1-40 Tunnels: Explaining the next phase

I have to address a couple matters, one is fun, and the other is a clarification. First off, the picture shown here is the twin tunnels on I-40 in North Carolina just 4 miles south of the Tennessee border. For those in the media who are reading the advance copies of my new novel and have read the very exciting scene involving the roadblock at the twin tunnels, that scene takes place on the other side of that mountain at the mouth of those two tunnels. It is easy to see why the gunfire and explosions caused so much trouble when you observe how rugged the landscape is in that region.

I put that picture up because currently road crews are closing that tunnel at night diverting traffic through a service road so that the tunnel can undergo much-needed maintenance. For those who have read the novel, the kind of thing that happens in the story is a serious threat in that area, and requires constant maintenance. For those who have not read that scene, you will soon find out. Loud noises and violent behavior are not good for such areas. But it’s a fun fact of the novel to know that such an extreme occurrence is quite possible, and care must be constantly taken to avoid such catastrophes.

The other thing is attached to my new book as well. Some of my readers here–people I respect a great deal–are concerned that I may lose my credibility with the school levy issues by appearing self-serving because of all my promotional efforts over my new book. This deserves a bit of explanation that is needed at this point for my readers who visit Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom every day. To begin, a reminder of what my life was like before I got personally involved in the Lakota Levy in 2010 needs to be seen. The video below is a sample of the kind of life I lived before joining forces with the people who would eventually make up No Lakota Levy to defeat those tax increases. The efforts of my previous book, and several film festivals along with my other exertion in a professional sense had me constantly on the road, going to award shows, trade shows, and many other adventures that come as part of that life, which I put on hold to help solve community issues.

In 2010 I put aside some of these fun occupational endeavors and took a few years to contribute something to the battle that is raging in our nation. I started helping local liberty groups where I could, as I still do. I started this blog site as a way to offset the information that the newspapers wouldn’t cover, and I took on the Lakota School Levy because it was a lie being told on the backs of children, and looked to be devastating to a community I grew up in, and is currently in my hands to protect. I was between books anyway completing The Symposium of Justice in 2004, and was writing Tail of the Dragon and doing my research to make that manuscript into a saleable story that American Book Publishing would eventually pick up.

Working around progressive entertainment types I knew what kinds of things pro tax advocates would attack in my character, so when the Enquirer did the article about me featuring my whip work, I knew how the politics would play out. Believe me; it was very much by design. The pro tax people ridiculed my use of whips which helped me figure out who was who. I used that information to my advantage. I didn’t fight those levies to be mean, or destructive. I did it because it was the right thing to do. My ultimate message was the importance of traditional values versus progressive values being taught in school, and I didn’t then nor in the future wish to pay higher taxes for a “progressive” education. I could have went around the country doing dozens of whip shows trying to promote traditional values, or I could do the unthinkable and apply those skills to explaining Keynesian economics which is how public schools function much to their own detriment. Of course I chose the latter.

Before the start of the last levy campaign I told my friends in No Lakota Levy that I had a book coming out in 2012, and they needed to find another spokesman for the levy fighting effort. I told them I’d still fight the levy, but I didn’t think it would be right to do media stuff for my book, and do media stuff against the levy, because the mixture would appear self-serving. For that very reason I avoided any elected offices, even though many wanted me to volunteer, because when Tail of the Dragon was ready to come out, I would have to put my effort behind that promotional endeavor, and being formerly involved in Tea Parties and other official positions while promoting a book is tacky. I don’t like it when others do it, so I sure wasn’t about to do it myself. I hoped that after two solid years of fighting levies that other people had learned how to do it, and could become the face of those efforts in the future.

In February of 2012 it was time to make a change which had been talked about ahead of time, so I picked the fight that would bring all the rats to the surface so everyone could see who was hiding where. The pro tax supporters conducted a negative survey against me outside a local Kroger store, so the time to act was then. I let my anger go, because it was well justified and it created the opportunity I needed to take this next step. This allowed new people at No Lakota Levy to pick up the baton and carry on. I of course would continue to cover things as I had, but I needed the freedom to move on to book promotion mode.

I know people who successfully have their hands in everything, but I’m not like that. I enjoy my time to myself, so I don’t like being too busy. If I’m going to promote a book, I’ll put my effort into it, since it’s something I already believe in. When the time comes to fight for another community issue, I’ll be there. If the group we have in place is not ready, then I’ll assemble another one to meet the challenge. It’s that simple. But life is always in motion, and especially at my age, it is very busy.

A lot of people on the inside believe that Tail of the Dragon will do well. They believe it’s a very good book, and I am inclined to agree. But you just never know. The public may reject it, the timing may not be right, there could be problems. Any number of things can happen, and they often do. I hope the book does well, because if it does I will get the chance to write a book I’ve been thinking about for over ten years, called The Trial of Fletcher Finnegan. That book looks to be well over 1 million words. It will be considerably larger than Atlas Shrugged and will be quite an effort. I will need a good showing out of Tail of the Dragon to free my time up enough to be able to write the new book because it will be an exclusive task of mine for a number of years.

So I am putting out a lot of promotional material. These days, that’s how it’s done. For my daily readers, some of which have already read and loved the book, they are getting tired of seeing all my promotional stuff, because they’ve already been there and done it. It’s a good memory for them, but it isn’t new any longer. But for many people every day who come here for the first time, I put those ads up for them. Today alone I have multiple readers from 13 different countries ranging from Sweden, Romania, and Saudi Arabia to New Zealand and Australia. This is pretty normal, and as it would be thought that these readers are tuning in to see what happened in the Colorado shooting, ironically most of the views come from my articles about school levies. All those countries mentioned each had more than 10 hits each, so the Tail of the Dragon ads are important to gaining international exposure. Even though my daily readers are used to the Tail of the Dragon cover and blurbs, many of these international readers are just seeing them for the first time.

If I were in an elected office, or was an official spokesman paid by someone else to represent a product, I wouldn’t cross promote my personal projects with Lakota stories, or political material concerning the presidential election. But the fact of the matter is that I have deliberately made myself free of those obligations so I can do what I have been planning for quite some time. At this time there isn’t a levy at Lakota to fight, and there are plenty of ground troops in the liberty groups to handle the administrative stuff. I do my part in giving a local voice to many contemporary issues that get missed in the mainstream media outlets, stuff the liberty groups need to advance their positions, being someone who can untangle the complicated web of modern politics so it’s easy for others to see.

I offer the work at Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom for free, because there is a need for it. If I make money it is not from memberships, or any donation. It will be because someone bought a book of mine. I work through many of the problems that will be in future stories by putting my thoughts and notes up for all to see, so I can refine those thoughts into more articulate works in actual books in the future. A good portion of these articles are my personal notes that I share for the development of ideas. I figure that if I need to resolve my thoughts on a matter than others do as well, so by putting the articles on this forum, I hope they help others.

But I don’t formally belong to any groups so I can have the freedom to pursue my own path, so that I cannot be accused of indulging in self-serving messages. Once the novel comes out, I may change that, but for the time being, that’s the way it has to be due to the nature of public relations. I support many groups, and I may attend their meetings. However to avoid the accusations of being self-serving, I keep my involvement limited to a supportive role. For me the most supportive role I can think of is to help frame the argument so others can see it clearly, and act on it. I had an open window between projects to offer myself publicly to controversial subjects, and I will have an open window again. But as of now that window is closed. That does not mean I will not write and contribute articles for analysis as I have, but my official spokesman roles for those endeavors will have to be on hold till my window opens once again.

I hope that clears things up for those who were wondering. It is much easier to answer the question this way as opposed to separate emails. When it comes to these kinds of things, constant reinvention of roles is very important so that stagnation does not set in. When you get a chance to work on a project that has national exposure, you take it, because the results will be useful later.


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Called to Greatness: The wonderful work of Josh Charles–Project Freedom Phoenix–coming soon

Continue reading “Called to Greatness: The wonderful work of Josh Charles–Project Freedom Phoenix–coming soon”

The “War on Women”: A complete fiction designed to keep progressives in power

I just received an email from The White House that is rather disgusting and is even further proof that the so-called “war on women” is a simply a collectivists push to unite all women into a voting group dedicated to progressive politics. The strategy being used currently against Tea Party Republicans and other conservatives regarding the upcoming election is the same used against me over the Lakota Levy fight where I called my political enemies Latté sipping prostitutes because they so easily sold themselves to their public school for such a cheap price. The levy supporting women in my community were so enraged that they tried to paint me as though I meant all women with my comments. They did what Obama and his White House are doing now, attempting to pull all women into a thoughtless voting bloc of collectivists who can’t think for themselves. Read the email below as I received it from that same White House.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Do you support equal pay for women?

It’s been nearly 50 years since Congress passed the Equal Pay Act, but today a woman who works full-time still earns just 77 cents for every dollar earned by a man.

That’s not just unfair. When women, who make up nearly half the workforce, bring home less money each day, it means they have less for the everyday needs of their families. That’s bad for kids, it’s bad for communities, and it’s bad for the entire country.

So President Obama is supporting the Paycheck Fairness Act, which is designed to update the Equal Pay Act of 1963 and help close the pay gap. Congress is scheduled to vote on the legislation this week.

To help raise awareness of pay discrimination and make it clear that it is a problem with serious consequences, we’ve put together a series of e-cards to highlight the issue.

Pick your favorite, then email it to your friends or share it online:



I could argue those facts in great detail. There are a lot of factors that go into any discrepancies in pay seen. I would say from experience that in today’s world, if a man and a woman are going after the same job and both are equally qualified; the woman will get the job. The world that the White House is talking about where there is a war against women simply does not exist in reality. Only in the minds of old hippies and progressive advocates is there a “war on women.”

The “war on women” is a complete fabrication with no merit. It’s made up to advance socialist political philosophies. It’s that simple. It’s a social desire that belongs on the muddy grass at Woodstock in the 60’s with all the left over drug paraphernalia.

Matt Clark at WAAM covered this “war on women” recently on his radio broadcast in Ann Arbor, Michigan. His broadcast digs deeper into this rather sad political stunt that is simply a distraction designed to stuff ballots at the voting booth.

This kind of garbage will continue until women begin to be honest with themselves, and start to act as individuals instead of a voting bloc. The “war on women” is a complete fiction and is in the same category as the “global warming” movement. Both are progressive platforms designed to distract voters into emotional decisions, and are predatory upon the sanctity of women everywhere. To cast all women into a collective pool is an insult they should be angry with, and to allow The White House to use them for yet another power grab is disgusting. Yet it continues, and will until voters stop it at the ballot box. Because until then, predatory politicians like Barack Obama and his minions of evil will continue to use emotional ploys and reactionary rhetoric to steer a voting bloc they have little respect for, but for a mark in their corner during elections.


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Lakota East Teacher Charged in Prom Ticket Theft: Report from FOX News

I published my story Saturday about the Lakota East teacher who stole the prom ticket money after the Cincinnati Enquirer decided to run it and Darryl Parks covered it on 700 WLW that morning.  You can read that  story by CLICKING HERE.  But I’d like to congratulate the Lakota administration and their fine staff of tax addicted advocates for making Fox News, The Huffington Post, and The Washington Post.  Bravo………very good.  You did a lot of my campaign work for me.  Now the entire nation knows what kind of employees Lakota spends the hard-earned tax payer’s money on.  Check the links below to see for yourself:




I wonder who tipped off the AP Wire to get that story out?  Can’t imagine how that happened………………..Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.  I wonder if any of the school board members will put this story on their Facebook pages?

If you want the latest and greatest of this story, Channel 9 has some great coverage of the details.  You can view that here:


More to come!


This is what people are saying about my new book–Tail of the Dragon

Just finished the book and am sweating profusely. Wow, what a ride !!!  Fasten your seat belts for one of the most thrilling rides ever in print.

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Lakota Teacher Accused of Stealing from Kids: $800 looted from prom tickets

Yes you heard it correctly, a Lakota East teacher who made more than $65,443 per year, (Yes, she’s on my list CLICK HERE TO SEE FOR YOURSELF) stole $800,00 from the prom fund. Well, she resigned this week and Lakota attempted to put a nice spin on the situation by stating that they were cooperating with the Butler County Sheriff Department. You can read the article from The Cincinnati Enquirer here:


My sources from deep inside the Lakota administration have informed me that this economics-psychology teacher is now in the psych ward at a hospital and a family member has returned $160 of the $800 stolen. So there appears to be some deep problems with this particular teacher.

But just remember when Lakota attempts to pass another levy to pay for their inflated union contracts protecting teachers who are hiding behind the protective blanket of organized labor–that the teachers are far from being perfect, and I’d argue that most of them aren’t even close to being worth over $65K per year in just salary. This particular teacher made over $65,000 on the 2011 report and wasn’t hurting for money. Yet she put herself in a position to appear to be helping students who were having trouble getting into the prom, and pocketed the money and for that she has resigned.

The kids at the school were the first to break this story and many of us had the details much of the week. I held on to the information until I had multiple confirmations. So I’m not particularly impressed when Superintendent Mantia said “We take all matters involving potential illegal activity very seriously. We acted with urgency to handle this situation appropriately. We are cooperating fully with the (Butler County) Sheriff’s office.” Well—duh! What else would she think would be expected of her and her teachers.

There has been a lot of very bad behavior reported about teachers and principals at Lakota and other schools at this site. But continuously, the administration at Lakota continues to show that they have the same kind of control over their teachers as they do with their budgets—which is to say—none at all. In Lakota teachers feel they can do anything they please, and nobody cares, until they get caught.

I shudder to think about how much my old buddy Elliot Grossman charged Karen (Mantia) for that little quote in the Enquirer. One can only guess. You can see Elliot’s billing sheets to Karen by CLICKING HERE where the details of the $90,000 payout to Laura Kursman was dealt with. That incident involving the payout which cost $100,000 only occurred a few months ago. Lakota is such an exciting school, payoffs to former PR Directors, teachers stripping down children in the classroom and taking pictures of them, teachers seducing parents of students, and now teachers scalping prom tickets and pocketing the money. Wow, that sounds like a great social institution!

To me it sounds like a joke that only the misfits and social apologists are laughing at.

Enjoy your lattés!


This is what people are saying about my new book–Tail of the Dragon

Just finished the book and am sweating profusely. Wow, what a ride !!!  Fasten your seat belts for one of the most thrilling rides ever in print.

While you wait for Tail of the Dragon, read my first book at Barnes and Nobel.com as they are now offering The Symposium of Justice at a discount which is the current lowest price available.

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Wicked Games: The 9/11 Conspiracy and guilty parties–“Fire Walk with Me”

Warning–some of this material is very abstract, but I include it because abstract understanding is needed to comprehend the depth of deception involved in the 9/11 Conspiracy.  I would highly suggest watching every video below in great detail even if their immediate meanings cannot be realized at first impression.  I received a note from a good friend and frequent reader here at Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom about my thoughts of the many rumors swirling around the whole 9/11 issue, which falls into the realm of conspiracy theory. I try not to speculate on things that do not have observable facts, but in the case of the 9/11 tragedy, there are many trends that have emerged that conveniently support the kind of world many fear is becoming a global-wide totalitarian government and correct context is needed to understand. The length of that context would require some back story which took time to build at this site so proper explanations could be provided as to my thinking on the matter. For ease of your mind dear reader I provide four documentaries today for you to study intensely. It is because of documentaries like these and blog sites like this one that the federal government wants to control the internet, because they don’t want the “masses” to have access to these stories. The government has worked very hard for half a century to create a “compliant” society and they thought they had this 9/11 situation in the bag by making it a conspiracy theory by way of study and placing all those who question the facts of 9/11 under the derogatory name of “truther.” But as we’ve seen recently, even the White House is openly playing the conspiracy game by releasing a fake birth certificate under pressure from Donald Trump so that they could attempt to paint Trump as a “birther,” and eliminate him as a presidential threat. However, the document the White House produced was in fact a fake, and for reasons only they can answer, continue to hide the truth of the President’s birth with shadow games instead of frankness—most likely to conceal their real intentions that are much more sinister.

Most people are not as manipulative as the characters involved in the stories described here today, and they don’t want to believe that these things are possible. This is by design of course; as most of us were trained as children in the public education system and it was under this system that “name calling” first shaped our thoughts. In public education peer groups are established to divide up our population into voting blocs that can be easily controlled, and this too is by design. Public education is not about preparation for college academics, or learning to read, write, or study history. It’s about learning which peer group one belongs to. One learns by coercion between peer groups—name calling, forcible conflict, etc, so that under an animalistic pecking order mentality, the human mind finds its place in the chain of command of social group behavior.

Many of the players in public education who simply hold a job do not understand that this was always the goal of public education, and they too, do not want to believe such things—but the Department of Education established under Jimmy Carter in 1979 and experienced its first years under Ronald Reagan made it very clear what the role of public education was on American society. Mass control of peer groups was one of the objectives. Listen to the second in command at the Department of Education under Reagan to hear these things for yourself. (CLICK HERE)

One of my favorite filmmakers, David Lynch has put his name to the films both above and below about 9/11 truth. I enjoy Lynch’s films for all the reasons I love Finnegan’s Wake by James Joyce, it’s because Lynch looks behind the scenes at the motivating factors behind the human mind. He did this with the Twin Peaks films to great effect. I personally think Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me is the scariest movie I have ever seen in my life. It is my kind of horror film and requires a certain development in the mind to understand. I showed this movie to my children at ages 9 and 10 years old so that they would understand how to see things in society by reading the codes of behavior patterns. That film is also why Chris Isaak is one of my favorite musical performers. You can see one of my favorite scenes at the 4:30 second mark below where Chris Isaak, David Lynch and Kiefer Sutherland get a message. David Lynch, the director, is the one who delivers the message. The translation of that message follows in the next scene. It is one of the great puzzle works in film that few people understand but is quite remarkable. Everything in the movie means something, just like in real life so I will place some of my favorite moments of this great film throughout this post to entice further review.

Lynch is also the director of two other movies I love, Wild at Heart and Blue Velvet. Lynch deals with the dirt under the grass in his films, and it requires a clear understanding of an intellectual aptitude to grasp. Unfortunately for many of us, that aptitude is robed from society during their public education years—and it’s done on purpose. Thus, my desire to see public education replaced in favor of a more competitive model not run by a government controlled monopoly and the Department of Education.

If David Lynch is involved in a project I tend to give it attention, and his thoughts about 9/11 mirror my own. So let’s take a dark journey down the rabbit hole together dear reader and study the dirt below the grass involving the tragedy of 9/11. Like most things in the human world there are layers of truth and layers of deceit. Few people in the process are privy to all the layers so that they can have reliable deniability, which is how good people unknowingly pave the way for evil. The architects of this deceit protect their mechanisms by the built-in characteristics of derogatory name calling, so to keep the human herd in check and under control.

I have a good example of this process that I personally went through just a few weeks ago, where I called a group of school levy supporters here at Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom “latté sipping prostitutes” which created a personal media firestorm against me as my political opponents cut up my comments and assembled them in a way to attempt to convince the city of Cincinnati that I was a “woman hater.” So let me explain how the process worked on the microcosm so we can understand how it works at the macrocosm. The school superintendent at Lakota views me as her number one obstacle to obtaining more taxes and bailing out the school from their excessively high union contracts. So between her and the new vice president of our school board they went through all my writing here to find something they could twist around in some way to excite their base. (CLICK HERE FOR THE BACKSTORY) Once they found something they thought they could work with, the VP put it on her Facebook edited in a way to anger her political tag-alongs. Within a few days I began receiving threatening letters and promises that I was going down because I was a woman-hater and they were going to run me out of their community. The progressively educated superintendent and VP knew that women are a bloc voting group and have been trained to behave similarly at the ballot box. If stirred up in manipulative ways women voters can be steered to act as a collective. This is why President Obama is attempting to use Planned Parenthood to win over women voters. Women voters in politics are viewed similarly as the black vote, and the Latino vote. They aren’t respected as individuals, but as a group collective. So the superintendent assumed that if she could get the women of the community against me by twisting my comments around on me, then I would lose their votes in the next election. So the politics of our local school assumes that women will all vote together in spite of the facts if a common enemy to their social welfare can be identified. By attempting to make me into that enemy, the superintendent hedged her bets that I would be removed from the political debate of the next tax increase.

Oddly, the media, all of whom know me very well, played right into the act because the accusation of hating women is very difficult to overcome once it’s established. My comments about latté sipping prostitutes were aimed at a specific group of levy supporters as my way to identify their reckless behavior in our community and my opinion of their merit. But the words were turned to attempt to paint me as a sexist and a woman-hater, and many independent parties jumped on the bandwagon of emotion to arrive at conclusions that were clearly false—but became a reality in public opinion. The superintendent did not participate in the scandal by order of The Department of Education or the teachers unions all of whom salivate daily that I might be silenced. She did it on her own out of her own self-preservation. But ultimately the superintendent is a product of her teaching, which goes back to the modes of thinking established at The Department of Education. So without realizing what piece of the puzzle she was, the superintendent acted out her part of the conspiracy against a threat to the education system—in this case, me. There were many hands in the conspiracy, but none of them sat in a meeting and said, “Let’s take Rich Hoffman down by doing this.” They simply played the system as it was built-in all of us at a primal level of deductive reasoning. The players involved hoped they could win the next election by simply calling me a name, so they utilized the system of manipulation and hoped the results worked in their favor.

With 9/11 the same derogatory methods are conjured up to steer people away from giving any credence to conspiracy theories that fall outside of the official commission report released on the matter. The public is supposed to blindly accept that the government was able to admit its own failure in allowing terrorists to train in Florida and to get on airplanes hijacking them to run into the World Trade Center to destroy the symbols of the American economy. And we are supposed to believe that a religious extremist living in some desert mountains with a porn addiction came up with the elaborate plan all on-his-own, and that the same man was able to evade United States punishment for over a decade thereafter while Google Earth was photographing every inch of the planet for casual surveillance. (Just imagine what type of surveillance the CIA has.) And it wasn’t like bin Laden was found in the mountains of the Himalayas or somewhere in the back country of Siberia, he was found in Pakistan, where he was rumored to be all along. We are also supposed to believe that once he was killed, he was dumped quickly at sea without a lot of media attention to honor his religion, which most people accepted without question.

Let’s assume all that is true—let’s also look at what we know. 9/11 eroded the freedoms greatly in America by creating the Department of Homeland Security and the controversial TSA. American debt has skyrocketed since 2001 because of 9/11 which was one of the intended objectives from our enemies—to slowly bleed America of its economic lifeblood. We also know that Muslim extremists have infiltrated our government at many levels; we know that a Shadow Party is working behind the official parties, and we know there are many things wrong with the current president’s eligibility which isn’t even being dealt with. We have seen the Obama administration openly mislead the public over the birth certificate issue. Just this last week the Obama administration attempted to paint a picture of the validity of the congress ran by Nancy Pelosi as it shoved through a Health Care Bill under much controversy and ran up a tremendous national debt and spoke about why the Supreme Court should respect congress by upholding his Health Care Law, but turned around and also stated that he—the president—would by-pass congress with executive orders for the good of the country and that the economy was congresses fault under John Boehner, which are obvious misstatements and attempts at manipulation—if not out-right lies. We know that sleeper agents from the former KGB have infiltrated our government and helped shape the hippie movement in our nation infecting American college campuses with desires for communism. We also know that labor unions at the leadership level are attempting to fulfill the objectives of Socialist International. And we know that several billionaire philanthropists, namely Warren Buffett and George Soros are looking to get even more personal wealth through using the influence of the Shadow Party to use the “green movement” of global socialism (progressivism) to fulfill their personal portfolio strategies. Buffet’s railroad benefited from Obama’s maneuver to not build the Keystone Pipeline, and Soros benefited from the United States policy against drilling and instead investing in Brazilian oil which Soros owns. (ALL OF THIS IS COVERED AT THIS SITE FOLKS. IF YOU WANT TO READ THE ARTICLES FROM THE PAST JUST GOOGLE OVERMANWARRIOR’S WISDOM, THEN A FEW KEY WORDS FROM THIS PARAGRAPH) There’s simply too many articles to hotlink them all.

So is it so hard to believe that members of this Shadow Party manipulated the events of 9/11 to their advantage? It isn’t to me. I believe that radical fundamentalists who hated America did train in Florida to end their lives by running commercial planes into the World Trade Center. But I also believe they had little birds whispering in their ears all along. I do not believe President Bush had his hand in the conspiracy, and I doubt any one member of the CIA or FBI did either. I believe there were a lot of games being played behind the scenes to study the terrorist behavior of these radical cells, and I believe that some of the games within the games were where the evil originated. I don’t believe those terrorists on those planes acted alone, but it was the whispers from the Shadow Party that fed money to both political parties who is at fault, and nobody points the finger at them, because society is in denial of the Shadow Party’s very existence—how can you blame something that doesn’t exist? You must first come to terms with that dire fact before you can place the blame for a tragedy upon their necks.

It is obvious by how government expanded after 9/11 that there was a mind behind the tragedy ready to leap. The plan was already in the works and the puppet presidents of Bush and Obama simply needed to maintain the figurehead role of signing bills as their advisors instructed them of what to do. This culminated in perhaps the most evil piece of legislation ever passed through our government, the NDAA Act signed into law on New Year’s Eve, 2011 and being announced the morning of New Years Day 2012 as America prepared to watch the last of its big college football games for the year. The overwhelming support by most federal politicians and the double-talk by President Obama convinced me that much of what was shown in the movies above is 95% real. I think maybe 5% is unproven speculation.

So you know that you have been attacked, not just by some enemy from across the ocean, but by people who you employ as a tax payer. You are their boss, yet you do nothing about it. And to keep you from learning more, they are working very hard to shut down your freedom to the internet so you can’t read articles like this one, and watch movies like the ones shown here.

The goal of an aggressor, just like my situation described at the beginning of this article is to cast an aspersion toward a threat and force that threat to react in a predictable manner. Once a manipulator understands the basics of human reaction the aggressor can always control a threat by forcing them to reveal their defense. In the case of 9/11 threats are isolated by the term “truther.” If the members of the Shadow Party were not concerned about these theories, they would not be looking to shut down the speculation by controlling internet content and other avenues of conspiracy theory. It was Cass Sunstein who recently proposed that conspiracy theories be removed from public speech altogether, that coming from the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs under President Obama. Without question Cass and his kind view such wild speculation as being destructive to his goals in government. But what Cass and his kind don’t understand is that it may well be that the people who pay his salary with tax dollars may not want the kind of goals he has for government. We don’t want to be misled with silly tokens of information and driven like cattle into a pin of governments design. And that is what has happened with 9/11.

Yes, there is more to the story. I’d go so far to say that there is a lot more to the story, and much of that story is buried deep under the grass. But if you develop the ability to think, and to function outside of the controlled responses established in public education and free your mind to all possibilities, not just the ones given to you by those who desire to be your princes and kings, then the real truth is within grasp—and the truth about 9/11 is that airplanes ran into the World Trade Center and killed a lot of people, wrecked our economy, and terrorized our people into giving up their freedoms in the name of safety—which was the goal of our enemies. But the truth that has not been told is that all the enemies of that action did not perish in the crash, or were not captured in Pakistan and dumped into the sea quickly to be removed from public debate. No, the other enemies who number in the thousands are still hidden in the grass and they still plot the complete destruction of the United States of America in favor of a one world government with open borders from one nation to the next. And the political rule of that world government will be progressive in the mode of Socialist International. The United States is under attack from foreign and domestic enemies because we are the only free country on earth, and we are in the way of this world dictatorship. And the attack of 9/11 was designed to bring America to its knees within two decades, and we are well on our way to complete destruction now. No, the enemies did not perish but still reside in the grass hidden from the eyes of reality. They hide in plain sight because our minds have been trained not to see them, and this is how they do their menace.

9/11 was a tragedy, but it’s not nearly as catastrophic as losing the last free country on earth as a result of our sadness. Just like with a school levy tax increases, or any political maneuver, the bullies of the world seek to steal from you something that is yours in personal freedom by flooding your mind with sadness and fear to provoke you to act as they intend you to. And that is what 9/11 was all about and why it continues to do its work as the American consciousness is not able to grapple with the magnitude of constitutional infractions that followed in the years thereafter and continue to escalate under our own funding through taxation. The belief that people could not be so bad and sinister is proving the menace to our nation correct—that people refuse to see what is right in front of their face because the facts are just too difficult to comprehend. Unfortunately, freedom is not fit for such cumbersome minds, only tyranny and eternal slavery as those who surrender logic to the aggressors of terror will soon discover.

David Lynch, the director of Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me, my favorite horror film of all time, is a suitable link to this story. His appearance in Invisible Empire is rational if you take into account his construction of the story Twin Peaks. That particular film is essentially the fictional story of the murder of Laura Palmer, a tortured young woman who is haunted by characters in her life driven by inner demons. In the last video clip showed above, it is in this scene that Laura has realized that the man who has been raping her since she was a little girl is not the wild man “BOB” who she thought hid behind her dresser in her bedroom. Her actual rapist has turned out to be her father, Leland. So in that particular scene Laura’s mind had just been shattered when she is forced to acknowledge that the character Bob was an invention of her own imagination, because she couldn’t deal with the trauma that her molester was in fact her father.

Leland knows that his daughter has discovered this and fears that she might reveal the nature of their relationship to the outside world where Leland is a respected member of the Twin Peaks community. Leland has managed to keep his daughter quiet all these years of night-time rapes by scaring her with displays of power. Leland attempts to put Laura back into that fearful state by commanding her to wash her hands before she eats, in an obvious attempt to gain control of her mind. The tragedy of Twin Peaks is that Laura can no longer stay in a state of ignorance because she has learned too much. So her father kills Laura and dumps her body into a river which is the cause of the FBI investigation in the film. The blue rose shown in the first clip signifies that the case has supernatural implications.

Although Twin Peaks is a fictional scenario, it is a useful piece of fiction in developing the ability of beholding many difficult concepts at the same time so that a story can be pieced together. And this ability is needed to understand the mystery behind 9/11. The destruction of the World Trade Center was a “FALSE FLAG” operation implemented by fanning the flames of radical Islam into achieving the ultimate goal of destroying building 7, for reasons we have no way of understanding without more evidence. While the World Trade Center was a massive target that overwhelmed the minds of America, there simply wasn’t any room to deal with the impact of the losing Building 7. And that was the objective behind the minds that fanned the flames and set up the circumstances for the terrorists to climb in the “open window” and carry out their deeds of murder. While the Taliban justifiably took all the blame, the forces that left the window open so to speak—moved to their next planned phases of destroying the United States Constitution one emergency law after another and putting the United States into an economic tailspin.  (To understand the method behind overloading the mind of a victim with so much information that they won’t see the threats coming at them CLICK HERE.  There is actually a science to this stuff that our enemies exploit.  It’s important that you know this because it is used on you daily.)

Like Leland in the film Twin Peaks who is raping his daughter night after night and seeks to keep it a secret by torturing her mind with incredible abuse, the government has harassed 9/11 truthers for years, and it is in their action of harassment that the governments guilt is revealed. All one has to do to see it is to look at all the pieces and admit to themselves that a trusted loved one is in fact the villain of their lives. And many Americans can’t see who torments them because they can’t bring to their minds the crushing reality that their trusted officials aren’t so trustworthy, the experience is life shattering—just as it was for the fictional Laura Palmer. Laura couldn’t admit that her father was raping her, and most Americans can’t admit the same of their government. You cannot understand the nature of 9/11 if you just look at the facts that you are presented with in the fashion the aggressors present. You have to look at the entire picture and the symbols behind the symbols to understand the true meaning of things, because that is how our enemies operate.

But remember, they are still our employees and the reason they do this all in secret is because they don’t want their boss—the American people—to find out. All this secrecy means that they do recognize that if their boss finds out they’ll be in big trouble, so it is not they who hold the cards of power, all the government holds is the ability to invoke fear to keep their secret quiet. So as people say to me—you can’t say that about the government—I say, why not? They are not my rulers. I don’t owe them anything, and if they have made deals with Islamic radicals and attempted to destroy the American economy, it is they who are the bad guys, not me. I have no explanations to make to anybody. It is they who have the blood on their hands and who have committed extraordinary crimes and attempted to hide the murders with further harassment. That is why eventual confrontation is imminent, not because people like me asked for it. All I’ve done is work hard and pay my taxes to a government I expected to work on my behalf. But instead this government has used my labor, and my property to steal my value for aims I do not support and sought to undermine my country on my back. It is they who have the explaining to do, not me—and certainly not any “birthers,” “truthers,” or “latté sipping prostitute accusers.” People have a right to know the truth and if there are factions who expect evil to be paved on the backs of the good, those factions have a hard reality coming their way very soon. Harassment and fear are not acceptable methods for concealing the truth.  It is a wicked game that has been played on the American people, but the game is far from over, and we have not yet lost–only come to realize that we are playing against cheaters who will do anything to win. 

Oh–you want more proof? You think I’m kidding you? You think all this is a conspiracy, because the knowledge is not convenient? Then read what’s at the link below and you’ll see how it was all set up in 1958 to create the world we are finding ourselves dealing with today. I’ve made it easy for you. All you have to do is look for yourself.


Rich Hoffman

Old Men Wondering What Happened: The Payday of The Great Society

Even though I am still angry over the coverage by the two guys in the video below, and their involvement in repealing Issue 2 in Ohio, I couldn’t help but be a bit touched by these two men who are both in their 60’s and are wondering now in 2012 what happened to America. What happened to the Great Society of Lynden B. Johnston and the dreams of John F. Kennedy? What happened to the America of the late 50’s and 60’s when Bill Cunningham of 700 WLW and Sheriff Jones of Butler County where just starting out in their adulthoods? Where are the promises? Where are the benefits? What happened to America? Listen to their very heartfelt discussion here.

Millions upon millions of college graduates are discovering that they were lied to. In the early 1990’s when Ross Perot was declaring that there would be a “giant sucking sound” when NFTA was signed is the America we are currently in. Taxes and regulations have pushed businesses to other countries. America has been positioned by several globalists’ presidents starting with George Bush Sr., then Bill Clinton, then George Bush Jr., and now Obama to pull America into a world ruled by the U.N., and that has taken away the paper factories in Hamilton, that Sheriff Jones was talking about. The unions killed the automotive industry too, which also used to be in Hamilton. In fact, most of the technical jobs that America used to be good at are gone, now overseas while the foolish government schools encouraged an entire generation represented by Cunningham and Jones to become doctors, lawyers, and politicians.

And America shows what a country made up of lawyers looks like as litigation is at an all time high. There are so many doctors that they’ve had to invent diseases to convince people to use their services. And politics is a travesty upon the American philosophy and for all practical purposes is a complete joke that has no respect of the people the politicians represent. Greedy professors at universities have demanded higher and higher wages, many of them making over six figures and for doing what? Then to pay for these dangerous, ideological academics, public colleges have had to increase their tuition rates to extraordinary amounts breaking the back of the parents who just want to send their kids to the colleges to get a decent education. But that’s not what’s happening. All the creation jobs are moving overseas, America only has service jobs to offer these students coming out of high school and college, and those service jobs do not pay what the kids were promised when they racked up a $100K tuition bill.

The Great Society of the LBJ’s and FDR’s were an incomprehensible failure and the results are pouring in. Only one generation of that Great Society did well with the inventions against the Constitution that those Presidents engaged in to deliver our society to the circumstance it is currently in. The jobs are gone because the looters and lawyers drove them away. The high expectations of all the college graduates who want their own office in a plush environment, and end up in a cubical working for yet another financial firm selling 401 K plans that are virtually worthless in a market controlled by socialist tendencies, have proven irrefutably catastrophic. There are not enough skilled workers now who know how to weld, how to turn a wrench, or to tap a bolt. America let The Great Society and the liberal teachers of government education to teach our young to not change their own oil in their cars, to not put roofs on their homes, or even fix a dishwasher. We have an entire generation of young people who don’t even know what to do with a hand tool. In fact, it’s considered fashionable to not know how to handle a hammer, or drive home a nail. We have social engineering in public education to thank for that. Young people are more interested in their sexual orientation rather than being concerned about developing an actual skill they can use.

I was working with group of engineers the other day, young people right out of college and we were pulling a threaded bushing out of a tooled surface. The thing had wedged in place and could not be removed with any idea passed around the group. I approached and wondered what the holdup was and they told me of their dilemma. I pulled out my Leatherman tool off my belt and grabbed hold of the bushing after tapping it a few times with a brass hammer, and twisted in increments with a technique I learned years ago in a machine shop. The bushing came loose and the young engineers were looking at the Leatherman like I held some thunderbolt from the heavens. They were utterly perplexed at how easy it was to remove the bushing.

That is why America is failing. Kids have learned all the wrong things. Their values are wrong. Their intentions are wrong. And their ability to adapt is severally handicapped with an education given to them by the same greenie weenies who wish for America to become just another state in the United Nations. America has been robbed of its wealth in money, technology and business. But it has also been robbed of its common sense, and has trained its youth to be service oriented instead of skilled. Sadly those things happened to America on the watch of the two guys speaking above. Their conversation is like the many thousands of similar conversations going on all over the country right now among the same demographic age group, they are asking, “What went wrong. Why didn’t we see this coming?”

The generation of The Great Society didn’t see it coming for the same reasons that we go to a magic show and try and figure out the illusions. The Great Society was intended to deceive and so it did. But the cost of the illusion was not a simple ticket to a show. It was our country, our economy, and our very souls. We have been lied to, and now it hurts to realize it.

I look angrily at this group of people who voted for and supported this Great Society, because they left my generation with a mess to clean up. We have to be the bad guys who must point out all the faults of those foolish presidents who gave away what wasn’t theirs and made promises they weren’t equipped to keep. And people will suffer as a result. Young people will not have the jobs they expected. Going to school will not guarantee a good and stable life where everything that breaks can be hired out to a specialist. Tomorrow’s American will have to be more like the American’s who built the country. They’ll fix their own cars and dishwashers. They’ll grow their own food. They may even make their own cloths. Because the lie of the Great Society that promised a utopia for all the unskilled to gain through academics a respect that would carry them through life has come up for payment, and the debt will prove painful.

America can and will be good again, but not until the young engineers, the grocery store clerk, the banker, and the waitress can learn to use a Leatherman tool to fix a simple problem. It is not in the education and transformation into an academic that makes America strong. It was, and will always be, the ability of the American mind to figure out the solution to problems that leave the overly educated academic reeling for weeks, because their minds were destroyed by the illusions of The Great Society. In the meantime, the old men will ponder what changed in the years gone by, and will feign astonishment at the circumstances of modern America. But the solutions will not be in more of The Great Society, but much less of it, so that individualism can return to the theater of American ingenuity and the skilled hands that manipulate a Leatherman.

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Philosophy, Politics, and Religion: The U.S. Government thinks you are a fool

The two things that we are told not to speak of are politics and religion. Yet it is those two topics that affect virtually every endeavor of human thought. If you want to know who the villains are in our society look at those who tell us not to speak of these things, and you will see your enemy. Those who advocate not speaking of politics and religion are those who are attempting to maintain a monopoly on thought, and seek to be the rulers of your life. For myself, I question everything, and am in love with nothing but the idea of being left to my own devices. So the social mechanisms of the human race are all up for revision. Nothing is sacred if it is not producing the very exceptional at the maximum capacity capable by the human mind.

The current philosophy of America, the one that has been infected with socialism, does not work for the majority of the population. It is an unmitigated failure virtually beyond measure. In fact, the examination of the ineptitude that our current American philosophy is pursuing is so grand that most people just tune it out and leave the matter of adjustment to the very thieves who have perpetuated the candor to the lowest in our society—the politician. To understand just how serious these politicians have infected American society with a philosophy of looting which serves nobody but themselves watch carefully this video which will spell out the situation wonderfully for your inquisitive mind.

At this site there are many radio recordings and videos which show that a majority of the public servants currently serving the United States citizens at Capital Hill have enriched themselves greatly by insider trading. In my opinion these are simple thieves who using a wage provided by the American citizen to do the work of the country have squandered that task away because they function from a looter philosophy that they inherited from this infection of socialism they were raised on in our public schools, and media culture. These con artists ran for office under the premise and promise to uphold the United States Constitution, but once there show the weakness of their inner philosophies, and quickly become common looters of the public treasury. It is because of these types of people of poor quality that communism will never work and the socialism that leads to total communism slowly erodes away the philosophy of every nation with the plague of altruism. Because the human being from even the first moments of life is concerned with its own survival, and an economy that is built upon self-interest will thus be stronger because it was built by people who care for themselves. Those who attempt to pretend that their life has value because of self-sacrifice are fools who lack real life experience as to the motives of mankind.

Beware of the altruistic prophet, the looter of luxury who pretends that they are there to help. They only care to take from you to gain what they lack the ability to make for themselves. A good example of this is Michelle Obama, the current first lady. She is one of those altruistic prophets who says one thing, but does another. A poor quality mind is always easy to spot in such people who believe they are better than they are because the value they apply is derived from what they have managed to loot from public money.

For some insight into this let’s have a look at the first lady’s behavior in the White House, of which we all fund with our taxes. Michelle Obama has more personal staff than any first lady in history. She currently has 22 personal staff to care for her every need and fantasy. Here they are and while reading them, consider what you learned in that first video.

Michele Obama’s personal staff:

One.. $172,200 – Sher, Susan (Chief Of Staff)
Two.. $140,000 – Frye, Jocelyn C. (Deputy Assistant to the President and Director of Policy And Projects For The First Lady)
Three.. $113,000 – Rogers, Desiree G. (Special Assistant to the President and White House Social Secretary for Mrs. Obama)
Four.. $102,000 – Johnston, Camille Y. (Special Assistant to the President
And Director of Communications for the First Lady)
Five.. $100,000 – Winter, Melissa (Special Assistant to the President and Deputy Chief Of Staff to the First Lady)
Six.. $90,000 Medina , David S. (Deputy Chief Of Staff to the First Lady)
Seven.. $84,000 – Lilyveld, Catherine M. (Director and Press Secretary to the First Lady)
Eight.. $75,000 – Starkey, Frances M. (Director of Scheduling and Advance for the First Lady)
Nine.. $70,000 – Sanders, Trooper (Deputy Director of Policy and Project for the First Lady)
Ten.. $65,000 – Burnough, Erinn (Deputy Director and Deputy Social Secretary)
Eleven.. $64,000 – Reinstein, Joseph B.(Deputy Director and Deputy Social Secretary)
Twelve.. $62,000 – Goodman, Jennifer R. (Deputy Director of Scheduling and Events Coordinator For The First Lady)
Thirteen.. $60,000 Fitz, Alan O.(Deputy Director of Advance and Trip Director
For the First Lady)
Fourteen.. $57,500 – Lewis, Dana M. (Special Assistant and Personal Aide to the First Lady)
Fifteen… $52,500 – Mustaphi, Semonti M. (Associate Director and Deputy Press Secretary To The First Lady)
Sixteen.. $50,000 – Jarvis, Kristen E. (Special Assistant for Scheduling and Traveling Aide To The First Lady)
Seventeen.. $45,000 – Lechtenberg, Tyler A. (Associate Director of Correspondence For The First Lady)
Eighteen.. $43,000 – Tubman, Samanth a (Deputy Associate Director, Social Office)
Nineteen.. $40,000 – Boswell, Joseph J. (Executive Assistant to the Chief Of Staff to the First Lady)
Twenty.. $36,000 – Armbruster, Sally M. (Staff Assistant to the Social Secretary)
Twenty-One… $35,000 – Bookey, Natalie (Staff Assistant)
Twenty-Two.. $35,000 – Jackson, Deilia A. (Deputy Associate Director of Correspondence for the First Lady)
(total $1,591,200 in annual salaries)

The looters of our American philosophy wish to strip away our religion and replace it with one of their own design so that they can control us, so that we are easy to steal from. They strip away our philosophy so that they can replace it with their own altruistic example so that we will give up our money to their cause and not cast our eyes in their direction and discard those politicians as useless. As long as they convince us to think in fashions of sacrifice, we will give our wealth to them so they can spend $447.39 on luxurious foods at a New York hotel for an afternoon snack. The looters do this because they are thieves who have no value for the funds they stole, because stealing it is easy. They provide no service that couldn’t be done by you dear reader. But they have stolen your philosophy from you in public education, so you cannot reason for yourself the folly of your ways. They have stolen from you a religion, so that you look to politicians who will spend $150 on Iranian Osetra Caviar as the provider of both religion and philosophy. They will sell to you their image as the prophets for the prices of the taxes that come out of your hard-earned check.

Looters do not have your interest in mind. They simply wish to give you a job to keep you happy and voting in their direction. They wish to hit that magic number of 50% by using your greed against you for their gain. You see, they do not believe in altruism themselves. Not in the least. They wish you to believe it so that they can control you. So you will take your government job, make twice what is made in the market controlled private sector, and you will trade away your freedom for comfort and a vote for their politicians so they can maintain their power base as prophets when in reality they are simply clowns. Want more proof? Look at these connections of nepotism among the political elite centering on the new green initiative. This is just a fraction of what is really going on.

• The Tonopah Solar Company in Harry Reid’s Nevada is getting a $737 million loan from Obama’s DOE.
• The project will produce a 110 megawatt power system and employ 45 permanent workers.
• That costs U.S. Taxpayers just $16 million per job.
• One of the investment partners in this endeavor is Pacific Corporate Group (PCG).
• The PCG executive director is Ron Pelosi who is the brother to Nancy’s husband.

Yes, they think you’re stupid because they stole from you the ability to think. They did this by pilfering American philosophy which can be found in the work of The Federalist Papers and authors John Locke and Ayn Rand. The real criminals are not these politician looters; it is those who do not take advantage of the book store down the road, the television on the History Channel, C-Span, and Discovery Channels. It is those who forgo talk radio in favor of the sweet melody of social propaganda. (Listen to Lady Ga Ga and gawk at her outrageous outfits. She is selling you a philosophy and you accept it with your ears and the glitter of her fashion. She is designed to control your philosophy by album producers who wish to make a profit. The producers and agents of her songs are driven by self-interest, not gay rights, or political splendor. They are driven by self-interest disguised as altruism.)

Working philosophies and religions are out there for your use dear reader, and when you allow the looters to not only rob you of your wealth but of your mind too, you have committed a sin against your legacy.

When death finds you, and you lay in your casket and the small gathering of your family and friends show up to say a few nice words on your behalf, without a strong philosophy they will only have to say that you were a good person who did what people told you to do. You held a government job, paid your bills, and voted for altruistic political candidates who brought joy to the world. But your departed soul and a few wise men and women will know the truth, that you perpetuated tyranny by assisting the looters of America into a crime against mankind that made kings of the weak and victims of the strong.

The death I’m speaking of is not you dear reader, for you are only a cell in the greater body that is sick. The body I speak of that resides in the mentioned casket is America. A country that let it’s philosophy be stripped away from it so that it could become sick and die from within. For anyone who studies sickness knows that for a virus to kill a life, it must destroy first the body’s immune system, and for a country, that immune system is its religion and its philosophy. That’s why both must be discussed often, so that the body can fight off the diseases of looters which seek to plague it. And fear not, philosophy does not need to be laborious and out of your reach. I have went to considerable effort to make philosophy obtainable for a public that are current victims of a looter ruling class, so that those villains might find themselves shortly extinct.

Stay tuned for much, much more.

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Rich Hoffman

Barack Obama: Charts tell the whole story behind PIPA/SOPHA

Special note to the Secret Service, and Homeland Security employees reading this right now, make yourself and the money we are paying you useful by reading the whole thing.  Maybe you’ll learn something. 

It is for postings like this one that the government has initiated PIPA when the Senate returns from the holiday recess, and SOPA by sponsor Rep. Lamar Smith [R, TX-21], who held a marathon, 15+ hour mark-up session on the bill which attempts to shut down websites that are critical of the government.  The government in all branches know they have overstepped their boundaries and are now attempting to gain control of the free flow of information.  As shown clearly on this article, it is these very people who have acted against the United States, and now they wish to hide that information from voters. 

Obama came to Ohio this week and appointed Attorney General Richard Cordray for the presidents newly created Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. (Government just grew a little bit bigger) The problem is Obama used a loophole in the Constitution to fill the appointment to overcome a GOP filibuster of the appointment. The Constitution says a president can appoint officials “with the advice and consent of the Senate.” It continues to say that the president “shall have the power to fill up vacancies that may happen during the recess of the Senate.” This is the trouble when your president is a Constitutional attorney and former teacher who has a radical socialist political philosophy, he will trust his ability to question the wording of the Constitution in the Supreme Court and create case law that will set a terrible precedent that could allow any future president to completely cut the Senate out of the confirmation process.

The president went on the attack the day he appointed Cordray and blamed the GOP for virtually everything wrong with the economy. Obama as it looks to me is functioning from a completely failed political philosophy and is quite dangerous in his radicalism. He has shown great skill at deceiving mass amounts of naive people to his true intentions which can be seen in his actions. His anger at the House and Senate for stalling all his appointments and ideas are part of the checks and balances system the Constitution created to protect American society from such power grabbing, radical presidents. It is proven that America is far better off when politicians are in a stalemate and can do nothing as opposed radical presidents like Obama is now, or Bush, Clinton, LBJ, Kennedy, FDR, Woodrow Wilson, and Teddy Roosevelt were in the past who took great liberties against the Constitution to advance their personal agendas. It is not the role of the president to make for themselves a legacy as a ruler, to have their face put up on a mountainside for their activism. It is their job as president of the United States to protect the Constitution, do their 4 years, and then get the hell out of office and return to civilian life as a productive citizen.

But that’s not what we’re getting. Instead, we get people like Obama who want to rule, not manage the affairs of American society. The media is so impressed with the GOP nomination process and Lady Ga Ga’s outfit on New Year’s Eve and that they are completely unequipped to handle all the events that are coming at them to cover. This is why blog spots like this one have become so popular, because the media isn’t doing their job. In less than 5 days Obama went from signing the NDAA Act on New Year’s Eve right in the middle of many American festivities while nobody was paying attention, which violates the 5th, 6th, and 14th Amendments. Then on Thursday Obama challenges the Constitution again with his appointment of Cordray which is nothing short of an extraordinary and entirely unprecedented power grab that could have a devastating effect on the checks and balances system provided by the Constitution.

Obama then went on to blame everyone but himself for the stagnate American economy as if he had nothing to do with the issue, even though he’s been president for over 3 years now and before he was president it was the congress of his party under Nancy Pelosi who lead congress against a weak Republican president to crash the economy. This is why we must refer to the charts you are seeing all over this page for the truth. The validation of these statistics can be seen at http://www.heritage.org/BudgetChartBook/national-debt-skyrocket

When we have a president who will openly lie and believes he can lawyer himself out of any trouble he might find himself in, then the facts must be presented in the same manner that they would in court. In the future dear reader, you should caution yourself from electing any future lawyers as president, because they do not respect the law as it’s written. They simply manipulate it to suit their liking, which is exactly what president Obama and his entourage of thieves are doing in Washington D.C.

The charts show that at that start of the Obama presidency future generations of taxpayers will be on the hook for even more debt. It’s currently at $31,871 per American. By the year 2032 it will be $103,827 if the spending continues at the current rate.

It is clear looking back all the way to World War II that Obama’s budget has the publicly held debt as a percentage of the economy at 40.3 percent. This is set to increase to 87.4 percent by 2021. That is not a GOP initiative. It’s all Barack Obama, nobody but the very activist socialist himself.

Federal spending has grown even more than ten times faster than median income. From 1979 to the current, median income has only increased by 27 percent while federal spending has increased 299 percent! That cannot continue!!!

Now of course Obama knows there are problems, which is why he’s going after the rich for more taxes because Federal spending has grown much faster than Federal Revenue. Since 1965 spending has increased constantly while revenue has dropped, most recently due to the economic recession. This is why Obama and his society of looters want tax increases because they believe it will cover the gap. They believe this because they are living by a socialist philosophy. They are not capable of understanding capitalism because to them it’s the enemy. The trouble is America was built on capitalism and all the success these looters are enjoying from tax revenue to play these political games was created by the industry of capitalism. The tighter Obama and his administration have clamped down on business, the worse they’ve made the recession. Hey, the charts don’t lie.

The national debt is skyrocketing as the folly of presidents like FDR, LBJ and was expanded by presidents like Obama have runaway spending on Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security and other entitlement programs to occupy 344% of the nations GDP. The out-of-control pace began the moment Obama took office. He can’t hide that. He can attempt to lawyer the opinions of the masses with good feeling testimony but it can’t change the facts which is all over these charts. As a manager of America, Obama will be remembered as a complete buffoon and he knows it. His only hope as a politician is that he will be heralded as an international hero by the United Nations for his work at helping create a global government, but as an American, Obama will be hated for centuries.

If you’ve ever been to court and watched a lawyer work, you know they take the language of a law and present it in a way to manipulate a judge or jury to interpret the law favorable to them. This is what Obama is doing to the American public and a distracted press. He knows he is defending an administration that is being tried in the minds of public opinion for the murder of the American way of life. So like Johnnie Cochran, President Obama is looking for ways to manipulate the law so he can acquit himself of the slaughter. For review about who the defense lawyer Cochran was he’s an American lawyer best known for his leadership role in the defense and criminal acquittal of O. J. Simpson for the murder of his former wife Nicole Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman.[2]
Cochran also represented Sean Combs (during his trial on gun and bribery charges), Michael Jackson, rapper Tupac Shakur, actor Todd Bridges,[3] football player Jim Brown, rapper Snoop Dogg, former heavyweight Champion Riddick Bowe,[4] 1992 Los Angeles riot beating victim Reginald Oliver Denny,[2] and Geronimo Pratt.
He also represented athlete Marion Jones when she faced charges of doping during her high school track career.[5] Cochran was known for his skill in the courtroom and his prominence as an early advocate for victims of police brutality.[1]

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Johnnie_Cochran

Most of us call look at Cochran’s list of clients and remember those cases. Through public opinion we knew that his clients were probably guilty, this is why they hired Johnnie, so they could be freed from punishment for their illegal acts. Most American’s understand this at an innate level, and we know that this is what Obama is doing to America. But many are powerless, just as juries are powerless to stand against the charm of Johnnie Cochran in a court of law over a murder trial and deny the man his arguments, because he’s so good at his job, and so persuasive. Just like Obama is on a stage.

The Founding Fathers because they were good men, I doubt have ever dreamed that there would be people like Barack Obama and Johnnie Cochran who would manipulate the law to the levels we are seeing in modern America. In the times of the Founding Fathers, even the most disgusting tyrants of Europe at least had a code of honor that they lived by. So being soulless parasites was difficult for the founders to imagine, yet in our own time this is what we are faced with. They never fathomed that there would be manipulators of the law like Barack Obama who would attempt to destroy the American Constitution with the parasitic skills of a lawyer to save his own folly by pushing America to over $15 trillion in debt with all the indicators shown in these charts taking America to third world status within the next century.
The United Nations will herald Barack Obama as a hero for uniting the world. They may even build a statue of him and erect it in Geneva higher than the Statue of Liberty. But in America, generations for centuries to come will justifiably despise the President who attempted to make himself king, and used his power to destroy the system that might prosecute him so that he could go free in the end and save himself from the guilt of his crimes. His grabs for power are to hide the guilt we all know about, but are paralyzed by his charm to act.

Obama will be remembered as a con man, as a thief, and as a man who could twist the straight words of the law into a pretzel of his own design. And he will be honored by looters, and hated by the honest. He may have statues and victories under his belt and a legacy of destruction behind him, but when he looks in the mirror it will be Ganghis Kahn and Mussolini that will look back.

It is not because Obama is a bad man, or even an intentionally misleading person. It is because he is a morally challenged human being that has had to cover his failings with extensive work in law to bring the world down to his level that he will be remembered as such a failure. Instead of reaching to be better than he was to become an American, he has sought to dismantle it to fill the voids in his life still percolating from his childhood. He can’t be faulted for the terrible trouble with his parents, his broken childhood which opened many painful fissures in his mind. This led him to cover those faults in his psyche with marijuana and cocaine abuse until he discovered redemption in his law degrees and instead of using the hard drugs to hide from his past he used the law to lower the expectations that the world had for him. And such travesties are the path of many dictatorships throughout the history of the human race. He is the president for the weak, the downtrodden drug abusers, the victims of broken families, which due to lawyers like him are all too common. To the freedom lover, the constitutional purists, he is the dictator. In the end, it will be his attempt to surround himself with the misery that loves so much company that will be the final weapon used to murder America. This murder began with the single quest of Barry Obama to save his own life from his tragic past and allowed himself to be used by the socialist reformers who manipulated the pain of the young man of compromised moral character to transform the world into a tyrannical state.

Obama’s problems were his problems until he drug us all into it with him, and for that he deserves all the criticism he has coming to him.  Obama, his Department of Justice and both Houses on Capital Hill hope to avoid that pain by controlling the internet through their new bills, PIPA in the Senate and SOPHA in the House which is very similar to what they currently have in China. 

For a list of all interests involved in these bills and how much money was spent on which politicians click this link: (They are all together folks)




Rich Hoffman

Constitutional Terrorists Anesthetize America: The result of having too many attorneys in government

Have you ever had an operation where a doctor numbed you or put you to sleep prior to the procedure? If you have, you know why they do it, the trauma of opening up your body and taking things out is often too great to consciously realize. So the doctor anesthetizes you to make the pain less so they can perform the operation. This is similar to what has happened in American culture by producing too many attorneys from our education culture, all of them seeking employment, and through manipulative legal language they anesthetize us while they needlessly operate on our legal system founded by the United States Constitution. It is correctly perceived that lawyers are parasitic occupations that thrive like cockroaches off the garbage of our society. A quick look at our government positions will find that most office holders also hold a degree in law, so when it is discovered that our American culture has spun out-of-control and is no longer what we thought it was, we must examine the BAR Association and the graduates of those law degrees to understand what taught them that it was OK to undermine the American Constitution.

My current favorite show on television is Sons of Guns on the Discovery Channel. The show is about a Gunsmith named Will who operates a gun shop in Louisiana with his daughter and a handful of apprentices who do a lot of custom gun repairs and modifications. I find the show refreshing because it reminds me of my youth where my grandfather gave me my first gun when I was 16. Shooting was a tremendous part of my youth. My first initiation into manhood was with my uncle, grandfather and male cousins when we went on a gun shooting trip to my grandpa’s boyhood home and visited the old moonshine stills he and his father worked in his youth on a property he still owned deep into the Kentucky coal country near the Virginia border. We shot over a $1000 of ammunition that day from my grandpa’s .38 special and his 30/30 deep into the evening. I came back from that trip more of a man than I left at the tender age of 14 and it set me on a course that would last a lifetime.

It’s now my turn to do that for the many young men who look to me for leadership. My son-in-law is now a gun collector even though he comes from the gun grabbing country of England and one of my nephews packs a Glock pistol everywhere he goes as he openly carries it in a holster on his hip. My father-in-law and several other male family members are all very avid gun supporters who shoot regularly as it is generally accepted that practicing in gun related activities is an all-American ritual that is almost as important as pancakes in the mountain town of Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Now my family is not a group of trailer park living ex-moonshiners, but is made up of very successful businessmen who are certainly on the upper middle-class pay scale. They drive Mercedes, BMW’s, and large Ford pick-up trucks and their homes are generally valued in the higher price ranges.

And for those who know me, I am involved in the Western Arts and many of my best friends are trick shooters, quick drawl artists, knife throwers and bull whip specialists. So guns are very important to me. I keep one with me most everywhere I go and I keep one near me within easy reach while I watch television, read and write. Why, because I have a lot of enemies and people have tried to come after me and my family before, and they will do it again, and when that happens, it’s my fault if I’m not ready for them. I don’t go looking for trouble, but it does come looking for me.

This progressive notion that the global, greenie, weenies envision of peace on earth is a half-backed philosophy that has been given to them by the political left and has it’s roots in the European gun grabbing culture that still craves to have kings, queens, and nobles in a hierarchy type of society disarmed and easy to rule. And yes, I have several friends in Europe as well, direct friends of our family, and they do not think like Americans. They honor their queens and princes and do what they are told without question. It’s part of their culture. It is through the education culture that we have seen citizens become prone to the static patterns of socialism within those institutions even if the philosophy isn’t called out by name, the functions are the same. And it is from these pretentious, overly educated, mind numb citizens that this idea that guns are bad was initiated.

As shown in the 45 points from the book The Naked Communist published in 1958 America has been under siege from foreign enemies’ employing a new tactic, subtle cultural manipulation instead of open warfare, and it is through the university system that they have sought to attack, by insisting on an economy that required a college degree and forcing a majority of society to attend these institutions; the communists only had to convert the professors of these colleges to teach socialism to the rest of American society. And in the law schools the trend has been to dismantle the Constitution of the United States through case-law by attorneys, with the aim to destroy American society and using its own people to perform the task.

Consider how important the First Amendment is to American society. To the press it is the paramount portion of the Constitution. It is what allows for the Black Panthers to harass voters at their precincts. It’s what allows for the gay rights community to run around half-naked in parades. The First Amendment is protected because it allows the enemies of America to attack aspects of American culture with impunity. However, the same care is not given to the Second Amendment by the same lawyers who protect the First. The Second Amendment is the right to bear arms. This amendment is attacked as ludicrous by many political attorneys who are serving their role of disarming America with the aim of creating an all-powerful political class, made up almost exclusively of attorneys and former college professors. These attorneys to me are simply constitutional terrorists who have used fear to erode away the rights of the Second Amendment.

This is what the Constitutional Terrorists have done when they recently signed the NDAA Act which as been discussed extensively here. This act is a direct violation of the 5th, 6th, and 14th Amendments of the Constitution. The bill was signed with the premise of fear from terrorists penetrating American society which shouldn’t be a problem if the FBI, and the CIA had done their jobs properly to begin with. So the Department of Homeland Security was created because of government ineptness and the gradual slide into a police state is nearly complete as a result. The attorneys in government read the Constitution and found ways to manipulate the language to justify their domestic terrorism. And these attorneys learned that terrorism was appropriate in law school, where their ideological principles of serving society was shattered with the muddy world of political manipulation where they behave as terrorists of the Constitution.

I know many attorneys personally, and I like them one on one. But I think their profession is that of a looter. They provide virtually no productive contribution to American GDP. I have been to court more times than many people have years on their current lives and have sat in front of so many judges I could never write down all their names. <a title="LaHood Brings Money to Cincinnati: Picking up members of the opposite sex"

href=”https://overmanwarrior.wordpress.com/2011/12/19/lahood-brings-money-to-cincinnati-picking-up-members-of-the-opposite-sex/”>I have seen the legal process up close and personal one too many times and my conclusion is that it is a failed system created by looters to simply rob money from the citizens of the United States. The real criminals are out there and work between the cracks of the legal gray areas. The court system makes a lot of commotion over high-profile murder cases and domestic violence situations because it’s low hanging fruit that gives the illusion that the lawyers and judges are doing something, but in reality it’s just a show to keep public support from looking too closely at what a failure the entire system truly is.

These attorneys learned in law school, subtly, many of them don’t even realize it, to turn the gray areas of the law into any color they want, and that’s what has happened to our Constitution. For proof all anyone needs to look at are the epic abuses of the 10th Amendment, in how the so-called Commerce Clause has been used against that Amendment. See my article on the War with the Constitution here:


The system under the rule of academics and attorneys is irrevocably broken, which is why all the case-law established by the inferior minds of attorneys and judges over the last 150 years must be thrown out and we need to reset everything back to the basic language of the Constitution. This must be done for the primary reason shown in the so-called Supremacy Clause, where attorneys have colored so much gray area of the law with brushes dipped in pink that America might as well be Sweden.

Attorneys, like doctors have learned to anesthetize American society while they operate on the American Constitution taking away piece by piece until there is almost nothing left of our original body. While we are asleep and under their spell we are vulnerable to them, for we might wake up and find they have removed our arms and legs leaving us completely vulnerable to the care of others, which I believe they learned in their law schools. It was always the intention to weaken American society through our teachers, our attorneys and our politicians by the real enemies of our culture to use these professions as inauspicious soldiers to their cause.

That is why it is a relief to my mind to see shows like Sons with Guns doing so well and being enjoyed by so many people. Such shows are wonderful ways to re-teach American culture what the attorneys and politicians have attempted to vanquish from our society through the gray area of the law, which is a manipulation of The Second Amendment in an effort to disarm American society, which isn’t going to happen. My take on the Second Amendment is not one established in the case-law of these Constitutional Terrorists who have attempted to anesthetize American culture through destroying our original law and smudging it with their corrupt fingerprints so that we can no longer read it.

That’s why I tune in to Sons of Guns every Wednesday night on the Discovery Channel! Will, the owner of the gun shop Red Jacket is what America is really about, before the lawyers and politicians screwed up everything. And when the politicians and lawyers stand on their looted yachts in the Caribbean patting themselves on the back for ruining America, it will take those of us with the guns to put everything back together again.



Rich Hoffman