The Strength of a Trump Endorsement: What does it tell us about the world of politics

In many ways, the story of the 22 Trump endorsements that all won in the primary elections across Ohio and Indiana is the biggest story of the week. It’s bigger than the Supreme Court leak over abortion, more significant than the 2000 Mules film, which provides evidence of election fraud in the 2020 election, and bigger than any Ukraine news. More important than the failing Biden administration and its out-of-control inflation numbers. Bigger than the stock market tanking ahead of continued bad economic news by a socialist, globalist organization run by the Desecrators of Davos. The Trump victories, of which J.D. Vance was the biggest, are a superb indicator of where America is and the rules of conduct for the world in the coming months. As much as the plans for a Great Reset have been by Klaus Schwab and the gang in the Davos party, and the many mechanisms of manipulation that they are employing to destroy the world so they can remake it, what was evident on the election day of May 3rd, 2022 was that Americans were following a course of action started well over a decade ago, with the Tea Party movement, and that the trajectory of that course was irreversible. Trump was a product of that movement, and it would certainly live on well beyond him. But in the here and now, despite all the ad dollars, the liberal controls of the media, of all the communist attempts over a century to completely take over the human race, it was failing and failing in a big way. 

I watched the most baffling conversation on Monday evening during a Fox News broadcast between Bret Baier and Brit Hume, where they discussed that they thought the Republican Party was moving on beyond Trump. It had, after all, been a year and a half since Trump had left office, and it was time for him to disappear over the horizon as all former presidents do. It was time essentially to lick his wounds, build a library, and just disappear into the history books. Brit, in fact, said at least three times in this discussion on Fox that he thought the election on May 3rd would show that voters were ready to “move on.” I kept thinking, “what planet are these guys on?” Did they know something I don’t? Are they looking at data I hadn’t seen? Perhaps, after all, it’s their business to know things that nobody else does. So I held my tongue and waited to see the election results, thinking maybe they had some inside baseball information that would lead to several Trump losses. They were ready to pounce as a media organization on so they could claim that all was back to normal. Ad revenue could resume based on a Karl Rove view of the world. Club For Growth would destroy Vance and all the future MAGA candidates, and life would be good at Fox News and the other mainstreamers. 

Of course, what happened was much different and perplexing to the establishment. It led to falsely installed president Joe Biden to say that the MAGA movement was the most dangerous political movement in the history of the United States. Well, if the destruction of America is the goal of the modern Democrat Party, then yes, MAGA could be viewed as dangerous to them. The preservation of America and making it great again would be dangerous if the plans were its destruction. But the strength of the Trump brand after all they had done to it, the conventional Republicans and the Democrats, was beyond comprehension for them.   Even Mitt Romney was starting to see the light of the issue. “If Trump wants to run in 2024, he can.” Do ya’ think, Mitt? Wow, there is some good inside baseball indeed, coming from a sitting senator at the federal level. But it says just how little these “insiders” really know about what’s going on in the outside world. I could tell them all day long, and so could many others. In Ohio, where DeWine held off challengers with only 48% of the vote out of a million Republican primary voters, many who flipped for the election from Democrat to put their support behind the very RINO incumbent governor, the tolerance for convention has well expired. People are voting for MAGA candidates in the Republican Party. They may not always agree on who those MAGA candidates are. But when Trump puts his official endorsement behind one of them, they win their election. That was certainly the case with J.D. Vance.

Before Trump provided his endorsement, J.D. was down in the polls, well behind Josh Mandel. I saw the impact right away. I ended up voting for Josh Mandel anyway, as did many, but J.D. Vance had a comfortable lead from the endorsement to the actual vote count that never went away, completely off the strength of Trump’s endorsement. That really spooked the Beltway insiders in the aftermath of the election. How could Trump have that much power, still? Well, I would say that Trump’s brand is strong by itself. He had built it over a lifetime, and there isn’t anything else like it in politics. From the Trump Tower building in the 80s to all the books, appearances in movies, and his WWE activities, Trump has always oozed Make America Great. But it’s more than that. In the Tea Party days, I remember when Trump struggled to get 100 people to gather in front of a stage, he was speaking at. Trump had to come to the Tea Party movement; they didn’t go to him. Trump had to stay married, to get more conservative.

Trump needed to start attacking Barack Obama, whom everyone at that time who hated him knew was a political plant from the Weather Underground. Obama began his political life in the living room of Bill Ayers. When Trump got blasted by Obama by accepting an invite to the White House Correspondents Dinner in 2011, it changed life forever. Trump went and was grilled by Obama ferociously. Trump then endeavored to get revenge by running for president to knock down Obama and all his plans, which are still unfolding today. Obama is the mouth behind Joe Biden, and that battle is still very much in the news daily. The Tea Party admired how Trump was willing to go after Obama, so they threw their support behind him, and the rest is history. The Tea Party never went away. It just became MAGA, and it’s stronger by far now than it was in 2011 or 2009. Now it’s mainstream, whereas it seemed like a fringe movement of grandparents and concerned constitutionalists back then. 

The Karl Rove types and the Brit Hume personalities have never figured it out. They keep thinking that, like some kind of rubberband, society will snap back into 1963. Democrats would become the party of the poor and Republicans of those evil businesses. Instead, we have something in 2022 that is very different, and they can’t get their minds around it. Few in Washington D.C. can. There are many reasons for it, but for the purpose of this election, the Beltway culture from all political parties was baffled by the results. But those results were real. They displayed an undercurrent of political sentiment that extended from local school boards to presidents of nations, and people were voting for change

Rich Hoffman

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The Lincoln Day Dinner of 2022: Battles coming, going, and brewing

It’s always good to talk about nice things, and the Lincoln Day Dinner for 2022 for the Butler County Republican Party was undoubtedly something good to talk about. Like I say all the time, politics is a blood sport. People aren’t always supposed to get along. So it’s not the function of a prominent Republican gathering at the Savanah Center in West Chester to just have everyone get along, even though they did. The goal of politics is to get the best people into public offices that can be obtained. Often the best management of any resource involves pressure applied to individual vision to draw it out for the public’s benefit. In Butler County, with Todd Hall as the party’s Chairman, it has undoubtedly been a success story. Butler County is a large, wealthy county in Ohio; it has over 400,000 people and a major national university. And every officeholder position in the county is held by a Republican. That is something to say and provides a good indication of what the people of Butler County are really like. But it’s not easy to manage all the ‘A type” personalities who get into politics for their communities. The people who run for office don’t tend to be the shy types, so managing all those personalities, especially when they sometimes get cross with each other, is quite a challenge, and Todd Hall does the job well, which culminated in the evening at that dinner which was nothing short of magnificent. 

Mike Pompeo came in to speak at this Lincoln Day event, along with the nationally bestselling author Vivek Ramaswamy, who managed to find time between Fox News media appearances to give a rousing speech to a hungry room of freedom fighters. Warren Davidson, of course, was there and was instrumental in bringing Mike Pompeo in, fresh from the Trump administration, where we all had the feeling of reloading for the next round of political battles that were coming next. I had a chance to talk to Jim Renacci a lot as he came down from his campaign for governor of Ohio, which is going well. There were many people from all over the state of Ohio who came to this Butler County Republican Party Lincoln Day Dinner, which filled the Savannah Center into every crevasse. It was great to see so many friends in one place simultaneously. The battles that everyone fights for are worth it, especially on evenings like that one. During primary season, like the one we have this year where there are so many contentious races, such as the governor race where Mike DeWine is running for re-election, and Jim Renacci was challenging him, it would be easy to have factions of discontent which wouldn’t even be able to shake hands. But the event’s mood, led by Todd Hall and guided by the diligent hands of hundreds of volunteers who worked behind the scenes for the party’s best interests, provided an atmosphere that felt more like Mar-a-Lago from Trump’s Florida home than just another political gathering. Every last touch had behind it a love of country and an intention to do good in the world. Different people, of course, have different ideas about what good is, but the pursuit of it was apparent for all to see. 

It’s not like the Butler County Republican Party was playing things easy; they recently endorsed Jim Renacci for governor over the incumbent. In the audience was Justice Pat DeWine, the son of the governor.  Jane Timken was in the audience, and Mike Gibbons, who are both running for the hotly contested Senate seat soon to be vacated by Rob Portman. There were literally hundreds of contentious side stories that could fill novels that interacted in the halls of that grand event, but what impressed me was the candor with which it was all presented. Todd Hall’s management style with all these unique personalities allows for hotly contested debate and personal battles that still celebrates the achievement voters get in the end, and that is something special. Politics is tricky under the best of circumstances, but routinely pulling off successes like what Butler County enjoys is quite an accomplishment. Of course, behind the scenes come the unifying elements of Ann Becker, whom I’ve known for many years now, going back to the Cincinnati Tea Party, which she led. Debbie Lang who always brings energy to everything she’s around. Joe Statzer and Mark Murphy work on all the details. There is a long list of people behind the scenes who make the Republican Party of Butler County, such a great organization. I single out Todd Hall because it takes a unique person to give all these diverse personalities autonomy and to trust that people will find common ground and build from that position rather than break out in fistfights from the many different perspectives that so many officeholders have. Guided by a less skilled hand, everything could turn out to be a disaster rather than the success story that it continues to be. 

Ultimately, the Lincoln Day event is a good team builder, and they are always nice to go to when the people putting them on so much love what they do. But what the public gets is a strong party that represents them where it matters most. Contention in politics is good; it forces the best people and best ideas to the surface to manage on behalf of the voters, and Butler County is an example of how it should be done everywhere in the country. The Butler County Republican Party is the example that everyone should be following, especially in the newly Trump-led Republican party. The management style it takes to unify so many diverse personalities is the stuff success seminars are built on. To have an evening in the height of election season just to take a breath of fresh air is nice. But the reminder of why so many people get into public office and how an army of volunteers behind the scenes contribute their time and energy without ever thinking about pay tells a story that is worth recognizing. If not for them and the tireless hours of work that go on behind the scenes, there would not be a great Republican Party of Butler County. There would not be a Republican in every Butler County political office. The strength of the party is because of all the effort that countless people put into it, and by the leadership of Todd Hall to have just enough guiding force to keep people together just enough but not to impose on them any dictates which might threaten their unique gifts for which voters could then select as representatives. The whole evening was just as impressive as the Butler County Republican Party is itself. It reflected many thousands of hours of hard work and an ambitious eye toward tomorrow; whereas bad as things look on the national horizon, in Butler County, Ohio, all is great and getting better. If such a formula could project itself nationwide under the next Trump presidency, there is a lot to be excited about in the years to come. Because ultimately, politics is there to serve the Republic for which we all fight to make a stand, and the voters are in charge and respected by the guiding light of hard-working people who genuinely understand how to do it right.

Rich Hoffman

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The Climate Change Cult of Larry Fink and his Desecrators of Davos Friends: We need a separation of church and state to protect Ohio’s powerplants

Think how ridiculous the concept is; for many years in America, we were told that we had to take the Ten Commandments out of our courthouses, that we couldn’t pray in public schools, that we had to have a separation of church and state. Then, we watch the Desecrators of Davos at their World Government Forum in Dubai use climate change religion as the primary means to attach all of us to their insane view of the world. They have introduced a religious cult to the world and suddenly think it mandates a necessity for change that ties all of us to it whether or not we believe it. Climate change, by no measure, is a science; it’s a cult of earth worshipers who have a maniacal desire to return to the primitive village of global habitation. And they want it for all the same crazy religious disputes that have taken place over the history of the human race, to control those villages during human lifetimes. It’s a ridiculous proposal, yet when it comes to the global management people who spoke in Dubai with Klaus Schwab and the usual Desecrators of Davos crowd who are using climate change speculation at creating fear and anxiety to drive change, we see those changes in our local communities. This is no longer a debate for the nightly news, it is attacking the infrastructure of the United States, and it’s all built on nonsense, just as Covid science was. It’s a scam, a power grab no different than some crazed religious fanatic pointing to the rapture as a reason to sell all our worldly possessions. The essence of the climate change religion is to advance their cause without any evidence whatsoever, only fear and made-up articles paid for by billionaires who donate the funds to their own version of a mythical armageddon. 

In Cincinnati, Ohio, we are losing another power plant, the Zimmer plant, which is actually up the river in Moscow from downtown Cincinnati. It was scheduled to close by 2027 purely over ridiculous environmental standards imposed on it by a government captured by the Desecrators of Davos, the Larry Finks of the world. They use ESG scores to impose changes to progressive businesses rather than political ones at the ballot box. They knew people would never vote to cut their own throats, so they attacked the boards of directors of power plants like Zimmer and gave them ridiculous standards to live up to based purely on the climate change religion. And knowing that the inevitable is happening anyway, the Zimmer people are just throwing in the towel and closing the plant early. Where is that extra power going to come from? The Desecrators of Davos intend to impose on us all wind and solar methods that may or may not work all the time. And when they don’t work, we are supposed to sacrifice our power needs to the gods of climate science and be happy about it. Their reasoning is just as crazy as some Mayan priests cutting off the heads and hearts of human sacrifices on a temple top in the Yucatan, hoping that the killing of people might help make it rain for their crops to grow. We might laugh at such notions now in the modern age, which the Mayans or Egyptians might have believed. But the climate change radicals are just as ridiculous. 

It’s one thing to look at people like the Descrecrators of Davos and laugh at their sheer stupidity in what they believe. For instance, I could have owned a condo in Florida in the 1980s and today measured the same distance from the porch to the high tide mark, and it wouldn’t have changed at all. I could also point to archaeological sites in England now covered by water across the English Channel and show that the sea level there rose several hundred feet from the last Ice Age. People could have walked then across to France without getting wet. Climate change is a condition of living on earth, and some cycles occur every 10,000 years, every 600,000 years, and every 10 million years. The climate will never stay the same whether or not humans are on it. Instead, the climate change religious lunatics have seen how well the phony science worked with Covid and have become encouraged to make their long-planned moves to control the world much more aggressively. It’s not that we can laugh at their stupidity from afar; they are in all our companies, our government, and running our country through finance, attaching all of us to their radical religion. Whether we agree with their religion of climate change or not, we are all being forced to live under their rule, just like some medieval dispute between the Catholics and Protestants. It is the dumbest thing in the world that we addressed in America upon its founding. Separation of church and state. 

Just as liberals protested that they didn’t want to see our Ten Commandments, we don’t want to see their stupidity over wind turbans and solar panels. We don’t want to be tied to their crazy cult, which isn’t any different than the fanatics of the Jim Jones massacre or the Helter Skelter murders. What the Desecrators of Davos believe is insane; their religion of climate change is the stuff of lunacy. They do not have a right to attack our infrastructure in America with it, so the same argument must apply in their direction. Climate change is not a science. There is no scientific evidence anybody can point to and show a need for any human action on it, any transfer of energy from a coal plant to a solar farm not while China is opening a new coal plant much dirtier than Zimmer every week as we allow the Descecrators of Davos through agents like Larry Fink to destroy the Ohio power grid leaving us all starving for power. What business will want to come to Ohio if they can’t get any power and have to wait for the wind to blow or the sun to come out to be able to microwave a sandwich in the breakroom? It’s insanity to allow a mindless cult to take over our energy grid in America by a bunch of religious fanatics who are just as superstitious as the many failed societies of the past who turned to sacrifice as the way to propel civilization forward. Not that a history lesson should be necessary, but it has never worked. And it won’t work this time. So it is time to call things what they are. Climate change is not science; it’s a religious cult advocated by losers who have no idea what they are talking about and expect the rest of the world to follow them toward our own destruction. When power plants in Ohio like Zimmer are shutting down over this nonsense, it’s time to call it for the good of the rest of society. The left has argued that they wanted protection from the religious founding of America with a separation of church and state. Well, we need the same to protect our businesses and our very lives from the religious cult of climate change. If they want to worship the earth, they can dress up in their stupid robes and chant to the ocean somewhere. But they need to stay out of our lives. Their insanity cannot be allowed to set policy for America or any of its people.

Rich Hoffman

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The Four Enemies of America: Happiness is always the key to destroying “elite capture”

Even with all the scary stuff going on in the world, I see it mainly as a good thing. It’s good to see where all the bad guys are and understand their motivations. One thing that can be said about modern society as opposed to previous cultures is that this is the first time in all of human history where we can get around the world in under a day and speak to each other in real-time. So naturally, with that comes significant problems since most of the world does not have a lifestyle like Americans do, which has the goal of the day to pursue happiness. For instance, there is no word in the Russian language for “fun.” While Americans wake up and work hard every day to pursue fun, most of the rest of the world, from London to Singapore, are worried about just getting food. Happiness is not the daily goal of most of the world, and that becomes obvious as you travel to even the most far-flung reaches airplanes can reach. And that world now suddenly thrown together through technology to deal with each other every day, without oceans to separate them are looking jealously at America and either wanting to be more like it, or for those who crave power, to destroy it so to preserve their ability to stay in power and to play the chess game by the rules of yesterday. In the past, military strength defined this ability; today, it’s the administrative state, the Dr. Fauci types who want to rule the world not with tanks and weapons, but rules and regulations.

There are essentially four primary factions worldwide targeting America for demise to protect their aims for power traditionally defined. The concept of self-rule by a happy society that ignores the world’s rules does not make the administrative state types happy. They continue to believe, and we are seeing it presently, that elite capture will destroy America because they don’t understand Americans. To the world, they learned these games through activities like chess, where specific rules defined military warfare. Once you captured the king in the game, it was a checkmate, game over. Whoever does so wins the game. They don’t understand about this game with America because they have no reverence for a king, that the pawns, the knights, and bishops run around independently and keep playing long after the king has been captured. Americans don’t have any genuine regard for authority, so society will move on as a culture if the king is captured. We’ll find someone else to deal with the administrative state so we can continue to enjoy March Madness, Super Bowls, Baseball, and apple pie. So the strategy of capturing through bribes, extortion, or philosophic motivation senators like Mitch McConnell or presidents like Joe Biden has no impact on everyday Americans. They are not looking for leadership. They just expect politicians to keep unhappiness out of their daily lives. And when happiness is disrupted, that’s when Americans get mad and start grabbing for guns or talking about it anyway. 

Those four factions in the world presently who are attempting this elite capture strategy are, of course, the Chinese who think about destroying America every hour of every day of the week. They plan to restore the power and respect of the past to Chinese society, and they can’t do that until America is gone. So they will never amicably work with America unless the aims of the interaction serve their purposes for war. Russia is much in the same mind as China. Vladimir Putin thinks every day and every hour of those days of ways to destroy America. In Russia, they have no other hobbies. They assert national respect as their highest aim, and they are happy to be miserable to do it. Privation to them is an honor. They are not looking for a happy life as we define it in America. They just want to win at all costs.

Then there are the Desecrators of Davos people from the World Economic Forum. They are the old Socialist International people. They plan to rule the world without a country using the United Nations as their bureaucratic arm. They aim to make America, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Europe, China, everyone dance to their tune through finance. Then, of course, the fourth group, the Aristocracy of Money, the monied class funded with an unholy government relationship directly with Wall Street. This was the very danger that Thomas Jefferson warned Alexander Hamilton about, and for which President Jackson had to fight off the federal central bank run by Nicholas Biddle. It’s far worse now than it was in Jackson’s day, and they very much think they run everything in the world through manipulative finance printed with quantitative easing. 

All those factions think they are playing chess against each other with the fate of America as the prize at the end of the game. They all believe they will beat each other to that treasure. But what they don’t understand is that Americans will never go along with it. Sure, some like the mask-wearing liberals out there who were so easily suckered by Dr. Doom’s Covid nonsense from the perspective of a global administrative state will do whatever the winners of the game want. But there are way too many people who just will never follow the rules of any of those global powers. Mankind spent thousands of years getting away from those chess-playing fanatics. Technology doesn’t take away the original intent of escape from oppression. People aren’t suddenly going to fall under the direction of whatever culture of those four wins the game for dominion of the world.

Rather, even thinking in such ways is very infantile and lacks the perspective of what human beings really think. America is an evolution of the human state of consciousness, not a conquerable option. And that’s what all the bad guys in the world are missing. America is great despite its “elite” representatives. If the bad guys happen to capture our administrative officials like in chess, there isn’t a checkmate; game over. The game continues because the pawns aren’t playing by those rules. There is no defined victory for the players because the people affected aren’t thinking along those lines. They don’t do what a leader tells them to. In America, we put leaders in place to pursue other happy thoughts. And if that life is taken from us, well, then that’s where things get bad. That’s when Americans start storming capitols and driving trucks around Washington D.C., making things uncomfortable for corrupt politicians who have sold them out. So long as there are happy things in the world, the administrative state can exist so long as ordinary people don’t waste their time on those activities. But in America, the goal is happiness, and that expectation evolved over thousands of years. And there is no putting it back in the bottle now. Just as Russians have no word for “fun,” Americans can’t understand the purpose of life without the pursuit of happiness being at the center of everything. They don’t live to serve a master. They live to pursue happiness. And there is no force in the world anywhere that will change that, much to the frustration of the enemies of America.

Rich Hoffman

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The Truth about Truth Social: Worth the wait and the first step in Making America Great Again

I remember it extremely well; it was just over a year ago, relative to the time of this writing, and my wife and I were in Lincoln County, New Mexico. I was exploring the courthouse where Billy the Kid had made his famous escape, and I felt very reflective. I was so angry over the Biden theft of the American presidency. I was even more furious at how the media and liberals had treated Trump over the last four years. In the past, when their people were in the White House, “they” being the Desecrators of America, those who fight to destroy it instead of preserve it, we always treated them with fairness. We always lived by the concept of rule of law and Constitutional limits on behavior. But at that moment, I was thinking very seriously about going Billy the Kid on society in general, so the famous escape from that courthouse was on my mind. Trump had recently been kicked off his Twitter account, and we could see the plot of what many had planned for a long time. We were being hunted as conservatives, and the message was clear. We did not control our own election. We did not control our country. We were going to get Joe Biden, and we were going to like it. And if we resisted, we were going to be banned from all public life and hunted down for the rest of our days. To say I was angry at the world was an understatement. So my wife and I left to live in the deserts of New Mexico for a bit, to get our wits about us once again. I found some sanity in the idea that Trump might start his own social media company and that from there, we would strike back at these dark forces and turn the tables on them for good.

I am incredibly pleased to say that Truth Social is now a reality. I’ve been on it since the first day, and I absolutely love it. It is great to see daily postings from Melania Trump, Dan Scavino, and many other Trump insiders again. I stopped looking at Twitter when they kicked Trump off. Still, now that President Trump has started Truth Social, I can see the path to restoring our country back to greatness because it puts communication and entertainment back under our control.   At that moment in New Mexico that I described, I wondered if things would ever feel good in America again. But now, I’m sure of it. What happened to Trump and many of us who were shadowbanned, or even literally banned from Twitter, Facebook, and from Google in general, are options. We now have the best kind of thing in the world, a choice. A choice in America will defeat every evil intention the world tries to place upon us. When you choose, it forces all the bad stuff to hide in the shadows, which has happened since that year. Revenge has been served through choice.

First, Jason Miller from the Trump campaign started his own social media platform, Gettr, which I think is fantastic. I have been using it almost exclusively.   With all the betrayals of Fox News and even Newsmax, it has been Steve Bannon’s the Warroom that has filled the void for the MAGA movement. And Gettr has been the place to interact with them and other conservative media outlets like Real America’s Voice and OANN. When the Desecrators formed the plan to take down America, they planned for all the media companies to be in the bag with the Davos guys. They had it all set up, making it so that Fox News would be the last to fall, which was evident on election night when they called Arizona right at 8 PM, as there were still voters in line voting. The gig was up, and the other side was spiking the football, thinking the game was over for good. But Trump and the rest of us are not passivists. We turned to our own abilities, which is always the thing to do. If we don’t like what the progressives want to give us, we should just go off and make our own thing. And in doing that, it destroys the plans the other side has. They have no plan B. 

I really like Truth Social, now that it came open at the beginning of March of 2022. I know the line is long, and it’s taking people a long time to get into it. There are millions of people trying to get in, so they are seeping new users in slowly to maintain system stabilization. It took Twitter years to handle its users, and the demand for Truth Social is much more robust. But by the time we have the next election cycle in 2022, there will be millions of people there who are very active in the MAGA movement. There will be plenty of social media alternatives to use, which will keep everyone connected. And that is a relief. A much better situation than what I spoke about from Lincoln County, New Mexico: at that time, something like a Truth Social media platform seemed like a remote fantasy. But I’m happy to report that it is very much a reality. I’ve only been on it for a few days, and I’m already at 2K with followers. I have always been shadowbanned by the big tech companies, and instantly, on Truth Social, you can see that it genuinely is a free-speech platform. It’s a huge difference for me. 

And what’s best, it’s classy. It reminds me of what a Trump property feels like when you visit one. It has a Trump quality that extends beyond the hate and vitriol of the hostile leftist media culture. I think I do a pretty good job dealing with people of all kinds of backgrounds. I can talk to anybody professionally, even the bluest bleeding liberal. But I don’t want to hear from them in my personal time; I don’t want to see them. I want to be away from them as much as possible, and the wimpy little “Tweets” from Twitter were always no fun for me. Places where the entire platform felt like the Santa Monica Pier in L.A. filled with liberalism and a lack of wisdom, were always uncomfortable. It is good to have a quality place like Truth Social that feels slicker, smarter, and bigger. It feels more American than any of the other social media platforms ever have, and that is refreshing and well worth the wait. I’ve been through this process several times, most notably with Glenn Beck’s The Blaze.

I used to be friends with some of the people who started that, and I always had high hopes. But creating a big social media platform seemed on a prohibitive scale. But obviously, it’s not. It only took a year, and now Trump has a place where he can communicate with his supporters, and they can healthily bypass the media. The media and the Desecrators always planned to stick themselves in the middle of that process; now, we have a means of communicating and thinking that steps around those hostile agents. And I can’t say enough good about it. It’s nice to see how far we’ve all come in such a short time. That effort will only grow in the months and years to come. And I’m glad I held it together and kept my temper in check that day in Lincoln County. I think Truth Social is a much more productive way to make things right than what I was thinking. 

Rich Hoffman

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Cash Out Your 401K Plans While You Still Can: The scam of Stakeholder Capitalism

I think it’s the biggest scam in the history of the world, even a bigger scam than Covid was, which was a virus made in a Wuhan lab and released by China. Stakeholder Capitalism has been buzzing around for a few years now, and it’s a creation from the Desecrators of Davos, the World Economic Forum guys. We haven’t cared much about it because it was always kind of a foreign thing from “over there” in dirty old aristocratic Europe. But after the election take-over of 2020, where many conspired to get President Trump out of office, the imposition of Stakeholder Capitalism is very much a part of the Biden agenda. It’s a progressive trick meant to do a lot of things. Not only is it just a new way to change the name of Marxism in our culture to something that people might be more willing to accept because it has the looted word “capitalism” in it, but it has a much more sinister intention. One that will impact each and every one of us with a 401K plan. I’ve been watching this bubble building for a long time, and what I’m about to say will be painful. But at the very least, I would recommend you pull your money out of all 401K plans currently managed by Vanguard, BlackRock, Blackstone, or State Street, because they are all arms of the Desecrators of Davos Klaus Schwab gang. After their meeting this year, they are planning to go full-court press with this Stakeholder Capitalism concept and to replace the way we measure money around the world with this scam they have come up with to hide their vast crimes against humanity.  

If you are a CEO, one of the scariest parts of your job is to stand before shareholders and explain what you have done to increase a company’s profits and raise its stock portfolio. Of course, socialists and communists around the world hate this method; they hate the idea of measurements of value. That’s why they are trying to prepare us to have a no-value culture where we don’t judge anything. They see applying value as bad because their desire in life is to be lowlife slugs hiding always in the shadows. And they don’t want to be judged as lowlifes, but as equal to everyone else. So they have consistently attacked the basic premise of Adam Smith capitalism, which built the United States’ great economy. From the time they came to America from Europe, they have been trying to get us to accept their European socialism from Marx as a new way of measuring economic activity. This Stakeholder Capitalism idea is just the latest means of doing that. It proposes that we replace measuring value with what it is now as a monetary measure to replace it with social value. An ESG system, where value is placed on environmental concerns, social responsibility as defined by political progressives, and how an organization and individuals govern everything based on those ideas. This is how so many CEOs have become trapped into accepting woke thoughts into their companies. Many companies are in a kind of shareholder bubble where their stock price is inflated based on growth, which has become stagnant. This is especially true after Covid, where the social order of everything has been disrupted. CEOs have been quick to adopt woke politics even if they disagree with them politically because ESG scores get them off the hook if society starts changing what they consider value to be. If they no longer have to worry about profits and instead can worry about putting purple-haired losers on their board of directors, then maybe they can survive as a CEO. 

But it’s actually worse than all that, and Klaus Schwab, Larry Fink, and many others know what they have done. Just ask Jerome Powell at the Fed about the pinch he’s in, where there is over $8.5 trillion on the Fed’s balance sheet, made that way by quantitative easing. A Federal Reserve that Janet Yellen and Ben Bernanke essentially applied Keynesian economics to since the crash of 2008 and allowed Fink and others to buy up fake assets created by the Fed policy of printing endless amounts of money, then selling those assets to all of us, so they could use that power to buy up stock in most major companies, to impose ESG scores on them to make this whole stakeholder capitalism idea stick before its too late. And by too late, that’s where that +30,000 the stock market is currently at busts because it’s all based on inflated value directly from the Federal Reserve and exploited by the Desecrators of Davos, for which Larry Fink sits on the Board of Trustees, since 2019. The game is to change the way we measure value in the world before people find out about it so that when that bubble does burst, shareholders won’t be upset because they’ll be stakeholders by that time. Their value will be changed to this new way of looking at the world. 

This is precisely why I wrote my book, The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business. I saw this trend negatively through the Lean Manufacturing movement, where everything was about nature as the East considers it. “Be like nature, and you’ll have more efficient manufacturing plants.” I have had major CEOs ask me about this stuff as they are perplexed about what to do about it. “Are we trying to make money, or are we supposed to be at one with nature. Nature doesn’t care about money.” That’s why I wrote my book, to help people like that understand what’s going on and how these Desecrators of Davos types are just the latest snake oil salesmen. They have looted our cash, spent it into oblivion with Keynesian economic theories, now they have these liberal Modern Monetary Theory ideas of endless money supply that has no value in itself attached to some gold standard. Because society’s values won’t be possessive, they’ll be social, how accepting we are of gay rights or cultural diversity. Or how many solar panels we have on the roof of our factories. And they need us to accept this snake oil before we figure out that we’ve been ripped off, that our 401K plans are actually worthless. The entire reason the stock market jumped in value so much over the last five years or so was not because of Trump. I want to say it was, but obviously, more is going on. It was all inflated money allowing money managers to buy up so much corporate stock, to get control of fossil fuel companies, entertainment companies, everything. And to get that control, the goal was to change how all companies measure value. To replace classic capitalism and to replace it with this Marxist idea of stakeholder capitalism.  In the end, it will fail, but everyone needs to understand what the problem is. The Desecrators of Davos want a one-world currency that they control. They want a one-world government which they will manage. They want to control all human behavior with ESG scores, and they have been planning it for decades. However, as I say in my book, the value of something is determined by the people playing the games of life. I like to use poker metaphors.   A poker chip is just a piece of plastic if you carry it around in your pocket. But while playing the poker game, it represents actual money and decides who wins and loses the game. Ultimately, that will always be the case; this stakeholder capitalism concept is from lazy Marxist types who don’t want to compete in the world and wish things were different for them. So they would rather destroy the game rather than play it. But fortunately for all of us,

Rich Hoffman

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‘The Batman’ is an 11 out of 10: The root of all corruption comes from bad parenting

If you are thinking of seeing The Batman at the movie theater, waste no more time doing so. Just go do it. I think the new film in the Batman franchise is one of the best ever, and it’s a top 50 movie of all time, directed by Matt Reeves and acted by Robert Pattinson. Just talking about good movies; they just don’t make them much better than this one, at nearly 3 hours long. Technically it hits all the cylinders in a very satisfying way. The music is great, the cinematography, sound design, direction, acting, everything is fantastic. There is a love for this subject that obviously comes out of the filmmakers. They painstakingly put that love into every shot of the film, and it shows both behind the camera and in front of it. When you think of a movie that has been done so much, it is easy to be skeptical that anything substantial could come out of a new version of Batman. But this was clearly a fresh take on an idea that Warner Bros. has been building for nearly a century. And it culminated in this film. It reminded me of one of my favorite Dirty Harry films from back in the 70s called Magnum Force. It explores corruption on both sides of the law and why there is a need for good people to step in and fight for justice. But there is, of course, more depth to it than that, and that is why this film is an exceptional one with great artistic value for a culture like we have in our modern one in desperate need of clarity on the definitions for existence. There is big stuff in The Batman that is valuable on many levels, and for that reason, I can’t recommend it enough. I’d give it an 11 out of 10 stars. Go see it now!

I’d go further in scale in recommending this movie because there is an underlying element to it that says a lot about modern culture and its failures. This is the best Batman character I’ve ever seen in any form, comics, television show, or movie. At no point in the film does this Batman waiver in his resolution to fight for good and to fight for justice. He is never tempted or shoved over the edge, only to be redeemed later. He is solid throughout the entire film, and in the end, he becomes a great leader instead of a hiding recluse. Coming out of the Covid years, there is a lot that this film has to say about the state of our world. And this is not a Hollywood progressive offering of nonsense. It’s an honest story examining real human issues, and as Batman faces those issues, he is a solid pillar of virtue through the entire event. Apparently, they are planning to make three of these Batman movies, and if they put the kind of effort into the following two as they did this one, I can’t imagine what that will look like. The amount of work it took to make this The Batman movie is on a big scale that it would be hard to duplicate, ever. The focus on all the little details is overwhelming. This is Hollywood at its best. It’s just a shame that we can’t get more films like this from an industry that has turned so radically left politically. I would not say that this Batman film is political in the way of Republicans and Democrats, but it does explore in detail the cause of all corruption and gets into the weeds in a better way than even the best of the mobster films ever produced. In many ways, I kept thinking of Scarface from the 80s as a comparative film to what they pulled off with The Batman

Yet, the best part of The Batman is that it honestly explores the nature of evil and what leads to all corruption, and that is when the adults let kids down. Parents’ impact on children is a real, unexplored problem in our modern society. Governments have even attempted to replace the parents in society with government supervision, which has worsened the situation. We now have a culture in real life that has produced millions and millions of villains like the Riddler in this movie, the primary bad guy. But I found myself understanding the Riddler quite a lot.   Who could blame him for his anger when the world he sees is so corrupt, and all the parental figures in his life were robbed away from him? The constant theme in The Batman is the cost to young people when adults let them down. When dad runs off with a cheap whore. Or when the District Attorney spends the night in a risqué club instead of staying home with the kid’s doing cocaine with young women draped from his arms. When kingpin fathers manipulate the entire police force and have illegitimate children all over the place, leaving those kids to feel abandoned and broken as adults. The real villains in The Batman are the parents who fell short and left their children without something to hold on to, turning them into adults, broken and vengeful.   What is the cause of all crime and corruption, bad parenting? As I sat watching the movie, I looked around at the glassy eyes of the parents taking their kids to see this film.   Could the parents relate to the good guys or the bad guys? Or was it just too much for them?

I understood Batman and the Riddler. At the end of the film, I loved the question, which was the same posed to Clint Eastwood in Magnum Force. Who is good, and who is bad?   What does it mean to fight for what’s good when most of what’s going on in the world are so bad? Is any of it worth fighting for at all? Should we just leave the world and head for the country as Catwoman did at the end, warning Batman that his fight for justice would likely kill him? And when Batman said to her that he had to try to save the city, it’s the same things we are now saying about our country. Is it worth saving? Should we fight at all, given all the corruption that we see? It’s a worthy question, one that we are all asking in our own specific ways. These are complicated things to think about, but this movie, The Batman, has a definitive statement on it, and I think it’s a great definition that will take time for many to let wash over them. This is a movie worth seeing for more than entertainment. It’s what families should watch together and figure out their place after that where they fit into the puzzle. And hopefully, in the end, the resolution is that they’ll want to be more like Batman than the other characters.   And parents will want to be good role models for their kids instead of just the lately louse that fills the halls of corruption in almost every institution created by mankind. Despite the enormous responsibility it requires to bring children into the world, it is worth doing. But the job only gets more complicated the older they get, and if there is a lesson in the movie, The Batman, failing in that job can lead to all the corruption we see in Gotham City and the greater world in general. 

Rich Hoffman

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China’s Attack of America Through the Tyranny of Safety: Most of Cincinnati called off work over a little snow

I always hate to see mass call-offs of work when there is a significant storm or some other weather emergency. To me, it’s a distinctly American thing to work hard, work more than eight silly little hours a day, and work weekends. I have worked well over 24 hours per day when it’s called for, and I’ve spent many years working seven days a week. Of course, I have slept when needed, but I have never understood people who don’t get going when the going gets tough. There is something very un-American about calling off work and sitting around in your pajamas when productive things need to be done. When I was a kid, I was the one who had perfect attendance in school. And as an adult, I am always the one who never calls off. I have worked through severe injuries, including three times when I had bones sticking out of my hands. I always finished my shift and got stitched up later. I superglued my skin together to get through the rest of the work period to stop the bleeding. When I’ve had major surgeries that I was told would keep me in bed for months, I returned on the next available workday after and pushed myself to recover within a few weeks completely. When it has snowed too much to drive a car, I have ridden motorcycles and bicycles to work, whatever worked. And if I got to work and felt it better to stay until the weather cleared, I always have done so, as long as it takes, so the work that needed to get done always got done. So, on February 3rd, 2022, a snowstorm hit the Cincinnati area. Most of the city decided to call off work based purely on what the weather people said on television; it made me sick and reminded me of the real meaning of the war we are in with China. 

One of my favorite chapters in my book The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business is the chapter titled “The Tyranny of Safety.” When I wrote that book, I felt some things needed to be addressed in American business that was being ignored. Yet, every company everywhere wanted to know the secret sauce to success and how to unlock it within their work cultures. I am a practitioner of all the trade’s modern Lean tools and process improvement tricks. But due to my long experience and work history, even plowing through injuries to get a competitive advantage over a rival, whether they be domestic or some foreign power, nobody wants to deal with the elephant in the room that China set out years ago to destroy the West. They mean to do it by attacking us through every little measure of safety protocol that can be imagined. They don’t follow their own safety initiatives, which have flowed down through WHO, the UN, and into the CDC. Just as they don’t follow climate initiatives, they push us to follow them to commit economic suicide in their favor. The Chinese have intended to get us in the West to play by different rules than they do, and they have done so by getting us to fall for Wokeness, Climate Change, and Workplace Safety. They have spent a lot of money buying up politicians that would sell these attitudes to the public, in media that would strike fear in all who watch and listen to their programming over every little snowstorm.   Their goal has been to get us to work less so that China could catch up to American GDP and eventually overtake it within this decade. That is the emphatic goal of China and the world in general. Whenever I see massive call-offs over snowstorms and other weather-related issues, it makes it very apparent that China is attacking us in a worse way than with the use of any military. 

When I say that all labor unions are communist organizations, I mean it—every single one of them. Labor unions trace back to the start of Karl Marx and all his followers through the early 20th century, and we can’t help but talk about Chinese communism as we see the impact of their strategy of work stoppages. Communists everywhere want to see less work to leverage the money generated. The current supply chain problems in the United States are caused by China restricting its supply and the labor unions at the shipping ports refusing to work harder and longer to unload what’s coming in. Why, well, Covid is the new global snowstorm that communists have used to get people to call off work and stay home. And remember, China made the virus, and they did so for this very reason, to slow the world down to catch up economically. It wasn’t so much to kill people but to kill economic activity. I was at Kroger right before the snowstorm came through Cincinnati, and the shelves were mostly wiped out. Add to that the problem of supply chain issues on imports, and what we have are communist unions and communist countries who are trying to slow down the engine of our country for their own benefit. 

After two years of Covid, people have become used to calling off work over everything, making this 2022 snowstorm different from past snowstorms. This time, the media culture that had been scaring everyone to death over Covid had their ear when they cried about ice and snow hitting the Midwest, and people were calling off work before they even got up and gave it a try to get to their employers. They just gave up without much of a whimper, and that is the work of the powers against productivity that are well at war with America’s can-do spirit and have been for centuries now. The way to beat America is to convince it to stay home and not be productive while the rest of the world works and churns out their widgets at a maddening pace. China is making a show of playing lockdown with Covid, but you can bet they won’t sacrifice a dollar of GDP to it. But America has found itself crippled by the value of safety over productivity as a new measure. Productivity is now viewed as reckless, while staying home, staying safe, and staying unproductive is now promoted by our governments as a virtue. The terrible governor of Ohio, Mike DeWine, was quick to announce on the news that people should stay off the roads, let the government workers do their jobs, make it easy for them to keep the roads clear, to hell with the production needs of our society. Whether it’s snow or Covid, the message from the government is, all the same, it’s an act of God, and we don’t control God. So yield to the more powerful powers than us, including the almighty centralized government.

Nobody is saying that we should have an unsafe society. That is the point in my book.   But safety is not about staying home and hiding; it’s about being skilled and competent. And if people don’t have those skills, they need to work hard to get them. That is the American way. But this “safe” way preached in our industrial compliance culture these days does not come from our need for safety. Still, foreign desires to slow down America and ultimately control our output with many communist tentacles that ultimately extend back to China in almost every way imaginable, where money flows in the bloodstream of an unseen monster, is a real threat to all that is good. Yes, China’s war machine is “safety,” and it flows down to us through our bought and paid for governments for the strategy of stopping American productivity. Every time people stay home from work over conditions of concerned safety, that is what is happening. We see the actions of war and our inability to meet the foe where they live and strike back. Because too many people are hiding from the snow, the rain, and every cut finger because they believe the experts without knowing who really controls those experts. It’s war from China for sure, just not the kind of war people expect to see. The way to beat western capitalism from the view of the orient is to convince them to stay home, not to work, and get used to a big government check, while the communist Chinese surpass America in every way imaginable.

Rich Hoffman

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Dark Money Tries to make the Pig DeWine Look Good: But Renacci is 8 Points up on the governor, and growing

As I was listening to 55 KRC recently, an ad by Free Ohio, a Super PAC for Ohio’s lost stooge, Mike DeWine attempting to show the troubled governor in a contrasting light to Joe Biden, let me know that after all these years, these political insiders haven’t learned a thing.  After all that Republicans should have learned regarding the Trump presidency, it is evident that these dark money professionals still didn’t understand modern politics.  Mike DeWine has been a disaster for Ohio.  When he runs for office, he always runs as a conservative, but when he’s in office, whether as a senator, Attorney General, or a governor as he is now, he becomes overnight a liberal.  And if Ohio had elected Joe Biden as Governor of Ohio himself, we wouldn’t have done any worse.  So, it was laughable that there was an assumption among the professional political class out there that just a few months before the primary in May of 2022, money spent on ads like the ones Free Ohio is putting out would shape public opinion enough to change minds.  People were there to see how badly DeWine managed the state, especially during Covid, in which he led the nation in lockdowns, being the first to do so and to change election laws which led to the massive corruption of the 2022 election.  DeWine was the first in the country to change election laws during a primary, opening the door to all the other states that did similar things with mail-in ballots, all in the name of “maintaining social distancing during the Covid Plandemic.” 

I had a chance on several occasions during those terrible days of lockdowns in Ohio where members of the business community were on mass conference calls with Governor DeWine to attempt to work out concessions to the rules he and the liberal Obama activist Amy Acton came up with that were costing everyone millions and millions of dollars, by the day.  I have met Mike DeWine at a few events here and there but never really had a chance to talk to him.  Let me just say, DeWine is one of the dumbest people I have ever heard speak.  Under those conference call environments, he had no clue what to do and punted everything in Ohio to the CDC and the Dr. Fauci types, which was scandalous even then.  Now in hindsight, we know that to be even worse advice.  But even when few people really knew the severity of Covid was, DeWine sounded like a complete idiot giving the keys to Ohio over to a bunch of bureaucratic health department types to run all our affairs the way some pot-smoking, stringy-haired hippies might only fantasize about.  I always wondered how DeWine ever called himself a conservative coming from Yellow Springs, Ohio—certainly not my favorite place.  You can almost always smell the pot smoke in Clifton Gorge from Yellow Springs when visiting.  It’s not likely many Republicans would be able to put up with such an environment.  And obviously, getting to know Mike DeWine a bit over these last several years, he’s not a conservative, but the very definition of RINO that there is in the world. 

The Super PAC plans to spend many hundreds of thousands of dollars on this attempt to paint DeWine as a contrast to Biden.  Unfortunately, like many have tried over the last several years, thinking of Mike Bloomberg in Florida against Trump and the Bush money machine against Trump in 2016, they could never move the needle in a significant way in those races.  It is unclear why they would think they could move any opinions in Ohio when the people living in the state have very recent memory and pain over how DeWine ran the state.  Without question, Fox News and traditional outlets like Clear Channel radio corporate advertising are all too happy to take the money of this Super PAC.  For them, that’s what politics is, a chance to sell ads and pay for their content.  But reality shows that DeWine and Joe Biden have been aligned on just about everything over the last four years.  Even topics that don’t involve Covid.  It would be impossible to tell Joe Biden and Mike DeWine apart on paper by voting record.  And to think that money can change people’s memory of these things is pretty insulting, really.  Without question, some people don’t know much about these issues and might fall for such ornamental hype.  But in a primary, which is very surgical in nature, it’s a different kind of voter.  Primary voters are very engaged on the topics and not so easily fooled. 

As I’ve said many times, it’s hard to beat someone in a primary, especially with the corrupt money machine behind DeWine.  He has his voters who profit off the way he has done business over many years in politics.  But with an above-average primary turnout, someone like Jim Renacci could easily beat him in the primary.  Even with all this dark money flowing into traditional media, Jim Renacci is 8 points over DeWine going into February of 2022, which is horrible news for the current governor.  This is good news for those who want to see a more conservative governor in the general election this fall.  But that’s a steep hill for changing opinions no matter how much money is spent.  I suppose it’s worth trying from their perspective, but do they really think that the voters in the upcoming primary are watching Fox News?  I would say most of those people have moved over to other options, more Trump-friendly options.  And Trump is still the kingmaker in Ohio, and of the two candidates that are most in consideration in the primary, Renacci is the Trump guy.  DeWine is about as far from Trump as a Republican can get.  The last time DeWine was on stage with Trump in Ohio, he was booed for being there because of his role in the Covid lockdowns.  Trump is an executive and can get along with anybody.  But he’s certainly not going to go out of his way to support DeWine.  And an endorsement of any kind by Trump can erase away millions and millions of dollars spent by dark money to attempt to change opinions in traditional media. 

More than anything that has been exposed here is the distance between perception and reality.  Fundraising and what can be done with that money is part of the problem in politics.  The money machine creates leverage; that’s how DeWine was able to get many politicians to endorse him for the primary.  If they don’t support the money candidate, which DeWine certainly is, then they would find themselves short during their next election fundraising cycle, which all politicians dread.  One of their biggest problems is picking up the phone and raising money for their campaigns; no matter how good they might be at it, it’s something none of them likes to do.  But listening to this ridiculous Super PAC of DeWine unroll their 2022 primary strategy reveals just how archaic the current system truly is.  Traditional media has lost a lot of power over the last few years, and Trump showed that money in politics couldn’t beat a good message or a great candidate.  And that is certainly the case between Renacci and DeWine.  Renacci is an excellent candidate.  DeWine is a really corrupt and terrible one.  And no amount of money in the world can make the lipstick on that pig look good.

Rich Hoffman

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Ray Dalio Misses the Point: Wealth is created by risk-takers, not a compliant society

The Looted Wealth of China

I enjoy all books.  I like books much better than people in general, even though people write books.  I figure that if someone works hard enough to write a book, they have thought their thoughts through enough to have some respectful consideration.  But I don’t like small talk and just yacking with people over nothing.  If a conversation is not the most epic philosophical consideration in the history of mankind, then I don’t have a lot of use for it.  So instead of wasting time with lots of people talking about nothing, I spend my time reading books, even by people I disagree with, such as Ray Dalio.  He has a new book out, which I pay attention to because I have enjoyed his other works. I’m afraid I have to disagree with Ray Dalio on much, especially this latest offering.  Ray has a lot of problems, he’s a globalist, and he has bet against America with his many billions of dollars, and things aren’t going to work out for him like he thought they were.  I think you’ll find me disassembling this globalist view of the world more and more because, in this global war for which we are all a part, I see the tides changing in favor of an America First agenda.  I just received my membership card to the America First Policy Institute on the same day that I received my monthly magazine for the NRA, and it was a good day for me.  I see great catastrophe for Ray Dalio and his fellow globalist billionaires from where I view the world.  That doesn’t mean I hate Ray.  I actually like him, but just because he has billions of dollars, that doesn’t mean he’s beyond reproach.  His new book was essentially a remake of the grand globalist book I refer to a lot, Tragedy & Hope, which was a globalist point of view of the history of the world. Ray’s book is the same; only he’s trying to sell computer model simulations on human behavior to justify his massive investment into China, which has now pretty much announced itself as an enemy of America.  And people like Ray have been handed the detonator for world destruction, and he’s trying to convince us all why he must push the button.

Ray and the gang, let’s call them the “Davos Crowd,” essentially believed that the global economy would shift into China.  They know the globalist’s game; corporations have a quarterly mandate to always show increases to their shareholders and to everyone’s point of view, America was a saturated market.  There are only 300 million people in America, and they can all only buy so many cars, tennis shoes, and hamburgers.  So the globalists want new markets to exploit that ever-present need for upward trends of profit forecasts, and places like Africa, India, and China look like that next untapped well.  While doing media for his new book, Ray himself has said that China has over 1 billion people increasing in median income year by year.  That is where the expanding middle class is, not in America, so that has been the focus of investors like Ray. America’s middle class is dying because many of the jobs that made it up have been transferred to places like China and the minds of people like Bill Gates, Ray Dalio, and Michael Bloomberg, the billionaire class, that is an investment into a bigger house.  The middle class in America can only grow so much.  But there are many more opportunities for wealth generation in China among a larger country with a much larger population, 3-1.  So that is why the markets of the world turned toward China for the next great gold rush of expanding markets.  Only, there is a problem.  China is a communist country, and these billionaires have been caught tampering with global politics by using Karl Marx’s philosophies to move market value from one place to another, leaving behind the criminal underclass to control all their wealth as the curtain everyone sees.  And now they’ve all been caught, and the sentiment is flipping back to America.  What China did with the coronavirus in partnership with Dr. Fauci and the NIH was reprehensible.  It was much worse than when Japan bombed Pearl Harbor, and now China is a villain to the world, and all the investments that people like Ray have made there are in jeopardy. 

You have to understand wealth creation, which I explain extensively in my own book, The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business.  The middle class is not a finite creation.  Wealth just doesn’t happen, as Ray often alludes to in his books when he talks about the cycles of civilization.  Wealth is made from risk, and when a nation produces lots of risk-takers, then it can be said to be wealthy.  When a nation produces many compliant people, as China does because of their communist government, you will have perpetual stagnation.  There is currently an expanding middle class in China because that wealth drives it to be stolen from American capitalism.  It’s just money that was moved to a bigger balloon, but the wealth generated is finite; it’s limited to the air in the balloon.  What makes the air is risk; what expands wealth is not compliance and order, the way all corporations would love it to be, but in reckless investment for the gain of capital off innovation and diligence.  Inventors don’t stay up all night writing code or inventing a new concept so they can turn it over to the state for redistribution.  They want to get rich, just as people will sit at a poker table and gamble on a pot of money, hoping to win it.  The game generates wealth because it inspires risk to win it.  Elementary economic stuff, but it’s what’s missing in Ray’s books, his graphs on human nature and the history of the world, and all those like him in the billionaire class who obviously feel guilty about their own wealth and aren’t sure they deserve so much power over others because of it.

China’s rise to power is over; their trajectory to be the new example of markets is deflating as we speak.  Oh, sure, many governments still think China is the future, but they don’t understand the basics of wealth creation even though they may be personally wealthy themselves.  America is a culture of risk, and that is why it has been and will continue to be wealthy. America’s wealth is not present because of policy, politics, philosophy.  A centralized authority can’t control it.  It’s not something that is managed by the global Davos crowd. They’d love to control it, to loot off it, to ride it for their ease and comfort.  But stealing America’s wealth and giving it to China as they have been doing from behind the face of governments won’t make China wealthy and expand their middle class in the same way it did in America.  Because to create wealth, you must have risk and ambition unleashed in a free market and society.  And China isn’t and will never be free.  The number of people happy with a car, a house, a spouse, a few kids, and an iPhone that can track you in everything you do is not enough for many people.  And for the people it is enough are not the types who make extraordinary wealth.  So when Ray puts up his computer models about human behavior to justify billions of dollars in investments he has made into China, he is always missing the most critical thing in a society that wishes to be wealthy, that there are plenty of risk-takers who are willing to stay up all night and work through the weekends to invent a new market.  And it is with them, and only them, that an expanding middle class is born, and there are people to buy hamburgers, go to amusement parks, and buy tennis shoes.  Centralized authority always kills wealth, and in this case, Ray and his friends will lose many billions in their gamble against America for the great nothing of China’s rise to power.


Rich Hoffman

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