Pigs in Lipstick: Why the MEA and all education labor unions are enemies of the nation

A comment I received recently by a frequent reader regarding the latest threat by the Mason Education Association deserves its own mention—because it cuts to the heart of the issue regarding modern public education.  I can’t say that it was always this bad—there was a time when public education was something to be proud of—but the government has ruined it utterly and unequivocally.  It is a disgrace to everything that is American—ruined by labor unions and their greedy love of European culture.  What the MEA and the public relation hounds whoring themselves for the swine threatening to strike in Mason during a summer off from any concern of work are simply attempting to put lipstick on a pig.  No matter how anyone ties to shine up the labor union greed and sheer audacity uttered by the sloths of liberal thinking—that is modern education—it is still a big rolling in its own feces attempting to live off the efforts of our children toward ends born in the mind of the destitute poverty-stricken fool—Karl Marx.

There is nothing righteous about the lack of valor taught in public schools.  There is nothing beneficial in teaching children the communist notion of sharing when it robs them of ambition.  There is nothing wonderful in teaching sex education when it robs children of the value of romance.  There is nothing good whatsoever in teaching children math if they can’t apply it to balancing their check book.  There is nothing good about teaching history if the lessons are ignored and picked apart only to feed a liberal agenda.   Yet this is what we as tax payers are paying for.  This is what the Mason teachers of southern Ohio are threatening to take away with their work stoppage while their fat, pretentious asses sit on a couch and rot as people like pumpkins left on a porch 90 days after Halloween—forgotten by the owners, neglected in favor of Christmas and the harsh cold of cleaning up the mess outside the warmth of their homes preventing action.  Nobody cares about them, nobody wants them, and nobody likes them—except the same lard-assed despots who support school levies hoping to save 50% on their child care services.  It costs levy supporters far less to pay $6000 per year in taxes than a baby sitter or private caretaker will charge to watch their children while they build their lives around their careers.  What it ultimately comes down to is that the typical levy supporter, and the members of the MEA, and every education association under the Ohio Education Association are too lazy and thoughtless to actually teach anything useful—yet they want to be paid a king’s ransom to instruct American youth to be soft minded slugs and useless caretakers of tomorrow’s problems.

Every labor union—especially those connected to government—like the teaching profession is—are simply lipstick on a pig born in Germany where the concept of socialism was created and exported to the rest of the world.  Every labor union is connected to the “Worker’s Movement” as conceived by Karl Marx himself and cares not anything for the minds of children, but is strategically positioning themselves to attack the concept of private property in all capitalist countries.  Once the lipstick is wiped off the swine what one finds underneath is a feces covered pig trying to disguise itself as something more worthy of life than a trip to the slaughterhouse.

The labor union confiscation of the American education industry is the single most direct attack on America that there is.  It pales the attack on Pearl Harbor, or the destruction of the World Trade Center on 9/11.  It is not Islamic driven terrorism, home-grown government dissidents, or crazed lunatics driven by political hatred that most threaten America.  it is the deliberate destruction of our children through public education by radical zealots of socialism and liberalism in general who wish to undermine everything The United States was built upon by corrupting the youth off extracted taxation from its property values killing two birds with one stone.  Public education is not free—it’s only free for those who own no property.  And the value of it is useless because what the teachers of the MEA are instructing are the wrong kinds of things kids should be learning.  Public education needs to be completely reinvented because its current form is utterly useless to a capitalist society.

The nightly news likes pigs in lipstick because they think it’s cute—the way a little girl might dress up a dog, or put a dress on an animal meant to be dinner.  It’s a game to them that fills air time—but they ignore the impact that the game places on American youth.  Most adults who enjoy the experience of public education think back to their proms, to the football games, to the social events born of public education and they mindlessly support the whole endeavor because of a few fun experiences.  They do so out of reverence for the show conducted by the pigs in lipstick.  They ignore the slop house where the pigs reside or the contemplation of their inevitable futures ground into bacon to be served for breakfast—they just enjoy the show of pigs in lipstick dancing on a stage of their design.

But it’s not funny or cute when the minds of young people are robed, and the economy of America is attacked, and political leaders ride the back of this social mechanism to stay in power—write more laws, and do even more damage—all at the expense of children’s futures.  Public education is the single most dangerous attribute of modern society—it is far more dangerous than any notion of global warming, or international terror, of domestic school shootings, of any civil rights issue—because public schools touch the lives of virtually every human being in a country—especially America. Their children are legally obligated to attend public school, and property owners pay the bill off an inflated value driven by a dollar value propped up by quantitative easing.  The property values for homes is not high because of their intrinsic value, but because for the taxes to be extracted there has to be value provided and that value must be artificially inflated so that the expectations of increased costs can be met.  The end game is financial collapse and the minds who must deal with that financial collapse are being taught in the public schools that two men kissing each other has more value than balancing a check book, or learning how to weld two sheets of metal together.  Kids are taught useless progressive propaganda and left unarmed to deal with the real problems caused by the pigs in lipstick.

There is no way to save public education so long as labor unions are involved.  They are the pigs in lipstick using makeup to cover up their ugly swine-like tendencies.  Public education for a time, before labor unions came into power was a noble ideal, and it worked alright during the early stages of labor union control until the Department of Education centralized education in league through the Department of Labor with the labor union desire to expand the government work force through tax backed employment rooted in communism.  To protect itself from critical analysis, labor unions and their supporters dress in lipstick hoping to seduce away scrutiny of their real intentions which are anti-capitalist and anti-economic strength.  The very concept is rooted in failure and cannot be saved because the illusion is only makeup skin deep.  What is at the core of public education is rotten and devastating to any culture implementing it—and must be abandoned if there is any hope of saving one child, let alone millions.

This is why the teachers of the MEA are pigs in lipstick and all their supporters enemies of the our nation.  Where is that GM parts plant now from the strike in 2o07?  Gone, just like public education is headed funded off tax money and liberal instruction.

Rich Hoffman