‘Cloud Atlas’ Possibly the worst movie ever made: Director Larry Wachowski is now a woman named Lana

Yikes, I watched recently what may be the worst movie I have ever seen—which is very embarrassing for the movie.  I mean, Jesus Christ—it was absolutely terrible.  Diabolically ridiculous, lampoonist, flawed, disjointed—it was a wrecked concoction of poor philosophy, disastrously stupid politics, and a sheer waste of the three hours I spent watching it.  Tragically, I hoped it would be good, Tom Hanks was in it, Halle Berry was as well, the Wachowski family was involved who did films like the Matrix and Speed Racer—so even though I thought I would dislike the politics—which were noticeably progressive—I hoped the movie would have its moments.  It didn’t.  It was just terrible and the only reason I am reviewing it is so that I can show readers here that not every movie review is good.  Some people have accused me of working for Warner Brothers because of my glowing reviews of the Batman films, and Eastwood projects—but this—this Cloud Atlas—it was just wretched.  It was like looking at something a dog puked up after eating feces in the yard mixed with freshly cut grass and garbage out of the hamper.  It is unbelievable that anybody ever gave a green light for that movie because if that is what people in Hollywood think is a good movie, we are in big trouble.

I gave the film a chance because Roger Ebert loved it—he said he thought it was one of the most ambitious films ever made and was a complicated riddle that deserved multiple viewings.  And parts of it were very ambitious, the budget was large, the visionary attempt was epic, and it had stars.  Susan Sarandon’s inclusion almost made me not even watch it because of her active progressivism—but I recorded it on my DVR in March and finally got around to watching it in June out of obligation really.   I felt because of what Ebert said that the film deserved attention, but I knew it was a progressive film—so I treated it like a trip to the dentist—something you don’t really enjoy, but is needed from time to time for basic maintenance.  My conclusion was that Roger Ebert lost his mind.  Cloud Atlas was that terrible.

The foundation of Cloud Atlas is deeply flawed making all the interesting interconnected storylines worthless.  The film is about gay love, slavery, feminism, and is clearly against big oil.  It is also about the worthless nature of individual lives and only concerned about how they fit into the larger tapestry of existence.    Considering Ebert died shortly after Cloud Atlas I’ll give him a pass—maybe the idea of resurrection through a future life was something appealing to him in those last moments and he saw in the Cloud Atlas insanity a ray of hope for himself.  The film was released around the same time that Atlas Shrugged Part II hit theaters and I remember well having to defend that film from people who loved Cloud Atlas.  So I made a point to see the film at the first available moment which is why I recorded it.  Being an open supporter of the filmmakers producing the Atlas Shrugged films, I wanted to understand how the other side could make such comparisons, and what I learned was that Cloud Atlas is the exact opposite philosophy of Atlas Shrugged.  The two couldn’t be further apart in values—they have nothing in common other than the word “Atlas” in their titles.

And before anybody says that I didn’t understand the film………………….please, don’t waste the time.  I understood all the metaphors in the film and I get the interaction of the characters and the various time periods.  But to what point—so that the sick guy on the ship trying to get home to his wife who was really the future goddess of civilization could tell her bigoted father that she was running off with her husband?  That was the closing scene and the climax of the picture??????????????????????????????  No, there was another climax, the one with Tom Hanks and Halle Berry married and living happily on another planet well into the future telling the story of Cloud Atlas to his grandchildren who wanted to look up at the stars and know which one was earth.  Really????????????????????  I wasted three hours to come to that stupid revelation?  You can refund money but you can’t refund time—and I am resentful that I lost three hours of my life to Cloud Atlas.

imageHowever, one thing that I did learn is that everything I say about progressives is absolutely 100% correct.  Their world vision was on full display in Cloud Atlas and philosophically, they are like children right out of the womb—yet they believe they are at the height of human knowledge.  Cloud Atlas was presented as an exclamation point and epic triumph toward progressive thought.  Tom Hanks is a smart guy and a great actor—so he consciously took on multiple roles in the film.  It was obviously for him a labor of love—he believed in the project intensely—and that concerns me greatly for his very mental health.  There was nothing profound about Cloud Atlas.  It was like watching the news with a progressive slant.  It was ridiculously simple and anti-climatic.  I mean crap…………..it was just terrible.

I understand that I hate progressive and liberal philosophy.  Those idiots can call me a right-winger all they want—because if Cloud Atlas is what they think merits thought—they are thoughtless.  They do not even have the ability to make a compelling argument if that is the best they can do.  Cloud Atlas is the culmination of that kind of crappy Hollywood politics where screenplays are written by boot lickers at parties where drugs flow freely and everyone thinks they are brilliant from the vantage point of the little flat of land nudged up between the Pacific Ocean and the Nevada desert mountains.  The Wachowski family is not the second coming.  They likely ripped off the concept of the Matrix from another writer and have struggled to make a good film since—even though studios have thrown massive budgets at them.  Larry Wachowski wrecked his life in the Hollywood Dungeon when he started hanging around with Iisa Strix and Buck Angel the transsexual known as “The Dude With a Pussy.”  Worse yet, one of the directors of Cloud Atlas was Lana—who used to be Larry after he went through a sex change operation—so he is one of those LGBT people and that wrecked identity became Cloud Atlas.

It’s not that the many incidences in Cloud Atlas where male characters play females, and females play males was artistically wrong—it was just too simple.  Anyone who bases their identity purely on sexual function is a lost cause—and in essence, this is what was going on in Cloud Atlas.  The premise of the characters is from the vantage point of the kind of person who desires to engage in bondage in the Dungeon which is a huge part of that transsexual community in Los Angeles.  But for the rest of the nation—it’s considered stupid.  So while Cloud Atlas had a 10 minute standing ovation at Sundance and progressives raved about the film—it is only hard-core progressives who enjoyed it.  For everyone else—it is ridiculously simple—and tragically limited in its philosophical outlook.  What makes a person is not the holes they have in their bodies which allow for sexual penetration—it is the content of their minds—and in Cloud Atlas, the minds are disasters who made a film seething with liberal talking points ridiculously displayed as a work of art that belong nowhere else but in a litter box.

Ironically, I didn’t even know that Larry had turned himself into Lana before I watched Cloud Atlas.  I discovered that trying to figure out why the movie was so fu**ed up.  I was trying to understand how and why Warner Brothers distributed the film and discover who put up the money for the project and learn what on earth the directors were thinking.  That’s when I learned that Larry never recovered from his divorce after being caught with the dominatrix Strix in the Dungeon—and had poured way too much mental energy into becoming a woman.  He then directed a film about the quality of a soul regardless of gender roles over a long-span of time to justify his/her terrible decisions in life.


Do yourself a favor———never watch Cloud Atlas.  Something’s are better left alone—and that movie is one of them.image

Rich Hoffman



Attila and the Witch Doctor: A new education system needed ‘For The New Intellectual’

We know better—America was formed as a philosophy not just another country and it was a direct response to many years of human failure. It was a flash in the pan relatively speaking and is now threatening to fade away back into history because of two primary forces always present in the nations of mankind—Attila and the Witch Doctor. Way back in 1961 Ayn Rand put her finger on these two types of characters in her book, For The New Intellectual. It was and continues to be a revolutionary mode of thinking that is the only path forward—which she identified as the forces of the brute Attila in perpetual conflict with the Witch Doctor—the man of spirit always with a gaze to the ever-after. America was a rejection of the Witch Doctor and a protection against the Attila types which allowed for a new kind of person—the “thinker”–to invent and create a new nation.

However, governments always desire to spring back into the mode of Attila—no matter what type of government it is and they use the Witch Doctor types as their crutches for aggressive action. The Witch Doctor type as well use the Attila types for their ascension and left unchecked will revert back into the old European mode of compete rule of Attila and the Witch Doctor over all of humanity. Presently the fault of this reversion is in the government sponsored education institutions specifically the public school system—capped off by the college system. Those education institutions specifically teach the systems of Attila and the Witch Doctor making them completely useless in the modern world. But before explaining why, please review the excerpts from the Ayn Rand classic below explaining firsthand what these two types of terrible characters are.

  For the New Intellectual

(By Ayn Rand, the foremost philosopher for Capitalism) “When… an entire society is approaching bankruptcy, there are two courses that those involved can follow: they can evade the reality of their situation and act on a frantic, blind, range-of-the-moment expediency—not daring to look ahead, wishing no one would name the truth, yet desperately hoping that something will save them somehow—or they can identify the situation, check their premises, discover their hidden assets and start rebuilding.

“…America’s intellectual leadership has collapsed… America is a country without a voice or defense—a country sold out and abandoned by her intellectual bodyguards.

“The professional businessman and the professional intellectual came into existence together, as brothers born of the same industrial revolution. Both are the sons of capitalism—and if they perish, they will perish together…”

“…with very rare and brief exceptions, pre-capitalist societies had no place for the creative power of man’s mind, neither in the creation of power nor in the creation of wealth… Such societies were ruled by faith and its practical expression: force…”

“…the man of faith and the man of force… they are the actual leaders of most of mankind’s societies, who rise to power whenever men abandon reason…”

“…Attila, the man who rules by brute force… respects nothing but man’s muscles, and regards a fist, a club or a gun as the only answer to any problem—and the Witch Doctor… escapes into his emotions, into visions of some mystic realm where his wishes enjoy supernatural power unlimited by the absolute of nature.

“…Attila feels no need to understand, to explain nor even to ponder, how men manage to produce things he covets—‘somehow’ is a fully satisfactory answer… His view of the universe does not include the power of production. The power of destruction, of brute force, is to him, metaphysically omnipotent. Attila never thinks of creating, only of taking over.

“The Witch Doctor’s method… is the conquest of those who conquer those who conquer nature… With the Witch Doctor, emotions are tools of cognition, and wishes take precedence over facts. …knowledge of the universe will be granted to him by blind, unfocused stare of his eyes turned inward, contemplating the sensations, the feelings, the urgings, the muggy associational twistings projected by the rudderless mechanism of his undirected consciousness. Whatever his mechanism produces is an absolute not to be questioned; and whenever it clashes with reality, it is reality he ignores… The only validation of his consciousness he can obtain on earth is the belief and the obedience of others, when they accept his ‘truth’ as superior to their own perception of reality. While Attila extorts their obedience by means of a club, the Witch Doctor obtains it by means of a much more powerful weapon: he pre-empts the field of morality.

“…they come to need each other. Attila feels that the Witch Doctor can give him what he lacks: a long-range view, and insurance against the dark unknown of tomorrow or next week or next year, a code of moral values to sanction his actions and disarm his victims. The Witch Doctor feels that Attila can give him the material means of survival, can protect him from physical reality, can spare him the necessity of practical action, can enforce his mystic edicts on any recalcitrant who may choose to challenge his authority. Both of them are incomplete parts of a human being, who seek completion in each other…

“…The power of ideas has no reality for either of them, and neither cares to learn that the proof of their power lies in his own chronic sense of guilt and terror.

“Thus Attila and the Witch Doctor form an alliance and divide their respective domains. Attila rules the realm of men’s physical existence—the Witch Doctor rules the realm of men’s consciousness. Attila herds men into armies—the Witch Doctor sets the armies’ goals. Attila conquers empires—the Witch Doctor writes the laws. Attila loots and plunders—the Witch Doctor exhorts the victims to surpass their selfish concern with material property. Attila slaughters—the Witch Doctor proclaims to the survivors that scourges are a retribution for their sins. Attila rules by fear, by keeping men under a constant threat of destruction—the Witch Doctor rules by means of guilt, by keeping men convinced of their innate depravity, impotence and insignificance.

“Against whom is this alliance formed? Against those men whose existence and character both Attila and the Witch Doctor refuse to admit into their view of the universe; the men who produce. In any age or society, there are men who think and work, who discover how to deal with existence, how to produce the intellectual and material values it requires. These are the men who produce the means of survival for the parasites of all varieties: The Attilas and the Witch Doctors and the human ballast. The ballast consists of those who go through life in a state of unfocused stupor, merely repeating the words and the motions they learned from others. But the men from whom they learn, the men who discover any scrap of knowledge, are the men who deal with reality, with the task of conquering nature, and exercising their rational facility.

“A Producer is any man who works and knows what he is doing. He may function on a fully human, conceptual level of awareness only some part of this time, but, to that extent, he is the Atlas who supports the existence of mankind…” (Excerpts from Ayn Rand’s “For the New Intellectual,” copyright 1961.)


When a public school hosts a pep rally for their football team to beat a cross town rival, what is being taught to the students is the mode of Attila—that conquest, force and might rule under the Friday Night Lights and that the entire community—like the nations of the world—will get behind their school sponsoring the team stepping out onto the battlefield. Students at the school must learn where they fit into the pecking order of society in such a system because the power is on full display. Of course the players of the game are at the top of such food chains with school administrators joining their ranks among the socially powerful—because they decide who plays in the battle and who doesn’t. From there society tiers off downward by order of importance—but within those class rooms when the lights are not on for football games, the way of the Witch Doctor is being taught. This would be the climate terrorism that is so prevalent—the avocation of religious tolerance such as the current insurgency of the Muslim faith. Other aspects of the Witch Doctor are the labor unions themselves who control the teachers in these schools—their position is a combination of force and mysticism. They have no idea where the money comes from or where it goes, they just want it—so they take it by force with strikes, public slander, and sheer intimidation. The byproduct of this activity has been an education system ruled by Attila and the Witch Doctors creating several generations of Americans who only understand those two modes of thinking.

There is a third class—for which I am proud to be a part—those are the thinkers. When the thinkers of the world wonder why so many American citizens are so apathetic toward the current scandals in the White House, or seem paralyzed to act against the bizarre notions of the green movement—it is because the modes of thinking that are committing the crimes are due to Attila and the Witch Doctors who are in control of politics, art and entertainment, and the entire intellectual class as it is currently understood. Because most people are taught to be Attila or the Witch Doctor, they are paralyzed to act on what they see is a crime committed right in front of their face. Intellectually, they have been paralyzed into inaction by their education systems leaving them defenseless to make any judgments against.

Saul Alinsky who taught Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama in the methods of eroding away power from those who had it understood this whole Attila and the Witch Doctor mentality and his methods of activism were designed to exploit it—which Obama has done to hide his many crimes. Read below a few excerpts from his “masterpiece” Rules for Radicals which came out ten years after Ayn Rand’s For The New Intellectual to gain an understanding of the way that crimes are committed by radicals but are pardoned by a public respectful of the Attila types who rule over them with force—and are often stuck between the Witch Doctor types who seem to have all the answers. The system that Alinsky is talking about in the following quotes was created by the public education system giving vast numbers of American citizens a complete paralysis in the face of such forces because intellectually they are not equipped to deal with the assault. Modern Americans functioning from respect of Attila have lost the ability to think leaving them vulnerable to Alinsky’s methods of attack—which is destroying the nation presently—and purposely.

Rules for Radicals

by Saul D. Alinsky

“Today’s generation is desperately trying to make some sense out of their lives and out of the world. Most of them are products of the middle class. They have rejected their materialistic backgrounds, the goal of a well-paid job, suburban home, automobile, country club membership, first-class travel, status, security, and everything that meant success to their parents. They have had it. They watched it lead their parents to tranquilizers, alcohol, long-term-endurance marriages, or divorces, high blood pressure, ulcers, frustration and the disillusionment of the “good life,” They have seen the almost unbelievable idiocy of our political leadership – in the past political leaders, ranging from the mayors to governors to the White House, were regarded with respect and almost reverence; today they are viewed with contempt. This negativism now extends to all institutions, from the police and the courts to “the system” itself. We are living in a world of mass media which daily exposes society’s innate hypocrisy, its contradictions and the apparent failure of almost every facet of our social and political life. The young have seen their “activist” participatory democracy turn into its antithesis – nihilistic bombing and murder. The political panaceas of the past, such as the revolutions in Russia and China, have become the same old stuff under a different name. The search for freedom does not seem to have any road or destination. The young are inundated with a barrage of information and facts so overwhelming that the world has come to seem an utter bedlam, which has them spinning in a frenzy, looking for what man has always looked for from the beginning of time, a way of life that has some meaning or sense. A way of life means a certain degree of order where things have some relationship and can be pieced together into a system that at least provides some clues to what life is about. Men have always yearned for and sought direction by setting up religions, inventing political philosophies, creating scientific systems like Newton’s, or formulating ideologies of various kinds. This is what is behind the common cliché, “getting it all together” – despite the realization that all values and factors are relative, fluid, and changing, and that it will be possible to “get it all together” only relatively. The elements will shift and move together just like the changing pattern in a turning kaleidoscope.

For the real radical, doing “his thing” is to do the social thing, for and with people. In a world where everything is so interrelated that one fells helpless to know where or how to grab hold and act, defeat sets in’ for years there have been people who’ve found society too overwhelming and have withdrawn, concentrated on “doing their own thing.” Generally we have put them into mental hospitals and diagnosed them as schizophrenics. If the real radical finds that having long hair sets up psychological barriers to communication and organization, he cuts his hair. If I were organizing in a orthodox Jewish community I would not walk in there eating a ham sandwich, unless I wanted to be rejected so I could have an excuse to cop out. My “thing,” if I want to organize, is solid communication with the people in the community. Lacking communication I am in reality silent; throughout history silence has been regarded as assent – in this case assent to the system.

As an organizer I start from where the world is, as it is, not as I would like it to be. That we accept the world as it is does not in any sense weaken our desire to change it into what we believe it should be – it is necessary to begin where the world is if we are going to change it to what we think it should be. That means working in the system.”


Alinsky here has set himself up as the Witch Doctor and Obama and Clinton have come to suckle from his nectar and are presently using it to destroy the world in much the way that the same Witch Doctors destroyed the world after the fall of the Roman Empire and ushered in the Dark Ages. During that period in human history, it was religion that held down the minds of man. Today, it is another religion—this time worship of Mother Earth as the deity of highlight. Society must then fall in behind the Witch Doctor because they are intellectually incapable to reason through the problem because their efforts have been placed into the role of Attila—the conqueror.

The way out of this whole scandal literally and intellectually is to discard Attila and eradicate the Witch Doctor from the language of human activity. It is those two forces which destroy advancement of civilizations and currently brings much misery to the world. And it is specifically those two ways of thinking that are the primary topics taught in modern education no matter where in the world things are taught. And for the human mind—there really isn’t anything worse than learning to be like Attila or the Witch Doctor. Both are ancient evils meant to be surpassed and leave the lives of mankind vulnerable to real threats such as Saul Alinsky who wish to build empires on the backs of human slaves shackled not with literal chains, but intellectual ineptitude.

In this way the education systems of present must be completely dismantled and rebuilt to create thinkers. The focus should be on that brief moment in human history where America invented The New Intellectual and gave birth to a nation that ended slavery, invented new economical means, and freed the minds of mankind wherever the philosophy of America touched. Those who hate America hate it because they wish to be either Attila or the Witch Doctor. Their cries against imperialism are not the rule of Attila which typically belongs to a brute force, but in the ability to stand up against such force—and they don’t like it. This is why so many in the world who wish to rule by either force or religious mystics desire to see American dismantled and destroyed. Because the Attila types in the world wish to rule over mankind and the Witch Doctors wish to rule over Attila. They can only do that if Attila first conquers the world. This is why those who hate America desire the brute force of Islam to have their caliphate—because then Attila will have won leaving the Witch Doctors open to place shackles on the minds of the entire world. All this begins so innocently in the public education institutions sponsored by government desiring not to build minds, but compliant servants to Attila and the Witch Doctor.image

Rich Hoffman www.OVERMANWARRIOR.com


‘Jersey Boys’ Review: Clint Eastwood at his absolute best

If it wasn’t such an astonishing film with some truly remarkable points to make—I would likely have just enjoyed Jersey Boys as a pleasant movie. It’s not the normal kind of film that I would go to the theater to see. I’m not really crazy about pop music, and I could care less about another mobster movie—which Jersey Boys is at its heart. But this was different—I have been a Clint Eastwood fan all of my life and continue to admire his work late in life when most people would have cashed in and checked out a long time ago. I remember well when George Burns was still living well in his 80s which defied logic—but even he looked like a burnt up old man. Eastwood still has his swagger—and his mind at 84 without any sign of slowing down. I knew during the filming of Jersey Boys Clint’s wife wanted to run off with an old friend—a much younger man, then when Eastwood was ready to give her a divorce, she decided she didn’t want it. I also knew that Eastwood’s oldest son Kyle was in the film as a musical coordinator, and that one of his newest daughters Francesca was supposed to be in the cast.  I also knew that he was in pre-production for American Sniper—and there was a lot of other subplots not even related to the difficult production of Jersey Boys which is very well documented. Heck, the main character Frankie Valli is still alive and performing, and would see everything that Eastwood put on film—which can be intimidating to get right. There were at least 1000 reasons Jersey Boys should have been a bad movie and there would be every excuse available for it—so I went to see the film to support Clint Eastwood and his tireless efforts as a brilliant film director. What I saw wasn’t just good, or even great—it was magnificent.

Jersey Boys is a movie filled with very subtle scenes of radiance.  The strength of Clint Eastwood not only as an actor, but a director is in his ability to put many emotions in a scene from moment to moment. This was never clearer than when Frankie Valli rescued his daughter who was a run-away from a vile scum bag with a mobster hit man. The moment brought laughs from the audience and was reminiscent of one of Clint Eastwood’s Dirty Harry films but within a moment in the same scene was a level of drama seen in Mystic River. Valli had rescued his daughter then tried to tell her he was going to save her by making her dreams come true—helping her develop a singing career. As Valli spoke the words, it was clear he was making a mistake—the girl only wanted her father’s attention and her rebelliousness was clearly a response to an emptiness left in her life by a father who was always on the road. The scene was like Eastwood himself, a person who works at many levels all at the same time. The actor clearly had to know how Eastwood wanted to shoot the scene, yet the real Frankie Valli is one of the producers of the film and the decisions he had made eventually would lead to the death of that daughter and had to be painful for him. Eastwood handled all these elements like a symphony—effortlessly. Most directors would have wanted to show off how brilliant they were in such a scene—but Eastwood doesn’t even feel he needs to put a light on it. It just is—and he moves on to the next scene which is just as brilliant for the rest of the movie. It is amazing not only on how Eastwood handles things in front of the camera, but the elements behind the camera which affect what’s in front like an untouched maestro that only extreme maturity and philosophic understanding could provide. I had the feeling that the scene would cause the real Frankie Valli a lot of pain, but Eastwood didn’t care. I thought of his character from High Plains Drifter from many years prior—“people are only scared of what they know about themselves inside.” Eastwood had seen through the emotion written on the page of a screenplay to the heart of the problem and he did not hesitate to cast his opinion through film—which was gut wrenching. Moments later, Eastwood had the audience laughing again and enjoying music. It was quite phenomenal to see.

An example of such brilliance was the way the main characters provided narration throughout the film looking directly into the camera like it was a live stage play. Typically, it is a big error for an actor to look directly into the camera and speak to an audience—yet Eastwood pulls it off without being distracting. I can’t ever recall seeing such a narrative that does not interrupt the flow of the film and it wasn’t just one character—but several. It is a difficult concept to conceive, and even harder to pull off—yet Clint Eastwood effortlessly pulled it off knowing very well that he was shooting a period piece that most of the audience was alive to confirm—and playing music that many in the audience knew by heart. For any other film director—the task would be daunting—but for 84-year-old Clint Eastwood who is a master of his craft and at the top of his game—it was just the result of a life fully lived by a man who had seen and done everything and lived to tell the stories.

Jersey Boys could have been a PG film—there was no sex in it, or nudity. It was done very stylishly—except that the F-bomb was used extensively. But it was never distracting—it felt natural—like part of the culture we were witnessing. Warner Brothers would have reigned in any director except Clint Eastwood. They would have cut the language to get the PG rating for ticket sales, but because of whom the director was—they left Jersey Boys alone which tremendously elevated the authenticity of the subject matter.

Jersey Boys is a musical, but it didn’t go out of its way to be elaborately flowery in that category—the way Chicago, or even Walk The Line did—it again was an effortless exchange between a master filmmaker who happens to be old and uniquely able to convey wisdom that only elderly people can achieve—without being stuffy. Jersey Boys is really amazingly efficient in its delivery of complicated subject matter, well-known songs, and the telling of a story backed by actual history. In one scene the music is interrupted while one of the band members turns to the camera and speaks directly to the audience. It was a strangely satisfying way to tell the story that might only make sense on a printed page as a dream sequence. Most filmmakers would struggle to tell the crew in a meeting what their vision for such a scene would be—yet again Eastwood pulls it off as if everyone does it in every film ever made.

I found myself identifying with the young Frankie Valli and his unique relationship to a mob boss in Christopher Walken. I had a similar background—and understand how complex those types of relationships can be—how the morality between right and wrong can easily be colored gray. Eastwood in telling this kind of story never loses sight of right and wrong while at the same time covering every shade of gray that there is with humor, horror, pity, and honor. There hasn’t been a mob film done this well since The Godfather or Goodfellas. Christopher Walken played his part with all the confidence one would expect—and entered the storyline reminiscent of Pulp Fiction. Again there is typically a tendency to overplay the Walken type of mob boss in films because his performance was so incredibly strong. Yet Eastwood backs off the thrusters just enough to hit the right speed with the entire mob portion of the story seemingly taking a back seat to the music—which of course it was actually the support structure without naming it.

Yet my favorite character in the story was Bob Gaudio who at the end of the film proudly proclaimed to the camera—that without him, none of the events of the story would have happened—and he’s right. Gaudio wrote the songs that made Frankie Valli famous and carried the Four Seasons to heights they wouldn’t otherwise achieve. It wasn’t a teamwork exercise—it was because of Bob Gaudio that the Four Seasons produced so many hits. Frankie Valli had the unique voice, and everyone in the band did the hard work on the road—but it was because of Gaudio that there was anything to sing. I think only Clint Eastwood could have had a character deliver a line like that without sounding pretentious. It was a uniquely Clint Eastwood line delivered authentically.




If you go back to Eastwood films like Play Misty for Me the fabulous cinematography seen in Jersey Boys is not there. But the substance of subject matter was. Eastwood films are always intelligent, even in his comedies like Every Which Way But Loose. But Eastwood never let technical limits stop him from making a film. He doesn’t seem to worry about making something that will be criticized by someone who might think they can do it better. He just makes things—and really doesn’t seem to care how it’s judged. In this fashion he has made a lot of movies over a very long career. But starting with the movies he has made since his late 60s, the subject matter and quality of the films has become much better culminating in Jersey Boys. If this isn’t the Best Picture at the 2014 Academy Awards—I don’t know what would be. It is filmmaking at its best by a director who is the best. It was a pleasure to watch, and a real treasure to come from Clint Eastwood who once again has not disappointed me at the movie theater. I got more out of Jersey Boys than I thought I would—and that is always a good thing. And for me to feel that way about a film—it has to have some unique texture that speaks at many levels—and Jersey Boys does—just like the guy who made it.

I first ran into the music of Frankie Valli when I saw Grease as a kid, the movie with John Travolta and Olivia Newton John. Even back then, Valli was already considered an elderly music legend. At that same time, Clint Eastwood was an aging actor playing parts in films that were nearing retirement. It is then ironic that these two entertainment professionals are still around and kicking in 2014 and that they united to make the film Jersey Boys. For me the most haunting portion of the film was the first time the daughter who would die later  in the story sat at the top of the steps of their home angry at her daddy, Frankie Valli for not being home more. For both Eastwood and Valli this had to be a hard scene to film, because their entertainment lives had taken a toll on their personal lives. For Eastwood it was happening again and again, and during the filming of Jersey Boys his wife wanted to run off with a another man. But who could blame her Eastwood hadn’t been a saint. Eastwood has had so many girlfriends and children by them over his long life that he had to have many similar discussions with them as shown in Jersey Boys. The pain is that Valli did not listen to his daughter even though it was obvious that he loved her. There has been several times where I have had the same talk with my daughters and I chose to stay home—and to this day my kids appreciate it. I never had to deal with the kind of things Valli or Eastwood did—but these are the kinds of decisions that must be made by people who want to play the entertainment game at that level. Eastwood handled the scene with haunting coolness given the fact that several of his own children were on the set of Jersey Boys and undoubtedly the real Frankie Valli had to watch the dailies and it had to hurt him. There was real pain in those scenes—and they were handled with care without being too mushy.

If you dear reader were thinking of seeing Jersey Boys, you should take a moment over the upcoming weekend to see it at the theater. The end of the film transposes into a large musical number that is reminiscent of the stage play. It was just another example of the expert care Eastwood’s direction of the film exhibited. It was stylish without being campy—and unusually potent for a bookend to the entire film. Jersey Boys is one of those unique films, and it is a treat for everyone who sees it. It embodied all the elements of living life the way only an 84-year-old man who has always pushed the limit can tall it—making it a real American treasure that will never be forgotten. It is quite simply an amazing film.

Rich Hoffman   www.OVERMANWARRIOR.com


The IRS Cover-up: Doc Thompson breaks down the timetable

The Blaze as a news source has really excelled during the recent IRS scandal. Doc Thompson particularly had a wonderful broadcast on the timeline of the IRS cover-up during an obvious attempt to destroy evidence once they were caught targeting specific groups filling for tax exempt status. That broadcast can be heard through the video below. What is clear while listening is that the IRS hoped to contain their actions by slowly releasing the story to the public under controlled circumstances—and when it blew up, they destroyed the evidence.

The same day that Doc recorded that broadcast Trey Gowdy had his turn with Commissioner Koskinen and as a former prosecutor—he deservedly dismantled the smug government employee representing the IRS. Gowdy during his examination asked the commissioner—what criminal statutes were looked at to determine that the IRS conducted no wrong doing.

“I have not looked at any,” Koskinen replied.

“Well then how can you possibly tell our fellow citizens that there’s not criminal wrong doing if you don’t even know what statutes to look at?” Gowdy shot back. “How would you know what elements of the crime existed? You don’t even know what statutes are in play.”

Koskinen said he believes he can rely on common sense, but Gowdy blasted that answer out of the water before Koskinen could finish his thought.

“Common sense? Instead of the criminal code, you want to rely on common sense?” Gowdy said as Koskinen shook his head at the table.

“You can shake your head all you want to, Commissioner. You have said today that there is no evidence of criminal wrongdoing, and I’m asking you what criminal statutes you have reviewed to reach that conclusion.” Gowdy concluded that Koskinen had “no idea” whether any crimes have been committed.

Koskinen then tried to close out his argument saying enough evidence is in to dismiss the idea that the IRS scandal was a coverup directed from the White House. But Gowdy rejected that idea, and said it’s Democrats who are trying to say the GOP is “obsessed” with the White House when it was the White House that first intervened.

“It was Jay Carney that perpetuated the myth that it was two rogue agents in Ohio, it wasn’t any of us. Was that accurate?” Gowdy asked.

“Not that I know of,” Koskinen replied.

“So that was inaccurate and that came from the White House. Who said there’s not a smidgen of corruption?”

“My understanding is that was the president,” the commissioner answered.


The IRS for many years has maintained an edifice of competence. It has been feared to even contemplate an IRS agent coming to demand an audit of a suspected tax evader. The IRS has the power to totally destroy the lives of virtually any individual—and this has made them something to fear—and they maintained that fear through sheer intimidation. Behind that intimidation was the façade of a government bureaucracy that had excellent record keeping. That is still likely the case—but the minimum damage that the IRS has inflicted upon themselves with this scandal is that they have either shown themselves as completely incompetent—where they don’t know a head from a rear end—or they are criminally negligent and corrupt at their highest levels. There is no middle ground that will come out of this scandal.

In the recent history of America the lies which came from politicians have proven to do them in—most notably, when Clinton claimed he did not have sex with Monica Lewinsky. But George Bush the senior raised taxes after he declared, “read my lips, no new taxes,” and Bush the younger when he declared war with Iraq without there being weapons of mass destruction. Americans don’t forget these things—and what the IRS has been caught doing is far worse than all those collection of lies put together. There is no way to explain the conduct or the manipulation by the IRS—especially regarding the destruction of evidence. They have lost their authority to impose themselves on an American public as a governing authority. If they will lie about silly little things like 501C3 targeting of political rivals—they will lie about anything.

But there is something worse about the IRS than their propensity to lie—it is their arrogant assertion that they are above the law. When the current IRS commissioner declared that he didn’t believe that the IRS had anything to apologize for, he was declaring that essentially the IRS was beyond the law and that his ignorance of the law or behavior of the IRS in general was not his burden so long as he didn’t have knowledge of the offenses. The commissioner actually proposed to Gowdey that his ignorance of the law was testimony to his innocence and the innocence of the IRS in general.

It is unlikely that the IRS will ever recover its reputation. It has been compromised, and forever tarnished—and will never again resume its previous status as infallible—and an authority of utmost integrity. Like the police scam of traffic citation writing, the IRS as been exposed as a politically partisan attack agency designed to confiscate wealth with the law at its back. But that law only works one way—against the American people. When it is supposed to be applied to the IRS, the law is to be manipulated with countless excuses and re-written to serve the needs of the government against the people they are supposed to serve. The IRS is corrupt beyond repair and has proven to be everything but competent—and no matter how much they try to evade their treacherous actions—are now in league with the criminal class of America more reminiscent of the mob. The IRS like the various mafias throughout the world is simply an organized crime syndicate that uses force to steal wealth. It is nothing more than a gang of thugs who don’t even have the courage to project to the world who they are—which are thieves sanctioned by the government to commit piracy against the enemies of progressive enterprise. Instead they tried to play innocent and ignorant of the very laws they were supposed to be masters of—as they clearly destroyed evidence hoping nobody would notice.

The IRS doesn’t belong in our communities enforcing any type of revenue collection—they belong in jail.

Rich Hoffman   www.OVERMANWARRIOR.com


The Emperor of Aldersonville: Lakota becomes “The New Clothes”

Patti Alderson is a state-central-committee woman tied to many political heavy weights from Governor Kasich to John Boehner. She is one of the wealthiest citizens in Southern Ohio and is involved in many charities—and has been a major levy supporter for Lakota schools. Years ago my group No Lakota Levy offered to her charity The Community Foundation to join forces and help the children of Lakota and the pay for play extortion rates exhibited by the public school and their labor union. Instead of working with me as proposed, she decided to attack me which became the foundation of a media blitz led by her and her friends on the Lakota school board. When I heard what she said about my reaching out a helping hand I made my opinion of her type of levy supporters known—which of course she understood clearly and took all the offense that I intended. The rest is history. Reflecting on the matter I have come to believe that the real reason she was so angry with me wasn’t just the truth of my statements which conveniently found their way into every media outlet in Cincinnati. It was because I am likely the only person in America who does not kiss her ass. When it comes to Patti Alderson, politicians want her money, business people want her alliance, public employees want her ability to control the temperament of a community, and countless legions of parasites just want to be invited to her parties. Click the video below to hear my radio segment on 700 WLW talking about this issue. I was careful not to name names at the time of the interview, because at that time all the guilty parties were not so obvious. But over time, the pieces came together nicely.

When the deal was offered to the Community Foundation to join forces I wasn’t all that impressed by her reputation. Wealthy people like her put their pants on like everyone else, so I didn’t see anything coming from her as particularly special. To me, she was clearly playing politics when she refused to help the youth at Lakota by picking sides in favor of the levy supporters at the expense of the children attending. So I have first-hand experience of how she conducted her business—leading to the things that I said about her supporters backing the Lakota levy. And while all this was going on, it surprised me how people who were quite intelligent, wealthy, and powerful coddled her so openly. It disgusted me—because the real cause of the school levy at Lakota fell right on her doorstep, and too often she skated away free of responsibility because nobody challenged her—because nobody wanted to be on the political out with her—since she controlled so much.

So I have some context to her proposal of bringing the Boys’ and Girls’ Club to the Lakota area. In order to achieve this she wants to share expense, time, and space with Lakota schools. Under this plan, the Club would use the space after school and during the summer, while Lakota would expand kindergarten to all day for those who wish, and have a place for younger pre-school children during the day when school is in session.  Seven months after the 2013 levy passed, there was a proposal for tearing down the old Union school and building this shared new facility. During the last levy campaign the following excerpt was taken from an article in the “Journal News” published in May of 2013, “’No part of this levy is just going to be hanging out there undisclosed as far as what it’s going to be about,’ said Joan Powell, school board president. ‘It’s very important to recognize that of the levy dollars we are contemplating asking, virtually all of them are dedicated to either additional personnel we need to give help along the way, for security, or for technology.'” So now that Lakota got their money, it is time to start breaking the promises which won their votes, and at the center of the activity—as usual is Patti Alderson.

People in the know around the politics of the situation have reported that Patti’s group received around $350,000 cash as a giveaway from Attorney Mike DeWine to purchase a building down on Smith Rd for another youth center. Alderson’s company was the real-estate broker on the deal and collected the commission. Now, none of that is big stuff to Patti—its chicken feed really, but is part of the game of politics which she enjoys controlling. And in order to control those strings there needs to be an unquestioned, mutually agreed upon target—and that is the exploitation of children. When I had my fall-out with Patti, it was because I was trying to take away that exploitation which left the pro levy argument publicly stripped down with nowhere to hide. I hoped at the time that more people would listen to my argument over hers, but in the end, it was a lesson of the old children’s story, The Emperor’s New Cloths. Patti is used to everyone telling her wonderful things, because they want her money just like in that famous story. Then when a child says—“but you’re naked”—anger ensues. I was the one who metaphorically told her and the rest of the levy supporters they were really naked and was using the children of Lakota as their cloths to hide behind. Most people who I thought had guts and nerve stood down and got behind Patti. They told me privately that they supported me, but publicly they stood behind Patti. Most did, but not everyone.

Recently Patti gave up her position after 15 years as head of the Community Foundation. publicly it seems that Patti wishes to pursue her interest in this Boys’ and Girls’ Club deal. But Beth Hauer believes it’s something else related to her—which can be seen in the comments section of the Journal News link shown below.

I wonder if Patti Alderson’s resignation has anything to do with the formal, documented complaint that I filed against her as CEO, the Foundation, a now former V.P., the West Chester Tea Party, the Cincinnati Tea Party and a number of other people concerning the last election for a Fiscal Officer for West Chester Township? I have to tell you, Journal News, that I am not happy about your decisions not to publish anything about that federal complaint, and to publish glowing articles about Patti Alderson.

From that same Journal News article written to give glowing praise of Alderson’s work over the years:

“She’s able to get things done because she does her homework,” said Foundation co-founder Debbie Boehner, the wife of U.S. House Speaker and West Chester Twp. Republican John Boehner. “She is a brilliant businesswoman. Patti’s always had her hands in something that’s a change factor.”

Boehner, who has been friends with Alderson for more than 35 years, said she is amazed with how much of her time and her talent she has given to this community, including spearheading the recent effort to form a Boys & Girls Club of West Chester/Liberty.

“I don’t think that anybody comes any closer,” Boehner said. “We ought to call it Aldersonville instead of West Chester.”


So now Patti Alderson is even more directly aligned with Lakota schools and is looking to tear down the Old Union School which has value by building something else designed to essentially provide free day care to more levy supporters and use the altruism of the escapade to get more shiny stars on her reputation.

Taxpayers have spent half a million dollars refurbishing the old school, putting in new windows, adding air-conditioning, and re-carpeting rooms in the building, not long ago. The school is structurally sound and by tearing it down equity will be lost in it. A charter school or maybe a business could make good use of it as new school buildings that have gone up in recent years often require additional money for structural repairs.

While the school system takes over the childcare responsibilities after school, there are many local day-care centers that will suffer. Parents often want the school to handle their children after hours because it is less expensive. This way the taxpayers are subsidizing childcare for parents under the leadership of Patti Alderson. The parents will pay less because the school system is building and maintaining the structure and the tax payers will absorb the cost.

There is a very great possibility that in this shared project the donor-grant funded responsibility could fall behind in payments do to the funding mechanism failing. These things always work so well in meetings, but reality often deals different cards. That would leave the school system to pick up the slack. The Club has received a $500,000 grant, and the rest will come from donors. This means that at some point in time, tax payers will be asked to cover the costs of mismanagement which history indicates this to be the future of this endeavor.

It is a huge undertaking to decide to provide the luxury of all-day kindergarten (when the value to the children is questionable), subsidizing childcare for parents, extending busing (when recently there wasn’t money to provide it), and tearing down a perfectly good school to make room for a new building which will just turn out to be another temple built to honor Patti Alderson.

The taxpayers passed a levy, and within 5 months, this plan was unveiled which was kept from voters prior to the election. This appears to be a “bait-and-switch” situation led by an underhanded and unethical group of people. No Lakota Levy said this all along—I certainly did.

Patti Alderson is now openly cozy with the Lakota school board and even sat with them, superintendent Mantia, and a facilities person from Lakota in a round table discussion on Monday June 23rd.  At the meeting a decision was made to pursue a land lease arrangement with the Boys & Girls Club for the Union school property. It was discussed that Lakota would not fund a new building. It was estimated that demolition of the existing building would cost about $500K. The building currently has an occupant that will end its lease in approximately a year, (summer of 2015). Lakota made a study to see if they had room with existing facilities to house an expansion of the all day kindergarten activity; there currently exists enough space within Lakota’s current buildings to due this service expansion. It was said that someone who wanted to put a charter school in the existing building had first dibs but superintendent Mantia saw that proposal as potential competition for Lakota which didn’t make her happy.

The financial attractiveness for Lakota is that the district would get some revenue for the property – possibly to offset the cost of the building demolition. It would be a long-term lease. It sounds like Boys and Girls Club could, in turn, lease some of the building space to others. The plan is to have the all day kindergarten be tuition funded, which is why it will likely fail and fall back on the tax payers at a future point. Lakota’s lawyers will now draft a land lease plan and at this point it would seem that the approach would not redirect any of the levy fund’s commitments as stated to the public. But the devil is always in the detail in these kinds of things—and a few years down the road when things don’t work out the way everyone intended, the financial loses will have to be recovered somewhere by somebody—likely the tax payers.

This is where my problem with Patti originates. The last levy at Lakota is projected to generate well over $10 million dollars from every property in West Chester and Liberty Township. Yet Patti is a rich woman and has the ability to generate vast sums of money just at her charity events. She has in her power the ability to fully fund Lakota as a self-contained entity. If she wanted she could remove the burden of Lakota funding from tax payers—but that is not what she’s interested in doing. Her focus instead is to use other people’s money and resources to use “good causes” to show what a giving person she is. My experience with Alderson is that she enjoys more being the center of attention than actually solving problems. Children are an easy target and are the most exploited demographic group of people on planet earth, and that exploitation is alive and well in West Chester—or as Debbie Boehner says—“Aldersonville.” The real goal of the effort at Lakota will be to expand kindergarten for parents too busy to care for their young children. Everything else about this whole deal is to inflate the ego of Patti Alderson—based on my experience with her. People tell me all the time that she means well, and has the best of intentions—but I’ve seen her behavior up close and she showed me her fangs—and that is not a person who is trying to do “the best for the community.” The context of that niceness is to be seen as the Emperor of Andersonville—as defined by John Boehner’s wife Debbie and her new “social” cloths.

In the story The Emperor’s New Cloths a vain Emperor who cares about nothing except wearing and displaying clothes hires two swindlers who promise him the finest, best suit of clothes from a fabric invisible to anyone who is unfit for his position or “hopelessly stupid”. The Emperor’s ministers cannot see the clothing themselves, but pretend that they can for fear of appearing unfit for their positions and the Emperor does the same. Finally the swindlers report that the suit is finished, they mime dressing him and the Emperor marches in procession before his subjects. The townsfolk play along with the pretense, not wanting to appear unfit for their positions or stupid. Then a child in the crowd, too young to understand the desirability of keeping up the pretense, blurts out that the Emperor is wearing nothing at all and the cry is taken up by others. The Emperor cringes, suspecting the assertion is true, but continues the procession.


I am happy to be the only one in the crowd not functioning from a desire to keeping up a destructive social pretense. The Boys and Girls Club deal with Lakota for Patti is just another robe for an Emperor of Aldersonville where everyone kisses her ring and begs for her money. Just like the school levy campaign was a chance to get like-minded supporters of altruism together for parties, cakes, and back-scratching. It is why she chose not to take my offer of a partnership because the goal wasn’t helping kids; it was in exploiting them for the causes of wearing new cloths and showing them off to the people of Andersonville. In the end it won’t be Patti Alderson writing a check for all her ideas—even though she could—it will be the tax payers still paying for her metaphorical wardrobe years from now once she has disappeared into history and the many monuments dedicated to her charity work will be lost to future generations who could care less who or what she ever was—or anything she ever did.

A special thanks to the many people who contributed to this article. It helps to have so many eyes and ears in the trenches. Not everyone is intimidated by the Emperor of Aldersonville, and lucky for the tax payers of Lakota, the number is growing.   Let’s see, what was it that Patti said about me to the Cincinnati Enquirer……………“We refuse to accept funds where political statements are attached.”  She also said she had no affiliation with Yes To Lakota Kids.  Oddly enough, one of those members was on her arm Monday playing their part in making a deal with Lakota.   Ahhhh, the emperor has new clothes indeed–and of course politics played no part. 

To review the deal that Patti was so against, CLICK THE LINK BELOW to read an article done about it in Forbes.


Rich Hoffman



THE QURAN IS OUTDATED: Gabriel’s Middle-Eastern adventures of sex and nonsense

Recently, I provided evidence that religion is one of the stumbling blocks which prevent a proper investigation into earth’s past.  Due to religious strife and careful adherents to ancient documents and paper-thin prophets—it is clear that religion does more harm than good and is one of the aspects of human society which must be adjusted.  However, this does not mean that I am an atheist, or a godless heathen.  I simply don’t sacrifice myself to the notion of a god the way humans have done since the dawn of time and desire to see a new pattern emerge regarding spiritual worship—because to my eyes, virtually everyone everywhere in the world has gotten it wrong.

Most people use religion as a bridge to step over bad behavior into what they think is everlasting life.  It allows them to make mistakes in their daily living by attending a church on Sunday and being forgiven by some deity.  I would encourage you dear reader that if you are too weak-minded to live your life well, to not drink too much, have sex with too many partners, molest the youth, or treat others poorly without the fear of God to keep you in check, than this article is not for you.  Keep attending your religion—keep reading its text, and preparing for the life ever after.  Because I would rather you waste your life with such a sacrifice if it keeps you from being just another tyrant over the lives of others.  But for those with a little discipline and self driven curiosity it is time to scrap the old for the new in regards to religion and come up with some new mythologies which are more meaningful.

Even atheism has become a religion of sorts—its function is to declare that life is to be lived now and it has a kind of hedonism aspect to its followers which is not what I’m talking about.  The trouble with the human being is the collective notion of sacrifice which needs to be eradicated without the value of religion being stripped away—the establishment of positive parameters to live life by.  If that could be done, than religion would earn its worth, and lose the destructive nature indicative to its existence in whatever form it arrives—whether it is Islamic, Christian, Buddhist or Jewish—it is time to stop worshiping the life and times of old mythologies and folklore with a blind adherence to historical fact.  Most of those stories from all the major religions were passed down second-handed from one group of power controllers to another and cannot be trusted.  The contents of the writing have been fed to a collective public more to control behavior than to usher them off into the next life—and given what science is attempting to show the human race—they are no longer relevant.

All religions are based on faith, which forces a participant to accept things without evidence.  Once the mind is opened to this folly it tends to do the same for virtually everything it encounters.  As an example, the Saul Alinsky method which Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama so effectively uses allows them to gain a kind of religious following by appealing to the part of a human brain which has been opened to accept religious mythology as fact.  This allows them to stand in front of people like a high priest and utter complete lies without anybody questioning them—hiding their bad behavior in the light of day.   It was Hillary Clinton who wrote a thesis on Alinsky while at Wellesley College for which she received an “A.”  Saul Alinsky offered her a job for her two interviews which Hillary declined.  Barack Obama is of the same mind as both Alinsky and Clinton and within the social circles of community organizers and attorneys, they learned how to use Alinsky methods to appeal to the religious nature of people and force them to do things they otherwise wouldn’t.  Hillary in her critique cited benefactors of Alinsky’s approach to Martin Luther King Jr. and Walt Whitman in the way that Mormons cite Joseph Smith, or Christians do Jesus Christ, or Islam reveres Muhammad.  This places the characters of the narrative above reproach and prevents analysis of their actions.  Once this is done further inquiry into their motives cease and faith takes over as the guiding light.

More is hidden from the human being under this process than anybody acknowledges and is the largest contributors to the spread of evil throughout the world.  The religion itself might actually be beneficial on one level, but since the mind as been opened to accepting things on faith then a chain reaction of bad events often follows.  Politicians aligning themselves with a religious order use this open door to get people to accept higher taxes, political corruption, and even the premise of war applying basically the same Saul Alinsky methods. The religious high priest does the same to manipulate the public into committing collective evil without consideration.  Because the masses view their participation as a collective enterprise, they use faith to accept their role and cast off logic to the “hand of god.”  In this way they do not take responsibility in life for their actions, but instead defer responsibility to a “higher order.”

Once a mind shuns responsibility for their thoughtless actions on their religion, they will do it for their career, their family, their daily commute and soon everything that happens to them is “meant to be,” as if some god were steering their life-like a car down a lost highway.  This takes away the responsibility for living and allows people to believe that they are part of something bigger—which then sets the stage for political corruption when the same methods are applied to pass school levies, take away the Second Amendment, or pass Obamacare.

I have thoughts on what should replace the old religions—which are clearly ineffective in the modern world.  The life and times of the characters in the Bible, or in the Quran are outdated and no longer relevant.  If there is one trait that could be blamed on the Middle East not accepting capitalism and still looking like it did in the times of their religious leaders of thousands of years ago—it is that their religions hold back their social development.

In my family there is a joke about the archangel Gabriel where I say that he met Mary outside of their village and had an affair with her for which she became pregnant.  Back then, a woman who became pregnant without having a husband was often killed, so Mary came up with the story of immaculate conception to explain how she came to be in that condition.  The reason it’s a joke is because that same Gabriel came to Muhammad in a cave and recited the Quran which then became the sacred text of the fast growing religion in the world.  Gabriel was a busy guy…………….he was a lot of places at the start of these two religions—where to this day are in constant conflict in Jerusalem and everywhere else they meet.

I have read the Biblical Archaeology Review magazine for over thirty years and watched carefully the events of study in the Middle East, particularly Israel, Jordon, Egypt and Iraq, and my conclusion was that Gabriel was either a Jim Jones, or Charlie Manson type—charismatic leaders who were deranged intellectually and ran around planting all kinds of seeds—having sex with women putting them in danger culturally and speaking nonsense to lonely hermits in a cave—and anybody else who would listen.  Or that Gabriel was some kind of ultraterrestrial prankster designed to occupy the mind of man foolishly on low-level intellectual pursuits while they pulled the strings of society in the desired direction.  But what Gabriel was not–was sacred.

I’ve had a few run-ins with these Gabriel types over the years and always send them packing.  It helps to be intellectually fit so to see through their ruse—but for irresponsible people looking for a miracle at every turn of their lives living hapless existences like a pinball caught between the bumpers of life—Gabriel types find their minds ripe for plunder.  And they become the next tyrants thinking they are bringing to the world a boon.

It is time to evolve and religion as we know it today is holding down the human race.  It might hold some individuals together—giving them purpose and meaning.  But ultimately that meaning is toward the ends of collectivism and works against individual responsibility.  The number one reason that people are having a hard time with capitalism as an economic engine for their nations and instead gravitate toward socialism is because of their addiction to religion and hatred of self-responsible activity.  Religion feeds this lack of self-initiative and instead provides a crutch into the next life—allowing this life to be lived poorly and recklessly.  After all isn’t it the Christian premise to declare that “we are all sinners?”  So what’s the point?  Let’s just do what they tell us and hope we can live better in Heaven for eternity.  In the meantime we do what our preachers tell us to do, and if our politicians say the same kind of things-we follow them as well.  And vast amounts of evil spread across the world as a result—all in the name of some god at the center of religion inspired most of the time by the archangel Gabriel.

It would not surprise me to learn that while Gautama Buddha was sitting under the tree of enlightenment and was approached by the demon Mara where temptations were presented—that Mara’s real name was Gabriel and that he was a feisty traveler with malicious intentions similar to Saul Alisnsky—who was just a “community organizer” who carried on his tongue the end of civilization and single-minded purpose to have sex with lonely women and use religion to pull them into his tent.  Thus began all of the world’s primary religions.

It’s time to rethink things—without such people a part of the process.

Rich Hoffman



FROM THE PAGES OF AYN RAND: Clint Eastwood, Harrison Ford, Angelina Jolie and the great Sergio Leone

The first time I was on television was on a commercial for the restaurant I worked for when I was only 16 years old.  I was a part of the filming and of setting up some of the shots and it gave me the opportunity to work with a crew from Channel 19.  The commercial just happened to air that week during “Tough Guy Week” where nightly they played movies from the toughest characters in Hollywood, people like Steve McQueen, Chuck Norris, Bruce Lee and best of all, Clint Eastwood.  I had been familiar with Eastwood’s spaghetti westerns before, but on the night that my commercial aired it was the same night that For A Few Dollars More played on television, so I ended up watching the entire film so that I could see how the commercial turned out.

The “Man With No Name” character in the Sergio Leone westerns—the trilogy A Fist Full of Dollars, For a Few Dollars More, and The Good, Bad, and the Ugly starring Clint Eastwood was a benchmark in tough guy films.  There had never been another character like the one that Eastwood played in those westerns in all of human history—including stage plays from the Renaissance.  Eastwood’s character was a brand new concept that few understood at the time—but loved.  That love continues 50 years later and has had an impact on cinema that has only escalated.

Eastwood would continue to work this personification of a male Übermensch conceived by Leone for several more films—particularly High Plains Drifter, Pale Rider, The Outlaw Josey Wales and Sudden Impact.    To a smaller degree Eastwood played the same role in the contemporary comedy Every Which Way But Loose as a bare knuckle fighter.  Eastwood’s characters were so popular that they spilled over into other films like Star Wars where the characters of Han Solo and Boba Fett were direct embodiments of the Leone westerns that were only 10 years old at the time.  Kevin Costner would take on a similar Übermensch role in The Bodyguard which was the romance drama of 1992 that women swooned over.  Arnold Schwarzenegger would adopt Eastwood’s screen presence in films like The Terminator, Commando, and Conan the Barbarian, and following Eastwood’s movie production pattern at Warner Brothers did a comedy with Danny DeVitto called Twins—where his  Übermensch character could be played off the hapless antics of a much smaller man.

Progressives in Hollywood of course hated all this attention on these tough guy films and the actors who played them.  In 1989 Tim Burton tried to make a common everyday guy into a tough guy with his Micheal Keaton Batman film which attempted to stop the trend of these superhuman character films that were out of reach for the common man.  Progressives did not want these Übermensch types to steer the American public away from their social messages of interconnected reliance on each other, feminist causes, and sexual experimentation in gender roles–so they tried to get the situation under control.  The most obvious attempt was in the Batman films by Warner Brothers.  While the first film was visually stimulating, the sequel fell apart leading Val Kilmer to play in the 1995 version of a Batman reboot.  The movie was good, but Kilmer wanted nothing further to do with the role—likely from internal pressure within the Hollywood community to stop making Übermensch films.  The next Batman film was with the progressive George Clooney playing the caped crusader, which bombed and was a terrible film filmed with progressive slanted messages—which the public rejected.  This would cause Hollywood to return grudgingly back to the Übermensch concept by plucking the older material directly from comic books.  There was some experimentation with Spiderman to take the Übermensch concept and make him more altruistic which fell apart after Spiderman 3 in 2007 completely imploded on itself as Hollywood had lost the formula.  Christopher Nolan would dig deep into the roots of the Übermensch and get it right which has launched the current superhero parade of films from Ironman, The Avengers, The Hulk, Superman and all the good stuff that’s coming.

Meanwhile James Bond went from an obvious Übermensch in the late seventies and early eighties to a much more “progressive” and less secure secret agent in the 90s which nearly destroyed the character when Timothy Dalton took control after Roger Moore and showed that Bond wasn’t always so sure of himself—which audiences didn’t like.  The Bond franchise is still struggling to find itself as fans still love the old Roger Moore, Sean Connery version of James Bond over the newer—less sure of themselves—James Bonds.  Personally I find the new Bond films by Daniel Craig to be nearly unwatchable.  I enjoy them for the stunts, but the Übermensch Bond is not there.  Progressives love the new Bond and promote it actively—but it just doesn’t take to the American consciousness.

Then there is Quentin Tarantino who loved the old Leone films as much as I did and resurrected the Übermensch concept with a new spin to appease his producer Harvey Weinstein—he cast the lead as a woman and gave the origin for the special mystical power of the Übermensch to the East as a tribute to martial art films from the past.  The result was a fun romp through a bloody series of films where the heroine Uma Thurman was essentially playing Eastwood’s “Man With No Name” character from the Leone films.  It doesn’t matter in the least that Thurman’s character was a woman—what matters is that she was an Übermensch.  Angelina Jolie would take the Übermensch type of character into her portrayal of Tomb Raider where she played the video game character Lara Croft.  To this day even though critics panned the film as not very good, Jolie is known as Lara Croft even though she has made dozens of very good films.  It was her confidence—and Übermensch character in Tomb Raider that fans will always remember about her.

So what is the point of this little history of films produced by Hollywood?  Well, most of these stories lean back on the Leone films which were real breakthroughs at the time and indicated that mankind changed forever.  Human beings want their Übermensch in spite of what political or social forces wish to acknowledge.  And the first filmmaker to really get it right was Sergio Leone.  Without him, it is unlikely that any of the above would have happened—and Hollywood would be just another industry failing in America under progressive leadership.  Instead, Disney now has control of the Star Wars franchise and the world just spent a week wondering if Harrison Ford’s broken leg from the new Episode VII set would hinder his ability to resurrect his Übermensch Han Solo once again.  Disney is rumored to be planning a Boba Fett film which will essentially be a science fiction spaghetti western inspired directly from Sergio Leone—and it will make a ton of money—and progressives will be left scratching their heads wondering why.

So let me give you the secret dear reader.  Let me explain to you the reason why this trend has emerged and given birth to a comic book culture that is taking over today’s youth steering them away from the pacifism of progressivism.  When Ayn Rand spent approximately twenty years writing two books—one, The Fountainhead and two, Atlas Shrugged, she took Nietzsche’s concept of the Übermensch and completed the work that the German philosopher was unable to due to madness.  In The Fountainhead was the first real attempt to provide an Übermensch to ever occur as a fully functioning character.  The novel published in 1943 was part of a growing trend for human beings to grapple with the Übermensch concept.  In just 1938 the first Superman comic was produced based on a 1933 fanzine trying to take the overman idea as proposed by the socialist George Bernard Shaw and Nietzsche’s direct influence of Hitler’s National Socialism and complete the destructive nature of the incomplete philosophic principle.  The Superman comic was a direct reaction to the type of sentiment which led to Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal ideals in America and had a bit of a liberal spin on it.  Ayn Rand further flushed out the Übermensch concept and put them on the pages of her novel, The Fountainhead—which to me is one of the greatest novels of all time.  Rand would then further perfect the concept into Atlas Shrugged which 60 years later is still selling like French Fries at McDonald’s.  It was in these two books that the Übermensch found the right philosophic balance and emerged as a new way of thinking.  It was this concept which found itself into the Sergio Leone films thus inspiring modern Hollywood in ways that would be inconceivable otherwise.  If not for Ayn Rand, her early work as a screenwriter for Cecil B. Deville, her casual associations with Walt Disney, and John Wayne and her deep work in philosophy with the fresh eyes of an immigrant who had seen the worst that communism had to offer—the movie For A Few Dollars More would have never happened, and likely Clint Eastwood would have remained an obscure actor doing bit parts on television shows.

Without Ayn Rand’s fleshing out the concept of the Übermensch there would not have been a Star Wars, there would not have been an Arnold Schwarzenegger in film, and Kill Bill would have never even gained the ability to be made.   Without question there would be attempts, but they would have failed.  When direction was given on how Han Solo should get up out of his chair after killing Greedo in the cantina, or how Boba Fett was supposed to walk down a hall, reference was pointed back to Clint Eastwood—“do it like the characters in the Leone films.”  And it was Ayn Rand who invented the type of Übermensch who appeared for the first time in The Fountainhead so that Clint Eastwood could have some sort of reference on how such a character should behave—since one had never been seen before in the history of the world.  Ayn Rand took the speculative theory of what an Übermensch was supposed to be and fleshed it out in her novels.  Filmmakers like Sergio Leone and Clint Eastwood then brought that Übermensch concept to Hollywood which has changed the world.

There is no going back now.  It is only a matter of time that society acknowledges their intense desire for the Übermensch.  The evidence is obvious from the intense interest in comic book films, space odysseys, and an 84-year-old Clint Eastwood who is still tougher than men a fraction of his age.  It’s not the muscle which produce the toughness, it’s in the mind—the beholding of the Übermensch concept—something that became very real to me the first time I really came to understand it watching my first television commercial on Channel 19 during “Tough Guy Week.”  The world has been forever changed for the better in a tug-of-war between the Übermensch and the progressives who despise having to even hold a rope against the strength of such characters.  They have no choice.  Their years of progressive philosophy inspired by Immanuel Kant and Karl Marx are coming to an end in failure.  What is coming are the philosophies of the Übermensch brought to man’s mind through films inspired directly from the pages of Ayn Rand.


Rich Hoffman



The Arrogance of John Koskinen: Sonasoft backed up IRS emails–the evidence is available

It took me a few days of extreme anger to calm down enough to even write about the congressional testimony given by IRS commissioner John Koskinen.  As I watched the man speak to congress, I saw arrogance at its most audacious exhibition, and a disrespect that unionized government employees have toward their employers, the tax payers.  I spend a lot of time talking about this issue and am quite certain about the validity of my arguments.  Yet when you see such an obvious case of misconduct happening right in front of our faces—the IRS being caught red-handed with the metaphorical blood dripping from their fingers—and they still declare their innocence–it convinced me that no government employee under any unionized representation can be believed about anything under any circumstance—and that is quite a vote of no confidence.  We see school teachers lie routinely about their poor conduct and often the sharpness of their rebuke is hidden behind the lives of children taking away the blunt edges of criticism.  But in the case of the IRS—here is a long time government employee in John Koskinen who fully expects the world to believe that a hard drive crash destroyed all the evidence of their targeting conservative groups in an IRS scandal that is the biggest crime to come out of government since Watergate.  And the John Koskinen found he could sit in front of the world and declare innocence when the evidence of malpractice is painted all over his organization.  The only reasonable thing the guy could have done was admit to the mishaps, promise to make it better, and cooperate.  Instead, he dug in deeper destroying evidence and smugly declaring the innocence of the IRS without even knowing what is possible in the world or data collection and the destruction of evidence.

As criminals, the IRS should know that the only way to really lose data on a hard drive is to burn the disk and destroy it completely.  Data may not be totally recoverable, but partial information is quite possible even on a malfunctioning hard that has crashed.  But even worse, the information was backed up elsewhere with a company called Sonasoft as reported by Breitbart.com and The Blaze over the weekend.  That creates a very specific problem for the IRS.  They are not in control of the backed up data:

As IRS commissioner John Koskinen sat on Capitol Hill belatedly informing a Congressional committee of the “disappearance” of years of email communications from a host of IRS employees under investigation–including Lois Lerner–it was discovered that the IRS had hired an email backup company to prevent just such a loss of data.

After the commissioner’s testimony, a Twitter user went hunting for info on the IRS and discovered that as far back as 2005 a company named Sonasoft had announced that it had been awarded a data backup contract from the IRS. Even as late as 2009, the company had tweeted about its association with the taxing agency.

So, how is it that commissioner Koskinen was so sure during his testimony before the House Ways and Means Committee that all the emails of the very IRS operatives under investigation just happened to have disappeared forever?


The answer is as plain as a gold nugget on top of a pile of shit.  It is unequivocally evident—the IRS has attempted to cover up their crime by destroying evidence with the arrogance of government employees who are obviously not very tech savvy.  They are caught, busted, and guilty as hell and everyone knows it.  As I watched the hearing during Paul Ryan’s portion, I nearly threw my television through the front window, across the yard and into the street.  My anger was intense not just because the IRS has confirm everything that people like me have said about them and is turning out to be true—but because they actually are so rotten and corrupt that they are willing to dig in even further to deny, deny, and deny destroying as much evidence as possible to avoid a clear assessment of their crimes.  As an organization obsessed with legal terminology they know that as long as there is never any direct evidence, that they cannot be prosecuted.  People may not trust them—but at least they won’t be directly guilty.  They know that the evidence they are trying to hide from the American people is so damning to them they will do anything to keep it out of everybody’s eyes, even if they must lie to continue the charade.

The so-called lost emails are certainly available for public consumption.  No matter what sort of hard drive crash occurred on a localized server, the emails of Lois Lerner will be retrieved and read to the world and all these guilty parties will have much more serious problems to contend with.  This is no longer even about politics—this is a crime—a gross abuse of power and it has major implications for the future of the IRS.  Over time, it will all come out, and there will be a lot of broken pieces.  The trust in that agency is gone forever.  The real impact just hasn’t sunk in yet.  But it will.

The IRS is an arrogant organization which needs to be dismantled.  It was bad before this revelation, and now it doesn’t even have righteousness on its side any longer.  John Koskinen should know that the NSA has a record of every email created at the IRS, and likely, so do other agencies.  There is nothing private about email.  It is like speaking in a shopping mall, or city street.  It is a form of communication—but nothing that happens in email should be considered private.  Yet these government employees are so arrogant that they actually think they can suppress evidence and went in front of congress and lied about their actions.  That is absolutely amazing—astonishingly arrogant, and stupid.  These are the people we pay so much!  They aren’t even smart enough to understand when the eyes of the world are upon them—and a lot of very smart people analyzing their every word—that they can’t delete a bunch of emails hiding evidence and blame it on an IT failure.  That just doesn’t cut it.

John Koskinen said, “I don’t think an apology is owed.”  He doesn’t think that the errors of the IRS constitute accountability.  Then a Democratic Congressman alluded that the whole scandal was a concocted conspiracy theory not concerned at all by the behavior of the IRS.  What we are seeing is a major conspiracy that involves many people—and in this case half of the people on Capitol Hill appear to be guilty.  They are using every trick in the book to throw all investigations off their trail, but to no avail.  The emails are recovered and have been backed up.  All it takes is guts to put them out to the public, who will likely be ready to lynch the IRS once the contents are discovered.  When that happens, major heads will roll in Washington D.C. and that is what has everybody scared.

It is in that realization that I nearly destroyed my television and had to spend two full days calming down.  I don’t like being lied to, and the IRS has lied to my face and expects me to just go away quietly. Worse yet, it wasn’t directed at me—but at all Americans, and for that—they deserve the wrath that is coming their way.  If the Republicans screw this up, they have no hope.  The Democrats have placed themselves on a tee and are daring the Republicans to hit them out of the park.  If the Republicans really wanted to win in 2014 and 2016, they’d hit the IRS issue hard and without remorse.  This is not a conspiracy equivalent to Area 51 and Bigfoot—this is evidence of such things that normally might be regulated to conspiracy theory.  In this case, the IRS has done everything everyone who fears it has claimed and the proof is on those backed up emails at Sonasoft.

Rich Hoffman



Giant Megaliths On Mount Shoria, Russia: The importance of Archaeology and deficiency of modern education

According to a site called The Truth Wins:

An incredible discovery that was recently made in Russia threatens to shatter conventional theories about the history of the planet.  On Mount Shoria in southern Siberia, researchers have found an absolutely massive wall of granite stones.  Some of these gigantic granite stones are estimated to weigh more than 3,000 tons, and as you will see below, many of them were cut “with flat surfaces, right angles, and sharp corners”.  Nothing of this magnitude has ever been discovered before.  The largest stone found at the megalithic ruins at Baalbek, Lebanon is less than 1,500 tons.  So how in the world did someone cut 3,000 ton granite stones with extreme precision, transport them up the side of a mountain and stack them 40 meters high?  According to the commonly accepted version of history, it would be impossible for ancient humans with very limited technology to accomplish such a thing.  Could it be possible that there is much more to the history of this planet than we are being taught?


Well, I’ll answer that question, proposed by The Truth Wins; it is factually evident that there is a lot more to the history of the earth that is just now becoming obvious after only 100 years of archaeology, geology, paleontology, and anthropology. Any thought about mankind and its history that has so far been taught in schools has been grossly premature. The taught knowledge of history is comparable in scope to the knowledge of a kindergarten student fresh from their mother’s arms compared to a triple doctorial post-graduate of three major universities. Unfortunately, those same universities in competition for academic respect have published too much theory too fast as fact and attempted to ignore the vast amount of evidence which continued to pour in from scientists in the field. The result has been a catastrophe in understanding human history which is turning out to be nothing like what was taught in public schools and colleges for several decades now.

The greatest hindrance to proper archeological understanding of our planet comes from two primary sources, politics—such as in Iraq where so many ancient cities reside but are impossible to properly excavate due to the political volatility that is ever-present. What caused such poor contributions from Russia during their heavy communist years under Stalin was a political system that suppressed information to the outside world. Because the country was closed off to the West, university archaeologists were not able to do any excavating in Russia, so a vast span of that part of the world has been ignored scientifically. Siberia for years has been ripe for a raw look into mankind’s past, because it is so remote from civilization and provides an accurate looking-glass into our past. This recent discovery of the megaliths in Russia is just the tip of a culture which easily evolved around the Pacific Rim and has been building megalithic structures well before documented history.

Archaeologist John Jensen was quoted in the article from The Truth Wins, and is primarily concerned with ancient canal builders chronicling the many harbors built all around the North American continent well over 7000 years ago which defies any notion about earth’s history previously entertained. His comment about the Russian megaliths state:

“These megaliths reach well back into the mists of pre-history, so far in fact, that conjecture about their ‘builders’, methods, purpose and meaning is pure speculation, and as such, I would hesitate to offer any observation at all, other than to say our pre-historical past is richer than we ever dreamed.” John Jensen as an archaeologist also acknowledged something that a few years ago was quite controversial alluding to the topic of the number one article posted at Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom, the article “Giants in Ohio.”

    1. talei kayehall April 21, 2014 at 4:30 PM

Anyone with a brain and eye can see that these megaliths are man-made. They are everywhere even under water. The truth is, we don’t know how they did it but my guess is HUGE PEOPLE built it. Let’s just stop listening to people paid by the Smithsonian Institute and use our heads to search out the real truths. From Fiji.

John Jensen April 21, 2014 at 7:39 PM

I tend to agree in general terms. We have substantive proof in the geological column that super giants lived on the earth at some time (at least several Epochs) ago. They ranged in size between 26′ and 35′ tall, or at least that is as large as we have hard evidence for. (A 5′ footprint in a granite stone in South Africa)

More can be learned about John Jensen at the following link:


The other major hindrance to proper archaeological study is religion. For instance, there is not a proper study of the current Temple of Solomon because of the perpetual anxiety between Christians, Jews, and Muslims over the Temple Mount location. In spite of the evidence that both Muslims and Jews and Christians have Zoroastrianism as their origins, and even further a reverence for the philosophy of Aristotle. Presently, the religions do not get along and are fighting over whose version of Biblical history is correct. Zoroastrianism arose in the eastern region of the ancient Persian Empire, when the religious philosopher Zoroaster simplified the pantheon of early Iranian gods[3] into two opposing forces: Spenta Mainyu (Progressive mentality) and Angra Mainyu (Destructive Mentality) under the one God, Ahura Mazda (Illuminating Wisdom). Zoroaster’s ideas led to a formal religion bearing his name by about the 6th century BCE and have influenced other later religions including Judaism, Gnosticism, Christianity and Islam.[6]



Because of these religious conflicts proper archaeological investigation does not happen. Even worse, because many wish to believe the text of the Holy Bible and Koran as sacred—and historical, they ignore any evidence which is contrary to their religions doctrines. The result has been that many different races of people have existed on earth over time, some of them likely were giants 10’ to 20’ feet tall, some even larger and have given rise to the many mythologies which speak to us presently from the past. There is more truth to many of the ancient stories than fictional fantasy—which is confirmed by archaeological evidence. Yet that evidence is ignored because the information requires an adoption of religious viewpoints to accept—and because many people function from a primal, infantile grip on the reality of life and death—they cling to these religions like people caught in the middle of an ocean hanging on to a life raft lacking the ability to swim. It is not inconceivable that giants walked and worked the planet earth before the species of Neanderthals rose to form what we think of as humans, two-legged creatures between 5’ to 7’ tall.

Biblical history tells the story of a group of descendents emerging from Noah who formed a tribe of Jews that rose to prominence in Jerusalem. In the context of history, these events only took place a few thousand years ago. Yet the stone structures discovered in Siberia are far, far older and could not have been built by any known method from any period prior to the present. It would be difficult to build them today with all the power equipment available—let alone in a time when ropes and rocks were the only reasonable tools known. The builders at the site in Siberia had very advanced technology indicative to the many megalithic structures common around the earth untold years ago and they were audacious enough to build them in the largest fashion recorded throughout the world.

Based on my observations, sometimes in person, but collected from readings projected from every corner of the world, specifically now from Siberia is that mankind has moved through several cycles of rising and falling such as what happened with the Roman Empire. There was a glorious period of human thought and technological development in Rome, which fell eventually to the barbarian hoards. Immediately thereafter was a period called the Dark Ages of Europe where society regressed backwards to tribal villages and small-minded kingdoms leading to the kind of plot lines that Shakespeare wrote about in his stage plays. China went through a similar cycle around 1410 AD to 1430 AD, then declined in power living off their grand breakthroughs around the cited period. The United States is currently going through this decline period and if left unchecked, cities like New York could wither away into empty shells within a few hundred years, and erode away into nothing within 10,000 years leaving no memory of their creation except for some very obscure archaeology. The human race has over time risen and fallen and was not always of the same height or species. The Neolithic cultures all around the world including the new Siberia site had in common either extreme size and strength completely foreign to modern human beings—or they were extremely advanced technologically and that technology has been lost to time. What we do know is that the large stone structures seen in Siberia and elsewhere the world over were made by thinking hands and are a mystery that will endure so long as religion, academic stagnation, and regional politics hold back thoughtful inquiry into their origins. It cannot be argued that they were made by something similar to a human being and were not random acts of nature. There was a period on earth where a mysterious race of people from every corner of it built large structures of stone and they did it with precision—and that time period does not fit into our known—or acknowledged history.

This evidence is a warning that with all the bells and whistles modern society believes it possesses, such as the iPhone, the Internet, and McDonald’s restaurants—it can all be wiped away if the education establishments get into the practice of protecting their theories instead of letting knowledge carry society perpetually forward. Once the human being accepts such practices, that society will begin a decline into ruin and will be forgotten within a century or two. Many believe that Siberia is a no mans land of nothing—but it was not always such. There was a period where Siberia had a thriving culture that cared enough about their presence on earth to build something out of stone that could not be easily forgotten or decayed away with the pages of their previous history. Even in modern times, CDs, books, all the creations of mankind can decay away into nothing within 10,000 or 100,000 years lost forever. The Neolithic cultures may have understood this, and decided to build their structures out of one of the slowest decaying substance on earth—stone. It is entirely possible that they were more advanced then than we are now and their culture had its time in the sun and died away for whatever reason. It is that reason which should concern us presently. If we conduct our lives in the same fashion as they did, and allow politics and religion to steer the evidence to places we feel comfortable, then a similar fate will befall the modern human race. At that time 200,000 to 1 million years from now—which is nothing in geologic time, visitors whoever they may be might arrive on the east coast of North America and see large mounds covered with grass and mistake them as hills. With a little archeology they may dig into those hills and discover the remnants of Washington D.C., New York City, and Atlantic City and wonder if there was ever a society as intelligent as they are. Their inventors for the first time might learn how to build a car out of combustible materials, and how to heat homes with energy oared from the earth. Their conspiracy theorists may think of us as giants, or as aliens, but their academic institutions and churches will proclaim that such things are heresy and will steer society away from such theories, and within a few thousand years they too will become extinct—again and again until the earth is consumed by its sun and destroyed forever.

The human race has had its chances and failed each time—we are currently in a time of one of those periods and it will be how we handle the information discovered that will decide our perpetuation, or our doom. Because it is without question that the untouched archaeology of Siberia is about to unload upon the world knowledge that it is likely not prepared to handle—intellectually.   Consider what we know about the dinosaurs which have been deduced based on the study of discovered fossils. We assume that we know all there is to know about dinosaurs based on 5 or 6 T-Rex skeletons partially constructed and hundreds of other prehistoric species found through the fossilization process. However, fossilization is a unique process, complete decomposition is more the norm and there is no way to know what type of species of living creatures inhabited the earth—so there is no way to say that such a large structure in Russia was constructed by any living beings other than giants, or a technically superior civilization long forgotten from any written record. Their evidence is filling the archaeological achieves in the back rooms of museums and universities with academia not sure how to deal with the introduction of new information.   But one thing is clear—quite clear—our present education system is useless because they feed the faults which prevent proper understanding instead of dispelling the long-held grip into religious mythologies and political territories suppressed from proper investigation because of constant turmoil from failing governments, like Russia, Iraq, Iran, Cambodia, China, and the entire Middle East. When the evidence is difficult to uncover in a free country with great wealth to spend on excavations, it is nearly impossible to perform the work in war-torn countries where science is frowned upon due to fear that it might shatter their religious outlook.  This is how the world’s mysteries remain hidden and entire people disconnected from their real past in the long drama directed by the human race.

Watch the videos included with this article for more information and further contemplation. And be sure to educate a friend by passing this along.  Also, read the link below to learn more about Russian archaeology and some of the mysteries coming out of Siberia that are far less published in the West:



Rich Hoffman



28 Years of Bad American Presidents: The cause of a nation’s fall from grace

Let’s make something clear since Jay Carney brought it up on his last day as the White House spokesman—the Bush administration was not a good 8 years for America. And certainly, Obama has been bad for American just in even worse incompetence. There isn’t a competition between the Republican loser in office and the Democrat—they both were terrible. At the end of Obama’s second term, America will have seen 16 years of terrible presidents and America has suffered terribly for it. America will be well over $18 trillion dollars in debt and will have virtually everything that has been taken for granted–good jobs, a flourishing economy, food, power, and medical help in question as Obama leaves the White House. However, the folly doesn’t start there—Clinton was a terrible president, and Bush the senior wasn’t a cup of tea either. It is then no wonder that America is a shell of its former self as the political leadership has reflected a society on the decline. The people who have elected these losers are of less quality than previous generations and the result has been horrible leadership in the White House that has had a detrimental effect on America’s quality in every category.


Nobody will argue that Dick Cheney was far from the best vice president—just as Joe Biden appears to be a complete buffoon in the same position. Jay Carney’s reference to the poor Bush presidency as a defense of the Obama presidency is like saying that thunder is better than lightning in a rain storm—as they accompany each other in the grand scheme of things. It is best to not have a storm at all if no damage is desired—and in politics, it is best to avoid terrible presidents—so to avoid damage once they leave.

Yet is it clear now why America went to war in Iraq? It was to prevent the spread of terrorism, not because of “oil.” It was to keep wealth and resources out of the hands of diabolical terrorists. Does everybody now understand why there must be a border between Mexico and The United States that is secure—because all the impoverished countries from the south in Central America are flocking to the border hoping for relief from their circumstances? The cause of those circumstances is the socialist and tyrannical policies of their corrupt governments giving America the obligation to protect itself by imposing freedom on those places. When such strength is not present—there is no reason for tyrants to oppress their people with no option but to flee those lands of terror in pursuit of opportunities for freedom.

America never should have to concern itself with the affairs of other countries, but when it is the only good place in the world beholding freedom—and immigrants flood our boarders looking for freedom from oppression, America has a right to defend itself by helping those countries have freedom on their own. But if those countries do not have a philosophy that allows for freedom, then it won’t last, like what has happened in Iraq. It is not enough to give a country a set of laws and turn them loose in pursuit of democracy. If most people in the country are corrupt by bad, collectivist thinking, they will not be able to maintain freedom under any circumstances.

For over twenty years now bad presidents have led America on a chase mimicking these bad global governments instead of standing for what was right in defense of freedom. At least Ronald Reagan as an actor/president understood that America had an obligation to help oppressed people so that freedom would spread around the world instead of tyranny—his presidency was a strong one that left the entire world a better place. There were presidents before Reagan who were also pretty good at defending that basic premise from both political parties—but as for the last twenty years, representation for freedom from the White House to the world has been terrible.

Many of the problems experienced presently in the American nation are due to weak leadership and foreign policy vision. Bush and Obama have very little understanding of economics and abandoned capitalism under their terms. Clinton was simply a socialist who defended his corruption with his legal skills as a diabolical lawyer. Without question, he is likely enjoying these current problems as they fit his open border philosophy where the value of America is diminished in favor of a new global government.

The premise that every time Obama is criticized for being a complete idiot, which he is, a defense for his stupidity is not to point at George W. Bush and say “he did it too.” They were both idiots, and they have both left America worse as a nation than it was when they took over as president. But for context, the Pentagon moved the Aircraft carrier George W. Bush off the coast of Iraq to show the terrorist insurgents that America is nearby. That brought forth the thought that it is now unimaginable that a future aircraft carrier would be named, the “Barack Obama.” Such a carrier would be a laughing-stock, and certainly would not incite fear into the opposition. It is in that reality that the quality of the presidents can best be determined. For as bad as Bush was for the free market, he at least understood how to project strength in the military—even if it was at times overreaching. It is better to reach too far in foreign policy than to not reach at all—like Obama has. Lack of American projection of strength to the world leads every cockroach to come forth as a potential tyrant and ruthless dictator—which is what is happening from Russia to the Middle East. And in the end, that is why Barack Obama will forever be known as the worst president in the history of America, and make the top ten list of worst leaders of all time the world over. Obama will own that designation on his own and no deflection to George W. Bush will cover his ignorance from the responsibility of that title.

It is not enough to simply defeat a dictator or to send military support—or to throw money at countries who are functioning from poor philosophic beliefs and collectively based cultures. When that sense of collectivism carries over into religion these countries become even more dangerous to themselves and others. What all poor countries have in common is collective based economies based on Karl Marx and Keynesian thought, and religions based on sacrifice and worship through collective yielding to higher powers. Those failures of thought are what cause hopeful immigrants to pour into the U.S. border and terrorists to believe they have a right to impose religious law against non-believers through force and terror. The failure of the American presidents of the last 20 years is that they failed to identify this root cause—and have instead let them fester unchecked until presently the world is in disarray. Money cannot be thrown at the problem of poor philosophy, and neither can lip service. People have to think differently. They have to “think” like Americans instead of just running to America hoping to be put on welfare and cared for by the tax payer in The United States for the rest of their lives. They have to adopt new philosophies that allow them to have flourishing economies and religions that don’t require the eradication of those who don’t believe the same things under the premise of social collectivism. If traceability between these two differences in thought could be made it is the difference between Immanuel Kant, and Adam Smith—or the difference between Aristotle and Plato. The root cause of evil is in philosophy, and it is the philosophy of poor nations which leave people looking to escape into The United States, or to flee tyrants on their way into Bagdad that causes the trouble. The only way to really help the people of the world is to change the way those people think—and Obama, Bush, Clinton as well as many other presidents have put American value into reactive defense instead of assertive projection of philosophies born on American soil—which would do far more good than all the tanks, planes and missiles in world history of stopping tyrants in their tracks. Recent American presidents have failed to show pride in that American philosophy born of Adam Smith, John Locke, Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin and Ayn Rand—and that is why they are embarrassments in the context of history—all of them.

Rich Hoffman