The History and Mistakes of Masons: Understanding why Never-Trumpers are failing all over the world

People are always anxious whenever the subject of Masons or Freemasonry is brought up because that indicates in popular culture the camouflage of conspiracy theories that many of these secret societies have used to hide their political manipulations over the years. And people naturally assume that they are made up of dark and evil forces who secretly control all our lives, and much of that has been on purpose to help sell their effectiveness in the world. But like all things, the truth is often a combination of many things, good and bad, and can’t be summed up easily with the definitions our public educations and media culture have given us. Instead, an expanded understanding of the world around us is required to understand what is really happening in the example of the massive Liz Cheney loss in Wyoming and the activism of Joe Biden abusing his authority with the FBI to break into a former president’s home in an attempt to eliminate a future political rival. And many people are still spinning from the effects of global government dominance regarding Covid, so they don’t really know which way is up these days. But it’s not too complicated if you understand what forces are at work. But yes, to explain all that, a general history of Masons in America and Europe must be understood, and to know that their goals, as they always have been, were to take the world into a global unity where eastern religions became the primary influence, just as it was in Egypt during the many thousands of years of rule there. Masons see Egypt as the ideal society, and the goal of the higher degrees has been to return to those eastern religions, and to a large degree, that is why America was formed in the first place. To escape the Roman Catholic persecutions in Europe and carry their ideas for a New Atlantis to the New World and build their ideal society. Ben Franklin was a Mason; George Washington was a Mason. Many of the founding fathers were, and it is accurate to say, America would not have happened without Masons. That is why there is a giant Egyptian obelisk just outside the White House in Washington D.C., the city of Masons and their dedication to the traditions of the Gnostics, the Cathars, the Knights Templars, and then finally, Freemasons. 

I’ve been in many Masonic temples, there is usually a large building in every city and community across America dedicated to Freemasonry, so it’s impossible to discuss anything political or religious without them being part of the conversation. Yet, they are never really included because they are secretive about their function. Masonic temples are often very Egyptian in their design and purpose, and it lures their initiates to continue with their studies for great wisdom by referring to one of the longest-running societies that we so far know about in the history of the world. But, they see themselves in two ways: freeing the world through education in ways that the Roman Catholics and western civilization have generally failed at up until the time of America’s westward expansion. But they also see themselves as the great philosopher kings of Plato’s Republic, working in the background and helping humanity guide itself along a productive life. And everything is fine until people don’t do what they expect them to do. From the perspective of the Masons, the American Revolution was a success story. Things worked out pretty well, and an excellent Constitution and Bill of Rights were formed based on the long failures of civilization up to that point in time. But the French Revolution turned out to be a disaster. Masons conducted their actions in secret for a good reason because in their past roles, as Knights Templars, Cathars and Gnostics, they were invariably hunted down and killed. So they began to plot the downfall of all world rulers through Freemasonry, which led directly to the American and French Revolutions. Because of the violence and failure of the French Revolution, because the French turned away from freedom and back toward monarchy not long after Napoleon was no longer emperor, they turned to Karl Marx for a new way to topple monarchies and top-heavy aristocracies, which is how Lenin was sent to Russia from Germany. And why to this day, the Desecrators of Davos operating through various masks of Marxism have involved themselves in the various trade guilds and dominate finance. It was always part of the plan from the beginning. Each generation would take a portion of the plan, and they would pass the baton to the next generation through the various Mason halls toward their goals of globalism and the eventual restoration of an Egyptian type of society, with them acting as the great wise advisors to guide mankind through the ages, as they saw things. 

But there was a little bump in the road. While the Masons were planning the overthrow of the colonies of Europe, and the rest of the Masons, including Napoleon and several of the Spanish leaders, were all on board with helping facilitate the utopia of Francis Bacon’s New Atlantis in the new world, the Louisiana Purchase was more of a plan than a calculated good deal, just as President Jackson had always wanted to take Florida from Spain. They gave it up without much of a fight for the same reasons. And so too was the Spanish American War where Santa Anna, the Mason was extinguished without much of a real fight. While they fought for their sovereign countries, they were all brother Masons. Like NFL teams playing against each other on Sunday, they may have played each other on the field. But they were all playing for the same NFL. In their quest for freedom from tyrant kings from Europe, they unleashed a new kind of human being in America, the gunslingers and expansionist adventurers who found freedom under the new Constitution and did not even want to listen to the philosopher kings of the high degree Masonic order. What we call the establishment is really a brotherhood of Masons who thought they were making a world of free and enlightened people, but once they arrived at their destination in America, they found, as they did during the French Revolution, that things got out of hand, and they are now unable to put it all back in the bottle again. And now, in the 2020s, after many thousands of years of struggle, they don’t understand why people would pick MAGA over their Masonic order, their philosopher-kings built by their Liberal World Order, the Seven Liberal Arts by way of education. Now you can understand why the Never Trumper movement hates Trump so much. Trump was not a Mason. He was not a product of their Liberal World Order. He was an ostentatious, materialist, capitalist, fearless, non-crying human being as far from Egyptian society as a person could get. This was not a person guided by the Star of the East; he did not worship Isis or schedule his day around horoscopes and the bright star of Sirius. He didn’t seek guidance from the supernatural to do things; he did them on his own and with extraordinary recklessness. So in that way, by empowering the West to overthrow the dictatorships of the world, as was the plan—then to use the West to rebuild the world by propping up China and reestablishing eastern religions that unite the world, Americans went their own way and even pushed away the Masons from their lives. And they picked Donald Trump and the MAGA movement over their thousands of years of plans handed from father to son to grandson through the ages to the ultimate rejection that we see today. And that is why that look of desperation was on Dick Cheney’s face when Wyoming was poised to reject his daughter in an election. And why the FBI is willing to break the law to preserve the more profound law they serve, the Masonic order that built them in the first place. And now it’s all falling apart, and they have no idea what to do about it.

Rich Hoffman

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