Red Ed and the Communists of Europe: Public education in America training Cleveland revolutionaries

What have I been telling you dear reader for a half a decade now? I’ve spelled it out every which way but loose, and still you doubted. I provided facts, charts, long public speeches, countless live radio testimony and still you thought that I was kidding, or making the situation seem lighter for the purposes of defeating school levies. But I wasn’t exaggerating the situation—not even a little bit. I have stated repeatedly that public schools are teaching socialism and communism with a severe anti-capitalist curriculum by a progressive teacher’s union hell-bent on the destruction of the American way of life. This started in America during the sixties and was a strategic aim of the KGB at the time. It’s now in full bloom. For the proof, witness that no news organization in the mainstream reported the force behind the Cleveland riots recently, just as that same force was behind Ferguson and Baltimore. Yet fringe media discovered the evidence quite clearly as they had boots on the ground and weren’t afraid to report it. This is yet another case of Alex Jones, the Texas conspiracy theorist in the report below providing news that everyone else missed—I would say, on purpose. In spite of his reputation as a reactionary, he didn’t put the communists on camera—they were already there. ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, FOX and all the other news outlets could have, and likely did see the communist flags and members roaming the streets trying to provoke a mob into riots picking minority communities because they have a history of being impressionable. But the mainstreamers have been taught in the same public schools as the rest of us, and they want to turn away from the hard evidence. But they can’t—its coming out anyway.

The communist insurgency in America is a full-blown conspiracy that is more than right-winged speculation at this point. It’s a fact and emerged as the United States listened to swindling politicians like Dennis Hastert and other elected malcontents strive to be like big brother Europe. The United States has lost their way and plunged unwittingly into socialism. Big mistake, especially given that Europe is currently in the fight for its life trying to reject socialism and its gradual path to communism at this present moment. France for example has a socialist president. Greece is downing in socialism. In fact most of the EU is openly socialist. All of Scandinavia is socialist. Russia is essentially a socialist nation which is just a softened type of communism. Of course they don’t call it by name, just like communism is not called such a Cold War reference in the United States, but the Russian president is a former KGB agent. Does anybody think he has magically just given all that up? China is communist, the only reason that their economy has expanded during the last 14 years is due to them reluctantly adapting some of Hong Kong’s economic free market capitalism. And the biggest brother of them all has been England who has struggled back and forth for years between capitalism and socialism. The socialists are in the Labour Party and the capitalists are in the Tory Party of which David Cameron was thankfully re-elected.image

When Great Britain turned Hong Kong back over to China they gave the communist country a money-making machine. Hong Kong was a free capitalist zone far away from the debates in London where socialism and capitalism were slugging it out. Karl Marx is after all buried in a London cemetery near a plot where Red Ed desires to rest on his journey to eternity. Red Ed is of course Ed Milliband who lost the recent election to David Cameron—and is called that because at least in Europe they know what the Labour Party is. Ed presented an anti-austerity plan similar to Greece which essentially means that the government defaults on its debts and swings full communist as a nation. The people of Great Britain had a May election for which they dramatically turned away from socialism by electing Cameron. The liberal press wanted to believe the polls were closer than they were, but Cameron easily won which can be seen in the pictures presented.image

The pictures shown in this article come from a newspaper scooped off the streets of London. They are not online articles by some fringe website, this is a paper sold in the airports and streets of London representing the views and conflict of the English people. What they are facing today is what is coming to America—since we foolishly followed them into the abyss—recklessly, and arrogantly. Most dramatically in the paper was a little chart that shows essentially the same demographic political make-up in Great Britain as we see in America. In England they show their conservative areas in blue, in America it is of course red. Just as the English drive on the opposite side of the road in England, America does the opposite to maintain their independence—but the function of their government evolved over time into a mirror reflection—which is how all this communist business so easily emerged into American culture. Just like in the United States it is easy to see that the urban areas are overwhelmingly supportive of the communist movement—displayed by those who voted for the Labour Party member Ed Milliband. Whereas the more rural areas of England voted for Cameron conservativism.

imageOf a particular interest is the extreme area of red around Newcastle which has been floored by socialism over the years driving away much of their industry leaving the youth essentially jobless. The areas in yellow are essentially open communists for which Scotland is pushing for extensively. During the election the Scottish National Party swept looking toward Scandinavian socialism as their model. The SNP believes in progressive personal taxation, the eradication of poverty, building of affordable social housing, same-sex marriage and subsidized higher education—otherwise known as social programming—does any of this sound familiar dear reader? As is clear on the map the coastal areas of Wales is overwhelmingly in support of the same brand of communism which of course migrates across the channel into Dublin, Ireland in the same manner. Places where there are large concentrations of people who have to give up individual space tend to lean toward socialism. Where people get a little elbow room and can think about their individual sanctity they revert to conservativism by default. Even with all the social experiments through public education, when times get tough, as they have in England for some time, people revert back to conservative concepts driven by capitalism. When a nation realizes that their industry isn’t coming back and there is no hope otherwise, they turn toward nationalism—like Scotland has.

imageThis has always been the plan in the United States by communist insurgents who are in every branch of our education system emphatically. I first learned about these people when I was having a fine little dinner overlooking the city of Cincinnati a number of years ago. It was a college professor from the University of Cincinnati, a theater director at the Taft Theater and an engineer who worked at City Hall along with myself. All three of those people openly advocated twenty years ago communism to me as they sipped wine and looked down into the city below from their backyard perch. I knew it then, but I was a young man and figured I needed to learn a lot more about the world before I opened my mouth—so I just listened. These fine diners vacationed in Paris and London often which was reflected in their global outlook. I was raised in a conservative area by conservative parents and I went to a conservative church. I was open to other people’s points of view and figured I needed more evidence before placing an argument in favor of capitalism. So I listened to them talk in their heady manner and contemplated that those people had no business near young people. They could think what they wanted, but they had no right to teach anybody anything. I had a similar experience years later while on the set for a project I was working on, the director showed up with his wife dressed in a hijab complete with no makeup on her face which I accidentally saw while she was adjusting it. She was as American as the rest of us, he was a college professor who wanted to direct a film and I was a bullwhip artist. We wouldn’t have been together except for a common artistic cause. But our political differences were so dramatic that we couldn’t complete the project together. The college where they worked was so liberal that they couldn’t even function in the world outside of campus life. It was a really big problem and that was over a decade ago. It’s far worse and more obvious now.image

The evidence is extensive and all around you dear reader. The freedoms of your daily life are under attack by global communists and they enter into your region through the nearest urban area. They are seeking to make America into a nationalist nation, and because they control the public education process, they have an entire generation trained and ready for the type of socialism that has destroyed Newcastle, England. That same socialism has destroyed Detroit in the United States and is presently destroying Chicago—which of course nobody wants to discuss in the American media either. It’s just too embarrassing for the liberal media to accept. So they ignore it, just as they ignored the communists behind the recent race riots—which was clearly evident in Cleveland.

imageIt’s not a conspiracy theory, it’s a fact. Communists are likely in your neighborhood and they are teaching in your public schools. They call themselves by different names, but they are at the heart of their philosophy Marxists. Their strategic goal is an end to American capitalism and the traditional Constitution. They are openly seeking an insurgency and the media is assisting them in their task. I have a lot of experience in this as I have touched many cultural pockets over the years, and I tend to have exposure to other regions of the world—not just those in my backyard, and I can say with 100% confidence that the communists have always been there. It’s just been recently that they have made their moves in a bolder, more public fashion. But what’s shocking is that the media didn’t cover it at all. Yet Alex Jones, the fringe reporter viewed by the world as a conspiracy theorists was the only one I was able to find who had boots on the ground in Cleveland and actually reported the communist influence for what it really was. And that is all the evidence you need dear reader as to the movement that’s afoot. For further verification all one needs to do is pick up a newspaper from Europe and see what is going on there. They don’t hide the communists and socialists from the public the way they do in the United States because they are already well into the argument as to the cause and effects. But in the United States those trying to advance communism change the names and try not to rattle the cage until the radicalized youth are so strong that the red county Republicans can no longer stop the insurgency. That’s the plan anyway, and if you had half a brain dear reader—you’d listen. It’s one thing to be a Bible thumping, gun wielding conservative from the rural landscape. It’s quite another to be a cultured, academic from the urban regions contemplating philosophy and the future of mankind. I’ve had extensive exposure to both. I’ll take the guns, and let Europe choke on the socialism. And when it comes to the American versions of Red Ed, I suggest you fight them right now, and voraciously dear reader—or suffer a fate you can’t even imagine. Because communism is on your doorstep as we speak.

Rich Hoffman


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How to Defeat ISIS: Pay American Soldiers of Fortune

I stated rather emphatically what I thought was behind the ISIS terrorism and the inability of the world’s government to deal with them in yesterday’s article. CLICK HERE TO REVIEW. I have no confidence in any government body to deal with many of the contemporary problems of our day. In the United States there are a lot of lawyers who enter politics to enhance their legal profession, but they lack something very important to the management of tax payer resources—actual experience in management. All of them should have at least at some point in the past managed a McDonald’s at some point so that they might develop a basic ability to manage resources—which they obviously lack. Needless to say that if ISIS and any foreign entanglements are to be dealt with, it must come from the private sector. Governments are by their very nature incapable.

With that said I can think of a few times in the past where mercenaries were hired to handle instances of violence. Ross Perot during the late 1970s hired a mercenary to get his employees out of Iran during the communist led hostage crises. The American government was not up to the task, so Perot took it upon himself to finance the effort with his own special forces. The other time was prior to World War II. America had not officially entered the war but Roosevelt wanted to do something to help China fight off Japan. The AVG was set up where mercenary pilots were hired with an unofficial bounty to shoot down the enemy and defend China from invasion without America being officially involved in the activity. Guess what, it worked marvelously well. CLICK HERE FOR MY STORY ON THAT. I propose that the best way to deal with ISIS is to turn to the private sector. There are obviously plenty of gung-ho Americans looking for cash and justice against ISIS. ISIS has declared war on America including the assassination of our president—who even if we don’t like his politics and communist roots—is still our president. It’s unacceptable and many of us take such threats very personal. So ISIS has asked for a good punch in the mouth in return.

For this particular ISIS problem the best strategy would be to funnel money through some corporate sponsor—perhaps a face organization just for the paper trail accounting and offer $100,000 a head for each proven ISIS member turned in to an assessor for review. Before the bounty could be collected proof of ISIS affiliation would have to be made, but once displayed a nice healthy check for $100,000 would be issued to the solider of fortune. For many young warriors up to the task and armed with a nice .300 Winchester Magnum Accuracy International all decked out with the $20,000 goodies, they could become millionaires in a simple afternoon with no problem. It would be easy money for a few weeks and would make many people very rich in the process. It would only take a few weeks for ISIS to evaporate into thin air. The hunting would be easy starting in Mosul then chasing them down into the outlying countryside. The problem would be over before congress could get together and figure out what they’re going to have for lunch.

That leaves the next question, how much would it cost to dispose of $50,000 ISIS scum bags in such a fashion? Well, only about $500 million dollars, which is a bargain considering how much other occupations have cost in the past as shown below.

Estimated War-Related Costs, Iraq and Afghanistan

According to the Center for Defense Information, the estimated cost of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan will reach $1.49 trillion by the end of fiscal year 2013.

  In billions of budgeted dollars
Operation FY 2001+ 2002 FY 20031 FY 20042 FY 20053 FY 2006 FY 2007 FY 2008 FY 2009 FY 2010 FY 2011 FY 2012 FY 2013 Total
Iraq $53.0 $75.9 $85.5 $101.6 $131.2 $142.1 $95.5 $65.9 $45.0 $9.6 $2.9 $808.2
Afghanistan $20.8 14.7 14.5 20.0 19.0 39.2 43.5 59.5 104.9 113.9 105.7 85.6 641.3
Enhanced security $13.0 8.0 3.7 2.1 0.8 0.5 .1 .1 .1 .3 11.24 8.24 48.1
Totals $33.8 $81.2 $94.13 $107.6 $121.4 $170.9 $185.7 $155.1 $171.0 $159.4 $126.5 $96.7 $1,497

Read more: Estimated War-Related Costs, Iraq and Afghanistan

It’s pretty evident that the capitalist approach is far cheaper than state sponsored occupation. It’s not even close. There are plenty of volunteers in America perfectly willing to sign up for that kind of thing including myself. Who doesn’t want to make a year’s worth of wages in a few days? The ISIS terrorists are armed, but they don’t have an infinite supply of ammunition, so they are not very deep on the bench. Their knives won’t do much good against American soldiers of fortune.

So why not do it. It’s not like anybody would have to officially sanction it within the American government. Just get the money funneled to the guys, and don’t prosecute them once they re-enter the United States border. The entire ISIS problem would be gone and the world could return to peace—if that’s really what anybody wanted. It’s been done before and it will be done in the future. It’s being done right now by somebody somewhere, just on a much smaller scale. So hire the money guys to take care of the problem so the American government can have clean hands and deniability. It wouldn’t cost anything significant given the implications of further inaction.

The lesson to the story is an old one, state sponsored efforts like what we typically associate with in war, such as World War II and WWI, Vietnam, Korea—are inefficient ways of dealing with conflict. Loyalty, honor, and sacrifice are ridiculous when associated with service to a collective entity. What works best, and most honestly, is capitalism—making it profitable to win a conflict. That’s when problems get solved, when there is a financial gain to be achieved in resolving an issue. Right now the money is on the financiers of the fear that comes from ISIS, so the conflict is poised to linger for years. Only when it becomes financially viable for individuals to profit from the conflict will the situation end. It is then that governments will no longer feed conflicts from under the table allowing groups like ISIS to flourish that the well of support will dry up and end the sieges seen so prevalent today. Once individuals can profit the financiers of terror will have to hide in the cracks leaving ISIS alone to run for their lives, and the roots of this vast evil will be pulled away from their nourishment. The solution is a no-brainer, so why aren’t we doing it? That is a question for you to ask and answer dear reader. That answer will also prove what I have been saying all along. Governments will never be able to solve such complicated problems like ISIS. But to the private sector using capitalism as wind in its sails, the problem becomes suddenly very easy.

Rich Hoffman


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Only 50,000 ISIS Nut Jobs: The strategy of global fear

Before I talk about this whole ISIS situation, as both proof of gross mismanagement from government toward a radical group that fancies world domination, but also the perpetuation of conspiracy with strategic objectives aimed at the United States—I’d ask you dear reader to take some time and watch this Alex Jones broadcast shown below. Jones is a little too emotional for me, and reactive—but he cares about what his group investigates. His Infowars group does a lot of good reporting digging too deeply into things sometimes, but that’s better than the alternative. For instance, in the report below, Alex Jones gets the new Mad Max film wrong. All the men do not die at the end and Fury Road is not a feminist film designed to destroy male leads in motion pictures. But most of the rest of what is reported below is good, and better than what is being offered on the nightly news. Watching this report puts on the table just how much is going on today, which exceeds what most people can or are willing to deal with. It is in this climate that Americans must make decisions about the ISIS terrorist situation in the Middle East.

ISIS continues to terrorize the world with threats while destroying extremely valuable archaeology in the Iraq region essentially unhindered by any reminder of justice. For perspective, the troop numbers for ISIS consist of somewhere between 50,000 hardened radicals with an additional 150,000 boot lickers. That essentially is the size of a crowd at a typical professional football game in America. That’s not very many people—yet the militaries of the world have not been able to stop ISIS in any real way. Why is that? A real concentrated military campaign by Zimbabwe should be able to handle 50,000 nutcases—yet even the United States has not been able to stop their military advancements.

That means the governments of the world are behind the ISIS radicalism and the media involved is in the business of making the Islamic radicals appear to be larger than they really are to spread the theocracy that they are advocating. The reason is to support the Vico cycle for which we are all on, using the chaos of anarchy to advance the world to a new social cycle of theocratic origins for which government control is aligned. A people who easily worship a maniacal deity is likely to also worship the mediators in government who offer keys to the kingdom of the everlasting, which is what government fantasizes is their role in human affairs. Using fear and turmoil to advance a theocracy built on collectivism, the global governments hope to unite under a big tent of United Nations advocacy. ISIS in this case serves two objectives, first it provides a common enemy the world can hate, and two it advances a theocratic notion of human management. By attacking directly the Christian faith, the world might unite under Islamic influence in reaction to the spread of a Middle Eastern caliphate. So nations are sitting on the fence and essentially letting a stadium full of radicals turn the world toward self-destruction.

If the United States wanted to, ISIS could be ended in about a week of truly diligent effort. America has the tools to do so and there are easily enough Americans who would be willing to fly over to the Middle East and engage directly one for one the ISIS radicals. But the government will not get behind the effort because they obviously want the strategic implications of the terrorist organization to manifest to full maturity—which is the end game of a resetting of the Vico cycle.

The situation can be very confusing if taken through the prism of all the news stories hitting Americans at the same time. But even that is by strategic design. By overloading the American people with critical news events, there is no emotional capacity to deal with the ISIS issue—there is no will to unite behind ending the problem so long as it stays far away in the Middle East—while the caliphate around the Mediterranean forms around the collapse of the Greek economy, soiled deals between Turkey and Russia and the European Union holds on for dear life from being sucked down the drain as a failure. Northern Africa is falling toward radical Muslim influence as two of the major dictators from Egypt and Libya have been removed in favor of a subtle communist insurrection led by the Muslim Brotherhood, and we have on our hands a global crisis. All this is happening while China pushes the limits in the South China Sea threatening Japan and American interests. Meanwhile as seen in the Infowars report the same communist insurgents behind the Muslim Brotherhood are making their moves in minority communities in the United States such as in the Cleveland riots challenging regional police forces and pushing for a DOJ controlled national force—essentially nationalizing the police in America as a military unit controlled by the central government. Can you smell what’s cooking in the kitchen dear reader?

There is a lot of money to be made from emerging markets as old strongholds in America and Europe topple and investments made throughout Africa, Russia and China emerge through the current geopolitical turbulence. If money is followed as to who has withdrawn their financial support from those old markets and invested in the new, the instigators behind the ISIS terrorism will begin to be clear. It is then that the answer to the question would be answered if anybody dared to look. But fear of hit squads and being politically ostracized through financial support prevents such inquiries, so a continued insurrection of a stadium full of insurgents will continue to rule the hearts and minds of the world against common sense. There is nothing rational about the entire ISIS problem. And there is nothing religious about its continued perpetuation. It essentially all comes down to money.

For the communists at the heart of all these insurrections they also win by painting the extreme rich as evil capitalists who are instigating all these events from the comfort of their poolside phones. Capitalism will take the blame when it is not capitalism at work behind these wealthy radicals, but the evil brand of cronyism. Wealth under cronyism uses the political process to eliminate competition and protect their investments not through vibrant competition, but by cheating using greasy politicians to run cover in destroying emerging markets to hedge their bets in a lazy way through economic tampering. The villains of our society make billionaires look like the bad guys causing the clueless to clamor to communism for fairness—but what they don’t know is that this was all part of the strategy from the beginning. The entire escapade, the communists behind the riots in Cleveland, the ISIS terrorists, the collapse of the European Union and the transfer of wealth from superpowers to developing countries all point to a singularity of cronyism advocated in a direct way to demonize capitalism and force the youth of the world toward an embrace of communism.

If Americans were allowed to solve the ISIS problem it would quickly. But America is being deliberately held back from resolving the problem through political indecision and slack-jawed cronyism to evoke a reset of the Vico cycle. The end game is a unification of the world behind the theocratic desires of a class of global citizens who want to rule the world. It’s as diabolical of a plot as a typical James Bond film—but in this case it’s real and lacking the beautiful women or cool gadgets of “Q”. So to answer Bill O’Reilly who asked this very question about why America doesn’t just kick the crap out of 50,000 ISIS radicals—it’s because all the facts of the case have been hidden from view and therefore proper assessment of field reporting. The situation is far bigger than a regional ISIS problem, it’s a global chess move toward something else entirely using the pawns of radicalism to advance a theocracy in favor of global domination—and it all starts with 50,000 murderous nut cases hailed by villains as heroes of a New World Order. To that extent, Alex Jones is not overstating the end game. It’s only that such a realization is too painful to accept. But it is a grim reality revealed all too clearly by the inaction of the United States and the world in general, against ISIS.

Rich Hoffman


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Thank God for an American Gun Company in Springfield MA: The .500 Magnum, the most powerful production handgun in the world

When I cover for Matt Clark’s radio show on WAAM in Ann Arbor, Michigan on Saturday June 13th I plan to play an old T.G. Sheppard song he did with Clint Eastwood called, Make My Day.” The song is a country song done after the success of the Dirty Harry film Sudden Impact as a tribute to that classic cop drama featuring the .44 magnum from Smith & Wesson.   The song itself is a fun romp through common sense as seen from behind the trigger of a gun owner. Since I first heard that song shortly after watching Sudden Impact as a very young man, I have been in love with the company of Smith & Wesson. It has always represented to me a classic American company full of patriotism. The factory itself is located in the middle of an extremely liberal part of the country that is heavily dominated by labor union mentality and progressive politics. But Smith & Wesson has maintained itself as a dominant player in the firearms manufacturing world stage from its Springfield, MA factory off Roosevelt Ave for a long time and is a testament to the ingenuity of American resiliency. Firearms and aviation are still global manufacturing fields that are specifically dominated by American methods making the Smith & Wesson factory to me one of the most sentimental acts of patriotism available today.

It was largely that sense of sentimental patriotism that made me want to have the Smith & Wesson .500 Magnum. There was a lot of controversy when S&W released their Model 29 Dirty Harry gun when it was declared then that it was the most powerful handgun in the world by Clint Eastwood himself at the start of Magnum Force. 

  There were other handguns that were more powerful and it became well-known that S&W were overstating the power of their .44 magnum Model 29. Sure it was a powerful gun, but it wasn’t the most powerful. Regardless, Model 29 sales soared throughout the 70s into the early 90s when progressives launched a full-out attack during the Clinton years against guns and their manufactures. Clint Eastwood turned to more serious films and never returned to Dirty Harry after the film the Dead Pool in 1988 leaving the S&W Model 29 hanging a bit in a changing marketplace.

Instead of turning tail and running for history the tenacious engineers at S&W went back to the drawing board looking to officially become the most powerful handgun in the world—this time for real, not just in movie reference. That’s when they came up with the X-frame revolver series which produced the .460 Magnum and the massive .500 Magnum. With that .500 Magnum S&W had officially become the most powerful production handgun in the entire world, and because of the patented X-frame design, it will hold that title for a number of years.

It is for this reason that I had to have one. It wasn’t just to own the most powerful production handgun in the world; it was to reward S&W for standing the test of time, competition, and politics to emerge with such a massive personal firearm which clearly went against the grain of social pressure. I respect S&W immensely for holding firm against the tide of progressivism that surrounds their facility in Massachusetts. In a lot of ways they represent the kind of pressures going on all across the nation and world in general. Instead of backing off and tucking their tale to hide, they went to the drawing board and invented something that was unequivocally the most powerful and dominate handgun around. In a lot of ways it’s a lesson for how we should all handle the pressures of progressivism.

That’s certainly not to say that we should go out and shoot anybody. When I brought the .500 Magnum out for the first time around a lot of seasoned shooters over the Memorial Day weekend, there weren’t too many who wanted to fire it. The sheer size and power of it is extremely intimidating. Most were happy to just look at it in the case I brought it in. I had brought along $200 of ammunition just for that gun, and there still weren’t many who wanted to fire it outside of my son-in-law, and myself. Its one of those things that is a deterrent to improper behavior just in knowing that it exists, and in a lot of ways it represents the resiliency of Smith & Wesson as a company serving as a kind of last stand of classic value in a land of progressive erosion. My brother-in-law shot the gun into a nearby river and when a geyser erupted in the wake of the bullet scattering water in multiple trajectories as though hit by cannon fire, he declared, “Holy shit………..I’m good for life.” That is the kind of punch the Smith & Wesson announced to the world with their determined effort to product Model X revolvers while the rest of the world was going softer, smaller, and more Brady Bill friendly.

The song “Make My Day” embodies that same S&W tenaciousness, and is what most of us feel now that we are backed up against the wall by a progressive infusion into the national media. It’s why I still love that song and the S&W company after all these years—and is why I’m going to use it as an intro to the radio segment I plan to do for that particular half hour. It’s a metaphor for what we all have to do in America and the kind of attitude it takes to get there.

The theme of the song and the reason that out of all the cop dramas that have come out over the last four decades, Dirty Harry is still popular. The power of the .44 magnum from Smith & Wesson gave the Clint Eastwood character the assurance that no matter what kind of firepower he faced from the bad guys, he could out-gun them. Smith & Wesson to assure to their customers that they could always have that same type of personal assurance offered up the .500 Magnum for that very reason. Like the song brings to light, whether it’s a motorcycle gang, a collection of thugs, goons or punks who hide out in the night, Smith & Wesson provides their customers the assurance that they don’t have to be concerned with threats to their personal sanctity. That after all is the key to the American system of government and economics. Groups, no matter what their background whether it is an officially sanctioned government or a group of criminals desire to use fear to control individuals. When someone possesses the most powerful production handgun in the world it buys the assurance that no matter what a group tries to do to inflict fear on individuals, which the owner of such a gun doesn’t have to be afraid of anything. It is when individuals are forced to deal with each other on equal footing that a respectful culture of Americans emerges. Peace through superior firepower in the hands of good people.

Among gun owners it is found some of the best people functioning in the world today. Recently my same son-in-law who shot my new .500 Magnum visited his family in Great Britain who were shocked that he and my daughter had so many guns. In England it was appalling that anybody could own a personal firearm. My kids drove the point home by stating that guns are so prevalent in American culture that they had matching his and her 9mm semi-automatic pistols. That prospect was astonishing to the English family members who were functioning from a totally different culture. It is that kind of mentality that progressives here in America are trying to breed into our culture and currently surround the Smith & Wesson factory in Massachusetts. But the biggest difference between American society and everyone else is really the number of guns available to individuals. With so many guns come secure investments and limited government to abuse their power on helpless individuals. That is the point of the “Make My Day” song; it suggested that Dirty Harry actually looked forward to righting wrongs because he had such a powerful handgun in the .44 magnum. Because he was prepared, he looked forward to using it and didn’t have to live his life apprehensive as to what might come next.

In a lot of ways I have to thank Smith & Wesson for sticking around and fighting it out all these years. They answered much criticism to their product line by offering truly the most powerful production handgun in the world and to reward that tenacity—I bought one. To me it is a marvel of modern engineering achievement that is the backbone of the American system of government. Those who are against that American system are those who want to put the gun manufacturers out of business so that the firearm culture in the United States might abate. But that’s not going to happen, and now that I’ve given myself a taste of such a powerful gun in the .500 Magnum, I have a reiteration of a whole new category of Adam Smith philosophy to dust off and shout to the world. But before I do that I’ll give WAAM listeners a treat to what started it all for me, an old T.G. Sheppard song from a famous Clint Eastwood film that defined more than a cop drama to a Hollywood industry offering a story they thought would come and go without much memory. It was Smith & Wesson who was a silent credit in that film which defined for America a subtle key to its global success. When it comes to American success and self defense—the bigger the better—and because of S&W customers can legitimately get the biggest and best that a human hand can hold defending capitalism with all the self-assurance of Harry Callahan. There’s nothing wrong with that. As it says in the song, “It was Smith & Wesson that taught them a lesson, Go Ahead, Make My Day.” Obtaining my own .500 Magnum not only made my day—it made my century.

Rich Hoffman


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Review of the .500 Magnum: Being on the trigger side of freedom

There really is nothing like Memorial Day.  All through the year I refer specifically to this late spring early summer period as the absolute best part of a 12 month calendar.  In Ohio the temperature is just perfect hovering right around 70 to 80 degrees during the day and dropping down into the upper 50s at night.  Everything has a fresh feel to it in May which climaxes on Memorial Day typically.  And for each Memorial Day my father-in-law has a birthday for which the family gets together to celebrate.  May is a time for blockbuster summer movies, wonderful weather and eagerness toward the events of an upcoming summer.  I always love May and I likely always will.  So for this year we did something special, we finally bought a gun that I had been thinking about for a long time, the Smith & Wesson .500 Magnum with its heavily engineered X-frame revolver introduced in 2003 capable of hunting any form of life on planet earth.  It is the most powerful production handgun in the world and is a real brute to shoot, but I wanted to best to defend my home from the stacking pile of hostiles contemplating aggression, and sometimes the best deterrent is assured destruction.  After a lot of discussion with my wife, we finally made the purchase in May 2015 and tried it out on my father-in-law’s birthday over the Memorial Day weekend.  It was the best tribute to what Memorial Day means in America.  Memorial Day is a time to honor those fallen fighting for the freedoms we all enjoy in America.  But it is also a time to remember that the fight for freedom doesn’t end with memory of losses in foreign wars.  That fight continues daily and a good way to stay sharp and focused to that responsibility is with the purchase of a new gun—well, in the case of the .500 Magnum—artillery.  The .500 Magnum is everything that I hoped it would be as you can see me firing it below.  I have shot the gun before, but this time it was my own weapon fired for the first time outside of the factory.

One of the targets seen in the video was a portion of a tree branch cut to stand on its end.  The second was a standard sedimentary rock out of the river behind the target radius.  It is dangerous to shoot at such things with any gun.  But I had a pretty good idea that the .400 grain bullet would punch through both without ricochet so I wanted to test the punch power of the .500 magnum and its 1,800 fps velocity, 2,579 ft-lbf muzzle energy which is extraordinary for a handgun.   As can be seen clearly the bullet from the .500 Magnum split the log in half and punched the rock in two.  The rock itself was about five inches thick.  The ideal distance for shooting at such targets should have been 50 to 100 yards—but for the sake of this video so that target interaction could be seen, we moved in to about 25 yards.  That was not enough as debris pelted us even from that distance—something I would not have expected.  But when dealing with such powerful forces the strange and unusual can and do occur.  Needless to say, the most powerful handgun in the world did not disappoint.  It exceeded my expectations in every way.image

But that’s not all there was to such a fine day of shooting.  The entire Memorial Day shooting event was just marvelous.  We started the day gathering up our guns and preparing to hit the road.  My wife had several coolers made for a day trip to the south as we went around the city to pick up our family.  On the way to our shooting destination we stopped at McDonald’s twice and enjoyed the fruits of capitalism to its fullest.  We also stopped by the Field & Stream superstore in Northern Kentucky to buy some more ammunition.  It was a glorious start to a magnificently beautiful day.image

But once we settled in at our destination the culmination of much anticipation erupted with the sheer power of the .500 Magnum.  It was a pleasure to shoot.  But after a box of ammunition, the bones in my hand were starting to feel the fatigue.  In some of the slow motion portions of the video it is clear how much a wave of energy was displaced through my body during each shot.  It was truly an exhilarating sensation to have such a controlled explosion occurring in the palm of your hand.  It is truly a hand cannon as it is firing a projectile what would have sunk ships during the pirating days of 15th century buccaneering.  In those times that kind of power would have been strapped to a ship in the form of a fixed device.  It would have been unfathomable to contain such power into a hand cannon designed by the Smith & Wesson team with the X-frame to put such force in the hands of an individual.  Yet that’s why I bought the gun, to possess that kind of power.image

Having the gun however is not enough.  Learning to shoot it is the next great step.  My arms and wrist are already well prepared because of my frequent bullwhip work so the learning curb is less for me than the average shooter.  It takes a considerable amount of strength to handle the .500 Magnum for more than a few novelty shots.  Most of the men present at our event after seeing the power given off by the gun wanted nothing to do with actually firing it.  It shakes the ground when it fires and gives off a shock wave that will stop a target range still with silence after you fire it. The roar of the blast suppresses even a .12 gage shotgun so it’s truly something to behold.image

My son-in-law shot it several times and did very well.  Even from where I stood a good ten feet away from him, I could feel the wave of energy displacing each time he fired the gun.  It is like setting off a stick of dynamite with each shot.  There isn’t anything else like it.  For a person weighing less than 200 lbs, anything more than a 300 gr bullet would be too much to hold feet to the ground.  We went through our 400 gr bullets and I decided to save the 500 gr bullets for self-defense and concealed carry opportunities.  Ammunition as high as 700 gr bullets are available for the .500 Magnum which I will be getting but pleasurable shooting diminishes with so much raw power.  For target shooting and setting sights anything 275 gr to 300 gr is a decent range to stay within.  After firing the 400 gr bullets several times I am certain it would have stopped a 9’ grizzly bear or an African elephant.  I’m not the hunter type, so I will likely never use the gun for that kind of thing, but it was reassuring to know that if such a circumstance presented itself—I had a personal firearm that could handle the situation.  The .500 Magnum is insanely powerful.image

Because of that wonderful Magnum all my future May months will be just a little sweeter.  I will never forget the joy of buying and shooting that gun over this 2015 Memorial Day weekend. I had thought that the .500 Magnum would punch through that rock, but I wasn’t absolutely sure until I saw and felt it in real life.  Rocks are dangerous to shoot at, and it’s not something that I’d recommend.  I won’t be doing it again now that I know that the .500 Magnum will indeed thump through such a target.  It would easily destroy concrete blocks and other similar materials, which is just astonishing.  The .500 Magnum from Smith & Wesson is my favorite gun from one of my favorite gun companies—and its raw American.  So it only made sense that we celebrate such a fine American weapon on one of America’s most revered holidays and remember that it is through such actions that we all remain free.  While those who have lost their lives fighting for freedoms are the purpose of Memorial Day, it is better not to die while fighting that same fight.  A good way to stay alive is to be on the trigger side of the .500 Magnum.  For those on the other side they won’t stand much of a chance.

Rich Hoffman


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A Shooting Simulator at Right 2 Arms: Technology meets affordability in Liberty Township, Ohio

I appreciated the work that the guys at Right 2 Arms did for me on trying to locate a Smith & Wesson .500 Magnum.  As I said in a previous article I had bought the Magnum that they had at Bass Pro Shop anyway, so when Right 2 Arms called me to say they hadn’t been able to locate one after three days of looking, there were no hard feelings.  So to thank the guy, I stopped by over the Memorial Day weekend to buy some more ammunition and thank them personally for their efforts.  Because of my previous visit I knew they had some Hornady .500 magnum ammunition that was of the 500 gr variety, so I went to the new gun store in Liberty Township, Ohio to buy a box and support a local business.

A lot of times new gun stores might appear to the outside world to just be alike one after another.  When you walk into them there are always glass cases with pistols followed by ammunition boxes on the wall behind the counter.  Above the back wall are carefully placed rifles.  Typically these are all manner of shotguns and AR-15s which was certainly the case at Right 2 Arms.  But at this particular gun store there was something different—a large flat screen television playing which showed the various scenario features of a Laser Shot shooting simulator that they had in the basement.  The owner of Right 2 Arms had mentioned something about a simulator to me during the previous week so I already had an idea that they had something unique on the property but after watching a bit of the video, I had no idea it was so interesting.  I imagined something akin to a Chuckee Cheese arcade shooter—not something so technically viable.  After a bit of discussion one of the Right 2 Arm employees suggested that I give the simulator a test run—which of course I accepted.

The basement was fixed up nicely into a classroom setting with multiple rooms.  The room with the simulator had a few rows of tables for students to sit at while offering Concealed Carry Classes and other scenario based training that would be ideal for law enforcement efforts.  It was obvious from the start that what Right 2 Arms had in the basement of their gun shop was better than the simulator training facilities at Butler Tech just down the road.  The shooting simulator was essentially a home theater system that projected various scenarios onto a full wall of the basement in High Definition.  It was a similar system as shown in the videos provided, but only more refined and with many more programming options than I would have thought possible. Off to the side was a laptop where the instructor could set up the shooting scenarios and keep track of the shooting statistic.  Behind him were the various guns supplied for the simulator—real guns using a special clip charged with CO2.  A tank filled with the gas was next to the laptop as the instructor charged the cartridges and handed me a Glock.

The instructor opened up a street situation where bandits shot from behind barricades forcing a shooter to identify friend from foe quickly and to place accurate shots made under stress to relieve the targets of their threat status.  It was remarkably real.  At first I thought it was going to perform like an arcade shooter, but the Glock performed like the real gun that it was providing recoil feedback that was reflective of an actual firefight.  When the ammunition ran out in the clip the Glock had to be reloaded in the same fashion as it is in real life in order to resume the effort.  It was pretty remarkable and all-encompassing.

After the street scenario the instructor showed me how the simulator ran other scenario based training exercises.  For instance in one scene it put the shooter in position to withdraw money from an ATM as an assailant approached from the side to commit a robbery. Some dialogue was exchanged where the shooter engaged in a warning.  The robber ignored those warnings and proceeded forward with a crowbar.  A crowbar is not a firearm, but is considered a deadly weapon if the aggressor makes a threatening move with it.  In this case once the shooter has made the robber aware that he will shoot if the assailant does not retreat it was considered OK to disable the target once he took a step in favor of aggression.  Once he took that first step toward me after a brief exchange of dialogue it was legal to then take the putdown shot. Honestly after running through that simulation I didn’t know that it was considered legal in the State of Ohio to take that shot at that moment.  In real life I would have tried to disable the target in some other manner just to avoid the legal entanglements.  However learning what I did from that simulator, I would be much less apprehensive about that occurrence in the future.

There were other similar portions of the simulator that were just as effective and varied.  One was a target range where moving targets that would otherwise be found on a combat target range were available just as they would be in real life—only the shooting was a lot cheaper.  Essentially the only projectile used in the scenario was a little electricity and some compressed air.  The cost of the simulator for visitors to Rights 2 Arms was only about $50 per hour and $10 for each additional shooter.  That price seemed very reasonable to me as a typical day of renting a lane at Target World is much more expensive.  The guns are real, the weight and muscle memory are all there, only you get to shoot in the comfort of a basement in Liberty Township right down the road from the Elk Run golf course and nearby Kroger.  No mess to clean up, no extracted shell casings lying around, just carpet and some air tanks.

I was very impressed with Right 2 Arms.  Not only were they very professional even when they couldn’t help me directly, they seemed very eager to build relationships within the community that would be beneficial to everyone.  The owner took the extra steps to ensure that I was a happy customer going well beyond what was expected.  But the extra cherry on top was that they had the class based simulator on site which far exceeded what professional training systems were providing.  For the home defense trainee who wants to run through a home invasion robbery to get that uneasiness of knowing how they’d react under such a stressful condition, the Right 2 Arms simulator can prepare their mind for that unfortunate occurrence.  It can be stunning to see a body hit the ground after you shoot it, so the Right 2 Arms simulator can provide that first look, so that if such an unfortunate event occurs in real life, it won’t be so shocking.  I can think of hundreds of reasons to use the simulator and I hope that Liberty Township residents use such a resource to their advantage.  I can’t think of a better way to make a reluctant spouse feel more comfortable shooting guns than on the Right 2 Arms simulator.  It’s clean, cheap, and convenient.  The gun store is well stocked with a friendly staff and is everything that is expected in Liberty Township—it’s just a bit nicer than a typical place with the professionalism that is expected among a client base that is considered economically affluent.  With that affluence can sometimes provide a resistance to shooting facilities because they don’t feel comfortable in those environments.  But at Right 2 Arms they have taken away that stigma and presented an environment that is professional and just enough fun to provide a memorable experience that will actually train new and old shooters with additional skills that are quite valuable.  And the best part about it is that the simulator at Right 2 Arms is right in all our backyards.  It’s as easy as shooting gets, and will take the edge off before we discover we really need those skills under conditions that are far more stressful.  It was one of the best accidental discoveries I have made in my community during 2015 so far.

Rich Hoffman


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The Treasures of Brownells: A gift to the American shooter

Even though I felt at the time that I had lived five lifetimes before I ever hit 20 years of age and had some college under my belt along with two yeas of gunsmithing school, that a fresh-faced kid from Southern Ohio was going to struggle financially under that chosen profession.  Customers after all like seasoned veterans for that kind of work and I hadn’t been around the block much in the shooting world—not officially anyway.  So as a young gunsmith in a little shed behind our home, I was getting work—but it wasn’t the type of high-priced work I’d need to care for a growing family while keeping my wife home so that she could care properly for our children.  The other issue was that clients who would give me a shot as such a young face were the type of people who were in trouble with the law and did not want the older, and orthodox Federal Firearms License holders to handle their needs.  I couldn’t bring those types of people around the house with a one and two-year old children running around.  The other issue was that I needed more experience on the craftsmanship end.  So I took my acquired skills learned through gunsmithing and took professional jobs that required frequent measurements of .001 of an inch reading micrometers and calipers so that I’d develop all the hand skills of the gunsmithing trade.  Along the way I’d write books, get more involved with bullwhip work and spend another five lifetimes over the next twenty-five years getting lots, and lots of experience using many of the gunsmithing skills I had to do work for various companies.  Whereas I made the money to take care of my family in lots of unusual ways my love of gunsmithing never really went away. And one of the great memories from my past during the early days of my marriage to my wife before we started a family was the constant books and catalogues from Brownells which populated our home with huge stacks of shooting literature.

My love for America was shaped during my youth by a gradual introduction to Brownells through my gunsmithing school and our frequent trips to Gatlinburg, Tennessee.  I loved the common sense of rural Americans who found the popular Smoky Mountain resort town such a destination of choosing.  And under that culture was a love of guns, and the people at Brownells even more than the NRA loved the business side of firearms to a point that I found it easy to connect to.  They are such a great organization who unselfishly taught so many neat tricks that they preserved in a way I thought greatly beneficial an aspect of American life that I could see vanishing before my eyes.  Only in the gun circles of companies like Brownells was the true nature of American life being preserved in the way the Constitution always intended.  The videos shown here are just a small example of how Brownells approach the business as they teach how to clean and repair a basic single action revolver.  They additionally break down the care of AR-15s and SIGs with the same patient instruction and they do a lot of this for free.  Also on their website is a section that offers schematics for just about every gun in production so that if you need a little sear for some obscure gun you found at a trade show, you can order it by part number and get a replacement.

When I finally bought my .500 magnum recently after many years and miles of contemplation dividing up my busy life, I took a little more time to admire the vast stock that Bass Pro Shop had to provide materials to the shooting sportsman.  I told my wife that having a place like Bass Pro around would have been very helpful in my early days of gunsmithing because there was nothing like that back then.  You had to go to Gatlinburg or some other exotic place to get that type of positive American atmosphere, let alone the unequivocal support.  But I also told her that Bass Pro had good stuff on their shelves, but that they were no Brownells.  That’s when I realized that I hadn’t visited their site since I stopped performing gunsmithing, so I pulled them up on my iPad and reconnected with an old friend.

I was so happy to see that Brownells was still going strong. They still offer their gigantic full color catalogue which was very expensive back in 1989—it must be ungodly today—but they still ship them to their customers.  They offer hundreds of how-to videos on YouTube completely free of charge and have that same American enthusiasm for the shooting profession they have always been known for, which was a relief.  So it didn’t take me long to reconnect with them after two decades.  As foreign as it sounds, a few decades can get away from you if you don’t watch your time carefully.  I am very selfish with my time because I always have so much going on.  Shooting was only a part of my life, so when you get busy with other things like philosophy, politics, legalisms, economics, and raising a family the proper way, months and years fly by like lightning across the sky.  But it’s never too late to come back to an old project which for me began with the purchase of my .500 magnum from Smith and Wesson.

Another thing that came up when I was younger was the stigma of shooting. I certainly felt it during the late 80s into 90s as the Clinton administration looked like it would be successful in banning military style firearms after the Brady Bill.  I didn’t know at the time if the shooting profession itself was going to be banned all together—it looked that way at the time.  I wasn’t sure how long a company like Brownells would be able to continue doing what they were doing.  When it comes to gunsmithing, they are the primary supplier.  They are the backbone to keeping the shooting industry humming along.  As progressive political activists like George Soros attempt to buy up American gun manufacturers to strategically end the supply of guns in America to private residence, it is the many years of commitment to building a client base of gunsmiths all across the United States that will ensure that shooting never dies out in the only free nation on earth—at least free in principle.  So long as there is a Brownells, there is a gunsmith somewhere who can build a gun from scratch.  Gun manufacturers are not necessarily needed.  But gunsmiths are—and because of Brownells, there are still a healthy number of them around who can keep the sport alive.

It’s easy to forget what America was always supposed to be when you watch the nightly news and read from its newspapers—particularly those from New York and Los Angeles.  But America is quite alive and well in the stores of Bass Pro and the pages of Brownells.  Of that later, Brownells is in a class by itself, and if you are a shooter, it would be a good idea to know who and what they are.  They are a tremendous resource for the modern American shooter—which is a unique company specific to the United States.  You won’t find an equivalent company anywhere else in the world.  Sweden can make tables and chairs for their IKEA stores, Germans can make their cars, France can breed women with unshaved armpits, and the Chinese can continue to make the stuff that Americans want to buy at Wal-Mart but there is nothing like a Brownells in Mexico, Brazil or Australia.  They are specific to the culture of Americana that we all know and love and are the backbone of our lifestyle of freedom.

My return back to my roots is the awareness that strategically progressive activists have sought to end businesses like Brownells and its customer base.  After what I’ve learned in all the other aspects of my life which has filled these pages with so much color and candor is that the best way to defeat that strategy is with an unapologetic embrace of the American art of shooting and caring for our guns.  And when it comes to caring for guns, Brownells as a company are the experts.  A look through their catalogue is enough to make a grown man weep.  There has never been a better collection of tools and gadgets anywhere between the covers of a big catalog.  Brownells does everything right and are a treasure from my past that I am happy to see just as strong today as they were then.  Brownells is the blood behind the body of the shooting profession.  They are what helps keep an interest in the NRA and other shooting organizations so robust, because Brownells keeps guns working and passed down from one generation to another constantly building a client base that has not be snuffed out by activists hell-bent on making America into a restricted nation like Europe.  Brownells keeps the gunsmithing profession alive and is the best source out there for keeping those family treasures functioning and robust.  And if you didn’t know about them dear reader, well, now you do.

Rich Hoffman


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The American Gun: Remembering Adam Smith and the heroes of westward expansion

It does not escape me; especially when I travel or experience cultures abroad that the cultures mostly seem proud of their histories.  Of course the Japanese are proud of the samurai culture which is obvious in their business dealings.  Australians are proud of their outback ruggedness, the English of their Empire, the French of their topless beaches, wine and ability to throw down a rifle at the first sign of trouble thinking that Napoleon’s empire was enough to show they had testicular fortitude for the next millennia.  Only in America do we find this notion that we should forget our past and reject our historical figures.  Like the samurai America had a period of valiant heroes and desperate villains that were exacerbated during the period of time referred to as the Old West.  Unlike the samurai warriors of old the Wild West characters exemplified by this period were driven to their glory by guns instead of a sword, and allowed for what may be the first time in all of human history a true path toward individual achievement.  The samurai had some of the same noble tendencies as a typical Wild West gunfighter, but the Japanese warrior was usually bound in service to some noble land owner—whereas the cowboy was pursing their own unique life.  That is the dramatic difference.

The moment that a few rival motorcycle gangs in Texas fired shots at each other the national American media jumped all over the story personifying the incident as a shoot-out in the Old West hoping to throw logs on the fire of further gun restrictions to prevent the violence.  Progressives especially refer to the Old West as if our society had “moved on” beyond such primal achievements.  Then once an Amtrak train jumped off the tracks in New Jersey for some unknown reason they filled the airwaves and print media with demands for more tax dollars for such an ancient means of transportation—that was ironically invented during the Old West and the expansion across the New World to the opposite ocean.  We’re supposed to feel guilty that the Gold Rush brought out too much greed to mankind, that the saloons across the new nation were filled with gamblers and prostitutes and that the streets were often bathed in blood from so many human beings carrying around personal firearms.  We have been told by progressives that our society today is much better because of rules they made and that if only we listened to them, we might someday be more like Europe is today.  To accomplish this we are supposed to forget our heroes of the American West, give up our guns, our music, and our culture as if it never was—and that is a mistake of epic proportions.

I remember some of the stunned poetry of William Blake—whom many believed was part of the Illuminati movement that was taking place in America during his young years into the early period that would become the Wild West.  By the time there was an American Constitution he was in his mid-thirties and as a painter and poet watched as the New World throw off the chains of a kingly society for the first time in history.  There was no “leader” in America—no King Louis, Edward, or Henry and this was extremely unusual to the world stage.  In America people made their own way.   They were free to pursue their own dreams at risk of peril or plunder and as a result New York City rose up to rival Paris and London in just s few short years.  The world was shocked and the bloodshed was considerably less than all the battles between England, Spain and France during the previous centuries.  The story goes that the Bavarian Illuminati was the shadow government of the United States working to bring the Scottish Rite to public acceptance through backdoor means to overthrow the grip kings had on the world.  In this way “illuminated” individuals could rise up to their own levels of competency without having to suck up to a king in order to achieve success.  Blake watched as this experiment blossomed into an extraordinary success which led directly to the freeing of slaves to the invention of the most powerful economy the world had ever seen.  And for that the progressives want to erase the memory.

For many the Old West was a hard place.  It might have led to direct conflict with Indians, with some despot in a bar over a card game, or dying of ill-health while panning for gold.  But, for the first time in human history if a man wanted to make their way in the world to wealth, they could grab a horse, a gun, and head for the horizon to make a life anyway they saw fit.  This would be a byproduct of the capitalism invented by Adam Smith as he envisioned the invisible hand of enlightened self-interest in his great book, An inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations.  That enlightened self-interest would give rise to heroes like Davy Crockett, Wyatt Earp, Kit Carson, and Wild Bill Hickok.  It would also give rise to villains like Jessie James, Black Bart and many other railroad tycoons who would attempt to manipulate this new-found capitalism into something like the cronyism of old Europe.  But at the center of all this new-found individual independence was the gun which equaled out the big and strong from the weak and soft spirited.   Bill O’Reilly’s recent series Legends and Lie deals specifically with this period of western heroes and villains very well.

Progressives despise the Old West and seek at every turn to erase it from history’s memory—and with that the American gunfighter mythology.  The reason is that the gun embodies the utilization of westward expansion when mankind for the first time in history had gained individual mobility that gave rise to an economy the world envied terribly.  Yet to Americans the gun culture is every bit as important as the samurai sword is to the Japanese or a fortune cookie is to the Chinese.  The gun is the symbol in America of individual will and the ability to pursue it to advance the enlightened self-interest of enterprising human beings.  This gave rise to new money like the Rockefellers and J.P. Morgan and gave opportunity to inventors like Nicola Tesla and Thomas Edison.  The gun and violence of the Old West paved the way for the great inventions of the 20th Century—and without those inventions; mankind would still be in horse and buggies enslaved to kings, queens and stuffy nobility.  In America a new kind of economic freedom had emerged and it was driven forth by the gun—which is our history and source of pride.

Nobody ever said that the American West was perfect—or that innocent people were not killed.  The times of the samurai were not free of sadness and the Chinese certainly had their fair share of tragedy after being ruled by the Mongols then the subsequent Dynasties of emperors starting with the Yuan.  Yet, history remembers those times fondly in their cultures as pictures of ancient heroes litter their artwork.  In those cultures the people embrace their past even with all the sorrow left in the wake.  In America we are told to run away from history and invent something new—which is really a trick.  We are told by modern progressives to run away from Adam Smith and into the arms of Karl Marx and the philosophers of Europe.  We are told to give up our guns and independence so that we can be ruled once again by kings and nobility.  Those who know history of course avoid that fate.  Those who don’t are falling for the trap and future aggression is brewing because of it.  But there should never be an ounce of shame regarding the American West or its expansion.  For every memory of detriment was a blooming flower of opportunity for somebody who otherwise wouldn’t have had it—and the means for achieving such a feat was the American gun.  America became what it did in such a short time not because of any particular president, or any corporation—but because of the enlightened self-interest of Adam Smith’s economic theory and the American guns which preserved that right in the wild days of westward expansion.  While it’s true that many people suffered, many more lived for the first time a fate of their own design.  And for that we should always remember with great fondness the heritage of our Wild West and the cowboys who experimented for the first time with capitalism as free from government and pinheaded nobility as any human beings under the flag of a new country had ever conceived.  And for America it worked and should be copied across the entire world—starting with a reverence for the gun in all its glory.

Rich Hoffman


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Dr. Nafziger Calls for Resignation of Judy Shelton: Video of fights between good Republicans and bad Republicans

There is nothing worse than a bully. I personally have no sympathy for any bully whether it be a motorcycle gang member, a labor union thug, or a 73-year-old woman trying to hold on to power to protect her out-dated world outlook. Bullies in all categories are bad and a threat to the American republic because such a political system requires a self-confident, intelligent population that participates as honestly in the election process as possible. But in Butler Country, Ohio there are a number of bullies operating within the political system of the GOP that prevent the kind of positive growth that is needed as market demographics change and new priorities face future voters. This is a story regarding the latter type of bully which insists that people vote not based on intelligence or free thought—but fear of compliance. In this case the Central Committee Chairperson for Butler County who has been involved in a lot of questionable actions over the last few years was the aggressor. Specifically of these strategic impositions would be the public and private actions against David Kern to push him out of being head of the Republican Party since he represented the Tea Party faction after the 2012 election. Another was throwing Ann Becker out of a John Kasich rally because she wanted to ask questions about Common Core, this was done by Todd Hall, but represented the anti-Tea Party position of this chairperson. Then there was last year’s ruckus involving Evan Thomas. There is a history between good Republicans and bad Republicans which indicated that some sort of quarrel would break out during a May 18th 2015 meeting which will be explained in detail during the subsequent paragraphs. In this article good Republicans would be defined by Constitutional purists against the machine politics of old who seek to build personal alliances through politics to secure business interests. George Nafziger wanted to warn voters at the May meeting of the chairperson’s strategy at that meeting so he was passing out a flyer explaining the activity—also shown below. He knew that the chairperson had been involved in a lot of behind the scenes arm-twisting and anticipated that he would be harassed in a similar way. So he turned on his camera and let it run—which recorded the following. What you are about to see is how politics works in Butler County, Ohio from behind the veil of the Central Committee.


Many voters don’t understand how the Central Committee portion of politics work so it would be helpful to have an explanation as George explained it to me during his report of the recent meeting happenings. Every county in Ohio is divided into a varying number of precincts, each containing a given number of voters. The Republican and Democrat Parties both have an elected “precinct member” representing their interests in that precinct. These precinct members [ward captains if you prefer] run for office and are elected in the spring primary. They literally run a campaign and present their political philosophy just like candidates running for Congress, etc., and the individual who most represents his precinct wins by gaining the highest vote count.

Their function is to keep their constituents informed of party and political issues, to get out the vote in the November elections, and to vote in party meetings to endorse or not to endorse a candidate for the primary elections.

These precinct members form what is called the “central committee.” There is also an “executive committee.” In most of Ohio’s counties the Executive Committee is little more than a rump group of the Central Committee who handle the daily functions of the party and run party meetings. It includes individuals who hold elective office in the county, i.e. sheriff, commissioner, etc.

However, in Butler County this Executive Committee grew into a major body in the party totaling 85% of the number of the members of the Central Committee. Some are appointed by the Central Committee Chair to assist in their party operations. However, the rest literally buy their way into the party functions by paying a fee of $150 and being voted, en masse, by the Central Committee.

For this $150 they get to vote on the endorsement of candidates for office, so they have bought a seat at the table and directly influence the public’s choices in the November elections.

The Central Committee Chairperson, in conjunction with the Policy Committee, develops the list of the Executive Committee members and submits it to the Central Committee for approval. There is rarely any discussion about individuals on the list and generally the Central Committee membership is asked to vote blindly on the names presented to them.

The process for developing the Executive Committee list has evolved over the years and recently it was changed so that a very small clique totally controlled the names that were put on that list. This provoked a revolt among the members of the Butler County Central Committee in the May 2014 organizational meeting. Because of the resulting chaos, the meeting was cut short and the Executive Committee was not established.

The chaos included an incident reported in the Hamilton Journal where a sergeant-at-arms, appointed by Mrs. Judy Shelton, the Central Chairperson, threatened a Central Committee member with physical violence for voicing his objection to the actions taken by the chairperson in this meeting.

Three months earlier, at the January 2014 candidate endorsement meeting the Executive Committee was manipulated by this clique so as to insure their chosen candidates would win the party’s endorsement. In Butler County the endorsed Republican candidate, by winning the party endorsement, has essentially won the general election in November. The vote in November has been reduced to a formality.

In this manipulation, a bus was rented and Executive Committee members, who would otherwise not have come to the meeting, were brought to the meeting, it was rumored, after being fed a free dinner and told for whom they were to vote. Their votes were essentially bought for the cost of a dinner and a bus ride. The bus was parked in front of the meeting hall. As to the contents of the dinner, it could only be confirmed by those attending.

Because of this and other issues many central committee members resolved to block the re-establishment of the Executive Committee.

A Regional Meeting of Central Committee members was held on April 28th, in which it became clear that Mrs. Shelton, the Central Chairperson, essentially said that the Executive Committee was being purged of those people who did not vote for her chosen candidates.

In May 2015 a meeting was called to re-establish the Executive Committee and those dissenting members moved to oppose this. One of them, Dr. George Nafziger, prepared a flyer explaining his position on the proposed list. He handed it out at the entrance to the conference room until Mrs. Judy Shelton confronted him. Dissent was not to be tolerated by the Chairperson who clearly indicated that only leadership was able to decide who received what at that meeting.

In the video made using a cell phone hanging from Dr. Nafziger’s neck during this incident it was easy to see several minutes of people greeting him and him giving them a copy of his flyer.  The members in the video are all elected officials doing the work of the county.  Then Mrs. Shelton confronted him, telling him that he had no right to pass out flyers representing his views on her proposed Executive Committee list. Shelton was obviously primarily concerned with exerting her authority to maintain the power position in the discussion as a way to quell any thoughts of un-unified discussion—as a party. This is the key to the problem; Shelton desires to unify the Republican Party behind the type of interests represented by her, which is centered on real estate development, and various ways to merge business with politics—essentially the old Carlos Todd approach to Butler County politics of which John Boehner is a direct product. That is clearly her motivation as indicated by her approach and dialogue. You will also see her threaten him with an expulsion by a police officer. His efforts to speak for the people he was elected to represent was shut down by the Republican Party Central Committee Chairman, Mrs. Judy Shelton for the purpose of preserving party unity which keeps her, and her affiliates in power—which is clearly not how any type of republic in the United States was supposed to ever function.

As Dr. Nafziger left the room and moved down a hallway, he passed out his flyers to the Central Committee members waiting to register for the meeting. Mrs. Shelton followed him, shoving him, and grabbing his flyers from the hands of the other central committee members. You can hear Dr. Nafziger repeatedly tell her to stop pushing him as she attempted to take the edge off by laughing to ease the crowd gathered.  The law was present, including Butler Country’s top cop, Sheriff Jones, and allowed the behavior to continue as though this type of thing had become acceptable over the years.  Likely there is a belief that the courts would line up behind Shelton’s actions and that she had become something larger than the law itself as defined by the election of resident representatives.

This is the material George was passing out, which provoked so much of a public insult.



  • Do you think your neighbors elected you because they did not know you? No!


  • Do you know the qualifications of all or even most of those on whom you will be voting tonight? No!


  • Do you want your future votes for candidate endorsements to be diluted by the votes of people you do not know? No!


  • Are you willing to be a rubber stamp for someone else’s handpicked friends? No!


  • Do you know that the reasons to have these appointees are 1.) $150 in annual dues and 2.) their guaranteed vote in support of those who screened and selected them? No!


  • Do you know that the list before you was purged of names who voted their minds and not as they were told to vote? No!


  • Do you think your neighbors, who elected you, want your vote cancelled by people over whose selection you had no voice? No!


  • Should we risk giving control of our Party to people who were carefully screened and culled by a select few and do not represent the interests of the elected precinct members? No!


  • Recalling the May 2014 meeting, do you want to see these proposed members voting as they are told to vote by those who put them on the list before us tonight? No!


  • Do you know that the elimination of six of the seven regions has resulted in a situation where the vote of the Regional Chair we selected will always be overridden by the Executive and Central Chairs, who handpicked this list? No!
  • You took an oath of office to serve the interests of your neighbors. Do you think that a vote in favor of this list serves their interests? No!


Do not throw away the rights and duties entrusted to you by your neighbors who elected you to office. A vote in favor of this list of proposed members of the Executive Committee will negate your vote. The health and success of our Party depends on your vote tonight.

Immediately after this event George contacted me with the following note letting me know of the incident and looking for some way to tell his story knowing that most of the usual media contacts were loyally committed to the established politics striving to hold power against Tea Party insurgents.  I have in my possession a rather damning audio clip that further indicates the level of animosity that Chairman Shelton has toward Tea Party members of the Republican Party–however, that audio was recorded during a private GOP event that was intended to stay that way.  I’m not sure at this time that I will release it, unless needed.  Given the nature of this audio recording which implicates many people I call friends, then hearing George’s story, it was quite obvious that we were dealing with serious bullies in the GOP that deserved exposure.   I’m not going to allow that kind of thing in my backyard without saying something about it.  So here is George’s letter to me as he wrote it.

Because of the threat of violence last year by a member of the party leadership against Evan Thomas I decided that I should have a written flyer to pass out to express my opinion on the proposed list of people to be elected to the Executive Committee. I also decided that I should record what happened while I was passing it out. If I have enough band on my e-mail, I’ll attach the video recording of what transpired. I will also attach two of the flyers that were circulating and which I was passing out.


As you will see in the video, Judy Shelton, the party central chairman, threw me out of the hall before the meeting began because she objected to my flyer. She manhandled me as you will hear and not being willing to strike or push back at a woman I went, but she was constantly shoving me. As I passed down the hall I passed out further flyers, which she grabbed from people’s hands. The video will give you the rest.


When the meeting began it was badly managed. Shelton even had to be reminded to get a vote to approve the agenda. She was eager to rush into the vote for the central and executive membership, which were the principal reasons for the meeting.


She then went into an harangue about the two lists of people to be voted on this evening: 1.) people to be appointed to vacancies in the central committee, and 2.) a re-established executive committee.


The vote for replacements to the central committee went fairly smoothly, however there was great opposition to the re-establishment of the executive committee.


A dozen people got up and spoke about it. Most of the speakers were opposed and Shelton had to ask for people to rebut some of the arguments. There were few takers.


The principal arguments against it were:


1.)        It diluted the votes of the elected central committee members in the all-important endorsement votes. References were made to busing people in as was done in the January 2013 endorsement meeting. Comments were made as to how there was manipulation of the system, using the Executive Committee to give Shelton’s personally preferred candidates an edge in the endorsement process. You can confirm that with Roger Reynolds and Judge Oster as they were the targets of this (as was I) in the January 2014 meeting.


2.)        Shelton claimed these people were selected because they were “workers” but attendance records were brought out and used as an indication of “workers” in the executive committee were not workers. Of 106 attendance records 80 of these “workers” attended less than 60% of the party meetings. The point being if you can’t attend meetings, then odds are you won’t do much work.


3.)        It was argued that as the central committee members were elected by the residents of their precincts after they displayed their political philosophy, then they should not “sell their votes for $150”, which is the cost of being a member of the Executive Committee.


Shelton spent most of her time rebutting these arguments. It was also interesting to note that she complained that people had not turned out for the Lincoln Day Dinner/fund-raiser. The reason for that was her management of the party’s affairs and the lack of support she has after the May 2014 party meeting.


Anyway, when the motion to vote for the proposed executive committee went to the floor and the voting was to begin there was a motion to “divide the house.” This means that the precinct members literally have to move to one side of the floor or the other to show their support of a position. This is done to prevent voice votes from being deliberately misinterpreted by the chair.


That process was initially chaotic, but settled down after much confusion and some recounts.


The precinct members (central committee members) literally lined up on the walls of opposite sides of the room. The count was redone 3-4 times and the final result was that 57 voted against the proposed executive committee and 56 voted for it. One precinct member changed his vote during the course of this chaos and threw the vote to the “No Executive Committee” position.


There had earlier been a call for a secret ballot, but Shelton had told the woman who made that proposal that she would not allow it. However, after the house divided and the 57-56 vote came in, suddenly Shelton wanted a secret ballot. The membership shouted her down.


And that is what happened tonight.


George Nafziger

As a result of this incident Dr. Nafziger is planning to ask for Mrs. Shelton to be removed from her chairman seat. It is quite obvious that she is more interested in unifying the Republican Party around the type of machine politics that has left the party stagnant and ineffective in the past. For instance, if John Boehner is truly the best man for the job as congressman, then he should have no problem surviving the primary process provoked from healthy debate. But when it’s wondered how people like Boehner, who are obviously political moderates combating radical leftists in Washington—of which many think he’s losing—keep their jobs for decades as congressman, now you know. The reason is because they have people like chairman Shelton doing the dirty work of suppressing opinion for them out of sight from the media or the public in these central committee meetings.

As far as people go I like most Republicans. I have a bit of history with Todd Hall and I like him. I would probably get along fine with Judy Shelton when talking about our dislike of Obama. When talking about our resistance to legalized drugs in Ohio Sheriff Jones and I share a lot of common ground. He’s against it and so am I in a huge way. Relative to the rest of the world, we have more in common than not. But, in relation to the purity of how a republic is supposed to function in the United States they represent the bad Republicans whereas George represents the good. The good doctor isn’t such because I personally like him—which I do—but because he represents at great scrutiny the purity of how a constitutional republic is supposed to function. Competition is good—and the Republican Party would be stronger if it had a lot more competition, and a lot less thuggish behavior on behalf of party leaders seeking consensus more than theatrical criticism.

The Republican Party does not belong to Judy Shelton or anybody else. Because of her actions and desire to bend the shape of the party toward her personal predilections, she needs to be removed, as Dr. Nafziger has now made a motion to implement. The Tea Party is not a regional thing that is up to her to crush so that she can be a hero to the machine politics of old. It is a national movement created in opposition largely because of people like her controlling central committees at all levels of the GOP and preserving flat candidates for the last hundred years allowing the more socially radical progressives to move the social meter away from conservatism more to the political left. George isn’t involved in all this so he can sell another house or streamline a project through a zoning hearing. He really cares about the GOP and at the very least; Shelton has an obligation to give the voters of his district a voice in government. Even if she disagrees with him, she should at least respect the process enough to let the best and brightest ideas have their day in the court of public opinion. Instead she openly sought to suppress that voice and she got caught doing it on video. That is why she should be immediately removed from office in favor of a chairman who will respect the Republic and give a proper voice to the GOP in Butler County for the better. Competition should be what determines who holds what office and for how long. People like Shelton should not allow the mediocre to stay in office by protecting them from warranted criticism. That is why Dr. Nafziger has urged her removal from the chairman seat of the Butler Country Central Committee. And that is also why if she cared an ounce for the GOP, she would do it on her own without further provocation.

Rich Hoffman


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The Bankruptcy of Chicago: I told you so two years ago

Lets see, two years ago when I was talking about the need to control the Lakota levy in my home town of Liberty Township, Ohio I did a warning video shown below where I emphasized voter management to avoid the kind of diabolical situation that takes place on the macro scale in places like Detroit and Chicago. Detroit filed bankruptcy and I said in that video that Chicago was about two years away from the same fate. Of course people thought that I overstated the problem and was speaking as a right-winged pundit dramatizing the situation for political gain. Well, it’s been nearly two years and Chicago is exactly where I said it would be. Here’s the video as it was presented.

Chicago under progressive Obama friend Rahm Emanuel made a deal with the striking teacher’s union a few years back that has now caught up to the city. Municipal bonds within Chicago have been downgraded by Moody’s to a “junk” status which is a nail in the coffin leaving nowhere to run for the third largest city in America filled with progressive policies that have bankrupted it. It is a failed society and has avoided showing that failure with debt spending. America as a nation is on the same path, but the overload hasn’t quite caught up to Washington yet. In Chicago that happened a long time ago, and once the teacher’s union in Chicago had a major strike that Emanuel settled with appeasement it toppled any hope of austerity to recover years of overspending. Public employees pensions are so underfunded that the shortfall is nearly equal six times the annual budget for the entire city. It’s quadruple what it was only a decade ago which works out to $60,000 per Chicago household. Progessives within the city hoped for a bailout from the state. However Governor Bruce Rauner has refused to even consider such an action stating that Illinois has its own problems, and won’t be bailing out Chicago’s runaway public employee costs. So progressives are turning toward the hope of further tax increases and we all know what will happen next. To understand the enormity of this tragic situation watch all the videos included in this article. These problems will soon be at your doorstep as well no matter what part of the country you live in.

The responsible thing is to attack the parasitic nature of public sector workers in our hometowns in an aggressive fashion to avoid the problems that Chicago is currently facing. There is no way out for them, just as the Greeks are learning. Socialism doesn’t work and that is the means of economic mobility progressives utilize and believe in fervently. In communities where they have had their way for years, they have destroyed their economies. In the case of Chicago progressive supporters look around at the vibrant culture that is present, the nice mix of businesses, and the standard of living and believe that they have a progressive utopia. But that utopia was built with debt. It wasn’t legitimately created by value, and there was always an assumption that somebody would bail them out of their troubles because they were too big to fail. That bail out would likely come from the state or the federal government—or at least that’s what progressives believed.

Many feel that my criticisms of the teaching profession are unwarranted and mean-spirited. They assume that because children are involved that unlimited money should be spent on education. However there isn’t a single statistic that shows that all the money spent per pupil anywhere in America on government schooling makes subsequent generations better in any way at all. Public schools are cesspools of liberal driven social concerns more interested with programming children to become future progressives than actually intelligent members of American society. That leaves the entire value of the teaching profession to be categorized as a simple babysitting service for busy parents who may not be liberal, but are too busy to raise their own children and too poor to send their kids to a private school. That is the typical tax and spend voter who supports infinite school levies and teacher unions out-of-control regarding their financial expectations.

Public schools may have value as a baby sitting service, but they don’t have enough value to bankrupt a city, which is what’s happening in Chicago. The public unions in Chicago did not regulate themselves and kept asking for more until they ran out of money. When the money went dry they continued spending in a deficit mode until finally it was determined that they would never be able to recover financially and had their bond rating lowered to a junk status. Moody’s did them a favor by giving them plenty of time to right their ship in Chicago. The numbers were on the table a decade ago. I reported on it two years ago, and now it’s done. Chicago is bankrupt—they just haven’t gone through the formal procedure of it yet.

For years the rest of America who were not progressives were told that their way of life, their steadfast conviction to actually paying for things with cash on hand and saving up for things they didn’t have cash for avoiding debt like the plague, was a backward approach to social living. People like me were told that my cowboy hats and love of tradition were stuck in the past whereas cities in California, New York and specifically the city of Chicago were the way of the future. Of course I never bought it for a moment, because I knew better. The proud supporters of Chicago who advocated all the progressive lifestyles spent way too much time riding the coat tails of Michael Jordan and other athletes while running up bills for their massive progressive society that they could never pay in many lifetimes expecting everything somehow to magically work out in the end. Of course that is a path to destruction.

I live in an affluent area and know a lot of people with financial means. I understand what motivates them and what doesn’t—and higher taxes will guarantee that they leave for places where someone isn’t trying to dig into their pocketbook to steal the money they worked hard to make. My video was a warning to my school district not to follow the way of Detroit and Chicago and to stop the bleeding now before it’s too late. Sure those who want more tax payer money to fund their unrealistic wage expectations will be mad at me, but they aren’t the people who have to pay the bills. Those who control budgets are seldom ever liked and those who manage multiple resources are even less so—but they still have a job to do, and that job is seldom ever popular. But if that job of management is done correctly, people are better off than without it. Without management you get the trouble seen in Chicago. With management, bills get paid and society advances with a vibrant skyline.   Governor Rauner is taking a page out of the Scott Walker book and doing the unpopular task of controlling costs in his state. Walker broke the code with the labor unions up in Wisconsin much to the benefit of millions of people. Illinois really has no choice but to follow the example. As far as investment dollars Chicago is only an hour south of Milwaukee so if investments are to be made in the area and taxes are too high because of out-of-control spending, then those investments will go to areas where financial management of resources is occurring, instead of the bottomless pit that is currently sucking in the famous windy city voraciously day by day.

Never let it be said that I didn’t tell everybody about what was going to happen in Chicago. And I wasn’t the only one. It should also be noted that when I put something up here for analysis, no matter how crazy it might seem at the time, that eventually time will prove it correct. Also, I have an extremely long memory, and I will bring it up in the future. The Chicago tragedy hasn’t been heavily covered on the mainstream news even though it is clearly one of the biggest tragedies in America at the moment. The liberal driven media really can’t deal with the reality of one of their treasured cities failing in such an epic way. But it is, and I’m making sure that everyone knows about it, and that the evidence was fairly easy to see on the horizon. So when it comes to other things that I am saying now—please listen. I don’t say all these things for my health. Because if I feel strongly enough to put something in print, it’s because there’s something to it.

Rich Hoffman


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