The Arrogance of John Koskinen: Sonasoft backed up IRS emails–the evidence is available

It took me a few days of extreme anger to calm down enough to even write about the congressional testimony given by IRS commissioner John Koskinen.  As I watched the man speak to congress, I saw arrogance at its most audacious exhibition, and a disrespect that unionized government employees have toward their employers, the tax payers.  I spend a lot of time talking about this issue and am quite certain about the validity of my arguments.  Yet when you see such an obvious case of misconduct happening right in front of our faces—the IRS being caught red-handed with the metaphorical blood dripping from their fingers—and they still declare their innocence–it convinced me that no government employee under any unionized representation can be believed about anything under any circumstance—and that is quite a vote of no confidence.  We see school teachers lie routinely about their poor conduct and often the sharpness of their rebuke is hidden behind the lives of children taking away the blunt edges of criticism.  But in the case of the IRS—here is a long time government employee in John Koskinen who fully expects the world to believe that a hard drive crash destroyed all the evidence of their targeting conservative groups in an IRS scandal that is the biggest crime to come out of government since Watergate.  And the John Koskinen found he could sit in front of the world and declare innocence when the evidence of malpractice is painted all over his organization.  The only reasonable thing the guy could have done was admit to the mishaps, promise to make it better, and cooperate.  Instead, he dug in deeper destroying evidence and smugly declaring the innocence of the IRS without even knowing what is possible in the world or data collection and the destruction of evidence.

As criminals, the IRS should know that the only way to really lose data on a hard drive is to burn the disk and destroy it completely.  Data may not be totally recoverable, but partial information is quite possible even on a malfunctioning hard that has crashed.  But even worse, the information was backed up elsewhere with a company called Sonasoft as reported by and The Blaze over the weekend.  That creates a very specific problem for the IRS.  They are not in control of the backed up data:

As IRS commissioner John Koskinen sat on Capitol Hill belatedly informing a Congressional committee of the “disappearance” of years of email communications from a host of IRS employees under investigation–including Lois Lerner–it was discovered that the IRS had hired an email backup company to prevent just such a loss of data.

After the commissioner’s testimony, a Twitter user went hunting for info on the IRS and discovered that as far back as 2005 a company named Sonasoft had announced that it had been awarded a data backup contract from the IRS. Even as late as 2009, the company had tweeted about its association with the taxing agency.

So, how is it that commissioner Koskinen was so sure during his testimony before the House Ways and Means Committee that all the emails of the very IRS operatives under investigation just happened to have disappeared forever?

The answer is as plain as a gold nugget on top of a pile of shit.  It is unequivocally evident—the IRS has attempted to cover up their crime by destroying evidence with the arrogance of government employees who are obviously not very tech savvy.  They are caught, busted, and guilty as hell and everyone knows it.  As I watched the hearing during Paul Ryan’s portion, I nearly threw my television through the front window, across the yard and into the street.  My anger was intense not just because the IRS has confirm everything that people like me have said about them and is turning out to be true—but because they actually are so rotten and corrupt that they are willing to dig in even further to deny, deny, and deny destroying as much evidence as possible to avoid a clear assessment of their crimes.  As an organization obsessed with legal terminology they know that as long as there is never any direct evidence, that they cannot be prosecuted.  People may not trust them—but at least they won’t be directly guilty.  They know that the evidence they are trying to hide from the American people is so damning to them they will do anything to keep it out of everybody’s eyes, even if they must lie to continue the charade.

The so-called lost emails are certainly available for public consumption.  No matter what sort of hard drive crash occurred on a localized server, the emails of Lois Lerner will be retrieved and read to the world and all these guilty parties will have much more serious problems to contend with.  This is no longer even about politics—this is a crime—a gross abuse of power and it has major implications for the future of the IRS.  Over time, it will all come out, and there will be a lot of broken pieces.  The trust in that agency is gone forever.  The real impact just hasn’t sunk in yet.  But it will.

The IRS is an arrogant organization which needs to be dismantled.  It was bad before this revelation, and now it doesn’t even have righteousness on its side any longer.  John Koskinen should know that the NSA has a record of every email created at the IRS, and likely, so do other agencies.  There is nothing private about email.  It is like speaking in a shopping mall, or city street.  It is a form of communication—but nothing that happens in email should be considered private.  Yet these government employees are so arrogant that they actually think they can suppress evidence and went in front of congress and lied about their actions.  That is absolutely amazing—astonishingly arrogant, and stupid.  These are the people we pay so much!  They aren’t even smart enough to understand when the eyes of the world are upon them—and a lot of very smart people analyzing their every word—that they can’t delete a bunch of emails hiding evidence and blame it on an IT failure.  That just doesn’t cut it.

John Koskinen said, “I don’t think an apology is owed.”  He doesn’t think that the errors of the IRS constitute accountability.  Then a Democratic Congressman alluded that the whole scandal was a concocted conspiracy theory not concerned at all by the behavior of the IRS.  What we are seeing is a major conspiracy that involves many people—and in this case half of the people on Capitol Hill appear to be guilty.  They are using every trick in the book to throw all investigations off their trail, but to no avail.  The emails are recovered and have been backed up.  All it takes is guts to put them out to the public, who will likely be ready to lynch the IRS once the contents are discovered.  When that happens, major heads will roll in Washington D.C. and that is what has everybody scared.

It is in that realization that I nearly destroyed my television and had to spend two full days calming down.  I don’t like being lied to, and the IRS has lied to my face and expects me to just go away quietly. Worse yet, it wasn’t directed at me—but at all Americans, and for that—they deserve the wrath that is coming their way.  If the Republicans screw this up, they have no hope.  The Democrats have placed themselves on a tee and are daring the Republicans to hit them out of the park.  If the Republicans really wanted to win in 2014 and 2016, they’d hit the IRS issue hard and without remorse.  This is not a conspiracy equivalent to Area 51 and Bigfoot—this is evidence of such things that normally might be regulated to conspiracy theory.  In this case, the IRS has done everything everyone who fears it has claimed and the proof is on those backed up emails at Sonasoft.

Rich Hoffman