The Will Smith Hit: “Welcome to Earth” Part II

After hitting Chris Rock at the Academy Awards, the only thing Will Smith did wrong was apologize for doing it. The world needed some old-fashioned face-to-face combat. I thought it was a little wimpy to slap Chris Rock for making fun of his wife with an off-color joke about G.I. Jane part II because she had shaved her head due to an illness. A good punch would have been better, but in our overly legalized world of lawyer parasites, the difference between an open hand and a closed fist is a premeditation assault that indicates an intent to inflict harm. So, a slap it was, and it was good for the soul of America to see on what is supposed to be the biggest entertainment show on earth. However, ratings have been down. Hollywood has moved a long way away from Main Street, USA, thinking they could drag everyone with them as they bent the knee to China and a new middle-class there of over a billion people. I’ve been following this kind of thing for a long time. For many years, I really wanted nothing more in life than to make movies in Hollywood. So I know it from behind the curtain more than most do. As it turned out for me, I was way too conservative for the Hollywood of the 90s and the early 2000s. I would have fit in a lot more during the 70s and 80s, but Hollywood had gone woke way before the rest of the nation. America’s enemies targeted it for that very reason, and the attack always came from finance. Will Smith knew all that as he decided to go up on stage and hit Chris Rock. I didn’t just see the action, but many actions behind the move. It was a very interesting thing to do. 

Surprisingly many conservatives in the aftermath openly called for Will Smith to be arrested for assault. It was the standard law and order argument. How many young people now that they witnessed Will Smith hitting another human being on live television and repeatedly replayed on social media would now do something similar? A message had to be sent. That was the conservative rationalization. But as many know, I welcome this kind of thing. I would love to return to a world where we had duels in the streets over disagreements. And slaps in the face are harmless enough. What’s important is the protection of our individual sanctity, of our honor. Our integrity. And at face value, Will Smith protecting the honor of his wife, his woman, his family property was a great thing that many women yearn for, which was confirmed in polling taken after the incident. Despite what destructive woke culture says about men and women, the sexes are what they are, yearning for the same things they always have. Will Smith is no dummy; he has his finger on the pulse of what’s going on in the world. Despite being a great actor, he’s also a producer, and he knows the country’s temperature and where it’s going. Most good Hollywood types do, even if they deny it. They see the trends, and there is a tremendous hunger for American Main Street in the world. Not an America caving to global woke impediments. 

Meanwhile, down in paradise, Disney World, Florida, some radical employees took exception to the Ron DeSantis “Don’t Say Gay” bill, which doesn’t even say “gay” in it. But they were upset that there wasn’t going to be gay indoctrination of little children in public schools, and they were outraged, leaving Bob Chapek, the Disney CEO, with a heck of a pickle to be in. He couldn’t afford to have a massive employee walkout at the happiest place on earth. But he also must stand for what Disney is, a representation of Main Street USA. That is kind of the point of Magic Kingdom, after all. Guests going there don’t want to think about gay sex and rainbow flags. They want to see family values, the American dream, and good winning over evil. Of course, the enemies of America want to see all that brought down, so a small percentage of radical ESG score employees from Disney were attacking those aspects of the Disney product publicly, and it was having an impact on the brand. This is a fight that is happening everywhere. It is most notable in Disney because it’s a brand that interacts with so many Americans. But in general, it was present very much at the Academy Awards and Hollywood in general.  Americans have been turning away from Hollywood, and the people who make the movies know it. Aside from their feelings of abandonment that Main Street America has for the Hollywood product these days, as the realization over liberalism settles over them that America is a Trump-voting nation. Americans will never fall for progressivism when it is spelled out to them directly. So, what happens next? How does the entertainment industry continue on, especially if the China gamble doesn’t pan out as globalism fails everywhere? Main Street USA is still where the money is, and now Hollywood has alienated itself from them. 

Enter the hit by Will Smith against Chris Rock on national television, shocking the world. The incident may have been staged. It may have been pure outrage. But what it was, in essence, was a significant member of Hollywood trying to appeal to mainstream Main Street America and recognizing that the nation hasn’t changed at all from what it’s always been. Hollywood changed. Globalism changed. Finances changed, but people really haven’t, despite the efforts of many to change those people. Americans want to see their private property defended, women want to be protected by their men, and justice must be swift and sure. The way Will Smith marched up there on that stage was a call-back to hundreds of movies over the years where a good guy punished the bad guy, and Will Smith was playing that modern version of the “good guy.” It was very similar to when Will Smith punched the alien in the face in the movie Independence Day and said, “welcome to earth.” Hey, these guys aren’t stupid. They have their finger to the wind, seeing what’s coming. Trump is going to be re-elected. Globalism is failing everywhere. China is closing its markets more, not expanding them, and Hollywood knows it needs Main Street to live and survive. And more than that, Americans understand a duel in the street more than a bunch of sissy slapping passive-aggressive nonsense ran by corrupt governments and paid off judges. A man-to-man fight is much preferred, and if we returned to it, we’d have a much more honest society. That is how Main Street America feels, and ultimately, that’s what happened at the Academy Awards. It was a concession by them to what they’ve become and an olive branch to what they need to return to. Justice, Americans want justice. They don’t want excuses. They don’t want to surrender their life’s work to a mob of collectivists. There needs to be a point in life, and the fight against evil by the good is a goal worth pursuing. Will Smith obviously understands that and felt it was the time to do something to win people over because if he didn’t, Hollywood was headed for irrelevancy anyway. So why not do something? And he did.

Rich Hoffman

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Larry Fink Says Globalism is Dead: What he doesn’t understand, the nature of all productivity in life

In his usual letter to CEOs under the BlackRock portfolio management, Larry Fink revealed some carefully guarded frustrations at the end of March 2022 that are worth noting. It’s a bit humorous for me, I have been predicting this very problem for the globalists for a long time, and right on time, they are feeling the heat. These big plans they always come up with sound great in their own minds when they talk about them with each other. But reality often tells a different story. These days, Fink and his buddies at the World Economic Forum, the Desecrators of Davos that I call them, are trying to shield themselves from as much responsibility for the mess they’ve made as possible. In Fink’s letter, he declares that globalism is dead, that the war in Ukraine has wrecked everything, and now everyone must rethink everything. And just as he said that the federal government indicated that it would start enforcing ESG standards for all publicly traded companies, fulfilling some of those same strategies that Fink said were dying. The translation of the entire matter is that Fink has been called out; several top-rated books like Woke, Inc and The Great Reset have shown people what the Desecrators of Davos have wanted for a long time, and Fink has been exposed. He’s used to hiding behind a façade of celebrity and financial talk that nobody understands. But now, people understand what he has been doing with BlackRock, to essentially force progressive politics onto every publically traded company in the world and to slide outright communism under the door and call it progress. 

I’m not freaked out about any of this; after all, everything they are doing essentially traces back to repackaged Marxism, and it always fails everywhere. It’s why I felt I needed to write a book on this very problem called The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business. Even though the book hasn’t at this point been out a year, it is showing itself to be very prophetic for these very times. When people saw the cover, I had a lot of feedback about the artwork while publishing it, which was sometimes hostile. People do judge a book by its cover, so I was very specific about how the cover for a book on business would be displayed, and it has confused people, which is purposeful. The question I get is, why is a book on business and management covered with a skull and smoking guns with poker-like emblems on the cover? The answer is that it is meant to articulate the actual situation at war in the world, the big elephant in the room that nobody wants to deal with. A question that needed to be answered by me from an old friend who is a prominent Lean sensei consultant for multi-billion dollar a year companies worldwide addresses the most common elephant in the room regarding the nature of productivity which has frustrated human beings for thousands of years. He asked me, “why don’t people buy into this Lean stuff, especially in America?” He continued, “I mean, I’m fine if they want to hire me over and over again every five years to come back and reteach their cultures Lean. But why don’t they get it?” That’s when I reminded him of the story of Deming after WWII and how Japan put their own spin on what he taught them, which became the Toyota model that the rest of the world has been trying to copy all this time. The problem is that it runs counterintuitive to reality. The Japanese people are hardworking but are collective in their natures. That is not how the West is, and nothing in the world will make people of western culture, where most manufacturing was invented, into becoming more collective based. 

I often tell people like that consultant that America invented a whole new way of doing things while Marx was coming up with his ridiculously lazy theories in Europe. But in the East, where they have openly embraced Marx and used him to manage their companies and their governments, they assume that it’s all part of western civilization that they have repackaged for themselves. But the proper elements of American life, which has the most extraordinary productivity on planet earth per capita and otherwise, it was the story of the Wild West, of the gunfighters, of law and order for individuals that is the secret sauce to everything economic. And virtually none of our modern education systems has figured it out. They have been teaching all the wrong things, which is why Larry Fink and the Davos gang are perplexed at the direction of the world they have been manipulating at the resistance to them that they are now seeing. I explained it to my friend like this, in the West, in America, business is viewed as a baby. We work to create an environment with our American Constitution that simulates the Natural Law of the birthing process. When tens of thousands of sperm are injected into a mating ritual, they all seek an egg to penetrate and start the process of human life. But out of all those attempts, only one will do the deed. We fight hard in life to create that opportunity for one to get the chance, which is the key to all economics. Management’s job is not to provide “equity” to all the sperm, so they can all have a chance to penetrate the egg. We look for the exceptional to do the task, and our job is to provide an environment for the exceptional to create something new. 

It was the weak and the lazy in the world who found a retreat in Marxism from the world’s pressures.   They have given up the desire to be exceptional in their lives, seeking refuge in collective salvation. And in every business environment, they look at those who are the best, who are exceptional, as a threat to their existence, so they are always trying to assassinate the characters who stand in the way of their desired complacency. So that is why the smoking guns and the skull are on my book’s cover. Because you have to expect as a productive and enterprising individual that all the collectivists out there will always be gunning for you, to shoot you down dead in the street and eliminate you from the competition of collectivism at every opportunity. It’s the greatest elephant in the room of modern civilization.   Because most people are not bold enough to be exceptional in their lives, they are quite happy to be content with little Marxists hiding behind ESG scores and overly managed centralized governments, either in their country or their corporations. But nothing comes from those types, which is why the rest of the world that has adopted Marxism struggles to produce any GDP. In America, in the chaos of individual rights, innovation, productivity, and money creation is abundant. In the Wild West, we figured out the nature of Natural Law not just in the making of life but also in making economies. And many jealous souls would do anything to destroy the exceptional. But in management, in all management, even in Lean Manufacturing, the rules still apply. The job of top management is to find the exceptional and to put them in a position to succeed. And if they do that, they will have successful results. But before any of that can happen, it has to be acknowledged that it’s the exceptional in the world who do everything, and our job is to find them and promote them. Every attempt at collective salvation, including Larry Fink’s extremely liberal finance policies, is doomed to fail every single time. Because what they all think, which was born from Marx and his lazy rationalization for all civilization, runs against the Natural Law of the universe and will never be made true, no matter how many people they recruit to their cause. 

Rich Hoffman

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We Have Lost 7 IQ Points Since the Year 2000: The purposeful attack on American culture by the new slave masters

When some education person starts yacking on about more government pre-K education programs, just consider that since the year 2000, human society has lost 7 IQ points. It used to be through most of the previous two centuries in America, people were free to develop their intellects and were actually encouraged to do so, civilization increased in IQ. Of course, IQ is developed in many more ways than just education. But especially since the time of the year 2000, as global competitors have looked to America to harvest its wealth, the old slave mentality of old has come into play. The people who want to rule the world do not want a bunch of smart people running around thinking for themselves. They want human capital to shut up, do the human labor, and to do what they are told for the rest of their lives. And the only way the Desecrators of Davos characters can get such a compliant society is to dumb down the world so that people would no longer think for themselves. If the evidence for such an intent was ever in question, just look at what has happened to America and society in general since 2000. Since the Bush, No Child Left Behind bill that essentially just empowered the teacher’s union to take control of the public schools and ruin them into communist propaganda branches and political think tanks for all leftist causes, we have seen this downward trend in general intelligence.   If you are someone who wants a compliant workforce that looks to you to do all the thinking for them, then you have been successful. But if you want a world of innovation and free thinkers driving society and culture in positive ways, this IQ report is a disaster.

That’s not to even consider the amount of IQ we have lost over the two years of Covid that miraculously went away as the Ukraine war with Russia started. Just about the time, hmmmmmmmm, what could it be? Since the publication of Robert F. Kennedy Jr’s book The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health came out, people are beginning to understand it. That book implicates many factors of the medical profession, the money guys, and climate activists like Bill Gates. The government brokers who distribute funds to everyone, like Dr. Fauci, the pharma industry that only has an eye on their next quarterly profit forecast as publicly traded companies, a media industry of prostitutes in the literal sense of the word, who will do and say anything depending on who is paying them. The book presents a disaster of a culture, and it brings the evidence in droves. Yet the gist of it all is that such exploitations could have only occurred in a dumb society, the kind of society where the government says, “wear a mask to slow the spread” of a made-up virus that the government artificially propped up for the power grabs of government. Then there were actually people who were driving around in their cars with the windows rolled up by themselves, wearing their masks. That is the result of a low IQ society. The fault I would point to is the Desecrators of Davos who have been trying to build the world toward globalism since the progressive John Dewey came up with our current education system as a socialist propaganda arm of government to breed enslaved people for the new masters who were above all the world and looking to control labor and the governments of those people with a heavy hand and a parental eye to direct all behavior as if we were all four years old again. 

Yes, the Desecrators of Davos knew they were doing just as what was done to enslaved people in the past; they cut off the feet of slaves who kept running away to keep them in the fields. And they certainly didn’t teach them to read because if they could, they would figure out what was happening to them by the enslavers. The best thing for maintaining human labor was to keep them dumb and thoughtless. The slave masters needed the muscles of the human capital, not their minds. And that is essentially how those types of people have shaped all education systems for well over one hundred years. That is also why we have lost 7 IQ points since the year 2000. That is what the Desecrators of Davos want, those cryptical losers that everyone calls the “elites.” People like the progressives John Kerry, Al Gore, and Janet Yellen. People who can’t survive American politics but have found a home among the World Economic Forum and those who call themselves “globalists.” They are the ones who want to take kids away from parents as early as possible, to put them in pre-K classes as “free babysitting.” But the real intent has been to ruin the minds of the young people and keep them from learning anything for the next 13 to 14 years while the parents slave away for a big house with a dual-income so that men and women can be equal in society and both make the same amount of money. And those same parents start saving for college for those kids while they are still in pre-school, only to lose those children to a Marxist professor who is there to destroy what’s left of the child and turn them into a compliant hack for whatever corporation hires them. That is the wheel that the parents are placed on to run until they drop dead from some illness that the pharma companies keep alive long enough to make all they can until they are no longer useful. Now we have a society that won’t even call a woman a woman. You see where this is going. You’d have to be an idiot to accept such a ridiculous premise, but it’s what they think of us and what they expect us to know and accept. 

Meanwhile, the kids are turned into drones for the Desecrators of Davos while the parents are busy with their lives, serving the state so that they can pay their taxes so that the government can waste money on sheer stupidity, to pay losers like Dr. Fauci to tell us to wear a mask in our cars with the windows rolled up. It’s not for our benefit. It’s not for public health. It’s to torture and abuse us so that we will never run away from our role as human capital to not just our government, but what our government serves, the Desecrators of Davos. The new enslavers in the world who intend to rule us all with low IQs and a smile on our faces because we are too stupid to think of it expect compliance to the rules they come up with. It is easy to control dumb people, and these globalists have always wanted us stupid. They don’t want us thinking for ourselves. They want to control all thought and action in every way possible. That has always been their plan; just read what they say. They think they are so much smarter than the rest of us because they know what they’ve done to our education system. They don’t believe we are smart enough to see what they are doing and what their intentions are. The low IQs were purposeful. And if we lost another 7 points just over the two Covid lockdown years, it would not surprise me at all. And it also wouldn’t surprise me to learn that was part of the plan too. A dumb society is easy to conquer, and the attackers, in this case, want the infrastructure. They don’t want to kill us; they want our labor. But they don’t want us thinking. They have purposely dumbed us down and intend for us all to be the newly enslaved people in the world serving the masters of globalism who wish to rule as the new “elite.” What they have done has been on purpose, it’s no accident, and now after a few decades of their true intentions coming to the light of day, we can see the results in our lowered IQs.

Rich Hoffman

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The Child Torturing Cult to Harvest Adrenochrome: How and why to stand against evil for the perpetuation of a good society

Like I say all the time, don’t judge people by what they say. Watch what they do. Actions speak louder than words, always. If a murderer is asked, “did you kill that person.” They will say, “no, I love people. It was all a misunderstanding.” If you say are you a cheater, “did you cheat,” they will say, “no, I am always honest; I go to Church on Sunday, I’ll swear on the Bible.” And if you ask a child molester if they perform the task, even knowing what we do about it, that it is widespread these days and has become something we uncomfortably accept too quickly, they all deny it. Who admits to something like that, even in prison? When you talk to an inmate about such a thing, they will always declare that it was a misunderstanding.

Evil does its work in the shadows; they do not like honesty nor the light of day. So when there is talk about a blood-sucking adrenochrome cult that deliberately tortures sex-trafficked children for a satanic cabal of influential people, quickly the media tells us that it’s some kind of crazy QAnon conspiracy theory. And they chastise anybody for even bringing it up as if the mere suggestion was ludicrous. Remember Pizzagate in the Hillary campaign years? Remember the Spirit Cooking that was talked about in the John Podesta emails? The same people who lied to us about the Hunter Biden laptop, election fraud, and the cause of inflation are the same who declare that the practice of satanic worship among the supposedly powerful and the drinking of the blood of children is not happening. Yet the evidence is mounting up in ways that speak dramatically to the contrary.

There is what they say, which are blatant lies, then there is what they do. We know now what’s on the Hunter Biden laptop. Hunter Biden was having an affair with his dead brother’s wife, and he has naked pictures of his 14-year old niece on that laptop, which many people in the media have seen. At the core of the issue is a child pornography 101 kind of case, but it gets far worse than that. We know that Joe Biden’s daughter’s diary is real, the same one that the FBI harassed Project Veritas over with unconstitutional raids meant to intimidate, not to instill justice. We know there is a lot of smoke on the sex island of Jeffery Epstein and his mysterious suicide while awaiting trial.   The list of the powerful who visited that sex island of underaged girls is extensive and kept a tight mystery. We know people like Adam Schiff went there a lot, as did Bill Clinton, Bill Gates, and many others. These are not Walmart shoppers from our neighborhoods. I call them the Desecrators of Davos rather than elites because they aren’t superior to us. They are a bunch of screwed-up messes who crave power over logic and will do anything to get it. Is it that far-fetched to think that they’d pray to the devil or some supernatural aid of a demon or demons to gain a competitive advantage over other people? Consider that they’ll cheat in elections, and knowlingly lie about it. Why wouldn’t they turn to supernatural aid through some secret society or cult to enrich their lives with the sacrifice of other people to hopefully advance their own cause? Is that so farfetched? Just look at what they are doing. Look at the open border with Mexico and the amount of misery generated there with sex trafficking and human trafficking in general. Why is it allowed to happen by those in power now? Might it be that they believe that allowing it helps them in life, helps them find success and fortune? I’d say that history points to this being the most logical answer and the element that nobody is talking about.

People seek supernatural aid every day. Christians, after all, pray to God for guidance and help. It’s a generally accepted belief that prayer helps, and seeking that aid is morally good. But what if that prayer isn’t to a Christian God but of some devil from mythology. Or a demon that exists in the parallel worlds of dimensional occupancy. There are a lot of secret societies that have sought such supernatural aid throughout time, the Free Masons come to mind, the Rosicrucian’s, the Illuminati, the followers of Lucifer, and Gnostic shamans. There are shamans in just about every society, and they aren’t turning to the Christian God of the Bible for advice and aid. They seek those dead and gone or those who may not have ever yet emerged into the flesh on earth for guidance. They are all collective based, where they believe there is safety in groups, much the way Marxists believe in such psychological shelters within the warm blanket of society. Is it too farfetched to believe that they think that mass anxiety and the torture of human beings is off the table if the perpetrators of initiation believe they will get supernatural assistance toward their own goals from the point of view of their warped ideology? Climate change supporters fall under this religious fanaticism certainly. Would they take part in massive depopulation rituals through vaccines to save the planet they have come to think of as a human cell in the vast universe, a life all its own where the humans are the parasites that live off it and kill it with pollution? Well, just listen to those fanatics at a World Economic Forum discussion. They are just as crazy as what anybody thinks of the secretive Illuminati. 

The answer to all these questions is that, of course, there are people who are evil. They are lazy. They don’t like to work. They are insecure. And, of course, they will seek the easiest path to ruling the world. And just as quickly as a Christian will turn to prayer on a Sunday afternoon, there are characters who are failures as adult humans who will sell out a child, who will feed off the innocent and will do whatever they think some malevolent spirit would require of them just to get more power in life, for their own security as they see it. If they would or could enslave all of mankind with their actions through the malice of some demonic chant or mass sacrifice to the gods of evil throughout history, they surely would. And that leaves us to the point. We know people are functioning in the world with these motives. Whether or not these demons are victorious allies is something for debate. But the intent is what matters and acknowledging that evil is happening and is occurring on a mass level—knowing that we all have an obligation to stand up against it, if not for the most basic need to preserve the innocence of children. Children, no child, anywhere in the world, deserve to be let down by some lazy, failed adult who has wasted their lives becoming nobodies overflowing with vices. Kids do need protection from the failed adults who raise them, but that protection will not come institutionally. The police, the colleges, the corporate structure, even the churches are just as corrupt and falling for the secret society scam as anybody else. Instead, we have to stand for good and protect children with everything we do in our lives. We are to live for goodness even when people aren’t looking. We need to construct our society to keep kids from becoming part of some Luciferian scheme, which is now upon us with such a wave of evil that it is difficult to wrap our minds around it. Yet it’s our task to stand for children’s innocence and shield them from the malice of adult failures who are too far gone, usually by the time they arrive in their 30s, to be any good to anybody ever again. We are in an age where we must make some sort of declaration to help the young grow up with the opportunity for good, should they choose to embrace it. However, the choice is often made for them before they ever have the freedom to live for themselves. And that is the greatest tragedy on planet earth presently. It’s not climate change; it’s not politics; it’s not war. It’s the exploitation of children at the hands of evil, and the perpetuation of that evil by the good with a lack of action or judgment that is destroying the world. And if we want to do any good in the world, we would start there, because it’s in children that everything else comes from. They need adults to defend their lives before and after the womb and to have a real opportunity for truth, justice, and the American way.

Rich Hoffman

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Dr. Fauci and the Government Purposely Destroyed the Control Groups: Hiding the vast evil of the forced vaccine mandates

We don’t have anything in all of our human histories, mythology, religions, arts, and entertainment that prepared our minds for the vast evil our governments unleashed over Covid. It was a Book of Revelations style Apocalypse evil that did not come to us in the forms of recognizing evil as we had been taught to see it. There was no goat-headed Luciferin leading the charge against the white-cloaked church in America. There was no Hitler who was openly mass murdering people in gas chambers. There were no cardboard cutout villains with a curling mustache in a black hat for us to say, “see, there is the bad guy we must defend ourselves from.” We had no literary triumph from our past to articulate the vast evil our government unfurled upon us in 2020 and through 2022 with the vaccine mandates to understand what was happening to us. We had kind of an uneasy feeling about the whole thing, the way animals look when the trusted farmer that had been feeding them all their lives unload them from the back of a truck into the slaughterhouse at the market only to leave us there without even waving goodbye. We could not understand what was happening to us because the evil was outside of our life experiences. Like the animals at the slaughterhouse, we could feel the anxiety of our peers but could do nothing about it intellectually until our throats were slit and life drained from our bodies. It was over before we could do anything about it, except in America, where at least we had the American Constitution, which limited the federal government’s reach and ruined the plans of the Desecrators of Davos. Lucky for us all, the American Constitution stood in the way of these evil plans; it was based on over seven thousand years of civilization and learning, so it was prepared for some kind of attack such as this, even if humans had never seen the full apocalyptic intentions of such a vile attack on the human race. And when we did see it, even though we didn’t understand it, the Constitution did work while we managed to figure it all out.

When I said that the Robert Kennedy book called The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health had the goods, I wasn’t kidding. This is just one article based on the contents that put its finger on such a vast evil that it has taken a while to wrap our minds around the basic concepts. In this case, we are talking about the vaccine mandates that the American government attempted. The world governments obligingly pushed through corporate networks to destroy the control group of the effects of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines because the early warning from the vaccine rollout early in 2021 indicated that a statistical population getting the vaccine was having an adverse effect. A leak from Phizer recently showed some of those side effects. These were not indications the pharma company wanted to get out to the public. Even though many of us suspected this to be a potential problem, the proof has come out of the aftermath, and it’s not surprising. After all, statistically speaking, if all people eat potato chips, some will come down with adverse effects. So naturally, when you force a drug into the arm of mass society, of everyone in the world, there are bound to be adverse effects, just by the nature of statistical samplings. That’s not the problem. We could call it an unfortunate circumstance when viewed from the perspective of public health. The problem is that the government got involved and abused its authority to help private companies be shielded from liability from their product to destroy the control group analysis that would point the guilt back in the direction of the pharma companies. And there again was Dr. Fauci to run cover for pharma by using the government to provide the shield. And then we see the Desecrators of Davos influence through Bill Gates. He spent the money to conduct a maniacal experiment all across the globe equivalent to Sid from Toy Story pulling the legs off grasshoppers in the backyard to see what might happen. 

Without the September announcement by President Biden in the United States that essentially attempted to force vaccines into most American citizens, the anomalies announced by the Pfizer whistleblower could have been hidden in a control group of those who willingly took the vaccine because they feared getting Covid. The point of the government mandate was to remove the control group and paint it across a majority of the citizens of the world, instead of a small sampling of Democrats who so willingly listen to government mandates without any critical thinking. By forcing everyone who essentially worked for a living, which was most people, to get the Covid vaccine, the anomalies could be hidden statistically across the world’s population, thus destroying the control group of the statistical sampling. All this can be found on page 75 of that book by Kennedy, followed by an endless stream of supporting data. The book chronicles the crime for legislators and lawyers to fight for justice in the aftermath of this tragedy. But the book is so densely packed with information that the publishers extended the standard rules for margins using almost every part of a blank page to fill with data. Otherwise, the book would be thousands of pages long. But the crime and the evidence have been captured and have only been hidden by the sheer evil of it all. The unfathomable intentions of government partnerships with pharmaceutical companies to shield them from all risk when the basic premise of their products is very risky. Not to get hung up on the American government’s role in making bioweapons, precisely this one in Wuhan, China. The virus was released during an election year where many of these Desecrators of Davos characters, like Bill Gates, wanted to see a change in the president. The government was involved in creating the virus. It was involved in forcing the solution by shielding pharma from risks associated with anomalies that came from their product. That is simply an unforgivable condition that we can’t let pass.

The net result is that all the characters involved in the forced vaccine mandates have to pay the price for what they did. The crime was purposely inflicted on the innocent with gross abuse of authority that has never been seen before in the history of the world. Even the worst villains ever recorded in actuality or imagination had fallen short of what actually happened when the government issued the vaccine mandates for a virus they created and spread worldwide with maniacal lunatics like Dr. Fauci leading the way as the highest-paid government employee currently on the payroll. This is what we get as taxpayers for that massive amount of money? A guy who would think nothing of killing off a portion of the world with government forced vaccines just to see what might happen when they pulled all the legs off the grasshopper just to see how long the poor creature would live. Then use the power of government to protect the kid from getting a spanking for abusing the poor insects from a parent who noticed the evil but could do nothing about disciplining the child. It’s an evil beyond the scope of the Apocolypse, the end of days, of the Anti-Christ being born into the world and inflicting its evil on the innocent. What the government did to people all over the world is vastly worse, and we are just now starting to see the cost, much the way the animals at slaughter realize just as it’s too late to save their lives from their fate as they were delivered to the slaughterhouse. But in America, we have the Constitution; we can leave the slaughterhouse and convict the farmer who delivered us there. And we can live happily ever after if only we dare to take away the knife intended to slit our throats and do justice to those who have been doing us harm all along.

Rich Hoffman

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How Dr. Fauci Knowingly Committed Mass Murder: The diabolical details of Lancetgate

The biggest problem with Robert F. Kennedy Jr’s book, The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health is that it’s too good, it’s too well researched, too hard-hitting, and way too voluminous for the average person. Although it is very assessable, I bought my copy at my local Barnes and Noble. I saw several of them recently at the Books A Million in Dayton at The Greene, and they are routinely on the shelf at Walmart. But the book itself is about a long history of medical topics and how they entwine with politics, and the information just isn’t very narrative. As most of the books are that come from the Children’s Health Defense group, whom I personally love, they have an edge of anger about them from a world that is clearly functioning from a lack of justice. Kennedy is undoubtedly one of those angry types. He knows too much about the corruption of medicine to soft-sell his outrage, and for many readers, where every page of a book is laced with something that could lead to years of congressional testimony and death penalties for intentional murder, his case against Dr. Fauci legally outlined in his book is solid, consistent, and ominous. I’ve read the book about seven times from November of 2021 when it first came out, and I have watched society sort of slow drip to the eventual conclusions about the massive corruption scam that Dr. Fauci has been running for years as the head of government medicine. Partnered with a globalist radical like Bill Gates, the spawns of Dr. Fauci are far worse than what even the most crazed conspiracy theorist could have concocted. Truth is clearly stranger than fiction. But to help the information along, I’m going to do a series of articles like this one to sort out the conviction from the chaos because literally hundreds of legal cases against Dr. Fauci and many others could be made from the Kennedy book. But lawmakers and other influencers who read my articles daily need some help sorting through the fog to get to the good stuff, the prosecutable stuff. And an excellent place to begin on that endeavor is with Lancetgate.

So here’s the case with Lancetgate that should send chills up the spine of us all. The level of evil in just his case should be a termination offense in any civil society. It’s so bad that many of us can’t get our minds around just how bad and evil it is. But here it is. As of this writing, we know that Covid-19 was created in a Wuhan lab in China. Dr. Fauci knew about the gain of function research through an email he had in January of 2020, before any lockdowns or government emergency policies started by the Trump administration. We trusted Dr. Fauci, although it’s not clear why he wasn’t fired for all the deaths he caused during the AIDS crises of the 80s and 90s with his pharmaceutical commitment to AZT, which stripped away the T Cells of the patients and killed with a slow death. It turned out that HIV wasn’t the killer part of the disease; it was the drug AZT to treat HIV that was killing people. There was so much concern over the vaccines for this recent government-created pandemic, Covid, because of Fauci’s history with AIDS. The trust in Dr. Fauci was lost by those in the know long ago. The public wasn’t aware because the media deliberately propped him up for various reasons. But the skeptics from the outset were understandable. Dr. Fauci shouldn’t have overseen anything, yet he was, and he knew about gain of function in China and that the virus had broken out of the Wuhan lab. 

At first, nobody knew much about how serious Covid would be. President Trump played along and did what Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci recommended: shut down the economy to slow the spread. It was a sucker punch in an election year, but Trump did what the professionals recommended, as most people would. In March of 2020, the government health people said we needed to stop everything for 15 days to slow the spread and allow hospitals to get in front of the virus. Trump went and did all the things the Fauci doctors told him to do. We looked for masks, made ventilators, spread resources where we thought they would be needed. The entire world shut down because of essentially Dr. Fauci and America’s reaction to the virus. America leads, the rest of the world follows. So in that aspect alone, Dr. Fauci was ruling the world with Bill Gates sprinkling money around to media to get favorable coverage. This went on past the 15-day mark, of course. It was always planned that way, and once the shutdowns went beyond Easter of that year, Trump was getting impatient. This whole Covid thing was killing the US economy, and now Fauci had painted him in a liability corner. He couldn’t reopen anything without Dr. Fauci’s blessing because every death would be blamed on the administration. So, Trump looked for a solution outside of Dr. Fauci, and he started talking about hydroxychloroquine. We now know that if we had allowed American society to use the known drug hydroxychloroquine, Covid could have been brought under control within a few months, and we could have reopened our entire global economy by the summer of 2020. And many, many lives would have been saved. 

This wasn’t good for Fauci and Gates. They needed the pandemic to spread, for all the economies of the world to respond to their commands because they had a plan for getting the entire world to take vaccines, untested vaccines at that. And there were, of course, the Desecrators of Davos who were counting on Fauci and Gates to give them an opportunity for a Great Reset which I have talked about extensively. All that is well known now. But what Gates and Fauci did to keep the virus going isn’t. In May of 2020, Gates and Fauci started talking about a Surgisphere study that came from 11 Illinois employees, two of which were a science fiction writer and a porn actress. And that study found its way into the prestigious medical journals Lancet and the New England Journal of Medicine. Gates looks to have funded much of the media coverage directly and indirectly. The Surgisphere study was a hit piece on hydroxychloroquine that once discussed in the Lancet convinced the medical community that using that drug to treat Covid was dangerous. So nobody wanted to touch it, again out of fear of liability. Politicians turned to the medical journals as well as the media to turn away from hydroxychloroquine which then pushed treatment of Covid off for another year, well past the 2020 election. In hindsight, we know that ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine are incredibly effective treatments for Covid. And Dr. Fauci knew it at the time. Still, he acted purposefully to prolong Covid for the strategic designs of an international progressive movement, and if people died to accelerate their cause, they didn’t care at all. 

A few months after the study had been released, the Lancet and New England Journal of Medicine had to issue a retraction of the Surgisphere study, which was completely bogus. Then shortly after that, Surgisphere disappeared from the public. It was a complete creation of Bill Gates money for the strategy of Dr. Fauci, to mold public sentiment toward the government science position, which under an emergency superseded the elected president of the United States. So the crime was not just the tampering of evidence under an emergency pandemic in a conscious effort to prolong the crisis for political reasons. The biggest crime is that they denied helpful medicine to people who were dying of Covid so that the death numbers would benefit their eventual cause of partnering government with the pharma companies producing a vaccine that they weren’t sure at the time would be even ready in the foreseeable future. Bill Gates knew what he was doing; the money trail is obvious and well laid out in the Kennedy book. And Dr. Fauci knew he denied medicine to people, purposely keeping them sick and some dying so that he could grab more power himself in the process, just as he had done years before with AZT and AIDS. And knowing that, just think how many murders Dr. Fauci knowingly committed. Lancetgate is just the beginning. This story you can read for yourself in the Kennedy book on Pg. 29. 

Rich Hoffman

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The Desecrators of Davos Hate Putin: They have no answer for populism

From what I know, the Desecrators of Davos is the most dangerous organized crime operation in the world. Together with their various factions of white-collar criminals, they control over $100 trillion of global wealth robbed from billions of people and intend to control the world as a corporate blob of Marxist collectivism. For everyone’s convenience, I have written a book about how to fight back against these villains called The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business, and it is there where all our efforts should be applied. Everything is secondary. And to that understanding, Vladimir Putin is on their target list. They control the United Nations, they influence what NATO does, even though the United States pays for it, so in a group of religious fanatics who want to use Climate Change as their new Jesus, Putin is the guy to take down and remove from the world stage. They did it by baiting him to attack Ukraine, knowing he wanted to anyway, to restore his view of the fallen Soviet Union as it was before the 1990s. To anybody with an eye to see these kinds of things, the strategy of the Desecrators of Davos has been obvious. The members of the World Economic Forum are making their long-planned chess moves, and Russia is the next space on the board to occupy. To capture Russia, they need a way to destabilize Putin and push the world into cancel culturing him out of power. 

But these Desecrators of Davos villains have a weakness, a big one that they are trying desperately to hide. They fight in a classic passive-aggressive manner. They do not like to get their hands dirty, so they use finance to fight all their battles at the level of bank accounts. They do not think of personal action since they understand that paralyzing people’s finances is the means of controlling them entirely in the modern world. Even if they disagree with you, if you control how they make and spend money, and if you control that money, then you can get them to do anything you want. That is the way of modern warfare in this current time. When we talk about Qiao Liang’s Unrestricted Warfare book of strategy, this is what we are featuring. Warfare is not relegated to definitions of tanks and troops, but in this case, bank accounts and corporate boards. If you want to beat these guys, you must fight them on that frontier, which is what my book is about. It’s not that they can’t be beaten. Actually, they can be beaten easily. But you must fight the battle they are presenting to you, not the one that you would prefer, which in most cases is a straight-up battle as we classically understand it. 

That’s why Putin has exposed this scheme in ways that the Desecrators of Davos did not expect. When he held a populist rally in Russia in a large arena filled with people, you could see the tentacles of the Desecrators of Davos withering in pain. It was all over the news just how outrageous Putin’s plea to the Russian people was in drumming up support for the stalled invasion of Ukraine. The world saw that the Russian people liked Putin, for the most part. The biggest threat to the Desecrators of Davos, people we have been calling “elites,” or “globalists,” the way that Quigley defined them, is populism. The Desecrators do not have an answer for populism. When Russia took a page out of President Trump’s playbook and filled an arena full of people that the mainstream purchased press accused were “paid” for, by Putin, it terrified the Desecrators of Davos because the point of their attack was to separate the Russian people with peer pressure from Putin. Much the way they worked to separate over 75 million people in America from Trump. It hasn’t worked in either case, meaning Davos’s Desecrators have no proven answer in all their academic theories and control over banks to change people’s minds. They can change their behavior around necessities of survival, but they can’t change what they think. That’s a problem. 

Nobody likes to see people suffering for no reason, but we are seeing some very interesting cracks in the attack vector of the Desecrators of Davos criminals. They are criminals because they openly operate outside of all laws of the given countries. They are a sovereign all their own culminating in thousands of years of secret societies and fanatical religious practice to take over the world beyond the reach of any sovereign nation. I see them just as another blip on the world stage as we saw in the Wild West period of outlaws and known criminals like Jesse James, and Butch Cassidy, robbing banks, trains, and stagecoaches looking for easy money after hard-working people had done the labor of creating wealth. That is all the Desecrators of Davos criminals are to me. National characters like President Trump, Vladimir Putin, and even Xi Jinping are fighting for control of their sovereign nations and all of us who live within those borders. The Desecrators of Davos intend to remove the need for any borders and rule the world through finance. Ultimately their target in Ukraine is to use the chaos to rally the world behind the United Nations and to use the depleted economy as an opportunity to introduce a digital currency, which they will control obviously. The real fight is not between Russia and Ukraine; it’s between the Desecrators of Davos and the nationalist representatives, for which Putin represents Russian history in a populist way that makes the Desecrators most vulnerable. And when you look at it with those eyes, it’s enjoyable to watch the World Economic Forum types falter on the world stage. They are obviously put off by this strategic weakness of their intention and lost as to what to do next.  

Even more telling is Putin’s understanding of this strategy and his understanding of borrowing from the Trump administration. Rather than trying to play the strongman mobster as he has for years, he has turned to the populist. After all, the Russian people want to see victories for their country, and if Putin can give them that in lost territory, or some proactive defense of their national borders, they will love him for it. And that is what the Desecrators are trying desperately to prevent. They want to define the rules of engagement around woke cancel culture not just of people but also of entire countries. But when the people fail to follow, they have no plan B, making this Ukraine stalemate unusual. Not for the military action that has sadly cost many lives and displaced people from happiness. But it exposes a gap in the plan for the rest of the world that the Desecrators didn’t think was possible. They really thought they had all this in the bag when they prevented Trump from a second term as president in the United States and put their puppet Biden in office. But populism isn’t just rising in America, but all across the world as well. People are not going just blindly to follow the Desecrators of Davos into global domination. They are planning to fight back, and for that, there is no clear path to victory for them, and they are coming to understand that significance.    

Rich Hoffman

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Mike DeWine’s State of the State Speech: He is the Dr. Fauci of Ohio and the leader of the lockdowns

It was a good reminder of just how bad Governor DeWine is for Ohio to see him at the statehouse in person at his State of the State speech in Columbus, Ohio.  Of course, DeWine canceled the public speech over the last few years because of Covid, which he led the nation in following Dr. Fauci’s advice, so this was his first speech since his first one, which was in 2019, a time when the world was somewhat normal.  Since then, BlackRock and other money managers have attacked the Ohio power grid with progressive intention and knocked out several politicians who had been powerful during that first DeWine speech.   On DeWine’s watch as governor, he has let the Desecrators of Davos in the backdoor of Ohio to shut down coal plants and advocate in favor of solar and wind, just as Al Gore has always dreamed of which has cost all of us a lot of money.  Ohio is number 1 now in corruption, which seems to follow DeWine in every office he has ever had.  But worse than all that, the destruction left behind because of how Governor DeWine behaved during the Covid pandemic.  He was the leader of the country in following United Nations sustainable development using health concerns to advance progressive causes in worse ways than any Democrat would or could have.  He was the leader of the lockdowns as he was the first to open that door, for which many blue-state governors followed.  Yeah, Mike DeWine has been a disaster in every way that a Democrat would have been for Oho, but worse, because the damage was done while people had their guard down thinking he was a Republican. 

Jennifer Gross, my Congresswoman, has openly endorsed Jim Renacci even though there has been a lot of pressure to back DeWine

This all came up as I spoke with Republican friends at that speech in Columbus and in the days leading up to it.  They asked me if I would vote for Mike DeWine now that he signed Constitutional Carry in Ohio and other Second Amendment types of legislation leading up to it.  It astonished me that they asked, but then I remembered that not everyone remembers who was responsible for Ohio’s terrible reaction to Covid, which took the nation into the lockdown frenzy that destroyed so many lives and is just now being calculated in terms of sheer destruction.  Many of these Republicans were more conventional put their finger to the wind types who only measure things from four months ago.  And DeWine is counting on that shallow memory to squeak him by in this primary that is supposed to happen in May of 2022, where Jim Renacci is polling well and, depending on voter turnout, could remove DeWine as the next option for governor.  As I told them and to everyone who has an ear to listen, DeWine only signed the Constitutional Carry bill because of Renacci’s pressure on his leadership.  He didn’t do it on his own.  If there wasn’t a serious Trump-like challenge to DeWine, he would be fighting against the Second Amendment, not signing things in favor of it.  But DeWine is hoping to use these last-minute Second Amendment red meat topics to hide his past, which I’ll never get over.  And seeing him in person trying to worm up support ahead of the election only strengthened my anger at him over what he had done to Ohio in just four short years, destroying so much industry, traumatizing so many lives, and allowing corruption to sink deep roots into our energy infrastructure that is unforgivable.  Rather than defend FirstEnergy and the progressive attacks on coal plants, he joined progressives in attacking other Republicans in a ploy to really remove them from power so they couldn’t challenge him later.  Mike DeWine has his own Game of Thrones going on, and it is evident that he hoped this State of the State speech would put all that into a distant memory.

The Great George Lang

The most significant danger of Mike DeWine is that he is essentially a carbon copy of Dr. Fauci.  Both were polling very well during the Covid pandemic, which we now know was created in a lab in Wuhan and released by China for all the intentions of creating an economic reset by the Desecrators of Davos people.  Hindsight has given a better vision into Fauci’s behavior with Bill Gates paving the way with money manipulating the media in favor of their global scam of progressive change state using the Covid virus to give more power to the Administrative State.  And the first person to fall in line with this “New World Order,” where the United Nations conducts all our local affairs at the state and county level and the World Health Organization was to become our new community doctor; Mike DeWine was the first to sign up for this new brand of tyranny which he imposed on Ohioans with a smile on his face and all the maliciousness of a power-hungry dictator.  The ultimate insult to all the Republicans who voted for Mike DeWine as an establishment type was that he did the unthinkable by putting Amy Acton, the abortion supporter, onto his staff to run his health department.  He followed her right over the Fauci cliff, making the lockdowns possible and leading the country in submission to the CDC and WHO, giving them power that no bureaucrat should ever have over people’s individual lives under any condition.  Not all states were as stupid as Ohio.  Ron DeSantis was great in Florida, and the results are easy to see looking back upon the last two years.  DeSantis resisted the Covid power grabs, whereas Mike DeWine fully embraced them.

Thomas Hall, the Future is Bright

I told my Republican friends that there was no way I would ever vote for Mike DeWine, even after seeing him in person trying his best to make everyone forget.  I had been on several conference calls with DeWine as he spoke to business leaders in Ohio during the lockdowns, and I will never forgive him for what he did to people, all in the name of safety.  DeWine attached himself to Dr. Fauci, and now that time and distance are starting to show how ill-advised that was, there is only one option.  With Jim Renacci, we have a Trump supporter who has promised to lead Ohio in the way that Ron DeSantis has in Florida, and that would be great for everyone, even liberals.  Always at public events like the State of the State speech, there is a ceremony-like atmosphere that focuses on all the positives that we want to feel.  But in truth, and this was obvious by DeWine’s over-emphasis on things that he does when he speaks in public to people he knows want to metaphorically cut him up into little pieces and feed him to some pigs someplace for the villainy he has conducted behind the scenes, the fluff about Intel, about spring, about his love of Ohio were thin masks to the administrative tyrant that is at the core of his personality.  Mike DeWine will go down in history as the arm of Dr. Fauci in Ohio, the mindless bureaucrat who punted Ohio’s fate to the gods of the World Health Organization, and ultimately the money of Bill Gates’ influence.  DeWine didn’t lead; he followed, as he does on all issues, including Constitutional Carry.  He thought the pressure from Republicans on other issues could be reduced if he gave them something they wanted.  And that is how we got into trouble in the first place, because DeWine wanted to make the Dr. Fauci types happy, the tyrants of the United Nations, and ultimately the economic terrorists who are behind it all who need people like the governor to give them power into all our lives.  No, I won’t be voting for Mike DeWine under any conditions.  To vote for DeWine is the same or worse than voting for a Democrat. 

Rich Hoffman

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The Failure of Globalism: Their version of Mechagodzilla as they lose control of the monster they created

I think the best way to understand what is going on in the world in the year of 2022 is by the ending of the movie Godzilla vs. Kong, which came out in 2021. Everyone, I would assume, knows who King Kong and Godzilla are. If not, they are giant monsters fighting in cities and turning them into rubble. At the end of Godzilla vs. Kong, the bad guys in the movie had built Mechagodzilla, a giant mechanical robot, to defeat the monsters. It was controlled by a central pilot who acted as the creature’s brain. Well, during the big end fight, the actual brain of Mechagodzilla took over, killing the pilot and the bad guys lost control of the giant robot. The technological marvel spun out of control and became a menace to everyone. It took Godzilla and King Kong to join forces to beat Mechagodzilla and, thus, to save the world from complete destruction. It was a pretty good movie; I loved it. My kids and grandkids loved it as well, and it remains one of our favorite watches. But its also the best way to explain Russia, China, and the massive failures of the Administrative State that are being run by the Desecrators of Davos, behind the goals of the United Nations. They had their big NATO league of nations, Mechagodzilla of progressivism, that was supposed to bring the world together under their power, but they lost control of the thing. They have created a battle between globalism and nationalism that they didn’t know would occur. And it’s kind of funny to watch. 

Now there is nothing funny about the poor people of Taiwan who expect China to attack them at any moment. Nothing is entertaining about the poor people of Ukraine who are suffering between one bad government and another. But keeping in mind the big picture, most of the world’s problems are caused by out-of-control big central governments. That is why in the United States, we say that “freedom” is our highest priority. We want freedom from bad government, and we generally have it. Even with our terrible government that we have under Joe Biden and a dysfunctional congress, a sold-out senate to every foreign power that there is, the intentions of the monied aristocracy, Americans are still generally free of the burdens of bad government. They still watch their sports. They go to the movies. Go out to eat. They typically ignore their bad government because they have freedom from it. But the rest of the world isn’t so lucky. When their government goes bad, they directly suffer, forcing them to leave their homes, break up their families, and lose children to sex trafficking. There is nothing funny about bad government and its impact on innocent people. But after all the schemes and mechanisms of the Administrative State over the decades and all their clandestine activities as they rose to power in the world, it is good to see it all falling apart. I have been warning about them for so many years. And now they have announced themselves, and everything that we thought bad that would happen because of them and to them is unraveling as we speak. What we are seeing happening in the world is the massive failure of globalism as a concept as all their plans go up in flames. 

The best example of this failure can be seen in Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates actually. They are two representatives of the Desecrators of Davos mindset who used Covid-19 for all kinds of malicious intentions. Millions of people died because of them, and trillions of dollars of lost economic value that is lost forever because of just those two people, which is a dire warning about the Administrative State in general. When you only have a few bureaucrats and money managers running everything, a mistake on their part can cost millions of lives, as Covid did. The debate about Gates and Fauci’s intentions is just getting started. Did they do everything on purpose, or were they just greedy, power-hungry, or stupid will evolve as more evidence comes out. But what we know now is that they knew hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin were suitable for treating Covid, and they worked to suppress that information. They purposely pushed global populations to seek a vaccine treatment that they developed with Big Pharma, and they were caught doing all kinds of terrible things that ruined so many lives. That was their Mechagodzilla that they lost control of. Murder is still murder. Even if that may not have been the original intent, it was the ultimate result. And because of that failure, the administrative state that wants to rule the world through globalism tactics have compounded their problems with ten more problems to solve the original issue. 

Suppose Covid was unleashed from a lab in China to stop Donald Trump in the 2020 election, which the evidence indeed points in that direction. In that case, all these cascaded problems that have spawned into the debacle of Ukraine presently are the total result of trying to keep a lid on the matter, so people don’t see the obvious. The Desecrators of Davos run by Klaus Schwab and the gang at the World Economic Forum have been saying that populism is the biggest weakness to their plans and if anybody saw the rally in Russia in support for Putin recently, its quite clear that there isn’t anything the “global community” is going to be able to do to stop Russia from doing whatever it wants or China for that matter. The NATO strategy of high school politics, of saying, “we won’t talk to you at your locker unless you go out with Mary Jane,” isn’t working. Russia doesn’t care if the United Nations likes them. China doesn’t care either. They have turned to nationalism, and that was never the plan. When we talk about election fraud in America, it’s not hard to figure out who was behind it. The globalists wanted the Desecrators of Davos to unleash their Mechagodzilla of economic sanctions upon the world and control everyone with fear.   But what they saw in the states is that people still love Trump and would prefer him right now over Biden, which nobody in the Beltway understands. And Putin and Xi have seen this and are pushing populist revolts of their own. 

All this is a collapse of globalism in front of our faces. All the United Nations 2030 stuff is still a threat, but people are now aware of it, where they weren’t a few years ago. When people thought globalism would be the wave of the future, they held their noses and adapted, which is how so many CEOs allowed themselves to get pulled into all the woke politics. But now, the world is changing, and it’s changing forever. Ukraine was a creation of the United Nations. When they can’t stop Putin from attacking it and taking it over then back into the Russian fold, the world will see that the United Nations was always a toothless tiger, and the Desecrators of Davos, a bunch of crazed lunatics corrupted by the religion of climate science that is as crazy of a cult as the Jim Jones society in Jonestown. People are not going to drink the poison. Especially now that they see the carnage left behind. And to the way I see things, that’s a good thing to have to happen. People were already suffering under the failures of an Administrative State, such as what we saw over Covid, which is worse than 10,000 Ukraine invasions. But now, people are aware of what’s been happening, and they are picking nationalism over globalism for the first time in the modern age, which clearly was not the plan from the outset.

Rich Hoffman

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Beating the Most Dangerous Thing in the World: Seeing the Administrative State for what it is and why it exsists

I continue to say that Rebekah Koffler’s book, Putin’s Playbook is one of the best of its kind ever written. I have watched many interviews with her, and everyone misses the point. They booked her on a show thinking they were getting top intelligence agency information on the big bad guy in the world, Vladimir Putin, as Russia invades Ukraine. And they do get that. After all, Rebekah worked at the top of intelligence counseling top VIPs in the American government, including the White House. She was Russian-born and very good at her job. And yes, she does understand how Putin works and what the Russian intentions are in the world that are a significant threat to the United States. Putin’s Playbook is about all those things. Any reader will come away with a great history of Russia and an understanding that they don’t want to be friends with America in any way on any day. Instead, they want to destroy America, and they think about it every day, all days of the year. They never stop thinking about killing off America. It is what they live for. And that is the case with China as well, although outside of Rebekah’s book in this case. Instead, Putin’s Playbook hits on something much more sinister, which is the real terror in the world, which she uncovered as a kind of therapy for writing this book. She discovered an evil much more sinister than Putin, Xi Jinping, or the Desecrators of Davos. Without meaning to, she discovered a threat I have been talking about for decades. Perhaps because she was an idealistic foreign American loving personality full of energy and a do-gooder spirit, she could see it most clearly from the top of America’s DIA view of the world. The greatest threat to America and the world is the Administrative State. 

It was a two-year process for me to write my own book, The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business, and believe me; there was severe contention during its creation. I have a background in Lean Manufacturing and helping people worldwide improve their processes. The Lean tools have always been good. Toyota took what Deming brought to Japan and managed to connect management to production in positive ways. But the smoking gun to inefficiencies has always been the most contentious issue in all companies, no matter how big or small. So I set out to crack that code and create psychological tools to deal with the elephant in the room, rather than putting the elephant in the room with the audience and forcing them to look at each other. A wrong move by the elephant could still crush all the people, so dealing with the elephant was what was needed, and my ideas were undoubtedly bound to ruffle feathers. It got so bad, added to the political problems in the world; I spent much of 2021 traveling with my wife to the far-flung reaches of America with our RV. It was one of the best years of my life, looking back on it. I had over 30 years of work in the world at all levels of society, colliding with the vastness of the wild west as it has been for many thousands of years. To see the problem clearly, I needed to remove myself from that Administrative State as much as possible, and the result was highly satisfying. I’m very proud of the results that ended up in The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business.

I didn’t know Rebekah Koffler, and she didn’t know me. But we arrived at essentially the same conclusion between the two of us. She saw how Russia had created the Administrative State in America through its years of KGB interference in our social structure. She understood it because that’s what she was running from in Russia, much like Ayn Rand did decades before.   Much of the world was suffering under the crush of administrative perceptions. While Putin played his part during his lifetime in sending the bureaucracy of the administrative state to America and into our education systems to then convert all our social practices into the same kind of mind-numbing sameness that Russia was famous for, and that all communist regimes associated, it was just a continuation of a long term goal. But the effort was much older than Putin or Xi from China. Americans had an instinct for the problem, but the administrative state ran so deep into everything we do, including our cable companies, all our places of employment, even the drive-thru windows of our favorite restaurants. We have grown to accept their disfunction even if we don’t like it. Unlike in Russia, where they don’t know better, or in China, where choice is not an option, Americans do have choices enough to be frustrated with the conditions of the administrative state even if they were powerless daily to fight back against it. That was the purpose I was after, in defeating the administrative state without destroying accountability that people and businesses need in their lives. I knew we had found that balance at one point in our history. This position was uniquely American, so I sought to get back to those basics by teaching people how to turn away from the administrative state’s security and think for themselves for a change. That’s how I ended up on several magnificent journeys into the wild west and how The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business was created. 

Here was a wide-eyed Russian with American loving passion writing a book about one of the world’s most dangerous characters, Vladimir Putin, and what she ended up criticizing was a much more significant threat, a creation of communism made well before Putin was even a sparkle in the eye of his parents, the administrative state. The Administrative State is crushing the world today everywhere we look. It gives tyrants an ability to rule as monsters because it channels all the resources of an organization through the bureaucrats who are less inclined to do anything good with that energy. So thus, there is much misery in the world toward their corporations, governments, and even individual lives. Of course, there is a means to overcome this challenge. But the first problem is in understanding the need and recognizing the danger. And so far, I have not read a book that better articulates this recognition better than Putin’s Playbook. As a top DIA intelligence officer, you would think that Rebekah Koffler would be placed on a pedestal for all her excellent work. But instead, she was chastised for being too good because she made ordinary people look bad. The Administrative State was created to make ordinary people look good, just as I say often, “the rules are often made by the losers,” meaning that the best don’t regulate themselves. Only those too lazy to get the skills needed want rules to slow down the best and brightest into the comfort level of the many and the mediocre. And that is the danger of the Administrative State. It allows tyrants to rule the world, but the mechanism that will enable it to happen comes from the mundane bureaucracies of existence. Where the best and brightest are crippled by the lazy and the mediocre, and to my point, if you ever really want to fix an organization at any level, you must unlock the exceptional and turn them loose to solve problems and create wonderful cultures. When they are penalized and crippled by the power of collectivism through the administrative state, that is when the worst things in the world happen, and evil is unleashed to rule over all of us for all our days.

Rich Hoffman

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