. I’ve known George for a long time since he was a trustee in West Chester, well over a decade ago.  We bonded over Tea Party ideas of small government and the novel by Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged.  George has a habit of giving that novel out as a Christmas present at Christmas time.  He believes in the ideas in every aspect of his life.  Even though now he is an establishment figure, he is still the same person.

Because he is a big-time senator within the state, many people assume that politics has made him corrupt.  But I know personally, it hasn’t changed him at all. He’s still the same Atlas Shrugged-giving guy.  We might remember when Paul Ryan was also an Atlas Shrugged fan, but when Mitt Romney wanted him to be his VP, all that Atlas Shrugged Ayn Rand stuff was tossed away so that they could become the next power player in congress, eventually becoming Speaker of the House.  Some people can handle the pressure of public scrutiny, and some can’t.  George can; Paul Ryan couldn’t.  Power has a way of altering people into the most profound things in their hearts.  George, for instance, at this Todd Minniear event, was pressed about several projects that involved tax money distribution.  His answer was a classic George Lang line, and he didn’t just say it because I was there.  It’s what he says all the time to everyone, “don’t give the government or me any more tax money. We’ll just spend it.  Keep your money. Our job is to take the barriers out of your way to living a good life.” 

I’ve watched several good politicians like George Lang get elected into more and more positions over the years.  And at that Todd Minniear swearing-in, several of our Lakota school board members newly elected were there as well, more parts of a future solution.  Locally, I’ve always looked to West Chester to ensure more small-government ideas found their way to the trustees.  My friend Mark Welch and others there have done a great job of keeping the government’s small and business engagement very high.  It is the model of what should be happening all over Ohio.  And if we can primary Mike DeWine as governor of Ohio and replace him with Jim Renacci, we’ll be able to do great things in Ohio.  But Liberty Township is where I live, and the trustees there have always been Republican, but more of the Paul Ryan type, and not so much that of George Lang.  At the start of the election in 2021, I didn’t think a freedom candidate like Todd Minniear could find his way on a Republican Party that was still much more like the Republican Party nationally of 2012 and not so much like the Trump Republican Party of 2020.  But Todd won with a solid majority, and he had a tremendous amount of people show up to support him, which is unusual at these kinds of events.  And as I stood there watching Jennifer Gross, our member of the Ohio House, swear in Todd, I could see where our country was headed.  And it made me very happy to see.  All the hard work that goes into these kinds of things was certainly worth it.  For those wondering about it, I would say that doing such things is some of the best Christmas presents you could give yourself.  Often there isn’t much personal satisfaction in politics but putting the right people in the correct positions at the right time through a vote is one of the most rewarding things anybody can do in a healthy republic.  And in Liberty Township for Christmas of 2021, I can say that seeing Todd Minniear sworn in for public office was the highlight of my Holiday season. 

Rich Hoffman

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No More Lockdowns: Unlike before, people now know that government doesn’t have the power

No More Lockdowns

I have been asked by many dozens of people over the last week of December 2021 whether or not we would have lockdowns again due to the new Omicron variant of the coronavirus.  What made things considerably worse for people was the decision of the Sixth Circuit Court to overrule the Fifth Circuit over the OSHA decision on Biden’s Executive Order making vaccines mandated.  All that happened around the same time that Biden had a nationwide address to talk about what the administration was doing about Covid spreading, panicking everyone into wondering if we were going to go through 2020 again.  So I’ll say here what I’ve told all these other people personally, no, we won’t be going through lockdowns again.  Now, if you live in a blue state or a blue city with some radical progressives making the decisions, you will see them try.  Democrats are polling terribly everywhere they are these days because they have been forced to pull off the masks they have been hiding behind for many years.  Now that people see what they are up to, they are running in the opposite direction.  The greatest thing to have come from the Trump presidency has been this pressure on progressives to show what they have always been about against a backdrop of pure capitalist endeavor.  I think people needed that lesson, and we are all better off for it.  But the most significant thing that happened, which I have watched happen over a great many years, but never better than with Trump, is that our population has learned about the American Constitution and its powers to limit government.  Now that people can see why that is important, they are fans of the Constitution in ways that will prevent further Covid lockdowns over a sustained period.

Just for review, there is no legal authority for a centralized government, even under emergency powers, to lock down our American society.  The planners of Covid assumed that people would trust their doctors more than they trusted the government, so they came up with Covid to attempt a global Great Reset of all capitalist economies into centrally planned ones, and many governors in America fell for it hook, line and sinker.  They weren’t exactly what you might call “constitutional scholars.” Hence, it was easy for communist health directors to take what the World Health Organization said, run by China essentially, and apply it in a centralized way in their states.  We certainly saw that behavior in Ohio with Mike DeWine.  He led the way for all the other states in America to go total authoritarian and break constitutional limits, all in the name of an emergency.  The government is not allowed to do any of that, even under a crisis.  Over the years, the government has abused this premise several times under provisions of the “greater good,” such as the New Orleans hurricane from several years ago, where the door-to-door arrests and gun confiscations were conducted under the umbrella of “safety.” So naturally, since it worked back then and these government tyrants took note, they were going to try it on something more significant and more far-reaching, convincing people to give up their constitutional rights under emergency conditions.  That is how the Covid approach was formed, and when they were able to trick President Trump into buying into the concept during an election year, they were sure they would have success, which they did get. 

But they only had success because people didn’t know their rights.  People could have told the government to go to hell from the very outset of Covid, but people gave the government the benefit of the doubt.  But I said it back then, and I continued to say it through the government made “plandemic” that there was no constitutional construct that government had to tell businesses when they could open or close or shut down.  The government made a move to centralize its authority, suspend constitutional rights, and attack elements of capitalism outright without having to justify themselves to the public. They were in love with this new ability.  And people followed for a while because they really thought they might die of Covid and that the CDC might actually know what it was talking about.  It turned out they didn’t know what they were doing, or if they did, it was malicious intent from the start.  No attempt by the government to stop the virus with therapeutics.  Their only remedy was a vaccine or nothing and to social distance for some ridiculous period to supposedly alleviate the pressure on local hospitals, which was never a problem, even in the height of the lockdowns.  Every court case that went to court in Ohio challenging DeWine’s lockdowns of the state economically were defeated in court, and they will continue to be defeated because they were never constitutional to begin with.  But the trend was seen by all; the government never did have the authority to go door to door and arrest people, like they have been doing other places in the world that don’t have a constitution as we have in America where the government has limited rights.  So the government has attacked our businesses through rules and regulations that they have controlled to show power over the Constitution, which is precisely what the OSHA challenge is all about over vaccine mandates. 

Biden’s timing was meant to put pressure on the Sixth Circuit Court panel of three to punt the case to the Supreme Court in the wake of the Omicron variant that was ravishing the news ahead of the Holidays.  But people are not biting on it.  The news has been hitting the public flat.  People are tired of the Covid talk, the masks, the lockdowns, and the nonsense, and they are finally pushing back because now, unlike before, they know their rights and just what government can actually do to them, which is nothing.  The government has already overstepped their authority and are in trouble of their own.  Not immediate trouble because many of these court cases take a long time to settle.  But ultimately, they will look foolish in court, and the rulings will go against the tyrants, as they have with Government Mike DeWine in Ohio.  But even more than before, companies are reluctant to follow government mandates because it kills their labor force.  A company of any kind isn’t much of a company without a workforce, so now that people leave their jobs and go to other places to work, the government has much less control over the companies themselves.  Before, companies only listened to the government out of fear of breaking the imposed rules.  But the greater fear that companies have is losing their workforce to another company that doesn’t have so many stupid rules. In that way, government power, even sidestepping the Constitution, has been ripped away from them, which is a good thing. It’s been scary to see that they would even try, but the results have shown us all that our Constitution works very well if only people would follow it.  It’s better late than never, I suppose.  But to answer the question of whether we will go back to 2020 lockdowns, I would answer again, no.  The government cried wolf, and people learned the nature of the threat, and they will never listen again.  And that may be unfortunate because trust with the people has been broken forever in this little insurrection by the medical community connected like crack addicts to government funding.  And they will never see that level of trust from the public, again, which I think is ultimately good for us all.

Rich Hoffman

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Covid is a ‘Return to the Primitive’: Government attacking regenerative science so they can stay in control and imprison society at large

Government Returns to the Primitive

Well, if there was ever a great example of Ayn Rand’s book Return of the Primitive, a compilation of articles she had written in the 60s, the Biden speech on Covid was it.  So, you get tested, then what?  You find out you have Covid; what happens next?  How is testing a proactive measure by government in any way?  What is the point of testing?   Essentially, all testing does is give the media something to talk about in case counts.  But it does nothing to solve the problem of Covid.  The government assumes that once someone has Covid, they should sit around in quarantine for several days to avoid spreading it to other people so that we don’t have hospital staffing shortages?  The whole approach is one of the finest examples of government stupidity that there has ever been, and sadly, many people have been caught up in the shell game in negative ways.  What we have with Covid is a government-made cold that was tampered with by Dr. Fauci in partnership with the Chinese, who used all this panic as a means to alter the election of 2020. Now they are stuck in the perpetual lie that they have to maintain to cover up the original sin.  It’s really pathetic in the scheme of things.  For authoritarian types, those who like to do government work because they want to boss around other people, the temptation to always regress to the “primitive” is always there and is the most dangerous aspect of modern society. It’s not the virus that is dangerous with Covid. It’s the dumb government that has created many artificial policies to deal with it. 

In that Ayn Rand book, she points out the paradox of the space race and that the Woodstock music festival happened within a month of landing on the moon for the first time.  We saw the best that human ingenuity and imagination could achieve in one case.  Then we saw the reaction of the below-the-line thinkers, hippies, communists, and scum bags who wanted to listen to Jimmie Hendrix play a guitar. At the same time, the participants did lots of drugs, wallowed in the mud naked, and had sex with whoever happened to come along.  Those music festival participants essentially wanted to climb back to a time in the past when humans were subservient to the weather, to the seasons, and the village chief.  And essentially, we still have those same elements playing out before our eyes.  On the day of this article, Christmas of 2021, the James Webb Space Telescope was launched to peer into the distant universe.  Space X is poised to test out their Super Heavy rockets for the first significant step into colonizing Mars, either for the first time or to return there from some distant past long erased from memory.  Then you have these government idiots telling us to run and hide from a silly virus that they made and funded essentially to manipulate political circumstances so that they could be the village chief.  But to be the boss, they have to cut off the feet of all the villagers effectively so they can’t run away from them.  To paralyze people with fear over Covid has been one of the most destructive things that any government has ever done to people, and the results have been pathetically ridiculous. 

Long-time readers here know about regenerative science.  There is essentially no reason ever to get cancer or get sick about anything.  Almost everything can be fixed at the level of a DNA strain.   Suppose we had a government not trying to crawl back into the past campfires and control vast amounts of our economy with government regulation and intrusion. In that case, we could really empty our hospitals by fixing the people who are stuck there rather quickly.  The truth is, and we can see it with Covid, the government wants people in the hospitals.  They want people sick.  They work like K-Street pimps in whoring out the pharmaceutical drugs because those are their donors, and an unsuspecting public awaits!  The government does not want regenerative medicine because it takes away their power.  There is power in fear, and when people are afraid to die, they seek the village chief, just as all primitive people have.  But it’s all by choice.  Real science says that we can fix anything in anybody at any time.  In fact, one of the latest Elon Musk projects is Neuralink which will allow paralyzed people to walk again, like usual.  There really isn’t a problem the human race can’t solve.  There is no reason to get sick and die unless it’s by some freak accident.  The governments of the world want people in a weak state to control them and their economies.  And that is all that Covid ever was in all its variants. 

There are solutions right now in hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin that can contain the virus outbreak but make sure to note that the governments and their pawns, Big Tech, corporate media, and other distributors of misinformation want to steer people away from anything that doesn’t make massive profits for their pharmaceutical donors.  The government pays Big Pharma then gives away the medicine for free to build a mandated client base for the drugs for the virus that the government made to control all those people. It’s the most significant sham ever tried, and its mission statement is regression, to take mankind back to the campfire, not to the distant stars of the universe as a species.  The government doesn’t want solutions to the problems they caused because they want the issues to steer society in ways they desire, which is profitable as authoritarians.  When Biden gave his speech to the nation without a plan on putting society back to normal, it was an insult.  All he could utter was some babbling talk about testing without a plan to get rid of the virus and make society normal again.  Instead, all the government wanted to talk about was some method of listening to their tainted leadership for safety and an endless list of nonsense that would keep people in a depleted condition forever. 

But despite all that government tampering, science has evolved the state of the human being, and to this very moment, there is no mystery as to some problem that can’t be solved, not with humans themselves or the greater world around them.  All cancers could be solved, every disease has an answer, and biological improvements are there for us to pluck off the tree of life like a ripe apple ready for our stomachs.  It’s all there for us if only we would reach up and just take it.  But the government is that snake that says, “no, don’t leave me behind. Don’t eat from the tree of immortality.  Eat from the tree of knowledge of good and evil, as defined by evil! Don’t take Ivermectin to kill the virus we made to make you love me. Don’t solve the problems I gave you to be together.  Stay with me in Hell, forever, because I love you so much.” It sounds pretty crazy, doesn’t it?  Yet that is precisely what Joe Biden and his government losers were saying in his address to the nation over Covid.  It was pathetic, a declaration of the primitive, and a lie in the face of real science, which is yearning to bust free of government clutches and do good work for all humanity, well into the future.  A future the government would instead sabotage than endure because that future means we would need them much less.

Rich Hoffman

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The Importance of Family Gatherings: Don’t surrender the youth to chaos, destruction, and progressive attack

Its All About the Youth

I’ve been to several family events this year and have noticed maybe more than usual that nerves are frayed.  The stress of the news, or more specifically, the summation of political beliefs played out on the world stage of the present, is a bit too much for people, and they want to talk about anything but the conditions of our times.  The small talk at family gatherings that might only happen once or twice a year has been, “Hi, how’s little Billy. How’s he doing in school?  Is he playing in sports?” That kind of thing.  These days there is a lot more to it.  It might go something like this, “Hi, how’s little Billy?  Oh, Billy is now Beth because he identifies as a woman.  Well, how’s school?  Oh, you had to pull Beth out of school because of the mask and vaccine mandates and homeschool he/she.  Oh, he’s a girl now, so he can compete in female events in sports, and he’s winning everywhere.  Well, I guess that’s nice.  Pass the gravy.” Small talk obviously isn’t enough for the trouble of our times and the old rules of engagement, in not talking about religion or politics just isn’t enough anymore.  And I don’t think it should be. Instead, what is needed in these family gatherings isn’t more passive acceptance of the world around you but leadership.  If there is one thing that young people need more of now than ever, it’s leadership from their elder statesman.  That doesn’t mean they’ll be excited to hear it or that they’ll hug you for the advice.  But someday, they might thank you for it.  Whatever the case, we have a republic, not a damn democracy, and the success of that republic depends on the intelligence of our society.  And that intelligence cannot have a chance to grow if the older people do not show leadership to the younger generation.

I do not go to family events looking for trouble.  I don’t impose myself on anybody, anywhere, really.  But, I think I’ve wanted all my life to be the age I am now, someone who has lived a lot of life and has some experience to share with people who need more experience in life.  And I think it is disingenuous not to be the most authentic person you can be as a role model for those young people.  After all, isn’t that the meaning of life, to come into the world, experience life in all its variables, and get something of a guide of how to go about it from the previous generation?  I think if we are being honest that we can say that one of the most detrimental introductions of progressive thought over the last century has been this ridiculous notion the youth is all that matters as we turn our elders out to sea to be processed and erased into the soil that grows the next batch of crops.  This approach ignores the wisdom that older family members can provide to the youth, leaving them to seek their direction in life from government figures and worthless celebrities and ultimately their own personal downfalls.  Life and its condition are all about the decisions that young people make for themselves given all the countless options they have, and they do need help to see what decisions are good or bad. 

It always pains me to see young people making the same bad decisions that have been made since the beginning of time.  The young flower of a girl, for instance, who is fully in bloom.  All the little bees out there want to pollinate her.  She shows up with a new bee every year during this period, each time with a new tattoo, another year of smoking cigarettes out of sheer rebellion to how she was raised, and body piercings reflecting the Earth First primitivism that they are taught in public schools these days. They expect you just to sit there and not say anything because nobody is supposed to be judgmental, especially older people who have already lived their lives.  When I see this kind of thing, I feel a need to say something about it and do it.  Yes, it causes trouble, but I keep getting invited to these family things despite it.  The kids need guidance and told that they are going through a temporary thing.  Once some bee pollinates you, and you start popping out kids, and age starts wrinkling up your skin, nobody will want to be around you for those reasons anymore, and if you don’t have a developed intellect, you will be in deep trouble.  Alone and thrown away in the world, nobody who loves one of these young people wants to see that.  A life ruined by bad decisions early in their life.  So I would propose that the rules about talking about religion and politics at family gatherings during the holidays were made up by the same idiots who made up the rules for Covid and put Joe Biden in office.   They didn’t know what they were doing, or maybe they did, and wanted the opportunity to ruin the lives of the youth to destroy our nation from the inside out.  Either way, leadership is always needed to be our authentic selves.  To give those kids an opportunity to make better choices in life by imitating you.  So the worst thing you can do as a leader in your family is to follow the rules of some social tyrants who want the destruction of America, starting with the family.  Part of the maintenance of a republic isn’t just in voting and picking good candidates as representation.  Often, it begins at the family dinner table during holidays. 

It is OK to have the youth mad at you, especially if you have given them contrary information to the flow of the political universe that is coming at them through popular culture.  Many of the rules we all follow over family gatherings have proven to be much more destructive than the Biden administration, and it’s time to stop following those rules and give young people something better to follow, even if it causes great conflict in them during the process.  The purpose of family is to grow people into productive lives of fulfillment, and dancing away from conflict is a sure way to give them the wrong impression that government or popular culture is more powerful and influential than that wiry uncle at the dinner table or bombastic grandparents. They always seem to have a new story to tell.  Character is more important than following some social rules that have been imposed on us by people who want what’s worst for us and that if we’re going to see a resurrection of what’s good in our country, it starts in our families, not at the next Trump rally.  It would be my advice to all, even more now than ever, to not shy away from telling kids not to drink.  Not to do drugs.  To not get stupid-looking tattoos that will make you look like an idiot when you are older, which is most of their lives from 30 to 80.  To pay attention to politics and to have an opinion.  And that if they have a penis, not to compete in women’s sports.   Let the girls have the trophy, compete with other men; otherwise, the victory doesn’t mean anything.  They can roll their eyes and be upset.  They can hide from your judgment.  But you know what, they’ll thank you later.  Your advice may be the only good advice they will ever hear, so don’t hold back on it.

Rich Hoffman

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Joe Manchin is No Hero: Build Back Better is an attack from foreign powers

Build Back Better is an Enemy of America

We are not lucky Joe Manchin put a stake in Build Back Better, for now.  Build Back Better is not American; only communists and socialists would think that Build Back Better was a good thing.  It was written to the left of FDR’s New Deal, which I think we still need to get rid of.  People are now addicted to the services of social safety nets that the New Deal created. Still, to get to a constitutional republic again, these methods of socialism from progressives have to go.  Build Back Better was so radical that it was essentially a stake in the heart of America in every way it was conceived, which made our enemies, both foreign and domestic, very happy.  There are so many things wrong with Build Back Better that I could go on all day into what they are.  But in essence, Joe Manchin, the senator from West Virginia, said on Fox News that he was a cold no vote on the bill, which destroyed any chance of it passing in 2021.  And because of his stand, Joe Manchin has been considered a hero for saving the republic.  But I’m not willing to go there.  Joe Manchin is still a Democrat, and that says to me that he’s still dangerous.  All Democrats are dangerous, and I would say they are enemies of our republic because they always seek to undermine the constitution.  I have not yet met a Democrat who is OK with our constitutional law.  Sure, they swear an oath, but most don’t believe in God anyway, so what they say is often useless.  No, Joe Manchin was just doing his job, listening to the people who elected him, and that is what we must thank, that we have a system of checks and balances that worked under the most strenuous tests.  And for that, we can breathe a sigh of relief a bit.

Honestly, I think Elon Musk did more to kill Build Back Better than Joe Manchin, although it wasn’t covered to the same extent.  When politicians saw that Musk wasn’t going along with Build Back Better, they were encouraged to take a stand.  After all, Musk is one of the billionaire class that so many people pander to for campaign donations.  So when Musk suggested that the Build Back Better plan be scrapped altogether, the media was perplexed.  They asked him, “don’t you want the electric car service stations all over the country?” Musk simply replied, “delete it.” Musk knows that the kind of society he wants, one that puts over a million people on Mars within a few decades to set up a colony, will not be a centrally planned communist one.  Musk, over the years, has learned to be more libertarian as he has run several successful businesses.  Reality says communism and socialism do not work when trying to grow something.  And no Mars colony will work unless it is infused with capitalism.  There are opportunities to create a new market economy with space, and parasites like the progressives in America have to be removed from the process to have a chance of that happening.  The best way to build infrastructure is with private investment.  Tesla is doing quite well without the government these days.  I was in Wall Drug in South Dakota recently, and guess what, in the middle of the Badlands there, with minimal infrastructure anywhere nearby, they had Tesla charging stations set up for customers to use. I’ve seen the same kind of service stations at Disney Springs in Orlando on the top level of the parking garage there.  Nobody needed Build Back Better to build those, the market needs of Tesla did it on their own, and Musk understands that, which is why he publicly came out against the European socialist plan of Build Back Better.

There is still this nasty business of how Build Back Better came about.  Think about it, Build Back Better from what?  The capitalist collapse after Covid 19 when the world’s governments allowed a bioweapon funded by America and built in a lab in China loose so that central planner medical people could stifle economic activity and kill the flow of money into collapse.  Then once the failure occurred, those same governments using a “Great Reset” could then Build Back Better, which is a coy way of saying, build back with socialism and communism.  We shouldn’t be looking at any Build Back Better legislation in any form because the people who want it was in on the attack against American capitalism.  Instead of Elon Musk building Tesla charging stations at Wall Drug in South Dakota on their own, they want to gain power over where those charging stations are and attack the infrastructure we currently have centered around a gas economy.  All that is entirely unacceptable.  We should be putting everyone attached to Build Back Better in jail for what they did, not thinking of them as patriots of any kind.  Anyone involved in such activity can only be considered a domestic enemy.  Joe Manchin sees the writing on the wall for 2022, and that is not a place a guy like him wants to go. 

After my travels in 2021, West Virginia is a far different place from the North East, where progressives reside everywhere.  But I’m not even sure that there are many progressives even in the New England area these days.  West Virginia is Trump country. I’ve seen Joe Manchin on stage with Trump in West Virginia, so being associated with killing coal mining jobs there and oil is not a good move for the West Virginia senator.  To twist his arm as Chuck Schumer thinks is possible, or Joe Biden is not in the deck of cards.  To impose on West Virginia the socialist views of the East Coast, especially the socialists of the Beltway, was never a real option.  Likely, Joe Manchin isn’t the only Democrat against Build Back Better.

Democrats from Red States do not want their name next to this bill to help because people will be angry with them.  This is why we have a representative government, a republic, not a damn democracy.  In a democracy, the majority rule, and in the Beltway culture, that majority is only the political class, as they see it.  They don’t think of constituents, but only when it comes time to get elected.  They think they can sucker constituents during every election cycle with lies and marketing.  But Build Back Better is life-changing, and people would not be able to forget about it.  It would leverage itself into their lives in destructive ways, and these politicians know it.  Joe Manchin would never be able to live it down in West Virginia.   That checks and balance are how our republic is supposed to work.  We have to have a republic that decentralizes democracy from the rule of a culture like the Beltway, where politicians lose track of themselves in the smoke-filled rooms of strip joints and sex parties.  A place where lobbyists have more power than the voters.  No, in a republic, the voters still have control, and it is that power that kept Joe Manchin from losing his mind.  We shouldn’t be thankful. It’s the way the system was supposed to work. Instead, we should question those who tried to push through Build Back Better now that the safety valve of our republic has triggered the alarm and let us know that domestic enemies are attempting an economic insurrection and hiding it behind do-good policies to unleash outright communism and destruction for all.

Rich Hoffman

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Mike DeWine and Joe Biden are One in the Same: It’s all about Trump in Ohio

Vote for Jim Renacci

It is way beyond coincidence that Joe Biden and Ohio Governor Mike DeWine did precisely the same thing in reaction to the Omicron Covid variant making its way through America presently.  Both progressive executive branch personalities applied federal troops to assist with what they say would be crowded hospitals due to a surge in illnesses.  And, of course, both of them are wrong.  It is a sad state to say that the highly liberal Joe Biden and the worst president in the history of our republic are just like that so-called Republican Mike DeWine, but that is the case.  They are reading from the same playbook, which leaves me to drool over the primary election in May of 2022, where I can’t wait to cast a vote for Jim Renacci to primary DeWine.  Ohio would have probably done better to elect a Democrat for governor because at least we would have known what we were getting instead of this old establishment tyrant that emerged under Covid.  DeWine was a disaster as governor, and the costs are so enormous as to what he cost us in our state that we will still be talking about the damage decades from now.  After the much-criticized speech by Joe Biden in response to public pressure to say something about Omicron, the thick plot of corruption and malice was evident to anybody with eyes to see it.  Mike DeWine was never a republican.  He was always a progressive to complete communism.  How do we know?  Well, when a governor sets up a system where he decides what time a restaurant must close or whether or not we can attend church, we can know that we have the wrong guy in public office as they are obsessed with central authority any way they can get it.  And thankfully, in Ohio, our legislature took that power away from him.  We must remove him and replace him with a Trump Republican, Jim Renacci. 

Ironically, and I don’t see how anybody could think of Jim Renacci this way, many people think he’s a RINO too.  Well, I know Jim, and he’s no RINO.  I am fully in support of Jim Renacci without any reservation.  People have been asking me why I’m not supporting the cowboy hat-wearing Joe Blystone.  After all, he’s probably more my kind of guy.  I like Blystone a lot.  Not for governor this time around, but I could vote for him for any number of positions.  I think Jim Renacci gets the RINO label because people know he’s wealthy, and they assume that corruption comes from that wealth.  I see Renacci as a business guy like Trump, who is entirely in the Trump corner, and it will take that to beat the DeWine machine in the primary.  There is no room for a weak-kneed approach on this issue.  Getting rid of DeWine is a mandate we must all get behind.  The fight we are fighting is against hard-left Democrats.  Mike DeWine has obviously been on Dr. Fauci’s inside tract of authority thinking for a long time. Otherwise, he never would have hired the abortion supporting Amy Acton as his chief health director, which essentially ruined Ohio during Covid.  DeWine was always on the progressive side of things, and he showed most recently just how much so being entirely in lockstep with Joe Biden.  But there are many Republicans who still think DeWine is a conservative, and they will vote for him in the primary.  Whoever runs against him will need something significant in their corner, like a Trump endorsement, to pull off an upset against the machine. 

If I were Joe Blystone and wanted to help do something good for Ohio, I would get involved in the Renacci campaign.  If it’s a matter of wanting to be governor of the state for the sake of some name recognition, well, that’s another thing.  But if Joe wants to help Ohio, he would get behind Jim Renacci and support the campaign to beat the DeWine machine, the real villain.  Many would say, why not do it the other way around.  Why not have Renacci support Blystone or some other independent-minded challenger?  Well, it’s because of Trump.  Trump is connected to Renacci in a big way.  Few candidates in the United States can call up Trump and get his attention as Renacci can, and it’s essentially the only way to generate the kind of votes it will take to beat DeWine in the May primary.  Blystone certainly won’t win against the machine on his own.  There are not enough Republican voters who will crawl out on that branch without some massive effort to generate participation.  Primary voters are not the same as those in general.  They tend to be the type of people who give to campaigns, and over the years, lots of people have given money to Mike DeWine, and they are going to be slow to admit what a terrible investment it was.  When it comes time to vote, Trump will have to get involved to generate interest in voters who usually don’t vote in primaries. That’s the only way to beat DeWine.

I’ve met Trump on many occasions.  But one of those was when Renacci was with him.  That is actually how I met Renacci is when he was with President Trump coming off Air Force One.  I am 100% sure that Trump will run for re-election in 2024.  I am part of the America First Policy Institute, so I am seeing all the work going on behind the scenes getting ready for the new social media company Trump is getting ready to put out, and what kind of positioning will launch AFPI influence into the 2022 elections and then setting up 2024 for Trump.  Trump is a winner.  He will not leave this life, allowing what happened to him and his supporters in 2020.  He will burn down the whole house of progressive cards if it takes that to win again. I’ve seen it in his eyes. I’ve seen the same thing in Jim Renacci’s eyes. I’ve felt it in handshakes with both people.  I know their hearts, so it is up to us to put the right people in the right places for what is coming, not necessarily what we have seen.  In the next 12 months, the political landscape will change dramatically, and the best person poised to make the best of it is Jim Renacci.  There is room for people like Joe Blystone in this new world.  But the game for governor means we must build a team of Republicans.  Renacci knows the game and can pull them into his camp under a Trump endorsement.  And Renacci is independent enough to appeal to Blystone voters.  Renacci proposes to govern like Ron DeSantis in Florida, which we can all get excited about. 

I’m looking forward to pulling the lever for Renacci.  I don’t think it will be an issue, but this far out, there seems to be a lot of people on the fence still, which I would say, look at Joe Biden.  That is the enemy that must be defeated.  Mike DeWine is just like Biden. We have the power to do something about it right now, to remove one of these detrimental political characters and send a powerful message to the political establishment.  Renacci is not an establishment person, no more so than Trump is.  What makes Renacci particularly good is that he doesn’t need the money or the job like Trump.  He just wants to do something good for the country and use his influence to do it.  It would be my advice to understand the strategy and get behind Renacci because it will take everything we all have to knock off Mike DeWine, even with all the problems he has brought to Ohio. It’s a numbers game, and while many people complain about DeWine, they don’t typically vote in primaries.  We need a way to make them want to vote in this one.  Splitting the vote between political activists in the minority in a primary will only help the Joe Biden’s of the world, like Mike DeWine.  So vote for Jim Renacci, and let’s make history in 2022 as Trump launches his ambitions for our benefit.

Rich Hoffman

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The Covid Criminals of Government: The evidence is in the book, ‘The Real Dr. Fauci’

We Have a Government of Criminals

Watching Joe Biden give that little speech to the nation regarding Covid showing the same fear tactics we have all come to expect from such a dumb government was like watching Al Capone beat in the head of a rival in front of the media cameras.  Of course, if you test more people, you will get more cases.  The real question and the origin of the scam is, what do you do with cases?  Do you treat them with therapeutics, or do you try to avoid transmissibility through quarantine, which is the dead giveaway to the ultimate, anti-work, communist plot that all this has always been?  To understand the extent of the criminal conduct and what’s at stake in the matter of Covid and its spread around the world, I am referring everyone to the Robert F. Kennedy book The Real Dr. Fauci, which came out during the Holidays of 2021 and is essentially the court case that should put Fauci and most of Washington DC in jail for the rest of their lives.  That is if we had a legal system that actually worked.  They knew the defense department was using Fauci to develop bioweapons in China because they couldn’t do it under the regulations of the United States, and Fauci lied about it all to congress.  There are so many crimes related to Covid that it should be the only thing we are talking about.  To consider how many trillions of dollars Covid destroyed and how many lives were changed forever in the negative, what our government, the Chinese government, and specific people like Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates did regarding Covid is really the only story in the world that matters right now.  And those who used it to commit massive voter fraud in the elections of 2020 just compounded that problem in extraordinary ways.  It’s all in the Kennedy book.  We don’t need to reinvent the wheel at this point, but really, nothing else should matter to the government or us until justice is done to all these anti-constitutional insurgents. 

Of course, the Biden administration is choking on rotten eggs.  Democrats are polling poorly, the Build Back Better socialist plan that the Biden people wanted to put their name on is failing, and the unconstitutional vaccine mandates are either failing in the courts, or they are being flat-out ignored by people making Biden’s executive orders looks silly on the world stage.  Federalism does not give him the authority to issue a vaccine mandate.  Period.  And now that people are ignoring the government and all its alarmism, they have to do something.  So they came up with this stupid Omicron variant in hopes of conducting a sequel to the 2020 efforts at shutting down the economy.  At this point, the Democrats are desperate, and the global insurgents behind them are cleaving for any cover story that they can get.  There is no doubt that Dr. Fauci’s role in creating Covid in China or that China released it to the world knowingly occurred.  It’s all in the book.  And because books like that are out there explaining where Covid came from, Democrats are desperate to keep the virus around longer so that they can hope to have a cover story for all the crimes they have been involved in.  Whether it’s the FBI tampering with our elections during the Trump years in office trying to instigate a coup against the voters.  Or the 2020 Zuckerbucks scandal.  Changing the Facebook name to Meta will not erase what they did in the 2020 election, so wonderfully illustrated in a couple of other books, Rigged by Molly Hemingway and Peter Navarro’s book In Trump Time.  For those who are still in doubt about the guilt of these government characters, the evidence is clear from multiple sources, and not all of them are Republicans.  These crimes are so bad that they should make every American angry, very angry. 

And that’s all I saw when Biden gave his speech.  A desperate criminal compromised by China to provide them with cover for the crimes they committed with members of our own government.  Biden is the salesman who is supposed to smooth it all over to the American public.  So he and his handlers hope that the next generation of Covid-19 might shut down our economy again and put everyone on their heels so that the real crimes might go undetected or uninvestigated.  So long as ABC, owned by Disney, will put Dr. Fauci on every week as the “expert,” they help sell him as a saint saving the world instead of the sinner that he really is.  And for every media outlet that plays the game in the cover-up, they are all guilty of the crimes as well.  If you know someone committed a crime, and you don’t say something, that makes you culpable.  That means Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Twitter, the U.S. Defense Department.  NIH, the World Health Organization, China, The Gates Foundation, so many organizations all working against the rule of law in America, it is unforgivable.  Trump has been talking about reparations against China in the trillions of dollars as a response, money they don’t have.  But he has the right idea.  But even that wouldn’t fix the problem and bring justice to those who deserve it. 

They think we’re stupid; they think we won’t see what they’ve done.  They have abused our trust.  They have sold us out to foreign powers.  They have betrayed our nation using our money to do it.  And many people are reading these books and the information is getting out.   This is different than how it was in 2020 when Covid first came out, and we were all a little willing to follow some safety protocols to contain the spread.  But it didn’t take long to see that all of Covid was a preplanned event and that much of the mentioned organizations, and many more, were tired of Trump in the White House, and they intended to do something about it in his last year.  Just by the evidence of Trump’s previous three years, we see that the American intelligence agencies would do anything to get rid of Trump, short of an old-fashioned assassination as was done to JFK and Bobby Kennedy.  If the goal was to collapse the American way of life and the constitution that made up it’s laws, what did any of them care if they got caught?   They thought the world would convert to communism by now and would then be rulers of us all functioning from the acquired power of the United Nations. After all, that’s why Biden was put in the presidency, to soothe say us into this changeover.  And to give speeches to keep the public asleep, as he gave to the nation on December 21st, 2021.    

Those who don’t want to read the evidence just look at the behavior.  None of these government people want to fix Covid; they just insist that we run from it and clamor to the government to protect us from a virus they funded and made in the lab of our enemy to use as a bioweapon against us. We’re supposed to trust those same people, these criminals?  I would suggest to everyone not to play the government game.  Take hydroxychloroquine to prevent Covid.  Take Ivermectin to kill it once you get it so that you can pass the highly rigged Covid tests.  The way to make this problem go away is to take medicine, dominate the virus, and kill it in our society.  The government wants to spread it for their own selfish reasons.  They have crawled in bed with their extensive political donors, big pharma. They use the virus to guarantee income for those donors and use rules and regulations to destroy their competition. It’s no different than a mob offering protection for crimes they commit against you.  If you pay them, they won’t attack you.  Buy their vaccine, and you can work.  Serve them, and you might be allowed to live.  But remember, they need to have death and overrun hospitals to scare you. Otherwise, all their plans fall to dust.  And that’s all Biden said in his speech.  It was an old trick, but this is a new day.  And we’re not as stupid as he and they think we are.

Rich Hoffman

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