Beetlejuice and the Head-Shrinker: Standing and fighting instead of getting up and leaving

What’s going on with conservatives? Aren’t they all like Mitch McConnell asks the modern progressive loser working in government, bowing to the feet of the United Nations, and has always had globalism as the sovereign idea for the future of humanity? No, they were never like Mitch McConnell, Mitt Romney, or Liz Cheney. The Cheney family, the Bush family, the McCains, the Portmans, and other similar political figures have been propped up to represent the conservative side without actually representing anybody but liberals. And there aren’t that many real liberals in the world; not once people started really talking to each other. Instead, Republicans are more like the witch doctor at the end of the great, funny movie from the 80s, Beetlejuice. You might remember when Beetlejuice was in the afterlife at the end of the movie, and he had a long wait in the receptionist lobby for his appointment with the everlasting. But next to him is a head-shrinker who will be called next. So Beetlejuice steals his number by tricking him into cutting in line. The behavior of Beetlejuice in that movie is how I see Democrats, takers, ostentatious imposers of time and money upon the world around them. And Americans, real Americans, are tired of them and want to do to them what that head-shrinking witch doctor did to Beetlejuice upon realizing that the guy had just stolen our ticket. The witch doctor simply sprinkles some dust over Beetlejuice’s head; just like that, his head shrinks to close out the movie with a funny ending. That’s where America is with globalism and the sorry, loser Republicans who have helped it along.

This issue hasn’t been addressed before in America because conservatives have always responded to liberalism by moving away. You can see the trend clearly if you have watched real estate values over the years. Where liberals move to, conservatives move away to get away from them. It’s even more evident in crowded movie theaters. You might notice that few people ever choose to sit next to someone else if they don’t have to. Americans like their space and their personal freedoms, so when given the option to turn the other cheek and leave, they usually do. Conservatives never choose to sit down next to a heavily tattooed, blue-haired liberal covered in body piercings and to start conversing with them. Instead, they’ll do what they need to do to be as far away as possible from them. When those types of people start moving from one place to another, conservatives pack up and leave. Only now, we live in a time where there really isn’t any place to go. Traveling a lot around the country, you can see this condition  most apparent in places like Austin, Texas. Liberals have been encouraged by radical progressives like George Soros and many like him to invade conservatives in their home areas and attempt to convert them to liberalism or make them move away so that liberals can take over the local government in those areas. Those areas then become blue areas, states, or cities, and then start the process of personal destruction because Democrats take over those governments. 

Now there isn’t anywhere to go. People have moved, turned the other cheek, and are now red with the slaps. And Republicans have not represented them the way they sold themselves. Real Republicans are tired of having Beetlejuice continuously stealing their number and cutting in line, playing them for suckers. So they are fighting back; they are turning toward Trump, who fights back the way they want conservatives always to do. And that is why voters are picking Trump-backed candidates in the upcoming election over traditional offerings. That’s why political machine families like Liz Cheney are suddenly ineffective. They never represented conservatives, but Democrats knew if those people were in government, it would be easy to destroy conservatives any time they wanted.

For many years people just tried their best to ignore politics and its influence over their lives. But eventually, it was just Beetlejuice and the witch doctor sitting alone in that lobby of the afterlife, and everything was going to come to a head, which is where we find ourselves now. Republicans want their party back. They don’t want to keep moving and avoiding Democrats wherever they appear. Aside from moving into space, there isn’t anywhere in the world anymore to get away from the globalist goals of Democrats, so finally, the idea of standing and fighting is part of the conservative view. Ten years ago and beyond, conservatives might have said about their liberal instigators, pray for them, wish them well. Then they would go to their homes in rural America and give themselves space to deal with Democrats, and it worked so long as they could get away from them. But not anymore. Now the Democrats are moving all over the country like the disease they are, destroying healthy tissue in government whenever possible. It’s what they do; it’s all they do.

Fortunately, there really aren’t that many Democrats, which will become very obvious if America moves to paper ballots and a one-day election as they have in France. All the early voting that Democrats want and the mail-in considerations have only opened the door for massive cheating, which has obviously been going on for a long time, and in giving the impression that Democrats were even with Republicans in real numbers among the population density. In actuality, there is only one Beetlejuice in a roomful of Republicans. There really aren’t that many loser liberals out there, which becomes apparent when you see a voting map of America where only a few blue areas show concentrated in large cities and their surrounding counties, while the rest of the nation is overwhelmingly red. In the past, conservatives would just sell their property and move to leave behind their homes to incoming Democrats. They’d move to Florida or wherever liberals weren’t and hoped to avoid dealing with Democrats in any way possible, just as they do in crowded movie theaters. But a point comes where people realize there is nowhere to go, so they are turning their need for change toward the Republican Party as a whole and replacing the kind of candidates that represent them. And that is what is at the heart of the MAGA movement. People are tired of their own version of Beetlejuice and want retaliation for Democrats always stealing their stuff. And they want to fight back, finally and fully. That means Fox News has lost its audience. The Chamber of Commerce’s view of the world has lost its grip on mass populations. And publishing is obviously making a turn; the books that are selling are not the memoirs of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan as they used to be. It’s The Great Reset by Alex Jones and news about the Trump White House by Jarad Kushner. And people will go wherever Trump is on social media because they want the head-shrinker who will retaliate against Beetlejuice and defend conservative values instead of always being a sucker to liberals. Sure, there is panic among traditional media and the leaders of political parties. It’s scary to have their head shrunken by an angry conservative. But it’s the wave of the future and will just get more intense as people stop doing what they have done for years, and that is to get up and leave. When there is nowhere to go, standing and fighting are the only and next option.

Rich Hoffman

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Where is the Sheriff Jones Press Conference: Just ask your friendly Neighborhood Lakota School Board Member

Matt Miller of Lakota schools has been very open about trying to get rid of political enemies as he did Todd Parnell over woke politics during bad conduct among the student population, then again with Darbi Boddy when she showed up unannounced to take pictures on the walls of CRT teachings reported there. In both cases the Lakota superintendent, Matt Miller took action to force resignations, which was an insult to the people who voted for those representatives. He acted in a way that showed disregard for what damage might occur to those personalities and what it might cost them professionally or personally. That might seem fair in love and war, but when he stumbles on things, he shouldn’t expect people to treat him lightly. After a messy divorce, some of the documents from that divorce have been revealed by his ex-wife, and many within the Lakota school district have now seen what those documents say. He might say she’s crazy, as a lot of men do about their ex-wives as they try to move on after a previous marriage, but from what she has said about him, it’s clear that we need as a community to check it out. At the very least, the superintendent owes the tax-paying public an explanation that explains away what she has been saying with written testimony. I’ve never been a big fan of Matt, and always thought his $200,000 salary was too much and thought a less expensive person could quickly replace him. That evidence reported by his ex-wife was turned over to the police because it went well beyond politics and community gossip but straight to matters that only law enforcement should be dealing with. There were text messages which came from his phone with entire conversations on them where really bad things were talked about. They were screenshots taken by his spouse. The Lakota school board now has possession of much of this material in addition to many more items that are now public record and are available upon request. Could they be fake, perhaps, that was for the police to correspond through an investigation, which they have been conducting? I reminded everyone involved, which was a growing list of angry people made that way by the way Matt Miller dealt with his political enemies, that everyone had the right to due process. He might be innocent, and all this evidence could be made up. But as things have matured, it looked less likely, so it was all turned over to the police and the Lakota school board, and now that school has started, people are frustrated that the investigation was taking too long. Because based on previous actions and the safety of kids considered as the priority, the lack of urgency by all involved has left many questions. Questions, after all, are perfectly logical, especially after what we learned about the Jason Gmoser child pornography case. I personally like Mike Gmoser, the Butler County prosecutor. But his relationship to that case which carried with it life imprisonment, indicates to the community that when we hear of cases that might be unbelievable otherwise, we have an obligation to investigate at a minimum.

And for good reason, after all, there is a six-count indictment against Butler County Auditor Roger Reynolds over just a real estate transaction that led Sheriff Jones and the Attorney General, David Yost, to give press conferences about, and that entire case was built on hearsay, where one party said something about another party that was in the public eye. Many people think that the case against Roger Reynolds is entirely political. Still, if that is the level of criteria we are using to measure legal cases, then there is a lot more hearsay involved in the Matt Miller divorce where his ex-wife is saying in writing much, much, much worse. I again would offer that Matt might be innocent, but when there is that much smoke, there is fire to stir it up. Why wasn’t Sheriff Jones standing in front of his emblem at his office and giving a press conference announcing all he and the police were doing to protect kids from the potential danger of the superintendent at Lakota, according to a reliable witness, his ex-wife? Do we just take his word for her credibility? As a community that pays his salary and counts on him to sell Lakota to the world as a safe and reliable place to send children, are we supposed to ignore what she is struggling to say because it’s inconvenient or that we might personally like the superintendent? It would be one thing if the accusations were just spoken, but these were written in text messages, confirmed by police interviews, and court documents from the divorce corresponded with the conversations. So, there is more than enough evidence to take caution on the matter and find out what’s going on. But after several weeks, and school starting with many upset who know about the matter looking for some acknowledgment of justice, the cold reality of a perceived cover-up was beginning to take hold.

The media wasn’t camped outside his home the way they were with Darbi Boddy when Matt Miller served her with trespassing papers on a school she is supposed to be managing as a board member. Matt took it so far that her story made the national news, and it was very embarrassing for her. Wasn’t that a purposeful defamation of her character? She was only a few months on the job after being newly elected, and obviously, Matt Miller was doing to her what he had done previously to Todd Parnell. He might have thought that a good idea, but he made a lot of political enemies by doing it, and shortly after that came a barrage of whispers about his sex life. You would expect a person who makes as much money as he does to show better discretion than all this. He should have never picked fights like this unless he was squeaky clean, and I mean eat off the glass clean. He might have a good explanation for the behavior of his ex-wife, and he should explain it, instead of digging in and avoiding the problem publicly. His lack of direct response to these issues has fed the fears in the people who have seen the text messages. And for those he has made political enemies out of, they are looking for anything to hang him on. And if he gave them the rope, that’s on him.

One of those six indictments against Roger Reynolds is a statement by Jenni Logan, who surprisingly left her job as Lakota’s treasurer on August 1st of, 2022, just a few weeks ago. Given the timing of this information and how it has been brewing for much of the previous school year, we must now look at who knew what and when and how involved they were in all this, if at all. But first, we must allow due process to do its work. The evidence must be validated, and explanations are mandated. For people to regain trust in Lakota as a school system, an investigation is necessary because this erosion of trust has brought us to this place and was created by Lakota management. Trust is earned; it isn’t just given away by title and by the way Matt Miller has actively worked to get rid of political rivals, as he did with Todd Parnell, and has tried to do with great fanfare Darbi Boddy, there was going to be a cost to it. The anger created by him has caused people to talk, and evidence was bound to come forth. But this isn’t just some community gossip. It’s a family member and a network of mad moms provoked by a long history of Matt Miller’s community interaction. At the very least, he has shown really bad judgment. At the worst, that’s for the police investigation to determine. Based on how the Sheriff’s department went after Roger Reynolds over much less evidence, we should expect the police to confirm or deny the results of their investigation. Doing the right thing is sometimes very hard, but we all have an obligation to justice. Otherwise, we will just get a lot more bad behavior in the future. 

I would have preferred to just see what comes from the police investigation, but after the events that occurred on Monday the 22nd of August 2022 some understandings must be met. I watched the school board meeting to see how this issue would be addressed, knowing the contents of the email that was sent to the school board earlier that morning. The same email ended up in all of the media by the afternoon sent by the person who wrote the board her concerns. Yet the reaction by the superintendent was a threat that would open up a whole can of worms with witness testimony and submitted evidence, police interviews–and mostly silence by Lakota generally, except for massive amounts of gossip. What started as a concerned parent reporting what was told to her that was very much a police matter; the public employees don’t get to go on the attack against their boss, the voters of Lakota. Explanations are the burden of the superintendent, it’s his life, his mess, and it’s up to him to explain all this to people for continued employment. The institution of Lakota is not more important than the individual people involved. And as to the superintendent’s reputation, he has to be able to manage all these things as part of his job. He owes us, the taxpayers, a lot of answers. But he doesn’t get to boss around members of the community for things he has himself opened the door to. He is not the victim, he is the responsible party, and the burden of explanation falls on him.

Rich Hoffman

Don’t Believe Traditional Media: Trump Republicans are not trending behind Democrats, its the other way around

It’s true; it is a changing world.   Streaming services are out-performing cable news and traditional media, meaning centralized content control is gone. So when you hear the crazy nonsense that Republicans are in trouble for this upcoming November elections, you can attribute that to election shenanigans rather than accurate and truthful information. I told you there would be lots of crazy stuff that Democrats would try between the summer of 2022 and Election Day in November, and this idea that Trump Republicans are polling behind their Democrat Rivals, especially the J.D. Vance race in Ohio and the Oz race in Pennsylvania is simply smoking crack. America is not a leftist nation, and neither are many of the states in flyover country. Only an election that cheats massively could see positive results between John Fetterman, an open socialist who wants to legalize hard drugs for recreational use, and Dr. Oz, the famous television personality with Trump’s backing. I would call them both liberal candidates, just as Kari Lake in Arizona has been a liberal. And Donald Trump used to be a Democrat. Who thinks that moderates will pick Fetterman over Oz when given a choice and a regulated election that doesn’t allow for cheating due to Covid rules made up on a napkin? Nobody, yet we are supposed to believe by a dying, propaganda media that Fetterman is ahead in some polling in a head-to-head matchup with Dr. Oz. No way. 

It’s the old tricks again, but this is a changing world of citizen media and podcasts. People are turning away from traditional media, more out of connivance and options, and moving toward their own kind of media support that is much more catered to them. Fox News is part of that old media machine where it was all about the politics of the horse race, and the name of the game was to raise money and spend it on media in the crazy belief that money spent meant races won. But Trump proved that his rival could outspend him, but if you had the right message, you could win over a bad message all the time, and that cat is now out of the bag. The good political advisors already know what many in public don’t want to admit; the game is over. Dollars spent do not win elections, which means the Fox News model of scaring people, selling people more drugs from big pharma, then getting politicians to buy air time to reach those scared voters is a thing of the past. And the problem there is that the means to polling data that are collected to feed that beast is designed around that fundamental business model. Scare an audience, sell airtime to them, and whoever has the most airtime wins the race. Of course, the media has been pushing that narrative. But that’s also why people increasingly do not trust them. Instead, they are turning to their own forms of media to get information making podcasts the preferred means of getting information. Cable news, network news, and newspapers are no longer the primary means of reaching an audience.

Polling was more accurate because pollsters knew where to find people to ask for reliable results. A few years ago, pre-Trump, pollsters knew who Republicans were, who Democrats were, what shows they watched, and how they voted in the last election. They could call people on a hard line at dinner, and someone would usually pick up the phone. Now pollsters aren’t so sure who they are calling, they only have cell numbers, but Republicans don’t pick up the phone to unknown numbers at near the same rate as Democrats do. When they do get someone who might have voted for Democrats traditionally, they are now turning toward Trump. So when a media company like ABC News or NBC, who certainly want an outcome that steers the world back to traditional politics and media control, needs polling data to support their position, where do they turn? Well, they are calling known Democrats who still pick up the phone and are in their phone banks as consumers of traditional media. But Trump Republicans are coming from all over the place; they are those who don’t pick up the phone so quickly and long ago moved to new media for their news. They are likely to be immigrants who don’t want what happened in the countries they are running from to occur in America, so they are voting Republican, but not Democrat. But they aren’t being called because traditional media thought those people were just going to vote Democrat anyway, by default.

And to make matters worse, Trump has many new media that emphatically support him, like his own social media platform, Truth Social, or the Warroom-driven, Gettr, which has millions of very active users. Twitter has lost its previous power, as has Facebook. Where it used to be hard to tell who conservatives or liberals in social media were, but now it’s been clearly divided. Conservatives have moved entirely away from media sources that have shown political activism against them and are now somewhere else, where pollsters aren’t sure how to reach in a sample of 1000. So, the data ends up top-heavy by liberals because the pollsters don’t know how else to populate it with conservative input.

You can hear the fear in their voices, especially on MSNBC and Fox News. They must believe that Trump is a liability to candidates like J.D. Vance and Dr. Oz, and that Democrats will trend ahead naturally because the nation doesn’t like Trump and are upset still about January 6th, and that Trump insists the elections of 2020 were stolen.   Auuuh, most people believe that the elections were stolen in 2020 and many elections before. And people could care less about what happened on January 6th. If anything, many people mutter under their breath, “they had it coming.” They may not admit that in public, and they certainly won’t answer a phone call from a stranger on the matter saying so. But when they are among themselves, they are cheering on Trump to stick it to the machine that wants to imprison them with more corrupt politics and a government that represents globalism, not their backyard needs.   So the polling is unreliable because the conductors of the information have a pre-conceived outcome that they are noticeably endorsing for their own survival. It’s the wrong information from the start. They assume that Trump is bad and anybody else is good, so they seek the information to fill that reality. And are avoiding the results that will take them to the real answers they don’t want to know. So what we end up hearing from them on news reports is that Democrats are poised to do well against Trump-backed candidates because the actual name of the game is to protect their advertising dollars from traditional candidates who still believe money spent are races won.   And hope for the best. Because for them, the end is near. The world is changing rapidly, and they aren’t ready for that change. So they really have no choice in the matter but to hope to bluff their way to their own survival. Because when it comes time to admit they were wrong all along, they probably won’t be around to report it.

Rich Hoffman

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The History and Mistakes of Masons: Understanding why Never-Trumpers are failing all over the world

People are always anxious whenever the subject of Masons or Freemasonry is brought up because that indicates in popular culture the camouflage of conspiracy theories that many of these secret societies have used to hide their political manipulations over the years. And people naturally assume that they are made up of dark and evil forces who secretly control all our lives, and much of that has been on purpose to help sell their effectiveness in the world. But like all things, the truth is often a combination of many things, good and bad, and can’t be summed up easily with the definitions our public educations and media culture have given us. Instead, an expanded understanding of the world around us is required to understand what is really happening in the example of the massive Liz Cheney loss in Wyoming and the activism of Joe Biden abusing his authority with the FBI to break into a former president’s home in an attempt to eliminate a future political rival. And many people are still spinning from the effects of global government dominance regarding Covid, so they don’t really know which way is up these days. But it’s not too complicated if you understand what forces are at work. But yes, to explain all that, a general history of Masons in America and Europe must be understood, and to know that their goals, as they always have been, were to take the world into a global unity where eastern religions became the primary influence, just as it was in Egypt during the many thousands of years of rule there. Masons see Egypt as the ideal society, and the goal of the higher degrees has been to return to those eastern religions, and to a large degree, that is why America was formed in the first place. To escape the Roman Catholic persecutions in Europe and carry their ideas for a New Atlantis to the New World and build their ideal society. Ben Franklin was a Mason; George Washington was a Mason. Many of the founding fathers were, and it is accurate to say, America would not have happened without Masons. That is why there is a giant Egyptian obelisk just outside the White House in Washington D.C., the city of Masons and their dedication to the traditions of the Gnostics, the Cathars, the Knights Templars, and then finally, Freemasons. 

I’ve been in many Masonic temples, there is usually a large building in every city and community across America dedicated to Freemasonry, so it’s impossible to discuss anything political or religious without them being part of the conversation. Yet, they are never really included because they are secretive about their function. Masonic temples are often very Egyptian in their design and purpose, and it lures their initiates to continue with their studies for great wisdom by referring to one of the longest-running societies that we so far know about in the history of the world. But, they see themselves in two ways: freeing the world through education in ways that the Roman Catholics and western civilization have generally failed at up until the time of America’s westward expansion. But they also see themselves as the great philosopher kings of Plato’s Republic, working in the background and helping humanity guide itself along a productive life. And everything is fine until people don’t do what they expect them to do. From the perspective of the Masons, the American Revolution was a success story. Things worked out pretty well, and an excellent Constitution and Bill of Rights were formed based on the long failures of civilization up to that point in time. But the French Revolution turned out to be a disaster. Masons conducted their actions in secret for a good reason because in their past roles, as Knights Templars, Cathars and Gnostics, they were invariably hunted down and killed. So they began to plot the downfall of all world rulers through Freemasonry, which led directly to the American and French Revolutions. Because of the violence and failure of the French Revolution, because the French turned away from freedom and back toward monarchy not long after Napoleon was no longer emperor, they turned to Karl Marx for a new way to topple monarchies and top-heavy aristocracies, which is how Lenin was sent to Russia from Germany. And why to this day, the Desecrators of Davos operating through various masks of Marxism have involved themselves in the various trade guilds and dominate finance. It was always part of the plan from the beginning. Each generation would take a portion of the plan, and they would pass the baton to the next generation through the various Mason halls toward their goals of globalism and the eventual restoration of an Egyptian type of society, with them acting as the great wise advisors to guide mankind through the ages, as they saw things. 

But there was a little bump in the road. While the Masons were planning the overthrow of the colonies of Europe, and the rest of the Masons, including Napoleon and several of the Spanish leaders, were all on board with helping facilitate the utopia of Francis Bacon’s New Atlantis in the new world, the Louisiana Purchase was more of a plan than a calculated good deal, just as President Jackson had always wanted to take Florida from Spain. They gave it up without much of a fight for the same reasons. And so too was the Spanish American War where Santa Anna, the Mason was extinguished without much of a real fight. While they fought for their sovereign countries, they were all brother Masons. Like NFL teams playing against each other on Sunday, they may have played each other on the field. But they were all playing for the same NFL. In their quest for freedom from tyrant kings from Europe, they unleashed a new kind of human being in America, the gunslingers and expansionist adventurers who found freedom under the new Constitution and did not even want to listen to the philosopher kings of the high degree Masonic order. What we call the establishment is really a brotherhood of Masons who thought they were making a world of free and enlightened people, but once they arrived at their destination in America, they found, as they did during the French Revolution, that things got out of hand, and they are now unable to put it all back in the bottle again. And now, in the 2020s, after many thousands of years of struggle, they don’t understand why people would pick MAGA over their Masonic order, their philosopher-kings built by their Liberal World Order, the Seven Liberal Arts by way of education. Now you can understand why the Never Trumper movement hates Trump so much. Trump was not a Mason. He was not a product of their Liberal World Order. He was an ostentatious, materialist, capitalist, fearless, non-crying human being as far from Egyptian society as a person could get. This was not a person guided by the Star of the East; he did not worship Isis or schedule his day around horoscopes and the bright star of Sirius. He didn’t seek guidance from the supernatural to do things; he did them on his own and with extraordinary recklessness. So in that way, by empowering the West to overthrow the dictatorships of the world, as was the plan—then to use the West to rebuild the world by propping up China and reestablishing eastern religions that unite the world, Americans went their own way and even pushed away the Masons from their lives. And they picked Donald Trump and the MAGA movement over their thousands of years of plans handed from father to son to grandson through the ages to the ultimate rejection that we see today. And that is why that look of desperation was on Dick Cheney’s face when Wyoming was poised to reject his daughter in an election. And why the FBI is willing to break the law to preserve the more profound law they serve, the Masonic order that built them in the first place. And now it’s all falling apart, and they have no idea what to do about it.

Rich Hoffman

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Without the First Amendment, Government Schools Would Have Nothing to Fear: The problem with a liberal education is it’s full of “liberals”

The problem with government schools, specifically liberal education, is that it is full of liberals, and until very recently, conservatives just dropped off their kids and wondered why later their children wanted to attend gay rights parades suddenly. More conservatives, real conservatives, are starting to get involved in school boards, and there is some hope out there that Republican values will guide public schools away from the runaway train that always follows Democrats. And when I say Republicans, I’m not talking about softies like Charlie Crist, formally a Republican, now a Democrat, or Mitch McConnell, Rob Portman, Mitt Romney types of RINOs. To be Republican and considered conservative, in the way we are talking, you need to be resolute in your values and not willing to yield to the whims of Democrats. In politics, you might not always get what you want, but that doesn’t mean you have to like it. You can push back and fight for what’s right, even when you are outvoted in a government body. The conflict has a value all its own. But too often, conflict is avoided in public education, starting on school boards. They hide hard decisions behind lawyers, who are progressive disasters of an occupation all their own, and a whole topic for many other days. And they hire radically progressive superintendents who can make the teacher unions happy and create a façade of management by giving them the keys to the car and then wondering why they don’t come home at midnight as promised. Then to hide all the bad behavior that evolves when the rooster running the henhouse starts showing signs of corruption, the school boards go on lockdown on virtually everything because it’s their only move. On the one hand, they look permissively incompetent; on the other, they look publically ineffective. 

As more and more conservatives start entering the school board business, unlike how it has been in the past, especially in Florida, where under Ron DeSantis, we are seeing a real coalition of education reform occurring, school systems are actively looking to gain control of the media to control the narrative, which often isn’t good by default. The problem is you can’t put that many liberal people in one institution and then expect them to all behave. So many bad things start happening, leaving the school system, putting all their efforts into trying to keep those bad stories from the public. That’s why they want to get control of the media, then try to hide behind a façade of lawyers to protect them from public opinion. But that’s why there are so many laws in favor of transparency. Whenever a government body does the work of taxpayers, that is why precisely there are so many records kept meticulously on everything. Because traditionally, we can’t trust public officials to do the right thing without vast amounts of oversight. It drives liberals crazy because they want to operate with supreme authority and hide their bad behavior behind social status and professional titles. But history shows that it is precisely the seeds of corruption that we must always be cautious of. That conflict is why the Biden White House wants very much to have a disinformation board of some kind to regulate what people can say about government institutions and to limit free speech dramatically. Governments, by their nature, are prone to corruption without oversight, and liberals simply don’t like that much scrutiny because they know they can’t live up to the expectations. So now that more conservatives are getting on school boards across the country, governments increasingly want to limit free speech by any means necessary because they can see the writing on the wall, which means an end to their way of life. 

There is an assumption by liberals that if they capture an institution, such as journalism, just like in the game of chess, they win the game by gaining control of the pieces. But that’s not the reality; citizen journalism has proven to be much more effective than the mainstream sources, who aren’t part of the game. Those chess pieces aren’t even on the board of play to capture, so in the world of the liberal education view of things, they don’t know how to fight this whole First Amendment thing or the concept of a Second Amendment to defend the First. Or a Fourth Amendment that prevents government authorities from imposing themselves on a population by force to control what they think and what they say to others. This whole Bill of Rights is a disaster for the corrupt who seek jobs in public education to hide their bad behavior from the world and apply it to the safety of like-minded people who gravitate to the public education profession. I’ve been covering bad behavior in public schools for a few decades now, and I’ve seen and heard absolutely disgusting things, leaving contemplation to wonder if any of it is worth it. Public education, because most of the participants lean liberal politically, has a lot of bad characters in it who should not be teaching children anything. I don’t come close to reporting every story I know about because if I did, I’d have time literally for nothing else. Public schools are such negative places with so much bad conduct occurring that I personally find them revolting. But if not for citizen journalism, certainly not the lazy losers in the mainstream outlets, public schools would be so much worse than they are. If not for people poking around in meeting minutes and occasionally speaking at the school board meeting, mostly complaining, but for a good reason, public schools would be much worse than they even are now. 

I would recommend often calling the bluff on those pinheaded liberals who want to control the flow of information with threats that might end up in a courtroom. These people can’t afford such situations because there are public records. After all, there are witnesses, and there is usually lots of evidence. Public schools want more than anything to shut people up and keep things contained because so many laws force them into transparency.   One thing they can’t do is afford to have people talking in more public forums, like courtrooms or at Friday night football games. Because of free and open communications and the flow of information and people’s opinions on that information, it’s really the only check that keeps behavior under control in the public schools. Otherwise, there would be many more stories of sex with students, abuses of power, and sheer crime that is often present wherever community oversite isn’t present with the First Amendment. Liberals would like to have supreme control of social circumstances where expectations are never set to limit their bad behavior, but thankfully that is not the world we are living in. Instead, we are going in the opposite direction, as more conservatives get on school boards and start to bring those values to public education. Maybe then, and only then, will there be a chance for government schools to work. But less free speech, less oversite, more centralized control from a Biden White House of what can be said and how it’s defined is simply not an option and never will be. Because that causes deviant behavior, not enough oversite, and people are afraid to speak up when it’s required. The way to keep things honest is to say something when you see something and keep things from being shoved under the carpet, so innocent people are none the wiser.

Rich Hoffman

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More Conservatives Win School Board Seats in Florida: We need more Darbi Boddy types at Lakota

Just because the conservative experiment at Lakota has not turned out well doesn’t mean it’s a failure across the country. I would say the problems we have at Lakota are natural and part of the transition process. Not the result of failed intentions. When I signed up to help elect a conservative school board at Lakota with a 3 to 2 vote on issues, that, of course, assumed that we were getting conservative candidates. But through the rigors of the day-to-day operations, sometimes people find out they aren’t so conservative. They may have thought they were conservative in the safety of GOP meetings, but when the rubber hits the road, and process bureaucracy starts to take effect, people learn a lot about themselves that they may not have known. And people fall off the wagon. In that case, we just need to look for more candidates and keep putting them on the school board. I signed up for a Darbi Boddy type of school board, not a bunch of softies who would let the superintendent rule the world. I expect the school board to be in charge, not to let radical employees rule the day, and so far, in 2022, that is what has happened. Once things started to get tough, we discovered that Darbi was the only one showing up for work. And that is why we have a lot of the problems that are going on at Lakota now. I wouldn’t say it’s a failure of an effort as much as we are learning what kind of people make good school board members, and we are getting a definition of conservative values that is challenging people’s belief systems in themselves, which will ultimately be good for the community, even if it’s painful now. And as usual, what goes on in Lakota, a big government school in Northern Cincinnati, in the community where I live, so goes much of the rest of the nation. 

In the recent elections in Florida, Republicans showed up to vote for school board members 3 to 1. The more states in America that start to run their states as Ron DeSantis does, the more this trend will continue. Ohio isn’t quite there now. There are a lot of RINO Republicans who still think of themselves as Bush conservatives and Reagan admirers. But Trump is a bit too much “solution” for them, and when the pressure is on, they crack like eggs over an omelet. School boards should never have been considered “politically” neutral. The goal in politics isn’t for everyone to get along.

Public schools are radical institutions conceived by liberalism for teaching liberal arts. They have not produced children that grew up into happy Americans, quite the opposite. Many parents are seeing that they are unhappy with the product of public schools and are finally inserting themselves into possible solutions. For years people have asked me to be a school board member at Lakota for several decades now. Over time, the idea of public school has absolutely made me sick. I don’t think they are good at anything they do. But I have offered my help, especially these last few years, to help make them into a solution. I was quite aware that the people I was dealing with were professional community conversation types who befriend you to win you over, like a timeshare salesman. But I helped anyway because the school of Lakota was already in my home district. I personally pay thousands of dollars a year into that mess. So, I was open to the idea if it could be saved somehow. So, I helped where I could to see what might happen. It was worth a shot.

Other Darbi Boddy types are out there, and school boards across America have elected them by popular vote. It’s part of the trend of populism that is migrating to form the modern political movement that is going to sink all the mistakes of the administrative state finally, as it was conceived by communist and utopian socialists like John Dewey when they came up with the dumb idea of public education in the first place. Sure, it’s been a good free babysitting service for busy parents, but it has raised disasters in people who are failures of the 7 liberal arts in every way they could be measured. Even the best students of the public education system have turned out to be disasters of people and what is bad about the whole institutional approach is that public schools led by liberal-leaning school boards have developed the habit of protecting the bad conduct that goes on in the schools, rather than managing those problems for the betterment of the children involved. It’s all been a disaster from top to bottom, and finally, people are starting to admit to it and are offering themselves as options to get elected and help the way Darbi has been in Lakota. Even if the vote count at Lakota isn’t as conservative as it should be, it’s still better than what we had before. And future elections can certainly smooth that ratio out and will naturally match the national trends toward populism. 

Ultimately, however, my opinion hasn’t changed, even with this trend toward conservatism on school boards. Public education as a concept is doomed. It’s too expensive, inefficient, and doesn’t produce good people. It’s just a trainwreck in the best of cases. It certainly has not been a replacement for good parenting. After the behavior I have witnessed so far in 2022 regarding school board behavior and how the big liberal administrations behave toward it, it’s obvious to me that public education is doomed to complete failure. Suppose they think Darbi Boddy is bad and that the only acceptable Republican on a board is some wishy-washy RINO who will go way out of their way to get along in a “nonpartisan” kind of way, always bending the knee to radical liberals empowered through the teacher’s unions. In that case, there is no hope for them. If they are having trouble now, what will they do in the next elections when more Darbi Boddy types get elected and replace the stale old establishment types who covered up way too much bad behavior just to protect the school from outside opinion? They aren’t going to make it. I remember in April when the news story was all about Lakota might lose their superintendent over the radical school board member, Darbi Boddy, as if we needed to get rid of her to keep him and his $200,000 salary. Well, I don’t think he’s worth it, especially after watching his performance through Covid and recently over several things. We would do better with a much more engaged and less progressive person. I know they fear teacher shortages and bad state report cards, and the public relations of the superintendent are meant to put rosy glasses on all that for the illusion of goodness. But when a district is garbage, it is garbage. You can’t put perfume on it to make it smell better. The fact that the public employees of Lakota want so badly to get rid of the best school board member, Darbi Boddy, says that they aren’t ready to deal with the national trend in public education that is happening everywhere. And that fault is their own for failing to adjust to a changing world and holding on to a failure from the progressive past. 

Rich Hoffman

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The Caves of Lakota Schools: An email and another attempt to divert attention to Darbi Boddy from where the real problems are

I keep getting asked why I haven’t reported on the big Lakota story. Well, for all the reasons that we saw at the last school board meeting, one of the most intense emails that could be sent to a government body was sent that very day. But in the end, the board was OK with Channel 5 doing a story about a mad mom complaining about fellow board member Darbi Boddy again, who compared her to a school shooter. That was the news at 11 after a day of very interesting information. I received the same email that the board had, so I knew the content of it, and based on that, then the meeting started with a strange executive session; another hit piece by Lakota against Darbi Boddy was hardly a concern. Instead, watching the behavior of everyone involved has been interesting. As I say all the time, don’t listen to what people say; watch what they do, and you’ll learn the truth. Or, in this case, “don’t say.” I am watching how the authorities deal with this email. They have the information, and the clock is ticking.

The silence has been revealing. Everyone in town had this email. I had communicated with Karin Johnson from Channel 5 earlier that morning, so the buzz was……buzzing. Yet the story they chose to do was one against Darbi Boddy, again, about the same trespassing in the halls story they have been pushing. And that story was one that Darbi Boddy could easily say was slanderous, character defaming, and intentionally misleading. It is one thing to have an embarrassed mother of a girl who ended up in the Channel 5 story speaking at a school board meeting. It’s quite another giving school support behind it, and the way the board reacted was almost in relief that the news was talking about something else except what was in that email. 

The email was unbelievably bad, so to answer that question properly, I think it belongs in the hands of authorities to deal with quickly. But at this point, I am more interested to see how all the participants behave, which unfortunately goes well outside the government school of Lakota. So, I have not been eager to report all the details because on this one; it’s more important to see where all the insects go when the light is turned on. Turning the light on too fast will only scare them into hiding, where they stay all the time. One way or another, this email situation was much more significant and demanded that the light be turned on differently. I am more interested in seeing how everyone behaves rather than seeking justice for the few involved. Because what’s at stake is the heart of all public education and the mechanisms of the Liberal World Order. Every vestige of the Administrative State, of government built by the foundations of the Seven Liberal Studies, taught to us from our earliest memories, was at work. The media was at that school board meeting because they were looking for acknowledgment on the contents of that email and what management planned to do about it. Instead, the behavior revealed things about their collective strategy that was very surprising, to say the least. They were fine to sacrifice Darbi Boddy as a fellow school board member as they have been from the beginning with the defamatory rhetoric of a community member. But they were uncomfortably silent on the real matter that everyone was there to hear, and they certainly didn’t come to the defense of Darbi when such an accusation was leveled at her. They seemed to welcome it.

One of the ways you can trace the flow of water in underground caves is to pour colored dyes into the water upstream and see where those colors come out of the cave and into an outside creek or river—doing that gives the study an understanding of how water flows through the complicated crevasses and mazes within the cave that wouldn’t be obvious while crawling through the mud and tight corridors. Sometimes the best thing when you can see that crawling through underground caverns isn’t the best way to understand complicated problems; a different approach is needed. Well, the same thing is true in complex social and political issues that emerge in society. When you want to know the who, what, when, where, and how, you won’t find out that information by crawling in the mud with them. You need to see how information flows through their networks and how they react to it. And then, only then, will you understand the nature of the problem. When it comes to emergencies, I think everyone did what they needed to do. The email itself might be so unbelievable that it would turn out to be complete fiction. There are witnesses, and professional medical staff who are available to cross reference, so there are ways to validate the email. At that point, a small press conference about it would be appropriate, and a cautionary tale, no different than the mom who accused Darbi Boddy of being a school shooter would have transpired. After all, we are dealing with public figures here, and everyone involved should be able to endure a bit of scrutiny for the safety and security of the children in the schools of Lakota. If they are innocent of wrongdoing, they should get in front of a camera and say it. Then move on to the next thing.   But that’s not what we are seeing with this email. We see the lights being turned on; the cockroaches are scattering to their hiding places, only this time we are observing the actions with night vision, and can see the difference between light and dark, and can then trace where our bug problem really is, by first admitting that we have one.

So to all those concerned out there who are looking for justice and information, I would caution you to value information above all else. This is obviously a much larger problem that requires a complete understanding of what we are dealing with. So I have been in no rush to turn on the light for all the reasons mentioned. Rather, I would prefer to see how the colored water moves through the complicated politics of our community and to what walls it bounces off of so that a greater understanding of friends and foes can be established. Because when it comes to schools, their whole point is to provide a safe environment for kids. Schools are not a playground for the adults to make large wages and have an easy time making a living. If the adults involved are more interested in the politics of getting rid of school board members they don’t like or protecting a teacher’s union, then their priorities are all wrong, and they need an adjustment. If the media is more interested in the gossip of local politics rather than protecting children, then we have big problems. And if law enforcement is as corrupt as many people fear it is, then we’ll have to address that as well. But we will never know if we just turn on the light. We need to study the flow of information and see what people do with it. Even knowing how serious that information is, it only gives credibility to the data collected through observations made. It’s not acceptable just to have fears and speculations about the motives of the politics of government schools that are attached to tax dollars, radical leftist labor unions, and global political sentiment intent for the destruction of America. Facts and information are far more critical, and what we are learning is infinitely more valuable. So be cool and watch where the bugs run once the lights are turned on. And you’ll have your answers.

Rich Hoffman

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Only Idiots Follow Orders: There is no excuse for the abuse of authority by the FBI and other policing agencies

Some of the worst crimes in all of human history have come from people just following orders. Defying orders is often the right thing to do because a corrupt person can’t impose behavioral applications on a good person. Instead, a weak person accepts the decisions of a bad person to commit vast crimes, which has been the history of much of the human race. To justify non-thinking behavior, people say, “but I was just following orders.”  We have been taught all our lives to follow directions. We first learn it from our parents. Then we learn it in our schools. We are told what to do in our religions, politics, and social circles. So, of course, when a weak person is told to do some terrible thing under orders, our default mode is to obey. For so many people, their desire to obey authority is their first and primary concern, to be a nice, compliant human being. Because we have been told all our lives that doing what we are told is good. Not following orders is bad. We never question the validity of the person giving the orders, only that they were followed to the letter. And under such a guise, so much crime has been committed against so many people over the entire span of the human race. And vast evil has been spread to every corner of the earth. 

That is why there is so much anger at the FBI for President Trump’s Florida home break-in. If they were filled with good people, the FBI would have defied the orders and not conducted the break-in. It was not honorable for them to follow the orders of the Biden White House and his Department of Justice for the political witch-hunt that it was. That the 30 FBI officers who did conduct the raid considered their orders more important than actually following the law says everything. It does not give them a free pass for their behavior. For the idiot that follows corrupt orders, they then become just as corrupt. If bad people take over your government, who is to stop them from controlling all the levers of power if compliance with orders is more important than following the law? Defiance is mandated when corruption speaks, and the authority figures who demand injustice for the morality of following orders are evil and must be defeated with rebellion. Yes, people have a right to be upset with the FBI in the wake of the Trump raid and the abuse of Peter Navarro, Roger Stone, Paul Manafort, Steve Bannon, and many others who the FBI and other police agencies have unjustly attacked by a government that has drifted into corruption. It is not the good cop who follows the orders of bad politicians who deserves understanding. In defiance of corrupt orders, the human race should be defined. Not by the quality of compliance but by the standard of efficacy that the individual upholds. 

The purpose of being an intelligent human being is to use the freedom of intellect to make proper decisions. Leaders bring people into following them out of showing the path to self-preservation, not sacrifice to a Liberal World Order. That is what the nature of orders requires: a thoughtless commitment to organizational structure. Once evil penetrates that structure, a commitment to evil is unleashed for all to suffer. And from there, evil rules the day to the misery of everyone. And it only takes one bad person in the chain of command to perpetrate such evils. And just because law enforcement wears the blue uniform and carries the star of law and order on their breast pocket, it doesn’t mean they stand for truth and justice. It means they follow orders and expect their entire existence to base their moral quandaries on compliance with higher authorities regardless of whether or not those higher authorities work for good or evil. Definitions of evil are not relevant to such systems of authority, only compliance to the highest established authority that is present to give the orders. So in that regard, the FBI and CIA, and other three lettered agencies that conduct government business and commit major infractions on innocent people every day, are just as bad as those at the top who have been captured by the evils of politics in the Biden administration, or Merrick Garland who is still upset that he’s not a lifelong Supreme Court judge appointed under Obama instead of the Trump pick who knocked him out of contention.   That is really the root of all politics that some people like Biden and Garland will do anything to capture high office positions because they believe that if they acquire them that they will then be able to tell vast bureaucracies what to do because they know they will follow orders, regardless of if the orders are good or evil. When the FBI raided Trump’s home and went through the personal belongings of Melania Trump, the agents knew it was evil, yet they did it anyway. Then after, when they wanted the country to forgive them, they said, “but we were only following orders.” 

Following orders blindly and without question is not moral or good. Only the person who pushes back against immoral orders can be considered to be a good person. We are thoughtful people for a reason, not mindless dogs or horses that can be ridden anywhere by anybody at the whim of a fool. We were designed to rebel; it’s the basic nature of a human being. That doesn’t mean that people won’t follow a leader. But what it means is that the best leaders know how to get people to follow them out of the self-interest of the participants rather than the mindless obedience of a cog in the wheels of life. It is not good to allow law enforcement under orders of a corrupt government to allow them to accost you and your belongings and embarrass you to the public, which is clearly what the FBI was doing to Peter Navarro and Steve Bannon, and the attack on Trump was to show dominance and authority over the former President. So how can you tell if the government giving orders is good? Well, if people find they can find advantages through mutual morality for self-preservation and the best interests of those involved are the most obvious. When people know that a leader knows what they are talking about, they will be willing to get advice on the best strategy. But blind compliance to an evil intention does not give soldiers and law enforcement a free pass to the golden gates of morality without question. It doesn’t even take them to the door. There is no path for the ruthless dictator and their followers to gain morality through blind compliance, which is what is expected. And why the FBI finds themselves in a public relations nightmare on a basic concept that they perhaps never contemplated, that people would hold them accountable for their actual actions, not just in their ability to follow orders, which they all thought was all that mattered. In the world of truly free people, orders and compliance are just chains to stupidity, the same stupidity that has followed every act of evil since the beginning of time.

Rich Hoffman

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‘The College Scam’ by Charlie Kirk: Rethinking the education designed by the Liberal World Order

I would highly recommend the great book by Charlie Kirk, The College Scam. It’s a great book, a timely book, and one that shows clearly where the world is headed. So if you want to make adjustments ahead of that change, reading Charlie’s book will undoubtedly help you. Like all things regarding the Liberal World Order, which is what Democrats and even Republicans are calling their multi-century attempt to establish a New World Order as defined by the goals of Freemasonry going all the way back to Egyptian society, predating the Greeks by thousands of years. It’s been a long road for them, and we have all found ourselves tangled in their web, and we are seeing the collapse of that order in modern politics. Most notably, the election of President Trump and the continued attempts to keep him out of any public office because of the threat to that Liberal World Order that people like him present. But it’s too late. It’s been too late for many decades now. As Charlie Kirk lays out the case in his book, college has always been a scam. Its never been suitable for American society built on capitalism and has seriously harmed intellectually the people who have gone through their liberal arts instruction of life sciences, physical sciences, logic, philosophy, history, social science, and creative arts, the seven teachings that the Renaissance world thought would make a complete human being. I have always said that these seven topics aren’t nearly enough to make a complete human being. And the problem with this kind of instruction is that the quality of the people doing the teaching was always a problem. People of low quality obviously weren’t going to teach people of high quality to be better. A bad teacher often penalizes good students into mediocrity for the rest of their lives.

I’ve been to college and lived on the University of Cincinnati campus for quite a while, and I hated every minute of it. I, of course, made the most of it, but I learned firsthand how to hate the college experience. I used to have lunch every morning on the campus with my stacks of books, eating an omelet made just for me. I was not like the other 20-somethings in those early college days. I had already experienced a lot of life before ever getting to college, traveled extensively, and lived the life of essentially a 40-year-old before I ever attended one college class. So it was frustrating for me because college was not made for people like me who had lived very colorful lives and wanted to know more than the limits of the seven liberal arts. I would eat my breakfast and get through my college homework as quickly as possible so that I could get on to my favorite reading material, my many Joseph Campbell books. It didn’t take me long to realize that college was slowing me down tremendously, and I wanted to go so much faster than the college institution was built to provide. Like many things in life, college was built with good intentions but essentially became a pathway to hell paved with those good intentions. I could see that it was crippling people. The classrooms were boring, stupid, and severely lacking by lazy teachers who were not the philosopher kings of Plato’s Republic. And in their off time, the students were wasting away with a party lifestyle that was turning good kids into monsters, committing acts that would embarrass them for the rest of their lives. 

When it came time to send my own kids to college, I was violently against it. Many family members were upset with me for my decisions, but it didn’t matter. I saw college as a liberal meat grinder that served only one purpose: to get an interview because too many corporations had done as they would later do with Covid, and that’s to set a standard for job placement. They would only talk to college graduates for most professional positions. But reality said that was a dumb practice because apprenticeship looked to be a better way to develop an organization’s talent. But complying with the liberal world order was what corporations were committed to due to the requirements of the various trade guilds around the world. So they didn’t do what was best for themselves; they did what the Liberal World Order told them. And what they ended up with were students taught by college institutions that weren’t very smart, overly compliant, and too submissive to the circumstances around them. And they had lost themselves during the college experience to their personal authority. Campus life for most turned out to be embarrassing looking back, and it compromised their moral authority as adults. So there wasn’t much good to come out of college graduates and the things they learned. 

I refer to the Freemasonry movement because that is how the concept of college and the liberal arts was implanted into our current culture, and it was a mistake. They didn’t do it on purpose. As I said, they had good intentions but lacked philosophy on the motives of the human race and how to instruct the human mind. College was created around the limits of what was known to science during the Renaissance, but as we know now, education should not be limited to what is given at public schools and colleges during very limited hours of instruction during a certain period of a child’s life. It has turned out not to be a good thing to wrestle away a kid from their parents at age 5. And sending an 18-year-old away to college to allow liberal education to essentially destroy the child of their upbringing has been devastating. It doesn’t happen to all kids. I know plenty of kids who survived the experience just fine. They had good parents, and they turned out to be fine adults. But I also have watched many kids come out of college as entirely different people and were ruined for life. What was destroyed in them was not worth the ability to get a job interview a few steps up the ladders of life. It would have been better for many kids not to ever go to college. They would have turned out better in life had they not been sucked into the liberal education system that was designed for them by Freemasons, globalists, and political hacks around the world, too in love with wine and art museums instead of the essence of all life and productivity, the art of ambition and imagination that come from life experience, not training by incompetent fools masking themselves as authority figures. It was a hopeless experiment from the start, destined to fail.

I always thought that, but it was confirmed for me when I went myself. And I would never impose such a thing on any of my kids; it would only doom them to a lackluster life. So I found Charlie’s book refreshing; it’s about time that we have an honest conversation about the massive failure of the college culture and what they teach kids and how. Like Covid, College and the corporate endorsement of it has been for the benefit of their political Liberal World Order and not the development of individual intellect for the proper life well lived. But compliance to that Liberal World Order and submission to the needs of the masses in all the destructive ways that history has made so many mistakes. And The College Scam is all about acknowledging that failure for a better future by admitting the obvious, which is so difficult for many because it’s all they’ve known all their lives. But that never made it the right thing.

Rich Hoffman

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Why the CDC is Changing their Covid Guidelines: Backing away from the greatest scam in world history

So here is what’s up with the CDC guideline updates regarding Covid that has health experts up in arms with anger which they think there are still 400 deaths a day occurring due to the way that deaths are measured. The ridiculous belief of that bureaucratic health expert class was that they would rule the world if only they played along. But now, the rules are changing and getting much less restrictive, and they are upset about it. Since it’s obviously hurting Democrats in polling for the midterm election, the CDC has dramatically loosened the Covid guidelines to near irrelevancy, two years too late. But it’s at least a recognition of sanity that has long been overdue. Now people who have been exposed to Covid, regardless of vaccination status, no longer have to quarantine if they aren’t showing symptoms. Infected people who choose to use rapid tests can end their isolation after day five, even if they still test positive. People are no longer recommended to stay 6 feet away from others to avoid infection. And it’s important to know, which has always been the case, that the CDC does not have legislative power over any of our lives. What they have are “guidelines,” not laws. We never had to do what they said, we never had to shut down our society the way we did, and we never had to let people die in isolation the way we did. As it has turned out, far more than 400 people a day around the world have died or been harmed with Covid restrictions and the vaccines we took to avoid it than ever actually died of the actual virus that was made by world governments in a lab in China and distributed to the world to conduct political change in 2020 to essentially steal the American election and give it to Joe Biden. That’s what Covid was really about, and now after two years, the CDC is finally trying to fade into the background, only because they have damaged the Democrat party to such a large extent. 

But its more than any of that now, after a few years of public policy meant to give more power to mindless bureaucrats in health care, the plan that was always in the back of their minds including in 2010 when Nancy Pelosi was pushing through Obamacare, the take over of a massive sector of the American economy by government for mysterious reasons, now you see what they had in mind. Now there is plenty of history of crime that the government has gotten itself involved in and plenty of books that have hit the market that have laid out the case against the health officials who abused their power with Covid. Gone is the idea of the nice local doctor who was looking out for our health, and now that image has been replaced by a white-coated tyrant who is just another representative of big government tyranny intent to rule every aspect of our lives with an abuse of authority only conceived in the worst of dystopian novels from the past. There have been a lot of good books on the subject, specifically The Real Anthony Fauci by Robert Kennedy, which is fantastic. You can read that book and now see significant court cases prosecuting the CDC and all its government doctors. They knowingly caused deaths and destroyed people’s lives for malicious reasons, and the cases are spelled out in crayon in that Kennedy book. Then there is Naomi Wolf’s book, The Bodies of Others which establishes the truth of what Covid was; it was a connection to The Great Reset for Klaus Schwab’s takeover of the entire world economy. But coming up in the last quarter of 2022 and the first quarter of 2023 are some very good books that are going to seal the deal on Covid and all the corrupt minds behind it. And with a new congress just elected, there will be hearings to recapture public trust, and many in the CDC will be punished, to say it mildly. That is why the CDC has suddenly changed tune. Fear due to their implication in the crime that affected us all.

I have been talking more lately about the Masons and the many characters who work behind the scenes, such as the trade guilds of Europe who are behind the Desecrators of Davos, who often tamper with political tides around the world to suit their own wants and needs. We know from history that the Masons were involved in the American and French revolutions. They were also behind the Russian Revolution, Marx was a Mason, and their goal over several hundred years of political activism was to bring down the monarchies of Europe and free people from their perspective into a new kind of global republic, one that Plato envisioned based on Egyptian society where philosopher-kings ruled everyone with a kind fist, not the fist of a monarch. That same Masonic movement carried communism down into China and Southeast Asia, chronicled in Claire Lee Chennault’s great book Way of the Fighter. It was clear that FDR then Truman wanted China to be taken over by the communist party, the same way Russia was. Nixon and Kissinger would a few years later give China a seat at the table in world trade, and now we see what the plan always was as China threatens to take over the world run by communism with the winds of change blown on by the Masons behind political movements around the world over the last 300 years. It’s in knowing that history that I wasn’t suckered into thinking Covid was anything but a weapon of terror used by those same old forces to help Klaus Schwab and his Great Reset from the very beginning. Bill Gates was caught funding much of the operation and has now been put into these books with the proof. 

It is wondered why none of these people have gone to jail yet for these crimes against humanity because they control the law. Bill Gates gives a lot of money to progressive groups, and to keep that money flowing; people are willing to break the law to get it. That is why George Soros, a known hostile agent of American ideas, continues to be a menace in the light of day. People want his money. We had seen before Covid came along a new kind of military force in the world, and they work behind the scenes in finance and trade. When Trump as president, threatened that Liberal World Order that had been nurtured along by the Freemason movement over centuries, they weren’t about to have him destroy all their hard work toward globalism, toward the utopian idea of a one-world government that they controlled for the perceived benefit of mankind. So they took him out, and they used China to do it. China owes its entire existence to these ghostly characters behind the political scenes, so they complied and let China loose upon the world to essentially take out the Trump presidency in an election year and give Klaus Schwab his Great Reset now rather than later. Schwab already had his book ready to print just as the world was learning about all the health takeover that the World Health Organization had imposed on the CDC to lock us all in our homes and keep us separated to stop the spread of a virus they created to change the politics of the world. You don’t have to take my word for it; it’s all in a series of books by authors who have done the research. Now, knowing the intent of these global criminals, it’s time for us to do something about it. We have the benefit of hindsight, and it’s time to start making people pay for the greatest crimes in American history. That is why the CDC changed its guidelines and is suddenly trying to drift into the background. And that is the only reason why.

Rich Hoffman

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