Peter Facinelli’s ‘The Delivery’: My explosive contribution to a new graphic novel–coming soon!

set2I have kept the clip shown below to myself for the most part until now so not to interfere with the development of the motion picture The Delivery of which I served as a film consultant and stunt double performing all the fire whip stunts.  (CLICK TO REVIEW and see pictures from the set.)  A few years ago I was at a film festival collecting an award for a screenplay I wrote called The Lost Cannibals of Cahokia and was in the middle of filming a film adaption to my novel The Symposium of Justice.    Peter Facinelli and director Rob Gunnerson were at the same festival promoting their recently completed indie film called Arc, which won all kinds of awards and is considered one of the best of its kind.  Facinelli is of course known as  Dr. Carlisle Cullen, from the Twilight series and is a current highly sought after actor in Hollywood.  After a firewhip demonstration I did for the World Stunt Association Peter and Rob approached me about flying out to Los Angeles to work on a project the two were working on called The Delivery.  The result of that endeavor can be seen below.  Essentially they had a high concept idea that they wanted to make a pitch trailer out of for movie studios in conjunction with RealD 3D film equipment development.  The Delivery is a highly dynamic universe of Angels and Demons who inhabit the bodies of men and fight in modern times with swords and fire whips.  Peter wanted me to do the fire whip work for his project which I gladly obliged.

The status of that film is Peter and Rob is developing the concept now as a graphic novel which is the current trend in Hollywood.  Hollywood likes to purchase proven commodities since budgets are so incredibly expensive, and film concepts must be fleshed out in advance these days.

The whip work I did was shopped around Hollywood with the RealD 3D stock footage captured during that shoot and became animation templates for films like Iron Man 2 and the Immortals.  Below Rob talks more about the future direction of The Delivery in an interview.  The entire interview can be seen at the hotlink below:

Interview with Robert Ethan Gunnerson

Producer, Director, Editor of the movie ARC

February 27th 2012

You’ve met with some artists to begin discussions of making “The Delivery” into a comic book, which is a cool idea in my opinion and we would love if you can hold us up to date about this. Back to my question… Have you ever thought about to make “The Delivery” as an animation movie?

Let me use THE AVENGERS as an example here. This summer THE AVENGERS will be released to what will undoubtedly be great success (at least from a financial standpoint, but hopefully from a critical standpoint as well.) It will feature some of today’s most popular actors. But let’s imagine for a moment that THE AVENGERS is a brand new idea that nobody has ever heard of. And imagine Stan Lee walking into a pitch meeting with a studio.Firewhips

“So I’ve got this movie about a group of superheroes,” he says. “One of them is called IRON MAN. He’s this recovering alcohol who has a fake heart of sorts and flies around in a suit of iron. And there’s this other guy called THE HULK. He’s a dude who gets angry and turns into a green, muscular giant who can pick up a car with one hand. And there’s THOR, a Norse God who walks around in the modern world with a giant hammer and wings on his helmet.”

By this point, I guarantee the executives in the room are saying, “Um…no, thanks. Too expensive. Too weird-sounding. Too much of a risk. Too much money. And we don’t get it. Sounds like fun. And maybe if you brought it to us with an audience already built-in, then we would talk. But to do this from scratch? No way.”

That’s what we have with THE DELIVERY. A new concept that needs time so people can get it and Hollywood can “see it.” We have a screenplay for the first movie. We have a 3-D pitch trailer for the first movie. We are talking to artists about creating either a series of comic books or a graphic novel to develop an audience. We have, in fact, talked about doing an animated series for the project. But we need to build from the ground up and handle things in the most reasonable financial fashion. It starts with artwork in still images, and then we will move forward to animation/feature films/etc. as we build followers.

The film adaption I had been working on with a film professor who loved my Symposium novel and wanted to try their hand at producing and directing a movie version of it disintegrated when they failed to produce a finished clip to show at a film festival, which was needed to secure investors.  The film professor learned the hard way why they teach film studies and aren’t actually in the “film business.”  So my project was put on the shelf awaiting more competent hands as the money window opened and closed.  The same thing happened to Peter Facinelli  even with his superstar status after Twilight.  Film studios are taking the safe bets for big budget action pictures with proven action stars and comic book material after the smashing success of Iron Man and the other Marvel Comic characters.  Peter and Rob made their pitch trailer just ahead of the “Marvel wave” so the funding window closed on them as well.

But that doesn’t change the fact that doing such things was and is a lot of fun.  Rob ran a great set and the project was a blast–literally.  Without question we captured the best three-dimensional fireball ever recorded in 3D.  They asked me to give them a 5 to 7 foot fireball that was as deep as it was wide, and I gave it to them.  We shot the scene at about 4 AM as we were on a 12 hour shooting schedule over two days.  When I cracked the fire whip sending a roaring air splitting explosion through the neighborhoods of Burbank, California the set gasp in awe as hundreds of people forgot to breathe for just a moment.  It was the climax of The Delivery trailer shoot and was worth the entire effort.  The RealD 3D execs in the director’s tent all rushed over to shake my hand as they realized what they had captured on film with their state-of-the-art camera system.    Director Gunnerson yelled………………”F**KING AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”  His proclamation was nearly as loud as the whip explosion.img_3402

Many people ask me if it makes me angry to see that RealD 3D used that footage captured that night to shop their camera system around to studios and that those same studios did not invite me to do the same work for them on other film projects.  Instead they handed the footage over to animators to copy off of.  So the answer is no.  There is nothing like real life effects, and whenever possible real effects should be done in physical reality.  Animation never looks quite as good second-hand.  However, I cannot blame studios, as I am expensive.   If a kid can animate a fire whip on a computer screen while eating a hamburger from a Burger King drive thru window while copying stock footage of me more power to him.  I am happy to help promote whip art any way possible, and projects like The Delivery and everything that spawns off it do in very positive ways.

However, it might be a while before Peter and Rob can get their film “delivered” to theaters.  They need to build up a Comic Con following, and Peter understands how to do that.  It will take a little time, but will eventually get done.  Meanwhile I have to do the same with my own projects.  In the film business it is like a merry-go-round where the point of opportunity may be seen, but quickly passes as the ride spins around. The way to approach is to wait for that opportunity to present itself again on the upstroke instead of trying to act too late and force a project through before its ready.  Stan Lee at Marvel Comics spent decades building up the demand for his characters, and sometimes it takes that.  I am happy to see that Peter and Rob are planning to do the same, and to take their time with their idea—because it is theirs—and gives it value that is almost always missing from stories that are brought to production too quickly by industry barnacles who only care about the money they can make off a project.  A film must be able to do both, and in the end, The Delivery will “deliver.”

Peter Facinelli’s The Delivery Movie Trailer by CullensNews

Rich Hoffman

166701_584023358276159_1119605693_n“If they attack first………..blast em’!”

Whip Cracking Philosophy: Yes, ‘The Symposium of Justice’ is available on Kindle

I spent part of the weekend with my friend Gery Deer discussing things much more pleasant than politics, specifically literature and bullwhips. He asked me now that my most recent book Tail of the Dragon was out, when I planned to write a sequel to The Symposium of Justice. I told him that I was already planning it, the title as of now is Overmanwarrior: The Trial of Fletcher Finnegan.   Gery and I go back a bit.  For more info on the two of us, check out this article done at Yahoo News:


Gery loves my first book and has always been one of its greatest supporters. He showed me how he was prominently displaying The Symposium of Justice on his online bookstore which can be seen at the link below, and we reminisced about the many adventures we had over the years because of that novel.

Gery’s wife is a tremendous reader, and the last two times I’ve seen her, she had her face planted in her trusty Kindle. I told her that I didn’t understand why the Kindle was so popular and she showed me how she could download a lot of books into it and read them on the run. She absolutely loves it. She also mentioned to me that she noticed I never advertised The Symposium of Justice in its Kindle version, and I realized that mostly the reason was that I haven’t accepted the technology. I am still very much in love with traditional books that I can hold in my hands and smell. These download versions are such a new concept that I just can’t accept them the way others have.

But she did get me thinking. I hadn’t seen Gery since the Annie Oakley festival and he and I needed to talk about books, whips, TV and media appearances, and of course small talk. Mostly I wanted to show him two of the three whips that David Crain had custom-made for me which I won in the whip contests over the summer. David is finishing up the third 5’ whip now, but the other two I wanted Gery to see in his one-of-a-kind whip studio up in Jamestown, Ohio which is a great place to let them loose.

The Symposium of Justice is a favorite book among those who have read it, particularly those in our little whip community. The character of Fletcher Finnegan/Cliffhanger is an interesting twist to the traditional Zorro/Batman type of character. As written, Fletcher Finnegan is a combination of Howard Roark from Ayn Rand’s The Fountainhead and Zorro. He’s very complex, athletically perfect, and has a tremendous intellect. He is by all definitions a perfect man. He is the type of hero that everyone wants to be, and he lives his life without any fear. The plot tension comes not from his weaknesses but in his interaction with a society that strives to beat him into submission any way possible and the reader’s desire to see how he can survive such a social gauntlet.

My characters are all like this, because to be honest, that’s the only type of character I think is worthy to write about. In my recent Tail of the Dragon Rick Stevens has been found to be of the same caliber of strong, fearless quality as Finnegan. Although I did go out of my way to put Rick Stevens in situations that would show him to be more “human” than Fletcher Finnegan was in The Symposium of Justice, because of the incredible blowback I received from the progressive literary community, which at that time was not so well-defined. Reviewers back when I released that book didn’t know what to think about such a strong character, because socially we have become so used to whiny, snot-nosed, beta men. Nobody but children openly like and admire such strong characters as Fletcher Finnegan. However, the problem is that The Symposium of Justice is a very “adult” book so kids weren’t the ones buying it, it was adults.

Slowly, over time, people have started to show their love of Fletcher Finnegan. Maybe it has something to do with the re-emergence of Ayn Rand’s strong characters from The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged that is contributing to it. Or maybe the Obama Presidency has left a yearning for such characters that wasn’t there in the years immediately following the 9/11 tragedy which placed The United States on the defensive and trillions of dollars of over-reactionary, panic driven debt. Or maybe it’s because people have been reading my blog and are hungry for the kind of characters who live the lives I paint in the millions of words I’ve posted hoping to share my thoughts about how the world should be, and not willing to yield to in our current social state. It’s probably a little of all those elements that is giving The Symposium of Justice new life for a new generation of readers.

There is a scene that occurs in The Symposium of Justice that is so contrary to a typical action story that many who read it the first time through didn’t know what to think. The scene occurs in the chapter titled ‘Salad Bar Goddess’ where a hit man named R.L. Justice tracks Fletcher Finnegan and his family down to kill in front of a crowded restaurant in the town of Fort Seven Mile. The hit man, a traditional tough guy from the south side of Chicago, and feared as most sinister in his profession realizes that upon seeing Fletcher’s wife Misty, the town’s popular city council woman, Justice realized that he was sent to kill the perfect man, because nobody but a perfect man could have a woman as beautiful both physically and spiritually as Misty Finnegan. Once Justice figures out who Finnegan is, he makes eye contact and for the first time in his life sees a man looking back who has not one ounce of fear in him. Justice realizes that even if he could kill Fletcher Finnegan, that to do so would be a crime against humanity and suddenly Justice realizes that he is nothing but an assassin for a corrupt system that seems to only exist to stamp out people like Fletcher Finnegan. It is a life changing moment for R.L. Justice to meet Fletcher Finnegan. No words are spoken between the two men, but the communication that flows between the individual lives of the two radically different men completely alters the direction of the professional hit man. Realizing that his life has been a terrible waste, and that he is simply a puppet to his puppet masters, R.L. Justice decides to do one good thing in his life after that pivotal meeting. He leaves the restaurant, and gallantly throws himself out onto a highway in front of an oncoming truck, and kills himself instantly. That’s the kind of novel that The Symposium of Justice is.

My wife loves the character of Cliffhanger/Fletcher Finnegan. She thinks that young people should have such a positive character in their lives. Finnegan is everything I always wished Zorro to be, but lacked. Finnegan doesn’t bother to pretend to be foppish as Don Diego did in the Zorro stories. Finnegan knows that people don’t know about his vigilante antics as the masked Cliffhanger because society wishes not to acknowledge him socially. They refuse to see what is right in front of them, so there is no need to hide. It is that revelation which confronts the old, seasoned hit man R.L. Justice who considered himself an expert at dissecting human beings in order to identify his targets, and even he did not see who Fletcher Finnegan was, until it was too late. So obviously, I have thought about a sequel to The Symposium of Justice and have been anxious to begin it. My wife has been pushing me for years, and it was one of the first things Gery always mentions to me in our meetings over a long period of time.

So I am going to take the advice of Gery’s wife and embrace this whole Kindle thing. The least I can do in these tight economic times is let people know that they can get a Kindle version of The Symposium of Justice. It costs only $7.99 at and can be downloaded today. So while you’re out there reading my new book Tail of the Dragon, feel free to download The Symposium of Justice and enjoy the obscure exploits of Fletcher Finnegan as he fights the Dark Knights of Order. It’s a contemporary tale with an unusually strong central character that is my idea of what every human being should strive to become. It’s a fan favorite of all my whip friends who love that Fletcher’s weapon of choice is a bullwhip, but it’s not his physical prowess that defeats his enemies—it’s his mind. A man who can do both is the most lethal weapon imaginable, and a society of such men and women are what I as an author strive to see.

Click the picture to enter the world of Fletcher Finnegan without further hesitation. Even though I’ve explained one of my favorite scenes, it is not the only twist and turn in that first writing endeavor that I professionally completed. It is only the beginning of a deep and intricate story that goes to places only literature can imagine.


Click Here to see what people are saying about my new book–Tail of the Dragon 

Visit the NEW Tail of the Dragon WEBSITE!  CLICK HERE and help spread the word! TELL SEVEN PEOPLE TO TELL SEVEN PEOPLE!

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The New A Father’s Day Present to Launch the Future

One of the challenges in analyzing profit and lose responsibilities as an occupation, mixed with entertainment, being a “watch dog political activist,” culminating with multiple writing endeavors it is inevitable that a web site presence is needed. I started last year to meet the growing need to maintain some sort of window into the world I participate in, since there are clients that want that information, fans of my book; The Symposium of Justice that enjoy keeping up with what I’m doing, and my activity working with bullwhips for various entertainment venues. I named the site because of a term used in my book The Symposium of Justice, and it seemed most fitting for what I’ve been doing.

The political work I’ve been doing is an added element that was not anticipated when I started That work came out of necessity, because it’s happening in my community, which makes me obligated to act when I see that something is wrong. I am not one of those writers that sits around writing about what the world should be, but lacks the courage to implement my thoughts. I cannot in good consciousness write passionately about the corruption that is taking place in books like The Symposium of Justice, which was very controversial when it came out. Time has proven it to be ahead of it’s time. My new book which is due out in 2012 and is under contract currently in the editorial phase is just as critical of the social norms built around a political superstructure that is crushing on the human spirit. On this book, I didn’t aim so far into the future as I did with Symposium, because the battle is right in front of us.

It would be hypocritical for me to write so passionately about these topics and still allow corruption to take place in my own back yard without me applying the same level of work in fighting tyranny in real life. I’m not that kind of person.

I never planned to be an activist. I despise political politicians. I want the minimum government possible. I do not want large public school organizations that are over staffed and too expense teaching kids to “comply.” I do not want to deal with a society of brain dead followers in American society. That leads to my extreme dislike of police authority. Nothing against those in law enforcement occupations but I don’t want to support anything resembling a police state. I understand that police need to have the ability to go after criminals, but to my eyes, I see criminals still selling drugs. I still see prostitution going on. Murders still happen. People still break into homes. I believe that the greater deterrent to crime, physical assaults, and murder is the Second Amendment. It is out of a socialist desire for larger government, to give law enforcement jobs to do, that the gun control legislation is pushed forward, so with such views, that I explore in my fiction, I cannot turn my eyes away from reality.

This has led to a collection of media appearances that I’ve been a part of that have accumulated over some time. My work as an entertainer and my work as a “watch dog” are unique in a kind of merging involving both entertainment of political awareness, so I needed a website update that reflected these two aspects of my life, since both aspects are simultaneously important to any curious investigation into my life.

To do this, I turned to the person that designed the No Lakota Levy website. I had designed the first and many complained that it was too busy and not as effective as it needed to be. I developed the Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom site which evolved into what it is now, and took over as my personal platform, but the blog is sort of all the contents of my house, where the website is the door to that house, and I needed a new door. When I had to formalize resistance to the No Lakota Levy effort to counter the effort of the OEA, and other organized groups that seemed “hell bent” to increase my local taxes for no good apparent reason, it was the website that had started a successful campaign.

As a group, the No Lakota Levy group had access to professional web designers and public relations people. But I was hesitant, because we needed a unique web presence that was on the cutting edge. We wanted a better site than what the Lakota website had. So I turned to my daughter.

Her work on that site gave her accolades from public relations professionals, and media specialists everywhere. It’s not because of the technical aspect. There are many young people these days that understand how to write code for web design. But there aren’t many that have artistic ability that actually surpasses the technical ability. For No Lakota, I gave my daughter a series of production notes explaining what the website needed to accomplish. She nailed it. She produced a website that far exceeded my expectations, properly utilized video and social media into a top notch flash oriented website.

Once I learned that American Publishing wanted to publish my second book Tail of the Dragon, and that the marketing of that book would involve nationwide media attention, I needed a website that provided a door to my extensive collection of media, primarily all the work I’ve done on Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom, and my YouTube efforts which is equally vast. I needed this door because this second book will be put on a much larger platform than my previous work so everything needs to represent that level of professionalism.

This door to my life needs to be simple, yet inviting into the world I’m involved in, and it needs to stand out. I didn’t want it to be just another website that is the standard these days. I wanted something that was current, state-of-the-art with a world-class design. So again, I turned to my daughter. She knows me; she has the technical ability, and what she is still learning she is able to use existing programs where another firm may be able to create the whole thing in code. But she has the ability of vision that is unique, where maybe a handful of people in the country could actually pull off a job like this based on my written instructions.

Did she do it? YES! I told her I need something that embodies my “watch dog” work without sacrificing all the work I’ve done in entertainment. My roots as a western arts advocate needs to be there, without being overstated. It needs to be patriotic, because I am. But it also needs to represent my literary work, which in this stage of my life is becoming increasingly more important. With those basic descriptions, she came up with the new site and I love the results.

With the creation of this new site, it launches a new level of commitment to the type of life that is before me. From the doorway of this site daily updates of my work on Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom will be uploaded by a Twitter feed. Some of my favorite articles out of the hundreds and hundreds I’ve written are archived as sample work. There are many video’s seamlessly incorporated into the design along with other links that will take the visitor on an extensive journey without being too complex visually. I’ve also done many hours of radio that is also listed at this site which supports my “watch dog” work and is easily available.

Tail of the Dragon is going to be a tremendous work. I am very proud of it, so far, and it’s going to give me an opportunity to discuss nationally, an issue that is even more taboo than teachers, law enforcement. What it is, why we do or do not need it, and what are the solutions to the problems. It’s an exciting book that I wanted to see written, and since it wasn’t, I wrote it. My new website of embodies this spirit along with everything else I’m doing, and I’m proud that out of all the thousands and thousands of dollars I could have spent having this site designed for me, that my daughter was able to hit it beyond my expectations.

I am happy to announce that as of June 20, 2011, has taken the next step into a larger world as the ideas explored continue to increase. The unusual task for me, the client, and my daughter the designer is how to represent a guy that is very active as a “watch dog” while not being the least bit politically interested, yet deeply involved in entertainment and business. This site is it! And she was successful in every way possible…….again!

She told me that the completion of this site and the many hours she put into its design was a Father’s Day present. Nobody could have done anything for me better than this, so yes, my Father’s Day was wonderful.

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

Fletcher Finnegan Will Teach the World to Begin Again

Fletcher Finnegan will show the world how to begin again: The picture is of the back cover to my 2004 book The Symposium of Justice. The smoking skull represents the burning life that most people live through half dead only to be manipulated by powerful interests into a life of enslavement under the guise of freedom.

When I came home from work today my wife was busy in the garden and was eager to discuss with me the necessity of getting some mulch. For what reason? She was pulling out the weeds that had planted themselves over the winter and wanted to prevent the growth of weeds from choking off the nice flowers and other plants she wanted to nourish.

With all the discussion recently about John Galt it has focused my mind on a project I’ve been working on for several years now. It’s a work of philosophy that I’ve adjusted and added to as I apply thoughts and concepts to the forges of life. Well before I ever read a word of Ayn Rand I wrote a book called The Symposium of Justice. I wrote it for my kids primarily, and had a deal with a Wild West Arts distributer to carry the book that fell through and critical reception of my book were of a nature that nobody knew what to think of it, so sales weren’t very good. I had some trickle in over the years, but nothing all that dramatic, which didn’t bother me because I had achieved much of what I wanted with the book already just in writing it. The character, in my book, Fletcher Finnegan is a hero that essentially is focused on removing the weeds of the world from the growth of what is good. And the purpose of the story is to figure out what the definition of “good” is.

When the Tea Party movement arrived I was relieved to see other people finally getting on board to the kind of fights I had been engaged in for years. That’s when I ran into Atlas Shrugged, from fellow Tea Party members. When reading it, I was shocked I hadn’t run into the book earlier because it was so similar to my way of thinking for many years. Although my Symposium of Justice is a much smaller book than Atlas Shrugged, and written with a pulp-fiction style of dialogue, many of the characters were shockingly similar to my own work, and the situations were amazingly parallel. In Symposium I have a literal band of “hit men” that work directly for the government to enforce new rules for a society moving in a progressive direction. The book begins with the attempted rape of a young girl, set in motion by the town mayor as a way to inflict fear in the population and make the residents want “protection” and to seek more government interference in their lives. My story involves a series of “social engineering” experiments designed to perpetuate a progressive government and this was well before Barrack Obama was even a senator.

When I was reading Atlas I was shocked at the weapon revealed in the third part of the book which is a sound wave weapon that can destroy targets with just waves of sound including flesh. In the Symposium I had a water tower in the town that emitted a radio wave that affected the pituitary gland in people and made them more impulsive, wanting to buy more items, encouraging them to have more sex, and be spontaneous. In this way the government was able to control the population as it desired.

It’s not just in the science that I was shocked in the similarities, but in the character’s. Misty Finnegan was heavily involved in politics and working as a spy to feed her husband information needed for their small rebellion. Fletcher Finnegan is working as a grill cook at a fast-food restaurant so he can get information about the local happenings from the young people who work with him, particularly drug dealers and other social parasites. Mayor Goodman in the Symposium is remarkably similar to the Wesley Mouch character in Atlas. But what is most strikingly similar is that attempt by myself, and Rand to paint the picture of characters that are larger than life, striving to be “good,” and everything that is involved in that process, the Overman known in German as the “ubermensch.”

I was relieved to read Atlas Shrugged, because I thought that with Symposium I was attempting to go in a direction that society was not prepared to go. I have been working on the ideas for the next step in Fletcher Finnegan’s story and his fight for a needed revolution for many years now. And it was in the words of Ayn Rand that I realized that there is a hunger for this type of story.

Fletcher Finnegan is different from John Galt in that Fletcher is taking on the role of a freedom fighter that takes the fight to the “destroyers” of the world as opposed to John Galt who seeks to remove the food of the destroyers so to starve them out of existence. The similarities between the two characters is remarkable, and was not intentional. I can only conclude that when it is thought out, what the solution to the modern problems of our age is to be, then a character of such a nature is what’s needed. The world needs John Galt’s and Fletcher Finnegan’s, and the creative mind can see it. John Galt’s way is to choke off the weeds of the world by not watering them. Fletcher Finnegan’s way is to fight them directly and pull them from the ground by the root one by one till they are eradicated from existence.

The complicated part of the story is in exploring the morality of such a position. It is a tight rope to walk and could easily become a radical ideal similar to that of the radical Muslim, who believes that all non believers are infidels and deserve to die. That is not the way of Fletcher Finnegan.

It is obvious however that the world has forgotten how to live, if it ever really knew it at all. It appears that only small visions of enlightenment have permeated though our art to find itself to the minds of the very few who understand it. So it will be the mission of Fletcher Finnegan to teach the world to live again, but this time for good, and not to be easily forgotten. And that process will start by removing the weeds in the garden.

Stay tuned………………….

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior