We Love an Angry Trump: The United Nations provoking a divorce in America

We Love an Angry Trump, because we are Angry

It’s pretty clear now what’s been happening.  Not that we didn’t already know, but our fights have been localized on purpose so that we don’t see the big picture. At the same time, we are looking at mask mandates and vaccine mandates.  The Texas abortion bill.  The collapsing economy.  Afghanistan.  Racism.  CRT. All these topics are created diversions of tragedy so that you don’t see the deals we have been signed up for that went against us all.  We are not supposed to know that we are at war with China.  And that the United Nations is working hard to apply Cloward and Piven tactics to collapse the American way of life so that The Great Reset will bring down life in the United States so, through wealth redistribution, other countries can be equalized under control by the United Nations.

We have been told that we are going to defund the police.  We are letting criminals out of jail so they can undo our society from within.  We are putting good people in prison; the FBI is attacking mothers protesting corrupt school boards.  It’s all been an attack, and it is scary because we didn’t want to be at war.  We just wanted to live our lives.  Yet, it’s not all bad.  I would offer that we are all better off now knowing what we do because we can take action against it.  For a long time, the situation in America has been like a divorce that was about to happen, but nobody wanted to talk about it.  But one day, we had that complicated conversation with our spouse at the dinner table. “Are you cheating on me?” Or, to people like Mitch McConnell and the senate that just increased the debt ceiling for cornered Democrats, “are you selling us out to the United Nations and the globalist plan that has been cooking for many decades?”

Did you notice that even with the massive amounts of other news to talk about, the media was pushing the story of how The United Nations named The Weekend musical group the Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations Food Program to Stop Hunger Worldwide?  Now, remember what I have said about the United Nations.  They are certainly chess players in this overtaking the United States and the sell-outs of Americans who have empowered them to believe they can rule the world; they are made up of socialists and communists.  They are not capitalist-driven American lovers, so when they talk about helping the poor, they don’t intend to fix what causes people to be poor; they mean to take from America and give to those who don’t have much, without dealing with why they were poor in the first place.  The announcement was something that might have previously been a big New York story or something that would come out of The Hollywood Reporter.  But this was a global endeavor claiming American assets as their preparing everyone for the eventual change state.  It’s why people like Mitch McConnell and Rob Portman don’t care if they betray you because they believe that the next phase of America is under the United Nations.  When Trump had and continues to talk about America First, this is why they hate him and any supporters who believe the same thing.  Because in their minds, they have already had that divorce, and they are just waiting out the clock.  Or so they hope. 

I keep talking about the Stephanie Grisham book, I’ll Take Your Questions Now, because I learned a lot from it that I didn’t know.  Usually, I learn only 10% with each new book read, but that one had maybe 30% new stuff that I didn’t know.  So it was a real treasure for me.  Not that it was a good book, but it was like reading the diary of someone close to the Trump White House from the perspective of a globalist.   As a media member and from a media perspective, it was fascinating to see how outraged Stephanie was about the aggressive management style of the Trumps and the anger of the supporters.  It was quite a mystery to her, as it continues to be among others in the media who thought long ago that Trump could be destroyed and that populism would be crushed and all the plans for the great divorce would occur painlessly.  The kids would live with dad in the United Nations while the ex-wife named Lady Liberty would barely rub two sticks together to get a can of soup in America.  That was the plan until the dad saw how enraged Lady Liberty was, and things went sideways.  And that is the real story here, not to lose focus on what Dr. Fauci did with the Wuhan lab to unleash Covid to cheat in elections.  What did he know, and when did he know it?  Everything else is a diversion.  And yes, we have a right to be angry. We’ve been betrayed.  We were cheated on.  We have been let down.   And ultimately, that is why we felt it was OK to have a president who would fight back, who had a vicious temper.  We wanted a fighter in the White House who would not sell us all out to global forces.  And then they tried to take that away from us and expected compliance.  They were so wrong.

This week, you might have noticed another story about the United Nations’ control of the world with the 15% minimum corporate tax rate, which Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen was a part of along with The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.  The goal is to get rid of tax havens to collect tax money to run this new global bureaucracy.  Joe Biden was right there in agreement quickly.  That was because this was all part of the plan when they cheated the election in 2020 and involved themselves in fraud.  They had to get rid of Trump and the America First policy; otherwise, none of these things they are doing now, like collapsing America’s economy so that we can be restructured under the United Nations, could occur.  By the time we caught on to the fraud and found out who was involved, the world would be switched over to a World Court that wouldn’t care about any American laws that were broken.  They are playing for keeps. 

Yet, of course, we answered all this by putting Trump in office.  We wanted to fight back.  We wanted someone who would foil their plans, so yes, the support for Trump only got stronger.  This was not part of their ill-conceived plan.  They didn’t expect so much resistance from Americans.  They thought that after Covid, they’d have us all in the bag.  They didn’t believe Trump would stick around and still be a political factor.  They thought they could steer the GOP toward someone more reasonable, such as Nikki Haley, and that Democrats would stay in power.  These investigations into election fraud and the roots of the bioweapon Covid-19 were not supposed to happen.  Google, Facebook, and Twitter were supposed to be able to contain those investigations.  But instead, the MAGA movement has created news networks such as Warroom and social media platforms like Gettr.  And the world is marching toward populism and looking for America to lead them toward independence.  That has interrupted the divorce proceedings and left the dad, not in such an excellent position to run off with another sovereignty and take the kids with him. Now it’s looking like the kids will stay with mom and that dad has been caught cheating and will lose things that are very valuable in the process.  Yes, we have a right to be angry.  We support Trump and expect him to be angry.  Because it was wrongs done to us that provoked that anger, and now it’s time to pay.

Rich Hoffman

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Vote No by Saying Yes: How Great Issac Adi and Darbi Boddy are for Lakota

Issac Adi and Darbi Boddy for Lakota School Board

I could tell you many stories about politics that are dire and would make you want to climb under a rock and never get involved again.  But sometimes, some stories are fantastic, and that is the case with the two endorsed Lakota school board candidates, Issac Adi and Darbi Boddy, who are running to replace incumbent Democrats in November of 2021.  Every event I have been to with these two has been good; a few examples are shown below.  The video might be a little rough, but it’s what they say that matters.  Darbi and Issac work well together and are as unselfish as I’ve ever seen in politics, in any position. I’ve said from the beginning that I supported four candidates for the school board, but in this race this year, the Republican endorsement is what matters.  In the past, liberals have infected the school board, so critical race theory and transexual policies became part of the dominant conversation. They have managed to hide their intentions by calling the school board “nonpartisan.” Well, we know that nothing in politics is “nonpartisan,” especially the Lakota school board.  But when this idea of supporting school board members for Lakota came up, I never thought that two of them who would win the endorsement would like each other so well. That’s when the “can you imagines” started coming to my mind, where the school board represented the conservatives of Butler County, Ohio truly, and that they worked well together.  It’s one thing to have conservative votes on the board to manage things the way voters expect, but that they would perform functional management is a bonus that didn’t seem possible. 

Vote for Darbi Boddy

For instance, Issac Adi went door to door in my precinct, letting people know who he was and when to vote for him.  My wife noticed him in our neighborhood, and they struck up a conversation at the end of my driveway.  Issac recognized her immediately, which I thought was remarkable considering the number of people he has met over several months, including big names like Jim Jordan.  I would imagine his head is spinning with all the people he’s had to shake hands with, so it did impress me that he remembered my wife.  That is one thing about Issac Adi; he is one of the most sincere people I’ve ever met in politics.  He truly cares and is a good person.  So he remembers people and cares about them long after the handshake.  Of course, he wanted to know where I was which my wife told him I was babysitting my grandkids inside the house.  So he came up to see me and talk for a bit. 

After talking and catching up, I noticed that Issac wore Darbi’s campaign sticker on his shirt.  He was doing the hard work of going door to door on a pretty hot day, full of enthusiasm after talking to many hundreds of people personally, and he was promoting Darbi along the way.  Now I know that they are both endorsed and are part of the same team.  But the way the vote occurs, they very much have to run individually.   The top vote-getters are the ones who win in these kinds of elections, and it’s always hard to beat an incumbent.  The union vote and latte-sipping liberals always show up on election night, making it hard for conservatives to get a lot of votes.  But here was Issac promoting Darbi just as much as he was promoting himself.  And as I understand it, Darbi has been doing the same.  She was out promoting her and Issac as a team, not just individual candidates.  For any election, that is a pretty unique concept that doesn’t have a lot of historical precedents. 

Adding their votes to that of the current Lynda O’Conner would be a game-changer at Lakota.  I have been to other events where I have seen the three of them talking, and the chemistry is just there.  You can see it from a long way off. I’ve been dealing with school board issues in many districts around Ohio for twenty years, and I have never seen such a good combo.  Seeing Issac that day took some of my natural cynicism toward politics into a place it had never been before.  It seemed possible that at Lakota, something good had a chance to happen.  They are both so much better than the other alternatives, and if people had an opportunity to see that for themselves, these two could get elected.   There are still very significant obstacles, but as hard as they have worked throughout September and into October, it seemed like more than a fantasy and more of an eventual reality.  Usually, when I think of the Lakota school board, I typically think of severe dysfunction and people who do not know what they are doing with the money.  But here were genuinely competent and hard-working people who actually liked each other, at least as much as I’ve ever seen in politics, and there was a chance for great things to happen at Lakota for the first time in forever. 

Vote for Issac Adi for Lakota School Board

Issac had to eventually leave and return to the campaign trail from my house, but it took a while.  I enjoyed his company so much that it took us a long time to say goodbye that day.  I can say that I have been talking actively with many of the old No Lakota Levy people preparing ourselves for levy fights in the years to come.  The current school board has been trying to find the time to put one up for a vote to satisfy the out-of-control spending the teacher’s union expects.  This was an election year. Otherwise, the current board would have proposed a tax increase this year.  Likely, they’ll wait until next year now that they’ve agreed to give all those teachers sitting home on Covid excuses a raise that they’ll have to pay for next year.  But a levy fight is so damaging.  It’s much better to support a new school board that would manage the money that we already give them, which is a massive 200 million-plus budget.  If you can’t teach 17,000 kids on that, you have problems.  But the school board has never listened. Instead, they have attacked businesses for more money, like trolls always looking for a shakedown of tax revenue to pay for their reckless and infinite spending ultimately. Lakota’s school board has been deficit spending for their entire existence; no matter how much money we’ve given them, they never find a way not to spend more than they take in.  When they did have a surplus for a bit because of declining enrollment, they couldn’t wait to waste it on something new.  With this prospect of an actual conservative school board to replace the majority of liberals, great things can happen.  Issac and Darbi have done the work to get people to know who they are.  Now it will be up to the voters.  For the first time in many of their lifetimes, they have a great choice as the Lakota school district residents.  They can vote for the same old tax and spend liberals that have screwed up so much at Lakota.  Or, they can vote for Issac Adi and Darbi Boddy, who enjoy each other, work hard, and care to give the board a conservative majority for the first time.  If voters don’t vote for them, then when the tax increases come, people won’t be able to complain about it because they had a chance to say no to those tax increases by saying yes to Darbi Boddy and Issac Adi. 

Rich Hoffman

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Darbi Boddy Knew: The stupidity of the current Lakota school board and their mask mandates

The Current Lakota School Board was Too Lazy to Know What they Needed to

In all the same ways that the Biden executive orders on mandatory vaccinations violated all kinds of laws, the government’s push to bluff their way into putting masks on school children in public schools has been reprehensible and frightening to people.  And it’s even worse when you are a person who knows better.  When you know the government has overstepped its mandate and is acting dangerously, they almost dare the public to act.  For them to gain so much power, they need a lot of dumb people, like what we have on the current Lakota school board.  They are dumb because they allowed themselves to be completely scammed by the Butler County Health Department, who is still angry that they lost their emergency powers when the House and Senate took those powers away from Governor Mike DeWine early in 2021.  Most people don’t see politics everywhere; my readers here do, but most people don’t, so they don’t understand what’s behind it all.  And that’s usually fine for average, ordinary people.  But for people who want to be in leadership positions, it’s reprehensible to be stupid. After a recent debate with the West Chester Tea Party featuring candidates for the Lakota school board, the current insiders showed clearly why everything is so expensive.    Why they have been caught tossing money at the teacher’s union recklessly, and how little they had managed anything at the government school.  When the question was asked, “how much authority do you believe the Butler County Health Department has over Covid policy in public schools,” the current school board did not know the answer, all of them.  Amazingly, the current board members and one of their hand-picked replacements for Brad Lovell all answered the same way: they did not believe they had any authority on the school board to resist a health order from the department of health.  But the challengers all got the answer right to a certain extent; Vanessa Wells, Karine Chausee, Issac Adi all understood that the health department and the government, in general, had no rights to mandate Covid protocols in a public setting.  But Jodi Boddy, who has put some effort into this issue, knew the answer in detail and said so on the video included in this article.  She is correct. The health department, any health department, just like the CDC, can make recommendations.   They cannot make law.  That is unless a governor under emergency orders so empowers them.  And as I said, those powers were taken away from Governor Mike DeWine because he had abused them in the way many blue-state governors had during Covid. 

Darbi Boddy Knows Better

I heard the Brad Lovell replacement, Douglas Horton, talk about how smart he was as a brand marketer at P&G, yet when he had to answer this straightforward question, he had no idea what the answer was.  And if he wants to lead a school board with thousands of people employed under it or attending the school, they look to him to know these kinds of things.  Darbi knew.   Kelley Casper is on the board now and was part of the decision-making process on the mask mandates. She dared to sit there and tell the crowd that the health department has the right to order them around on many things and that the ridiculous quarantine policy they had come up with was worse than making students wear masks.  Why didn’t she know that she didn’t even have to follow the quarantine policy? Nobody elected those health officials.  They are appointed to do a job, but the procedure is not set with them, except under emergency orders, and we aren’t under an emergency.  That is set at the state level, and as I said, DeWine lost that power.  Biden will lose his power, too, because he has no constitutional grounding for anything he is doing.  He counts on suckers not knowing better and trusting what they are told, just as Douglas Horton, Kelly Casper, and Michael Pearl did when the Butler County Health Department told them they had to dance to the quarantine protocols or wear a mask.  Because they were lazy and didn’t read and understand the law, they just accepted that what they were told was true.  Which, of course, is stupid.

Out of all the questions that evening, I felt that one about the health department showed clearly the problems with this current school board at Lakota.  They are not intellectually curious about what they are supposed to be doing.  They get pushed around by the state; they get pushed around by the health departments; they get pushed around by the teacher’s union and for what, because of something Michael Pearl said in his answer, that when his car breaks, he hires experts to fix it.  And that’s what the Lakota school board does with everything.  Darbi Boddy had done the research and did talk to health experts.  She knows the difference between a “recommendation” and an “order.” We don’t just get ordered around by unelected bureaucrats, but we do elect our school board.  We expect leadership out of them to ask those kinds of questions.  Yet, nobody involved with the current board knew the answer.  They know how to ask the lawyers for Lakota what they should do, and of course, lawyers will always take the safest path on everything.  After all, most of them are lazy too and want to get paid and move on to the next case.  So for dumb people who aren’t asking many questions, a lawyer will say “no.” “Don’t challenge the health department most of the time. Don’t challenge the state.  Do what they tell you to so that if some panicky parent sues the district, you can always punt to them as your guidance.” But that’s not very ethical; what about the poor kids who have to sit in a class all day wearing a mask for a virus that the government decided was going to be about the “Great Reset,” and was based on no science whatsoever but was instead about everything involving global politics.  Kids don’t need to be wrapped up in that mess.

We can only imagine how many other mistakes this current Lakota school board has made involving everything.  If they arrive at their decisions the way they did with Covid and the mask mandates, it’s no wonder things are so screwed up.  And they only have themselves to blame.  The information is out there; it’s easy to get.  Darbi Boddy knew the answer.   There isn’t a path for any health department or any government agency to win anything involving Covid in a court of any law.  Many of us are shocked by the overreach of government, but when we elect school board members, we expect them to work hard to know things.  And this mask mandate thing was an easy one.  At least one of those school board members should have understood that the health departments only had the power to recommend actions.   They could not order anything.  No court of law anywhere could hold a case for even the little things that Covid protocols have required. Biden thought he could get away with this mandatory vaccination action since it has worked to some extent with these school boards across the country.  That is what happens when you put people with very little intellectual curiosity into positions of power, like on a school board.  Lucky for us. Finally, we have a choice.  We have four good candidates to replace three seats in Lakota.  And, by the way they answered this one simple question, it’s obvious why all three of those current board members need to go and go fast. 

Rich Hoffman

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Biden Was Created to Represent America’s Demise in the World: China’s master plan

Biden is Just the Mask

Hey, I’ve been talking about this for a long time.  Many who have read here and have known me for the last twenty to thirty years, even longer, know that I am seldom, if ever, wrong.  Eventually, the things I say end up happening exactly as I said they would, and I’ve been doing it long enough to have a vast track record.  So, when I tell you that Afghanistan was a phony war meant to empower terrorists, to justify a global shift in power structures, you’ll understand that there is some merit to the statement.  As I said in the video above, you could fit the whole Taliban army into an American football stadium for the NFL.  Why didn’t we win the war?  Well, we weren’t allowed to, starting from the top.  Who is the top? Well, I’ve told you that too. It’s the people talked about in the book Tragedy & Hope, from Carroll Quigley.  They exist beyond the governments of our nations, they pour the money into building those governments, and they consider themselves beyond Constitutional laws, or any laws so far made by any legislative body, anywhere. It’s the precise reason people like George Soros are left to roam free instead of thrown in jail for all the tampering with the operation of the American republic that he has conducted.  In the end, his money runs our government and the media that acts as its mask against reality.  These forces built the Taliban to appear ominous, to scare us into accepting a global reality. Still, in truth, they are just a small group of people who could easily be beaten if anybody wanted to. 

When Joe Biden gave the speech when the Americans were killed at the Kabul airport by suicide bombers, he put his head in his hands, giving a picture that would show the world that the American Empire was falling, it looked to be a little too staged.  Old Biden was doing what “they” told him to, just as they had practiced it.  After all, like his wife, Dr. Biden, Joe cares about how the world will remember him, and he wanted to go down in history as an American President.  He would have done anything to get that title, including selling out himself ultimately to get it.  He was just the pick for China, which it will be revealed controlled the election process of 2020.  The set-up was years in the making, including setting up the dejected Russians to be the future fall guys.  By the time the actual election fraud would take place, people would be tired of the topic. They would ignore the power move China made with electronic voting machines to allow massive tampering and a coup of an American president.  China created and unleashed Covid to create a smokescreen of election fraud during 2020 and torpedo the American economy while China tried to repair itself after the Trump tariffs.  And they picked Joe Biden out of all the Democrats because he was an old broken man who represented the America that had been.  China and the rest of the Davos crowd meant to put Biden in power, remove Trump, and sell America’s decline to the rest of the world.  And that’s how Biden ended up with his head in his hands the day those Americans died in Kabul.  It was a staged event from the start, and Biden was playing his part. 

That’s the thing that everyone is having a hard time with getting their minds around.  We have a corrupt government in America that became that way because we trusted all the wrong people too much.  The vaccine mandates likely have a more menacing future as planned, but for the present, it’s all about Big Pharma buying government to push their products the way they always intended Obamacare to do.  The chaos of the news cycles is meant to hide from our minds the criminal conduct of governments across the world into trying to unite all power under communist China. They’ve said as much themselves; it was our fault that we didn’t listen.  And they showed that power off by sabotaging our election and watching us act like fools crying about the Constitution while our country was burning to the ground looking for some lawmaker somewhere to sweep in like Superman and save the day.  Only this was real life, we’d have to do it ourselves, but China bet everything that we wouldn’t.  They put in place the weakest of all the presidential candidates in Biden, a feeble old man that represented America to the world.  Old, a fading memory, bumbling, falling, a mockery of disrespect.  And they showed that they could push out a real tough guy in Trump and that the American vote didn’t matter in the least.  It was all part of the plan.  Biden was put in power by foreign interests; the evidence was on the Hunter Biden laptop.  People have seen that evidence, but the people who saw it were attacked rather than be allowed to expose it.  We are dealing with unimaginable evil here, which is beyond the capacity of most people.  Yet, it’s right in front of our faces.  Biden was made, and he’s sold to the world to represent the end of a dying country.  Once that is established, China will be free to make its power move and rule the world.  They intend to use Biden to start that process. 

Just remember, the whole trouble with the Taliban and all the military equipment left there in haste to arm them, just as we did with ISIS in the Middle East, was to fuel destabilization where another world power could fill the vacuum.  China plans to be that force, and Biden did precisely what they told him to do.  Oh, it wasn’t China directly, but it was the communists who are so in love with Mao in the Biden administration who took the next page of Mao’s Little Red Book and wrote the next Biden speech.  Of course, Biden was too stupid to ask questions. That’s another reason they picked him.  While everyone thinks that Biden is the leader of the free world, China knows better.  So do the communists in the Biden administration, like Susan Rice and Jim Comey working from the shadows as an influence leader in the intelligence community.  Of course, they didn’t like Trump; he was working on our behalf to stop all these plans.  But they wanted more than anything to show us that they were in charge and were going to stay that way.  They wanted us to feel hopeless and to give up.  To rob us of our belief in self-government.

Meanwhile, they have been pouring tragedy after tragedy on us, hoping to overload us into just tapping out forever and to surrender our republic to the forces of the world that have always been jealous of it.  It wasn’t like 70,000 Taliban would have been easy to beat if we fought all these things directly; we have more than enough freedom fighters to take back our country.  But because we remain caged and obedient, arguing about wearing a mask and threatening to kill pushers of the mandatory vaccine, the real villains work in the world unencumbered.  And as long as they enjoy that freedom, the world will continue to burn.  It won’t be enough to re-elect Trump to office.  No, we’ll have to help this time, and we’ll have to be involved in the fight.  Just remember, I told you so.  The sooner we act, the better it will go.

Rich Hoffman

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Matt Huffman Understands Good Government: Conflict is critical to a properly run republic

People like the Title to my New Book, for good reason

First, I have to say that I appreciate all the kind words I’ve received over the title of my new book, The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business.  As I said in the video above, they have been whispering to me their enjoyment, almost as if they were afraid to say it in public because the word “gun” is in it.  Yet, that is entirely on purpose.  A lot in The Gunfighter’s Guide will challenge previous assumptions, the most of which is the nature of conflict in business and why we as a culture need to embrace that conflict more as we have in years past.  For a long time now, where we have been going has led to so much corruption because the value systems have not been on success, but in getting along.  Strangely enough, I was at an event with Matt Huffman, the President of the Ohio Senate, and he gave an excellent speech that displayed his understanding of this very need for conflict in any civil exchange.  Politics is a blood sport and was always intended as such.  They fight so that we don’t have to in general society.  But this is also the expectation in business as well.  If there isn’t conflict in a discussion, then why have the conversation.  All the consensus-building efforts that we have seen coming out of our academia are out of step with the American way of doing things.  It’s like telling us that American football shouldn’t be about putting on pads and hitting the other guy as hard as you can to stop them from scoring a touchdown, but that we should all play flag football, and that scoring isn’t all that important.  The title of my book evokes a truth that many people understand, and I appreciate that this early in the process, people already understand the need for a philosophic presentation of this very American concept.

Matt Huffman has done great in Ohio as President of the Senate

I had wanted to tell Senator Huffman how proud I was of him and the Ohio Senate in general for passage of Senate Bill 22, which took away Governor DeWine’s health directives over Covid-19 and future overreaches with legislative control.  If Huffman, George Lang, Terry Johnston, and much of the senate body had not moved to pass S.B. 22, Ohio would have been impeded by the recent Biden push for mass closures and mask mandates over the recent Delta Variant.  I thought it was a big deal when the Senate did what they did, and the House followed quickly.  DeWine had cut the entire legislature out of any covid protocols allowing the Governor to become a ruthless dictator over rights of health decisions which put white coat bureaucrats entirely in charge of all our lives.  And it went on for way too long, essentially because nobody wanted to have a conflict with the Governor.  Yet nightly at the Ohio capital, on other things, there were riots and vandalism over social causes that nobody wanted to deal with, and times were looking very bleak.  Trump was being pushed out of office by a group of radicals who were not afraid of conflict. Conservatives were not being met in the same fashion, allowing activists to roll over logic and goodness without fear of reprisal.   You might remember around Christmas of 2020 going into 2021 when I mentioned that Matt Huffman might be the next president of the Senate and that Governor DeWine’s powers would finally be quelled after a year of behaving like a complete tyrant off the rails and out of control. That’s what happened, Huffman was sworn in during the early months of 2021, and he went right to work doing what the legislature had been hoping to do for a long time, stand up to DeWine and return Ohio to civility with a proper government. 

Huffman told his story a bit of how contentious it was standing up to Governor DeWine, who did not want a fellow Republican senate to override his veto of S.B. 22.  DeWine tried to use the necessity of a single point of action to manage emergencies, which was always part of the poison pill of Covid-19.  It was presented as beyond legislative control where the Dr. Fauci types would manage our lives instead of our elected government because of an emergency health crisis.  But our constitutions do not indicate that liberty and freedom are only temporary factors of our daily life.  Even during an emergency such as tornado impacts, hurricanes, or health crises, all people still have their rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  And sometimes, we have to fight to maintain those rights.  This is what Huffman, Lang, and the rest of the Senate did when they told Mike DeWine to pound sand and suck it up.  They were going to override the Governor’s veto and take away his health directives.  DeWine had abused his power, and he needed a slap down.  It was an example of how proper government should look. It was the suitable alternative to open warfare with people storming the capital to retake their rights over the Covid restrictions.  In every state, the House and Senate must fight like that on our behalf, and in Ohio, it happened.  Fighting is not a bad thing.  When fighting turns to permanent damage, that’s another story, but people who enter the bloodsport of politics should understand that’s the nature of the game.

That is, after all, the theme of my book and why people are saying under their breath that they like the title so much.  It alludes to the American understanding that conflict is at the heart of our “republic.” When the law wasn’t present in times past of western expansion, the gunfighter’s brought some form of order to those far-flung regions.  Many people were killed in cold blood and drunken violence, but the presence of conflict was the first foundation for law and order.  If someone did something to someone, the threat of a gunfight was a genuine menace, and people thought twice about it.  And if they were caught killing in cold blood, the community often hung people right there on the spot, killing them.  Many times, innocent people were hung.  But people did think twice before engaging in destructive behavior because people were not afraid of conflict as they are today.  In so many ways, you have to look at our academic approach to conflict during the last century and question whether or not we have all been poisoned with the pill of globalism so that our republic would fall under those same conditions.  So it is certainly my goal with The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business to resurrect the sentiment that conflict is good and healthy for maintaining a proper republic.  Not necessarily with violence, but in how Matt Huffman, George Lang, and others did with S.B. 22 in 2021, which has saved Ohio from a tyrannical Biden administration looking for ground cover for their many scandals.  Without the conflict with DeWine, Ohio would still be imprisoned by the white coats of bureaucracy.  It seems rare these days to see such conflict and courage, but it does happen; there are Matt Huffman’s out there who understand good government and utilize it to the proper effect.  And people understand that in my title, The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business, something important has been missing in our business and political cultures that need to be dusted off and resurrected to full effect.  And then, and only then, is when America is back and will sustain itself for the world well into the future.   

Rich Hoffman

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Democrats Only Have Two Choices: The crush between a rock and a hard place

Democrats are Between a Rock and a Hard Place

I’ve spoken to many people over the last 48 hours who are genuinely terrified about the depth and evil of what they see in the opening days of the Biden administration.  Now we’ve talked about it a lot here at this site and the Rumble account that hosts the videos I put on here, and I have to say that I’m not surprised by any of it. We’ve always been at war.  It is sad that people are being killed, whether in Afghanistan or other ways politically driven.  But in many ways, we are better off knowing what’s going on and seeing the results rather than allowing them to loom concealed in the background of everything corrupting our very essence of American ideals and the spawns of capitalism which free the world from tyranny.  With all that said, I am not the nightly news, and this site does not thrive off the misery to keep people coming back.  Usually, when I write something, it isn’t to scare my readers and watchers but to give them hope and a solution to the problems.  So, within that scope, I see a great deal of good coming out of the present circumstances, so to relieve your minds, I’m happy to share. Knowing these things, it’s by no means an opportunity to sit back on your heels and let everyone else fight these battles.  But if we fight the battles that need to be fought, I can assure you that one of these two paths of resolution will mature into a solution for our country shortly. 

Many people don’t know that Marjorie Taylor Greene filed three articles of impeachment against Joe Biden.  One is over issues involving the CDC; one is over the national security crises at the southern border.  And the last is over the mishandling of Afghanistan.  Most of the media looked at the move by Greene as a publicity stunt; however, these articles of impeachment are much less of a stunt than the actual actions by a Nancy Pelosi Congress in attacking President Trump.  Nobody in the media or congress will take them seriously today, but tomorrow……well, let’s say there’s some meat there to consider.  I was at an event with my congressman, Warren Davidson, such a good guy, and he sees the situation just as clearly as Marjorie Taylor Greene.  He has a much cooler head for a reputation, which isn’t necessarily a fact, just a reputation. Something to consider.

Congress looks very poised to flip back to Republicans in 2022, so Democrats will lose their majority, and Republicans will then be able to consider these articles of impeachment at that time.  And the Senate is very much at play unlike the attempted Trump impeachments.  This time the Senate may have the votes, and even some Democrats may vote for impeachment.  Why?  Well, I’ll explain that in a moment.  Now, know that impeachment is very much on the table as we go from 2022 into 2023.  I know many will say we can’t wait that long.  The country will be destroyed by then. That may be true and is, I think, part of the progressive plan to destroy America before America can fight back.  But I think the resolution of the American people has surprised the progressive attackers, those billionaire class of people from Davos, the Chinese communists, the Agenda 21 types in the United Nations, the members of Socialist International who are now hiding their names under dozens and dozens of philanthropic non-profit foundations.  I don’t think they expected the MAGA movement to still be so strong well into 2021, and there is panic presently in their ranks.  America will still be America by the election of 2022. 

Then there is the other problem, Dr. Frank and Mike Lindell’s work on election fraud.  The incredible rise of new news networks such as Real America’s Voice, which hosts the Steve Bannon Warroom, and the Water Cooler has replaced what Fox News and the O’Reilly Factor gave to Republicans.  If corporate Wokeness so well described in Vivek Ramaswami’s new bestselling book Woke, Inc. thought it could control the flow of information through censorship with Twitter, Google, Disney, Linkedin, Facebook; they were sadly mistaken.  Replacements of information flow quickly rose such as Gab and Gettr and Newsmax, One America News, and other sources have grown as fast as the deceptions against us by those corporate hosts have done their malice.  The election fraud story is getting out from the 2020 election.  Most people believe there was a fraud, and the evidence is not contained within the corporate media structure, which is a real problem for Democrats.  Again, they planned to have all this trouble put to bed by the middle of 2021, and it’s only picking up steam; it’s not going away. 

The election fraud problem is a real challenge for Democrats because they can’t prove there wasn’t fraud, even though people believe there was. Now that Afghanistan is such a disaster for the Biden administration, many Democrats are already thinking of cleaning their name of him. Because they think he’s going down anyway. Kamala Harris is not ready to be a President.  So, the cracks are more than a problem in this dam of information. It’s all about to break for them, and they are looking for an excuse to free themselves.  That leaves them two ways to clear their name from the failed politics of this internationally driven Biden administration; they can throw Biden under the bus on the election fraud and begin to support these state audits.  That information would clear them from the continued support of the failed administration.  Or they could vote to impeach because they are outraged by what has been happening in Afghanistan, where incomprehensible neglect and stupidity led to many people being killed. America was shamed around the world with a military loss that will never be forgiven.  In that way, Democrats will have to pick their poison.  Their decision will be which one they could hope to survive from.

And ultimately, that is how you win this game.  We don’t need to storm the capital with guns or fight this corrupt government in the streets.  We already have a checkmate on this chessboard.  They hope that you’ll go to the bathroom and take your eyes off the board so they can cheat their way out of it.  But I am saying that it’s too late.  They have already lost by one of these two paths.  The urgency of those paths will be because Democrats will have to distance themselves from Biden over Afghanistan.  People are still upset about the Democrat debacle over Benghazi.  But this Afghanistan situation is much worse, and it’s happening every day.  The Biden administration can’t survive this, but only through their international sponsorship, which is very happy that America looks like fools over the issue.  But for Democrats not getting money from international sources must go back to their districts and raise money. Nobody wants to give money to losers who caused the embarrassment of Afghanistan.  So, there you have it, that’s where we are all going, and it looks like tomorrow will be a better day because of it.  Still, we must do the leg work.  We can’t sit on our laurels.  We must fight.  Yet, we can at least see the objective and the result.  It’s within range for us to take our country back.  It’s certainly not hopeless.

Rich Hoffman

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The Alliance Between Big Pharma and Government: Covid is all about using you to promise market saturation

Government Creating Market Stabilization for Big Pharma

With Covid, you can smell the rat easily.  Sure, some people like to be scared; they want to go to haunted houses, ride roller coasters at amusement parks to get a thrill and watch scary movies.  And the nightly news produces almost exclusively scary stories because that causes people to tune in, partly for the thrill and partly for the comfort that bad things are happening to other people and not themselves.  In all of that is how we were scammed with Covid and the ridiculous protocols from the CDC.  Some people don’t want to see it because of their human desire to be scared.  But also, they don’t want to deal with it because they are too lazy to think.  However, if you’re going to see a big government scam, all you have to do is follow the money.  Ultimately, we can say that Covid has been a lot of conspiracies, and I’d say there is truth in most of them. It’s a form of control by the government over mass populations to see if they can get away with it. It’s been a chance to shape politics by steering mass society into virtual pens of control in experimental ways.  It’s been a way to commit voter fraud, which most of the Democrat party plans to use always to stay in power.  Just consider why they want open borders with illegal immigration. So they can overload votes with new voters who might be dumb enough to vote for Democrats who play Santa Claus every day, giving away things that aren’t theirs to give.  But mostly, what Covid has been, is a guaranteed market for the pharmaceutical companies to land their products. Politicians have had to pave the way for them because of their constant need for campaign donations.  By doing big pharma a massive favor by guaranteeing market saturation for big pharma products, the government plays the role through the legislative process as market mall cop in ensuring that everyone does exactly what big pharma needs them to do.

Sure, it’s happened many times before, so many times that many of us have just come to expect it.  The auto insurance industry essentially did the same thing when I was younger.  These days we all accept it as logical, but when I learned to drive a car, insurance while driving was an option.  If you had a wreck while going and it was your fault, then you had considerable trouble.  But you had a choice.  That led big auto insurance companies to lobby the politics of their state to offer relief from the many lawsuits that were not being collected from those who could never pay for the damages they committed while driving cars.  So, states like Ohio passed laws where every driver on the road would have to maintain insurance and show proof of it when called upon.  It was never a question of if a driver had insurance; it was just showing it when a cop pulled you over.  There are many other examples of this kind of thing where the government wrote laws that ultimately helped various businesses. Still, the insurance industry is one of the most obvious.  When politicians and insurance companies saw how the American people accepted these impositions against their freedoms so quickly, they were inspired to do it on other things.  Pretty soon, seat belts were made legal.

You had to click it or get a ticket.  Of course, insurance companies pushed this because they wanted to close up their payout margins.  They were given by the government a stable slice of the pie. The insurance industry didn’t have to drop their prices to earn a customer; the government handed it to them on a silver platter.  Now the insurance carrier wanted to make sure that their payouts were less, not more.  It was better for them to have a driver live in car accidents because dying was too expensive.  It is better to keep the driver alive, even if permanently maimed for life, rather than to lose that driver to a death payout if it could be avoided.  Seat Belts were the kind of law that paved the way for what is currently being debated, vaccine passports.  People accepted the logic, and the government made laws that benefited the insurance companies, and everyone was somewhat happy. 

But that’s not what happens; is that everyone stays happy.  Instead, once the government and the insurance industry saw how easily people would give up their freedoms for so-called “good reasons,” such as “safety,” who doesn’t want to live in a “safe” world, then, of course, they wanted to do the same kind of thing with every industry. That’s where the idea of insurance being a socialist right came about.  People accepted that mandatory insurance to drive a car was acceptable, so why not mandate that everyone have health insurance?  And then, of course, the government would maintain that insurance, which is the concept behind Obamacare.  Once Obamacare got involved, and the government stuck its nose into the 5th largest market in the American economy, trouble arrived for growth.  We heard less about stem cells and regenerative growth as medical innovations moved from new ideas to ensure insurance companies got paid.  And of course, competition in the medical industry stagnated as health providers could essentially charge whatever they wanted, including the big pharma companies.  Now they had guaranteed customers given to them by the government.  All they had to do was give some donations to critical politicians in their states, and they’d be on easy street.  It worked, people put up with it, and that’s the mess we find ourselves in today. 

Now you can see why the government mandates for vaccinations come into play over Covid.  For the first time, we have allowed the government to interfere with the natural immune system of human beings and have put the government in charge of maintaining health.  In all other times, people would get sick with the common cold or with some variation of SARS, Covid, or whatever.  People would take a few days off work to get better or not contaminate their co-workers, and life would go on.  But with Covid, something that turned out for most people to be a common cold with mild symptoms, the government got involved in managing the virus ultimately.  From social distancing, altering economic activity in very destructive ways, and the voodoo science of wearing a mask instead of using actual science, such as Regeneron cocktails and Hydroxychloroquine to fight the virus off.  This time, the government, with its partners in crime, Google, Facebook, and Twitter, moved to control information to create demand for a vaccine where they wanted every single person in the world to get it, no matter what the effect was.  For the first time in history, the world’s governments working together wanted to provide a guaranteed market for the big pharma vaccines for all kinds of mysterious reasons, many that we will learn about in the years to come.  We know that the government is attempting to tamper with markets for the advantage of the pharmaceutical companies.  Essentially for the promise that campaign donations will flow their way and everyone will be happy, just as they were when auto insurance was made mandatory.  We have all shown these dangerous liaisons that we will gladly put up with being pushed around, so why would they think otherwise? That is how innovation is killed when we allow politics to distribute money without merit to undeserving markets.  That is precisely what is going on with Covid, the masks, and the offered solutions to a made-up problem, vaccine mandates for all.   It’s not to save lives.  It’s all about control and making it easier for pharmaceuticals to maintain their markets for products without the worry of competition.  They suddenly don’t have to earn your dollars; the government is giving it to them unearned. 

Rich Hoffman

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The Success of Mike Lindell’s Cyber Symposium: The failure nobody wants to talk about

The Cost of Election Fraud

The number one question I have been asked over the last week hasn’t been about Afghanistan, but instead, it was about Mike Lindell’s Cyber Symposium held in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.  My answer is that I felt it was successful and a great benefit to the process.  I also think Mike Lindell was likely disappointed because he, like many, is looking for a cleaner, more Hollywood-like result where everything gets wrapped up in a bow at the end.  The Supreme Court suddenly gets a backbone and does the right thing, where the media has their ah-ha moment and suddenly becomes one of the good guys.  I don’t think those things will ever happen because that’s not how humans are doing things. They might write stories and make movies showing that kind of reality, but that’s part of the fun of fiction, is that you can have things the way you want them.  The real world is wrapped up with many other emotions dispersed over time and space much more harshly.  And that is precisely where things stand after Mike Lindell’s Symposium.  Yes, election fraud happened, there are vast amounts of proof of it, and the people involved should all be going to jail.  Only there aren’t enough jails in the country to hold everyone involved.  The election fraud of 2020 was just the final, desperate attempt by a corrupt society to end the presidency of Donald Trump for a lot of reasons.  Based on their behavior before the election fraud and after, in the world of the Wikipedia types who had the future all mapped out toward a progressive horizon, what happened with Trump and his voters was a massive rejection of their way of life.  And that is something that they can’t hide any longer, even from themselves.

There is zero chance that America will unite behind Joe Biden or the current government swamp.  We have learned too much about how the Deep State works and that our present elected representatives have not worked on our behalf.   They rejected Trump as the disrupter and mistakenly thought that people would forget about all this stuff regarding self-government if he were removed.  They thought that mask mandates, vaccinations, election tampering, and economic terrorism sold by compliant and lazy media would be the name of the game in 2021.  The mistake from the start was believing that it was caused by Donald Trump, not in the desire of people to have a character like Donald Trump in the White House.  Trump had been doing such a good job that many of these antagonistic forces, whether they came from within our country or outside of it, thought they could still rule through authority.  Such as the intentions of China to schmooze their way to our complete conquest forcing them to reveal their intentions in aggressive ways they never even planned to admit to themselves.   So as bad as things look today, I only see hope in tomorrow because, at least now, all our interactions are honest.  We know now how much people like Mitch McConnell hate traditional America.  He has dirtied himself up in politics for so long that there is no turning back for him.  That is the case for many political people who have traded a nice and easy life for ethics and justice.  The worst of it was that they thought so little of us that they didn’t think we’d see them lying to us.  But they aren’t very smart themselves, so of course, they wouldn’t be sophisticated enough to see what was happening.  They thought they could conceal their actions with a media censorship that China has already and that we’d accept that in America.  Which, of course, was never going to work.   We ended up with a corrupt society in government who moved toward the global control of everything, leaving behind half the nation they expected to follow them.  And now it’s clear that they will never follow.  So what happens next?

Fast Draw

The success of the Cyber Symposium wasn’t in the revelation; it’s more in the reality of coming to terms with what happened.  Whether or not Mike Lindell had the Cyber Symposium, or whether all methods of investigating election fraud were censored from public debate, people would still question the reality of the election.  They would always doubt the results.  The difference between America and other places in the world is that we can gather and ask questions.  Even if the authorities deny that election fraud happened, in America, we can question those authorities.  We can assemble and have something like the Cyber Symposium.  And so long as those things can happen, there will never be a complete takeover of society in countries where election fraud occurs but don’t say anything about it because they fear being killed.  Those same kinds of intimidation tactics have been attempted here in America.

Mike Lindell has undoubtedly felt that sting.  But in actuality, whenever one side has to resort to threats to get you to accept a truth, they have already lost the case on merits.  They might force you to keep your mouth shut, but they can’t change what you believe, which is the case here.  With all the effort to conceal election fraud and intimidate people into believing some state-sponsored results driven by social media doing that state’s work, all the people who were going to believe in the election results have done so.  From here, conspiracies like those of Rosewell and the JFK assassination will result for centuries.  But the country will not unite.  They smell a rat and will always work to undermine that rat for the rest of their lives. 

For me, much of what we see, I think, is better because it has forced all the bad guys to show their playbook.  Many had hoped to pull those plays out of their communist playbook much later after Americans had been made more compliant.  I don’t think that would ever happen because it’s never happened anywhere else in the world.  Why would it happen in America, but let’s entertain the hypothetical quandary, people could be intimidated into complete submission, the way people are in China, for instance.  In my book, The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business, I argue that the Chinese never recovered from the conquest of the Mongals or the Han Dynasty. Even today, they are easy to defeat as a people by a communist government.  America is a much different place, it was founded by people leaving behind authority rules, and the world ran out of real estate.  There is nowhere else to run.  They aren’t going to accept authoritarian rule.  They complied with the masks because they were gullible and believed the government was somewhat trustworthy in a crisis, even if it was invented.  But the Kotter change state wasn’t ever going to stick, and society would be switched over to communism.  And if only Trump were out of the White House, the tyrants of the world would live happily ever after.  We learned from the Symposium that people would never accept cheating and lying from a government with blind compliance.  This is the best the Biden administration can ever hope to get.   Life will only get worse from here and all the people who propped him up as well.  And that’s what happens when you cheat; you don’t get the White House honorably, the government will fall apart, which is occurring now. It’s the Humpty Dumpty story all over again, and the pieces will never go back together.  The authorities should have known better before they ever tried, but now we all know, and nothing will change our minds at this point.  The coup’s failure is there for everyone to see, and most people see it clearly and will continue to, well into the future.     

Rich Hoffman

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Covid is the New Excuse for Laziness: Turning America into socialist Europe

Covid is the New Excuse to Hide Laziness

I told the whole story in the video above, but I’ll have to say, it’s been a long time since I was that angry.  After a long, hot day and a constant stream of Covid related excuses in service, a car full of kids who refused to eat anything but chicken nuggets and waiting in line for 45 minutes to get them from a Wendy’s in Kings Mills, Ohio, I was about to lose control and go on a rampage.  Both Wendy’s and McDonald’s had their dining rooms closed due to what they were saying was Covid concerns, but I knew better. It was apparent when we finally made it to the drive-thru window to find two lone workers busting their butts on a Saturday night dinner rush from Kings Island doing their best to fulfill all the orders coming in much faster than they could deal with them.  What made it worse for me was that I knew exactly how those kids felt.  Many years ago, when I was an up-and-comer, I worked at that Wendy’s, only it used to be across the highway.  This new one was recently built to deal with the large amount of traffic that came from being so close to one of the largest amusement parks in the United States.  Back then, I was known as one of the fastest grill people in all of Cincinnati.  Those were the words of Wendy’s management, not from me.  I frequently ran both meat grills, the dining room, and the drive-through, all by myself.  I also ran the fry station and handled all the chicken, and I never got burnt.  Working fast food was one of my many second jobs as I raised my kids, and to make it even more compelling, my wife and I didn’t have a second car.  We couldn’t afford one, so I rode a bicycle 12 miles one way every day in addition to my primary job at Cincinnati Milacron, which was just down the hill near South Lebanon. I’ve been in situations like that many times, and I know what good is supposed to look like. 

Only back then, there was no Covid.  People got colds, and they came to work anyway, and nobody ever died.  If they did, we never heard about it.  I never called off work for anything.   If I had a broken arm, a broken leg, and open lacerations, I’d come to work anyway.  If the pain was too great, I’d take a few aspirins and plug through the night.  I never killed anybody with my work ethic or viral loads.  The world was much better off when people behaved that way than it was now, that was for sure.  And here I was at a fast-food restaurant that I had worked at before, watching a new generation of kids struggling to do a quarter of what I used to do all the time.  I worked for McDonald’s too one hard summer where the world was crashing down around me in every way you could imagine.  The pressure was so great that it would have killed a lot of people.  But I came to work every day without a car and worked my ass off, literally.  So, when I see both restaurants with drive-thru lines wrapped around their buildings with 45 minutes to one hour wait times, I was more than a little furious to be stuck in that situation.  I would only do it for my grandchildren; let me say that. 

The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business

Even today, and I can’t officially tell anybody to do this due to all the socialist rules and regulations of the government class, I often repaired my own serious injuries, including a time where my knucklebone came right through the skin.  I wrapped it up and finished my shift.  Then went home and fixed it up. Still, if I get a severe cut or those around me who think the way I do, we superglue the wound and get back to work.  In cases where 8 or 9 stitches would be needed, I have frequently just pulled out a tube of superglue and glued the skin back together, only losing about 15 minutes of work.  These days, such an idea is not even conceivable to anybody.  Everything is a lost-time incident.  Everything!  But what made this particular night bad was that both McDonald’s and Wendy’s had closed their dining rooms and expected to blame it on Covid regulations.  The expectation by management was that Mike DeWine would go on lockdown mode again, so without a fight of any kind, management wanted to show health officials that they were going to be proactive and get in front of the protocols.  But, as I also said in the video above, I knew Mike DeWine wasn’t going to dare do anything about Covid.  He had already used his political points last year, and he came up a loser.  He couldn’t afford to fall for the Covid crap again.  And if I knew that, why didn’t the executives at Wendy’s and McDonald’s?  Well, of course, the answer is a dumb and disappointing one.  Do you know what it is?

Most of what made that particular Saturday miserable, even at Kings Island itself, was staff shortages.  The government now empowered companies with lousy management to blame their terrible recruiting methods and high turnover on Covid instead of their internal problems.  Covid had given everyone these days a free doctor’s excuse to get out of work, sit home on their lazy butts, and cry every time it rained outside.  And that was the real problem.  It had nothing to do with Covid being an actual danger.  It was all about the government sticking its inefficient nose into the lives of businesses and ruining initiative and gumption, further eroding the work ethic of an already soft generation.  Granted, the stories I told about my own experiences were extreme even back then, but they are unfathomable now.  Nobody does those kinds of things because our work ethic has been virtually destroyed by a heavy government culture that has tampered too much with human initiative. And that is why I was furious getting those chicken nuggets at Wendy’s on a hot Saturday night in Kings Mills.  Even as I was about to blow my stack on the employees, I could only see in their eyes as they handed me the kid’s meals, defeated faces who were about to throw in the towel.  There were no managers there that night that we could see.  Nobody was being called in to help.  There was no pressure from corporate to get their act straight and to do better.  You know why, because now everyone could blame Covid for their problems.  The government had given the lazy a new excuse that gave them a free pass, Covid.  Anytime something wrong happened, everybody had to say “Covid,” and everyone was supposed to understand.  Expectations were supposed to be tossed away, and we were all supposed to expect much less from our consumer experience. 

Well, let me say this, I worked way too hard in my life to arrive at a point in time where I will ever accept the kind of lackluster effort I see these days.  And Covid will never be an excuse.  The government screwed up by injecting itself into our health and wellness for all kinds of duplicitous reasons.  But if I can’t get my grandkids their chicken nuggets in a fast and productive way, then it’s war! 

Rich Hoffman

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Where to Get ‘The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business’: The Book Depository offers it at 10% off if anybody wants to flood Hong Kong’s streets with it to overthrow communism

Where to Get The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business

So far, my new book, The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business, is doing what I wanted it to do; it has opened up a new kind of dialogue with my usual blog audience and expanded the message in ways that promote growth and hope. I’ve spent over a decade writing just about every day literally.  At this site, there are many thousands of articles that I have written for free that are good and relevant to the problems of our day.  But there is nothing like a book you can hold in your hand.  Many authors have published works about the opposition to our American Republic, such as Saul Alinsky, The Weather Underground, Antifa, and many others openly hostile to American life. People have read them as a recruiting mechanism toward the mess we see today.  Traditional Americans, I hesitate even to say conservatives, have not met the challenge for many reasons.  They looked at the insurrection possibilities more as a nuisance than anything, yet here we are.  These evil people have been vile, and now many of them are running our government.  And like a good sheriff from the days of the Wild West, we have to clean up our town, our country, and our very lives in ways we never thought we’d have to.  I wrote The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business as a purposeful strategy guide for undoing unprofitable enterprises in our political lives and our places of business.  At the foundations of productivity to preserve goodness and justice for all.  I will likely always write daily articles as I have, and I’ll do it because many people need to hear words of encouragement and some sense in a confusing and aggressive world.  But a book is different; when people buy it, they invest.  It has added value to them.  Then in reading it, there is the investment of time.  In the end, a book has a complete set of thoughts, from the beginning to the end.  A book projects a comprehensive view to behold and can direct the reader to a resolution, which is needed. The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business has been created as an option toward conceptual understanding.

The book doesn’t come out until August 28th of 2021. Still, just the initial links to booksellers such as Target, Barnes & Nobel, and The Book Depository have been encouraging. I’ve made many new friends from hopeful people looking for something just like The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business.   As I have been saying, this is a book I wanted to read.  At this point, I have read over 1000 books in my life.  And am well on my way toward the next thousand.  Yet, I have not seen a book like this one on strategy ever written.  I meant for it to be Western Civilization’s answer to Sun Tzu’s The Art of War which we haven’t seen in 2500 years.  So when the question is asked, why me and why this book?  It’s because I got tired of waiting for someone else to write a book like this, and nobody has.  And there are no plans to do so by anybody.

Many conservative writers are doing good work, but there appears to be none who are audacious enough to presume that they have the authority even to attempt such a book.  We would assume that such a book would come from some great war general or even a country’s president.  Yet, in truth, most of the best things in life come from those who reach for the stars and get burned along the way and are outside observers of any historical trajectory.  It has become clear that institutional assumptions and the products of their effort will never produce such an unusual perspective to defend Western Civilization’s capitalism properly and audaciously as needed.  It would have to come from a unique perspective to answer popular classics such as The Art of War and Japan’s Book of Five Rings.   It’s not in following the rules of publishing either that any such book could come to be; it takes in some cases breaking those rules because the rules have been limiting the thinking in the first place.

The publisher of The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business has been great to work with Liberty Hill, a division of Salem Publishing.  I went with them after the whole incident with Parler, where Amazon shut them off their server.  I had been considering publishing with Amazon because of their vast resources and reach, but what Parler taught us was that if we fall out of political alignment with a host of our work, we could find ourselves canceled out of existence.  So I changed course after that event and found the very conservative Liberty Hill publishers, which were terrific.  However, they have listed me as to booksellers as a conservative author. That’s true; I am a very conservative author.  But I have already seen a stigma directed at me on search engines and product placement.  For instance, because Amazon is a bookseller, The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business is listed for sale.  Yet the Kindle version, which is available now, is listed on a different page than the print edition, out on August 28th.   Usually, all editions of a book are listed on the same page.  Little things like that will impact the buying experience where a purchaser may have to decide between a digital version and a print edition.  But the way Amazon listed it, they may not know they have a choice.   The book is available anywhere books are sold, so I’m not going to get hung up on little things like that. Still, it is an indication that wherever the marketplace can be manipulated against a conservative author, you can bet that some activists working for these companies will certainly do so.  It shouldn’t be a surprise, but rather, it should be expected. 

So far, the best price for the print edition has been coming from The Book Depository, which is offering it at a 10% discount off the usual price.  The Book Depository is selling The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business at $15.21 for the print edition.  There are also Nook versions of the book as well as offerings at iBook in a digital format.  We may do an audible version at some point, but the book itself should be different from what we do on the blog site.  The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business is meant to hold in your hands.  It’s also meant to be divorced from the internet, meaning that the relationship for big brother is removed from reading it. It’s a book that some mass investor may want to buy and dump into the streets of Hong Kong or Cuba to teach them how to overthrow their communist regimes, much the way communists have flooded colleges and regions of activism with The Coming Insurrection and Rules for Radicals. It would be good about now to flip that script.  There is nothing like a book you can hold in your hand or stick in your pocket to read at the small hours of the morning over coffee and pancakes somewhere to refer to when the strength of the day has worn away, and a freedom fighter needs some encouragement.  Honk Kong could use a lot of that, so that’s my thinking on the hard print editions at this point.  If someone wanted to do such a thing as an investment, it wouldn’t hurt my feelings.  If we can get them a 10% discount, I’m all for it. 

As I said, I have spoken to many good people over this past week who were very energized to get The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business to satisfy their strategic goals. It’s a scary world right now, and things do appear hopeless.  But I would argue that it is all entirely on purpose.  It’s like when a robber tells us to stick up our hands and people comply because they hope that by going along to get along, the villains will let them live and not just shoot them dead.  And that’s what we have going on a lot these days, especially when it comes to mandatory vaccination talk and the wearing of masks to submit to a tyrannical authority.  The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business is all about how to eliminate that robber before they get a chance to hold us up.  And that is a very proactive sentiment that people are finding attractive.  All hope is not lost.  I would argue that we are just beginning to win absolute freedom for ourselves in these dark times.  For many, it just takes a slightly different way of thinking to make it happen, and from what I hear so far, we are well on our way. 

Rich Hoffman

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