The Annie Oakley Western Showcase 2017: Learning to live in the arena


There are so many things to be excited about in life, and as readers here know every year at the Annie Oakley Western Showcase It’s an exciting time for me.  I enjoy seeing my friend Gery Deer and the Bass family along with many others who usually come to the event in the big sky country of central Ohio at historic Greenville, Ohio to celebrate the life of Annie Oakley.  We get together once a year and have done so for the since the early 2000s to show off our western arts to the public in a grand vaudeville fashion and I think it’s truly something special.  Like I constantly explain to the young people who come to these things we are doing something that less than one percent of one percent is doing in the world and that makes these skills extremely unusual.  I would go on to say that celebrating these skills is a very important element to our American traditions.  If you really were to peel back the noise of modern politics you’d find at the essence of our philosophies the hopes and dreams communicated through the ages of the American people in their westerns and the Annie Oakley event clearly celebrates those sentiments.   I recharge myself each year at the event where we compete with each other a bit and show off for the public across a tapestry of Americana.

This year my oldest daughter came for the first time in a decade and she brought her son (my third grandchild).  He’s a very excited young man of just a year and a half in age—and he obviously got the passion gene honestly.  He gets excited about a great many things and can barely contain his emotions most of the time.  But I hadn’t worked much with bullwhips around him mainly because the timing hasn’t been right.  When I do work at home for practice he isn’t usually around as more and more I spend time at my shooting range on Cowboy Fast Draw.  I do have a speed and accuracy course set up in my back yard but he hasn’t been around much when I am there—so coming to Annie Oakley for him was a very stimulating experience.  Before we moved into the competitions we were warming up in the arena area as guests began to fill the bleachers and my little grandson was out there with us practicing—and he loved it.   That’s when Kirk Bass from the knife throwing group Bass Blades handed him a miniature bullwhip that was very nicely made, and my grandson worked hard to emulate what he was seeing.  It was pretty cute.

One thing my grandkids will never have to worry about so long as they are a part of my life is exposure to things that greatly enhance their existence.  Regarding my youngest grandson he naturally has so many interests already that I can see he’ll greatly benefit from all these unique experiences.  Knowing people who compete with bullwhips and throw knives for fun are skills that translate well into other parts of a life.  It was encouraging seeing his young mind soaking up everything from me and following me around as I practiced for the event in front of a growing audience.   Not only are the skills important to learn just for the act in focusing energy through a Wild West weapon of American tradition toward objectives designed to provide some theatrical context, but just performing in front of people is a significant first step in mastering crafts needed to live life.

Much of my ability to speak in public or to lead large groups of people professionally comes from my past experiences in performing with the bullwhip.  Working with a bullwhip for nearly 40 years now I learned to do it in front of people over time which made it easy for me to do other things in public—like speak on radio programs.  Or attend VIP political events while eyes of scrutiny look to dissect you over every little thing.  Public competition helps prepare you for the rigors of the world, so of course I want my grandchildren to master some skill which prepares them for the opposition they will naturally face in school—and in life.

I never force feed anybody anything, especially kids.  They have to come to the things that make them excited in life on their own accord. But I do go out of my way to expose my grandchildren to anything and everything I can to evoke positive responses in them toward life—just as I did my own children.  It was strange that my daughter Brooke had returned to this Annie Oakley event ten years later and her relationship with everyone sort of just continued as if nothing had ever transpired over that decade.  The only real difference is that now she had a child of her own there instead of being one herself.  Even though my kids didn’t go off and do bullwhips which I never tried to force on them, they are confident kids who are doing neat things in the world and that’s all I ask.  But to do that sometimes you have to stick your neck out and do something unique to break away from the limitations that society restricts itself to.  To think out of the box you sometimes have to get out of the box and do something unique to start seeing things that people who are just sitting in the audience can’t see yet.  Whether it’s competing with bullwhips, throwing knives or performing quick draw with Colt .45s the skills of the western arts are good ways to be successful at other things in life.

You might have watched the video on the Tweet from Gery Deer who hosts this event every year that was featured on the Living Dayton television show.   Even though the Annie Oakley Western Showcase is literally in the middle of God’s country on the buckle of the Bible Belt mainstream culture is very curious about it as they always have been.  Not enough to pick it up and run with it—because the skills of tradition are so foreign to the current mainstream experience—but there is always hope and awe in how the public interacts with the performers of the western arts.  Cracking targets out of people’s hands and throwing an axe at a balloon positioned near a real person are things that fascinate the public immensely.  I have witnessed from direct experience and watching many of the kids of these Wild West performers grow up over the years that their interaction with these skills have helped them in many other ways.  So I enjoyed quite a lot to see that spark in my grandson’s eyes as he wanted nothing more at that moment but to emulate his grandpa by slinging his own bullwhip around.  Kids will soak up anything that adults give to them and when that exchange is pure—and honest, it’s a really beautiful thing.  The greatest let downs in life however are when parents and mentors don’t take that job very serious and over time I’ve watched a lot of people sit behind the ropes and observe from the stands being entertained for a while, but then moving on to the mundane aspects of living that happen when social predicate takes charge over human passions.  For a grandson of mine, what he needs in life is within the arena—so it was very nice to see at such a young age him showing such a desire, and comfort emerge before any kind of social restriction came along to set a bunch of artificial barriers.  And that is for me what makes the Annie Oakley event so special each year—it’s in the innocence and natural passions of the friends I have there.  I enjoy their company, and I enjoy seeing young people have the lights of their minds turned on guiding them through life the way only fresh ideas and confidence can. It truly is a beautiful thing to watch.

Rich Hoffman

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Trump the Author: Predicting the future by reading the past

I enjoy these little banters between Bill O’Reilly and Glenn Beck because they show why the former media icon is now on the outside looking in.  Both of them really were handily defeated at Fox News and cast into the oblivion by their enemies and yet they still don’t seem to understand why.  They are both still effective, Beck with his radio show and O’Reilly with is best-selling books—but both have lost big to the political left and are still seething from the experience.   It is bizarre to hear what these people say regarding advice for Donald Trump’s presidency.  I mean they are both industry insiders so they know the players and the game—but they still don’t get it.  It’s astonishing to hear them speak as history lunges itself forward then looking back on everything in retrospect in a way.

The movements and the pageantry of the Trump administration over the last week, first in letting Sean Spicer go then Reince Preibus so soon in their tenures within the White House is a good thing, certainly not bad.  And the warning shots at Jeff Sessions were productive—because it got that horse of a Justice Department that is used to standing around doing nothing all the time on the track and running.  A good manager knows how to assess a situation and when to adjust to it. We don’t care how things have been done in the past, or how long previous press secretaries have done their jobs in previous administrations.  When people show that they are struggling or better people come along, it is important to make the switch as soon as possible—and to have the courage to do so in order to fulfill an objective even though you might personally like the people you’re dealing with.   I think Trump liked Reince and Spicer a lot, but he likes winning better—so it was time to make some cuts to the team to get better. And there is nothing wrong with that.

I feel like I know Trump really well—maybe better than Bill O’Reilly does.  Sure O’Reilly “knows“Trump.  They’ve been to baseball games together and played around together but even so I think the personality and thinking of Trump is an enigma to O’Reilly.  You can do things with people and even be friends with them without actually knowing who they are.  However, as a personality type I process information in a similar way as Trump.  Like me he is very open about himself and the world around him in his vast writings, which is something most people don’t know about him.  He has written a lot and he enjoys it—and it is impossible not to notice aspects of his character within his work.   A lot of Trump’s writing is autobiographical so it’s filled with a lot of unintentional self-analysis.  And that is certainly not a negative; it makes me feel greatly for the new president.  He is very open about himself and how he thinks because he always intended with his books to mentor other people into success.  He is not a selfish person by any means—even though he comes across that way to the uninformed eye.  For instance given the nature of the current show Saturday Night Live and how they’ve treated him it is stunning to go back into one of his decade old classics and read what he said about a 2004 experience he had with Jeff Zucker at NBC and the rest of the SNL cast when he was asked to guest host the show.

It was in Trump’s book Think Like a Billionaire that he broke down little trinkets of successful thinking usually with only a page or two long chapters throughout.  But when it came to the chapter on his experience at the 2004 filming of Saturday Night Live he goes on for seven pages meticulously detailing the entire week leading up to the filming. It was obviously quite an honor for Trump to be asked to host the show and it was fascinating to learn of all the people involved because many of them are his dire enemies now.  They loved him when he had the top show on NBC with The Apprentice.  They liked him so long as he stayed somewhere that they felt they had control of his big personality.  But when he decided to quit and run for president in 2015 they all literally turned against him.  It is all very Atlas Shrugged—right off the pages of Ayn Rand.  It’s bizarre to read these things in hind-sight.  I read quite a lot and I have read all Trump’s books before just because they were part of popular culture and I felt I needed to keep up with what was happening and he turned out to be a pretty interesting person.  But to read what happened and how everyone thought ten and twenty years ago about the person who is now president is truly fascinating.  I have enjoyed re-reading Trump’s books lately with the benefit of hindsight.  For instance it was truly enthralling to read Trump talk about the Access Hollywood stuff with Billy Bush 11 years before it became a scandal which you can do in that same book about his SNL experience.  It really puts things in perspective and if the media wanted to do anything but destroy him, they’d go back and study the subject like I am.  Anyway, it was obvious by his own writing that he really loved his Saturday Night Live experience and wanted to treasure it forever.  But after becoming president all his old friends literally sought to rip away from him anything good that had ever happened between them.  It’s like reading about a bad divorce.  Whenever I hear such things you know that two people said really marvelous things to each other at some point—otherwise they never would have been married.  But once one of them cheats on the other or something else happens you hear about all the bad breath, how fat the other person is, and how they don’t do this or that correctly.  NBC literally kissed the ass of Donald Trump because he was a big money-maker for them and they felt betrayed when he stepped into politics and took away their progressive platform to the White House. They could have kept it if they chose, but instead they went on the attack literally for all the reasons that John Galt was attacked in Atlas Shrugged.

Trump is battle hardened like no other president in history and I think he’s doing a marvelous job—and he will be remembered as the greatest that we’ve ever had.   Every day is literally a historic occasion in his White House. And if you know Trump you can just imagine what’s coming next with some accuracy.  Going back to the Saturday Night Live chapter of Think Like a Billionaire and applying the whirlwind energy and sheer number of people who Trump dealt with back then on a daily basis you can easily imagine what it must be like for the people working around Trump now in the White House.  I can see easily how people like Sean Spicer and Reince Preibus made mistakes just in trying to keep up with him.  Unlike me, Trump likes people and he spends a lot of time with them and enjoying conversations. That is where he and I part company to quite an extreme.  I don’t like people even though I feel compassion and empathy for them, I tend to feel like everyone wants something so I am very discriminate how I spend my time with them.  Donald Trump isn’t like that—he enjoys people yet he enjoys himself too—he has a great balance and it works for him—which is how he became so rich and successful to begin with—he did it the old-fashioned way with really hard work and lots of networking.

Yes it hurts Trump that people who used to like him at The New York Times and at SNL are now his mortal enemies.  And it hurts him when friends like Reince Preibus fails to step up to the scope of the job Trump has elevated the White House to—but this is the guy who created Trump Tower and many other remarkable properties all over the world well before NBC approached him to do The Apprentice.  Trump built himself and his brand and a lot of people tagged along for the ride.  But they do sometimes fall off.  The biggest difference between Trump and all other previous presidents is that he doesn’t stop to pick people up.  He feels sorry for people but he doesn’t allow that sorrow to change the course of excellence that he personally strives for every single day.  Trump is the American dream—he is a product of our country to every degree and he has a very intense desire to give back to it.  And he’s going to do so in spite of what anybody else has to say about it—and it is that element that Bill O’Reilly and Glenn Beck miss about President Trump.  Neither one of them gets it—and out of anybody they should know best.   But their static thinking just won’t allow them to see what’s really going on because their formulative thinking has been forged by previous administrations—which is a major mistake because Trump has no intention on being anything less than the best and most unusual administration in the history of the world.  Anything short of that he would consider a failure and as he is writing the books of this last chapter of his life—and he’s not going to end on anything less than a spectacular climax.  It’s just not the way he does things.

Rich Hoffman

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The Loser John McCain: We need 11 seats in the Senate for 2018

John McCain has to go.  Obviously suffering from brain damage due to the tumor he’s carrying around in his head, the loser was the deciding no vote on defeating the still very liberal version of the skinny repeal of Obamacare.  He and the two RINO chicks, Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski showed themselves to essentially be Democrats.  There is not a Republican majority in the Senate as RINOs don’t count toward a strategic holding.  Those three people are just absolutely shameful in what they’ve done and the fate of what happens next will be the result of their error.

We used to have pretty good healthcare before these idiots stuck their noses in it and screwed it all up.  But with the costs of doing business today within the medical industry we have fewer doctors than ever-moving into the field giving us all fewer choices which ultimately result in skyrocketing costs down the road.  People like McCain have taken it for granted that the health care industry would always be there for us and they have grossly miscalculated the abuse that goes on in Medicaid—where the bottom percentages of healthy conditioned people overuse the system driving up the costs.  Those people tend to be poor, and most of the time they are poor for a reason.  They either smoke too much, drink too much or they are inherently lazy people who have in their minds that wealth is created by winning a lottery ticket from the local convenient store.  Rather than encouraging these people to do better and to pull up their boot straps to live better lives and maintain better health McCain and his liberal counterparts seek to weaken them further by pouring government looted service directly into their mouths making them perpetually reliant on the government liberals’ control.

McCain has been screwing up for many years.  The worst thing he’s done was lose an election to Barack Obama.  It is hard to believe that John McCain was the Republican nominee for president of the United States back in 2008.  I mean that was our choice!   We had McCain to pick from or Obama.  A liberal or a socialist.  It should then come as no surprise that within only eight years of that fate deciding election that ushered in the Obama regime which presented us with this Obamacare mess ,that we now have Trump in the White House.  But obviously, we need more reform in the House and Senate.  We need more conservatives.  McCain certainly isn’t one.

The two chicks who failed the Republicans aren’t off the hook. But they were never considered Republicans—and were from the beginning RINOs that we knew couldn’t be counted on.  But McCain actually ran for president of the Party.  On such a crucial vote it was expected of him to at least provide leadership.  Instead, he voted to essentially destroy the remaining options that we have in the medical industry.  Yes, it will implode, as it is well on a trajectory to do.  But it didn’t need to.  All this was unavoidable.

Trump’s reaction was the right one.  He cheered on a repeal of Obamacare to fulfill a campaign promise.  Many of us for a long time have sought freedom from the Obamacare imposition.  In Ohio we passed a Healthcare Freedom Amendment but Governor Kasich who is of the same kind of liberal mind as John McCain expanded Medicaid, went against the people who elected him and claimed that Jesus told him to do it.  A few years ago people like Kasich were considered stalwart Republicans but obviously due to their actions the definitions have changed dramatically.  Trump’s answer to the McCain mess was to just let Obamacare implode and out of the ashes we’ll rebuild—which is now what’s going to happen.

Healthcare is too expensive.  It costs too much to have because the options are so limited.  Government has stuck its nose into the lives of all of us under the banner of “helping the poor” with the subtle tactic of making more people spend most of their money not on expanding the economy with home purchases and new cars, but in paying doctors to keep them sick and in a dire state.  As healthcare is now, that’s what we have—and it’s absolutely pathetic.

We are still one of those families who have full cable as well as Netflix accounts and Amazon Prime.  We carry in our household all those options because I like having multiple opportunities to select my entertainment.  If I want to watch professional football, I can.  If I want to watch the news, I can.  If I want to watch CSPAN from my garage all weekend, I can.  But it costs a lot of money—especially for cable because there just aren’t enough entertainment providers.  The infrastructure for the cable system is usually maintained by one company, maybe two if you’re lucky and they can essentially charge what they want for service.  It basically costs me $200 dollars a month just for cable now where it used to cost around $45 dollars.  The costs went up as there were fewer and fewer options, just like healthcare.

I don’t go to the doctor, it costs too much money and it takes too much time.  I’d go if it were not so expensive and took less time—and if they weren’t trying to always pump you up with drugs.  Stupid people don’t know any better and they blindly take the advice of some doctor padding their pockets with all this government intrusion to refer patients to their local pharmacy where they get addicted to prescription medicine.  If you want to trace the opiate crises to a single villain look to the medical industry where they prescribed people on pain killers for every little ailment rather than actually treating the condition—and that’s how so many people became addicted which persists to this day.  That culture of being perpetually sick and dumping all our money into a terrible government-run health care system has destroyed so many lives and people like McCain beat on their chest claiming to be trying to help the poor.  They are making more people poor by supporting Obamacare—and they are supporting making more people sick to support the struggling industry so their pharmaceutical lobby can cover their margins—which is what all this is really about.

I mentioned the cable bill crises, where many people are cutting the cord to that industry which is sinking channels like ESPN and many others.  Most people have to make a choice between health care and their entertainment and if they are sick—obviously the quality of their life is in decline not only from poor health, but in loss of enjoyment of life. They have less money to pay for things like cable, vacations, or even new cloths and there just isn’t any reason to have these problems in America due to artificial inflation of the health care industry due to government tampering.  John McCain isn’t protecting the American people, or even the poor.  He’s protecting the pharmaceutical lobby—make no mistake about it—and due to that terrible decision, he is destroying an industry and keeping countless people sick, or robbing them of their expendable income just to stay alive.

So don’t forget who did this and make sure to get rid of them in the next election.  Obviously there is not a Republican majority in the Senate.  Until we get rid of people like John McCain and the two hippie chicks from Maine and Alaska we won’t be able to get much of anything done on Capitol Hill legislatively.  And it doesn’t stop with them.  Republicans need at least 11 seats in the Senate by good hard-core principled Republicans in 2018 so we might as well get started on finding those people.  As healthcare spirals down the drain John McCain and his liberal buddies need to go down with it.  Meanwhile the need for votes to pass proper legislation will not go away and that needs to be where the focus resides.  Americans should not have to pay so much for basic healthcare.  We need competition to drive down the costs so that we can spend our money on other things that improve our quality of living.  John McCain wants to take money from us and give it to the poor so that they can stay crippled and dependent and make his pharmaceutical friends wealthy off our misery.  And that has to stop starting with pushing the RINOs out of the Senate.

Rich Hoffman

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There Are a Lot of Dead Birds Today: The brilliance of Trump’s strategies

Who wants to be on the front lines of combat with some dude who wants to wear a dress? Or spends their time in R&R doing their nails?  This whole notion of putting sexual predilections into the military together to fight on the front lines has been pure insanity.  What foreign force will respect troops dressed like Bruce Jenner—prepared for a crazy night on Duval Street rather than ripping off the heads of the enemy and sticking it on a pike with a nice American flag sticking out of the forehead?  War is not a game and neither is the military and sexual preferences have no place in it.  You can’t mix men and women and not expect some monkey business and you certainly can’t include people who don’t know what sex they are and put them in a battlefield scenario—and expect success.  Trump was right to make things clear.  Trump is in charge of the military and he has the right and obligation to set things right, and he did.

Of course the progressives have always wanted to weaken the American military because their goal has always been to bring down our borders, to remove our sovereignty and diminish our global sales pitch for capitalism so that a central government led by the United Nations would then run all the countries of the world. One way they planned to execute this task was to get Americans involved in every war possible so that the world would push back and refuse the help of the United States—killing our people and using the negative public relations to further hamper our involvement in places rife with discontent—like Syria, the Middle East in general, all of South America, Mexico, Asia, Africa, all of Europe—virtually everywhere.  Progressives have sought global collapse created by chaos which they planted, then they wanted to be the ones to offer a solution of leadership.  It is essentially the exact same plan they had with our American healthcare system.  Load it with top-heavy costs, collapse it with impracticality, and then resurrect it with a single payer system.  It’s the progressive playbook and the whole nonsense of putting a bunch of he/she’s in the military was meant to destroy it as an institution.  It was never about equality, it was always about destroying the American military with even more bureaucracy and the essence of the fighting spirit it takes to maintain such a role.

When Trump said on the campaign trail that he would support the LGBTQRSTUV community he wasn’t talking about destroying things just to show fairness to specific groups. It’s one thing to protect people like Boy George from being beaten the hell out of on a public street for looking like a freak, it’s quite another to give him a machine gun and stick him on the front lines in North Korea to force them to the negotiating table of nuclear disarmament.  American forces need to be lean, mean, fighting machines meant to evoke fear and compliance—not to attend dance parties and smoke pot.  Sex should not be a part of military culture in any way.  When asking people to put their lives on the line we should not also ask them to be politically correct.  Those two things just are not compatible.

Then of course as there always is in good strategy multiple achievements to reap from such an action as Trump conducted.   The liberal people who have been hammering Trump for months with phony scandals and terrible press really care about this LBGTQ crap—and Trump took a punch at it likely on purpose.  Doing so not only builds the morale of the troops, but it really pissed off the liberals in the media and that’s what they get.  Trump tried to be a nice guy and be inclusive.  Since it didn’t work why not just do the right thing and piss everyone off?  The left pushed, and pushed and pushed and once all these investigations drug in Trump’s family into the mess he fired back starting with this LGBTQ issue.  Why try to work with the other side if they are just going to spit in your eye?  They did it to themselves and guess what, the media spent the next two days outraged over the issue and covered pretty much only that while the Senate worked on healthcare legislation and Jeff Sessions started the crackdown on leakers in our intelligence branches.  A good strategist knows how to kill many birds with one stone, and Donald Trump is a great strategist.  There are a lot of dead birds today.

I’d go so far to say that when Trump speaks he deliberately tries to get people to underestimate him.  The guy is very intelligent; you can tell that by reading his many best-selling books.  He has deep introspection on a situation and is magnificently observant.  I would go as far to say that everything he does is strategy and he’s great at it and many people are being played who don’t even know it yet—in the Republican Party, on the Democratic side of the political spectrum and in the media.  I think if the media had been nicer to Trump—he might have let the LGBTQ issue go for a while even though the military obviously hated the idea.  But why not make the military people happy and piss off Trump’s enemies at the same time—and get everyone talking about one thing while the other important things scoot by unmolested by stupid millennial fresh out of college who make up most of the new media these days fixated on a progressive idea they were taught in school which was so important—when its really not.

I am personally insulted that these LGBTQ people seek so adamantly to impose themselves on my life. I mean its one thing to be weird and have a mental illness and have compassion for people like that.  It’s quite another to bring down our entire society just to make those people feel OK about themselves.   I think The Rocky Horror Picture Show is one of the dumbest and vile works of art that has been produced in the 20th century and it is essentially that culture that is seeking to destroy the things that I personally value about American culture.  If those freaks want to dress up like girls and have sex with each other—have at it in the privacy of your own homes.  But if you flaunt it in my face which is built on the basic Christian model of America’s founders—then there are big problems.  When two lesbians are in line in front of me at an amusement park with their hands down each others pants kissing—it’s an assault on my basic premise for existence—and I take it personal.  I don’t behave that way in public with my wife because little kids might be watching and it’s not good for them to be thinking about sex at a young age.  They should be thinking about other things.  And these gay rights parades with all their rainbows are simply assaults on traditional America—a traditional America which I love.  We always hear what’s fair for those people, but what about what’s fair for me and people who think like me?  I’m not OK with a Rocky Horror Picture Show America and I sure as hell don’t want those people in my military representing my country in a life and death situation.

Trump achieved a lot of things by denying LGBTQRSTUVWXYZ people from the military but probably better than anything he solidified his base. It made people like me love him even more.  It’s about time someone does the right thing decisively and without a whole bunch of meetings and testimony and just made a decision.  The people who are mad about it I’m glad because those idiots have been shoving this shit down our throats for entirely too long.  We’ve had to take it and pay for it with our tax money pulling us into an essential evil for way too long and it’s nice to get a little revenge.  I wouldn’t feel that way if progressives had not been so aggressive in attempting to destroy a country I love to begin with—and a traditional value system that’s I represent and believe in.

I’ve known a lot of weird people and have been friends with quite a few of them. I do not advocate beating people up or harming them just because they are different.  But they are not allowed to destroy the values of our society so that they can operate without guilt among their peers.  If you show up at a convenient store all tattooed up and looking like a pin cushion with a hot pink spiked Mohawk, people are going to look at you strangely—because the appearance is something foreign to the value system of our Christian based culture in America.  Legislation to prevent people from looking at such people as weirdoes won’t stop the thought because dressing in such a way is weird.  So are desires for anal sex with a man or woman.  There is nothing good about it.  It’s a perversion on values that might be fun in the moment but leads to regrets latter—like tattoos.  And that’s what we are talking about with LGBTQ people—it’s a phase of their lives, a sexual decision and it’s meant for the bedroom.  It’s not meant for public policy.  In the military where soldiers forfeit their individuality there is no private space—so the institution has to have guidelines to keep everyone in the right frame of fighting spirit.  It doesn’t matter what other militaries do elsewhere in the world, because nobody is as good as the United States.  We are the pace setters.  And Trump made the right decision for that institution to do what it’s supposed to do—win fights wherever they occur.  The LGBTQ people can live their lives elsewhere, but they don’t have a right to destroy our values just to do their thing.  That is why we have to be careful who is in the military and keep our mind on the objective of maintaining a status as a successful country—and not get sidetracked with progressive attacks on our traditional values.

Rich Hoffman
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The Criminal Democrats: Debbie Wasserman Schultz is again in trouble–like all the rest of them


I would have thought that the arrest of the IT guy for Debbie Wasserman Schultz trying to leave the country would have been the top billing on the news cycles—but it wasn’t. The guy was being charged with bank fraud and had attempted to destroy evidence before fleeing the United States once he knew authorities were on to him.  It’s not like the guy was a temp employee with low-level access to sensitive material, Imran Awan was a long-time employee for Wasserman Schultz and was certainly there when she was running the DNC but was fired at the convention last summer for the misconduct that hackers revealed about her dealings.  Why is it that if Don Jr. sneezes it’s a big story and a scandal, or President Trump can say he’s disappointed in AG Jeff Sessions and its wall to wall coverage—but when Democrats break the law in spectacular ways, the same level of scrutiny is not applied to them? That is of course a hypothetical, we know the answer—it’s because Republicans tend to be soft and way too forgiving allowing themselves to be manipulated and even made fools of out of a fear of conflict.  That is why criminal Democrats are allowed to break the law at every decision gate but Republicans are held to impossibly high standards.  In the Wasserman Schultz case I read about the arrest earlier in the day but noticed that the news outlets didn’t cover it on prime time until Sean Hannity came on the air at 10 PM.

I thought the two speeches Trump gave this week to the public were fabulous, first at the Boy Scout event in West Virginia then up in Youngstown, Ohio. Given the weak nature of the Republicans on the Sunday shows ahead of the healthcare vote in the Senate, I wouldn’t trust them either and if I had something to say, I’d go straight to the people too.  Trump is the Republican party now, everyone else either gets behind him or they paint themselves as part of the opposition.  We’re not talking about a world in which everyone has ideas and brings them together in debate under the umbrella of a republic.  Some ideas are better than other ideas—ideas are not equal.  And in this media frenzy environment the exchange of ideas is being tainted by actual criminal conduct—so good ideas are often buried under the antics of illegal activity at the highest levels of government.  And when Senators showed they were so willing to allow for socialized medicine to run its course without taking action against it, it was obvious that we were in trouble.  Trump looked around and saw Robert Mueller hire a bunch of liberal lawyers to expand their investigation into Trump’s family—widening the net because there wasn’t anything so far found in the Russian story made up by the media to explain why the Democrats lost to a political novice.  Republicans were supportive of the widening investigation and for Trump, that was it.  He decided it was time to fight back—and I am personally glad he did.  We all know what’s going on.  But what we aren’t used to are Republicans who will actually push back.  Trump is the first I’ve ever seen who was willing to punch back at the criminals who constantly come forth from the Democratic party.

Why is it that so many Democrats find themselves in such tumultuous scandals? Debbie Wasserman Schultz isn’t the only one—Hillary Clinton, Loretta Lynch and even Barack Obama have done much worse—specifically using the IRS as a personal political weapon against conservative groups.  At this point there is no doubt that it was the activist Obama White House that ordered using the IRS as such a political weapon and that should have been one of the biggest scandals in the history of politics.  Much, much worse than Don Jr. meeting some Russian lawyer for opposition research.  Follow the Democrats around to see how many similar meetings they had with “opposition research” including colluding with NBC to do a hit piece on Trump just a few weeks before the election with the Access Hollywood tapes.  The biggest difference is that the Democrats have most of the media under their control.  On the conservative Right, we have Sean Hannity and a few other radio talk show hosts.  But on television—there’s not much.  Even ol’ Bill O’Reilly who was a moderate at best was too much for the Democrats.  They ran Bill off of Fox News with completely made up crap and like the nice guy he is, he took it.  So there really aren’t people in the media who reflect the masses of America giving Democrats a free pass at breaking the law because nobody holds them accountable in the media.  And it’s been that way for a long time.

How many people like Geno DiFabio are there in the world—the lifelong Democrat who came on stage in Youngstown to hug Trump and show his support of the new president? A lot?  I know a whole lot of people just like Geno.  They are not political ideologists who are dedicated to a party—but they are regionally motivated by the values of their community.  And those values are radically different in Youngstown than they are in Santa Monica. They all might call themselves Democrats but the people in Youngstown aren’t sipping lattes by the pier giggling about their new tattoos their parents don’t know about.  They are trying to make mortgage payments on homes they bought when the steel industry was strong in the “steel valley.”  Now their kids have grown and see no reason to stay in the region—because there’s no economic opportunity for them.  The Democrats were too busy shipping off American jobs to make the world more “fair” than in protecting people like Geno.  So those people voted for Trump and will continue to do so as long as Trump fights on their behalf.  And Trump can’t do that sitting in the White House acting “presidential” or otherwise “above the fray.”

Trump said some very interesting things in his speech in Youngstown. It is more difficult to take his case on the road than to sit around the Oval Office like Obama did complaining about in the ineffectiveness of congress and signing executive orders.  Trump expects to actually do things and he can’t in Washington D.C.  The people there—Republicans and Democrats, don’t want to do anything and they use crime to secure their tendency to be lazy by always hiding behind one scandal after another keeping them in a perpetual state of appearing busy.  So the game continues, Democrats break the law to keep scandal fresh and give lazy reporters soap opera topics to cover, Republicans play the role of the Washington Generals as the “ethical losers,” the valiant servants who are always one step behind the Democrat.  We elected Trump to break that cycle and to do that he has to come out of the swamp often and speak directly to the people through Twitter and these public events.  The game in Washington is well established and is a criminal enterprise—and their anger at Trump runs deep because he’s an attack on their core culture.  But what they don’t understand is that it’s not Trump they have to worry about—it’s the people who elected him—people like Geno.  Trump gives people hope that crimes will finally be prosecuted and that Americans can win again.  If that hope is taken away—then there will be real problems.  The game is over for Democrats.  They can either go to jail nicely, or they will utterly be destroyed.  Republicans are going to have to actually stand for something and expect to win for a change instead of playing the fool.

Rich Hoffman

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They Have it Coming: Trump and his supporters tried to make peace–but the other side picked war

Donald Trump tried to play nice. He started his presidency not wanting to prosecute his political rivals, in allowing Democrats to join Republicans in legislative actions.  He even wanted to make good with the press—he sat down with The New York Times—a newspaper he has always loved, and tried to offer them an olive branch of peace before his inauguration even started.  All those idiots swiped away that offering and chose to aggressively prosecute Trump and his family in a desperate effort to save the swamp in Washington D.C., the K-Street money, the bribes, the sex, the massive corruption that goes on unimpeded—and has for years.  That is until we elected a president to put a stop to all that.  And now after watching the testimony of Jared Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law and the way that Republicans have drag-assed the healthcare debate trying to hide behind the phony Russian investigations to avoid dealing directly with the president at the head of their party—it is obvious that its time to doing some firing—and prosecution and to take this fight to those who deserve it most—and not to look back.

That clip by Sean Hannity demonstrates the problem pretty clear—have you ever been to Russia or anywhere near that land mass dear reader?  They do not have the power that Democrats are tying to give them.  They are not a superpower any longer and they certainly are not superior to American means of global conduct.  Anyone who is hiding behind this made-up Russian story of collusion is part of the problem. Russia can barely build a road let alone influence an American election.  They have their spies and their manipulations—as everyone does, but these are not James Bond villains from the 60s.  They are a country struggling to find their voice in a noisy world and they just don’t have the money to be a major player the way that Democrats are trying to portray.  Trump won the election because he was the better candidate and using a Russia story to cover up what a bunch of idiots they have been won’t help them.

It’s not Donald Trump’s fault that most of the people he’s dealing with are idiots—and criminals. And its time for his administration to start cutting off heads and firing people left and right—especially the Obama holdovers—Washington as a culture does not want to work with this president, so fire them all and bring in people who do.  The time for playing nice is over.  Trump tried, but he has been turned down, even by those in his own party.  It was pathetic to watch Republicans struggle with a healthcare debate vote—which for them it should have been easy.  The reason it wasn’t is why most of them need to go.  For the same reasons that many were upset that Trump ended last week a CIA program to fund terrorists in Syria—people like John McCain were against the move because they want a mess in the Middle East.  They don’t want to solve any problems, they want to make them so that their financial backers will continue to support their campaigns—it’s usually as simple as that.

Their financial backers have business in the chaos—that’s why they want politicians who create chaos in the first place.  That’s how the swamp was created.  Trump pulled out of the program because that essentially kills ISIS.  Do you know dear reader how much the bullets cost that you see those towel headed idiots shooting in the air in the Middle East?  They “ain’t” cheap, let me tell you that, and the terrorist aren’t paying for those bullets.  What are they going to buy them with—bread, dirt, and soiled baby cloths?  They have no economy in those regions to buy such things with—so who gives them the guns and bullets?  Trump knows what’s going on and to keep him from doing anything about it the Swamp has created this false Russian story to keep the chaos going.  The weapons are provided to them—in many cases by our own government to plant the seeds of chaos to have some leverage situation in the region.  Because Trump is doing things like that, opponents from both parties are getting behind this made up Russian story to attempt to stop him from doing more—and for the last six months it has kept the new president from getting to the meat and potatoes of the Beltway problems.

It’s time to prosecute Hillary Clinton, Loretta Lynch, Bill Clinton—Eric Holder, Barack Obama and all their staffs and supporters and to put their asses in front of the senate and to get to the real crimes that have been committed for which they are attempting to hide with all this chaos against Trump. And let’s not forget Lois Lerner.  Trump offered them all the olive branch and they chose war—so give it to them.  At this point nobody can call Trump a war monger, or an emperor of our republic because he sincerely tried not to be.  But the swamp took the first swipe and in order to do his job properly, he has to get aggressive.  I know he wanted to avoid that—but the other sided chose their path so now its time to pay.

Its one thing to play fair and to be “presidential,” but it’s quite another to take a compassionate stance while real villains filled with fangs intent to draw blood come at your family and drag them through the mud to prove a point and send a message.  Trump isn’t about to take that and I support him one hundred percent.  If he fired everyone in Washington D.C. I’d still be with him.  If he cut every budget by lobbying against this congress to get a better one in 2018, I would still support him.  It would anger me too if I were their father to see Don Jr. and Jared Kushner treated so terribly as they have been in an attempt to paint them into a defensive posture regarding Russia. They certainly don’t deserve it—the only crime they have committed was in being successful.  Successful international businessmen typically have relations with people all over the world—Russia included.  That does not define why Trump won the election.  The Democrats lost because they were terrible, corrupt, and just plain stupid.  And their Saul Alinsky tricks no longer work so they are completely lost as to what to do next.

The press picked their part in this and they too deserve what’s coming. They have sided with literally the villains in American politics and have positioned themselves for a complete failure.  That isn’t Trump’s fault, it’s theirs.  The Hollywood crowd has additionally placed their ideology outside of American sentiment—and they are paying for it at the box office.  If anyone was paying attention to the Comic Con 2017 in San Diego last weekend the mood was a retrofit of the 1980s again, people want to feel positive about things and the 1980s were a time of feeling good about America.  People crave to feel good about the team they are on and so far only Trump is offering that path in the 2020 period—forty years later.  Two projects, one from Steven Spielberg, and another from Netflix, Stranger Things II feature plotlines set against the back drop of the 1980s optimism for the future.  People in Middle America and elsewhere in the world do not want the dystopian vision that the Democrats have attempted to project in their grabs for a single payer option in health care and a society regressing back to nature.  They literally want to reach for the stars and if there is any single reason that Trump was elected over Democratic options it was that message of optimism behind the fighter that was struggling to explode forth.  It had nothing to do with Russia!  It was all about a vision and approach for the future.

We have a president of the United States right now who has written more best-selling books than anybody who has ever been in that office. He is a more complete person than has ever been in the executive branch and the people who have lived off chaos for so long know that the game is up.  Their only defense was to keep him on the ropes defending every little piece of nonsense they could think of daily.  But we’ve reached that saturation point.  Trump isn’t going to allow for all this to consume him and his family.  Once the media drug his family into it—it was over for them.  Trump doesn’t need the presidency to define his success as a person.  He already has that.  He became president over the traditional do nothings because of his accomplishments—so it’s a whole new game in politics—forever.

It may be painful for some, but Trump has to prosecute and terminate the employment of the Obama era holdovers and not worry about what the congress and senate thinks. Trump sincerely tried so now he can take an ax to it all and feel good about it.  The inability to do anything with healthcare while Republicans held all three houses was the final straw—and now its time to pay for everything.  And that starts with the Attorney General position prosecuting the real crimes that took place during the 2016 election.  It’s not out of spite that this must be done—it’s because the Democrats framed the argument and now that same measure must be applied to them.

Rich Hoffman

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The Dream of Pratt’s PurePower GTF: What comes next is beyond robots and A.I.

Without getting into the details of it I have been very heavily involved in the jet engine displayed below which was a feature attraction at Made in America week on Capitol Hill where Donald Trump used the occasion to highlight the many great products that are still manufactured in North America.  For so long I had heard that manufacturing was done in America which I never believed.  In the late 80s when I first entered the manufacturing profession all the old timers were trying to tell me that it was a fools quest—that our politicians had sold us out to foreign interests and that it was only a matter of time before all our jobs would be shipped overseas and that everything we did would be service oriented.  Those same kinds of people are now saying that robots and A.I. will take over manufacturing around the world but let me tell them something—there isn’t any robot or A.I. program that could have reasoned through the decade long quest to bring this jet engine to market—the thousands of decision gates, the constant flow of engineering problems and the enormity of a very complicated supply chain complete with human minds to adjust to very fluid situations—and I don’t think there ever will be.   It took the vast imagination and practical application of science to bring this engine to life and the indomitable will to forge it from a jealous nature which seeks to forever hold the human race to the ground with apathy and laziness that ultimately seeps into every computer program which ultimately springs forth.  This engine is a miracle and I am very proud of my part in giving it life.

Manufacturing isn’t just something that happens.  It’s not like building a sex robot to service the biological lusts of the human race.  Building something is only a small part of its birth into a manufacturing existence.  Robots may be able to perform some basic work tasks but to gather up the elements of known physics and continue to refine them into some practical application it is the task of the vast imaginations of human beings that do most of the work.  Imagination is a different kind of intelligence and I don’t think with all the exciting forecasts that we are seeing that A.I. will be able to replace human beings, ever, until we can manufacture a human brain and delve into the regions of thinking which connect the soul to imaginative cognition which then produces reality.  Statically just thinking about something isn’t enough—a thought has to connect to multidimensional relationships which exist outside of terrestrial experience—which is where inspiration comes from.

I was speaking last week with some very smart people about the Pure Power engine from Pratt and how the last twenty years of development which gave birth to it was such a challenge.  But that chapter is now closed except for a few minor details which will be worked out over the coming months.  This engine is ready to fill the marketplace for the next two decades and will be the most sought after engine on planet earth over that period of time.  It will be made all over the world with a big part of it done here in Cincinnati—and it will provide many thousands of jobs and create vast amounts of wealth which brings to life economies in every corner of the world.  That is something that is very specific to human thought and will not be replaced by emerging technologies, the concept of producing wealth out of imagination and using science to drive manufacturing.  But even saying that it is quite something to consider that we are already looking at the next generation beyond the Pure Power engine that will carry us all out into space and across earth’s surface in ways nobody had ever considered before.

The technologies which will emerge from the Hyperloop for instance will be what replace the Pure Power once that next generation emerges in transportation.   Even though commercial air travel is the only way we can presently understand getting to vast places around the world several new developments will do a better job of getting us there.  Hyperloops will become the fastest way to get from city to city while Spaceports will take over as the airports of tomorrow.  Aviation is moving into space and that means new types of engines that will operate out of the atmosphere and into space routinely.  To fly from London to Tokyo we won’t do it at 50,000 ft like we do now over 10 hours, or New York to Beijing  in 14 hours—we’ll take off and fly out of the atmosphere for a reentry an hour or two later at our destination meaning we could travel to such places for a day trip essentially.  As we better utilize space travel this will be the natural byproduct—time and efficiency will be greatly improved.

If the Pure Power’s greatest attributes are its incredible fuel efficiency and noise reduction standards, the engines of tomorrow will only need to operate a fraction of the time and need to operate in very thin atmospheres—if any at all.  So we are looking at entirely new concepts in engine design that will be introduced by the time this Pure Power breakthrough is retired after two decades of service.  By then commercial air travel from airport to airport will be much reduced and will be considered archaic.  The long TSA lines and dirty chaos of a typical day at Heathrow will be replaced by the clean technology of a fast-moving spaceport where flights will leave more frequently and take a lot less time to conduct.   Part of what makes airports such rough places is the long flights stuck next to other frustrated people.  When I fly now I like to do it in first class, but for many years economy was the only way I could afford it, and it was like riding on a bus with people touching your knees and breathing your air over long periods of time—which is disgusting when you think about it—which I do often.  When you finally land after an oversea flight you are tired and it takes time to recover.  That will change in the years to come dramatically.

Spaceports won’t be located near cities so noise won’t be such a factor.  We’ll simply take a Hyperloop to a Spaceport located in a remote location and we’ll blast to our destinations from there.   The Kennedy Space Center will expand its role in the south.  I can see Florida having at least two more spaceports emerging to satisfy the Miami and panhandle regions.  But Kennedy Space Center will likely expand dramatically to incorporate all the tourism to Disney World.   Hyperloops will provide a 10 minute ride from the Cape to Orlando to the doorstep of whatever hotel travelers might be staying in at the resort of their choice.  A lot of the industry that currently provides taxi services to and from airports as well as other support oriented businesses will have to reconfigure their business models.  A traveler from Morocco who wants to visit Disney World will simply pull out their smart phone and order up a transportation pod—forget about Uber.    The pod will come and pick up the travelers at their doorstep.  It will take them in comfort to the local Hyperloop station.  From there they’ll travel to a spaceport.   They’ll catch their flight and they will arrive in comfort at a Disney World resort all in about 4 hours of travel.  They could literally leave at noon their time in Morocco and arrive as the parks are opening that same day.   It’s a totally different way of thinking about travel and looking back from that future time to this Pure Power demonstration in Washington D.C. will seem like a very archaic exercise.

As proud as I am of the Pure Power engine from Pratt, and as discouraging as it might be to already think of it as extinct, we still have to travel well over the next few decades as these emerging technologies move into our culture.  But I can say this for certain, A.I. won’t put us out of work.  Instead, we’ll have more productive opportunities than we’ve ever had before.  President Trump already has our present economy at about 4% unemployment so the robots and A.I. will supplement all this economic expansion while giving us all jobs to do that are specific to the human mind—like thinking.  While we should take the time to celebrate all the hard work it took to make the Pure Power GTF possible, it is important for us all to never look back but always forward to the next great thing and space is where is at.  And honestly, I can’t wait!

Rich Hoffman

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The Subtleties of Astrophotography: Sorting out the noise of light and living

Don’t worry, my daughter is a concealed carry holder who routinely shoots in dangerous areas such as Over-the Rhine and in Chicago—so she knows how to handle dangerous situations.  In these following photographs I didn’t worry about her.  She did take her sister along on some of the shoots which was smart, but even though she knows the risks, she has enough experience to mitigate the impact of those risks with her knowledge of firearms.  The thing I worry about more is the legal mess a young woman would get into after having to shoot someone in self-defense.  She has the personal safety angle covered—the legal angle is the biggest concern for me.  However, I hardly ever get to see my kids anymore because they are always out doing things like this.  Professionally my oldest daughter Brooke has literally been booked for photo shoots every weekend and many week days lately and has a full schedule extending into 2019, and it keeps getting worse with bookings.  She’s become a very good photographer in a very competitive field and now she is turning up her comfort zone into the very difficult field of astrophotography.  As she shared her images obtained during the third week of July I knew she had done something very special and was headed in a direction that was putting a fine point on her professional uniqueness.   To hear from her personally click on the video below or read her article about how she captured these really phenomenal images of the Milky Way in the night sky.

For people who have become victims of our horrible education system and our generally destructive trend socially to highlight stupidity as some badge of honor so not to make stupid people feel bad about themselves, the Milky Way is the galaxy that we live within through the vastness of space.  We are loaded on a spiral arm of star clusters spinning around a massive black hole which is at the center of it.  So to capture the perspective of that arm in the night sky is quite an intense feat of light, focus and natural environmental conditions.  It is not an easy thing to do so it makes me very proud to see my daughter attempting to do just that.

My kid is not yet 30-years-old and while her peers are out making fools of themselves partying it up like a bunch of idiots—she’s out doing things like this in her spare time which  is increasingly happening after long days of professional endeavor between photo shoots.  If you watched the video you can understand why I couldn’t be prouder of her—listen to her speak.  It’s like listening to a fine symphony of music to hear her utter complete sentences and using a nice vocabulary coming out of the mouth of such a nice young lady. If she weren’t my daughter I’d be extremely impressed.  However, she is my daughter and I know what she has pushed herself through to arrive at this level of professionalism—but it’s still nice to take a moment to consider how magnificent she really is as a person.   She’s a pace setter and she’s emerging as a very unique photographer in a field of professionals who have been doing it for years and are quite good.  What’s giving her the advantage isn’t just the conceptual side—it’s the conceptual application that she naturally has mastered that is doing it.  There are a lot of people in the world who know how to take a nice photograph.  There are people professionally working in Hollywood as cinematographers who would greatly struggle with the light she was working with to capture these images.  But it is how she sniffs out a photo from nowhere that is setting her apart from the crowd.  In the world of tomorrow—which is literally getting nearer with every sunrise, Brooke is the photographer of her age to record the optimism of all that’s coming.  Her playfulness at living comes out in her photographs and that is something you can’t teach.  A person either develops this trait or it’s not there revealing only mechanical applications of a heartless artist.

Just as she said in her video, there is a lot of light noise in the night sky and so it is true as well in most professional fields.  It doesn’t matter if the profession is acting, being a musician, business tycoon, or housewife; you have to work really hard to separate yourself from the noise of our society.  Everyone is living their life and hopefully they all think of themselves as great and try to be the best that they can be every day.  But as nature has it, not everyone can be the best so to put yourself above the fray, you have to work really hard and make it so that you are continuously pushing yourself.   My daughter and I have had these long talks for many years so she understands what she needs to do, but it is always nice to see her doing it.  Just as she had to drive hours out of the way to capture these photographs at just the right time of year and at the correct time of day—so too in life—you have to go further than other people and be willing to always push for that extra bit to get there to arrive at the definitions of success—because there is a lot of noise from people who try to be good at things from the rolled down windows of their cars.

I’ve showed Brooke a lot of movies over the years and she is well read and has been exposed to the finer things in life—so she has context on the details of what makes things—good.  But I was surprised to learn that her favorite movie was Interstellar recently.   That was the Christopher Nolan film that I wrote about several years ago which I drug my family to on an opening night because I thought it would have an impact on their lives.  I’m glad it did, but it still surprised me that it was her favorite movie out of all the movies she’s been exposed to.  She told me that recently in one of those rare moments where she and her husband were able to come home and have some dinner and watch a collection of political speeches about NASA, that it was Interstellar that most touched her and I just think that’s magnificent.  You might have noticed that she inserted a song from the Hans Zimmer masterpiece musical score from that film on her article for context.  When the first space stations open up to the public and hotels start popping up on the moon in a few years, I have no doubts that Brooke will be one of the first to be there.  And that quite simply makes me very proud.

Most parents are proud of their kids—and that is mostly a selfish emotion.  After all, who wants to raise children only to think they are pieces of crap?  To think otherwise would be to concede to failure.  So it’s not unusual for parents to be proud of their children mostly out of the necessity of justifying all the hard work that goes into the job.  But when a child evolves into something that is uniquely defined and hungry for living life in their own endeavors it is something to celebrate. It just so happens that in Brooke’s case she is my kid and she has given me a lot to be proud of, and she’s just getting started.  It makes me very proud that she speaks so articulately, that she is running around at 11:30 PM looking for the right light in a night sky for a perfect picture not for some magazine or other paid endeavor—but because she has a natural passion to do so.  And it makes me proud that she’s not naive enough to do these things without being heavily armed to defend herself.  The results of all those elements are showing up in her artistic endeavors and whether or not she was related to me, it’s a beautiful thing to witness.

Rich Hoffman

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Thinking Big, and Practically: A Hyperloop between New York and Washington D.C.

It wasn’t that surprising to me, because I’ve been talking about it for a while.  Do you remember dear reader all the stuff I’ve been saying about the Hyperloop?  Well, it’s happening too and only because Elon Musk is continuing to be one of America’s greatest outside the box thinkers who has the financial resources to act on those thoughts.  But the fact that we can even talk about the Hyperloop as a reality has only one person to thank, Donald J. Trump.  Without Trump in the White House a lot of bureaucrats would be looking for a way for Musk to grease the skids.  Now, with the swamp draining as we speak we are on a cultural trajectory to have Hyperloops all over the United States starting with the link between New York City and Washington D.C.  Can you imagine traveling that distance in under 30 minutes?  A lot of people suddenly became very excited to hear that news, and most of them were not Trump supporters.  This is what you get when you have people like Musk in your country with a supportive White House.  Just read Donald Trump’s books, How to Think Like s Billionaire along with Think Big and Kick Ass, and it will be very easy to understand what, why, and how Elon Musk put up this Tweet much to the surprise of the mayors of several of the included cities.

The swamp creatures of bureaucracy want their take, but Trump and Musk are moving well beyond the speed of those people and as we speak Trump is beating them in the public relations battle.  By the time the Boring Company presents its proposals for digging underneath cities like New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore and of course Washington D.C. Trump’s team will have destroyed and replaced many of the figures who would otherwise stand against this project—so you can mark it on your calendar, this will get done.

People need to understand that all this controversy in the media about Trump/Russia, and polling numbers and legislative stalls are not a problem for Trump.  It sounds noisy now, but he has the situation under control.  The bureaucrats are not going to win against a Trump White House.  They may stall.  They may try to delay the inevitable, but Trump just has too many resources and works too hard to apply them for him to fail.  Having Trump in the White House puts him in a position to speak to people like Musk and to be essentially the most powerful lobbyist in Washington D.C. which is what Musk needed from the beginning.  Before, Musk would have had to lobby congress and the White House to get some pin head to even understand how the Hyperloop is different from a typical train.  But Trump gets it and knows what to do with good information when it comes his way.

For way too long we have allowed unproductive know-nothings to stand between us and the future and things have just stalled out technologically.  The following link is interesting in how it shows over time how deregulation of the phone industry and the introduction of the Internet allowed for smart phones to evolve to where they are today.  A lot of people forget that it was only ten years ago that the iPhone first came on the scene—but all that occurred because technology happened faster than politicians could crush innovation with their top heavy lumbering bureaucracy.  Regulators can be a good thing to make an industry safer, but often the kind of people who perform those jobs are cowardly people by nature and they love to have control over dreamers like Elon Musk.  So digging massive holes under all these cities and building a new transportation system that goes over 700 MPH is something they’d love to stop because it gives them power over  genius.  Those are the type of people who presently hate the Trump presidency and are doing anything they can to stop the changes that are happening literally right now.

Anthony Scaramucci is now taking over in Trump’s White House as the top communications official.  Trump met with Scaramucci recently and liked him so much that he put him immediately into the job.  Sean Spicer resigned to give Scaramucci a clean plate and just like that our new White House will be moving into phase 2 right at the 6 month mark.  The first phase of course was typical of any business dealing.  Trump enters the White House and softens up everyone with aggression.  Then when everyone is reeling he offers them an olive branch—which is what Scaramucci is—that is the “art of the deal.”

They are then happy and responsive to what the White House provides to the public.  So as Trump and Musk talked about the Hyperloop they were talking about things that would happen in step 4 as if those things already happened.  It’s just that the rest of the world isn’t there yet.  They will be and before they know it there will be a Hyperloop between New York and D.C.  It’s a good deal; Musk needs to get the Hyperloop rolling in America so he can convince California to put one between San Francisco and Los Angeles.  Trump needs to enhance America’s infrastructure with something that is more “Trumpian.’ It was in these kinds of things that provoked Trump to run for office in the first place—so he’s not going to let this die on the vine.

As much as the media hates Trump by watching these videos did you notice how quickly they suddenly became excited?  That’s how Trump will eventually leave office.  All these silly things talked about today will long be forgotten when people are getting daily news reports from places like the Moon and traveling across the country on Hyperloops at speeds over 700 MPH.  If left to the pin-heads in our bureaucratic culture something like the Hyperloop would take 50 years and cost trillions of dollars.  But if left to the private sector it will only take 5 years and only cost billions, which will be recovered by the technology of a new transportation industry and in the end that’s all people will really remember.

What’s different now than really at any point prior is that these characters are not ideologically political.  Musk obviously has many leftist leanings, but he is a capitalist by the nature of all his companies which are quite good and operate well.  Trump is a pretty hard lined conservative compared to Musk, but he’s good enough in business to be able to have relationships with people who are not like him ideologically.  Just as Scaramucci has more liberal leanings than a Midwest Republican he is an effective communicator and can sell a lot of the things that Trump wants to do so we are truly entering a new phase of American thinking and it’s very exciting.  Honestly I’m very happy about it.  I don’t care that people think the way I do about things as long as they are being productive and moving the ball of the human race forward—not with political philosophy, but in human achievement.  The political philosophy comes as an off-shoot of an emerging society.  We should not build an emerging society off a political philosophy then use regulation to preserve that philosophy.  Instead, what Musk and Trump are doing will shape our civilization with an optimism that can only come from a couple of dreamers who have the financial resources to think big and the political clout to make it happen.  And finally we have both in the White House and things will begin to happen rapidly—for a change!

Rich Hoffman

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The Doomsday Cult of a new Religion–Climate Change: Using hoakey science to hide sheer laziness

I thought it was astonishing.  In America you just don’t hear these kinds of things, but the view of productivity around the world has changed and their poor economies show it.  However increasingly, especially on college compasses and public schools everywhere the next generation is adopting this mentality.  In dealing with a company overseas recently I learned that they had to shut down their facility for four days due to a need to preserve power—they had an energy crisis and just didn’t have enough energy literally to operate their manufacturing plant.  Obviously their commitment to solar and wind power wasn’t cutting the mustard and they didn’t have enough energy to conduct basic manufacturing.  So their employees went home and conserved power for a majority of this previous week doing nothing to move needed actions on behalf of our business together.  And while explaining it to me they didn’t even have the predilection that there was any possible imposition to the matter.  Buying into all the greenie weenie diatribes that the new communist green movement has put forth, these people were committing economic suicide under the best of intentions—and the entire premise was completely false, artificially created to preserve nature at the cost of human productivity and it’s quite a disgusting phenomenon.   The people I was dealing with were not stupid people, but they have adopted all the nutty European standards on emission reduction that have essentially crippled them as a productive society—and it is astonishing to see.

It was only a few weeks ago where I wrote quite an elaborate, and unique article about the nature of people who silently seek to do as little as possible.  CLICK HERE FOR REVIEW.  They are the type of people who are disconnected from productive enterprise and have lives separate from their work.  They are the TGIF people who dread Mondays, put “hump day” on their Facebook postings and on Fridays celebrate by declaring that they thanked God that the weekend was upon them so they could go home, stuff their fat faces and watch other people live lives on television.  Many of those people are the first idiots who are inclined to listen to Al Gore rattle on about the new communism “green” religion of climate change which articulates quite specifically all the sins of productivity as something to avoid.  For lazy pieces of shit, the green movement is quite an attractive prospect.  Not only do they get the excuse to sit on their ass and bitch about everything but they can hide behind the shield of non productive output to do it and feel like they are saving the earth in the process.   It is the latest rage of the lazy and stupid and it is taking over the world rapidly because of the many soft-souled losers that are out there to solidify the thoughts of non productive behavior.

It’s not the earth these losers are protecting—it’s their own laziness—let’s make that clear right now.  As California recently voted to impose massive regulations on themselves all in the name of “climate change” which is a completely made up falsehood designed to limit the productive output of America to match these other countries who have allowed the lazy losers of their societies to stop productivity all in the name of saving the earth from human beings.  Gov. Jerry Brown is just another Jim Jones cult leader speaking in terms that touch the human desire to regress back to the Stone Age—to build monuments honoring the winter and summer solstice, to make animal sacrifices to the gods for food supply and to dance like idiots under the sun hoping to make it rain.  The new “science” of climate change is just another voodoo cult of idiots casting lunacy toward reality and hoping for some kind of positive result.  But behind every one of those people is a lazy streak that looks to get away from work so that they can hide their tendency behind some social effort to conceal their lazy inclinations.

Climate change is in the same category as religious mythology, the new devil is capitalism and the new God–the Earth, and all its family of planets spinning around the sun waiting for the day that the fuel runs out and destroys the entire solar system.  The lazy Al Gore types and the loud mouthed Jerry Brown’s of the world preach with the Jim Jones charisma of a maniac to turn off our productivity as human beings and turn inward toward the gods of compliance—and to pray for rain, to pray for food and to pray for our everlasting life.  All the while, those of us who work hard, smart and are always thinking know that all those things are improved through productivity.  Everything is fixed in human existence through hard work and productive output.

Imagine going to Disney World and learning that they had to shut down for the day due to a need to save power.  Or think of New York City—a place that never sleeps having to turn off some of their lights to accommodate the limits of wind turbans and solar cells struggling to put out enough power to supply their needs because there were a number of days when it was cloudy.  That’s what we’re talking about here.  The greenie weenie push to get away from “dirty” “sinful” energy and to move toward less effective “green energy.”  What you end up with is a production plant with no power and a bunch of people who have to take a mandatory vacation just to save the planet from an unseen menace, unseen because it doesn’t exist.   People like Jerry Brown and Al Gore are just the new death doctors of doom preaching the apocalypse as they pass the offering plates around the congregation to pay for themselves to have a wild nights with strippers in Vegas after everyone goes home.  They don’t care about life; they want to do as little as possible and to indulge in vile conduct with a cover story of some majestic cause.

The earth doesn’t give a rat’s ass if we humans live or die.  The earth will die in due time, its climate will change, its oceans will rise and fall, and it will continue to be pelted every few billion years with catastrophic space debris.  Braless bitches and stringy haired hippies with body piercings and their acoustic guitars can stand in the mud and sing about how wonderful the earth is and they can hide their lazy behavior behind climate change and worship the goddess Mother Earth and it won’t change a damn thing—earthquakes will happen.  Hurricanes will still occur.  But mankind’s salvation is bigger than the earth—and it is there in space for the productive and the ambitious to explore.  The religious cult of climate change has been created to hide the lazy from the judgment of the ambitious and that has left good people standing around waiting for the sun to come out so that they can work an eight-hour day—or be sent home until the situation improves.  Meanwhile, nobody was there to answer my God-damn emails because they were too busy smelling flowers and worshipping the earth while their f**king phones charge.  They foolishly sat by candlelight like a bunch of Neanderthals during the Stone Age around a fire wondering what animal might come along to eat them, or why lightning was so scary flashing across the sky.  Meanwhile in America for those who don’t sleep so much and work 16 hour days—and on weekends—we are planning to return to the moon and to mine materials to advance our civilization toward a Type I utilization.

We are not one world.  There are the lazy pieces of crap that live and seek a new form of communism in this green movement to stop production, seek out technology to make it so they can play video games longer in the day and get paid for sitting on their ass.  They are parasites of the earth feeding off it like a barnacle because they essentially don’t want the responsibility for self initiation.  They want someone to blame for their lack of success in life and climate change gives them an excuse to do very little in life and still have a cover story to feel good about themselves over.  Then there are the productive people who don’t want limits on their imaginations or their effort—and those are the people who will carry mankind into the stars to live for billions of years long after the earth has been consumed by the sun as that gassy celestial centerpiece of our solar system dies.  The lazy will die with it.  The ambitious will move on to procreate in space with thought and enterprise that are specific to the human race.  But the two sides will never  get along on earth.   It is sad to see that the influence of the lazy losers have migrated into politics to shut down entire countries with bad policy and sheer stupidity.   We are fighting that trend in America with a new kind of President.  However, by the way things look around the world—many of those other countries need to be doing the same thing.  If you don’t have enough energy to stay open for business, you are doing something very wrong.

Rich Hoffman

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