What Trump has in Common with ‘The Shape of Water’: learning the nature of villians and the hopes of the good

What we are seeing isn’t specific to a particular political party or even a specific point in time. I can say that it’s always been something I have been keenly aware of. I remember as a little kid staying up way too late to watch the Academy Awards in 1983 to see if E.T. The Extraterrestrial would win Best Picture and feeling terribly deflated when Gandhi won instead. That’s when I learned the hard way that institutions are not in pursuit of goodness, but the status quo in almost every category because it allows the people working within those organizational frameworks to live modest, safe lives seldom challenged by any exceptional expectations. I was actually blown away and physically sick that E.T. failed to win Best Picture. Clearly there wasn’t any justice in the world as at that time I only ever wanted to be a film director when I grew up. In the year prior, I had gone through the same ceremonial castigation, Raiders of the Lost Ark was poised to win Best Picture and lost to the film Chariots of Fire. Something was very wrong and now almost 40 years later I sat watching the Academy Awards knowing full well there was a major liberal spin to the whole show, which is why I wasn’t a film director and no longer had a desire to be, when The Shape of Water won best picture essentially because it featured a female hero, she had nude scenes in it including masturbation, but in most other respects was a modern update to E.T. It was a stunning revelation that remained consistently bad, and points to a much deeper, darker problem.

And in so many ways, even in the serious world of politics, we are seeing the same thing that went on with E.T. at the Academy Awards in 1982 and 1983, happening now with the FBI and Justice Departments of the Obama Administration playing the same role. Even though I would argue that The Shape of Water could have easily have been made without the sex and nudity, or the F words in a film that children would have benefited from seeing in the theaters, the government agent in the film was wonderfully representative of the kind of parasitic order for which those modern institutions function. Richard Strickland in that film epitomized the ambitions of institutional control and in maintaining an order where the exceptional are locked away and tortured so that the stagnant expectations of below the line thinking could remain unchallenged. In that way The Trump administration under the direction of the FBI and DOJ were treated as the amphibious creature from The Shape of Water, tortured just for being there and seeking to be destroyed because the potential for life changing inspiration was something that institutions couldn’t allow to happen otherwise, they’d all be expected to increase their expectations for their own lives by default.

The crimes against not only Trump but against his supporters, most of whom are just as innocent as my 13-year-old self-staying up on a school night to hope beyond hope that justice would give the movie E.T. The Extraterrestrial the Best Picture award, are profound. There is so much more to the story than just the sad attempts at using the law as a weapon to beat down inspiring change, but in the abundant mechanisms for which all institutions function to preserve their salty ambitions anchored to the ground well below any above the line expectations. The corruption in society as a whole was deeper than any ocean on earth and the hopes and dreams of all mankind had been tossed to the bottom and kept their by the hostile depths too hard to dive by any mechanical means, or even the yearnings of the superhuman efforts, because sharks of every kind protect that bar from ever being raised to a level where the masses might ever be expected to perform from the merits of goodness.

A world where an Academy Award is given to a film that features a woman masturbating in a bathtub “a lot” is the same world castigating Trump for wanting to build a border wall, to create a dividing line between value and a lack of value, between a capitalist culture that has expectations of performance and a socialist one that informs people to not stick their heads up too high otherwise they will be beat down in response. That same world looks at Melania Trump and endlessly criticizes everything she wears and how she wears it but when Michelle Obama wears boots on national television that would make the Wicked Witch from The Wizard of Oz blush, she is hailed as an expert on fashion. The reason is that the static order doesn’t want little girls to grow up to be like Melania, a woman who is as close to a perfect “10” as anybody might find in our current culture. But to be like Michelle Obama, an average looking woman filled with personality flaws and genetic mutations. Melania is attacked because she is too good, she as a change agent has raised the level of expectation among the voting population and the institutions are not happy about it.

Many years later I realized that instead of trying to make things work as a film director in a liberal town that certainly didn’t want to deal with a midwestern conservative that I’d turn toward business. When I was paid a salary instead of an hourly wage to officially announce that I was no longer just a floor worker, the expectations were quite severe on me to work within the parameters of a static order. I typically had always worked 12 hours a day or more but now that I was working with as a salaried member of management—and this was many years ago—but I was supposed to assume a certain order of conduct understanding that I work only what I was paid for. And salary people were only paid for 8.5 hours of their work day. So at precisely 5 PM I was expected to drop everything and go home. But when I didn’t do that and instead continued to work as I always had, until 7 PM or even 8 PM the other salaried staff were very angry with me. They would watch closely what time I clocked in and when I clocked out and eventually built up the courage to ask me why I was trying to make them look bad. My answer of course that I wasn’t, and that if they looked bad it’s because they weren’t willing to fulfill the parameters of expectation for which production required. Well, those were fighting words and long rivalries filled with animosity percolated from that time on, yet I never changed my behavior because I was simply not going to surrender my capability to the Academies out there that would pick Gandhi over E.T. or the FBI over President Trump. Those were simply not options.

The case against Trump isn’t about justice, or even politics—its about expectation. Trump as a change agent is being attacked to preserve the right of below the line thinking that has defined Washington D.C. culture in general and politics specifically. Much the way the sea creature in The Shape of Water was tortured and abused just for existing, Trump represents a raising of the bar for all future expectation, and the static order has demanded his destruction with all the animated ambition as Richard Strickland. The world cannot hold both characters, and traditionally the good have been beat down so that the bad do not have to rise to any occasions. And that is a dark little secret that continues to permeate all our lives, and the yearning to change it is certainly there. Even the Academy of Arts and Sciences can be touched by such hopes even if the medicine to make it go down are sex scenes and nudity. But the showdown between Trump and the FBI is not about legalisms, it’s about the hopes and dreams of all mankind, and that battle is happening right now. And for the first time in history, hope is winning out over stagnation, and that is very interesting to watch for me. I am rooting for hope and increased expectations, perhaps this time the villains won’t win.

Rich Hoffman

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The Great Visionary President Trump: Causing his enemies to continue throwing themselves against rocks and over cliffs

It is time to have this discussion, most of our political order in the United States has been defined by idiots, everything from the lowly school board member to the President of the United States. Dumb, inefficient people have been inserted into these jobs by fools who don’t really know what they are doing. That is why it is totally ridiculous that these same people are trying to define what a successful president looks like in modern times, and that Trump to them is some kind of buffoon. Let me make something quite clear about Trump and other CEO types who come from private business and have been previously very successful as branding change agents from their own organizations, their genius is not in what they physically do, its in how they can take complex topics and bring them down to one- or two-line vision statements. In that regard President Trump will go down in history as the greatest president the United States ever experienced. Vision statements for a lot of people are one of the most difficult things to do because they lack the intelligence and imagination to do them, but Trump is great at them and that is precisely why he can do so much more with less.

Much of the world is very confused about the nature of leadership, they foolishly confuse it with management which is to say that processes are what inspire people. That is why critics of President Trump believe that a Chief of Staff or a Secretary of State are such important characters in an administration. Yet the White House is the people’s house and if its occupant can take complicated matters and communicate them to the people who really are supposed to run the government, the voters, then all that management formality is for nothing. Trump and his Tweets are the best thing to come from the modern age because it has allowed a great leader and communicator in Trump to articulate directly to voters the matters of great complication which normally befuddle most people, and it unifies the vision productively for the country.

The enemies of these methods are those of course who benefit from the current system of chaos. They like the old management structure because somewhere in their past they were taught by institutions that such things were flowed through processes of bureaucracy not through the raw leadership of simplicity. They were taught that to be successful you make lots of paperwork and coordinate lots of people through procedural interpretation rather than to rally behind the abilities of a great leader to break down complicated matters into a few sentences of vision. This is a common trait of all visionaries from Walt Disney to George Lucas, Donald Trump whether or not people like him is a great visionary and that is why the Trump Organization is such a good one. The value in Trump is not whether or not he has had affairs with women as a billionaire playboy, or whether he was a great WWE promoter at his casinos, what matters is that he was and continues to be a great leader who can simplify messaging to the masses with relative ease. If you took Trump out of the White House and put him in charge of General Motors, or Microsoft, he would be instantly successful in those companies because he can produce effective visions to all the employees involved. Most successful people have these traits, but they are rather uncommon among our population because the ability is not something that is taught well in our scholastic environments, but is an innate ability nurtured through unique character traits.

If you went to all the modern top companies, from Amazon to Pixar Entertainment you’d find similar traits among their leadership, the ability to provide vision statements to their employees which unify the efforts of the organization. In private practice we see such examples of leadership emerge out of market necessity. But in politics we have allowed and in some cases insisted on some old broken European model of aristocracy among political leaders that is not conducive to reality. Such as in Nancy Pelosi leaving Washington D.C. during a government shut down and taking a vacation in Hawaii. She is apparently clueless as to how the optics of such a thing is providing a very negative vision statement to her own party and their ability to negotiate with Trump over the border wall. She’s not even playing in the same league as Trump who stayed in Washington D.C. and continued to work through the Holiday season gaining the high ground in the matter and providing vision statements to the public that no Democrat will be able to overcome. Nancy Pelosi and her new congress will return with their standardized agenda driven by process and discover that they have no answer for the leadership Trump has already provided and they’ll stay on their heels for most of 2019 before crushing themselves under the weight of their own stupidity once they start throwing candidates for the 2020 run for presidency in the mix. They will all fail because they do not have Trump’s ability to create vision statements.

When you have raw leadership ability you do not have to have read the most books in the room, you don’t even need to be the smartest person. Intelligence contrary to popular opinion does not increase by the amount of people added to the decision-making process. The ability to create a good one liner in the form of a vision statement is far more valuable to team building than a whole room of Harvard MBAs working on a problem. All the Harvard people may be smart, but they lack leadership in its raw form. A bunch of smart people are useless if they can’t communicate what they need to do to the masses clearly so others can follow. In the rock, paper, scissors game of management hierarchy, the ability to produce vision statements is far more important than the ability to manage 10,000 people through procedural implementation. A president who can do such a thing doesn’t need a Chief of Staff or other traditional positions because he can do a lot more with less just because of the raw leadership ability of providing clear vision statements to his followers.

That is specifically why Trump is succeeding and his political enemies are just fumbling over themselves like the coyote in a classic Road Runner cartoon, or Bugs Bunny confronting the villainy of the Tasmanian Devil. Trump has the unique ability to make complex matters seem digestible and that is why he has been successful and why no matter what he does, success is there for him. It’s not luck or some magic power given from the gods, it’s just raw leadership ability in the form of powerful vision statements, such as “if you’re going to be thinking, it might as well be big.” In the role of a Commander and Chief it is obvious that the hope of the Founding Fathers was always to have someone from American society filling the presidential role like Donald Trump, but so far very few have made it through the political process to arrive at such a lofty height untouched by procedural corruption. But Trump did make it, and we should all be thankful. Because of his ability America is really thriving and there isn’t anything his political enemies can do about it. The harder they try, the more spectacularly they fail. Road Runner would be proud of Donald Trump, he is making all his enemies look as dumb as the Coyote in those old Road Runner cartoons. And the funny thing is, they keep doing it to themselves over and over again, because they don’t understand why President Trump is so successful. That is precisely why they keep launching themselves into a cliff face, or crushing themselves with a giant rock. Because they lack the natural leadership ability of a visionary, and they have nobody even close who call themselves Democrats. And that is truly funny.

Rich Hoffman

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Trump the Change Agent: Why we have to have a bloody fight that hurts lots of people, because its healthy

Now the panic is really setting in, Democrats have drawn a line in the sand over the border wall debate and the government has been left unfunded causing a partial shutdown that has no resolution on the horizon. In companies that are really in trouble it is common to hire a new CEO or some other form of “change agent” and disrupt the siloed culture that caused the problems for the company and now Washington D.C. from the lowly reporter to the radical activist in Congress is learning why people elected Donald Trump into the White House. Reverting back to how things were never was on the table. Many people like me want Trump to fight the Democrats on this funding issue and to force their hand finally into revealing what parasites they have been all along. To the culture that has been in power I’m sure the events of today are very scary and disconcerting. But it had to happen, and should have happened a long time ago. Yet because it didn’t, we are having that fight now.

The hatred of everything Trump does is natural from a culture that has decided it never wanted to change. The Beltway as it is called is filled with people looting off the taxpayer and making great livings as government ants pushing and pulling paperwork around from desk top to desk top in a world that has gone digital. Many of the government workers that are attached to operating an ineffective government aren’t needed but are simply there for the whims of the aristocrats who want to believe they are more than they are and are paramount cogs in a wheel of progress managing the affairs of mankind. Even the Fox News pundits and news reporters operating on the Hill have expectations consistent with accepting a defunct culture that is entirely too expensive and is in tremendous need of change.

When a change agent enters a scenario especially in business, the walls go up quickly as nobody wants to be rooted out as incompetent. If they can make the life of the change agent miserable and attack them before it is discovered just how terrible the previous culture was, they will do it with every passive aggressive weapon devised from the imaginations of civilization. If you ever want to see the face of true evil tell a group of corporate executives that they have been spending too much time next to the water cooler talking about irrelevant events, or that the corner office with the nice window is going to be changed into a bathroom. Their faces will literally melt and the resistance is always fierce.

In the great book Leading Change by John Kotter centering on his Harvard Business ideas of the eight ways to change, most corporate cultures like political ones are not aware that they need to change and there is a great need to overcome their resistance and to build a consensus toward more productive results. But putting up with deficient thinking is simply not an option. Change is always needed as conditions are always evolving. Yet when methods of evoking change to meet market conditions are removed what you end up with in every situation is massive corruption, such as we see not only in our own federal government but all governments. The more barriers to change such as in totalitarian regimes, the less opportunities for change. Some would argue that everything is fine so why change it, what is ignored in such contemplations is that market conditions are always moving forward and that change is always needed to meet those conditions. It’s not an if question but a “when.” Not even the best football team in the world can escape this reality, every year change must take place to make their organizations conducive to any hope of victory. What a team did five years ago can’t be the same as is required for the upcoming season.

Yet in our government the corrupt money has been working against our Constitution, the open border craze is in full bloom and most of the legal minds and their apprentices have accepted the very un-American concept of a borderless world. The current culture of the Beltway is built on the money that pours into political campaigns from all types of sources and the assumptions that have been made have been directed away from national sovereignty into a mixed bag of values thrown together haphazardly like a kind of stew to be consumed by those willing to be the first in line to eat it. By the time it gets to the rest of us very little will remain and that is the grand ruse that has been going on for quite some time. The Washington D.C. culture has not had American interests in mind, they have rather put their own weaknesses and corrupt principles into the decision-making mechanisms and the result is a government that does not represent the people of America, but rather exploits them for the political power provided to those most corrupted by the status quo.

Change has been needed in American government for a very long time and that was the reason Donald Trump was elected. He promised to be a change agent and so far he has lived up to it, and where the previously corrupt culture on all political sides of the spectrum are guilty, they all equally hate the idea that that coveted corner office will be turned into a bathroom. The rules of power acquisition are being turned on their heads and none of them like it. But it has to be done even if they all grow so miserable that they commit suicide in their reluctance to accept the necessity for change. Getting rid of Trump from office won’t solve their problem just as firing a change agent in a corporate culture won’t take away the needs for change. But to their underdeveloped minds, it’s the only reality they can accept because they are so ruined that they can think of nothing else.

James Comey is just such a figure, listening to him speak of his “Washington D.C.” “Beltway” culture you will get a glimpse of nightlife on a Friday or Saturday sipping wine and listening to live bands playing 70s rock songs in tightly packed bars filled with like-minded, and over perfumed government workers insulated from reality by their larger than average pay checks and the vacuum of protections awarded them as members of the elite culture. It didn’t matter that Comey was an FBI Director, he could have been a college intern trying to sleep with their boss after too many drinks in one of those evenings, the culture is just as corrupt from top to bottom and the essence of the evil is that they expect the rest of us to pay for their entitlements without giving anything back. They want to rule us all, live the dream of aristocratic assumptions, but they want none of the downsides, especially when it comes to responsibility. They are happy to sell us all out to whomever is paying the checks because they have accepted unprincipled lives hidden beyond grand philosophic yearnings but their method of interacting with those conditions is to pass responsibility for it all to those not present which of course is the foundations to all corruption. In such an environment even the most well-intentioned soul becomes the vilest human being in the world.

This fight has to happen, and bodies need to be left in the wake. It needs to hurt because change is needed and that is precisely why Donald Trump was sent to Washington D.C. It is not acceptable to listen to those resisting that needed change try to remove him from office, or to bust him for made up political crimes, because his job is and will always be a change agent elected to conduct a service to the people of the United States. And that is a hard reality that the Beltway culture is going to have to live with. It doesn’t matter if over a million workers don’t get their pay checks, or how much political donors cry about a border wall that hurts their bottom line because its harder for drugs to get into the United States driving up their costs of doing business, what matters is what the people of America want. And corruption in Washington D.C. from the media to the seats in Congress are not viable realities of acceptability.

Rich Hoffman

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Predicting the Future in 2019: A lot to be excited about

Regarding the stock market and all the record movements, and where it will end up. Investors, feel free to take what I am saying here and go make millions of more dollars because you can literally take it to the bank. But the interesting aspect of it is in the revelation of values that are now maturing under the Trump administration which has been badly needed for so many years and 2019 will be a good year because of it. The part of it that will take some getting used to is that the usual panic button issues aren’t going to work this time and like the spell that kept Sleeping Beauty locked into a coma for so many years broken only by the kiss of a prince of a true love, the markets have been kissed by Trump and that value is escalating by the moment. The sabotage that the global chess game tried to impose have not only backfired, but fed the current optimism. Things are looking quite good indeed.

First of all, no real people care about the government shut down. Most of the jobs are nonessential and could easily be replaced by technology, so nobody is missing them, nor will they at any point in the future. The market fluctuations that have occurred since the election of 2018 are largely inspired by the volatility of the government with Democrats running the House of Representatives once again. Many fear that the good days from the last two years are coming to an end so they have moved their money in the markets. It hasn’t helped that we’ve learned about the various tech stocks in the Dow becoming liberal activists in the political process, which has turned off many investors. But that is a temporary condition that will improve as we move out of the Holiday season. Less government is better economics and people generally see that. The longer the shut down goes on the more obvious it will become and that will paralyze the Democrats going into 2019.

There has been a lot of talk about all the investigations that the Democrats are going to use against the Trump administration. Notice how since the looming shutdown approached and has now arrived that there hasn’t been much talk about the nothing there case of the Mueller investigation? Democrats had planned to spend the next two years impeaching Trump over breadcrumbs falling off the table but now coming into January they have to negotiate with him over the wall he’s building and where the money will come from. Trump has captured the narrative once again and has the potential to control it throughout all of next year. Democrats on their heels usually fall all over themselves and that will be the situation this time as well. The shutdown is good harmless leverage that the Democrats have no answer for. They are used to Republicans caving under the pressure but not this time. Being the party of government employees the Democrats will lose supporters quickly as the usual tactics fail and they are forced to watch the wall be built anyway which will be quite a demoralizing attribute to the current circumstances.

Trump’s refusal to punish the slain reporter from The Washington Post is starting to pay off as well. Fuel prices are low, the Saudis are considering themselves lucky to only be hit by the United States with low oil prices, which under any other circumstance would have been difficult to convince them of otherwise. The result for the American economy has been excellent fourth quarter sales and economic growth over 3%. Holiday sales are up and jobs are abundant driving up incomes. There is a lot to be happy about in the Trump economy which will continue to explode into 2019 on sheer momentum. The reality of the tariff battles is that China has had to make concessions as they are overly dependent on exports to the United States, so they have lost their leverage and will never get it back. Trump’s plan to deal with the huge deficit that the United States now has can be attacked through these shifting exports. There is a lot of money to be gained in renegotiating these trade deals and the results are finally going to hit the markets in the upcoming year. Mexico will pay for the wall in profit losses to the United States, and they will like it.

The Federal Reserve has been behaving poorly with their attempts to stave off inflation with interest rate hikes, that’s what they say anyway. In all reality the Fed has been trying to pad the pockets of bankers hungry for revenue with increased interest rates so they can make their money in what everyone has been considering a Bull Market. In the Fed’s way of thinking the Bear is right around the corner so they need to make their money while they can, which has put on the brakes to the potential growth that has been possible, much to Trump’s consternation. Its kind of like trying to drive a 1000 HP car with the brakes on. But the Fed has been confronted by the President which of course scared investors because nobody in the past has ever done such a thing and the markets were affected in the short run especially on Christmas Eve. But its all about negotiation and the market rallied back a thousand points the day after Christmas as a result. If everyone leaves things alone and the Fed keeps interest rates down, the Dow will head back to 26,000 and beyond, because the real market value is there. It’s more than a symptom of optimism from investors riding the trends. The value is real and growing in an expanding economy.

Then of course there are new markets entering the value stream, such as space tourism and regenerative medicine, industries I have discussed on this site for a long time. Finally, they are coming to fruition under the deregulatory environment of the Trump administration. There hasn’t been enough bandwidth for the media which hates President Trump to talk about all the great things that have been happening on these fronts since their goal has been to remove him from office. But with the government shutdown soaking up the news cycle which favors Trump the good news coming from the new market fronts will have room on the front pages and those industries will blossom for good in the coming years. How do you pay off a 21 trillion-dollar debt, you introduce new value markets that actually expand economic activity while putting money in the pockets of the people who will continue expanding it. And once they have a taste of that, they won’t want to give it back. Trump will win re-election easily in 2020 and the Democrats will struggle to even find a candidate to run against him. The government shutdown will further destroy the Democrats as their bluff is called and people discover that they really don’t need all those government workers. And the markets will rebound to their true value position once the artificial fears subside, because those fears were never rooted in reality anyway. Most fears never are. And that sets us all up for a good year, so long as we have the courage to live it.

Rich Hoffman

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I’m Glad Christmas is Over This Year: Re-thinking the nature of the Holiday season

I did not enjoy Christmas this year, perhaps it is the net result of writing too much and having worked out answers to the problems that socially are desired to keep a ruling class of people in place of our species and knowing better. Or that I have just read too many damn books and the things that regular people say to me seem stupid and self-defeating. They don’t want their problems solved, they want their problems so they can have an excuse to fail, and thus, not have to build up the courage to do things in their lives and its all too obvious to me. Or it was the season itself, the way that CNN berated President Trump for the way he talked to children on the night before Christmas wondering if a 7-year-old still believed in Santa. Or the way religious leaders insisted that mankind had lost touch with Christ and were too focused on material goods through the Holiday season. The emphasis on belief instead of logic seemed louder this year and I didn’t like it. Or perhaps it was just that Christmas is mostly for the children and that I’m in my 50s now and a grandpa and old age seems to be taking tickets to the afterlife with too much enthusiasm and I really don’t like the bad breath of the grim reaper looming like such a negative decaying force ready to harvest more souls miserable and lost from lives lived poorly.

What made me the sickest on the whole event was that the entire season was built upon people waiting for something to happen to them instead of making things happen. Kids wait to open presents while adults try to line up their schedules so they can get together and talk about nothing. Each event of the day was tied to some rigorous schedule attached to a lot of people who only cared if you were there or not by the pictures they took and put on Facebook or some other social media platform. My experiences with my family were fine, but in general Christmas was a day that I wasn’t in control of my own schedule and I’m not used to that. I’m not a fan of estrogen fests where clots of females arrange gatherings based on their most neurotic impulses and then expect me to drop all thinking to satisfy their whims of bitching and mayhem. They have the best of intentions in these endeavors but it always seems to come out as gatherings of squares that need to be pushed through circles in a board and the fit is never applicable, yet we try to force it anyway.

The best part of the day are of course the presents. That is where you can learn a lot about what people think about one another and there are real psychological factors at play that have great meaning. I do get excited about hearing to what degree Christmas retail sales have spiked. But then our entertainment of the season is fixated on sacrifice which seems to be the way we have all accepted that Christmas is supposed to be. Even I said several times that Christmas is for the kids to have a moment of optimism in their lives to remember forever before the world tries to henpeck their souls back into some kind of egg to live the rest of their lives. We encourage children to dream and put on quite a show for them only to have all those hopes smashed upon adolescences when kids learn that all the things, they believed in was a ruse for which society has no desire to live up to. And in that great disappointment they learn their place at the table of misery with everyone else.

I went to bed at 8 PM on Christmas night feeling like every part of my essence had been twisted and plucked clean like a Wal-Mart Black Friday bin five minutes into the opening of the store for special sales. I couldn’t wait to get to bed and put the rest of the world back to my own schedule. And I couldn’t wait to get up the next day and get back to work where logic and skill guide my days in productive ways and all the naysayers could go back to the cracks, they live in not to be heard from until the next year. I normally wouldn’t let myself think this way but I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately about below and above the line thinking and as a naturally positive person, Christmas is a very negative Holiday. I love the façade of positive aspects of it, but it never lives up to the image. People generally don’t like each other and logic loses itself in the season as people spend money on all the wrong things. People don’t like each other because they are functioning from different value systems and that is something that we are expected to put away at Christmas and be like Christ—open and forgiving. But to do that we have to forget what people are, and what they have done and that doesn’t make any sense to me whatsoever.

I think it was easier to put these thoughts away in the past because it seemed like there would always be endless tomorrows. Next year was always an option but at the age I am now where I hear the word grandpa a lot I am reminded again with that glee of a grim reaper’s bad breath that are many fewer tomorrows than yesterdays and with each year they will get worse, and that is a very negative aspect of living that is not conducive with my way of thinking. I’ve always had hope that Christmas would someday bring out the best in people but I don’t see it, and the nature of it doesn’t lend itself to anything good. It is built on belief and a passive position of having things happen to you. And the best of Christmas involves give of yourself rather than receiving which is a socialist mantra from the words of Karl Marx and all the buffoons of philosophy that have sat on the edge of religion since before there was ever a Christ. The idea that sacrifice is the way to a productive existence is just stupid.

I’m glad its over, I am happy to be back in charge of everything and to be free of other people’s schedules. I’m also happy to be able to shape optimism back into my life and to leave many of my phone messages unanswered because the person on the other end endlessly needs something, they aren’t giving themselves in their life. They are perpetual looters of value lacking it themselves and always craving it from others. Christmas was an invention by them for them and certainly not for the most productive among us. Christmas was a day where like Halloween the belief in giving is thrust upon us like a villain robbing a bank. We are expected to participate or else and I’m at a place where I don’t think its such a good idea. I think Christmas brings out the worst in people, not the best and that the purpose of it is malicious, not hopeful. And I’m glad its over.

Rich Hoffman

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Using the Gun to Defend Intellect: Below the line thinking will do anything to avoid accountablity, even if it means destroying other people

As I said the other day I have been working on a project and have been going through old books to refresh myself on their material and one of them was The Oz Principle which first came out way back in 1994. In it the concept of The Wizard of Oz is used to great effect to describe ways of thinking in companies, and in life of above and below the line thinking regarding personal responsibility. Above the line thinkers are very responsible and are close to their own personal accountability, whereas below the line thinkers look for all the ways they can’t be held responsible for something. The contents of the book were so obvious to me that I had forgotten that it was one of my reading topics over twenty years ago, so when it came up in a discussion a few days ago it all came back to me as I read it again. The essential summation of the book which is quite powerful is that any company that wishes to survive and prosper must change the thinking of its below the line employee body, because only in personal responsibility can anything really change and become better. Such a concept can work with anything that has a lot of people in it who contribute to the health of an organization. Donald Trump as a business guy who has written many best-selling books in the business self-help genre understands these types of things which makes him a great president. During the government shutdown of 2018 Trump stayed at the White House over Christmas while the rest of congress retreated back to their states to celebrate the Holiday. Trump was functioning from what we would call above the line thinking while everyone else was functioning below. It could easily be said that in order for the concept of an American republic to work, most of the participants would have to function above the line, otherwise the government would fall apart.

But there is always of course more to the story which is why I have been working on my own concepts for dealing with this very issue for a few years now. It’s often not enough to just be an above the line thinker, someone who takes personal responsibility for the things they do in life and doesn’t seek to hide their true fears in life behind finger-pointing and the blame game. Most of us just finished Christmas dinners with family we only see once or twice a year and I’d say its safe to determine that we all encountered most of those participants who were below the line thinkers. They are as common as snowflakes in a snowstorm. In fact, it could easily be said that the entire television industry is targeted to appeal to below the line thinkers as every storyline and commercial is targeted to such positions. It wouldn’t take much to make the declaration that since the advent of television that below the line thinking has exploded as a common occurrence in our American culture so there’s a lot of work that must be done to fix that attribute.

Such below the line thinking would include blaming your parents for a bad childhood which is why modern successes are elusive to someone, or that they were born poor and thus didn’t have the opportunity to get an education, a new car, or even a house. Below the line thinking is actually a human condition brought on by a person’s fears of personal accountability so they use the masses to hide their cowardness from the world by deflecting blame for anything that happens in their lives. Ironically, I have never been such a person. By nature, and upbringing, and the kinds of examples I grew up being attracted to I have always been an above the line thinker where everything was in my wheelhouse of responsibility. Personal accountability is one of the most primary traits of leadership, and good leaders must be above the line thinkers.

This brings us to my original problem that I had reported I was working out over the last several years. It’s not enough to just be a positive thinker or to be a great example of above the line thinking. It is easy to be a naturally positive example when you are in a position of leadership, such as running a company or as President Trump is doing by running a country. But it is quite difficult to have such a position when you are working under the authority of below the line thinkers such as when you have a bad boss, or bad people who are above you in the seniority pull, or even bad people running government. Because below the line thinkers actively seek to destroy above the line thinkers just because they don’t want a culture of higher thinking to force them out of their blame game mentality because it would then require courage to fuel their actions for which they are vacant. Otherwise they wouldn’t be below the line thinkers to begin with. That’s where the Second Amendment comes into the picture, a country that wants to function above the line has to allow their people to prosper under conditions where below the line people cannot attack them for trying to be better. The right to self-defense isn’t just to protect homes, cars, wives and children from the harms of villains, but to keep villains from stealing something much more valuable, above the line thinking with threats of social castigation and even physical violence.

I get asked several times a week, sometimes several times a day, mostly from people who don’t know me well, if I worry about getting into trouble over this blog site, such as in the message above that I put on Instagram. To their thinking I am very critical of big powerful groups, such as the FBI, large media organizations, even individual people who are killers. Their question to me is what happens if you make them mad and they hunt you down an assassinate you to keep you from saying the things you do? That is a valid question after all because as we all know either literally or instinctively, below the line thinkers will do just about anything to maintain their positions, because they lack personal courage so in their terror, they will attack above the line thinkers just to maintain that insulation between reality and their fears. In public schools this is precisely why there are bullies, below the line thinkers which are much more numerous than above the line thinkers use peer pressure to maintain a safety blanket in society from the realities of accountability. So long as many more people think something then below the line thinkers can maintain the illusion that their blame game lifestyle is a valid position, and to do that they must maintain power over above the line thinking. If someone is going to be a leader and try to elevate everyone around them with positive attributes the below the line thinkers functioning from fear will want to destroy such people.

That is why I think personal firearm ownership is needed in any society that wishes to operate above the line. It’s not enough to just think something, you have to be able to defend it. When a bully comes up to you and says that they wish to essentially stay in a victim state and that if you try to force them to change into a role of accountability—such as getting off welfare, food stamps, using medical ailments to limit successful function in the world then they might inspire a mob of militants to come to your house and kill you—when they do that then if you have a gun, you can easily defend yourself, especially if you know how to use it. I see that before anyone can actually have an above the line attitude in life that they must develop a way to protect themselves from all the below the line thinkers in the world who want to destroy them just for raising the bars of expectation.

I could tell stories all day long of when I was a perpetual above the line thinker when I wasn’t in charge of everything where life was constantly made difficult because below the line thinkers had power over some aspect of my life and it was a constant fight. The fight for them is in keeping the expectations low for themselves so they attack above the line people because they are too lazy or too cowardly to step up to a new level and they will get quite violent to preserve their happy place below the line. That is something that a lot of these self-help books about personal accountability and business improvement ignore, how to deal with the masses that will try to show up with pitch forks and flaming crosses to hang you on it if you let them because they don’t want to think above the line. But gun ownership takes that argument off the table. When below the line thinkers realize that they can’t find a fear in you to prevent you from raising the bar, they have no choice but to step up and that is what I think the missing ingredient is in our modern culture, that recognition of fact. We need the Second Amendment not just to possibly overthrow a corrupt government or to protect our private property. We need guns to protect the intellectual nature of our American republic so that above the line thinkers can emerge and lead people out of the self-fulfilled darkness of victimhood thinking. Without that threat below the line thinkers have no incentive to become better so long as they can tear down those around them with threats and intimidation so to preserve the things they most fear in the entire world, accountability for their own actions. If you can defend yourself from the peer pressure of below the line thinkers, then you can be free to function without being impeded, which is the main cause for why more people do not think above the line to begin with, because its lonely there and the mob mentality of below the line thinkers can appear scary—but they really are quite cowardly and ineffective, like the wicked witch from The Wizard of Oz who was destroy just by having water thrown on them to reveal how small they always really were.

Rich Hoffman
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It is Good to See General Mattis Fired: Terminations of employement are signs of good managment and should be done more often

It is good to fire people from time to time, in fact, if you aren’t doing it when it’s needed, you aren’t doing a very good job of management. It’s not something that should make you happy, or should be doing just to be doing it, but if you are in a leadership position and don’t get rid of people who aren’t adopting the philosophy you are trying to instill, then you have to do it. Failure to do so weakens whatever it is you are doing. Contrary to the popular modern belief that jobs are entitlements, firing people is healthy for an organization, its like trimming trees or pulling weeds in a flower bed—it’s something that must be done in order to make things better. As we have all learned in the Theory of Constraints you can only be as good as your weakest links, so when you identify them, they must either be strengthened or removed for the health of your organization. And that is certainly the case with the position General Mattis held under President Trump as Secretary of Defense.

You don’t always know about a person until they are battle tested. With every new hire comes optimism that they will fit into your vision for whatever the endeavor is, and its generally a cause for celebration. After all, when you start something you should be excited and so should the people who were hired. When Trump hired all the people of his cabinet, being an optimist I’m sure he wanted everyone to work out. But of course they don’t always do and the Trump administration specifically in just two years has terminated more staff than any administration in the history of the United States. However, that’s not a negative, it’s very much a good thing. In the case of General “Mad Dog” Mattis Trump learned that the “generals” he had hired to help his administration were entirely too process oriented and not quick thinkers on their feet, so he has had to get rid of them. Especially in the case of Mattis, they were groomed in big government environments and under the pressure of reality are more Democrat than Republican leaving them with little to do in the future.

When Trump said at the beginning of his administration that he didn’t want to have troops fighting all over the world for nothing, he meant it. General Mattis had the job of ending the wars in Afghanistan and Syria and he hasn’t developed an exit strategy in the first two years that was acceptable, so Trump is moving on. Yet to hear the media report the story you’d think that Trump had no right to fire Mattis or to eliminate anyone from his administration. The outrage expressed is interesting because it shows truly how little most people know about leadership and what the role of the president is supposed to be. Government isn’t supposed to be a job creator, its supposed to be effective in accomplishing the task the job was created for. If the person isn’t accomplishing that task they should be fired.

Trump became an international celebrity with his television show essentially firing someone after each episode, the people who voted for him knew what they were getting. It doesn’t matter who you are, if you aren’t getting the job done, you should be terminated from your job. The trouble with modern sentiment is that they have been taught in their public schools, and other social circles that nobody should ever be fired or that expectations of employment are meant to be ignored that is the real problem. Like school teachers, police officers, fire departments and all other federal workers functioning under union control there is a basic assumption that the “people” are in charge and that management’s job is to issue paychecks to their employees who can pretty much do whatever they want when they want to do it. For instance, when President Trump fired James Comey the shock came more in the form that nobody ever fired a unionized worker in government because such a thing just wasn’t done—ever. So Trump must be guilty of something. That is the mentality that we are dealing with.

That is also why government is so ineffective at everything, because they are run by labor unions who make terminations difficult for management. It’s nearly impossible for a school board to fire a school teacher so as a result, we get lots of bad teachers teaching our children a lot of socialist nonsense and they have no fear of losing their jobs because they are protected by the union. The FBI became radicalized and was trying to tilt the election of 2016 in favor of Hillary Clinton and they functioned under a “protected” assumption which was part of the problem. And the people who promised President Trump that they’d do this or that in his administration were expected to perform. When they didn’t Trump has broken the trend of complacency and terminated those guilty of average results. That is a good thing, something that should be celebrated, not chastised.

There has to be consequences for failure and in a capitalist country losing the opportunity to perform is the most obvious reaction to weak links and General Mattis was a weak link in the Trump administration. The panic that the enemies of the president have exhibited were due to that understanding. They want the Trump administration to fail, so they are not inspired to see him remove weaknesses from it. But even worse for them is the fear that such expectations will translate to their own jobs. In General Mattis’ resignation letter he was less than graceful toward the president which then accelerated his exit to the start of the new year instead of waiting until February. Again, it is under the grace of the office that anybody serves, jobs are not entitlements. Why waste two more months of payroll on somebody who is not part of the future? Good management says you don’t, and Trump acted correctly on those principles.

In any successful enterprise there is always a visionary leader who communicates their needs to a large population workforce to be implemented uniformly. Employment is not a democracy—the mob does not rule. Most of the media, especially on television are part of a labor union as well so the foundation concepts of their employment are under a socialist premise that jobs are meant to be created but never managed. Only the union handles matters of structural management—which is the same as saying that nothing is ever managed. Because they are radicals, they feel it is in their own interests to call the Trump administration chaotic and out of control because so many people have been terminated under the current White House. But honestly, I would expect nothing less. Trump is doing exactly what I want to see. I think he was very fair to General Mattis, he gave him a few years and when he failed to produce results, Trump pushed him out the door for someone else to take a shot at success. And there is nothing wrong with that. The labor unions in government don’t like it, nor in the entertainment and news industry, but tough luck. Terminations are a good thing and its good to see that Trump is bringing that practice back to life in government where it should have always been the general practice. Because if the goal is to get good results, punishment is needed for those who don’t deliver. And that is the way of the world.

Rich Hoffman
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The Below the Line Thinking of Carl Liddy: ‘The Oz Principle’ and the slut’s diamond necklace

It’s always interesting to observe the way people function. I’ve been to several events this year where people of importance specific to politics gathered and this guy wasn’t there. So it is always amazing to ponder where they get their authority and how they attempt to frame a reality which they desire in their minds. But through a lot of cigar smoke I did hear that there were a few people like this harassing friends of mine in a public shaming campaign that often goes on not just with me, but with people who challenge as some sort of change agent, the static order of the day. What is even more telling about these types of people is that they claim to know more about your reality than you do such as in this example below. How could this person possibly know all the people I come in contact with that personally asked me on the very day of the comment to run for some public office in 2019 or 2020? At least 15 different people asked me that very question on the day of this comment yet this loser sends me this:

No one really wants you to run for public office. You’re a joke and an embarrassment to local GOP officials. Your belief that people want you to run is a further sign of your very sad delusions of grandeur. You need to get help.

Carl Liddy

Ironically on that very day I had just completed a reread of the classic business book on social conduct called The Oz Principle which is incredibly telling about human nature. The book uses the many metaphors of the even more classic story of The Wizard of Oz to explain above and below the line thinking regarding personal accountability and a general approach to life. When someone picks a fight with me, I have a policy to never let it sit, but it also doesn’t mean that you make a belt out of the person either so a response is always required of some kind and the reason I function that way is expressed in that very good book. I have been on a project so revisiting some of these very American literary classics that are direct products of American capitalism has been a wonderful experience, books like John Kotter’s Leading Change and all the works by Eliyahu Goldratt, and Getting to Yes by Roger Fisher all have in them a common theme, they attempt to remove a “loser” attituded from the reader so that they can be successful. Now for me when I read them they only affirm what I have already known, because I have lived the principles they teach every day of my life all my life. But it was The Oz Principle that made me think of this loser Carl Liddy who is obviously a below the line thinker. Who is this greasy sloth to go around lobbying people not to read my blog and to cast aspersions about my name to fulfil a narrative that only exists in his own mind so that an illusionary existence can be maintained from his personal frame of reference, which is certainly below the line under any definition of conduct?

To call me a joke to the local GOP is a desire of his not a reality of mine and The Oz Principle covers these types of subjects nicely. The way that The Oz Principle is used in that great business book is that companies in need of change so that they can be successful are usually filled with below the line thinkers, people who desire to sabotage success and the convenient cover of other people so they can participate in blame games when something doesn’t go correctly. Any organization that wants to improve their circumstances must get rid of such people, or teach them to think differently. For instance, one of the reasons I write this blog every day is because I realize most people can’t read as fast as I do, or don’t have the tools to live life and extract from it the good things that I have. So I use Kotter’s methods of change agency to shape the landscape not just to my favor but one that is conducive to reality. If our present circumstances have been corrupted by below the line thinkers for instance, which we know is quite common in our human interactions, then the way to change that is through recognizing the condition and letting people see it and correct the behavior. And it has been working, since I started this journey a long time ago change has occurred and the people who count have benefited by these words greatly. I don’t expect anybody to admit it in the light of day, but their actions in the political realm is all the thanks I require.

Below the line thinkers need the approval of other people because they require other people to confirm their version of reality. Humans being social creatures tend to shape their conversations to whomever is present, such as for instance a woman is trying to figure out what man she is going to let pick her up at a bar for a night-cap and several approach her. One man talks about football and the upcoming playoffs. The girl likes the guy physically, but he’s greasy in his demeanor so she wants to blow him off.  After all, who needs another dumb jock wanna’ be in their lives?  She went along with the football talk trying to figure him out but concluded that beyond his fantasy football picks that the guy was a loser going nowhere, so sleeping with him wasn’t even on the table. The next guy isn’t very good-looking but he seems to know a lot about local politics so he might know someone who knows someone who might do something for him and in a round about way give her a new diamond necklace, so she considers him after she has had another nine drinks.

So the two make fun of the previous guy and his knowledge of football teams. She lets the guy take her home and she sleeps with him but something doesn’t seem right. She finds out he’s married, and after two days of dating he is ready to divorce his wife and marry her. This girl goes along for the ride hoping to get a diamond necklace out of it somewhere, because she and he are excessively below the line thinkers and they seek to justify their value with material objects which is the primary reason they have such bad quality relationships in their lives. It’s also why it’s so easy to double or even triple talk about people behind their backs. About five months later its Christmas and the guy is still going through his divorce. The girl finds out that her fiancé is going to lose half of his assets in the divorce but to keep her interested the guy is going to buy her that diamond necklace. So they are at the jeweler and she sees that first guy there buying something who was interested in the football playoffs which are now underway. She asks him very nicely and politely what he has been up to as she introduces him to her new fiancée and he politely says that he is buying rings for his professional football team commemorating their journey into the NFL playoffs. That’s when she learns that he is the owner of their local professional football team that is on their way to the Super Bowl. Suddenly that diamond necklace doesn’t seem so shiny—or good.

We see the same kind of thing in politics every day, where below the line thinking has attracted people like this Carl Liddy loser who is just another dreamer trying to make something out of their miserable existence by looting off the value of people in politics who are in the arena. They sit in the stands and arm-chair quarterback all the happenings as if they were a part of history but in reality, they are just trying to throw gifts at people so that someone will talk to them, because they are losers and everyone knows it. And rather than let the words of a blog like this help them become better people they are at war with reality itself so that they can maintain an illusion of a value they play in the whole thing, but like the characters in The Wizard of Oz, the world is the illusion, it is their hero’s journey to discover that everything they always needed was within them all along. The example of the girl, all she had to do was not let below the line thinking contaminate an opportunity for her, she could have been dating the NFL owner, but instead she went for the typical loser who showed all the right things, but in reality, didn’t have any depth, and the two of them lived miserably until their next divorces. Reality isn’t always measured based on what you see, its in what is truly there and below the line people can’t make themselves more valuable tearing other people down. It just makes them bigger losers and everyone knows it. They may not publicly say so and in private they might tear down whomever is not in the room, but what people do and say in the privacy of their own minds tells the whole story, and that story is changing for the better day by day. And I’m happy with my role in helping it along.

Rich Hoffman

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How America Created ISIS: The rest of the story that you didn’t know

It is quite a mystery if you don’t know the rest of the story as to why people are upset at President Trump for wanting to pull American troops out of Syria. Even Republicans are giving him a bad way of it, but the reasons they are upset have nothing to do with safety or security for anyone, but to continue to cover-up the real story of how ISIS came to be and what role the United States had played in the events that led to Bashar al-Assad gassing his own people, which shocked the world. Unfortunately nobody has been interested in the whys and hows Syria became such an unstable region, they only know what the news reports and the major companies that report the news are lockstep in conjunction with the political order of a globalist desire to erase the mistakes of the Sykes Picot agreement off the map for good which is how they have missed the rest of the story, as the late great Paul Harvey would have said it.

Bashar al-Assad wanted to be an eye doctor. His father had wrestled control of Syria and ruled it as a family domain and Bashar’s older brother was being groomed for the job of taking over. That left Bashar free to pursue his own interests to some degree with the support of massive wealth his father had accumulated. He spent a lot of time in London hanging out with the rich and famous there and falling in love with western ideas. He even married a very western woman from London and the two were set to live a life in the shadows the father but relatively happy. Until the older brother Bassel died in a car accident which changed Bashar’s life forever.

The father Hafez had been born in an impoverished family and rose to power at great risk to become president of Syria and he had fought hard to protect those gains most of his life, especially in a bloody conflict with the Muslim Brotherhood. But the children seldom ever saw their father leaving them all very hungry for attention. Bashar al-Assad himself had only stepped into his father’s presidential office once before he eventually became his successor. In the mind of such people a yearning for a father’s love can ignite a lifelong pursuit and in Bashar’s mind once he had been designated the successor of his father to rule and hold Syria in the family name, it was the least he could do.

And so it went for many years as the leaders of the world came to Damascus to kiss the feet of Bashar, the quiet family man who married a nice looking western woman from London and inherited a Biblical empire from his father because his older brother died leaving the rest of the family members to turn to him to hold the seat, and the country in the name of Hafez. That is until the Obama administration started fanning the flames of insurrection around the Mediterranean inspiring the Muslim Brotherhood to rise to power once again and overthrow dictator regimes in Egypt and Libya which worked. It was a Twitter led rebellion of Islamic radicals seeking to restore a unified caliphate all around the region in what the Obama administration thought was a peaceful enterprise.

All he wanted to do was play Robin Hood and steal away from the propped-up dictators of those countries their hard-fought gains and restore them to some form of democracy. Power to the people, and all that kind of nonsense. What they failed to understand was that the people of the Middle East without western influences were prone to revert back to a tribal mentality and war would escalate, if not just the desire for it. The practice of arming rebels who wanted to overthrow dictators such as in Libya, Egypt and soon Syria started a process which would directly lead to the creation of ISIS under the guidance of Hillary Clinton and her then boss, Barack Obama.

By the time the Muslim Brotherhood had turned its attention on Syria, Bashar al-Assad out of respect for his father wasn’t going to allow the same thing to happen to his country. After all, his father had defeated the Muslim Brotherhood many years prior to hold the country for the family name so still hungry to preserve his father’s memory Bashar took a hard-line against their acts of rebellion. But of course the Obama administration was on a quest to restore the Islamic caliphate and to spread democracy to every country in the Middle East. That also meant pushing Palestine over Israel and using Iran to apply leverage against Saudi Arabia while all the other dominos of power fell throughout the region. So the overthrow was defined by the press lockstep in agreement over what President Obama wanted to do to promote the protestors of Syria as “peaceful.” But such an action was in direct conflict with the ambitions of Bashar al-Assad to hold the country under the family name out of respect for his father. So he did whatever had to be done to push the protestors back, which is how the gassing of his own people came to pass.

Likely it was Bashar’s crazy younger brother who had administered all the military activity in gassing the Syrian rebels, men women and children but it was the reluctant eye doctor turned dictator president who was in charge and therefore responsible and he was at a lost as to what to do. He couldn’t let down his father’s memory and the world itself was pushing the rebellion against him, especially in the United States under the Obama administration so he was perplexed at how to proceed.

That is when President Putin flew to Damascus to assist Syria with military support because it offered Russia a chance to stick it to Obama passive aggressively for their tampering with Russian interests around the world. If Syria fell to the Muslim Brotherhood what would stop them from moving into Russian territories? So Russia started supporting Syria to help them fight the rebels and Obama’s administration started sending more weapons to the rebels which once empowered became ISIS as the radicalized teenagers with the support of the American military suddenly felt they could do anything. So they broke away from the Muslim Brotherhood and started their own leftist rebellion cutting off the heads of everyone they could and destroying tremendous amounts of history in the process.

Once Trump became president, he had promised to defeat ISIS which he did simply by cutting off the money and weapons that had been flowing to them under the Obama administration. And that brings us to the present situation. President Trump has no interest in spreading an Islamic caliphate by using the American military or the CIA to fuel rebellions in the region. He doesn’t want Syria to gas their own people either, but would rather get America out of the tampering business and let free market solutions decide wins and losses in the region and for that politicians connected to global ambitions are really upset about it. But to understand why, you have to know the rest of the story, which now you do.

Rich Hoffman

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Take the Shutdown: It could be a lot worse

Shut it down! Shut down the government, forever as far as I care, and build the wall! Build the wall tall, and wide and draw that line in the sand and stick to it. It is time for an impasse and to stop the Democrats from dancing in Washington bars to the music of American Pie, driving our Chevys to the levy but the levy is dry. The levy is dry and the Chevys are out of business and its time to have the real conversations that should have always been going on, walls mean a recognition of American values and those values aren’t in expanding government as a primary employer of so many non-essential employees. The government is too big, too expensive, and too damn slow and it needs to be cut back, and budget showdowns like the one we are dealing with are just the ticket. Bravo President Trump!

There was a lot made about the flexibility of president Trump to cave into what Chuck Schumer called the “hard right” where voices like Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter and even me were pretty hard on the president not to cave to the pressures of the Hill, to pass another budget impasse and kick the can down the road into January. But that is typically the role of any CEO, they listen to all the conditions and make the best deal for their side of things. Trump is always willing to listen, so he changes positions a lot. But when a radio personality like Rush Limbaugh makes a statement, its hard not to pay attention because he does have his finger on the pulse of the world. Limbaugh has conservatively 14 million weekly listeners, more than that if you count hour by hour ratings through the week. That more than most magazines and television shows, and is a huge platform to speak from. But those listeners don’t come out of thin air, they are a very real population sector that isn’t represented by other forms of entertainment, and they effectively make up the Trump base. Why shouldn’t Trump listen when the noise of Washington D.C. is attempting to use chaos as a cover for pork belly money projects that exacerbate the problem of out of control budgets?

And what bleeds our budget in the U.S. economy more than a lack of border security? Sure if people want to buy drugs they’ll find a way to get them, but why make it easy for enemies of America to poison our work force? Personally speaking I am an employer and I hire hundreds of people every year, if I want to hire 5 traditionally white American citizens, 3 of them will fail their drug test. It’s a massive problem and the enemies of America have been successful in poisoning the traditional workforce with the product they smuggle across the Mexican border with North America. I would go so far to call it a detrimental circumstance. Now also as an employer, I have my needs and they will be fulfilled, but it requires every company to think outside the box to deal with that problem. So why make it easy for such malicious characters to continue shipping the poison into America?

Without question, Democrats are all about open borders and dissolving the sovereignty of nations so that there can be one global government managed by the United Nations. That has been their plan for a long time and now that things are coming unraveled due to the Trump presidency, the strings are showing. It wasn’t so obvious to most people before because they believed all this garbage about continuing budget resolutions and monstrous government projects that just employ people to play on Facebook all day getting paid for doing nothing. Government didn’t listen when people were speaking. I have been speaking about this lunacy for years, all of my adult life. Trump was elected because many people like me stopped listening to the bullshit and started demanding results. Trump is in the White House because of the Rush Limbaugh audience and the NRA members, and the Sean Hannity audience then to a smaller extent the Fox News audience, the people who still like Clint Eastwood and John Wayne movies, the products of old Hollywood. And the pain that Democrats and Rino Republicans are feeling is that they tried to institute a change agency culture from the perspective of the Beltway and people have rejected it.

There are places in California and in New England that have subscribed to this Beltway culture of big government progressivism renamed from its previous communist terminology. Seattle and Portland are cities that are openly embracing socialism for instance. But most of the rest of North America isn’t going for it and the momentum is shifting away from them and they can feel it. There was literal desperation in Nancy Pelosi’s voice when they reacted to Trump’s proposal to shut down the government over Christmas if he didn’t get his border wall money. Because if he is successful, they will lose forever their leverage of public sentiment and that will literally destroy their base, which is already in trouble from young radicals wanting to pull the entire party further to the political left. What all of Washington D.C. culture has been espousing for decades has been out of touch with the people who put them in office and Trump was sent to the White House to clean it up. All Rush Limbaugh did was remind President Trump of that.

I did my own personal bits on the matter and we all should, after all if President Trump doesn’t have our support when he needs it most the options for us are a bloody one, and nobody wants to see that. I don’t want bloodshed, I always prefer a legal means of solving a problem. But we can’t give our country away to a world desperate to loot off our progress and to insist on socialist forms under a global flag. If the world wants help becoming independent and more capitalist in nature, I’m all for helping them out. But I am not going to allow America to be destroyed because the world’s education institutions produced a false philosophy rooted in Karl Marx and Immanuel Kant instead of the great late Adam Smith. Adam Smith’s thoughts on capitalism are far more powerful and the proof is in America. To protect that value for the world to see we need a border wall which is exactly what Democrats are afraid of revealing, the obvious differences between capitalism and socialism. If drug dealers and Marxist revolutionaries cannot flood the American population with Trojan horse insurgents, then how does the Democrat party survive in the future? The answer is that they don’t.

So I applaud the stand the Trump administration is taking. I fully support it. I don’t care if thousands of government workers are at the homeless shelters out of work, because its better than armed insurrection. A lot less blood will be spilled this way, which is how the system is supposed to work. But a word of caution to the big government types, the CIA, the FBI and all the losers who watch every little thing I do as well as others like me who listen to Rush Limbaugh, are proud NRA members and are severely anti-drug, anti-illegal immigration and Trump supporters through thick and thin—be happy Trump is protecting you from a real judgement day. Take the government shut down and shut the hell up—for your own good.

Rich Hoffman

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