The Curse of the Modern Progressive: “Evasion” is what they all have in common

Evasion, as discussed previously here at Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom is the source of great evil in the world today. CLICK HERE FOR A REVIEW. For context it is important to take note of how evasion on the high-end of the political spectrum permeates virtually everything that occurs, and creates the tendency known today as political stalemates. It is also important to understand how evasion is being utilized on the low-end of the political spectrum as well so that the big picture and full impact of evasion in our modern age can be measured.

Barack Obama waited until September 5th before acknowledging publicly the film 2016: Obama’s America, which is a documentary that proves Obama’s mother was a communist advocate, that his child hood mentors including his grand parents were strong communist advocates, and that Obama has an anti-imperial view of America that explains his bizarre pursuit of world-wide collective salvation. Obama waited to address the negative portrayal of his life even though much of it appears to be true. He hoped that if he ignored the film, that it would just go away. The trouble is, 2016: Obama’s America is making money—a lot of money, and it’s not going away, so Obama lashed out at the film on his campaign website. CLICK HERE TO SEE WHAT HE SAID. Obama learned to practice the progressive tendency toward evasion, which was given to his sensibilities from the philosopher Immanuel Kant, who picked pieces of the philosopher Plato and their belief in faith to explain the unexplainable. It was Kant who made so fashionable the liberal tendency to believe in things that cannot be reasoned through in reality. This also leads to the tendency to ignore the facts of reality when the mind has produced other images within its imagination.

Progressives like Obama have an idealized view of the world and think of themselves as heroes for the weak, and conquerors of the oppressors. They have in their minds a version of reality that does not exist in the real world. So when a documentary producer makes a film like 2016: Obama’s America the gross reality of what Obama really is, and what he is truly doing to the world is frightening, and beyond the measure of reality to such feeble minds as progressives tend to be. So their reaction is to ignore the material and hope that if they don’t pay attention to it, or see it with their minds, then reality will reflect their act of not acknowledging it.

The progressive belief that they could wish upon a star or pray to some deity for the demise of a political opponent is in the pretentious belief that they are the center of the universe. This is why such fools belief in global warming, race reparations, and other self-centered microcosmic ideologies built upon the static intellectualism of their limited consciousness. Their adult minds are not much more advanced than the typical 15-year-old, so they fail to grasp many of life’s greater truths in much the fashion that a new-born baby can’t recite the alphabet. They have not yet learned to do such, yet they believe they know everything because through the practice of evasion they ignore the evidence contrary to their world-view.

Obama used evasion to protect his own mind from the reality of the film 2016: Obama’s America. He believes deep down inside like most progressives do, that if they don’t publically recognize the movie, then the movie does not exist. This accounts for many of the media tendency witnessed where things that happen during the Obama administration are ignored, but if the same thing happened during the Bush administration it would have been covered to much greater effect. A great example of this is the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico that was one of the greatest environmental disasters in human history. But the media, because they tend to be progressive and practice evasion did not want to see such a thing happen under a president who represented to them a period at the end of the Civil Rights sentence. It’s not that they all conspired to lean left for a political outcome, but they do practice as much of the political left does evasion, which causes them to ignore facts that don’t fit their version of reality.

As another example on the low-end of political theater, is any public school filled with government employees. These are progressive organizations and are virtually all the same. So for this example I will use the well documented Lakota Schools that has so well be chronicled at this site. As I write this Karen Mantia the superintendent who has been hired by the school board to come into Lakota to pass a school levy is attempting to hire public relations personal who can alter the reality of the facts I’ve presented as to why the school as a $200 million plus operation per year should be able to balance their budget given their declining enrollment without trouble. The things I have said do not fit the progressive approach to public education so Mantia and those under her have chosen to ignore the facts and instead believe that they can go around me and convert the minds of the district into their version of reality.

They even went to elaborate measures to separate me from what they perceived the tax increase resistance group No Lakota Levy was. Karen Mantia believes that if she meets with members of the “business” community and gets their support, that she can divide and conquer the resistance to her tax increase and flourish as a result. She is practicing evasion of reality, just like Barack Obama. She is ignoring the reason for the budget crunch, the impact that the greedy labor unions have imposed on a good school district supported by good residents. She is practicing this evasion because her chosen reality has made her wealthy, much more so than she could have achieved on her own. She believes because of this wealth, and because she holds a doctorate that she is on the same level of intellect as the members of the business community, and can play such games with full knowledge of the chess board. But due to her evasion from reality, she is only looking at her pieces, and she does not see the checkmate coming at her because she has chosen to not see it, much to her own demise. Her belief is that her doctorate has real world value which it doesn’t. She fails to understand that I can organize a hundred new No Lakota Levy groups since it was me at the center of the resistance. Talking to other people doesn’t stop resistance. It’s like trying to put out a fire in your house while staying in a vacation hotel. In this case evasion prevents her from recognizing the static reality threatening her static intellectualism so she hopes by ignoring the facts she can have success. That’s why her budget us a mess.

Much of the evasion that Obama is guilty of nationally and Karen Mantia is guilty of locally is that they both believe they can spend money to hide reality. For America this has led to a 16 trillion-dollar deficit. For Lakota it has led to spending the enormous sum of $160,000 on public relations to help cover up the realities of public education. The only hope that these political progressives have in maintaining their version of reality is to convince others to turn off their minds and participate in evasion.

It is evasion and the tendency of it that creates so much harm and misery. If a grizzly bear is about to attack a hiker in the deep woods, the threat cannot be ignored but the progressive minded will try. They will also be eaten. Just closing ones eyes will not make the bear or the threat go away. And the bear has no use of money, so throwing money at the bear or other bears will not change reality. Evasion is expensive and every politician who practices such a thing should be removed from any position of responsibility immediately. They are harmful to themselves, and others in ways that are detrimental to all of civilization.

Rich Hoffman

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“Community Conversations” at Lakota: Why a “NO” vote is the taxpayer’s STRIKE

Do you want to know what spending $160,000 tax payer dollars buys you? Well, at the Lakota School System which is in my home district, it buys a lot. I have sent dozens and dozens of Letters to the Editor over the years to The Pulse Journal, which is my hometown paper, and I have never received so much grief as I did when I submitted the letter below in direct response to Karen Mantia’s announcement of her “Community Conversations” program, which is essentially a new way to spin the old Delphi Technique, which has been covered at this site extensively. You can read about Mantia’s announcement of this new program which is starting to hit Lakota neighborhood streets as this posting is going up on Thursday, September 13, 2012.  CLICK HERE to review that article. 

The letter I submitted this past week came back at me and the reporters tried to explain my figure of $160,000 spent on “Community Conversations” was wrong and that if I wanted to revise my statement I could try again in the future. Further, they let me know that the real number for how much Lakota is spending on their “Community Conversations” program was only $40,000, which is true if one only looks at that small piece of the pie. But I explained to them that I considered all the money spent on public relations to be direct factors into how much the school district was willing to spend on passing another levy, and that number was $160,000 as outlined by their own article on the matter seen at the below link.

I told them that if they didn’t want to publish my letter that I’d find another way. From my view point, my letter will be seen by more people if I publish it here on Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom than in The Pulse Journal, but I wanted to give the paper the opportunity to show that they were not lap dogs for the Lakota School System. But their response showed that they are clearly in line with the public relations strategy that the school has formulated for the 2012 school year, which is to clean up their image, and lay the foundations for a levy increase when the LEA contract expires in 2014. By then, they hope that the public has forgotten all this levy failure mess, and they can begin to inject more money into their unmanaged budget with tax increases and smiling faces convincing everyone that it’s “all for the children.”

To get an idea of the kind of lap dog reporting I’m referring to, that hiring public relations specialists will purchase, have a look at the latest Michael Clark article from The Cincinnati Enquirer as seen below. This is what I wanted to give The Pulse Journal the opportunity to dispute, but they obviously showed their leanings, which is perfectly fair. But they cannot wonder why people will seek out other sources to get their news, if the newspapers simply become purchased advocates for the union controlled education system.

My article as I wrote it appears below. I had originally thought the real public relations number was between $165K to $167K but I was willing to concede to the $160K number reported by The Pulse Journal. However, the spirit of the letter was to convey the disrespect the district was showing by refusing to listen to the vote of the tax payers in the previous three levy attempts. The district was instructed in face to face conversations how to manage their finances, which is reflected in the letter below and they have ignored those instructions. Instead, they have elected to purchase advocats for higher taxes to build consensus among just enough voters to turn the numbers in their favor on the next levy attempt which they plan before the 2014 LEA contract is up. As Karen Mantia said, Lakota does not have a levy on the ballot this year, but it soon will, which make no mistake about it, the “Community Conversations” is directly attempting to ease community tensions enough to pass a future levy. That is why my letter below is worded the way that it is:

I find it arrogant that Karen Mantia from Lakota made mentioned she was seeking hosts for the “community conversations” program that Lakota is spending $160,000 tax payer dollars on in order to find out what the community wants. After three failed levies I would have thought they would have figured everything out by now. So let me reiterate what Lakota should have already been doing all along, but need to implement before the LEA contract is up in 2014, where the union employees will expect a restoration of their pay increases, wrecking the budget and dictating another levy attempt.

Lakota is expected to provide an excellent school system that is one of the best in Ohio. Lakota is expected also to lessen its tax footprint on the community for which it resides. Lakota is expected to acknowledge that it has declining enrollment and should have no problem balancing its budget now that fewer students are attending school in a community with fewer households in the district with children in them. Lakota is expected to force its employees to take a 5% pay reduction before it ever considers another levy. Tax increases impact businesses at a much higher rate than the residents will have to pay. And Lakota is expected to push its high dollar employees off the payroll in exchange for younger, cheaper employees to keep its budget under control.

Very easy—and Lakota could have saved $160,000 to learn it. All they had to do was read this paper.

Rich Hoffman

Currently in Chicago the teachers are on strike turning down a 16% increase in wages. They are demanding a 30% raise and are presently marching around the streets of Chicago leaving the children high and dry, proving that the unions do not give a damn about any children. In 2008 Lakota had their union threaten a strike which forced the school board to cave under the pressure and give all the teachers a pay increase, which caused a budget deficit forcing Lakota to attempt to pass three school levies to balance their budget. People like me, fought those tax increases because we don’t like what the union did, and I refuse to give them more of my money for their despicable acts against my community. My argument from day one was not against the Lakota School Board or even the administrators, it was with the unions that control public education and I decided a few years ago that I would not support them any longer. I will not support a system that feeds them even indirectly, and I want their hooks out of my community. My anger comes when the school superintendent and school board members apologize for their lack of management by siding with the unions because they fear the kind of strikes that Chicago is currently going through, and Lakota went through just four years ago more than they do the voters.

When I organized a tax resistance against Lakota’s levy attempt I did it as a citizen strike against the union demands. A “NO” vote is the only voice a tax payer has, and it is the job of the school management to listen. At Lakota when they decided to hire public relations personnel to attack the NO voters, which is what they are doing, they are telling people like me that they fear the teachers union more than they fear my ability to organize against their school levy, and that is an insult.

When after three votes to decline tax increase proposals, the school district elected to spend $160,000 to attack the position of the NO vote, that action is a declaration of support in favor of the Lakota teacher’s union, which is the cause of all the financial trouble. If the school spent $160,000 of tax payer money trying to undo the position of the teacher’s union I would consider the money well spent, but instead they are attacking those who are refusing to pay additional taxes to support a greedy labor union.

In essence, a NO vote isn’t any different than what the teachers union in Chicago is doing when they failed to report to work, or Lakota attempted the same in protest over their pay and insurance contributions, only the NO voters have a right, and obligation to say NO. The unions do not have a right to the money they are asking for and if they refuse to work due to a strike, then the job of management in the school system in question has an obligation to find employees who will do the work, because the tax payers paid for that work, and not for public employees to march around in the street holding signs and demanding infinite amounts of money. When a voter casts a NO vote, they are also on strike against the unions themselves, and for that the newspapers, the television stations and the schools owe those people the same respect they give to the pro union supporters, and if they don’t, they are guilty of supporting one side, and not the other.

That’s when the crime of using tax payer money, like what Lakota did, and The Pulse Journal debated with me over in my Letter to the Editor to attempt to erode away the NO vote, (THE TAXPAYERS STRIKE) becomes a serious matter. All supporters who pick the side of the union have declared that they respect the taxpayers who voted NO less than they do the teachers union who will threaten a strike on a whim to get what they want whenever they want it. And that is a mistake.

Without the taxpayer, there is no union. Without the taxpayer, there is no school. Without the taxpayer, there are no people to read the newspapers, or watch the news. Without the taxpayer there is nothing. It would be thought that there would be more respect given to the tax payer by all the parties above, but they don’t because in history the unions are far more radical and nasty to deal with, where the tax payer has been peaceful and shown themselves to be willing to be shoved around and bullied.

That is, until now…………………….


When Lakota tries their fourth levy attempt, they will learn that they had far less to fear from the unions than the taxpayer, and they will wish they did what I stated in my Letter to the Editor. They chose poorly in fearing the strike of the unions over the strike of the taxpayers.

Rich Hoffman

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Rise of the Citizen Press: The Enquirer puts one more step in the grave–part 1.

It was wonderful to see Peter Bronson, the former award-winning Cincinnati Enquirer editorial columnist, speak at a recent event because he represents a day when the newspaper was a trusted friend in a confusing twisted world. I used to love Peter’s editorial columns as thousands of others did, and upon his exit from The Enquirer the paper has taken a noticeable downward turn as his influence has faded and a new regime of political boot lickers and levy whores have taken his place, bringing down the quality of the paper to a slow dying entity.

The Enquirer as it is today is like looking at a patient in a hospice center. Everyone knows death is immanent; it is just a matter of time. A newspaper that used to set the pace and trend of Cincinnati now is being replaced by citizen journalists, and twitter gossip, because the reporters at the paper, and the management did not adjust to the changing world and embrace new forms of media.

As Peter explained, newspapers used to receive over 1/3 of their total revenue from classified ads and in this modern environment, many of those ads are now on Grieg’s List, Career Builder, and By the time an ad appears in the paper in this fast-moving world, the event is already over, and that is the way of the future. The result to newspapers like The Enquirer has been that they have to replace those classified ads with auto dealer ads which have given the paper a cheapened appearance. And to make matters worse for them, The Enquirer has pushed reporters like Bronson out the door because of his conservative views, and replaced him with liberal, “touchy,” “feely,” emotional types who are attempting to report the news with a liberal slant to a conservative town. That is not a recipe for success.

My experience with The Cincinnati Enquirer extends back into the days when Bronson was still working there, up until March of this year where my relationship with them disintegrated with the debacle article Michael Clark put out on me which was technically an “assassination article.” CLICK HERE TO REVIEW. Listening to Bronson speak I became more sympathetic of Michael Clark, a reporter I had a good relationship with for a long time, but it ended upon publication of a very provocative article about me that was designed to cause me a lot of trouble. I sympathize that times are not good at The Enquirer, and that it must be terrible always looking over your shoulder wondering when the ax is going to fall on your job, and being an education reporter for a paper that is looking to cut jobs in every possible place, education is a tough topic to cover for schools that are cutting busing, cutting jobs, and trying to keep their dirty laundry out of the public light.

Clark and I had a growing tenuous relationship through the last Lakota levy in 2011 because of a scoop to a story I tried to give him, but he refused citing that I had posted it on my blog here at Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom first. In my mind I didn’t consider citizen journalism equal to professional journalism, so I considered the story a scoop for legitimate media. Clark let me know that my blog was very much competition to him, which I was surprised to hear him say. I promised him that the next big story I had to release would come to him before I posted it on my site, giving him pure exclusivity.

I always thought Michael Clark gave fair treatment to my side of the story even though he did the typical liberal slant which was to only mention my portion of an interview in the body of each article while the pro levy people seemed to always get the first and last word. I didn’t mind, because my comments were so strong, that no matter what the other side said, they couldn’t answer my three interview lines with eight of their own. So I made good on my promise to Michael even though many of my friends in the anti-levy circles were warning me that Clark was a snake that would stick me in the back eventually. I figured that if Clark did that to me, then I’d find a way to make it work to my advantage, but in the back of my mind, I didn’t think I’d ever see it happen.

With the No Lakota Levy group the plan for a long time was to get more aggressive if the school attempted a fourth attempt and when Lakota showed signs of doing just that, we turned up the heat, as promised. We decided to create a foundation called Yes to Lakota Kids to help with the sports fees that were extremely excessive with a $10,000 donation for the districts’ neediest kids. For my friends in No Lakota Levy they genuinely wanted to help heal the community after three contentious levy failures at Lakota. For me personally, I thought it was like dropping a spoon full of water in the ocean. Hundreds of kids were still being ripped off in the sports scam at Lakota charging over $550 per sport per child, so I wasn’t happy.

I told Michael what we were doing and he and I planned an exclusive that was mutually beneficial. I wanted the coverage to show that No Lakota Levy was not a group that hurt children, but wanted to help them, and Michael wanted a story that The Enquirer could exhibit on the front page. Some of the No Lakota Levy people who were close to people working for Lakota arranged that I would present a $10,000 check to a member of the athletic department at Lakota so I set up a press conference and all the media in town was invited. Channel 5 came out, Channel 19, and of course The Enquirer. The Pulse Journal was contacted but didn’t make the press conference, but did cover it in the following Thursday edition. I did coverage on 700 WLW, so it was a pretty big deal. However, Lakota did not send over an athletic director for me to give the check to, so we basically just let the media take a picture of the $10,000 check with no school representatives present.

I can only speculate on what the school was thinking, but based on their violent reaction to my press conference, it looked as though we hit them too close to where they live. They needed to be able to extort the children to the public otherwise they could never consider passing another levy, and now we were offering a solution to the school they didn’t want to see fixed. So they pulled off the gloves and somewhere in that process they managed to win Michael Clark over to writing a very harsh article about me to get me out of the levy fight. Lakota had enough, now they were fighting for their very survival.

A few weeks prior to this event I received reports from friends of No Lakota Levy that levy supporters had gathered outside of the Lakota East Kroger store and were conducting a survey designed to belittle me in public. CLICK TO REVIEW.  So I did a blog posting about how angry it made me where I called them latté sipping prostitutes with some very descriptive language that school board member Julie Shaffer put on her Facebook and contacted some of our mutual friends at WLW and of course Michael Clark to get him to write his “assassination article.”

I wondered why Michael had done it for the last 6 months–why he betrayed our relationship for the small price of being on the good side of the Lakota School System, for the easy sports stories and covering every time an administration official moves to a new job? My whip targets in my back yard have featured the name of Michael Clark on each of them and I have cut thousands since that day. Why had he turned against me so spectacularly? So blatantly?

Well the answer is that Michael was trying to save his drowning job, and he needed a spectacular, sensational story, and he used my blog to get it. Up until the Clark article I figured that legitimate media required one kind of discussion, and online activity, comments, blogs, Facebook postings were another. But the Cincinnati Enquirer legitimized my blog as an authentic source of news, which was part of my worst case scenario plan, but even so I found the level of human betrayal to be quite extraordinary.  CLICK HERE FOR REVIEW.

Predictably Clark did me a favor he didn’t intend; he made me much more popular and killed the next Lakota Levy till at least 2013 because people saw through the media driven antics, and they smelled a rat. In the process he killed the good relationship we had which was a good source of school oriented stories for the short-term gain of a sensational story that he and his fellow reporters no doubt were high-fiving in the press room by the overwhelming negative reaction that spread across the city of Cincinnati on March 15th 2012 emitting from every radio in town my salacious blog comments about levy supporters. My numbers at Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom jumped up from 400 to 500 daily hits to 500 to 800 since then, which is what I needed to get my message out to people. Since I couldn’t trust the legitimate media to cover the education issue in the detail it required, my blog site was the best chance at combating trouble in the future, so the sensational story brought more people to the truth. The attention The Enquire gave me helped spread my blog to the rest of the state to districts who were suffering under heavy taxation in degrees similar to Lakota. And Clark is now left to scamper for silly stories that will probably end up costing him his job as mundane rhetoric settles in the wake of the controversy.

Sad, because it didn’t have to be that way, but it is what it is. Such is the competitive world of news and the changing landscape of who delivers it. In this new world it is not those who play it safe, because the real risk is in collusive protection. Sometimes to find the truth you have to pull aggressively in all the wrong directions to discover the possibilities you never thought possible. And The Enquirer played it safe, and is suffering for it.

To be continued in the next posting.


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Monroe Superintendent is Stepping Down: Being between a rock and a hard place

Right on queue Monroe Schools Superintendent Elizabeth Lolli has indicated that she will be resigning from her position after the levy failure in August ahead of a November attempt. She says that the levy failure has nothing to do with her decision to give up an annual salary of $116,000 so she can work as a consultant for Butler County Educational Services, but the pattern is all too reminiscent of the behavior of the school districts’ immediate neighbor Lakota.

Two months after the levy defeat at Lakota in November of 2010 Mike Taylor retired stepping out of the heat that was brewing as it was revealed that the cause of the tax increase was due to excessively high teacher salaries, and that the superintendent had not even made an effort to manage his costs. In a video Taylor filmed before the 2010 levy attempt Taylor declared that teachers did not make enough for their intense 7.5 hour day 9 months out of the year, and that he thought teachers should be paid more!

Well it is that type of mismanagement of tax payer resources that have caused school districts all over Ohio to effectively go bankrupt, including Monroe which is now in a state fiscal emergency. If a superintendent who makes six figures isn’t going to manage the costs of their employees, then they are failures. Mike was smart to jump off the ship at Lakota because the game had been exposed, and he knew it. So he did the smart thing and retired.

Lakota actually improved their performance over the next 6 months without a superintendent which proved that the superintendent positions are just token occupations designed to shield school boards from direct responsibility when things go wrong. The superintendent is simply a spokesman for the schools and are more comparable to a public relations consultant whose sole propose is to pass tax increases than a CEO who runs a major company. Lakota prior to another levy attempt in the fall of 2011 hired the quarter million dollar double dipping delegator, the former retiree from Sycamore Schools Karen Mantia. Since bringing her on to exclusively pass a school levy Lakota has spent well over $250,000 in compensation on Mantia, plus another $160,000 dollars on public relations in just over a year’s time. Nearly half a million dollars alone has been spent on creating a positive public image for a school that is supposed to be teaching children. But the obvious function of the education jobs are to create government jobs with tax payer dollars and the superintendent is the guardian of that creation, not the regulation of cost. Superintendents are sold to the community as CEO’s, but their actual function is simply public relations. Mantia did nothing after Lakota’s levy failures to present to the education union a 5% reduction in their inflated wages and benefits in order to balance their budget; instead she participated in cutting electives, increasing sports fees, and aggressive busing reductions. The purpose of these measures were not to cut costs, but to punish the public for not passing a levy. (How do I know that? Because I am personal friends with several former and current school board members who have given me their notes from Levy University taught at their yearly OSBA conference in Columbus. Bet you won’t read about that in your local newspaper.)

The same type of extortion is going on at Monroe. Voters just turned down a vote in August yet the school board put another attempt on the ballot for November. Their intention is to keep putting a tax increase on the ballot until the public gives up resisting it. This is radical politics in the extreme and is a popular union tactic that is responsible for how the wages through collective bargaining drove up the labor costs of Lakota, and Monroe in the first place to average salaries of over $60K per year. Collective bargaining is the villain, since it is the “collective” body of the school employees who make demands through threats of strike to get short work days, extremely low health insurance costs, and 2% to 3% increases for all their years of employment. Teachers all through the previous decade would threaten to strike at the slightest mention of health insurance increases sending a strong message to school boards to not even attempt to regulate the wages, so nobody did.

The result is out-of-control budgets in all of Ohio’s 614 school districts and the only way they have to balance their budget is to increase taxes. This is the fault of the unions, and they are hiding in the backgrounds leaving school superintendents to take the bullets for them, people like Elizabeth Lolli who was paid six figures to put up and shut up. Monroe hopes that they can get a levy passed by parting ways with Lolli and blaming all their financial problems on their previous treasurer whom they are currently suing. But the fault is actually on all of them who constantly yielded to the union demands avoiding conflict like truck drivers avoid driving on an icy road.

What nobody has figured out is that these levy failures are the public’s way of striking back at the unions for their constant terrorism invoked through fear of work stoppages over the years, driving up their labor costs. When the public votes down a levy, they are saying, “NO” to the cost increases imposed on a school district, which is their way of managing the costs. The school board has an obligation to act on that vote, not cheerlead on behalf of the union who caused the problem in the first place. A “NO” vote is looked upon by the radical tax grabbers as a greedy, child hating enterprise, but where were the cares for the children when the teachers threatened to walk off the job because their health care was going up by .5%, or they demanded at 3% increase in pay instead of a 2%. Teachers who participated in those strikes are hypocrites and they are the cause of the current financial instability. When the public says “NO” to a school levy, they mean it. And when a public official at the local school board, or the state decide they are going to be arrogant enough to put another levy on the ballot the day after the public voted the tax increase down, they are proclaiming to the world that they are too spineless, and arrogant to listen to the public mandate, and that they will ram the issue down the throat of the public until the “NO” votes becomes a “YES” vote. And every person who participates in that process should lose their job.

Elizabeth Lolli knows she’s caught between a rock and a hard place just as Lakota’s Mike Taylor knew it, and the best thing to do these days is to take the money and run, because the money tree isn’t shaking any more. Tax payers have realized that they are being scammed and they don’t like it. And the unions wouldn’t dare attempt to threaten a strike now that people are on to their game, so the “NO” votes are getting bolder—finally. People for the first time in over a decade are openly voicing their opinion about these money scams coming from public education and they resent having their children wrapped up in the ordeal. There is a real and growing anger at the entire public education funding process. I’m so fed up with it that I think all parents should home school their children, because I don’t like the product public schools are producing. It certainly isn’t worth the massive amounts of money we throw at it. For the $2000 to $3000 I spend per year on property taxes, I’d rather save the money and take my family to Disney World than provide a baby sitting service for the young busy parents who live in my school district and more people are beginning to feel as I do, which is very bad for the public school unions—who I don’t think have a legal right to even exist.

So it’s no mystery that Monroe’s Superintendent Lolli is stepping down, because the writing is on the wall. She knows it and the school board knows it, and the union knows the mud is on their hands. If I were a superintendent I wouldn’t want to be in the situation either, even for a six figure income to simply be a public relations mouthpiece. Because before too long, the guilt overtakes the comfort that the money brings, and the heat in the kitchen is just too great. And the heat is very hot in the kitchen right now, and it’s about to get a lot hotter. Believe me, I know first hand. The only adults in the room on this whole education issue are the people who vote “NO” and deep down inside all the school board members know it, and the superintendents do as well. Because logic is on the side of the people who are declaring that the spending increases on salaries and benefits in public education have to be pulled down to reality, but the unions won’t budge leaving the school superintendent to be squashed in the middle. Superintendents like Lakota’s Mantia puts herself in that difficult situation willingly accepting she couldn’t get a job anywhere else as easy as a school superintendent and make so much money. So the public pressure is worth the financial return for her. But for people like Lolli, and Taylor, who can see where this funding road is going, they have logically and wisely decided to remove themselves from the debate which will be a loss for them no matter which way a vote in November dictates.


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Giving Voters an Early Christmas Present: Monroe School Levy Fails

If this thing fails, what the heck does that say about us as a community? I’ll tell you…..we totally suck. Any community that doesn’t support its schools isn’t a community that anyone is going to want to live in. Housing values will take yet another nose dive (We’ve invested a ton of money in our house and the value STILL isn’t what it was when we bought it 10 years ago).

I get the economy is tough, and that some mistakes were made in the past, but what is the goal of this negative levy campaign? To punish the school board for the past mistakes? The only people who end up being punished are the kids in the schools, the teachers who have to teach them, and the rest of the community (i.e. ALL of us) whose home values will continue to NOT be what we paid for them over a decade ago. Wake up folks!

I do wonder what would have been “Achieved” if your no votes win.

there will be another levy….more money spent….so really..what did you achieve?

Sure you would have succeeded in your finger pointing campaign, but your wallet won’t end up being any fatter in the long run.

That quote came from:

I would like to congratulate the Monroe School District for holding strong and voting down their off-season school levy that was designed to pass with low voter turnout in August. Predictably, the Monroe School Board has voted to put the levy right back on in November of 2012, which is a welcome attempt since the voter turnout will be much more intense as conservatives in Monroe will show up in droves to vote Emperor Obama out of office. Conservatives tend to vote down tax increases unless they wish to believe they can be conservative and still receive free government education that is socialist in its design.

To listen to the Monroe School District reasons for the tax increase it was to get them out of state control and pay back the money they were forced to borrow from the state to operate. If Monroe truly wished to balance their budget they would use the state control option to void the union contract and cut their labor wages by 5% to 10% which would instantly balance their budget. But there is no desire from the school board or state management to even attempt such a thing, even though it is a legal option, because the entire school system is set up to protect those union contracts which use collective bargaining to pay all teachers too much money with benefits that are entirely too generous. If Monroe wanted to balance their budget, they would attack their labor costs, not ask for more money to throw at inflated wages and benefits.

At Lakota, the district next to Monroe, after three levy defeats I proposed that the employees of the school district take a 5% cut in pay, which would have easily balanced their budget but instead the district looked for ways to remove me from the levy argument by playing manipulative politics behind the scenes which I found personally insulting. CLICK HERE TO REVIEW. They chose personal attacks rather than dealing with the trouble of their labor costs because the education system from the top to the bottom eats out of the hand of the labor unions. By the way, I would like to give the Pulse Journal’s reporter Hannah Poturalski credit for doing an article about Lakota for spending $160,000 just on public relations going into the upcoming school year because the Lakota School System is trying to cover up their reluctance to force their union to take a 5% pay cut to balance their budget. So they spent $160,000 tax payer dollars to hide their lack of management of labor wages. It’s nice to see a mainstream reporter covering the issue. Most don’t have the guts.

Monroe arrogantly announced before the vote on Tuesday August 7, 2012 that if the levy failed, they would put it back up for a vote in November. The implied threat from the school board to the community was that if it did not pass the levy they’d come right back with another attempt so the community might as well vote their way. The school is using the threat of force in an inadvertent way to point out that a “NO” vote is pointless. They are basically stating to the community, “Resistance is futile. We will take our money one way or the other.” Of course they don’t come right out and say it, but instead chose to use polite language to disguise the sinister intentions.

Monroe can say things like that by siding up with their unionized labor work force because the system is rigged against the taxpayer. Schools can legally attempt to place a levy on the ballot 4 times per year, so districts like Monroe if their levy fails can go right back at the voters 3 months later till they get their money by wearing down the resistance. The Little Miami School District went to the voters 9 times before the NO voters finally gave up and the levy passed preserving the union contracts without harm. But times are changing. Up in Westerville near Columbus, Ohio that school district barely passed a 6.71 mill emergency levy on March 6th. District officials there said they needed a levy to raise $16.5 million to balance their budget. The levy costs taxpayers in Westerville $205 per $100,000 of property value and that amount is not limited to only residential homes, but each and every business in the district. The levy is a huge tax scam and residents were angry that it passed so they are using an obscure part of the Ohio Revised Code to fight back against that levy by repealing it. The same day that voters went to vote on numerous school levies including Monroe, Westerville turned in well over 5000 signatures to have their levy repealed this upcoming November. Click here to learn how to do this. If Lakota ever passes their levy I plan to use our database of NO voters to easily collect the signatures we’d need to do the same. All Westerville needed was 5000 signatures to place the repeal on the ballot. In Lakota, over 18,000 people voted against the last levy, so it shouldn’t be hard to collect our signatures if needed, it would just take a little effort, but it would be worth it. This means that even when school districts fail to listen to the voters there is a recourse that can be taken against them, and Westerville is going to vote in November not to pass a levy, but to remove one. The campaign for that during a presidential election will be fantastic, “would you like to save $205 per $100,000 of your property value? Vote to repeal the Westerville School Levy!” That would allow Westerville School District residence to spend $200 to $1000 more on Christmas presents for their loved ones this year instead of flushing that same money down the toilet for inflated union contracts negotiated under collective bargaining.

Locally Fairfield, Lebanon, Little Miami, and Forest Hills all recently passed levies that could be repealed in the same way as Westerville is doing, and this is a serious blow to the public sector labor unions in Ohio who are used to getting everything they want, including the kitchen sink. So even if the residents of Monroe find themselves suffering under yet another tax increase, they do have a recourse to remove that levy if it ever does pass. I would advise the people who worked the No Levy campaign in Monroe to keep track of all the people who make contact with them in support of the “NO VOTE,” because those names may be needed later when it comes time to repeal the Monroe School Levy.

The assumption of these public schools is that teachers are worth infinite amounts of money and that the schools are sacred to the development of our children, and neither is true. Teachers are not all worth the same amounts of money. Some are worth $65K per year, but most aren’t worth $45K per year. And administrators are not worth $90K to $100K per year. Some may be, but most aren’t. It is collective bargaining that drives up those costs and that has only been around since 1982, and it has bankrupted education in Ohio. It is foolish to throw more money at a broken system, and the system is broke if it produces children that can’t find India on a map, and costs more than $7,000 per pupil to operate. The whole system needs to be reset and that will never happen if communities allow themselves to be extorted by school boards and state officials who are afraid of their labor unions. The proper management of the education funding problems is for the unions to either take pay cuts or to dissolve all together with more competitive options being presented. The old way is not good for anybody, except the teacher and administrator who make more than $65K per year for only working 7.5 hours a day, 9 months out of the year while tax payers struggle to pay the bill of loyalty to their community schools.


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The Rigged Game of School Funding: Monroe residents stand up for themselves

The Monroe School Levy is about go before voters and I have been hearing since my article last week that the levy opposition in that district under state financial emergency had shabby campaign signs and a poor, broken down group of protestors who were in need of more education themselves. Such comments from the pro levy supporters are normal since they can’t argue the real facts, so they attack the credibility of the people who oppose them. In this case the organized effort to oppose the 7.03 mill levy Monroe needs to stay out-of-state control. The situation is so heated that 25% of all Monroe homes have viewed articles at The Voice forums on Mainstreet Monroe’s website, and it is obvious that levy supporters are not at all happy to see an opposition standing against them.

Upon reading the comments at The Voice I decided to go into Monroe myself to see all these haphazard signs by the No Monroe resistance and what I found were some really nice signs that were well thought out and financed, and they were all over town. That had to infuriate the Monroe School System. It doesn’t matter what school district it is, the government education system does not like opposition to their plans.

With all the discussion on both sides, I will have to say I admire Tom Birdwell of the current Monroe School Board. His argument is that residents either vote for the 7.03 mill 5 year levy in Monroe, or the state will force Monroe to merge with Middletown where there is room in some of their buildings. But the catch is that Middletown already is operating at 47.16 mills, 7.02 mills higher than Monroe’s current mills rate. Birdwell is offering to speak to anybody personally to answer their questions, which is a very stand-up thing to do. But what he is assuming is that the state will be able to successfully force the people of Monroe to pay for taxes that they didn’t vote for in a forced merge with Middletown—that Middletown was foolish enough to approve. At that mill rate, no wonder Middletown is a ghost town these days. You certainly don’t see businesses flocking to locate there. More info on the specifics of the levy is at the link below. The truth is Monroe is not obligated to pay for taxes they didn’t approve of, and a state bureaucrat cannot politically do so. Birdwell made a compelling argument, but it is without any teeth. The state may be able to legally arrange such an injustice, but some politician will lose skin off their back with such a move, and this shoots major holes in the Yes Monroe position that Birdwell represents.

At the heart of the No Levy argument is former school board member Mike Irwin who appears to be attempting to redeem some of his views from the past. Some school board members learn once they’ve been through the management of a district what the problems are, and they do correct their thinking. Often school board members feel they must go along with the patriotism of a district and they ignore the perilous situations that the unions put them in. School board members know there isn’t much they can do about 80% of their costs that are tied up in wages and benefits, and budget items are controlled by union contracts. If a school board shows resistance to the union elements, then the union will threaten to strike. If a school board member does not lie down and play dead before the labor union, then the union attacks the character of the school board member publicly. This doesn’t happen directly most of the time, but indirectly through community infiltration into peer groups. School board members with weak stomachs find it’s best to just get along with everyone. They work closely with the PTA groups who become the voice of the union indirectly and are the source of much community infiltration. (That’s why they call them Parent Teacher Associations.) The people who always get left out of the education debate are the long-term residents who have already raised their kids and pay their taxes, but get sick of being hit up constantly by out-of-control costs driven by excessive labor expectations.

Older residents have learned to brave the multiple perils that come at their children, and have learned not to respond neurotically to every claim a unionized work force claims. Most of the pro levy supporters, teachers included are under 40. Many of the people criticizing the No Levy people on The Voice are in fact in their early 30’s and have very young children in the district. These thirty year olds are children raising children and they must be listened to with caution. As parents they have a long way to go and a whole lot to learn before they get there. Someday, when they become older and wiser they will also be No Voters. But the way the education system works currently is it is the youth who get all the attention, the students in the schools of course, and their young, inexperienced credit card debt incurring parents. In a game of the squeaky wheel gets the grease, the quiet ones get ignored—and those are the typical “No Voters.”

As I drove through Monroe taking the pictures shown on this article it was nice to see those quiet types finally sticking up for themselves and voicing their opinion with some well designed No Levy campaign signs. After I took enough pictures I went on over to Kings Island to ride a few roller coasters and think about the dynamics of the education situation under a setting sun while in line under a mister machine. At Kings Island that night I watched some of the people playing all the games set up in Coney Island–the games where players threw undersized rings around oversized bottles, and tried to shoot basketballs into undersized rims to win prizes. I realized that many of the people playing those games were younger people—and were probably levy supporters in their local school districts. They were doing with their children essentially what they were doing while playing carnival games at Kings Island—throwing money at a chance to win a prize.

Parents who vote for school levies believe that if they just pay a little more money, that they’ll win a prize for their children, and that prize is a good life. What the parents don’t understand is that the games are all rigged. Every now and then someone does win, but most people don’t. Public education is a scam as it is set up now, without competition so they can charge anything they want for their service. In Monroe and every other school district in the country it is collective bargaining that is the real villain of the out-of-control costs. Nobody in their right mind would pay all employees the same level of income based on years of service as opposed to performance. Collective bargaining is what has driven up the wages and forced Middletown to maintain a 47.16 mill levy left over from their heyday of economic activity. The unions in Middletown destroyed their industry, and the Middletown Mall is the ancient relic of that previous economic boom. What’s left now are the high taxes to pay the public employees after all the people who had money packed up and left town voting with their feet. That’s why Middletown has room in their school buildings, because enrollment is down. Now Monroe is facing the same temptation. If they give in to the union, they will find themselves in a slow decline economically with business as usual returning to the administration of the district finances, just as Little Miami did when they finally passed their levy after 9 attempts. If residents say NO to the levy they will put the weight of the financial strain squarely on the union where it belongs to wiggle, squirm, and play the squeaky wheel game. But finances will be forced out of the shadows so everyone can see what’s happening.

Monroe will have to decide what kind of community they want, and experience says that growth occurs by saying NO. Saying YES is agreeing to a slow death. Saying NO stops the bleeding. But regardless of what happens on Tuesday August 7th, at least the quiet NO voters have decided to voice their opinion with a spirited debate which is healthy, and very much-needed.


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The Looters of Monroe: Magic tricks in public education

Administrators aren’t in the OEA. Do your homework before making such claims. There’s absolutely no affiliation.

The above quote came to me over the last weekend July 2012 from a person who works in the education industry. I can tell because their email address came from a local education institution. With the Monroe School Levy one week out, an examination of that comment is deserved. Because if it wasn’t noticed by the general electorate, the whole reason a school attempts a summertime election for education tax increases is to catch people flat-footed and on vacation. The education employees who live in the district along with the radical parents who want free education on the backs of the entire community will show up for the vote, while most everyone else isn’t thinking about schools or politics as they vacation over the summer. The intention of an August election is not to seek the honest opinion of the community. It is to hope that only one side shows up for the vote. Do not allow yourself to become confused by the looters of your community.

Monroe as a school district needs money to pay for their high teacher salaries, just like every school district in Ohio. Those salaries are high because public education has no competition, so they don’t have to perform at a true efficiency in testing results or financial management because the entire system is built on government interference. Sure, politicians have set testing standards, but as Lockland Schools have shown, educators will simply fudge the numbers to get the testing results they need to get their state money. Public schools will lie, cheat and steal to preserve their tax scam against the public. Their intentions are evident for all to see. It’s difficult to admit that our trusted schools are that deceitful, but they are. That is why Monroe is placing a tax increase on the ballot in August. That is also why Lakota’s superintendent Mantia put a levy on the ballot in her previous district of Pickerington last August, which barely passed. And Lakota is not putting a levy on the ballot in 2012, because they are concerned that in Butler County, too many conservative voters will show up at the polls to vote Obama out of office, and that means they are also likely to vote down the fourth Lakota attempt to raise taxes on the community to pay for high employee salaries. It’s not because school administrators are kind, or have seen the light. It’s because they wish to attack the community again when the numbers are more favorable to levy passage. They are not interested in the real concerns of the community. That’s why the Lakota School Board is spending $40,000 dollars on “Community Conversations” to a progressive Cincinnati group to turn neutral voters into “Yes” votes so the district can legally steal money from the 18,000 who have voted “NO” in the previous elections. The intent of spending tax payer money on such a program is to manipulate the vote. Not to find the truth of how the community actually feels. It’s about manipulation, not truth.

The person who sent me that comment above is testing the water to see how much we know about their education scam. So I’ll explain here what I said to them. When it’s said that administrators are not a part of the teachers union, and that I should get my facts straight before speaking, they say it hoping that I don’t know how their trick works. But unfortunately for them, I do. Most administrators are hired from within the ranks of the teaching profession, meaning they were teachers at some point in their past. There may be a few exceptions but for the most part, all education administrators are inbred within the union structure. When they become administrators they do not have the stomach to manage their costs the way all other companies do, because they are broken horses that the union rides to easy contract victories over management. There is a reason that there are legal constraints on who can be a superintendent of a public school. For instance, if Lakota wanted to pay a person like me, or any member of No Lakota Levy to be superintendent of Lakota, it would be illegal, because there are rules on who can hold that position and those rules were created by the OEA lobby in Columbus to protect them from such radical changes. By law, Lakota must hire a broken ex-teacher like Superintendent Mantia who will deep down to her core be loyal to the teachers who work under her, instead of the community that pays the bills with their taxes.

The dirty little secret is that administrative management in public education wants the teachers to make $50,000 to $60,000 per year for a 7.5 work day 9 months out of the year because it’s assumed that administrators will make more money, otherwise teachers would never strive to become members of management. This inadvertently drives up the wage cost of administrators. Most administrators in public education are making between $75,000 per year to $100,000 so of course they support the high union contracts because it drives up their wages when they leave the union to join management.

Superintendents are even more notorious. Many of them make more money than the governors of entire states. They make more just to watch a handful of school buildings. In fact Superintendent Mantia did her doctorial thesis on the very subject of how the Superintendent pool was so bad in the country because the pay was not very good–that the gap between the teaching profession and the teachers were not wide enough. Her observation was that teachers were not showing a desire to move into management and ultimately into superintendent positions because there wasn’t enough money as an incentive to lure them into management. As a superintendent, she drives up her own costs by supporting teacher contracts that are high, because as a manager she is expected to make more money—a lot more money. Between Lakota’s superintendent and the amount of money the school board has spent just on public relations in a one year period, the cost to the community is a half million dollars.

The public education scam costs a lot of money and that is what Monroe is dealing with. They are in financial trouble because they did not manage their labor costs. The administrators had no desire to manage their labor costs because they were all bred into the system from within, they have no direct competition, they have political support who will create laws that support their unions, and everyone working in education is taking a lot of money out of the community pot, and when they run out, they demand more. Monroe as a school district has an empty pot and the school is demanding that it be filled. They hope that not enough people who watch the money are paying attention and the levy will pass without a complete vote from the community. That’s why the newspapers aren’t talking about the levy, because the only people who are intended to know about the tax attempt are the people the school wants to show up and cast a vote.

A lot of people who work in the education industry are appalled by my comments because they come from the “outside.” They try to belittle my opinion because according to them, I do bullwhip acts and wear a cowboy hat, so I’m not qualified to speak about these matters. In reality, my experience with that side of my life have put me in contact with many people who are magicians for a living, and over the years I’ve learned how a lot of magic tricks are performed. A magician is all about deception, and getting people to look in one direction as opposed to where the actual problem is. So it’s very easy for me to see that the person who sent me that note is attempting to deceive me with directional persuasion. The attempt is to convince me that administrators are not in the union, which is true, so there is no direct correlation between administrators and union partnership. Magic tricks work because people tend to look for direct relationship between the rabbit in the hat and its disappearance. It’s what they don’t see that makes the trick happen.

The levy in Monroe is about the lack of management of their labor costs. If voters don’t show up and vote the tax increase down, then no management of the community resources will occur. Like piranhas in an Amazonian river the education employees at Monroe will proceed to give themselves raises and dump money onto their lavish lifestyles in a magic trick performed against the community. And the magic trick begins in an August election when most everyone else is looking someplace else. A wave of the magic wand and—poof—more money will appear from the community for the looters of public education to plunder. Monroe will then wonder why the only business they have in their community is the Hustler store and Traders World as high taxes will push away current and future investment by those who pay the most taxes—the business owner—who is almost always the victim of the magic tricks and finds the rabbit in their laps hidden from the public who believe that the magicians of public education actually performed magic, when all it ever was—was a trick.


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How To Remove a School Levy: Taking tax money back from the schools

The Cincinnati Enquirer recently announced that Lakota Schools had lost nearly half of all their school principals due to the financial struggles of three failed school levies. These Lakota principals have jumped off the ship citing upon their exit that they are uncertain about their financial futures and are either retiring or seeking employment elsewhere. That information is of course contrary to what they say in school levy campaigns, which is that everything they do is for the children. The mass exodus of these administrators to school districts they believe will continue their premium salaries and benefits should be an insult to the surrounding schools, and reveals what the true feelings are from these school employees. Administrators are essentially saying that they would rather leave behind the children who count on them because the district is attempting to solve their financial difficulties in favor of districts that are still throwing money at their public employees like there is no tomorrow.

One of the downsides to the Lakota School District deciding not to put a levy on the ballot in 2012 is that I will not get to attempt what the taxpayers in the Westerville School District are doing. For many years, those of us who have fought against tax increases have felt like victims of an organized political plot arranged between local politicians on school boards, and the radical teachers unions who have created for themselves gold plated benefits and wages at the expense of the tax payer. I have often complained that the average wage for the Lakota employee is $63K per year, but in Westerville, in Central Ohio, their average wage is $65K per year and trending towards $80,000 by the 2014/2015 school years. The spending was not stopped at Westerville as it was at Lakota because voters there approved by a narrow margin a 51% to 49% passage of a 6.71 mil tax.

See video of the repeal move against this levy at this link:

Usually, the story ends there, as it did recently in Southern Ohio in districts like Fairfield, Lebanon, and Little Miami who barely passed their tax levies with the help of huge apartment dweller votes, and serious organized labor rhetoric. Many voters once they approve for levy passage and see how the schools spent the money on teacher raises and other employee costs often regret their decision. And that’s what’s happening in Westerville.

With the help of the 1851 Center as their legal representation tax fighters have began to collect signatures to place on the ballot a roll back of that recently approved levy which is a tremendous act. Westerville is doing what all school districts who fight higher taxes are doing, and that is utilize the philosophy of the “best defense is a great offense.” Don’t wait for the radical union elements to push for further tax increases. Go after the tax increases already wrestled and manipulated by the educrats in organized labor, and rob it back to give to the tax payers who had it stolen to begin with. Such a move means that no longer on Election Day can organized labor put levy after levy on a ballot till it passes, then roll their naked bodies in the piles of money once they’ve legally stolen it without recourse. The 1851 Center led by Maurice Thompson has revealed a little known section of Ohio Revised Code that makes what Westerville is doing possible for every school district in Ohio who has suffered a similar fate. Read more about Westerville here:

I had a chance recently to speak with Maurice Thomson for a bit and he let me know that a few Southern Ohio tax fighters had contacted him but did not follow through, and he was still waiting to hear from them. I was surprised because I know the people involved and it seemed like the kind of thing that they would pounce on. Thompson is the Executive Director at the 1851 Center and directed the Buckeye Institute for Public Policy Solutions. Previously Thompson served as an attorney for the Sam Adams Foundation in Chicago and practiced privately in Ohio and Illinois. His legal fees on these education matters are free. He has successfully litigated cases in the Supreme Court of Ohio as well as intermediate courts of appeal and courts of common pleas throughout Ohio on issues such as property rights, regulation taxation, corporate welfare, search and seizures and smoking bans. He’s also the author of Presuming Liberty: Using Ohio’s Constitution to Limit Government, Defending Liberty in Ohio: A Roadmap for Protecting Freedom and Limiting Government with the State Constitution, and he wrote the forward for the current pocket copy of Ohio’s Constitution. You can contact Thompson at the following website:

Maurice Thompson has actually written a citizens guide to reducing school district tax burden that can be found at the 1851 Center site. Basically, what Thompson is advocating is that there is a very little utilized R.C. 5705 and R.C. 5748 that allows tax payers to reduce or eliminate most types of school district property and income taxes enacted through local levy elections. Specifically it is R.C. 5705.261 that permits Ohioans to use local initiatives to win the reduction or repeal of qualifying tax levies. Some of the rules for reduce or repeal of a tax is the voters must have approved the levy. The levy must not expire, and there can only be one attempt every five years. Read it for yourself here:

So for those who want to attempt this, be sure to take a page out of the union playbook and collect the ballot signatures during the summer while all the school employees are on their Caribbean cruises and vacationing at Disney World so that they can’t match your signatures with an attempt of their own to reduce their own levies with a ballot attempt of .000001 mil just to keep residents from being able to strike back at them, since another attempt would have to wait 5 years before trying again.

The sum of these matters is this—tax payers do not have to be passive victims always waiting for a school district to attack them with never ending tax increases. There are measures right now in place to strike back at the labor union methods of placing levy after levy, after levy on a ballot until it passes—then attempting to put it on in the summer like they did in Pickerington to stack the votes in favor of the school employees since school was off everyone’s mind. That district finally passed their levy after several attempts. Lawyers at the 1851 Center like Maurice Thompson are licking their chops for an opportunity to help right the wrongs that are going on in Ohio Schools at the expense of children for the gain of extremely self centered public employees who are out-of-touch and just plain greedy. But people have to call them, and let them help. Tax fighters have to be willing to collect signatures, but most of the people I know who fight these things have done all this activity before, so it isn’t difficult. I plan to call Maurice if Lakota ever manages to sneak one by in my district. But for those who have had them sneak by, like Lebanon, like Fairfield, like Forest Hills, like Little Miami, I recommend you call Maurice today and begin the process of removing those levies and showing the school boards that the tax payers of your districts are not going to take it.

We do not have to sit around waiting for school districts to keep pushing and pushing and pushing a tax until they get it passed, forcing taxpayers to just endure the higher tax grudgingly for the next 4 to 5 years until they try to raise taxes again in order to pay for the extraordinary salaries of their public employees. Now taxpayers can strike back, and do so in a huge way. And the way is being paved in Westerville with the help of Maurice Thompson at the 1851 Center. The wave of the future is not in tax increases initiated by bloated school districts but in the removal of them by the citizens who refuse to take the initiatives lying down. Such vigilance is the best way to bring fiscal responsibility to school districts by forcing changes that the schools will not enact upon themselves because of the radicalism of the unions that infect them.

As for Lakota, they will learn that they can succeed quite well without those middle manager principals, and that all along many of those administrators were just useless positions that could easily have been picked up by the assistant principals or a promoted teacher. The urgency at Lakota is only because the residents have taken the effort to manage our costs by saying no to tax increases. But for the other districts around Ohio who have been unfortunate in having taxes raised behind their backs after intense struggles—such as Little Miami who put their levy on the ballot 9 times—there is now a tool that tax payers can use to shut down those levy increases so that there will soon be no place for the bandits to escape to, forcing them as public employees to deal with the facts of reality.


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No Levy for Lakota in 2012: Rich Hoffman agrees with the Lakota School Board?

For the first time in over a year, I agree with the Lakota School Board. They should not put a levy on the ballot this November for the 2012 election. At this time, the current board president Ben Dibble is giving indications that they will not pursue a levy request on the fall ballot. This is a good thing in that it respects the wishes of the voters in the last three elections, and recognizes the economic conditions of the community. To put the community through another dog fight in a year when weary home buyers might not wish to purchase a home in the Lakota district because our campaign fight has been on the radio and in the papers both locally and nationally each week would not be wise.

It was nearly a year ago when I attended a school board meeting and everyone was getting along for the first time in a long time. I spoke openly with several members of the board, and key administrators prior to their last levy attempt. Lakota seemed to be on the mend, and a new superintendent was coming to help balance the budget.

When Superintendent Mantia came from Pickerington, she sat down with me and the members of No Lakota Levy and attempted to tell us what we wanted to hear, which kept the peace for a few weeks. But behind the scenes, there was scheming going on, which of course got back to me.  Another election came and the proposed tax increase was defeated by over 18,000 votes. Some of the credit for that loss could certainly be given to those of us who brought information to the public about how ridiculous much of the current Lakota spending was. But much of the loss can be attributed to the declining housing market. Residents used to be generous with levy increases because the values of their homes were well outpacing the taxes. Now that taxes are high, and prices are falling, people don’t have the extra money to throw away at a public school, and many businesses are barely hanging on by a thread. A tax increase just might do many of them in, with an economic climate that by all indications in hindsight will be called a great depression.

After that November 2011 defeat a small band of pro levy supporters decided they were going to get me back for “hurting” their children’s lives by denying more tax money to the school. The belief was that if No Lakota Levy could be talked out of working with me, the tax opposition would be removed. What these agents of seduction did not know was that it was the members of No Lakota Levy who approached me after I did my own independent work in fighting the levy in the spring of 2010 to join forces and help them. My behavior was the same as it had always been, I brought my supporters with me and expanded their efforts. When Superintendent Mantia and other board members attempted to befriend members of No Lakota Levy who they assumed were the leaders, they left me out of those conversation because they rationalized that I was just the radical “hired” lobbyist that could be fired if the leaders of No Lakota Levy could be convinced.

While this politicking was going on behind closed doors, and through emails and phone calls, several of the radical pro levy supporters still upset at me due to the November 2011 election began a smear campaign against me, some of them going to the Kroger Store on Cincinnati-Dayton road during Saturdays in February and conducting a survey against my name, attempting to slander me publicly in the doorway as people went into the store. Some of my anti-levy friends were giving me word that this was going on publicly and within the school itself and that Mantia was stoking the fires personally. Politically I could see why she would do such a thing. After all, she was paid a quarter of a million dollars a year to come to Lakota from Pickerington to pass a school levy and I was her primary opposition. So she figured that by removing my credibility through constant attacks, and trying to divide and conquer my friends in the No Lakota Levy, that she could remove the tax opposition since she knew that many of the property owners in No Lakota Levy were very concerned about another public battle over a levy.

Seeing all this going on, and hearing the kinds of things that were being said infuriated me and I went on my now famous rant which I fully intended to weed out the instigators who were causing me so much trouble. I had my suspicions, but I had to know for sure who was responsible for what in the smear campaign against me and how they all connected. Sure enough, after I put up a tempting post here at Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom it was Julie Schafer the Vice President of the Lakota School Board and my political rival over the tax increases who posted my comments on her Facebook page to enrage the fires, as predicted. Behind the scenes the superintendent solicited community support from big time liberals like West Chester Trustee Cathy Stoker in an attempt to bring down the wrath of the community on me. But in essence it was only about 70 to 80 hard core levy supporters and they had come out by name in their online comments in the Enquirer and Facebook pages giving me the information I needed to use in the next levy fight.

Predictably, my friends in the No Lakota Levy wanted political distance from me, because for years they had been victims of threatened boycotts from those same 70-80 hard core levy supporters who profess to speak for over 100,000 Lakota school district residents. The backlash in the media was considerable and conventional politics would have dictated that I was finished. If I had a conventional life, I might have lost my job, my family, even my nerve with the offensive that the pro levy group at Lakota attempted. But I do not have a conventional life, and my reputation is so well known and respected that my core supporters never wavered from me for a second. The desired hope was that by removing me from No Lakota Levy the websites I ran would all be shut down, and I would drift off into obscurity. What the levy supporters did not know was that my support base had only increased as a result of their actions, not decreased. In the chess game of politics, you might call that a “checkmate.” I’ve played a lot of chess, so most of these moves were planned way back in August of 2011, anticipating the move of the opposition, even baiting them to make the moves desired.  Sometimes it’s one thing to consider the strategic options, it’s another to actually see them do it, and once they did, it did infuriate me into a rage that I still feel.

It is sad that the whole ordeal must be looked upon as a game of winning and losing. Sadly, the losers of this game have managed to punish the parents of the district with extremely high fees for extracurricular activities and busing costs which should all be included with the high taxes we already pay. Ben is right that the budget from the state is not yet set, so there are unknowns. And it’s difficult to tell how much more homes in the Lakota district will lose in further value as a result of the economic conditions. Finally, some Lakota administrators are starting to learn that they can save tremendous amounts of money by combining jobs. This summer there are two assistant superintendents who are retiring, and Lakota is only planning to replace one, which will save a six figure salary, which is significant. If they did that 10 more times to 10 other positions they would save a million dollars. If they did it 20 times, they would save 2 million dollars, then Lakota could afford to have busing, free sports and many other things just by asking the employees to do more, which is quite appropriate under the conditions.

But ultimately, not putting a levy on the ballot in 2012 prevents me from unleashing the mountain of bad PR I am holding to unleash during the next levy attempt. I have not done it yet because I don’t want to scare away potential home buyers. But I also don’t want to see a levy increase ruin community businesses and push people out of their homes. For those in the Lakota district who brag about their $5,500 property tax bill each year and their ability to pay it, they do not understand that $20 or $30 extra in monthly taxes will end many property owners mortgages, because many don’t have the extra money to pay higher taxes due to many economic factors.

The people who have written to me, and campaigned against me who do brag about their ability to pay $5,500 tax bills are typically young. They typically have young children and have been fortunate enough to have good jobs that pay salaries which enable them to have a lifestyle that disregards such a high tax. Since they are young parents they are chemically induced to give “everything” to their children without question, so their decision making skills are greatly lacking and they have a lot of growing up to do. For the rest of us in Lakota, the “old timers” the people who have raised children and understand the costs, and appreciate the value of things, we know that a higher tax will destroy our community, so we are opposed. We also know that circumstances do change in the course of a long life, and many of those $5,500 property tax payers will lose their jobs within the decade and will find they are not so well positioned in the future to pay such a high tax. The radicals of further taxation do not have a blank check to attack those of us with logic. They cannot dish out such aggressive advances without expecting to be attacked back. That is simply not how the game is played. Most of the people I know who have been around for a while think such well paid young parents are fools because they are tossing their money away cheaply, without consideration, and we know there will come a time within the next couple of decades that they will pay dearly for their lack of vision. Such people will not be allowed to destroy our community with their short-sightedness.

But I am personally glad that at least Ben sees the logic of the situation, and it is my hope that the school board will finally begin to manage the money we give them, and not put the community through another bloody levy battle, because there are homes that need to be sold, and leases that need to be signed. Lakota just graduated a lot of students, and there are not more students coming in behind those, so Lakota is looking at a whole decade of declining enrollment and the layoff of hundreds of future employees. A new tax will not be needed for many, many years. Hopefully, the school board will now listen to the 18,000 who voted against the last levy attempt and not the 80 crazy radicals who make a lot of noise, but not much sense. Because the fate of our community will be determined by what happens in 2012 and 2013, and a tax increase would send our district into the category of Princeton, and Evandale, instead of Indian Hill. The choice is always structured around tax rates, because that is the blood of an economy. And it takes leadership to see that blood flow, and be willing to do the hard things to preserve the future with the least restriction to the economy as possible.

There is of course more to the story, which will be revealed soon.  But for now, there may be a small period of peace before Lakota seeks again to ask for higher taxes in the form of a levy.   If Lakota does good things, I’m happy to report those here as well as the bad things.  But Lakota has to give me good things to report, like turning two six figure salary positions into one, to help balance the budget as they did with the assistant superintendent positions.  So we’ll see what the future holds, but it’s a good start to hear Lakota talking about managing the money they already have instead of trying to solve their management problems with higher taxes.  


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Mt. Healthy’s Class of 2012: Punishing parents for loving their children

When a Mt. Healthy star football player recently graduated his family cheered extensively, according to the Mt. Healthy superintendent. The young man’s family cheered so much that the ceremony was held up by the superintendent untill the cheering stopped. You can see in the clip below how the superintendent purposely stopped the next name from being read off till the arena was once again silent as she had instructed prior to the graduation ceremony. The Mt. Healthy superintendent was working from a political agenda that is spreading across the country in 2012 and the threat of keeping the student’s graduation certification for not following the school rules is not an isolated case in Mt Healthy, Ohio. The superintendent could have allowed the next name to be read, and everyone would have heard, but she purposely stopped the ceremony so she could enforce the nationwide agenda circulating around Department of Education under the leadership of Emperor Obama.

The school for that small display of fanfare from the graduating student’s family felt it had the community authority to enforce twenty hours of community service for not following the school rules. The superintendent of Mt. Healthy and her staff are of course insane in their beliefs, and way out of line. The school even if they did have students sign a document before the ceremony taking responsibility for any outlandish behavior do not have the right to enforce such a measure. The school of Mt. Healthy has forgotten that they are but employees of the parents and students, not a governmental ENFORCER of bureaucratic policies! The effort of the Mt. Healthy superintendent is further proof that public schools are progressive institutions intent on destroying individuality with subtle messages of communism. The Mt. Healthy school district has no authority to force the young graduate or his family to perform any community service as reported by Channel 9 News, yet they did anyway and audaciously proclaimed themselves judge, jury, and executioner.

This behavior exhibits how far reaching public schools see their roles in the modern family, and the intention is to prevent exhibitions of this kind that highlight the efforts of individuals. All the students as mandated by the Obama Department of Education are to be treated equally whether they are black or white, boys or girls, tall or short, skinny or fat, straight or gay, fast or slow, all sounds wonderful taken at face value. But the real intention is not “equality” and “fairness,” but rather selling collectivism by stamping out individuals by discouraging solitary endeavors. This is the same policy that allows progressive politicians to use the so-called “civil rights” movement or “war on woman” to manipulate mass groups of voting blocs to achieve communist aims that are revealed behind the proclamations if looked upon closely. Individual praise is frowned upon in these crusades. It is only sacrifice of the individual for the sake of the collective that they highlight for the good of the masses.

The message sent to the Class of 2012 at Mt. Healthy is not fairness for the next student to be called after all the cheering, but to let every member of the arena know that individual Excepetionalism will not be tolerated. I listened to the Mt. Healthy superintendent give a few interviews defending her position, and the reporters of course pandered to her crimes, but attempting to sell the far-reaching authority of the Mt. Healthy school district on behalf of fairness and maintaining order for future graduations is rather pathetic. This action by the school district of Mt. Healthy is simply a disguise for the real intention, destruction of individual endeavor. At the Mt. Healthy graduation ceremony cheers for the collective Class of 2012 was acceptable. Cheers for individuals as regulated by the Gestapo superintendent of Mt. Healthy are not.

This trend in public education advocated by the teachers and administrators, many of whom function under socialist leaning philosophy to begin with, is to show that individualism is to be scorned, and collectivism embraced. The message that no one child is special is the common mantra of our day–it is the essence of public education. Educators are less concerned about math scores and knowledge of history. Their primary concern is to make sure that students do not believe they are special in any way unless they play a sport that unites the pride of the school in the community. Individuals are not embraced unless they serve the collective institution. Public education through their government monopoly status and big labor unions are pursuing progressive policies at the cost of the local tax payers. In Mt. Healthy the superintendent there attempted to obtain a tax increase the day after a recent failure by sending a message to the community that they will continue to see tax increases bi-annually forever unless they break down and approve the tax hike. School districts like Mt. Healthy behave like this because they do not view individual families as sacred, but simply as part of the collective blob that makes up their district. So they see no reason why everyone should not support their efforts with tax increases as it is the school district that sets the law in communities. That’s why the Mt. Healthy superintendent thinks she has a right to enforce “community service” on the parents of a graduate if the student doesn’t wish to do it.

Tax payers were always told that if they loved their child, they’d vote for a school levy, because public education is essential to creating a well rounded adult. But what we we’re learning is that public education is truly a process of destroying individual identities so that adults will cast away any notions they may have of growing up uniquely. For the proof and a very audacious example of this public education strategy listen to this administrator tell his class of 2012 that the students in the ceremony are “not special” but are in fact much the same. If you take the time to watch through the first couple of minutes you’ll hear this educrat profess that there is a reason all the student’s caps and gowns make them all uniform—because the intent is for them all to be seen collectively, not individually.

The push for collectivism comes from governments desire to live. So long as society is made up of a collective whole, and not a bunch of free thinking individuals, school teachers, tax auditors, and Washington educrats will have jobs serving the collective blob of people lacking individual identity. Individuals who can do for themselves may find they have no use for government, or the silly socialist schools of public education. Government workers at all levels find themselves promoting collectivism instead of the American principles of individualism because that’s the only way they can keep their very lucrative jobs under the monopoly of government schools, is by keeping people from asking any questions and blindly following orders no matter how ridiculous.

The situation in Mt. Healthy is not the only one of its kind, but it deserves special notice, as the parents of the popular student have refused to do the “community service” demanded by the school. The school revealed too much of their real intentions at the graduation ceremony for the Mt. Healthy Class of 2012. And thank goodness they did, so tax payers can really see what they are paying for. Public schools no matter what the community are teaching open socialism with tax payer dollars, and they will continue to do so until communities demand to put a stop to it. These teaching methods come from the Federal Department of Education, so are not alone the work of the Mt Healthy superintendent. But the responsibility to refuse unjust mandates does fall on the individual families who find themselves attacked by these government schools as they attempt to hold the diploma hostage from students in order to force social change upon the community. This tactic by the superintendent at Mt. Healthy is no different than creating pay-for-play sports to push for levy increases, or cutting busing to punish parents for failing a school levy. Or teachers who march on their school boards with threats of strikes to drive up their wage costs. This time, it is the superintendent who seeks to carry out the Obama platform of progressive education which if given the proper name would be called red communism in full bloom. Communism is all about destroying the individual in favor of the collective, and this is what is going on at graduations all over The United States in 2012. And it will continue until communities stop taking it, and decide to push back, like the parents of the student in Mt. Healthy have done. It is parents like those that make America the greatest country on earth. The rest of the world would take the punishment without question, but not in America. And not in Mt. Healthy. As long as parents like that produce children like that star football player, America will be just fine—and the socialism that the schools intend will perish, one school at a time by simply saying “NO” to the authority of the school, “NO” to the mandates from the DOE, and “NO” to more tax increases which promise to bring more of this behavior with more socialist teachers and their ideologies of individual destruction.


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Just finished the book and am sweating profusely. Wow, what a ride !!!  Fasten your seat belts for one of the most thrilling rides ever in print.

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