Philanthropy in Public Schools: More Tax Money Needed to save the WORLD!


These days as our kids run about for decades as lost souls trying to achieve escape velocity from their upbringing, to establish themselves as individuals, all too often they end up doing all the same things in an attempt to be “unique.” 

Each and every one of them believes “they” are on a path nobody else has ever been on as they get tattoos, color their hair, spike their hair in the latest European fashions and spend their weekends pursuing binge drinking……………why? 

Because they all learn from the same place, public education, television, and music. 

Public education is the maestro of the three primary influences and has embedded itself between the modern parent and the child in such a way that they have exacerbated the difficulties of raising a child by infusing a lot of needless “social” commentary into the process of education.  Taken from the pages of Saul Alinsky’s writing, many teachers have sought to advance social agenda’s they received in college, and attached them to the natural rebelliousness of youth to propagate a vast social movement funded entirely by tax dollars. 

Most every youthful person says the same things when asked about social causes, in spite what their parents might believe, because public education has created that wedge using the parent’s tax dollars as the platform.  See my article about Chick-Fil-A here for more on this topic:

To those who wish to argue with me and proclaim that I’m being too far-reaching with this topic examine the case below, where Roger Grein under the guise of goodness has overstepped the fine line of what public education is supposed to teach, and what is the parent’s responsibility.  Roger thinks he should use high schools to launch young people on a quest for philanthropy, which is a desire to improve the material, social, and spiritual welfare of humanity, especially through charitable activities.  In other words, the proposal is that schools should teach altruism.    

Altruism is an attitude or way of behaving that is marked by unselfish concern for the welfare of others.  This is a concept that has been tried through religion and politics for over 4000 years and is built upon the ruined foundations of western philosophy.  All cultures who embrace altruism end up extinct or hiding in some mountain passage someplace avoiding a more aggressive culture, so the merits of altruism are debatable.  Altruism is explored explicitly in the book Atlas Shrugged, which I’m beginning to think should be required reading in 8th grade English class along with Alan Eckert’s The Frontiersman and until Ayn Rand put those thoughts down on paper for the world to study along with Plato, Socrates, and Aristotle, and the works of writers like Sir Thomas More, the evils of altruism had not been properly explored, only recklessly promoted.

This brings us to this ridiculous notion that philanthropy should be taught in a local high school by teachers over-stepping their boundary, on a quest to save the world by some hippie definition established by kooks and drug addicts who only studied the versions of philosophy that they agreed with.  According to the article below, Roger Grein believes it to be a wonderful thing to teach compassion, and high moral principles to the ripe young minds of public education.  Check it out: 


Source article:

Program teaches philanthropy to high school, college students

Youth decide how to make charitable donations to groups.

By James Sprague, Staff Writer Updated 9:56 AM Friday, July 29, 2011

CINCINNATI — An area non-profit organization is assisting high school students throughout the Tri-State in not only giving to charity, but learning more about the spirit of philanthropy and social causes.

Magnified Giving, a non-profit organization based in the Cincinnati suburb of Reading, enters its fourth year of teaching students to become philanthropists through placing the decision of what charities to donate funds to upon the shoulders of students.

The program, originally conceived 10 years ago at the college level by Roger Grein, a Reading accountant, allows students and teachers in 15 area high schools to form Youth Grantmaking Councils charged with dispersing a grant of at least $1,000 to area charities.

Seeing success with the program at area universities — including Miami University — is what instigated Grein to take it to area high schools.

“I thought ‘My God, what a wonderful idea to educate and get young people involved,’ ” Grein said. “Look at the lives it could touch.”

The charity the council decides to donate the funds to is determined by students researching area non-profits, examining proposals, visiting organizations and meeting with boards of directors, said Jen Senett, director of marketing and communications for Mount Notre Dame.

“Students break up into teams and take on a different social cause, such as children, the elderly or teen issues,” Senett said. “Each team pitches it to the group why the nonprofit organization deserves the grant money and chooses the one that will make the biggest impact.”


Reading the comments of Mr. Grein, I would propose that he is functioning from a level of immaturity as a human being, and has no right to teach any child anything about life.  He may be qualified to teach a child about arithmetic, or English, but not on the philosophy of social welfare.

Any military drill sergeant knows that the best way to create a good soldier is to break down the individual identity of the candidate right off the bus.  Cut their hair, give them a uniform, and make them just like everyone else in their group.  Insult them aggressively, driving their individual ego’s from their youthful bodies so they will function as a collective unit on the battlefield, without a sense of self preservation.     But in society a sense of self is needed. 

Is it any accident that millions of our young people are missing a sense of self confidence which would prevent them from drug abuse, binge drinking, sexual mis-adventures, financial misconduct, altering their bodies with piercings and tattoos, or even suicidal behavior if they were taught that they must love themselves before they can love another? 

Often behind these teachers of altruism you find a person who has trouble with relationships in their own lives, where they’ve been divorced one or more times, or they don’t get along with family members, or neighbors because they believe only they are right and are on some ideological crusade to “teach” the world to love under the hippie sign of “peace.”  I know many of these people, I’ve met them at all levels, especially in education and I personally would not trust these idiots to watch my dog while I go on a weekend trip, let alone pour a bunch of half-baked nonsense into a child I’m raising. 

But worse yet, school systems are openly embracing these ideas such as what Mr. Grein has proposed.  The article above was written in our community paper after all as if it were a great benefit to all tax payers that their children would be taught to give to others before they gave to themselves.  And these are the type of programs that schools believe are “preparing” our youth for their college years, that place of social engineering who charges parents 50K to 100K to teach their children to not trust their parents.  Schools teach these social programs as justification for the enormous sums of money they are asking for in public education from property owners.

When a young man sits across from a young woman over dinner and says “I love you,” what does the word “I” mean?  If the young man has no concept of self, then what merit does the word “I” have in that statement?  What is a young woman supposed to build her life around if she agrees to marry the boy who thinks he’s going to tackle the world and start a family with her under the profession of the word “LOVE” defined by the qualifier “I.”  For the love has no meaning if there is no value in the word “I.”  This is why marriages are failing more and more often, and this is why more people than ever are making a mess of their lives, because they have lost a sense of self worth.  And they try to fill that lack of self-worth with social causes, which never really do the trick, but leave the participants on a lifelong quest for world peace to give their meaningless lives justification.   And the people they provided philanthropy to become addicts, dependent on the services of philanthropy instead of building in themselves a sense of value to propel them into their own lives of freedom, valor, and personal conviction.

And all the while, our human race paid for our own demise yet again by pouring money into the pockets of people like Mr. Grien, who because they lack personal worth seek to live through others as our tax money fuels the enterprise of our social undoing, all because society did not understand the philosophy of their age and listened to all the wrong people who advocated all the wrong approaches to human relationships.  Because there are other works of philosophy that should be looked at also, and one of those is the second most looked at book in the Library of Congress behind the Holy Bible, and that is Atlas Shrugged

It’s all in the book Atlas Shrugged, the rise and fall of civilization built upon altruism.  It is far easier to read it than to waste your life in the pursuit of philosophic failure advocated by a radical few, yet funded by all of us, because the value of the proclamation wasn’t fully understood by the tax payer. 

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

Sleeping with a Sleazy Salesman: The Path of the Obama Presidency

On July 29th 2011 President Obama said “I don’t know why the Republicans in the House are voting for their own bill, it doesn’t have a shot at becoming law.  We need to reach a consensus as a nation.”  That statement is the reason for this post.  What Obama is really saying is “play our way, or not at all.”  The Democrats have been very resistant to doing the right thing also, but are misleading the nation with this game, that America can no longer afford.  Be sure to watch every video of this one as well as read the text and take your time.  This is a history lesson from our recent past that must be remembered right now.    Now, let’s study the pattern of behavior which indicates what the true intention of this game really is about for the current President of the United States. 


Like many of us, Jim Garvin is trying to understand the most recent comments of President Obama about the debt ceiling. As I watched the video below I felt for Mr. Gavin, because he represents most of America right now. The bewildered look on their faces is one of betrayal, of being lied to. Most of America knows they are being lied to by politicians from one side or the other. What they don’t know is who to blame, how to determine who is lying, and what to do about it.

What Obama and the political class have done with the federal budget is evident in this video. This spending behavior has been going on for a very long time, and represents a sickness in American politics. It is not appropriate to justify this behavior as “it’s just politics.” The American people have this dangerous tendency to deduct from their overall income what they pay in taxes. If they don’t see the money come out of their wallet, if that money is already gone before they even get their pay check, then they have a tendency to not even care what happens to that money. It’s as if their frustration in not having control of how their money is spent; they remove the thought from their minds completely, which politicians are well aware of.

I once knew a black salesman who reminds me a lot of President Obama. In fact, I’d dare say we have all known someone who considers themselves a “slick” talker who can sell anything to anybody and talk a woman out of her panties without them even being aware of it. I once watched this happen when I went for a drink with this guy and watched him work the bar, “Hey baby, what’s happening you sweet thing.”

I watched and listened and rolled my eyes. What woman would ever fall for a line like that? Anyone could tell that this dude was a creepy guy, right?

The salesman slept with that girl about 15 minutes after he met her, and when I spoke to the salesman about it I asked him how he could do it, how he could have sex with that girl, leave her with a fake phone number after he did the deed, then go back home to his wife and have sex with her in the same night, then come back to brag about it at work the next day?

He was a tall, lanky guy who moved almost identical to Barrack Obama. “Do what my brother,” he said to me using his pinky equipped with a gold ring to scratch his forehead. “I did that little girl a favor. Women love what I got’s to give em’ and if I’d given her my real number she’d be callin’ for more. And I can’t have that. She was lucky she got it once.” He noticed the distress on my face so he added, “Dude, listen. Fu**ing chicks is like selling to customers. You have to convince them that what you are giving them is what they need. And by the time they realize they don’t need what you want to give them, it’s too late, because they’ve either given you the money already, or they’ve given you a piece of ass.”

“But don’t you feel guilty taking advantage of them?” I asked.
“My man,” He said. “That’s cute, that you think people should feel guilty about making money, or fu**ing women. If you want a clean conscience, then take it from me, you will die a poor man looking for your next piece of ass.”

I didn’t dislike that salesman, I learned a lot from him. I learned everything I didn’t want to be. So it isn’t some psychological impairment that makes me think of this salesman every time I hear President Obama talk. It’s just that Obama uses the same kind of manipulation that the salesman uses. It may not be for the purpose of having sex with women, but rather to get people to buy what he’s selling. For this kind of salesman, outright lies are normal. In fact, they are so normal that they can even lie to themselves. When Obama sat down with Google to give a town hall type of speech during his campaign in 2008 it reveals a lot about Obama.

In the clip below with Google, Obama talks about patriotism in a way to cover his true intentions and disarm the client, which is the audience. Just like the con artist who wishes to conceal his dishonesty he cleverly uses gifts to keep people focused on the topics he chooses. For this particular crowd, it is discussions of technology. Obama guarantees every home in America will get broadband access under his future administration, and that his administration will stand up to the light of day by putting ear marks and bills online for all to see. He also talks about saving the planet with green jobs which is appealing to progressives naturally, even if it’s impractical and warped with idealism. When I watched this speech I thought of my old salesman friend who might say, “baby, I’ll by you a diamond necklace if you’ll suck my big **** out in my Cadillac outside.” The girl hears, “Cadillac” so maybe this guy has money. She hears “diamond necklace,” so maybe she can steal this guy away from his present woman. And sucking on something appeals to a natural biological urge many women have and gives them an illusion of control over a man because such an act is an act of trust, since the genitals of a man is the most delicate part of his body. The same types of buzz words are used in this interview, except it’s not sex that is for trade.

Unfortunately for such con artists sometimes they get caught in the lies they tell and this is the case where Harry Reid and President Obama had spoken against the increase of the dept ceiling in 2006. Reid explained that it was only because he was playing politics and it was wrong, so now in 2011, he’s right and everyone should buy into a debt ceiling increase. Obama had perhaps the worst statement. He said that his perspective as a senator was basically not as enlightened as that of the President, where more aspects of the economy must be considered. Without question in some future speech Obama will say that the President of the United Nations must consider the entire world, and not just the affairs of the United States, which is a job he is openly campaigning for.

On occasion there have been people like Mr. Gavin who recognize that something is wrong and they’ve questioned Obama. Such was the case with Joe the Plumber during the 2008 campaign. All the guy did was ask a question and Obama talked the situation into a 5 minute speech trying to justify the scam. Obama would have done better to give a short answer and move to the next topic, because it made Joe the Plumber a celebrity, which the left then proceeded to destroy Joe’s character any way they could. But it was Obama who made the mistake in this exchange. He knew that Joe was seeing through his campaign rhetoric and Obama, the salesman wanted to see if he could overcome Joe’s opposition. When words failed, Obama became very touchy openly putting his hand on the shoulder and arm of Joe the Plumber. This is very similar to a man who has been confronted by a scorned woman and uses touching to take the edge off the woman’s anger, knowing that touching helps psychologically break down the barriers of mental resistance to an idea.

With many of the positions Obama has taken, Muslim radicals seem to have gotten a free pass under his administration. He behaves very strange for a guy who claims that he’s a Christian. The trouble with a man who claims he’s a Christian and not a Muslim is that in politics it is calculated that a Muslim could not be elected, because people are tense over the aggression of many fundamentalists.

Christianity has been attacked by the Obama administration mysteriously. So if Obama is pretending to be a Christian when he is in fact a Muslim then he is deliberately misleading the pubic for political gain. And if he is willing to do that, what else is he willing to mislead the public on? That is the trouble. A man should be willing and able to stand on what they believe, not what they think people want them to believe. Such people are no different from people like that salesman who lie about how much money they have to sleep with a woman. They will say anything to get into the woman’s pants. But even the best of them get caught in their own lies. Here Obama lets it slip that he’s a Muslim then corrects himself to being Christian. Was it an accident? (More on this later)

In this next clip Obama continues to ridicule Christian faith. For a guy who again claims he’s a Christian, he seems pretty angry about it. I mean I personally don’t care if he’s a Muslim, or an Alien from some other planet. My concern is why does he feel he must hide it? Why be misleading?

Glenn Beck shows the Michelle Obama clip where she stated this was the first time she was proud of America. I personally can’t ever recall any upper level politician saying something like this. To me, this clip reveals much of what type of conversations go on at the Obama dinner table, when the cameras aren’t running. Michelle, at the time being inexperienced at deceit in politics spoke her mind, and has since learned to put a softer edge on what she say’s publicly.

To know who Obama is you have to watch all his speeches, not just the ones where he attempts to appeal to all of America, the people like Mr. Gavin. Here is Obama among his people at the Campus Progress meet talking about alternative fuels. Campus Progress is a progressive organization designed to build a progressive political base which is in direct competition against people like me, who are American traditionalists. Progressives hope to erode the effectiveness of traditionalists by appealing to the naivety of young people hungry to rebel from their parents. The trouble with progressives is they attempt to undermine American Politics with a Trojan Horse mentality, by breaking through the barriers of American’s defenses and destroying that opposition from behind those defenses. That’s alarming because Progressives know that their ideas cannot compete directly with traditionalists so they seek the subversive route. Here Obama congratulates the creation of Progressive Leadership and the role of young people in the future.

Knowing that traditionalists will reject much of what Obama is trying to implement, he seeks to appeal to young people by admitting that he smoked marijuana, a lot. When Obama says that he is angry that Washington plays politics, and nothing gets done because of the grid lock, remember that the only reason Obama made this statement is that he was tapping into the same political demographic exploited by Bill Clinton when he played a saxophone on MTV. It’s all about politics.

I hate to bring it up because the relationship that President Obama has or had with Bill Ayers cannot be ignored even though a discussion about that relationship is as contentious as talking about the birth certificate issue. For those who don’t know who Bill Ayers is listen to him talk about his life in The Weather Underground. Obama launched his political career with Bill Ayers as a supporter in the living room of The Weather Underground leaders.

Here is a video with radio interviews of Bill Ayers where his life parallels Barack Obama’s rise to fame. Bill Ayers is a very manipulative and radical hater of the American way of life. He has demonstrated the extent of just what he is willing to do against the American Government. He is an open enemy to all things American, and the government knows it and has known for years exactly where he is at all times yet he’s been free to continue his radical movements with other methods instead of the radical violence of his early years. He’s a retired professor at the University of Chicago. In a new edition of the Bill Ayers memoirs called, Fugitive Days: Memoirs of an Anti-War-Activist, he added a new afterword about Barack Obama describing the blogospheric characterization of their relationship as “neighbors and family friends” (“In 2008 there was a lot of chatter on the blogosphere about my relationship with Barack Obama: we had served together on the board of a foundation, knew one another as neighbors and family friends, held an initial fundraiser at my house, where I’d made a small donation to his earliest political campaign.”).


Obama tried to back off the Ayers connection, but the evidence was just too overwhelming. Now this video isn’t from Fox News, it’s by CNN. Ayers is a man who is willing to do anything to accomplish his objective. When he and his wife bragged about the rise of Barack Obama as a political power in Chicago politics there is no question that Ayers at some point told Obama, “They’ll harass you for knowing me. That’s OK. It’s worth it to have one of our kind in The White House. When they ask don’t feel bad in denying you know me. I’ll understand.”

One last warning about Barack Obama, a look into his past, this video was done in 2008, well before Glenn Beck. Tony Rezko was a major fund-raiser for Barack Obama. Rezko and several others were indicted on federal charges in October 2006, for using their connections to the state boards to demand kickbacks from businesses that wanted to do business with the state. While the others pleaded guilty to the charges, Rezko pleaded not guilty and was found guilty of 16 of the 24 charges filed against him. Rezko also worked with Rod Blagojevich who was just convicted this year in late June of 17 counts of wire fraud, attempted extortion, bribery, conspiracy to commit extortion, and conspiracy to commit bribery, as well as trying to sell President Obama’s former Senate seat in exchange for political favors. This is the circle of associates around President Obama. All these people have displayed the ability to look straight into a camera and lie about their innocence or provide misleading information.

Source article

I’ve said a lot on these pages about looters, people who primarily look at public service positions as a way to enrich themselves off tax money. Look at how Michelle Obama and her husband behaved before he became President of the United States. This is how Obama got some of his money that he is so proud of when he state, “people like me are willing to give back some.” Obama has been bragging about his wealth even as far back as the Joe the Plumber question, which I didn’t realize until I just recently looked at it again.

Obama has shown that he will lie, especially in politics. There is no question that he will and has been caught many times as shown above. Listen to him in this CNN investigation.

When you listen to Obama speak about the budget below look at his record. Here he lies 7 times in a 2 minute speech.

Being Muslim is not a problem, as discussed. But lying about it so that a person can get elected is a big problem. Here is convincing evidence that Obama is a Muslim which is proof that the man will lie about a seemingly insignificant issue. So what does anybody think he’d do over a really big issue?

The reason this whole Muslim issue is relevant can be shown from this statement about the condition of the flag and the Muslim faith as told to Dale Lindsborg ‘s Meet the Press from Sunday’s 07 Sept. 2008, 11:48:04 EST, Televised broadcast. The then Senator Obama was asked about his stance on the American Flag.

I had forgotten about this whole issue until a friend of mine reminded me of it after reading other stories I have stated about President Obama and his position over this recent budget battle. The text below is quite startling.

General Bill Ginn, USAF (ret.), asked Obama to explain why he doesn’t follow protocol when the National Anthem is played.

The General stated to Obama that according to the United States Code, Title 36, Chapter 10, Sec. 171…

During rendition of the national anthem, when the flag is displayed, all present (except those in uniform) are expected to stand at attention, facing the flag, with the right hand over the heart. Or, at the very least, “Stand and Face It”.

‘Senator’ Obama replied:

“As I’ve said about the flag pin, I don’t want to be perceived as taking sides….” “There are a lot of people in the world to whom the American flag is a symbol of oppression….” “The anthem itself conveys a war-like message. You know, the bombs bursting in air, and all that sort of thing.”

Obama continued:, “The National Anthem should be ‘swapped’ for something less parochial and less bellicose. I like the song ‘I’d Like To Teach the World To Sing.’ If that were our anthem, then I might salute it. In my opinion, we should consider reinventing our National Anthem as well as ‘redesign’ our Flag to better offer our enemies hope and love. It’s my intention, if elected, to disarm America to the level of acceptance to our Middle East Brethren. If we, as a Nation of waring people, conduct ourselves like the nations of Islam, where peace prevails – – – perhaps a state or period of mutual accord could exist between our governments ……”

“When I become President, I will seek a pact of agreement to end hostilities between those who have been at war or in a state of enmity, and a freedom from disquieting oppressive thoughts . We as a Nation, have placed upon the nations of Islam, an unfair injustice, which is WHY my wife disrespects the Flag, and she and I have attended several flag burning ceremonies in the past.”

“Of course now, I have found myself about to become the President of the United States and I have put my hatred aside. I will use my power to bring CHANGE to this Nation, and offer the people a new path. My wife and I look forward to becoming our Country’s First black Family. Indeed, CHANGE is about to overwhelm the United States of America.”

Dale Lindsborg, Washington Post

This compelling story brings us to one central question, addressed by Mr.Garvin in the start of this article outlining the behavior pattern of one of the most subversive American Presidents in our history. This President was launched into politics by radicals and crooks. He is a public sector looter as defined by the work of philosophy Atlas Shrugged and gained his wealth in that fashion. He has shown that he will lie about his religion. He will lie about his associations. And he will be misleading about his true political intentions.

Just like the salesman who had slept with the girl, without question the girl felt used when she attempted to call the number and found out the smooth talking salesman had lied to her and even given a false number. She had believed everything the man had said because she wanted to. She wanted to believe that there were people who actually told the truth, especially when they spoke so wonderfully, and were pleasant to look at. Normal average everyday people like the woman in the bar, and millions of Americans of all different political affiliations want to believe that there is good in people, especially attractive people.

Sailors have told stories for generations about sirens that used their songs of seduction and elliptical attractiveness to lure those men to their deaths with enchantment upon the hidden rocks disguised below the surface. But it’s not just beautiful women who perform this seduction. Sometimes it’s fast talking salesman with gold rings. Its governors, mobsters, and senators, who use public office to enrich themselves, its radical reformers who hate America and launch a fellow board member into a path to the presidency from his living room, or it’s the President himself, who has his eye on a prize most American’s can’t even conceive, because the audacity of the deception defies credibility. That deception is the end of America as we all know it and a prized position with the United Nations heading that organization toward global concerns.

Lies are not hard for those types, and in this budget battle the fight isn’t over fixing the budget, or even the debt limit. The fight is over our ability to fix it, because the intent is to collapse America as a world power. And the fear from thousands of radicals like Bill Ayers is that their 40 year strategy to end America under the smile of a good-looking, smooth talking President is in jeopardy, because it’s no longer just the radical right, the conspiracy theorists, the Fox News junkies who see the problem. It’s the average, every day people like Jim Garvin who have the look of who just fu**ed me! And why did I let them do it!

Many women have woke up to an empty pillow on the morning after a drunken binge. Now America is about to roll over and see that there is no head in that pillow, and that while we slept the man we brought home not only took advantage of our condition, but also stole all our money, and material goods and headed home to the object of their true desire, a marriage we did not know about until it was too late and we’ll only have ourselves to blame.

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

The United States Post Office: The beginning of the end

Years ago, I was at odds with the union of the manufacturing company I was working for, so severely that things were getting violent.  At my home, I was at war with the police department for turning in hours of video tape showing irrefutable proof of drug sales by area teenagers only to find out that many of the cops were working with the kids to assist and had turned against me and my family to cover up the activity.  It got so bad at one point that I had to provide body-guard assistance to my children so they could ride their bikes down the sidewalk.  In every sector of my life at that time, things were tough, really, really tough.  The culmination of these events was the primary theme of my 2004 book, The Symposium of Justice.  It looked like I was going to lose my job to a layoff because the union was pushing to eliminate me before the company made me salary, which the company was playing both political sides against each other leaving me out to dry.  It was a very difficult time. 

A family member suggested that I apply for a job at the Post Office, because the Post Office had fantastic benefits, great pay, and job security.  If I worked for the government, I would be “taken” care of and my family would be safe.  I scratched my head, even under all that stress, and contemplated how long the Post Office was going to last paying people the kind of wages they were paying.  The internet was a new thing back then and email was the emerging new rage, I saw trouble for the Post Office. 

In recent years it has been Doc Thompson who has also seen trouble for the Post Office and he has been one of the most vocal advocates of reform.  Doc’s been doing this well before the recent news that the United States Postal Service was considering cutting back it’s service to less days per week, and that they were closing down several Post Offices around Cincinnati.  Listen to Doc talk about the whole Post Office situation on 700 WLW at the link below:

I took another job where they actually made things, because I couldn’t see how the Post Office was going to sustain itself.  The family member tried to get into the Post Office employee pull but was not accepted because they could not claim minority status, and was told as much. 

The Postal Service is a direct victim of the changing times, email, UPS, Fed Ex, and other services have emerged in recent years which have cut into the revenue of the Post Office, and this has been a great aspect of the American business culture.  It’s been great for everyone but the people who have taken jobs with the Post Office.  When you talk to some of them, they would love to see the world stop advancing so they could keep their jobs, because many of them took jobs with the Post Office for the same reason that the family member told me to apply, for the job security and great benefits. 

Virtually every government sector job these days are in a similar boat as the Post Office.  Teachers and the entire Department of Education are finding that technology can do many of the tasks of teaching just as effective as a brick and mortar school, improved medicine is making retirement at 55 and 65 laughable, extending the life spans of the human being closer and closer to 100, and this same improved medicine will also dramatically lower the need for Medicare and health insurance in the future.  As aviation and other aspects of transportation evolve in an improved direction, government employee advocates want to invest in the archaic technology of High Speed Rail, which is on its way out.  The pattern of resistance to the obvious becomes clear to the intelligent viewer. 

Government is simply an entity that wants to live, just like any creature.  The bigger it gets, the more it eats by way of tax money.  But it will also attempt to hold back the kind of technology which made America great to begin with, in an attempt to preserve itself.  This is a natural reaction and can be displayed vividly in the various school levies that are on the November ballot this year.  They are led by government employees who entered that field of endeavor under the pretense of security, and they are slow to learn that the path they’ve chosen is unsustainable, and evolving into something else.  The successful person who works for a government job will evolve and adapt with these changes, because it is the changes themselves which will advance our culture for the better, and those changes will occur regardless of government worker protests. 

The lesson is that sometimes its better to take a job that may not be so attractive at first as the government, tax subsidized job, because at the non-government job, the individual can control their own destiny to a large extent.  It is not good to trade freedom for comfort, and government jobs like the Post Office are perfect examples of this tendency.  There are jobs for people in the other fields, as government stops doing services, entrepreneurs will come up with job replacements because if there is a market need for those services, there will be a creative mind who will provide that service.  What the government worker fears however, is that the public will discover how unimportant those government jobs have always been, and that will be a painful transition, when the American tax payer comes to realize how much they’ve been scammed.  But in the end, the process will make America better and stronger so long as the light at the end of the tunnel is the focus and not the darkness of the immediate surroundings.

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

Diana Frey Pleads Not Guilty: The crooks of public service

Surprise, Diana Frey did show up in court today, after hiding out for the last couple of weeks to plead not guilty and was released on bond.  Frey who is accused of stealing over $750,000 from the union she helped start back in 2003 and plans to fight the accusation with the same voracity that she used a public sector labor union as her personal check book, after all, what does she have to lose?  But Frey isn’t the first and she certainly won’t be the last.  The joke is ultimately on all of us who support these people with our trust, because the crimes they commit against us show incredible disrespect for the people who employee them. 


Source article from the Cincinnati Enquirer:|topnews|text|FRONTPAGE

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Jane Prendergast

Former city union leader Diana Frey pled not guilty to a charge of wire fraud and is out on bond after her arraignment in federal court this afternoon.

Frey, 51, was indicted last week on one count of wire fraud. She is accused of embezzling more than $757,000 from the Cincinnati Organized and Dedicated Employees, the union she helped create in 2003. She was its only president.

Roughly one of every two dollars that City Hall deposited in CODE’s account is alleged to have ended up in her pocket. The money came from union dues – each of the approximately 800 members pays $9 biweekly.

Frey, 51, faces a maximum of 20 years in prison and a $1.5 million fine, or twice the amount allegedly stolen.

The wire fraud count alleges that she fraudulently wrote checks and made wire transfers, ATM withdrawals and credit card purchases to funnel members’ money into her own accounts or use them for her own benefit. Investigators said Frey deposited checks written to the union directly into her own account and wrote checks to herself out of union accounts.

CODE’s treasurer, Mark Brown, tipped off the U.S. Department of Labor after he and other union leaders became frustrated that they could not get clear answers from Frey about the union’s finances.

The union elected a new president Tuesday – Donald Stiens, a city engineer who asked the State Employee Relations Board in April to look into the union’s finances. He fills the job at least until a special officers election in October.

The Frey incident is not an unique case, where an official given the task of being responsible for large sums of money failed to be trustworthy?  No.  As the Diana Frey case has been transpiring, another breach of trust has been occurring.  Meet Tippi Slaughter, the treasurer at the Butler County Board of Elections who was caught stealing $1,700. 


See that article from Channel 12 here:

The former director of the Butler County Board of Elections has withdrawn an unusual request of a judge and may end up striking a plea deal in her theft in office case.

Tippi Slaughter was set to go before a judge today to ask that she be allowed to go to rehab for a substance abuse problem, delaying criminal prosecution.  But today, her attorney withdrew the request and now prosecutors say the case could be resolved at her next court appearance-on August 10th-possibly with a plea deal.

Slaughter was fired by the Board of Elections after she was indicted on two counts of theft in office. She is accused of stealing $1700 from the Butler County Democratic Party where she served as treasurer.

The investigation into the missing money began after a break-in at the board offices. Slaughter’s former boyfriend, James Schmidt was charged with that crime.


These are two women with different levels of authority, and at different levels of crime committed.  One crime is a rather small amount of money stolen; the other is a substantial amount.  But both cases confirm in all of us what we all innately understand, that if the money we spend in taxes, or dues, is not carefully regulated by the public with some vigilant oversight, then there will be greedy hands who will attempt to take that money for their own personal interests.  Then they will claim they are in need of more money from the tax payer when the accounting says that more is needed.  The trouble is that even with these respected positions; the personnel in these positions cannot be trusted at face value. 

The peril of these cases should be a sign to all, that public officials, every one of them are potential thieves who might steal our money for their own consumption and it matters very little to them if the behavior is legal or not.  Some theft is after all legal and much of that occurs under the current tax code.  But the illegal kind, the kind displayed between these two unassuming women should be an awakening of unparalleled caution.  The ultimate villain is our own social complacency, which has emboldened these thieves to steal from us in such audacious ways, and respect was not even a consideration.  For that aspect, every reader of these words should feel insulted. 

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

Road to Dystopia: The Canton Cops

My editor is in the process of cutting the massive manuscript of my Tail of the Dragon down to under 100,000 words, which will be a difficult rewrite process, but the topic of that novel was on my mind as Doc Thompson spoke with State Rep. Danny Bubp about gun control.  The case of the Canton Police officer who openly abused a man because he had a concealed carry permit was the primary topic.  Tail of the Dragon is all about how politicians use police to impose policy that is not good for the general society, but purely for the good of the politicians who write the law.  Even though abusive cases such as theCantoncop are not the usual situation, it does happen more often than it should, and points to the danger of giving police officers too much control over the general population.  You can hear that discussion here:

To see the officer in question and exactly what was said you can see the entire video below.  This occurrence happened in June of 2011 and is deeply disconcerting for a number of reasons.   

I believe many of the police officers across the country are very much like the other guy in this video, the partner of the primary officer.  That officer seems to be pretty level headed, and is certainly the recessive officer in this search and arrest.  I can understand the initial suspicion of the officers pulling over a questionable vehicle with a known prostitute, her pimp and a guy carrying a gun.  Everything about that situation spelled out trouble. 

However, such a situation requires a coolness that comes from a battle tested individual that can handle the stress of any situation.  Not a panic prone officer who has obvious problems psychologically.  And before I launch into what those problems are I must report that I’ve been shot at, threatened, and I’ve walked into dangerous situations willingly time and time again.  Danger is not something that bothers me, and when I hire someone to work a dangerous job, I expect that person to handle it with cool collectiveness.  I do not expect over-reaction of any kind.  The officer in that video is a dangerous man for many reasons, but the primary reason is that he’s a “pussy.”  Sorry ladies, but that’s the only term for a man like that. 

There are two reasons for the officer’s behavior; first he may be psychologically damaged and ready for the rubber gun squad.  If that’s the case, he should not be on the streets.  If he is such a shell shocked person, if he’s been shot at, or threatened one too many times that he can no longer function in that position, he should not be carrying a gun, driving around in a car, and have the ability to pull people over.  The second and most probable explanation is that the officer is simply a bully, the type I write about in Tail of the Dragon. 

The officer obviously works out a lot, so he has an obsession with his looks.  There isn’t any problem with this, but such people often have a tendency toward narcissism and to satisfy that narcissism they pursue positions of authority to satisfy their hunger for self-admiration.  These types of people are naturally insecure, because real life cannot fill the image of themselves that they’ve built, so they seek a collective consensus of like minded “brothers,” which he referenced twice in this recording to the other officer.  This is a tendency toward insecurity that is unmistakable, which he seeks to cover up visually with body building.  This officer uses the law to beat people into his own self-gratification.  Any level headed individual would approach the driver who did reveal that he had a gun with caution but not be so easily threatened.  The officer obviously used the situation and timing of the gun revelation to satisfy his hunger to abuse someone. 

I propose that the officer had full intention as he pulled up to the car to abuse somebody.  He had set his target on the prostitute, knowing that she was a repeat offender.  This was his clear intention.  But when he came to the driver, who was not the original target, and the driver revealed that he had a gun permit and was carrying, the officer realized that he had a better target to satisfy his narcissism, so he let the girl and her pimp go.  

At this point the narcissistic officer proceeded to harass the driver profusely threatening to “execute him.”  Obviously the officer had crossed the line several times in this exchange.  The driver showed no inclination toward violence and any officer with any experience with violence would know that.  Instead, it is obvious that under the guise of a proposed danger, the officer used this entire situation to satisfy his need for a power trip. 

Every police department in the country has a percentage of their officers who exhibit similar narcissistic behavior.  In fact every class in school, every office, every business, has a few of these abusive types.  Narcissists are a natural by-product of the human race, so we must contend with them.  But we must also use caution on how much power we allow them to have, because such personality types are prone to seek authority positions.  They will fill jobs with police departments, TSA agents, and mall security guards and like positions because those are the most obvious places where they can live out their distorted self-images.  This is why it is a very dangerous tendency of Homeland Security to give more and more police powers to these departments under the guise of protection.  A society who changes itself ideologically out of panic is no different than this foolish police officer who used his cleverly disguised fear of being shot, as a self-fulfillment of his desire to harass another human being with fear.

When terrorists attacked the United States, they sought to create a situation where the narcissists of our culture could be used against the population in general.  By creating a situation that justified panic, we handed more power to the least trustworthy of our citizens in a flimsy trade for national security.  And that situation isn’t getting better, it’s getting worse.  The Fourth Amendment, like the Second Amendment has been distorted and revised for years to gradually wear away the effectiveness through case law of these Constitutional provisions.  The Fourth Amendment (Amendment IV) to the United States Constitution is the part of the Bill of Rights which guards against unreasonable searches and seizures, along with requiring any warrant to be judicially sanctioned and supported by probable cause. It was adopted as a response to the abuse of the writ of assistance, which is a type of general search warrant, in the American Revolution. Search and arrest should be limited in scope according to specific information supplied to the issuing court, usually by a law enforcement officer, who has sworn by it.


The real tragedy of this entire event is that our society has forgotten the meaning of the Fourth Amendment to such an extent that it has actually fed the kind of tyranny present in this video.  All three of the occupants in the car completely submitted to the officers without even questioning their rights, and this only accelerated the narcissistic officer in his search for a weakness to exploit.  The person being harassed should have been upset, not where he put the officer in any danger, but he actually fed the fire by saying, “yes sir.”  That officer didn’t deserve any such recognition for he did not earn it.  A uniform is not enough to give up everything a person is in their life, or to have the threat of that life extinguished to fulfill the fantasy of a mini tyrant under the guise of security.  When a society accepts this behavior as normal, and acceptable, the steps toward a complete loss of personal freedom are not far behind. 

If I had been in the same situation, which I have been on several occasions, there wouldn’t be anything close to the submission shown in that video.  But unfortunately, people who question these policies are fewer than they ever had been and those willing to put their whole life on the line by saying “yes sir,” hoping to appease a tyrant are a growing segment of our population. 

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

John Boehner and Economics: The future of America is at stake

Obama told Americans in a late night plea to a primetime audience that we needed to let our congressional representatives know what we wanted congress to do about this debt crisis.  Well, in John Boehner’s district, we did.  Hundreds of tea party members showed up to support John in his budget battle with a big labor, Chicago type “organizer” and his fuzzy math. (Enjoy the pictures) To understand just how bad the situation is, and what Boehner is fighting, listen to this fantastic clip from Matt Clark and his radio show on WAAM in Ann Arbor,Michigan.  Notice the graph on the clip where Obama has spent 4.6 billion dollars per day, much, much more than Bill Clinton who is listed at the top at just a meager $500 million per day in the 90’s. 

Obama lied to the American people and there is no way to disguise the facts for those who know what they are looking at.  There is no question that this president is simply a big labor mouth-piece who is one of two things; Obama is either the most ignorant person to ever be President of the United States, or he is a blind follower of Agenda 21, a United Nations project which unites the world under a common government.  (Click here to read all about Agenda 21.)  There isn’t any shades of gray with this president, he is left of the left and committed to all the bullet points of radical left union leaders, and politicians invested in a new world government headed by the UN. 

Every sentence the President uttered confirmed in me more and more that it is this Agenda 21 that he is really after, attacking the rich with tax increases, opening the borders, government health care, virtually everything he is committed to points to Agenda 21

CBS had an interesting poll of which the President was no doubt aware of as he gave his speech at 9 pm July 25, 2011 which stated specifically on the budget standoff, 49 percent blame Republicans for inaction, while 29 percent think the president is responsible.

Any final deal, Americans think, will have to involve compromise. In the poll, 69 percent said they think Mr. Obama needs to compromise, while 85 percent say Republicans should make concessions. Only 11 percent say Republicans should stick to their positions.

Source article here:

Well, I’m one of those 11 percent.  The trouble with the masses of “American people” is many of them have been dumbed down so much by people like Obama over the years that they don’t understand what creates jobs.  They are being educated through this debate.  What needs to happen is that congress needs to hold its ground.  The progressive Democrats like Obama and Reid need to scream bloody murder prior to the Tuesday deadline and on Wednesday the American people need to see that life has went on as usual for the most part, the interest rates will hold because the important things will not default, congress will not allow it.  What we are dealing with are the same kind of people who predict the end of the world, like the fanatics who killed themselves prior to a comet coming near the Earth a few years back, the Jim Jones Massacre, (click here to read all about that) or people who believe that the Mayan calendar has predicted the end of the world in 2012.  Virtually everything President Obama said in his speech is of the quality of those listed fanatics and fear mongers.  It is the exact same speech that labor leaders and mobsters have used for years to extort tax money and “protection” from those organized elements and it’s all a lie. 

Unfortunately only 11% of the American population knows enough about economics and business management to understand this.  The rest of the country needs to learn by watching the process unfold.  Poll numbers cannot be followed when leadership is needed. 

Chris Evans, the star of the weekend movie blockbuster Captain America said in a recent interview that President Obama is awesome!  “I like the way he sits down with people and works with them.  He doesn’t play partisan politics, but favors a balanced approach.”  I don’t fault Mr. Evans for being young and inexperienced.  He made a calculated statement that is part of the Hollywood, MTV culture, which is to ignore the facts, vote on emotion, and skin color or gender.  And build a consensus with your fellow citizens even if everyone is a little bit wrong.  It’s better in the progressive view for everyone to get along rather than to find the correct answer.  Evans, the movie star represents many of the people in that CBS poll, which is why he is a movie star.  Studios know what they’re doing, and they understand the current American demographic. 

But what those Hollywood studios, media, and progressive leaning young people don’t understand is how the world works, how jobs are created, or even have an understanding of history.  The spending President Obama has indulged in is expected by those groups because many of them don’t even read a menu at a restaurant let alone understand history through their own personal educations.  Many of those 11% who want the Republicans to hold their ground do understand, and they know that leadership is a lonely road where a leader can often see what others only learn about later.  That’s why they are leaders. 

 Boehner and the congress need to hold tight letting the warnings of fear pass so all of America can learn the game that has been going on for far too long.  This is an event that will define our age and it is in need of leaders who will do the right thing for the entire country, even if most of the citizens won’t understand until years down the road. 

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

Dance into the Fire: The perspective of being fearless


CAUTION was the first reaction from some of the people who saw a sneak peek of my recent video promoting the protection of Senate Bill 5, which John Kasich signed into law at the start of April and brings management controls to collective bargaining agreements established by public sector unions.  A majority of those public sector unions are fire-fighter, police and public school teachers and they don’t like S.B.5 at all, because they have openly abused the system of collective bargaining to the level where tax increases are imminent unless reforms are implemented to the pensions and wage rates they’ve elected to give themselves which are approximately 30% higher than what tax payers in the private sector make as far as a wage.  The severe math problem at play is that as government has grown, and more and more people become employed by government at the high rates of pay, they are beginning to outnumber the private sector tax payers which are stressing the whole financial system.  So it has come time that some control must be implemented, otherwise our taxes will rise to unsustainable levels and the needed reforms will have to be explored later, when it’s too late.  The time for action is now and was on my mind while I was doing some gardening.

A good friend of mine who doesn’t know me from deep in the past laughed at the video, because he liked the metaphor, for the truth and clarity of it.  But he said, “Be careful, you’re playing with fire.”  The humor of his joke had two meanings, first it was a literal interpretation of the fact that fire was used in the video to blast some sack worms out of a tree I’m trying to save.  But his deeper meaning was one of caution, and it’s one I’ve heard from many people over this whole issue of public sector union control.  The perception is that if you mess with unions, especially a police union, then abuse, harassment, intimidation, even death is sure to follow. 

When I was in my teens I worked for an organized crime group out of Chicago with an arm in Cincinnati, unknowing at first, but learned that the restaurant I was working for was a front for that activity (my job was a busboy).  When it was discovered that I wasn’t afraid of conflict I was given jobs as a sometimes bodyguard and driver for the guy who managed this restaurant.  I drove him and his friends around to night clubs and hotels. Several of those friends were Bengal players who were selling cocaine as a side job and women who were gold diggers.  Since I was a straight kid who didn’t drink, smoke, or do drugs I was the ideal driver.  It was my task to bail the occupants of the car out of trouble when drinking impaired their judgment and fights over the women erupted at night clubs.  When people got hurt, badly, or people were caught with illegal activity, there was a judge and former mayor who fixed things up for the restaurant, knowing full well what was going on.  I had dinner with this judge on more than one occasion, and I knew him well enough for him to give me his business card.  “If you get into a fix kid, give me a buzz.  Don’t let any of my officers haul you off to jail before you have them call me first.”  He winked at me as I took his card.  I never had to personally call him but my manager did on many occasions. 

My next job was at a car dealership, also serving at the time as a money laundering front for cocaine traffic.  I didn’t know that at the time either, but when it was discovered that I didn’t take any crap from my senior managers, and would fight anyone anywhere, I was recruited into the business.  They started me off as a repo-man, which back then required me to go to someone’s home and take their car back when they fell behind in payments.  Since I worked for the dealership, I had a key to the car, so we didn’t have to call in a tow truck.  A driver would drop me off up the road and hide while I went to the door to tell the car’s owner what I was there to do.  Most of the time they surrendered their cars to me, but sometimes there was a conflict.

I had an excellent reputation of not backing down so of course I was on the radar for a promotion and that meant drug delivery.  They eased me into the deal by asking me to take a guy downtown during my work shift, I’d be paid on the side since I wasn’t selling cars while I was gone.  The guy had a suit case and when we arrived at the condo very close to Ezzard Charles Drive he went into the condo leaving the suitcase behind.  I was suspicious of what was in the suit case so while the guy was in the condo looked in and saw that there were two bags of cocaine tucked neatly inside.  Being very much against drugs, I left the guy and headed back to the general manager of the dealership.  I reported what I had found in the suit case thinking I was doing the right thing.  My bosses face told me the rest of the story.  He was really angry that I had left his dealer in a dangerous condo.  As it turned out, he had the same card for the same judge I did, and he called the guy to solve the mess that followed.

For the next two years I was harassed by the police everywhere I went.  In fact, I received a remarkable 6 traffic citations in a 2 week period shortly after that incident for seemingly silly traffic violations.  I also seemed to be getting into fights everywhere I went, one in particular was a semi-professional boxer who picked a fight with me in a shopping center parking lot.  He left on his own when he realized that I was hitting him too hard and wasn’t intimidated by him.  When the blood started flowing and the police sirens were getting loader from someone who had called the police, he took off and left quickly and mysteriously. 

The problems didn’t go away when I was in my twenties and thirties.  I’ve had direct conflicts with many politicians over the years, from mayors, commissioners, and trustees.  Most of the time it is the police and fire departments that have harassed my family when they realized that all the mechanisms of control and intimidation did not work on me.  The conflicts originated in the simple explanation that they were in the way of things I wanted to do, or I was in their way.  The difference is they are often willing to bend the rules where I expect to hold them to the law.  To politicians, the law is a malleable element that can be bent to shape the money passed in their direction.  It didn’t take me long to recognize there wasn’t much difference between politicians and those in organized crime.  They all want what they wanted and they often used the system as a weapon against those who stood in their way.  Guns or rules, it really didn’t make much difference both used force to accomplish their aims. 

And this is the general perception of politics and organized crime.  People do not speak out because they fear the ramifications of doing so.  That fear is not unjustified; people have watched and come to accept that thuggish behavior is part of the political process.  They also have come to accept that labor unions are radical and violent and if you fight them, then violence will follow.

Well, I have a good deal of experience with labor unions and conflict.  Click here to read a much more detailed recollection.  I have fought union stewards in company bathrooms, argued with union strikers as they called me a scab, and I would get revenge on them by out-producing them by at least double.  I would do it because I was faster than they were, stronger than many of them, and if some of them were stronger than me, I was smarter.  It didn’t matter how many of them there were, there was always a way to beat them if the person that faced them was not afraid, because like organized crime, politics, or union labor, the fear card is how they extort money from the tax payer.  They use fear to get taxes passed.  They use fear to keep people from breaking the laws.  They use fear to make their labor strikes effective.  Without fear they have nothing. 

And that’s why going against 1.3 million people in Ohio does not bother me.  1 or a million, it doesn’t matter.  I have the second amendment to protect me from politics that are being used against me as does every American.  What more do I need?  If the laws have no value because those who make the law, use the law as a weapon, then what is there to fear once it is accepted that the game of politics is built on fear, and if that fear is overcome, then the truth can be seen clearly. 

The people who use fear to advance themselves, and labor unions certainly are guilty of this, can only threaten to walk off a job, or beat up and kill someone who attempts to shine a light on their illicit nature.  They may hire people to do this for them, or vandalize the property of a target in order to inspire fear of a different nature.  They may even go after the targets family.  They may attempt to hack into the websites of a target, or their email.  They may tap their phones or follow the target and their family around to scare them.  The bottom line is that if a politician, a union leader, or an organized crime lord cannot argue facts directly, they use intimidation to scare people away from the truth, then you can be assured that you are on to something, because they are trying to protect something with that force.  And what they are protecting is often money that was stolen from someone else in one form or another, and they want to keep the issue quiet. 

I’ve seen every form of intimidation the human mind can concoct.  And it doesn’t bother me because I’m willing to counter it.  I do not ask anything of government or the people employed by it.  I put up with government, the schools, the police, and the infrastructure of politics because my friends and neighbors like those things.  As long as they leave me alone, I leave them alone.  But when those groups start asking for money, I get angry because they want something that belongs to me.  And when they use fear to get it I get even madder.  And when they put it in my face and make threats, then they just made a mistake, because they will not be able to win that fight.  Once when a person attempted to follow me around town, I lost them on the highway to a high-speed chase because the person following me did not have the nerve to keep up.  And out of many hundreds of conflicts over the years, that is the general rule.   In the end all you really need is the second amendment and the nerve to go with it.  You don’t have to go out looking for a fight, but if the fight finds you, then that is why the second amendment is there, for when government becomes so corrupt they listen to thugs, organized crime, labor unions, and other fear based scoundrels who want easy access to the pot of money the government takes from all of us, then the constitution is there for our protection. 

I’ve been to court so many times that I know the routine in my sleep.  A judge will not even hear a case unless you appear with an attorney.  Attorneys, politicians, and law-enforcement all have a nice little scam going.  Attorneys use law suites to beat people into submission, especially individuals who have limited funds because an out-of-court settlement is the cheapest way to surrender to a fight that is stacked against the average citizen from the start unless they can afford equal legal counsel that bill at $200 an hour.  An average court case will cost $10K to $50K and few people have that kind of money lying around.  Big labor has certainly used these methods to get what they want which is just another form of extortion. They sue companies, politicians, whole branches of government, individuals, whoever gets in their way. 

But the money we produce as tax payers creates this whole infrastructure.  And the perpetrators of legalized theft, whoever they are, use fear to keep us from looking at the situation honestly, because once we know it’s a scam, we may not support it.  That’s what they fear, that the public will realize that they are all a bunch of mindless thugs who use muscle and intimidation to gain leverage on a unknowing public.  

I’ve put up with their games for over thirty years, and I’m done.  I am not willing to participate in the lie of politics.  If that goes against the “muscle” of politics so what, I won’t see anything I haven’t seen already.  In my older years here, I have grown very fond of playing with fire.  So I appreciate the concern, but I’m not the one who’s going to be burnt by it.  It will be the people who are up to no good, who insist on manipulating with fear the facts to rob good people of money who will be burnt.  Because to me, they are no different from the pests I had to burn out of my tree to save that tree.  Taken individually, I’m sure I’d love all the little caterpillars in that nest.  But when they build a nest in a tree I’m trying to save, I have to identify the problem and solve it.  The same holds true for public sector labor unions that have set up a nest on our tax dollars and are threatening to kill everything the tax money is supposed to be spent on. 

I’m going to call it the way it is, and by a rule, if someone is using fear of any kind instead of truth to get a point across, they are hiding something.  Fear used even in the form of a mob chanting in any threatening fashion is a sign that they are hiding something, and can’t be trusted.  I’m not willing as a tax payer to contribute to a system I can’t trust and I’m willing to remove any elements that get in the way of an honest exchange of ideas.  Nothing else is worth the money.

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

American Air Supremacy: But do we have the courage to keep it?

Zero’s Kates and Vals appeared over the crowd as explosions went off everywhere in the blistering July heat. The heat index was 115 degrees on the runway and the sun was relentless as the roar of World War II piston engine craft filled the sky with an unmistakable pulse. The re-enactment of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor was underway by a group of stunt pilots flying restored fighters in a pyrotechnic reminder of just how badly governments of the world have desired to extinguish the power of personal liberty known as the United States. The show known as Tora! Tora! Tora was just one of the many shows displayed at the 2011 Vectren Dayton Air Show, but for me it was the best because of my love of piston engine aircraft. You can see my personal video of that show and other highlights here:

I’ll have to give Michael Emoff (Chairman U.S. Air and Trade Show Board of Trustees) credit; the seats from The Chairman’s Club were as good as it gets for a show of this magnitude. The catered food all morning and into the afternoon was wonderfully refreshing, as was the constant supply of 6 different beer selections. But the truckloads of bottled water were essential, and made the show a comfortable success. I cannot argue that the entire show took place in my lap from that vantage point, and it was a delightful endeavor. On the other side of the fence, the massive hoard of a crowd packed in close to see the action, and it looked hot over there, with no room to breathe for many people.

The Chairman’s Club is a section set up for exclusive guests and many in the aviation business comfortably packed the tables in front of the gigantic mess hall tent, which did lower the temperature considerably with its high vaulted ceilings that allowed the hot air someplace to go, and to cool. It was a good design. The ice cream prior to the Thunderbirds show was a nice touch even if it did melt in a matter of minutes. As is the custom, many of the pilots and parachutists come to The Chairman’s Club to refresh after their portion of the show and meet some of the guests who help put their planes in the air. It is a chance for both sides of the aviation business to meet each other up close and personal. I told one of the guys who had drug his parachute into the area to repack after he had landed just moments after falling from 16,000 feet, “Bet you wish you were still up there.”

He looked at me and laughed, “It’s about 50 degrees up there. It’s a scorcher down here.” Sweat dripped off his forehead as he folded his pack over tightly.

The F/A-18 pilots came and took turns taking pictures with many of the GE employees present. For many of them it was a moment of pride to see the Super Hornet’s take off from the tarmac and go almost instantly vertical. The clouds dotting the sky prevented long runs at the airstrip, so the F/A-18’s kept their speeds under the speed of sound, but the vibration and roar of those F414-GE-400 engines brought a line of high level employees to the pilots when they showed up for some relief from the heat and to provide the customary pictures and autographs.

It was obvious that even from the pilots faces that The Chairman’s Club was an oasis upon that landscape of blistering heat that was closest to the flight line and the first stop to recharge their bodies.

But even with all the high performance displays of the F/A-18’s, the Thunderbirds in the F-16’s, The B-1B Lancer with its 30,780 pounds of afterburner thrust, the fantastic modified stunt plane by Oracle called the Oracle Challenger, specially built for Sean D. Tucker and his fantastic aerobatics with jaw-dropping stunts, it was the World War ll era fighters that I found the most attachment to.

There was a Corsair in the air which set my mind back to the heroics of Tex Hill, after Hill completed his tour of duty with General Clair Chennault and the Flying Tigers over China. There was a B-25 Mitchell that I’ve always loved, the sound of the 2 Curtiss-Wright Twin Cyclone engines pushing out 1,700 hp each punching the air with American brutality. It was the B-25 that made up the 16 bombers who took off from an aircraft carrier to bomb Tokyo five months after Peril Harbor on a mission known as The Doolittle Raiders. I had the opportunity to get up close and personal with this plane during the show which I included in my video because of the distinctive sound of its engine. The plane is the prototype of what would become the fantasy of The Millennium Falcon in Star Wars, and it’s a favorite of mine. It was the display of Tora! Tora! Tora! That captured my attention the most.

During that re-enactment of the bombing of Peril Harbor the planes flew in multiple trajectories, crossing each other in complicated ways through smoke and explosions. Many of the planes made bombing runs 20 to 30 feet over the runway multiple times, which was impressive. A reminder of what governments are capable of cannot be ignored when anybody attending this air show can witness firsthand the power at play through the machines of aviation in defense of freedom.

America without any question invented aviation, and that birthplace was Dayton, Ohio, which gives the Dayton Air Show added meaning. It was the Wright Brothers who using good-ol’ America horse-sense invented flight with a kite like plane built on the principles of a bicycle. It was the bravery of people like Chuck Yeager, Tex Hill, The Doolittle Raiders and Howard Hughes who pushed what flight could accomplish in war to advance aviation to the levels seen in this show. Case in point, the B-2 Bomber made an appearance; it took off from Arizona that morning, arrived at preciously the correct time just a few hours later in Dayton. It made two passes of the air field blasting its engines on the second pass, then heading to Peoria, Illinois for another air-show just 45 minutes away for that craft, on schedule of course. The B-2 would then land back at its home base, it’s pilots home in time for dinner after traveling all over the United States in the course of the day. The B-2 is the culmination of years of bravery and technical innovation. It is evident when attending air-shows like this, that if an enemy of the United States wanted to attack America, like the Japanese did at Peril Harbor, and the Soviet Union attempted to do in the space race economically, and failed, that the heart of America, the spirit that advanced aviation to the modern levels of the B-2 bomber would have to be removed. No country in the world can compete with the United States because of America’s development of aviation.

If one cares to understand the mind of the enemy, and America will always have enemies, they will read what the enemy does. The most recent is the radical Islamic elements in the middle-east, those old empire builders of the Persian Empire who still despise America for its role in dividing up the Middle East after the Treaty of Versailles, or the Chinese communists who fought America in Korea through support of North Korea, and Vietnam with Russian support. There is no question that in many palaces and luxury meeting rooms all across this world the topic comes up, “How do we get rid of America.” It is clear in the Sun Tzu classic, which I personally studied for over 10 years, The Art of War, that the best way to destroy your enemy is by prevailing over those who have already lost. That is the essence of that classic piece of literature which is currently studied aggressively by Chinese and Japanese military, government and business leaders. And the way to beat America is to convince Americans to strap themselves down in debt, so they do not have the money to spend on their wonderful aviation and technological development.

The Space Shuttle Program just ended. Under the Obama administration NASA along with the Joint Strike Fighter have both been targeted for elimination because America has spent itself into catastrophe, and is no longer making investments into aviation like it has over the last century, culminating into the B-2 Bomber.

The F135 Joint Strike Fighter has also hit the chopping block, at least it’s back-up GE/Roll Royce engine. It is easy to see who America’s enemies are because they are against the construction of this next generation aircraft.

It is interesting to hear what people on the political left think are appropriate in debating budget negotiations. Listen to this simple-minded person talk about the budget battle taking place, and what is appropriate in that conflict. Obama and his people are big union supporters, and Lockheed Martin, GE and most in aviation that are behind the Joint Strike Fighter are giant unions, yet there are many who subscribe to the theories of cutting defense spending and NASA to pay for the destructive entitlement programs created by politicians to purchase votes. Those same people believe that the right thinks just as devious as the left. They are all off the mark in my opinion, but aviation to me expands America in every possible way, and should not be negotiated with by either side as some type of bargaining chip. Everyone wins in aviation no matter what the political affiliation left, right or middle. The only losers are other competing countries.

What is the RT? That’s an English-speaking progressive channel that stands for Russia Today. That’s why the temperature in Moscow is listed in the bottom corner. They are a propaganda arm of modern Russia, and if you think they don’t still have a grudge against America, they were one of the few countries to not accept the full title of the recent Hollywood film, Captain America.

As I watched the Dayton Air Show it was apparent to me that many of the enemies of America are now attempting to destabilize the United States not with stealth weapons, or even spies. They are trying a much more sinister weapon called progressivism, which is designed to lower American defenses, drain our wealth and keep us from spending money on the kind of technology on display at the air show, because the enemies of the United States cannot reach that level of technology. All they can really do is corrupt our youth into becoming lost adults who don’t remember Pearl Harbor or people like Tex Hill.

Progressives are attempting to inspire the youth culture to live aimless lives with an un-heroic pretense. Those enemies will do everything they can to topple the United States from the inside out, because that is the only way they can rule the planet, and their respective portions of the world. For now, they’ll use the United Nations for their own agenda, but once America is gone, and the money it puts into supporting world peace with it, the tyrants will have a new day and chance at spreading their tyranny across the face of the plant.

How can I say such a thing? Entertainment is always a great measuring stick to the values of a culture who produces it.

In some future air show, people will attend and wonder how a civilization who built such fantastic ancient machines like the Joint Strike Fighter, and the B-2 Bomber simply disappeared and stopped the technological advances that America seemed poised to create.

As I watched the F/A-18F pilots stand with a group of people in The Chairman’s Club under the elite protection of all the elements present, the people who build the planes and the pilots who fly them, I wondered how many of those people really understood the fight that was really happening outside those protected confines, out beyond the crowd of burnt up citizens scanning into the heavens at the fantastic aerial display going on in the sky, or the small children buying toy air planes from a vender proudly holding the toys as if they were treasures more valuable than gold, because the toys themselves represent power, and freedom. Who among anybody really understood the games being played and the stake of the games, which with all the proud patriotic celebration of the past that the future is in such jeopardy, did anybody really know?

I don’t believe many of those people out of the thousands around me really put much thought into it. As long as the beer was cold, the catered chicken and beef cooked to perfection, and the side dishes were immaculate, the politics of the day were other people’s problem. The air show was to be enjoyed and once over, we would all return to our VIP parking spots right outside the fence and be on Highway 75 before most of the other people would be headed to the vast parking lots packed with cars over a half a mile away. And of all those masses, the focus was on the past, at what we had done in that past both distant and recent. But the future is in jeopardy if that same American spirit that put those planes in the air does not survive the peril of progressivism, given to the United States from foreign enemies by spies and double-agents using the long proven instructions spelled out in Sun Tzu’s, The Art of War.

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

Agenda 21, the March to Peace and Progress: Created by fools, losers, and sex addicts.

Why does the President insist on tax increases?  Doesn’t it seem strange that he is so insistent on raising taxes on somebody?  Who’s the stubborn one?  When you have people like the President always asking for more money, it is only out of the best interest of the country that somebody is the party of “NO,” because “Yes” is too expensive.  That is, unless the intent is to spend too much money and to keep spending money until it’s all gone.    

At the West Chester Tea Party meeting recently Sheriff Jones was asked by an audience member if he knew what Agenda 21 was.  He said he did not, but the question sparked a murmur through the large crowd of people who had gathered to hear the Sheriff speak. 

Agenda 21 is a comprehensive plan of action to be taken globally, nationally and locally by organizations of the United Nations System, Governments, and Major Groups in every area in which human impacts on the environment.  That plan consists of major redistribution of wealth to make the playing field more level for developing countries while putting a leash on countries like the United States, to slow down their development. 

Agenda 21, the Rio Declaration on Environment and Development, and the Statement of principles for the Sustainable Management of Forests were adopted by more than 178 Governments at the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) held in Rio de Janerio,Brazil, 3 to 14 June 1992.

The reason this topic came up in a question to the Sheriff is Jones is an advocate of immigration reform and he is frustrated with the lack of political will in enforcing border control.  The reason is that under Agenda 21 many of the very powerful in world politics are working toward a borderless world and that might be the reason why many in America from the current president all the way down to local officials and business leaders are working to fulfilling the resolutions adopted in Rio de Janerio in 1992. 

On that note I received the below letter recently which reminded me of the situation and I thought it would be interesting for the sake of awareness to include it below for discussion.    


July 19, 2011

(Interesting read )

New World Disorder: Why Geithner’s IMF SDR Plan for a Global Currency is High Treason

Some time ago, the mainstream media began covering in more detail the New World Order theory as to why our country entered into the financial crisis. Dubbed a “conspiracy theory” the New World Order hypothesis centers around the creation of a “global government-run by a few satanic bankers that are connected to the English Royal Family, the Rockefeller’s, and the Rothschild family. In case you haven’t heard of the theory, it basically states that the Council on Foreign Relations is a treasonous cabal of devil worshiping sickos that wants to move the entire world into a one currency system that issues a digital currency and is run like a global feudal dictatorship — sounds neat, right?

Well, When I first heard of this so-called right-wing conspiracy theory ten years ago I initially brushed it off as total hogwash believing that America was the best country in the world and that our elected officials had our best interests at heart. It wasn’t until I worked in the hedge fund world for 12 years that it finally became blatantly obvious that parts of this theory, if not all of it, are actually 100% true and not a conspiracy theory at all.

One of the aspects of the NWO theory that looks more and more like fact is the global currency plan. While initially this may strike readers as completely unfathomable, earlier this year Tim Geithner called for the IMF ‘s Special Drawing Rights to be issued and used more frequently. What’s so insanely scary about this, is that the IMF ‘s Special Drawing Right is essentially none other than the One World Currency which is espoused by the New World Order theorists (aka “right-wing wackos”).

The SDR will soon replace the dollar with a fixed exchange rate to all other currencies and this peg will devalue the dollar by some 50% or so from current levels according to the NWO theorists. So if you like gold now, get ready to watch it rise another 100% in the next year or two.

The fact that America would even consider a plan to peg the dollar to a basket of global currencies at a rate that would devalue the wealth of American citizens shows just how deep the corruption and treason of our elected officials runs — the men in charge of our economy, laws, and justice system are handing our nation over to overlord bankers just as the Greek nation was handed over to them at mere pennies on the dollar.

Soon our parks, roads, schools, military, and states will be auctioned off to the highest bidder to pay off debts and to appease creditors. Our policy will not be made in Washington but by the IMF (and the people who run it behind the curtain) who will be in control of our finances and therefore our politics. What do George Bush, Ben Bernanke, Barack Obama, Tim Geithner, Bill Clinton, the Google Founders, David Rockefeller, Dick Cheney, and most of the mega corporations today all have in common? They are all members of the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) and are pushing for the devaluation of the US Dollar and the creation of a One World Currency issued by the criminal IMF as the global central bank which will usher in Greek like austerity and a police state unlike anything the world has previously witnessed.

While the tenets of population control ad environmentalism are important, the rights of freedom and democracy are even more central to the American way — American’s should remember the phrase “Give me Liberty or give me death” and resist the One currency system at all costs.

The CFR and New World Order group are working day and night via “covet means” and corruption to undermine the governments of the world into their IMF SDR system. Once that happens, our rights as citizens will vanish. It will be the end of freedom as we know it and the start of a new feudalism across the globe. We must resist the 2 party system in the US and elect a third-party candidate in 2012, preferably Ron Paul although it is still unclear if anyone currently in office can be trusted…




Whatever it is that you personally believe, whether it is conspiracy theories or rationalize that much of the above is hog-wash, there is one thing abundantly clear, and that is the last sentence in that letter is true, that it is unclear if anyone in public office can be trusted at all.  They do not appear to represent the people the way the republic was designed.  They seem to represent “something” else.  What that “something else” is creates the debate of theories.  But everyone can agree that “something else” is the priority and not the people of the American Republic. 

There is no reason members of the United States should be meeting in a luxury city like Rio, or Cancun and using those international platforms to move the world toward a one world government. 

My protest to the global meetings is simple. America taught those commercial cities how to generate money.  For instance, in Cancun at La Isla Mall there is a restaurant there called La Madonna that has fantastic Italian food.  I like the place because of the really cool statues in the dinning room that reach all the way to the ceiling. Cancun likes to pretend that they are international, including having authentic restaurants like that fantastic Italian restaurant.  But at a closer look, the mall there which is the pinnacle of shopping in Cancun has its influence from the United States.  It’s no different really than how the United States spends the most money of any country on the United Nations, yet it seems that the United States is always the target of these summits that have UN leanings and mandates. 

Without the United States nobody meets on anything or even has a discussion about what’s good for the greater good.  And I am sick and tired of global elitists; overly educated in all the wrong topics, who insist on spewing from their mouths rhetoric that is destructive to the future of the human race.  I’m not talking about this whole global warming gimmick, or the politics of the poor and depressed, or even the sex starved losers who propel the sex slave trade, (especially in Rio, and Geneva, home of the UN) The meetings attended by these half-baked fools in an infantile attempt to wrestle for themselves some political influence in some future great society of which they are the architects do not belong in American Culture.  They do not have a right to “open” our borders, or negotiate on our behalf an ounce of freedom for the greater good because in doing so they take freedom away from those countries they are trying to help by putting out the light of example that is the United States.  (CLICK HERE TO LEARN ABOUT THE SEX TRADE IN RIO).   

These globalists do not know anything about the “good” life or the “greater good” because they do not understand the word, “good.”  So how can they build a society around it?  They have much to learn. 

In the meantime, it is time to recognize who does what in the world of influence, and it is the United States who sets the pace for everyone.  We are the bar everyone else must reach.  Lowering that bar so others can “feel” like they are playing the same game will not work, and will not be tolerated.

Notice how Obama in this next clip blames all the spending on the Republican Congress, and the people clap, mindless to the facts. The President is openly misleading the public. He is pushing a global agenda at all costs, even at the expense of the truth.

So believe what you want, but caution yourselves against the small-minded who actually believe they have the authority to take freedom from America and give it to others who have not earned it, serving under failed political philosophies in a quest for personal power.  Such minds are the creators of Agenda 21 which sounds good in a theory concocted in an ideological, far-away land where blue waves splash against sandy beaches and women walk around topless, and the drinks are cheap.  But those theories do not live up to the reality of life, proved here in the United States under the fires of freedom, where liberty was invented and that blueprint was copyrighted by America.  Everything else is just a cheap imitation including Agenda 21. 

The debate of the day should be on what our tax money is spent on, because billions of our tax money is used on these global ideas.  Yet we have a president and a rabid group of politicians who want more……….why…….because they have an agenda and they cannot achieve that agenda without the legalized theft of our tax money.  It is not a radical idea to insist on keeping what is ours to begin with, to be used for the needs of our culture, and not some crack-pot idea concocted by those naive elitists who are marching to a different drummer all together.

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

Diana Frey and Fraud: The Face of the Public Sector Union

Of course it is a terrible tragedy the entire situation emerging around Diana Frey President of CODE (Cincinnati Organized and Dedicated Employees).  She is being indicted for a wire tapping charge and embezzlement of more than $750,000 from her union members.  You can hear all about the case by Doc Thompson, Scott Sloan and Tracy Jones on 700 WLW.  For people not familiar with Frey, you might remember her famous quotes during the December 2010 budget talks; “I’d rather be a laid-off municipal employee than a private sector worker.”  That comment earned the attention of several council members who later revealed, “The city unions are determined to protect its members regardless of the impact on the city’s budget.”

As I watched Sheriff Jones of Butler County speak at the recent West Chester Twp Tea Party when he told me that all union employees are not “thugs,” that many of them are good hard-working people, I was thinking of the Frey case that was breaking at the time.  The Sheriff is a spokesman for the repeal effort of S.B.5.  Jones is the spokesman for the repeal effort for a couple of reasons.  He’s outspoken, and has done a good job managing his county compared to other sheriff’s counties.   He’s one of the best in the country and by coming out against S.B.5 he gets to put a light on just how good he is at his job.  He’s also been a public sector employee his entire life.  The world of milking the system for everything its worth is part of the job culture he has grown to understand as being the only way.  So he’s hardly an impartial observer.  Without question if he was asked about his thoughts of Frey, he’d say, “That wouldn’t happen in my department,” because it wouldn’t.  But when he speaks out against S.B.5 and Governor Kasich specifically, he is sabotaging the attempts by the Kasich administration to actually do something about the corruption that is going on in the public sector unions. 

I can’t speak for Kasich, but he behaved the way I would have in his situation.  He has no desire to sit down with people like Frey and negotiate.  When union leaders make comments like what Frey did in December, there isn’t any discussion with people like that, so Kasich cut them out of the process and did what he thought he had to do. 

With Jones, I listened to him carefully and as he spoke about how he viewed the public collective bargaining system as a good system that should be preserved, my mind drifted back to the Journal News article from April 11th 2011 that was about Chief Deputy Anthony Dwyer, a double-dipper working directly for Jones.  Dwyer was listed as taking a 15% pay cut to keep his job which put his current rate of pay at $90,050.48.  Dwyer had just retired at 48 years old and was receiving his pension based on his previous rate of pay of $105,941.48, so that’s a very good pension to draw along with his salary of just over 90K.  This is the same game that superintendents are playing with school districts, and this whole scam was negotiated under collective-bargaining, so of course Sheriff Jones thinks the system works.  It works for him, his family and friends who are working under him.  These are people who are making great livings off the tax payer. 

When asked about the merit of double-dipping Dwyer said “many people don’t understand the retire-rehire process.  It’s not uncommon for people to reach retirement age and take other jobs.  That was an option that was open to me and I was looking at that option, quite frankly.”

Sheriff Jones said, “He’s got his time in and was looking to draw his retirement and put his time in elsewhere.  I need him right where he is.  He’s a very valuable employee to me.”  So Sheriff Jones is perfectly fine with this whole double-dipping situation.  He’s fully aware of it and actually views Dwyer’s situation as “putting his time in.”  And like I said, Jones is one of the most responsible public employee managers in the country.

Jeff Gebhart who is the president of Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 101 said of the Dwyer situation, “It’s what the system allows.” 

All these high-ranking officials have the same dear-in-the-headlights look when they are questioned about how public officials are receiving extraordinary benefits from the taxpayer.  And that system Gebhart is talking about is the lobby power of the unions who have created through legislation the ability of management officials to retire at such a young age and double-dip as a specific strategy to pay-off those managers legally.  This is why superintendents of schools do not combat the teachers unions, but instead side with them in negotiations.  Because it’s all about the money, it’s about the money with teachers, and it’s about the money with cops, even the very good ones like Sheriff Jones. 

So if Jones is the best example of the public worker and Diana Frey is the worst of what public sector unions bring to the table, what does that say about the need for reforms?  It’s no wonder with all the scamming the system that is going on by these people why the need for tax increases is constantly brought to our attention. 

President Obama, who allows big labor into the White House each week won’t take a stand against this corruption in his budget battles because he needs the money extorted from union membership for his re-election campaign.  Obama and his wife have lived an extraordinarily opulent life on the tax payer dime.  Click here to see just one example of Michelle Obama’s spending habits.  But locally, the good Sheriff Jones is covering his 48-year-old second-in-command who is making nearly 200K per year with benefits with rationalizations of employee need.  Geez, no wonder it costs nearly 50K per year per prisoner in Ohio.  The labor for watching those prisoners is extraordinarily high!  But now we have the president of a union who was very vocal in the budget talks with Cincinnati who was stealing money from fish fry’s, and sucking money off her members for her personal use.  No wonder people like her want to see S.B.5 overturned.

Diana Frey appears to have been a bad person if the allegations leveled against her are true.  As of this writing she is missing and hiding out someplace with three-quarters of a million dollars stolen from her unions membership, many of which are the same simple-minded people who are screaming at anti-S.B.5 rallies “This is what democracy looks like,” and the most famous quote of all, “protect the middle-class.”  It is obvious that without a bill like S.B.5 continued abuse of the taxpayer will continue.  Because in reality what we are talking about here is a society of thieves, who are taking what does not belong to them to consume for their own selfish agenda’s.  It doesn’t matter if it’s legalized theft, like what Chief Deputy Anthony Dwyer is participating in, just like most of the superintendents of most of the school districts in Ohio.  Or they are just outright stealing, like it appears Diana Frey has been doing for a long time in front of everyone to see, but nobody had the guts to question her.  It all comes back to the ultimate mistake of the Kennedy Presidency in 1963 where through an Executive Order, made public sector unions legal, enabling the people of those unions to give themselves raises and cheat the system for everything that the law would allow, and where the law didn’t allow, those same unions made it legal through hungry, greedy politicians looking for stable campaign donations.  It is the system itself that is the real thief, for it takes too much money from the public it serves and feeds an army of thieves who nourish themselves with the vast wealth consumed by the malcontents.  And when the money runs low, they just ask for more so deputies can collect two incomes for the work of one, and corrupt union bosses who give themselves lavish vacations on their theft and will steal from a fish fry to buy clothing yet continue to roam free.  That may be what democracy looks like, but it’s not what the Republic of America is supposed to be.  Anything that resembles something besides a republic should be scrapped completely because anything less is a tempting playground for looters and thieves.

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior