Defending Donald Trump’s Labor Practices: Politicians don’t understand what makes a good worker

Even as a Trump supporter I was willing to give Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz a look if they were to become the GOP nominee eventually, but not after the debate on Thursday February 25th, 2016 on CNN.  Cruz and Rubio showed a vast amount of ignorance when they tried to pin down Trump on hiring illegal aliens to build Trump Tower back in the 70s.  Cruz and Rubio both of Cuban decent supposedly representing Tea Party type values tried to attribute Trump to committing to hiring only “American” workers on his many projects.  Specifically they brought up Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach where he tends to hire foreign workers there for the seasonal social events that take place about four months out of a year.  Reports are that over 300 people have applied, but they weren’t qualified because as Trump says, most American help doesn’t want the part-time work—and those that do—(and I’ll add this for him so he doesn’t have to say it) don’t bring the kind of energy for the job that such a resort requires.  So he fills the vacancies with foreign workers with the right attitude who will do the seasonal work of one of the most exclusive resorts in the world.  I understand completely and I am one of the most patriotic people on earth.  But apparently, Rubio, Cruz and the entire media doesn’t understand the problem.  So let me illustrate it for everyone on behalf of people like Trump who find themselves unfairly ridiculed for elements beyond their control.

Of course such a controversial piece requires context, so let me provide it from my perspective.  If anybody does currently or ever has worked harder than I do, I’ve never met them—and I have met many thousands of people all around the world.  I’m far from a hermit living under a rock or writing articles from my mother’s basement.  Those descriptions do not apply to me in any way, shape or form. I know a lot about people and different countries, their religions, their histories, and their philosophic elements.  I am very good at seeing what is in people’s hearts because over time I have learned to read them by the kind of work they produce.  You can tell a lot about people by what they make in life—and work is something that most people reveal about themselves.  If they don’t like to work, they are typically very lazy people who can’t be trusted. If they work hard they tend to be good people in all aspects of their lives.  Hard workers therefore are good people, bad workers are not.    I have spent thirty years working every odd job that I think exists at every level of society.  I’ve at many times worked two full-time jobs at separate places for years on end, with only one car in our household.  During those periods I rode a bicycle to work all year-long in every possible weather condition.  Additionally I am seldom late or miss work, and I always give at least 100% to whatever I’m doing whether it’s flipping burgers or arranging multi-million dollar deals.  I like to work, I like to make things, and I love outperforming the people around me.  And I never let anything stop me from an objective—death, sickness—anything.  I’ve actually been in fistfights with people who felt so guilty by my work ethic that they’ve wanted to fight me to bully me into not making them look so bad.  This has actually happened a lot, and I’ve worked in some of the toughest types of places that there are—machine shops, union driven assembly plants, down-and-out fast food workers, janitors, tree trimmers, I actually did car repos for a time and have performed work as a body guard—so we’re not talking about powder puff golf club types or weekend warriors.  I’ve hauled around popular sports figures and helped them through tough times at late night parking lot brawls when they ran their mouths too much—I’ve been there and seen it all.  Saying all that, nobody from my past can come forward to say that they got the better of me in any way.  Nobody was able to bully me into some sort of compromise—on any topic large or small, and nobody can say that they worked harder at anything than me.  That may sound bold, and arrogant to people, but it’s a fact of life.  At 47 years old there are no demons in my closet anywhere in the world who can say otherwise.  That makes me uniquely position to say what I will next.

Just because some slob from a local trailer park who would rather watch Jerry Springer all day while on welfare applies for a job to keep their checks coming as a minimum requirement to receive their government money applies to a job like Mar-a-Lago it doesn’t mean they are qualified.  A warm body does not constitute a good hard worker.  Often you have to interview hundreds of people just to find one good worker.  It is very tricky business and it takes a lot of discretion and personal honesty.  Government people, and Rubio and Cruz certainly fall into that category now in my mind—assume that if an applicant applies for a job and they are American citizens that they are automatically qualified as a warm body for that position.  Not so.  Let me tell you.  All workers are not equal, in spite of what the government and the laws they write try to pretend.  Some are great, some are terrible, some workers are just flat-out lazy and want to collect a pay check for doing the absolute minimum.  When you are at Mar-a-Lago, if you are Donald Trump you want someone who says, “yes sir,” “no sir,” holds the door open for people, is generally of good hygiene and competent.  You expect quality. If all 300 of those reported applicants are not of good quality—they will not be good for the job.  A lot of times these deficiencies force big employers like Donald Trump to look outside of the country for good help. 

I personally love people from other countries because they remind me of my grandparents.  Both my grandparents had working farms and they were very hard workers. I grew up with great examples of people who weren’t afraid of hard work and they judged lazy people as worthless.  It certainly made an impact on me—I took many of those lessons to heart at a very young age. I never liked my teachers in public school or in college—but I always found I got along well with employers.  Teachers were people who often couldn’t do things in the real word and I knew that—so I fought with them incessantly because I deemed them too lazy to face the real world outside of the classroom.  Employers made things happen and I always respected that. The only people who I find these days, after two generations of complete social destruction by our education system who think the way I do about work ethics often come from other countries.  Immigrants from Europe (East Germany, Romania, Poland), Africa, India, Mexico and Asia generally work their asses off, and they actually enjoy it because they feel it reflects the quality of person they are.  They work hard in America because for most of them unlike their country of origin they get to keep their money—so they have no trouble working 12 to 14 hour days because they actually enjoy amassing wealth.  Many foreign-born Americans I know who have only been in America for a decade or so have their cars and houses paid off, and they still work a full-time job and a part-time job while they put their children through college with cash.  I love and respect that approach—like I said it reminds me of how my grandparents used to think—which is how all Americans should think. 

But many Americans who were born and raised within the United States and went through public education only to be trained to think incorrectly about most things don’t get it.  When they apply for a job, they think they are entitled to something. My generation starting getting bad about that attitude in the 1990s and the Millennials have taken it to a whole new level.  I am of a mind that I don’t even think we should have weekends.  If I had things my way Americans would have their companies operating three shifts per day seven days per week all days of the year except for perhaps Christmas—because that is a productive way to live life.  Work, play, and a healthy lifestyle all go hand in hand in my life and I expect that to be the case with everybody.  But too many people American born have been taught that a job is some kind of entitlement, that weekends are entitlements—and that sitting on their ass doing little of nothing but watching television is a right.  They forget that leisure time is not a reward for hard work performed, they assume that it’s a right to the essence of their very souls—and that attitude was adopted from the socialist trends in Europe that are just now catching up to Americans in the States. 

These days you have to interview a lot of American born people to find one good hard worker.  The best way to find them are people who were raised on farms because there is a good chance someone taught them early in life to work hard to some degree.  The worst tend to come from areas swarming with welfare recipients—it doesn’t matter their skin color.  There are always exceptions and it’s good to try to find them, but as a basic rule, that’s the way it is.    Politicians like Cruz and Rubio over the years have made labor laws assuming equality and opportunity to all—so there are legal restrictions to what you can and can’t do with employees especially ones that turn out to be less than spectacular.  But reality dictates flexibility and some method of recharging our education system into producing good workers who learn to live in an American economy instead of becoming socialist activists for a new generation—as they are today and have been for about three decades—at least. 

So you are Donald Trump and you need to complete a project ahead of time and under budget—you need workers who won’t drag ass like some dog with an itch.  You need people who will buckle down and get it done and then some.  Good work is worth more than money—finances are just a form of compensation. Trump needs people who will reach deep and pour their souls into one of his projects—and if you limit yourself to some limits a knuckle-dragging, banana eating political loser has established as the law from the perspective of know-nothings, who have never done anything productive in their lives—he might as well do as most people have and throw their arms up in frustration—buy a condo in Florida and play golf the rest of their lives—because unless you love to work hard—the pain in the ass that it is to make ANYTHING in America these days is unbearably difficult.  You almost have to be insanely hard-working to even try. 

When Trump says he wants to bring back jobs there is a two-part strategy that is far too complicated for someone like Rubio or Cruz to understand.  Nobody in government understands unless they have been in the trenches and actually done private sector work.  First you have to bring back the jobs that were sent overseas through corporate inversions.  Then you have to change the education system to produce workers who can actually perform those tasks.  It’s not so much about giving someone a job in America that Trump is talking about—it’s the wealth that comes with the productivity of those jobs.  Jobs in themselves don’t make anything.  But people do, and not all people are equal—even though politicians want to believe it because their pandering statements make the toothless chain-smoking, trailer trash, casino addicts think they are equal to a worker who wakes up looking forward to a productive day and hesitates taking a break because it makes them feel they are wasting precious time.  Any successful person understands this basic discrepancy.  Trump certainly does and he has worked within the law to find the best possible workers for his various projects.  But back in the Trump Tower days, there was no other option with the way labor unions try to bend you over backwards every five seconds.  You have to have competitive labor to protect yourself from socialist union activism.  Politicians created that limited labor aspect through their laws and policy which using the Department of Labor, heavily favors labor unions.  So if you want to build something, you have to think outside the box within legal parameters of course to find the best people for a project—whether the job is big like Trump Tower or small like job Mar-a-Lago.  Productive enterprise cannot be constrained by law and political short-sightedness to believe that a job of any kind can be filled by any ol’ warm body.  It can’t.  Jobs are opportunities for productivity, and that is a magical thing—and not everyone is capable of comprehending that magic and the wonder it often brings when it’s done well. 

Rubio and Cruz clearly didn’t understand the definition of good labor at that debate—but then again, few people really do.   But they do know big labor and how to make a pitch for their monopoly on productive work and the ability to shut down effort to drive up costs due to a lack of competition by the more ambitious.

Rich “Cliffhanger” Hoffman


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The Last Days of a Dying GOP: Why Donald Trump scares the establishment–the game is changed forever

Obviously this is the end of the line for the traditional GOP who desperately desires to stay in charge of the political machine that controls Republican politics.  After the historic Nevada win Trump showed the GOP establishment that he could break 45% of the vote in a victory so ahead of Super Tuesday the entire GOP put their faith in Marco Rubio’s mouth to change strategies and challenge Donald Trump during a CNN debate in Texas where the kid came out swinging hard.  He made an impact on the weak-minded who took to Twitter to goad me as a Trump supporter within hours of the tag team event where Rubio and Ted Cruz were obviously trying to knock Donald Trump into another dimension with one last gasp.  The following Tuesday could put everything out of reach for them within a week—as far as political ambition—so they fought like cornered losers—one last stand at the Alamo before being overrun completely.  Here is what was sent to me on Twitter after establishment supporters of the GOP felt their puppets did well during the debate:

@overmanwarrior @TwRandy 4 bankruptcies, lying about his net worth, inherited a fortune, supported late-term abortion and universal healthcare.

For which I replied:

One way to stay safe in life is to do nothing and live as a politician. Life at the top touches a lot of people.

I thought Trump held his own in the debate so there was no reason to defend him.  But the behavior of the GOP in obviously sitting down with Rubio and pressing him with their fate revealed a lot more than even I anticipated.  Rubio completely changed from playing the role of a somewhat nice all-American kid—a Kennedy-type of candidate—to a petulant teenager who was unproven in the world challenging his father in a last-ditch effort to not be like him.  As Cruz pressed Trump several times I couldn’t help but think—what has Cruz ever done in his life to justify any arrogance.  Trump on the other hand has accomplished quite a lot.  And like I said on Twitter, when you do things in life that touch a lot of people, there will be many who will not have a favorable impression of you.  Especially if you have a track record of winning a lot.  If you win, that means many people who have come into contact with you have lost, and that usually makes people feel bad about themselves.  That said, if a person is a winner, they will have many enemies and Trump certainly does.  Add to that his massive personal wealth earned the old-fashioned way and a lot of people who have lost to him in the past will do anything and everything to get back at him in some way.  But Rubio—what has he done in his life to justify his arrogance on stage that day?  He hasn’t done anything in his life to earn it—leaving him looking like a spoiled brat teenager full of gumption, but no track record to back it.

The GOP establishment did what they can only do, they studied Donald Trump on tape and goaded Marco Rubio into being the actor that he is—and mimic the alpha male the best he could with a last-ditch effort to knock the GOP frontrunner off the mountain and hopefully get some traction for really the first time now that Jeb Bush is out of the race.  Marco Rubio isn’t a tough guy by any measure, but he is a typical politician—he will say anything and do whatever he is told by the establishment who desires to use his youthful looks and natural charisma to maintain their control centered in the Beltway and extending out into America and beyond.

What the GOP didn’t count on was that they were forced to show all their cards five days ahead of Super Tuesday and that all that was by strategic design from Trump.  I thought it was odd that Trump mentioned Chris Christie several times during the debate with Rubio because he anticipated what was going to happen.  Christie joined the Trump campaign early in the morning before the debate to essentially become a Rubio killer knowing that the GOP would put everything it had behind Rubio—and the kid showed everything he had in the debate for which Trump just studied for the first hour—like any fighter does—track the opponent and see what moves he has—before laying in to a final punch.

The media went wild that someone had finally challenged Trump.  Cruz and Rubio were heroes to all the cowardly lions out there who were naturally intimidated by the manner of Trump—and they were hopeful that perhaps a lesson had been learned.  To their minds Donald Trump represents every movie bully they had ever seen.  They have no other context for a character like him against the backdrop of their little lives and all the little dreams they limited their mind to.  So their hatred of Trump goes further than just political ambitions.  Trump is essentially a grown-up unconquered child with the mind of a very young person—sharp, playful, ambitious and striving to learn and be challenged.  For all the people who have sold themselves short in life with low goals and were too timid to hold the line to challenges that shook their belief system—Trump is a mirror they’d rather not look at.  When they look at him they see everything they wanted to be, but dared not become.  So the hatred of Trump runs deeper than just politics—and there are plenty of enemies who hoped they could buy success through him with Trump University and many other things avoiding the hardship of actually living and accomplishing endeavors.  Trump tried to teach people how to become wealthy, but something even he didn’t understand at the time—you can’t make second-handers desire to become primaries with a couple of years of education.  They either are people not afraid to be at the front of the train, or they are happy in the back.  CLICK TO LEARN MORE.  THERE IS AN ACTUAL SCIENCE TO THIS WAY OF THINKING THAT IS VERY IMPORTANT. Nothing can help people inclined to the back of the train, to be successful—and Trump learned that the hard way.  It was one of his failures started with great ambition, but the psychology of mankind prevented its success.  He’ll win his civil case without any problem.  Trouble and the wake of it come with being a billionaire who has actively tried to help people all his life.  Some people just can’t be helped.ultimately finding that they did not have the right stuff to become like him.  Rubio studied Trump and mimicked him on stage at the CNN debate trying to turn the tables.  Trump seemed to admire the effort a bit and even told Cruz and Rubio to keep swinging for the fences—but toward the end of the debate Trump had what he needed to crush Rubio in the days that followed.  And that’s exactly what will happen.

That is the difference in this particular case ladies and gentlemen.  There has never been a person like Donald Trump in history who has made it to this point in the political process and the machine which controls both parties and is run off the fuel of communism—established during the 1950s in America, knows that its very existence is in trouble. CLICK HERE TO UNDERSTAND THAT THE USE OF COMMUNISM IN THIS CASE IS NOT AN INFLAMATORY STATEMENT, BUT IS OF HISTORICAL RECORD. This political machine will not be able to compete with Trump.  It is over for them and they know it.  The rules are changing day by day—and not to their liking.  They have been exposed once and for all.

Trump has had a few things that didn’t work out, and he learned from them and is the person he is today as part of that history.  I’m comfortable with his record, because for every failure are wonderful successes—great successes.  But what has Rubio done—or for that matter any other person in the entire GOP?  They are second-handers themselves—like those people who took classes at Trump University hoping to become like Donald Trump—but

Rich “Cliffhanger” Hoffman


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Make America Great Again

This is a worthy article in favor of Donald Trump. If you are on the fence, read this and get on the Trump train. It’s leaving the station and you don’t want to miss it.

Becoming American

It’s actually pretty simple ‘Make America Great Again’ and with a candidate like Donald Trump, you actually believe it will happen.

I have long held Libertarian ideals, yet in my private life I am very conservative. As a teenager I liked a lot of what liberals had to say, but that was during the Bush Administration, and I never really cared that much for Bush, though I did like some of his speeches. You’d have to be heartless not to get behind him after 9/11, but aside from that, I didn’t care for his expansionist government policies and reckless spending. The handling of the Iraq war still haunts us today.

The only time I really liked Barack Obama was when I first heard about him in 2006. I liked some of his speeches, and he spoke like the constitutional professor that he was. After that I never much liked him…

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See Donald Trump in Columbus, Ohio: Click here to get into the March 1st event

This is what a presidential candidate is supposed to look like.  Watch Donald Trump the day after the GOP debate in Texas where Chris Christie has announced that he’s endorsing him.  Trump is coming to Ohio and you should go.  Details are below.  

Rich —
Please join Mr. Trump in Columbus this Tuesday for a rally.

Details here:

Tuesday, March 1. Doors open at 9:00 AM.

Be sure to invite your friends and post the link to your social media.

Look forward to seeing you there! With your help we will Make America Great Again!
Robert Scott
State Director for Ohio
Donald J. Trump for President, Inc.

Rich “Cliffhanger” Hoffman


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Corporate Inversions: The ultimate wealth redistribution scheme


It’s important for everyone to know that corporate inversions are the direct result of policies and laws created by open border advocates for the primary objective of redistributing the wealth of America around the world to socialist and communist countries.  For instance, many don’t know it, but the Mexican Revolution at the turn of the last century was a Marxist inspired event, just as all of Central America, Cuba and South America were challenged with.  Those are not capitalist countries.  All of Africa has struggled between communism and socialism as well as Europe.  Russia was communist—now it just wears the face of a free market economy—but is still run by a former KGB agent who strives to take Russia back to the “good ol’ days.  Scandinavia is openly Bernie Sanders socialist.  China is communist, Vietnam is communist.  North Korea is communist. India is a hybrid socialist country and Australia is experimentally socialist.  That leaves really the United States to be the only somewhat capitalist country on earth and we all know in economics that socialist and communist countries are not job producing environments.  So they needed jobs in those places—to be fair, and only the United States had them.  The United Nations put pressure on law makers to organize trade deals that inspired corporate inversions through American tax codes to drive jobs created under a capitalist system to poor regions distraught by Marxist philosophies.  It was the ultimate wealth redistribution plan.

Obviously, if America is going to survive, it has to stop that practice.  When Trump uses the Carrier air conditioning company moving from Indiana to Mexico as an example to take advantage of corporate inversion business tactics, the key to solving the problem is to make it not so economically feasible for those companies to leave.  Their labor costs are already too high because of the socialist oriented labor unions—also by design—to drive up costs in America making employers want to seek places like India and China to help their bottom line.  But the big villain is the tax structure where corporations are demonized through the tax code to pay extraordinary amounts which inspires them to places like Mexico just to survive.  That is a progressive strategy manipulated by behind the scenes radicals like George Soros to attack the American economy by looting the wealth of capitalism and redistributing it to the socialist progressives of Mexico.

The proper thing to do is to view such behavior as a military attack against American sovereignty.  Immediately whoever the next president is needs to change the corporate inversion laws to make the practice far less attractive to companies.  The next president needs to find a way to make American companies want to stay in the United States.  So far, only Donald Trump has shown any willingness to attack this issue with swift action.  That’s why it’s laughable that people would actually attack him as not being conservative.  You have to understand what we are fighting.  Corporate inversions are anti-capitalist—they are massive wealth redistribution schemes created by Marxist philosophy.  Jobs created in the United States are inspired to move with their feet for short run gains only to put jobs in the pockets of socialist countries unable to create them on their own—because of their terrible social philosophy.

Trump offers something that only he could perform, an opportunity in the first year of his presidency to reverse the corporate inversion imposition that we are currently experiencing by convincing congress to change the laws on the books and to deal directly with manufactures like Carrier to stay in Indiana instead of moving to Mexico.  Remember that giant sucking sound that Ross Perot was talking about in 1992?  Well, this is it, and somebody needs to plug the hole.  Only Trump shows the ambition, business smarts, and willingness to do the hard work of changing the corporate inversion culture.

So what happens to the rest of the world?  Surely, the moment that America puts a stop to corporate inversions the United Nations will cry foul like a forward in soccer falls to the ground the moment a defense player breathes on them.  Well, they will suffer, and if they stick with socialism and communism, they will rot away.  America could take the lead to teaching them capitalism—for their own survival.  Japan has learned well from America, and Hong Kong is still doing pretty well in spite of its communist mother country.  The UAE is pro capitalist for the most part.  There are plenty of examples to learn from—and the countries of the world need to pay attention.  But they do not have a right to operate as collectivist based Marxist economies and use our weak government bureaucrats to steal America jobs because they are incompetent idiots.  They need to learn what works and adopt that; otherwise they won’t be able to compete.  That is the way it’s going to have to be.

It’s not compassionate to destroy yourself so that the deliberately weak and malpracticed can continue to operate as parasites.  It is not justice for jobs to be created here in America—developed and nurtured along by a customer base, then to lose those assets to deficient countries who get gold mines dropped in their laps without doing the work of creating it.  It’s no different from welfare recipients getting a check from government which was stolen through taxation from wealthy, hard-working people—someone else did the work, and someone else benefited because government served as the mediating thief between the two parties.  Donald Trump’s position on this could not be more conservative, and there is no other candidate who will dare move against the George Soros type of American insurgents financing the open border movement for the very reason of spreading socialism around the world.  That is one of the premier reasons that I’m supporting Trump, and the swiftest action possible the moment he’s elected.  Because time is running out.  When companies like Carrier are heading into Mexico the clock is about to run out.  This is not something to take lightly.  I talk to a lot of people, especially in business, and there are many who offer their two cents on any given topic, but their value isn’t worth a penny.   Because they are already on their way to Mexico in their minds, and the world of socialist governments who offer short term gains for lazy, complicit losers.  Yes the booze is cheap in Puerto Vallarta, and the women are easy—because they have nothing else to run to.  For a corporate CEO looking for a tax shelter and cheap labor who spent the first half of their life busting their ass to work up the ladder and is on their second marriage—Mexico looks attractive.  But it’s not America, and it never will be.

Rich “Cliffhanger” Hoffman


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The FBI is Lying to Us: Apple is 100% correct and then some

The FBI and their attacks against Apple are completely unfounded and idiotic.  Apple should not and has no obligation to assist the FBI in providing encryption access that the iPhone left behind by one of the San Bernardino terrorists.  There is nothing on that phone that the NSA shouldn’t already know, or the cell phone provider ascertaining information through their various cell phone networks couldn’t already retrieve.  The FBI along with the White House is completely in the wrong on this issue.  What they are doing is attempting to take the light off their major flaws in allowing a terrorist attack to happen in the United States in the first place.  This Apple story is only a cover to make everyone forget what the FBI really did—the massive failures they performed during the San Bernardino terrorism investigation as an act of severe neglect.  Watch the video below and read the Brietbart story for review.  Additionally, click here to review my article at the time.  People need to remember these things.

I have never seen such an act of stupidity and neglect than what the FBI performed by allowing the police to turn over Syed Farook’s apartment that she shared with her converted terrorist husband to the media and allow the press to swarm through the crime scene less than 48 hours old.  Here was a major terrorist incident that had taken place on American soil and the FBI and White House were desperate to minimize the reach and public outcry by denouncing that it was even an act of terror though it’s obvious to everyone from the outset that was the case.  They were reluctant because the couple was Islamic and the White House toyed with the idea of containing that fact from the story early on.  So the FBI allowed for the press to rummage through the crime scene looking through personal effects of the couple in an attempt to humanize them into some sort of normalcy.  In the act the media destroyed countless amounts of evidence in the form of fingerprints and DNA samples which should have been extracted from the site for subsequent months—not hours.  The whole incident was a shell game that the FBI was playing under White House direction and they were all caught from the outset.

Now, two months later the negligent FBI started issuing court orders against an American company, Apple—that has a net worth of what most of the countries around the world do—to force them to “cooperate with the FBI investigation” citing that the tech company has some sort of patriotic duty to let FBI agents get into their encryption of that Syed Farook iPhone.  Give me a break.  The crazy lunatic Islamic radical was talking to ISIS recruits on Facebook—where was the FBI in stopping that action before it happened?  And why did they try to cover it up when the terrorist act happened?  And then they drug their feet before announcing that it was a terrorist incident.  Then two months after the fact—after they allowed the press to completely destroy evidence two days after the initial attack—all of sudden Apple has some patriotic duty to the knuckle-dragging FBI agents who screwed up the case from the outset.

I actually know a few FBI guys.  Sure they get into an occasional shoot-out, but who hasn’t these days.  That doesn’t impress me.  Let me just say this—I wouldn’t want those guys to have encryption decoding ability to anything.  They do a decent job most of the time, but like anybody who is employed, particularly in the federal government, they are prone to immoral acts of embarrassments and they often abuse their power.  Let’s just say that.  Apple doesn’t owe those people in the FBI anything.  The FBI has all the information they need to pursue the terrorist sources in the Syed Farook case.  They know who said what to whom, and who sold what and when right now.   They are using the Apple case as a way to gain access to encrypted products in the future under court order, and they are using the legal process to stall their own investigation because they don’t really want the results to come out—at least until Obama is out of the White House and they can dump the news on the Friday night cycle perhaps the night before the NFL starts again, or some other cultural event that otherwise occupies the attention of the American masses.  If they wanted to uncover the terrorist network behind the San Bernardino terrorist attack—those accomplices would already be prosecuted and in jail—Apple has nothing to do with it.

I am deeply insulted by the comments of the FBI and the White House.  The assumption in their statements is that we are all stupid.  I would agree with Donald Trump and urge Apple to cooperate with the FBI if I thought we could trust them—but we can’t.  They have shown an inclination to mislead and bungle investigations either on purpose, or by incompetence.  Either way, they are a risk, and no competent company should be compelled by law to squander their product for the sake of fools who are highly likely to make mistakes with it.  Apple is trying to establish an Apple Pay system that is completely predicated off the public’s ability to trust the security of their products—so the FBI compelling Apple to provide a backdoor to a terrorist’s iPhone won’t help the company build that confidence.  This whole “greater good” argument that the government is making is horse shit. What was good for the most of America was for the White House and FBI from the outset of the San Bernardino terrorist attacks to admit what they knew and when they knew it.  Instead, they let the media come in under the guise of curiosity and destroy very valuable evidence—and then lecture us all on the merits of patriotism.  Give me a break!

Where there is smoke there is often fire and there is a lot of smoke regarding the FBI handling of the terrorist incident at San Bernardino.  They screwed up the case terribly—to my eyes on purpose—because I honestly don’t believe people are that stupid.  If they are—then we can’t trust them with anything—certainly not the encryption of a single iPhone.  The FBI is manipulating the situation obviously.  The question left for the rest of us to ask is…………………………why?

Rich “Cliffhanger” Hoffman


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Demons in the Snow: The anger of the establishment at Donald Trump

I can only think of the mountain climbing scene from Akira Kurosawa’s fantastic movie Dreams, where the ghostly goddess vanished into a snowstorm leaving the crippled mountain climbers for the first time unencumbered emotionally because the apparition had been luring them to their very deaths and was in fact a demon.  Watch the really beautiful scene below.  I’ve used this metaphor before, but it certainly applies to those against Donald Trump in the wake of the Nevada caucuses.  It’s hard sometimes to tell who the villain is and who is true when life has a way of beating us all to death day in and day out.  The reaction the media collectively had when Donald Trump won Nevada as I flipped through the channels at 2 AM was the same as the frustrated demon trying to use a beautiful face to disguise its true intentions.  A similar demon has been trying to kill America and after the Nevada results poured in, the spirit which possessed all our media pundits from all sides of the political spectrum lashed out in anger because they had lost their grip on the mind of mankind for what looked like the first time in centuries.  It was a magnificent scene and I stared at my television in the quiet hours of a Wednesday morning wondering if it had ever been real—as the demon disappeared into a wisp of spectral smoke and vanished in shame.

How big was Donald Trump’s win in Nevada?  Well, in Ohio, it is extremely important to pay attention to all the local races—the 8th congressional race, Ann Becker for State Central Committee, all the senate races, the school levy repeals, voting down all taxes that one can.  Even better it would be for Donald Trump to beat John Kasich in Ohio for all the lies that governor espoused to win his office then turn into a hugging monstrosity of a former man sulking in the husk of a body once defined by testosterone.  Just for his position on expanding Medicaid through Obamacare, Kasich deserves to be embarrassed in that March 15th election notoriously.  Before Nevada it looked like Trump would do well nationwide—and would likely win the GOP nomination for president of the United States.  After however, with Trump’s above the poll turnout—it looked certain.  The pontificators of mediocrity had to hold their faces to keep them from melting off—and it made me very happy. That momentum will obviously define the 2016 election cycle and of course Ohio is right in the middle of it.  On that March 15th day, a lot will be happening and all signs point to a complete revolution without guns toward a new type of government not rooted in either political party—which would be a great thing.  A seismic shift in political priorities occurred after Trump won Nevada and it would be changed forever.

I see the battle taking place on many fronts.  Trump needs to win on the national stage, and people like Ann Becker need to do well in the trenches.  It’s unlikely that everyone will win their positions, but the totality of the attempts equates to the greater sum of just one front being attacked toward positive reform away from the socialist trend we have been witnessing for far too long.  Often the fight is better than the results because the assertion of intention changes the behavior of the enemy.  The enemy in this case is those who have tried to use government to steal more wealth from hard-working people, cheapen the United States through open border policies, and allow the communist intentions enacted since 1958 to maintain their grip on both political parties and the mainstream media.  Year by year they have pulled America toward a United Nations controlled one world government.  The people doing those things to our country deserve to feel horror at what they saw in Nevada.  It was an impossible victory by an impossible candidate that nobody had given any credit to up to that point.  Now the realization was that he was for real and he had momentum that looked impossible to stop.

But the real fight across the nation is on Super Tuesday, a week after the Nevada win, then of course there is Ohio two weeks later where if Kasich holds on that long—he will likely be very embarrassed which would finally bring justice to those of us he betrayed so flamboyantly.  Analysts from Trump’s big Nevada win could only sum of the word “anger” to express why the New York billionaire was doing so well.  What they failed to identify properly was the source of that anger.  For instance, in Ohio, we elected John Kasich as a Tea Party conservative—because that’s how he sold himself.  We also stuck with John Boehner for a long time—long enough that he was able to graduate into the Speaker of the House seat—which was the third most powerful in America.  Within a year both of those idiots were out on the golf course with President Obama getting neutered by the progressive activist and quickly changed their tune into Beltway boys.  When we raised our concerns about the issue the Republican Party went on a search and destroy mission to destroy the Tea Party—which turned out to be a really bad idea.

After Kasich lost the Issue 2 election where he challenged the public sector labor unions and lost, I took up the task of becoming the ground leader for making Ohio a right to work state as a next step.  Many friends that I had at the time turned against me because the mandate from the head of the Republican Party—Kasich– wanted to run for president and put his political ambitions ahead of the needs of the state.  Under the tutelage of Bill Cunningham—who is a long time friend of the governor, Kasich softened himself up into the kind of progressive that Cunningham really is off the air.  On the radio he plays a strong conservative, but off—he’s still very much a Kennedy democrat, and he helped sway the wounded governor into taking much more progressive positions, and that included stacking the deck against me personally through the local Republican Party because of my involvement with Right to Work in Ohio.  My role in the whole thing was an obvious solution to the continuous tax levies that public schools were asking for to cover the extreme costs of teacher salaries that were statistically too high because of their collective bargaining agreements.  That is where my support of Kasich started to end.  It was finalized when he expanded Medicaid under Obamacare siding with the president in expanding the treacherous and unpopular government takeover of health care.  The establishment Republicans showed me personally that they were more interested in the collectivist aims of a sitting governor than the strategic advancement of conservative value.  Even though Trump wasn’t yet running for office, I became a supporter of the next person who would step beyond the GOP platform established by people like Boehner and Kasich and re-establish those lines based on actual conservative positions—like border security, Second Amendment protections, and a strong dollar domestically.

Glenn Beck just before Nevada really betrayed his audience by calling Trump supporters brownshirts, and declaring that Trump would win because he had a giant phallic symbol right in the heart of Las Vegas.  He went on to proclaim that Trump was somehow morally unfit to make America win again because he was one of the first casino owners to put strippers in them—according to Beck’s radio show on caucus day in Nevada 2016.  Beck completely missed the point of Trump’s dominance.  People are so sick of losers who lie, manipulate and talk out of both sides of their mouth, that they are willing to overlook things to have a chance to win again in America—that is how morally depraved we have all become.  Some people are willing to do anything to taste victory again.  And what is Beck’s proposal—a person who claims to be a libertarian with a live and let live attitude about things—who is morally repulsed by strippers and casinos—but then looks at Trump in a biblical way as being the anti-Christ.  That doesn’t sound very libertarian to me.  I’m not a fan of casinos or strippers—but Trump is a lot more moral in his behavior than Glenn Beck—and Ted Cruz.  Trump is open and has made his life a clear window into his soul.  The validation of that is in what he produces.  With all the gifts Beck was given, he hasn’t been able to really do anything with them.  He has a movie studio in Dallas—and has failed to really put his money where his mouth is—he could have been a modern Walt Disney—but he has essentially failed at that. Trump doesn’t fail.  He does what he sets out to do—he takes risks—big risks, and most of the time he comes out on top.  Statistically he wins much more than he loses.  The few things that people like Cruz, Rubio, and Beck point to as failures are only loses in relation to their lives which have yet to be filled with big successes.  Trump has had many more successes than failures and that track record can be seen.  The evidence is on the skyline of New York, Chicago, and Las Vegas.  Where are the Cruz successes?  Rubio had trouble with traffic tickets.  How’s he going to do anything on a scale where the nation can benefit?  I mean both men are still young, Cruz and Rubio, but they are untested in the matters of the world.  They may have had little legal successes, but what have they built?  Trump has lots of successes and people can see them.  They are part of so many American skylines.  They can walk up and touch them—they are real.  And people need that right now.

Even with Trump being a casino owner and someone who has supported the use of strippers in them to create the kind of environment that Las Vegas visitors expect—he is far more moral than the long faces who have been selling out our country to foreign interests for so many years.  I am actually surprised that Glenn Beck and many others are so angry at Donald Trump for having such success.  If they really wanted to fix the country, wouldn’t they think the same way as I do?  I’m not a “brown shirt.”  I’m not part of Hitler’s army.  But I’ll tell you what I don’t like, and yes I do get angry when I meet them.  I don’t like people who lose a lot and makes excuses for it.  When things got hot for Beck, he left New York and retreated from the scene—pretty much.  When things got tough for Trump, he dug in and fought harder in one of the most competitive cities in the world.  When Trump supporters harassed Beck at a caucus site in Nevada—it wasn’t because they were “brown shirts.”  Rather, they were people who are sick of losing and tired of people like Glenn Beck and other pundits trying to whisper us all back to sleep again—like a demon from Akira Kurosawa’s movies.  If something is out there trying to steal your very life from you—we have a right to get mad.  And we are.  I certainly am.  Short of an armed revolt, Trump is the next best thing that can right elections without open warfare.  If Beck really wanted America to return to a constitutional republic he’d understand the root of that anger—and realize that in the eyes of the hardy and strong across America that he is the new Cleveland Browns of politics.  He loses all the time and can’t seem to understand how to win even when he has all the resources to do so.  Trump on the other hand is like the New England Patriots or any team that Payton Manning is playing on.  They just win.  And when the demons can’t beat them—they accuse them of being less than honest.  But the results tell the whole story.  In America, results matter.

Rich “Cliffhanger” Hoffman


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Meet One of the Greatest Americans, the Frenchman Philippe Petit: A love letter to the Twin Towers

I was on a long oversea flight when I noticed the 2015 movie The Walk was one of the few listings that actually looked interesting to me.  I had avoided it in theaters because honestly, I get tired of all the sad stories about the Twin Towers destroyed in New York in 2001.  The topic started to feel like a perpetual funeral a long time ago—and I don’t like funerals.  I was a kid when Philippe Petit performed a high wire act by walking across the two skyline monstrosities breaking the law, yet winning the hearts of the world—so I vaguely remembered the incident.  Being stuck on a plane for 13 hours and having finished a book I was reading, I thought I’d give it a chance.  What I discovered on the Robert Zemeckis directed film was a love letter to what the World Trade Center towers represented before that terrible day on 9/11—and it gave me new respect for the anger that New Yorkers—like Donald Trump—still feel when talking about them.  Everyone promised not to forget when the towers were destroyed by radical Islamic terrorists on that fateful September day in 2001—but by the time The Walk had finished playing on the plane long over the Pacific Ocean coming down along the coast of Russia, I realized that Zemeckis had captured perfectly the critical issues on why legal immigration to the United States was part of the American experience and had properly identified without saying it why the terrorists had attacked those particular towers—because of what they represented to the rest of the world.  I found that The Walk was a movie that every American should see at least once because even thought Petit was a Frenchman, what he did and why he did it perfectly embodied why America is a special place and continues to be.  At the heart of the movie was a defined embodiment of the current political turbulence and a desire to recapture America’s spirit before 9/11 ever happened.  It was marvelous.

Philippe Petit (French pronunciation: ​[filip pəti]; born 13 August 1949) is a French high-wire artist who gained fame for his high-wire walk between the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in New York City, on the morning of August 7, 1974.[1] For his unauthorized feat (which he referred to as “le coup”[2]) 1,350 feet (400 metres) above the ground, he rigged a 450-pound (200-kilogram) cable and used a custom-made 26-foot (8-meter) long, 55-pound (25-kilogram) balancing pole. He performed for 45 minutes, making eight passes along the wire. The next week, he celebrated his 25th birthday. All charges were dismissed in exchange for his doing a performance in Central Park for children.

Since then, Petit has lived in New York, where he has been artist-in-residence at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine, also a location of other aerial performances. He has done wire walking as part of official celebrations in New York, across the United States, and in France and other countries, as well as teaching workshops on the art. In 2008, Man on Wire, a documentary directed by James Marsh about Petit’s walk between the towers, won numerous awards. He was also the subject of a children’s book and an animated adaptation of it, released in 2005. The Walk, a movie based on Petit’s walk, was released in September 2015, starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Petit and directed by Robert Zemeckis.

He also became adept at equestrianism, fencing, carpentry, rock-climbing, and bullfighting. Spurning circuses and their formulaic performances, he created his street persona on the sidewalks of Paris. In the early 1970s, he visited New York City, where he frequently juggled and worked on a slackline in Washington Square Park.

I can’t promise by the time that you’ve read this article dear reader that the below film, Man on Wire will still be playing on YouTube.  If it’s not, you should find it and watch it.  If it is still up below, then take a few hours and watch it now.  I had not seen the film prior to the Zemeckis movie but instantly sought it out wanting to confirm that what I had seen in The Walk was real—which it was.  It is an inspiring documentary that serves as a fine complement to the 2015 feature film.  As spectacular as that event was in 1974 walking across the massive precipice of the World Trade Center from such dizzying heights, it was quite a relief to discover that the story was true and the real passion of Philippe Petit was not overstated.  The actual guy is just as passionate and authentic as the 2015 movie on him.   Petit was a modern immigrant who came to America because of the opportunities it provided him, and he stayed and never left.  Even though what he did was in definite violation of the law, New York embraced him because unlike other places in the world, such efforts often go with a reward.  America has always been a place where the law takes a back seat to innovation.  Of course Philippe Petit was arrested for his antics and if he had not been successful, things could have been very bad for him and the World Trade Center building complex that had not yet been opened to the public.  But as it was, Petit’s actions were authentic—driven from a pure heart to live by the spontaneity of his troubadour tendencies and the American continent recognized that effort with foundations of belief rooted in common experience.  Most people in America yearn to live as Petit did—not everyone does—but the purpose of art is to evoke such emotions and in this case it properly put its finger on the root of American Exceptionalism.  Petit is such a fine, raw example of American Exceptionalism.  It’s not something people are born with.  It’s a philosophy that embraces those who have no place else to display their genius—and that is what makes America great.  It’s not a born trait, it’s something you take for yourself—and America along with its entire people—thus benefits.

Petit saw something that at the time could have only been created by American capitalism—the World Trade Center and he took on impossible odds to perform his task.  Part of the difficulty is what shaped the event as being so extraordinary.  If it had been easy it would not have been so amazing.  I can say that I understand Petit’s efforts.   I have experienced similar things—even down to the mysterious stranger who showed up on the roof at dawn and looked him wordlessly to acknowledge his existence then disappeared just as inexplicably.  Who was that guy?  Nobody knows but he never tipped off the law prior to Petit taking to his feat.  I have a saying that I often have told my children that the treasures of life are not found along paved roads lined with signs saying stay off the grass.  If you really want to find the treasures of life, sometimes you have to step off that paved road and look in the high grass and weeds.  Rules and regulations are designed to keep us all on the road so that things can be hidden from us—so another class of insurgent aristocrats can rule over mankind.   That is why in France, Petit wasn’t so celebrated, because they loved their rules and regulations.  They may push the limit in different social ways, but the intellectual ways that Americans do are unique to the continent of North America as established by the Revolution of 1776.  Breaking the law is sometimes a good thing in America—so long as you win.

That message is distinctly different everywhere else in the world.  Rules matter and the people who make the rules must be revered as gods on earth.  In America that notion is laughed at—and that is why Philippe Petit was so embraced by New York after his amazing feat.  He had given meaning to those two steel towers and enemies of America—both foreign and domestic wanted to put an end to that meaning.  So they attacked them for what they represented to all the Petits of the world who looked to America with hope.  The attack on the World Trade Center on 9/11 2001 was not just a shot at American capitalism, but to those who looked at them in pictures and dreamed similar dreams of freedom, anarchy, and spontaneous authenticity.  It wasn’t the buildings themselves they wanted to destroy so much as it was the freedoms they represented.  If Petit had not launched them with bold insurrection to the rules of humanity—they wouldn’t have had the same meaning.  For them to take their place in history properly—Petit needed to have his walk across them.

I was deeply touched by The Walk.  It touched on something that I believe in with extraordinary passion.  I can relate to Philippe Petit and I have to thank Robert Zemeckis for telling such an amazingly simple story with all the complexity of its troubadour origins—which is actually what gave birth to America in the first place from the first daring Europeans who put a zest for life ahead of the orthodox against the church and state.  Even though many had forgotten consciously what the World Trade Center had come to mean to a new generation, because of The Walk, the spirit of that endeavor has been captured and had defined them properly—and it is that spirit the terrorists attacked.

Conspiracies abound as to who was responsible for the destruction of the World Trade Center.  Donald Trump as a New Yorker and a builder of large buildings obviously is still very angry about their downfall—likely for the reasons I just articulated—even though it’s hard to put a finger on it.  The world needs more Philippe Petits and when those towers went down it wasn’t just lives lost that made everyone so sad.  It was the good memories of what they meant to the New York skyline and how they were launched to the public in such a grandiose way.  All that was erased forever and what was left was not just ruins, but an intentional jab at all the potential Philippe Petits of the world contemplating the fulfillment of their dreams.  The message from those treacherous insurgents was—yield your individuality to the deities and laws of the world.  Do not follow your individual passions as Philippe Petit did.   The direction we moved to as a country after 9/11 did exactly what the terrorists wanted.  Try telling a TSA agent you intend to walk across some building in America.  They’d panic and put the entire airport on lockdown just for saying it.  We gave up our free loving troubadour spirit to embrace the safety that only rules can provide to evoke upon us to stay on the paved roads.  CLICK HERE TO LEARN ABOUT THE TROUBADOURS.  That was the greatest crime of all.  For me the most beautiful scene in The Walk was when Petit was going through immigration with all his equipment and he honestly told the border agent what he planned to do.  It was so extraordinary that the man waved him through not with suspicion but almost with a dare to see if the kid would actually do it attitude.  That is America, and that is what we need to get back.

Maybe if Donald Trump is elected president he’ll nominate Philippe Petit as a VP—because he’s still alive.  I can’t think of anybody who is more American than that Frenchman.  That is a guy I understand!

Rich “Cliffhanger” Hoffman


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The Best Reason to Vote for a President Trump: Breaking down conspiracies and unleashing new technological economies

Not only with Donald Trump as President of the United States do we get a guy who will end common core, bust through EPA regulations which prevent new construction in America, literally take the lid off the economy, close off the open border insurgency that is currently taking place, be pro military around the world, take a stand against drugs, rearrange the trade imbalances created through devalued currencies globally, expand the second amendment, and stop the process of corporate inversions by restructuring the tax code to lower the taxes which inspire valuable companies to flee to less top-heavy cost countries—by design, but we get a guy who will actually take on serious challenges like the one shown about 20 minutes into the following Alex Jones video.

Obviously, anybody with a brain knows that there are shadow governments running global politics and they work through lobbyists in Washington D.C. to advance the strategies decided behind very closed doors throughout the European theater.  If America wants to survive into next century, that influence has to stop, but unfortunately most political candidates in American politics need money to get elected, and they can’t get that money unless they work with these shadow governments.  What is very interesting about Donald Trump is that even as a front-runner he has been willing to do interviews with Alex Jones who has a reputation as a conspiracy theorist.  Surely not everything is as Alex proposes, but where there is smoke, there is fire, and Alex points to a lot of smoke.  Trump, being a mover and shaker in very high places and a political donor himself knows all the characters involved and he knows what the real fight is, and he is obviously a fan of Alex Jones.  This leads to a lot of very productive possibilities under a Trump presidency regarding the influence that shadow governments have on our political process.  I’d like to see someone put an end to the practice, and Trump is poised to be that person who can finally do so.  Better yet, he has shown that he’s actually willing to take on that shadow government for the sake of American sovereignty—and that is probably the best reason to vote for him.

I have written myself about the problems with 9/11.  There is something very fishy about the whole thing—particularly regarding building seven.  No plane hit it yet it went down among all the other terrorist activity at the time.  CLICK HERE TO REVIEW.  The establishment has labeled people who talk about 9/11 with anything but patriotism “truthers” which is to throw them into a tin-hated conspiracy theorist category like Alex Jones.  Well, as Trump indicated in recent debates, there is something wrong with the Bush family relationship to 9/11 and likely the responsibility for the whole thing is likely the responsibility of Saudi Arabia.  Trump obviously feels compelled to reveal that truth to the American public and as president I think he will, which will go a long way to sticking a dagger into the shadow governments that are controlling oil prices and motivating trade imbalances around the world to “redistribute” wealth.

Under a Trump presidency, I think we will find cures for cancer, leaps in technological advancement and entirely new economies forming around invention.  Saudi Arabia is holding down the world with OPEC and secret agreements that keep the Middle East a major player in world affairs because of dirty energy.  As I’ve said before Thorum is a much better energy alternative and the only thing holding that back is essentially government regulation—which someone like Donald Trump could put an end to.  The way to shut down Saudi Arabia is to deregulate energy and lower the value of their oil through competition.  All these good things would happen because of Trump’s free market capitalism approach.  It would be better than the 80s were, it would be something America has never experienced before.  But better yet, it would truly end some of the terrorism that Saudi Arabia sponsors against the United States.  After all, they can’t bring much harm if they don’t have the money to fund illicit activities against us.  The best way to destroy the shadow governments of Europe is to defund them—to take the money they use against us out of their pockets and put that wealth back to where they looted it from—American GDP.  

Many of the good things mentioned above technologically exist right now—CLICK TO REVIEW, particularly in the field of regenerative health.  Virgin Galactic has recovered their SpaceShipTwo just ahead of the South Carolina primary and they are moving toward commercialized space flight very quickly.  For that to happen properly, and the huge burst of economic activity that will follow it, the shadow governments that present are holding back our civilization have to be eliminated.  If there is no better reason to vote for Donald Trump, it is for him to do his job of ushering in this new generation of technologically oriented economic activity.  So long as stupid little things like 28 pages of a 9/11 report are missing there are still too many secrets influencing the management of our country to protect people who want to hurt it with strategies designed by those who want to smooth America out across the world the way they’d apply butter to bread—not caring at all for what that does to American sovereignty.

It’s not enough just to have a constitutional oriented president in the 2016 election.  We need someone with the courage to take on the shadow governments and Trump is the only person in well over a century that has shown a willingness to consider it.  Trump when he had a lot to lose risked a great deal to take on Jeb Bush in the South Carolina debates and just a few days later, took on the one world government aims of the Pope.  Trump has a way of striking without making it so he can’t deal with people in the future.  Trump masterfully put the Pope in his place within the Vatican and he essentially knocked Jeb Bush out of the presidential race.  I would love to see a Donald Trump standing in front of the United Nations busting up the shadow governments that drape off it—then working with Richard Branson to get Virgin Galactic into space with commercial destinations, such as what should have already been built on the moon.  But before that can happen all the stuff on the moon that is classified, such as the reasons the world stopped trying to go to space in the 70s—needs to get out on the table and be dealt with.  I personally want to visit a Holiday Inn or even a Trump Tower on the moon within twenty years.  There’s no reason we can’t have such a thing—only the self-imposed limits we make for ourselves which governments and religion use to hold us to the control of shadow governments of European motivation.

We are on the precipice of the greatest advancements the world has ever seen—or we’ll fall behind and languish in failure.  Donald Trump represents more than just an immediate opportunity to repair American sovereignty.  He represents much more than that.  He could literally pull the lid off many big things that have always been there but are hidden behind scandalous incidents like Saudi Arabian relationships deep within our own government influenced completely by the money given to them by OPEC deals creating false oligopolies—making them insanely rich by shadow governments that benefit directly from that relationship—which goes all the way back to the stupidity of the Sykes-Picot agreement after World War I.  Trump more than anybody shows an inclination to unleash these old conspiracies and put them on the table to dissolve so that a new economy can emerge which would be beneficial to everyone—except the old money shadow government types.  If you have ever read The Great Gatsby dear reader you know how jealous old money can be of new money.  That is the case with the world against the United States.  There is a reason Richard Branson of the United Kingdom has Virgin Galactic in the United States and not in Europe.  We need a president who will protect that reason and pull away the veil for the good of the world.  But now you know why the establishment fears him so much.  And they should.  Because they have been up to no good for far, far too long—and when people find out about it—they’ll be very angry.

Most of the limits we face early in this 21st century are entirely artificial.  Those limits need to be removed by the next President of the United States.  Watch all the videos included above for support information.

Rich “Cliffhanger” Hoffman


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Strategies and Conservative History of Donald Trump: Statements on Apple ahead of gathering under the tent of the Republican nominee

The trick now for Donald Trump is obviously making it so that Marco Rubio’s supporters along with Ted Cruz can jump over to him without feeling they betrayed their candidate.  So a change in presentation is due, especially now that Jeb Bush has announced that he’s out of the presidential race. John Kasich has no chance, Ben Carson has no chance.  Only Ted Cruz, and Marco Rubio—both freshman Tea Party senators who don’t have much of a track record are left to determine who will be the Republican nominee along with Donald Trump—who is also a Tea Party favorite.  Let’s see, I heard several establishment Republicans in Butler County Ohio say in early 2013 when they were trying to stuff out the various Tea Party groups—that it would all be over by 2014.  Well, that’s not what’s happening.

Because of the vicious warfare a lot of these Cruz and Rubio people will be reluctant to side with Trump—so it will be the New York billionaire’s task to pull over the supporters and finish off these two—which should be rather easy.   There are a lot of things to pick on that could sink their ships really fast if Trump wanted to do it.  Rubio is from communist Cuba.   Ted Cruz had a father who was a communist revolutionary—and he was not born in the USA.  Both have had trouble with their personal finances and listing their paperwork obligations to some degree.  They both speak well, but are obviously above their head in personal experience. They were good candidates when Bush and Kasich were the focus, but now, they are front-runners subject to exposure—and it will be tough for them—there is a lot of easy fodder for Trump to expose over the next few weeks.

For them however, Cruz and Rubio, they will try to paint Trump as not being conservative enough and that is something that will have to be overcome quickly.  Trump was already dealing with that in his South Carolina acceptance speech before the print was dry for the morning papers.  That assertion, which many friends that I have in the Liberty movement support, is laughable.  The definition being used about conservatism has been established in the Tea Party wake of conservatives mixed with libertarians—and it is that criteria that is judging Trump’s viability of conservative values.  It is a political definition largely formed by Glenn Beck’s portion of the conservative Tea Party audience and is not based on actual conservative value—and that is what Trump needs to attack now in order to overcome the younglings—Cruz and Rubio.

If I had to write Trump’s life arch to arrive at this moment it would probably go something like this, Trump was hungry to step out of his father’s shadow—he worked really hard and put his stamp in New York in a big way enjoying a lot of early success.  He was the Michael Jackson of real estate and he worked extremely hard to get there.  The 90s came, and the bottom fell out of many of his investments.  He was over extended and struggling to stay afloat.  His father who was someone Trump leaned on a lot suffered Alzheimer’s disease and finally died in 1999.  Also over this span, Trump went through two marriages, had to file bankruptcies on several of his properties to keep them from sinking everything he had worked for and he had to pound through a lot of public scrutiny—a lot of people who wanted to kick him on the way back down off his 80s successes.  As a developer in New York, where a lot of liberals control things, Trump had to donate money just to play the game.  There weren’t a lot of Republicans in the world he was living in—so he had to do what it took to help his businesses.  He survived the 90s with a lot of personal skill and triumph and faced the next century without his parents, and a company that needed him to bounce back and carry it on his shoulders toward new heights.  Most of the things Trump faced in the 90s would have forced lesser men to jump off a roof, but Trump just buckled down and solved everything with sheer tenacity and intelligence.  In the post parent years, Trump truly broke out to be his own man—and along the way he started the Apprentice on NBC with Mark Burnett and actually refined himself over the course of 14 seasons as he was a teacher to several young people on a very popular television show.  Along the way, he bounced around on political positions, largely because most of the people he was dealing with were liberals—but he never personally lost himself.  He never drank, did drugs or got himself into misdeeds with women even though he could have easily as a single person at the time.  He met his current wife in 2004 and she seemed to be just what he needed as a person.  Since she came along, his personal focus has been surgical and his businesses have grown enormously.  He could not be a liberal in any way because of the way he has raised his family.  His kids show his conservatism, his businesses could not have been raised to the level they are without him being conservative to his very core—because liberals cannot think right to become wealthy the old fashion way.  Trump has been vetted through the harshest fires and he has endured and actually excelled.  I can say that I know what kind of president he’ll be, and I don’t have to worry about him crowning himself king.  He’s far more complex than that—and more reliable.

Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio comparatively have done nothing in their lives.  They are professional politicians without much of a track record and a lot of youthful idealism.  They have not survived the fires of reality all so well—they are actually a bit like Trump was in the 80s.  They have yet to face any hard crashes in their lives—which they will—and you don’t want a person in the White House who might not handle things so well under enormous pressure.  Cruz has been a good debater and argued in front of the Supreme Court, but that’s a rather small thing compared to all the achievements of Trump.  And Rubio in his short career has even been caught on the Gang of 8 mishap with Chuck Schumer—which will be easy for Trump to expose in the coming weeks.  However Trump does get into trouble is with statements like what he made about Apple.

The answer to Apple is not to boycott them, or even to have the government force Apple to unlock the cell phone of the California ISIS terrorists.   Trump’s comment that the government “owns” the phones is incorrect.  Trump the CEO is used to operating as a top down manager which is actually needed right now in the White House because of all the dysfunction—but you have to understand that government is owned by the people.  I’m sure Trump understands that, and his intentions with Apple are good, but he’s wrong in assuming that government could solve the problem of encryption with judicial force.  It just feeds the anxiety that Glenn Beck and Ted Cruz are already feeding about Trump’s conservatism.  The government should not be in the business of telling companies what to do.  In the case of Apple, rather than sitting around like a bunch of sorry losers for two months complaining that they couldn’t break the encryption of the confiscated phone, they should have hired a 12-year-old kid to hack the thing.  If Apple can invent something, then someone else can reverse engineer it and in this day and age, there is a kid out there who can do it.  The FBI should have utilized them instead of looking to impose government rule over a private sector company. Out of all the good things that Trump has said and done on this run for president, the supporters of Cruz and Rubio will take pause with that kind of talk—so it’s best to avoid those types of impulsive statements.  The FBI should not be waiting for a court order to force Apple to cooperate, and nobody should boycott Apple with peer pressure to force their hand.  It is up to the FBI to use all their vast resources to break the code.  I do not believe them when they say they can’t get in.  What they want is an easy way to get at such information in the future.  They are looking to move the Overton Window for all future cases in favor of them—which is dangerous.

Even if Trump doesn’t win in Nevada he’s in good shape to win the nomination.  He’ll do well in Nevada—and he’ll get plenty of delegates.  Marco Rubio didn’t do well in New Hampshire or Iowa, so even if he surges, he’s still way behind in the delegate count and Cruz has consistently been in third place.  He has no support from his colleagues in the senate and that will hurt him at this phase.  He has peaked out.  He’s not going to win, so his supporters need to get their minds around it.  Trump at this point could come in second and third in several of the Super Tuesday races and he’d still be poised to win.  Personally, he would consider it a failure to lose anything—but in the game of numbers, they are all in his favor.  So it’s time to start thinking about the next step.  Trump is far more conservative than Cruz and Rubio—not by what he says—but by how he acts when the rubber hits the road.  And to me, that’s what matters most.  Cruz and Rubio have not been job creators. Trump has, and he has a lot more experience at the hard decisions it takes to actually do things in the real world.  There is a big difference between idealism and actuality.  Trump has had a long career of making success out of hard realities whereas everyone else has simply just talked about it.  Trump would be wise to stick to his experience and shift into that next gear that will make it easier for the Cruz and Rubio people to come into his tent.  They may do so reluctantly, but it’s time for them to start moving in that direction.

Now, one last thing about establishment politics, the NBC/Wall Street Journal poll that excited everyone but Trump supports right before the South Carolina vote was obviously a small sampling of known Cruz/Rubio supporters hoping to turn the tide of public opinion just ahead of the vote.  The Bush campaign floated it out, and all the major news organizations ran with it—even though it was the only one.  That is how deep the establishment is on the process and it should tell voters everything they need to know.  Yet Trump didn’t buckle at all.  He was calm and cool through the whole process.  On the night before the election he held three massive rallies which made news all over the state.  Trump simply out-worked everyone.  With Trump in the White House he will set a new bar as far as what’s expected out of a sitting president.  There is nobody running who works as hard at things as Trump.  And the establishment doesn’t know what to do with him.  They’ve thrown everything including the kitchen sink at him because there is one thing that Trump has that none of them do—including Rubio and Cruz—Trump loves hard work.  They run from it by default.  That is what’s wrong with Washington D.C.—to its core.  We need a president who will make “hard work” fashionable once again—and nobody can do that like Trump.  Calvin Coolidge was a very hard worker—but he couldn’t sell it.  Trump can outwork Coolidge—but he can also sell it—and that is exactly what America needs right now.  It doesn’t need a political definition of conservatism.  It needs a hard worker who can convince America to do the same.  And that is what Trump is after a long life of really hard knocks. He’s not going to lose this election at this point.  Because nobody is able to outwork him to the finish line—so if you are not yet a Trump supporter and you don’t want Hillary in the White House—it’s time to come to terms.

Rich “Cliffhanger” Hoffman


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