Liberty Township Trustees Pass Resolution NO 2022-062: Taking leadership to preserve constitutional guidance based on what we learned from Covid

It’s good to talk about positive stories and the excellent work by the Liberty Township Trustees, Tom Ferrell, Steve Schramm, and Todd Minniear, to pass Resolution NO. 2022-062 (the Reaffirming Our Commitment to Constitutional Principles) on June 7th, 2022. It was something unique and memorable. It was good to see government on the local level taking proactive action that was meaningful. And as I pointed out in speaking in favor of it, after Covid and the many government failures in reaction to it, the investment world needed something to reassure everyone that should something as disastrous as Covid ever happen again, there was a plan to deal with it. We, at this point, have to plan for some form of that eventuality in the political world we live in, that at the very least, local government will work on behalf of the people of their community to at least ask constitutionally based questions on the merits and legality. It was a horrible circumstance that all our laws and regulations were turned away from our systems of elections and were turned entirely over to health officials in Ohio and Butler County, which were unconstitutional in many tragic ways. So it took a considerable amount of leadership from the Liberty Township Trustees to take a proactive measure to reassure the public that local government was still in charge and would be in the future.

At first, when this idea of talking about making Liberty Township something of a Constitutional Zone it sounded to me like a redundant message. After all, all public officials take an oath to the Constitution, both federal and state, so by saying that they were a Constitutional Township was like saying the sun was out on a sunny day at the beach. That is until I went to Liberty Center to have lunch and noticed that the playground there was still shut down after two years of Covid protocols. Many of those protocols look ridiculous in hindsight. Still, when the playground was shut down, there had been movies about pandemics and various zombie apocalypses that had satisfactorily terrified the public, which health officials exploited for global gains of political power, which is a subject that we could write books on. Those books are emerging to tell those stories of deceit and corruption. But as to kids and the playground at Liberty Center, it’s a nice place in what I consider one of the best shopping destinations in America. Parents have enjoyed taking their kids there to let them play indoors and in air conditioning. The food court is right there, so it is a nice place for the community to come and interact with each other. But after two years of Covid, it was still shut down, even as most of the rest of society had gone back to normal. As I ate my food, the lights were mostly out, many of the upstairs portions of the mall were vacant of store activity, and it looked like a pretty sad situation. 

So I called up Todd Minniear, who is one of the newest Liberty Township Trustees, and asked him what was going on with the mall. Were Covid protocols still keeping these guys from opening up their play area? As it turned out, mall management wasn’t sure how to proceed. They were waiting on someone from the government to come and tell them that it was alright to reopen. But of course, nobody was ever going to come from the government to do so, so the poor playground was left in limbo, leaving that whole upstairs portion of the mall to have very little social activity.   I couldn’t help but add up in my head how many potential investors who might want to open a store in the mall saw this sad sight and moved on. If they had seen kids playing and parents enjoying talking and eating from the food court, they might have made a few million dollars of investment into a new store at Liberty Center, which it needs. Brick and mortar stores are a challenge under great economic conditions. So under a Biden economy, that only gets trickier. After some telephone tag that went on for a few weeks, Liberty Center found it was able to reopen its play area to the public, so it’s open now. Shortly before attending the Constitutional Resolution for the next Liberty Township meeting, I had lunch there again. This time it looked like I remembered it: kids playing, parents enjoying watching them, and having a nice place to sit and have some food. The lights were on, and things looked alive again. There was some exciting new construction on the second floor, somebody had made some investments, so it was a good story. One that should have never been bad in the first place, but it would be good to see something good happening that people could now enjoy. 

For many, it is a terrifying prospect to have to go through something like Covid again. I have several copies of the state and federal constitutions that I refer to often, and by reading them, there is no reason to be concerned. I felt that way during the entire Covid shutdowns in Ohio and across the nation; every case that was put before the courts challenging the health directives was losing. We should never have done half the things that were done in reaction to Covid. The real science shows that there were medicines available at the time that could have easily contained it as a public menace. The problem was in the new way that we allowed health experts to gain control through an emergency, the management of our country. We had never seen something like that happen before, and it certainly wasn’t the fault of Liberty Center in following the orders that flowed down to them from the state.   But in the aftermath, no leadership from those same experts came out in public and said, “it’s safe again.” Or, “sorry, there was never really a danger; we overreacted. Sorry if we destroyed lives and cost everyone billions of dollars, trillions of dollars nationally. We’re sorry.” No, they just stayed in their offices and left everything to the rest of the world to figure out. So Liberty Center was in limbo until Todd Minniear started making phone calls and asking questions. From the mall management side of things, they would expect someone from leadership in the community to ask those questions and get the answers, which is how the playground reopened. And the story ended up being a good one. 

Resolution No. 2022-062 passed with a surprisingly large crowd clapping, and all the Trustees seemed to enjoy a positive thing for a change. After the meeting, I was able to talk to Steve Schramm and Tom Farrell, who were eager to tell me about all the things that go on behind the scenes where they fight for the Constitution and the protection of Liberty Township all the time. The trouble is that the public doesn’t see all those phone calls and questions. All they know is that Covid shut down the world once, and they needed to know that someone who represented them would be able to ask questions and challenge health directives in the future should something like that happen again. Because without that guidance, those investment dollars might just stay someplace safe and not flow into some new project. As we saw with Covid, the uncertainty of medical tyranny might just return. Only this time, the Trustees had proclaimed that they were there to help and would ensure that the rules of the Constitution would prevail in Liberty Township. Which, for many people, was a reassurance they desperately sought from somebody offering leadership after two years of scary indecision and protocols that were abruptly un-American.

Rich Hoffman

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The Arrest of Peter Navarro is Unforgivable: Compliance to a corrupt government is not an option, Revenge is coming

I’m glad to see that Peter Navarro and Steve Bannon are pushing back against the obvious harassment they have had to endure as a result of the bogus January 6th committee in congress, especially after the arrest of Navarro at the airport in front of everyone when it was clear they meant to embarrass him to the furthermost extent they could to make an example of him. Navarro, the author of the excellent book In Trump Time and a member of the Trump White House team regarding trade policy, is a similar target as others have been, such as Roger Stone, where the government, guilty of many crimes of their own, have been seeking to destroy members of the Trump White House to send a message just like mobsters would, that they were not welcome in town, and that if they chose to play in the world, they controlled, the targets would be punished. Well, that’s not how it works in the world, especially not in America. Peter Navarro or nobody else from the Warroom podcast owes the January 6th Committee anything. The Jan. 6th Committee in congress led by Nancy Pelosi and known scandalous characters like Adam Schiff is meant to hide their complicity in election fraud, which is the entire point of why people were upset on January 6th, 2021 anyway.   To talk about anything else is simply harassment and nothing else. The purpose of the Commission and the ridiculous arrest of Peter Navarro is to show the public that the government is in control and that if you step out of line, the power of government will come down on anybody, even against someone who has “executive privilege.” 

Taking the emotion out of the situation is hard because if there’s one thing I can’t stand in the world is a bully. But this behavior indicates that the other side is losing. For those who hear stories like this and get worried, or perhaps worry that the FBI might show up outside your house too and arrest you, understand that the reason for the show of force is because they must cover up their lack of integrity and value. And when you are missing those things, whatever side you represent on a matter is soon to fall. The abuse of government power is meant to hide the lack of validity that the perpetrators actually have. They are very vulnerable to their personal ideology; in other countries where people are much more compliant than Americans, overhanded efforts like what was done to Navarro work. But that’s not going to work in America. They have gotten away with it up to this point because Americans have had a pretty good life and tend to let other people live and let live. But when you mess with their lives and freedoms and put them under some heavy-handed authority, that’s an entirely different matter. A fraction of the population puts compliance ahead of justice 100% of the time, but in the United States, those people are much less common than they are in Europe or Asia. And what the January 6th Commission assumes is that compliance with authority is the priority of most people, which is a terrible miscalculation for them. Fighting back against the tyrannical authority is what is expected, at a minimum, and Peter Navarro, in reaction to what the FBI did to him during the arrest at Reagan International Airport, is doing just that.

To set a precedent for the future, the arrest of Peter Navarro at the airport, rather than at his home as he lives right next to the FBI building in D.C., and strip searching him, putting him in leg irons, in solitary confinement, and using John Hinkley’s cell to do it all—the attempted assassin of Ronald Reagan—was a panicked overreaction to the political conditions of the future. To punch the MAGA movement in the face the way they did only now opens the door to having much worse done to them in the future. The Trump administration tried to work with opposition forces to build more of a team environment, but the SWAMP creatures of D.C. wanted nothing to do with him. Instead, they sought to destroy the Trump presidency by throwing everything they had at him and his staff, Navarro being one of them. And now they are starting to panic because it’s evident that Trump won the 2020 election, the election fraud is being exposed, people do not like Joe Biden, even nonpolitical people, and the fear that Trump will be back is a real terror to these corrupt people. So, they should be worried because they know what they have done. But going so far over the top and arresting Navarro the way they did, knowing that they are only making the other side angrier, looks like a suicide plot more than a harassment effort. But to analyze their situation, they don’t understand how to do anything else but harass people. There is no second strategy. They have top-heavy force and nothing else. That’s the real indicator of their true position.

Any fantasies that the members of the January 6th Commission and their Beltway supporters had about China-style authority control over the population are out of the window. That kind of behavior is not going to work in America. Americans gave those authority figures the benefit of the doubt so long as they stayed out of their lives. But the genuine fear about the January 6th Commission is that people were mad that day; they were angry at election fraud and having their President taken from them. And by arresting Peter Navarro, for no reason at all, only to show they could, they have only ignited more anger. Compliance is not on the minds of these angry people. Everyone has learned some hard lessons over the last several years, as the relationships of many politicians with China have become more commonly known. We saw what the political class wanted to do as authority figures during Covid, which was an artificial pandemic that they are still holding on to; Americans aren’t going to sit around and be pushed by bullies. There will be payback for all this, and as it happens, the aggressors will only have themselves to blame. The election fraud that the January 6th Commission was meant to hide unleashed an anger that, at the time, only a few felt comfortable publically displaying. That anger is real, and even grandma living alone in her house with a shotgun and an old blind dog, is feeling it. They want revenge against this out-of-control government, and they will elect President Trump again to get it. People are counting the days until they can cast a vote against this tyranny, and if that vote is taken too, well, then January 6th will look like kids playing on the playground. The government is not in charge of the people in America. Just because people have been friendly to the government up to this point, it is because they didn’t believe that the government was as corrupt as it obviously is. But now everyone knows better, and the arrest of Peter Navarro only confirms what many have long suspected. And they aren’t going to just sit back and take it. They will fight back, and the other side won’t like the results. 

Rich Hoffman

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‘The Value of Corruption’ at The Patriot Awards: Knowing the bad guys in a confusing world

It was an honor to be invited to speak at the 20th Century Theater in Oakley, Ohio, which is a classic building in northern Cincinnati, on a topic, I feel very strongly about, “The Value of Corruption.” People enjoyed the speech I gave, so I present it here in a couple of versions, one in a way that I usually provide in my walk and talk sessions. The other is from the event itself. It’s a nice theater with a lot of sound bouncing around, so I am presenting it both ways for the clarity of the presentation. The Patriot Awards were meant to reward hardworking patriots and constitutional defenders from the Southern Ohio area, and it was a very nice tribute to American patriotism. The purpose of my speech was to articulate what the fight is we are really fighting in the present state. The word patriotism gets thrown around a lot, but it can be hard to really get a mind around concepts that have often been with us all our lives that point us in the other direction. For instance, until a few years ago, it was fashionable to think about someone like Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg positively because we admire the wealth they gained in life in a capitalist culture. But we know now that money is only a tool for them to gain power over others, so we need some new definitions of good before we can actually see and understand the kind of villainy they have perpetrated against the United States. And that all starts by understanding the wonderful measures of money. 

Money is not the root of all evil; it reveals it, which is a chapter in my book The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business. We typically measure the value of money by what it can buy, not so much by what people will do to get it. But just changing that simple measurement gives the value of money a completely different understanding, which I find useful in understanding corruption, which I find very valuable in this increasingly volatile world. Under traditional measures of money, we have loved Bill Gates and many of the billionaires like him who participated in this year’s World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. And they have used that poor measurement to hide their treacherous actions against America. They have used their money as a weapon against the country that gave them the best opportunity to make it, which leaves us with all kinds of emotions directed at people like that. So a measurement that is more conducive to reality is something people want. It was appreciated at The Patriot Awards for sure because people looking for constitutional preservation are certainly trying to sort out their feelings on those types of matters. And there is nothing that brings people who are paying attention more anxiety than watching the Biden administration and the various characters at the World Economic Forum treat America like some second class nation where the spoils of war were already being divided up by the looters of the world as if nobody in North America had anything to say about it.

In my speech, I told several stories that point out the differences in how Americans think about things as opposed to the rest of the world, especially in Europe and Asia. Not that those other cultures are bad, but the way they think is not conducive to making money for the value of what making it provides to a good and moral society. Making money can produce extreme villains, like Bill Gates and George Soros, but it does more to reveal the content of the character of those making the money that otherwise would never be seen. Much of that social mask is always present at the World Economic Forum, where I call them the Desecrators of Davos because they hide their need to control others behind masks of social good. But when you have a measure of corruption, by seeing what people are willing to do to get money and what they aren’t, then you can see many truths they would otherwise like to hide behind. That comes to a sharp point in my example of the wild west saloon and the various characters who would like to appeal to the new sheriff through relationships forged exclusively to give them an advantage in making money. To learn how to clean up a town of corruption, the most crucial factor is to what extent people crave as much money as they can get through the easiest means of obtaining it. In the case of Bill Gates, it’s all about vaccines for him. Not that he wants more money to buy cars, women, and homes, but because he wants to run the world’s governments to satisfy his beliefs about climate change, which is more of a fanatical religion to him than a practical science. 

I have examples of corruption regarding Mitch McConnell, the Republican senator that many would agree is an extreme RINO, in my speech. He plays a conservative on TV, but in truth, he uses his office as leader of his party to protect his family’s shipping business with China. Mitch is pro-China, all the time, and he has shown to what extent he would attack anybody who threatens that relationship. He is hardly what we would call a real conservative, but we wouldn’t otherwise understand his behavior if it wasn’t for the Value of Corruption. We call people like Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton corrupt all the time, and they deserve to be referred to that way. But much of what they do is hidden behind a façade of kindness hidden behind the charity, which allows the value of money to hide what they truly were willing to do to obtain it. For years these political criminals have been able to hide their malice behind the good tidings of charity, much in the way that was discussed in my speech. If the new sheriff of a town announces who he is, then all the corrupt criminals would seek to cover up who they are with ass kissing and boot licking, which is very common in modern-day politics. By luring the corruption out into the open, the way the Trump administration has in recent times, it has shown many of these political characters for what they always were, which wasn’t so easy for people to see because the criminal conduct was so aggressively hidden behind the definitions we had for money, which prevented us from seeing the true nature of the participants. So I was happy to give the speech and to that specific group. As I said to them, it only takes a small minority of people with value to beat a whole society of corrupt people because of the nature of the people conducting the behavior. They need to loot off the value of people who have it in order to live so that always puts them at a disadvantage over those who have value. This makes them easy to beat once people understand the level of corruption they are dealing with regarding those people. Corrupt people are easy to beat once their leverage of cover is revealed. And that is the case with modern politics as well. The people fighting for patriotism and constitutional preservation will always have the upper hand because it’s what they have that the corrupt want most because, they don’t have that value, to begin with, and must lie, steal, and cheat to get it. 

Rich Hoffman

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Dr. Fauci and the Government Purposely Destroyed the Control Groups: Hiding the vast evil of the forced vaccine mandates

We don’t have anything in all of our human histories, mythology, religions, arts, and entertainment that prepared our minds for the vast evil our governments unleashed over Covid. It was a Book of Revelations style Apocalypse evil that did not come to us in the forms of recognizing evil as we had been taught to see it. There was no goat-headed Luciferin leading the charge against the white-cloaked church in America. There was no Hitler who was openly mass murdering people in gas chambers. There were no cardboard cutout villains with a curling mustache in a black hat for us to say, “see, there is the bad guy we must defend ourselves from.” We had no literary triumph from our past to articulate the vast evil our government unfurled upon us in 2020 and through 2022 with the vaccine mandates to understand what was happening to us. We had kind of an uneasy feeling about the whole thing, the way animals look when the trusted farmer that had been feeding them all their lives unload them from the back of a truck into the slaughterhouse at the market only to leave us there without even waving goodbye. We could not understand what was happening to us because the evil was outside of our life experiences. Like the animals at the slaughterhouse, we could feel the anxiety of our peers but could do nothing about it intellectually until our throats were slit and life drained from our bodies. It was over before we could do anything about it, except in America, where at least we had the American Constitution, which limited the federal government’s reach and ruined the plans of the Desecrators of Davos. Lucky for us all, the American Constitution stood in the way of these evil plans; it was based on over seven thousand years of civilization and learning, so it was prepared for some kind of attack such as this, even if humans had never seen the full apocalyptic intentions of such a vile attack on the human race. And when we did see it, even though we didn’t understand it, the Constitution did work while we managed to figure it all out.

When I said that the Robert Kennedy book called The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health had the goods, I wasn’t kidding. This is just one article based on the contents that put its finger on such a vast evil that it has taken a while to wrap our minds around the basic concepts. In this case, we are talking about the vaccine mandates that the American government attempted. The world governments obligingly pushed through corporate networks to destroy the control group of the effects of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines because the early warning from the vaccine rollout early in 2021 indicated that a statistical population getting the vaccine was having an adverse effect. A leak from Phizer recently showed some of those side effects. These were not indications the pharma company wanted to get out to the public. Even though many of us suspected this to be a potential problem, the proof has come out of the aftermath, and it’s not surprising. After all, statistically speaking, if all people eat potato chips, some will come down with adverse effects. So naturally, when you force a drug into the arm of mass society, of everyone in the world, there are bound to be adverse effects, just by the nature of statistical samplings. That’s not the problem. We could call it an unfortunate circumstance when viewed from the perspective of public health. The problem is that the government got involved and abused its authority to help private companies be shielded from liability from their product to destroy the control group analysis that would point the guilt back in the direction of the pharma companies. And there again was Dr. Fauci to run cover for pharma by using the government to provide the shield. And then we see the Desecrators of Davos influence through Bill Gates. He spent the money to conduct a maniacal experiment all across the globe equivalent to Sid from Toy Story pulling the legs off grasshoppers in the backyard to see what might happen. 

Without the September announcement by President Biden in the United States that essentially attempted to force vaccines into most American citizens, the anomalies announced by the Pfizer whistleblower could have been hidden in a control group of those who willingly took the vaccine because they feared getting Covid. The point of the government mandate was to remove the control group and paint it across a majority of the citizens of the world, instead of a small sampling of Democrats who so willingly listen to government mandates without any critical thinking. By forcing everyone who essentially worked for a living, which was most people, to get the Covid vaccine, the anomalies could be hidden statistically across the world’s population, thus destroying the control group of the statistical sampling. All this can be found on page 75 of that book by Kennedy, followed by an endless stream of supporting data. The book chronicles the crime for legislators and lawyers to fight for justice in the aftermath of this tragedy. But the book is so densely packed with information that the publishers extended the standard rules for margins using almost every part of a blank page to fill with data. Otherwise, the book would be thousands of pages long. But the crime and the evidence have been captured and have only been hidden by the sheer evil of it all. The unfathomable intentions of government partnerships with pharmaceutical companies to shield them from all risk when the basic premise of their products is very risky. Not to get hung up on the American government’s role in making bioweapons, precisely this one in Wuhan, China. The virus was released during an election year where many of these Desecrators of Davos characters, like Bill Gates, wanted to see a change in the president. The government was involved in creating the virus. It was involved in forcing the solution by shielding pharma from risks associated with anomalies that came from their product. That is simply an unforgivable condition that we can’t let pass.

The net result is that all the characters involved in the forced vaccine mandates have to pay the price for what they did. The crime was purposely inflicted on the innocent with gross abuse of authority that has never been seen before in the history of the world. Even the worst villains ever recorded in actuality or imagination had fallen short of what actually happened when the government issued the vaccine mandates for a virus they created and spread worldwide with maniacal lunatics like Dr. Fauci leading the way as the highest-paid government employee currently on the payroll. This is what we get as taxpayers for that massive amount of money? A guy who would think nothing of killing off a portion of the world with government forced vaccines just to see what might happen when they pulled all the legs off the grasshopper just to see how long the poor creature would live. Then use the power of government to protect the kid from getting a spanking for abusing the poor insects from a parent who noticed the evil but could do nothing about disciplining the child. It’s an evil beyond the scope of the Apocolypse, the end of days, of the Anti-Christ being born into the world and inflicting its evil on the innocent. What the government did to people all over the world is vastly worse, and we are just now starting to see the cost, much the way the animals at slaughter realize just as it’s too late to save their lives from their fate as they were delivered to the slaughterhouse. But in America, we have the Constitution; we can leave the slaughterhouse and convict the farmer who delivered us there. And we can live happily ever after if only we dare to take away the knife intended to slit our throats and do justice to those who have been doing us harm all along.

Rich Hoffman

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My Review of ‘Putin’s Playbook’: Rebekah Koffler nails the most elusive threat in the world

Every now and then, you read a book that is just jaw-dropping good, and that is what Rebekah Koffler’s book Putin’s Playbook is. Usually, these days when I read a book, I’ve read thousands at this point, so I usually only learn three or four things per book, which isn’t much considering each one takes 10 to 20 hours to read. But this one had around 30 new things that I learned or hadn’t thought about before. I picked it up because of Steve Bannon on the Warroom podcast. Bannon usually has excellent references for books, and because of all the Russian stuff these days, I thought it might be a good idea to read Rebekah’s book. She was, after all, one of the top DIA intelligence officers who often briefed the top VIPs of our nation and often members of the White House directly. Hearing from her what kind of person Vladimir Putin was would help understand the Ukraine situation. After all, Rebekah was a native-born Russian and moved to America for all the right reasons. She was in a great position to understand the Russian view of the world, so I approached her book as one of those learn a few things books but had no expectation for it to be as good as it was. It’s so good I would recommend everyone buy it and take a week off work to read it once it comes. It will be some of the best time you will ever spend on anything. We are in an information war presently, so the more information you can consume and explain to others, the better your side is prepared to win that war. 

I was not surprised to read about a person I have talked about for a long time in Putin’s Playbook, Yuri Bezmenov, the well-known ex-KGB spy who came to America to warn us about what the Soviet Union was doing to convert America from a capitalist country to a communist one with a four-step plan. I have covered Yuri a lot, there are many YouTube videos about him, and he was even featured on one of the latest Call of Duty games. He is not science fiction or conspiracy theory. What he warned the world of was a real threat and still is. But people didn’t listen to him, and I didn’t understand why until reading Rebekah’s book. It’s a mystery I have been wondering about for four decades. And that mystery extended into the way Ayn Rand was treated. And Cleon Skousen. It’s not that people weren’t warned about communism from the Soviet Union trying to infiltrate our culture. Heck, the entire Democrat Party is a production of the Russian spy network that has been at work in the United States since 1919. Yet, our top officials never seemed to really care. Ronald Reagan cared, and many on the left hated him for it. They wanted communism in America, and they brought it into our culture in all the ways these writers warned. So why didn’t our government work harder to listen to them? Well, that is the compelling part of Rebekah’s story. The part that I didn’t know confirmed many suspicions I have had for a long time.   

It turns out that the real villain in the world is not Vladimir Putin. Sure, he wants to destroy America and everyone in it. Since he was a boy, he has wanted to do that because that’s what Russians do. They don’t have any words in their language for “fun,” so they look at the West as a decadent society of happy people that they want to destroy. It’s in their nature to do so; it’s purely cultural. One of the hardest things that the Russian spy network has always tried to figure out is how to emulate Americans while infiltrating our society. For the Russian-born working for the KGB, how do you convincingly simulate the American life of a carefree attitude about everything? In Russian culture, privation is an honor. To show how much you can endure is a measure of success. In America, they lived to have fun. They worked to have fun and buy things that were fun. Their aim in life was to be happy. How was a Russian supposed to simulate that trait when they had no point of reference for it? It’s a real problem for them and continues to be today. So, they’d love to get rid of us from the face of the earth. They have no desire to live in peace with America under any circumstances. But no, that’s not the most significant threat mentioned in Putin’s Playbook. No, the greatest threat to America by Russian attack is our American bureaucracy. 

Of course, that is a theme for me, but it was great to hear someone else say it, someone, who has worked with the top people in our government and understood the most dangerous people in the world intimately. It’s not the bad guys out there we have to worry about. Still, it’s their creations, the political left, and more specifically, the administrative state they have built from the ground up through years of communist influence starting with our education systems, then our businesses, and ultimately how our government functions. I have talked about the socialist movements in America going back to the Bellamy book Looking Backward, in 1888. But I didn’t know that Russians were trying to infiltrate the United States just two years into their Revolution in Russia under Lenin. That explains a lot. As I said, I already knew about Yuri, Cleon, and Ayn Rand. I didn’t realize just how effective their communist intentions already were within our own culture at the level of bureaucracy. Rebekah didn’t mean to expose all this; she just wanted to help her adopted homeland win the war in the world against the aggressors that were in it, like Vladimir Putin.    But it’s not Putin who we have to worry about; it’s the administrative state created by the political left in America. Now, it has made such a mess that the world terrorists who want to dominate the world no longer worry about America. Because they have built the bureaucracy in America from the ground up and know that it has paralyzed ambition to the point of ineffectiveness, this is why with Biden in the White House, Putin has made his move on Ukraine and is not worried at all about retaliation. Because he has given the West the poison they plan to fight him with; they are only entirely paralyzed to beat the Russians at a game they created over 100 years ago. Ultimately Rebekah was fired from her job, not for being incompetent. But because she was the opposite. She was too good, and the world of mediocrity, which spy agents have infiltrated America with, could not stand for exceptionalism to force their performance higher. So, they plotted at the DIA to get rid of Rebekah, and eventually, they did on some manipulated technicalities. The bureaucracy wanted to preserve its mediocrity from people like Rebekah Koffler, and ultimately that has become the policy of American politics.   They did the same thing to Trump. They intend to do it to us all. The fight isn’t over there in Ukraine; it’s down the road at the license bureau and the courthouse. It’s in our capitals, federal and state. It’s in our education institutions. And it’s on our nightly news. Everywhere, bureaucracy establishes a culture and is far more dangerous than Putin or any other modern character. And that is also why they want us to look at Ukraine while the real threat percolates right under our noses in an attempt to take over the entire world again and rule us all through mediocrity and a centralized state. 

Rich Hoffman

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Jim Renacci is the Trump Candidate for Governor in Ohio: The corrupt DeWine counts on the swamp to protect him in a low turnout primary

I know it’s tough. Nobody likes Mike DeWine, the current Governor of Ohio. Even the establishment Republicans who have kissed his ring and endorsed him through the State Central Committee. Everyone I talk to would like to vote for an option, but they think the reality is defined by corruption and that DeWine’s money machine will win in the primary no matter what happens with Jim Renacci. Since the primary is near, I must remind everyone of how it was in 2016 when Trump was on the ticket. All the same, characters were backing John Kasich. He was the establishment guy, the unbeatable goliath. Trump didn’t stand a chance.

Nobody cared because Trump was just an old television celebrity who wrote a few books when I went to events and met Trump. In the political world, that’s how they saw him. What did he know about politics? I would go to VIP events and see seat reservations for all the well-known area Republicans who went unfilled. The people who ended up sitting in those seats were truck drivers, factory workers, and other pick-up truck driving, flag-waving patriots who were there for the same reason I was, to vote for a guy who most represented us, not the Deep State Swamp. Of course, after Trump beat Kasich in Ohio, the political world was shattered, and those empty seats quickly filled with supporters who were nudging in front of me to get a picture with President Trump. I didn’t care. I was happy to see it. Trump brought unity to the Republican Party in ways I had never seen before, and as for John Kasich, he disappeared from the earth quickly. Where is he today? Well, he and Dr. Fauci are likely in a hot tub together someplace hiding from the world, which would be good advice for them.

If the Trump Republicans show up to vote for Jim Renacci in the May primary, DeWine will be defeated. I know the risk is that whoever comes out against DeWine will be remembered. He’s like that. He is a powerful politician not because he is good but because he runs his place in the Republican Party like a mob boss. Get on his bad side, and you’ll find yourself swimming with the fishes. He won’t physically kill you. He’s a shrimpy little man and would be easy to swat away. But he has made up for that over the years with political command of the world around him.   There is a reason Ohio is the first state in corruption among all 50 states. It’s not just the FirstEnergy scandal driven by greenie weenie assaults on Ohio’s power grid; it’s because of how Mike DeWine runs his political circles. Nobody wants to work with Mike DeWine the day after an election where they got caught speaking out against him. It’s a huge risk to their careers. I get it. But just remember, fortune favors the bold, and the way politics is supposed to work is that these politicians work for us, not the other way around. Mike DeWine is number 1 in corruption because of this sentiment. He uses politics to gain power he doesn’t otherwise have, which we saw firsthand during Covid. Mike DeWine ran Ohio during his first term as Governor well to the political left of most Democrats. He runs as a conservative but the minute he wins an office; he legislates to the extreme left. 

I said months ago this was how it would be; all kinds of good Republicans smell the blood in the water and think they can beat DeWine because he’s so weak politically because of how terribly he destroyed people’s lives during the Covid shutdowns. Mike DeWine was just as bad as even the worse of the Blue State governors. In many ways, DeWine led all governors into the shutdown protocols, which opened the door for the massive devastation that occurred to Ohio businesses during Covid. Even more troubling, Mike DeWine asked the legislature for emergency powers a year before Covid happened in 2020.   DeWine has a history of serving the United Nations much more than he does the United States, and he seems to be involved in every Deep State scandal with his ear to the wind. We’ve seen some scary stuff from Mike DeWine during his first term as Governor of Ohio, and we have a chance to remove him and put someone much better in power. Someone much more Trump-like, or even more specifically, like Ron DeSantis of Florida. With Jim Renacci, we have a chance to have a candidate like that. If the Trump supporters show up on primary election day and vote, Mike DeWine wouldn’t have a chance. To me, it’s a low-risk endeavor. But the traditional machine politicians who have thrown themselves behind Mike DeWine know that primaries don’t have typical voters in them. They are the Central Committee types who care about politics seven days a week, not just one time a year or every four years like what we see in popular elections. So for them, voting for Renacci is a gamble many of them can’t afford to lose because it’s all about voter turnout, which they don’t think will be very robust.

Jim Renacci, who I have gotten to know a bit over the years, is the only candidate for Governor in Ohio who can call President Trump any time he wants. Blystone is a good guy in this Governor’s race. And I like Candace Keller and others who want to get involved. But in a tight race, and this is what the DeWine people know, all those challenges are going to split the rebellion vote, meaning the smart money will be left behind DeWine, and the Governor would then win a second term, even though he doesn’t come close to deserving it. DeWine has played this game before. He knows what the other establishment Republicans know, that primary elections are low voter turnout endeavors, and people likely won’t be thinking about Trump. So they will be shy to rally behind Jim Renacci and vote for him in the primary. The actual die-hards who want to see change and reform will split their votes up among the other challengers because none of them could get their act straight before the election, and chaos prevails, giving us more of Mike DeWine. That is how corruption stays in power. That is why we still have Mitch McConnell as the projected leader in the Senate. That is why more people in Congress do not fight to defend our border from illegal immigration. That is why the Swamp just gets deeper and deeper in Washington. In the end, the Swamp is deep because people keep voting for it. The fault ultimately falls on the voters for supporting it in elections like this one. People complain about how corrupt Mike DeWine is and how it would be great to get rid of him. They know that the 20 billion investments from Intel are coming to Ohio despite Mike DeWine, not because of him. Ohio is a great place. It just has had bad, bad governors, from John Kasich to now the extreme leftist from Yellow Springs hippie town, Mike DeWine. And with a perfect alternative right in front of our faces in Jim Renacci, the only Trump candidate on the ballot, the option we have is evident if only we have the guts to take it. 

There is a difference between supporting Trump and being a Trump candidate. I think most of the DeWine challengers are supportive of Trump. But when I first met Jim Renacci, for the very first time, it was coming off Air Force One with President Trump and Melania; the best First Lady America has ever had. Trump had asked Jim to run against Sherrod Brown in the Senate so that Republicans could gain a seat in the Senate. Jim almost beat the long-time progressive. He came very close. And in this case, DeWine is a very weak candidate. He is very weak with the Republican base, so if we are ever going to take down an establishment RINO, this would be the time. For those who want to vote for Trump and want an Ohio version of Ron DeSantis’s style of government, Jim Renacci is that person.   But first, people have to have the guts to show up and vote in the primary, at a time when most people are thinking about spring and summer and aren’t thinking about politics. It starts with voters. If they stay home and allow corruption to gain another term with Mike DeWine, then who is it to blame? Voters have a chance, but do they have the guts to take it? I certainly think it’s worth doing, and I will be voting for Jim Renacci no matter what, with great enthusiasm. 

Rich Hoffman

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The Truth about Truth Social: Worth the wait and the first step in Making America Great Again

I remember it extremely well; it was just over a year ago, relative to the time of this writing, and my wife and I were in Lincoln County, New Mexico. I was exploring the courthouse where Billy the Kid had made his famous escape, and I felt very reflective. I was so angry over the Biden theft of the American presidency. I was even more furious at how the media and liberals had treated Trump over the last four years. In the past, when their people were in the White House, “they” being the Desecrators of America, those who fight to destroy it instead of preserve it, we always treated them with fairness. We always lived by the concept of rule of law and Constitutional limits on behavior. But at that moment, I was thinking very seriously about going Billy the Kid on society in general, so the famous escape from that courthouse was on my mind. Trump had recently been kicked off his Twitter account, and we could see the plot of what many had planned for a long time. We were being hunted as conservatives, and the message was clear. We did not control our own election. We did not control our country. We were going to get Joe Biden, and we were going to like it. And if we resisted, we were going to be banned from all public life and hunted down for the rest of our days. To say I was angry at the world was an understatement. So my wife and I left to live in the deserts of New Mexico for a bit, to get our wits about us once again. I found some sanity in the idea that Trump might start his own social media company and that from there, we would strike back at these dark forces and turn the tables on them for good.

I am incredibly pleased to say that Truth Social is now a reality. I’ve been on it since the first day, and I absolutely love it. It is great to see daily postings from Melania Trump, Dan Scavino, and many other Trump insiders again. I stopped looking at Twitter when they kicked Trump off. Still, now that President Trump has started Truth Social, I can see the path to restoring our country back to greatness because it puts communication and entertainment back under our control.   At that moment in New Mexico that I described, I wondered if things would ever feel good in America again. But now, I’m sure of it. What happened to Trump and many of us who were shadowbanned, or even literally banned from Twitter, Facebook, and from Google in general, are options. We now have the best kind of thing in the world, a choice. A choice in America will defeat every evil intention the world tries to place upon us. When you choose, it forces all the bad stuff to hide in the shadows, which has happened since that year. Revenge has been served through choice.

First, Jason Miller from the Trump campaign started his own social media platform, Gettr, which I think is fantastic. I have been using it almost exclusively.   With all the betrayals of Fox News and even Newsmax, it has been Steve Bannon’s the Warroom that has filled the void for the MAGA movement. And Gettr has been the place to interact with them and other conservative media outlets like Real America’s Voice and OANN. When the Desecrators formed the plan to take down America, they planned for all the media companies to be in the bag with the Davos guys. They had it all set up, making it so that Fox News would be the last to fall, which was evident on election night when they called Arizona right at 8 PM, as there were still voters in line voting. The gig was up, and the other side was spiking the football, thinking the game was over for good. But Trump and the rest of us are not passivists. We turned to our own abilities, which is always the thing to do. If we don’t like what the progressives want to give us, we should just go off and make our own thing. And in doing that, it destroys the plans the other side has. They have no plan B. 

I really like Truth Social, now that it came open at the beginning of March of 2022. I know the line is long, and it’s taking people a long time to get into it. There are millions of people trying to get in, so they are seeping new users in slowly to maintain system stabilization. It took Twitter years to handle its users, and the demand for Truth Social is much more robust. But by the time we have the next election cycle in 2022, there will be millions of people there who are very active in the MAGA movement. There will be plenty of social media alternatives to use, which will keep everyone connected. And that is a relief. A much better situation than what I spoke about from Lincoln County, New Mexico: at that time, something like a Truth Social media platform seemed like a remote fantasy. But I’m happy to report that it is very much a reality. I’ve only been on it for a few days, and I’m already at 2K with followers. I have always been shadowbanned by the big tech companies, and instantly, on Truth Social, you can see that it genuinely is a free-speech platform. It’s a huge difference for me. 

And what’s best, it’s classy. It reminds me of what a Trump property feels like when you visit one. It has a Trump quality that extends beyond the hate and vitriol of the hostile leftist media culture. I think I do a pretty good job dealing with people of all kinds of backgrounds. I can talk to anybody professionally, even the bluest bleeding liberal. But I don’t want to hear from them in my personal time; I don’t want to see them. I want to be away from them as much as possible, and the wimpy little “Tweets” from Twitter were always no fun for me. Places where the entire platform felt like the Santa Monica Pier in L.A. filled with liberalism and a lack of wisdom, were always uncomfortable. It is good to have a quality place like Truth Social that feels slicker, smarter, and bigger. It feels more American than any of the other social media platforms ever have, and that is refreshing and well worth the wait. I’ve been through this process several times, most notably with Glenn Beck’s The Blaze.

I used to be friends with some of the people who started that, and I always had high hopes. But creating a big social media platform seemed on a prohibitive scale. But obviously, it’s not. It only took a year, and now Trump has a place where he can communicate with his supporters, and they can healthily bypass the media. The media and the Desecrators always planned to stick themselves in the middle of that process; now, we have a means of communicating and thinking that steps around those hostile agents. And I can’t say enough good about it. It’s nice to see how far we’ve all come in such a short time. That effort will only grow in the months and years to come. And I’m glad I held it together and kept my temper in check that day in Lincoln County. I think Truth Social is a much more productive way to make things right than what I was thinking. 

Rich Hoffman

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Bugs Bunny and the Desecrators of Davos: War in Ukraine with the Russians is just a diversion

I remain disinterested in the conflict in Ukraine. As I have been saying, and continue to, it’s all big-time wrestling on the world stage. Of course, I feel bad for all the innocent people caught in the crossfire of a bad government on full display. I have been comparing the whole thing to one of my favorite Bugs Bunny cartoons, Hill Billy Hare. In that cartoon, Bugs Bunny dresses up like a woman and gets the hunters trying to kill him to fight each other in a square dance, ultimately getting them to jump off a cliff together. In this case, the Desecrators of Davos prop up the United Nations, who is playing the role of Bugs Bunny.

On the one hand, Volodymyr Zelensky, the president of Ukraine and guy who made his way to fame playing a piano with his penis, is the guy we are supposed to rally behind. Ukraine is the creation of the United Nations and embodies all the hopes and dreams of progressives everywhere. Then you have the thuggish Russians who want to restore the old Soviet Union to glory like some territorial mobster. And we’re supposed to pick sides between bad and bad with this issue. All these teams are terrible, and we’re supposed to feel motivated to care. We essentially went from talking Covid, Covid, Covid every day, 24 hours a day to now Ukraine, Ukraine, Ukraine. Before that, it was Trump and Russia, Russia, Russia until we learned that Hillary Clinton with the Durham Report actually spied on President Trump while in the White House and tried to blame it all on the Russians who are meant to play the role as the big baddies on the world stage, the way a villain in WWE is introduced. It’s all phony and is a deliberate mess that will eventually end with both sides collapsing and being picked up off the mat by the Desecrators of Davos. 

Oh, but Rich, what is with this sudden fascination with the World Economic Forum and these massive conspiracies that are global? Well, it’s obvious what has happened. Hillary Clinton was supposed to be president as this New World Order was well planned for decades. President Trump was a significant impact on their plans; he was never supposed to become president the first time, and once he was elected, these “globalists,” as they are called, the Tragedy and Hope fans of Carell Quigley, panicked. The Looking Backward Bellamy utopian socialists, the global Karl Marx fans. All the enemies of capitalism advocates for global domination panicked and accelerated their plans, resulting in what we see now. And because of that, they have had to come out of the shadows, and we can clearly now see their footprints tiptoeing through the paint they have painted themselves in the corner with. Their footprints are easy to see if only people would look at them. They still are hidden from a lot of people because people tend only to see what they do regionally within their own cultural bubbles. In this case, those cultural bubbles are defined by whatever country they happen to live in. In their efforts to get rid of Donald Trump, they had to pull all kinds of strings that had been hidden to reveal their true purpose. That is why I call them now the Desecrators of Davos instead of the “elite.” I don’t see them as elite in any way. I don’t even like the term globalists. They don’t rule over us. But they control our money, which is the hook they have in all our lives and what they are after with this Russian invasion. 

Here’s how you can know what’s going on. Even though the United Nations essentially created Ukraine, the amount of corruption that has flowed through the country has made many progressives very rich, such as the Biden family. The Clintons in America and many in Europe use the country too for all sorts of nefarious purposes; the Desecrators of Davos led by Klaus and the gang from the World Economic Forum don’t like that Zelensky was elected there. He is Ukraine’s populist version of Donald Trump, and they want to get rid of him. The Desecrators of Davos wish to get rid of populism everywhere, and the best way to do that is to teach the people in Ukraine a lesson when they vote wrong for the incorrect types of people. But then, on the other side, you have probably the wealthiest person in the entire world, Vladimir Putin, who controls a vast portion of the fossil fuel market. In the United States, the Desecrators of Davos, through banks and finance, are destroying the fossil fuel industry with ESG scores. What are they going to do to Russia? Suppose the Desecrators of Davos want to make a zero-emission world. In that case, they have to get control of all fossil fuels, so this war in Ukraine gives them a chance to push Putin into overplaying his hand, losing his grip on power, and setting up the Desecrators of Davos for the cleanup. They intend to collapse all the world’s economies anyway, using China to carry the next stable currency replacing the American dollar. Hence, gaining control of all the energy sectors is critical to their plan. Xi Jinping in China will learn at the end that his country too will fall under the power of the Desecrators of Davos. They are all being played for the eventual end of money and oil as we know it now. 

With that said, it’s essential not to take our eyes off the ball. These plans, as I said, are much more accelerated than the Desecrators of Davos wanted to deal with.   They have gotten themselves into all kinds of trouble with Covid and the election fraud case in America, where it just won’t go away. They don’t have control of the media the way they wanted to have it by now. People are onto the games Larry Fink, and many of the American money managers have been caught playing with the Fed. Jerome Powell knows he wants to raise interest rates, but nobody on Wall Street wants that asset bubble exposed for what it is. This power grab allowed foreign investment to backdoor our constitution and to turn us all toward the Desecrators of Davos as the next global power. All that is pretty sinister stuff, much worse than the wall-to-wall coverage over Ukraine and a phony invasion over phony territorial Russian desires. The war isn’t about that. It’s meant to unify us all behind a bad choice and a bad choice, so we get used to accepting only having bad choices to pick from. It’s the same Desecrators of Davos plan that came out of Covid, accepting the changes to our economy that those losers want to give us and to accept mediocrity as the new norm. Ukraine is all about bad choices and purposely putting innocent people in the middle of trouble. But while everyone is looking at Ukraine and Russia, remember that it’s Bugs Bunny playing the music, and who might that be? Well, it’s the Desecrators of Davos, the global elite as the media calls them. Those obscure investors who aren’t dressed for war with military uniforms but suits, ties, and a nicely ironed shirt about to play golf in Scotland. This war isn’t about tanks, weapons, or even military deployment. It’s a distraction from the attack on our financial infrastructure as we speak and keep our eyes on everything but what matters most. The Desecrators of Davos intend to take over the world while we are otherwise entertained. 

Rich Hoffman

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Who Turned Off the Vote Count on Election Night, 2020: The Davos Desecrators and their Paid Friends in American Intelligence Agencies

The blame for what we are seeing presently, the high inflation rates, the war in Ukraine, the damage made by Covid, the generally detrimental decline America is seeing presently can all be traced back to one event, election night around 9:30 PM in 2020. Since states run their own elections, the smoking gun points straight to the five states, Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan, who all stopped their election counting process essentially at the same time. They all stopped counting their votes that night because it was apparent that President Trump was going to win re-election. Even up to that point, there were massive efforts to overturn those results on many fronts. Something that hasn’t been discussed a lot regarding the Dominion voting machines is that there was a Department of Defense patent from 2006 that could create an algorithm that could detect the trend of an election. That technology was out there to let everyone know who cared how the election was going to play out given what everyone knew at that time on election night to pull the plug on the vote counts and toss the whole thing into chaos insisting on making up votes with mail-in ballots, illegally injected into the process to prevent Trump’s re-election. The people who run the country had made a pick, and it was the right one. But the Desecrators of America from all the far-flung corners they reside had plans to destroy the country and preserve the wealth they had gained in promising to do so. So they did what they did, cheated in the election by taking away the people’s pick, and inserted a puppet they could control to facilitate all we are seeing now, the destruction of everything great about our economy, our borders, and our civilization. The enemies of America stole our election and plotted to remove our president so they could rob a vast wealth from us all on proportions unfathomable to most minds.

Most of the roads that have given rise to America’s Desecrators point to the enormous money managers who work directly with the American Federal Reserve to inflate asset bubbles that they then use to sell off as a value, only to gain huge financial leverage over people’s lives, and thus, their governments. And in this case, there was a $400 million cash infusion into State Street, which owns the Dominion machines and had that Department of Defense ability to read the vote-counting algorithm. The Davos Desecrators who run these Wall Street firms knew at 9:30 PM that election night Trump was going to be president again, and they couldn’t have that. They had trillions of dollars invested in new forms of energy advocated by climate change fanatics in Europe. They were not going to let Trump and a populist movement in America ruin those plans. So they sabotaged our election system and dared us to come after them. And now what we see happening is at their doorstep. It’s their fault. But they don’t care because they had literally bet everything on this effort to destroy America and re-distribute its wealth to the rest of the world, where they had already lined up investments to capitalize off the decline. It was the greatest crime ever committed on the face of the earth, and the aftermath will last for centuries. These same people created Covid for the same reasons; the Davos Desecrators needed a Great Reset. That same Department of Defense created Covid as a bioweapon built in the now-famous Wuhan Lab. It was poorly regulated, so it was perfect for creating an entirely genetically created virus that could be used to usher in this Great Reset of the world’s economy, all at the same time.   The Davos Desecrators couldn’t have initiated all their economic plans without some unifying tragedy, and Covid was going to be it. 

Well, how do I know all these things you might be asking about now. Well, we’ve seen it before. And, at this point, we have a lot of great authors who have written their versions of the story and published them in some really fantastic books. History will remember this period where the media fell under the control of the Davos Desecrators, finding their money too alluring to resist. But some bold individuals who would not sell out told their stories in books, exceptionally well researched where all the evidence was presented for consumption. I have read many of these books, and a couple really jumped out regarding putting all this together. One, of course, was The Real Anthony Fauci by Robert F. Kennedy Jr.  That book has the goods on what role our government played in creating Covid and purposely killing people to serve the purpose of pharmaceutical companies’ global target audience. It’s not a conspiracy book; it has the goods and is a topic all its own that I will be talking about extensively in digestible increments. For the purpose of this article, we can say with great assurance that our government aligned itself with the Davos Desecrators to tie America to a new global world order using Covid as the bioweapon of choice to make it happen. Stealing the 2020 election was just one part of their plan, and they didn’t care about breaking any American laws because they intended for America to end. Stealing an election at 9:30 PM on Election Night was the least of their worries. Losing trillions of dollars in climate change investments from their sugar daddies in Davos was something they couldn’t afford with a Trump re-election.

The other book that is a key to understanding what happened explicitly to Trump is Geoff Shepard’s The Nixon Conspiracy: Watergate and the Plot to Remove the President. Reading that book about Watergate, which the nation never healed from, tells you everything you need to know about what the Deep State did to get rid of Trump, starting essentially in 2015. What the CIA, FBI, and the other unified intelligence agency front did to get rid of Nixon in 1973 after he was popularly re-elected with a massive landslide is clearly a problem that never went away. Apparently, it’s much worse now than it was then, and it was horrible then. Essentially the same forces, although in their infancy at the time, were going to show the American people that they were not in control of the election, the Intelligence Agencies were. They had that attitude then, and by reading Geoff’s book, who worked at the time to defend Nixon, there was a general assumption that the employees of the swamp despised the republic form of self-rule that we have in America in the Beltway. They were simply not going to let an outsider like Nixon, Reagan, or Trump ever ruin their money gig. Then when you add to that the amount of foreign influence established through Wall Street, Chinese investment, even Russian mob rule, the situation was beyond hope well before there was ever a 2020 election.   But that they did purposely steal the election from Trump, from all of us, is no question. They have done it before, American Intelligence agencies. They got caught doing it during the Trump administration several times. And they certainly had it in their power on election night to stop the count and alter the results with the many ways we now know they cheated with Covid paper ballots and unconstitutional methods of deployment. They thought we were stupid and would not catch them. Even if they did, they had already sold us out to the many desecrators of the world who want an end to America. And they did it to pad their pensions, buy a boat someplace, and live out their days as sell-outs who traded money for their patriotism and said to hell with the rest of us. The evidence is quite clear at this point. But it’s so horrible that many of us just can’t bring ourselves to the reality for which we are presented. Yet, it’s all there in all these books, for anybody to read who dare do so.

Rich Hoffman

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‘The Batman’ is an 11 out of 10: The root of all corruption comes from bad parenting

If you are thinking of seeing The Batman at the movie theater, waste no more time doing so. Just go do it. I think the new film in the Batman franchise is one of the best ever, and it’s a top 50 movie of all time, directed by Matt Reeves and acted by Robert Pattinson. Just talking about good movies; they just don’t make them much better than this one, at nearly 3 hours long. Technically it hits all the cylinders in a very satisfying way. The music is great, the cinematography, sound design, direction, acting, everything is fantastic. There is a love for this subject that obviously comes out of the filmmakers. They painstakingly put that love into every shot of the film, and it shows both behind the camera and in front of it. When you think of a movie that has been done so much, it is easy to be skeptical that anything substantial could come out of a new version of Batman. But this was clearly a fresh take on an idea that Warner Bros. has been building for nearly a century. And it culminated in this film. It reminded me of one of my favorite Dirty Harry films from back in the 70s called Magnum Force. It explores corruption on both sides of the law and why there is a need for good people to step in and fight for justice. But there is, of course, more depth to it than that, and that is why this film is an exceptional one with great artistic value for a culture like we have in our modern one in desperate need of clarity on the definitions for existence. There is big stuff in The Batman that is valuable on many levels, and for that reason, I can’t recommend it enough. I’d give it an 11 out of 10 stars. Go see it now!

I’d go further in scale in recommending this movie because there is an underlying element to it that says a lot about modern culture and its failures. This is the best Batman character I’ve ever seen in any form, comics, television show, or movie. At no point in the film does this Batman waiver in his resolution to fight for good and to fight for justice. He is never tempted or shoved over the edge, only to be redeemed later. He is solid throughout the entire film, and in the end, he becomes a great leader instead of a hiding recluse. Coming out of the Covid years, there is a lot that this film has to say about the state of our world. And this is not a Hollywood progressive offering of nonsense. It’s an honest story examining real human issues, and as Batman faces those issues, he is a solid pillar of virtue through the entire event. Apparently, they are planning to make three of these Batman movies, and if they put the kind of effort into the following two as they did this one, I can’t imagine what that will look like. The amount of work it took to make this The Batman movie is on a big scale that it would be hard to duplicate, ever. The focus on all the little details is overwhelming. This is Hollywood at its best. It’s just a shame that we can’t get more films like this from an industry that has turned so radically left politically. I would not say that this Batman film is political in the way of Republicans and Democrats, but it does explore in detail the cause of all corruption and gets into the weeds in a better way than even the best of the mobster films ever produced. In many ways, I kept thinking of Scarface from the 80s as a comparative film to what they pulled off with The Batman

Yet, the best part of The Batman is that it honestly explores the nature of evil and what leads to all corruption, and that is when the adults let kids down. Parents’ impact on children is a real, unexplored problem in our modern society. Governments have even attempted to replace the parents in society with government supervision, which has worsened the situation. We now have a culture in real life that has produced millions and millions of villains like the Riddler in this movie, the primary bad guy. But I found myself understanding the Riddler quite a lot.   Who could blame him for his anger when the world he sees is so corrupt, and all the parental figures in his life were robbed away from him? The constant theme in The Batman is the cost to young people when adults let them down. When dad runs off with a cheap whore. Or when the District Attorney spends the night in a risqué club instead of staying home with the kid’s doing cocaine with young women draped from his arms. When kingpin fathers manipulate the entire police force and have illegitimate children all over the place, leaving those kids to feel abandoned and broken as adults. The real villains in The Batman are the parents who fell short and left their children without something to hold on to, turning them into adults, broken and vengeful.   What is the cause of all crime and corruption, bad parenting? As I sat watching the movie, I looked around at the glassy eyes of the parents taking their kids to see this film.   Could the parents relate to the good guys or the bad guys? Or was it just too much for them?

I understood Batman and the Riddler. At the end of the film, I loved the question, which was the same posed to Clint Eastwood in Magnum Force. Who is good, and who is bad?   What does it mean to fight for what’s good when most of what’s going on in the world are so bad? Is any of it worth fighting for at all? Should we just leave the world and head for the country as Catwoman did at the end, warning Batman that his fight for justice would likely kill him? And when Batman said to her that he had to try to save the city, it’s the same things we are now saying about our country. Is it worth saving? Should we fight at all, given all the corruption that we see? It’s a worthy question, one that we are all asking in our own specific ways. These are complicated things to think about, but this movie, The Batman, has a definitive statement on it, and I think it’s a great definition that will take time for many to let wash over them. This is a movie worth seeing for more than entertainment. It’s what families should watch together and figure out their place after that where they fit into the puzzle. And hopefully, in the end, the resolution is that they’ll want to be more like Batman than the other characters.   And parents will want to be good role models for their kids instead of just the lately louse that fills the halls of corruption in almost every institution created by mankind. Despite the enormous responsibility it requires to bring children into the world, it is worth doing. But the job only gets more complicated the older they get, and if there is a lesson in the movie, The Batman, failing in that job can lead to all the corruption we see in Gotham City and the greater world in general. 

Rich Hoffman

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