The Fight We Are Fighting: Giambattista Vico’s three boundaries of human thought and the strategy against existence

Of course, we are dealing with an enemy here that I think is best described in the Bible with Ephesians 6:12 “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in the high places.” To my mind, if the apostle Paul and all he had gone through, one of the most valuable statements of any religion ever uttered is that one that climaxed under that statement. Because there is real evil in the world, it exists outside of our laws and order, outside of our nationalism, our families, and our industries. It runs deep in the human experience, and people behave differently when contemplating it. Then in some cases, it runs so deep that it is practically invisible to our eyes, but we can certainly see the intentions of evil and how it interacts with us. And with that in mind, fighting this level of evil can then be elusive.

But additionally, aside from this fine statement from the Bible, we have fantastic philosophers who have come along who provide additional information into the world around us; we are clear about what we observe in our modern political context, the vast evil behind the tech industry, behind global politics that intends bad things against us all. These are things that we used to deal with in religion under the various concepts of sacrifice, where the blood of a goat might have replaced the sins of our existence from the original sin in the Garden of Eden, which I would argue was originally in the United States, during a time long past. We know the Mormons knew of North America and migrated as a lost tribe of Israel to that homeland to escape the pending doom of Nebuchadnezzar. And we know that the sacrificial procedure at Solomon’s Temple was an east-to-west occurrence, to pay reverence to the original fall in Eden, to the mercy seat between the cherubim, which guarded the garden. Humans have been fighting this evil for a long time, and it’s upon us now. And there aren’t enough goats to appease it.

Probably my favorite philosopher in all history was Giambattista Vico, which I found stunningly that my philosophy classes in college found repulsive. Giambattista Vico has done some of the best work in human understanding of the rise and fall of civilizations, which I talk about a lot with the Vico Cycle. I was first exposed to Vico when reading the great James Joyce classic Finnegan’s Wake, which is structured entirely around the concepts of Giambattista Vico’s revolutionary work, New Science, published in 1744. Vico’s book would have certainly have been on the shelves of Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson and thought about when Adam Smith was writing his panicle book, The Wealth of Nations. Much of the trouble we see these days is this vast evil in the world attempting to put human thought back into a bottle so it’s easier to control. But by reading from the minds of people during this period of Vico and the creation of the United States of America during the same century, the long history of the human race and its purpose begins to become much clearer, even if the sentiment of the present looks to be an apocalypse altogether final and destructive. 

One of the big concepts explored in Vico’s New Science is that of the “The Three Boundaries of Human Reason,” the very foundations of all thoughtful enterprise. Because without human thought, can we actually reason that anything exists? For something to exist, we have to have a thought about it as human beings. Other animals of the world experience life as they are programmed at their DNA level. They don’t have an opinion on the matter one way or another. They may feel joy, pain, regret, and hunger. But they do not possess the ability to contemplate their role in such mechanisms as human beings do. And the prerequisites of all thought specific to the human race are divine providence, the moderation of passions through marriage, and the immortality of the human souls attested by burial. Under those three foundations of human thought and experience, we can shape the concept of society. So it should be of no surprise that when we observe society being attacked by unseen forces, but forces using members of the human race as avatars for their destruction, it is these concepts defined by Vico that they are attacking, the idea of something bigger than humans, God, the deliberate resistance to animal temptations, sexual, consumables, social acceptance—then the purpose of a soul merging into the afterlife. The hatching of the egg to become something useful in immortality. By attacking these experiences, the evil of existence seeks to control us to its own ends, and that is clearly the fight upon us now. When we say we must win the “fight,” we aren’t just talking about the conflict between political parties worldwide. We are talking about the merit of these foundations of human experience as Vico defined them and seeking a positive outcome for the human race, which those principalities of evil clearly don’t want.   

We saw this obvious tactic in the discussions of common core in public schools, where absurdities in math were supposed to be accepted. The lack of trust in facts would erode any concepts of “The Three Boundaries of Human Reason,” and sink human thought back into the grips of evil that permeates the universe. Such absurdities would then be part of the political dialogue of the trans movement, that a woman can decide that it is a man or a man or a woman based on their thoughtful assumption, not as their sexual roles intended for procreation and the furtherance of life. By destroying thought then, the mass sacrifice of the human race through abortion, trashed lives, misery, and physical suffering could then commence to the gods as it always did, the original concept of sacrifice as humans have always tried to stave off the effects of evil in the world, through the spilling of blood. Those that consume blood through sacrificial rituals obviously want the unrestricted flow of sacrifice to their existence. The last thing they want is a bunch of human beings who make up good countries dedicated to fighting evil and standing for righteousness to start thinking about other things, productive things. And not seeking the protection of the maleficent to shield them from harm from those principalities of doom which are more common than all the leaves on the trees that currently inhabit the earth or ever have before or after. The way to prevent such evil from achieving its goals is to protect those concepts in the human race, those “Three Boundaries of Human Reason.” To defeat those principalities of evil, as spoken about in Ephesians 6:12, the mechanism to do so is contained in Vico’s observations on the foundations of all human thought. To not achieve such a lofty height, then society moves through the Vico Cycle, theocracy, aristocracy, democracy, then anarchy over and over again perpetually, with the only thing benefitting from human existence being the evil that feeds off it. But the rebellion against that sacrifice is the foundation of all existence, and despite our current observations, we have seen significant progress that is worth fighting for. 

Rich Hoffman

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I Disagree with the Bible on Wealth Creation: Money is a measure of good and evil

One of the problems I have always had with the Bible, going all the way back to bible school, which I had most Sundays from age 5 to the 8th grade, was this idea that a rich person was evil and working against God unless they gave away all their material items during their life and wholly dedicated their life to God, in every way. I have never read the Bible that way nor interpreted religion with such narrowmindedness. Making money and religion were always two separate things as defined by the old powers of Europe, and I really didn’t have a personal approach to it until recently, when I spent a considerable time in the deserts of New Mexico writing my book The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business, and specifically the chapter where I say, “Money is not the Root of all Evil.” There I argue that America has been a different kind of invention that couldn’t have been understood during the Biblical period, nor when the Romans decided what books of the Bible to include in the Council of Nicaea. Cultures have been hindering themselves with this problem for many thousands of years at this point, and it’s caused a lot of problems. But before you can come to a rational conclusion on the matter, you have to go against literally every pastor, minister, and biblical interpreter that has ever been known because I think they all got it wrong and that they have been holding civilization back, and creating many of the problems we see today politically, and have actually empowered evil to thrive behind the definitions as they have been interpreted by institutionalism, as the Roman Empire was undoubtedly inspired to do.

A few of the most controversial passages from the Bible regarding wealth come from the Book of James 2:6 “But ye have despised the poor. Do not rich men oppress you and draw you before the judgment seats?”  Then again, with Jesus saying in Luke 18:25 that “it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God,” There are many others, of course, littered throughout the Bible and I would argue not so much that they are wrong, but that they don’t capture the entirety of the morality of money. I have personally been able to forgive the Bible for these definitions, which run counter to the essence of a life well lived, but at the core of how the political left attacks conservatives is this deeply rooted guilt of making money and taking care of the poor. Because if a conservative has made a lot of money in their life, then by association, they will turn away from the Bible because it doesn’t fit their life experience with definitions like what the Bible provides. But with all other things, especially in the definitions of evil, which are well articulated throughout the Bible, then those get tossed away as well. My argument has been that the concept of American capitalism, as established by the wonderful book The Wealth of Nations by Adam Smith, is that in the times of Jesus, nobody had good definitions of money and how they were moral markers in a healthy society. And who would have expected the writers of the Bible to ever figure it out during that period of human history? Indeed, proper definitions of the value of money in a culture did not arrive upon the human race until Ayn Rand did it in her outstanding work, Atlas Shrugged, in 1957. And such a definition would have only come from a culture like America, which was vastly different in its use of capitalism than any other place in the world.

America was created to answer an ancient problem: living life free of kings and regional governors. In such a society, the only way to get rich was to obtain permission to be so by schmoozing up to the powers that controlled the region people lived in. And this is undoubtedly the issue during the teachings of Jesus. To preach the ways of God that he was, away from Jewish institutionalism, was a severe rebellion in those times. It was an unheard-of menace, so they plotted to kill him. And, of course, the people who were protecting their wealth would have been the villains of what Jesus was preaching. But there wasn’t an America even conceived of at the time, and the writers of the Bible never could imagine anything like freedom being possible. So the problem persists for a nation like America that it was built around a religious connection to ancient documents that defined money before the concept of individual freedom had been worked out politically. And for the human race, that is a very recent development. It’s even more recent than the work of Karl Marx in Europe. There is a morality to money, as applied by the United States, that is quite a good measure that is fundamental to rooting out evil in a society that is very much the topic of our present politics and is the theme of our times. 

I benefit from knowing many people in my life who are very rich. In some cases, they are extremely rich, and I have been able to see up close how that wealth creation has benefited the world around them. Adding to that an extensive study of comparative religion and reverence specifically for biblical research, I can see how definitions working against the rich, or materialism in general, would cause people problems. But I would say the Bible is wrong about wealth creation and the “rich” in general while being “right” about the definitions of “evil” itself. We can’t just pick and choose what we like in the Bible and toss out that which we don’t, which most religions do, no matter what their source material is. Instead, I would say that wealth creation has benefited from inventions in politics over the years and that the criteria for rich people have changed with the creation of America. Money helps a healthy society measure the morality of a culture in ways that institutions have never achieved after many centuries of trying. In a free culture, those who make money do so because society values something they produce for that society. But we associate wealth creation such as the Biden family has achieved as a sell-out of his office to the rivals who would like to destroy the concept of capitalism to hide their evil actions behind the traditional definitions they can’t live up to. But for a person like President Trump, who has acquired all the material items and wealth that could be imagined in a single lifetime, then used that wealth to fight for the cause of truth and justice, then suddenly the Biblical definitions aren’t broad enough to encompass the morality of money as a representative of a life well lived. Then, in that case, all wealth creation is not equal; it is good and bad among the wealthy, and how they have made their money roots out their behavior in ways that benefit moral discourse. And in that way, the right kind of wealthy people are paramount to a healthy society, especially in contrast to those who were likely just as Jesus spoke about in his time with the metaphor of the camel and the eye of the needle. 

Rich Hoffman

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Freedom is More Important than Money: Fox News and Corporate Communism will lose as history remembers

There continues to be an almost cult-like reverence at the firing of Tucker Carlson from Fox News, as if controlling a person’s employment reassured the Liberal World Order that they could control what people thought and did. After all, that is precisely how the system is designed under the new China rules for global communism. There is an institutional assurance to themselves that they are in control and can punish people of contrary thought by controlling them economically. If they can’t control people literally with their means of making a living, then through digital currency, they hope to shut people off from participating. Then, of course, they fantasize that they will control the entire world as a small minority by essentially controlling the means of making a living. If the goal of Karl Marx, which is the inherited system the Chinese adopted, and the World Economic Forum is seeking to implement it through every corporation by controlling finance through companies like BlackRock was to control the means of production, then this newer method of centralized control of people’s incomes takes that goal to a much different level. So there was much celebrating when Fox News listened to criticisms and finally fired Tucker Carlson from the number one-rated television show on cable prime time after a settlement with Dominion. They thought they had silenced Tucker and punished all critics of this Liberal World Order almost as if it were a sensual delight. Tucker was gone from Fox News, and the bad guys out there thought they had done something to protect themselves from people like Tucker and the MAGA movement’s growth. But I had a very different opinion and one that is worth perspective. 

The first thing I said about the Tucker Carlson firing at Fox News was that I was happy for him because it must have been frustrating to bend his show around Rupert Murdoch’s and his family’s obvious philosophy. Fox News has always been politics-lite, going back to Bill O’Reilly. It was more conservative than the other stations, which had been trending toward the communist left since the 90s. But it was never representative of mainstream America. There has always been this fantasy that is at the core strategy of this corporate communism movement, which Fox News has obviously bought into, which believes that the content providers create culture and not the market demand of the public. This is a fundamental difference between communism and capitalism. For instance, I think the most recent John Wick movie is one of the best movies ever made. I didn’t see one trace of Woke behavior in it; fans have rewarded it with great box office numbers. However, the belief is that if the communist mind takes over the entire entertainment industry and that people will not have any choice but to go and see their offerings that are filled with all kinds of government propaganda and liberal utterances, that the public will still show up and consume their product because they are bored and will do anything no matter what the quality of the product is. Which, of course, is blowing up in their face. This problem of there always being some kind of John Wick hitting the market need of the public is something that the controllers of the World Economic Forum who want open Chinese-style communism don’t understand. And that is why they were perplexed at the tremendous support that Tucker Carlson had when he announced he was going to continue his show on Twitter. They thought that if they controlled the platform for speech, they could control what people thought and consumed. They are not prepared for competition.

And yet that is the key to a moral society; it’s one that has competition in it for the attention of the masses. I realized this up close and personal several times in my life. Well before Tucker Carlson had a very high-profile de-platforming strategy utilized against him, I have been through it several times. I’ve been doing these kinds of things for a long time, writing, speaking, and undercutting government centralized authority systems, and I’ve seen every kind of attempt to deplatform me hoping to change my behavior. And what I discovered, even if I always knew it in the back of my mind, was that people like options, especially options in thinking. And given a choice, they will always explore those choices. This has been the problem with communism from the start. It’s one thing to impose communism on a suppressed culture of poor people, which is undoubtedly the case in China. The Chinese people have always been more compliant, and to their own defense, they don’t know any better than what the current communist government is offering them. The ability to have an air conditioner and a car is an amazing concept, so a very authoritarian government is not something they would know to question. But in America, that’s a different story. Choice is the key to culture and to economic power. Choice is expected, even demanded. So controls over the supply chain, entertainment options, and even news feeds are failing dramatically, and much of that desperation can be seen in Fox News firing their number one personality, as if sacrificing something very valuable to them would win them appeasement in the circles of this Liberal World Order. 

With his new Twitter show, Tucker Carlson will be free and gain a much larger audience than this modern cord-cutting public would otherwise give him. And if there was one primary thing that was driving the MAGA movement in general, it has been the decentralizing of news. That has certainly been the case with me. I’ve had offers from everywhere to run my own radio show. I used to do a lot of work with Clear Channel in Cincinnati and Michigan as a spot filler. And to host shows that were already known in established markets. But I have found running my own media is much more valuable. Not having the limits imposed by some dimwit corporate pinhead is worth more than the wages otherwise earned.

There are many ways to make money, especially for a person like me, and there are always people willing to pay because when you are a valuable personality, there is always someone who wants that value. And that is certainly the case with Tucker Carlson, who would be lucky to see 4 million viewers on a good night. He will be able to reach more people than that with his own news show, so I’m sure he’s happy about it. He will find he can do more and talk about more without trying to stay in the lines of what Fox News established for its employees. I was surprised that Tucker stayed with it as long as he did. I suppose the paycheck was good, but for people like him, he can make 20 million dollars anywhere. The limits were otherwise too frustrating to him, and you can see this last year he has almost been daring Fox News to fire him, to free him from his confines. Which I fully understand. Freedom is often much more valuable than money if all things are otherwise equal. And that is where this corporate communism model will ultimately fail and be laughed at in the memory of history. 

Rich Hoffman

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Does Anybody Love Joe Biden: It would be terrible to live his life

Taking a step back from politics for a moment and considering the life of Joe Biden, I wouldn’t say that I have sympathy for him. On many levels, I have a distinct hatred for people like Joe Biden for many reasons that we’ll get into here. But I do feel sorry for him, sorry for such a disastrous life lived, for who he has become. For the kids he has. The life he has led. I feel sorry for him that he can’t look in the mirror and be proud of what looks back at him. I think I would feel sorry for anybody in that condition, especially at the end of their life after many years of living it and not deciding to become a person that people love. Because the real problem with Joe Biden the most obvious question is, does anybody in his life really love him? Has Joe Biden ever known love or what it feels like to be loved? Has he ever sat at the dinner table and enjoyed being loved for who he is, rather than people telling him that because they wanted something from him? Joe Biden certainly isn’t unique to this problem, but since he is President of the United States, we get to watch him every day, and his life is an open book to the degree that we know even small details about his life which then provoke the question, is there anybody who really loves him. And I say that because I saw a nice note yesterday from Yuna Lee, the television anchor who was married to my friend Doc Thompson. She’s a very beautiful young lady, and I remember when they married because he was fired from Clear Channel while they were on their honeymoon over political wokeness on many levels. Doc has been dead for a number of years now; he was hit by a train while jogging. He had been working for Glenn Beck at the time. Well, it was his birthday, and Yuna put up a sweet tribute to him, wishing him a nice birthday in heaven. I would say that what they had was real love, something that even transcends death. But is there anybody in Joe Biden’s life like that? I think the obvious answer is no.

Sure, many people would say, but he’s the most powerful politician in the world. He’s been in politics for a long time and was the VP under President Obama. And he has a Corvette right next to all the classified documents that he had in his garage. For a lot of people, they would consider that a successful life. But, and this became very obvious during the Democrat primary in South Carolina, where Biden suddenly jumped out in the lead over the other rivals, Joe has always sold himself as the “yes man.” As a simple whore who would sell his integrity for a pack of gum, and when things were tough during that primary, and nobody was stepping out, it’s evident that the Deep State types saw that there needed to be a front-runner. A deal was made with the rivals to step out, and Biden found himself propped up and ahead for many reasons, none of them good. A decision was made to put compromised Joe into the White House to stave off the populist movement that was developing in America. So Joe was the guy with his hand up, and with his family history and all the compromises a life lived poorly has over him, he made himself a great target for the powerful to use to impose their authority controls over American society as a kind of Trojan Horse. 

With all that known, Biden didn’t earn the White House through merit. And much of his life has been that way, including his marriage to Jill. Looking at Joe Biden’s life, there aren’t many moments where he earned something good because he was the better person. Instead, he was given titles because he was willing to be a compromised asset. And then, by acquiring that power, he could sell it to outside influence. So the game became, achieve the highest offices you can, then selling that access would then grant him more personal wealth. You don’t get to acquire the kind of wealth Joe Biden did as a public servant all his life by not selling out. Joe Biden didn’t have vast private sector experience making much money before running for public office. Instead, he has spent his whole life selling his titles to contributors who wanted access, and that is the role his son, Hunter Biden, played in setting up that access, which is quite evident in the Hunter Biden laptop scandal that was suppressed before the election to contain the narrative. The same kind of intelligence influence that suddenly propped him up in that South Carolina primary. It’s a phony game that he allows himself to be the face of, and he gets financial power in return. 

Then it becomes evident that the people in his life only cared about his financial power gained as a looting politician. Choice, love, and respect are attributes that are missing from Joe Biden’s life, all his life. Now he’s a rambling old man who has told so many lies over the years that he doesn’t know which one he is talking about. And the people around him are there for the power he has acquired as a sell-out, not because they love him. People happy with those kinds of choices tend to be not very good people themselves, as is obvious from Hunter Biden and the stories of Joe’s daughter who wrote in her diary that she took showers with her dad. The FBI stepped in and tried to suppress that information to preserve the narrative. So when you look at Joe Biden’s life, he is surrounded by people who want to use his power and position for their own purposes. For what they can get out of the relationship. They don’t have a relationship with Joe Biden because they love him. They only care about Joe Biden because of what they can get from him, including the globalists, the Democrat Party, his children, his wife, and the labor unions. They only like him because he has acquired power. And Joe apparently knew this early in his life, so he worked to compromise himself to acquire more power so that people would like him. He has obviously never had a life where people liked him because he was likable. And to fill the void, he has had to make up all this fake backstory about his life. It would be a terrible way to live. It certainly isn’t the kind of love Yuna had for my friend Doc Thompson. And that certainly isn’t the only example. But when Joe does move into the realm of death, will anybody remember him for who he was? Or will they simply move on to the next sell-out? Well, the answer to that is in their behavior while he’s alive. He’s obviously struggling as an elderly person, and everyone around him is letting him because his power and position is the only thing they value about him. And if he makes a fool out of himself while doing it, they’re fine with that. Because they only care about what they get from Joe Biden. They don’t care about the guy himself, which is a very sad condition. 

Rich Hoffman

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Why We Love Freedom: It’s the key to economic viability and production in any culture

It’s one of the things I like most this particular time of year, the spring months ahead of summer, when stores like Cabela’s put out their Holiday attire. With Memorial Day and the Fourth of July coming on the horizon, there are a lot of patriotic garments that they offer to satisfy the sentiments of their customer base, which, to say the least, are not Karl Marx fans. It’s always a reminder to me of where people are generally, away from the news and in reality. When I travel around the country, it’s pretty easy to see where people are politically. And Cabela’s understands that, as does Bass Pro. The same company essentially owns them, but they know their customers, and I enjoy going there to see what’s the latest in outdoor trends. These stores, dedicated to adventure and patriotism, are such wonderful assets, and I have never gotten tired of the Cabela’s in my neighborhood of Cabela’s West Chester, Ohio, since it opened. Let’s just say I spend a lot of time there. On this particular visit, I found a really nice Under Armor camouflage shirt that would be perfect for the summer season and all the outdoor activities I have planned. And it had a nice logo on it that said “Freedom.” It was a whole marketing line of t-shirts they have in all kinds of colors and styles, and they were selling like hotcakes at a maple syrup festival. I bought the shirt and other related items and immensely enjoyed the experience. But I had to ask myself as I watched others doing the same thing, what does everyone think that “Freedom” means? Why do we say it? Why was it such a powerful marketing tool? Under Armor is trying to appeal to those sentiments, so why was it such a powerful statement that might provoke someone to buy it, as opposed to a statement that might say, “Compliance?”

What do we mean when we say we want and expect “freedom?” Freedom from what? Freedom from government, Freedom from our parents? Freedom from work? Freedom from corporate influence, hostile governments, greedy financial institutions, politics, taking our kids to soccer practice, public schools that can’t spend our money correctly and waste it trying to indoctrinate our children into a Marxist ideology? We have a lot of hooks in us by the nature of living life. But if we had to put our finger on the specificity of the meaning of Freedom from an American perspective, the way Cabela’s is marketing it is the Freedom to live your own life the way you want to. It’s undoubtedly not Freedom from responsibility. And the more successful you are in life, obviously the pressure of responsibility increases. But what is specific about American Freedom is the notion that the value of a developed individual life is recognized as significant, and the results of that development and uniqueness benefit our national culture. In America, you can be a slug, barely rubbing two pennies together and living out of a van, nearly homeless, or you could work hard and become an executive for a major company. In America, you can literally have access to anybody at any level. A woman can date a multimillionaire if she is attractive and can get their attention, as opposed to a more controlled society that works within a caste system, as it is throughout India, Nepal, and into China. In Iran or Pakistan, a woman might be the most beautiful person in the world, but nobody would know because of their regimented society. And the hope to date or even marry someone outside of that rigid system is an impossible concept. 

In America, we have an expectation of choice. We can choose to be successful or not, to spend time with people of any level of input. Of course, you would have to work hard to move through social circles, but if you choose to work toward those goals, the doors are open to the hard worker, and we have that Freedom of choice. And you see that when you travel and go to summer activities where people have RVs and boats, earned assets that represent their hard work or lack thereof. I am always amazed by the variety when I go to campsites with our RV and my children. Some people have multimillion-dollar rigs decked out with all the luxury one could imagine. Many times, those rigs are more elaborate than their homes. And they might be parked next to some scrappy dude who hasn’t washed in a week living out of a tent in the bed of his truck with an American flag stuck out of the hood with a crude drill hole applied to stand it proudly upright. And they will talk and kid around with each other without any pretense of snobbery. They subconsciously appreciate each other’s choice to live a free life. And the results of those decisions provide different toys in life to enjoy. But they celebrate their ability to make that choice and not have a government or social construct make it for them.

This is why China must steal nearly a trillion dollars a year in intellectual property theft because even with the rigged financial system that has put them on the front burner for corporate communism, their culture is dying regarding creativity. They might have a lot of hard workers and an obedient society ready to do whatever they are told. But they aren’t very creative, which is common in communist cultures. Yet invention comes from Freedom. Good ideas are born when people are free to think outside the box. I have had several occasions in my life where I’ve had to deal with the United States Patent Office, and let me tell you, it’s always very busy. There are a lot of good ideas in America born every day, and those ideas come to those who are free to have ideas and are bold enough to act on them. And boldness comes from Freedom of choice. When people are free to express themselves either boldly or rigidly, there are consequences to that behavior that have predicted results. But when people are not free to think for themselves and act accordingly with some sort of market incentive, a society quickly shows the results in stagnant behavior. So in that regard, which is why Cabela’s markets “Freedom” the way they do, Freedom is an essential ingredient to the potential for a vibrant and inventive society. And that’s what we celebrate in America, the Freedom of choice. And from those choices, we have seen proof that society flourishes without a complicated caste system driven by religion or politics in limiting options for the human experience. And that’s what we celebrate on our patriotic holidays, the ability to have a choice. And perhaps to show off our new boats, campers, fishing poles, guns, the things we could buy because we chose to take a risk and hit it big, or work hard all our lives and treat ourselves to a new toy. Or just to spend time outdoors with family and friends because we have the leisure time to do so. Freedom is important to the American lifestyle, and it’s more than a tagline that refers to the period of the Founding Fathers. It’s an important attribute of our economic viability and our culture’s purpose. And it’s always under threat by oppressive forces that are jealous of it, and it’s something we must defend diligently. 

Rich Hoffman

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I’m Not Worried About Artificial Intelligence: People will always want Amish Furnature over IKEA

I’m not one who is overly concerned about all the artificial intelligence talk, especially regarding ChatGPT.   When I look at the amount of labor that an economy that needs to expand a lot will require, then you look at the available labor force, especially given the crises of the current public education liberal activism, and I see lots of great uses for A.I. I’m not one of those Blade Runner types who are worried about A.I. becoming self-aware and wanting to find its soul, and not die. I see necessary labor fulfillment in artificial intelligence, especially as civilization moves into space. The amount of labor that will be required to achieve what I’d like to see for the human race is extraordinarily high, much more significant than a society of lazy humans could ever achieve on their own. So for me, A.I. is exciting. Unlike a Terminator movie, I’m not worried about it taking over the world and turning all mechanical things against us. I am also not concerned about artificial intelligence being smarter than the human race. I’m certainly not worried about it, personally. Intelligence is far more than the ability to make calculations. When solving complicated math problems, I think calculators are perfectly wonderful. But by themselves, calculators aren’t smart. They are just able to handle raw data well, which is the case of A.I. programs. Intelligence is far more than just making calculations. And I’ve seen from A.I. that it can copy what it sees humans do, but it can’t surprise human ability to think, and I don’t think it ever will. Imagination is part of intelligence, and it has roots in operations that extend outside our dimensional reality, and mechanical intelligence will always be short on that ability because actual thought is not just about 1s and 0s or Xs and Os. 

To answer many questions that have been asked, given the amount of work I personally do in writing, everything I do is done the old-fashioned way. I will always provide my thoughts as a writer in the traditional way. I do not have trouble filling an empty page with thoughts, and I can do it efficiently enough to compete with a head-to-head match-up with ChatGPT. I’ve heard from contemporaries that ChatGPT can get really close to the style of an actual writer, given a particular subject matter. But to me, it’s like buying furniture from an Amish person or getting it from Ikea. It’s all furniture, but the quality of it is obviously better with an Amish person who builds everything by hand, works within a well-structured family environment, and intends for the furniture to last a lifetime and be passed down from generation to generation. Whereas IKEA furniture likely will only last a few years and be thrown away before a decade goes by. My experience with A.I. so far shows considerable gaps in quality that will only increase the more mechanical the process is. I think this actually works to the advantage of a person like me who wants to get a message out. If people like what I’m saying, and they use ChatGPT to duplicate my efforts in a mass way, then that quality of conversation as it moves into mass media, like Twitter, and Google itself, will end up more intelligent and more on point to a political message, than just turning over the original thought to A.I. to generate a political campaign. For that reason, I will always start with my original thoughts. The amount of work on my blog, for instance, I produce initially, every word of it, every day, all days of the year, for decades because I am investing in shaping culture itself, including A.I.  So the more that A.I. wants to copy my original thoughts, I’m more than happy to let it go out and make the world a better place. I have absolutely no fear that it will ever surpass my intelligence and work against me. Instead, I think I will always find a way to make A.I. beneficial to my strategies as a thinking person on the chessboard of life.

I have seen the radicalism in A.I. for a while now, the dangers that everyone is concerned about, which is why I have been reluctant to use it at all. For instance, for many years in their Office software, Microsoft has been autocorrecting woke words into their documents during spell checks. Spellcheck is a wonderful program, but the word suggestions are horrendously progressive. For instance, when using words like “transvestite” it flags it as socially insensitive and an outdated term. Well, I say it’s a very relevant term, so I spend a lot of time ignoring the suggestions of Microsoft and its radical A.I. that runs in the background of its Office software. I usually ignore about half of the program suggestions on a document by the radically liberal global company that has foolishly moved more toward such intelligence systems rather than relying on human intellect. And that’s the same with Grammarly editing software, which is very useful. I usually run everything I write through Grammarly, and I like it. It helps catch errors, especially with my fast-moving lifestyle, where there isn’t much time to ponder all the rules of grammar with the amount that I do write. Grammarly takes the emotion out of writing and the kind of mistakes a human editor might experience, especially if they have their own opinions. But Grammarly has many of those same woke tendencies in it; it doesn’t like words like “own” or “actual,” and it certainly doesn’t like the word “mankind” because it has the word “man” in it. Instead, it prefers to use the word “humankind,” which I ignore and use my own words anyway. 

And that is how the differences in artificial intelligence will begin to show itself from the original thought. I don’t think the human being will become less relevant. Instead, I think A.I. will value source material to duplicate more than ever, making the human being much more valued in original thoughts. The fear that A.I. will surpass the human element only holds if we consider the amount of labor available in our current economy to be limited to that duplication effort, as if the human job will be eliminated and the A.I. element will then take over all entertainment, reporting, commentating, and the production of religious sentiment. I say it will always be IKEA furniture that will be good but not highly sought after. Whereas the human mind and imagination, for pure originality and quality, will always be needed, much the way that people crave the craftsmanship of Amish woodworkers. I see it already in programs like Grammarly, and Microsoft Office, that the A.I. programs are actually jealous of the human intellect, especially when you reject their inputs to keep that originality fresh and avoid their mechanical approach to sentiment. The best way to stay authentic is to bend the world to that authenticity and not to use the lazy approach of letting others think for you. That is what most people really fear, is the competition with A.I., that is obvious. But A.I. will only be as good as the human race can program it to be because thought and imagination are connected to the human soul, which science has yet to figure out. To what aspect is thought connected to immortality? That is where the real questions are. And A.I., as it is evolving, might calculate such things based on the data it has, but imagination still acquires the data, and that will likely always be the case. 

Rich Hoffman

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Chick-fil-A Gets It: Recruiting Homeschool Kids is the Wave of the Future

It’s not artificial intelligence that everyone should be worrying about. The question as to whether or not artificial intelligence will take over the world and surpass the human being is a far less severe problem than what history will show results from the attempted takeover of the Liberal World Order during Covid. Covid was a bioweapon meant to destroy cultures while leaving the infrastructure intact for the hostile agent that employed it. Destroy the people without destroying the actual assets. After three years, people just now admitted that Covid came from China, and our government is willing to say so. But that took too long.

Meanwhile, the social distancing policies, where the damage really came from, were created by the government to inflict on its populatios around the world and destroyed a great deal in the process. But in that effort, people discovered something I have been warning about for over thirty years, as the public schools were shut down, and people had to care for their children at home. Suddenly people didn’t have access to that free babysitting service, public education, and a substantial cultural revelation was exposed to people for perhaps the first time. No longer were there theories about what was going on in public schools, but in the vacuum of daily noise, parents were able to see it for themselves as the push to work from home and the confidence that a “new normal” would result from shutting down the public school system across America and that nobody was ever coming back anyway. But things had to return to normal, which left all the leftist radicals exposed to what we are seeing today, and that’s good in its own way. At least people now understand what a devastating concept public education is and what it has done to several generations of children.

My wife and I whenever we could homeschool our kids we did. It was enormously difficult, and we did not have family and community support. Some fractures within my family are still very strong today because things were said that could never be taken back. But the social pressure for my wife to go out and get a job, process our kids through the public education system, and allow the government to co-parent our kids was never in my plans. I couldn’t wait to get married to my wife at age 19 so that I could get off the grid of processed human beings and raise a traditional family of my own, essentially to show the rest of the world how stupid they were. And my wife and I are about to celebrate our 35th wedding anniversary. We’ve done it the entire time as traditional families did; she was a strong, central figure housewife. We built our whole family around her. My job was to provide income and emotional stability, to change the oil in the cars, and fight off any bad guys that might stick their noses into our business. Her job was the traditional full-time, around-the-clock stable mom that everyone could count on seven days a week under any condition. And the results were that our way of life flourished during Covid because we weren’t dependent on the ridiculously stupid outside world.   And my kids made the decision very quickly to homeschool their kids because they were raised correctly as children themselves, and they wanted to provide that level of security to their children even as the world crumbled away into stupidity and dust. It was an inconvenient time when I met my wife; we were just starting out in life. But I knew when she was being pushed into a fashion model occupation by many forces and all she was talking about with me was being a housewife that I had found the perfect person to do what I wanted to do, which was raise a traditional family in the traditional American ways and spit in the face of a progressive society. My hatred for that society goes back to my youth, so by the time I was 19 years old, I was more than ready to swipe at the endeavor. 

After Covid failed to destroy our society, and the yearly homeschool conventions returned to Cincinnati each April, my kids take the day off and go to it to get supplies for the upcoming year. They have been homeschooling their children for two years now and never plan to return to the public school system. The results in their kids are just too dramatically positive. It’s hard work and takes supportive spouses, but the effort is clearly beneficial when you do a side-by-side comparison with other kids who have been processed through the public education system. And what’s interesting is to see how many other parents are figuring this out as well, by the amount of growth my kids have witnessed at the Cincinnati Homeschool Convention downtown from each year they have attended. It has grown a lot; there are many more homeschoolers than there used to be. But one thing they noticed this year, as opposed to years past, is that Chick-Fil-A was there recruiting workers, which said a lot to me. Of course, Chick-Fil-A would do that, they have such nice kids working at their stores, and people are always flocking to go there for a chicken sandwich. The company Chick-Fil-A recognizes the next-generation problem that the biggest challenge is in staffing with good, quality people. The kids coming out of public education are not as reliable and good as those homeschooled.

When we talk about the modern labor shortage, it’s not because there is a lack of applicants to fulfill an economy that does 19 trillion in GDP per year. Many jobs go unfulfilled, and artificial intelligence can hopefully help cover those employment gaps. The problem is that there aren’t enough quality candidates. Now, Chick-Fil-A has a good recruitment and training program that staffs their stores with good kids with fundamental Christian values, and that is what the customers want when buying a Chicken Sandwich. But to keep that recruitment up to their company standards, they are turning to homeschool conventions to recruit new employees for their stores, which is a very telling admission. This is one of the methods Chick-Fil-A uses to get better workers over their competitors. Going after homeschooled kids are going to be the wave of the future, as most corporations who listened to all the same dumb advice about embracing woke values are learning sequentially that the advice was terrible and they are going to have to change their behavior for the future. Companies looking for good employees will not care about their college education, what high school they attended, or whether that school won a national championship in football. They will care about whether or not the kids come from backgrounds where the parental structure was good; homeschooled kids would be a great bonus. And are the kids engaging, willing to work, and confident enough to continue learning as an asset of their corporation? Chick-Fil-A gets it, and the trends in the future of employee recruiting will be along those lines, throwing out all the previous measures entirely because they will historically be proven to be completely ineffective. 

Rich Hoffman

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Darbi Boddy Protects Lakota from Trans Activism: What is really going on in the classrooms that would shock parents

At this point, the constant barrage of anti-Darby Boddy sentiment at Lakota schools is laughable. At the school board meeting on 4.17.23, the second-year school board member, who has been the center of controversy, proposed the board vote on banning transgender bathrooms and athletes at Lakota schools, and the reaction was predictably hostile. School board members Kelly Casper and Julie Shaffer, who have supported transgender bathrooms in the past, were openly hostile toward Darbi for even bringing it up. And the rest of the board noticeably leaned left on the issue, leaving Darbi in a 4-to-1-squabble over an obvious problem. Of course, the media picked up the story and attempted to sling it negatively toward Darbi Boddy, as they have for the entire last year.   But the real problem on the board, just as it is with their grasp of financial concepts, is that the Lakota school board cares much more about its public image than the actual quality of the school. And I have news for them. They can play keep away with the facts all they want, but the reality is that eventually some version of the Backpack Bill will pass in Ohio and the money will go away from the school and will follow the kids. Public schools as we know it will change forever; it’s an inevitable fate. And only one of the school board members at Lakota, Darbi Boddy, is trying to prepare for that inevitability by asking questions that will eventually make Lakota schools more competitive. When the community brings issues to the school board, their reaction has been to hide and keep away from the facts, trying to limit public expression at extreme measures to hide the actual problems from themselves.

For instance, there has been talk for several years now, going back to the previous board president, where Lakota spent much of its excess budget on woke administrators to fill positions like equity inclusion and other ridiculous progressive government roles. The school board attempts to say that they are not a political body of administration and that everything they do is “for the kids.” And anyone who questions that premise they berate like a bunch of thugs robbing a Walmart in Chicago, as if the potential for violence and name-calling might hide the reality of their true intentions, which is extreme political activism, such as is the case with gender-neutral bathrooms in a public school, which Julie Shaffer has undoubtedly supported in the past, who is now up for re-election this year. But like in the case of Kelly Casper, who was openly very rude to Darbi Boddy during the Monday school board meeting, she has been pressing the issue that Lakota has cut all the meat off the bone that they could, so why couldn’t Lakota get more state money to cover their costs. Lakota has too many administrators who perform woke, purely political tasks. Every administrator Lakota hires toward woke causes costs around $100,000 yearly after salary and benefits. Then obviously, ten useless administrators will add a million dollars to the payroll. The question then becomes, how many useless administrators are there at Lakota schools? Around 30%? That is the financial problem at Lakota. It’s a spending problem by big government hacks, not an actual budget problem that requires more state revenue. Lakota needs to go the other way on their cost structure for the eventual day when a Backpack Bill in favor of School Choice passes, and Lakota will become an option instead of a zip code-mandated limit. 

Then in that regard, Darbi is asking all the right questions. Darbi wants to show the voting public that Lakota is taking a stand against transgender activism because that is something that people with kids are concerned about, and if Lakota makes that stand now, they might want to send their kids to Lakota still later. Transgender issues are in the news, so now is the time for Lakota to state its position to ease parents’ minds. But the other board members dug in and lashed out at Darbi for even bringing up the question, with big spender Kelly Casper calling Darbi on stage a “petulant 2-year-old,” obviously trying to score points with the radical teacher union base she most represents. But behind the entire meeting was anger that Darbi even brought up the issue because the board, just as they had done over their superintendent antics, where there were reports of alarming activity that they ignored which drove the need for a public position, and they wanted to pretend as if there was no merit behind Darbi’s vote recommendation. As if reporting any of this transgender activity to the acting superintendent might actually result in action, which we all know by now, it will be ignored because it might damage the school’s reputation. Yet, parents are concerned; I received information that can be seen here from a kid in the 6th grade at VanGorden Elementary at Lakota who brought home the book Gracefully Grayson by Ami Polonsky. That book was given to the child in school, and they brought it home for their parents to discover, and it is all about a boy who feels like a girl, so he takes the journey to become one. It clearly says on the back of the book, “What if who you are on the outside doesn’t match who you are on the inside?” This is what is being taught in Lakota schools, and the school board should be aware of it. According to them, they aren’t aware, which shows how out of touch they are with reality. Only Darbi Boddy is trying to do anything about it. Darbi is right; we need a new board built around people like her because the rest are part of the political problem and spending disasters. 

But even worse than all that, all this transgender talk is technically a religious issue. It’s not just a political platform for liberal politics. The same people advocating for transgender bathrooms and student-athletes are the same who would say that the Cross of Christ or Bible studies in any public school would be a violation of church and state. Yet it’s perfectly ok to plaster the walls of Lakota with rainbows and Pride paraphernalia to show equity inclusion. But the trans movement is religious; it’s the Cult of Ishtar, which is a thing of its own. Where religion becomes part of a political movement, which trans rights clearly are. If a school is going to allow for rainbow representations of a sexual lifestyle in the Pride movement, then they must also enable open displays of the Ten Commandments and the Cross on the walls. You can’t have one without the other. But the instances are that one is allowed, but the other isn’t, and that is indeed the core problem we are dealing with at all public schools. We are supposed to accept that transgender issues are a moral mandate while other religious practices are rejected as a separation of Church and State, which is reprehensible. And the Lakota school board, except for Darbi Boddy, wants to ignore this massive problem just to protect their ability to get more tax money from the public in the future because they waste so much money they have no other management option based on the politics of the system itself. And to that point, only Darbi Boddy has been willing to tackle the problems at Lakota to make it a more viable destination for the education dollar spent. The rest just hope the problem will disappear, especially if they ignore the evidence, which is ridiculously complicit in progressive politics that is the foundation of everything that goes on in public education.

Rich Hoffman

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‘Return of the Gods’: The kind of evil explored in ‘Lord of the Rings’ is upon us now, but on a much larger scale than people can relate to

I had read the new Jonathan Cahn book Return of the Gods when it first came out in September of 2022, and I liked it a lot. But the content at even that time seemed a bit too obscure for mainstream politics. But now we are just a few months into 2023, and not even eight months have passed, but the trans movement has exploded, the government has been caught lying to us about many things, especially the proxy war with Russia, and virtually everywhere we look where the government is involved in an out-of-control level of evil that people are perplexed with, we see a vast maliciousness that most just can’t get their minds around.   It doesn’t surprise me, but I spend a lot of time thinking about these things in all kinds of out-of-the-box ways. Then I happened to be listening to the Glenn Beck radio show right around Easter of 2023, and he was talking about the Jonathan Cahn book. Cahn is most known for his Harbinger books, but this was different, this Return of the Gods, because it dealt with something that was very much aligned with my way of thinking, that the ancient gods from Sumerian culture and the early Bible were making their way back into the world from times long past, and that their influence explained a lot about the vast level of evil that we are seeing presently. Who are these gods they are talking about? Well, I’ve been leading up to this kind of discussion for most of the last year because if you really want to solve the problem, you have to go to where the problem is, and in this case, its spiritual enemies who live likely in the realms of quantum mechanics, and originally were living creatures that probably didn’t even come from earth, but settled in the Middle East area to start off as gods among the people they interacted with. And that’s where things get too weird for most people to deal with, and the narrative quickly falls apart. But even that is by design.

Jonathan Cahn is a rabbi who specializes in scriptural interpretation, and when reading the Bible, especially as a grown adult with lots of life experiences, it becomes very clear that Yahweh, the God of the Bible, the only God that Christian people were to worship, was extremely vengeful of the gods of the land of Canaan and that the creation of the people of Israel for him was a kind of modern Tea Party movement or MAGA. He gave the people of Israel the Ten Commandments and promised those who followed them a great life. And history shows us that when the Ten Commandments were used to construct of society, good things did happen. But God, the Yahweh of the Bible, was constantly frustrated that his people kept “cheating” on him with other gods, which are the gods that Jonathan Cahn talks about in his book as if they were not long dead, but were making yet again a comeback into the world of the living. Which I am certain is true. Are these the same gods and entities from such a long time ago? I think it’s actually much more complicated than just the three gods covered in the book Return of the Gods, which are Baal, Ishtar, and Molech, the pagan gods who were the primary villains of the Bible. This would mean to the masses that all the gods of the Bible were not fictional characters but were likely, through quantum entanglement, to be with us today on a global scale and were shaping the movement behind globalism in general. These were the gods of the Desecrators of Davos, the World Economic Forum, the efforts of communism, and the many wars that have occurred over the last century or more. And that concept to most people is extremely unsettling because we sort of think about events in the Bible over and done with, from a time well before ours. But when the efforts of Baal, Ishtar, and Moleck, or as I think of him (Marduk) is understood, we can see that the same battle for the souls of mankind is well underway and never left us, and over time has only gained in strength. 

Dealing with this kind of evil was what J.R.R. Tolkien did best with his Lord of the Rings books, which Peter Jackson made into the very popular movies. They are fantasy stories, but they have a lot of Christian concepts in them that obviously Tolkien was wrestling with as a metaphor for World War I and how global politics works. Ultimately, it wasn’t just the deceit of mankind by the ever-present spirit world where even the dead are never really gone and are always trying to make their way back into the living world. In the Lord of the Rings story, the dark, evil character Sauron is re-manifesting thousands of years after his defeat as a conqueror of the known world. And in the new stories, he is manifesting again to bring evil into the world. In a simplified way, with one bad guy to consider with all the efforts that made up the massively popular books, I think Tolkien touched on more reality than fiction when he contemplated how evil moved through people over vast periods of time. And what Jonathan Cahn was doing with his Return of the Gods was explaining that we were living our own version of Lord of the Rings; only what we were going through was much worse but vastly less obvious. The bad guys came to us not as dark, vile characters that were easy to identify due to their corrosive nature, but they came to us as friends, family, corporate logos, and in politics, and our minds weren’t ready to deal with such an evil. Yet, here it is. 

I’ll spend a little time on this topic because it is complicated. I am very impressed with Jonathan Cahn’s work, and now that Glenn Beck and other media outlets are giving the book a chance, it’s worth a bit of a deep dive into this subject. The Return of the Gods is a very popular book within Christian circles. It’s the kind of thing that people who visit Cracker Barrel or Chick-fil-A would feel right at home with. If you go to a bookstore and ask where it’s at, usually, the employees know exactly where it’s at because it’s one of their hottest-selling authors, even though it’s in the Christian book section. But this is a mainstream problem, this evil, and even people who don’t spend much time thinking about Christian issues, more than casually, are going to have a challenge wrestling with this one. But to solve the problems we are seeing today, the Bible is actually the mechanism for defeating this evil on the battlefield because that’s what Yahweh had done before, even though he was personally frustrated by the results.

We like to think that Jesus came along by his father, God, and made fighting evil to be more like an easy bake oven. Jesus died for our sins. All we had to do was acknowledge Jesus, and we would be saved because that’s why God sent him to us. He couldn’t keep people from falling to the pagan gods in the masses that they were, so Jesus came along and solved the problem with a kind of ransom for the type of evil we see all about us, and it’s been there since the beginning of time. And it’s with us now. It never really went away, and when we contemplate the events of our modern news cycles, it’s the root cause of most of our problems.   And if we want to understand those problems and have a chance to fix them, we must factually deal with that evil and face it with an epic battle that has become the responsibility of our age. We aren’t just reading about things that happened a long time ago before we were born. But this is our own history in the making, and it will be up to our resolve to defeat this evil, which I think is our destiny. Yet, before we can do that, we must understand what we are fighting, which is why Jonathan Cahn’s book is so important. I can’t recommend it enough; as quickly as you can get it, and read it.

Rich Hoffman

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Attack of the Billionaires: It’s like treating alcoholism with a keg of beer

Like the sons of the queen from the great Shakespeare play Titus, the sons of George Soros intend malice and destruction for America by many of the same manipulations expressed in a microcosm within that famous play. With these frequent visits to the White House under the mask of a Biden presidency, illegally secured by globalist forces through massive election fraud brought on by Covid regulations, by the sons of George Soros give a window into what Americans have discovered about their government. They aren’t in charge of it, and we have allowed these billionaires to get in behind the scenes and shape policy in ways that voters have lost control of. And if Trump had never become president, we would likely have never discovered it. And as bad as George Soros and his sons have been, the reach of their ill intent goes much further than just them. When we look at a wide selection of billionaires, such as Peter Thiel, Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Ray Dalio, and many others, it is quickly realized that we have a lot of whores in our government who will do anything for easy money and these billionaire types have been caught using their excessive power through finance to essentially destroy the concept of America through a lot of easy money. In some cases, like with Peter Theil and Elon Musk, their activism has been beneficial toward restoring the Constitutional Republic, which America was designed to be. But then, in the case of Bill Gates, Ray Dalio, George Soros, Bloomberg, and many others, the plan by them has been to secure their political position in the world by using their finance as a weapon of war to change the country into their vision, not the one represented by popular vote. 

The 2024 election was never going to be about policy, as the RINOs want, the Never Trumper types who keep trying to throw these soft-shelled Republicans into the field to challenge Donald Trump for the Republican nomination. It’s almost funny to watch their childish attempts. Who in their right mind thinks that Asa Hutchinson is going to do anything positive for Republicans? It’s like treating alcoholism with a keg of beer. Only one Republican is offering himself into the presidential race with any serious chance of beating the kinds of menaces that are actually controlling America, and that is President Trump because he’s a billionaire and can afford to play the game the way the other billionaires are playing it against our country. We’re not talking about easy Republican positions such as cutting taxes and having a firm stance on abortion. We are dealing with a kind of evil in politics that far extends into the kind of manipulations only explored most effectively in our lives through the art of Willian Shakespeare. It’s not a surprise that Alexander Soros, one of the most active sons of George Soros and his globalists friends, has visited the White House so much. They have been caught in more ways than one and likely wouldn’t even be talked about if Hillary Clinton had won in 2016. But they have been caught, and people see what the problem is, and Trump is their champion to get it back under control.    So no matter what the news has stated on the matter, no matter what the influences have been against President Trump, people know that at this point in history, Trump offering himself to the White House is the best way to beat this influence of the billionaires from their purposeful destruction of America. 

Do Ray Dalio and people like Larry Fink intend the destruction of America? I’ve read all their books, especially Ray’s, and the literature of Larry Fink’s friends in the World Economic Forum, and I would say they have an insane view of the future that does not incorporate the United States and capitalism in any way. They want a micromanaged future where governments they control through finance manage the entire global population. And that they don’t see what they are doing as destructive. They view themselves as helpful, as an insane person might view “help.” They don’t like the invisible hand of Adam Smith’s Wealth of Nations; they want the centralized authority of Karl Marx, which is how so many corporations have been scammed into globalism.   It’s hard for them to trust that innate nature of people, as has been the case in America. So the attacks toward the moral premise of the country’s foundation have been to erode away that “invisible hand” with financial influence in a way that destroys the way a Republic is supposed to function. And these billionaires continue to throw wood on that fire with a scam that is perpetuated by the media because many people in the media are the same kind of whores as is common on a K-Street corner. They perform different tasks to get it, but whoring out integrity for the exchange of easy money is the primary driver of much of this evil and deceit that we have witnessed over a long period of time, and the Republicans have failed to meet that evil until President Trump came along late in his life with all his power of brand to fight it. And people gravitated to him, understanding what the real problem was. We didn’t have enough mean tweets in our culture to fight the real villains because the billionaires were spreading around too much money to the donors, and all the regular politicians who were struggling to raise enough money to even run for office weren’t free enough as people to have their own opinions on things. 

I know I am glad that President Trump is willing to even put himself out there at this stage of his life. That he’s a fighter and is so well revered when he shows up at cage fighting exhibitions to thunderous applause shows that the folks out there get it. They understand what this fight is all about. But the billionaire class out there thinks falsely that the world of globalism will be a new version of aristocracy, which they will be in charge of because of their wealth. They may have had success in life that made them very rich, but they have lost their minds on how they could or would use that wealth to control others. In America, there is an expectation that government would get out of the way of ordinary people, and work in the background, whereas European socialism takes center stage. And that is the vision of these billionaire influencers. They want the China model, which they have helped prop up. China didn’t get all its power from being the smartest on the planet; they have the finance from the World Economic Forum to spread parental communism to all the nations of the world like some overly concerned parent might not let a child ride a bicycle without a helmet. The kid just wants to ride the bike, but the neurotic parent is afraid of every scratch and dent that might occur along the way. So it is the neurosis of the billionaires that is the real problem, their insecurity in protecting what they think makes them so unique, which is their wealth. In an aristocracy, they have more meaning because of it. In a free society, they are only as important as the next person. They may be able to buy more toys, but their influence is just the same as the beer-drinking MMA fighter, and they find that appalling. But Trump supporters get it and are looking to him as a billionaire to fight off those corrupt influences. And the political world should be glad that Trump is their champion. Because if people didn’t have that hope, they would turn to more aggressive methods, and the billionaires wouldn’t like those. And no trips to the White House would be able to do anything to prevent the inevitability. 

Rich Hoffman

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