Trump’s Greatness in Waco: Ego is great for politics, it makes the perfect representative

I couldn’t help but think while watching President Trump at his Waco, Texas rally how lucky we were. Nobody else in the world, especially no other political figure, could have drawn over 15,000 people to an airport to hear a speech for an hour and a half. Only a guy like Trump, where the perfect relationship between representative government and a people in need of it existed, met at these rallies. Trump has been out of office for over three years, and he still could draw a crowd like the one in Waco, which isn’t a bustling metropolis. To have that many people willing to spend an entire day at a remote airport to hear the same speech repeatedly was simply remarkable. But then I considered my wife and me; here we were, as thousands of others were doing exactly the same thing, popping popcorn and getting our snacks ready for the big event, something we had been looking forward to all Saturday. We had literally millions of other options we could have been doing on a Saturday night in late March. The weather was nice. We have over 1000 entertainment options through our television through the many streaming services we subscribe to. Yet there we were, looking forward to the Trump speech like so many others, which is like watching the Super Bowl. It was an all-day event that we enjoyed tremendously. So what does that say about politics and a character like Trump who, after so many attempts to take him out socially, he is stronger than ever? With all the mainstream aggression shown to support Ron DeSantis, the Florida governor has gone down in polling, and Trump has only gained more support. 

I keep hearing from the kind of Republicans who want to support Ron DeSantis over Trump that the Republican Party could get all the good stuff without all the drama, and that was why supporting DeSantis was a great thing. But then I explain to people that we are not dealing with regular politics here. This is a war, not a policy discussion, and Trump is the perfect candidate for this particular time in our history. Even better than in 2020. Having Trump on the political scene has forced everyone to deal with reality, a reality that often gets lost in the horse races of politics. Trump’s massive ego was a perfect weapon against this political climate. It certainly wasn’t a detriment, as those DeSantis types suggested. Trump loves to be loved and has become the perfect kind of representative in our government that needs such people. He loves his supporters and would do just about anything for them. And then we have a public who very much wants someone out there in politics who represents them authentically. We’ve all seen this bag of tricks before, where someone like DeSantis does a good job and wins over the Rinos, then they change because the donor class gets a hold of them. Then when they win office, they become something we all despise. Trump is independent of all that. Because Trump loves to be loved so much, he listens to what people actually want out of their government and puts his traditional ideology aside. It’s a pretty remarkable relationship, especially in the context of history, and Trump is precisely what America needs if it wants to stay a great country. Trump is a product of a capitalist system that only America could have produced, and here he was at the later part of his life when he could be doing anything else in the world, and he’s running for president for the third time to do a job that pays nothing, only because he loves to be loved by the kind of people who attend rallies like that one in Waco. 

The people out there want a fighter. No celebrity from pop culture could do what Trump is doing. Who has the personal wealth and independence to bring such a rock-star quality to politics, where some of the biggest thieves and destitute criminals have set up shop? There will be hundreds of future political figures like Ron DeSantis who spawn off the Trump years that will improve our representative government for the better over the next decade. I remember how unusual Trump was in 2016 when many of the things we are discussing now weren’t even a remote consideration. There was always a kind of evil lurking in the background that was hidden behind polite society. And because of Trump and his ability to communicate, because of his massive ego that refuses to submit to the established order of things, a lot of that evil has been flushed out to the surface. It’s very ugly to see, but for all those corrupt forces hidden behind the veil of politics, only Trump could have exposed it due to his brash nature. Without Trump, violence from a Civil War likely would have already occurred. The hope that comes with Trump is that people might get peace and strength through their country yet, and that hope is very powerful. Watching a Trump rally is more like a church service where people renew their spirit than a policy-making speech about things that we all know the politician could never accomplish unless the Deep State allows them to.  

It’s Trump’s ego that makes him as great as he is. It’s funny to listen to a liberal world talk about how bad ego is for society. You could talk to a million people who practice Yoga, and they’ll talk about how it’s good to meditate and become “one with nature.” To drop the ego and embrace collectivism  where the currents of the universe where our personal identities no longer have meaning. People repeat that kind of nonsense all the time, and it does spill over into our political culture. And it’s all hogwash. Ego is the definition of a person who has lived a life and has a story to tell based on that experience. All that Indian talk about destroying ego and individuality, in general, is garbage from eastern cultures like China, India, and the Middle East.

No thanks, bad advice. And at their core, that is why there are people who hate Trump. Our political system has too many people who falsely believe that ego has no place in politics, and those people have no answer for Trump, who is entirely ego-driven. I would say that ego is Trump’s greatest weapon because it takes a sense of self to stand up to evil. It takes ego to drive a capitalist economy and to defend it. Because a person with a large ego has values, they think they are worthy to defend because they have a sense of self. And ultimately, that is what people show up to see at these rallies. They want to see the ego of Trump unleashed because he represents them and their egos of self who want to see their country be great. They do not want the collectivist crap that politics gives them in general, and the popular culture who wants politics not to rock the boat for their ideologies of collectivism that otherwise taints politics into something people find otherwise disgusting. Ego is good, and Trump has plenty of it. And we are very lucky to have him representing us. Because of Trump and his massive ego, people have hope that there might yet be a peaceful defense of our country from the forces that have been plotting its destruction for many decades. And that hope is obvious at all Trump rallies, especially the one in Waco, Texas, in March of 2023. 

Rich Hoffman

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Trump is the Alternative to Violence: The government essentially gets one more election before the powder keg blows

No, this isn’t how it works, where Republicans live within the rules and are peaceful while Democrats instigate violence and mobs against those they disagree with. There are two primary reasons for the creation of President Trump, which Fox News is still trying to figure out, and that is the fiscal recklessness of both parties in state and federal governments. But much more than that is the position on violence when threats arrive against ordinary people, and there is no representation to meet those threats. A perfect example of this just occurred, where a report on NPR radio obviously provoked trans people to go out and buy guns, which looks to have influenced the latest school shooting in Nashville. NPR could easily have been blamed for stoking the fires of that killing of six people. But then there was a picture released by the Trump campaign of the President holding a baseball bat with the District Attorney of New York in the other picture looking as if it was a threat against the law. Trump said the picture was taken from a “buy American” campaign and didn’t imply violence. But everyone pretty much took it that way because Alvin Bragg has been trying to get a grand jury to essentially indict a ham sandwich and torpedo the Trump run for President in 2024 by abusing the law and weaponizing the legal system for purely political purposes. Personally, if Trump had intended violence, I thought it was appropriate. But the rest of the world was apocalyptic about the picture, especially Brit Hume on Fox News, who said it was inconceivable that Trump could think he could get away with such a threat and still be President. It was funny to watch the reactions of these so-called political pundits. They are clearly off from the sentiment of the rest of the country, which brings up some very interesting topics that need to be understood by the political mood of our country presently. 

Trump is not the leader as Brit Hume and the Fox News people want to think the world operates. This anti-Rino trajectory has been going on since before Nixon was President. But the public, in general, never really got over the assassination of Kennedy by CIA involvement, then the same level of involvement and the extreme abuse of the judicial system that removed Nixon from office. Other than Ronald Reagan, who was never quite the same after an attempt on his life failed to kill him, all the rest of the years before and since have essentially been CIA assets influenced by foreign instigators who have insinuated violence against people who do not pick their people for leadership. Most people feel, to some degree or another, that our politics are corrupt, and they have been looking for fighters in their representative government to fight back against it. If it hadn’t been Trump, it would have been someone else. That trajectory has been going on for at least five decades, and those planning the destruction of America through all kinds of influences have not accounted for the real anger of the American people. They assumed that, like a flock of sheep, they would all just go to the slaughterhouse, and that’s clearly not what has been happening. People want to fight against corruption, and denying those types of fighters from being on the political stage was never going to work, just like denying free speech on social media platforms was never going to contain what people actually believed. The belief was that people could be controlled in such a way as people were controlled in China and Europe. But psychologically, those nations accept a level of political suppression that those born within America simply don’t have any expectations of maintaining. People have been patient and hopeful that our government can work if they elect the right people. They have not just gone into passive-aggressive mode as seen in other places around the world without an American Constitution, where corruption is assumed. 

Trump is an expert on branding and marketing, which is why he is the current pick of the people. He understands how they feel, which is why he feels it’s appropriate to push back against abusers of authority. That’s also why he was effective on the world stage. The world’s tyrants assume that their opponents will lie down and let them run all over them. There aren’t supposed to be any men left in the world like Trump, so they aren’t prepared to deal with one when they meet one. American voters get what’s going on in the world, even if it’s just superficially. And that is why Trump does what he does and is the leading candidate once again to be President. To answer Brit Hume’s question about how Trump could expect to win over more people to his side by advocating for violence against George Soros-supported district attorneys who have taken over our legal system and weaponized it, it’s very simple. People want to fight, and they expect their representatives to fight back. Obviously, many people like Brit Hume and the Fox News crowd still don’t understand the anger out there. People aren’t going to be destroyed like processed meat at the slaughterhouse. They will do it themselves if they don’t have fighters in their representative government. And Trump understands that market and offers himself as an alternative to violence. Not as a provocateur. 

Essentially this current government gets one more election before a powder keg is about to explode in America. Voters are willing to let politicians do political things so long as they have a job, bank account, and home. If those things are threatened, and the advocates of destruction show their teeth, then the American people are poised to punch them in the face and worse.   They aren’t going to put up with another rigged election that keeps a foreign asset like Joe Biden in the White House to perpetuate the destruction of our country and threatens those essential needs of Americans. If it is then realized that Americans don’t pick their own representatives in government by the masses, then the separation of belief and facts will spill over into a violent reaction. But it should never be expected that Antifa and leftist thugs helped by a government military are going to go door to door and impose their will on the American people for complete compliance. It didn’t work with mask mandates, and it certainly isn’t going to work on other things. And the political class does not rule over people in America. It represents people. And Trump represents people’s anger toward an out-of-control government. The political class should be grateful for the information. But controlling it, as Brit Hume and the Fox News crowd believes is possible, they are way off. The only satisfactory ending would be a positive outcome from this next election that all sides can believe in. Make sure there are reps available to count the votes and confirm the results, whatever they may be. But if people think they had a rigged election, and they end up with four more years of Joe Biden or some other Deep State asset in the White House, then people are going to be mad, and they’ll want to fight back another way. And that wouldn’t be good. The Deep State is not in charge. People want to rule themselves, and if they don’t have representatives who honor that relationship, then they will turn away from politeness, and things will take a turn away from law and order.  But justice will find another way to manifest in a social context. 

Rich Hoffman

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A Transgender Killer Attacks Christians: Another school shooting caused by a corrupt government and assault on American values

The story of the school shooting in Nashville was that some dude who dressed up as a woman and called himself Audrey Hale attacked Christian kids at a private school and killed six people in a mass shooting.  Three kids and three adults.  The guy left behind a manifesto which shows that the attack was pre-meditated and that he selected this school because the other one was more heavily guarded, so he picked the path of least resistance to make his attack.  And that the attack was a direct assault against the Christian religion.  But none of that was talked about by President Biden just moments after the attack of the Covenant School by the 28-year-old killer.  The media reported that a woman did the shooting, and the president was immediately pushing congress to pass his gun-banning bill against what he calls “assault weapons.” Well, the timing seemed strange; Jill Biden even got in on the action calling for more gun bans when the facts of the case show a completely different trend.  This trans assault of American culture is not new, it’s manufactured, and it is being advanced by liberal government for the obvious perpetuation of destroying the Christian origins of America itself, which is in its own way an act of war against the people of our country.   And in that case, during wartime scenarios, we need more guns, not less.  The issue was not about guns but about an angry kid who had grown up in a confused sexual state, supported in that way by an out-of-control liberal government that steals elections, wastes money like it is going out of style, and is essentially an anti-Christ worshipper of the gods of Baal and all the demonic sacrifice that such minds can produce.  While they seek to exploit a school shooting for their desired gun bans, they ignore the many kids killed along the border caught up in the drug cartels’ war and sexually abused during the illegal immigration process by many hostile characters.  But what was most telling was what they chose not to report or acknowledge in this case, which says everything about their intentions. 

Government and its advocation of deviant sexual lifestyles are most to blame for this latest school shooting.  These empowered Rocky Horror Picture Show people now have government backing, and if you watch their behavior over a long period of time, the strategy has been more of a military assault rather than a passive psychological attempt to help people in society that have fallen off the wagon.  These young people who are confused about their sexual identity have been weaponized to advance an anti-Christian assault on American culture itself.  And during that assault, we are supposed to trust that same government with our security when there are maniacs like this kid running around out there?  We do not have a civil society where the government can be trusted with anything.  They certainly don’t tell us basic truths even when they are so obvious, such as in this school shooting.  They certainly can’t be trusted to provide basic security regarding our essential well-being.  Why in America, well, where else in the world are our basic cultural norms under such an attack by all kinds of malicious characters, sponsored by government, to shake loose and attack the innocent?  The root cause of the problem is a government that supports insurrection against the norms of a society, such as sex between a man and a woman, for the procreation of children.  When those basic assumptions are attacked, there will be violence in society, where the government is blowing on the fires to spread it and cause more disruption so that they can gain more power in the wake. 

The truth of this story is that we have a government that wants to be like the communist one in China, and they want to replace God with the worship of the government and its employees.  And they aren’t shy about provoking action against any competing religion, especially Christianity, and destroying it so that government can become the new God of civilization.  The government makes people like this Audrey Hale killer, and they do it on purpose.  Then wonder why nobody trusts them.  And they have the audacity to suggest that we should be a gun-free society and trust this ridiculous government to manage everything in our society.  Especially when there are dudes who dress up as women and attack Christian schools with the intent to kill in gun-free zones.  We need more guns than ever in these kinds of times.  We can’t trust any of the unionized law enforcement to do the right thing; we certainly can’t trust the FBI to learn about these kinds of attacks before they happen, even though the NSA is literally spying on everything we say, every keystroke we make on our internet interactions.  AI programs are scanning literally every conversation on planet earth and doing risk assessments all the time.  Without question, authorities knew they had a troubled young adult in Audrey Hale.  But they let the kid attack anyway because they wanted the news.  They wanted the violence.  And they certainly wanted to see the persecution of Christians by some heathens of the liberal sexual deviants created so frequently by public schools these days. 

A government that seeks to change the people of the nation from Christian family priorities is obviously going to see a violent reaction from the enterprise.  And that same government has stood behind the legalization of drugs and open borders where the drug trade has thrived.  So of course, there will be violence.  Most school shootings and mass shootings, for that matter, can be blamed on government tampering with various segments of the population for the goal of replacing God with government as an item of worship.  And the concept of disarming to such a dangerous government is preposterous.  Without guns, there would be no check on government power which is all they are interested in.  Joe Biden didn’t care for one second anything about the poor people killed at that Christian school in Nashville.  He and his public school-supporting wife only wanted to exploit the situation to advance their big government attack on American culture.  A Christianized American culture.  And they do it by supporting mental deficiencies such as sex obsession to drive loose cannons like this Nashville shooter to being their own terrorist army to change society, which is the cause of the violence.  People are being assaulted on purpose, so there will be violence.  And in this case, innocent people were attacked to facilitate a government plot, a problem created by government, transgenderism, to remove religion from that society so that more power could then be given to government.  Under those conditions, gun rights have to be expanded, there need to be fewer gun-free zones, and there need to be more people carrying guns everywhere.  Because there are a lot of mentally unstable people out there who want to take their anger out on society in general, and they have had government blowing on their anger for a long time.  And there will be more of these transgender attackers in the future, angry at any judgment that might not make them feel welcome in open society.  And when they do attack, we must be able to defend ourselves and the nature of our society at its Christian core.   

Rich Hoffman

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Time Portals and the DNA of Gilgamesh in Iraq: The real cause of America’s invasion, it wasn’t WMDs or oil

Apparently, many people found my article on Space Arks in Ukraine and Russia disconcerting as a possible real cause of the war between those two countries. As I have been saying, the war in Ukraine is a United Nations thing where they are trying to bait Russia into a conflict by destroying nationalism because that’s what the United Nations wants to do; they want to eradicate nationalism everywhere, have open borders, and to become the world’s next governing power. They pushed Putin’s buttons with NATO and provoked him to attack Ukraine to defend the concept of Russian borders, and now the rest is history. All the bio lab talk in Ukraine, the money laundering talk in that corrupt country, and the current cult of Nazis that are so prevalent in Ukraine suddenly all became about Russia, and the terrible Biden economy suddenly had a scapegoat. But of course, there is another layer to these things which often has more truth than fiction, and that is the prevalence of ancient Space Arks, like Noah’s Ark; only these have traces of seeding from other civilizations that started life on earth, and they are reportedly all over the earth. There seem to be two of them in Ukraine; Russia has one, and there is one in New Mexico and other places around the world. And that the real fight in Ukraine is to possess the technology in those Space Arks for whatever culture can control it. I mean, we are dealing with governments who have lied to us about election fraud, the origins of Covid, about the Kennedy assassination, Benghazi, everything. So what makes anybody think they wouldn’t lie to us about Space Arks and the origins of mankind on earth? 

I thought everyone knew about these things, but apparently not. For instance, there is a lot of talk about the real cause of the two Iraq wars invoked by Daddy Bush and then by his son using weapons of mass destruction as the root cause for the invasion. Of course, we found out later that there were no weapons of mass destruction, so it’s just another instance of a government that lied to us. And we know that the CIA had put many of the tyrants involved in destabilizing the Middle East in power as part of American operations, so what was the real cause of the wars there? Was it oil? Likely not. The more you get to know rich and political people, the more you find out that they often have roots in occult belief, which is at the foundation of their politics. And that they believe in all kinds of things, from UFOs seeding the planet many hundreds of thousands of years ago to being able to currently make deals with settlers from other planets to gain technology that through evolution we might not achieve on earth for many thousands of years in the future. Notice how fast we went from flying kites as aircraft to landing on the moon? Many think since the invention of radio waves that, we have had help. And logic would be correct to ask that question for the obvious timeline we are dealing with. Anyway, the war in Iraq where Sumerian culture started over 6000 years ago is where the American troops were during those conflicts, and many say that the wars had nothing to do with oil or weapons, or even Saddam Hussain himself, but were all about getting the DNA of Gilgamesh from the museum of Bagdad and uncovering the technology of portals in the region, “Stargates” as science fiction terms them, both natural and artificial that were there since before Sumerian culture formed into the powerhouse that history knows it to have been. 

Of course, when you start talking about Stargates and their viability, you have to talk about time travel and whether or not it is even possible. And people believe that Einstein’s Theories of Relativity were the conclusive opinion on the subject. But I would argue the opposite without violating Einstein’s thoughts on the matter. People time travel every day. I recently had people visit me from Asia, and they traveled through time. They arrived in Cincinnati a whole day behind when they had left; their watches were all messed up. And that is how it is on earth regarding time zones. Time is only a measure that depends on the earth’s rotation around the sun and its rotation on its own axis. Things get funky when you start dealing with time on other planets where gravity has a massive effect on the time that passes. People living in space experience time differently than those living on the planet’s surface. And on planets that have or are near higher levels of gravity, time can slow down relative to other places in the galaxy that have much lower gravity applied. One second on a high-density planet might be 70 years relative to another place. So anytime you communicate with a society dealing with gravity differently, there will be time displacement. Time is not consistent on earth, let alone throughout the Milky Way or some other galaxy for that matter. 

So for a very insecure culture of government, such as our own present, where governments want to stay in power by denying information to the masses that they can’t control, understanding the science of these supposed time portals in ancient Sumerian culture would be very attractive. It would also be good for science to understand what the DNA of Gilgamesh might contain within it that allowed people to live for many hundreds of years in that time period, especially if they were half man, half gods, meaning they came from a culture outside of the earth in those historical contexts. And that when we talk about time travel, we might actually be talking about the science of time displacement regarding communication in real-time across vast differences, not necessarily the physical manifestation of life forms from one place to another regarding where and when they exist along the measures of time. For a culture like the Sumerians, who had worked out star alignments in increments of 25,920 years for a zodiacal cycle, they indeed would have also been concerned with how time moves differently within those celestial bodies. If they wanted to call home to mom, maybe they were 120 years in the future on the home planet, and they might not want to wake her. The point is, when we study the motivations for war among governments, we must never underestimate their motives. Power is often granted by knowledge, so it is entirely believable that the American government was only involved in the Iraq wars to gain powerful knowledge in a war-torn area purposely kept that way for the same reasons. And if enough people in government believe in Space Arks in Ukraine, then to control those assets, they certainly would go to war to protect their belief system and keep others from gaining that knowledge. And that everything isn’t a conspiracy if the science that is rational is applied. Yes, time travel is possible. We do it every day, and we take it for granted. But because it’s not like we discuss it from a movie like Back to the Future, we don’t think of it the same way. Yet the truth of the motivations for understanding something like time portals is that there is likely a logical explanation that is much more rational than not. 

Rich Hoffman

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It’s All About Anger: The Fed messed up America, and people have a right to feel the way they do

Of course, people have a right to be angry; they have a right to be very angry. As it has turned out, many of the crazy conspiracy theories over the past twenty years have turned out to be true. We have learned through Trump’s presidency because they have come out of their concealment to get rid of him and have abused our laws and political system to such an extent that we know there is a Deep State of global members who function outside of the world’s governments to run a money racket that is very mob like. It’s a criminal enterprise at best and has been working in the background taking advantage of the good nature of people for a long time, and now it’s all exposed. It took layers of peeling back all the trouble to see them, and now that is where the world is, protests in England, Paris, Brazil, Hong Kong, everywhere, people are mad, and populism is gaining steam because the Deep State has been caught doing a lot of bad things. And protecting them has been the Administrative Class, the layers of college-trained managers that have created woke culture performance standards and prevented proper legislation to facilitate a functioning government. If all governments were bad, nothing would work, pushing people to accept poor performance everywhere. It’s not just a problem in the United States; this is a global problem and has at its root cause the open border organizations that have dissipated people all over the globe in an attempt to overthrow national governments and push corporations into accepting extremely liberal approaches to business outlined by the communist aims of Karl Marx. Then at the core of all this trouble has been wealth redistribution, in stealing money from the rich country of America and giving it away to these bandits and thieves, and the mechanism for doing that was the Federal Reserve. The Fed was always something Americans should have been suspicious of, and now the truth of the matter has been revealed. Quantitative easing has destroyed the American economy, and the value that was once there has been feeding the power of the Deep State all along. 

When Trump said during a March 25th rally in Waco, Texas, that the Deep State was going to destroy America, or America was going to destroy the Deep State, he was putting his finger on the larger problem of this particular 2024 election. I’ve been talking about it for a while, but now we know we never had control of our government, not for several decades, and the Federal Reserve has been purposely wrecking the fiscal policy of America and distributing that value like mobsters to hostile global powers. And they have been using our own intelligence agencies to do so. Control the money; you can control most people in the world. That has always been the danger of an idea for the Federal Reserve. Once foreign interests were able to control those independent banks that make up the Fed, it was over for a rational outcome to be considered. I would watch the Federal Reserve meetings at Jackson Hole, Wyoming, every year, and the writing was on the wall. Most of the bank reps were well-intentioned, but it was all over once woke rules were poured into their minds, and group consensus drove their independent logic. This was the topic of a very good book called The Lords of Easy Money that came out a while ago and told this story of the broken Federal Reserve well, in ways that normal people can understand. If you have listened to the crazy liberal lunatic Janet Yellen over the last several weeks, the problem becomes obvious. 

Janet Yellen is the current Secretary of the Treasury for the inserted President Biden. She has served as the Chair of the Federal Reserve, just as Jerome Powell does now. Going back to what many considered the good days, those of Alen Greenspan, politics has been the overriding quality of the Fed Chairs. Even with all the efforts toward big things at the annual Jackson Hole meetings, they are just people easily influenced by global politics. In the case of the American Fed, the mob of the Deep State has most controlled their decision-making process. Greenspan was an Ayn Rand fan of the classic Atlas Shrugged, but he found it challenging to part government and business partnerships that were so embedded in politics, so he essentially started the process of quantitative easing to assist investment and pump up the economy during the Reagan years. That was certainly the problem with Ben Bernanke when he attempted to stop the bleeding of the collapsed housing market in 2008 with a policy of endless quantitative easing and to give that money directly to Wall Street; specifically, Larry Fink of BlackRock, who then applied his membership to the World Economic Forum to buy up the world’s boards of directors with fake government printed money to impose on them social governance, which is how we have ended up with all these woke policies we are seeing today. And the Deep State mob is going all in on the ridiculousness now because they know that people know. Their efforts are no longer shielded by the white wine and cheese Republicans who think the Fed chair people are brilliant economists. The beer-drinking chicken-winged public now wants to know why their dollar has lost much of its value. A beer that used to cost one dollar now costs three, and now they are being told that they’ll have to give up their pickup trucks in place of some fancy golf cart so that some polar bear can sleep on a block of ice somewhere. Who made those decisions for them? Our government, the Fed, and their radical liberal views are the essence of Janet Yellen. Larry Fink, the guy who controls over 10 trillion in asset management with BlackRock, when he would have instead have been a political activist coming out of college? They all got caught thinking people were too stupid to see what they were doing, and now their bad policies have robbed people of their wealth and very lives, and people are pretty well upset about it. 

They were smoking crack to all the political analysts out there who thought that Ron DeSantis would be an offering to MAGA so that the Deep State could continue to rule from the shadows. They obviously do not have a hold on reality. This upcoming election is not about policy, whether or not women have voting rights, or which side in the Civil War politicians took regarding racism. Racism has been a weapon of the Deep State to distract the public from the money they were stealing from America to fund countless wars, destroy borders of nations, and implement a communist philosophy in every corporation that sells stock in a public forum. And the ruse continued until President Trump revealed the depth of the Deep State during his presidency. And since then, in attempting to use every tool of corruption at their disposal to keep him from running again.  Ron DeSantis never had a chance.  The Deep State encouraged him to run so that they could get control of the MAGA movement, thinking that people would be attracted to a Donald Trump-lite offering. But this election is about more than that; it’s about destroying our entire civilization, starting with our monetary policy. And now that we all know what has happened and are discovering more bad stuff day by day, people are getting very angry. And that anger is poised to go out and vote for Donald Trump. And this time, the Deep State won’t be able to hide behind a manufactured virus unleashed on the world to manipulate our elections. Now the wrath of the world is headed for the places where the Deep State hides, such as behind the Fed. And there isn’t anything anybody can do to stop that anger from spewing because the bad guys have been caught.

Rich Hoffman

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I Never “Hang Loose”: Always wear a suit and tie to show respect for work

It was St Patrick’s Day in West Chester, and I had people from the other side of the world with me at a table for eight on the busiest night of the year for a very popular Irish Pub. March Madness was on TV, the music was loud, and there was green beer, as much as anybody could ever want of it. The people I was with had come from a long way to see me, so I wanted to show them the festivities of how Americans celebrate such a unique day, and they were having a lot of fun witnessing the cultural phenomena. But we were all dressed in expensive suits and still had on our ties, which for me is usual. We felt lucky to have a table with such a large crowd when the rest of the place was standing-room only. There were a lot of people singing and dancing everywhere, so having a nice seat in the back of the room to see it all was quite a nice experience for my guests. It was a great evening, but our table attracted a lot of attention because, as I’ve explained before, I don’t dance, and I certainly don’t loosen up, and I was still dressed and would continue to be dressed as if I were going to a formal occasion. That prompted a really large lady in her middle years dressed all in green with Irish-inspired pom poms to slide her chair over and lobby us to take off some of our clothes and loosen our ties. Obligingly, some of the members of our table did so immediately, and the gazes all turned toward me. That’s when I explained to the lady that this was as loose as I would ever get. I put my fingers between the collar of my shirt, fully buttoned, and my neck and explained that if I could do that, that was loose enough.

Well, this lady had invested her entire reputation in this action, and all the people at her table, who looked like another train derailment in Ohio by the way they were dressed and behaved, chided her quickly that her magical womanly charms didn’t seem to be working. My action was not anywhere in the script of social behavior for pub behavior, so there was an awkward moment. So she rewarded the people at my table who had taken off their ties and loosened their shirts with ostentatious flirtation as if sexual opportunity might have been even a remote possibility. But I refused to budge and proceeded to make fun of her loose clothing and her entire table. I have a rule in life: I just don’t do the kinds of things she asked under any social pressure. I usually would never be in such a place where drinking was the key activity and singing to the music of classic rock songs played so loudly that it could burst your eardrums. But we were far enough away to at least have a conversation, even if we had to be so close to each other to speak that intimacy was the very next option. And my refusal was a grave disappointment to this woman who obviously thought she had the charms of a young woman that could easily get young men to do anything she asked for, promising further sexual contact. Once the others at our table realized I wasn’t going to budge, which was no surprise to them, they stopped feeding her encouragement and kept their dress respectful, and that’s how it remained for the rest of the night. The woman went back to her own table, upset and pouting. After another twenty minutes of uncomfortable glances, they all got up and left, and that table was quickly replaced by people standing and waiting for a chance to sit down. 

That wasn’t the only time when people took notice of our table and tried to figure us out. Several of the people with me were taken aside by members of the room and asked what we were all about. People thought we were members of the mob sitting like we were without any dancing and wearing business suits past 8 PM at night. People were very suspicious of us the entire time we were there, and when we finally did get up to leave, there was an odd joy that the people in the room expressed. It was a fun evening and a chance for me to see how other people live in the world. I enjoyed the atmosphere and the basketball. I know my guests had a great time. So it was everything we wanted it to be, but I couldn’t help but notice the negatives, and that traces back to a real problem in our culture, this stupid notion that people can work from home and still be productive and that we can have “casual Fridays” as a rebellion against professional attire, and still maintain the greatest economy in the world. People who think such things are smoking crack. For me, wearing a tie and business attire is the same as wearing weapons of war on a battlefield. It’s a necessity for productive commerce. Nobody wants to deal with some slack-jawed loser with some loose Hawaiian shirt while exchanging business for millions of dollars. This whole notion that such a thing was possible was given to American culture by the lazy Europeans and insurgents of communism around the world looking for sameness among their individuals. Not individual expressions of professionalism, which has always been the standard in America. 

Being loose is not a value system I have any value for. I think Americans should never have accepted the dumb, liberal idea of “hanging loose,” as they say in Hawaii, and bring back from their vacations to Florida, Hawaii, and other places in Europe these dumb ideas about relaxing so much. It should be clear to people by now that all the propaganda we have received about working too hard, avoiding heart attacks and stress, and going to work more casually were all prequels to the kind of work-from-home policies that would come from the Great Reset, a communist takeover of all our industry and to weaken the workforce from warriors of capitalism to mask-wearing submissives who follow instructions from centralized authority and to then become the new standard bearers of a collectivist approach to a new partnership between business and government that provided much less to the consumer than the massive options we had under more freedom and capitalism in general. I dress well because I respect work and enjoy work and pressure. Meanwhile, the government takeover of all things productive was to speak against work, to expand government so that everyone would eventually be a government worker in some form or another. You could see in the court filing that the Biden administration just lost regarding the Covid vaccines the original strategy. The government showed its hand in that one trying to portray Biden as a CEO of the entire Federal workforce, including any contractors, and that a single-point policy infusion would be possible. Of course, the government lost that case because it was unconstitutional, just as all the Covid attempts at a Great Reset were. But these maniacal characters have gotten away with thinking such things because of the kind of barflies that were at that Irish Pub on St. Patrick’s Day.

Loose clothing types who think hanging loose is a value system and that all those uptight, suit-wearing people out there are just working themselves into an early grave with heart attacks and bad health. All of that is untrue. Those beliefs are just early versions of the Covid scare, where health officials could bring communism to our culture through fear of overwork and psychological safety. Drink more. Have more sex with strangers. And waste your time singing to depressing classic rock songs while your country burns to the ground. No, I’ll continue to wear my tie and business jacket even past midnight in such social conditions. And I am very proud to do so. 

Rich Hoffman

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The Lamentations of America: What our enemies have been planning for us and likely were inspired by our Bible

I mean, I do it, I can’t imagine that others don’t as well, and that is to read the religious texts of the enemy to see what might be exploited to destroy them on the battlefield. And saying that, to understand that a strategy of war is to make the other side think that you aren’t fighting one. And we are in a world where many hostile nations have turned on America out of jealousy and their own cravings for power, whether it be the financial insurgents at the World Economic Forum and their many forms of corporate socialism or national countries allying power against the power and influence of America around the world, such as China is obviously doing with Russia, and Ukraine is poised against Russia as NATO seeks to impose itself on all sovereign countries, including China eventually after they are provoked to conquer the known world and all financial systems with it. Yet when it comes to America, they are united in their hatred of it, and their desire to see it destroyed.  But a newsflash to the bar hopper in America trying to get a seat at the table of a Sweet Sixteen matchup for a Saturday game. It might be inconvenient to think about, but we are clearly at war, and the casualties aren’t troops on some far-away foreign soil, but each and every one of us who are being robbed as we speak by a banking system that answers to foreign hostilities intent on global domination. Who cares about any of that? Our latest beer-drinking professional with over 100K in college debt hopes to win a hundred dollars with their March Madness bracketology. Who has time to think about war? Yet we are at war, and to understand how the other side thinks of us, it’s good to read their religious texts to see how they see us. And, of course, they have read our religious texts, particularly our Holy Bible. Suppose they have read the particular book of The Lamentations of Jeremiah from the Bible. In that case, they will have obtained inspiration toward the destruction of America that would have filled their hearts with joy.

The Lamentations of Jeremiah is a small book in the Bible, only a few pages. But it is essentially a contemplation in the wake of the destruction of Israel by the people conquered and fallen to the attacking Babylonians and their tyrant of the day, Nebuchadnezzar. The book wonderfully applies the metaphor of an old woman to symbolize the destruction in the wake of the attack. Once, she was young and beautiful. Everyone wanted her, to be part of her. But now, as an old woman, nobody will lift a hand to help her. All her once great attributes are now rejected by the masses who just walk by without a thought to her destruction. She is alone in the world and forgotten, which is the fate of most women and people, for that matter. They live extraordinary lives only to have that greatness wiped away by old age by the youth of the world. The Lamentations of Jeremiah could be viewed as a very depressing book, but I find great beauty in it, in the ability to capture such negative thoughts in such a metaphorical way. There is a brilliance to it worth noting, especially for an emerging culture written in the lost hours of the BC time period. And if you read it with today in mind, it’s quite clear that America’s enemies are hoping that this is the fate of our country. A once great country sobbing in the street left over and abandoned by the world with nobody there to help and its people oblivious to hope of any kind. 

We could look around our own political landscape and see it clearly, The Lamentations of America. We have been attacked with woke policies that have destroyed our great corporations; we have had our religion attacked, our history, our financial system, our politics. Our concept of the American family has been attacked for years, and now we see the fruition of all that destruction. When Xi from China tells Putin that we are about to see something that we haven’t seen in over a hundred years, he’s talking about the plan to undercut America as a global power that has been conducted over that entire period. China wanted revenge on the world for their transgressions, and they blamed America for many things, just as neighboring regions in the times of Israel’s dominance provoked the kind of anger that the Babylonians had for Jerusalem. Think about their hatred for King Zedekiah when they killed his children in front of him, then cut out his eyes so that would be the last thing he would see. Then they carried him off to Babylon to die there, slowly. Then they destroyed Solomon’s great temple and all the other wonderful buildings of Jerusalem. Every man, woman, and child was enslaved, and the women were ravaged brutally with rape and torture. The destruction was complete, and the people of Israel were then thrown into slavery for the next 70 years. These events in the Bible, without question, have inspired the enemies of America that the same thing can happen to all of us, and if you read that book from the Bible, you can see that America’s enemies are salivating for the opportunity similarly. 

Just like today, the people of Jerusalem had no idea what was coming their way from Babylon and their other hostile neighbors. Globalism, as it has been preached to us, pretends that war is a thing of the past and that global trade is all that matters. We have been lulled to sleep by an enemy that never sleeps, and it never thinks of peace. Their goal is for global communism to rule them all. And America has been in the way. They couldn’t have a President Trump come along and stop their vicious attack. They have only the Lamentations of America on their mind, to leave the people of a once great country crying in the street, raped and pillaged of its once great wealth, its strong destroyed by woke rules, and its companies bending the knee to a new global power rather than the all mighty dollar. Americans never realized until it was too late that all that anti-capitalism talk was not from some dope-smoking hippies listening to classic rock about some levy being dry where his Chevy was, it was put there by hostile ground forces inspired by The Lamentations of Jeremiah that the once great America could be destroyed from the inside out, and now the enemies are rejoicing in a similar way the destruction they have long planned for. They see it working, and it makes them very happy. The more Americans cry, the more they ponder the fairness of it all and the more satisfied our enemies are. They do not want world peace. They do not want to break bread with Americans. They want to look at America as that old woman from The Lamentations of Jeremiah, where her adversaries mock her remembrance. Now old and ugly, the world can mock her memory in front of her face and contemplate the unfairness that the universe has cast in her direction, only to wallow in her multitude of transgressions, her children gone into captivity before the enemy, to be used, abused and destroyed before her very eyes, as she can still see. That is what we are dealing with, and without question, it is The Lamentations of Jeremiah that America’s enemies intend for us all. 

Rich Hoffman

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What Happened to Bill Mitchell: Ron DeSantis is the pick of the Deep State

Bill Mitchell is a pretty good political commentator and election statistician who had a large platform on Twitter and was very pro-MAGA before the purge in 2020. Over the years, I have found him to be pretty good at identifying election trends, especially on game day during actual elections. He struggled to find his footing in the years after the Twitter purge on both Gettr and Truth Social, but it was never the same. Yet after Elon Musk purchased Twitter and turned pro-free speech for his own needs, Bill has restored his account and has returned to Twitter much as he did before. Only this time, he is mysteriously anti-Trump, much like Drudge did during the last election. It’s bizarre to watch from these guys; they were for all things Trump, then suddenly they switch to an anti-Trump position. The first conclusion is that they had someone get to them. But I don’t think that goes far enough. It’s like many of the Never Trumpers that are out there; it comes down to what they believe politics to be and that Trump violates that unwritten rule, and once they conclude that in their minds, they switch sentiments. Whatever it is, Bill Mitchell has gone entirely over to Ron DeSantis for all kinds of reasons, none of them good, and has been pouring it on heavily against Trump as if he thinks he is going to move the MAGA needle, which brings up a very interesting consideration. I would consider Bill Mitchell to be one of the best political strategists out there, much better than Karl Rove and even Newt Gingrich. So why, if that is so, then how could he suddenly be so wrong about Trump? Trump hasn’t changed, Bill Mitchell, Mr. MAGA himself, did. So why, and is he right? 

The RINO position for Ron DeSantis is that he’s Trump-lite. You can have the taste of the beer without all the calories. And Bill has suddenly been preaching the RINO mantra that Ron DeSantis is everything that Trump is; he even legislates to the right of Trump on most things. And I think that’s true. I think Ron DeSantis is more of a conservative than President Trump. And yes, Trump got suckered with Covid and Dr. Fauci. At some point, he will have to explain all that away and stop talking about Operation Warp Speed because everything related to Covid was a mistake. But Ron DeSantis was just as suckered. Everyone was suckered (except for me) regarding Covid. I’ve said it many times, if I had been advising Trump then, I would have told him to throw Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates out of his office. But at that time, I was the only one saying such things. It was an election year, and the media was all over the story. And Dr. Fauci was the most famous person in America during the summer of 2020. If Trump had fired him, that would have killed his election chances at that time. Knowing what we do now, I was right, the rest of the world was wrong, and Trump got caught in the crossfire. My view of it was that Trump had managed the country very well until Covid. Covid was a bioweapon meant to steal an election and destroy the American economy that was threatening the world’s Liberal World Order. So the bad guys pulled the grenade, dropped it into the punch bowl, and blew up everyone hoping to create a Great Reset for the World Economic Forum, which had long been planned for. Trump is the best option to returning to our pre-Covid America, and better. With the right Federal Reserve Chairman, more than 4% GDP growth is still possible, so that is the battle plan for 2024. 

But we have in the way a Deep State that thinks it runs the world and that our constitution is useless to their sentiments. They have no reverence for it and intend to destroy America and enslave all of us into a debt-driven world where a few from Davos literally control the world with a collapse of the dollar and a transfer of the power alliance to China, so they can literally rule the planet as a propped up communist power of the Desecrators of Davos. And these guys aren’t playing patty cake. They are playing to kill literally, and they have been showing that power with their control of America’s legal system and the control of politicians who have taken money from them, like Mitch McConnell and Joe Biden. In that world, Ron DeSantis has no chance. Without a Trump around to draw cover fire, there would be no Ron DeSantis. And there is only Rino support for DeSantis now because the Deep State thinks it can do better in controlling him than it could ever hope in controlling Trump. But it’s the control of our elected representatives that they are after. They aren’t looking for a “democracy.” They are after collapsed economies, world domination, and enslavement through their Great Reset. Their support of DeSantis is to give the public all the talk of MAGA without the policy of the movement, to appease the public enough to prevent any real reform from wrecking their plans. Trump is a wrecking ball to all that, so we are voting for him and continuing to support him. We aren’t looking for someone who “gets along” with the Deep State.

If you read his comments on the matter, Bill Mitchell essentially indicates that he is tired of all the drama with Trump and that DeSantis can do the same thing without all the drama. And my position is that, no, he can’t. The drama comes from those who stand in the way of American sovereignty and our Constitutional rights, and they want Trump, MAGA, and everything about populism destroyed viciously. These are essentially communists who intend the China model for America, and without Trump around, Ron DeSantis won’t exist, nor would any other MAGA representative in Congress or the Senate. I would expect Bill Mitchell to know all that, but he’s had some health problems, and maybe it rattled him, and he’s gone soft. But whatever it is, DeSantis doesn’t have a chance. He has destroyed his good brand. He should have aligned with Trump, not worked against him, and now that he has spoken out against Trump in the way he has, he has ruined his ability to win an election where MAGA will determine the outcome. Trump is the only politician in the modern world who could hope to get voter engagement with over 70 million voters. Ron DeSantis won’t get that, which, indeed, the Never-Trumpers understand. But they can’t get out of their own way as the controlled opposition. The only way Democrats hold power is if the Never Trumpers keep Trump from running. And Bill Mitchell and others are smart enough to see that. The question is, are they strong enough to follow through? In the case of Bill Mitchell, maybe he’s just been beaten up enough to say uncle and to look toward DeSantis with all the promises of the Never Trump RINOs of conservative legislation without the drama. But that’s not the fight. We are fighting for the very foundation of our country, the Deep State attack on our very lives. And when that is understood, Trump might not be vicious enough, as we saw with Covid. But if not him, then who? We know he did well before, and he’s out for revenge because of what they have done to him, which is what most of us feel as well, Republicans and Democrats. And that is what the 2024 election really comes down to, revenge and rebuilding. Not another RINO-controlled asset that helps the Deep State, which is all Ron DeSantis would be to the election process. 

Rich Hoffman

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The Indictment of President Trump: A gift that will change the world–they don’t have the guts!

Actually, the original influence for the religious symbol of the “cross” was in reference to when the planet Marduk collided with the planet Tiamat between Mars and Jupiter, destroying it completely, leaving behind the asteroid belt we see today, and seeding life on Earth in a modern context, within 400,000 years. But most contemporarily, the cross symbolizes the crucifixion of Christ as the classic struggle between institutionalized religion controlled by the state, and the kind of independence that Jesus Christ was teaching, and the punishment for it. The symbol of crucifixion became a whole new religion that changed life on Earth forever, and the death of Christ gave life to a new way of thinking, which would eventually become the country of America, by the evolution of the story of the Bible which ultimately inspired the creation of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. The cross utilization was a reverence that the Romans had in their mass killings as a sacrifice to some of that ancient history mentioned, but the reality became something far from the original intention. If suppression of Christ’s teachings was the goal, then the reality was greatly disappointing to the established order; they started a whole new religion that would permeate most of the world and cause them to lose control entirely of their empire. And in many ways, the mug shot of President Trump will have the same effect. The intentions of corrupt powers often don’t learn from history, and that is essentially what Democrats have done to themselves with the indictment of President Trump and the publication of his mugshot, which was always their intention from the beginning, to show the world that they are in charge and that the world must bend the knee to their government of communism, socialism and tyranny as a global menace. 

It’s not an accident that two of the world’s greatest works of literature, the Bible and Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged, both feature their main characters being crucified at the end by ominous tyrannies represented by out-of-control governments. In Atlas Shrugged, it was John Galt who was tortured at the end and made an example of to serve the state and to show power over all of mankind’s hopes that fantasies of individual Government would be possible. It was, after all, in our own Declaration of Independence written on July 4th, 1776, that we said as newly created Americans, “that whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundations on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.” It goes on to say explicitly “that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object, evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government and provide new Guards for their future security.” And that is what is happening now; our government has grown out of control; it is evil, and to hold power, they are abusing that power, most notably with the indictment of a former and future president. The abuse is widespread; the J6 prisoners had every right to get control of a government they could see was not reporting to them, which caused the government to dig deeper into its own evils, culminating in the violation of many constitutional concepts to preserve an insurgent global force that seeks the destruction of us all. 

My wife actually said it all perfectly what the prosecution by the radicals of New York means regarding Trump; she stated to me simply that we are dealing with two ideologies that just can’t live on planet earth together. Our side, “conservatives,” have more of a live-and-let-live attitude and have accommodated other points of view. But the other side wants our complete destruction, and those ideas are not merged. They simply cannot live together. And she’s right. We’ve been turning the other cheek for too long, trying to make it work. But it’s just not possible. And that last desperation from them, “the globalists” who run our government presently are abusing their power everywhere, hoping to destroy all of us before we figure out what they are trying to do to us, which is destroy all opposition and enslave the rest who bend the knee to them out of self-preservation. There isn’t any middle ground with them; it’s complete destruction of the American concept or nothing else. And when we see such a government at work, as stated in our founding documents, we have every right to throw off that tyrannical Government and to start over. And based on the actions of the government swamp toward a freely elected President in Trump, there is no redeeming value in them to preserve. We are at that point now where we must start over our government for the management of our sovereign country away from the globalism that has been imposed on us with a kind of military force conducted through the destruction of our financial system.

I think it’s great that all this has happened to Trump because of what history tells us it means. The Trump “mug shot” will become a new kind of cross, and all Americans will view it as a sacrifice, which is precisely what it has been. I personally don’t think the government has the guts to go through it, but I’m hoping so. We are lucky Trump has been willing to go through all this, even if he doesn’t like it. The flimsy laws that these prosecutors of Trump are just as ridiculous as those leveled at Jesus Christ, for which he was killed for, and the fictional character of John Galt from Atlas Shrugged, where the ultimate sacrifice for the demand of public consumption was pressed upon him to break him and force all of civilization to follow. We are dealing with that here, and the results are known. Trump’s campaign for 2024 will be elevated to Biblical levels. People needed to see just how corrupt our modern Government is and be reminded that they actually had control all along. And it is in our time that we are called to act on their tyrannies, as our own founding documents demand of us. And like the cross became a symbol of something new, the Trump Mug Shot will become just as powerful, if not more so. Populism worldwide is waiting for a trigger effect, and the actions of this mug shot by the corrupt DA of New York will put it in perspective for people. Which I think is the greatest gift in politics, something I have been hoping for my entire adult life. This government overreach by these desperate Democrats with roots in global commerce has nothing else but fear and intimidation to work with, and it has forced them to make this dreadful error. Much as the Romans did when they killed Jesus Christ. It was Christianity that would eventually destroy their empire under Constantine. And through this crucifixion of President Trump, the Democrats will destroy themselves along with their globalist alliances. But what’s different with Trump is that we have a whole Bill of Rights that will prevent the actual death, and the resurrection of his presidency is contained within our founding documents. We don’t have to put up with tyranny, which this Government clearly intends. We have a right to end that Government, and now they have given us every reason in the world to do so without any second guessing. 

Rich Hoffman

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Do You Know Someone Possessed by a Demon: They are a lot more common than most might believe

With all the evil that is obvious in the world, the question has been brought up a lot about the nature of demons and whether or not they are taking over people’s bodies, and if they were, how would we know?  This has been most discussed when explaining the behavior of a recent school board member who has shown a noticeable behavior change from campaign mode to actual board service.  The personality shift has been stunning, leading people to conclude that some other life form has taken hold of his body and is driving the car.  Which is precisely how I think demons work.  Our bodies are like the cars we drive.  The drivers of the car can change, but the car is a car; it ages, gets old, and eventually breaks down and stops running.  But when it comes to paranormal activity, I think quantum mechanics can largely explain it.  Then knowing that there are lifeforms in several dimensional realities, our own 4-dimensional space being just one of them.  Yet in them all, there are lifeforms in various manifestations teaming with activity.  And if they can take root in our reality by grabbing hold of a car to drive, such as one of our bodies, then they will do it and do it often.  We can all tell stories of people we know who behave differently when they drink or use drugs.  I would say this is what it’s like when there are multiple passengers in a car but only one driver.  If the driver lets go of the wheel or maybe even gets out of the car for some reason and a new driver takes their place, then you could see how there might be a behavioral change from one driver to the next. 

Listening to women talk about people is often very entertaining; they associate a personality with the biological DNA of a person they know or have been raising.  When they say to someone else, “oh, look, he has your mouth,” or “he has your eyes,” they are saying something we all do to a point, we identify a lifeform with the vehicle it inhabits.  There is to a body the biological codes that put it together, and we associate those mechanisms with a personality.  And to a large degree, people are what their biological makeup determines them to be.  Whether they are short-tempered, whether they are tall, short, smart, dumb, happy, or sad are all attributes that are genetically inherited.  And when a person dies, those traits are no longer useful and peel away into memory.  But because that’s what we see about a person, we tend to associate those attributes with them, so we often get confused when we witness a behavioral change in their personality.  When we see the same physical features, only they suddenly behave differently, as if someone else is driving those bodies, it upsets us because we thought we knew them.  I tend to think of people in their eternal aspect, the parts of them that are not associated with the biological devices of a body but are the drivers which reside there during a lifetime.  When you really get to know someone, you could be said to get to know their “soul” rather than just getting to know the person that was raised by so and so at a such and such address that became friends because of a birthday party when you were both five years old.  Those aspects of life are conditional based on DNA and the combination of those elements in a four-dimensional reality.  That life might contribute to a soul’s development, but the car’s driver is not the car.

I tend to think the push for intoxication and the abuse of bodies comes from competing lifeforms trying to sneak their way into a body by either pushing out the driver or convincing the driver that someone else could drive their car better.  By whatever means, once a driver surrenders their body to another lifeform, we can see then a noticeable behavioral difference.  The owner of the body might even still be in the body, but something else is clearly driving, especially under intoxicating circumstances.  I think there are a lot of lifeforms out there, some of them very jealous of our four-dimensional existence, and they would love to take over a person’s body and experience life as we do.  Is it appropriate to call these lifeforms demons?  I think so, and I think they are ubiquitous.  Do they take up permanent residence in a body, or is it just temporary?  Well, I think that varies depending on the need to drive the car and why they are there in the first place.  Maybe they are just joyriding in our dimensional reality.  Or perhaps they want to go somewhere and need a body to get there.  Or perhaps there is a massive interdimensional strategy that makes sense to their reality where influence over our reality makes sense to them.  What we call evil may be perfectly justified to them in their quantum realm.  That doesn’t give them the right to do what they do to us, but it may explain the desire to occupy bodies massively to destroy life in the way we observe. 

Yet we are born into our bodies, which are ours to keep.  We do not have to share them with other life forms.  And throughout life, there are many times when others would clearly like to drive our car because they like it and want one for themselves.  It’s up to us if we allow ourselves to be tricked into surrendering ourselves to their manipulation, and I think many gullible people get suckered in this way.  Sometimes it’s by choice, such as by allowing intoxication to unlock the doors for others to get into our car.  Sometimes it’s by blood, where ancient lifeforms might have known the DNA code of a family lineage and find themselves attracted to the driver of that car and want to reside within that car with the driver for as long as they can because it’s familiar to them.  And sometimes it’s just malicious; it’s a Grand Theft Auto kind of thing where they abuse their ability to jump in and out of other people’s cars and shove them out of the driver’s seat for a criminal-inspired joy ride.  There are many ways that other lifeforms can jump into our cars and drive our bodies without us realizing it or knowing it as observers, especially if we assume that the person we know is the biological thing we can see.

People are far more than just the cars that they drive.  And when it comes to observing the vast amounts of evil that we see today, yes, I think many of them are driven by demons.  And there are lots of demons at work, armies of them.  More than we could possibly ever count.  And their motives are likely as endless as an imagination could conceive.  But do they have a right?  Of course not.  Our bodies are our own, and we should guard them aggressively.  We should not take for granted anything about our lives, and we should treat our bodies just as greedily as we lock our cars when we park them somewhere, with utmost security.  We should be careful what kind of music we listen to and what we eat and drink.  We should be cautious about what we learn and share intimate details and with whom.  Because there are lots of reasons for demons to inhabit bodies, and as we see in reality, they often do, and with terrifying results. 

Rich Hoffman

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