H.B. 174 Advances in Ohio while Pennsylvania Goes Backwards

Things are going in the wrong direction in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives as they have introduced a gun registration act that advocates an annual gun registration with state police of all the guns a gun owner owns. Simply put, its none of their business what guns you own. The law proposed in Pennsylvania is way over the line and runs against the spirit of our federal Constitution in the United States—a great work of philosophy, not just law. A premise that has been established that is every bit as important as the 1st Amendment in protecting liberties which then protect the very nature of our society. It’s not guns that are dangerous but are representative of a very powerful economy worldwide and resides deep within the very nature of what makes America great. Enemies of gun ownership who want to fundamentally change the nature of American life understand that to do that they must remove private gun ownership from the mind of Americans. So it is very sad to see that Pennsylvania is falling backward not forward. President Trump may have won there by a hair, but they obviously have a long way to go before they “get it.”

In Ohio however, where I live, nearly half of our Ohio House Republicans are co-sponsoring new legislation to abolish the state’s current conceal-carry license and training requirements with House Bill 174. The legislation expands the allowable concealed weapons list to include rifles and shotguns instead of just handguns, which I think is fantastic. In reading the Ohio Constitution again recently, as an older person I was quite inspired by the open language within it toward gun ownership and its role in protecting private property. Of course private property is the key to our economic powerhouse as a nation and any state which adapts such understandings. For a functional society to work correctly all people need to be born into a family which provides some basic educational foundations and values. Those individuals need to grow up into people who want to work to achieve things in their life and acquire property. And they need to have the ability to defend it. Those sets of circumstances are key to the successful continuation of western civilization and economies that are power and advocating technical advancement. The gun is not a primitive possession from a war-torn past, it’s a philosophic representation that mankind has stepped toward autonomous self-government as opposed to centralized control which restricts the imagination and perpetuity of individualized effort.

I’m not crazy about Mike DeWine’s gas tax initiatives, but I was less crazy about the former liberal John Kasich’s spending in Ohio into oblivion which has caused the current administration to find money to maintain our roads. DeWine is doing the right thing to adopt a pay as you go theme with Ohio drivers while we recover our budget for which Kasich squandered away. However, DeWine does support this “constitutional carry” measure and he will likely sign it once the legislation gets through the House and Senate. While big government types continue to view gun ownership as barbaric and backwards the truth is quite the opposite, so it is a relief that Governor DeWine understands that very basic concept. I remember well an event that I was at set up at Premier Shooting in West Chester where I was with Jon Husted, George Lang, Sheriff Jones and Mark Welch at a table and we were talking about these types of measures, concealed carry, rights of individual citizens and that type of thing in the VIP room overlooking the property and the fishing lake. At that time Husted looked to be a long shot at becoming the lieutenant governor of Ohio on the DeWine ticket so I was thinking how great it would be if the people at that table won their elections and continued to advance individualized philosophy through law in Ohio. I was very happy to see that DeWine and Husted won and are now embarking on that journey of individual rights that is represented by gun ownership because it indicates that Ohio is on a great path trajectory toward future prosperity.

The anti-gun crowd, which is always pecking at the door to freedom of course is against this H.B.174 Bill, because they still hold the belief that an anti-gun society can advance into a mature and technical state. Obviously that is a wrong assumption so it doesn’t matter what the FOP organizations believe about the matter or progressive gun control advocates, they are all on the wrong side of history. Gun ownership isn’t about shooting people. It’s about knowing that the protection of your private property has been decentralized and resides within you personally all the time. And in knowing that, you can live a life of material acquisition that fuels the economy and the life of a free society. Gun ownership is a very above the line thing to do whereas progressive society which so closely embraces below the line victimization behavior advances the thoughts of equality no matter what behavior or circumstances mandate. An unarmed person in such a society is always in a position to be a victim of aggression and a dependent on the State for protection which is wrong in so many ways.

People who don’t work hard in life or have built a life of values for themselves do not have the right, or ability to just scoop in and take whatever they want from those who do work hard. And while a person is working hard in life to live well and prosper they shouldn’t have to spend enormous amounts of time learning to defend themselves without a gun. Gun ownership makes personal defense much more efficient and less time-consuming. If someone wants to rob you a Ohio voter shouldn’t have to wrestle away a knife from an attacker or deal with some 300 pound aggressor who is on welfare and spent all their free time working out so that they could use their big bodies to intimidate others into giving them free stuff to mooch off of for the rest of their lives, a gun owner should be able to rectify such perilous attempts at their individual liberty with a firearm so they could quell such actions hopefully without further violence, but if necessary with a life ending verdict so they can get back to work in our productive oriented society.

Anti-gun advocates who utter that HB 174 makes Ohio a more dangerous place only think so in regard to their liberal base, who truly want a gun less society so that they can feed off the efforts of the ambitious more freely, which is the tragedy of what is going on in Pennsylvania. The opposite is true, guns make a society safer and less dependent on bureaucrats and slow minded law enforcement. So while one state is going backwards the other neighbor in Ohio is going forward, more guns on more people being carried around openly and concealed keeps the bad guys hidden and away from society. Taking guns away emboldens them, it’s that simple. What anti gun advocates hate is that the centralized control they wish for so much is removed from consideration and that the power of personal protection then resides squarely on the property owner, where it should be. That property might be a home, or a business. But it could be a car, a spouse, or a sandwich, whatever it is that an individual person needs to protect through their efforts at living. Those protections are not granted from the state, they are a natural extension toward effort, one creates the other. That is why gun ownership and carrying them around in public makes for a better society and better individual people, because they can exist without worrying about some slob coming along and taking everything they’ve worked so hard at life away from them. And once that assurance is granted, people are freer to build a lasting economy with wonderful options for everyone.

Rich Hoffman

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Beating Bad Guys

Personally, I think the best way to deal with scum bags like Adam Schiff is to beat the shit out of them and to leave their bloody husks begging for one more breath. Culturally, which drives all moral conduct in a human society, it is the rise of the Beta Male that is causing all this corruption in the world, allowing people like Adam Schiff to cause so much trouble because they know they only have to survive legal problems because nobody will physically beat the crap out of them. The reason there are so many of these losers running around these days causing trouble is because they don’t fear getting their asses kicked. Since they are dishonest losers who count on manipulation to survive, the real solution is to just smash their faces into pulp. That would save a lot of money and teach them and those around them some hard lessons that they obviously need to have bestowed upon them. This is why it’s dangerous not to have manly men part of the balance of power in the world, because it allows weak people to behave as the strong using their powers of manipulation and malice to wreak havoc in the world. If they worried about getting the shit beat out of them, they likely would behave much more civilized.

However, we have President Trump and he’s willing to use the legal system in the proper way to balance out power. This supposedly prevents the need to beat the shit out of bad guys when they show their ill intentions. So long as there are people like Trump functioning in our government I’m willing to let the process play out toward justice. And in this case justice isn’t defined by social justice where the weak take from the strong to level out equality. Usually the strong are the way they are because of the work they have put into whatever endeavor in life that has made them that way. The weak are usually weak for one primary reason, because they are lazy and won’t put for the effort to better themselves. This holds true even for those born with handicaps, physical or mental. Anybody can become strong, it’s a matter of effort that makes some better than others. No, when we talk about justice we are talking about the protections of individuals to live their own lives free of the forceful imprint of others. In order to have real justice a person must be restored to their ability to function as an individual without fear of group imprint by force.

There is no such thing as a poor person. There are people who lack opportunities, but there is no such thing as a poor person. There are lazy people and there are people who are achievers. In the United States with all the public libraries that there are, the public education opportunities that were all built with good intentions and the many, many, many job opportunities that there are, nobody needs to be poor. Being poor is a choice, especially in America. The big crime people like Adam Schiff are guilty of is in exploiting people from a position of power into staying within the parameters of social behavior that allows for class warfare to be conducive the winning of elections. Schiff and his fellow Democrats can’t win elections unless they keep people performing in a victimized state, below the line where they feel they don’t have control of any of the aspects of their lives but through government. And they only get away with it because we live in an age where ass kicking is not a normal form a behavior. I would argue that when it was, people didn’t behave this way, because they might end up getting killed for it. The victimizing and exploitation of other people for the effort of gaining political power is a big no, no.

One thing is very clear after the Mueller investigation is now over, the failure to punish evil people when they attempt to suppress people for the efforts of trading power to themselves has unleashed many bad characters into our political system, and we have to put an end to it. You either have to kick the shit out of all them one by one, or you have to use the long arm of the law to throw them in jail and take from them all that they’ve gained by acting as such malicious characters. Schiff is just an obvious example because with the investigation over his attempt to use our justice system as a personal weapon for his own power grabs has left him vulnerable to the world. Even stupid people can see now what he has been up to all along. But we can’t stop there. The election of President Trump has exposed so many bad characters and it forces us to enact justice on them legally through the measures that our republic dictates. Or we beat the shit out of them. To my mind the Adam Schiffs of the world have deliberately attempted to live in a lawless fashion so why not beat the shit out of them? The only thing that protects them from ass kickings is the respect for the law that we all have. Yet that same law they seek to subvert so that they can gain power. Their intentions have posed the problem. It forces us to react to it, and we cannot do as we have done, and that is to just let it go unchecked. The amount of bad behavior they conducted as aggressors against the election of President Trump is a shot at all of us who supported his election. It’s not about Trump himself, but in the people who put him in power. President Trump was put in place by people like me and you so that we could have a proper representative in place who covers our interests. Not to allow defenders of the lazy and corrupt to have power over our government to serve their own selfish interests by means of villainy.

Now that people know the truth, which I have been saying from the beginning, they are outraged. But what are they going to do about it, just sit on their hands? In the case of the Beltway insurgents, corrupt people like Comey, Clapper and Brennan who have allowed people like Schiff to have a platform to stand on to enact much vile behavior. They have provided us all with a gift of obvious injustice where punishment is not even up for debate. Their crimes are so obvious that even the blind could see them. They should be in jail, not on CNN attacking our president and his administration because the attack is not on the Executive Branch, its on us, and quite deliberately. And if we don’t have a legal system that has the stomach to punish the bad for the sake of the good, well then lets just admit it to ourselves so that we can then resort to physical violence. Because allowing the behavior to continue is simply not an option. Allowing the bad guys to function as terrorists from the land of the Beta Males is not conducive to a world of justice and opportunities for all. It’s just a cesspool of the malcontents intent on evil, and when thus so confronted, it needs its ass kicked one way or the other, for the justice of all.

Rich Hoffman

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The Choice Between Life and Death

We are on the healthcare debate again, where Democrats only have the one real approach, Medicaid for all, or some other government centralized system, which could and only will net a debilitating result for its participants. Like most things in their political philosophy, their version of healthcare is centralized, expensive, and only results in delaying bodily breakdown, not preventing disease. It wouldn’t take much for Republicans to become known for healthcare except for the process of completely reinventing the concept. When it is said that all other places in the developed world have free healthcare, what they really mean is that the intention of the health maintenance is in pain maintenance, not the actual repair and sustainability of life. To be entirely honest, the best and cheapest healthcare is simply not to have to go, to maintain a body well into old age without needing treatments that are expensive and cumbersome.

The concept of a doctor is one of those things that has evolved during the progressive age as part of the interconnectedness of society. A culture of dependency so that no one person can roam about on their own without the support group of one’s peers. In that regard we have given doctors way too much power over the course of our lives. For instance, a doctor’s note can get an employee out of work, or demand that we shift our incomes into prescribed treatments that are not part of our personal decision-making processes. We turn to the doctor for every little itch and scratch these days and that is another aspect of the progressive dream society to have other people decide your personal fate, because once you accept that, you will gladly accept other invasions of your personal decision-making processes, allowing a centralized government to provide dictates for which you will live.

Of course your local doctor would never tell you that, they are unlikely aware of it themselves. These ideas are not talked about on Oprah or The View, the are created in social clubs behind wine glasses, likely in Europe where everyone talking to each other is full of themselves on such limited knowledge that they have managed to acquire in their lives between gossip columns and tabloid utterances. Sure some of them hold Master Degrees and doctorates but their knowledge is often too specific and overly specialized. They never really see the big picture, only what they have been taught by other underdeveloped people, so they never question the insanity of the system for which they are advocating. That is how we ended up with the medical system we have today, doctors who essentially prescribe medicine to override the body’s natural defenses to slow the debilitating effects of the aging process so that the system itself can make as much money as possible along the way. For the liberal always looking for more people to be dependent on a centralized system our medical industry is the perfect partner for them, because it essentially takes independent, self-reliant people and makes them dependent first on medicine, then on a government to help make that medicine available to them. It’s a bad system that only brings about bad results. The cure for cancer is not in the next Medicaid expansion, if ever at all. The cure for cancer will happen when it is realized that there is a lot more money to be made off fixing people then in killing them.

Wrapped up in the hopes and dreams of the typical liberal is to live a wild and reckless life when we are young so that our bodies contract diseases for which last our entire lives. Then we find ourselves at the doctor regularly dying at a predictable age once the system has looted itself off us for an amount of time that has been determined not to stress out the earth. Liberals are anti-life in most of their assumptions contrary to their utterances of wanting to help people, it is in their actions where their true nature is revealed, in their support for abortion, for the destruction of the family concept, in reckless personal practices such as drug abuse and unregulated sex. When you really get into the mind of a liberal what they want is for human beings to get off the planet so that mother nature can live free of the human being, because that is where their collective consciousness puts them intellectually, as mere bacteria in the body of the cosmos and they don’t see a need for the human to put its imprint into the universe—especially not on earth which we are supposed to sacrifice ourselves to for its preservation at all costs. Liberals are anti-life so obviously their approach to healthcare will be full of sickness and a degraded lifestyle of gradual dependence on medicine and government until we are all dead.

Yet there are options, I’ve talked about them before. Regenerative medicine is the real wave of the future. There really isn’t any reason to get sick. The human body has all the imprints within it to regenerate, that is how we were all formed as babies anyway. That process is still within us even up to old age. It would be easy to have a Republican healthcare system that functioned on truly fixing people instead of keeping them in a depleted state. The reason we don’t have such a thing now is that the medical industry employs a lot of people, and those are voters, so we don’t make the switch from debilitating medical procedures to proactive, largely because the industry itself depends enormously on the perpetually sick people they mooch off of for their existence. It has become a reality we have slowly accepted over time even though the evidence for other options is abundant.

The difference is literally a below the line or above the line option. Keeping people sick and always dependent on somebody else versus self-reliance and living an optimal existence. It is not for the government to provide healthcare, that is and has never been the question for above the line people and a society intent to function from that position, it is for science and medicine to actually improve people’s lives so that they don’t die of cancer and heart disease, or other ailments. But for them to heal as they did when they were five years old and growing. The best Republican healthcare plan would keep people from becoming sick, not focus on making them that way so they would become another dependent voting bloc hoping Democrats will give them free medicine to live five minutes longer.

It really is that simple, but to reach those lofty ambitions we as the human race have to turn away from our dependency on medical professionals to determine our state of existence. The goal of medicine is not just full recovery from all ailments, but improved lives as our souls occupy our fleshly bodies. Those bodies should run in an optimal condition always improving. That is how the medical industry should function and could if only we would be so bold. But we must take the dependency politics out of the mix because that is essentially what Democrats are advocating for. They don’t want to fix people, they want to kill them, so to preserve nature. But along the way they want your vote, and your money. And when you die, they want your kids, and your grandkids. They want the cycle to continue without a real solution forever, which is exactly why their proposals are evil and need to be defeated every way imaginable. It truly is a tale of two political philosophies and only one is right. It is in all reality a choice between life and death.

Rich Hoffman

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‘The Post’ Was a Pretty Good Movie, but what do you do when the media helps the powerful?

I had been holding off on watching the movie, The Post, directed by Steven Spielberg because it was an obvious attempt to link the press in our modern age to the liberalized impression of Donald Trump in the White House. The argument based on the 1971 case where the Washington Post published the Pentagon Papers after a court injunction prevented The New York Times from going public with their sources. The Pentagon Papers cited of course that America could not win the Vietnam War all through the sixties but committed troops anyway through many presidential administrations. Spielberg following the liberal lead in Hollywood rushed the film into production to make an argument as to why the press was needed to preserve America from tyranny making obvious comparisons of Nixon to President Trump, at least from the bubble perspective of Hollywood in Los Angeles.

However, and this doesn’t happen often, I found that the movie, The Post actually made the argument which supports the Trump Administration, that the media has become the enemy of the people, not its champion, and that the press is very guilty of buddying up with powerful people and even taking activist stances in an attempt to conceal information from the public, not the other way around. I thought the film was wonderfully shot, and was quite good, which anybody would expect from Spielberg. But like the film Lincoln, The Post was honest with itself. It showed exactly how the Beltway culture operates behind the scenes and from the perspective of this film it’s not hard to imagine the characters replaced by modern counterparts such as Lois Lerner, Barack Obama, James Comey and Hillary Clinton.

I thought it was an odd choice however to end the film on the raid of the Watergate Hotel of the DNC headquarters as if the future of The Washington Post had survived the Pentagon Papers only to report such a minor crime that would eventually lead to Nixon resigning, because it snapped me right back into the reality of our day. As I watched the movie, I was waiting for more details of the Mueller investigation to become clear. I watched The Post as a kind of celebration to the Mueller investigation being over vindicating Trump on all charges, so I was feeling good enough to watch a liberal film that I had been wondering about. So as details were emerging, I watched the Spielberg film without any defensiveness because it was clear that the liberals had lost yet again. So there was no harm in trying to understand their perspective.

If the argument, which was made by liberal Hollywood’s best and brightest, of The Post is to be accepted, then the major newspapers and news outlets of our current circumstances are truly just as bad as President Trump has said they are. There is far more evidence of crimes being committed by the Democrats in the 2016 election than anything Republicans are guilty of, even in their worst-case scenario of Watergate. If that is the standard, then Democrats have a lot of trouble on their hands. Imagine what a movie about The Dossier would look like? It would be much more vicious and conspiratorial than anything in The Post, that’s for sure. If that is what liberals think justify the content of such a movie, imagine what they’d feel if they considered the present reality.

The Pentagon Papers are an interesting debacle they are the opinions of a government that did not have the will to defeat communism in Asia and Southeast Asia. So they are true, there wasn’t a way to win the war in Vietnam, but the public expected to win as America always had. They didn’t understand and couldn’t that the Vietnam War was a front for all the changes the government had been working behind the scenes, for a communist transition in America that would unify the world. So while the Vietnam War was a front to appease the appetites of Americans to fight communism, the government wanted it to advance in Southeast Asia and to become a global powerhouse. Of course, the Vietnam War could not be won. The objectives of the fighters and the government were different. The premise of the movie The Post were that even if it was illegal, the American people had a right to let the public know about the intentions and assessment of the government of its own ambitions in Vietnam. On that I agree, I think it was a bold and proper move for The Washington Post to publish the Pentagon Papers.

But apply to that the sudden mandate to insist that the Mueller investigation be published in full as if some conspiracy existed there for which nobody has yet uncovered, but to then not insist on the same transparency when it comes to the Hillary Clinton email scandal, or the cover-ups at Benghazi. Or the tragedy of Fast and Furious along the Mexican border. Or the Iranian payoffs, the money that was funneled into Hezbollah from the Obama administration in South America. Pick any one of those cases and you have a much bigger story than the one told in the movie The Post, which was supposed to be the liberal calling card into why the press needed to be free to do its job to keep the powerful in check. Yet the powerful were buddies with the press as was obvious in The Post, and that problem is likely much more serious today than it was then. So who is really watching the powerful and keeping order in our government? Certainly not the press.

It would be my argument that the election of President Trump is that checks and balances system. Those of us out of the Beltway see how the game is being played and we wanted to go in a different direction, so we elected Trump—a guy who had been there and done everything and wouldn’t be lured to evil by shiny lights and other government plundered temptations. He already had all that, so he couldn’t be toyed with. That is what was needed to extract the evil that is in our current government and that is precisely what has been happening. If Trump had not been elected the ruse would continue and many of us who have understood from the beginning how the game is really played would be still frustrated and looking for alternatives to a violent rebellion. Like the Pentagon Papers, our current government has been committed to a global rise of socialism and communism. They tell us what we want to hear, but they do the opposite to rub shoulders with the interests that are not American in their roots. I thought The Post showed quite well how that process occurred with the dinner parties and after-hours correspondence of the liberals involved in the media and government. Based on what we know, the situation is much worse today.

So The Post is worth watching and it makes a good argument I think in favor of the Trump administration for truly rooting out the evils of our current government and why it’s necessary to root out the powerful who have built their reputations on the backs of confiscated wealth and not actual merit. It certainly reminded me of why I voted for Donald J. Trump. I don’t think that was their intention, but Spielberg is an honest filmmaker with a big eye on history and even when trying to make a love letter to the liberal base of the Democrat party, he couldn’t help himself but to tell the truth. If the story of The Post is noteworthy of an Oscar, then just consider the stories of this modern age. Someone needs to tell those stories, even though they are still being written. We can’t trust the press obviously. But we can trust President Trump because it was “we” who put him in a position to help the situation truly, and for all time.

Rich Hoffman

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The Obsession of Fecal Matter and creation of a typical Democrat

It’s by no accident that young children starting at the age of 2 are impressed with fecal matter and their ability to make noise by belching, or farting. The act of discharging waste from the human body is to the infant mind an act of creation so they are often quite proud of themselves for it. But of course we are all supposed to grow out of that stage and realize that any real creation comes from thinking, not just discharging bodily waste. However, all too often there are deep psychological problems that emerge from the parental relationships which retard children into suppressed development and these obsessions with fecal matter persist into adolescents and even early adulthood, especially these days were thought is discouraged, and obedience promoted. Under such a line of thinking, obedience to the body’s natural waste process only aggravates the emotional link to an obsession with fecal matter which lasts well into adulthood, and encourages yielding to the forces of nature, not in dominating them.

You can see this trend in any typical comedy these days produced by Hollywood where they are trying to appeal to this retarded state within their audiences. The sounds of farts and belching are common in these stories of stupidity which celebrate the unfinished product of human gestation, that forever fails to launch. Whether the cause is just bad parenting, or a deliberate clipping of the wings by the adults responsible for the growing child, it is quite common these days for young people, especially males, to never give up on it and to continue well into adulthood their fascination with fecal matter.

Of course the way its supposed to be is that children grow out of this debilitating state well before puberty and our cultures of earth used to promote such activity leaving the young man or woman prepared to face life intellectually developed beyond such fascinations. Farting, belching and even sexual endeavors involving fecal matter in any way are supposed to leave our minds as intelligence replaces primal concerns and by the age of 16 to 18 years of age we are supposed to enjoy the benefits of our own independence and the intellectual journey that comes from a fully developed mind. Yet when the mind fails to develop all the way what we end up with is a kind of man-child that is eternally dependent on others so functionally, and politically speaking, this is how a Democrat is formed. Under the conditions of personal independence where a person learns to function on their own after 18 years under the care of their parents, a healthy-minded person should be able to function independently within the world around them, which of course leads to a more conservative, self-reliant approach to life and its problems.

Becoming a Democrat doesn’t just happen, it is part of the development process, a person who never learns to think for themselves is prone to falling to this political ideology due to their undeveloped minds. The evidence is in their behavioral characteristics, a love of demented childish elements such as the smelling of farts and thinking that it’s an act of creation and even fecal matter obsession. This topic came to my mind as one of my grandsons was watching the YouTube sensation, Blippi, which I thought was a nice cross between Pee Wee’s Playhouse and Mr Rogers for children. A very energetic approach to modern video programming for very young children. But a quick check into the past of the real life character of Stevin John who invented and plays the character of Blippi will reveal that his first antics as a self-published YouTuber was a made up character called Steezy Grossman, a boy born from poop after anal intercourse. In one of Stevin’s grossest and now most embarrassing videos titled the Harlem Shake, Stevin actually defecated on the naked body of his friend grossing out audience members. Of course today that same person has found great success in Blippi and has deals worked out with Amazon Prime and a future agreement with Netflix to produce original content, so Stevin John is embarrassed of his early activity. He’s now almost 30 as of this writing and success in life has developed him into further intellectual understanding leaving him quite ashamed of his first Steezy Grossman character.

It should be alarming to anyone that the act of defecating on anybody would be funny, let alone to tie it to complex adult sexual rituals. Early in my days as a young adult I worked at a car lot and had to spend long hours with grown men competing for a sale that came by occasionally. I was very alarmed, and continue to be to this day to learn how many normal looking adults enjoy sexual practices that involve anal penetration, or just as a star of the event. One particularly sexually obsessed salesman who looked perfectly normal and was about twenty years older than me at the time told stories every day about the sexual exploits of he and his wife which often involved other people. His favorite sexual experience was to lay under a glass table and watch his wife defecate onto it straight at his face, protected by the glass so he could watch the whole thing occur. Their idea of a Friday night was to literally defecate on each other while people watched and he was quite obsessed with the practice. It should come as no surprise that he was a bleeding heart Democrat who despised Ronald Reagan who was president at the time. I understood even back then that the salesman was functioning from an undeveloped mind and had emerged into adulthood with a primal childhood yearning for the first creations learned by a young mind, the bodily discharge of waste, and to think of it as acts of creation.

Democrats understand too well that their political philosophy is rooted in bad behavior, so that is why they encourage more of it socially, their movies are dumb and adolescent in their concerns, their social outlook is one of dependency, the way a child needs adults in their lives to change a diaper or to pick them up and put them in a seat. The child who grows physically, but not emotionally learns to be a dependent on society at large and it never leaves them. You can tell who they are by their obsessions with farting, belching, and other gross adult behaviors. While little kids grow up and away from these traits under the ideal conditions, the future Democrat never does. They think it’s just as funny as a young 20 something to play with fecal matter, because they never learned as children that its gross, but they learned to think of it as something exciting that are elements of their first creative impulse.

For a number of years I have been a plant manager and had to deal with all the reports of when and where a bathroom needed the care of maintenance. I have never grown used to the number of reports where some employee actually picked up their own fecal matter either out of the toilet or off the floor ignoring the toilet all together and wrote messages on the stalls with it as if it were a pencil. Knowing all the employees I would not even fathom that any of them would do something so gross, yet many of them did. Those incidents occurred more than anyone would guess, and the root cause of the behavior was in the stunted development they experienced as children. But one thing became very obvious as investigations into who did these things became known, and what I can report on the matter is that not a single one of them voted for George Bush or Donald Trump. They always vote for Democrats because that is the nature of the people who vote under that political platform. They are undeveloped losers who are stuck in that age 2 mentality, and they have no way as adults to deal with the world but through liberal politics.

Rich Hoffman

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Guns and the Meaning of Life

It continues to be frustrating to read gun defenders getting tricked into arguing the merits of gun ownership against the position of the liberal aggressiveness that has far-reaching implications which I established in an article I wrote yesterday on the real fight in the world between eastern and western civilizations. The intent by liberals to enact gun control is to achieve their not so thinly veiled objective and that is to destroy all of Western Civilization and to replace it with the values of the orient. This has never been in dispute yet many people just don’t seem to understand the big picture, so they can’t defend it in an argument. To do so you have to understand the big game that the East has always been playing and to deal with them on those terms. It was last year that I visited the Indianapolis Children’s Museum and noted that they had an entire section dedicated to just the country of China, as if we were all going to be adopting to that reality soon anyway, so they were there to instruct visitors to what that world would look like. It can’t be argued that this is the world that the political left and even many on the right want for the United States, a gradual surrender economically to China and the spread of their communist system from there to here.

It’s all about state control over individual activity. When I talk about Western Culture I’m talking about a long boil of ideas that were in conflict with each other through many thousands of years, something that didn’t occur in the orient. Even within that Western culture the best of it was the sentiments of individualism that came out of works of art such as in Wolfram von Eschenbach’s Arthurian romances, specifically of the Parzival Grail quest. There are some really wonderful passengers about individualism that emerged quite radically against the state control of kings and territorial oversears typical in 13th century Europe that evolved over time into what the American gunfighter mythologies on the western frontier of North America evolved into that are worth protecting. That is after all why gun rights in America are necessary and need to be less restrictive, not more so. To find the Grail castle and eventually the Grail itself, the night Parzival had to ride his horse with the reigns limp and to find these treasures through authenticity to himself not to the obedience to a social system. That is a very important distinction that is at the core of all Western thought. And it is that which having gun ownership is meant to protect.

We have allowed the enemy to define the grounds for which we fight, which is to allow gun rights to become a safety issue, and that we should all give them up for the benefits of more security. But to do that we have to yield more power to the state, and to apply the Parzival metaphor to the situation, to guide the horse more directly and to seek the Grail Castle through institutionalized inquiry, for which it would always remain invisible to us. The harder you look, the less you find especially in the context of institutionalized perspective. But as we know through history, this always leads to collapse of society in one fashion or another. There is never any real safety in such a quest in life so the issue is never about safety, it’s about preserving ideas and concepts that were strictly part of western civilization for thousands of years of evolution. The moment that those ideas aren’t protected, the state controlled sentiments of the East desire to creep in and destroy everything humanity has worked so hard to build for thousands of years of trial and error.

The way it has been framed, the gunfighter of the American west was a whore and gambler representing the worst of us and is an image we should run from, not to. But I see them quite differently, as the latest additions to Eschenbach’s quest to define individual authenticity to the mandates of institutionalism. The individual effort of America’s gunfighters both in real life and through the emergence of Hollywood westerns is quite a statement about individuality and the merits that such contributions have on society as a whole is quite astonishing, and important. But without the gun, it wouldn’t have been possible. It was the gun after all that destroyed the Indians, who were the representatives of the orient in place within North America as immigrants of their own centuries before. I wouldn’t go so far to call them domesticated inhabitants. The strange culture of the Adena people with their obsession with Ancient Alien conspiracies, their elongated heads, their sometimes unusually tall stature with obvious roots from the Middle East and the Salisbury Plain and excessively sophisticated mathematics were not the same people as the Shawnee who were the Indians who fought the first stages of westward expansion in my home state of Ohio on the very ground that my home sits to this day. Not by a long shot. There is a deep and distant past that has many complex cultures coming in and out of it that have nothing to do with “indigenous” people. The Indians had their chance and they failed like all cultures around the world to get their grips into reality and to sustain the growing ambitions of mankind with fresh new philosophic concepts. But in Western Culture, such thoughts did percolate. Often the perpetrator would find themselves beheaded in Europe, or burnt at the stake, or even hung on a cross, but the effort was there and ideas did evolve. It was the gun and the American frontiersman who actually found the Grail Castle of Eschenbach in North America, not in some Heavenly light of Utopia but in the casinos and whore houses of upstart towns high in the mountains of South Dakota and California. The individual behavior may have been disgusting, but it was authentic and behind that effort came the greatest economy and civilization yet to emerge from human minds. And it all started with personal autonomy and the gun that protected that right.

A vast majority of our fellow human beings are much like Parzival. Often by accident while they are reckless in their youth treating life with their hands on the reigns loosely, they find their Grail Castle. But they do as Parzival did, they don’t ask questions when they should or act authentically to their nature, so they get kicked out of the kingdom even though they still stand where they always stood. The keys to the great Heavens are not as Jesus said, out there somewhere but are all around us. We must find them ourselves through our own authenticity which is the meaning of life, which can be and is often different for each one of us as individuals. Only by living an authentic and individual life can we find our own meaning and then give the value of that meaning to those of our civilization. And while we are searching for this individual meaning there are always villains who come along to pull us back to the mandates of institutionalism. For the first time in all human history there were very charismatic individuals roaming around the American West much the way Parzival did under King Author’s knighthood. The goal of such knights wasn’t loyalty to the court but honor in the individualized efforts of personal authenticity. Maybe only less than 1% of all people find such a Grail Castle in their lifetimes, but the treasure that springs forth from such a society is literally boundless, and worth the trouble. And to protect that opportunity in the face of mankind’s tendency toward detriment, we need personal guns to keep the effort alive, and deep into the future.

Rich Hoffman

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The Elephant in the Room, a History Lesson for those who need it on why President Trump is Desperately Needed

We need to talk about the nature of cooperation for a minute, especially in regards to political debate. The assumption has been that gental professionals could argue out issues without things coming to gunfire and violence within the framework of the republic, and to a large degree that has worked well through the first 200 years of America as a nation. But modern Democrats and some Republicans of a more progressive nature aren’t interested in preserving the American republic into the future, but they entertain leaving their own mark into the foundational emergence of a new Constitution. Let’s just talk about the elephant in the room. In modern politics, they are actively seeking to make government, for which they are a part of that managing body bigger and more powerful, so their hostilities toward the American Constitution is quite obvious. And that has never been more obvious than in this year’s crop of Democrat hopefuls for the American presidency. They, and the party that supports them are openly hostile to the kind of American government that we’ve had. They are only interested in changing it, not living with it and those of us who have been in this country all our lives and love it the way it is. They want to take from us to fill themselves. They aren’t interested in getting along or being respectful. They are by every definition domestic enemies of our Constitution and need to be treated that way, not rationed with.

The position that many Republicans have taken over the years has been embarrassing, and I have seen this up close on more than one occasion. Conservatives wanting to make that mind-numbing tight rope walk between their churches and the foundations of conservative values have made themselves into lots of Dr. Jekylls and Mr. Hydes. Christianity, especially how it emerged into the Roman Catholoic Church is very much an oriental concept that has from the beginning sought to bring an end to western civilization, the kind of advances which gave birth to Greek and Roman society. And the tide of aggression that has moved from east to west has been full throttle since Alexander the Great stopped his eastward conquest with some Buddhist monks in the vicinity of India. Since then western civilization has been attacked by the orient not with weapons but through their ideas as the church took over kingdoms and Europe fought over those ideas for the next 2000 years, even up until this very day where it is being counted on by Islam to become the next dominate religion so that all then nations of the world can unite under a theocracy and a system of communism very similar to what is currently in China. Republicans were taught to turn the other cheek in a fight and they have been getting their asses kicked regularly ever since.

Protestants fled the church in England to seek religious freedom in America. The Indian nations encountered were very much of the oriental religions but they were unorganized and on a declining path socially so the effects were not the same as they had been in Europe where confusing mixed messages about religion and politics were prevalent. The kind of Christians who emerged in pursuit of freedom were a far cry from the docile church goer in Europe who had conservative personal values but was taught by the church that there are many more things in life bigger than the self and that sacrificing that to the needs of the many was a very Jesus kind of thing to do. The more civilized America became in the years after the American Revolution, the more those confusing European ideas of conservative values emerged, which is what Protestants were running from in the first place, so those old oriental ideas about church and state have returned to our present world and the battle is quite vicious.

Don’t kid yourself, the battle is obvious. I have known for a long time that for conservative values to survive in the United States that we needed a spokesman in the White House like a Donald Trump, a person who would hit back when struck in the face, and not turn the other cheek. It is a dumb idea to not hit back when someone hits you. Who cares if its not a “Christian” thing to do? Christ in his early years obviously encountered the eastern religion of Buddhism and he brought that into his teachings which of course jostled the control the Roman Empire wanted for the west bank of the Mediterranean. The Jews had things under control there so the churches were very much part of the control mechanism of keeping the Empire united, even though the Romans themselves had many ancient gods they worshipped. The ideas of conquest are to allow those acquired territories to worship whoever they had before so long as the control of the churches paid homage to the greater power of government. That is after all the theme of the great book, The Canterbury Tales written in 1483 by Geoffrey Chaucer, in the years after Saint Thomas Becket was slaughtered by the King’s men in the Canterbury Cathedral. The idea of rebellion proposed against the tyranny of the state was to visit the spot of Becket’s murder, but to not drift outside of the control mechanism of the relationship of the church and the state, but to function within it. I consider The Canterbury Tales to be one of the most important works of European literature and it shows quite effectively this dysfunctional relationship that western culture has with itself, for which the concept of America was the solution. I had with me a copy of the American Constitution and to read the words of that little book while standing on the spot where Thomas Becket was slaughtered was for me quite an experience because I understood all the relationships that occurred in that spot and what led up to them and what the eventual answer was. Western expansion in America was the ultimate fight between east and west and as we all know, the “west” won. And I am very glad they did. I spent several days in the streets of Canterbury after my visit to Becket’s murder marked in the floor of the Canterbury Cathedral and read through my copy of The Canterbury Tales to let it all wash over me in a very intellectual way. I wish I could take every member of congress on that little intellectual journey so they could see how the pieces fit together, but most of them have no idea. They lack the intellectual fortitude, so they are victims to what they have been taught.

There is no making peace with the enemy and the modern Democrats are the enemy, they are the latest representatives of eastern culture that want more than anything else to wipe away the very concept of an American republic built on individual freedom as opposed to sacrifice to the gods of state control. For liberals that control of religion could be anything from Islam to global warming—an entirely made up new age religion to unify the minds of the youth movement to the causes of sacrificial liberalism—obedience to the state. Thomas Becket as a representative of church control was killed by his friend Henry II as the battle between church and state raged on in Europe, between individual value and those of the institutionalized opinion of a king or emperor. The orient had not had this philosophical battle, for them everything was yielding toward the end of personal existence so it was proper to let the self go into a rapture of selfless existence, therefor the citizen of the orient, which persists to this very day is happy to yield their thinking to a ruler because they’ll be dead soon anyway, so why not. But in the west it was a different story. What was the meaning of life but to have an individual life developed by a personal journey and to unleash the gifts upon the world that resulted from that journey? That is the battle being fought today in modern politics, especially in America. Around the rest of the world, most of them have already fallen to the diatribes of eastern philosophy through their various religions. If people have lost their way with Christianity, they can find themselves in Islam. But for the leaders of those societies, they want people to pick one of the two, just so long as they learn to take orders and instruction from a higher power. On earth that is the regional governor, or politician.

Democrats in that regard want to destroy what is left of Western Civilization that has been doing extraordinarily well in America. But make no mistake, they don’t want to live with the effects of that effort, they want to destroy it. They don’t want to have tea with people who think differently than they do. They don’t want to live in harmony. They want to destroy the American Constitution and bring oriental concepts into western culture by any means so to fulfill a long sought after goal that really extends back to the roots of human history. East and west cannot live together in harmony, the ideas are just too radically different, in the west it is individual merit that is valued, in the east, its sacrifice to the state with the state being the ladder to god. If you want to get to Heaven then you better obey the state. And that is where our modern conservatives fail, they are supposed to fight that assumption, not turn their cheek to surrender. They have been tricked by their own ignorance and lack of historical perspective. Most of them have probably never read The Canterbury Tales, which isn’t an easy read. But it’s a kid’s book compared to James Joyce in his great book Finnegans Wake, which is concerned with the same kind of problem—the role of the individual in an increasingly collective based culture that repeatedly spins on itself with the Vico cycle. The values of our day are not to get along, but to fight—not just the concept in America of Republicans and Democrats, but the values of eastern ideas and western. Both can’t coexist, because the east doesn’t have any intention of doing so. They have intended conquest since the Roman Empire decided to be united by Christianity because it was their last hope of unifying their people. But to do so they had to surrender to the whims of the eastern religions that had always threatened their control west of the lands along the old Silk Road into the orient. This fight isn’t new, its as old as time. But modern Republicans who don’t understand why President Trump is important to the preservation of Western Civilization either need a history lesson or they need to just shut up and get behind us who do. But no longer are they going to be allowed to pull that Trojan Horse into our American culture only to have radicalized Muslims, communists and Eastern religion soothsayers sneak out into the night while we sleep and end our society one rule at a time. That just won’t be permissible.

Rich Hoffman

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What Did I Tell You about the Mueller Report From the Very Beginning?

So that’s what it all came down to, a report dumped on a Friday night in spring while March Madness was in its most vigorous state. After a few years and many millions of dollars, along with a lot of arm twisting for the first time in history the long arm of a corrupt law enforcement branch hit an immovable spot. Trump never budged and he just endured the most vicious fangs that the Deep State could garner, except for an actual assassination. But literal killings are not how this passive aggressive culture of ours does things these days. Instead they try to build a consensus against you and kill you by cutting off your contact with established society. For people like Trump who understand the game better than most anybody, he had turned everything around against his aggressors forcing an embarrassing news dump hoping that Robert Mueller could get away with a quiet exit from Washington D.C. culture.

Yeah, as usual I predicted everything from the beginning, even from the very first moments of this particular investigation. If this had been the early sixties, sure it would have been a literal assassination attempt, but the FBI and DOJ thought they had complete control over the justice system so they hedged their bets that they could destroy Donald Trump without making a martyr out of him, so they went the legal route of complete destruction. You could hear the panic in Chuck Schumer’s voice demanding that the Attorney General provide them with the first look at the actual Mueller report before anybody else had a chance to see it. He forgets that the Justice Department reports to the Executive Branch, not to some other branch of congress. But the panic says a lot about just how many chips Democrats had put on the complete destruction of Donald Trump by this point in his presidency. Even James Comey had to concede that there was a big nothing story and that it was time to move on. Trump had won the election of 2016 and was going to be president for the foreseeable future, and they were just going to have to come to terms with it.

Yet everyone doesn’t get to ride off into the sunset, there were a lot of crimes committed and many people still need to go to jail. I don’t think its disingenuous to point out how correct about these things that I typically am, even when it comes to things that some people consider outlandish. If I say something its money in the bank. It may be a few years off, but you can bet on it if I took the time to talk about it in some way. I don’t just rattle off nonsense, as much as political and career climbing enemies would like to fantasize about. For instance I knew what James Comey was up to before most everyone else and I put my opinions in front of the world while on CNN, well before this Mueller investigation was formed. It was a hit job from the beginning and I stated it as such. And with the same clarity I will say that if the perpetrators do not find themselves into trouble, a lot of trouble for the attempts against the president, then the credibility of our legal system will forever be tarnished. This whole ordeal won’t just go quietly into the night under the basketball scores and springtime cleaning of garages. This is much more serious and it can’t go without answer.

It is necessary for me to utter how brilliant all my work is, and my tendency to climb way out on a limb to talk topics way before anybody else because that credibility has power, and more people should come to terms with it for their own good. When I say that the entire justice system from our lower courts to the high offices of our nation are in jeopardy because of this investigation into President Trump it’s not just because I support and defend this president. It’s because the future of our nation is at stake when law and order have become so corrupted, and it has. Weaponizing law enforcement for political purposes is a serious crime, and most of the Beltway culture committed it, including some Republicans. They can’t be allowed to just disappear into history.

The McCain family is trying to protect the image of John McCain that has been nurtured by the press, the self-sacrificing POW who would do anything for his country. They are angry at Trump for continuing to shine a light onto the now deceased senator showing what a scumbag he really was. Like most things in Washington D.C. the culture there has learned to run out the clock on people’s attention and the rules state that when someone dies, that everyone should be hands off. That McCain isn’t around to defend himself so the antagonists against President Trump want to keep the McCain legacy intact that he had the last laugh through death. But in life or death a scum bag is still a scum bag. It was John McCain who brought the dirty dossier into the center of this entire story. Without his action there wouldn’t have been a Mueller investigation. They didn’t care how much it hurt Trump and his wife to have such a salacious story revealed to the world at the precise moment that the Trump team had just won one of the biggest free elections in the history of the world. They went for blood and McCain was a leader in that effort, not a passive participant. He was a never Trumper who died his way out of the fight while President Trump gets to continue on. The McCain family is just going to have to deal with the ramifications of what John McCain left behind. He went too far and helped usher in evil by using the dossier to commit illegal actions by our highest law enforcement professionals leaving them in a shambles of corruptions.

And so many people played along hoping that the ruined lives of all the President’s men would scare off Trump from the office itself and seek some hiding place and to stay in it. But that didn’t happen, Trump stayed and fought. Most of us supported him all along and now with two years left in his first term, the opposition is out of gas and there isn’t a gas station anywhere nearby. It’s going to be a long walk and they may not survive. I remember another prediction I made on a radio show several years ago, where I said that the Democrat party might not last into the 2020 years. I stand by that assertion with the same vigor as my other predictions. Without a way for Democrats to stop Trump, which this Mueller Report was all they really had to anchor hope to, that political party is on a path to lose itself, which would be fine with me. These are dirty rotten scum and complete losers who were involved in this conspiracy, especially the former CIA Director John Brennan. No wonder the CIA was so messed up around the world and everyone hates us. He was as guilty as everyone else, maybe more so for this Mueller Report which was designed to overthrow an American election. For all those involved, they have hell coming to them, and they deserve ever lip tick of a flame that they feel as it burns away at their caricatures and reveals what’s been underneath for so long. And I’m glad to see it.

Rich Hoffman

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The Narcissist and George Conway

I’m not done with the whole George Conway, President Trump feud, because it is indicative of so much. Yesterday, I talked about the marriage and how Conway looks to have driven himself off a cliff of jealousy which has thrown him on a national stage of embarrassment. But today I’d like to talk about why he did it and how. As a smart ass, he looked up the definition of a narcissist and used it on Twitter to make a case for the sanity of President Trump, exhibiting that all the traits for such a person were present and that we should all reconsider supporting him as an office holder in the Executive Branch. Well, I share with President Trump those very same definitions, and I know the origins quite well of the word narcissist. But the emergence of that word to describe human conduct has been weaponized, not in favor of advancement, but of degradation. It is a term used by the losers of the world to explain away their failures and it is an easy way to know who is losing once it starts flowing from their mouths.

I do love myself, and President Trump is obviously of the same mind. Only I don’t see it as a problem at all, in fact, quite the opposite. When people use the term “Narcissist” they are unconsciously referring to the figure of Greek mythology, Narcissus (/nɑːrˈsɪsəs/; Ancient Greek: Νάρκισσος Nárkissos) who was a hunter from Thespiae in Boeotia known for his beauty. According to Tzetzes, he was a Laconian hunter who loved everything beautiful. Narcissus was proud, in that he disdained those who loved him, causing some to commit suicide to prove their unrelenting devotion to his striking beauty. Narcissus is the origin of the term narcissism, a fixation with oneself and one’s physical appearance or public perception. Eventually Narcissus fell in love with his own image and as many stories tell, killed himself because he could never obtain that image. It was only at the start of the progressive age, in the late 19th century when the word “narcissist” emerged to describe a condition of personal omnipotence in human interactions.


I view the word’s emergence into human culture as a direct response to Nietzsche’s overman concept from Thus Spoke Zarathustra and it was the academic who stretched back into the past to resurrect the Greek mythology as a way to explain away their own lack of ambition and sheer laziness, so that term emerged as a way to castigate the strong and ambitious so not to get too far out in front of the mundane. It was meant to be a psychological check against individual growth so to yield to the muddy masses of collectivism. Personally, I find the word disgusting. I think everyone should love themselves, maybe not to the degree that Narcissus did, but if people don’t love themselves and invest in their own ambitions, then what do they have to offer anybody else? When someone says to another person, “I love you,” what does that mean if the pronoun I is meaningless? If we say we love you, or love me for who I am, what we are doing is diminishing the world “love” by making it a passive observance rather than an active one. What we are doing is demanding that love lose its power and meaning to the whims of the lazy and unambitious which is a disgusting proposal.

From my earliest memories I have always wanted to be more than just a human. In my school days, I always wanted to be the fastest kid, so I could literally outrun all my classmates because I always had a yearning to be out in front of everyone eles. When I became a teenager and could drive, a condition that persists to this day, I drove excessively fast—everywhere. I do resent that some pinheaded fat slob of a politician decided that I was to drive my car to the speed limit of the weakest in our society. It has always been an issue with me, that on highways we are to be regulated to a speed determined by the weakest served as a metaphor for everything in life. I have never wanted to be just a fellow, I have always wanted to be out in front—as far in front as I can be. Jealous people of my ambition often called me a narcissist. Never to my face of course, but always on the periphery through passive aggressive invasion through the natural gossip chains of the stupid and intellectually crippled human beings flocking to their resident group mentality to hide from the trauma’s of their birth for which they never really get over even as a chain smoking 50 year old wondering where all the years went. I still drive fast for the same reasons, and in everything I do in life, I do it because I love it and I want to be as far away as possible from the limiting conditions of society that outpacing laziness has always been a tightly controlled sentiment to my core personality. President Trump obviously is of the same type and for the same reasons. It’s not his problem that those around him not so motivated throw aspersions in his direction to peel back the effects of his ambition. The problems are always with those who toss out the word “narcissist” to explain away their own lack of ambition.

I don’t think its possible for a person to love themselves too much. Loving oneself is the first step in gaining the ability to love others, so there can never be too much of it. Of course having an unhealthy relationship with excess can always be a problem, but if a person doesn’t love themselves, they can’t really love anybody else. This is essentially the problem that George Conway and many Republicans have these days, they have a political party that is mixed with all kinds of garbage, most of it they get from their churches where they have been taught that love is sacrifice not a gift that keeps on giving. So they see the renewable energy of President Trump and his over the top optimism as a detriment to the sacrifice that they value so much. But that sacrifice is more of a liberal sentiment which is why conservative behavior is split on the issue. Among the “never Trump” crowd is a thinly disguised attempt to hold all mankind to a sentiment of sacrifice rather than personal love of one’s role in the universe.

And I think we can all sympathize with people who look like an elephant’s ass who are naturally stupid, they are the first to fall toward the Christian sentiment of personal sacrifice and social welfare as a value system for all of society. Yet in studying history if there were one thing which indicated the end of a culture it is in the notion of sacrifice as opposed to growth. For those who love themselves, even if they are butt ugly to the rest of the world, but they love who they are and what they can do, the secret to success comes from a love that overflows into those surrounding that person. Not in placing a person on a cross, killing them then drinking their blood for all eternity. That is just stupid. It is those who love themselves and share that abundance of love with others that make the world a better place. The word narcissist was created to attempt to stop that tendency toward individual love and to chain mankind to the religions of the past rooted in sacrifice of the self to others. That is where many conservatives fail in their personal philosophies, for which George Conway has obviously fallen. What he is saying about President Trump when he calls him a narcissist is that he, George Conway does not have a mind for self-fulfillment and is still locked into a sentiment of sacrifice. Of course, his wife will pick the President and his ever fulfilling personal love over the fat little elf who is insisting that the world value sacrifice instead. Love me because you pity me is what George Conway is really saying to his wife who has found in working in the White House a bottomless pit of optimism and energy. Conway has lost his wife to his own lack of ambition, and his own lack of love for himself which of course gives nothing to her but excuses and shame.

Rich Hoffman

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George Conway, the “Total Loser”


People forget in regard to the John McCain story that just because he’s dead, it doesn’t give him a free pass to sainthood. President Trump has every right to express himself on the matter of how the McCain family has treated him dead or not. Nobody gets a free pass in life just because they have died, or because they served in the armed forces. A bad guy is a bad guy no matter how you slice it, and John McCain was a bad guy. And so is Kellyanne Conway’s husband George. President Trump is not obligated into silence just because Kellyanne Conway works for him and her husband has been obviously jealous. I personally like Kellyanne quite a lot, well before she became the campaign manager for the Trump campaign, back in the days when she wasn’t invited on television all the time to pitch the plots of the future administration. Her husband’s comments about President Trump seemed oddly placed, he hasn’t been much of a supporter. Obviously that would make it hard for Kellyanne to go to work each day without the support of her husband so I haven’t had much to say about George Conway. But now the cat is out of the bag so some discussion is certainly merited.

At some point in their life Kellyanne and her husband George obviously liked each other, they have four kids together. With him being a big time lawyer, and her running a little polling outfit it was obviously a deal where George felt fulfilled whereas Kellyanne was not, as a person. She was raising the four kids but children don’t stay little forever leaving yearnings of bigger and better things looming in the back of the mind, which is often the case for most of us. In the case of Kellyanne Conway, she had the opportunity to prove herself and run the Trump campaign to a victory putting her at the top of the political world giving her a step into professionalism all her own, without the help of her husband. What’s good for her isn’t necessarily good for him so his jealous reactions toward President Trump could be understood to a point. He was no longer getting the kind of attention from his wife that he wanted so he was lashing out at her employer. Big deal, until he started publicly questioning the sanity of the president, and at that point, Trump had every right to defend himself, which he did by calling George Conway a “Total Loser.”

Men, especially in regards to a marriage where an obvious dominate other man shares the affections of a wife will often do whatever they can to undermine the other person in the eyes of their wife hoping to steer her mind away from a rival. The other man often can be a father where the newly married young man might seek to erode away the relationship a daughter has with her father so that he can steal away her values so the same expectations he gave her are not placed on the new husband. So the undercutting in that case is quite common and is a means of psychological control, and abuse aimed at relieving the pressure off the spousal relationship. After all, in the mind of the young man, he married a woman and he expects to have her complete attention. And to a large extent this is obviously part of the case in the Conway marriage, only the parental figure has been replaced with an employer which is fulfilling a need that Kellyanne has that is not being obtained in the marriage. But the fault is not hers, its George Conway’s, because he is not doing what he needs to do as a man to fulfill her. It’s not her job to dumb herself down to his limits, its his job to step up and become better so that she might be more fulfilled in the marriage. And that is where he has gone wrong and why Trump has called him quite correctly a “total loser.” What is a loser but a person who plays at life to lose, and seeks to lower the standards of the surrounding world to fit his self-image which is obviously lacking.

Granted, Kellyanne essentially went from being a housewife to one of the most powerful women in the world within just a few short years. To some extent I’m sure we can all sympathize with George Conway. She is obviously beyond his reach and he was lucky to have had four kids with her. But if the couple doesn’t grow together it quickly could become that the kids are all that hold the marriage together. If he’s not there for her and she needs something, she has an obligation to go and get it as a person. It’s not her job to sacrifice herself to the limits of his world view. So she has left him behind by his choice and he has nobody but himself to blame in the matter. President Trump is loyal to those who are loyal to him and Kellyanne has been there with him from day one and stood by him no matter what. So he has given her a high place in his administration, but he certainly isn’t limited to what he can say or do because of her crazy and jealous husband. Kellyanne I’m sure would love to share her life with her husband but if all he has become is a pouty loser at home, then she isn’t obligated to chain herself to his misery. Its his job to step up to where she is in life and he has obviously failed to do that, which is why she took the President’s side in the duel between her husband and her employer.

Every woman hopes that her relationships will get along with each other, life is too short for nonsense. But in that effort of bridging radically different personalities in her life to the peaceful transaction of communication between all parties, if all the players refuse to participate then there isn’t much she can do about the situation but drift apart from the restrictions in her life that is causing all the trouble. From the perspective of everyone they are their own heroes and victims of abuse. But when it becomes public, Trump has no obligation to yield to the feelings of George Conway. Kellyanne doesn’t owe her husband a dumbed down version of herself just so she can stay married to a fat slob who isn’t the best and brightest. George should be happy that a person like Kellyanne had children by him. That is far more than just pity sex, that was quite a commitment by her to him. But it was he who was too lazy and lacking a dynamic personality to fill her mind with yearning. If he allowed himself to be boring and unattractive, he was smoking crack to think that he could rob her of ambition and keep her stuffed in a box all her life. Women always find some way out. The more a man presses, the more the woman develops a hatred which they seek to fulfill by some other means, whether it’s a new job, or some personal hobby. Men when they aren’t happy with their spouses often have affairs. Women find careers. The intent is all the same, to fulfill a blank spot inside them that was created by the failed marriage. And for that, George Conway has only himself to blame. Certainly not President Trump.

Rich Hoffman

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