Do Not Fear the ‘Metaverse’: Remember Facebook cheated in the 2020 election the old fashioned way, they aren’t that powerful

Do Not Fear Meta, They are More Bark than Bite

I’m not going to say that we shouldn’t worry about this new “Metaverse” concept that Facebook has changed its name to.  But I will say that it’s not going to work out the way they have planned.  Of course, this is referencing the rebranding of Facebook after they have been caught in election fraud, as outlined in the Molly Hemmingway book Rigged, and have undergone a significant name change that they say will incorporate virtual reality.  There has been a lot of talk about this move and fear about it because the tech companies, in general, have acquired entirely too much power in our lives, which we’ve given to them willingly.  They have made communication with other people over vast distances possible.  I remember not that long ago where long-distance phone calls were a very real thing, so to go to what we have now, where you can speak to anybody anywhere in the world free of charge over the internet, it’s quite astonishing.  Then to have what we can see coming on the horizon, to engage other people in virtual environments all hours of the day, anywhere in the world is attractive.  But we all knew that the villains of the world would attack us from that front at some point.  The definitions are still dripping wet, so much of what we have seen over this last decade caught many by surprise.  Tyranny was always going to attempt to attack from that sector of the economy through all this new technology, and to date, many think it has won. 

Yet, I have different thoughts about the nature of technology and the technocrats who have looked to use it to become the new masters of the universe.  Mark Zuckerberg and his Facebook company were always about information collection, and that is undoubtedly what they are hoping to do with this new move toward a “Metaverse.” They want you in it because they want to control as much of your life as possible, as any company would who want to make the consumer relationship easier on themselves.  I noticed the start of this concept of being everywhere anytime actually, the last time I was at Disney World a few years ago, and used their bracelet system to get into all the parks and take care of purchases along the way.  Obviously, this concept was sold to us out of convenience. Still, the companies using the technology wanted out of it to be the biggest brother in our lives they could get away with so they could control the customer experience well outside the jurisdiction of the amusement parks themselves. Facebook’s Metaverse looks to take their wall platform where you can talk to all the people in your life that you’ve ever known and carry it over to an all-encompassing virtual environment that will embody artificial intelligence and the future of bioengineering.  It sounds big and scary at first, but there are significant limits associated with technology that many aren’t considering, even if it did get away from us the way many fear and become the plot of some Terminator movie.  The problem with technology is that it’s soulless and will continue to be.  And to fulfill that gap, companies like Facebook and Disney expect to trade-off convenience for the lack of customer experience that ultimately will follow. 

The great fear is that we are moving behind the human experience of existence. Soon, computers and programs, in general, will be so advanced that they will exceed human intellect and rule us all without our control.  Many within Facebook’s Metaverse and Google’s many data collection platforms believe they have successfully mapped out the behavior of human beings to the point where artificial intelligence will take over the world.  But let me remind everyone that they, even with all their ability to map out the human experience with “like” buttons and comments on their homepages, have been analyzed to scrutiny beyond reason, were not able to stop people from voting for Donald Trump for president.  Or to stop the MAGA movement and populism in general around the world with all their technology.  Facebook, in fact, out of a promise to its employees, ensured the 2020 election would be taken from President Trump and that the tech companies themselves held all the power now over elections.  Of course, the young millennials lacking experience in the world believed Zuckerberg and the climate freaks at Google.  It still took half a billion Zuckerbucks to buy off voters on the ground one carload at a time to stuff ballots and tamper with paper votes.  Facebook didn’t have near the influence over the population they had been selling to the public, and much of what they were doing for shareholders was smoke and mirrors.  What we learned was that people liked to send pictures of themselves to grandma halfway across the country on Facebook and that they might hit the like button on her recently baked pie. Still, there is much about human beings that they hide from these data collection devices.  As it turns out, all Google, Facebook, Twitter, and many others could muster was inspiring the animal instincts of human beings and nothing more. Indeed not the eternal aspects of human behavior, their hopes, and dreams beyond their desires for food, sex, and economic fulfillment. 

I love video games, and I love virtual reality, but I have to say, and this is undoubtedly the case on popular multiplayer games like Call of Duty, which I play a lot; it always feels like a condom as opposed to an authentic experience.  Programers and the artificial reality that results from massive computers analyzing all our online moves only capture what a programmer thought to identify as a value.  And the artificial intelligence that follows only builds its perception of the world based on those limits.  I can move a lot better in real life than in Call of Duty.  It’s an exciting environment worth the technology, but it does not account for many human attributes such as imagination which has connections to many-dimensional aspects of experience.  The soul of a human exists way beyond the life of the body we inhabit, and this is still a mystery to the tech dictators at Google and Facebook.  Therefore, behavior still is and will continue to be a problem for them well into the future.  All their data collection only helps them understand the consumer experience. It has no way of understanding such things as to why people voted for Donald Trump despite their efforts to stop him or us from voting for a populist movement.  Much of the reason they had to conduct so much censorship during the last election and the use of medicines to fight off Covid-19 was that they had to hide from the world their limits because investors were watching.  Zuckerberg and Facebook already had this Metaverse all mapped out as part of their future, but as it turned out, it had severe limits and would continue to because it was soulless.  It lacked the elements that the soul of human beings truly desires, and that little secret only expands as the math problem of artificial intelligence programming expounds. If you get intelligence wrong at its birthplace, it only exacerbates the situation the more you use it.  So instead of artificial intelligence taking over the world as the newest power-hungry dictator, what you end up with is a nuisance.

The power of technology will be in its computing power, in being a beneficial, powerful calculator. It will not be the next excellent football star who can throw a ball down the field between two defenders for a touchdown with only seconds to think.  Because humanity has imagination, and artificial intelligence requires humans to explain imagination and the soul before writing a program to make it.   Yet, the humans programming these things don’t understand it themselves even though they may experience it.  They can’t identify it or its value.  So it doesn’t get measured and programmed, leaving all technology woefully dull and limited in what it can do.  So before you panic over artificial intelligence taking over the world, remember, they couldn’t stop Trump or us from voting for him.  They had to cheat like Democrats have been doing the old-fashioned way for over a hundred years, and for Mark Zuckerberg and the other tech dictators, they know that’s their ultimate weakness.

Rich Hoffman

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Peter Navarro’s ‘In Trump Time’: Dr. Fauci must pay for his criminal conduct with Covid and his part in the Great Reset

Peter Navarro’s Book Has the Goods

I’m sure the plan by the characters of globalism articulated in the Quigley book Tragedy & Hope thought they had all the bases covered for a communist takeover of the world during the 2020 election season.  They had Dr. Fauci on board, a sponsor, Bill Gates, and many other billionaire types committed to the cause of complete insurrection of sovereignty into global compliance.  They worked with China to hatch the coronavirus in the Wuhan lab to ruin the world’s economies and use election fraud created by the chaos to destroy the Trump presidency.  The plan was to usher in the Great Reset that the Davos crowd was heavily invested in.  They had control of the corporate media, they had most of the corporate culture on board with wokeism, and they certainly had complete censorship by the Big Tech companies to control the message.  They were all in on the worst military attack known to the human race in 2020 when Covid-19 was created by people in a lab and allowed to leave China to start a chain reaction of destruction that we are still suffering from.  But one thing they didn’t count on was that the plan would get out despite their tight media controls.  Books from Trump administration officials like Peter Navarro would get out and be unleashed to the public.  For instance, Molly Hemmingway’s book Rigged was recently released, articulating how election fraud occurred in the 2020 election.  But the behind-the-scenes decisions about how everything transpired were eloquently told with great bravado in Peter’s book, In Trump Time, just released.  And what an injection of truth and fortune it was demanding action toward the criminal conviction of Dr. Fauci himself. 

By the end of the book, I arrived at two main conclusions, which any sane reader would also reach, the election of 2020 was rigged at many levels, not just at the presidential level, but all the down-ticket races as well.  By all practical accounts, the Democrats do not have actual majorities in the House or Senate.  The American people support nothing they are doing presently, and many Democrats feel that pressure.  What occurred in the election was a party coup, and the Trump administration knew it.  But they were up against the clock and didn’t know how to get the information out as fast as it needed to because they needed time to assemble all the pieces.  I understood that and reported as much along the way.  I knew it would take years to prove the election fraud, so it was challenging and frustrating for people like President Trump and Peter Navarro.  They knew from the inside out that there was fraud, but the system was built against them.  The Davos crowd bet on the clock to run out on the legal issues and planned for everyone just to shut up and comply halfway into the Biden administration, so they could have cared less what Trump or any of his supporters thought about it.  But they didn’t account for a free press of alternative media such as books and new social sights like Gettr to bypass their controls on Twitter, Facebook, and Google. 

I remember how it was, so it was nice to hear how the insiders at the Trump White House were dealing with it.  I had said early in the process, March 16th, 2020, that Covid-19 was like a terrorist attack, more like 9/11 or Pearl Harbor than an accidental viral outbreak.  The globalists, the Davos people, the characters of Quigley telegraphed all their movements with Event 201 in New York just months before, so nothing about Covid surprised me.  But what I did learn from Navarro’s book was how right I had been from the start, even before Rush Limbaugh had caught up to where I was.  At that time, I think I was the only one to figure out what was happening.  Other commentators like Candice Owens came to things faster than Rush did, but at the time, most everyone thought Dr. Fauci was some saint from the NIH who was a god to the CDC, and our lives were all linked to every decision he made without question.  I knew from the very first day that Fauci was a fraud.  I said it here.  I said it everywhere.  And Peter Navarro knew it too as early as January 28th, 2020, when they had a meeting at the White House to discuss travel bans from China to contain the effects of the virus. 

Well, now we know that on that very same day, January 28th, Fauci received an email letting him know in writing that Covid-19 was created in a lab and was unleashed out of China.  So, he knew that a travel ban would have been wise in the meeting with Navarro and Trump.  But he wanted the virus to get out of China.  And he continued to withhold that information for many months after, lying to the American people, to the president, perjuring himself before Congress, Fauci committed many crimes. Because of it, many people died and suffered trillions of dollars of losses in the process.  Those who didn’t die were ruined in other ways.  Dr. Fauci, the highest-paid government employee who just received a raise and was promoted within the Biden administration for a job well done, is the perpetrator of the worst crime of death and misery ever conducted upon the human race.  And he must be held accountable.  That is what is most apparent about Peter Navarro’s book, In Trump Time.

I often call Covid-19 a scamdemic.  Or a “plandemic.” It’s obvious who the villains were; Google was in on it, much of our government was, many other nations recently at the G20 Summit were.  Anyone attached to the United Nations idea of a “Great Reset” was part of it.  Anybody who talks about “Build Back Better” was in on it.  It’s not like it was a secret.  The apparent giveaway was that they didn’t want to talk about treatments to Covid, like hydroxychloroquine.  All they wanted was to use the virus to alter election law and to sell vaccinations, or the concept of centralized government control of viral outbreaks, which in this case, they created so they’d have a reason to advance the crises.  It was a fake crisis, but the virus was real.  I still have not recovered my sense of taste after two years of likely having Covid several times.  I have never thought of Covid as anything more than a cold, but some people have experienced severe reactions because it was not meant for humans.  It was meant for a bat.  They engineered it using gain of function funding from our own NIH to attack humans and create this crisis, which we are still dealing with.  The damage that followed in the wake is not just economically, which is a massive number, but in millions of people’s health and well-being.  And ostentatiously criminal.  Many people need to be punished for what they did, and Peter’s book only provides more proof to my previous opinions.  What is different with this book is that it comes from someone on the front line of the crises, and now he gets to tell his story.  And it’s a story that was not part of the plan for the Great Reset.  Thank goodness we still have a free market press, where there are publishers who will give people like Navarro a chance to tell such a story that demands justice before we do anything in the future.  We must deal with Dr. Fauci and his criminal class of bureaucrats and global cutthroats for what they did to all of us.

Rich Hoffman

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Looking for Justin Nix: The Sheriff is looking for you, lets get this thing resolved

(An update to this story, shortly after the Sheriff made this announcement many 911 calls came in and Justin was picked up in Hamilton on a drug charge. Nice job, and this holds true in Butler County especially, no drugs, no killings, and no other crimes similar in nature. If you see something, say something. And remember, Ohio has Stand your Ground laws now. Keep your neighborhoods safe from criminals.) Its unfortunate that there was a homicide in Hanover Township. Sheriff Jones and the team are trying to get everything figured out. Justin Nix or someone who knows him needs to help out.

Sheriff Jones is looking for Justin Nix

Call the Butler County Sheriff’s Office at (513) 785-1209 with any information.

Rich Hoffman

Lori’s Roadhouse in West Chester: Mark Welch, the Superstar of Politics

Government is Best when it Gets out of the Way

As I listened to Mark Welch speak at a special fundraiser preview event at the new honky-tonk in West Chester called Lori’s Roadhouse, I couldn’t help but think that government is good, at least in West Chester.  When I say honky-tonk, I’m not talking about the old days of Gilley’s in Pasadena, Texas, where Urban Cowboy took place.  This place in West Chester is more like the modern Gilley’s in Las Vegas, very nicely put together luxuriously.  There is nothing cheap about it; it’s an ample space to host very large national talent for concerts. It’s something special for the Cincinnati area, and it’s great to see it located in West Chester, Ohio.  It’s not by accident.  The endeavor is a combination of great government that pushed out of the way as much nonsense as possible so that the dream of Greg and Lori Fisher could put all their great efforts into creating such a wonderful venue. I’ve been to places like Lori’s Roadhouse in parts of the country far away from Cincinnati.  But the moment I stepped into Mark’s fundraiser and saw what the owners were up to, I was enchanted.  There wasn’t a better way to show why Mark Welch should be re-elected as trustee of West Chester.  It’s not so much what an elected official can do for a project like Lori’s Roadhouse, but what kind of nonsense Mark can remove from the Fishers to let their creative input do the great work of creating such a wonderful place. 

Mark Welch and one of the owners, Lori Fisher herself

I view business as a creative enterprise, and I deeply respect people who go out on a limb and build new things that contribute to an economy.  Something like Lori’s Roadhouse is one of those things that adds to the many other things there are to do in West Chester.  There are so many options, and a lot of the reason is that the government has been small enough not to crush the hopes and dreams of entrepreneurs along the way.  It is hard enough to come up with an idea and then fund it with seed money.  It’s quite another to deal with politicians and other bureaucrats who embed themselves into the system to make a molehill of regulation into mountains for their benefit.  Usually, projects like Lori’s Roadhouse would be crushed before a business plan could ever be conducted because of politics.  I can think of hundreds, if not thousands of places around the country where a place like Lori’s Roadhouse would do well.  But, the politics of those areas would prohibit the dream from becoming a reality. 

Mark Welch and his wife Karen
Mark Welch doing what he does, being a celebrity politician

I had a chance to talk to Lori and her husband Greg Fisher quite a lot which was nice.  It was busy at the fundraiser, and I wasn’t sure if I’d get the chance.  As it turned out, Lori is the perfect front lady for such a place. She’s very friendly and optimistic, a fun personality which a place like that needs.  She told me she usually likes to work behind the scenes, but I can see why her name is on the place.  It deserves to have her name on the place.  Then there is her husband Greg, who had just spent months and months working out every little detail of this spectacular venue.  The food was great.  The bar was full.  The bathrooms are designed to still look good after lots and lots of drinking.  There is plenty of space for the men and women to have their dignity and get back to the action of live country music, a sports bar setting in much of the place, but a vast stage and dance hall area complete with VIP booths.  It was all top class, and the acoustics were fabulous as personally supervised by Greg.  As he ran down the list of all the elements of the place, it was apparent, he had a genuine love for the work, and I was happy to see it. That’s where someone like Mark Welch comes into these kinds of things.  Mark had worked in the background ever so subtly to help take away the burden of government from the Fishers so they could focus on the important stuff. Like securing the millions of dollars a place like that would cost and building a reputation that would bring in the big acts from all over the country.  A modern Gilley’s, but I would say better and with more class.  Something specific to West Chester. 

Lori and her Husband Greg Fisher, a dream come true in West Chester

TC Rogers was there; he is one of the commissioners of Butler County, where some of the legacy zoning issues made the project hard to get moving.  But at least West Chester didn’t do as other places do and compound the problem.  There were a lot of big-name politicians at Mark’s event, which was a good way to open a good American testament to goodness that Lori’s Roadhouse was offering.  It was undoubtedly a place anybody could enjoy, but country music, big leather boots, and cowboy hats draw a certain kind of political flavor, and it was on full display.  I had just returned from Jackson, Wyoming, where they have a similar high-class flair to their country background.  They have some very classy honky-tonk types of places there, but Lori’s Roadhouse was far better.  It looked and felt like something right out of Music City, Nashville.  It was unapologetically American for sure.  It had the kind of swagger that I had just been bragging about that I saw at a Cody, Wyoming rodeo.  They were similar in their boot-kicking display of Americana and a tip of the cowboy hat to great family tradition. 

Lori’s Roadhouse in West Chester, a super cool place of Americana and family friendly entertainment
Mark Welch Gets It! No Income Tax!!!!!

The community will have an option not just for the concerts but for a place to stop by after work, have a few drinks, and talk to people in the community; Lori’s Roadhouse will be a real treasure.  It’s not fair to give Mark so much credit because the Fishers did all the work along with their crews.  But I have to give Mark and the trustees credit for not getting in the way, and Mark specifically for helping where he could make the process of dealing with the government not such a challenging endeavor.  I had to smile a bit to myself as I listened to Greg and Lori talk about their new place because I have heard so many hundreds of stories over the years from people who never get things like this launched into reality.  And they had managed to do it. Usually, what ends up happening is the life gets sucked out of a project like this by all the rules and regulations of government.  It’s not often where a dream comes close to the original vision, and in the case of Lori’s Roadhouse, it’s easy to see the dream of the owners as they intended it to be, and that is the result of good government that knows when to help and when to get out of the way.  Often the skill of politicians is in knowing when not to be part of the problem, but in being part of the solution.  And when they figure that much out, great things like Lori’s Roadhouse happens.  And I am very excited about the results. 

TC Rogers, Commissioner of Butler County with the Owners of Lori’s Roadhouse

Rich Hoffman

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Vote for Darbi Boddy to Lakota School Board: Sandy Wheatley and Old Joan Powell are terrified she’ll win

A Great Young Lady to Run for the Lakota School Board

For much of the last year, some of us from the old No Lakota Levy group have been looking for a way to replace the school board at Lakota with fresh new faces.   We heard from the school board that they had wasted all the surplus money from declining enrollment and that Brad Lovell was pushing for a property tax increase in either 2021 or 2022.  So rather than get the gang back together to throw money at fighting an eventual tax increase because the school board couldn’t manage their money, we started having meetings looking for school board replacements. These people would be interested in becoming a school board member but weren’t sure how to get there.  This year, in 2021, three school board seats are coming up, all flat-line liberals.  And I’m happy to hear that we now have three Republican-endorsed candidates to challenge them.  Butler County will see that they are voting for conservatives instead of the usual closet liberals. The latter is always the teacher unions’ pick to grease the skids for the next contract negotiation for mandatory pay increases, which Lakota doesn’t need. I’ve written articles on two of those three Republican-endorsed candidates.  But there is one that I’m happy to announce who received her endorsement at the end of August, Darbi Boddy.  I first met Darby at one of those early meetings, and since then, she has impressed me with her diligent work ethic.  She is sharp and is running for all the right reasons, and I can say that she would be great on the Lakota school board.  Instead of just fighting the current school board’s bad decisions, Darbi will be part of the solution with a few more votes.

Darbi Boddy and Her Very Nice Family

One of the big tricks is that the school board candidates have been sold to us as non-partisan.  That has essentially allowed Democrats or people who call themselves Republicans to get elected in Butler County.  But they vote and manage as liberals, which is why Lakota has been a mess for so many years.  No matter how much money we have given them, they have wasted it as all significant government types do.  It’s one thing to get angry at how the rest of the world is, but school boards are local and are some of the parts of our government that we are supposed to have the most control over.  But when you can’t even get a school board to do the right thing, you know government is hopeless.  However, this year we finally have a choice. We’ve tried before to get conservatives elected, and when we do, it’s been one here, one there.  Then they get attacked because they are outnumbered, and it’s just been an absolute disaster.

For the old No Lakota Levy folks, it’s all about money.  We all have grown children, and we don’t want Lakota asking for money over their bad decisions.  We want the local community who want the free babysitting service to do well, have nice kids and have an overall asset to our neighborhoods.  But there comes a price where that sentiment expires.  Lakota hasn’t been asking for money since 2013, when they finally passed their last levy after we fought them on it for four years, and it was sometimes bloody.  My policy was to leave Lakota alone for the most part so long as they weren’t asking for money.  But now, in 2021, Brad and the gang have spent their surplus.  Now it’s time to deal with it.  The best way to do that is with a management change of the board now that a majority of the board is up for re-election. 

Darbi Boddy on Channel 5 News

I know all the candidates running as Republicans very well.  And one thing about Darbi Boddy specifically is that she works hard.  In almost every event I have been to over the last several months, she has been there shaking hands and introducing herself. I’ve seen her pressed under contentious conditions, and she has conducted herself exceptionally well.  She has always been cool and intelligent, and the more I have come to know her, the bigger a fan I have become.  I will say I am voting for her without hesitation.  She is conservative in every way I can see; she is the opposite of our current school board.  And in speaking with her, I am sure she can help manage the budget, which is very generous for what we already give Lakota.  All this Critical Race Theory nonsense starting in Columbus by the DeWine administration will be overturned at Lakota by Darbi.  She is also solid on the transexual issues that have been trying to creep in through the current board members, especially with the pick your sex bathrooms that progressive politics has been trying to sell us with old radical progressive activists like Sandy Wheatley and Joan Powell. 

But further than those negative factors, I think Darbi cares about the school system.  She cares about it in ways I don’t.  I believe public education is a disaster that needs to be completely fixed, starting with everything John Dewey built it with.  Darbi reminds me a lot of Lynda O’Conner.  Lynda is the only Board member at Lakota who has been trying to make things better, but she’s outvoted 4 to 1.  And the peer pressure against her by the other progressive disasters has been reprehensible.  Darbi would be a good compliment to Lynda on the board. 

What’s best that I have learned about Darbi is that she is very engaging, friendly, and knowledgeable.  When I have talked to her, I have thrown her lots of curveballs, little things that I use to measure character, and she always hits them.  She has been great at speaking with lots of different types of people without being fake about it.  Her sincerity is unquestionable. Since I first met her, I’ve been a fan of hers, but you never know how things will turn out.  On this little journey, which was to get things started, it’s nice to see someone like her running as an option.  I always say that you have your favorite people about these types of projects, but things don’t often go the way you’d like them to.  Things happen; people don’t get along for this reason or that.  But at the end of it, you want to get the lawnmower started, and it needs to run on its own.   The intent from the beginning was never to micromanage the school board members.  We needed people who would be their own people and run things as reasonable people would on their own.  We started the conversation, and of those, Darbi has turned out to be one of the best and most potent candidates, and I’m happy to see her on the ticket. I’ve known many politicians, and of them, I can’t say I’ve ever seen one who works harder than Darbi Boddi.  And it’s not just been for a week or two here and there.  With Darbi, it’s been hard work for months and months.   If that’s what she’s like, imagine what she could do on the Lakota School Board.  I can’t wait to find out. 

Rich Hoffman

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The Alliance Between Big Pharma and Government: Covid is all about using you to promise market saturation

Government Creating Market Stabilization for Big Pharma

With Covid, you can smell the rat easily.  Sure, some people like to be scared; they want to go to haunted houses, ride roller coasters at amusement parks to get a thrill and watch scary movies.  And the nightly news produces almost exclusively scary stories because that causes people to tune in, partly for the thrill and partly for the comfort that bad things are happening to other people and not themselves.  In all of that is how we were scammed with Covid and the ridiculous protocols from the CDC.  Some people don’t want to see it because of their human desire to be scared.  But also, they don’t want to deal with it because they are too lazy to think.  However, if you’re going to see a big government scam, all you have to do is follow the money.  Ultimately, we can say that Covid has been a lot of conspiracies, and I’d say there is truth in most of them. It’s a form of control by the government over mass populations to see if they can get away with it. It’s been a chance to shape politics by steering mass society into virtual pens of control in experimental ways.  It’s been a way to commit voter fraud, which most of the Democrat party plans to use always to stay in power.  Just consider why they want open borders with illegal immigration. So they can overload votes with new voters who might be dumb enough to vote for Democrats who play Santa Claus every day, giving away things that aren’t theirs to give.  But mostly, what Covid has been, is a guaranteed market for the pharmaceutical companies to land their products. Politicians have had to pave the way for them because of their constant need for campaign donations.  By doing big pharma a massive favor by guaranteeing market saturation for big pharma products, the government plays the role through the legislative process as market mall cop in ensuring that everyone does exactly what big pharma needs them to do.

Sure, it’s happened many times before, so many times that many of us have just come to expect it.  The auto insurance industry essentially did the same thing when I was younger.  These days we all accept it as logical, but when I learned to drive a car, insurance while driving was an option.  If you had a wreck while going and it was your fault, then you had considerable trouble.  But you had a choice.  That led big auto insurance companies to lobby the politics of their state to offer relief from the many lawsuits that were not being collected from those who could never pay for the damages they committed while driving cars.  So, states like Ohio passed laws where every driver on the road would have to maintain insurance and show proof of it when called upon.  It was never a question of if a driver had insurance; it was just showing it when a cop pulled you over.  There are many other examples of this kind of thing where the government wrote laws that ultimately helped various businesses. Still, the insurance industry is one of the most obvious.  When politicians and insurance companies saw how the American people accepted these impositions against their freedoms so quickly, they were inspired to do it on other things.  Pretty soon, seat belts were made legal.

You had to click it or get a ticket.  Of course, insurance companies pushed this because they wanted to close up their payout margins.  They were given by the government a stable slice of the pie. The insurance industry didn’t have to drop their prices to earn a customer; the government handed it to them on a silver platter.  Now the insurance carrier wanted to make sure that their payouts were less, not more.  It was better for them to have a driver live in car accidents because dying was too expensive.  It is better to keep the driver alive, even if permanently maimed for life, rather than to lose that driver to a death payout if it could be avoided.  Seat Belts were the kind of law that paved the way for what is currently being debated, vaccine passports.  People accepted the logic, and the government made laws that benefited the insurance companies, and everyone was somewhat happy. 

But that’s not what happens; is that everyone stays happy.  Instead, once the government and the insurance industry saw how easily people would give up their freedoms for so-called “good reasons,” such as “safety,” who doesn’t want to live in a “safe” world, then, of course, they wanted to do the same kind of thing with every industry. That’s where the idea of insurance being a socialist right came about.  People accepted that mandatory insurance to drive a car was acceptable, so why not mandate that everyone have health insurance?  And then, of course, the government would maintain that insurance, which is the concept behind Obamacare.  Once Obamacare got involved, and the government stuck its nose into the 5th largest market in the American economy, trouble arrived for growth.  We heard less about stem cells and regenerative growth as medical innovations moved from new ideas to ensure insurance companies got paid.  And of course, competition in the medical industry stagnated as health providers could essentially charge whatever they wanted, including the big pharma companies.  Now they had guaranteed customers given to them by the government.  All they had to do was give some donations to critical politicians in their states, and they’d be on easy street.  It worked, people put up with it, and that’s the mess we find ourselves in today. 

Now you can see why the government mandates for vaccinations come into play over Covid.  For the first time, we have allowed the government to interfere with the natural immune system of human beings and have put the government in charge of maintaining health.  In all other times, people would get sick with the common cold or with some variation of SARS, Covid, or whatever.  People would take a few days off work to get better or not contaminate their co-workers, and life would go on.  But with Covid, something that turned out for most people to be a common cold with mild symptoms, the government got involved in managing the virus ultimately.  From social distancing, altering economic activity in very destructive ways, and the voodoo science of wearing a mask instead of using actual science, such as Regeneron cocktails and Hydroxychloroquine to fight the virus off.  This time, the government, with its partners in crime, Google, Facebook, and Twitter, moved to control information to create demand for a vaccine where they wanted every single person in the world to get it, no matter what the effect was.  For the first time in history, the world’s governments working together wanted to provide a guaranteed market for the big pharma vaccines for all kinds of mysterious reasons, many that we will learn about in the years to come.  We know that the government is attempting to tamper with markets for the advantage of the pharmaceutical companies.  Essentially for the promise that campaign donations will flow their way and everyone will be happy, just as they were when auto insurance was made mandatory.  We have all shown these dangerous liaisons that we will gladly put up with being pushed around, so why would they think otherwise? That is how innovation is killed when we allow politics to distribute money without merit to undeserving markets.  That is precisely what is going on with Covid, the masks, and the offered solutions to a made-up problem, vaccine mandates for all.   It’s not to save lives.  It’s all about control and making it easier for pharmaceuticals to maintain their markets for products without the worry of competition.  They suddenly don’t have to earn your dollars; the government is giving it to them unearned. 

Rich Hoffman

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A House Divided is OK: What I learned from Gretchen Wollert’s book ‘Born To Fight’

Its Better to be a House Divided than to put up with Evil

When Gretchen Wollert sent me an invite to review her new book, Born to Fight: Lincoln and Trump, I’ll have to admit that I was a little skeptical.  And I always think about that skepticism whenever I bring out a new book as I am now.  Many people are out there writing books, so how are you supposed to know one from another now that publishing has decentralized?  Ironically, we live in a time when more books are produced and sold globally, yet human beings seem to have lost the means to their intellect.  But there was something about Gretchen that I liked a lot, so I read her book and found it quite good.  It was more than just another book on Trump riding on the coattails of his presidency.  What she did that was unique was compare President Lincoln and President Trump in a parallel that was oddly similar in so many ways.  Not to mention was an unusual reminder of the times we live in and how they aren’t much different than how things were before and after the Civil War.  Where I didn’t expect to learn much new for me, it turned out that Gretchen’s comparison over more than 100 years of American history was the exact thing needed to answer a question I had been thinking about a lot lately, whether we should be a house divided or value the ways we are different.  And to accept that fate. 

In my book, The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business, I have many quotes that I like a lot. Still, as I read Gretchen’s book, one came to mind how the Civil War started essentially because Lincoln was elected. Soon after he won his re-election, he was killed by a radical leftist, an actor from that social order, just a few days after the war was over.  JFK was killed very early in his term, again by a radical leftist—an open communist that many think was deeply tied to a newly created Deep State.  By the time Trump came along, the killing of presidents had changed. My quote reflects this transition as such: “Once the dandies of the world took ownership of production, the means to a living, a new way of killing people has become fashionable–the ruining of their reputations or at least the attempt of it. These days we call it “cancel culture,” but that is just a new name for an old practice: that replaced the honor of a gunfight to the death to preserve honor and integrity.”  The attempt to kill Trump was under the new method of erasing him from existence, starting with Twitter.  The modern belief is that a killed reputation is better and cleaner than actually shooting someone in the head, removing them from life itself.  We might now look at the behavior of the political left and our modern Deep State and be shocked into inaction by the evil of it all, but it’s not new. It’s a repeat of history over and over again.  These repulsive forces against the righteousness of America will never go away until they are defeated and utterly destroyed.  There has always been an assassin element rooted in political parties in America, so far always on the political left, and our good Christian sensibilities have usually turned the other cheek over and over again, empowering the bullies.  But what is happening now is not unusual.  It happened before, which is what Gretchen was able to capture wonderfully in her book.  And if we don’t put an end to it, we will see assassinations physically or by social ostracization well into the future.  There is no making peace with it. 

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Now Lincoln tried to bring everyone together by stating that a “House divided cannot stand.” And to this day, many Republicans are still saying it, and they are always the first to compromise.  That gives the wild communists always left-leaning the power and leverage politically.  They know Republicans will move off their position; they never meet anybody halfway.  Democrats take and take and take until there is nothing left but an empty husk of the country.  And if you don’t do what they want you to do, they plot to get rid of you in every way possible. That’s how they function.  They know Republicans don’t want a “house divided,” so they are always looking to show just how much the house is divided.  And they use that leverage to dominate the right in every way.  That is until people voted for Donald Trump, and he was willing to fight the good fight against the Deep State, much to the political left’s consternation.  But this time, the left was slipping, and they had to get rid of Trump before they lost their grip on power, which I would argue has already happened.  The left has power on paper.  But they do not have the hearts and minds of the masses, and that brand has been forever damaged.  They are presently living a very slow-moving death. 

I closed Gretchen’s fine book thinking that America can stand as a divided house.  Ultimately, Lincoln picked a moral war that killed hundreds of thousands of people for the idea of freeing the slaves.  The battle was a bloody mess, and it had to happen to do what was right in the world.  Trump, in his way, had to stand up to China and the jealous villains of the world who wanted to see the end of America. Trump’s America First platform was, in its way, a demand for freedom from the clutches of Chinese communism that had been well planned and was well on its way before Trump took office.  The violent reaction to Trump being elected was much the same as the South had toward Lincoln.  There will always be these violent uprisings when people pick a president outside of the forces that think they are in control.  And to take a page out of President Roosevelt, which I think is another good comparison to Trump, peace is no good if we allow evil to boil into life.  Specifically, Teddy Roosevelt said, “the pacifist is as surely a traitor to his country and humanity as is the most brutal wrongdoer.” When we see evil, we are compelled to face it down and destroy it.  Not to make friends with it. 

Ultimately, that is what I learned from Gretchen’s book.  For her point, she wanted to show how similar the lives of Lincoln and Trump were.  But it’s in the context of history that the more powerful message is clear to all.  As the American people, we always have picked the right kind of fighters to do what needs to be done.  The forces that want to keep us under control have always sought to kill off our champions for justice, which we have seen in our own time with how Trump has been treated.  But as we’ve seen, this isn’t the first time, and it won’t be the last.  We must allow for the house to be divided, not to sacrifice everything to unite it.  We need to have our battles; we need to fight the fights.  And through the smoke, we need to see who wins.  But to accept evil, no, we can’t do that. 

Rich Hoffman

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Kings Island Goes Cashless: Communist China is leading the world in controlling financial transactions

Communist China is Leading Kings Island into going Cashless

I understand why Kings Island, as a company, would want to go cashless.  Forget about the conspiracy theories for a minute of a global cashless system run by a communist regime.  They have many people under 22 years old that they employ, and cash is messy.  Everywhere there is something to buy at Kings Island, at the beginning of the day and the end of the day, Kings Island must act as a major bank and carry a lot of cash on hand to operate.  It is a tricky problem to put all that money in and out of a safe.  Then there are all the mistakes that the employees make during a typical business day, and they lose a lot of money at each station where goods are purchased.  Then, of course, money is dirty, all kinds of people touch it, it never gets washed, and it becomes a cesspool in the pocket of someone’s dirty, sweaty pants.  For the convenience of Kings Island, one of the biggest amusement parks in America located in Northern Cincinnati, getting away from cash and moving to credit cards makes their job a lot easier.  That is part of the big global plan to push for a cashless system.  Companies like Kings Island have tremendous overhead just in dealing with employees who handle cash on any particular business day, and it’s a real pain, especially if there are options.  I understand why Kings Island wants to be cashless.  I know why global communists wish to be cashless, which we’ll talk about in a minute.  But what nobody was asking is, what do the customers want?”

Well, I can tell you my thoughts, I was infuriated when I was stuck in the Festhaus of Kings Island with all my grandchildren, and my wife couldn’t buy any food because we just had found out while paying for that food in line that they were only taking credit cards.  No cash allowed.  We were all hungry and tired.  We had been swimming, so we didn’t bring anything that might be easy to lose into the park.  We put a hundred bucks in our pockets for food but otherwise kept all our valuables in the car.  Now we couldn’t use that money to pay for food, and we were highly inconvenienced.  The guy at the checkout apologized and explained that Kings Island had made the switch due to Covid restrictions, which infuriated me.  Because I knew it wasn’t Governor DeWine who was pushing a cashless system.  It was Cedar Fair Amusements who were using Covid as an excuse to go cashless.  An advantage to them that I explained above. That’s when we left the park to get food somewhere else, which became a nightmare all its own for similar reasons.  But needless to say, that was the end of our day at Kings Island, and it will likely be my last time going for a while.  Going cashless for me is a breaking point, a take it or leave it a moment, and I’d just soon leave it. 

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The push for a cashless society comes from communist China.  They are already doing much of what Kings Island is working to do, so why not do it.  Why are they doing it? Well, it gives them control over their people.  It allows for the concept of a social score to accept or deny financial transactions.  For instance, if you speak out against the communist government in China on social media or some other traceable way, they can lower your social score, which might prevent you from riding a bus or going to see a movie.  Just think of the censorship of Twitter and YouTube but apply it to things you need to do in life, like go to the grocery store.  If you have a terrible social score, you may not be able to buy food.  That is how China plans to control its population of over a billion people, and it’s why many American corporations are leaning toward a cashless society.  Having that kind of consumer control is very attractive to some of the variability in any financial transaction.  I have seen this cashless thing attempted at several tradeshows and other venues around the country, and so far, it hasn’t been working very well.  There are still many people who still want to use cash, so vendors have to make accommodations.  What it always comes down to is whether or not someone wants a customer.  The consumer desire drives the behavior, not the other way around.  It is for that reason that cash will always be king in America.  Cash is freedom.

I give an example in the video above about me wanting to buy a beer at Kings Island.  Typically, I enjoy going there to look around and think.  If I pay ten bucks for a beer, I pull the money out of my pocket and pay whoever is selling the beer.  The transaction is between the seller and me.  No bank in New York even knows about it.  They might understand that Kings Island sold a beer, but to whom and for how long someone like me took to drink it, nobody knows.  And I like it that way.  So do a lot of other Americans.  Part of drinking the beer is a minor rebellion in it that is specific to American culture.  Just drinking a beer to be drinking one is pretty dull.  Also, using anything but cash means you must trust the system and all the employees who handle the transaction.  While traveling around, it’s happened to me that my wife might go to buy something, and she gets to the counter to pay with a credit card, and the company has shut down the card.  That happened to us while I was traveling in Japan, I had made a suspicious purchase, a tiny one, and the credit card company thought it was a stolen card testing it out on something less risky before making a more significant purchase.  My wife in the states was the one who got stuck without a way of paying until we could resolve the issue with several phone calls and a lot of embarrassment.  Carrying around cash as a secondary or primary way of paying is an obvious solution.  But if we have a cashless society, you must trust the entire system to get everything right, and we all have stories we could tell.  The burden shifts to the consumer while the corporations and governments of the world get the ease of control they so much desire. 

I expected a lot more out of Kings Island, and for them to blame the decision on Covid was just too low of a blow to accept.  I generally love Kings Island and Cedar Fair Amusements.  All I could think of was when they announced that they were not leading in the world but was only copying what the communists in China have already been doing. It diminished them significantly to my mind.  It felt like a betrayal.  My family was out of that park within 10 minutes of that attempted food exchange.  They do have cash conversion machines that can put a value on a card, but then your cash becomes like a gift card, and you must start figuring out how much money you put on it for all your transactions, and the whole thing becomes a significant pain in the neck.  Not that a few hot dogs and a hamburger cost $40, but they were making people stand around and use all these cashless systems was too much.  So, we left, and I can’t say I’ll be going back any time soon.  I go to Kings Island to enjoy myself, not to go to communist China.  Because that’s essentially what it has become—too many rules, too much control, and way too rigid.  And lazy.

Rich Hoffman

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What January 6th Was Really About: People are sick and tired of being lied to

Government Has Lied to Us One Too Many Times

It continues to be a talking point, this desire of Democrats, and some Republicans, to abuse their positions of power to hide outright crimes committed within the Beltway culture of Washington D.C.  That is what the January 6th Commission is all about.  It’s just another witch hunt meant to hide the crimes that politicians have committed, in their alliance with China as a hostile foreign nation, their part in committing election fraud, in the active coup of a sitting American president.  Of their knowledge of the Covid origins as a man-made virus unleashed upon the world to create a “change state” socialist economy for which the political class would rule over.  The desire to distract from those crimes is why they have picked January 6th as a hill to die on.  And in the end, that’s just what will metaphorically happen to them. I’ve said it in other places; think of the IRS abuse with Lois Lerner, think of Benghazi, the Hillary Clinton emails.  Think of the FBI working with Democrats to destroy Donald Trump before he ever got to the office.  Think of all that, then take away the hope of justice from another Trump term, and yes, you have some outraged people out there.  But instead of dealing with that, the criminals in our government have sought to dig their hole even deeper, pissing people off even more.  It is the finest example of arrogance that can be displayed for public view on a mass scale.  And that, in essence, is what all the drama is all about.  The criminals need a cover story from the judgment of the good.

The truth of the matter is, some people, enough people, are waking up.   Being woke isn’t so much about editorializing people and their free speech as much as it is the realization that we had a nightmare of compliance that everyone had been functioning from for many hundreds of years.  Suddenly through the miracles of options created in the free culture of America, it has exposed these kinds of crimes so that they are apparent.  Where Nancy Pelosi hopes that the emperor has no clothes apply to her and her friends, the evidence has shown that people can see her naked and aren’t willing to go along with the gag any longer.  Some people are, but many are not, enough to make things rough for the future of Democrats and RINO Republicans who just wanted to play along with the game enough to enrich themselves.  The old rules of the Beltway are being challenged.  People are tired of the games and in paying for them.  And the start of the fissure started on January 6th when the old rules were put to the test and what scared the politicians was that the public wasn’t willing to go back to sleep only to be consumed with that same old nightmare over and over again.  This time they were awake for good. 

I know it’s scary to see how bad some of these people are and witness how many of them are so devoid of character that they would participate in the destruction of America over just making a few dollars.  This temps many to rationalize that money is the root of all evil, but as I say in my book, The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business, money reveals this kind of behavior which is great.  Money shows us all what people will do to get it, even if it’s committing crimes.  Otherwise, how would we know the difference between a criminal and a hard worker?  Money brings people their values to see, so there is value in seeing the truth from behavior.  Just as in Trump, his presidency was valuable because the pressure of him wanting to do a good job, in wanting to drain the swamp, has shown us just how nasty that swamp was.  I think a lot of us suspected it.  Every year, we would talk about it around the Thanksgiving table with our families before the football games started.  But so long as we were somewhat left alone in our lives, we were generally unwilling to do anything about the criminals in government who were getting away with murder, literally in many cases. 

But now we know, and we have seen a lot over the last decade, really going back to the start of the Tea Party movement.  I remember how scared the politicians were of the Tea Party. This education organization was formed without a leader to evoke reform in government and get the nation back to constitutional ideas.  I remember how stunned the bad guys were when Glenn Beck filled the Mall over a Labor Day weekend speech he made in 2009, a year after Barack Obama was president.  We remembered that Bill Ayers, the American terrorist, had launched Obama’s campaign in his living room.  And now we had a socialist in the White House, and we weren’t happy about it.  Tea Party members would peaceably gather, and they were made fun of, belittled everywhere, and ostracized to no end for just wanting goodness out of our government.  Trump was born out of that movement.  Trump did not create the movement.  None of the government criminals is willing to consider that admission; it would be the end of them.  Trump was put in place to finish what the Tea Party started.  And when that criminal government took Trump away, that was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

January 6th was just the start.  The Mike Lindell symposium that he is about to unleash over the election results, the continued Trump rallies, and many thousands of blogs and podcasters have only become angrier over what was witnessed over 2020 and into 2021.  There are too many of them to change their mind, and they are not willing to be as serene as they were in the early days of the Tea Party because now, unlike then, we know better.  The bad guys have been revealed.  They have been hostile.  And they have worked with foreign powers to undo our nation.  Sure, the internet, which our governments and their corporate sponsors control, will try to remove my ability to say what I am saying here, but it doesn’t matter because we are all thinking it.  And they can’t remove thoughts as much as they’d like to.  People don’t like the government.  People don’t trust the government.  And now that the government has taken away their happiness, with mask mandates, threats to put their daughters in a draft, threats to make kids go to school with drag queens, CRT in those public schools that are too expensive for the worth of free babysitting service, people who otherwise wouldn’t have been politically activated are now active.  They tried to do the right thing and solve these matters with a vote, but the government criminals took that away from them too.  So the result is anger and lots of it.  Anger that won’t go away quickly.  It won’t send people back to complaining about the government at Thanksgiving dinners before football games.  Now it’s carried over into everyday life.  When people cannot enjoy their life, they will turn against the government that gets in the way of that happiness.  And that is the consideration that nobody on that criminal side figured out before they dug this deep grave for themselves.  And why they will be so surprised as we start filling that grave in with metaphorical dirt.

Rich Hoffman

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Vote for Isaac Adi: Fighting the poison of CRT that is now unleashed in Lakota schools

Vote For Isaac Adi

Did I tell you, dear reader, how much I love Isaac Adi!  Oh, I didn’t, well let me tell you how much.  Isaac and I have known each other for a while now through other people; he’s running for school board in the Lakota district I talk about so much, which has been under attack like most public schools for their implementation of Critical Race Theory.  Isaac is a man of color, not that it matters to me, but for visual considerations, people would assume that he might support CRT because of the color of his skin.  But, that’s not how Isaac conducts himself. He’s a smart man from Nigeria who fled that country to come to what he considers the greatest country in the world.  He came to America for many of the same reasons that many immigrants do, for the opportunity.  Opportunities that the rest of the world doesn’t offer.  And now he’s a citizen who has been in the United States for a few decades now, and he considers that citizenship to be a great treasure.  He has read the Constitution many times back and forth and understands his rights as a human being.  I met him recently at an event where we could catch up to each other, and we had an excellent time together.  He was speaking at the event included in this article about the dangers of CRT, which is one of his driving reasons for running for that elected office, which I am ecstatic that he is.

Isaac has raised his family in the United States, as his children were born in Nigeria.  And as he said in his speech, two of them have grown up and obtained Master’s Degrees taking advantage of the opportunities that can only be found in America.  And now he wants to protect those opportunities for a new generation.  But he smartly has seen what is going on in all public schools, all across the country.  Something he would call a poison to the minds of our children.  Over the last year, Lakota schools have made a hard left turn toward outright Marxism using Critical Race Theory as the mask to sell it to the public through “equity” and “diversity.” That is what led to Isaac speaking at that event with others concerned about the same issues.  Another school board candidate, Vanessa Wells, also spoke at the event for many of the same reasons, which we’ll get into with their own topics because they deserve that kind of specificity.  But Isaac’s story was a touching one, as articulated in the video above.  He has a strong accent, and it’s a little hard to hear at times, but it was so refreshing to meet and listen to such a fresh voice from our community who is all in on bringing justice and purity to the school board process, which is often such a sad story.  Most people who offer themselves up as school board members, such as the 4 out of 5 that Lakota currently has, are just monstrosities of stupidity and liberal community activism.  However, which is the point of talking about this Lakota issue, if you want to drive Marxist influences out of your community, you have to start with the school board.  As Isaac says, if the youth are corrupted and destroyed by such an ideology, there will be no tomorrow.  All the work we put into our children will be for nothing because liberalism will gain control of their minds and ruin them forever, which is precisely what is going on at Lakota schools with Critical Race Theory.

What is Critical Race Theory

In many ways, Isaac is the perfect candidate; he’s everything the left politically desires, he’s a man of color, he’s an immigrant, he’s a lot of things they claim they want in the world.  But………………… .he’s a conservative. He’s very religious.  And he’s astute.  He says in his video, which I agree with emphatically, and say all the time myself, if you fail in America, it’s for one primary reason: you are lazy.  For those who don’t achieve success, it’s because they aren’t willing to do the work, which is one reason Isaac Adi wants to be on the school board of Lakota.  He wants to see that other students get a good chance at life and that they don’t fall into the false narrative of Marxism that is very much poised to destroy an entire generation of young people currently going through the public education system.  Isaac wants to be part of the solution, not to add to the problem.   As much as it shouldn’t matter, an older white guy running for the same spot would distract from the situation. Still, with Isaac, nobody could look at him and not say he’s the creation of the American dream, a man of diversity, a man of opportunity, a man of intelligence, and a man of God. He’s precisely the kind of man I want to see sitting down with a budget of over 200 million dollars and managing it on behalf of the community.  Meanwhile, an outrageous teacher’s union full of radical Marxist ideology seeks to steal it all and turn it into political radicalism at the expense of our children.  Isaac is a very nice guy, but he’s not stupid, and I am very excited at the prospect of voting for him this coming fall.

But more than all that, Isaac Adi gets what the problem is.  Through way left political ideology that this current school board, except for Lynda O’Conner, has fully embraced, they are poisoning our children.  Isaac could turn his back on all that; his kids are grown.  He could do as most people do and tune out Lakota because it’s too much a pain in the ass to listen to those idiots cackle like hens in those school board meetings.  It takes a particular person to want to deal with the bureaucracy that is hung on everything in public education and do the management required to fight off Marxism and produce truly educated people for the future of our country.  What this current school board is doing in many ways is evil because they are endorsing the radical leftist ideology with their complacency.  We all are who turn away and allow this poison of Critical Race Theory to corrupt our children and for the school board members to clap it along as if they were building a bonfire with the American flag and all the potential of the future.  Great people like Isaac Adi are what you hope rises out of those ashes to put the fire out and fight off all those who want to start it again.  He is a solution that many didn’t even know they needed, but once they learn how bad it is, they will be happy to learn that Adi is there and that his love for his community runs deep and is pure.  He loves that he came to the Lakota school district as an immigrant and that his family had great opportunities that he couldn’t have obtained anywhere else in the world.  But now it’s his time to defend our community from an encroaching evil that is very real and is on our doorstep.  And history will judge how we all deal with that evil.  The least that you can do, dear reader, is to vote for someone willing to stand up to it.  The best thing to do would be to join the fight against that evil.  But at the very least, you can vote for Isaac Adi and the terror of poison that he is willing to fight on your behalf. 

Rich Hoffman

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