My Review of ‘2000 Mules’: The proof of election fraud is abundant, nobody wants to be near Joe Biden

You might have noticed that Fox News is not allowing coverage of Dinesh D’Souza’s 2000 Mules on their network, even though compelling evidence was presented in the film that proves beyond reasonable doubt that the 2020 election was stolen. Everything Joe Biden has done and continues to do is illegal. All those who hoped that somehow Trump could be “processed out” of existence with a political stiff arm are learning the hard way. The Trump endorsements are reshaping the Republican Party, and all the insiders know it. They know Joe Biden and the Democrats cheated to gain their current power. After learning what we did in 2000 Mules, it’s evident that many close elections over the last decade or so were probably won in precisely the same way, by paying “mules” $10 per vote to stuff ballots created by nonprofits fed by Facebook money. By the time 2020 came around, the Democrats had their “steal the vote” campaign a well-oiled machine. The RINO Republican types played along because they kept the balance of power of politics within a realm they were comfortable with. If Democrats gained power, they were okay with that because it kept the swamp filled, so it was a concession they were willing to make. And in that last election, they wanted Trump gone as bad as the Democrats did, so they joined forces to hold their nose and allow for massive election fraud. Then in the aftermath, they took the position of denying it for all the legal reasons you’d expect and hope that the story would just disappear into history. But after watching the evidence of massive election fraud, with very conservative estimates taking the overvotes to well over 800,000, their hopes are vanishing. They are not going to get away with what happened in 2020. Many people in the media and in the political circles know that they have been caught in treasonous activity, and now that there is proof, concerns are brewing.

Where I filmed my video review shown above, it was less than a mile from where Joe Biden had just visited a metal plant specializing in 3D printing. I was right in the middle of that presidential visit that day, and it was the most boring that I have ever seen. And I don’t say that because I hate President Biden. I say it from experience setting up other presidential visits, such as Trump many times to Butler and Warren County. I know what they look like, I have seen the way politicians show up at the airport to greet the President, and this Biden visit had no gas in the tank. Nobody cared; drivers on the highways were barely an inconvenience. The motorcade brought Biden in, and they took him out, and hardly anybody knew he had ever been there. Really, we didn’t need the evidence of election fraud that was shown in 2000 Mules because the lack of excitement for Joe Biden says everything that anybody needs to know. Not even the liberal Andy Breshear came to see Biden in Northern Kentucky, where the President landed. They all know that Biden was manufactured; he was not picked by a Democratic means of actual vote counts. The only reason Joe Biden was President was that Facebook bought him along with other billionaires. And they also knew that the rule changes presented by Covid allowed for the theft to happen, and they really hoped that this story would die. But instead, it’s picking up steam as we learn more about what really happened. But regarding Joe Biden, there is no logical proof that he gained more votes in the history of any president because everywhere he goes, even in Philadelphia, nobody is excited to see him. 

The New York Times produced a documentary last year called A Day of Rage, which featured the same cell phone pings that Dinesh D’Souza used to show where people were and what they were doing, which was already accepted by the political left as viable evidence. In that documentary, the evidence was enough to apply guilt to the protestors indicating that they had planned what the establishment called an “insurrection.” Suddenly they don’t want to accept that kind of cell phone tracking evidence when it comes to the election fraud of 2020 because it is so apparent. My opinion on what happened on January 6th, 2021, was that I wanted more evidence and was willing to study it as it came in. Smart people knew something wasn’t right about the election, but at the time, we didn’t yet have the facts. Well, now, in 2022, we know the facts, and a group called True the Vote was featured in 2000 Mules to reveal just how the election fraud occurred, using the same methods The New York Times used in their Day of Rage. Rather than storm the capital like many did, I instead took my RV and my wife out into the desert of New Mexico and Utah and wrote a book.

I certainly understood why the people who stormed the capital were upset; we all were. They were angry that their vote had been stolen, and they didn’t want to wait for the proof. They had a gut instinct that the government was lying to them, and they wanted someone’s head on a plate. What happened on January 6th of that year is what happens when a government steals elections, and it is mild compared to what will happen in the future if it continues to occur.   The controls that the swamp thought they had over people were shattered that day, and it scared them, which it should. But back then, there was still a lot we didn’t know. But now we do. The election was stolen. The people who stormed the capitol on January 6th did so under constitutional parameters. Their prosecution has been against the law because the government breached the law with election fraud. It’s quite a mess, and now there is proof of it all which in many ways nobody wants to talk about, is earth-shattering.  

But the ultimate proof is in the lack of support for Joe Biden. When my wife and I went out west that year to get perspective out in the vast open spaces and away from politics for a few months, I was the first to see it. The election had just happened, and you could see that Trump had significant support. But there was nothing to suggest that Biden had any support, even while traveling through the blue state of Illinois. It was an odd thing to witness, supposedly the most popular President in history, yet nobody liked him and showed support for him publicly. Then there was that recent trip to Butler County, Ohio, to visit the 3D printing factory. Nobody, no politicians, and certainly no enthusiasm, not even from law enforcement who were responsible for safe passage along the route.   That is evidence that can’t be hidden or denied. People just don’t like Joe Biden, and they have an instinct that the government caused all this mess by taking away their actual vote. So even without the Dinesh D’Souza movie, people already get it. They just don’t know what to do about it. But now, there is more than an assumption. With the evidence presented by True the Vote and the great work done by Catherine Engelbrecht in putting it together, we have everything we need to begin congressional hearings on the matter, at the very least. We have whistleblowers, video, and cell phone data which are just as good as DNA evidence.   We have plenty to untangle the mess of election fraud in the 2020 election. But the most apparent evidence is how the political left has reacted to the presentation of that evidence, especially on Fox News. They don’t want to see it, they just want the story to die, and as a major news organization, that tells you all you need to know about their role in that election fraud, as most of the corporate media were from the beginning. 

Rich Hoffman

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Yes, There is Lots of CRT at Lakota: The evidence was at the school board meeting that occurred on 5.9.22

I say it all the time, don’t judge people based on what they say, but by what they do. And over the question of CRT (Critical Race Theory) in Lakota schools, the answer is undoubtedly there for all to see by what they do. Even though the radical elements of the school attempted to hide their bad conduct by making the new school board member Darbi Boddy the center of attention, they showed their true colors at the school board meeting on May 9th, 2022. It was a marathon meeting that went over 3 hours long. I was there for over 4 hours, and it ended with an impassioned speech by Issac Adi, wanting to put a definition to the question about CRT being taught in Lakota schools. The teachers, of course, deny it, as does the school administrative leadership. But the evidence is in the students themselves. They use all the CRT language in what they say about “white privilege” and the values of American life in a historical context. Even though an audit of the teaching materials at Lakota would undoubtedly show massive amounts of CRT present in every classroom, you don’t even have to go that far to see it. On the topic of sexual grooming in the halls of Lakota and CRT, all you have to do is look at the pictures the radicals put on the backs of their chairs for the official video of the Lakota school board meeting to learn all you need to about what is going on in the classrooms. They changed the names of CRT to other things to shake people off the trail but to see what’s really going on and study what the kids are learning about their country and society in general; the evidence is right there. It might be by a different name or method, but the intent is the same.

The anger at Darbi Boddy was that she didn’t follow the school’s rules to protect teachers from outside judgment and for the public not to learn about the progressive radicalism seething within the halls of one of the largest public schools in Ohio. Just for trying to discover the extent of the damage, the Lakota superintendent Matt Miller issued a trespassing order against school board member Darbi Boddy which made national headlines, banning her from setting foot on any school grounds–even though she is a member of management. At the end of the meeting, Issac struggled to find the words to define CRT and how to find it in the teaching methods at Lakota. Darbi had gone into the schools themselves to find that evidence. But truly, the evidence came to the school board meeting that night in all its ugliness. And it could be seen and heard in the speakers who attempted to fire Darbi Boddy from the school board just for asking the questions about CRT, which they want so much to conceal. And in their anger, they displayed all the proof we needed. 

Critical Race Theory has been around for quite a few decades, and it started coming to us through entertainment programming, such as what MTV was famous for. The 1619 Project sought to make CRT more of a civil rights platform politically by putting the teaching into the schools through federal and state dollars flowed down into every public school. This has been going on for a long time. Their goal was to reinterpret American history and turn the slavery issue into a means to backdoor Marxism into American life behind the guilt of racism. The 1619 Project entirely means to erase the start of American life and repurpose its creation as invalid because it was built on slave labor starting in 1619 when the first slaves were brought to North America. Of course, these attackers of American life get all the history wrong; it was the British government that brought slavery to America. The Revolution that created America started the process of freeing slaves globally, and it was Republicans that eventually did it. That is the true history that should be taught in our schools. But students being taught by The 1619 Project flow down influence through the front groups like Black Lives Matters have been taught that white people have privilege and that they owed black people reparations for that privilege. Until very recently, until really last summer after the release of Mark Levine’s book American Marxism most Americans weren’t aware of this teaching going on in their public schools. School boards were trying to put a friendly face on the activity because there wasn’t much they could do about it, so they tried to hide the fact from even themselves with all the feel-good awards that go on politically. But the effect on the kids was unmistakable. Children are now the products of this teaching, and it shows in what they have learned and now communicate to the world. 

I spoke at the 2-hour and 51-minute mark in defense of Darbi and to illustrate how sexual grooming had been introduced to children through the Pride Movement, which has hijacked rainbows to soft-sell alternative sexual lifestyles to young people. Of course, this led to a lot of heckling from the audience that wasn’t heard much by the video audio because the microphones were feeding the video source, and the audience didn’t have microphones. But you can see by my reaction when the audience was being ostentatious, and they were like that all evening, for the entire length of the meeting. They came to fight and prove their point. And the purpose of their aggression was to hide what they were up to. And it worked for the most part. This isn’t the kind of thing that the media circus provoked by the school board to get rid of Darbi Boddy wanted to report on. Their story angle was that the community didn’t support the new school board member and the demands for her resignation forced her off the board. But that’s not the story they got, and you could see the disappointment on their faces around 10 PM that night once they had missed all their media deadlines for the 11 PM news. Rather, the support for Darbi Boddy from the audience was much stronger than anybody thought it would be. I was certainly one, but I wasn’t the only one. And that was with the audience packed with radical lunatics who obviously have a very aggressive political agenda against the kids in the school, as was evident by the backs of their chairs and the signs they held up during the whole meeting. 

To know that CRT is being taught in Lakota schools, just look at what they do and what kinds of kids have been produced from the public school. Listen to what they say, which was a lot during that meeting, especially toward the end. Then judge that based on what they do, the signs, the heckling, the attempt to pack the room to give the media cameras the illusion of public sentiment. Like I said to them, the room was a small one; it didn’t represent anything close to the 8000 voters who had just voted for Darbi Boddy to do precisely what she was in trouble for, to uncover evidence of sexual grooming in Lakota’s classrooms and to get CRT out of the school altogether. She wasn’t going to be able to do that following rules that the teacher’s union created to hide their bad behavior. But in actuality, she didn’t even need to do that much. The evidence was at the school board meeting. Radicalism was apparent for all to see. Many of the people who supported Darbi Boddy were afraid to come and speak, and I can see why. In the video, you can see where my wife got entangled with some of the most vocal radicals in the audience. They called over the police to seek protection because my wife challenged them to a further debate after the meeting was done, and they didn’t want to do it. Most people don’t want to go to a school board meeting to fight, but the radicals clearly came there to do just that.

The media circus created by the school board in an effort to get rid of their newest member-only reported that part of the story, ignoring the worst elements that were openly displayed for all to witness. The only conclusion that could be made from the meeting is that CRT and sexual grooming are happening aggressively in Lakota and all public schools. And that those same radical elements which have been crying to defund the police over the last few years need a taste of their own medicine. Those who don’t want to see CRT in their public schools should develop their own slogan to defund the schools for the damage they are causing our children. The pain that Issac Adi was trying to articulate at the end of the meeting is the unsaid aspect of the whole enterprise. Public schools are very political; they are political indoctrination machines intent on turning our kids against us as a nation. Groups like Black Lives Matters and The 1619 Project have made them so through the funding machine at the federal and state level. We will never see CRT if we attempt to make public schools non-political, which most board members want to do. They want to save public schools and to make them centerpieces of the entire community. But public schools are too far gone for that; the corrosive political influence of Marxist extremists has already been doing their work for many decades. They wanted to blame Darbi for destroying that illusion, and it didn’t work. Rather, the evidence was all around them, and they could not see it because they didn’t want to admit to themselves the obvious. CRT isn’t just all over the walls of Lakota; it’s in the radicals who were the products of public education right in front of their faces. And it was disgusting to see.    

Rich Hoffman

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These Loser Politicians Don’t Represent Me: Only preventing election fraud can fix the economy, Ukraine, border security, and the other problems in the world

This is precisely why we must have very secure elections. Obviously, all those losers who have supported open elections, elections by illegal residents, early voting, and elections with no voter ID intended to cheat to get people elected who otherwise wouldn’t have a chance. After what we have seen since 2020, we must be a lot more careful about our election process. We cannot assume that people will do good things domestically and follow the rules.   Because without tight security on our elections, we have seen that malicious people will have a field day. It wasn’t just the 2020 election, but likely every election for the last two decades. I might not have believed that until I spent much of 2021 traveling all over the country. The election results reflected in our House and Senate are media creations, not actually representatives of real people. There is only one way that could have happened, through massive election fraud over a long period. A systematic acceptance of cultural election fraud by the political class knowing that there is profit in the game for them to keep the system of chaos that they currently have.

I have to say that because we are all being pushed into having an opinion about the Russian invasion of Ukraine as if we only have one of the two teams at play to pick from. Do we support the United Nations’ creation of Ukraine, or do we support the gay-hating Russians who are putting nationalism before global peace at all costs? International peace means surrendering everything to the Desecrators of Davos, you know, “you’ll own nothing and like it,” people. That’s not a good option. And Vladimir Putin has made it his reason for living to destroy the United States. That’s not a good pick either. I don’t like either option. I feel very sorry for the people of Ukraine caught in the crossfire of bad politics. But join the club. We are all victims of that to a large extent. I don’t support any of the dumb politicians making so many mistakes in America, that’s for sure. These losers who have run up the debt kept an out-of-control Fed that blew up our economy with unjustified trillions of unrepresented money on the fed’s balance sheet don’t deserve sympathy. The stupidity of the Biden administration is beyond rationalization; I didn’t vote for that loser. And I didn’t vote for many of those Desecrators in the House and Senate who tell us that anti-American sentiment is the wave of the future. Many of those elected representatives were only elected through fraud, blue state governors, and lax election laws that otherwise would have kept them from office. I’ve seen the American people up close, and they aren’t voting for losers like this. Only through falsified paper ballots and coordinated election fraud like Facebook was caught conducting could these people actually win an election.

We aren’t obligated to get behind these people just because we are all Americans. This isn’t a “team America” kind of thing where we have some patriotic obligation to rally behind the United Nations debacles in Ukraine. The stupidity of the politicians that we have seen in America, especially lately, can only be prevented with secure elections. And we have not had secure elections. We have been taken advantage of by the political class. They have betrayed our trust, and now they are purposely wrecking the economy, letting in a wave of invasive illegal immigrants into America through the southern border. What is going on between Mexico and America is far worse than the Russians invading Ukraine. We are supposed to care about the Ukraine border when there is no concern given at all about the border of the United States. Only stupid people would suggest anything else. Or people deliberately trying to undermine the United States.

Whatever the case, only secure elections can protect us from this kind of management malpractice. The way our politicians have handled things does not represent me.   I reject the way they have expressed America to the world as losers. Biden and Harris don’t represent me. But it’s not just Democrats and socialist-oriented progressives like Bernie Sanders and the bartender AOC. Mitch McConnell doesn’t represent me. Rob Portman doesn’t represent me. The corrupt Ohio governor and United Nations spokesman Mike DeWine doesn’t represent me. I don’t have an obligation to stand behind any of those losers, especially when they show themselves as an embarrassment to the world. 

I can deal with being cordial to people I didn’t vote for if others honestly voted for them. After all, we have a republic, not just some damn flea-bitten “democracy,” as we are told all the time. If people vote for some of these liberals, so be it in a representative government. But we are not following leaders in America. We are not obligated to support losers. We elect representatives, and if the elections are not secure, how can a republic function at all. Just because a candidate is illegally put in power, it doesn’t mean that automatically people will follow that person like some invisible rules of chess where elite capture means you win the game. We elect people to do a job as our representatives on a matter. And what we are seeing nationwide, especially over these last few years with massive mistakes over Covid and now this disaster in foreign policy with Ukraine, Afghanistan, Iran, and China, is not reflective of America. America didn’t vote for these people. Election fraud does not count as a win. The people can possess the seats, but its quite apparent that they don’t represent real people at the ballot box, and if we can’t prove that or secure that, then we have nothing as a country.   Of course, the enemies of America will laugh and say, “that’s right, you have nothing.” Klaus Schwab, George Soros, Larry Fink, Bill Gates, and many others from the Desecrators of Davos want the downfall of America. They have targeted us for attack, and they are doing it now. While we look at Ukraine every day and all the sadness that a video camera can show us, where were those cameras during Covid when suicide rates spiked up to ridiculous levels? Where we destroyed trillions of dollars of global economic value? When the government attempted to supersede our American constitution with vaccine mandates that only helped the pharmaceutical companies who put money in their campaigns? Where is the justice when a scumbag lier like Jussie Smollett gets out of jail after just a few days while January 6th protestors remain in prison after more than a year and all their “due process” is ignored completely? If illegally obtained representatives are put in place, this is the kind of world it produces. Only a corrupt society could produce this much nonsense, and I would point to the lack of security of our elections that has enabled it to occur. In the future, we need poll watchers at every voting place. We must have a photo ID. We must have one day with limited hours. We cannot trust mail-in ballots. We cannot just blindly trust voting machines because we have seen there is intent from foreign actors to tamper with our elections, and we can’t put anything past anybody. We can’t have doubts on election day, ever again. We must treat our elections with the utmost seriousness in security and assume that everyone has hostile intent because often they do. And it is then and only then that we can say we are one nation. The goofball politicians we have in office presently, screwing up the economy, Ukraine, everything, are on their own. They don’t represent me at all. 

Rich Hoffman

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Why Gas Prices Are So High: It has nothing to do with Putin

I will explain it in great detail in the days to come, the whole situation with Ukraine and Russia. But it remains the Desecrators of Davos who are the real villains in the world, and they use these color revolutions around the world to inspire chaos while hiding in the shadows. But they are responsible for the high gas prices in the United States. Not Putin. The Desecrators of Davos are attacking Putin in the same way they have been attacking traditional America. The attack vector is the same. Oh, sure, Wall Street has been defensive this past week, especially in the wake of the attacks on Ukraine, which I have said from the beginning and continue to say, is just a WWE event. It’s just the latest scam to replace Covid on the world stage and hide the bad intent that global attackers intend for us all. Larry Fink has had his feelers out working the press to try to take away some of the anger that is forming over his ESG score invasion through BlackRock. When these World Economic Forum people came up with these plans to crush the world’s economies so they could profit off the uptick and gain power to run it from the United Nations, they didn’t think about all the anger they would generate. They were doing it. People are mad. They are angry at Wall Street. They are furious at the Federal Reserve for a good reason. Inflation is over 7% presently and is spiraling out of control quickly. Why? Because the Fed purposely created an asset bubble worth more than 8.5 trillion dollars on the Fed’s balance sheet, the only way to deal with it would have been to raise interest rates over the last few years. Instead, they have added 3 trillion to it and continue to add 120 billion per month to help it grow. But it was on purpose, and the people who did it have a lot of bad coming their way. And they are feeling the heat.

But this plan isn’t new. Klaus Schwab said it himself, by 2030, nobody will have private property; we will own nothing and like it. Well, how was that going to happen? People will lose their property, and they are going to like it? By whom, and under what conditions? Well, we are seeing the plan play out with Ukraine. We just had two years of Covid, and from one day to the next, we had an attack by Russia into Ukraine. Provoked by what, well, Kamala Harris went to Europe and urged Ukraine to join NATO, which is a big no, no for Vladimir Putin, and poof, it triggered him into an attack. The Biden administration knew it was throwing gas on a fire, but they needed the distraction if Covid was going away. They needed something to take people’s minds away from what they were doing, which was why they were installed into the presidency, to begin with. The American people didn’t vote for Joe Biden. It was the climate crazies at the World Economic Forum who did. They planned for Hillary to fulfill their plan, and when Donald Trump came along, it threatened to ruin everything. So, they got rid of Trump with massive election fraud, for which there is abundant evidence everywhere. There will be a decertification process because Joe Biden was not elected legally. But the Desecrators of Davos don’t care about American law. They hope to outrun the inevitable. By the time the legal system can install justice, they hope to crush America financially, switch the dollar’s value over to China for a stable currency, and seize all our property and force us to rent everything we experience through them. 

The writing was on the wall long ago. My daughter and I used to argue the merits of the new video game age where all new games are downloaded.   Video game makers wanted to get away from physical copies of games so that everything would be online. And even when you did buy a game, you had to maintain subscriptions to access it. And they would constantly charge you for updates. The video game manufacturers were ahead on the Davos plan for over a decade. Apple Music does much the same thing. They got rid of their iPod music player and now charge a monthly fee to access music. No longer can you buy your favorite music and download it on your player device for personal consumption. Now you must rent the music from them. The minute you don’t pay them money, you lose access to that music. Those were all testbeds to work out the system and condition us for the inevitable. It’s not that Electronic Arts is sitting on the board of some Illuminati meeting planning these things. But they are pushed in those directions by people like Larry Fink, who controls their boards of directors with ESG scores intent on fulfilling progressive political strategies through finance. Once you take money from them, they own you. Or, once they buy up a sizable amount of stock of your company with inflated asset bubbles the Fed created for Fink and the gang, then you lose control of your internal company strategies. Consumers will rent; they won’t own. 

And that is why gas prices are high. These Desecrators of Davos, whom Joe Biden works for, their pick for the White House, and they put him there with election fraud; they intend to eliminate all fossil fuels. Russia still uses a lot of fossil fuels as the basis for their economy, so they provoked him into a fight to gain control of Russia and fossil fuels. And while we were looking at that and blaming Putin for the high gas prices, we would be strangled in America. Our entire economy runs off oil, even planting a field for farming. So, as the Desecrators of Davos fully intend, the way to destroy America is to cut us off from fossil fuels entirely. That is the goal. And once all our wealth is redistributed to the Desecrators of Davos, that value will be transmitted to shadow banks in China, created by BlackRock. The groundwork is already established for this. They don’t intend to lose any money, but the math is easy to figure out with only 300 million Americans and over 1.4 billion Chinese. The Desecrators of Davos will create a new middle-class there and bankrupt the United States with all of us in it. And from there, they intend to rebuild us all back up with credit scores, universal wages, and a rent process that we’ll have for the rest of our lives.

We’ll pay them for everything and will never own anything. But don’t take my word for it. Klaus Schwab said it, and his buddy Larry Fink who is executing it in America along with John Kerry, Al Gore, Bill Gates, and Michael Bloomberg. There are, of course, a lot more, but that’s what we are dealing with. Now it’s up to us if we fall for it. Their plans are not solidified. But we should understand what their intentions are and fight back accordingly. And let them feel the heat because what they are doing, and plan to do, is reprehensible and is a theft of everything we stand for. And we should feel okay about fighting them over it.

Rich Hoffman

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The Desecrators of Davos: Vivek Ramaswamy has a plan, and we should listen

One thing that Americans underestimate is just how much people worldwide hate them. They hate them for their concept of “individualism,” which contradicts everything they have been taught, from infants to an elderly state. The idea of individualism is specifically an American idea born under the umbrella of freedom. Most people worldwide do not have that luxury, so they resort to what they know and understand, their placement in the pecking order of existence based on the authority figure of their culture. Americans have a constitution that empowers the individual against government controls, and almost every home from sea to shining sea has a firearm or several in it. We really don’t need a standing army because every home is its own military. So, we tend to have a live and let live policy when it comes to the world. Yet, that world plots and schemes endlessly to take us down by whatever means possible, and they spend time thinking about these things 24 hours a day, seven days a week, forever. They never sleep or stop thinking about it. This is undoubtedly true of Vladimir Putin of Russia. It is very much true when it comes to Xi Jinping of China. Pick your authoritarian ruler anywhere in the world; they are thinking about bringing down America. 

Yet, no group of dictators is more of a threat than what I call the Desecrators of Davos, the members of the World Economic Forum who have hidden quietly in Switzerland and other European countries and intend to rule the world from beyond the rules of governments. They are much more dangerous than Putin or Xi. They control the money and policies to which those authority figures react to. And they have their eyes on America and have for a long time. They have plotted and schemed behind the scenes, ignoring our laws destroying our financial system all within the context of a smile on their faces looking like a bunch of progressive radicals who love socialism and communism across the ocean. But in reality, they have embedded themselves into our political system through finance and are now deploying their long-established plans. When I said that Ukraine and Russia were not the threat we should be paying attention to, I mean that the Desecrators of Davos are much more dangerous. Much more dangerous, and the plot they have revealed to the world, in their own words over the last few years, is much more sinister than anything they are showing us on the nightly news.

In many cases, the corporate networks are in on it because the Desecrators of Davos own their flow of finance. So the employees of those networks will do anything they say, whether they believe it or not. And it is there that we must turn our gaze to defend America from its enemies. 

In many ways, the political left in America is a creation of many years of ruthless dictators shaping policy through a complicated spy network during most of the 20th century. They created a European desire to spread Marxism to every corner of the world. They show themselves in America through the Democrat Party and the RINOs from the Republican side who aren’t very deep thinking and have a higher value in getting along than in standing up for the idea of America, at all costs from enemies both foreign and domestic. I have been thinking about this problem for a long time. Looking behind the curtain at what they don’t want you to look at, and there it is clear what they have been up to. I don’t dislike Wall Street in any way. I don’t think we should end the Fed. But through the actions of the World Economic Forum, penetrations of the political left into all aspects of culture and using the stolen money of the Federal Reserve created through bad policy of quantitative easing, which was then given to people like Larry Fink at BlackRock to buy up American companies with stock buys created by the asset bubble that the Fed created out of thin air, now we can all see the method of attack into America. 

I was headed in this direction before Vivek Ramaswamy wrote his now-famous book on the matter Woke, Inc., and the excellent work he has done at CPAC 2022 puts it all on the table. I have run into Vivek several times over the last year and listened to his pitch in person at the Republican Headquarters in Middletown, Ohio, in May of 2021, and I found his argument compelling. Then he gave a great interview to The Epoch Times at CPAC, and compared to the work I had been doing; it was quite clear that the Desecrators of Davos is the threat we all need to look at to protect America from its latest barrage of enemies. Ramaswamy has a plan, and we need to get behind it and not get distracted by the other events of the world. Specifically, Ukraine. Remember, Kamala Harris went to Europe two days before Russia invaded Ukraine and pushed to make Ukraine a member of NATO, which everyone in intelligence knows is the biggest hot button issue of concern for Vladimir Putin. It’s like knowing that throwing gas on fire will have an explosive effect. The Biden administration, working directly with the members of The World Economic Forum, provoked war between Russia and Ukraine to divert the world’s attention from their genuine desire, controlling all fossil fuels to satisfy their insanely ridiculous plot to make climate change the primary issue in global politics, which they would then control through finance into the world’s biggest companies. 

I understood what Vivek was saying as an insider from Wall Street who had done very well for himself. But he was at a point, much like Donald Trump, where he wanted to give back and do something good. But in practice, we all saw just how manipulative the Desecrators of Davos were when we saw the compliance approach from government mandate to individual companies all over America, with the vaccine mandates. They were eventually found to be unconstitutional, but in September of 2021, nobody really knew how to react, and companies went straight into compliance mode without questioning the politics. It was dangerous, but it did reveal the plot to destroy America coming from the Desecrators of Davos rather than from China or Russia. Who was telling the Biden administration what to do with the vaccines? Was it just pharmaceutical companies looking for a stable government check? Or was it something else? Well, all roads point to the doorstep of the Desecrators of Davos. They are desecrators because they have been funding the destruction of America from the inside out, using our own money and wealth to perform the task. And they think it’s funny. They are cheerful about it, which was evident while watching Davos’s last year’s coverage. As I read Klaus Schwab’s books, listened to him speak, and observed Larry Fink’s behavior of BlackRock, who sits on the board at The World Economic Forum, the threat to America was quite clear. And as I listened carefully, and personally one on one with an insider like Vivek Ramaswamy, it has all become evident. But more than anything was the understanding of what the Fed has been doing to help, as revealed in the excellent book The Lords of Easy Money. A Fed populated with bank presidents who have been suckered into the climate change religion, would they support the strategy of Klaus Schwab and the gang in Davos? You bet they would, and they have.

By the way, Vivek Ramaswamy has a new book coming out this year, (2022) and I think it will be a great one! I’ll be the first one to get it!

Rich Hoffman

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The Truth about Truth Social: Worth the wait and the first step in Making America Great Again

I remember it extremely well; it was just over a year ago, relative to the time of this writing, and my wife and I were in Lincoln County, New Mexico. I was exploring the courthouse where Billy the Kid had made his famous escape, and I felt very reflective. I was so angry over the Biden theft of the American presidency. I was even more furious at how the media and liberals had treated Trump over the last four years. In the past, when their people were in the White House, “they” being the Desecrators of America, those who fight to destroy it instead of preserve it, we always treated them with fairness. We always lived by the concept of rule of law and Constitutional limits on behavior. But at that moment, I was thinking very seriously about going Billy the Kid on society in general, so the famous escape from that courthouse was on my mind. Trump had recently been kicked off his Twitter account, and we could see the plot of what many had planned for a long time. We were being hunted as conservatives, and the message was clear. We did not control our own election. We did not control our country. We were going to get Joe Biden, and we were going to like it. And if we resisted, we were going to be banned from all public life and hunted down for the rest of our days. To say I was angry at the world was an understatement. So my wife and I left to live in the deserts of New Mexico for a bit, to get our wits about us once again. I found some sanity in the idea that Trump might start his own social media company and that from there, we would strike back at these dark forces and turn the tables on them for good.

I am incredibly pleased to say that Truth Social is now a reality. I’ve been on it since the first day, and I absolutely love it. It is great to see daily postings from Melania Trump, Dan Scavino, and many other Trump insiders again. I stopped looking at Twitter when they kicked Trump off. Still, now that President Trump has started Truth Social, I can see the path to restoring our country back to greatness because it puts communication and entertainment back under our control.   At that moment in New Mexico that I described, I wondered if things would ever feel good in America again. But now, I’m sure of it. What happened to Trump and many of us who were shadowbanned, or even literally banned from Twitter, Facebook, and from Google in general, are options. We now have the best kind of thing in the world, a choice. A choice in America will defeat every evil intention the world tries to place upon us. When you choose, it forces all the bad stuff to hide in the shadows, which has happened since that year. Revenge has been served through choice.

First, Jason Miller from the Trump campaign started his own social media platform, Gettr, which I think is fantastic. I have been using it almost exclusively.   With all the betrayals of Fox News and even Newsmax, it has been Steve Bannon’s the Warroom that has filled the void for the MAGA movement. And Gettr has been the place to interact with them and other conservative media outlets like Real America’s Voice and OANN. When the Desecrators formed the plan to take down America, they planned for all the media companies to be in the bag with the Davos guys. They had it all set up, making it so that Fox News would be the last to fall, which was evident on election night when they called Arizona right at 8 PM, as there were still voters in line voting. The gig was up, and the other side was spiking the football, thinking the game was over for good. But Trump and the rest of us are not passivists. We turned to our own abilities, which is always the thing to do. If we don’t like what the progressives want to give us, we should just go off and make our own thing. And in doing that, it destroys the plans the other side has. They have no plan B. 

I really like Truth Social, now that it came open at the beginning of March of 2022. I know the line is long, and it’s taking people a long time to get into it. There are millions of people trying to get in, so they are seeping new users in slowly to maintain system stabilization. It took Twitter years to handle its users, and the demand for Truth Social is much more robust. But by the time we have the next election cycle in 2022, there will be millions of people there who are very active in the MAGA movement. There will be plenty of social media alternatives to use, which will keep everyone connected. And that is a relief. A much better situation than what I spoke about from Lincoln County, New Mexico: at that time, something like a Truth Social media platform seemed like a remote fantasy. But I’m happy to report that it is very much a reality. I’ve only been on it for a few days, and I’m already at 2K with followers. I have always been shadowbanned by the big tech companies, and instantly, on Truth Social, you can see that it genuinely is a free-speech platform. It’s a huge difference for me. 

And what’s best, it’s classy. It reminds me of what a Trump property feels like when you visit one. It has a Trump quality that extends beyond the hate and vitriol of the hostile leftist media culture. I think I do a pretty good job dealing with people of all kinds of backgrounds. I can talk to anybody professionally, even the bluest bleeding liberal. But I don’t want to hear from them in my personal time; I don’t want to see them. I want to be away from them as much as possible, and the wimpy little “Tweets” from Twitter were always no fun for me. Places where the entire platform felt like the Santa Monica Pier in L.A. filled with liberalism and a lack of wisdom, were always uncomfortable. It is good to have a quality place like Truth Social that feels slicker, smarter, and bigger. It feels more American than any of the other social media platforms ever have, and that is refreshing and well worth the wait. I’ve been through this process several times, most notably with Glenn Beck’s The Blaze.

I used to be friends with some of the people who started that, and I always had high hopes. But creating a big social media platform seemed on a prohibitive scale. But obviously, it’s not. It only took a year, and now Trump has a place where he can communicate with his supporters, and they can healthily bypass the media. The media and the Desecrators always planned to stick themselves in the middle of that process; now, we have a means of communicating and thinking that steps around those hostile agents. And I can’t say enough good about it. It’s nice to see how far we’ve all come in such a short time. That effort will only grow in the months and years to come. And I’m glad I held it together and kept my temper in check that day in Lincoln County. I think Truth Social is a much more productive way to make things right than what I was thinking. 

Rich Hoffman

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Finance: The weapon of choice for World War III against America

War isn’t always easy to see when you’re in it. When history reflects on these things, reflection provides that sort of definition. And it becomes even more complicated when the means of war is not what the human race defines to look like war or feel like war.   But war it is, and we have a defined enemy now in the world that has been rooted out finally by the greatest weapon the human race has, the book publishing industry. There have been many people who have been watching what has been going on, and they have had their Paul Revere moment and done many tens of thousands of hours of work researching and writing their thoughts into a variety of books that have been published over the last year which paint quite a picture through the haze of war. And now we know we have been in World War III, and the weapon of choice and the means of attack has been finance. Not guns, tanks, nuclear weapons, but finance. The exact model that has been used to steer the world and its governments with sanctions is also used to steer every single one of us with our ESG scores and our 401K plans. It’s been a different kind of attack, and the enemy is now clear to see because the weapons are still smoking. They have been caught performing their task under tremendous pressure, pressure that came from the Trump presidency, and their desperate attempts to squash it. In their haste, they have revealed themselves from behind a veil of conspiracy and put real names next to the attackers. More and more people are talking about Names, such as Klaus Schwab, Larry Fink, and Bill Gates, to join with George Soros and many others from the Party of Davos. Now we know what they want to do and can understand how to beat them. But first, we needed to see them. 

Many have been reluctant to blame Covid-19 at their feet, but if you follow the money trail, it all goes back to them. The desire for the Party of Davos to impose “Green Energy” with the fear of climate change is the giveaway, which I pointed out the first week that Covid-19 was released out of China. We know now, and it’s commonly accepted, that the American Defense Department was involved in building a bioweapon. That much of that work was going on years before Covid was released from a lab in China. The evidence is mounting that the Chinese were being set up to take the blame by the Dr. Fauci types brokering the exchange. Much in the way that Joe Biden poked a stick into Russia, baiting them to attack Ukraine where so much corruption has happened, which is revealed in the Biden laptop. There is nothing like a war to erase the evidence and distract people who are now onto the Party of Davos. A smoke screen was needed, and Putin was pretty much shoved into action by that Party of Davos in the same way Covid was released. Ultimately, all the objectives for this war trace back to the desire to control fossil fuels and shove us all into a zero-emission world as defined by the left-winged activists who populate the World Economic Forum, who intend to attack the human race from beyond any country, to the very root of all existence, our money supply. 

The plot was revealed most ostentatiously when President Biden sought to go around the American Constitution and back door all means of management when a vaccine mandate was imposed on America’s businesses which put human resource departments in the role of government enforcer. And the government they were enforcing for was not the American government, but the Party of Davos, as defined by them in a corporate way which had been forming under the weight of ESG scores and a new way of investing in public companies. Quickly, companies rushed to comply with these invisible masters without considering the source until eventually, the courts caught up and ended it. But the United Nations crowd had been attacking America from just such a method for decades through their Agenda 21 and now 2030 strategies, which is in every zoning board in America now. All those methods point to the Party of Davos as the origin, including the cancel culture rhetoric, the buying up of progressive DAs to undermine our legal system. All these methods have been imposed on us through finance and the flow of money, which gets the attention of corporations. And which culture in America where politicians dance to corporate influence to get donations, the Party of Davos had their vulnerability, and they meant to exploit it. But they were caught in this, too, by their tampering with the Federal Reserve in the United States, which was never constitutional. Like the Covid vaccinees, they exploited a loophole in our system of government to manipulate the value of our dollar and use that inflated power to buy up American companies with public stock options to take over their boards and inject poison directly into western culture for an economic takeover by that mysterious Party of Davos. The broker, in this case, was Larry Fink, the CEO of BlackRock, and his direct ties to the Federal Reserve just as he sits on the Board of Trustees of the World Economic Forum. 

By controlling our money and our jobs, the Party of Davos intends to control the political nature of the entire world. They have influenced much of the bad behavior we have seen over the last several years. Who was it that called those five states on election night to stop the counting so that the election could be stolen from Trump, our pick, in 2020? Look to the Party of Davos, for Covid, for election theft, for the push of Russia to attack Ukraine. To prop up China as the next baddie globally and convert the monetary standard to them and away from America. All this has been an attack on our very way of life, and it started with ESG scores, of controlling our behavior to the values of Davos and not American politics. And to take our power away, they sought to change the way we measure value, from actual profits to whether or not we had people of color or homosexuals on our boards of directors. And while we answered those questions with the same hair on fire compliance that we did the vaccine mandates, the Party of Davos convinced our Federal Reserve to dump money into Wall Street to prop up BlackRock, State Street, and Blackstone into agents of environmentalism.

The Party of Davos was going to get its grip on the world using the excuse of Climate Change to do it. The crazy left-wingers in the American government behind Covid and behind the quantitative easing in the Fed thought that the ends justified the means.   They would save the earth from climate change by destroying America from the inside out, and they almost got away with it. But, as I said, they have been caught. We see behind the veil now, and their covert behavior is out in the open. Many are shocked and aren’t sure what to do about it. But the first step is in understanding the problem and admitting to ourselves that this has all been a massive worldwide war. And it does mean that we must take a stand here and now. Otherwise, history will remember our cowardice, and they won’t forgive us for it.

Rich Hoffman

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Foreign Power Attacks Ohio’s Energy Grid: The Real story of corruption behind FirstEnergy, The Fed and Mike DeWine

ESG scores (Environmental Social Governance) are for business what CRT (Critical Race Theory) has been for public schools. Once parents found out what the game was in sliding CRT under the door and trying to program their children into outright Marxism using race as the mask, they became enraged and have started the process of retaking control of their public schools. Businesspeople, too are on the cusp of a similar necessity. That is why I have never accepted the FirstEnergy scandal as being what the FBI tried to paint it as. Over the summer of 2021, I watched pretty enraged at a press conference the Ohio FBI had boasting that they had received a settlement from FirstEnergy over a bribery scandal they had been investigating, which involved the Speaker of the GOP House, Larry Householder, and many others. It was a story that put Ohio in the number 1 state for corruption in the entire United States, and Governor Mike DeWine was right in the center of it. The FBI proudly bloviated that FirstEnergy settled the case with $230 million, which they indicated was an admission of guilt. The story for me was always about a much more sinister kind of corruption, one that actually points to ESG scores and environmental wacko policies that are an attack on our infrastructure in America from foreign interests. In this case, it all points back to the Party of Davos, the billionaire types who attack countries without a country of their own and seek to impose politics on those countries that bypass their elections domestically. What these finance companies like BlackRock, Blackstone, and Icahn Capital were doing to the nuclear power capability in Ohio was no different than if a country like China had attacked them with missiles and planes to take them out and destroy our power grid. And here was the FBI helping them do it. And the money for all the power leverage came straight out of the American Federal Reserve, created by Ben Bernanke, Janet Yellen, and Jerome Powell over a ten-year period to put money behind ESG rankings to impose climate change politics on us all.

After that FBI press conference, around December of 2021, Blackstone bought up 1 billion dollars in stock, which will put yet another activist investment board member on the Board of Directors at FirstEnergy, which will continue to direct the company toward a zero-emission world, to get their ESG scores at the targeted range. Back in 2019, when this ESG imposition was just becoming a practice, the management of FirstEnergy thought the regulatory burdens were ridiculous as these money management firms were pushing them to implement zero-emission standards. Of course, these requirements come from the United Nations, which are driven by the World Economic Forum, which sets them with Al Gore, Klaus Schwab, and the BlackRock CEO himself, Larry Fink. These are extreme left-wing wackos who wouldn’t get the time of day in a political theater, but when they tie themselves to our money, now suddenly they have all the power in the world. And it is through those methods, FirstEnergy was imposed upon through ESG scores to move their coal and nuclear plants to zero emissions by a ridiculously impossible deadline, which would essentially shut them down. FirstEnergy tried to fight back; they funneled $61 million in donations to the GOP through Larry Householder to protect them from these United Nations standards reflected in the ESG means of measurement. The GOP created House Bill 6 to roll back some of the environmental burdens that were killing companies like FirstEnergy. Suddenly the FBI was busting members of the GOP, but not these radical investment firms connected to the United Nations and the World Economic Forum. They were clearly attacking the American power grid to destroy coal and nuclear and replace them with wind and solar. 

Many of my friends in the House and Senate in Columbus wanted to distance themselves from Larry Householder as he was strung up and ran from his seat. It looked like dirty politics to me, and internal power struggles between Householder and Governor DeWine. But some of the other people who took money from FirstEnergy were never-Trumper types leftover from John Kasich, so there wasn’t much of a desire to fight to defend them in public. But the issue continued to bother me. That year of 2021, my wife and I traveled extensively in the West, everywhere from southern New Mexico and Texas to Montana all the way out to Utah and Idaho. I wanted to get away and think about some of these big things clearly. And during that trip, I saw what many truckers have been talking about, the changes to our country that were happening, with these giant wind farms, everywhere, from Iowa to Texas and everywhere in between. This wind power thing was much more advanced than I had been led to believe. In fact, at the Iowa 80 Truckstop, the largest of its kind in the world, I had a chance to see up close the trucks bringing these massive wind turbine blades to their construction sites. This was an enormous project that was going on everywhere, yet not much discussion was happening about it on the news. How was all this happening? Indeed, Americans weren’t imposing this on themselves. 

Doing a lot of research from then until now, it’s quite clear what has been happening. These wind power farms were not coming from the people of America but from energy companies and states seeking better ESG scores to stay compliant with their shareholders, like Blackstone, Icahn Capital, and of course, BlackRock. And the rate of manufacturing has been consistent with all the money the Fed has been printing through quantitative easing over the last decade, creating a dangerous asset bubble that directly contributed to the rise in power of these money management firms. The leverage and power these gained in managed resources, which allowed them to buy all these stock options, to start controlling these companies at the level of the Board of Directors, came directly from the inflated wealth the Federal Reserve created through their ZIRP policies and quantitative easing. Otherwise, BlackRock would have never had the financial leverage to impose these ESG scores on all these companies. And how convenient was it for Blackstone to buy up $1 billion in stock after the settlement story broke about FirstEnergy driving the price down. And guess who pushed FirstEnergy to settle the case, Icahn Capital. 

So as everyone can see, the story is much more sinister than an Ohio energy company trying to prevent itself from being put out of business by ESG politics that come not from the American government but from the United Nations and the Party of Davos. They sought help from the GOP-controlled House because it was their only option. But obviously, the game was rigged against them from the start. And now we see too late that the United Nations fully intends to close down all coal and nuclear power plants in the country and switch us all over to these solar and wind options. We know from California wind and solar alone is not sufficient for the power needs of our economy. But for the enemies of America, that is kind of the point. These finance companies taking control of these Boards in companies all across America over ESG scores are not on an America First agenda. They seek a zero-emission world and massive wealth redistribution from rich countries to poor ones, where they have already leveraged their financial bets. And we have been the pawns in the game because we have let this attack happen, unchecked completely. 

The actions we can take immediately is to understand how ESG policies became part of our SEC rules, at the Federal and State levels.   Because those rules are directly attacking our business infrastructure from elements outside our county.  We need to remove those ESG policies, legislatively.  From there, we need to stop our Fed from funding Wall Street so that an open door to foreign investment can flow money into the backdoor of our country and buy our political system behind our backs destroying our vote through finance and attacking the very heart of our republic without a single shot fired by military aggression.  Make no mistake about it, it’s a war just the same. 

Rich Hoffman

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Why You Must Always Be Ready: The biggest secret in the world

In the video above, I answer a question that I get asked a lot, “what’s in the backpack?” Well, I carry that backpack with me everywhere. When I’m not at my house, it’s always nearby. And of course, watching the video, you will quickly see what’s in it, my .500 magnum, which is one of my conceal carry guns. And additionally, that backpack is heavily armored. If someone shoots at me from behind, or even from another direction, I can have a way to absorb the bullet harmlessly and take away the danger. It’s a big pack for that reason; it covers a lot more body area. Then hearing that the next question is, “why do you feel you have to be so well-armed and to defend yourself so heavily?”

Most people would be happy with some little Glock tucked in their pants. But not me. I want to be ready for a small war, and there is a good reason for it. I put those thoughts into my Gunfighter’s Guide to Business, which has become highly relevant in the early years of 2020. When I was writing that book, I knew that it would stir up trouble, and it has. To my mind, it’s the good kind. But one thing is for sure; you don’t have to go out into the world looking for trouble. Trouble will come to find you, and for all kinds of reasons. The main reason is that the world’s bureaucracies were all built to conceal a dark truth about human nature. They were built to conceal laziness and the unambitious, which is in the majority. Everyone wants a trophy for success, but not everyone wants to do the work to become the best at something. And when people discover they can’t loot off you for their own efforts to make them their own, then they seek to get rid of you in any way possible to erase your memory from their minds. And that is why it’s important to be well-armed and always ready for trouble when it comes looking for you.

While I was writing The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business a few years ago, I had a confrontation with a consultant from a very expensive and powerful firm that teaches Lean Techniques worldwide to the biggest corporations that there are. When he found out that I had my own theories on process improvement and that I took exception to his constant beratement of “shooting from the hip,” as if it was a reckless assertion toward productivity, he became irate when he discovered I was writing that book. “what are you going to say that hasn’t been already said, the field is crowded with opinions on process improvement. Pick your poison and get with the program.” My response was, “well, I want to create a system that doesn’t involve poison, something that is more reflective of what is really going on in the world.” That’s when he lost it and pretty much swore himself to be my enemy, which didn’t work out very well for him. There was no provocation to try to make the guy mad. He went there on his own. It was the realization that a kind of scam was being exposed that he secretly feared was the real issue. And ultimately, this secret is a big problem out there in the world. I knew it was, but watching some of the violent reactions that played out, knowing that the secret would be put into a book I was writing, was just too much for him, and many, many others. 

The truth of the matter is what I said in the video when people find out they can’t steal from your efforts to hide their own lazy and unproductive natures; they actively seek to eliminate you from the discussion, whether it’s cancel culture, outright violence, social ostracization—whatever means they can come up with. And we are seeing that play out on a mass scale these days in business, politics, media, and even neighborhood soccer games. It’s everywhere. But what’s worse for them is when you don’t care, and you don’t need what they offer, which is kinship in a team environment. At that point, everything they have ever been taught turns out to be a lie, and they can’t handle that knowledge. There is a great yearning in the world for nobility and individualized respect. While traveling all over the world, I have found that when people see those elements in you, they often pay reverence instantly. People crave the kind of individualization that evolved in American culture and, ultimately, American business. But there have been many who have shaped this European collectivist mindset into global affairs and have evolved a kind of socialism during international trade that has found its way into every aspect of business. And the big secret was to hide the incompetency of the many from the eyes of the few. So when people often criticized me for “shooting from the hip,” they meant that I should always sit down and consult with others to figure out the best next step. Even if my idea ended up being the way to go, the bureaucrats wanted to believe that they had some hand in the process and wanted to share credit for the endeavor. But to a person like me, that all takes too long, so I cut them out and take my shots without them, which denies them of the theft, which makes people angry, very angry, for being exposed. That’s why I carry the backpack, and it has come in handy often. 

After dealing with that guy, and many others like him over the years, I felt it would be good to address the process improvement problems that all businesses have, especially these days with all the woke problems that are entering our places of employment. There are many great techniques for process improvement out there, but most of them never address the real elephant in the room. What makes people corrupt, and why do they intentionally sabotage process flow in a business? I often point to the time clock, even the salary people, and say, “look how quickly they leave for the day.” Their minds were never on their work; they just collect their paychecks and associated with other people waiting for someone else to do something. They are too lazy to do things independently and often leave all the heavy work for the few with a mind to do it. And there is no fancy consultant class that can address that issue. To deal with that, we must deal with the real problem that sits at the heart of all process improvement needs, the lack of human capital and raw individualized leadership. That is why I wrote The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business, to empower the types of people who really do all the work and to prevent those who get in the way from doing so. And also to explain that consensus building and teamwork are only distractions away from productivity. In the world we have today, it is the few who make everything happen and the many who try to hide behind those exploits and take credit for them as their own. If you let them take that credit, they will love you. But if you don’t, they will do everything in their power to get rid of you, even if it means killing you any way they can. Sometimes they become so jealous that their minds lose all reason, and their thoughts become a Shakespeare play. And the only way to have real peace is to carry a backpack like the one I do and make sure that their intentions do not become your reality.

Rich Hoffman

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The Iniquitous Intent at Disney: When it comes to ‘The Book of Boba Fett,’ it’s all about a “Return to the Primitive”

It may seem iniquitous, but when you know a subject very well, it’s easy to see the changes over time and trace those changes to particular injunctions that contributed to a demise. And that is precisely what I saw as I looked at an earnings report for Disney stock and noticed how many shares BlackRock owned recently, then saw episode 7 of the new Book of Boba Fett on the Disney+ streaming service. The imprint of Larry Fink and his fellow board members of the World Economic Forum was unmistakable. Additionally, I used to write screenplays, and I have a good understanding of the politics of movie-making. When I was a young guy, I had several projects that won screenwriting awards at film festivals and made the circulation around Wilshire Blvd selling them, so I’ve been told more than once by the people of finance, “he who owns the gold rules.” So, I sympathize with what Dave Filoni, Jon Favreau, and even the original creator, George Lucas, went through to make this new show. They tried to do with The Book of Boba Fett, an original character from the old movies, bold and ambitious things. But at the end of the series, Star Wars fans were left feeling shortchanged. That’s the standard review of the show now that it’s completed, and a year of waiting left fans flat and looking for much more. It had some good stuff in it, but the overall message was filled with wokeness, and to my eyes, it points back to the owner of BlackRock owning too much stock in Disney and dictating creatively what ends up on the screen. I’ve seen it before in much smaller ways, and that is certainly the case with what is going on at Disney these days.

My review of The Book of Boba Fett is that its space meets Dances with Wolves. Clearly, the current makers of Star Wars projects, specifically Filoni and Favreau, used to enjoy playing with Star Wars figures, as I did. We are all kind of the same age, and when it comes to Star Wars, we just want to put what we wanted to see as kids on screen. Most people who watch these Disney+ shows and go to the modern movies feel that way; it’s more about childhood nostalgia than what is actually good about it. So it was strange to see the gunslinging bounty hunter from the classic film The Empire Strikes Back, running around in half the show dancing with Tusken Raiders around a campfire, acting like some hunter and gatherer. The purpose of the entire show became quite clear by episode 7, where Boba Fett and another bounty hunter called Cad Bane had a gunfight duel to the death, which was the ultimate climax and apparent purpose for putting the whole thing together. But this is where things get iniquitous, and the influence of BlackRock and other forces come into play. The show’s creators wanted to put on film what they thought about as kids, a gunfight with Boba Fett and some ultimate gunslinger. Woke Disney, essentially not run by Bob Chapek but by the owners of the most stock options, such as Vanguard and BlackRock, changed the story’s nature to reflect real-world tactical goals for global domination. That is clear by what Larry Fink puts in his ultra-liberal letters to CEOs showing the woke parameters for which the show must be done. 

When people ask, “what’s wrong with Star Wars,” well, I would point to the loss of ownership of George Lucas, who over time have listened to people like Larry Fink more in his old age than he would have like a 20 to 30-year-old. Star Wars was about standing up to people like Larry Fink, not being told what to do by them. So now that extreme characters of progressive causes are calling the shots on the finance end and sticking their nose into the creative process of the much more woke Disney than it ever has been before, Star Wars comes out as if Darth Vader made the movies instead of Luke Skywalker. I could recite the production meetings as if I had been there when the pitch for The Book of Boba Fett was made to Disney executives who had an eye toward stock prices and the massive control BlackRock has on it. “You want to make a Disney+ show about a villain from the original movies to win over the fans from all the mistakes that Kathy Kennedy has so far made? Well, you’ll have to make the bad guy into a good guy and to do that, we must make him identifiable with indigenous people, which parallels the gunfighter against the Indian in American history.” So from there, the show’s writers had to figure out a way to get their big gunfight with Boba Fett and Cad Bane done in a way that made the show sympathetic to Disney’s woke needs to stabilize their stock price. Ultimately, they had to make Larry Fink happy, and to do that; Boba Fett had to Return to the Primitive.

Fans feel shortchanged because the whole thing was out of character for Boba Fett. When he finally had his gunfight with Cad Bane, the bad guy beat Boba Fett to the draw not just once but twice. That meant that Boba Fett had to rely on the new skills he learned from the Tusken Raiders to defeat Bane with a Gaffi Stick in the end. It was like a gun duel with an Indian (native American), and the Indian winning with a bow and arrow. Undoubtedly, a hidden message implied that primitive traditions are superior to technology and that, ultimately, the West will fall to tribal unity. Again, I know this subject very well; I just wrote a book called The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business because I run into people like Larry Fink all over the world. They have been trying to promote China, indigenous people of all kinds constantly over the technology of the West for years. Such an assumption is at the center of Lean Manufacturing. And of course, Disney couldn’t have given me a better example of why I felt the differences between the West and the East needed to be pointed out in business transactions. The message behind The Book of Boba Fett was that in the end, to be the good guy and to beat the bad guy, the classic Star Wars villain had to learn to embrace the primitive tribes of Tatooine, the scary Tuskin Raiders. But in the original movies from 1977, the Tuskin Raiders were thought of as villains. That basic flip of the script is why people are so upset with the Disney-owned Star Wars productions instead of what George Lucas produced on his own originally. Once you start worrying about stock prices, woke politics, and the letters to the CEOs from Larry Fink, what you end up with is a bunch of garbage nobody wants. But suppose Disney wants to keep their stock price up. In that case, they have to do what The World Economic Forum tells them to do, and that is to bring down the West and to sell those asset bubbles to China, where their new world order will emerge under a communist flag and a foot on western civilization that is meant to choke it off, forever. 

Rich Hoffman

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