Matt Miller, the Hunter Biden of Lakota Schools: The products of public education and police transcript

It is amazing how the Tony Bobulinski whistleblower story is so similar to the Matt Miller story of the Lakota schools superintendent. We all know by now that Tony Bobulinski was a business partner for Hunter Biden and the Biden family in general. He has given very damaging testimony to the FBI and Tucker Carlson on Fox News on a few occasions about the massive corruption of the Biden family and to confirm that the scandalous Hunter Biden laptop was real and that Hunter Biden’s crazy life was everything and worse than what it looked like by the evidence presented. The same could be said of Matt Miller; his ex-wife, like Tony Bobulinski, gave the school district a look behind the curtain into the crazy sexual lifestyle of the school superintendent that included discussions of molesting children through drugging them. She provided statements and evidence to the police and local whistleblowers, which resulted in a complete cover-up of a progressive system. While ordinary people would have expected Matt Miller to be arrested in leg irons for his actions, the same people expected Joe Biden and his son to be arrested and made into a public spectacle. After all, we have Hunter Biden on video smoking crack, having sex with prostitutes, and showing the lifestyle of a person who has sold out America to rival countries like China. Everyone was expected just to go to sleep and ignore the problem. It has been quite astonishing to witness from the perspective of progressive elements of political society, a local school in the Cincinnati region, and the politics of the President of the United States producing essentially the same results regarding law and order and social perspective. 

I attend a few school board meetings at Lakota from time to time, and the ones I have gone to have shown the essence of the problem well before the Matt Miller story was something anybody knew about. Julie Shaffer is one of the school board members who essentially describes the situation without knowing she did. It’s essentially a problem of progressive institutionalism that produces people like Matt Miller. Over the years, Matt Miller did what everyone told him to. He obtained all the criteria to become one of Ohio’s school superintendents as defined by public education needs set by labor unions. None of these needs come from the hopes and dreams of the children involved. The tradeoff is to do what the authorities tell you to, get a career where they care about hiring people who do what they were told as established by corporate needs, which are essentially, these days, the needs of globalism. And that the value of all your efforts is to get good grades. Check the boxes set up for you in public education for the kinds of things you are supposed to be learning. Then follow that path in exchange for a decent living. Referring to Julie Shaffer, who obviously got involved in the school board to help steer public education in a direction her children would benefit from. And that benefit was established by corporate America to do all the woke things that have defined success in many different ways than we are used to from the past.

Here is a transcript of the police report involving Miller. He denies that anything physical happened with any children. But his sexual lifestyle is certainly not traditional. This is the part that is trouble, it was just that one time.

The value is in doing what is told to the participants, not how those participants behave in their personal lives. Success is determined by compliance. And what is done outside of a professional capacity is off-limits. Nobody is supposed to judge Hunter Biden, who was obviously raised to be a train wreck by his father, who is now the President. What matters is that Jill Biden is a Doctor. That title means more to them than anything in the world. And the media, trained by the same methods, will provide more coverage for Dr. Jill Biden than the crimes of Hunter Biden because one supports progressive society, and the other is entirely off the grid of consideration.

This sums up most of the report, anybody who doesn’t agree with him is either crazy, or far right winged. This report is available as a public records request at the Sheriff’s office. He talks about a lot of people. A bit of good advice, the best way not to use dirt on somebody is not to have any. Stay clean, and there will be nothing to worry about. But when you do have dirt to use, save it for a rainy day.

In a recent meeting, Julie Shaffer was fighting back tears because she thought it was unfair that so many people were upset at Matt Miller’s demonstratively perverse sexual behavior. She didn’t see a connection to how that might have an impact on a public education environment at all. That is because personal behavior is not the measure of success in all progressive institutions. Compliance with the system is. So from that vantage point, no matter what the personal behavior is of the public employees, they expect success to be defined by the hoops they have jumped through along the way as established by progressive society. She worried that if people judged Matt Miller based on his behavior, it might interrupt the opportunities for children in the school to have the kind of opportunities in corporate America that the kids might have. Personal behavior was not a concern for her. As she understood them, opportunities were defined by the teacher union view of the world.   And it is in that way that so many bad things happen that leave people scratching their heads. We’ve seen this theme playing out for years now, where personal behavior is not judged, no matter how bad it is. But being compliant with the progressive education system that is very politically motivated is the primary driver of all concerns. So no wonder Matt Miller didn’t seem to think or care what people would think if they learned about his sexual lifestyle as he placed sexually explicit ads on dating services, knowing that people could find out about it. Like Hunter Biden, he seems compelled to thumb his nose at any judgments that might come his way because in the world of government schools, he was the king, and nobody was allowed to judge him for anything. 

Did you see what Matt Miller did there with the police, reminded them that Sheriff Jones and I were on opposite sides of a political issue? To appeal to his ego. After all, the politicians I support tend to win in politics. Not so much for Jones. I wonder if this had any impact on the decision to move the case forward. Hmmmm……………………………………

Listening to Tony Bobulinski talking to Tucker Carlson a few years after the first interview that should have put the Biden crime family in jail, yet they are now White House royalty was interesting because it’s the same pain on his face that many have been feeling toward the Matt Miller situation at Lakota. Here was a guy who had direct evidence of treason through Joe Biden, where he had sold his power and influence to foreign competitors for money, but nobody wanted to hear it. And as bad as thinking about molesting kids should be for a school superintended of a huge school system, it was a painful gut punch for many to see the school go into instant cover-up mode, to watch the police start acting like the FBI; there to preserve a system of progressivism instead of standing up to it out of duty to law and order. But then again, that is the heart of the problem, progressive education in government schools makes people like Matt Miller and Hunter Biden. It’s the product of those “checked boxes” of progression that Julie Shaffer seems harpooned to as if it were the great white whale from Moby Dick. The concept that people can be crappy people but still be successful is the tradeoff. People could do whatever they wanted in their private lives, no matter how ostentatious, and nobody was allowed to judge them for it. So long as they did what progressive society wanted them to do. All else would be forgiven, and the shock of that revelation has been eye-opening, to say the least. 

Rich Hoffman

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The Corruption of our Legal System: Without a belief in the Bible, its prone to evil, malice, and political detriment

Whether its Letitia James, the George Soros-sponsored Attorney General of New York on a personal vendetta to destroy Donald Trump using the law as a weapon of politics, or the local sheriff who is skimming money from everywhere and distributing it to various people to acquire power and they seek to destroy their local auditor because they don’t want an open book policy to the public, many people are now disillusioned about our legal system. What many have forgotten over time in America is that our legal system as a whole is founded on Christian values. We have a society that no longer believes in Biblical values. In that case, there can’t possibly be any respect for law and order, and our entire civilization will fall victim to the biggest bully on the block, which is what we see happening. In any society, the fear of force always keeps everyone aligned. Without some shared philosophical value, everything will fall into chaos, which the enemies of America are pleased to see happening. That is undoubtedly the motive behind Letitia James of New York and her billionaire supporters, who ultimately want to see the downfall of America. In such a society, the rules are not made to protect the good from the bad but to give cover to the bad from the judgment of the good, and that is precisely where we find ourselves today. 

We could all tell stories of our own version of the local sheriff who will say to a friend or a political ally, “hey, if you broke the law, we’ll fix it up. Don’t worry about it. Let’s go get some chicken wings and talk about that Monday night football game.” But if a law comes into question regarding a political rival, that sheriff will throw the book of laws for all their worth behind the effort to destroy that person. And that is what we call an injustice. Where the legal system is used as a weapon against enemies instead of as a stabilizing force for society in general, and of course, no society can function in such a way for long. Without law and order, there is no society. Again, the enemies of America are happy either way. They would love to see America plunge into a lawless society. And they love to see corrupt political officials abusing the law at every opportunity because they know eventually, the people of that society will abandon the law and turn to the government to be the broker for fairness, which only gives the government more power and fewer rights. So this notion of losing a Biblical law and order society is quite a strategy that exacerbates the whims of corruption among such weak-minded people and unleashes their wrath on the innocent without protection. Because at that point, only violence could be left to defend the good from the bad. The bad has been empowered because of their propensity for corruption to exploit the good; from there, we have sheer lawlessness and fear from the world’s bullies. 

When people contemplate that President Trump doesn’t have the right temperament to be president because we are supposed to be a Christian society that turns the other cheek to our enemies and forgives our foes, we are being exploited by evil for our tendency to play by the rules. We need Trump in America because he refused to give ground to the malicious. And he is willing to use his vast sums of money to fight in court the premise of law and order and turn the tables on them against their own desires for power. Few people in the world can fight these political systems as they are rigged. Because nobody can trust that the hand on a Bible is enough to provide good testimony, this has only empowered lawyers of bottom-feeder characters to thrive in a rigged language that only money can buy. Trump can play that game because, like Soros, he is a fellow billionaire and can put his money against the aims of American antagonists. But unless people have that kind of money, they will always be victims to those who do, and the legal system is designed for corruption, those who can pay for its services. It doesn’t exist on its own merit to provide justice blindly. Instead, justice is wide awake and looking for those who can write the biggest checks. Our legal system may have been designed to weigh a feather against a heart heavy with guilt. But what we have ended up with is a definition of justice that goes to those with the most money, to buy the most expensive lawyers, who have the best relationships with the best judges, leaving average people cleaving in the darkness for fairness, knowing that they are all victims to a system deep in corruption from the inside out. 

Yet I would say to fear not. The way it is presented is not how it was designed. Our legal system became corrupt because we trusted bad people to do the right thing. In hindsight, that was dumb, but as honorable people, we had to give them a chance. However, now that we know better, we are not confined to such obligations going forward. We are fortunate to have someone like Trump fighting on our side, a fellow billionaire from that elite class who wants to rule the world from the shadows and undermine us at every opportunity. Those who flow money into local communities and count on the crooked sheriff, the compromised judge, and the low-life lawyers who put more effort into their golf game than the justice of their clients, are easy to turn the tables on. It took a long time for the kind of corruption we see today to manifest. But it started when people stopped putting their hand on the Bible and meaning it when they swore an oath. No society can survive if it does not clearly understand right and wrong, and the villains who corrupted our legal system knew this even as they talked out of both sides of their mouths for years. The debate raged most viciously when such characters disputed the Ten Commandments in courtrooms, then said it violated free speech. Such contemplations are equivalent to stating that we want to live as human beings without the flow of blood through our bodies. You can’t have one without the other. And you can’t have civilization without justice. And you can’t have justice without a clear understanding of what it is. But what we have now is not justice, it’s corruption where the law is utilized for political benefit for political reasons, and it is far from blind. If you are a political enemy, they will throw the book at you and lobby to put you in jail, bankrupt and without a reputation, destroyed for life if they can do it. But if you are a friend or benefit them somehow, they will turn the other way and invite the criminal out for chicken wings and a nice cold beer. Perhaps even a morning golf game on a Sunday with the rising sun warming their faces and laughing about how they were able to scam the public for all its worth and get away with it. Fret not. The bad guys only win because of what they did they did in the shadows. But with the light of day flashed upon their actions, there will undoubtedly be a different result, and the sun is shining these days brightly.

Rich Hoffman

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Joe Biden Declares Covid is Over: We will never forget that The Administrative State created a bioweapon to attack the western economy and everything it touched

I’ve told the story repeatedly, but apparently, people need to hear it.  There seems to be a lot of shock about Biden suddenly declaring one day that Covid was over and that life would return to normal.  Even the socialist country of Canada is lifting its travel restrictions, and just like that, we are supposed to forget that Covid even happened.  I said all this was going to happen, Covid was not working for Democrats, and they are hoping to have the best possible results from the Midterms that they can get.  So they want to forget about Covid all of a sudden even though Covid was created as a weapon of the political left to impose on the world a Great Reset, complete destruction of the old world, and a new normal as established by The Desecrators of Davos.  But, many people say to me, “I knew people who were sick.  I was sick myself.  I know Covid wasn’t a fake because I knew people who died.  I still don’t have all my taste back.” As I said from the beginning, from day one of the Scamdemic, Covid was an attack on western culture and everything it touched.  It was an intentional attack, not with an army, but with a virus to change how the world did business.  And the goal was to give the Administrative State more power, which we saw flourish out of control in America, running against the Constitution on several occasions so quickly that court cases couldn’t happen fast enough to challenge the legal intrusions.  The hope was that by the time America figured out what was happening, it would all be over.  It was a planned attack by the Desecrators of Davos, those mysterious and intrusive figures from the World Economic Forum who went for all our throats with a cult-like vigor.  And what was left in the aftermath was death, destruction, and the revelation of an Administrative State that was out for blood much more than anybody previously thought was possible.

Everyone has a hard time believing that Covid was a bioweapon created in a lab in China by globalist forces using the American Department of Defense as their cover story.  They intended to hide their actions behind the administrative bureaucracy of the Liberal World Order, which included all the media they controlled.  Facebook was in on it, and so was Google and many others.  They had all formed an alliance to establish a New Normal, and they thought they would get away with it.  Covid-19 was built by members of Dr. Fauci’s NIH under gain of function, and he knew about it as early as January of 2020, according to emails.  So as Covid was let out of the Chinese lab during an election year, everyone involved from the beginning, like Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab, knew the goal.  And they also knew they needed deaths to feed the panic.  So they purposely prevented known medicines like Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin from helping to prevent the spread of the virus because they wanted people to get sick.  It was the only way people would take it seriously and the only way they could ever hope to get to the New Normal they had been planning with complete economic destruction for which they would manage the new changes personally.  And this is documented everywhere; it’s not some fringe conspiracy.  It’s just so evil that many people still have a hard time believing it.  These were horrible, malicious people who were attacking society the way attacks in the past had occurred.  Only they changed the military uniforms from those of aggression and replaced them with trusted white coat doctors and media personalities. 

The scam occurred by the methods of dealing with the virus.  Normally, a scientifically based society would rely on medicine to cure such a thing, but we were told from the beginning that there was no medicine to stop the virus, which wasn’t true, obviously.   But they lied to us and told us there was no medicine even as people with compromised immune systems started dying due to their exposure to the manufactured virus.  So yes, people did get sick.  Yes, people suffered from it.  But it wasn’t the virus itself that was the biggest problem.  It was the method that the white coat terrorists told us to deal with it that caused all the problems.  We were told to social distance, for which there was no scientific evidence even to attempt.  We were told to wear masks, which looks to have worsened the problem by keeping viruses fresh on people’s faces all day long with very unsanitary practices.  We were told to stay in our homes and not to drive anywhere, which was consistent with the dreams of the Climate Change zealots.  All the methods that were imposed on people to deal with the manufactured virus of Covid were wrong and only spread the virus.  It didn’t prevent it, which was the scam’s giveaway.  The idea that society was being punished for spreading a virus was the first time in history such a thing was attempted, and all the methods they gave us to fight the virus were intentionally wrong.  They tried to hide medicine from people and gave them instead voodoo science such as social distancing and masks and laughed at us as we tried to live our lives with insanely ridiculous rules preventing a solution.  And as the virus spread, as they knew it would, the death rates shown on the cable news sidebars kept everyone terrified that they might become next. 

But it didn’t work.  There was no “new normal.” Several politicians have gone down for their role in Covid, and Dr. Fauci is finally starting to feel some heat for his role in the mess.  The Great Reset people have retreated to their villas in Davos and are trying to lay low for a while as the world is very angry with them, for a good reason.  And the medical industry may never recover to the trust people previously had in them.  Once Americans started ignoring all the stupid rules that the white coat terrorists of the Administrative State had come up with, the whole mess started falling apart.  And now that it’s evident that Democrats won’t be able to use Covid again to steal another election in 2022, they are doing the next best thing, declaring all of a sudden that the Pandemic is over just a few weeks before the election, hoping that people will forget by election day what role they played in ruining everyone’s lives.  But not so fast.  The Liberal World Order, represented in this case by the criminal Joe Biden family, doesn’t get to decide when and where Covid is relevant.  With the opportunity to elect several new Republicans to Congress and the Senate, there will be investigations into the terrorist act that Covid was, and people will have to pay for what they did.  They are hiding behind looted money now, but we will not forget what they did, and the investigations will likely go on for many years.  But Covid was the biggest crime and wartime attack on the world in the history of mankind.  And it will not be forgotten for the scam that it always was.  People are just slow to accept the truth because the lack of trust they now have in the Administrative State has been very tragic for them. 

Rich Hoffman

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Thank God For The “Pearl Clutchers” of Lakota: What Matt Miller said……….

It’s not false accusations or character assassination to repeat what a person says about themselves. Matt Miller, the highly political superintendent at Lakota schools, has said quite a lot. He told police during a recent interview that he and his wife would “role-play” and engage in “pillow talk,” which on one occasion included a discussion of drugging, molesting, and recording three kids. That is consistent with the divorce statements made by his wife that were revealed in a recent police report. His wife also correlated that Miller asked her to babysit the three kids (who are children in the Lakota school district from people they knew as a couple), drug them, molest them, and record herself in sexual activity. She says she did not do any of that. She also said that Miller asked her to have sex with their son and his friends. Those aspects of Matt Miller’s private life were part of a Cincinnati Enquire article that came out on September 28th, 2022, titled “Lakota Superintendent Investigation: Here’s what we know.” It’s worth reading, to say the least. There is a lot more to the story that the police would eventually report that were consensual adults’ actions. The part with the children falls within the realm of fantasy and isn’t against the law by itself.    An audit of his phone records only costs $5000.00 and likely would be worth doing, especially since that same article, and the police report, indicates that there were naked pictures of children sent to his wife from Matt Miller’s phone, and that would certainly be a crime. But that would open up a whole new can of worms, and many people are having trouble with what they currently know. This has been one of those cases that is a nightmare for any community. I would argue that it’s good to know these things about the people we pay for as public employees. But some people would rather not know which is the real story. As outrageous as Matt Miller’s sex life reported by him has been, the community reaction to it is the real indicator of the cause.  

The shock has come from the community’s reaction to this story; many people are angry that there were whistleblowers who reported this story. But they aren’t angry at all about what Matt Miller, as a superintendent, has done, which he has admitted to. Given how he gave his statements at the end of the school board meeting held on September 28th, there is obviously a lot more to the story. If he has admitted to what he has, just think of what he still hasn’t. Which is the reason he worked during his divorce to keep his online dating profiles out of that case, especially the Ashley Madison and Tinder accounts, which his legal representation claimed would reveal Miller’s most private and intimate disclosures exposed solely to embarrass him and not for reasons relevant to the case. Well, the best way to not be embarrassed by such things is not to do them.   And it should be expected that a public figure like Matt Miller would know better than to engage in any socially reckless behavior, let alone as much as he obviously has. Many defenders of Matt Miller are hoping for a broader legal defense of him due to the perceived character assassination. Well, that would be interesting, considering what we know. Legal action beyond divorce court would allow much more to be learned during discovery, and that forensic audit of the phone records would put much to rest. And these dating profiles would undoubtedly be relevant to how he has conducted himself as a paid employee of the Lakota school system. Yet, the worst of the news likely is that which he has already admitted to police under his own voluntary response during the police report investigation that was reported in detail in the Enquirer article. 

The Miller defenders have turned to call the whistleblowers “Pearl Clutchers,” indicating that their high moral standards are somehow bad. But if people can’t look at this case and not see bad, what does that say about them? Or the kids they are raising? Why has the school board been so slow to act on this? What does that say about them? The previous board members, some of who were voted out during the last election, knew much of this information, but they kept Matt anyway; they even gave him a raise. What were they thinking? Apparently, many people truly think that the drugging of kids and talking about molesting them is normal behavior, and that has been the most stunning aspect of the entire ordeal. Rather than be angry at Matt Miller, they have taken the teacher’s union strategy of attacking the whistleblowers with derogatory terminology like “pearl clutchers, or huggers” and stating that it’s not good to “judge” other people. Well, it is good to judge; it is what makes us all different from animals. Animals do what they are biologically programmed to do. Humans can take memory and experience and make future judgments based on intellectual history, which is what education of any kind is supposed to do. If we have so many people rationalizing animal behavior, which is all that sex is, then there isn’t much hope for any of them on any topic.

We can’t even have an intelligent discussion about CRT and sexual grooming in the classroom if they will rationalize the drugging and molestation of children as a fantasy. When a public employee is in charge of 17,000 students, if they can’t see something wrong with that information, there is no discussion on other matters that can be relevant. People should be able to agree that any sex with children is bad, whether in practice or in “pillow talk.” But obviously, what has been revealed is that people in the Lakota school district can’t even agree on that. This is why Matt Miller seems oblivious to why anybody is even upset about his sexual lifestyle. That is how far society, in general, has fallen. Matt Miller is a product of that fall. Not the cause.  Trying to appeal to him on any sexual concerns at Lakota schools would obviously be a worthless enterprise.

When Matt Miller stated at the school board that these attacks on him started a few years ago, he was right. But he dismissed the cause as if it had nothing to do with it. Matt Miller has openly worked to eliminate whatever school board members have been elected that were conservative. He recently pushed to force Todd Parnell to resign over woke statements, and Darbi Boddy wasn’t on the board for more than a few days before the push to get rid of her started. He has played vicious political hardball, so he should have expected much action to come back in his direction. But the way he handled Covid caused most of his current political problems and created such a storm that many Republican moms in the background were thinking of joining Darbi Boddy on the school board. Matt Miller made himself into the Lakota version of Dr. Fauci and Gretchen Whitmore with his mask policies and yielding all control of Lakota school over to the Butler County Health Department and their ridiculous mask policies.

Nobody expected that what would come out about Matt Miller would be all these bizarre sexual lifestyle revelations. And by themselves, they might be gross. We would expect a person leading an education environment to be less animal and more human in what they think about. But when he says to police on a police report that is then reported by the Cincinnati Enquirer where he was willing to admit that he asked his wife to drug, molest, and videotape three kids, that we are all supposed to accept that it was just pillow talk and move on, there is a major disconnect with reality. And that people who find that behavior outrageous are somehow the real problem as “pearl clutchers.” It should be that 100% of the Lakota community should find any sexual behavior toward kids as terrible, whether thought about or acted upon. Yet that is not the case. The “pearl clutchers” are not welcomed in this discussion and are hated for pointing out what people don’t want to see. And revealed in that underbelly of our society is the real problem, a story that is much worse than anything Matt Miller has done. And by his own admission, that is quite a thing to consider.

Rich Hoffman

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The United Nations Scam: Using America to do what they can’t, then letting us take the blame for imperialism

Here is the scam of the United Nations summed up nicely, and finally, after nearly a century of manipulations, the Ukraine war revealed it the trick was always to use the United States as the vehicle in the name of social justice to impose on the world a military that the United Nations never had, to do the things they always wanted from the outset. And the United States would get the blame under the banner of imperialism, while the United Nations would get the credit for cleaning up the aftermath. Growing up, I always heard how the political left was so apocalyptic about the Vietnam War and how American imperialism was wrong to impose themselves on the communists there. And how Iraq was all about oil. Or beating Qaddafi in Libya was all about beating down a terrible dictator. The United States was constantly getting pulled into strange wars for strange reasons, which the world hated us for; then, the United Nations would come in in the aftermath and clean up everything and be seen as the good guys. I’ve always thought it was strange, and it wasn’t until this latest war in Ukraine that we could really fully catch the various people behind the curtain pulling the maniacal strings. Because the Trump presidency revealed how easy it was to fix all these global problems without military intervention, and the American military had become the private military of globalism. And for globalism to work, they needed to Unite the Nations of the world through created conflicts that would topple opposition to them, countries that wanted to remain nationalist. But once bankrupt by war, they’d need someone to come along and help them, which is where the United Nations would swoop in to do the job.

In 2010 I sat down with my congressman, John Boehner, at the time and told him I wanted him to get America out of the membership of the United Nations. Of course, he and his aide laughed at this. He stated through his laughter that the United States controlled the United Nations and gave us significant influence around the world. Why would we possibly want to get out of that kind of membership? Well, he didn’t know history. After World War I, many of these globalist forces tried to create the League of Nations, which Americans rejected. They tried to lure America into the effort by instigating war and after pushed the American president and major progressive globalists into helping with the Treaty of Versailles. Ho Chi Minh was the future leader of the communist party in Vietnam. He was working as a bus boy to get close to the signing of the treaty and hoped to appeal to Woodrow Wilson and others to get the French out of Vietnam and restore his country to their national sovereignty. Of course, they didn’t listen and laughed at him. So he went across the street and found the communist party much more receptive. Five decades later, there was war in Vietnam, and America was baited into a conflict there to put down communism, but the real effort was to make a fool of imperialism which made all of Asia essentially a communist zone in the wake of World War II when finally the United Nations was formed.   A pattern had been forming starting with the Treaty of Versailles, and globalism was on the move, with the United States acting as the private military for it. But the goal was never to win or lose. Only to wear out the rulers of various countries so they could topple the regimes and allow the United Nations to be the power brokers in the aftermath. 

Mysteriously right after World War II, Israel was created in 1948, which was a strange idea considering that it hadn’t played much of a role during the war. But as I have talked about, the Freemasonry movement, which is clearly behind globalism in every way that it can be imagined, set in their minds to restore the Temple of Soloman, and the only way to do that was to restore the nation of Israel from the Palastaines, or otherwise, return the promised land from the Canaanites back into Jewish possession. I have spoken elsewhere about the mysterious book that was written by anonymous sources in Russia who put the Protocols of the Elders of Zion in the hands of people like Adolf Hitler and modern Islamic terrorists. Germany was heavily penalized after World War I leaving them bankrupt. Hitler found the book mentioned and became enraged that the Jews wanted to take over the world, so he started his Nazi party to crush them and restore Germany to the nationalism that it thought it deserved.

Meanwhile, the forces of manipulation had their new bad guy, a name that could never be spoken because of his many atrocities, and so the creation of Isreal in 1948 could be justified as obvious rectification to the Jewish people. I’m not against the creation of the Jewish state. I think the Ten Commandments are some of the most important documents ever to be produced by any civilization. But the tampering behind the scenes to make it happen is evident in hindsight, especially. 

And now, much more sloppily, we have Vladimir Putin being baited into attacking Ukraine, and the threat of nuclear war has been tossed around a lot. Ukraine has become the strategic center for globalist expansion, and the issue was forced quickly to the front after Trump was removed from office. It was more than just a little suspicious that Trump’s first impeachment centered around a phone call with the newly elected president of Ukraine, a former comedian now turned into a world leader almost overnight.   But this time, things were rushed too quickly, and the footprints of globalism are obvious. Russia was poked to make the attack over a threat of Ukraine joining NATO. And, of course, America had to fund the whole mess through lots of shady deals, all in the name of helping Ukraine become “free.”  But this time, people were on to the scam, especially after Trump showed that many of the false wars that America had been drug into were not for American interests but for the efforts of globalism. And those getting rich off selling America out didn’t want to be caught. So they conspired to get rid of Trump, to restore conflict around the world to topple nationalist efforts, and to use the United Nations, funded by the United States, into cleanup duty further to spread the reach of their Liberal World Order. And that is why John Boehner laughed at me when I asked him to get us out of the United Nations once he became Speaker of the House a few years later. At that time, I might as well have been Ho Chi Minh trying to appeal to the patriotism of Woodrow Wilson with references to American Independence. But the script was for Ho Chi Minh to get frustrated and join the communists instead and to use communism to destroy national sovereignty and pave the way for eventual United Nations control of the entire world. And in that scam, the war in Ukraine is just the latest effort. But the plan runs deep, and it certainly doesn’t have American independence as the goal. By using America to do all the bad stuff in the world with the intent to set wrongs right, two things happen, the people who do the wrongs in the first place get what they wanted all along. And the blame goes to America for their imperialist objectives so that dismantling it later could be justified. By the time the globalist forces wanted to take control, they would have already used American wealth to take over the world. Then they could blame America for its nationalist desires and see it destroyed like every other country, only then to be governed by the bureaucrats of the Administrative State in the Liberal World Order as the manipulators of history had made it behind the curtain the whole time.

Rich Hoffman

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Why I Still Fly My “Trump Won” Flag: The Dow Jones is headed for 25,000 and below, thanks to a stolen presidency

Just as a reminder, I still fly in front of my house a flag that says, “Trump Won” for everyone who needs to know. 2020 was only one of the biggest crimes in history. We allowed an intelligence agency using America as a front for their organization, but connected to globalists everywhere, to steal our vote and give us this piece of garbage Joe Biden as a puppet president. The Dow had just broken 30,000 during Trump’s term. After he was removed from office not by a vote, but by a tampered election, with evidence coming from every direction, the economy started heading in the wrong direction. There is plenty of evidence of election fraud in 2020, but nobody wants to look at it. Nobody wants to admit to it. So I have flown that flag every day for over two years to remind everyone how complicit they are in destroying the world. And that I was not a part of it. I voted for Trump again, and when the current U.S. government made its move to get rid of him, which we can still see the evidence of that with the hostile FBI that has been revealed in its wake, I worked to defend our vote by acknowledging what happened, while everyone else followed their leaders like sheep to their own destruction. After Trump left office, the Dow, through its own momentum, went up a few more thousand points, but the socialist policies of the globalists and the destructive behavior of the American Fed destroyed our thriving economy, and the momentum stopped about a year into the Biden presidency. And now, after a clear recession, which nobody wants to admit to, the Dow is under 30,000 and is headed much lower. And everyone can watch as their 401K plans lose all their value because they did not defend their vote when they needed to, and they allowed this mess to happen by not standing up for what was right when it mattered most. 

Looking at our public education system for its terrible mess, one of the clear takeaways that people seem to have learned was to put up with bad behavior, turn away from the bullies, and if someone steals something from you, to let them have it. I have never accepted that concept when I was in school, and I certainly don’t accept it now. But most people have no backbone. They have no personal courage. And when they get pushed around, they take it. That’s why election fraud on a massive scale occurred in 2020 and cost us President Trump, who was doing a very good job. People who thought Biden could be inserted and everything would just continue as usual were smoking crack. It only took a few months for the inserted Biden administration to start implementing the United Nations goals for destroying America, the stolen wealth, and redistribution they had always planned to implement. Now we are seeing the results. And they try to lie about what those results are. A recession is two consecutive quarters of negative GDP growth. We are going on a year of it now. We are in a depression that has been propped up by ignorance and happy talk. The true condition of our economy is as phony as the Biden presidency itself. It wasn’t elected by popular vote; it was taken by force and given its own reality by bad people who were doing the deed. And they thought people were so stupid that they would just take it and shut up, even as they still lie about whether or not we are in a recession. They don’t tell the truth about anything, and the ship is sinking fast. 

I was having dinner with some people along the river in Cincinnati, where the bike path that crosses through the city runs, and they felt right at home because they were from New England. I always remind people, especially regarding zoning laws, that they were created by people trained to think like Europeans. So that is why we have all the roundabouts that are going in everywhere because people studied in college all the European jealousies from what they call the “motherland” and want to implement them all over the United States. I hate slowing down for a ridiculous roundabout. In intersections where you could just fly through at 50 to 60 miles an hour, now you have to slow down to 30 to drive around a stupid circle. They say that studies indicate that traffic flows better with roundabouts, but I hate them. And how did they get into our zoning, the same way that election fraud occurred, through laws and legislation made on the back of a napkin where a bunch of mindless fools just blindly followed the person in front of them? That’s how many of these things happen, and I found it embarrassing to see people from New England talking about how happy they were to see that Cincinnati was such a “progressive” city. They had a silly little bike path that let people ride their bikes without those mean gas-powered cars making so much noise. They liked that it was so quiet on that bike path, so they could listen to mother nature complain about her latest menstrual cycle from planetary bombardment with life-killing space junk that comes our way every 20,000 years. The same forces that gave us roundabouts in America and bike paths are who stole our election in 2020 so that they could make us even more into that garbage pit of Europe.

By flying my flag, I make sure that everyone knows that I’m not one of the dumb people who allowed it to happen, like fools who just believe what someone tells them. People who learned in their public education to follow orders but not to think allowed themselves to be suckered, and you can now see the danger of that behavior. The market economy in America is crashing, and it was done on purpose. And the same fools who played along with the Biden presidency now realize just how stupid that was. These aggressive, jealous European forces who have always wanted to destroy America have been doing it for years by corrupting our rules and regulations behind the scenes. And they lie to our faces when caught, just as they did over the definition of recession. And just as they did over election fraud. You can trace that election fraud to the American intelligence agencies and their desire to preserve the Washington D.C. Swamp for their own reasons. But the Swamp is a creation of Europe, just like roundabouts and the culture of the aristocracy they have always been so in love with. And those who let it happen can watch their 401K plans evaporate before their eyes. The Dow Jones is headed for 25,000 soon. Remember, when Trump took office in 2017, the Dow was at 18,000.   All those trillions of dollars of value may be completely wiped away during the Biden presidency. And who will there be to blame? Well, the idiots who allowed election fraud to happen and did not say anything as Covid was used to destroy American life from the minds of the mindless bureaucrats. The losers who brought us roundabouts have also created a terrible economy because of a stolen election. And the people who just put up and shut up about it are those most guilty. And it’s important to remember who those people were as we continue to watch the economy tank because it was a decision, not a natural occurrence. 

Rich Hoffman

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Happy We Are Going Back to Mars with Starship: The evidence points to lots of human interaction between the Red Planet and Earth many years in the past

Well, I mean exactly that when I say I’m looking forward to returning to Mars. I do indeed mean, return. I’m very excited for the next SpaceX mission into space with its Starship orbiter. Going to Mars is important, even if the Biden administration isn’t at all excited about it. In fact, the entire Liberal World Order isn’t excited about it, and for a good reason. Options take power away from them, and they want limited options for the human race to give themselves more power. It’s the classic problem of those in communist countries trying to flee those places for freer destinations. That is the same reason the Biden administration and Liberal World Order are generally not excited about commercial space travel. They want a centralized government controlling everything, and humanity moving into a space-oriented civilization only complicates that for them. So, of course, the FFA is slow to give SpaceX permits, and that will have to change for Elon Musk to do what he wants, which is to send hundreds of Starships to Mars and the Moon soon so that mankind can finally take that giant leap that started with the moon, but stopped when NASA became overrun with mindless bureaucrats, congressional funding based purely on politics, and a world order that wanted to make Earth the center of the universe so they could maintain power, and to keep it that way. But SpaceX has their permit for the orbital launch, which will happen in late October or early November, which is very exciting. Mars awaits. 

I live in mound country, and there  is a mound near my home that I have talked about a lot, the Middletown Mound, which is essentially a twin to the one up the Great Miami River called Miamisburg Mound. I’ve been to the Stonehenge site with Avebury to the north and saw firsthand that their Silbury Mound is almost identical in height to the Miamisburg Mound and the Middletown Mound before it was looted in the late 1800s, and further excavation was mysteriously abandoned. Knowing the mounds well from my home in the Ohio Valley and seeing several along the Mississippi Valley over the years, when I saw the ground structures of Stonehenge and Avebury, I immediately recognized them as the same culture, meaning they had been communicating across the Atlantic Ocean well before Christ was born which meant that shipping that could make the voyage was possible. And since then, I have been looking for answers to the many questions that arise when those possibilities are considered. Then the problem gets even more complex when it has been photographed that on Mars, in what many call the remains of a city near the now famous face, there are complex mound structures too, much like Miamisburg, Middletown, and Silbury. So rather than speculate based on what we see in pictures photographed from a long way away, I am looking forward to capitalist-driven archaeology to investigate as part of the Elon Musk population of Mars plan that will finally have an opportunity to check these things out with eyes on the ground and figure out what really happened, and where the human race actually started.

This is all speculation but based on hypothetical knowledge based on the evidence that we have so far been able to gather, Mars, around 17,000 years ago, looks to have been hit by a very large planetary object from the southern hemisphere pushing up toward the north. The impact was so significant that the crust of Mars in the northern part of the planet was punched away, nearly destroying the planet entirely. The debris field between Jupiter and Mars is likely evidence of the intended killer. And still, on Earth, a lot of debris continues to fall each year as it is still floating around in space, only to be eventually caught in our gravitational pull. It might take several more thousand years for it all to fall on Earth and surrounding planets. Science fiction movies don’t do a very good job of capturing the timeline of geology in space.

Along with this cataclysm, the atmosphere was ripped away, and the oceans of Mars evaporated into space, never to return and what we see now is a husk of a planet once thriving with life, just as life on Earth is now. Understanding what happened and how it may very well be that life left that planet for a safer place, perhaps millions of years ago, or even during the last Ice Age, to become the Atlantis culture that is much talked about is undoubtedly worth an investigation. Pretty cool stuff if you aren’t in love with the silly modern interpretation of things, the same scientists who told us not to take Hydroxychloroquine during the manmade Covid outbreak of 2020. You must always be careful of science that gets paid by funders who demand a narrative and not what science actually produces with hard evidence. Speaking of evidence right in front of our faces, I was just in Michigan looking at the impact crater that made Saginaw Bay to confirm the evidence about the Younger Dryas cataclysm that took place 11,600 years ago, roughly. It looks like that large comet very likely could have been pieces of the hard impact that nearly destroyed Mars just a few thousand years earlier. The puzzle pieces begin to go together pretty fast when you look at all the pieces, not just what governments give us to look at based on their desire to control our assumptions, for many reasons.  The mound cultures in the Ohio River Valley have always been associated with Indians. Still, it’s evident that these were not a culture of primitive hunters and gatherers. Still, within their body of knowledge, they had concepts of advanced geometry and calculus and a very detailed mythology involving stellar bodies. They had a relationship with the stars that exceeds what hunters and gathers would otherwise have reason to nurture, other than looking up and seeing that they were there. This is particularly obvious at Serpent Mound in eastern Ohio and the Newark Mound complex just outside of Columbus, Ohio. The Newark Holy Stones found there in 1860 are rationalized now by lazy scientists as a hoax, but I don’t think so. And I don’t think so based on the Cincinnati and Wilmington Tablets also found in mounds around Ohio that do not connect directly to what we know of Indian cultures.

They depict an early version of the Ten Commandments in a place where nobody in an Indian tribe would know anything about a Biblical context. The controversy reminds me of a discussion I had with an employee at the British Museum over the Crystal Skull they have there. He stated to me that the skull had to be a hoax because nobody in Europe had come up with the ability to cut quartz so smoothly until much later than the dating proposed for that Crystal Skull found in Mexico. So everyone just wrote it off as a hoax because it didn’t fit the narrative. But what if the narrative didn’t have all the words, I proposed back to him. What if some cultures had developed such methods while other cultures were thousands of years behind in evolution, and we just haven’t discovered the connection yet? To assume that Europe evolved at a certain pace and everyone else in the world followed that trajectory is not very smart. But that was the suggestion. And as we know from the Vico Cycle, that may be the case for the human race over many millions of years, not just the most recent thousands. There is still a lot of evidence to collect to put the story together, but what we do have does not point to the history we know but one we are yet to discover. And when we get to Mars, it looks like many more pieces will be discovered, and we’ll learn a whole lot more about ourselves.

Rich Hoffman

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The Deathbed of the Liberal World Order: Giorgia Meloni and the Italian populist foundation

Why is the left so upset over Giorgia Meloni, Italy’s next prime minister? After all, she’s a woman. They wanted more women in politics and in powerful positions. So why are they calling her such bad names, calling her the next Benito Mussolini? Well, we all know the answer. It was never about women or people of color. It was always about making people feel guilty so that they would vote for progressive, liberal policies. And across the world stage, they see people everywhere reject the Liberal World Order as it was designed over the last two centuries and is falling apart in front of their faces. After all, what is fascist about the Brothers for Italy party that Giorgia is now the head of when the party platform was all about family first and nationalism that is such a threat? Well, when a bunch of communists and socialists declare that it’s a “far right” party, they mean that everything to the right of Karl Marx is radical and intolerable, and it’s the same argument we see play out everywhere. And it’s pretty funny to watch all their previous arguments fall apart across the world at the same time. If they really wanted more women in politics, they would be happy and proud of Giorgia for winning such an important seat. Instead, liberals have been exposed as the hypocrites that they always were. They didn’t want women in positions of power or minorities. They wanted liberals and thought that by appealing to their rights, they’d trick them into becoming liberals for all the various liberal parties. And it has all backfired. Instead of spreading Liberalism for the Liberal World Order, Giorgia Meloni is fighting for the rights of traditional Italians and their families. People overwhelmingly voted for her because they supported those values. 

But it’s not just in Italy where a conservative revolution is happening, or women find themselves a prominent part of it. The MAGA movement in the United States has a lot of women who are on the front of a conservative wave that apparently the Liberal World Order thought was just a Trump concept. As I’ve said for years now, Trump was a creation of that populist need. Someone was going to fill it. The 2016 election was supposed to be for liberals about preserving their Liberal World Order, of which the Washington swamp was built, by breaking glass ceilings, so long as the glass was broken by old hippie flower child progressives like Hillary Clinton. They didn’t expect that Laura Boebert, Marjorie Tayler Green, and Kari Lake would be the face of the MAGA party going into 2022 and 2024. Who will be the face of the various Joe Biden impeachments in congress? It won’t be the losers of Nancy Pelosi’s victimhood congress of identity politics.

Marjorie Tayler Green has been slowly building up her brand by being everywhere so that when Republicans take the House, she will undoubtedly be one of the leaders delivering justice many of us have long been seeking. Even though President Trump is still the face of the Republican Party, many up-and-coming leaders are women and minority candidates filling school boards, congressional seats, and governor races with a new kind of Republican populism. This isn’t the party of the uni-party anymore, of Liz Cheney and those types of Republican sell-outs. The political spectrum has moved away from socialism. People listened to lunatics like Ocasio Cortez and other hard-left progressives, and they’ve had enough. This hard right, hard left description was always an invention of the leftist media culture worldwide. People themselves were never that far left. They were tricked into moving in that direction through identity politics. But given a choice, they’d rather have a conservative person of color than a liberal one. And they’d love to vote for women, so long as by doing so, they get a family first, country first representative. That is what the election of Giorgia Meloni exposed. 

An even bigger miscalculation has been on immigration policy, the same stupidity that came straight of the office of George Soros and other global insurgents. They bet everything as members of the Desecrators of Davos on immigrant migration, voting in favor of the party that gave away the most stuff. Angela Merkel in Germany was tricked by pressure from the Green Party into adopting more progressive policies, increased migration, and green energy to hold onto power. She is kind of like the Tim Ryan of Ohio trying to hold off the MAGA efforts of J.D. Vance, who is poised to beat the liberal senate candidate. Only the Green Party was far left, and they drug Angela more to the left because of the political pressure, which was built on sentiment rather than an accurate representation of what people wanted. And those policies have been devastating to Germany on all fronts. And in America, the open border policies will be the stake in the coffin of the Biden presidency. Sure, they cheated to steal the election and put a person too dumb to know where he was in the White House, so they could make all these progressive dreams happen. But what they didn’t expect was for many of those immigrants to come into America and support Trump, at a ratio of nearly 50%. That was not the plan, and now they don’t know what to do. People aren’t going to vote for the kind of socialist hells they left behind. They want the American dream, and it’s clear that Joe Biden is against that dream. Despite how viciously the Administrative State tries to destroy him through legal shenanigans, Trump is their man and will continue to be. 

Populism is forming worldwide, wherever the Liberal World Order has ruined people’s lives, and there is nothing that can stop it. It was never Trump that made the movement. The movement made Trump, and now that people like Giorgia Meloni have seen the playbook on how to beat the Paper Tigers of Liberalism, others are following to do the same. The Liberal World Order is dying and bleeding out. The media is trying to pretend that what everyone sees is not happening. They hope that if they try to call Giorgia Meloni names like some bullies in a public school toward children who aren’t wearing the most popular fashions, they can miraculously resurrect their Liberal World Order from the deathbed. But it’s too late and has been for a while. We are seeing the last gasps of Liberalism as the hippie losers and communist slugs from the previous century dreamed of, and it’s all falling down around them. People do not want the Administrative State of a Liberal World Order run by Davos’s Desecrators. They never did, and that Liberal World Order was so arrogant in their assumptions that they thought they could manipulate everyone to their cause. And they couldn’t. Italy is just the first of many who are turning away from the fantasy of the European Union. That union is being rejected just as Brexit was, and other countries will follow, including France and Germany. The Liberal World Order tried to trick people into Liberalism with racist or sexist made-up guilt. But now, the blinders have been pulled away, and the hypocrisy is evident to all. 

Rich Hoffman

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Sex With Children is Always Bad: There is never a rationalization for it, they need adult protection, not exploitation

There have been positives that have come out of all the mess at Lakota schools, a government school in northern Cincinnati where suddenly references toward sex with children are as loose as The Rocky Horror Picture Show has become the new Sound of Music in history class. Some really good people have come forward to defend the position of kids in public schools, more than I knew were out there. For instance, the people associated with Protect Our Lakota Kids are some of them, but who would have thought that kids needed protecting as much as we learned they do? Whatever people think of the Lakota superintendent, the previous school board, and the police, in general, decided that he could continue working professionally and that the private lives of public employees did not indicate they couldn’t do their professional jobs.   If that is the rationale that everyone is using these days, no wonder everything is so screwed up. For me, it’s simple, if someone is thinking about sex with kids, underage kids, in any way at all, then it’s evil. Kids count on the adults to shelter them from all this nonsense, and the adult population is letting them down in Lakota and all over the state and country. Some really evil people are trying to justify themselves as normal operating in the light of day, and we have obviously lost our way as a culture. There is no excuse for even thinking about sex with kids. I would encourage people who do know better to sign the petition at the link below and immediately inspire a conversation that all public schools need to have.

Protect Our Lakota Kids (

But it hasn’t all been bad, I have spoken to more lawyers over the last month than I ever have, and the results have been good. Most of them are looking for an easy slam dunk case that would be easy money for them. But there have been some really good ones who are very interested in helping children who get lost in this whole conversation. Someone has to fight for these kids who are victims of these adult predators with severe sexual addictions. I have learned more than I ever thought possible about the money trail that often goes along with pedophilia. If I thought before all this broke that pedophilia was a “unique” thing, it is now quite clear that it’s extremely common. No wonder nobody really cares to investigate the client list for Epstein Island. A vast network permeates most public schools, and state money is involved in keeping law enforcement fat, dumb and happy so the network can thrive, just like an illegal drug trade. There are so many people out there that are sexually broken that any audacity directed toward pedophilia is no longer tolerated. Because people want the product and there is a lot of money in it. I am happy to know that some very good lawyers are fighting out there for these children, and they are always on the lookout for the crumbs that fall out of the couch and are ready to take action when they see them. That has been an exemplary aspect of all this, to know those people are out there and willing to put their professional lives on the line to defend children. But I have learned more about the ugly underbelly of interstate pedophilia over the last month than I ever cared to learn about. Yet, that is also why it continues, because most people don’t even know that it’s going on unless they dig a bit under the surface to see it for themselves. 

Just to be clear, there is no circumstance where sex with kids is acceptable. I shouldn’t have to say it, but if you are thinking about sex with kids in any way at all, you should get help and remove yourself from children until you have dealt with your problem. Kids count on the adults in their lives for complete guidance toward their future selves, and sex should not be a part of their young lives. They shouldn’t be talking about it in the first grade. They don’t need to see trans teachers.   And they certainly don’t need to be confused about their sexual identity. They need to be playing with toys, learning what they can from trusted adults, and having fun while they still can, before they grow up and are burdened with a lot of responsibility. If we can’t agree on that basic premise, then there is not much to discuss. I found it shocking that many parents at Lakota schools were all too willing to turn their attention away from protecting kids and instead were angry at whistleblowers who presented a legitimate concern. Those parents went political first because they deliberately chose the institution over kids’ rights, which was very disappointing. You’d think that everyone could come together in agreement about the need to protect children, but obviously, that is not the case. I would go on to say about sex in general, if anybody is thinking about sex too much in their life, they should go out and get some hobbies. Just some friendly advice, I’ve been married for many decades to the same woman, and there are is a whole lot more to life than just visits to the bedroom. Sex is a part of life, but it should be a very minor part of any life. There is a lot more that adults should be inspired to do rather than waste their time having sex or thinking about sex. Eventually, all the standard sign stimuli stop working, and too many adults turn to children to light a fire and keep it interesting. And people need to draw the line long before sexual appetites ever reach that point.

The silver lining is that all this bad stuff was already there, but so was a defense network to defend against it. What has changed is that more people now know about it than before.   Good people within the legal profession have decided to use their reputations to fight for the right of children. I don’t think kids are asking too much to maintain the ability to think about fun things for as long as possible and keep destructive sex out of their lives as long as they can. I’m a person who thinks that people shouldn’t be thinking about sex until they get married and want to start a family. This idea of casual sex has been a disaster in our society. It’s an invention of the progressive left, just like most bad things are, and we should not be supporting openly sexual lifestyles. Not enough people want to take a hard line on sex in their lives because they hope maybe to not rule it out for themselves. But in every condition, it’s an empty life filled with empty people to satisfy an urge that never goes away. Sex is never satisfying, and that’s by biological design. We are supposed to want more, so we do it again and have babies to populate the earth. But we are also supposed to develop our intellects to think about other things so that sex isn’t the only thing. That’s what separates humans from animals; we can decide to do other things with our lives where the animal can’t. And that’s how we should be looking at problems like this. Certainly not rationalizing it away for our own lazy convenience. 

Rich Hoffman

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The Evil of Staying in Your Lane: How bad behavior stays hidden and active

For all those people who are saying, “if I ever see Rich Hoffman out somewhere, I’ll give him a piece of my mind.” Well, I’m out and about a lot, and I talk to a lot of people. And when I do, nobody talks very tough to my face. So if you want the chance, I am at the Back Porch Saloon in West Chester a lot. And on one such occasion this past week, I was having lunch with a person going for their Ph.D., and he told me about the process and all the things he had to do to get into that elite club. And, in essence, that’s what it was, a club. The other Ph.D. panel members decide what the candidate must do, and if the applicant wants to be in the club, they’ll do it. The criteria differ from school to school and peer group to peer group. So really, getting a Ph.D. is similar to the rigors that are undergone to pass the BAR exam or any number of higher education gateways to an elite order. And socially, going to the college itself in our society is seen as one of those gateways, and the goal isn’t always what was taught but that the applicant endured the experience. All this came to my mind while I was listening to this guy list all the frustrating hurdles he had to jump over to achieve his goal. I thought about the situation at Lakota schools, where it was quite evident that people were having trouble confronting evil at face value. Most people privately had an opinion on it, but socially, they felt they had to stay in their lane and that they weren’t qualified to pass judgment on anybody, lest they be judged themselves. But why was this the case?

Well, most people go through something in their life where they must be initiated into some kind of group order. Usually, it starts in high school. And if it doesn’t happen there, it happens in college or the military. Hazing rituals for all group behavior are common experiences for people, even in religious groups, to some extent. All groups of people have barriers to entry, and to become part of it; people have to surrender a part of themselves to join the power of the group.   A homeowner’s association is a form of this. They may require you to keep your garage doors closed when not using your garage to maintain street face value. You can’t have boats in your driveway. You must keep your grass cut—those kinds of things. Very few people are indeed free to think what they want, about what they want, and when they want. They must do what groups tell them to do through their memberships because we are all taught early in life that acceptance by our peers is of utmost importance, whether it’s obtaining a Ph.D. for our career path or being selected in a local Mason lodge to advance to the higher degrees. And the truth of the matter is, most people stop intellectually growing at age 15, likely much lower than that these days and they put as a priority not fighting for truth, justice, and the American way but in “staying in their lane,” as people who don’t like to be challenged like to say all the time. And there just aren’t enough adults who make it through all these gateways of group associations to stand up to evil when it presents itself. They might have personal feelings about evil when they go to vote; so long as nobody is looking, they’ll express it. But in front of other people, they have been taught to stay in their lane, and that makes them trustworthy to all the slugs who accept them into their group associations who want to trust that smarter and better people won’t come along to knock them off their perch, which is what the group associations are really about, no matter what level they are pursued. People think there is power in groups and are willing to trade away personal value to gain access to that power without having to really do anything themselves. 

I remember my college days; I had friends in all the local schools who would invite me to house parties at the various fraternities and sororities at Ohio State, Miami University, and the University of Cincinnati. One I remember well occurred in Cincinnati, where I arrived to meet my friend, and I broke all kinds of rules that the fraternity brothers were distraught with me over. First of all, I walked across the emblem on the sidewalk outside without paying homage to all the ritualistic ways they required all people to do. So we got off to a rough start that didn’t improve as the night wore on. The party’s purpose was that the fraternity had hired a stripper to have sex with one of their newer members, a kid who was very shy with girls, so the fraternity brothers hoped that a really outrageous experience with this stripper would cure him of his shyness. So he had sex with the girl in front of everyone right there in the living room. Then once he was done, the rest of the fraternity members took turns with her, and this all went on in full view of a window where I could see police walking around down the sidewalk.

Additionally, the stripper was managed by her husband, who watched as if his wife was selling lemonade or Tupperware. It was awkward, I couldn’t wait to leave, and I did so at the earliest possible moment once it was clear I had satisfied all the reasons that my friend had invited me. It took a few years, but gradually, I stopped being friends with that person because we simply lost common attributes. Once he stepped over that line, there was no going back, and we had very little to talk about. That was the case with many people from that time, friends who turned into compliant people happy to stay in their lane in exchange for an easy job that they were well paid to essentially not challenge anybody in authority. 

Understanding that, it’s not hard to understand why people turn into turtles when they are confronted with evil. And evil knows it. They know that group associations are more important to most people they deal with, so they conduct evil right in front of everyone’s faces audaciously because they expect everyone to stay in their lane and never challenge them. Because they have their own skeletons in their closet, and who are they to judge anybody? That is the danger of becoming compromised. It might be fun at the moment. It might be nice to have the herd’s protection and rely on that protection to get jobs in life and financial security without having to work too hard or display much bravery. There are plenty of people in the world who are happy to pay people to stay in their lane, and that is ultimately achieved by joining group associations, whether a Ph.D. or a fraternity, where the brotherhood becomes more important than your own family. And that is why when bad things happen, there aren’t enough people around to stand up to it and to fight evil when it presents itself. Because once people participate in evil to be accepted into a group association, they are tainted for life and never feel once again that they have a right to pass judgment on anything. And they cower in fear when evil is so audacious that they end up feeding it with their complacency instead of doing what must be done to defend the world from the mechanisms of tyranny and the schemes of the stupid. 

Rich Hoffman

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