The Nature of Power: 35% of voters want to overturn the 2020 election

The Nature of Power

Probably the most misunderstood thing in the world is the nature of power and how you know you have it, and others recognize that you do.  This came to my mind for several reasons, most notably the discussion on the Steve Bannon Warroom podcast recently where it was revealed that 30% of all registered voters want to see the 2020 election overturned.   From my perspective, I feel the United States moved in a new and healthy direction during the last week of October 2021.  Not through our political system, that is a disaster, but I feel that the right people see what’s going on and that Democrats are ruining their brand forever by what they are doing now.  When I heard that 30% number, it caught my attention because I understand power I have and want to share with people.  It is, after all, one of the big themes in my recent book, The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business, who really has power and what can be done with it.  Most everyone gets their understanding of power wrong.  It’s not their fault; it’s just the way we teach ourselves.  Much of the world has sought to mask that misunderstanding by making power a process and not an intellectual attribute, leaving many wholly lost about the nature of power.  It’s not in Democracy, the opinions of the masses that power is acquired, which is the current strategy of globalists, Big Tech, political parties, communist countries, every villain you can think of.  They seek to gain power by a recognized title, saying that Dr. Fauci is powerful because he’s at the front of the NIH and is the highest-paid government employee in America.  But in reality, he’s just a sniveling lier who could be crushed about as quickly as we might swat a fly.  In Dr. Fauci’s case, the power is an accepted system, whereas the real power comes from other measures. 

I often use the example in my book of The Lonely Stranger, who steps into a saloon in the Wild West and moves through a room full of desperate people, prostitutes, gamblers, cutthroats, swindlers, rustlers, robbers, and dealmakers.  The music stops when they enter and step to the bar for a drink with their back to the room.  All the power in the world is in this lonely stranger because the room’s contents are moved to action by the new presence.  Some are thinking about how they might kill the stranger and take all he has.  Others wonder if there is some secret knowledge the stranger has that might enrich the lives of those so desperate.  Perhaps a friendship would be profitable.  Prostitutes might hope for an easy new customer.  Everyone looks at the stranger and wonders who they are and what benefit they might be to the desperate. It’s a classic western theme that was developed in American culture and is unique in the world.  The power, of course, is entirely in the hands of the lonely stranger at the bar, making the room guess how the stranger’s life might benefit them.  Either through crime, friendship, lust, or even intoxication.  Power is when others are moved to action by some instigator.  Understanding that and then manipulating those around the room to your objectives is how good strategy is evoked and utilized correctly. 

Most people in the world want to step into a saloon-like that and be liked by the participants.  In so doing, instantly, all their power is given to the mob, and they lose any leadership prospect.  Leadership is not understood even by those who naturally possess it.  Leadership is in knowing how to use power to move the masses to the desired effect.  A good leader can make the people in the saloon do anything they want, and it doesn’t matter if it’s 100 people or 1 billion people.  The saloon can be as big as you want it to be; people always behave the same for the same reasons no matter what culture we are dealing with.  The leverage always goes to the lonely, unknown stranger alone at the bar with their back to the room until they give away that power by showing a desire for friendship.  Once that weakness is revealed, then the lonely stranger becomes another member of some peer group.  They may influence that peer group, but not the rest of the room.  As a great CEO, Trump came into the presidency understanding this trait of leadership. That’s how the MAGA movement happened and how Trump was even able to control the flow of the media.  They may have hated him, but he had power over them, just like those who wanted to kill the lonely stranger plotted and schemed in the corners behind layers of cigar smoke in how to end the stranger’s life.  So long as the stranger understands what’s going on, he can make it work to his advantage. 

But it’s a lonely realization, leadership.  And we are taught as little kids, and throughout our lives, that friendship is the most important thing.  So we walk into these rooms full of people and seek friendship, not the naturally associated power with our independence.  We all have tremendous power until we give it away under some assumption of winning the hearts of our attempted murders or the schemes of the whores, and gamblers with friendship.  If we just stayed at the bar with our back to the room, letting the various elements simmer on their thoughts, we would maintain power over all of them.  In such a way, one person can influence through leadership many hundreds of people.  Or perhaps thousands.  That is why it was significant to hear that 30% of all people supported turning over the election.  That is way more people than are needed to change society.  A considerable revolution could occur with influential leaders under 5%, which is essentially how the Democrats have made this current power play.  They are playing by the wrong rules and have made several fatal mistakes, and those mistakes are blowing up in their faces as I write this.  President Trump has maintained that 30% during his entire presidency and before and after because those people make up the lonely, stranger aspect of the saloon inhabitants.  And they haven’t turned to the room for friendship but have remained with their back to it, cooly sipping on their drinks and watching all the desperate faces from under the brim of their hat in a mirror hanging behind the bar to show the room and its cutthroats in all its glory.  And that’s more than we need to win the war and the world, which I find very encouraging.  When you understand leadership and how it works, you can then know that the modern political methods of acquiring power, whether Facebook, Twitter, or the Deep State, are all wrong because they seek friendship as their means of manipulation and the schemes of Democracy.  But that’s not how power works, and they are learning all too late that everything they have built their life around has been false, and they will fail as sure as you are reading this, which has presented them with a crisis many of them were never prepared for, and it’s to our benefit to exploit.

Rich Hoffman

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How To Bring Down Big Organizations: The United Nations and China have already lost

The Way to Bring Down Large Organizations, like China

One thing I don’t want to see is a bunch of people being scared.  When I wrote The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business, I did it to help people who may want the help of understanding a strategy that could help them through the scariest circumstances.  After all, that is my experience, I’ve seen all the scary stuff any person should ever have to see in a lifetime, and I still have a lot of lifetime to live.  But I’ve never woken up afraid of anything in my life, even under paralyzing circumstances.  And with things being the way they are in the world, it’s a good time to share some of the knowledge with other people who may be so inclined to provide leadership for themselves toward the aim of making a better life.  So increasingly, now that the Biden administration is doing its thing and the global forces against us have shown their intentions, I want those who have a mind for it to rest at ease and think clearly about the matters at hand.  It is essential to understand the true nature of power and how to defeat overwhelming forces because those are the problems of our current time, and I offer in my book a guide on how to get there.  But I’m not just selling the information in a book; I’m happy to tell and teach anybody who wants to learn.  The book puts it all in one place, but I offer openly much of what is in the book because I want to see people win at life, especially when it comes to the MAGA movement and the threat of China and the United Nations in general.  Sure, they are big organizations with many resources behind them. Still, as I point out in the video above, they are easy to bring down, just as most large organizations are for all the reasons discussed in this article. 

The big falsehood that many of us have been taught, and China affirms it during each Olympic season, is that large groups of people who show they can do exactly what they are told are the most critical element of strategy.  China enjoys showing the world at military displays and Olympic events how they can get thousands of people to coordinate perfectly in complicated ways with mass obedience.  Big companies like to teach how “compliant” their workforce is to company memos and compliance audits where instructions are followed to the letter and never strayed from.  Too much of the world and the long span of human history, compliance to orders is the primary concern and measure success.  That is, after all, the fear of most military affairs. “Sir, I was just following orders.” Soldiers are not expected to think; they are expected to comply.  In our schools, we are to follow a teacher’s instructions to do what we are told.  So it should never be a surprise to anybody that when America was attacked by global forces, throughout the last several decades, especially in the previous couple of years, we would be assaulted through our natural compliance to instructions provided to us by centralized authorities.

In many cases, we have been taught this method of value assessing our entire lives.  The dog whistle is something most of us hear when a Covid health official tells us to wear a saliva-covered mask in public and not to take hydroxychloroquine to fight off a bioweapon virus produced in a lab in China to take over the economies of the world under the flag of communism.  We comply because we were taught to, even if we think the concept is stupid.  Most people in the world do.  Likely much of China believes its authority figures are fools, but they follow their instructions because of the way they have been taught to think about their roles in the schemes of things. 

Yet leadership is not in following instructions because the centralized authority issuing the instructions might get it wrong. In so doing, it will put the lives of hundreds, thousands, and millions of people at risk in their error.  I often tell the story of how I worked at five large companies before I ever turned 30 and could never cut a break by any of them staying open.    In spite of any hard work I did, they all managed to close due to bad leadership, bad because they were too centralized in their approach to problem-solving.  I watched many brilliant people destroy great companies. They put all their strategic efforts into the wrong priorities, believing that organizations were great because people followed directions.  Well, at a certain point, I gained the ability to be a leader myself, and my method has always been to teach people how to think so that if a centralized authority gets a strategy wrong, then the people closest to the problem can make a correction and solve the problem right then and there.  I often like to use the football metaphor of calling an audible at the line of scrimmage.  The game plan might be acceptable until you see that the other team has adapted to what you’re doing and you need to make a change.  If a plan isn’t working, players need to change a play to adapt to what works. 

In The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business, I point out that one of the great strengths of the American way of doing things is our ability to think outside the box, to “shoot from the hip” when needed to approach problems less formalized.   It’s OK to have a plan and a strategy, but decentralizing the problem-solving process is the key to success in any culture, whether it be a company or a country.  Leadership is all about thinking on your feet rather than coming up with a game plan then forcing everyone to stick to it, even if it proves to be the wrong plan.  And that is the dirty little secret that China doesn’t want anybody to know about them.  The United Nations, too, are all too rigid, and even if they were to happen to read this, I have people from China who read here every day, likely censors, they could not correct course because their culture is not flexible enough.  What they value in a good society are all the wrong things.  They can only hide that fault if they can eliminate all their competition from revealing it to the world under pressure. 

This is why I said, especially to some compelling people in Washington D.C. when I first published my book, that The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business could bring down China without destroying the assets and people of the country.  China will lose whenever forced to play the gunfighter game, “shooting from the hip,” decentralizing authority in organizations and governments.  All the socialists that are running the United Nations are in the same condition.  They are compliance-driven, and any centralized authority issuing orders, such as the CDC has now made itself known for, will make mistakes. When they do, they are too slow to adapt to a victory position.  So in that way, prominent centralized authorities will always lead to failure, which is why history tells the stories of communism that they do.  Big companies go out of business for the same reasons.  But success comes not from relying on centralized processes but in teaching people to think as individuals toward a common cause but to make decisions about strategy at the point where the problems present themselves.  Not in the office of some far removed bureaucrat who doesn’t understand all the conditions involved.  And knowing that and the threats in front of us now, perhaps they will look less scary if viewed in this way.  It’s not about compliance; it’s about resolution and performance 100% of the time.  Those who don’t understand these types of things will eventually always lose. 

Rich Hoffman

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The Original Sin of Taxation: Getting rid of the Revenue Act of 1913

Taxation is Legalized Theft

Based on the behavior of the Biden administration and the reckless antics of Congress and the senate over the Build Back Better Green New Deal’s massive taxation they are working on to satisfy their masters in Glasgow, the only conclusion that can be made is that the government is guilty of tax abuse.  Given what we’ve witnessed under this Congress and this presidential administration, it’s clear that we will have out-of-control spending problems like this in the future unless we take some drastic measures.  And one of those measures needs to be the elimination of the Revenue Act of 1913, which was the start of progressive taxation in the United States.  After more than a century of observing the behavior of government and its desire to grow continuously, we have more than enough history to make arguments that more free-market applications need to be applied to the government, instead of giving them the ability to legally steal our money all in service to a more bloated government that seeks evermore to grow well beyond what can be regulated with logic.  I understand that this is an issue that few are prepared to deal with, and it will take time to let it sink into the population in general.  Too many people have just accepted that this level of taxation is just the way things are.  But, we are at a point where we must ask, why have we let them become that way without debate and a proper understanding of what the government objectives are. 

One of the key reasons I set many arguments for American economic exceptionalism during the great gunfighter’s era of the Gilded Age of western expansion is that we have clear evidence that many of the progressive experiments have proven to be socialist failures.  For much of the last century, we have been living off the greatness passed down to us from the economic expansion of the Gilded Age.  Soon after 1913, specifically with the creation of the Federal Reserve and the implementation of the Revenue Act, America had let socialism into the door to get warm at our fires out of compassion.  But the bastards have been seeking to poison America as we slept and loot our country for all they could while we facilitated their comfort.  Until recently, we dared not show a lack of hospitality toward all thoughts of the world so that we might not be called capitalist pigs or tyrants of imperialism.  But really, all that America was ever guilty of was sharing the great benefits of capitalism with the world, and this jostled the feathers of globalists who did not want to be shown up by the young, agile country.  And since the explosion of economic growth that we have all enjoyed for many decades started during that gunfighter era, we have taken the power of our economy for granted.  This is most obvious in how the Democrats have pushed for all-out socialism in 2021 under the flag of Covid-19 and a stolen election by Big Tech, inserting a reckless insurgent of progressive thought and erasing the vote of millions across the country. They’ve always looked for this opportunity, and we should take them very seriously in the future.  We are no longer talking about conspiracy theories among Democrats.  They have shown their intentions to crush capitalism and rebuild our American society as a socialist state, and their method of achieving their evil has been taxation.

We should have never let the government set its level of tax rates they desire.  I first noticed this ridiculous notion while fighting school levies in my local school district.  It was clear to me that the labor unions ran the schools, and they controlled the school boards as to what their expenses would be.  All government school budgets were then runaway trains of big government spending that the taxpayers were always expected to bail out the stupidity of government.  But it was never just the schools; it was all government, from the military to the losers in Congress.  Are we getting value for what we pay?  No.  If we applied the same market conditions that McDonald’s must deal with while competing with Burger King, the government would fail 100%.  It’s kind of a running joke with everyone, even liberals; government is ineffective and never good at what they do.  Yet, we spend fortunes on the government to manage our affairs. When we continuously give them a blank check, they perpetually provide us with chaos and power grabs funded by the money they legalize themselves to steal from us with various methods. 

Hidden in these massive multi-trillion-dollar infrastructure plans are all kinds of tax increases, and with each, we should be asking the question, what value are we getting for the money spent.  Do we like our government, and do we feel that it’s worth the money?  We ask that question from our fast food to our hardware stores with all other things in life.  In a capitalist economy, we have options, and those options drive down prices.  But when the government can steal the money, they can’t manage it the first time around; why are we standing for any of it?  Well, part of the problem is the payroll taxes that started due to the 1913 Revenue Act.  People paid the tax before it ever hit their pocket, so it was hidden between an employer and the worker, which was a mistake.  Just as we now must look at the John Dewey-designed public education system and admit that it was a mistake from the beginning, we must do the same with the way we are taxed.  The government ultimately is our government.  The people of the United States own it, but they have allowed themselves to forget that they are in fact in charge.  The government has shown that it is power hungry and must be defunded to a minimal level to keep its influence in check. To do that, the burden of value must be shifted from how it is now, hidden in paychecks, and revealed in the light of day, so people consciously see how much money the government steals from them each year. 

If all taxes paid are considered by the average taxpayer, the use taxes on bullets, on soda, on beer, on gas, then with all the local, state, and federal taxes, if people could see like they do the ingredients of a can of food how much they spend on government, they would be shocked and forced to place a more wary eye on what the money is spent on.  The Biden administration’s current government has no care or respect for how much money they steal from hard-working Americans. Otherwise, they would not seek high taxes from the new infrastructure bill and more IRS agents to enforce their authoritarian theft.  Rather than looking at the money the government steals as their property, too many people assume that a portion of all their work will always be stolen by a greedy, bully government.  They have grown to accept this as a fact.  When all along, it should have been heavily scrutinized.  Yet that was always the intention of the Revenue Act of 1913, to pay for a government that didn’t deserve the money and progressively increase the cost of that government through legalized theft over a long period.  The government does not respect us because of it. Before we can change anything, we must go to the source of the problem, 1913, when the government made it so that taxes were stolen from everyday people and that they could take the money without earning it, at whatever rate they decided was appropriate. 

Rich Hoffman

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Guns Don’t Kill People, Alec Baldwin Does: Make no mistake about it, we hate these anti-American activists

Alec Baldwin is Guilty of Killing

I support entirely Donald Trump Jr’s statement about Alec Baldwin on the new shirt sold on his website, stating, “guns don’t kill people, Alec Baldwin does.” I tend to like Christian people; I grew up with lots of families with a religious background.  But I’m a vengeful person, and I think it’s consistent with the laws of nature.  I don’t forgive and forget.  I think it’s stupid to turn the other cheek, and when you get a chance at revenge for things that people have done to you, you take every opportunity to enjoy it.  They deserve what they have coming, those who inflict evil on you.  They deserve to feel all the pain and misery of the ramifications of their deeds.  That certainly is the way I think about those who pushed President Trump out of office, have signed America up for all these terrible United Nations climate change policies, and all those anti-gun liberals like Baldwin. They have done so much evil over the years toward my position.  If Donald Trump Jr. hadn’t made up a shirt like that, I would have.  Now my wife is one of those forgiving types, and her reaction is likely similar to many people out there.  She stated that everyone is worthy of forgiveness.  Well, no, they aren’t.  When people are as bad as Alec Baldwin is, they deserve all the misery of whatever pain they feel, and they are not worthy of forgiveness in any way.  I feel sorry for the cinematographer who was killed on the movie set of the western, Rust, who was killed by a gun Alec Baldwin was using as what they thought was a “prop gun.” That killing should never have happened.  But I don’t buy that Alec Baldwin feels terrible about it the way he is showing. He’s a phony, an actor.  He is a liberal loser and an anti-gunner, and ultimately, he is responsible for the death that occurred on that movie set and nobody else.  He killed an innocent person with a gun, and he can live with that forever in misery, and I hope it rots his soul from the inside out.

The first problem with Alec Baldwin is that he has sold himself to Hollywood and the political world as an anti-gun activist.  Yet he was the producer of the film Rust, a western where guns are always the subject of a story.  Baldwin has made a good living in his life, such as in his gangster films, using guns to tell his stories and make his money; they turn around and talk about how evil they are. He’s a two-faced tyrant at best and a hothead who has personally attacked many conservatives over the years as an outright bully.  I love westerns, but I would not have watched Rust because Alec Baldwin was in it.  What he did on Saturday Night Live to the Trump family and to the president I elected and loved was war.  He insulted all the MAGA movement notoriously and without guilt or thought to any damage it might cause.  Before his Saturday Night Live skits against Donald Trump, I might have just thought Baldwin was a hothead actor.  I might watch a movie with him in it and shake my head at how stupid he was.  But I learned to hate him over the Trump years as he proved himself to be an enemy of America, a progressive buffoon who made money off guns then turned around and sought ways to destroy America by attacking an America First president.  Again, I’ve heard it all before; we aren’t supposed to carry hate in our hearts.  As good “Christian” people, we are not supposed to feed hate or give it a harbor within our minds.  Well, I think that’s a stupid idea, and I have felt that way since my many years of Sunday school until I was beyond the 8th grade.  Not having hate in a heart is like operating in a world without eyes.  Hate is the result of how you feel about what people do to you, and it’s a natural emotion generated from the way people live life.  And the way Alec Baldwin has lived his life and sought to change the way I live mine, I hate him.  I would say I hate every cell in his body and the air he breathes. 

I’ve worked on movie sets, I’ve spent my life around guns.  I work with guns every day of my life, and I would have known that there was a bullet in that gun as soon as someone handed it to me.  I would have been able to tell by the weight of a single live round. I’ve worked with blanks, many kinds of bullets, and guns that fire lasers for sight alignment.  As the person holding the gun, it was Alec Baldwin’s responsibility to know if the weapon he was pointing downrange was loaded or not.  It’s not the armorer or the assistant director.  They can tell you if the gun is hot or cold.  You still must check it yourself before doing anything with it.  These are gun skills that every young person in America should know before they leave grade school.  Millions of families handle lots of guns every year and don’t have accidents as Alec Baldwin did.  Baldwin, as a liberal, trusted as all liberals do the system of responsibility that kills all liberals in every argument.  They are never at fault for anything because it’s always a system’s failure if something goes wrong.  This is precisely what the media attempted to do with this shooting on the set of Rust.  They try to say that the gun was used in target practice earlier that day, and a round was left in it.  The system failed, not the shooter.  They try to say that the prop master was inexperienced, that there were union disputes on the set.  They said many things, but ultimately, everyone who handles a gun under any circumstances knows; the person holding the gun is always responsible.  Guns don’t kill people; they don’t go off on their own.  People kill people. Don Jr. is not wrong in what his t-shirt says. 

Alec Baldwin should never be let off the hook for all those reasons and many, many more.  This shooting should ruin his life in every way.  And we should allow ourselves to smile at the justice of it.  It’s terrible that someone had to die because Alec Baldwin was so stupid.  But it was his fault and only his fault.  Being a nasty liberal and anti-gun activist, he had no business even making a western with guns in it.  The only people who operate guns on a film set should know guns in everyday life and have the skills to work with them.  Putting guns in the hands of many Hollywood liberals who are ignorant about the little things regarding gun safety is an open invitation for stuff like this to go wrong.  But liberals like to talk out of both sides of their mouth; they want to make money with guns, then speak against them like the activist that Alec Baldwin always has been.  And Alec Baldwin should suffer, as should everyone who works against an American First agenda.  These people are not our life partners; they are not our friends.  They are domestic enemies, and they need to be punished when they do something wrong.  And when someone dies because of what they do, forgiveness is not an option.  Hatred is the right emotion, and to never forgive it is the correct thing to do. Some people are just bad in life, and Alec Baldwin is a bad person.

Rich Hoffman

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The Importance of Freedom: Why Joe Biden and other progressives are so dangerous to a productive life

Freedom is the Most Important Thing

Yeah, the video for this article is a bit dark, it was early in the morning, and it was raining heavily at times.  But it was my open window to do that kind of thing, so I made the best of it.  Yet, I have been hoping for these kinds of topics in many ways because I’ve been thinking about them for a very long time.  So much so that the issues of my latest book, The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business, is all about them.  If Joe Biden had not come along, many of these topics might have stayed in obscurity because the need to flesh them out into the open would have never occurred.  But in this case, when Joe Biden continues to rail against “freedom” and suggest that “safety” is our primary concern, he is proving a point I have long been making.  And for that, I am grateful.  So no matter how much rain and lack of light there was, I couldn’t wait to get my thoughts out on the matter to clarify some things that many of us feel but never can quite articulate.  I would say that it’s probably one of the most important things we learn as human beings, that delicate balance between safety and risk and how few people learn to manage that balance throughout a long life.  But for those who do economic activity flourishes, precisely this trait that all the philosophers from previous centuries never quite figured out.  But the American experiment brought them forth, and we can see them most obviously in the creation of amusement parks. 

As human beings, we have a natural lust for risk, and as intelligent creatures, we also want to control risk.  So we created roller coasters which are simulated dangers that we can pretty much assure ourselves will be completely safe.  We want to feel the threat of a roller coaster, but we don’t want to die while experiencing it.  I would call that in my book the management of human needs.  All good management considers those needs in humans and specifies a work culture to their full utilization.  A workforce that feels it can risk thoughts and ideas without the danger of losing their job is critical to innovation.  Cultures that have too many rules and regulations hinder this and create an oppressive, unsatisfactory work experience.  This is the case in every business and is undoubtedly the problem of every government.  We had a very risk-obsessed administration in Trump, which many of us liked because it turned on the gears to a productive economy; people felt safe to take risks and do what it takes to move and create money.  Now we have a very safety-oriented administration with too many rules and regulations that stifle creativity and work ambition, slowing the economy down predictably.

In my book, The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business, I obsess over why people do work, which goes well beyond the financial rewards.  People work, but not just because they want to pay their rent or car payment.  For people who understand good management, people want more from their work than just financial payment.  This is often the great mystery of a good football team with many players equally strong and as fast as other players.  But a good coach and organization have figured out a way to align all those minds toward the joy of a victory.  Good management helps share the victory with every team member, which is the essence of what leadership is all about.  Good leadership is one of the least understood elements of all philosophy and the various political elements that have formed over the entire span of the human race.  Yet, in America, by removing all the previous static cultures of oppressive government, whether, from the church or some king, we discovered a lot about humans, which erupted into the most explosive economy in the world during the shortest period. 

The Biden administration desires to return to the safety and security of big government-driven by monarchs and emperors.  Most left-leaning people are the type of people who are averse to risk and seek security and protection by some form of organization or government.  It’s not an accident that people who work for large corporations tend to vote for Democrats because the corporate culture is often stifling to creativity and innovation, trading risk for security.  All the poor little children who grow up with panicky parents teaching them to be afraid of lightning, rain and make their kids wear bicycle helmets just for riding down the sidewalk are, without knowing it, killing their children’s ability to think for themselves and live a life of embracing risk without destroying their lives.  A life without risk is a life that is essentially dead, and that is what we see out of the Biden economy.  Those most uncomfortable with risk are now in charge and imposing a boring life of too much regulation and caution on the rest of society.  Covid rules have only hindered that trend more by even taking away the illusion of some danger in life.  That could be compared to going to an amusement park to find all the roller coasters closed, but that you could stand in line for them.  People wouldn’t choose to do that if there was no reward for standing in line, leaving the amusement park losing a lot of money in attendance.  If people don’t believe their work will give them something tangible, some level of satisfaction, they are less inclined to participate.  They might go through the motions to get their paycheck, but they will do no more if they don’t feel connected to risk and victory.

I argue in The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business that many people will do just about anything for the mere opportunity to gain treasure and a taste of victory.  That trait propelled our economy into the greatness we have achieved so far, so it is not surprising that the moment that risk is taken away from our society and safety is over-emphasized, declines in productivity would be evident to all.  Economic stagnation happens when the thrill of doing work is lost, and a job becomes a means to paying for one’s obligations in life. It’s the freedom to choose risk over safety that all humans crave, but few ever realize the key to their happiness.  A happy society finds a balance between safety and risk.  Yet when safety is used to stifle risk, then bad things happen.  This is why all socialist and communist countries have failed and will always fail.  Organizations, whether they are companies, or governments fail to understand that leadership is best when they organize a team toward risk to realize rewards.  But when leadership is ignored, and safety is over-emphasized, the result is collective paralysis.  Then it cannot be a surprise when economic activity moves into a dormant state, with shipping containers sitting around waiting to be unloaded, people not participating in the workforce, and everything else slows down in a supply chain.  When work is burdened with too much safety and regulation, people check out and put their minds where there are fewer limits on them.  And that is a natural reaction in all human beings.  Some people are comfortable with risk; some can’t handle it at all.  But it is along these lines, not in politics, that all people find themselves either happy or unhappy with the conditions of their world.   Therefore, what matters most in the world is that people have the freedom to pick their fate because the world as a whole depends on the results of the few risk-takers who propel all society forward into innovation and goodness.

Rich Hoffman

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Where Did “Build Back Better” Come From: How the United Nations is using Biden to rule the world

Build Back Better and the United Nations

Yes, the United Nations are at the heart of the Biden administration, behind election fraud, behind Covid-19.  The United Nations aren’t a bunch of scary bond villains; they are somewhat more like passive-aggressive sissy socialists from armpit countries worldwide who want to assert themselves as powerful but only dare to do it through more rules and regulations.  They infiltrated long ago our education system with a jealous lust for the yesteryear of aristocracy in Europe, where they much prefer to talk about the names of wines rather than the content of philosophy.  I heard their work just the other day at a zoning meeting in my community of Liberty Township.  When people say that the United Nations isn’t that powerful to be wrapped up in our local zoning, they don’t understand global politics’ history and the intentions.   A resident of my community had just bought a house that had some property.  He had some four-wheelers and some boats that he wanted to house under a new pole barn.  So he was seeking a deviation from current zoning laws, which are dripping wet in Agenda 2030 United Nations sustainability recommendations.  He was then lectured by the board of trustees of Liberty Township into how it was not “their” responsibility to provide a safe harbor for his “many toys.” The jealousy and grabs for power are a typical story for socialist-minded zoning boards. This was just another example of how the United Nations attacks our residents who resent how private property is used through rules and regulations toward sustainable development.  This guy had a house and space to build a barn, yet he had to beg for his right to do it with many power-hungry government pin-heads who have a master plan created for them by liberals who love the United Nations strategy. That’s how the United Nations end up controlling what happens to you in your driveway in suburban America. 

The zoning boards are an easy example of something people generally don’t pay much attention to until they need some zoning variance.  So, people are suddenly shocked at this Biden administration’s commitment to “Build Back Better,” which is the centerpiece of the entire administration.  For one thing, people generally didn’t vote for Joe Biden.  It was a contentious election, and to say the least, the vast majority of people didn’t vote for Biden.  But Biden acts as if he won the election with an overwhelming mandate to work, and he has progressed to impose these reckless economic policies on everyone under the flag of “Build Back Better.” Americans didn’t sign up for that, yet there it is in our face every day.  It’s why the current congress wants to spend trillions of dollars on some United Nations objectives for a sustainable future that traces back to European socialism and their commitment to tying all our economies to the medical industry and green energy production.  It has been crammed down our throats against our will and conveniently poised onto the Biden administration after the wreckage of Covid-19 has pretty much destroyed the world.  Like I say about local zoning and the poor guy who wanted to build a pole barn to protect his four-wheelers and boats, the United Nations zoning people trained into sustainable development in their liberal colleges know the game plan.  And that is the same radicalism behind Dr. Fauci’s NIH funding of the gain of function research in the Wuhan lab to create the virus and the pandemic that would follow.  They meant to tear down the world and rebuild it back “better.” Do you see now, dear reader, what’s been going on?

For those who don’t know, Build Back Better was first adopted by the United Nations General Assembly on June 3, 2015.  It was about then that President Trump was making his pitch to run for President, and people were laughing at him over it.  The BBB, as they call it, was a strategy aimed at reducing the risk to the people of nations and communities in the wake of future disasters and shocks, such as restoration of physical infrastructure, social systems and shelters, and the revitalization of livelihoods, economies and the environment. That all sounds fine until you realize that the intentions are to convert capitalist economies into socialist ones and attack the premise of private property at the ground level, such as local zoning.  The poor Liberty Township property owner would be mystified why he couldn’t get approval to build a pole barn on his property. He wouldn’t know that the zoning people are trained socialists intent on hating private property ownership.  They want to tax that property, but they don’t want property owners to feel they can do anything they want on their properties.  After all, sustainable development means that power-hungry bureaucrats will manage all affairs of people everywhere.  So they say no to a pole barn to the private treasures of a hard-working American who has some four-wheelers and boats, those fossil fuel-eating artifacts of evil capitalism.  Of course, the panic by the United Nations and their boot lickers of government bureaucrats across the world is that Trump did get elected.  So how could they convince the world to Build Back Better when Trump was doing “America First?” That had to go, which is why I say that the United Nations is one of the most dangerous outfits globally, especially about personal liberty.  They are intent on tying us all together, not to allow us to live our own lives. 

So now we all know what they did.  The World Health Organization is a branch of the United Nations, and they pressed for something that would cause a Great Reset around the world.  So Covid-19 was born there in a Wuhan lab with Dr. Fauci guiding it along.  By the time the virus was ready to transmit to the rest of the world, everyone knew the United Nations script.  Just like the zoning people who want to harass property owners from building pole barns on their properties to protect their “toys,” the intent behind the Covid pandemic was to stop the economy, then reset it with a Build Back Better option.  That is how the Biden administration came to use the United Nations slogan as its own.  The Biden administration is simply an arm of the United Nations to implement Agenda 2030 sustainable development options that were not created in the United States, but at United Nation’s summits, going way back and being adopted in 2015 as a strategy for the entire world.  So you can see, this is not just something that happens on the other side of the world, but the United Nations is everywhere.  They are everywhere that bureaucrats like to gather, like zoning boards and as trustees who often don’t have any idea what’s going on. They never read Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030 United Nations strategies but followed the liberals’ rules handed to them.  Whether it’s a pole barn in Liberty Township or the unleashing of Covid-19 out of China with the United Nations seeking to implement their Build Back Better strategy by getting rid of Trump through election fraud and inserting an administration friendly to the United Nations with Biden, the intentions cannot be ignored.  And for those who wondered what all this Build Back Better talk was and where it came from, well, now you know. 

Rich Hoffman

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Dr. Fauci is the Most Dangerous Criminal in the World: Yet, our corrupt government wants you to believe its Steve Bannon

Arrest Dr. Fauci

The rules haven’t changed; the release of the Covid-19 virus and its creation in a Wuhan lab is the biggest story in the entire world and its role in election fraud in the United States.  There was nothing more criminal than that story, which, if you believe the Covid death counts used to panic everyone into giving up their freedoms and bending the knee to the virus, actually killed a lot of people.  That makes Dr. Fauci’s lying to congress about the NIH funding of gain of function the most important story of this century.  What role did Dr. Fauci play in creating a bat coronavirus into something excessively transmissible to humans so that a pandemic could be inspired from it?  Who knew what, and when did they know it?  Without question, this is the biggest cover-up involving the most government employees that we have ever had to deal with.  Ohio Governor Mike DeWine asked for emergency powers a year before coronavirus was released from China, so people knew what was coming.  Who was there?  What role did they play?  And who paid for it all?  There aren’t more critical questions than those in the entire world, and really, nothing else should happen until those questions are answered.  Yet on the same day that the NIH revealed that Dr. Fauci had perjured himself to congress on this Covid issue, the same congress that impeached President Trump twice over made-up charges voted to hold Steve Bannon, the former aide to Trump, in contempt of congress for not appearing for testimony on their bogus January 6th commission.  While Dr. Fauci is running around free, Steve Bannon is now a fugitive of the law under the mercy of the Biden administration Department of Justice.  What world do we live in where discrepancies of the law happen like this, which are so obvious, yet accepted as reality?

I can certainly understand the Bannon situation.  He has one of the top podcasts globally that has better ratings than much of the mainstream media daily, and he keeps talking about the election fraud that occurred in the 2020 election. Congress wants desperately to shut him up.  Their role in that election fraud is a subject they want to bury, and Steve won’t let them.  At this point, the Great Reset was supposed to be well underway, and people were not supposed to be thinking about President Trump.  Biden’s America was already supposed to be full socialist, and the demise of our country was well down the path of no return.  People like Steve Bannon were not supposed to have power and influence still, so congress has come up with this phony January 6th commission to try and put everyone’s attention onto the protests of Trump supporters instead of the election fraud they were angered by.   The guilt that much of congress played in accepting election fraud in the 2020 election because it favored them is an issue that must be dealt with.  But that question falls behind the importance of the origins of coronavirus because it had an impact on all people everywhere and assaulted our global economy in ways nobody previously thought possible.  Not only do we have significant casualties from the created pandemic, but many lives have been ruined physically and financially.  How many people out there still can’t taste their food because our bodies never were meant to host a coronavirus that was only transmissible to bats before they altered that trait in a Wuhan lab under NIH funding? 

Just for lying to congress, Dr. Fauci should be in jail.  And that is before we understand the role he played in the gain of function research with the bat virus and his relationship with China in launching it into the world.  It may have been an accident.  China may have stolen NIH work and used it to make a bioweapon to destroy the Trump economy to get rid of him at the voting booth.  But then again, can we trust anything Fauci has said.  He has been caught lying many times.  And to get to the straight story, it will have to start with him.  What role did he play in the creation and unleashing of Covid-19?   And what preplanning occurred before its creation? Did he participate with Bill Gates and many others to apply climate change politics to creating the virus to turn health administrators into political dictators?  Such as why was the gain of function research started once again in 2017 after Trump was inaugurated as President when during the Obama years it was stopped?  Hmmmmm?  Questions, questions, questions.

Instead, we are supposed to think of Steve Bannon as the number one fugitive in America.  Steve Bannon, the private citizen who supported the President and has a successful podcast.  What role could he have had to inspire an insurrection on January 6th, 2021?  The question is, was January 6th even an insurrection?  Or was it a protest to the attempted insurrection of changing our entire way of life with Covid-19?  Who created an insurrection, the government who tampered with a bat virus to terrorize people into accepting United Nations climate change policies and wreck the lives of millions of people around the world?  Or Trump supporters who were hoping that the election results would be questioned properly on January 6th, but the government again didn’t listen to them and rubber-stamped the fraud anyway.  The big criminals, Facebook, Twitter, Google, and others, openly coordinated with the government to censor Covid information that might have treated people with hydroxychloroquine and other medicines that could have contained the virus.  Instead, we found out that the Big Tech companies wanted to use the virus to change the nature of the global economy.  And they also funded the election fraud of the American 2020 election as outlined so very well in the Molly Hemingway book, Rigged.  We have evidence of all this activity by big tech and government.  People saw for themselves what was going on.  It wasn’t Steve Bannon who made anybody do anything.  It was anger at what they saw from their government that caused the protest of January 6th.  Steve Bannon was just another observer using the First Amendment to express his opinion.  So was Trump, for that matter.  The crime was in the lap of Dr. Fauci, who was at the head of the entire mess, including what the Big Tech attackers were doing.

Yes, this is the crime of the century.  It happened in China working with our government.  But worse than the crime is the cover-up, which this Congress and DOJ are actively still participating in.  And who could blame them?  They will deny, deny, and deny until they can’t any longer.  Getting to the bottom of it will take citizen journalism to get there because the mainstreamers are in on the whole thing.  They are compromised.  Notice that you don’t hear much about Molly Hemmingway’s new book, which should be the biggest seller of the year because of its content.  No, this is a significant crime, and it will take the people of America to retake their government starting with the obvious questions, who, what, why, when, and where.

We know Dr. Fauci was the who.  We know coronavirus was the what.  We know it happened right after Event 201 in New York, where the whole Covid-19 plan was role-played in front of many people, sponsored by the Gates Foundation.  And we know where it was at the Wuhan lab in China.  What we don’t know is the “why.”  Why did they do it, and why are they working so hard to cover it up.  If it were indeed an accident, somebody likely would have apologized by now.  That would mean that the intention was malicious, like many of us suspect.  And the answer to that question has to come from Dr. Fauci himself, perhaps by torture facing harsh prison sentencing.  He’s an older man, so life in jail won’t mean much to him.  We’ll have to get the truth out of him by some other method.  But then again, the people who are supposed to uphold justice were in on it.   So we have some work to do.  Dr. Fauci is the most dangerous criminal in the world.  Steve Bannon is just a guy asking questions that always should be answered.  And that they think Bannon is the dangerous one tells you everything you need to know.  When the truth is dangerous, you know what kind of world you are living in. 

Rich Hoffman

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Biden’s Economic Policies Are Made for the Lazy, and Stupid: Welcome to Bernie Sanders’ European Socialism

Socialists are Lazy and now they Feel they have Power

As long as Democrats adopted progressivism to hide their racism losses from the Civil War, there has always been a craving jealousy toward European socialism.  Liberals love how Europe is, they love the long history of aristocracy and religious tyranny, and they love the mask of laziness that comes with that culture.  The dirty little secret is that Democrats are lazy. Their political affiliation toward Europe hides that from the world and uses government as the mask to society.  To make their laziness a political and religious right, not a stigma from the hard-working Americans who might otherwise look down their noses at them.  During the week of October 18th, 2021, supply chains were coming to a slowing stop all over America because of White House policies that directly influenced the flow of commerce throughout the nation.  This was similar to the current progressive arguments by teacher union complaints I have heard over many years. I’ve argued for a long time that teachers in these public schools are not these great bastions of wonder that we made them out to be.  During the Covid shutdowns, we learned what they were teaching our kids in government schools.  Whoever thought that the government, the same government trying to steal power wherever they can get it, should be in charge of teaching our kids anything?  That was a stupid idea from the outset.  But these teachers, mostly progressive in their political leanings, loving European-style socialism where the workday is short, and the pay is ridiculously high, have been projecting this attitude for decades.  And now, under the Biden administration, their ostentatious meanderings of lazy behavior have swept over all of America’s economic activity, and people don’t like it.

You could hear the frustration in Peppermint Patty’s voice when she mocked during a White House briefing the shame it would be if people couldn’t get their “treadmill” in time.  Socialists everywhere you can find are lazy and don’t want the pressure of expectation driven by market need.  They want to control that market need with artificial rules and regulations that slow the world down to their lazy banter. Teachers’ unions have been doing this for many decades, and the results are apparent.  Now, with the Biden administration fully embracing European-style socialism and speaking well of Chinese communism, the socialists in America have felt where the wind is coming from, and they have shown their cards perhaps too fast.  And when pressed, people like Jen Psaki have to show their frustration that Americans expect results in their activity; laziness will not be tolerated.  You can see the socialist Biden economy everywhere; the lines at the drive-thru at McDonald’s are much longer.  Fast food isn’t so fast these days.  If you break down on the side of the road and call for help to change a tire or a battery in your car, the wait time is no longer 30 minutes.  It’s an hour and a half.  You call a supplier for that special something that only they make and suddenly their lead time is six weeks instead of 3 days.  Why? Because they are short-staffed.  The Biden administration has empowered socialists in America trained that way by our public education system to sit around smoking pot all day hoping for a “universal wage” living off the federal dime.  They don’t want to work, so nobody is there to work when we need something.

And in answer to these criticisms, progressives like Jen Psaki can only tell us to lower our expectations. Don’t expect so much.  Well, I’ve heard that before in public schools with the teachers.  And now we listen to it everywhere.  Now we can all see what was really behind Covid and the supposed “Great Reset.” We were supposed to surrender our expectations of performance, of fast food, fast hardware stores, plentiful groceries where everything you can think to need would always be there fresh and ready.  And that for the sake of safety and government security, we were supposed to get used to waiting in gas lines, for food, and virtually everything else.  If you’ve ever traveled in Europe, you will recognize quickly what is happening in America.  A European will tell you to relax, to take your time. They’ll say, “what’s the hurry?” You don’t get quick service in European restaurants.  You don’t tip there, so the workers seldom do anything extra to earn more money, so service is generally poor everywhere.  But with the social safety nets of European countries, there isn’t much inspiration for getting a job and working your way to the top because they cut off the top.  Most people can never hope to have more than an apartment flat and a rinky-dink stupid little car that looks like everyone else.  With that being all they ever get to have by socialist governments, they have no desire to work as we see in America.  In America, the hope is to have a cool car or a big house and a family to go in it.  But under socialism, they want to destroy the family, destroy the expectation of labor, and convince everyone to take their breadcrumbs and live happily ever after in the virtual world of online gaming. 

Of course, that’s not how they sold their administration to people, what they would be getting with Joe Biden.  Americans wouldn’t have accepted it, even many Democrats.  But this isn’t Joe Biden who started all this; he was just the insert to dance to the strings of progressives to make it happen.  Instead, it was the Bernie Sanders wing of the Democrat party, which is now in power, who have been selling this European socialism approach for a long time, and it is here now as advertised.  People don’t like it, but it’s not as if they didn’t tell us what they wanted to do.  Many people didn’t listen.  Yet now everyone can see the trend and what the expectations are.  Socialists have always been lazy; Karl Marx was lazy.  Those who adopt socialism and communism are lazy and power-hungry, which usually don’t go together.  But they want the power to hide their laziness from the judgments of the world, and that is the essence of their gig.  They don’t like to work.  They don’t want to work.  And they want to bend the world around their tendencies toward laziness and remove the stigma they might otherwise suffer under the expectations of Americans.  They hope to have power and a lack of expectation to do much in their lives by instilling government-sanctioned laziness.  And within just a few months, we can see the effect of this attitude in everything, including the delivery of treadmills.  As shipping containers stack up and lines at McDonald’s get longer, we know who to blame for it.  Democrats tampered with our free market system by screwing around with pay incentives, regulatory burdens, and work goals as an incentive to do more each day than has been set by the low bar of government, and the results have arrived.  This is the America that Democrats have always wanted but have hidden from the public behind the unasked questions.  Yet, here it is.  Do you like it?

Rich Hoffman

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Its Great to Be a Man: To save America, save the American family

Its Great to be a Man

As many are in a state of shock as to the state of the world, where the rules have been turned against us and made to control us like herds of animals lined up for the slaughterhouse, you must understand that they always wanted to destroy us.  They wanted to destroy America from the outset, and to do that, they knew they had to kill off the American family.  And to do that, they had to rip away manhood so that there would be no protector of the family and that women would not be able to focus their instincts on preserving the family for future generations.  Whether it was Jekyll Island in 1913 or last year’s Davos Economic Forum in Switzerland, the plan was to strip America of its strengths so to eradicate our lives and our freedoms and toss us all back under the jealous rule of kings, queens, emperors, popes, and dictators under a thin veil of communism spread throughout the world with the United Nations leading the charge.  They meant to replace the shit kicker boots of the American cowboy with the penny loafers of French watercraft operators sipping lattes and smelling the cologne samples from the latest GQ magazine.  They targeted manhood in America first, and to this day, have all but accomplished their task, which leads us to this present declaration.

We gave them a fair shake until they have fully revealed themselves after the 2020 election.  I never let go of the manhood rope and the dedication to the family it was intended by the cosmos to protect, but many did, and we all accepted individual choices perhaps too much.  This all became very clear to me after reading Stephanie Grisham’s book; I’ll Take Your Questions Now in how she heavily criticized President Trump’s last year in office as Covid was raging the world, and he felt he needed to put on a brave face to lead the nation out of the misery.  To listen to her impressions of toughness and masculinity for me was very revealing, not just for her personally, but as many like her produced by today’s university system seem to think.   It haunted me in obscure ways because it traced back to a mysterious question that Robert James Waller used to ask in his books of romance around the Bridges of Madison County in Iowa.  Who decides fashion and what the trends of the day are, and why?  Now I know the answer; it’s that Davos crowd.  I would say that I have rejected most of what they have proposed as fashionable in my life, but I’ve thought about those Waller comments from The Bridges of Madison County now for many years and how mysterious they are to most people.  It suddenly became unfashionable to be a man, and we should have never let that happen.  Women are yearning for good men, our families need their men, and our country is desperate for them.  And I think it’s time to admit to ourselves that the course of anti-manhood has been wrong in every way that wrong is defined.

One of the reasons President Trump was effective is because he was a tough guy.  He walked in the rain, not running around like a scared powderpuff.  He didn’t cry at funerals.  He didn’t wallow in misery over problems.  He tackled problems.  He stood like a rock when leadership was needed, and he was steering America in the right direction.  And across the nation, repressed men saw what leadership looked like, and they were starting to be inspired by it, and a restoration of the American family was returning.  The faces of the Davos crowd and their GQ magazines were melting like the Wicked Witch from The Wizard of Oz, and we saw the haze of attack lifting from our minds only to return violently after that 2020 election out of desperation on their part.  But it was too late, we had tasted justice and our roles in it, and clearly, manhood has to be a part of the restoration of our nation.  Without men and women performing their roles in the epic of family development, there will be no American comeback.  To restore America, we must restore the power of the American family.  We saw the positive effects for a small four years, and of course, we want a lot more of it.  But it essentially starts with masculinity and a return of it to the front stages of global awareness.  If you want revenge for what they’ve tried to do to us, then be a man.

Being a man is easier said than done.  It means you can’t cry about every little thing.  You don’t go looking for hugs when your little heart is in turmoil.  You walk in the rain; you don’t run like a baby.  You are tough even when nobody is looking.  You don’t put your guard down.  You don’t wallow in emotions, and you don’t openly share your feelings in ways that make you vulnerable.  When progressives told us that it was OK to open up, cry a little, and let down our guards as men, they were essentially singing us a song of death intent to destroy America.  They always planned to destroy America by destroying the men that protect the families that make the nation what it has been.  It was all a trick to convince us to open our kingdom’s gates and let the babyfaces and soothsayers assassinate us from within.  They understood they could not attack the American family through the men that protected it, so they gradually created a culture that would strip men away from that role so they’d have unimpeded access to all that America holds valuable. 

With that understood, it’s time to reject all the global notions of manhood as being toxic.  In truth, manhood is quite the opposite; it is the glue that all families are built.  Women have their skills, and they are well understood.  But the key was always the men, to make it so women didn’t feel they could trust a family alliance with men to build a great family, which is the essential element of a nation, family building.  Progressives in that Davos crowd hate the idea of the family because they want to rule at the head of the table, and families are their competition.  They want families destroyed, and to them, there is nothing worse than an American family, the sovereignty of its function on its own accord.  They couldn’t have that to rule the world, so they attacked the family by removing men from guarding them.  Tricking men into being more open to their emotions, cry babies over every scuffed knee, and fret over every little problem.  President Trump was a classic male, and most of the nation loved him for it. That’s what we all want to get back to.  And that’s also why Trump was such a threat.  Trump was a kind of key to America’s restoration. That key was made of the good old-fashioned stuff, the strength of tradition and masculinity for which women can count on every day, and the children can look to in wonder and aspire to grow into themselves.  But the task is up to each of us to return to what works and make fashion out of masculinity once again.  And to rob those Davos insurgents of their global intentions by protecting the American family through the strength of American manhood. 

Rich Hoffman

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Looking for Justin Nix: The Sheriff is looking for you, lets get this thing resolved

(An update to this story, shortly after the Sheriff made this announcement many 911 calls came in and Justin was picked up in Hamilton on a drug charge. Nice job, and this holds true in Butler County especially, no drugs, no killings, and no other crimes similar in nature. If you see something, say something. And remember, Ohio has Stand your Ground laws now. Keep your neighborhoods safe from criminals.) Its unfortunate that there was a homicide in Hanover Township. Sheriff Jones and the team are trying to get everything figured out. Justin Nix or someone who knows him needs to help out.

Sheriff Jones is looking for Justin Nix

Call the Butler County Sheriff’s Office at (513) 785-1209 with any information.

Rich Hoffman