Donald Trump and Putin: Carrie Fisher’s death and the root of all success

It has been hilarious to watch the political order of our day react to the potential of a Donald Trump presidency—particularly in relation to Russia.  The assumption is that the political class on planet earth is something of a magical aristocratic entity of supreme knowledge.  Some silly businessman from New York couldn’t possibly know how to deal with Russia’s supreme leader, “Putin.”  After all, business people are “common stock” who are picked by politicians to succeed or fail in life based on their altruistic contributions to charity and events organized by the political establishment.  For me it has been excessively funny to read the many articles in USA Today, Rolling Stone, the New York Times and elsewhere as this supposition has taken place regarding Donald Trump’s reaction to events around the world.  The basic premise of every article is that Trump is not very smart and is poised to be outplayed by every player on the world stage to the disadvantage of America.

Everyone who reads here knows I am a Star Wars fan and I do think it’s sad that Carrie Fisher—the actress who played Princess Leia in the films–died essentially on Christmas Eve of a massive heart attack.  I enjoyed her character in the movies she played and I thought she was a brilliant writer—and a witty personality.  I enjoyed her appearance in The Force Awakens, but honestly, she was a broken person in that film barely able to hold a presence on-screen because she essentially had destroyed herself over the preceding 30 years.  One of the treats for me of the new film Rogue One was that Princess Leia as a nice 19-year-old young lady appeared at the end of the film which restored her reputation a bit in my eyes—and I felt this before the death of Carrie Fisher.  In the original films, Carrie Fisher was turning out to be one of those Hollywood liberal girls who are essentially destroyed before they turned 25.  The drugs and hard living as a pass around celebrity ruined her body making her into a joke by the time she was resurrected in The Force Awakens last year.  I watched her interviews as a 59-year-old and winced many times as she spoke because she was essentially a destroyed human being and she had at least enough wit to make fun of herself over it.  After all, what else was she going to do?

Carrie Fisher’s lifestyle is what killed her—it wasn’t some cruel act of fate—it was years of bad living and taking too much anti-depressant medication—being overweight, then losing weight and straining a body that was already destroyed two decades before.  It was sad to hear just prior to the Donald Trump election of 2016 that Fisher was criticizing the president-elects sniffing during the debates as if he were a “coke head” because she knew from experience.  And that she had written a book featuring her young affair with Harrison Ford attempting to tell the world psychologically that at one point in time, she was “hot.”  Harrison Ford was gracious about the whole episode letting Carrie have a fond reflection of a time when she was a 19-year-old girl sleeping with a 33-year-old married man and running around the streets of London with him in 1976.  He didn’t ask her not to do it, and let it run its course right up to the day she literally died.

As much as I like Star Wars and those actors for the part they played in the movies, I found their public comments about Donald Trump disturbing because they assumed as celebrities they knew something about the world that the rest of us didn’t.   Harrison Ford I think is a great actor, and I admire how well he has kept himself in shape, and he was fun to watch in Force Awakens because he was able to resurrect a good character he helped create over thirty years ago.  But Harrison Ford is still the idiot who gave himself an earring for his 50th birthday because he thought of it as some kind of rebellious proclamation he had earned with advanced age—and he’s maintained that earring now for over 23 years.  I am coming up on my 50th birthday soon, and I can tell you dear reader—I have no temptation of getting an earring.  That’s just never going to happen—so these liberal actors live in some other world and they constantly fail to understand their role in it.

Since Carrie Fisher’s death along with many other celebrities and their fans, those soft minded modernists who get most of their news from People Magazine, and Entertainment Tonight, are sad that in 2016 stars like Prince, David Bowie, Carrie Fisher, George Michael, and many others died giving Generation X a harsh taste of mortality.  What nobody has essentially discussed was that most of those deaths occurred with a common theme of personal use of antidepressants to solve addictive personal problems stemming from poorly managed lives—and that the deaths were not so much a sad proclamation from the gates of Heaven, but just average people who faced crises and disappointments in their lives with real life blandness.  The magic of their imaginations lived through in their music and characters they played through their art—but they were not able to bring that art into their personal lives—which is the real tragedy.   The real Princess Leia would never do drugs or suffer through depression because that character would dominate those emotions and fight through them without chemical aid.  Unfortunately, most people never really get to know these people up close—to smell their bad breath, to see that they have pimples on their foreheads covered up with caked on make-up—so all they know of those stars is what they see in their art. They never know the real people.  It wasn’t that long ago where I went to dinner with a few of the members of the hit television show Beverly Hills 90210 and I was surprised at how average the girls were who were there.  They spoke and acted just like 20-year-old girls in Cincinnati, Ohio where I was from—and they had the same problems.  These are the people who make up our media culture and the same idiots who think that Donald Trump is a joke and not smart enough to deal with major problems around the world.

I had a chance to work in Hollywood, several times if I played it right—and believe me I thought about it. All I would have had to do was laugh at the stupid jokes of those same girls, pander to the intelligence of the 30-something directors and producers and not advertise my conservatism so boisterously.   I never thought it was fair, but honestly the way that culture is now you have to be a pretty superficial underachiever to make it in Hollywood because very few people of any real talent can survive unless they put their face on some really bleeding heart liberal causes—otherwise you are cast out of their aristocratic society.  Washington D.C. operates in much the same way only instead of that aristocratic society being pretty actors and actresses—they are lawyers too afraid of private practice still trying to justify the massive investment their parents spent on their college educations by hiding on K-Street where the easy money and prostitutes are.   Since I didn’t fit in any of those categories and was by instinct a person of action—I had to live authentically, and that meant that my talents needed to be the kind that people wanted to make movies about—not of the type that were about people who wanted to be people who really did things but were afraid to try—then tried to cover up that fear with lots of cocaine and antidepressants coupled with self-destructive sexual relationships.  It is harder to live real life and to a spectacular person that history will want to remember than to be some second-hander actor or politician who thinks it’s cool to get an ear-ring on their 50th birthday—because it helps start dinner conversations with other weak people at mindless Hollywood dinners.

Trump unlike all these other people and celebrities is a man of achievement—a guy who has built himself over and over again and always succeeded.  Success is not an accident—a successful person can have everything stripped away from them—they can have every hard luck issue tossed in their direction—every unforeseen death—every perilous catastrophe and they pound, and pound and pound right on through to see a successful resolution.  That is the common trait of all successful people.  They don’t hide from their problems behind alcohol or other drugs and they don’t yield to personal addictions.  They simply outwork those around them until their personal goals are met.

The best example of this that I’ve ever seen in a popular movie is from the Ridley Scott film, Gladiator.   In that film Maximus the star general of the Roman emperor had everything stripped away from him, his career, his family, his reputation—everything only to be resurrected as a slave to society.  By the end of the film Maximus had risen to the top of Roman society once again to challenge the emperor’s successor in a fight to the death—which truly captured many of the themes our current society are built upon—where does power come from?  Is it granted by the gods?  Is it really in whom you know?  Or does it come from an individual and their personal skills coupled with a daring approach to the problems which befall them?  The answer is in the last offering, everything comes from within—and Donald Trump is a completely self-made man.  The wealth and success he built came from his family and he has literally bent the will of those around him to achieve his objectives.  It took him most of his life to figure out all the elements with the help of a loving wife—his third—but the person who ran for president is essentially a person who never stopped trying and bent the world to his will.  People like that don’t have time for drug addictions and prescription medications—they self-regulate and they always have the answers because they worked hard to get them.

It is for those reasons that Trump will easily deal with Putin and every other world leader who will soon find themselves begging for the approval of the United States.  The world has literally never seen anybody like Trump before on such a stage and no, Hollywood doesn’t understand.  The media doesn’t either because they’ve been taught all their miserable lives that failures and weakness are admirable traits by the same people who are befuddled by Carrie Fisher’s death whose final claim to fame in order to sell her latest book was an affair with Harrison Ford on the set of the first Star Wars film when she was 19-years-old and still uncorrupted by drugs and bad living.  I picked my career path not because it was easy, but because it was hard—because it was more important to me to be free to live my way all hours of the day than to take any direction from the society aristocrats who think freedoms should yield to terrestrial desires for ear rings on 50-year-old birthdays.  And that is the big difference between Donald Trump and everyone else.  Some people merely reflect the actions of others and they become actors, politicians, lawyers and media people.  Others actually do things worth reflecting and that is what Donald Trump is.  What you hear from those social aristocrats toward Donald Trump is not that they think he’s stupid—even though that’s what they say—it’s that they are so weak.  They resent him because he’s everything they aren’t—but it is their future decedents—the giggling girls with pimples on their foreheads and the young males afraid of fire who will tell the stories of such modern heroes—only at a future time when history can forgive their insecurities.  But not before then.

Believe me, Trump will dominate the world stage—easily.  And the value of wealth building among the human race will increase proportionally.  Mark it on your calendar.  Hollywood and their media culture will never understand it because like the emperor from the movie Gladiator, they don’t get their power from within—but from whom they know.  And that is the difference in life between success and failure—or depression and happiness.

Rich Hoffman


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Don’t Fear War with China, They’ve Already Lost: Understanding history, the nature of economics and human spirit

You can tell who the communist sympathizers are in the United States based on their positions on the upcoming Trump/China feud that is percolating as it should between the free western world and the largest communist country on planet earth.  American publications warning that Trump is pushing the world into World War III are obviously socialist and communist sympathizers who are advancing the humanist theories of Sir Thomas More and his 1516 novel Utopia—only instead of the Roman Catholic Church being the center of the society—it would be the religion of Mother Nature which drives modern communist sympathizers toward dystopia through their sheer ignorance on matters of the human heart.  In fact, many in Europe simply failed to ever get the point of the human condition and those in the East often fell even shorter.  Their only saving grace was to live minimalist’s existences as they do in Tibet, Nepal, India, and even Japan to a large degree so to avoid the hard question—that China fell to communism under Chairmen Moa and nobody knows how to deal with it.  The real fear that leftists have laced through modern Hollywood, political insiders on Capital Hill, the European Union at Brussels and virtually every village hut throughout Africa, the Middle East, Vietnam, Australia and South America is that Sir Thomas More was wrong—Plato was wrong—Immanuel Kant was wrong—and thus—Karl Marx.  They have all been wrong and Donald Trump is the change in direction that could have only come from America or the threat of the freedom the United States projects around the world as a last hope against dystopia under the church, the state, and Mother Nature herself.  China essentially is a propped-up state by the world which will soon be exposed by the presidency of Donald Trump—and he knows it—as do the people in his cabinet who are millionaires and billionaires.  They have pushed through those invisible social barriers which Thomas More warned about—and the true light of a world outside of Plato’s cave from the great book, The Republic has been revealed to them—and the world is also about to learn what makes the shadows on the cave walls—and it isn’t China’s “powerful” economy.

These are not the days for stupid people—and presently, I don’t have much patience for them.  Here are the facts of the matter—China is on a power grab to spread communism throughout the world, they hold great influence over North Korea, Indochina, and openly claim Taiwan and Tibet as their territories.  My feelings about China were solidified in the great Joseph Campbell books, The Masks of God where the communists took over China in 1949 and the world turned its back on the poor people of that great land where America had fought to protect them during World War II against the Japanese to great effect.

We had fought to defend those good people of their human rights against the Japanese imperialism only to surrender those people to the communism of Mao and his Russian backed insurgents making that entire region one of a communist utopia with the ghost of Thomas More smiling from the afterlife.  After all, it took roughly 400 years to arrive at that moment in China where the war-torn people weakened by a decade long fight with their eastern neighbor submitted to terrible human rights abuses under Chairman Mao—which wasn’t any different from Thomas More burning heretics at the stake serving at the time King Henry the VIII.  See the pattern, and I can promise you dear reader—90% of the so-called educated in the political and media establishments reading this don’t know any of this history.  They simply studied at Yale, at Oxford, and places like Princeton—read the mandatory reading of Thomas More’s Utopia, Marx’s Communist Manifesto, and the Quran—got drunk, stoned and had illicit and embarrassing sex with people they’ll never meet again and justify all their mistakes and stupidity with a social philosophy that got them a good job at The New York Times, and MTV—then assumed they were right blinding defending China’s communist muscle flexing.  If they really want to know what happened in 1949 to China read the last chapter of the great American general Claire Lee Chennault’s book Way of the Fighter—then dear reader you’ll “get it.”

The government of China deserves to have its ass kicked and its people freed—and deep down inside, Trump seems to know all that I’ve said above.  As a billionaire who speaks to other billionaire friends they know real power when they see it—and they know from what their observations of history have revealed through finance that China really isn’t a powerhouse economy—just a propped up global menace by what’s left of Sir Thomas More’s utopian socialists.  The Dali Lama of Tibet should not have to live like a refuge from his own country where he’s the rightful ruler based on their traditions.  Yet China has imposed itself on those peaceful people for no other reason than to dominate them for China’s own benefit.  China’s only claim to power is due to a world that has resigned its dignity to the crimes of collectivism—and much evil has followed in the wake—the United States included.

But that has now changed and Trump has a mandate by voters like me—and millions and millions of others to set things right in the world with open and free markets—true freedom of religion, sexual preference, and economic upward mobility—and it all essentially starts with China.  Bitch slap China back to the Thomas More Utopia that it was inspired from concocted by medieval Europe—and what falls from it will be countries like North Korea, Iran and the war in Afghanistan.  One tactical victory against China and Trump’s administration wins victories around the world—and the American economy begins once again to out-produce the world with the sheer power of capitalism.

So don’t be frightened dear reader that China might go to war with the United States under Trump—or that a trade war will cripple the American economy.  China is only a peacock fluffing out its feathers with naval harassments in the South China Sea and blank threats of hostility toward United States offers of friendship to Taiwan.   There can be no peace in the oriental regions of the world, or elsewhere as long as communism is at the center of the government in China.  And under Trump the weapon of capitalism will do battle with the weapon of communism and that story has been told before.  The ultimate answer is can America live without China—or can China live without America because that determines who has the advantage in the fight and will determine the victor.  And using China’s own book on strategy The Art of War—for which I am extremely familiar—I spent 10 years studying that relatively simple book peeling back all the layers sentence by sentence until the layers were understood—and the victories of Donald Trump are already clear.  China will lose in this upcoming great battle, and it won’t even be close.  Beating China has already happened—it is just the world that has refused to accept it because they still believe in that stupid Thomas More concept of utopia through socialism and communism.

Ayn Rand’s work in the mid twentieth century overstepped the European works of philosophy by challenging the essential premise of thinking foundations which emerged from Plato.  Most European philosophy goes back to those beginnings and if not for the origins of Islam, we wouldn’t even have those—for they took the works of Aristotle and created the foundations of their religion—which started off prosperous until many years of war took them away from their core ideas and sent them into Plato’s abyss during first the Crusades, then the Sykes Picot treaty after World War I.  When Roman barbarians destroyed the Library of Alexandria in Egypt the philosophical work of many superior thinkers was destroyed—and if not for the early Muslims they all would have been including Aristotle and Plato.  So as you can see dear reader, this crime in China goes back a long way and to be honest—only smart people understand it—and Trump is one of those smart people.  There is more going on than the media committed to socialist utopias might guess—or even know from their European inspired college educations.  To that effect, it was Henry the VIII which launched Oxford University effectively when his father Henry the VII forbid English students from attending the University of Paris.  And it was in this period for which Thomas More who served directly Henry the VIII wrote Utopia was written establishing the essential philosophies of our modern world through the university system which essentially spawned off those to Roman Catholic inspired colleges.  Things really aren’t that complicated if people read and understand history.  But unfortunately, they don’t—especially our media and entertainment culture—which currently dominates public opinion—because it’s easy to listen to a Hollywood leftists who are attractive and entertaining us.

It’s hard to read thirty years of books often written hundreds of years ago and to work through a comparative analysis—like I have.  So you can trust me when I say that China’s communist government needs to be eliminated from the world stage and the people freed under the philosophy of capitalism.  Ayn Rand’s works simply touched on concepts which were explored before Roman barbarians destroyed the Library of Alexandria and as much as modern liberalism doesn’t like to think that their philosophic foundations were built on religion—they are all products directly of the forces which rejected the Protestant Reformation in Europe during the early 1500s.  Trump is a man of Ayn Rand’s mode of thinking—and that will set the world on its head—deservedly so.  The media of course won’t understand—because they don’t know history.  But I do, so I’ll be happy to explain it as we move along in 2017.  Don’t worry about China.  They have already lost.

All communist and socialist countries lack imagination–the ability to think individually–where all creative input is first spawned.  Imagination is the one thing that Sir Thomas More completely ignored in his utopian society and is why ultimately, Europe currently is in a state of failure, and all countries that have adopted their various brands of socialism.  China is the epic example of a society that had its imagination robbed from it in 1949–and is now the biggest weakness of their entire society.  They are vulnerable.  Where they have tried to hide this by holding the debts of other nations–so that they could justifiably steal the intellectual work of other nations–they can easily be exposed–and Trump knows it.  Therefore, their end is near and they did it to themselves.

Rich Hoffman


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How Hasbro and Nerf May Have Saved the Human Race: ‘Star Wars’, guns and the skills learned while playing

It was a very nice Christmas at our house for many reasons but personally for me Star Wars had returned to it in unexpected ways starting with the fantastic soundtrack by Michael Giacchino.  Even though the song “Approach to Eadu” didn’t make it on the standard soundtrack—it is on the extended cut and is my favorite on the new Star Wars film—the first not to use John Williams as the composer.  I like the song played below quite a lot and for readers here to receive an answer to their ponderings, it is nearly precisely what it sounds like in my brain 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  That piece of music with that particular collection of instruments—and how they are played reflects more accurately than anything I’ve ever heard the type of thinking that goes on in my brain—and I simply love it.  Before talking about the point of this particular article it should be noted that the new Star Wars film Rogue One has done great business at the movie theaters pulling in an additional $140 million domestically the following week of its opening and that is before the Monday after Christmas tallies are added.  That is important for a whole lot of reasons but before continuing, lets enjoy that little Giacchino song.

As kind of a half joke, half serious present my mom gave me a new Nerf Star Wars gun for Christmas so I could play with my grandkids with it.  It was the small version of new Rogue One guns that are popularly sold at Target department stores these days—this one was the smallest Cassian Andor version.  When I opened it I thought it was pretty neat.  I had recently become very respectful of this little business relationship Hasbro has had with Nerf and adding to that the power of the Disney marketing machine with the Star Wars franchise fueling desire, the guns produced recently were far better than the ones I grew up with—that was for sure.  The Nerf cannons that were included on the new Star Wars toy ships particularly the new Millennium Falcon, the U-Wing and the Tie Striker were extremely innovative and actually work great.  No longer while playing dogfight with a couple of Star Wars ships is there any dispute as to whether or not one kid shot down another kid’s ship—the Nerf dart makes it undeniable.  Once I realized how good the ships actually worked I rushed out and bought them all and they are constantly used at my house these days—particularly when the grandkids come over.  I actually look forward to them coming to visit so I can play with these ships with them because they are so functionally good—with sounds, lights and fully firing Nerf dart cannons.

That has led me to being curious about the rather sophisticated market Nerf had on toy guns because if the cannons worked that good on those little Star Wars ships, they must really be good in the guns.  It wasn’t until my mom bought me one that I had a chance to actually use one so most of Christmas was spent for me shooting this new little wonder at empty pop cans set up at the desert table and I can report from about ten feet the guns are accurate enough to knock the cans over—without being any real danger to anybody.  This particular Cassian gun from Rogue One shoots at about 70 feet per second which really surprised me.  And the basic platform was essentially modeled after the real life AR—the cocking mechanism, the location of the safety switch and proximity of the magazine to the trigger are very close to the actual AR-15 dimensions, so kids are learning wonderful firearm skills with these new guns that I thought was important.  But that’s not all, on these Rogue One guns specifically, when you cock them for firing a little light comes on inside the barrel which lights up the dart inside and once you fire it gives off an electronic blaster sound propelling the dart with glow-in-the-dark light through low light conditions like a tracer—so you can see where it’s actually going.  This is great for gun battles with friends to give the illusion of a laser gun fight.  You can see the shots actually coming at you which can make for some really cool play action.

When I was a kid battles with other kids was my favorite activity.  We threw rocks at each other, dirt clots from the tilled garden, anything we could get our hands on to reflect the action of battle—where real consequences for not dodging an incoming projectile provided the proper motivation for moving out-of-the-way.  If we were inside we threw balls at each other—baseballs, footballs, ping-pong balls, bowling pins—anything and I never ever got tired of it.  When I was a teenager of 16 and 17 I would meet other kids in the woods for BB gun fights which was a lot more dangerous, but we had a great time doing this kind of thing and it taught you to be fast.  To this day when something happens that requires me to move quickly, my muscle memory formed from this period in my life gets me out of danger quick.  Nobody sneaks up on me without me knowing it and when I have to jump out-of-the-way from an out-of-control fork lift or a car trying to run me over on a motorcycle, I escape because my reaction time was honed as a kid playing battle all the time with my family and friends.  But what Nerf has done with their new products is give that sense of danger and ramification for unskilled players to suffer under without really causing harm.  If these guns had been available when I was a kid, there would have been a lot fewer stitches, broken arms, and hard feelings.  After playing with the Nerf guns during Christmas I am happy to see such options emerging.

Progressives will read that last paragraph and declare that such violence needs to be erased from our culture.  I heard a story yesterday about one of my very intelligent nephews who is in pre-school and was pretending to be on Mars with a space helmet.  As soon as he opened the helmet he acted like he was suffocating—because he was aware that there isn’t any oxygen on Mars and that there isn’t any air to breathe.  I see in the kid the early signs of real genius—and he’s not the only kid in our family like that—but of course the pre-school is trouble with him because he doesn’t follow directions well, isn’t interested in learning to write his name, he holds his pencil a particular way—and is hesitant to conform to the rules of the masses.  His values of not being able to breath on Mars do not match up with the values of the typical pre-school teacher who just wants the kid to learn the alphabet.  Those teachers and the society which supports them fail to understand that it is inherit in young boys—and some girls—to want to test themselves in battle—it’s in our DNA—and the lessons we learn in fighting—even for play, will carry us into all other endeavors.  If a young warrior needs to learn the alphabet to fly to Mars, they’ll do it—but for really smart kids, there has to be proper motivation.  They just don’t learn things like a mindless drone—they need context—which pre-schools are notoriously terrible at providing—and their public education destinations.

Our decision-making skills are modeled after the urgency of battle and its part of how human beings learn, and if you take that away from the human experience, we actually get dumber as a species.  For instance, I have a granddaughter who is just over a year old.  She’s not old enough to want to play “motherhood” by watching her mom and those around her handle babies and feed them while pretending to make food for people.  But those are just the things she most innately responds to, the gifts she likes and the kind of play she enjoys as a little person developing.  To deny that in her would be catastrophic for her later psychological condition.  Yet my oldest grandson would play fight all day long if he had the opportunity and from those skills will come most of his adult wiring for interacting in life.  To really understand this phenomena play any online game from Battlefield, to Battlefront or Titanfall—just pick one and you’ll see millions of people play fighting over Playstation and Xbox every day at all hours.  The desire to remove guns from society and to “teach” a tendency of violence from human beings has had the negative effect of actually destroying people away from their natural inclinations.  After all, the point of A Christmas Story  was for Ralphie to get a Red Ryder BB gun for Christmas which was and still is the dream of most young people—especially boys.  Back in the time of that 1983 film that plays constantly on television during Christmas every year it was westerns which drove that mythological desire for gunplay and the justice that comes from them—but today it is Star Wars—which was always modeled after westerns but have embraced what we know of science and technology with the yearning to tame the next frontier beyond earth’s horizons.  The progressive desire to change that tendency in people has only resulted in stunting the growth of human beings at a fundamental level.

All this is just another reason that it’s good for more Star Wars films to be released which drive this need young people have for working through these primal desires for battle.  Nerf with a partnership at Hasbro have done some great work in making entry-level guns that kids can play with and not get hurt as a market need was created by Star Wars to satisfy the human desire for violence while minds are being formed—not at the late date of a 20-year-old who is too late to learn new things by the time they actually put their hands on a gun.  It is really infuriating to see young twenty-somethings at a gun range trying to shoot a pistol sideways “gangster” style.  You can tell by looking at those kids that they didn’t have a dad who taught them anything and that they didn’t work out these issues as a kid playing in the backyard, because shooting like that is completely inaccurate.  If you try that in a play gun battle with Nerf guns, you’ll get picked apart.  Those 20-year-olds simply mimic movies they’ve seen by rap artists and other progressive attempts at story telling—and are therefore unprepared for adulthood.  The time to teach kids things about guns is early in their life, not later and Nerf with Hasbro have given children that opportunity in a remarkable way fueled by new Star Wars movies.

Guns are a part of the human experience even though progressives would love to see a John Lennon view of the world where there is no violence or a desire for it.  They would prefer sex, drugs and rock and roll to the country singing cowboy teaching their son to properly shoot a .22 rifle for the first time—and that experiment has failed.  The best hope I have for the next generation is to learn more of these basic skills early in life in spite of their public educations—and through Star Wars—which Rogue One is certainly one of the great movies of all time—it gives me hope where Force Awakens took it away—that good things do come from our modern art culture that satisfies the innate needs we all have regardless of our gender orientation.  So in that respect, I had a great Christmas because I learned something about the trend of our society that had been invisible before—because I’m not a kid anymore.  But because my mom gave me a window into that emerging world I see an evolution in human spirit that wasn’t so obvious before except in that particular toy aisle in Target where a problem has been solved, and Hasbro and Nerf are the ones to thank.  Thank God for capitalism!

Rich Hoffman


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Solving the Lakota Math Problem: Divide the district into management within the two townships

Even though this is a regional concern for my home school district, it’s strategy and conditions are somewhat universal.  The Lakota school system is a public education institution that is one of the wealthiest and largest in all of Ohio and extends into two townships independently managed with an average household income hovering around $100K per year.  The tendency like all public schools around America pre–Trump administration–is to use children to justify unghastly labor union wages that always run at a deficit to the income of the district prompting continuous tax increases to manage.  But all the kids really learn in these public schools are to be cry baby adults as their liberal instructions fail to prepare them for the realities of a capitalist society—which the United States has been.  So this matter is a universal problem so I hope that my national and international readers will find some personal use with this topic.  While Lakota operates perpetually with a deficit only helped lately by an aging tax payer base with fewer children entering the district contributing to a declining enrollment as the tax levies are a means of extracting wealth from the surrounding community purely for the benefit of those least able to manage it—public sector workers and liberal government types who manage these monstrosities against capitalism.  To get an understanding of the situation, refer to the 1:5 hour mark of the below video.

Lakota benefits greatly by playing the two townships against each other, Liberty Township where I live is projected to be 80% residential.  It used to be a farming community, but over the last twenty years the land has been converted to wealthy residential targeting bringing in people who are young and professional who often feel guilty that they don’t raise their children on their own so they seek government services often to bridge their parenting deficiencies.  They overwhelmingly support tax increases because they have money to burn due to their duel income household status, and they expect the school to bridge their deficiencies in parenting—which is one of the reasons they moved to the Lakota district in the first place as real estate agents sold them on that premise.   Liberty Township at the same time has had some hostile zoning leaders—readers here might recall the story I told of Liberty Township zoning making it difficult to build a Frisch’s restaurant near Lakota East because they didn’t want a “Big Boy” statue out front—which is part of the Frisch’s actual marketing plan.  Liberty Township also harassed residents who wanted to build storage sheds and other elements which reflected the original rural nature of the community in an effort to market the vast land of the township to these spoiled brat, over-payed losers who would go on to eventually support school levies and make easy home sales for large assed real estate agents possessing weak sales ability.  These real estate agents used the good reputation of the school to sell the homes they were building everywhere and counted on those same young and stupid guilty parents to pay for everything with tax increases.  Meanwhile the trustees failed to get control of their zoning board which continued to make Liberty Township an unfriendly place to establish a business which has only been somewhat rectified recently with the Liberty Way developments—which are very lucrative but too little too late as far as community management of resources.

Then to the south is West Chester which pushes right up to the northern part of the I-275 loop that extends around the southern Ohio city of Cincinnati. In it are older elements of the community, diversity in housing, well developed businesses, industry, recreation, really one of the wealthiest areas in the nation per capita.  It used to be called Union Township back in a time when it was a much more rural place—during my youth.  When I was a kid I often raced other cars down 747 from the railroad tracks of Port Union to the intersection of Tylersville Rd. and the speeds often exceed 100 MPH.  Beckett Ridge was the hottest place in the city to live so around that community 747 became a double laned  road and a lot of commercial endeavor eventually filled the valley below Beckett Ridge.  Going 100 MPH down that particular stretch of road even at night is now impossible, there are traffic lights everywhere and a top speed of 40 would be pushing it.  I had a few friends who crashed badly during these races, one had his scalp completely removed in a fiery crash and lost his great athletic ability for the rest of his life—but that’s part of growing up in a rural town.  Union Township grew into West Chester and there was a movement to make it into a city—as the population was dense enough.  Thankfully, many fought that effort off and West Chester has maintained that small town feel while essentially being a big city with support and offerings.  Over the last few years West Chester has adopted a firm conservative government which has forced their zoning to get in line with a much more laissez-faire management style and businesses are booming.  They currently run in the black on their books providing a surplus.  Of course the public sector unions see this and are tempted to attack that surplus for themselves, but the trustees in West Chester followed by the staff running things do a great job which should be a national model in America.  So while West Chester is managed properly, Liberty Township is not and has not for quite a long time—they are residential top heavy.  I know the situation well, because as I said I live in Liberty Township which is very nice—yet I make my money in West Chester and my personal footprint in taxes payed is quite large there as opposed to the relatively small amount that I pay in property tax, by comparison.

Lakota plays the chaos between the two townships to their advantage.  As it stands now, Lakota has no incentive to manage their finances because during past levy fights West Chester has behaved fiscally conservative and fought the tax increases with older residents and business owners while Liberty Township is full of neurotic soccer moms and beta dads who vote for school levies because the school is the primary reason they invested in a $400k to $750k home in Liberty Township to begin with.  They don’t mind paying $7000 to $10,000 in property taxes per year because honestly its cheaper than their other options meaning they impose their mismanagement on West Chester to the south by default, because the two townships are connected through the school.  But only one manages things properly—“in the black” while the other is still zoning for residents and doing next to nothing to bring in industry to help their tax base.  It’s not like Liberty Township doesn’t have options, they do along Rt. 4, 747 and now at Liberty Center by Lakota East.  They just have been slow as trustees to solicit business opportunities as West Chester has simply outworked them.  So in the numbers game, both Lakota and Liberty Township have rode the coattails of West Chester—and this continues to this day.  The good management of West Chester is exploited by the stupidity of the other government entities who haven’t yet learned how to properly conduct their business.

Given all that, the solution to the problem is to split the Lakota school district into two parts.  Lakota East and all their elementary schools would fall under the financial management of Liberty Township while Lakota West would be under the supervision of West Chester.  If that were to occur, Lakota would then become essentially two school districts that would be much more manageable, and the budgets would be easier to comprehend for residents.  If the Liberty Township residents want to pass school levies for the deficit spending Lakota East, then let them do it every year.  I won’t vote for them, but they could try.  But the people of West Chester who have managed things properly wouldn’t be penalized for the stupidity of others and they could use their budget surpluses to run a proper community in every aspect.  This would force the Liberty Township management to correct their errors and balance out the community in more sustainable ways and prevent the guilty soccer moms from hiding in the shadows during school levy times.  They need to feel the pain more than they do now, that’s for sure—and not hide behind the good people of West Chester.

Not to give anything away, but that’s essentially my battle plan for the next levy attempt by Lakota.  I’ve been watching that situation for a long time and they have failed to see reason so the most obvious solution is to divide up the school district into something smaller and easier to deal with for the people involved, and to root out those who hide in the shadows until election day to impose their deficiencies on others who have done a good job at the ballot box. And this should be a lesson for everyone in the nation—you have to manage your resources—even in affluent areas, because that’s what make affluent areas—affluent—good management.  As Lakota is currently seeking out feedback from the community as they test the waters for another school levy, this is what needs to happen, the two townships need to divide up responsibility for the Lakota school system.  West Chester should take over Lakota West and Liberty Township should take over Lakota East and then let’s see through competition who does what and how well.  It is likely the only way to stop the deficit spending at Lakota and the only way to wake up the management at Liberty Township.  Liberty Center as a development is a powerhouse and if done right could rival anything going on down in West Chester.  So for everyone’s own good, the school district needs to be divided up so everything is more manageable and responsibilities fall on the proper sectors of the economy.  That’s how things should be going forward into the next decade.  This plan is actually something my wife came up with over six years ago, as of this writing.  But at the time, Liberty Township just didn’t have an economic anchor like they do now with Liberty Center.  However, in 2017 Liberty Township does have something to work with so it’s time to make the break and to declare their independence from West Chester—and to force Lakota to get its act together by working directly with the management of their township instead of the divide and conquer game that has been going on for years.  It’s the only way to effectively get everyone to do the right thing, for the right reasons.

Rich Hoffman


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Right-to-work legislation protection in West Chester, Ohio: Lakota’s out-of-control budget and the neccessity of creating friendly pro-business climates

It is one thing for Donald Trump to bring manufacturing jobs back to the United States—which he has already made great strides in doing.  It is quite another to deal with the reasons they want to leave in the first place.  For many, it is the regulatory burdens of doing business which push them into oversea markets where those regulations do not exist.  The other is the cost of labor is just too high in America—and that was largely driven up by ridiculous labor union expectations.  Labor unions which I have covered here extensively over the years is a socialist concept and really doesn’t have a place in any American endeavor, and time under a Trump economy should finally flush that out once and for all—but that could take a decade or more to realize.  In the meantime, states and the counties within those states need tools to deal with the parasitic nature labor unions impose on businesses. 

As much as I like hard-working people, it is not they who create jobs and steer economic success into the realm of achievement—it is the management of companies—and it is they who need protection from labor incursions like labor unions which threaten their efforts with negative tactical influence.  And Ohio, where I live, is still considering avenues to becoming a proper right-to-work state which would go a long way to helping that treacherous situation.  But recently there was some wonderful news which erupted like a volcano spewing news across America from the unexplored depths of earth that in Hardin County, Kentucky, the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that local governments can free their citizens from mandatory union dues and memberships.   That means, theoretical by legal precedent, that the government of West Chester—which I think is the most business friendly government in the entire Midwest could potentially protect businesses in their jurisdiction from unionized activity that drives up their labor costs and rob them of proper management forcing them into some hostile corner of the world just to avoid losing their companies to a mob of workers responding to economic desires not checked properly in perspective under a free market system of competitive equilibrium.  In fact, this issue was considered at a recent West Chester trustee meeting and can be heard in its entirety at the 59-minute mark in the video below.  Watch for yourself. 

The Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled on November 18, 2016, that the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) permits local governments to free their citizens from mandatory union dues and membership. This update offers analysis gained from Frost Brown Todd LLC’s (FBT) role in securing this ruling. FBT labor and employment lawyers, John Lovett and Kyle Johnson, represented Hardin County, Kentucky, in the successful defense of its “right to work” ordinance in the Court of Appeals.

Interesting enough just prior to that 59-minute mark there was a discussion about the Lakota school system and its desire—just like I said they would in 2017—to invade the community for yet another property tax increase.  The suggestion about a localized West Chester right-to-work zone to attract businesses would have no impact on public sector labor unions like those at the local school of Lakota, but as George Lang suggested attracting more manufacturing to West Chester would be a short-term way of avoiding further tax incursions on properties—particularly the residents who shoulder most of the burden of out-of-control labor costs irresponsibly handled by the Lakota school system.  The school board does not have control of their labor contracts because the inmates run the asylum in every public school—so what the West Chester trustees are proposing are ways of dealing with those cost overruns at the school—until the Trump administration can bring down the cost of education properly through methods such as School Choice without putting the community through another three or four years of levy fights—which Lakota will certainly get the next time they go after a tax grab through a new school levy. 

I haven’t spoken about Lakota for a long time, largely because I’ve had my eye on the end game solution which for me is the nomination of Betsy DeVos to run the Department of Education and bring competitive elements to the education system which more properly reflect the capitalist country that constitutes the American GDP.  All public schools must bring down the cost of education per child while increasing the results and need to be the point of emphasis.  Lakota as a school system in the great township of West Chester in Ohio on the norther edges of Cincinnati are only throwing money at their labor force with their school levy attempts which then throws more burdens on businesses needlessly.  However, by adding more businesses to the mix in West Chester and Liberty Township which share burdens with Lakota then the short-term cost overruns that the school board has failed to stop—because of the union contracts with state employees—can be met while the long-term fixes from the federal level under Trump take effect.  I am personally against any tax increases especially for a public education system that has proven to be completely ineffective at preparing young people to live in a capitalist society.  Public schools have not used tax payer’s money properly and have made it their priority to radicalize students toward left-leaning propaganda and that is something I won’t support with further drains on our community financially. 

An interesting note from that trustee meeting, even Lee Wong was entertaining the possibility of a right-to-work West Chester township, and for that I might even sit at a table with him at Sushi Monk without getting up and leaving.  His comments were “encouraging.”  I know business in West Chester very well and understand the challenges as people come from all over the world unlock the treasures available there.  I can personally testify to how wonderful it is for me to entertain people from faraway lands from the new Holiday Inn across from Ikea, and to have dinner options for those same people ranging from Jags to the Top Golf complex—or how often I go to Barnes and Nobel to buy new books during a mid-day lunches and have proudly watched the new Bass Pro rise from an empty field next to I-75 as luxury hotels continue to fill the skyline around it—all created by the pro-business growth climate created by the trustees in the above video.  

I’ve traveled extensively and there is no better place in the world in my opinion to do business, and that includes places like Chicago and New York—as far as amenities.  There really isn’t a more pro-business climate anywhere that has such low taxes, friendly zoning, and capitalist embracing government than West Chester, Ohio and this proposal of right-to-work for the county of Butler which surrounds West Chester is in that same spirit.  West Chester offers the services you might find in exotic locations like a large American city or a foreign destination like Abu Dhabi, Hong Kong, or Tokyo which is important to facilitating foreign travel.  Businesses are all about trade and to perform that you have to talk to people and amenities are extremely important to that task followed by reduced regulatory and financial burdens.  So the West Chester government gets that, and it is truly wonderful to see that they are taking proactive measures to bridge the gap in innovation that will solve problems in the long-term by short-term solutions that give everyone what they need. 

Ohio is an at-will state, but if a labor union tries to impose itself on your business premises that socialist activity is protected by current state laws–you can’t just fire the participants meaning hours and hours of nonproductive activity usually follow such an attempt.  Local, state and federal governments have for too long given legal protections to “workers” without understanding the nature of “productivity.”  A worker is just a person looking for a job until a business creates an opportunity for employment and that emphasis needs to be respected in future legislation, and under a Trump administration that will likely happen making these trustees in the above West Chester video sound a lot smarter five years from now.  But in the meantime, businesses need assurances that they can operate without the terror of a labor union imposing financial burdens that could destroy all their efforts forcing them to oversea markets to hedge against radicalized workforces.  Hopefully West Chester can fast track this effort and set an example for the rest of the country, the timing couldn’t be better.  What they are proposing is the direct second answer to what Trump is working on nationally, and when those jobs do come back from other countries where they are currently—West Chester would be a good home for them.  It would help Lakota with their ridiculous budget until Betsy DeVos gets things under control by 2020 and it would help Trump convert those union votes who supported him into free market Republicans in the most peaceful way possible.  And there is nothing wrong with any of that. 

Rich Hoffman


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How Hillary Clinton Lost the Election: The Russians and why liberalism is a mental illness

Even though I am not a fan and could point previously to the hundreds of articles I personally wrote warning people about the Clintons—or the thousands of other people who did the same—it is astonishing that supposed “smart” people would ever have supported her at all.  What’s worse is that many people give even a blink of credit to the news story that the Russians hacked the DNC and specifically Hillary Clinton thus handing the presidency to Donald Trump.  The Russians in this story are irrelevant—Hillary lost because she was a terrible candidate and finally we had an alternative to the usual type of politician and people signed up for it.  The “Russians” had zero impact—it was all Hillary and her stupidity and arrogance leading up to the days of her loss.  And the reason the DNC is now facing extinction is because they clipped themselves to Hillary Clinton knowing full well that she had criminal problems that they would likely be exposed during the election.  It could have been the Russians or it could have been a 14-year-old boy from Iowa—the material that was exposed was produced by the stupidity of the DNC and their politicians—and nobody else. 

The same bad judgment that would provoke a nuclear power just to cover their failure explaining to donors, who spent millions on the Hillary Clinton campaign to get absolutely nothing in return, is the same stupidity that cannot look at itself in the mirror and even know who looks back—because they are broken people at the very core of their beings.  I haven’t said much since the election because I’m not the kind of person who rubs victories in the face of losers, but these people deserve it for their behavior and sheer audacity in the days since the election.

Liberalism is a mental illness—granted it can be a regional one.  People who grow up and live in places like California and New York have a tendency to think in favor of liberalism because their first thoughts were shaped by them.  As human children, it takes a long time to fully develop our brains—the entire purpose of our childhoods is to develop our brains outside of the womb so that we can think dynamically over our lifetimes.  We are one of the few species of mammal who do this.  A cow when born plops out on the floor of a barn or in the middle of a field and within moments stands up and can nurse from the mother for a short time before gaining the ability to live on its own.  Deer, dogs, cats and virtually every other creature on earth does much the same.  They live, they die, and their brains don’t develop very far along to know much different.  Humans on the other hand spend at least 18 years developing strong family bonds which last a lifetime and over that period—especially the first ten the human brain develops through mimicry and other forms of input until that person develops into a full functional adult.  This gestation occurs outside of the mother’s womb and is a summation of all that a child is exposed to.  If the child is lucky, they are born into a loving family full of interesting people—good at heart and not exploiting the weaknesses of children to sustain some ego based malfunction in their own minds—and those children grow up healthy physically and mentally.  However, if a child is unfortunately born into a family that is stupid—where the brains of the parents are undeveloped and dependent on the world around them in crippling ways, then the child will likely adapt those traits to its own detriment and a liberal is created. 

Liberalism is often regional, because the inputs which form it often come from the social conditions for which one is born.  For instance, I am a person that at the level of my very soul is a conservative—probably in an extraordinary way.  I had extremely conservative thoughts during my very first memories and this would have been the case if I had been born in Ohio or in San Francisco.   But in the case of San Francisco it would have been harder for me to develop properly surrounded by other liberals as opposed to the country setting of my youth which included a stay-at-home mom, two grandparents who lived a fairly long time who both had farms and taught me hard work my entire life and an upbringing that encouraged mental growth. My mom used to buy me books often hoping that I’d take to them and learn to like to read and further develop my brain.   The encouragement of a young mind by parental figures is the key to building a fully functioning adult and if that is the point of emphasis, likely a good healthy person will result.  But if a child is forced artificially to be too “dependent” on others growing up, or is put in a day care facility with other competing interests always pushing for attention the children are not getting at home, a mind will be stunted during that critical 18-year gestation period and a neurotic adult will result—most of the time one rooted in liberalism.  These screwed up people, usually not by a fault of their own, but creations of the world they grew up with—are the type of people who supported Hillary Clinton.  You could take any of her voters, any member of the media which supported her, any of the actors and corporate donors—and if you talk to them one on one, you will find that something went wrong deep in their childhood to give them the broken desire to support such a loser as Clinton just because she was a liberal.  It’s not just political ideology, its science—liberalism is a mental handicap in the same way that someone might unfortunately be born without hands or feet in a birth defect.  If a young child is born into a family of stupid people—they will unfortunately be handicapped for life lacking the ability to think—most of the time. 

It really isn’t complicated, if you go to a birthing center at any hospital you can tell which kids are going to grow up to be stupid based on the parents you see in the waiting room—those crippled with liberalism from birth.  Once they enter their first conscious moments the unprogrammed mind—which might have a wise soul within it finds that it’s tutors in life just don’t have much to offer it and its poor little mind will grow without anything really important imparted to it during those critical years out of the womb.  When nobody puts their arm around such children and teaches them anything of any value, those poor little things find themselves getting most everything they learn in day cares and public education institutions where radical liberals do the work parents should have—and as those people grow they become liberals.  If a child is really lucky when born into such families, a strong mentor might enter their life and give them something to formulate thoughts around.  If this happens sometime before age 18, a child might be saved.  If not—likely that child will struggle all its life with broken thoughts geared toward liberalism—as liberals are a collective based portion of our species which has lost the ability to think independently—as a fully functioning human being.  Liberals require other people to share responsibility of decision-making with them because as children they did not gain the ability to process data on their own.  This is why most children born and growing up on Iowa, or Kansas farms generally have the same healthy attitudes toward family where the poor little things that grew up to a welfare momma’ from the hood—within the inner-city culture of today’s urban dwelling—the child will grow up stunted and mostly forever stunted mentally.  There are exceptions—like Ben Carson, and a few others—but numerically, the odds are against those poor children if they have idiot parents who pass on their deficiencies to a hungry young mind. 

A mind and what you put into it is much like what you eat.  If all you eat is junk food—you will likely be fat and unhealthy.   If you however make a point to eat good food, and exercise a bit, your body will mostly be in good shape.  I mean you can’t expect to look like a supermodel if all you like to consume is chocolate bars and whisky shots.  The cells in your body will take on the form of the food consumption you place into your mouth.   What too you place into your mind whether it is from visual stimulation or interpersonal relationships will largely shape the type of person you become.  John Podesta—Hillary’s key person and the one who found all his emails hacked and exposed by Wikileaks participates in “spirt cooking” and other hooky practices because he does not trust himself or his mind to function on its own, so he relies always on outside influences to guide him through life.  If you were to pull him aside and get to know his childhood you’d likely discover his parents were idiots—in fact we do know that his father never graduated high school and that John grew up in Jefferson Park, in Chicago—a notoriously liberal part of the city.  He likely didn’t have a chance and by the time he went to college at a few places to eventually get a law degree he was already mentally formed.  The fine details we hope to give children in college are mostly useless if the foundation of their lives was rooted in liberalism from birth.  Putting John Podesta in charge of anything is like putting a physically handicapped person on a football field and wondering why they aren’t a star running back.  They just can’t compete in life when put up against someone without handicaps.  So it’s best to raise children with the fewest handicaps as possible.  If they unfortunately occur physically, certainly don’t do them in with mental handicaps rooted in liberal thought.   At least give a kid a chance by teaching them conservatism in the American traditional manner.  If you go through the Democratic Party what you find if you really get to know them are misfits destroyed intellectually during their 18-year gestation period outside the womb, and now they seek a political party to rectify their handicaps collectively—which simply doesn’t work.

This is why Hillary lost, not because of the Russians. She lost because she went up against a political candidate who was loved as a child, and taught to think independently.  Additionally, Donald Trump was the first person in American history to really be elected into such a high office without owing anybody anything—except the people who voted for him.  He doesn’t have to give cabinet positions based on financial contributions and elements like that—so he was an appealing candidate to enough people who really didn’t want another broken politician in the White House.  Instinctively Americans knew better, they had acted out of compassion and elected twice Barack Obama with all the baggage that American President brought to the table—coming from a broken home, growing up outside the United States and being crippled by radical leftists in college—and likely earlier.  Americans were done feeling sorry for people and electing them into important positions.  With Trump, they wanted someone who actually knew what they were doing, and that is why Hillary lost.  People had enough of the Obama liberalism that they switched parties when someone else came along that was personally confident and functioning as an independent mind that came from a healthy family environment—someone who was conservative not by some regional ideology, but by the nature of coming from a good and loving family.  That is the hidden truth as to why Hillary Clinton lost the election, and why Democrats are a passing political party.  They represent human beings with mental handicaps and finally Americans are seeing the light of that error—and they are not inclined to continue that practice in the future—especially now that they know better.  And that certainly isn’t the Russian’s fault.

Rich Hoffman


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The ‘Rogue One’ Review: A New Hope, not only for Star Wars, but the entire movie industry

For me it was an entirely magical experience.  I’ve always loved Star Wars, even though over the last few weeks I had been troubled with the makers at Lucasfilm who obviously were in despair that Donald Trump was the new President of the United States.  After a few weeks of “banter” it became obvious to me that the root of their problem was a regional one.  Lucasfilm is located in San Francisco at the old  Presido so their points of emphasis on all things political lean-to the left.  But prior to Rogue One being released on December 16th 2016 as the first standalone film to be presented in the Star Wars storyline I personally wished Chris Weitz and others at Lucasfilm luck with the opening because I felt that the direction of the series was growing up and going where George Lucas always intended—to be bigger than terrestrial politics and that this new film deserved fresh judgment.  Gareth Edwards as everyone who reads here knows, I think is a wonderful director—as assessed by the 2014 Godzilla film—so I was very eager to see Rogue One on opening night and once I had was met with a number of Star Wars characters in the lobby of my local theater just days before Christmas.  Outside of the Cobb Luxury Theater at Liberty Center, Ohio were brilliant Christmas lights lining the streets as Star Wars music blared from the park across the street in the harsh 20 degree cold.  A little Jawa and Imperial Trooper were outside adding to the excitement as seen in my Twitter update below from that moment.

Rogue One was a bold movie—certainly created by hard-core Star Wars fans and by committee which hurts it a little bit—but the love for the film by all those who made it was really a jaw dropping experience.  It was a fabulous film done with a classic Saturday morning serial style.  The title screen was very distracting at first because it was the first Star Wars film done without the crawl.  We’ve had seven Star Wars films with a grand opening followed by a crawl of text telling us where we were in the story and what was going on and with Rogue One, that was noticeably gone—on purpose.  It felt to me like this Star Wars movie was actually rebelling against our expectations to be its own thing even though by the ending it literally took us to the beginning of Episode IV the very first Star Wars movie from 1977.

I always wondered as a kid what that first major victory of the Rebellion was as mentioned in that text crawl and Rogue One nearly reflected my imagination remarkably well.  After all, A New Hope plunged us all into the middle of the story and we could only guess at the history of the situation based on what the characters told us about it.  The heroes of the Skywalker family and specifically Han Solo were larger than life manifestations of heroism propelled by unnerving optimism and that carried the saga into realms of mythology which has formed our society around philosophic concepts unparalleled in the history of storytelling.  Rogue One and the rebellion before those heroes entered the metaphorical stage noticeably is about average people daring to do extraordinary things under the collective assembly of a rebellion against the empire.  This was evident in the directorial approach of Rogue One which might have been tempted to retell a modern story with epic heroes which would continue on for generations—but instead they stuck to the mode of the story and the Michael Giacchino musical score never tried to outstrip the original John Williams score—even though I think he could compete with Williams if he wanted to.

One thing I know quite a lot about is John Williams music—I think I know every note from every film he’s ever done for every scene put to film.  I listen to John Williams music in my office almost every morning—it is my breakfast for starting a day and the music from A New Hope is so full and rich.  The themes for each character are so fleshed out and defined—it is an unquestioned masterpiece so it is quite a task to ask Michael Giacchino to step in with only about a month of time to score Rogue One which is a film designed to essentially be the first moments of A New Hope.  And the music has that rushed feel not in a bad way, but in the way of Rogue One itself—a band of incomplete and flawed people joining together in rebellion against a tyrannical empire also full of jaded and incomplete people not quite fleshed out as life forms to do battle on the epic planet of Scarif in a kind of grand crescendo.  I have listened very carefully to Michael Giacchino’s score and I think many of his tones are underplayed on purpose to be deliberately fleshed out in A New Hope as Luke Skywalker eventually enters the picture and finds his own guardian angel in the veritable Han Solo at the cantina in Mos Eisley space port.  That’s where the rebellion finally finds its true heroes which they can clip their star onto and finally overtake the empire in the movies we all know so well by now.  By the end of Rogue One the music coalesces into themes that sound nearly right out of the New Hope soundtrack.  Maybe that was on purpose, maybe it just took Giacchino time to find his Star Wars legs—but I think the small amount of time given to him was to evoke that kind of unorganized chaos that often happens with battle only to be brought to a finer point in movies we’ve already seen and that was quite brilliant.  In that way these standalone movies never have to be as good as George Lucas made the originals, or the John Williams music which accompanied our memories.  But the stories of how those events came to be are infinitely fascinating and in that regard Rogue One is a masterpiece of cinema.

Even bolder was the inclusion of old Star Wars characters who are either long passed from life on this earth or too old to ever possibly be seen again as a 19-year-old princess.  The decision to make lifelike full onscreen CGI characters in this day and age of 4K televisions was monstrously bold because every little flaw would be easy to detect.  But these makers of Rogue One had full scenes of the late Peter Cushing speaking to members of the empire under hard light and in close-up—which was bewildering.  Give the movie a standing ovation for not playing it safe.  And it works.  When Princess Leia speaks finally at the end for a brief second accompanied by the strings of Giacchino’s bold soundtrack I looked around me in the theater and there were tears streaming down the faces of the full crowd.  The audience looked as if they had Christmas lights on their faces which glittered in the reflection of the white interior of the Tantive IV—the ship which we first see at the start of A New Hope.  Then suddenly the film cut to credits not letting anybody linger in contemplation which gave the effect of wanting to see it again immediately.  This wasn’t just a movie, or a tip of the hat to a cinematic masterpiece—this was a bold rebellion of conventional cinema history declaring its independence to throw off convention and serve a timeless story with new installments to bridge mankind into the everlasting.

So dear reader, you might understand now the feeling I had when I shot that short video for the Twitter upload.  Until you’ve seen the movie, you won’t understand—it just sounds like music with some people dressed up in front of a movie theater.  But the unconscious connection that those characters had to our mood was very similar to that experience when you’re coming out of church after a particularly inspiring sermon to greet someone you otherwise wouldn’t talk to because you shared a common experience.  They understood how magical the movie was from behind their costumes and they could see the joy on our faces and they played right along.  Rogue One is a great movie without all those secondary considerations, but there is a magic to seeing one of these Star Wars movies on opening night as they now have such a hook into our human culture.  To make it better for me, my wife and I saw Rogue One at the Cinebistro and had a very nice dinner at the theater which I never get tired of.  So it was very nice that the theater management went to the extra step to bring in costumed Star Wars characters to patrol the lobby and had the foresight to set up a booth at the park pavilion at Liberty Center to blare Star Wars music down the street to mix with the Christmas festivities of Holiday shoppers vibrant on a cold December Friday evening.   Yes it was very magical.

I think those tears on the faces of the audience were of pure joy even though it was quite sad to see each member of the Rogue One team get picked apart by the ominous strength of imperial might.  The movie reminded me of The Magnificent Seven—the original starring Yul Brynner who were gunned down at the end trying to save the town.  But the film didn’t end there.  Getting those plans to Princess Leia was like a last-minute play in American football where the losing team had almost no chance of scoring an impossible needed touchdown as a superior opponent set up a tenacious defense.  It didn’t so much matter how many poor rebels were killed so long as before one died they handed the plans to the next so that they might just get the objective to the Tantive IV before Darth Vader killed them all.  The desperation was so evident and the end of the film felt the same as when a team goes into overtime in a football game—and at the end we’re not dealing with an outmatched opponent as we might have thought at the beginning, but two even teams about to do battle to the death in A New Hope (overtime).

I loved Rogue One, I’ll probably go see it many more times while at the theater and I will buy it on the first day its available on Blue-rey.  The film is a gift to the next generation.  My grandchildren will love these new Star Wars movies and I can clearly see the benefit of taking this series well into the future.  My wife and I did some Christmas shopping after the movie and sort of walked around sorting out our feelings about Rogue One.  One of my daughters called me to get my verdict of the film, as she and her husband had seen it already with an advance screening—and she was anxious about my opinions and wanted desperately to share her enthusiasm for the film.  She had to contain her feelings for our sake not to give anything away, and when she called, I was still in stoic mode.  I don’t get emotional about anything unless its extreme joy or anger—except for when I write.  So I mechanically went through the events of the movie with her that I liked, but didn’t come close to articulating the full impact of it until after I had slept on it.  That’s what kind of movie this is.  It’s a no brainer—everyone should see Rogue One.  It’s a special film for a special time and it not only leads to a classic story called A New Hope but it is in and of itself “a new hope” for the entire movie industry.  It’s a feat in and of itself that not only unites people of different political beliefs, world cultures, and young and old alike, but with our primordial past and the hope we all have to live free of tyranny against the natural inclinations by those whose faulty personal identifications seek to imprison us much like Galen Erso was.  That is after all the point of the movie.  Even under duress for his natural brilliance Galen Erso “rebelled” in the only way that he could and hoped that freedom would follow.  And in those tears in that audience I think that most people understood the situation that Galen was in—because in their lives—they are stuck in much the same scenario—thus the brilliance of cinema to reach our hearts in ways that no other mode can.  Rogue One does.  It wasn’t the best movie I’ve ever seen, but I’m a 50-year-old man.  For a lot of young people ages 4 through 15 though—this will be and it will become the standard they measure everything off of in the future.  And that is a very, very, very good thing.

Rich Hoffman


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Atlas Shrugged, the Sequel: The Trump Way

The best way to describe the situation now transpiring in Washington D.C. politics is as a sequel to the famed American novel Atlas Shrugged—where the engines of the world came down from their mountain hideaway to save society from the depots of statism—once of course that those politicians had surrendered their authority to John Galt at the climax of the novel.  As Rex Tillerson the CEO of Exxon was announced as the next Secretary of State as kind of bookend to the previous week’s nominations it was clear that what was about to happen under the Trump administration was a new classic American novel being written before our very eyes which would change the nature of politics and human philosophy for all time.

Watching the very good series The Crown on Netflix it captures wonderfully the problems of our thus far human history.  We most define our human existence with the thousand years or so of domination from Great Britain and how that island country shaped European history.  But essentially, they are a carryover of the Roman Empire which was a spawn of Greek, Egyptian and Mesopotamian life.  Then of course is the orient and their variety of god-like kings and queens who have ruled in much the way of the British monarchy—so by watching that one Netflix show—a novice viewer can get quite a grasp which was displayed I thought brilliantly during Queen Elizabeth’s coronation, of the trouble between religion, aristocracy and the management of government with the “commoner” stuck in the middle.

Communism was a philosophic invention along the lines of Immanuel Kant and had appeal to the “commoner” who simply wanted to be free of that impossible situation stuck between monarchies, state governments and religious institutions so they sought to level the playing field—justifiably so.  Governments of the day, at the end of the 19th century into the 20th recognized that communism would cripple the economies of their enemies, so they purposely shipped it to Russia to keep them out of future world wars and the land acquisition that came with kingdom building.  Then they sought to spread it around the world to pull free countries like the United States back into that control of the state, religion, and a society of aristocrats acting as “fighters for the people” when in fact they were just another royal class of despots seeking power on the backs of the “commoner.”  Atlas Shrugged was essentially an argument against this behavior whereas this new sequel under a Trump presidency is a proposal going forward for how things should be.

Of course people who sympathize with the communist philosophy do not like Atlas Shrugged or Donald Trump—but that’s good—because it has been their thinking which has threatened to throw the world backwards—essentially to the European middle-ages all along.  The new religion of their control is not Catholicism this time, but “environmental regulation” which is the modern term for religious control and statism typical of the monarchy driven European mentality so evident at the end of the Roman Empire and the start of the Inquisition.

In that context the political nomination of Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State is quite extraordinary.  As demonized as oil executives have been over the years, largely by the communist/environmentalist movement, to put one in charge of such an important diplomatic role from the Executive Branch is one of Donald Trump’s boldest picks yet.  Tillerson is one of those “engines of the world” a person who makes things happen and for the first time in known history—these kinds of people will be running the affairs of the United States—a young country that has deliberately turned away from the statism of Europe for an opportunity under capitalism to evoke a new philosophy utilized by the human race rooted in freedom.  In America aristocratic concerns don’t matter as merit defines worth and that is largely the type of people who are making up Trump’s cabinet.

Where up to this point the understanding of what built an economy or generated a nation’s GDP was ill-defined as would-be aristocrats hemorrhaging the political class of its ethics hid the truth behind Kantian philosophies—the big switch now is that it will be forever clear who and what those engines are—and there will be no going back. Currently the reaction from the liberal-minded is fear at Trump’s picks because they have been trained to be essentially stupid people—purposely handicapped to play their social roles—in much the way that Queen Elizabeth II in the Netflix show, The Queen was purposely educated only in matters of the Constitution and little else, to keep her properly in check within the various balances of power between the State and the Church.  Millions upon millions of children have been purposely handicapped through their public educations to be enormously stupid adults illiterate in basic functions to essentially prevent them from discovering the truth that the Trump presidency will reveal—that the engines of the world are businessmen and those engaged in commerce from first the creative side, then the ruthless competition which forges only the best to emerge followed by-product fulfillment—the boons it brings to a society are born.

Recently I was on a flight from Tokyo, Japan to Osaka and I sat next to a young Japanese girl who was quite impressed with the suit I was wearing.  You see, in Japan their youth had not been taught to hate business, but instead saw it as an extension of the samurai philosophy from their 1600 A.D. feudal period.  She bowed deeply before sitting next to me and thanked me for bringing business to her country.  She couldn’t have been any older than 21 or 22 years old, so she was just a kid, but I was quite surprised how sincere she was about seeing a businessman on an airplane. That goes a long way to explaining why the Japanese are so successful with a much smaller country than say China or even Korea—because they revere business and commerce as a natural extension to their warrior past, and they value it.  That value is reflected in their culture and young people don’t think anything of bowing to a foreigner on an airplane dressed in a suit because they have been taught that businessmen and women make the world move forward.  It is something to respect.  Now the fool might say the girl was looking for a sugar daddy, which couldn’t have been further from the truth.  People who think like that are stupid and there is no way to salvage their lives for goodness.

Watching Saturday Night Live since the Trump election it has been grotesquely obvious that our youth do not understand Trump, business, or the politics of economic necessity.  All they’ve ever been taught is to hate capitalism and to adhere to the new age religion of global warming—as a backdoor means of communism repackaged for our modern youth.  The jokes on Saturday Night Live have been horrendously flat because the writers and actors clearly do not understand the world revealed to them by the Trump election so they only know to grapple with it through demeaning means.  The root of their failure is that they don’t understand or respect merit—therefor they have no appreciation for value.  For instance, two weeks ago from this writing they proposed a skit about young children who desired a Fisher Price Wishing Well—gifted children who wanted to step over childhood and enter adulthood where they could announce their great achievements to the world perched atop a great balcony, and the wishing well was a toy meant to appease their anxiety at being trapped as children to inexperience.   Honestly, they were essentially attacking my own childhood, because I was living the punchline of their joke only it didn’t come out funny—it was spiteful, even to people who couldn’t personally identify.  SNL was mad at the type of children who know they are too smart and good for the social standard and couldn’t wait to grow up and become great John Galts.

This past Saturday was yet another really pathetic skit about a day in the life of Donald Trump where the writers completely failed to understand the president-elect except through the lens of having deficiencies which portrayed him as an out-of-touch bourgeoisie—the only public education definition given to them to understand wealth.  The sad irony is that before Trump the writers were free to make jokes about the political right because we don’t take things too serious.  After all, we’re used to not being represented in popular media, so we have no choice but to support liberal artists if we want some culture.  But the political left don’t know how to do the same for us because they’ve always functioned from the aristocratic assumption that their way of thinking was in the majority.   It wasn’t and now they are having a hard time understanding how to cope.

The truth of the matter is that it is extreme minorities who make everything in the world work—and those are the best of us determined to be so through intense competition, merit through education, and those who just out-work everyone else.  In Trump’s new world the engines of the world will be free to do their justice and those opponents which have guarded against innovation through statist controls are having their voice taken from them in a social context.  The engines of the world now carry the torch for the first time, and that is quite an achievement.  One that will have lasting, and deep consequences right out of the gate in 2017.  And that is a very exciting prospect.  For those who love the original Atlas Shrugged, novel, finally they get to write the sequel.  This time it won’t come to us through the great American novel, but through the Executive Branch.   And that will be a story that will literally change the world for the better.

Rich Hoffman


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10 Seconds of Sheer Bliss: ‘Star Wars’ transcending politics and the #dumpstarwars movement

Obviously, many of the makers of the new Star Wars film, Rogue One regionally identify with San Francisco politics, because after all, that is where George Lucas moved his Lucasfilm company just prior to selling his empire to Disney in 2012.  They are not Donald Trump fans and have foolishly engaged in a progressive campaign against the president-elect adopting the same slant as Saturday Night Live has—lampooning Trump and the supporters of the new rebellion in America which they’ve associated as racists, bigots, and homophobes.

Where they’ve gone wrong is in assuming—including Mark Hamill, (Luke Skywalker himself) is that the meaning of Star Wars was always about diversity and togetherness in a collective kind of ooze, as opposed to what the masses actually cleave to making it one of the most popular modern stories of all time.  They obviously don’t understand why Star Wars is successful, and they don’t necessarily need to so long as they stick to the formula that George Lucas started so many years ago.   Rogue One is a war movie inspired from the World War II era, and that involved European politics from a time when nations came together to combat the evil of Hitler—and that is a universal theme everyone can get behind.  I personally like Garth Edwards as a director—he did a great job on the recent Godzilla film, and now that I’ve heard the Michael Giacchino soundtrack for Rogue One, particularly the section shown below at the 1:40 mark, I am getting very excited for the new film.  I wish I could have an hour-long soundtrack of just that kind of music because it reflects how I personally think.  If you could put music to my way of thinking 24 hours a day seven days a week—it would sound like that—that’s it!

I’ve went to the trouble of warning these modern Star Wars makers, like the Rogue One writer, Chris Weitz to story group leader at Lucasfilm Pablo Hidalgo and the director of Episode 8 Rian Johnson through Twitter that they needed to can their opinions because they don’t understand Star Wars in an ethical way so far as it relates to the world outside of Lucasfilm—by way of its art.  I think they are too young and as natural second-handers to George Lucas, they don’t get the appeal because they live in a filmmaking bubble.  Even George Lucas didn’t understand it for most of his life—if he ever did.  In fact, Lucas may have only understood Star Wars after he survived the car crash that nearly killed him and ever since—he has been losing that understanding year by year.  As an artist, he tapped into something by accident and that became something that changed the world philosophically and when film industry employees seek to bring modern political meaning to Star Wars, they cheapen it.  For instance, as Chris Weitz stated about Trump supporters—foolishly—the empire from the Star Wars movies were racists white supremacists and that the villains from Rogue One were much like those who put the New York billionaire into the White House over the corrupt Hillary Clinton—whom many at Lucasfilm were openly supporting.  I reminded all those mentioned above that Finn was a black guy and that Captain Phasma was a woman and as my friend Matt Clark pointed out recently, all of the Clone Troopers were copied from the DNA of Jango Fett—who certainly wasn’t a “white guy.”  So I told Chris that if he thought that’s what made Rogue One tick as a movie—as the writer—then the film would likely suck.

What those Lucasfilm employees obviously don’t understand is that most of the people I know who ran the Trump campaign on the ground level all loved Star Wars and that from their perspective the evil empire was the Democratic Party and the villains were clearly the Clintons.  The destruction of the second Death Star was election day 2016 and we celebrated by pulling down the statue of the evil empress Clinton in the city square of a metaphorical Coruscant.  So we are clearly at odds with each other and our definitions of things are defined by regional relationships—Lucasfilm by the progressive views of the coastal cities of New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles—and the Trump rebellion from the flyover states like Ohio, Georgia, Texas, Indiana and Michigan.  One thing that Star Wars taught me as a young person, which the modern Lucasfilm employees have not yet mastered is that the space opera is best defined on wings of art—the kind James Joyce participated in—which tapped into ancient roots of human experience and that it is there that the keys to understanding the power and success of Star Wars is best applied.

It was only because of Star Wars that I was inspired as a young twenty-something to read the great European classics like The Canterbury Tales and Finnegan’s Wake.  One of those is actually medieval literature while the other is an attempt at preservation of life before the Catholic takeover of Europe specifically in the British Isles.  Star Wars is all about that kind of thing mixed with oriental cultures.   Lucas properly took all of the world’s mythologies and placed them on an infinite tapestry of galactic magnitude and benefited it even more by setting the story long before our modern human history.  The genius of that was to remove the audience from the here and now and place it comfortably in the past so that reflection was possible without the immediacy of modern troubles.  So I literally have spent the last thirty years reading classic literature from around the world because I was inspired by Star Wars as a kid to do so—and I am far better off for it now.  With these new Star Wars films I am hopeful that the same thing happens to millions of other people over the coming decades because there is a real hope that I have that this art of Star Wars will carry mankind to a new level of understanding even in spite of Kathy Kennedy’s immediate desires to find female directors and stick progressive causes into Star Wars which rips the mind away from the transcendental nature which evokes the magic in the first place.  She and Lucasfilm in general understand I think enough to get by.

For instance, Rogue One is really a classic spin on an old World War II movie.  The upcoming Han Solo film which goes into production at the turn of the year 2017 has the art department looking at old Frederic Remington paintings to get the look of that movie to reflect a classic western, so these guys get it, and I look forward to seeing what they get up on the screen.  I understand that we will see a newer Millennium Falcon with some cool paint schemes on it, which will be wonderful as Han Solo is my favorite character.  He’s a very Ayn Rand type of hero.  I am so excited about that project that I’m planning to visit the studio where they are filming while they are there in the first quarter of 2017—because it’s wonderful as a work of art to see those types of elements being put together in something that will inspire the world.  I’m not saying anything more about the Millennium Falcon because it’s all kind of a secret and I respect that.  We’ll all see it soon enough.

The success of the new Han Solo movie will largely depend on how well Rogue One does, so I am rooting for the film to do well.  I won’t be boycotting Star Wars just because the filmmakers at Lucasfilm don’t understand the presidency or modern necessity of Donald Trump.  They’ll get it in hindsight, but if they don’t see it now—I won’t fault them for it.  They have an important job to do in my mind and they need to stick to it.  I will say that I am encouraged by what I’ve seen so far, like that Michael Giacchino film score, and the recent update to the video game Battlefront where there is a DLC featuring Rogue One events which came out this week.  I’ve been playing it and let me just say—it’s quite astonishing.  Additionally, this past week the new VR Mission for X-Wing came out on Playstation and it was jaw dropping cool.  The neatest video game experience I’ve ever had.  There isn’t even a close second and all this is a result of Star Wars newest film Rogue One which has resurrected the science and ambition those films evoked in the 1980s.  I never thought in my wildest imaginings that I’d be able to sit in the cockpit of an X-Wing Fighter and perform dogfighting with other ships around a massive Star Destroyer on the edge of an asteroid field in the most perfect 3D imagery I’ve ever seen.  I say that from the perspective of working with the RealD 3D guys back in 2008 when they were perfecting their cameras for the revolution we see now in movie theaters.  I can only imagine what kind of technical breakthroughs we will see over the next few years as Star Wars continues to inspire science and art to push human understanding and the Trump presidency opens up the purse strings of capitalism to make those ideas happen.  If everyone can’t yet see the big picture—I can deal with that.  But lack of vision doesn’t make people correct in their assumptions.  Chris would do his project and Lucasfilm a tremendous service if he’d just keep his mouth shut and do his job within that context.

Meanwhile I will be one of the first to see Rogue One.  I ordered the soundtrack from Michael Giacchino based exclusively on that clip.  I will now go listen to those few seconds of music at the 1:40 mark for the rest of the day because it’s that kind of thing which feeds my brain—which is my favorite part of my body—and it likes to eat.  Matt Clark and I are planning a Star Wars special on 1600 WAAM on New Year’s Eve and we’ll review the new Rogue One movie and elaborate on all these topics more, once we have had the benefit of seeing the movie and comparing it to the history of the franchise which are shaped in translation by the politics of our time.  So we’ll see.  I’m hopeful, but will reserve my judgment on the product presented.  And as of now, I’m enjoying the possibilities that come with Star Wars and the hope for the human race that often trails in its wake.  I will say this, thank you Michael for that 10 seconds of music shown in the Rogue One scoring session.  Because I love it!

Rich Hoffman


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Andrew F. Puzder is the Labor Secretary: Trump’s brilliance versus Teddy Roosevelt’s poor understanding of business


I happened to hear a bit of the Glenn Beck radio show recently where their faces were melting off over Trump’s “big government” ideas and were comparing him to the progressive Teddy Roosevelt.  Beck was also making fun of Sarah Palin because she had supported Trump and then she was outraged when the President-elect picked up the phone and worked with Carrier air conditioners to keep their jobs in Indiana.  It is amazing to me just how stupid people are out there about business which is disappointing in the case of Beck—because he’s rich.  But obviously, with him, it was luck, because if he understood business he’d have done better things with the money he acquired during his years with Fox New than he has because the biggest difference between Trump and Teddy Roosevelt is that Donald knows the value of money.  Teddy Roosevelt with all his hard work, all his books and efforts never really understood how his family’s fortune was made whereas Donald Trump not only figured it out, but he grew it.  This has been reflected in Trump’s cabinet picks, most of which I am very excited about.  But the most exciting one so far was that of Andrew F. Puzder, the CEO of CKE Restaurants.  You might recognize his work from the following commercials. 

Yeah, that’s my kind of guy and certainly not a friend of labor unions.  Glenn Beck should know better, you can’t have a Constitution if parasites like these labor unions are continuous imposing themselves on that political philosophy.  For the Constitution to work, capitalism must be free and open and only then can we have a true Constitutional Republic.  The danger of course is that you never want politicians to use big government to keep themselves in power, and with the Roosevelt family, both Teddy and Franklin, they were obsessed with power largely because they never in their lives understood the value of money.  Trump though, and people like Andrew Puzder do understand money and for them the Executive Branch is a “step down.”  If they wanted power and money they’d stay in the private industry and continue to pay off politicians to preserve their fortunes.  However, they are after a complete philosophy change in America that will take our Constitutional Republic to roots that it would otherwise never have had—and really never has. 

So I LOVVVVEEEE the pick of Andrew F. Puzder as the Secretary of Labor.  THAT is a dream come true for me!  I like having smart people in these positions for a change, because by their very nature, they will reduce the size of government because of their philosophy of pro economic growth techniques.  And few understand that needed swagger more than Andrew Puzder.  GREAT pick Donald Trump!  Great pick!  I am looking more and more forward to January 20th 2017!

Hey, hot models who eat hot dogs need jobs too, and now we have someone in a big job who understands that.

Rich Hoffman


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