Death by Hyphen: Wisdom from Mark Etterling

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Throughout history many lands have fallen at the hands of foreign invaders.  Still many more have succumbed to financial ruin, natural disaster, and disease.  However, by far the single greatest cause for the demise of most nations has been the hyphen.  I realize this might sound a bit strange, but it’s true.  A simple little punctuation mark has caused far more chaos to mankind than any invading army could ever dream of.
We are told about how wonderful the concept of multiculturalism is because it allows everyone to be accepted for who they are.  It all sounds wonderful, at least on paper.  We are shown these magical fantasies of everyone from every walk of life getting along in a grand melting pot of tolerance.  However, reality paints a completely different picture from what the brochures of multiculturalism describe.  We are told that because we are all allowed to be different multiculturalism makes us great.  In reality what truly makes us great is when we are able to function as a nation united as one regardless of our differences.  What most people don’t understand is that there is a very profound difference between tolerating our differences and celebrating who we are versus living in a multicultural society.  It is the understanding of that difference that determines whether we are to be a true melting pot society, or one that destroys itself from within.
In our modern society we have become accustomed to the hyphen.  We see it every day in the descriptions that we use.  The modern lingo uses terms like African-American, Jewish-American, Hispanic-American, Middle-Class American, etc. when what we should really be using is the simple term American.  Societies should always seek to promote those things which unite instead of those things that divide.  Sure we all come from differing backgrounds, but what is ultimately of the greatest value is the glue that holds us together.  My best friend is an immigrant who came here from Ireland, but he’ll be the first to correct you if you call him an Irish-American.  He’ll tell you he is first and foremost an American.  He just happens to be of Irish descent.  He gets it.  Two of the greatest Americans to have ever lived, Abraham Lincoln and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. also got it.  It was Lincoln who stated that “A nation divided cannot stand”.  Dr. King’s message wasn’t for us to focus on dividing people by race, but to focus on all people as one regardless of race.
The problem with living in a hyphenated society is that there are an infinite number of possible criteria to divide us by.  How can we ever promote the idea of true equality when the very act of division is only useful for highlighting inequality?  In a hyphenated society there will always be those who are perceived as the “bully” class and those who are perceived as the “victim” class.  The roll of the victim is to demonize the bullies and seek preferential treatment as compensation for having been victimized. Unfortunately, we can’t all be allowed to play the victim roll.  This means that at some point every victim class will attempt their turn at jumping to the front of the line in order to secure their preferential status.  What we should be doing is seeking out the wisdom of the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment whereby all people are viewed through a cultural blindfold to ensure equality.  Instead, it’s like watching shoppers at a Black Friday sale where everyone is attempting to push and elbow their way to the front of the line whereby the inevitable fight breaks out and chaos ensues.  This is why the net result of multiculturalism is ultimately civil war.
Patriotism is the antithesis of multiculturalism.  By definition patriotism promotes a singular national agenda above all others.  We can respect each others background, but only under the umbrella of first and foremost being a people united.  The brain trust of the Left fully understands this which is why they demonize the Right as being overzealous when it comes to patriotic themes.  It’s why they attempt to remove the Pledge of Allegiance and the flag at any opportunity.  The true sinister reason that the Left loves the concept of multiculturalism is because it gives them the opportunity to wield the hyphen as if it were a sword in order to divide and conquer.  You don’t have to take my word for it, just look at all the various ways they attempted to divide us in the last election.  They accused the Right of being racist, of declaring a war on women, of being anti-Hispanic, of being homophobic, of being anti-Islamic, and even of being puppets of the hated 1%.  That way they could go to each group and proclaim to be their protectors to prevent them from falling victim to such bullies.  In truth it was to exploit the use of the victim moniker to secure someone’s trust and thus their vote.
If you listen to the post election punditry the common theme is that Romney lost because he failed to address and embrace all of these different divides.  He didn’t address the issues of the Black community, or women’s issues, or Hispanic concerns. The problem is that he shouldn’t have had to.  The role of the President should be to address the issues that affect us all.  To do anything else would be to promote the very divides that are breaking us apart.  We have allowed ourselves to be sold into the self-serving ruse of multiculturalism by accepting our own hyphenated rolls instead of embracing the singular role as Americans.  Each demographic embraced their own description as victim instead of playing out their primary roll as Americans.  In doing so, we have allowed ourselves to move one step closer to the abyss.
Even recent history has not been kind to those who ignore the evils of the hyphen.  In Rwanda it was the Tutsi’s and Hutu’s who had attempted to coexist as separate tribal cultures instead of as a unified nation.  Ultimately they ended up massacring each other for it.  In places like Chechnya and Bosnia it has been a divide defined by religious differences that has brought about war.  In South Africa it was a divide of race that cost so many their lives.  In this country we are being pitted against each other in a multitude of ways in an all out divide and conquer strategy.  As I stated earlier and history proves, it is civil war that represents the ultimate climax of a multicultural society.  Therefore, we must do our best to heed the words of men like Lincoln and King.  Otherwise, the greatest nation the world has ever known will fall victim to the same fate as so many others before.  It will have been destroyed by a simple hyphen.
Mark Etterling

Rich Hoffman


Russia Says Obama is the Same as Lenin: Modern Progressive = Traditional Communist

It is no longer a secret of great urgency.  Communism is out in the open in America after 80 years of slow erosion and denials, communist infiltrators focusing on the American education system have overtaken logic in much the same way that Vladimir Lenin did in Russia during the Revolution of 1917.  Barack Obama in 2012 just newly re-elected by a society of fools is uttering exactly the same kind of rhetoric that Lenin did to usher in a communist take over of Russia a century ago.  Obama’s push for tax increases against the “rich” is exactly the same type of thing, and like all insecure academics Obama seeks a “consensus” of others to validate his communist theories.  This is why he brings in middle-class citizens to back him during White House speeches, to show that the “masses” are with him.  Lenin did the same kind of thing when advocating the creation of the Soviet Union.

I have shown at this site the detailed history of how all this happened, how labor unions are direct advocates of communism in America during the 1930’s especially and how they reside within Progressive politics.  I have shown what the McCarthy Hearings were all about and why they were important.  I have shown how KGB agents helped create the “hippie” movement in America during the 1960’s and are now within the “green” movement which is just the hippie movement renamed.  I have shown here how the Department of Education was created to bring about communism into every classroom and to protect the movement through bureaucracy in 1979, and the results are easy to see today for anyone with courage to look at the facts.  I have said these things because that is where the research leads when the investigation is conducted impartially.  America has been consumed by the enemy of The Cold War discreetly in a war that many Americans didn’t even know they were fighting, because they were playing checkers when the enemy was playing chess.  I have even went so far as to provide for you here dear reader the entire post-Thanksgiving Day show of my friend Doc Thompson as he filled in for the Glenn Beck Radio Program.  All three hours are below for you to listen to so that you can see that the evidence is not just being reported on these pages, but is moving into the mainstream where it belongs.  Now the Communist news group Pravda which was the official propaganda arm of the USSR during the Cold War has identified the Obama Presidency in the same way that I have.  Have a look at what they had to say about the communist movement in America, and specifically Obama.  Click the link below.

Since I began uttering these facts about communism embedding itself in public education many members of the media whom I have had very open relationships with previously have naturally sought to distance themselves from my opinion, because progressives have successfully suppressed any discussion of communism as an “out-dated” term left over from the “old days.”  This has been equivalent to the “cheating husband” who says to his wife, “I’m not sleeping with other women while on business trips,” all the while the husband has hundreds of text messages on his phone from women he is sleeping with, none of whom know of the others.  The husband thinks of himself as a slick character who can tell a lie with a straight face and he laughs at the chaos he creates in the lives of all his lovers.  So too does the communist proclaim that their “progressive” ideas are not part of the Cold War attack against America, which public education has conveniently erased from public scrutiny, but rather is focused on the well-being of all human beings.  The real goal is suppression and control of people everywhere with the sinister aims of communist rule intent on the destruction of individual endeavor and advocating collectivism.  SEE MY ARTICLE ABOUT THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN FOOTBALL AND SOCCER IN AMERICAN SPORTS.  The moves against America are subtle and very careful taking place outside of the attention spans of generations, over a long—and patient strategy that started with The Communist Manifesto.

Pravda understands all too well what is happening in America because it already happened in the former Soviet Union.  And they are not handcuffed by the American media into advocating progressive ideas, so they can report the facts as they see them, much the way I have.  The media people I know are uncomfortable with this truth because it requires them to admit that they have been a part of undermining America and that reality is tragically terrible to their minds.  But the facts are the facts—anyone who advocates progressive politics is advocating communist strategies against America.  Changing the names does not change the intention, which is the destruction of American capitalism, self-reliance, and a belief in small government independence.  The communists are alive and well today, and are functioning out in the open from the modern White House which is a disgrace to everything America stands for.

Anyone who takes an oath to defend the American Constitution from enemies both foreign and domestic has an obligation to defeat the progressive communists who are seeking to undermine that same Constitution from insurgency within American politics.  Communists in America are domestic enemies and its time to deal with them as such.  They wish to destroy the American economy, the minds of the children, and put controls on every single human being on the planet.  And so far, they have been very successful, because the people of The United States have treated them with fairness, which has not been extended from the other side.  So no quarter should be given to these domestic enemies no matter where they reside, whether it be a local school board, a trustee, a congressional representative, a senator, a media personality, or even a member of The White House.  If they advocate progressive philosophy they are advocating the goals of communism and are domestic enemies to all who protect the Constitution.  History proves this and can best be seen in the novel We The Living.  It’s happened before and is happening again.  The evidence is clear.  All people need to do is accept the grim reality as fact, then act on that knowledge.  For more on this read my review of We The Living, written in 1936.  It looks like Joseph McCarthy was correct in his assertion of McCarthyism.  It was the battle over McCarthyism that allowed subversive elements to act in the open from our schools, from the media, and within government as the saboteurs succeeded in labeling McCarthy and his supporters as extreme radicals while many court cases protected communism under the same Constitution that the communists behind the mask of progressivism sought to destroy, eventually leading to a communist in the White House which progressives had been trying to achieve for over 100 years.  Now that they have The White House their first strategic target is the “rich” otherwise known as the bourgeoisie class.   That is the one and only goal of the tax hikes.  It has nothing to do with dealing with the deficit.  It’s all about a political checkmate in a chess game between communists and capitalists.

For more, I suggest reading We The Living.  It’s easy to get at your local book store.  And if you wish proof of what I said about the Department of Education CLICK HERE.  

Want proof of KGB spies starting the hippie movement CLICK HERE.

Read more about McCarthyism here:

Want more proof?  CLICK HERE. 

Rich Hoffman


The Sin of Caring: Wisdom from Mark Etterling

The post-election exit polling proved that Obama got a big bump simply by showing up for a photo-op with Chris Christie after Hurricane Sandy even though he was only on the ground for a very short time.  The reply from most respondents was that they thought it showed how much he “cared”.  This commentary isn’t about bashing Obama for what he did or didn’t do.  It’s about bashing the ignorance of people who would ever vote for any candidate, whether Democrat or Republican, for such a stupid reason.  Personally, I don’t waste time concerning myself about how much any politician cares.  What I do concern myself with is if politicians are doing the right things regardless of whether they care or not.
It shouldn’t really matter if a politician is white or black, gay or straight, man or woman, or from any other type of demographic.  Nor should we be looking for exact perfection in any candidate’s philosophy or character.  The way I see it, the only way I’ll ever find a candidate that agrees with me on every issue is if I run for office myself and sometimes even I find myself conflicted.  As far as I can tell the only person ever to have had a perfect character ended up getting crucified for it.  For the rest, none of us are completely sin free, so why hold up unrealistic expectations about our candidates?
In the modern era of politics we find ourselves perpetually complaining about how terrible our government is.  The current congressional approval rating is floundering in the single digits.  Since the current Congress is evenly split on control both sides are equally at fault.  However, the real blame for all this mess actually lays with us the voters.  We tend to put far too much emphasis on the emotional aspects of who we vote for instead of considering the logical tools that are required for our politicians to find the appropriate answers to today’s issues.  To put it bluntly, we aren’t getting the right answers from our politicians because we’ve become so apathetic about the things that really matter that we aren’t even asking the right questions in the first place.  We allow the media to waste time discussing whether Obama is a Muslim or about Romney being a Mormon.  Who cares when we should have been demanding that both explain how their tax strategies would have worked.
We fret over political correctness when in truth political correctness is nothing more than a buzz word for censorship.  We waste time complaining about all the political discourse and whether our leaders get along, play nice together, and compromise instead of worrying about them getting things right.  Political discourse shouldn’t be cursed, it should be celebrated.  I could care less if our leaders don’t like each other and have disagreements.  What I do care about is that they find real solutions to real problems even if it does elicit some name calling along the way.  Besides, disagreements are actually a good thing in both business and politics because it means you are looking at issues from various angles.  As a business leader I don’t want to surround myself with a bunch of “yes men”.  I prefer those around me to give me their own thoughts regardless of if they agree with mine or not so that we don’t overlook any potential obstacles when formulating solutions.  What we don’t do is compromise on the right answer just so that we can all get along.
Two plus two equals four.  If someone tells you it’s five they are wrong, period.  It’s useless to settle at 4 ½ because that isn’t the right answer either.  I don’t want politicians compromising just so they can get something passed.  Instead, I want them to hash things out in the arena of ideas until they come up with the right answer.  Otherwise, the compromise typically won’t fix things and is likely to cause a brand new mess all its own.  Whenever I hear someone say that they are willing to reach across the isle, I only want them to do so in order to slap someone upside the head when they are wrong, not so that they can take the easy route of compromise.  I want to see politicians wise up, stand up, and put their middle finger up to the whole concept of conceding to an inferior solution just to get along.
Allowing any politician to slide by simply by taking the emotional cliché response to an issue not only lets them off the hook, but typically creates an even bigger mess than what the original issue started out to be.  For example, someone might make the emotionally compelling argument that we need to raise the minimum wage rate.  It’s easy for a politician to sign off on such an idea by simply claiming that they are only looking out for the poor.  However, what doesn’t happen is any attempt to look at the long-term effects brought about by such an idea.  Yes, those at minimum wage will get a raise, but what also happens is that fewer jobs get created, worker hours get cut, prices go up, and businesses go bankrupt.  If Wal-Mart is forced to raise its pay scale every politician for miles around will give themselves a big pat on the back while proclaiming that they played a part in making it happen.  What you won’t see is the same response when the layoff notices also start flowing.
We complain about politics without realizing that it is our own apathy that makes us part of the problem, not part of the solution.  We become our own paradox by demanding so much from our politicians while at the same time asking so little.  We want to exist in a wonderful world of entitlements, but never bother asking where those entitlements are coming from.  We spout talking points without any knowledge of what the adverse affects of those talking points might be.  We accept the promise without questioning the premise.  In the long run having Obama win a second term doesn’t really scare me.  It’s the concept behind why he won a second term that scares the heck out of me.  It’s easy for a politician to destroy a nation by making all the wrong choices.  However, no politician, no matter how much they care can save a nation.  Only the people themselves can accomplish that task, and even they can’t do it through apathy or emotionalism.  We can only save ourselves once we become part of the solution.  That’s when caring really counts.
Mark Etterling

Rich Hoffman


Obama in PEE PEE: Glenn Beck shows he’s not a ‘Coward’

Finally a media personality with testicular fortitude, and rightfully it is the author of the recent book COWARDS who illustrated wonderfully the progressive hypocrisy so evidently on display in American society.  Glenn Beck came under predictable fire when he dropped a bobble head representation of President Obama into a container full of metaphorical piss to exercise his First Amendment rights, and I applaud him for the stunt.  Obama is a symbol of progressive politics and it is time that progressives get back some of the antagonism that they have dished out for years.  See the stunt below.

Conservatives have been losing a public relations battle with progressives for decades because they have always taken the high ground, and such strategic positions are not enough when the enemies are soulless radicals hell-bent on American destruction.  So force must be met with force.  Rhetoric must be met with rhetoric.  I know well what Beck experienced and why he did what he did, as I have my own experience with such things.  CLICK HERE FOR A REVIEW.  Progressives do not like it when they are given back the kinds of harassment they conduct on a regular bases against American traditionalists who despise progressivism and they scream like babies when acts like Beck performed are shoved back in their faces.  Progressives have been doing such things for many years, and it is time to give them a dose of their own medicine.

It is also time to recognize that we are not in a peaceful exchange of differing opinions—we are at war—traditionalists against progressives and progressives were the ones who fired the first shots with their multiple desecrations of traditional American beliefs—everything from the harassment of housewives to “fight for equal progressive rights at the expense of their families” to literally defaming religious icons that founded The United States.  Progressives have done everything in their power to rip to shreds the firm and knowledgeable family father, the solitary cowboy, and the enterprising business tycoon with the bumbling Homer Simpsons on modern TV, the homosexual activist, and the altruist who sacrifices their lives for the sake of mankind.  The war is well documented, and is raging with a fury.  And it is finally wonderful to see a media personality who represents traditional American value with an old fashioned swagger that is needed worse than a drought laded country needs water across a harsh, scorched desert landscape.

Bravo Glenn Beck!  I’ll fight with you any day.   Sadly most everyone else are COWARDS.   Read more, CLICK HERE.

After all, will we let liberty go with politeness and a negligent whimper?  I’m not.  That’s why we have the first and second amendments—to defend liberty from domestic enemies like progressives.

Rich Hoffman


How ‘Star Wars’ Can Save Society: An Ewok Village Birthday Cake

It is highly likely now that Barack Obama is president for a second term that I may make more Star Wars comparisons since much of what is happening reminds me of a list of books that I read from that popular film series.   Increasingly my friend Matt Clark and I have been using Star Wars metaphors to discuss current events in a way that young people can understand since they have been taught to dislike the American Revolution in their public educations and media culture.  So to provide the proper context that is needed for a voting republic, Star Wars is an excellent reference of why responsible participation in government is necessary.   Below is the bumper clip that WAAM Radio in Ann Arbor, Michigan has been using during their broadcasts of Glenn Beck, Denis Miller, and Laura Ingraham featuring a recent discussion that Matt and I had on his radio program. 

Star Wars is not a political party driven philosophy.  I would doubt that Star Wars creator George Lucas would call himself a Democrat or a Republican or even a Libertarian.  I would say he is a story-teller with an excellent grasp of history and technical innovation.  And I see Star Wars as an offering that can redeem society in ways that are currently unimaginable.  For my daughter’s 23rd birthday she wanted a special cake, something that really meant something to her personally, so my wife made her a Star Wars cake complete with an Ewok Village created out of all edible elements.  Only the Lego Ewoks were parts of the cake that couldn’t be eaten.  Star Wars many times in my family’s past has served as a backdrop for unlimited imagination and teaching values that were family oriented.  The trees were made out of ice cream cones, and also the huts.  The trees were made out of pretzels.  The bridges were made out of candy and graham crackers.  Of course she loved it. 

A message to my Tea Party friends and social reformers deserves mention, no matter how dark things may seem it can always get worse or better depending on the quality of the people who make up a republic.  In fact I look very forward to Disney’s ownership of the Star Wars franchise because there may come a day real soon that the series of books spawned from the movies may be made into television or movie formats in the future similar to how today’s Clone Wars series is presented on Cartoon Network—which my wife and I watch—religiously————and I mean religiously every Saturday morning at 9:30 AM.   I find them visual beautiful to look at, but at the same time intellectually stimulating.  I disagree emphatically with the clip below of Adolf Hitler’s assessment of the Disney acquisition of Star Wars from George Lucas.

The following books tell the story better than anything available of religious peril, the invasion of a galaxy by a very hostile unknown species, political upheavals, family tragedy, scientific mystery, social redemption, life after death—(in great detail), personal conquest, spiritual enlightenment, galactic civil war, quests for freedom, the origins of evil, justification for violence, and in essence the entire meaning of life in a span of books that runs 42 novels long each about 500 to 700 pages in length.  I consider them to be the most encompassing gathering of literature ever done on a subject of any kind and I say that with my hand on one of my favorites, Leo Tolstroy’s War and Peace.  While the Star Wars books are not the most artistic as they are designed to be read by young people from the 7th and 8th grade on up, the content of the stories is truly significant and beneficial to anyone who takes the time to read them.  They are in order:

Vector Prime, Dark Tide 1: Onslaught, Dark Tide II: Ruin, Agents of Chaos I: Hero’s Trial, Agents of Chaos II: Jedi Eclipse, Balance Point, Recovery, Edge of Victory I:Conquest, Edge of Victory II: Rebirth, Star by Star (one of my favorites), Dark Journey, Enemy Lines I: Rebel Dream, Enemy Lines II: Rebel Stand, Traitor (one of my all time favorites), Destiny’s Way, Ylesia, Force Heretic I: Remnant, Force Heretic II Refugee, Force Heretic III: Reunion, The Final Prophecy, The Unifying Force (an absolutely stunning story), The Joiner King, The Unseen Queen, The Swarm War, Betrayal, Bloodlines, Tempest, Exile, Sacrifice, Inferno, Fury, Revelations, Invincible, Outcast, Omen, Abyss, (very spiritually bold in that half of it takes place in the afterlife), Backlash, Allies, Vortex, Conviction, Ascension, and Apocalypse.

I believe with all my heart and soul that because those books are not politically motivated, and they take place in a galaxy a long time ago, far, far away, that they have the chance to shape our society in a unique way that is yet uncharted in human existence.

Let me explain—most of the work that shaped the American Revolution consisted of small works, such as the literature of John Locke, Adam Smith, Plato even Shakespeare—all of which I’ve read.  The thoughts about communism that are so prevalent today were shaped by Karl Marx’s little book The Communist Manifesto and the left has used the methods of Henry David Thoreau’s Civil Disobedience to organize support during the Civil Rights Movement.  That is another small book that has had a big impact on the world around us.   All those works combined do not equate to the amount of work and effort that Lucas Publishing has expended in telling the marvelously epic story of Star Wars described in the books mentioned above.  But the story doesn’t end with just those books—not even close–there are over 100 books that take place during a 6000 year span of time that displays vividly the violent rise and fall of many generation’s governments and how different species of beings interact positively and negatively against each other.

When I think of the book burning rituals that took place whenever dictators rose to power to assert their strength over the previous cultures, I think of the attempt by those despots to erase from the minds of mankind the knowledge they need to question reality—which is the point of burning books.  Most of the time because of the cozy relationship business often has with government out of the necessity of survival books like the Star Wars series could never have been even conceived let alone achieved, but under George Lucas he has pulled off the feat and done human kind a tremendous service.

It is only a matter of time before the young people who have read these Star Wars books are in a position socially to act on what they’ve learned, and I can say that when that day arrives, the world will be much better off.  Star Wars is about fighting and winning personal freedom in the context of social responsibility.  It’s a big concept that has tremendous potential philosophically, and socially and the best of Star Wars is not in the films, which simply plant the seeds of story for curious minds to follow, but is in the books which takes readers deep down the Rabbit Holes of life for a journey that holds many of the keys to all the possibilities that exist.  The impact of this literature has yet to be felt, but in time it will.  The literature of Star Wars is the key to understanding many of the complex issues of our modern age in the context that they must be taken in—and within that knowledge is a security that can only come to an increased intellect.  For that, I will always be a fan—and be eternally grateful.  It is for that reason that I suggest to all those feeling hopeless and desperate in their lives to take a few years off life and read all those books in the order that I presented them, and you will discover within yourself a life of unlimited potential and everlasting joy that cannot be taken by any government or social parasite.

George Lucas has always been much more of an advocate of education than a mindless capitalist like he’s been accused of.  He used his money to educate the world in a way that was so cleaver that the worst of the tyrants never knew what was happening, until it hit critical mass and entered the subconscious of the world in an unstoppable force that now has a life of its own.  The first of that education miracle is Angry Birds Star Wars, the game of time, distance, trajectory and impact strategy!

Rich Hoffman


A Lesson on Capitalism as Opposed to Socialism: Views from the criminal underground

Sadly many people young and old alike have forgotten what the difference between capitalism and socialism is, so the arguments provided by the Tea Party movement recently against the government growth progressives is lost to them as they were taught in public school and college to hate money.  They were taught that money and capitalists are evil, and they spend half their lives learning otherwise—sadly.  So it becomes increasingly necessary to educate people on the difference between capitalism and socialism—because it is socialism that the Obama White House is advocating.  In fact George Bush both daddy and son along with their good friend Bill Clinton have slowly used elements of socialism to advance their own political careers.  Sadly, since World War II only two presidents have acted in a beneficial way to promote capitalism in America, one is John F. Kennedy because of his commitment to NASA and all the technology that spawned off the moon effort, and Ronald Reagan who was able to pull America from the brink of left-winged politics and cast it back into capitalism during the 1980’s to fight the Soviet Union during the Cold War.    For many young people they don’t understand how this cast of characters plays out in historical context and what the fundamental differences are between the various economic systems.  So for those inquiring minds, have a look at this clip from the film I Want Your Money where Ronald Reagan teaches Barack Obama the difference between his version capitalism and Obama’s socialism.

I had the good fortune to have grown up in the 1980’s when capitalism was king under the Reagan years.  He did such a good job that the carry-over effect lasted until the tragic event of 9/11 2001, prompting George Bush Jr., to inject government interference into the economic equation which began the downward economic spiral seen today.  Growing up I never lacked a job, because there were so many opportunities.  I often worked two to three jobs all at the same time two of them full-time jobs and one of them part-time, and I worked 7 days a week.  I’ve worked on all sides of making money.  I’ve done work as a gunsmith,  repo man, an inventor, a graphic designer, a fund-raiser, a videotographer, a salesman, a grill cook, a waiter, landscaper, tree trimmer, a middle manager, even a top rung manager, and done a lot of work as a writer both ghost and traditional.  And of course most people at this site know me as a political activist that may seem like a large part of my life, but in reality is only part of one chapter in my life that is turning out to be a very large book.

My employers have been mobsters, drug dealers, corporate raiders, corrupt politicians, power grabbers, publicly traded corporations and traditional capitalists—all of them look on the up and up at the interview, but over time you learn a lot about people and personal philosophies will clash, and they have—many times.  But during all that I have learned a lot and managed to see every side of ugly, and stayed out of jail because I always found the path of goodness even in the darkest depths of hell.  I have tested thoroughly my moral compass and it has always pointed in the correct direction even if the path seemed complex at times.  I will say in a heartbeat that the world is better off under the rule of all those different degrees of capitalists than they are under the fairness of government redistribution which is currently choking the economy.

Capitalism is about opportunity, not protecting life from the thugs, the goons, and the killers who share life with the rest of us.  “Hit men” are people too, and they have families like anyone else.  To them, killing is just a job that gets them paid.  And most of them stay out of jail because they are friends with judges and police detectives who know all too well what they are up to.  In many cases such people thrive under big government because it is those relationships with authority that prevents competition in the field of killing, which might sound extreme, but is a thriving business.  For every death reported in the newspaper, there are many others who never get reported or discussed.  Relative to Cincinnati, Ohio the bodies are dredged out of the Ohio River down in Louisville by the locks at The Falls, and they go “unsolved” most of the time.

I point this out because in a society that is functioning under pure capitalism there is actually less of this destructive behavior because there isn’t so much profit in government to look the other way to maintain a monopoly between organized crime and government—as we all suspect is behind the current presidency, just as it was during the Kennedy presidency—most likely leading to his death.   The misperception is that thugs and crooks are fewer under a heavily regulated society, but nothing could be further from the truth.  The difference is the criminals move out of the shadows and instead into a suit and begin doing government work for The White House, the IRS, the CIA, the FBI or the local police department instead of working in the backroom of a seedy restaurant running a mob arm away from the heart of Chicago, or using a car dealership as the front organization for a drug smuggling operation and money laundering scam.  Safety in society is in more capitalism and having a bigger gun than the other guy—it is not in government.

When I was a very young man I attended a dinner with a highly decorated Judge from Sharonville along with his wife, known killers, drug dealers, and other mob types.  I was being “groomed” into service because I had elements to my temper that they liked.  I learned at the dinner how the world worked—as the judge was very open in revealing that he knew damn well what all the criminals at the table were up to and how they made their money.  I also know that many of these organized elements began during the Ford and Carter years under more regulation and the concern that Ronald Reagan was de-regulating many industries was a concern for them, because if markets opened up, they couldn’t jack up their smuggling rates of delivery.  Free market competition was a threat to the criminals who looked for an alliance with government to preserve their monopolies.  The judge wasn’t sitting at our table to talk about sports, even though two former Bengal players were at the table as well serving as the public front to divert attention away from the true intentions.  (Life on Chester Road in the 80’s)  No, the judge was there to help maintain the criminal monopoly, to keep competition shut down and to legally block for the criminal underground.

Once I caught on to that life and what it was, and proved to myself that I had the nerve of steel that I always wished to test myself against—as a young man needing to know I had the guts to do anything, I took an honest job at a very dangerous factory under the coaxing of my wife, who wanted to live a somewhat normal life.  Some people join the military to test themselves, but I was never willing to take orders, so I found other ways—and living to tell about it is the most important part.  Because the experience gave me a unique perspective on capitalism even from the seediest aspects of it, and I have seen firsthand how socialism works.  The idea of fairness is how it’s sold, but what really happens is government thugs gain the legal title to steal, and pillage instead of having to hide their behavior.  That is the only difference.  The less capitalism there is the more crime that will occur.   The more capitalism there is, the criminals become easier to spot and their hiding places move into the dark corners of society as opposed to right out in the open.

So for those safety freaks out there who are afraid for your children’s life and think that more socialism will protect them—think again—because nothing could be further from the truth.  Do not look to government to protect you and your children from the big “mean” people of the world.  And certainly don’t look to government to educate, and care for your children.  I’ve known the worst kind of people God has created, and they are just as worse as the people who currently reside in public education.  The only difference is that they took off the cheesy suits from the 80’s and now wear business attire learned from their university.  But they are all thugs if they advocate the looting of personal wealth for their own well-being at the expense of the innocent.

And yes, my children know all about my life.  Much of it I wrote about in my 2004 book The Symposium of Justice which is available on the Nook for $3.59 for those curious enough to read more.  Truth is often stranger than fiction.  But fiction based on truth is even stranger–and more exciting.

Rich Hoffman


Zombies in Politics: Stories of voter fraud and Black Friday Madness

On Halloween Doc Thompson did a radio program committed to demonstrating how the dead walk among us that foretold in an eerie way the election results that would eventually favor Barack Obama just a week later.   Dead people miraculously have emerged from their tombs and voted on Election Day!  Listen to Doc Thompson present his case on 1270 AM in Detroit of how the dead walk among us and voted for Democrats.

But the dead aren’t just showing up to vote in elections, they are also functioning in full form on events like Black Friday where labor unions attempted an insurrection among the employees of Wal-Mart in a hostile employee socialist take-over of that large company while participants gathered early on Thanksgiving to be the first to snag up door buster prizes designed to jump-start economic behavior for the Holiday Season.  This lead to some ridicule and in isolated cases violence on Black Friday that was captured very well by this apocalyptic chastising by Mark Dice as he called the people in line at Best Buy members of the zombie apocalypse as they rushed mindlessly to be the first to buy consumer goods at better than bargain prices.

I found myself torn while watching Dice do his work.  I support vibrant economic activity but I have to admire Dice’s ability to call things out as he sees them, as he did a fabulous job of showing how paralyzed the masses are when they are told to their face what mindless followers they are.    What Doc and Dice are pointing out are the evils of collectivism in many different forms that have very negative aspects on daily life in America.  A zombie is looked down upon because they become non-thinking entities that are easily used as pawns in the many political games that have polarized modern life all over the world and the cause is in the sheer fact that while we all share equal rights to vote and participate in a republic oriented democracy we are not all equal in the efforts we place into thinking, which is the backbone of any society.

A society of non-thinking fools look for a leader to tell them where to stand, what to eat, what kind of education is important to them, what they can do on their properties, because they are too lazy to challenge the status quo.   Just the same, the people in the Best Buy line that were yelled at by Mark Dice had  mindlessly showed up to be a part of the non-thinking masses who had gathered like herds of cattle to be slaughtered by their own ignorance as part of a consumer culture using non-thinking as their primary driver.  They were so lazy that they didn’t even feel motivated to yell back at Dice to defend themselves—rather the surrendered their efforts to collectivism, the same as the cops in the video.  They are all part of a system and they didn’t question their placement in that system which makes them mindless zombies.

Collectivism is a determent to American life no matter what political affiliation the zombies of non-thinking are participating in.  It doesn’t matter if the act of evil is consumer based such as in the Best Buy example on Black Friday, or if crooked poll workers are inserting dead voter ballots into the system to skew results in favor of their candidate.  It is the mindless participation into a system that defies the purity of individual authenticity that demands such people be referred to as zombies who walk among us.  They have all the same rights—yet they are much more dangerous because their actions do not come from their minds, but from the strings that pull them along through life which leaves society open to dialogues of further corruption and debauchery.  The evil committed is non-thinking as it leads to an erosion of social quality that is indisputable and lowers the standards for all of mankind when the perpetrators believed from the start that they were good in doing what was expected of them without question.  People who think in these terms are simply zombies bringing about on Earth the apocalypse of New Testament legend.

Rich Hoffman


Saving Our Schools: Wisdom from Mark Etterling

Efficiency is key to the success of any economic endeavor.  The reason I’m a conservative is because logically that is where economic efficiency is best found.  Let’s face it, the liberal bureaucratic bound approach to all of life’s issues requiring potential monetary endowments also represents the antithesis of efficiency.  I defy a single Liberal to step forward and explain the logic behind the socialist economic theories liberalism espouses, let alone provide examples of how those theories can actually create efficiency.
Last year I ran for an open school board position in the district where I live.  I was a literal unknown challenger in a group that included an incumbent, an existing member of the District Finance Committee, and a former Board President.  Needless to say I was a long shot.  Even though I didn’t win I still managed a good showing, even beating out the former Board President.  The reason I was able to do as well as I did was because of my approach.  I didn’t waste time demonizing my opponents or any particular group such as the teachers union.  Instead, I focused my message on the concept of creating true efficiency within the district.
Efficiency comes in many flavors.  The teachers union openly feared me because they also fear the word efficiency.  Understandably, the reason is that whenever they hear that word it typically translates either into layoffs, pay cuts, or both.  However, had they actually listened to my message, they would have realized that approach wasn’t necessarily the efficiency I was talking about.  That type of efficiency is what I call the cheap status quo model.  For example, how cheap can I get by when negotiating on copier paper when the real question should be what other options are there to send out information other than in printed form?  When it came to our district I was seeking to think beyond just the simple cheaper status quo model.  I was seeking to rethink everything we do, not just negotiate a cheaper price on things we may not even need in the first place.
When it comes to our schools we must start doing better.  We are already screwing over our heirs when it comes to burdening them with the disastrous results of our approach on overspending and debt.  I see no reason why they must also suffer at the hands of a failed approach to education as well.  The current system we have is an unmitigated disaster.  We are relying on a model that was created nearly a century ago.  It is a system that is so outdate, over bloated, over controlled, and inefficient that actual learning takes a back seat to far too many other self serving and inefficient agenda’s.  Furthermore, it fails to meet the skill set required for the modern workforce.
In 1979 President Carter created the Department of Education thus placing oversight over the nation’s educational system under federal control.  His idea was that he could fix all of our educational ills and make everything “equal” at the same time.  Instead it proved to be a huge mistake.  We currently have twice as many people working in our public educational system today as we did in 1970.  At the same time our public school enrollment has only gone up by 8.5%.  Even after adjusting for inflation we dump exponentially more dollars per student into public education than we did in 1970 yet test scores haven’t budged in all those years.  If anything, we’ve gone down in our educational rankings against the rest of the world.  In the mean time the bureaucracy that Carter created is so overwhelming that attempting to make any significant structural changes is like trying to turn around a battleship in a fishing pond.  If you attempt any movement at all you’ll only find yourself sinking further in the muck.

The first thing we need to do to right this ship is to get rid of the Department of Education and send that function back to the states.  Not only will that unload a huge layer of unnecessary bureaucracy, but in all honesty, those that have the best interest of the children are those that can be found closest to the children themselves.  That means even the state should surrender the bulk of control back to the local districts.  After all, it’s the parents within the district that care the most for the educational welfare of their own children.  Yes, I get the whole concept of economic disparity, but what we are talking about here is control.  The best method for equalizing the economic disparity and also provide parental control at the same time is through a voucher system whereby parents are granted choices and quality is promoted through competition.
The answer we’ve always gotten ever since Carter took over education is that rather than actually addressing the real needs of our kids, we simply need to continually pour an ever increasing amount of money into an ever increasing bureaucracy that does nothing to fix our failing schools.  However, there is no model whatsoever that proves such a correlation between money and a quality education actually exists.  When kids in 3rd world countries are proving everyday that it’s possible to learn even in grass huts and bombed out buildings than more money isn’t the answer.  When it does come to money we need to get personal agenda’s out of education.  It makes no logical sense whatsoever for a district to be forced to pay a gym teacher and a chemistry teacher on the same pay scale.  There is no logical reason for denying parents choices when it comes to their kid’s educational opportunities simply based on personal income either.  For their part parents do need to become more active participants in their child’s education instead of viewing schools as nothing more than glorified daycares.  Practically every study out there confirms that the single biggest factor in the quality of our schools is parental participation.

We need to modernize our approach to education in general.  That means we need to stop simply teaching to a standardized test.  Yes, it’s important that our kids understand things like reading and writing.  However, much of what is being taught today isn’t really learning as much as it is memorization in order to pass those standardized test.  What we should really be teaching our kids is critical thinking skills.  We need to understand and accept that in the modern world things are changing at such an incredible rate that much of what a freshman learns today won’t even be relevant by the time they graduate.  Therefore, we need to be teaching them the skills necessary to perpetually adapt to an ever changing environment.  We can’t do that by being wed to an antiquated inefficient model.
There seems to be universal agreement that what we are currently facing is an educational crisis in much the same manner as we are facing a very real debt crisis.  In both cases there are sound answers that can be found simply by looking to both logic and efficiency to find the answers.  We are already threatening to enslave the next generation to the will of our debt holders.  There’s no sane reason that we should also be taking tomorrow’s potential leaders and turning them into the menial labor force of a foreign master as well.
Mark Etterling

Rich Hoffman


Obamanomoics Opoly: The new version of Monopoly for socialist game players

Since the socialist Barack Obama is now president for another long four years it is time to re-invent the game of Monopoly to one that more reflects the kind of economy America has under the Obama Presidency.  Monopoly is a game of capitalism which is no longer relevant under the socialist push by progressives.  So it is only appropriate to change the rules of the game to reflect the Obamanation of The United States under socialism.  Doc Thompson from CBS Radio’s 1270 AM in Detroit found just such a person who had taken the game of Monopoly and updated it to reflect Barack Obama’s economy and it’s called Obamanomics Opoly.  Listen to Doc speak with the inventor in this interview below.

Under Obamanomics Opoly the Community Chest is gone, it is now Community Organizing.  Designed with American Ingenuity, & Built in the U. S. A. Obamanomics-Opoly Is the New & Creatively Unique board game that will educate people on the miserably failed economic policies of the Obama administration & forever remind people of the disastrous effects those policies will have on “We the People” It features all of your favorite, “Political Hot Button” Issues like Banking reform, cash for clunkers, QE1 & QE2, legislation on C-Span for all to see, (yea right)! And also includes…. the infamous, GSA junkets to Las Vegas, Secret Service agents in Cartagena…and the “ongoing fiasco” known as Fast & Furious, and does it in an entertaining way that’s fun & easy to understand. But most of all it highlights the 2 most disastrously failed policies, Immigration Reform & Obama Care! You see, there is a space on it called “Health Care Tax”. When you land on it, You don’t pay the Tax, instead, your opponents equally share, and pay the tax for you… (here comes the twist) Anyone who owns Lugosi Lane, or Read Road, is Exempt. . . and does “Not” have to “Pay their fair share” of the Tax. Sound Familiar! It includes all of your favorite “not ready for prime time politicians” like… Nancy Lugosi, (The blood sucking, “Nosferatù Vampire” from the west) along with Harry Read, Jeremiah Right, Bill Errors, Hank Paulsin, Barnie Franks, Erick Holdurr, Joe the Plumber, and of course, our Top Gun Helicopter Pilot himself, Ben Barnakey. (You’ve got to love this crew!) It’s loaded with rampant foreclosures, QE1 & QE2 and all of the “pay your fair share” and “spread the wealth” Fed stimulus you can handle! It’s upgradeable too! Hope & Change “expansion packs” coming soon will keep your game timely & fresh!

The best way to navigate through the Obamantion of America is by adapting to the socialist economy that supports it, and with the new Obamanomics Opoly game players can learn how socialism works under the new rules of American decline.  So during this holiday season give the gift of survival to a loved one—buy them Obamanomics Opoly.  When Health Care taxes begin to kick in during 2013 people will want to know where all their money is going and the best way to show them is through a game how their money is spent and on what.  So buy your copy today, you can find it at

Benghazi expansion packs coming soon!  DON’T MISS IT! 

Rich Hoffman


Doc Thompson Exposes “Obama Phone” Scam: As Heard on the Glenn Beck Program

I have a magician friend who gets very perturbed when members of the audience reveal to him during a show how the tricks he is doing on stage are preformed.  He knows that for many of his magic tricks to work that the audience must suspend their logic and be willing to believe in hocus pocus before the onstage illusions can be accepted as reality.  So it is with some insight that I see the same level of anger coming from progressives like Barack Obama and his merry band of federal thieves, radicals and despots when they wish the public to believe in their magic tricks on a stage of illusion that the national media lapdogs assist in creating for the public.  Progressives wish the entire world to believe that Barack Obama was re-elected in November 2012 because America is a progressive left-leaning nation of “enlightened” souls.  But the reality behind the trick is that Democrats bought audience suspension of belief with “gifts.”  Obama bought the election by giving things away to labor unions—money stolen with taxes and given to powerful bloc voting groups—such as the new TSA union that we all have to deal with at airports now.  More people are on food stamps than they ever have been, thanks to Obama’s socialist stance of taking from the rich and giving to the poor.  But the most disgusting of all is the Obama Phones given out to residents of the inner cities—particularly Cleveland, Ohio where free phones and minutes were apparently given out to key voting blocs with the intention to purchase votes in the upcoming election—which worked.  Some of these voting districts where Obama Phones were handed out didn’t cast one vote for Mitt Romney in the election giving Obama 100% of the turnout……….mysteriously.  It is kind of like magic—right.

Well my ol’ buddy Doc Thompson is one of those irritating audience members who refuse to let a band of manipulative magicians scam the public unimpeded.  He has sifted through the facts of this whole Obama Phone issue and had a little fun with it on his radio show in Detroit, Michigan.  On Black Friday Doc was filling in for Glenn Beck with a broadcast footprint of over 10 million people and it is then that Doc played the very funny audio clip about Obama Phones shown below.  Have a listen.

My wife and I were taking our oldest daughter out to lunch since she had to work Black Friday and I was still laughing while we were driving to the restaurant from that broadcast clip when Doc Thompson called me to wish my family a Happy Thanksgiving and wonderful Holiday Season.  (to non-progressives that means CHRISTMAS)  Doc had just finished up with the Glenn Beck Radio Show and took a minute to talk to me a bit off-air.

It sure was nice when Doc was in the Cincinnati market at a local radio station broadcasting his unique brand of radio program that is old-fashioned in many respects, but hard hitting like Howard Stern without the vulgarity.  I felt privileged when he was in Cincinnati, and his vacancy is very much missed but Doc is working on a syndication deal that could put him all over The United States which would be great for America—but until that time it is a real treat to hear him covering for Glenn Beck from time to time—because not many radio hosts do the kind of hard hitting reporting that Doc does without losing their sense of humor.  And that is what Doc is best at—no matter how serious the situation is—Doc Thompson finds a way to have a little fun with the material to dull the blunt impact of the grim reality.

Make no mistake about it however—Barack Obama’s election was not legitimate in regard that he won it straight up—without magic tricks.  No, he bought the election with “GIFTS” and progressives might wish to conceal that information, but the facts are what they are.  It is no different than when government school levies pass because parents believe that they are getting a free education for their child when in reality the money used in public education is money stolen from property owners who no longer have kids going to the school—then a portion of that money is given to powerful labor unions to elect Democratic politicians who then set the stage for progressive magic tricks that many of us are no longer believing.  The Obama Phones are just the most recent example of how disgusting the political magicians have become and to what extent they are willing to lie and manipulate their way into power.  With those kinds of diabolical social menaces in the world it is wonderful to know that Doc Thompson has the opportunity to take to the air waves and rattle the cages of these perpetrators of doom who try to hide their true intentions of wealth redistribution with the suspended belief in magic that allows them to commit the crimes.  Doc Thompson isn’t having any of it, and he wasn’t shy in letting millions of people know about it.  And during the Thanksgiving Season as my family sat down to give my daughter a nice Black Friday lunch—I realized that I am most thankful to know people like Doc Thompson and that the fight for truth carries on beyond the reach of the sinister manipulation designed by the Obama Phone giveaways.

Rich Hoffman