American Light in the Darkness of Humanity

President Obama is completely wrong when he says in this speech that Europe has a leading role in the world that America has failed to appreciate. 

Obama is naive in his musings.  While he does discuss that Europe looks at America with animosity, it is with similar eyes that a parent looks to a child that has grown up and away and achieved much success on their own, that jealousy corrupts Europe’s judgment. 

Europe is a land where conflict abounds in continued droves of manipulated factions.  In America, our success has always been greatest when the people were not hindered by useless government and the factions connected to it. 

Such a dramatic example of the European model was out in full force when Al Sharpton held his rally at the same time as the Glenn Beck Restoring Honor speech in Washington. 

In this case, if Al wanted to truly take that next step, he would have taken all the people at his rally over to Becks rally and asked Glenn if his rally could be a part of the festivities.  And without a doubt, Glenn would have incorporated them into the Restoring Honor Rally. 

But Al is all about divisiveness.  All his power comes from the conflict of black against white.  He has no desire to truly succeed at a world where white and black work together for a strong America. 

And such is the relationship between Europe and the United States.  Europe will never admit that America has developed a supreme self government that has allowed for fantastic technological advancements and a robust economy.  And this is the reason for the naiveté of the president’s speech to Europe. 

The Restoring Honor Rally at Washington was all about fixing what it means to be American, then seeking to replace the corruption that we’ve allowed to fester in our government like termites in a home, because we allowed ourselves to look to other countries for guidance when the answer has always been within ourselves.  But such a society does not want leaders, because each individual is a leader of their own lives.  And Europe will never go for that.  They’ve been at war with each other since the Neanderthal painted a cave painting in France.  Actually, probably much longer than that, but you get the point. 

And even on the day after, there is much debate over how many people actually showed up.  Was it 100,000, or 500,000?  Such a focus on things like this show how trivial the media is, and why there is a need to discuss spiritualism in American culture, and remind people what it says at the top of the Washington Monument. 

What matters is that we serve as an example of what works, and to not extend a hand out to a corrupt system of government.  But before we can do that, we have to know what it is that we are.  And to consider that, remember that America was founded with voracity to escape Europe’s philosophies.  And the pain of that is reflected in Chief Seattle’s Speech from 1854.

Chief Seattle talks about our Time of Decay, and that is where we are.  And if one wants to truly preserve the Native American, we will make the conflict with them a worthy one, and allow for one country on the face of this planet to serve as a beacon of freedom and perpetuator of goodness for all the world, because we sit in a similar place as the Red Man of Chief Seattle.  Europe is at our doorstep, corrupting us with their divisiveness and corruption, with their greed and quest for power.  And what we do with that will decide the fate of humanity.

Rich Hoffman

Review of The Restoring Honor Rally, An American Necessity

On the eve of the Restoring Honor Rally in Washington DC, I’d like to give a review of the success of this event. I can say such a thing with confidence the day before it even occurs, and without even being there because the essence and permeations created by it will resonate through history in a predictable, and positive manner. That alone makes it a smashing success to see such a thing taking place. And it is a glorious triumph of American values.

Watching Glenn Beck on 8/26 I had to laugh at the kinds of comments coming at him, like “what do you expect to get out of this.” And “you’re not qualified to do this rally.” Comments like that tell the whole story. Our culture is as bad as I suspected it was.

I’m not saying America is bad. It’s great. But the people that inhabit it are the victims of a dumbing down process instituted through our education process. A process where it costs too much and the kids are learning all the wrong things. It’s a goal based system where you learn the dates of history, memorize the words of a foreign language, and do cliff notes on the great literary classics, but don’t learn anything because the goal of institutional learning is to get a good grade and to achieve. Not to learn and become wise.

This is why the kinds of questions coming at Beck sound so brainless, because it is completely foreign to most reporters why someone would do something without having a selfish goal at the end of it.

But a whole segment of the population understands that there is more to things than what we hear on TV, and consumer ads. There is a desire to dig into the spirit of things and most of these people in the press are looking at the Restoring Honor Rally and trying to put it in terms they understand, because they can’t. Because they don’t even know what honor is. So how could they even begin to understand how to explain it? And the people going to this event don’t fit neatly in a spreadsheet analysis that reporters have learned to form stories around. So reporters are baffled. And their ignorance and lack of spirituality makes them sound completely foolish when they try to explain the event. They are clinging to infantile terms like racism, or nostalgia, as if history somehow stopped in time when Martin Luther King spoke, and everything that happens thereafter is trivial.

I am proud to see the people that went. It is a strong message to everyone that works in Washington who the real boss is, while those power clambering buffoons watch the huge crowds as they cower in uncertainty behind their office doors. I don’t take my hat off in salute to just anyone or anything, but I do salute everyone that made the Restoring Honor Rally the success it was. Nice job!

Rich Hoffman

Taking the Red Pill

The Matrix has a wonderful way of putting a very common dilemma that we all face, the blue pill, or the red pill.  Now a word of warning, this is a long blog, and some of the videos are quite extensive, and are designed to assist the text.  So a bit of time is recommended to read this one. 

This dilemma is one that we are encountering politically, one that we are engaged in spiritually, and it certainly is economic in nature. And it can be best summed up as do you want to take the blue pill, which in the film The Matrix keeps a person asleep and connected to a massive virtual reality simulator, or do you take the red pill, which cuts off your brain from the simulator, and lets you see the truth.

I was watching a show on Fox, some dance show where a black dancer, an Indian dancer, a white female, and actually a person in a wheel chair were dancing on a stage. I thought the wheel chair dancer was a bit strange, and that is what keyed me to look at the other dancer’s ethnicities. I’m certainly not against any of those groups dancing, but what I felt I was witnessing was a bit of propaganda, to advance a social agenda. And for me, that’s where I draw a lot of lines. To me, this was blue pill propaganda. Let me explain.

In 1993, I was part of a “change of use” project for a rehab on the campus of the University of Cincinnati. That year, the American with Disabilities Act of 1990 was well under way, and the building code people for the city of Cincinnati were very sensitive to it. So it made my life a literal hell, because investors I had in the project I was working on were impatient to see a return on their investment, and this ADA thing was delaying the project.

The delay was simple. My change of use was on a third story warehouse space and it had a loading ramp that took people to that floor. It was a nice big ramp that a car could drive up with little trouble. But, the business on that third floor was a commercial business, and in order to get the permit, I had to comply with the ADA, which meant that people in wheel chairs had to be able to get up to that floor on their own.

The grade on the ramp was too steep for the ADA law, so the only option was that I’d have to put in an elevator, which at the time would take the enterprise up an additional $50,000 dollars and push my project over budget. And the investors would not budge on that money, so it left me in a terrible position.

Needless to say, I worked through the problem. I read the law and the Ohio version of it backwards and forwards and back again. It was a huge book of code law. I remember well over a thousand pages, and I eventually found a clause which consisted of 1 sentence which exempted our project from the law.

But until I found that, I was in deep trouble.

Now I went to the extra trouble to find a way around the issue that didn’t involve money, because the money wasn’t available. So in order for the project to move forward, I had to figure it out. I had two architects and an engineer that had to be fired and took those duties over myself in order to proceed, because within those establishments, the ADA was already an accepted practice, and they were telling their clients to spend the money to deal with the law, and they wouldn’t do the extra work to find a way around the law to save money.

What that means to me is that the cost of every project for everyone increased proportionally after the ADA went into effect, which of course drives up the cost of the services they provide, in order to recover the cost. And when it comes to government work, it justified increased spending and revenue collecting, so the ADA was a tremendous revenue stream and job creation bill.

I’ve never had anything against handicaps. My personal thoughts are one of independence. I support advancing technology that would eliminate handicaps. If the money spent on the ADA were spent on scientific research, it can be argued that we could have eliminated handicaps completely by now. But in my experience, and knowing the heart of many politicians including mayors, congressman, city council members, and you know who you are; I believe that there is a strong desire to keep people handicapped so there is job security for government. It’s not religion that is holding back Stem Cell Research. It’s government, because if people healed themselves, there’d be no reason for Health Care reform. There would be no reason for government. But we know through science, now, that aging truly is a choice. We have within ourselves the ability to heal anything, because we were built from the same cells that still reside in us all.

Without question this is the desire behind racism. As long as there is racism, there is a need for government to act as a referee. It’s all about job creation, and has nothing to do with the betterment of mankind. This is certainly the motive behind the immigration issue, which is more about bloc voting than human rights. And this is at the core of the mosque issue in New York. Government loves the conflict because it creates something for them to do, to justify their existence.

What would you say if I told you there was an immediate solution to our transportation problems in this country? Well, there is, a technology exists right now that could put the United States leap years ahead of the rest of the world technologically, and would save billions of dollars on transportation maintenance costs. It’s called the M400 Skycar. It’s been around for a while. Check out the video. Or visit

But government has been dragging its feet with this. They know that such an invention would screw up everything. States wouldn’t need so much highway funding from the Federal government because maintenance of highways would go down dramatically. We’d still need them, but to a much less extent. The Federal government uses funding to supersede the 10th Amendment in the states which allows congress and the President to impose laws they create, such as the ADA, or Health Care, or Education policies. And education is the most dangerous, because we are starting to see that 30 years of sensitivity teaching is having its effect on our population, which was the aim of government from the beginning. It makes it much easier to manage the masses, if the masses just do what they’re told. It’s an involuntary reaction to the primary concern of job security government has as it expands, and creates more and more departments.

Many people forget, but the Department of Education was only created in 1979. It’s not like it’s been around since the founding of the country and is an American tradition that must be preserved. Like many things in government, it was created after World War II, and once people fill those jobs, they go to work to justify those jobs.

It requires an intelligent public to see through the crap and vote correctly.

Now I just dumped a lot on you, and believe me dear reader, I’m sorry. Because, you see, I am on the red pill plan. I like to see things for how they are. And from what I see, most of civilization is on the blue pill.

How can I say this? Go to your local sports bar and look at what people are doing. They’re drinking to forget, and watching sports to fill their head with trivia they understand. The youth values are misplaced. Their primary information is coming from MTV, and American Idol. Their goals are clubbing and getting laid, which to me seems like a terribly short sighted way to spend time. But I’ve been married for over twenty years and one of the benefits of having a partner, and a good sex life, is that you don’t have to waste time on that non-sense. That would normally be harmless entertainment if people were on the red pill plan, but they aren’t. People want it easy, they don’t want to see. They don’t want the conflict, and they don’t want the responsibility of a decision. And being a voter requires all of those things. To be a good voter, you have to want to see the truth.

I’ve said a lot here and hopefully I haven’t lost you. Because there are things here that needs to be said in my opinion and nobody is talking about it. Glenn Beck does to some extent, but beyond him, I can’t think of too many people that truly get it. The one’s that do are either billionaires hiding behind their fortunes, or they are mountain recluses that just stay in their homes and shake their heads in frustration.

I can’t say enough about The Federalist Papers. In that book Alexander Hamilton and Madison go on to great extent about all the dangers we are currently experiencing. It brings to my mind that if attorneys had to read this book in law school, which I understand they do, then they didn’t understand it. Because the practice of law in this country is as out of control as the politics and none of them are following the formula laid down by the founders, they missed the point completely.

But the reason is that they are taking the blue pill. They are only going to law school to get to the good money of becoming a lawyer. They have their eye on the nice home, the nice family by looks only, the nice car and the social respect that only values the surface of things, in other words, the blue pill values.

And these are the people that don’t want to consider that it is a constitutional breech if the President was an illegal alien, and this is why he’s sensitive to the illegal alien issue, aside from the fact that illegal immigration is a major voting bloc of the Democratic Party. Or that it’s possible he’s like a suicide bomber sent on a mission to undo the United States from within. I’m not saying he is or isn’t any of these things, but the fact that people don’t even want to discuss it says a lot. Because the observations any thinking person has witnessed brings up the questions.

One of my favorite video games is Sid Meier’s Civilization. In that game you basically take a civilization from the Stone Age to the space age. You fight wars, develop culture, and maintain relationships with other nations, on a quest to advance your own country. In that game you can use spies to infiltrate rival countries and steal their technology. You can use important people to convert other civilizations cities to function under your control, and generally use large amounts of deception to advance your own civilization. And it is impossible to play this game without wondering if the same strategies are being applied to the United States from aggressive foreign enemies, enemies that shake your hand to your face, and plot your demise behind your back. Is such a thing a foreign concept? Doesn’t every work place in America have these kinds of elements? So why wouldn’t such plots exist at the highest levels of office politics? Why doesn’t anyone want to ask the question, and they point at the ones that do and cry conspiracy in an effort to shut them up? Because they want the relief of the blue pill, they want the simulation.

When you have an entire branch of government that doesn’t listen at all to the needs of the people that are active in government, because they are in a race to make the other half of the country, the youth, the illegal immigrants, the poor, the minorities, empowered enough to become a majority of the country’s population, then you wonder who they are listening to. Is it far fetched to think that a president would be placed into a position to undermine the constitution, and religious foundations by other civilizations? Is it that extreme? Is it far fetched that if America only pulled together after 9/11 when terrorists attacked a symbol of our economic might, hoping it would plunge America into chaos, that the same terrorists would try a different tactic, and undo the United States from within, and take away that sense of pride that was displayed on 9/12?

These are tough problems. But they can’t even be discussed if voters chose to take the blue pill instead of the red one. And it’s a shame. We get the country we deserve. And our worth is only as good as the reality we are willing to accept.

So is it the blue pill, or the red pill? Your decision and the fate of humanity are at your feet.

Rich Hoffman

Institutional Gate Keepers and Modern Philosophy Definition

Ah, the gods….gate keepers to the institutions of control.  The ones who cast the light upon the wall that create the shadows we all see.  I had been thinking recently that as much as many people crave freedom, they often act contrary to that freedom, but cleave to the shackles that bind them because they are safe.  What provoked this thought was that I had a discussion with a group of “smart” people that proclaimed that philosophy was something that had to be learned in a college. 

For one to be trained in philosophy and to discredit one who is not is to say that the value is proportional to the established way of thinking, which is to also say that corruption of the elementary idea is present.  How do we ever advance if we never challenge the established way of thinking?  If a thought is simply learned, then taught within a place of learning and passed on like a baton in a relay race? 

Original thinkers routinely have to step outside the establishment in order to bring something new to society. 

I’m thinking of the Twin War Gods of Navajo legend, where their village was being plagued by monsters they couldn’t destroy, and the weapon they needed was outside of the village.  And of course the members of the village told them not to go outside the village because it is dangerous and unknown.  And that is exactly where the Twin War Gods had to go, on a search for their father, in order to save their village.  

I will always be very skeptical of an idea created and evolved within an institution.  I would be more likely to trust a rambling half-conscious street dweller, because the ramblings are authenticated by their unique experience. 

But that’s just me.  However, sometimes it is tempting to take perfection and make something imperfect in a quest for knowledge.  This happens all the time, where young people that are loved and cared for find themselves knocking on the door of the Gods for entry into their palace and the pursuit of financial security.  But that is assuming that the God’s know more than the philosopher that is already on the outside, doing their unique work.

The institution is like candy, it promises sweet taste, and comes in a flashy wrapper, but it ultimately makes you fat and rots you from the inside out.  Such a metaphor is directly applicable to real life.  And institutions will not produce great philosophers, just one’s that learn how to do what they’re told and therefore get good grades.  And such a person is not one that I’d call a philosopher.

Rich Hoffman

The Expendables and The Lost Cannibals of Cahokia

This last summer, it is unbelievable how many movies are out there that just aren’t very good. I say this as I hear that The Expendables, the new Sylvester Stallone film is number one for the second consecutive week. It reminded me of some comments some professional script advisors gave me, which I thought was hog wash at the time and has been confirmed by my experience, told me about my screenplay, The Lost Cannibals of Cahokia.

Over a hundred thousand hits on Youtube, but it takes a lot more than that to get a good movie put together.

Several years ago, I wrote Cannibals based on the ancient civilization outside of St. Louis. It was an Indiana Jones type of adventure that featured a young college age woman, before Lara Croft was popular, which gives an idea of how long ago I wrote it. During the coarse of her adventure with two friends in the back woods of Kentucky, they discover that decedents of Cahokia were cursed by a shaman with human deformities that forced them to consume human flesh in order to stay alive themselves. It was an action pact adventure film. Critics of the story had a hard time believing that such a character could possibly do the things the heroine does in the movie. They wanted to see more emotion, more relationship conflict, and more character arch, which I refused because I didn’t want to make that kind of movie. They are a dime a dozen and have no lasting value in public consciousness.

The film was written for an independent film producer, and the deal fell through. So after that, I had a story, so I shopped it around the way everyone else does that writes screenplays, and the universal response was, “It was too bloody and the characters weren’t believable,” which was a way of saying that the characters were too dynamic and not functioning in a way consistent with normal human response. These being the same people that argued with me for hours when I complained that in the Blair Witch Project, I never would have become lost in the woods the way those kids were. The response was disbelief that I could say such a thing with confidence. So the line of communication was worlds apart.

Now since I wrote Cannibals, Kill Bill has come out. Several other horror films that are similar in grotesqueness, such as the Saw films have emerged. So the comments of the assistant to studio reading departments made me realize that the studio system and all the agents on Wilshire Blvd, are not able to sort out the good from the bad. They are obviously in some cases getting stuck in politics, where they stay away from such stories out of some dedication to a social cause. Or they are reading screenplays that are about issues that they can relate to, which consist of life in Santa Monica, or Beverly Hills, which explains why the films produced don’t resonate well with the American public.

Now people love movies, so they’ll go see them, even if they aren’t very good. But consistently, the movies that people hold dear to their hearts are not the kind of projects pounded out on Wilshire Blvd deals. They come from film makers that have heart and passion and push the limits of studio bosses to the limit. They come from taking chances.

So when I hear Stallone was making an old fashion “tough guy” movie when the industry experts are formulating stories about working women and their problems, and relationship issues, and the typical comedy, Spike TV is playing repeats of the old films from the 80’s where political correctness wasn’t so correct. And I was happy to see Stallone take the bold chance to make another good old fashion film where toughness is the central character.

On my own project with Cannibals, I’ve tried several times since the marketing to the studio heads to put together an independent film crew, both times things fell apart before filming could begin, which is part of the business. And that is fine with me. I’d rather hold out for the right team and a good distributer, than to sell the project short, only to make another film that comes out flat on the screen and dies in the video rental market.

It’s better to aim to make a film that people would rather see multiple times, and people still enjoy decades later when it shows on TV during the holiday marathons.

Rich Hoffman

My New Book: The Tail of the Dragon

For the last couple of months I have received a lot of email asking me why I spent so much time dealing with education issues but not addressing the obvious problems involved in law enforcement and the incredibly top-heavy budgets involved with them.  Well, it’s a bigger issue and can’t really be dealt with locally like education issues can.  And to me, I knew I recently completed the first draft of my second book The Tail of the Dragon that takes a hard look at just how far law enforcement has a right to go into our lives and the impact ethically that having too much restriction can have on the human soul. 

It has been quite a journey writing that novel. It started with a trip my wife and I took to the Smoky Mountains, where we ran the famous Tail of the Dragon on our motorcycle.  On that trip we witnessed the heavy hand of the THP as shown proudly in the video below.

I’m a small government guy. My childhood roots are in great car chase films like Hooper and Smokey and the Bandit. The way the Tennessee Highway Patrol acted toward drivers on the Tail of the Dragon set my blood boiling a bit.  So I wanted to do a story about The Tail of the Dragon, and the aggressive, and in some cases oppressive police presence there, and make the whole story like the climax of Hooper.   View that video below.

It is my belief that writing a novel can add new mythology to the embroidery of human existence, and is the most important, and responsible job on the face of the planet.

While most of the old car chase stories are considered to be low brow entertainment, I see a level of sophistication in simplicity that is missing from modern stories, which prevents readers from falling in love with the characters like some of the beloved characters of those old films and TV shows.  

The Dukes of Hazzard, which was on every Friday when I was a kid, still has a popular appeal to many.   To this day they still have these Dukesfest events where they jump and crash cars and everybody has a great time. I love events like this, because everything is so “unsafe,” and people have fun knowing how dangerous everything is. It’s a culture that most in New York and Los Angeles don’t know much about, but it represents a huge part of the country, particularly in the south.  And it’s a market that has been largely ignored.

Below is the famous Blues Brothers mall scene. Nobody has done a mall car chase like this in over thirty years! This is still a classic and beloved by millions, many for this scene alone.  So I made sure there was a mall scene in my book.

This past election put me on every news station in southwest Ohio, I was quoted in every newspaper, my presence was in high demand on talk radio, but above all those efforts, it was my ability to write, and communicate that made the difference on the unpopular issue of forcing education reform and defeating issue 2.  But I don’t plan to stop there.  Those of you that know me best understand I am not new to taking positions where I speak out on topics.  The issues explored in the Tail of the Dragon however, are larger and more complicated and require a broader public tapestry than what I can explore in a blog, and those other forms of communication.     

I think it’s time that something in our modern culture can reflect the happy-go-lucky attitude and tenacity displayed in scenes like this one from Hooper.  Socially, we’ve all become so sensitive that we’re all about to burst with frustration.  I offer the Tail of the Dragon as a relief valve for that frustration.

I wrote The Tail of the Dragon to entertain, and provoke thought.  It is an exploration of an authentic human existence explored through Rick Steven’s who after 20 years of marriage and a grown son that has just moved out of the house, finds he and his wife had seen their personal hopes and dreams drift away over the years.  Rick had put aside a career as a race car driver to raise a family, a decision that had always haunted him. Rick meets Chet Watson, a powerful attorney and former candidate for governor of Tennessee and finds himself caught up in the games of Watson and the current Governor of Tennessee in a plot to run for President of the United States by increasing the hiring of police officers all over the state.


After reading the first draft, I feel the work is close to what I’m looking for. The story is there and I’m happy with how the scenes go to together. Now it’s time for some re-writing. But, I am happy that I was able to capture the good old fashion thrill of the car chase story spewing with romance and danger, and to have characters that people might actually invest their emotions in.

And for the record, it’s OK to thumb you nose at the law……………’s even healthy for our republic.  So please, enjoy my new novel Tail of the Dragon, seen in the clip above and celebrate the law breakers who keep America free.

Rich Hoffman

For info on my screenplay The Lost Cannibals of Cahokia, check it out here.  I’ve been looking for a good group to assemble for that project.

Star Wars and Political Science

Star Wars and Political Science

I have to report something that many, many people will find excessively disturbing. Now, in the context of what I’m about to say, keep in mind that I am well read, and have studied history about as extensively as a non-professional can without becoming professional.

Of my favorite books that I’ve read is the wonderful series by Joseph Campbell, The Masks of God four book series. I’m a tremendous fan of Friedrich Nietzsche, particularly Thus Spoke Zarathustra. I just completed A Patriots History of the United States. I love the book the Mothman Prophecies by John Keel, and all his further reporting of the strange and unusual. And I have read many of the popular modern news anchor books, such as Glenn Beck, Bill O’Rielly, and many of the others. I particularly enjoyed Arianna Huffington’s Pigs at the Trough. The point of this qualifying statement is that my reading range is varied and not party influenced. And it is extensive enough to make proclamations.

And the proclamation that I’m going to make is that the work in Star Wars, not just the films, but the books, is some of the best work of political science done in the history of mankind. And I say that as I pour over The Federalist Papers, and The Anti-Federalist Papers, and The Second Treatise of Government by John Locke 1667. In the Star Wars books, starting with the New Jedi Order series which started in 1999 and went on for 19 books, all the way up through Fate of the Jedi, the content while typically Star Wars is quite deep and universal in their exploration of political and human deficiencies.

How popular is it? Look at this tribute to John Williams, whom I think is the greatest musician there ever was, not just because he did the music for Star Wars, but most of the memorable, and inspirational music ever created. He will surpass Beethoven, Mozart and all others in the context of history.

Anyone not familiar with Star Wars, or who haven’t taken the time to work through the story line, let me bring you up to speed. The Jedi Knights are protectors of the Republic Government throughout a galaxy. The Jedi became complacent by their unchecked power. So a Sith Lord, an opposite of a Jedi in political motives, infiltrated the government, manipulated his way to become Emperor, and ruled the galaxy with an iron fist. The Emperor works with the Force, an unseen god-like presence that embodies all matter, much the way Jedi do, but otherwise is very similar to the motivations of Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, or Alexander the Great in real historical concept. The Jedi are all but destroyed and are forced into hiding.

To give you an idea how popular Star Wars still is, here is Harrison Ford at the 30th Anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back. (THE 30TH ANNIVERSERY! Most people don’t know who the president was 30 years ago, but they still know Star Wars)

Eventually the Jedi led by Luke Skywalker overtake the Emperor. They replace the government with the New Republic, and the problems commence. What kind of government do they replace the Emperor with, as many power hungry factions emerge to fill the power void, and what role do the Jedi play in that government? For the next 30 to 40 years the Jedi watch many governments rise and fall, while they try to build their role of protector of the galaxy back to a respectable position, all the while fighting political squabbles, the re-emergence of the Sith, the Jedi’s own insecurities in becoming too power hungry themselves, and the role of spiritualism in the whole enterprise.

This video from the Celebration V in Orlando Florida, August 2010.

The ongoing struggle of the Jedi v. government, and the Jedi v. Sith, and the Jedi v. self is a marvelous and highly sophisticated exploration of political science done against a science fiction back drop. It is because Star Wars is more than just pure entertainment, but at a deep subconscious level, food for the mind, that it has become such a memorable story that is so endured by the public to this day.

More from Celebration V.

And here is a word of warning to the entire political structure as it now exists. The world has moved to a place you cannot follow. With Star Wars, many similar science fiction stories have emerged. And now with the emergences of on-line gaming, whether it be Halo, or Gears of War, Modern Warfare, or Madden Football through Xbox, or Play Station or more advanced games like World of War Craft, and Star Wars on the PC game front, the youth, and in many cases the middle agers playing them, are starting to see through the smoke screens employed by politics for all of human history. Such tactics have worked in the past, and up to the last thirty years, were very effective. Even though the last 15 years seem to have made tremendous gains turning the republic of the United States into a socialist country with a European blueprint, this is an illusion. It’s the tail behind the head of the snake. The head is already moving in a different direction.

Here’s George Lucas talking about the Smithsonian exhibit in Washington D.C.

Sure, many will look at current personalities like Glenn Beck and call him seditious. But they are only looking at the symptom. Glenn Beck has emerged to fill a market need. He is not the market itself but has only emerged to supply to that market, and that is where many of the fools that cast blame in his direction go wrong. Beck is a product of the same generation I am, and we grew up asking questions, and all one has to do is read history to see that fiction has its roots in reality.

George Lucas on the Clone Wars, animated TV series on Cartoon Network.

And Star Wars has done much to ask the questions that a technological society like the one we currently have, needed to ask. And those questions are much bigger than Fannie and Freddy, or the government take-over of GM. They are bigger than government bail-outs, and Union deals with government officials.
One of the most sophisticated video games I’ve ever played in my life was the first Knights of the Old Republic. It is a Star Wars game, but I’d just as soon call it a training game for becoming a Jedi Knight. In that game you do everything from fighting Sith and other criminals that seek to harm the innocent, to helping solve crimes in complicated scenarios that most lawyers would find difficult. The goal of the Jedi is to see beyond the obvious, to the truth, and to fight for that truth. Because many criminal elements have hidden their crimes behind legitimacy, such as how our current government works. And that has worked for a long time, but it is changing as people think about the concepts discussed in Star Wars and other popular fiction.

Even though the game is several years old now, it still looks exciting.

Call them nerds, those people that sit and play games and read comic books and ramble on about The Force. Make fun of them because they don’t know much about sports and don’t play golf. But the world is changing. And politicians don’t understand it. They think the same old tricks will work, so they ignore and ridicule what they don’t understand.

Here is a big Star Wars Fan. Give him credit. At least he knows what makes him happy.

But even 50 years ago, there wasn’t anything like Star Wars out there for the public to digest. There was Plato’s Republic. There was Shakespeare. There was Tom Sawyer, Huck Finn, there was Uncle Tom’s Cabin, all books that helped shape political policy even to this day. But Star Wars puts out a significant book at least twice a year for a couple of decades now, and each book goes deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole of personal relationships and spirituality, against the conflict and impulse of politics. And that is a new element to the tapestry of human history, one that will have a significant impact on the future of our race.

I’m proud of my wife for reading over 57 Star Wars books. But this guy is doing a pretty good job.

Anyone that says entertainment can’t also be meaningful is not paying attention. Below is the preview of The Force Unleashed, another Star Wars game that I will be playing.

So while I explore my own ideas in the overmanwarrior concept, the work in Star Wars is where everything starts. And it is one of the most important stories that have ever been told. And the Star Wars stories are more important than anything the current president has to say, or the speaker of the house, or anyone that currently thinks they are the authority to the human race.

Rich Hoffman

Haughty Hoffman’s Philosophy
Peter Facinelli's The Delivery Movie Trailer by CullensNews

My opinions and logic have been forged in the mines of experience. I’ve continued my education far beyond the requirements of a college degree and I’ve lived every day as though it were my last day on earth. I have also developed many interests which claw at me for attention like children. Some of those many interests are philosophy, psychology, archeology, cyrptozoology, paranormal research, mythology, comparative religion, motorcycle riding, old cars, and political science. And most of the time reading is the best way to explore all those topics.

With that in mind, it may be detected in some of my writing, that I am frustrated with words like “masses,” “institutions,” and “government.” It is my sincere wish that I could share with others some of the experiences I’ve been fortunate to survive long enough to experience. And the wisdom that comes from that experience is invaluable.

And what I’m all about can best be summed up in this video.


But it is true; I have little respect for people that live in a box like existence. I have no respect for people that walk in the rain with an umbrella, accept at face value the information they get off TV and the newspapers, and haven’t read a book for a period longer than 6 months between them. So those that get angry at my comments about politics, and the funding of schools, or any other contemporary issue, believe me; I sleep well at night.

I don’t really like to be haughty, even if it comes across that way. But I am proud of the many barriers thrown my way that I’ve survived or overcome to tell another story, and see another day. And I do find myself laughing at those who point from their shackles and judge that people should be like them, slaves of their own making.

It is fashionable to not strive for perfection. I find that statement disgusting. While imperfection is what often happens, to not strive for it in a person’s dealings is a crime. But to say that nobody is perfect is another way of saying that life is too hard and not worth putting forth any extra effort. And I’m not new to this thinking. I’ve always pushed the barriers to the limit even when I was dirt poor.

This was trick or treat at the first home my wife and I had when we were a newly married couple in our early twenties. I’m the one in the monster mask sitting in the chair.

I always thought there should at least be one house that gave kids a trick instead of just lazily handing out candy. Halloween has been a great tradition at our house ever since.

This next video was about 8 years later, after a few children of our own were added to the mix.

And then a few years after that, my family went ghost hunting:

And when I tried out for the Survivor TV show:

And this was just a few months ago, with my son in law and wife. My kids had to work that weekend.

And this is how we celebrate football Sunday at my family’s house.

There are of course many, many events that I can’t include here, but for the sake of showing consistency over several decades, I want to demonstrate that the common theme is family and how much potential there is for a family to be a great and wonderful thing, that will provide everyone in it with an enriched life.
And I could lose every material possession I have and still be wealthy for the experiences I’ve had. And because of that, I shake my head at those that proclaim that money will fix a problem in schools, or politicians try to prop themselves up with increased taxes. If those people weren’t so arrogant in believing they are superior to the rest of us, I would feel sorry for them. But as it stands, I laugh at them, so my presentation comes across as haughty.

When it comes to kids, get in the floor and play with them. Teach them to question their teachers. And take them to a museum sometime. Go on a ghost hunt. Do whatever, but do something. Because nothing will fill your soul as well as experiences with people you care about.

Good times with friends and family is all that really matters.

Rich Hoffman

What is an Overmanwarrior and the Train Metaphor?

Sometimes, when a question is asked, the answer can involve many complicated interconnected themes. Such an answer may involve digging deep. So here it goes:

The term overmanwarrior has certainly created interest of many who hear it? The overman is a concept used in my novel, The Symposium of Justice, where a young woman describes her admiration for a freedom fighter roaming the streets at night in her neighborhood. Being a fan of Friedrich Nietzsche, she learned about the concept of an overman in school by that philosopher which best described her feelings for the controversial vigilante doing the work of a warrior fighting for justice when all others have seemed to have fallen to corruption.

A warrior does not always constitute a person that takes up arms against another human being. Some wars don’t even involve weapons or direct conflict. They are wars of ideas, and such a war is where America currently finds itself. There are hundreds of groups dedicated to the purpose of advancing or repealing current government positions. But, groups are never the answer, because groups are always subject to corruption.

The initial problem with human culture is that although at a core somewhere deep in our unconsciousness, we crave independence; our conscious behavior is still very group oriented. The reason for this is that it is safe, and all humans that breath air, and have a heart beat considers safety as a dominate thought, so self preservation is at the front of everyone’s minds.

The below graph is an example from Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance a very fine book by Robert M. Pirsig of quality, of what makes a quality person or great leader. What is featured below is a diagram of a train traveling down a train track. The track, ahead of the train branches off in many directions. And the decisions for turning the train down one of those tracks is at the front.

Click to view:
Quality display

Now the train itself represents the organization. And the leaders of that train you would think would be at the front of the train. But most of the time, what happens, is that the leadership is at the back, because in the back, it is safe. In the back, if the train crashes, the people at the front of the train are the first to feel it. The one’s in the back can jump off to save themselves, if need be. Also, if it is discovered that the train is on the wrong track, the ones in the back can cast blame on the direction chosen.

What any employee realizes, unless you are fortunate enough to work for a company where the leadership is at the front of the train, is that unless you join the leadership at the back of the train, you are vulnerable. In short, we all know people who do this. We call them ass-kissers.

Organizations that I would most attribute to having leaders that spend their time at the front of their institutional train are Microsoft, when Bill Gates was heading the company. George Lucas and all his satellite companies like Industrial Light and Magic, THX, and Lucasfilm. Richard Branson and his many companies, but those are leaders that are very short in supply.

To illustrate the point here, let’s use Star Wars as an example, one of my favorite films, and sources of literary entertainment. That is one of the most popular films in history, and the original trilogy of films is over thirty years old, and is still beloved by fans.

Now consider, that film making institutions have had thirty years to produce similar film makers as George Lucas and Steven Spielberg. Yet they have been unsuccessful to do it. Film Schools have had thousands upon thousands of hungry enrolments, yet there is nobody, and I mean nobody capable to produce at the level of George Lucas. And when I say that I’m talking not just about making a great movie, many critics would say that Star Wars is not a good movie. What I’m talking about in a good movie is a film that is recognizable to most anyone in the world, and characters that have become part of the human fabric and is almost as recognizable as the members of most people’s family.

Walt Disney was a high school drop out. Lucas was a man that had his life change after a near fatal car crash, and Spielberg snuck onto the Universal Studios lot and pretended to be important until he talked his way into a position. What all those men have in common is they didn’t follow the rules, and stayed close to the front of their individual trains so they could quickly direct themselves.

Oh, you were about to mention Jim Cameron, director of blockbusters like Avatar, Terminator, and Titanic. He was a truck driver for a while, until he became possessed with the hunger to make movies. And he has a long history of pushing rules to their absolute limits. He certainly doesn’t play it safe.

Now I use film makers as an example because I know quite a bit about the industry and it’s always been interesting to me, of how a film will dismantle their teams at the end of production, and re-assemble at the start of a new. It’s a perpetual state of starting a new company with each film, which presents a whole sector of problems of their own. But the point is, no institution under countless millions of collective hours of study, have been able to duplicate the success of the men mentioned above. Not even with any of the great technological leaps. It still requires a great leader with vision way out ahead of everyone else to bring a film like Star Wars to being.

There is a reason some individuals are so good that all others around them fail in comparison, and often fail miserably. And Pirsig’s chart about quality is the place to start in defining what it is.

This is why schools fail, because schools teach institutionalism. In schools, there are dominate factions of groups that emerge, and they often collect in the back of the train where it’s socially safe. And anyone that dares to head to the front of the train, are ridiculed to no end. Because there is a fear among those in the back of the train that the individuals at the front might appear more important, because innately, it is understood that it is very possible that such a thing may occur. So peer pressure forces the leaders to the back of the train. Only the boldest of the bold stay in the front of the train, and can withstand the ridicule coming from the back by the masses of their peers.

I have sat across the table from mayors, state representatives both state and federal, powerful industry tycoons, party bosses, actors, stunt men, pro athletes, company heads, powerful drug cartel leaders, and in some cases worse and more powerful criminal elements, and in all those circumstances I have never met a man, or woman that I was so in awe over that I would cast celebrity worship in their direction which they fully expect. I have enjoyed the company of some of those people, but I’ve never considered them superior in any way to my thoughts, or strategies, and this is a recipe for disaster, because in deep investigation to the motives of individuals and their quests for power, are deep seated needs for honor given by title.

Titles are a very old, European idea, where they somehow elevate a man or woman to a position of respect. I have seen people that have clawed their way into positions of power, who get so lost in this infantile idea, that they can see nothing in front of their faces. The title they’ve acquired they fully expect to deem them respect because they worked hard to obtain it.

But, it’s in the value system of titles that many fail to understand the merit of the United States Constitution. In that brief moment where the truly brave, and truly intelligent gathered together in a small group of colonies in the late 1700’s, far from political influence, they rejected that structure because of the corrupt nature of man, mankind having a tendency to be corrupt, because of their love of titles.

On more than one occasion I have seen these men in high places reward those around them for displaying tendencies of weakness. When men show weakness, they show that they are willing to get in line for the fight for peeking order mentality. They will bide their time till they get to head a company, or a be a powerful politician. So weakness is encouraged in their subordinates.

More importantly, such weak personalities love to sit in the back of the train together where they can huddle against the exit door. The focus of their energy is in preparing to cast blame instead of solving problems. That’s why they sit so close to the exit, at the back of the train.

The bold ones, the ones at the front of the train will always be responsible for success, because it is their hands that guide the train down the correct track. But if they choose unwisely, they are the first to be blamed for taking the whole train down the wrong track.

Now the leaders in the back of the train call out commands, on which track to take. But because they are in the back, by the time the information gets to the front, the front of the train has already passed the point on the track where they could change course. This is not an accident. This is by design, because the leaders in the back are only concerned about the appearance of control. They don’t actually want to be in control. They would rather claim later that they assigned the people at the front to steer the train successfully. And if the people at the front steer onto the wrong track, then the leaders can claim that the visionaries did not follow their directions. It’s the old blame game, and it is the heart of everything that is wrong with the world.

Communism won’t save society because it requires leaders who will gather at the back of the train. Democracy certainly won’t, because the votes take place in the back of the train. Religion won’t work because it’s focus is on the next life, and not the one in front of us, a republic won’t unless there are strong individuals behind it willing to meet in the front of the train. No system of government will ever save society. People have to save themselves at the individual level, and if everyone does this, then society will reap the benefits and become saved.

I was raised a Christian, and learned very young that Jesus Christ was killed because he stirred up trouble at the Temple. What he was teaching was something the organized religions and local governors couldn’t control, and Jesus was a threat to that order. Now I don’t say that to mess up anybodies religious ideas. The motives of why Jesus sacrificed himself can still be debated and embraced. But at the heart of the social problem with the crucifixion of Jesus, he was a threat to political and religious power, and he had to go in order to maintain that order.

Another great revelation for me came after reading the book Forbidden Archeology The Hidden History of the Human Race. In that great book, years of undocumented archeology was reported stacked up in museums and universities because the research done at those universities were published in text books as facts, and would make that information obsolete with the new information. This is not a book of conspiracy, just a catalog of undocumented finds, undocumented because orthodox science does not understand how to document the finds. In this way, science becomes equal to religion and politics, where they hold to ideologies for the sole purpose of maintaining some level of control.

For instance, a university that does work on evolution and publishes those findings may advertise themselves as a leader in the field of science, and use that information to recruit new students. But if information comes out that makes the previous information obsolete, then that information would be dangerous to the university recruiting efforts.

So the university is less concerned about pushing the boundaries of understanding, then it is in growth as an institution, because the leaders are in the back of their train. There are of course parts of the university, scientist, teachers, etc, that are boldly in the front of the train, and the university loves to take credit for those personalities. But they will distance themselves quickly if something goes wrong, because the over-all goal is to maintain power.

I could literally go on and on for hundreds of thousands of pages with such examples. But the bottom line is that the very nature of quests for power prohibits making correct decisions in a timely manner, and all institutions are prone to fail because they are built by the architecture of psychological deficiencies.

So back to the overmanwarrior idea, an overman is a person wishing to creatively, and intellectually move beyond the planes of reality accepted by the current masses. They crave to, metaphorically speaking, be at the front of the train. And given the nature of power, it takes a special person to function without a desire for power. And it takes a warrior of sorts to combat those that will attack any threat to that power base. As shown, it takes a special type of person to be outstanding which should go without saying. But nobody will ever become outstanding, standing with the cowards in the back of the metaphorical train.

So an overmanwarrior is standing against the peer pressure of group institutionalism to uncover the truth of our past, and the fate of our future, while making firm decisions in the present. And they can do this because they are beyond the infintile yearning for power and control of others, because they are masters of themselves.

Rich Hoffman

War Against our Constitution

Before the calendar this year turned to 2010, I couldn’t have told anybody much about the 10th Amendment. The Tenth Amendment states clearly, “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”
That essentially means that the States are to govern themselves in most every circumstance, and beyond that, to the people specifically.

The Liberty Twp Tea Party prepared the short documentary below, to display the Tenth Amendment.

In Arizona, the situation is very obvious why the 10th Amendment is needed. What we have is a situation where illegal immigration is a powerful voting bloc for the Democratic Party, and is part of the progressive movement’s overall re-distribution of wealth policy. So at a Federal level, there is much desire to control Arizona from enacting laws to cut back on the illegal immigration going on there, and all the related crimes that come with it.

Without question, there is much abuse and power grabbing going on at the Federal level. And the 10th Amendment and the 2nd Amendment are there specifically to protect us from attempts to rise to power, any particular group or organization which seeks to dominate government policies. State Sovereignty prevents a monopoly of power from a central source. That’s why it is so important.

There really isn’t any debate on the matter. The Constitution is not an evolving document. The only evolving part of it is the amendment process. Otherwise, it is law. Any politician that takes a contrary position is seeking to advance a power position that is not American in nature, and this is unacceptable.

I heard an ACLU definition that had been argued before the Supreme Court recently of the Second Amendment, where they interpreted that the state is what creates militias, so the freedom to bear arms is not an “individual” right. I have heard the “Supremacy Clause” pitched around from the original Constitution Article 4 Clause 2, which lawyers use to supersede everything in the constitution, even though the Bill or Rights were created to fix any holes left in the interpretation of the Constitution. And at the same time, the ACLU will use the 1st Amendment to protect obviously destructive organizations such as NAMBLA, (the National Association of the Man Boy Love Association.) The whole process has become a joke to anyone with half a mind.

And I am guilty of having more than half a mind. And the joke is so obvious it’s no longer funny from a perspective of frustrated ridicule. The 10th Amendment has been abused and ignored, when it should be one of the prevailing laws of the land.

 Rich Hoffman