The Snake and the Mouse: How to defeat the Liberal World Order

I was asked a few times during the North Coast Gunslinging Championships off of Lake Erie where I got my rattlesnake skin grips on my Ruger Vaquero and why I had them. It’s not enough to just say they are cool, for me, as there usually is a backstory. I explained that it was good to be a snake in life, which raised some eyebrows because we often think of snakes as maniacal devilish creatures that are the embodiments of Satan. So as a crowd gathered around my story, I explained that the Liberal World Order designed for snakes to be seen that way in our society because that’s how they see themselves. They get their ideas from Plato’s Republic regarding their ability to be the philosopher kings who rule all of society. One of their big concerns in life is to gain enough social prestige to be considered to be in that category, which is one of the primary aims of government, to be among the ruling class the way Plato envisioned it. They are fine for the rest of society to be scared of snakes because they are like the snake in the Genesis story, the possessors of knowledge of all good and evil who trick Eve into defying Adam and God to eat from the fruit of that tree and bring down the whole kingdom of everlasting life with the knowledge of good and evil, as defined by that ruling class. As I’ve explained many times about John Dewey and even going back to classics like the socialist propaganda book from 1888, Looking Backward, public education itself was designed around using peer pressure to control all the inhabitants of society to do as they are told and to be fearful of the opinions of the ruling class so not to fall out of favor. That is the purpose of the ruling class over all others, which is created for us very young in public education and politics. 

As I continued the story, I mentioned that I recently had watched a snake being groomed as a pet, eating a mouse thrown into its little aquarium enclosure, which I have seen many hundreds of times over the years, but it has always bothered me. Of course, the snake wants to eat. The mouse just wants to live. They are doing what nature designed them to do, one to eat the other. But it is troubling always that humans insert themselves into that process by capturing the snake and being an intermediary. The snake is now dependent on a human to feed it. And the mouse, once put into the cage, has no defense. When the snake decides it’s going to eat it, the mouse has no option but to accept its fate. It’s always a sad thing to watch. The poor little mouse, once thrown into the aquarium, knows it’s over the moment its placed there, and the creature will do everything it can to avoid the inevitable; it will try to dig its way under a water bowl or some other aquarium feature to survive, but there essentially is nothing it can do but wait for the snake to eat it. The only defense it has is to attempt to ignore the snake and live its life normally, hoping until that last moment that it will live life as long as possible. Thus, its only defense is to ignore the problem and pretend that its crisis is not a doomsday scenario.    

My life in this grooming process was never what the Liberal World Order expected. I never developed a care for what other people thought about me going way back to 2-3-and 4 years of age. Therefore, my public education experience was utterly divorced from Dewey’s purpose for it, which was to break down members of society into their various social groups, ultimately to be led by the philosopher kings, those with the highest liberal level of education in society, and to be like the mouse in life, to live in the aquarium of their own making and to accept our fate when the snake decides to eat. Of course, the philosopher kings of Plato see themselves as the snake and the rest of the world as their next meal. That is the purpose of all monarchies, secret societies, every bureaucratic organization, even sports. But what was unique about my life is that I never accepted such an absurd concept as a little kid, and of course, that caused a lot of consternation as I got older and didn’t fit into the socially constructed categories. I never accepted the liberal world order aquarium we were all thrown into. Several times in my life, this relationship with the established order and its expectations of it rattled the participants. In the video above, I tell a few personal stories that are comical where the people trained by the Liberal World Order were disarmed entirely as to how to deal with me. One was a 5-year class reunion for the public school I went to. The other was a big presentation I was a part of with the mayor of Cincinnati, city council, all the big media at the time, and all the powerful money people for what to do with the Banks Project back in the 90s. In both examples, I represented life outside the aquarium, and the rulers didn’t know what to do with me, so they ignored me as best they could, which is a typical reaction. To them, it’s earth-shattering because they think of themselves as the snake, but when they meet someone who does not follow their liberal world order rules, they realize that they are actually the mouse in life, and they freeze and try their best to pretend that their end is not near. And it’s terrifying to them.

The purpose of me telling that story to that small group of Trump flag-waving gunslingers on the shores of Lake Erie was to assure them that the Liberal World Order is not scary. They are easy to beat; all you have to do is not care what they think of you. And once you do, you will gain all the power in the relationship. They have been taught by the Liberal World Order that they are the snake in life and that everyone else is food for them. But when you do not care about their controls, they are powerless to do anything to control you, and in that way, the roles become reversed, and they become the food. Watching them go through their cycles of paralysis when they realize such things is always funny. And when it is wondered about what will happen next in the political world of our current life, that is the ultimate fate for them. They were never the snake but were always the mouse, and they are food to be consumed at our leisure. And now we’re hungry, so it’s only a matter of time. And that is what I told that group who asked about my gun grips. That is how I see myself, and my work with the guns is my own reminder of that fact and the vulnerabilities of the Liberal World Order. Like the snake in the aquarium, we can eat when we see fit, and that reality of the Liberal World Order is the most terrifying aspect in the world. They have trained all their lives that their role was the other way around, that they could use peer pressure to control all of existence. But the moment they run into someone who doesn’t care about their opinions and actually sees them as food, they lose all their power, which is the inevitable fate for them all in the months and years to come. 

Rich Hoffman

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Yes, We are In a Recession Headed for a Depression: The lying Biden administration is trying to hide the crime by abandoning the measurement

There has never been a question about the definition of what a recession is; if there are two consecutive quarters of GDP decline, we have a recession. And as to our present circumstance in America under the illegitimate Biden administration, we are actually in a far worse situation than just a recession. They have been living off a positive Trump economy that was mostly hands-off on economic growth, which allowed it to grow in more positive ways than it has in decades. Basic economics 101, recessions are caused by too much government tampering, and the indicators begin when you see negative GDP growth. For economies to work, people need to go out and do productive enterprises, and they must have the freedom to take the risks to generate those enterprises. What all socialist economists get wrong, which is most of them who get their information through liberal university study, is that restrictions on economic activity are detrimental to GDP growth. Economies do not expand due to administrative state tampering and top-down bureaucratic compliance. Money is made and expanded when creative freedom is at its highest in a culture, and people are free to take risks with the fewest penalties a society can tolerate. All the cable business channels get their information from the same socialist-trained market analyzers, so people tend to view economic data the same way they do medical or legal information as something beyond their comprehension. But in truth, the proper measures of positive economic growth, whether it be a country or a local business, is the more restrictions there are on creative business growth, the worst the performance of the profit-driven enterprise. 

So it was no surprise that the very micro-managed Biden administration would impede GDP growth with its intrusive business policies. Just the vaccine mandates of the fourth quarter of 2021 would have been enough to cause a recession in the first quarters of 2022. The Biden administration and Democrats, in general, have been living off the Trump economy and benefiting from it. Job growth has been easy to measure because many of the jobs they are taking credit for, including this latest one in August of 2022, have been because of the global shutdowns due to Covid. The CDC has been gradually reducing its very harmful “recommendations,” which essentially torpedoed positive economic growth due to surrendering logic to the government-made Covid virus that was produced in a lab in China under the guidance of Dr. Fauci and many others as a bioweapon. When China unleashed that bioweapon before the election in 2020, the goal to remove Trump from the American White House was the top priority and remains the top priority of the Liberal World Order, Henry Kissinger’s “world order.” So the CDC put forth lots of restrictive recommendations that harmed employment numbers. As those restrictions were reduced, people have slowly returned to the workplace, helping make employment numbers look like growth. However, it’s all smoke and mirrors because those employees may have returned to the workplace, but performance expectations have been dramatically reduced.

If anybody doubted that the Biden administration were complete liars and that they would lie about anything just to see if they could get away with it, then this attempt by them to redefine what a recession is proving their true merit. They have attempted to hide their bad economic output by changing the definition, just as they attempted to do this previous week by denying that there is any inflation. Biden himself declared that inflation was at 0% because they simply erased all previous measures and declared that the official record was happening upon that announcement. Of course, the Biden people have lied about the invasion of Trump’s home, about election fraud, and about the validity of the Covid vaccines, which have turned out to be dangerous for some people. They have lied about the cause of the war in Ukraine, and the price of gasoline, so nobody should expect them to suddenly start telling the truth about economic talk ahead of an important election. They have taken an excellent economy coming out of 2019 and 2020 and absolutely and purposely destroyed it in 2021 and 2022 with overly restrictive policies that crippled economic growth. And now it’s showing in the economy for two quarters now. It took some time for the ship to start sinking, but once it started to, there was no way to stop it. Too much government intrusion means an economy that can’t grow and expand. It’s that simple. When an organization of any kind starts destroying its measurements, you know then that they are failing. What doesn’t get measured doesn’t get done. Or what measurements are abandoned, are meant to hide what isn’t getting done. 

The truth about Biden’s position on recession and their attempts to hide the information from the public indicates a much larger problem. We’re not just in a recession, but we are in a depression, a bad depression that will make the one in the 1930s look like a child’s creation. Biden hopes to hide the criminal conduct of his son until after the midterm election, as well as all this bad economic information for political reasons. The media, of course, is helping him because, in essence, they work for the administrative state, not freedom of speech, and they serve the Liberal World Order completely, without debate. But the evidence of the trouble starts to be seen when you see organizations throwing out their measurements because they want to hide the truth from people wanting to understand what’s going on. The Biden administration has no plan to explain negative growth in the third or fourth quarter or for what looks like it will be years of negative growth. Without question, to attempt to hide the obvious depression that America is now in will be to throw out all the measurements and redefine the definitions so that the public might be oblivious to the real harm in the facts. It’s not just happening in America; everywhere that the Liberal World Order has impressed itself into culture is finding themselves suffering through negative growth. And the Biden team hopes to hide their failure in the failures of the rest of the world suffering for all the same reasons. In that way, they certainly hope to redefine the definitions to conceal their lackluster performance. But the evidence is obvious, and people feel it at the gas pumps, in the reductions in commercial options, supply chain failures, and how the world has slowed down.

Even though people are returning to work after the many-year Covid haze, they are not as good as before the lockdowns. Workers have lost their edge, their competitive spirit. They have been sung a lullaby of death by the Desecrators of Davos, the European attitude of sleeping through life and not being driven by any sense of urgency.   We are living in a world of the Great Reset, as Klaus Schwab and many global progressives like him intended, and the economy is reacting worse than they initially thought. That is because they listened to all the loser economists that the university system produced and started their measurements with the wrong assumptions. And now we have a recession in America and around the world. But worse, we are headed for a long depression, and that depression will last until the government is removed from the money-making process. And not before 

Rich Hoffman

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The Brain Dead Losers at the IRS: And those idiots want to hire 87,000 more of them and give them guns to kick down doors to confiscate more wealth for a bloated, out-of-control government

Of course, there should always be a concern when we are talking about putting 87,000 dumb and inefficient people onto a government payroll and encouraging them to go door to door with guns to extract more money from the American population. It’s a plea by stupid people in the administrative state to feed the beast they have created. They can’t get tax increases passed in government, so they are looking to extract more money from the public to fund their gross inefficiencies with force. But they do so without dealing with their previous inefficiencies. Instead, they insist on creating a larger government with proportionally more lackluster effort without a care in the world to the incredible cost it would bring across our economic engine to society. From my experience, IRS agents are dumb as a box of rocks on a good day. In my life, I keep things very simple, not for my sake, but because in my previous involvement with the IRS, I find them such a stupid class of people that have difficulty understanding basic things if I can’t show my incomes on simple W2s then its simply not worth doing. I get investment offers for crypto, real estate, and business opportunities of all kinds several times a day, all days of the week. But I turn them all down because the opportunity cost of doing them likely would never exceed the pain in the ass required to deal with the IRS and the set-up for the audits that require hours and hours of time spent with some of the dumbest people on earth. I’d rather give up making millions and millions of dollars so that I could gain the riches of not having to talk to a box of dumb rocks who took a government job so they could be paid well to mask their lazy life and still have authority over other people as a representative of big, out of control, inefficient, government.

The audacity of the proposal to hire 87,000 more IRS agents is that the government is already grossly inefficient. Adding this many more inefficient employees to the government payroll is only pouring gas on an already blazing dumpster fire. Government employees of all kinds are some of the worst in the world regarding lazy economic generators. I have always talked about how horrible it has been to pay public school teachers what we pay them only to get the horrendous work performance that we get out of them, not to mention the political activism. When they ask for tax hikes to pay for their bloated services to the community, it is always my default mode to require them to lay off some of that inefficiency because that should always be the goal.   Efficiency is the first thing anybody dealing with money should be thinking about. But government always throws money at inefficiency to achieve their stated objectives. In this case, they want more money to operate the administrative state, so they throw more money at the same inefficiencies that caused the problems to begin with. So not only have they compounded those inefficiencies and now connected more labor to those inefficiencies, making the situation considerably worse, but they failed to deal with the root cause of their inefficiencies in the first place seeking to mask it with ominous authority rule. That has always been the joke of public education. But you can see it most notably at your local BMV, where slow, horrible service has become the accepted norm. If you want to drive a car, you have to deal with these slow-minded losers who show up for work brain dead and end their days comatose.   All government employees become some representative of a brain-dead lifestyle by the nature of their tasks. So the greater expansion of government services, the more zombies that we put into society and pay them way too much to achieve way too little.

Because government never wants to admit what a burden it is to society, they never measure anything in opportunity cost. Instead, their goal is to leech off effort and fuel their disgusting lifestyles off the opportunity of others. With the expansion of 87,000 IRS agents, the government intends to fuel itself off the efforts of others. But as I said, there is a cost to inefficiency; it can’t be hidden on balance sheets. It emerges in undesirable ways frequently. When employees show up for work at 8 in the morning and are ordering their lunch by 9 am. It arrives at noon. Then after eating it, they are done for the day and ready to go home. So rather than work the rest of the day, they play on the internet sending messages of nothing to each other until 5 when they go pick up their kids at daycare, then meander home to die a little bit each day in front of the television too tired from their day’s activities to lift a hand to do much of anything else. Then when they finally get to their weekend, they waste it complaining about how tired they are from the previous week. That is the life of the typical government employee who has lost the ability to think because they aren’t paid to think; they are paid to waste time, money, and intellectual effort, which is precisely what the government gets in exchange for their overvalued employment. 

I remember how it was in 2010; I was on the IRS target list for Lois Lerner’s targeting of conservatives by direct order from the Obama terrorist organization that had occupied the White House. They confiscated some of my videos and other Tea Party material as evidence, and I will admit to having some fun watching them view the material. It was like watching dogs turn their heads to some invisible dog whistle, contemplating things beyond their comprehension to grasp because they didn’t have the mental capacity to do so. It was beyond their range of understanding. I’m probably being too nice when I say that IRS agents are dumb as a box of rocks. They are actually worse than that, and that’s because the mismanagement of those resources starts at the top and flows down to all the field agents. So when we add to those numbers, of course, proportionally, we will get much more inefficiency when employees are added because we did not make a leadership change. That is just dry wood on an open fire regarding the administrative state. Adding more employees to an already inefficient government agency is a useless and more costly gesture. What they cost alone is excessive but minor when added to the opportunity cost that the IRS imposes on the culture at large, the many trillions of dollars of money that could have been made if government was just out of the way. Regular hard-working people would be free to do their tasks unimpeded. And that is the cost of the additional IRS agents. The shakedown of regular people is just the beginning of the problem. The real burden comes from things that don’t happen, ultimately worsening the world. It’s bad enough to think that giving such lazy and stupid people so much government power might be a solution the administrative state values, but it’s in what doesn’t happen that holds the real costs of their incursion. And that is what the brain-dead losers of the administrative state never consider because they don’t have the minds to think it. What they want, all they want is to consume off the efforts of others. And by expanding the IRS, they are just looking the squeeze the orange a bit more for a spoonful of juice in all the inefficient ways that have become the norm of government activity.    

Rich Hoffman

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Aaron Rodgers and Ayahuasca: The way liberalism hides behind ancient religions and masks of goodness

As if the raiding of President Trump’s home wasn’t enough, or the collapse of the global economy, the perverts who run public education and are a far greater menace to children than the potential danger of school shooters, or the purposeful deaths created by government in reaction to the government creation of Covid, then the mismanagement of it, the Aaron Rodgers story about taking Ayahuasca during a trip to Peru might not seem like such a big deal. But really, it is. It shows the undercurrent of a massive, global sentiment toward drug use to fulfill the religious needs of globalists and their reverence to mother earth worship and ancient taboos meant to control mass society. I have only said, all of my long life, that any government that is permissive to drug use is one that wants to dumb down its citizens so they are easier to control and less of a threat to their eventual power. That is certainly the case with the latest Ayahuasca drug cult that has been emerging for a while now, not just in global cultures but specifically in America. I would point to musical groups like The Doors as part of that ceremonial tribalism that had in its always intentions worship of the dualist goddess cults that were constantly plaguing the earth with stupidity and mayhem. The use of psychedelics to “open” the mind to new experiences is not a new thing, and I do subscribe to the current theory that it was through plant-based psychedelic diets that caused mankind’s consciousness to expand into what we see today, something capable of creation in mimicking and possibly even surpassing what was viewed in the shamanic visions induced through various drugs. Ayahuasca is a plant-based brew that is specific to the Amazon rainforests and has been used by shamans there for thousands of years to communicate with what they call the “dead.” So along comes aimless Aaron Rodgers, a guy who is at midlife without children, even without a wife, searching for meaning. So he went like a lot of people do in his condition to Peru and sought out the advice of a shaman, and what he learned was the advice of an undercurrent religion to which the United Nations is dedicated entirely, the worship of the earth and understanding that nature has dominion over mankind, not the other way around as it says to us in the Book of Genesis. 

Liberalism has always come to us disguised in music, movies, drugs, and essentially all aspects of artistic culture. It never announces itself as a religion, but once you peel back the layers of all secret societies which operate in the background of our culture, specifically politics, it is then discovered the old religion of dualism, which essentially states that all things in the material world are evil. The only good thing is to sacrifice yourself to the spirit world and live for everlasting life, life without a body. That means that all things created in life, regarding material flesh, wives, children, houses, things that the American Constitution protects, are to be discarded in favor of a spiritual life oblivious to material comforts. This is where the dumb ideas of fasting come from: living a life of celibacy and material denial in service to religious objectives. But under all that sacrifice is the duelist notion of living as plants do; when they die, their seed reproduces and spawns again. If you cut off the limbs of a tree, it grows back. And in that way, nature represents everlasting life and is the most essential thing in the world to work for. That is what Pablo Amaringo would say, the famous Peruvian shaman who has been celebrated around the world for his fantastic art regarding his Ayahuasca visions. For this reason, I have been talking about this culture for a while now, well before Aaron Rodgers announced his experiences at the start of the 2022 football season in using it to secure his MVP title the year before. 

I kind of like Aaron Rodgers; I know he’s a reader and is thoughtful about things, at least for the athletic jock types. He’s unusually intelligent. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t know when he is being played by the undercurrents of mass society in general. He is very much plugged into the corporate world through his many endorsements, and he got himself into a little trouble last year when he stood up to the NFL push to mandate vaccines. In the way things work, this Ayahuasca thing is a bone thrown toward the globalists because they love the idea that a popular media figure like Rodgers is promoting drug use for psychological alignment and mental health. That is music to their ears. And the fact that liberalism has seeped into Aaron Rogers’ life in many ways can be seen in his new girlfriend, Blu of Earth. They now have matching tattoos that have all the symbols of dualism contained in it on their forearms. What they call a spiritual journey is essentially the same dualist religions that have been with the world since the beginning of time and are certainly pushbacks against the latest religious invention of material culture as we know of it in Christianity and god giving men dominion over the earth and everything on it. 

We know that the goal of the KGB when they were planting seeds of destruction in American culture through our universities in the 40s and 50s was to create a society not of warring cowboys and gunslingers, as America was at the time, but a bunch of tree-hugging hippies smoking dope, taking LSD to find themselves, and to embrace love, not war. That is, of course, what the enemy would love. In the modern context, it makes the globalists very happy to see a great warrior of America, an American football player talking about seeking love in his life and living peacefully with existence. And from Aaron Rodgers’ perspective, I’m sure the pressures of performance on television week in and week out have their own challenges, and managing that pressure requires thinking outside the box. When you don’t have a wife or kids, and those parts of your life feel like they are leaving you behind, of course, it’s easy to find meaning in earth worship and ancient religions that speak against materialism and spiritual fulfillment. The caution should come from any culture in knowing what the undercurrents are to the sentiment, the reason that Ayahuasca is being suddenly shown as a solution to the world’s problems. I personally think there are scientific benefits to Ayahuasca and that what it does is benefit the human brain in pulling off the restrictor plates in the visual spectrum that we currently have. But I don’t think it’s a miracle drug or the great boon of existence. Instead, the benefit is in seeing the influences on mankind that often hide in the shadows. We misdiagnose them as “spirit guides” when they are likely demons, “tricksters,” whispers of doom and destruction who use famous celebrities to spread their message of wickedness and destruction behind presentations of peace and love. Ayahuasca can allow us to see those maniacal creatures and to deal with them. But the danger is in thinking they are here to help us. And behind the religious intentions of globalists, this is their ultimate plan, to submit all of mankind to the gods of nature and to destroy the materialist concepts of Christianity forever. It’s a plan with all the elements of evil we might fear and then some.

Rich Hoffman

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The Liberal World Order Attacks Populism at Mar-a-Lago: The intent behind going through the underwear drawer of Melania Trump to show power over President Trump

It could easily be said that the federal government intended to desecrate the underwear of Melania Trump, the most beautiful First Lady America had ever had. For all the theater presented when the FBI raided the home of President Trump at his Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida under cover of gathering evidence for a phony federal trial meant to keep him from running for President once again, there was more to this raid than just court proceedings. Empowered by the radical Jeffery Epstein connected judge Bruce Reinhart, who thinks a lot of the communist economist Robert Reich and liberal journalists like Dan Rather, the raid was signed off on purely with political sabotage in mind to be shown to the world many times worse than Watergate was ever conceived of. And all caution was thrown to the wind in the act of desperation. Of course, the attack was meant to hide the mounting controversy of Joe Biden’s many family problems, most of which is the relationship his crack-addicted son Hunter Biden has with China and known prostitutes, which everyone has by now seen filming himself doing illegal drugs with. Then there is Paul Pelosi’s DUI which has put Nancy Pelosi in a public relations nightmare. Add to that the complete global failure of the Liberal World Order as the Desecrators of Davos have been selling it, and John Kerry is connected to it through the Biden administration. The high gas prices, the inflation, the open borders, the high crime, the complete destruction of American life advocated by the political left, and what was most on their mind on the day of August 8th, 2022, was the underwear of Melania Trump which they searched through for over 9 hours. 

Scum bags that must be defunded. The FBI is a criminal organization meant to protect a massively corrupt government

The Trump lawyers were kept out of the rooms that the FBI searched. Essentially the FBI took over the residence of the President of the United States, who was legally elected twice but only allowed in office once by the same perpetrators who were conducting this August raid. The intent was a classic one, to desecrate Trump’s life in the way that many pillagers of the past would rape the wife of a hated rival in front of them before ultimately killing them as the final blow to their social footprint and to remove a menace to whatever order was conducting the latest evils upon the world. The raid was meant to let Trump know that he wasn’t in charge and that the federal government could do what it wanted whenever it wanted, and there was no power on earth that could stop them. And if they wanted to go through his wife’s private things, they would, and nobody could stop them. The FBI went into Trump’s private place and office and even broke into his safe just because they wanted to show their power over Trump. After all those hours of ransacking one of the most beautiful estates on earth, the FBI took 12 boxes and whatever else they could smuggle from the residence and left the place a smoldering heap of disgrace. The raid was a message to the world that their populist leader was helpless and could be brought down just like anybody else. An evil, corrupt government hijacked by the worst that politics could produce had shown itself in all its ugliness, proving so many conspiracy theories right in the light of day. Only now, the political left no longer cared. They were out for blood and were intent on finishing the coup they started before Trump was ever elected the first time, and they were done fooling around. 

The FBI has a long history now of helping crime succeed and covering up terrorism

Watching the proceedings, I found it astonishing that the secret service allowed the raid to happen at all. That is the difference between good people who still believe in the rule of law and those who are willing to take advantage of people who do to get the drop on them. The Biden administration had to sign off on the raid, and they managed to get a liberal judge in Reinhart to cast it forth, and the good people, the Trump security, and the political figures in general figured there was an election coming, and that rule of law was worth supporting. I suppose that’s all true. As far as I’m concerned, the FBI lost its legitimacy over the Lisa Page, Jim Comey collapse, which I talked about on CNN at the start of President Trump’s first term. I was right then, and I was even more right now. The FBI is no longer a relevant body that serves the people of our republic. Instead, they are a hit squad for the Democrat Party intent to protect the implementation of the Liberal World Order. And they aren’t hiding it from the public anymore. They are evil, from the top of the ranks down to the field officers. The culture of the FBI is bad, from recruiting to the daily culture in every American city. They are not the good guys. I don’t know that they ever were, but especially over the last few decades, going back to 9/11, what they allowed to happen in that terrorist attack should alarm everyone. Also, their investigation over the Oklahoma City bombing should further raise concerns. Who was the third terrorist, and why hasn’t the FBI or CIA been more forthcoming about that element? During the 90s, it all seemed like conspiracy theory when we used to have a lot more trust in the FBI. But looking back on it now, the third terrorist conspiracy looks more fact than fiction. Then we must consider the FBI’s bizarre reaction when they allowed the media into the shooter’s apartment in Pasadena during that terrible Christmas shooting, where it took way too long to announce to the world that the act had been a terrorist act not a case of workplace violence. The FBI let the media into the house just a few days after the mass shooting at an office complex, which destroyed a lot of evidence and is a major no, no in any investigative work. Yet the FBI tried to cover up the terror act by Islamic extremists for some mysterious reason, and that was before we even knew Trump was running for President. Then we learned so much more. 

The raid comes straight from the White House. Far worse than Watergate

All this and more makes the FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago an attack by a hostile enemy rather than even a political hit job. It certainly isn’t an investigation. It’s a crime committed by the government to protect itself from a growing population that trusts it less and less. This act was meant to put fear into the population and desecrate a very popular First Lady by showing that nobody is safe and implying fear to an entire population that still flies Trump flags in their yards, on the back of their trucks, and from their boats. A criminal class was now in charge of the American government, put there by hostile foreign forces, like China through the compromised Biden crime family. And even the reaches of the Jeffery Epstein mystery machine were still at work through Judge Reinhart, showing the controls of the criminal class rooted in liberalism runs deep. We are in a civil war; only the battlefield is not defined traditionally. It’s hidden in the halls of law and order. The terrorists are hiding in procedure to take advantage of good people who follow the law, by people who have no intention of following the law but exploiting the gullibility of the law-abiding so they are forced to stand around and watch as the FBI ransacked the underwear drawers of Melania Trump and show their power over her and the President for all to see and send a clear message to the world that the Liberal World Order is in charge. If people didn’t know that from the recently stolen election, then this raid on Trump’s home would seal the deal. And they could care less who was insulted by the act.    

Rich Hoffman

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Joe Biden Using Covid to Hide in the White House: The Lazy, unproductive, and losers of the world have now become the rulers of the zombie apocalypse

I’ve said it from the beginning, and I’m saying it now, Covid was always a hoax made up by government in a Chinese lab as a bioweapon meant to usher in the Great Reset for which the United Nations planned to use a health crisis to grab power and sovereignty from the world over fear of death.   I would even go so far as to say that Covid was and is a weapon of terrorism, terrorism in the extreme. It was meant to make people afraid and to cleave to government in unhealthy ways. But it was never engineered to be a killer virus. It was only meant to be a fast-spreading cold and what made it terrible were the new rules that the CDC unconstitutionally implemented to deal with it, which was a radical leftist plan to destroy all economies in the world and to run over anybody who stood in the way. Sure, some people have adverse effects with Covid, just like any cold or allergies. But Covid was made and distributed for reasons the global administrative state wanted. They didn’t necessarily want to kill everyone; they just wanted to control them. And with that said, I always said, and many have joined me in saying, that Democrats were going to try to use Covid to steal another election and to expect them to resurrect it just before the fall elections of 2022 to open the doors for massive cheating, and to minimize the damage they were about to see in the midterms. To back up my statements, I would refer anybody to the Children’s Health Defense books and others who have told the story of how Covid came about and how it was managed in destructive ways. It’s not a secret or conspiracy. It’s hard for many people to admit to what suckers they were and how they allowed such a dumb scam to be played on them massively. It’s the biggest story in the world, but it’s also the biggest embarrassment, and many people don’t want to admit to how stupid they were in reacting to Covid, now that the truth is quite clear of what it always was.

Right on time, President Biden came down with Covid and locked himself in the residence of the White House, hoping to inspire a national concern for his safety. It was meant to do two things, get him out of the bumbling around in public that had been killing his poll numbers with gaffes literally every day, falling off bicycles, tripping over stairs, walking like someone has stuck a stick up his caboose to keep him standing straight, the constant embarrassments coming out over Hunter Biden’s crack use with illicit whores on video and the FBI helping to cover it up. Covid was meant to tap into the fears, and concerns Americans had just gone through and that they might feel sympathy and concern for the old man in the White House, which might help his polling. But, Democrats cannot win an honest election; they have no platform that people want, they stand for the destruction of America, and their game plan is in full action now, and people can see the evidence for themselves. Bread costs too much. Gas is outrageous. And we are told that climate change is the biggest threat to our lives, and to drive that point home, they need something to remind people that life could be snuffed away from them at any time. That there was something worse than everything they could see around them happening. They needed to dust off the Covid virus again and make people afraid of it once more, as they did in 2020, to change the political landscape into something they could regain control of. So Biden, over the last few weeks, has come down with Covid several times and has remained locked up in the White House as his handlers work on some public relations activity to boost up his opinion sentiment with the public. 

But it wasn’t working. As all the mainstreamers tried with great diligence to scare people back into a Covid frenzy, people are done with the masks, the lockdowns, the vaccines, and all the big government nonsense. The only people who still want Covid around are those who put it in play, to begin with, the lazy, the stupid, and the agents of the administrative state. Because when you look back on the CDC “recommendations” (they are not laws, and we do not have to follow them), you will see the dream of the average bureaucrat know-nothing. Covid gave them cover for their laziness; it was a free get-out-of-work plan where they could keep their jobs but stay home for days on end to stop the spread. Covid protocols were the most ridiculous socialist concepts since Karl Marx wrote his dumb books. Covid was designed to make the lazy look brilliant by following big government orders and changing the entire value system of society at large. It put the weak losers of life in charge of the thrifty and industrious. And now that Joe Biden is attempting to use Covid to hide from the public behind a controlled wall White House façade, many around the country are using his example to get falls positive tests that get them out of work for the same reasons they always have, because they are too lazy to work. They wish to hide their behavior behind a made-up public emergency. 

I’ve never been a supporter of a “doctor’s note” as a reason to get out of work. There are legal obligations to follow those types of social norms, but I’ve always thought of a doctor’s note as an intrusion by some medical bureaucrats into the business of life, and they had no mandate to intrude themselves on anybody’s life. When an employee brings a doctor’s note to work to alter their work schedule in some way with reduced duty or time off, it says to me that that person doesn’t want to work. I’d be looking for employees who don’t bring in doctor’s notes because those who do are liabilities against productivity. Government has stuck its nose in private business too much on many issues, and the doctor’s note is just one of those terrible incursions. And Covid was meant to play off that culture built by government over many decades of acting as the mediator between the big nasty employer who is just too evil to accommodate employees’ personal needs when they are sick. It is socialism that Karl Marx would be ecstatic over, and it has always made me sick to see. But Covid exploded that culture into ridiculous proportions, nearly turning our entire society into the zombie apocalypse. Covid as a policy has been the dream of socialists and communists everywhere, it has empowered the worst of our society into gaining merit through compliance, and the payoff for them is to get out of work under the protection of government making employers utterly helpless in the process. And what Biden did by using Covid to stay home and play in his residence was to remind all the lazy and worthless who exist that Covid is their get out of jail free card. And you can believe it; they are using it.   In the end, that will be what people remember Joe Biden for; he empowered the lazy and punished the hard-working. He led through fear because he was so incompetent that he had nothing else in the toolbox, which was the point of Covid all along, to give those like Biden merit in the world through the terrorism of fear and the unearned control over everyone’s lives by the administrative state.

Rich Hoffman

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$950,000 From DeWine Won’t Make Lakota Schools Safer: The teachers and administrators are the real danger, we need more school board oversight, not less

I think it’s actually bad news that Governor DeWine is issuing $47 million in public school security measures, $950,000 which is going to Lakota schools in my area of northern Cincinnati. That is like putting a lot of nice icing on a car tire, calling it a cake, and telling people to eat it. There is a lot wrong in public schools, one of which is the kind of school security that is needed to stop school shooters. I think Ohio addressed that issue best with H.B. 99, which will give training parameters to teachers who want to be first responders in case of a crisis in public schools. The false belief that kids are safe with teachers, administrators, and other paid employees continues to be the biggest concern that nobody has a stomach to discuss. But in truth, the extra security that DeWine was providing to Lakota schools and other public schools, with extra cameras and increased resource officers to keep outsiders on the outside, will only make it possible for the real threats to children to expand their malice behind that security. The problem is in continued belief that public employees can be trusted with our children implicitly, where I would argue that they need more oversight from a public that needs to be more engaged in their children’s lives. Having less engagement only allows public employees who have serious mental deficiencies to further dominate the time and attention of children in destructive ways, because the extra security keeps away the eyes that likely need to check out what’s going on more. 

This whole problem was exacerbated by the Darbi Boddy situation at Lakota, where the superintendent, Matt Miller, charged her with trespassing for showing up unannounced to take pictures of artwork on the walls of Lakota to see for herself what had been going on regarding CRT. Darby didn’t believe the teachers when they spoke at a school board meeting and said there was no CRT in the schools. Matt wanted to have an administrative state kind of audit. Darbi wanted to see for herself and leave the bureaucratic opinions at the door, which is what she was recently elected to do. As a result, Darbi was plastered all over the news and shamed for essentially doing her job. The behavior of Matt Miller toward Darbi made many people who supported Darbi very angry. Soon after, people started telling lots of stories about Matt Miller and how dangerous of a person he has been and how hypocritical his actions toward Darbi were. And now, a whole can of worms has been opened, and there is some very serious discussion going on that looks bad for everyone involved. It didn’t have to be personal the way it is. Still, all the parties should have known that it was a bad idea to attempt to make Darbi Boddy the scapegoat for much more serious trouble that continues to be a problem among administrators and the paid teaching staff. 

I have been neutral on Matt Miller, the superintendent at Lakota because there are people I trust on the school board who like him. So, I have put my feelings about paying him over $200,000 per year aside due to their opinions.   However, the reality of highly paid administrative types of government employees is consistent in many occupations, when they have lots of expendable income, which teachers at Lakota do. They don’t have heavy work schedules, they have summers off, and 7-hour work days of real productive time, then bad things are poised to happen because their minds are not occupied with positive things. And the stories of the cell phones with naked pictures between administrators and teachers are abundant. A bored adult mind that tends to be politically progressive often turns to pornography to fill their time, which opens the door to lots of terrible behavior, much of it illegal.

And regarding Matt Miller, he just went through a rough divorce, and some bad behavior revealed that he should have lost his job over, at a bare minimum. So, to my mind, he’s lucky to have his job still. But he’s certainly not in a position to place a value judgment on Darbi for doing her own investigation into bad conduct that voters have notified her is happening in the hallways of Lakota to the eyes of the students. And now, the hypocrisy of his position to Darbi and the purposeful intent to destroy her in the media and within the community has spurred on a lot of intense anger that has cracked open reports of a lot of very vile conduct that Matt Miller is in the middle of, and it’s not good. What they say about glass houses and not throwing rocks, Matt has been throwing rocks in a wet paper bag. It has turned out to be a terrible idea.

As I say all the time, everyone is innocent until proven guilty. Just because people say things about you doesn’t mean a person is truly guilty. If it did, there would be a SWAT team at Matt’s house immediately. We must examine the reports and the evidence and let law enforcement figure out what’s what. There is a process, and we must let the process do its work. However, in relation to this school safety money from DeWine, trapping kids in schools where these Lakota administrators and teachers have more protection from the opinions of the outside world is not a good idea. It makes kids not safer but puts them in much more danger. Because school shootings are just one danger kids face. In the sexually charged world, we live in now, where so many adults suffer from porn addiction and seek to act out their fantasies in real life, there is a lot of mental illness going on in the lives of people with expendable income and time to spend it. And giving those people protection from spontaneous visits from the school board or even cautious parents who want to know what’s happening with their children is a terrible idea. It protects the sex abusers from those who need to check their behavior with frequent audits. The employees and administrators cannot be trusted at face value. They need oversight, a lot of oversight. I’m not going to suggest we throw the whole baby out with the bathwater. I don’t think public schools are good for kids in many ways at all. To me, it’s only a free babysitting service for busy parents. But for those who need it, we are fools to trust these people with our kids unchecked and behind tight security, which protects them from the public. Which is precisely what this $950,000 will do; it will give those most guilty of committing sexual crimes in public places more protection to do much more of it. I hear many reports of this behavior going on among the teacher population and that it is led by leadership. There is so much evidence that a lot of it is written down with text messages from reliable witnesses. So, there is too much smoke for there not to be fire. How much fire is the real question? And where there are fires to put out, we would be fools to lock out the firefighters with added security. That is precisely what more security means. It won’t make kids safer; it makes them much more vulnerable. 

Rich Hoffman

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The Biden Administration is Far More Dangerous than Zawahiri Was: They all want the same thing, the destruction of America and the end of capitalism

Notice how fast the killing of Zawahiri went away as a news story. The media, complicit with the illegitimate Biden criminal administration, thought that if they ordered in a drone strike like some people order a pizza, that their poll numbers would improve. They might stop the terrible news that continues to come out of the White House regarding inflation, war with Russia, a weak president constantly sick with Covid, and being a laughingstock around the world. They killed the old man Zawahiri, the long-known terrorist and former right-hand man to Osama bin Laden and expected it to be a rallying cry for the rest of the country to get behind the Democrats ahead of the midterms. And they did it right on script, the end of summer in 2022, they really thought, based on the playbook of the past, that it would wash over Americans with patriotism and Biden’s poll numbers would instantly improve, and all would be good going into the next election cycle. However, these are not the naïve times of two years ago. We are a much wiser nation now than we were in 2019. After what we have seen the government do regarding Covid, election fraud, and the harassment of J6 prisoners and anybody associated with the MAGA movement, Zawahiri may have been a terrorist who helped plan the killing of many lives over 21 years ago. But the Biden administration is far more dangerous and far worse in their malicious intent and is the real concern. And people understand that now much better than they did previously, making that old liberal playbook of public manipulation worthless in the coming times. And they are lost as to what to do next. 

We are talking about a Biden administration that has sold out America to its greatest enemy, China. A country that produced a bioweapon in partnership with radical elements of the administrative state and its connection to the United Nations and unleashed it to throw the world into the Great Reset, a Klaus Schwab plan to topple all global economies at the same time and bring them under the control of a global administrative state ran essentially by the United Nations. Many people were killed in this action and permanently ruined in many other ways, especially financially. When Zawahiri and his bearded buddy Osama planned the actions of 9/11, they thought it would be a symbolic attack against American capitalism and strike a blow against the imperialism of the United States that was fueled by the great wealth produced in those buildings. It could be said that the terrorists from Saudi Arabia were inspired by the American movie Fight Club and thought America would be destroyed if its symbols of capitalism were removed from their big skylines. When they hijacked commercial airliners and flew them into the twin towers of the World Trade Center, they ruthlessly killed many people and caused billions of dollars of destruction. However, in the aftermath of the terrible event, the administrative state was ready to go with all kinds of new laws and regulations and a massive government expansion to take over Americans’ independence and give more power to the efforts of globalism in the aftermath. Since then, these terrorists have been hiding in the desert for the last 20 years. We were told that Osama bin Laden was killed and that his body was dumped in the ocean before cameras could even verify the action, and we were supposed to take the authority’s word for it. Then it took these same losers with all the modern technology available to them to spend the next 21 years looking for Zawahiri, only to kill him the night before significant elections in the United States while Biden was hiding in the White House behind a mask of Covid sickness, to stay out of the public eye. 

But more than anything that the Al Qaeda terrorist wanted to do to strike at the wealth of America, the Biden administration has actually taken steps to dismantle that wealth and throw in jail anybody who questions them on it. After what we’ve seen about the Hunter Biden laptop and the openly committed crimes there that the FBI has helped cover up—we have the son of the president of the United States using illegal drugs on video and having sex with prostitutes, which is also illegal, and nothing was done about it. Instead, the people who wanted to investigate it were attacked and harassed as far as the law would allow. Then we’ve watched this administration and the party of the Democrats, in general, go to work to brick by brick dismantle the capitalist American economy with the same vigor as bin-Laden, and his friend Zawahiri planned the 9/11 attacks and for the same reasons. Only many more people have been killed by the Biden administration, not just in the destruction of economic value. Still, the purposeful allowance of George Soros and other monied financiers to take over district attorney offices all over America to weaken our justice system and kill many people on the streets with upticks in violence, but with vaccine mandates with experimental drugs that are having terminal effects on people. The government has been covering it up in an alliance with drug companies. The Biden administration has made the attack on the twin towers of New York look like a kid’s game in comparison.

But worse of all is the border crisis, where the Biden administration has gone out of its way to allow for an open border with Mexico allowing drug cartels to thrive, allow them to poison the youth of our country, and bring in millions and millions of undocumented people into America with no restrictions to Covid at all. On the one hand, if you want to travel into Canada or some overseas flight, you have to show you have been vaxed because government created Covid and unleashed it around the world. Now we are supposed to take their vaccine to travel freely because the virus could be deadly to some people sometimes. Yet, anybody and their monkey’s uncle can cross over into America from the southern border with Mexico no matter what is wrong with those people. They could be the next terrorist cell; they could be sick with some deadly disease. They might come for a hit to kill people rivaling their drug trade. According to the Biden administration, it’s all OK with their open border policy.

Consequently, more people had died because of Biden than ever were killed when Zawahiri and Osama planned the attack on the World Trade Center. We have a presidential administration in the current White House who cheated an election to get there, unleashed a virus to allow them to do it, and now in power has been willing to destroy anybody who gets in their way of achieving all the goals that the terrorists around the world have been trying to do to America for many decades. But instead of running planes into our skyscrapers, they are now in the White House operating right out in the open with the help of our FBI, CIA, and other hostile administrative state agents. And they thought we were so stupid that we wouldn’t see that it was they who were far more dangerous than some brittle old man who did something terrible 21 years ago and has been hiding out in public all this time without punishment. That is until the Biden administration needed a cover story. And on the eve of a big election in August of 2022, Biden finally ordered the strike with the same bravado that we might order pizza before a big football game on television. It took the same kind of courage. And they actually thought we were so stupid that we’d fall for it. No, this time, the story died in just a few hours because it’s quite clear that the Biden administration was far more dangerous than terrorist cells around the world. And getting rid of them will be a lot harder than just ordering a pizza by phone. 

Rich Hoffman

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Defending Alex Jones: The stageplay that hides the many crimes of the Administrative State

No matter what someone might think of Alex Jones and his Infowars broadcasts, he continues to be the example that the administrative state uses to enforce their vision for policy control. We saw it clearly when he was banned from YouTube a number of years ago. What followed after that was shocking to many, but Alex Jones saw the strategy first. And of course, in this crazy trial where supposedly Sandy Hook victims from that terrible school shooting are allowed to seek financial compensation for how they feel about what Alex Jones said about the case, which was essentially that it was a school shooting scripted by government characters designed to advance changes in social sentiment toward guns. For that belief and his broadcast of it to others, we are supposed to clap and cheer that the court and jury are awarding to those victims millions and millions of dollars of confiscated wealth from Jones as punishment for not believing in the official narrative issued by the government about the tragedy of the story. It’s a clear violation of 1st Amendment protections, but the calculation is that nobody in their right mind would defend Alex Jones for his preposterously inflated statements. Everyone, including Jones, can agree that Sandy Hook was a tragic school shooting. But the beliefs of what should happen as a result of that school shooting have been wide-ranging, and obviously, the characters who are behind the school shooting with direct complicity needed a certain kind of narrative to hit the public so that control of that public can be maintained, unimpeded by people like Jones.

Like many people who find themselves in these crooked courts these days, I like Alex Jones. I think his show is valuable in asking questions that should be asked in a free society. But obviously, from the administrative state perspective, and this is undoubtedly the case with Warroom with Steve Bannon as well, questioning authority was never in the plan of these new globalist insurgents. I say new because Americans aren’t very familiar with them. Up until Covid came along, Americans only knew about these types of people from Alex Jones broadcasts, and I would say without insulting him that Jones is just an ordinary guy uniquely looking at the world and asking questions the way a typical person who attends demolition derbies, and flea markets might. Alex Jones represents how many people think about things, which is the key to his success over the years. That is also why he’s a target because the administrative state wants to show that Alex Jones can be taken down, and so can anybody else.   The whole point of the trial, which is the front page news of every outlet in the world presently, is to demonstrate that a rigged court could destroy Jones and his Infowars, and there was nothing that could be done about it. Yet when Jones talks about the court being rigged, the deck is so stacked against him that much of what he says comes out sounding like a lunatic. Because nobody can coordinate the way he suggests, people just aren’t that smart. Jones always misses the root cause of the conspiracies because he often gets soaked up in what happens in the world, not so much in why. But because of this case, I think it’s probably time to get into the details of who these administrative state people really are and why they are so dangerous. And how America was formed to eliminate them from the world stage. 

Alex Jones often touches on many of these demonic and cryptic characters, and his analysis can be funny, entertaining, and boisterously over the top. I enjoy his broadcasts, but they often do not get to the details I like to deal with. But if he were like that, the show’s entertainment value would disappear, and he would not be as popular to the masses as he is. I often think of things as a stage play, and the media, our courts, and our political order are presented to us in a way that we might attend a play. What happened on that stage, which was clearly the narrative of the court case against Alex Jones, was the crucifixion and complete destruction of a leading figure who used the First Amendment to resist the power of the global administrative state. But what makes that play work are the ticket takers, the ushers, the stagehands behind the curtain, and the costume makers; they all play a part behind the scenes to make that show on stage happen. And we are only supposed to be watching the stage, the things they want us to look at. But if you really want to understand the play you are watching and to determine its quality, then you have to look at everything, including what’s behind the stage, to the real essence of the show. Alex Jones has made his living talking about the things that are backstage while people are watching him on stage. Hearing him talk about it is one thing, but seeing it and understanding it is much harder because what he’s talking about is concealed from the public’s view. The media is the curtain, and the real elements that keep the play alive are concealed there.

The court proceeding’s primary goal in the Alex Jones case was essential to ignore the American concept of free speech, to make a person liable for other people’s feelings. They were to confiscate the wealth from Jones in much the same way that the inquisition in Europe used to against enemies of the court for precisely the same reasons. It’s a show of power that the court doesn’t deserve to have, and America was formed to destroy in the world. And here it is in our courts, hiding behind victims of a terrible school shooting for the purpose that the school shooting occurred. The question about what motives created the shooting is not discussed, and for having a theory about what those might be and how insensitive they were to the victims is the point of the massacre, to establish case law that can then be applied to many more cases in the future. If Jones can go down for the opinions of others, then the door is opened for many other issues over much more minor infractions. And because Jones is such a wild figure, most of the people in the best positions to defend him are silent because they don’t want to be tagged with a “conspiracy” title next to their names. So they remain hidden from the conflict without opinion so to avoid the disaster of affiliation. And in that way, the courts are just as Alex said they were; it was a coordinated attack. Only the participants aren’t exactly conscious of it. Instead, they know their job in putting on the play; they learned how to play their parts in the show during their many years of public schooling and college. So they often do those jobs without being told and, in that way, are complicit. The evil isn’t conducted in the way we are trained to see it in movies and books; the narrative is not on the stage; it’s off behind the curtain. Alex stands on the stage like a maniac and talks about how evil it is just outside of everyone’s vision. But, unfortunately, people only see Jones, under the lights and with the microphone talking about it. And thus, that is how the show goes on and why Alex Jones is being isolated and destroyed by those invisible hands who have always run the administrative state. 

I think Alex Jones will be fine. He could do his show in the back of a car if he wanted. He could run Infowars as a guerrilla operation with a limited staff, so his show will go on. But what we have learned from his trial is another matter. That administrative state has shown itself in ways that have people curious about what’s happening behind the scenes, and they may be ready to hear it. And for that, I think I can help show them around, and will. 

Rich Hoffman

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The Root Cause Analysis of All Political Problems: Mankind was meant to have dominion over nature–nature by itself is pretty dumb

The root cause analysis of all political problems is a very ancient one. I would say that it goes all the way back to the start of our present recorded history and likely goes back much further than that. What was invented in America was very special and has been part of an evolution that well exceeds the last 10,000 years, but is best expressed in the opening books of Genesis in the Bible, particularly Genesis: 28 “And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be Fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth.” I would say until that passage was written in the Bible, put together by the Romans to unite their empire, mankind had been stuck on the Vico Cycle rut that always created a society of perpetual beginnings, moving through the standard cycles of theocracy, aristocracy, democracy, then anarchy. Over many thousands of years of civilization, the Egyptians never figured it out, and they look to have built most of their society on a previously unknown ancient civilization, and what they gained from them was only a fraction of what was. Greek and Roman societies studied the Egyptians, who were essentially oriental in their approach to the everlasting, and saw themselves as perishable, except when it came to the embodiment of reincarnated Egyptian gods born again as Pharaohs. The Romans put together selected parts of the Bible but left out many others to control mass populations in Europe as they pushed their competing religions East into the orient. There has been a lot that went on, but everyone got it a little bit wrong until at least mankind began to think in the way of that which was put in the first pages of the Bible in the Book of Genesis, where God gave mankind dominion over nature. Not the other way around. 

Suppose you dive down with a root cause analysis of all the major political and religious movements of our current time and ask why so many people hate each other. In that case, the problem starts with mankind’s relationship to eternity and the misplaced idea that materialism is bad and that dying into a spirit is good, without question that is the core problem with the current climate change activists. Suppose you speak to them with the cameras off where they are comfortable and unguarded, perhaps with a few glasses of wine down their throats. In that case, they will admit to some variation of the four major religions presented to us by the standard bearers of humanity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, and Christianity. Of those four, all of them view the modern world’s materialism as evil and the ascendency into the world of the dead as good, to leave the material world behind and embrace our spiritual natures. But, and I would cite the great work of the great Peruvian shaman Pablo Amaringo, a hero of the climate change religious fanatics of the world, that the greatest thing in the entire universe that includes quasars, black holes, concepts of a multiverse, anything and everything is the consciousness and imagination of the human being. I don’t say that just because we are all human and we can’t think of anything better due to our own human limits of perception. But in the observations of the universe and the rules that govern it. The creative force of the mind captured in a human form takes the tools of nature and puts them to the best use. The concept of America, while it might have been formed in rebellion against the tyranny of the Catholic Church, guided by what was left over from the Roman empire, what was created, as I often state in my own book, The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business is a unique new kind of human with a different kind of religion in America, where materialism reflects the boundless energy of nature captured and put to practical use by human beings and their wondrous imaginations. And the importance of this is that it has broken a destructive cycle of continued rebirth that has been limiting human development for many thousands of years. As intelligent as the Egyptians appeared to be, with lots of lost technology that we are still trying to figure out, it’s evident that their civilization wasn’t the first to rise and fall. We see those forces at work now in the modern age, violently and with great panic.

The current political order, especially Democrats and progressives, is trying to fit the world to that old religious model of sacrifice to the gods and yielding to the forces of nature. But our human intellect, captured whether on purpose or by accident in the creation of the Bible and passages like those in the Book of Genesis giving mankind dominion over nature, to use the tools of nature to create and perpetuate thought, which looks to be the greatest power in the universe, or the multiverse, then now we see what all the fuss has been about. The world’s religions, as the limits of mankind’s translations, presented them, have not been big enough to consider the true implications of what it meant to be human. To begin with, what role did humans play in the cosmos, and why did they have such vast imaginations? Even though the human being may be very small in relation to the rest of all matter in the universe, which may just be but one little cell in the grand body of God, the conscious reality of that small contribution looks to be the key to everything. Imagine if the cells of our own body decided to allow disease to manifest within us and did not fight them. We’d become sick. And so it is with the schemes of the universe. Our role in the whole thing is not to sacrifice ourselves to the body of nature but to act with our minds to correct nature with our imaginations and ability to think. 

I often point out what a mess nature is if allowed to grow independently. What the human mind brings is conceptual understanding and an ability to organize. Nature by itself can only do so much. It needs the human mind to make it better, and when the Book of Genesis was created as a conceptual faculty of thought, and America was the first time in history it was allowed to be put to use, then great things started happening, and the greatest country in the history of the world formed, and everyone wants to come to it to enjoy what can be done with a free mind and the toolbox of nature to perform great things. Yet, the rest of the world, the nations, and the religions that control them have not yet accepted this new way of thinking, this morality of materialism that runs contrary to all the things they understand about how the world works. I would say that all of them, millions and millions of people over many tens of thousands of years, have been wrong. They missed the point. Nature says that in its chaos of calamity, we can have a Younger Dryas period that has a comet hit Saginaw Bay in Michigan and created a life-ending cataclysm that likely destroyed a civilization that was much more advanced than the Egyptians were, that everything the Egyptians knew was part of the Vico Cycle where much was lost in the translation. But dominion over nature says we destroy the comet before it destroys the earth, and humanity continues to think about big things rather than wasting all their time sacrificing to the gods and trying to catch enough food to live another day. Nature is dumb; it’s not in charge. God, whatever version of God or religion that gives a relationship to such conceptual needs, is a thinking human being that can act with imagination and make nature better. And until the rest of the world figures out what Americans already know and defend it with their guns, they will continue to struggle as civilizations always have. 

Rich Hoffman

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