Time Portals and the DNA of Gilgamesh in Iraq: The real cause of America’s invasion, it wasn’t WMDs or oil

Apparently, many people found my article on Space Arks in Ukraine and Russia disconcerting as a possible real cause of the war between those two countries. As I have been saying, the war in Ukraine is a United Nations thing where they are trying to bait Russia into a conflict by destroying nationalism because that’s what the United Nations wants to do; they want to eradicate nationalism everywhere, have open borders, and to become the world’s next governing power. They pushed Putin’s buttons with NATO and provoked him to attack Ukraine to defend the concept of Russian borders, and now the rest is history. All the bio lab talk in Ukraine, the money laundering talk in that corrupt country, and the current cult of Nazis that are so prevalent in Ukraine suddenly all became about Russia, and the terrible Biden economy suddenly had a scapegoat. But of course, there is another layer to these things which often has more truth than fiction, and that is the prevalence of ancient Space Arks, like Noah’s Ark; only these have traces of seeding from other civilizations that started life on earth, and they are reportedly all over the earth. There seem to be two of them in Ukraine; Russia has one, and there is one in New Mexico and other places around the world. And that the real fight in Ukraine is to possess the technology in those Space Arks for whatever culture can control it. I mean, we are dealing with governments who have lied to us about election fraud, the origins of Covid, about the Kennedy assassination, Benghazi, everything. So what makes anybody think they wouldn’t lie to us about Space Arks and the origins of mankind on earth? 

I thought everyone knew about these things, but apparently not. For instance, there is a lot of talk about the real cause of the two Iraq wars invoked by Daddy Bush and then by his son using weapons of mass destruction as the root cause for the invasion. Of course, we found out later that there were no weapons of mass destruction, so it’s just another instance of a government that lied to us. And we know that the CIA had put many of the tyrants involved in destabilizing the Middle East in power as part of American operations, so what was the real cause of the wars there? Was it oil? Likely not. The more you get to know rich and political people, the more you find out that they often have roots in occult belief, which is at the foundation of their politics. And that they believe in all kinds of things, from UFOs seeding the planet many hundreds of thousands of years ago to being able to currently make deals with settlers from other planets to gain technology that through evolution we might not achieve on earth for many thousands of years in the future. Notice how fast we went from flying kites as aircraft to landing on the moon? Many think since the invention of radio waves that, we have had help. And logic would be correct to ask that question for the obvious timeline we are dealing with. Anyway, the war in Iraq where Sumerian culture started over 6000 years ago is where the American troops were during those conflicts, and many say that the wars had nothing to do with oil or weapons, or even Saddam Hussain himself, but were all about getting the DNA of Gilgamesh from the museum of Bagdad and uncovering the technology of portals in the region, “Stargates” as science fiction terms them, both natural and artificial that were there since before Sumerian culture formed into the powerhouse that history knows it to have been. 

Of course, when you start talking about Stargates and their viability, you have to talk about time travel and whether or not it is even possible. And people believe that Einstein’s Theories of Relativity were the conclusive opinion on the subject. But I would argue the opposite without violating Einstein’s thoughts on the matter. People time travel every day. I recently had people visit me from Asia, and they traveled through time. They arrived in Cincinnati a whole day behind when they had left; their watches were all messed up. And that is how it is on earth regarding time zones. Time is only a measure that depends on the earth’s rotation around the sun and its rotation on its own axis. Things get funky when you start dealing with time on other planets where gravity has a massive effect on the time that passes. People living in space experience time differently than those living on the planet’s surface. And on planets that have or are near higher levels of gravity, time can slow down relative to other places in the galaxy that have much lower gravity applied. One second on a high-density planet might be 70 years relative to another place. So anytime you communicate with a society dealing with gravity differently, there will be time displacement. Time is not consistent on earth, let alone throughout the Milky Way or some other galaxy for that matter. 

So for a very insecure culture of government, such as our own present, where governments want to stay in power by denying information to the masses that they can’t control, understanding the science of these supposed time portals in ancient Sumerian culture would be very attractive. It would also be good for science to understand what the DNA of Gilgamesh might contain within it that allowed people to live for many hundreds of years in that time period, especially if they were half man, half gods, meaning they came from a culture outside of the earth in those historical contexts. And that when we talk about time travel, we might actually be talking about the science of time displacement regarding communication in real-time across vast differences, not necessarily the physical manifestation of life forms from one place to another regarding where and when they exist along the measures of time. For a culture like the Sumerians, who had worked out star alignments in increments of 25,920 years for a zodiacal cycle, they indeed would have also been concerned with how time moves differently within those celestial bodies. If they wanted to call home to mom, maybe they were 120 years in the future on the home planet, and they might not want to wake her. The point is, when we study the motivations for war among governments, we must never underestimate their motives. Power is often granted by knowledge, so it is entirely believable that the American government was only involved in the Iraq wars to gain powerful knowledge in a war-torn area purposely kept that way for the same reasons. And if enough people in government believe in Space Arks in Ukraine, then to control those assets, they certainly would go to war to protect their belief system and keep others from gaining that knowledge. And that everything isn’t a conspiracy if the science that is rational is applied. Yes, time travel is possible. We do it every day, and we take it for granted. But because it’s not like we discuss it from a movie like Back to the Future, we don’t think of it the same way. Yet the truth of the motivations for understanding something like time portals is that there is likely a logical explanation that is much more rational than not. 

Rich Hoffman

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Using Kids to Shield Bad Adult Behavior: Why Lakota has moved to a larger school board meeting format

It’s an old trick at Lakota schools; I remember how it was back in 2012 when they couldn’t pass a school levy; I was a part of that, too, so I remember it well. They moved to the same auditorium at Lakota East and encouraged the teacher’s union mob to come in and drown out the opposition at the podium. The goal then as it is now has nothing to do with safety, as the Sheriff’s department recommended due to the size of the school board meetings being so heavily attended due to the controversies of the last year. Usually, school board meetings are boring, and nobody attends except the teacher union element. But normal people have not been going for a long time because they really don’t care about school business.

In most cases, their kids have grown up, and they really don’t care about Lakota schools so long as they don’t look at the amount of money they pay for their property tax. But when it comes down to the kind of topics we have had at Lakota since Darbi Boddy was elected very popularly by the public, she easily beat Kelly Casper in the vote count, and due to her popularity in the community, she would do better now than then. I know many moderate-minded people who are not crazy, over-the-rainbow people who are happy Darbi is on the school board because they see she is asking questions they don’t want to ask themselves. So because of Darbi, the meetings have been more heavily attended, but the school board itself isn’t happy about it. They want the good ol’ days when nobody was paying attention. They certainly don’t want to deal with all the public speeches. So using “safety” as the excuse, they moved the meetings to the largest possible location within the district, hoping to pack the house with intimidating school board supporters from the teacher’s union, to drown out the lone voice on the board with such an ominous presence, and to do what they weren’t able to do in federal court, shut down public comments because they have been making them look bad. 

There is another element as well to the move to a larger format; there are two board members who are up for election, Lynda O’Conner and her good friend Julie Shaffer who has her own history of behaving poorly in public settings, which we will get into the details during the official campaign. They don’t want rival candidates using the school microphone to make campaign pitches, so moving to such a large format makes it much harder for normal people to speak in front of such a large crowd. Public speaking is hard for many people, and the size of the format makes it much more difficult. This move to such a large auditorium is a veteran move by the sitting school board members who can use the rules to help their own re-election chances. The last thing they want is more Darbi Boddy types making campaign pitches at school board meetings to preserve their chances in the upcoming election. Of course, these moves by the current school board, blaming it on the Sheriff’s department for the action, have nothing to do with safety or overpacked crowds at the previous venues. It has everything to do with controlling the messaging at Lakota in the wake of their superintendent controversies, the teachers who are sending shirtless pictures to students, in the constant seduction that goes on between students and teachers that are out of control. What we hear about on the news is just the very tip of a very deep iceberg. What did people think would happen when society lowered the bar of sexuality and mixed teachers in their twenties as employees with a population of kids in their teens and low barriers to entry for sexual predilections? It’s been a disaster, and the school board doesn’t want to deal with it. 

When people talk to me about it, I tell them I tend to only go to those dumb meetings when someone needs to be defended. I went to one last year to stand by Darbi. What’s nice about her is that she doesn’t need much defending. She is perfectly able to take care of herself. But as far as hoping to change any minds at Lakota schools from a public comment perspective, the school board has shown no interest in hearing from the public over the years. They are heavily politically motivated and resent the tax-paying public, who tend to be very conservative. That’s why meetings from the past were so poorly attended. But when controversies get out of control from them, as I was a part of in 2012 when they were trying to pass a school levy for the fourth time, and I was in the way, or this time when they are trying to suppress evidence of CRT, and a progressive political agenda in general that Darbi is trying to expose, then their only defense is to attempt to use peer pressure from the masses that they control to drown out the criticism. And that’s what they are up to now.

What they really hate is when you remove from them the mask they all hide behind as a school system. I remember an event Julie Shaffer and Lynda O’Conner were involved in where they did to me much what they have been doing to Darbi Boddy. It happened not over the school levy issue but when I was the spokesman for a group we had formed called Yes to Lakota Kids. They like to hide behind kids to validate their existence, and because they couldn’t pass the levy, they were taking away sports programs and busing to punish the public. In my group, we raised money to take that fake sentiment away by paying for the fees Lakota was imposing, which took away their cover. That’s when they became most vicious and went on a crusade of personal destruction toward me in unforgivable ways. It took Lynda many years to get me to speak to her, with her trying hard to win my trust back. But now, what she has done with Darbi, she has lost a decade of work for all the same reasons. We’re dealing with some really broken people here, and the reason they want to control the message, to stop public comment, is to hide their use of children to justify their social liberalism and to control the campaign platform of the political opposition that is very intense going into an election year. So many people want to run that we are having the opposite problem that we had when Darbi and Isaac were running. Sorting through everything has been challenging, but people are upset. We need the “right” people to run. But they don’t need to attend the school board meetings to make themselves known. Nobody really cares about those. It is not smart to attend school board meetings when political rivals control the ground you are fighting from. It is much better to take your voice away from their control and take it into the community where they can’t defend their position with silly tricks, as they have now done early in 2023, then tried to blame it all on “safety.” So many bad things happen in the world that is blamed on “safety.” And this Lakota meeting format is undoubtedly one of them.

Rich Hoffman

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The Insane Gender Neutrality Movement: Politics with influences 106 years in the future

The best explanation I have seen yet about why suddenly gender neutrality is such a priority comes from Erich von Daniken’s excellent and exciting book, The Gods Never Left Us. In that book, there is a very interesting opening where an older man sits in his reading chair and notices a strange holographic light that occasionally appears by his foot. He rationalizes that it is not some reflection of light but is some self-generating aperture with its own mass. It comes across as some kind of mini black hole. So he calls up his son, who works at CERN, the supercollider in Switzerland, to ask his professional opinion and to wonder if the discovery of the God particle there might be somehow connected to this strange light that is appearing in his living room. The Higgs Bosen, the God particle discovered on the LHC supercollider in 2012, The Large Hadron Collider, has faster-than-light properties and opens up all kinds of possibilities concerning the realm of quantum mechanics. As a result of some investigation into the strange light in the old man’s living room, a team from CERN shows up to measure it and chronicle its behavior. They soon discover a coded message that comes to them 106 years in the future that shows very beautiful but sexless characters who are explaining to these scientists that they are attempting to conduct some scientific experiments regarding “bridging,” which is to step over time periods and communicate beyond the dimension of time, which starts to make a lot more sense when quantum mechanics is applied to logical understanding. 

The evidence that the gods, as we term them, were never obscure religious figures from ancient texts but have been from the beginning always with us, for as long as more than 450,000 years, according to legends of kingly chronicles coming from the Middle East in Sumerian culture, Egyptian, and Indus Valley mythology. And the premise of von Daniken’s book is that earth was seeded from places around the galaxy, likely not just by one species but several. And this isn’t some fringe theory; several American astronauts believe the same thing based on their experience, notably Edgar Mitchell, who I think is very credible. Beliefs like this are not given to us at birth by our parents. They are formed over time based on our realistic interaction with the facts. And those who work in science and deal with facts find that the ancient texts controlling mankind’s view of the cosmos were a purposeful strategy to keep some of those ancient bloodlines in kingly power over the many thousands of years since. It doesn’t take long beyond all that to realize that many of our secret societies are supremely concerned with this very problem of keeping bloodlines of families in some sort of royal power, and the purpose of various religions was to keep those same people believing in that social structure, so not to threaten the power of those who had it in the form of royal lineage. This, of course, was easier to do in a less complicated time. Today people have access to a lot of information, and the more that information has been available to people in a mass form, such as in the printing press where common people could read things for themselves, this power game has been hard to control. Especially these days when the internet allows all forms of mass communication. It may have been designed to control mass populations with a kind of censored message, such as we saw regarding governments and Covid, but the opposite has happened; people are able to ask questions and get information beyond the power structures that want to rule over them.    

Then to complicate things further, once you open up all the quantum possibilities that are involved with the Higgs Boson particle, well, now all those gods and voices that appear to prophets and kings that founded kingdoms, even the claims of modern politics and the secret societies that are trying to have a relationship with all this ancient knowledge, you suddenly have ordinary, everyday people talking to other people from 106 years in the future as if they were just talking on the cell phone or sending people an email. Time didn’t matter all of a sudden as a unit of measure, just as communication with people over vast distances around the earth could be instantaneous. The only real difference was that time was measured based on the earth’s rotation compared to the sun, so other places around the world were dealing with time zones. A message sent from the east coast of America might be given at 8 AM in the morning, but it might be received in Europe at 2 PM in the afternoon. Or perhaps 13 hours later in Japan. Yet the message happens all at the same time from its point of origin. And this is the same kind of problem when you start dealing with faster-than-light neutrinos around the galaxy. We are just now beginning to learn about some of these things, and we will uncover many more mysteries in the years to come. 

Yet, as interesting as all this is, the nature of all living forms is very much the same; their base conduct is to rule over others for their own safety and security. So the warzone is often knowledge, who has it, and who can use it to the best effect. That book, The Gods Never Left Us, was published in 2018, and at that time, the gender neutrality issue was picking up political steam. It had been around from liberal communities for several years, most notably the cultural assault from The Rocky Horror Picture Show. And in a very short time, the gender neutrality issue has exploded into our political discussions as a sudden priority. But why? Well, much of this acceleration has occurred since the discovery of the God particle at CERN.

We must consider how all these various characters with deep roots into our earthly past are motivated toward power and preservation for their own interests. Still, now we must consider that all those species of living forms also interact with us across multiple times as they exist in earth’s own future and past, but also around the galaxy where we know particles can respond to influences in live time. They don’t often follow the rules of our known physics, a particle here on earth might rotate one way but move in the opposite as a direct influence on the other side of the universe, instantly. And suppose communication can occur along those lines. In that case, we could be getting all sorts of crazy information that may not make sense to us from sources literally everywhere, across time, in ways we have difficulty comprehending. And it is in this kind of insanity, measured based on our terrestrial existence here on earth, where our religious parameters have kept us safe from all this intergalactic communication, that the gender neutrality movement is trying to impose itself on our species by a group of lifeforms who no longer identify themselves as a sex-based culture. And as crazy as all that might sound, it really is the only possible explanation for why gender neutrality has suddenly become a political priority. Nothing else really makes any sense. Lifeforms 106 years in the future have shown themselves, and our culture has responded by trying to copy those gods in their form as we always have attempted to do. But the results are clearly not the desire of all people in our culture, which is presenting us with this current political conflict. 

Rich Hoffman

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The White Noise Conspiracy: How terrorism and the real-life Ohio train derailment can hide attacks on America’s infrastructure

It’s the world we live in now; we have watched governments all over the world lose credibility after their massive failure in dealing with Covid, so now the aftereffect is mistrust in everything they say.  This is the root cause analysis of the train derailment in New Palestine, Ohio, where all kinds of mismanagement occurred at many levels, leaving the public understandably upset by the results.  The official report says that a wheel bearing overheated, causing the train carrying dangerous chemicals to derail and spill, causing massive risk to the town itself.  Then quickly, the rail company decided to burn off the hazardous chemicals by putting them into the air, supposedly hoping to keep them from contaminating the groundwater with a large concentration.  All the political figures of our day were put on the ropes because it was an unusual balance between protecting industry infrastructure and the rights and needs of voters, which were not aligned, just as things weren’t with Covid.  It was an unfortunate situation that left a lot of people unhappy and will likely be deadly with cancerous agents for many years to come.  In all reality, the train derailment in New Palestine, Ohio, was a complete disaster in every way a disaster could be.  Given what has been happening all over the country, with similar disasters, it looks to me like terrorism, the kind that the Weather Underground used to perform.  So the conspiracy theories have been trying to fill in the gaps from all the misstatements that have been made in the wake of the tragedy leaving many to put two and two together to see that the derailment in New Palestine was way too similar to the plot of the new Netflix movie, White Noise, which was filmed in the same area with Adam Driver as the star, and a clever cast to tell the bizarre story of a book written in 1985. 

Ironically the book White Noise which the 2022 Netflix movie was based on, is all about how crisis management in people’s lives prevents them from seeing greater realities outside their bubble of experience.  Written by Don DeLillo, the book and movie explores not just the reaction of a mass public after a train derailment, almost identical to the one that actually happened in Ohio, but the more significant problem of social stagnation in a consumer-based economy where public reaction is often measured off social sentiment and the mandates of personal schedules.  In the movie, Adam Driver did a particularly good job of showing the crises of a father, husband, and academic who has uncontrolled elements of chaos enter his life in ways that he can’t see or refuses to see because they simply don’t fit his schedule.  He has expectations about how his typical day should go, so problems with his wife becoming a drug addict, train derailments, or challenges within his academic circles, where he is a teacher of Nazi history and has a particular obsession with Hitler, keep him from solving the real problems in his life until the whole world falls apart in a catastrophe forcing him out of his comfort zone, and into the world where all the real problems are.  It is an interesting commentary on how most people live their lives and why they simply can’t see the solution to many of their problems.  I was a fan of Don DeLillo before the movie came to Netflix, and I thought the movie was good and had some interesting things to say.  And the train derailment portion of the film was just a small part of the plot; it certainly wasn’t the movie’s climax.  The tragedy was just the trigger that set off all the events that drove the plot.  But people couldn’t help but see how similar everything was to the movie, as the train derailment in real life occurred, and the public behaved precisely the same. 

As far as the government participation in the conspiracy, I don’t think the level of Mike DeWine and the political class as we know them would be involved in such a plot to make the movie come to life as a deliberate terrorist attack to punish Trump voters which are who the town of New Palestine was made up of.  Joe Biden and the White House had no desire to spend time with people who were not their target voters for the future, and that became grossly obvious as the tragedy unfolded.  But I would not be surprised to see that Deep State assets who work so maliciously in the background didn’t get terrorist ideas from the Dellilo books and hope to trigger a modern Bernadine Dorn or Bill Ayers type of terrorist roaming around in the background of liberalism in America to perform a terrorist attack.   Typically the makers of movies all have jobs to do so that they wouldn’t be involved in a mass conspiracy.  But the film’s producers and investors from Netflix might be so inspired.  Barack Obama, after all, is involved with Netflix, so the conspiracy theories spawn from that connection.  And there is no question art can inspire real life.  If a root cause analysis were really desired after many mass shootings, burnt-down warehouses, and train derailments, we would discover that popular culture, video games, books, and movies inspired terrorism.  And the Deep State’s desire for terrorism then can come from entertainment in general to inspire a silent army of terrorists who drugs and media would trigger to conduct their social warfare on an unsuspecting public.  And that could certainly be the case of White Noise inspiring terrorism in the real-life New Palestine train derailment. 

And how would they expect to get away with it, just as such acts of terrorism have been occurring all over the United States, obviously trying to destroy America’s infrastructure, and slow down its GDP, since China is struggling due to its investment in Covid?  Well, the Adam Driver character in White Noise tells us all how.  He also tells all the would-be terrorists how as well, how people won’t see what they do because the terrorist acts happen outside of the experience of the victims.  The movie, as seen by many, is a rather bizarre thing, and many people watching from the comfort of their living rooms find it hard to believe that the characters in the movie could be so asleep to the events of the world around them.  But that is because the consumer of media is used to the God view, where they get to see all the characters of a story when it is told and how they all connect.  But in our real lives, we often only see what concerns us and miss what is happening to others.  This is a kind of theme in most of Dellilo’s books, which is a valuable social commentary about how to live in an industrialized existence.  But it does give the bad guys ideas, and if they want to get away with a crime, a movie like White Noise will only give them confidence in getting away with it.  So did the movie predict what would happen in Ohio with a real-life train derailment, where reality inspired fiction or was it a warning from Netflix of things to come, just as was the case with Covid, where all the realities of the pandemic were rehearsed on Netflix before it happened in real life?  Whatever the case, we should learn something from all this: the answers to things often occur outside of the storyline, no matter who is telling it.  And terrorism these days happens everywhere, and people aren’t looking.  And it is there that we will discover our villains. 

Rich Hoffman

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More Trouble at Lakota Schools: It’s an election year–let the voters decide

Wait a minute, remember when the news networks were camped outside the Lakota administration building, reporting on every time Darbi Boddy turned her head all over a controversy involving a porn link that she accidentally posted as she was trying to bring awareness to parents about sexual grooming within the school. Everyone, including the president of the Lakota school board, Lynda O’Conner, was calling for newly elected first-year school board member Darbi to resign over the issue. Of course, Darbi meant well when she provided the information, but with porn being what it is these days, which is everywhere, it’s hard to avoid pornography when it comes to the internet. When dealing with websites of any kind, pornography, unfortunately, is always in the background, and a little mistake in any web address can lead to a porn site. When Darbi found herself in the controversy, I said the same thing I’m saying now, it’s not a big deal. It was an honest mistake and wasn’t worth her resigning over. But the teacher’s union activists and Lynda herself piled onto Darbi, and the news coverage was national. It found its way to the cover story of Yahoo News. That seemed ridiculous, and it was that Pandora’s Box and the activism of the former superintendent, Matt Miller, that opened the door for all the crazy stuff that happened thereafter, which eventually cost the superintendent his job. So it was a bit perplexing that it was discovered that Lynda O’Conner herself, over the last weekend of February was that her campaign site was linking viewers to a Japanese porn site, which shocked those who saw it. Screenshots flooded in with the information I thought was an honest mistake. But given her statements about Darbi, it was a bit shocking. 

Now I know Lynda O’Conner pretty well; I doubt she has some crazy alternative lifestyle that involves Japanese porn. I’m sure there is a reasonable explanation, an accidental occurrence that would have allowed such a thing to occur. But given the way the media treated Darbi, I thought Lynda was done for in politics. If it was an apples-to-apples comparison, I know how hard that accident was for Darbi. Lynda would undoubtedly have difficulty explaining it if the same wolves jumped all over her from the radical elements. But what was strange was that immediately in the wake of this event, nobody seemed to care. It was as if it was no big deal.

There were no calls for Lynda’s resignation or signature writing campaign to remove her from office. The labor union wasn’t seeking to tear her from limb to limb. All Lynda had to do was apologize, take down the link and provide a brief statement. And everything was just fine, just like that. I kept looking for Karin Johnson from Channel 5 to camp outside of Lynda’s house for her explosive interview on the matter, or Jennifer Edwards from Fox 19 to do a 1000-word article and to post it all over Twitter. But nothing. Not even crickets. It was so mysterious. How could something be such a big deal for one school board member of equal status but not for another within a year of each other? We’re not even talking about a generational difference in values here; in this case, it was just months. Yet the outcomes were entirely different. 

I remember what it was like growing up; if you wanted to look at a Penthouse, Playboy, or Hustler magazine, they kept them on the top rack at a magazine stand, and if you were under 18 and tried to pull one down, the clerk would scold you. It was like that for “R” rated movies, too; if you tried to sneak in, usually there was always a theater employee who would find you and remove you from the theater. This happened to me several times when I saw Scarface at the theater, Conan the Barbarian, and the first Terminator film. All of those were movies where I paid for a ticket to see a “PG” rated movie but went into an “R” rated theater to see the movie I really wanted to see. And they saw me sitting there, not looking 18, and told me to leave. We aren’t living in those kinds of days anymore. I understand that.

In many cases, the kids in Lakota are watching porn at school on their phones. I’m not at all in support of pornography. I personally think it should all be outlawed completely. But my thoughts about Darbi’s honest attempts to communicate where porn came into the picture and the obvious accident by Lynda O’Conner were no big deal to me in both cases. Yet in one case, Darbi, the world came down on her to force her resignation, but in the other, the school board president, Lynda, only political rivals noticed the activity and seemed to have a problem with it. With all the talk of preserving kids from harmful porn, everyone cared when it was Darbi, but nobody cared when it came down to Lynda. That’s because Lynda benefits the radical element, and Darbi is a threat to it. This proves that the porn issue at Lakota was nothing but politics all along. It was never about kids or saving them from pornographic content. It was 100% about politics and only politics. 

When people say, “politics don’t belong in the schools” and that “we should put kids before politics,” they understand that public schools, government schools, are nothing but politics. The kids are only free babysitting services for the parents, who get the taxpayers to compensate for their career choices by hiring people to take care of their kids while they are busy doing whatever their young adult lives can dream up. There is nothing about the kids that really care for the outcome of healthy children in public schools. They are all about progressive politics that seek to undermine the American family and replace the parents with government as the new parental figure. Kids are used to advance a political cause, such as was the case with Darbi Boddy. When it served the radical left, the Joe Biden voting losers in our community, they used an accident to justify destroying a new school board member because they didn’t like her politics. But for the exact same occurrence, Lynda O’Conner, who has sold herself as a Republican, has shown useful to the radical elements which really run the school. And their hypocrisy says more than any political theater ever could. But I say, in Lynda’s case, don’t ask her to resign. Don’t campaign to remove her from the board, as has been done with Darbi Boddy. We are in an election year. Let merit decide; put these kinds of things in the voter’s hands. And let them pick the fate of the school board. Let them apply the wrath of the community. Don’t look for the media, school board, or even labor unions to show righteous indignation because they won’t. Instead, turn to the voters and let them speak with the voice that everyone really fears. People see what has been going on. And when it comes to election day, make sure they remember. 

Rich Hoffman

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The Island of Misfit Toys: A government built around failure can’t be successful

Before we move on from the State of the Union speech by Joe Biden for the year, we have to talk again about the vast differences between Republicans and Democrats.  It is more noticeable in business than politics because, typically, in the horse race of political campaigns, the measures of success are all wrong.  We judge the winners and losers by the popularity contest of a vote by society and not the psychology of why people vote for who they do.  And when Democrats are in office, especially where the room is divided up in such a way, and there is such a terrible president in the White House, the differences become obvious regarding political ideology.  Those who clapped for what Joe Biden was saying and those who didn’t really could be divided down a line of thought known in business called The Oz Principle, a favorite book of mine.  Some of its concepts I have taught for years, and what’s specific in this book, is the clear division between “Above the Line” thinking and “Below the Line” thinking.  The line being talked about resides along the razor’s edge of positive thinking and negative thinking.  Positive thinking people are always trying to find a way to talk about how full a glass is, for instance, while negative thinking people are looking for the glass to be less than half full and for the contents to be excuses for why things cannot be done.  When Republicans are in office, Democrats tend to be able to hide in the background and hide their general negativity about all things in the world, using Republicans as a kind of shield from reality.  But left on their own, when they are in charge, their negativity is something they can no longer hide, revealing to the world who they really are. 

Watching the people who supported Joe Biden during his speech was like watching the old Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer show about the misfit toys, all the broken stuff that nobody wanted to play with.  And that’s fair.  Not everyone in the world can be a blistering success.  Not everyone is a beautiful person or intelligent.  Some people are just lazy screw-ups with square wheels in life, and you can’t have a society where they find themselves thrown away and useless to the world around them.  The Democrat Party, in general, is made up of those broken toy types.  But under Joe Biden, who was obviously put in place by a corrupt and overfunded Deep State, protecting itself from the reforms of an angry public, the island of misfit toys was much more obvious.  The Democrats felt empowered to display all their negativity that is outlined in The Oz Principle, as if spending money in government could support their Below the Line thinking with dollars spent.  All the negatives in life are their utilization of articulation; the “I don’t have times” and the “I can’ts” are supported with inflated budgets and wars around the world meant to hide their lack of ability.  And it was never more obvious than in Joe Biden, a messed up old man who takes showers with his daughter, has a drug addict for a son, was put in place by illegal means to protect the crimes of the century with purposeful Covid terrorism.  And all he can hope to do to cover up his massive failures is to stoke a world war between Russia and Ukraine to hide the fingerprints of all the acts of globalism that have destroyed so many lives and are looking for a diversion from mass opinion into their many crimes against humanity. 

Putting all the broken toys in charge might be seen as an act of compassion, but it won’t result in a successful society.  And in all endeavors, we measure success by results, and the Democrats can’t show any positive results.  All they have done in the world is find a home for all the misfit toys of Below the Line thinking that often holds people back from success.  In business, such identifications are meant to be destroyed; otherwise, you cannot have a successful enterprise.  The leadership of an organization must be committed to thinking Above the Line in a positive way that resolves problems.  Not in a Below the Line way that allows problems to continue.  And that was essentially the entire political platform of the Democrat Party in 2023’s State of the Union speech.  The State of the Union was about justifying Below the Line thinking, the excuses in life for why there are misfit toys, to begin with, and building a country around all the broken stuff.  And that just isn’t the kind of message that people who live and come to America want to see.  While the Republicans sat in their seats for most of the speech, the Democrats clapped enthusiastically over very negative observations meant to be covered with massive amounts of spending, hoping in the back of their minds that the country would be destroyed before anybody figured out what a bunch of frauds they are.  The differences were clear, as they usually are in cultures where the negative Below the Line people are in charge or have too much influence in their culture.  Their lack of success and appeal often means more money wasted and less productivity utilized, whether the endeavor is for a business or a country.

The evidence is right there at the State of the Union speech for anybody looking for proof of election fraud.  The American people did not vote for that island of misfit toys, the trains with square wheels, or a “john in the box” instead of a “jack in the box.” People naturally feel sorry for the Below the Line types who have an excuse for everything in life.  But they don’t want to lose in life because all the broken toys are in charge, and thinking negatively about everything.  The Democrats were there because of a corrupt system that is protecting their own negative assumptions in the world.  Like most companies where Below the Line people are continually trying to sabotage a positive message, we have in our current government a negative message that has been inserted over a positive presidency, and the results are less than enchanting.  And the disappointment in people can’t be hidden with cable news polls sampled in Paul Ryan’s bathroom and hope that it represents American’s hopes and dreams.  What really makes the world work is the difficult task of thinking Above the Line while the rest of the world wants to be lazy and negative and think Below the Line.  And when you build an entire political party around negative Below the Line thinking, then success will be in short supply, which was obvious at the 2023 State of the Union message.  It was a clear contrast that Republicans and Democrats couldn’t be further away from each other, showing a truth that isn’t so obvious any other way.  What Joe Biden proposed was to spend trillions and trillions of dollars and to go to war with Russia in the hope of hiding all their negative positions, which they know Americans will reject, gay rights, union rules that make America less productive in a global marketplace, inflation, the Hunter Biden laptop, an FBI that is essentially an arm of the Democrat Party serving a Deep State that wants to destroy the world.  And nothing was positive about anything on the Democrats’ platform, only excuses and Below the Line thinking, which was much harder to hide when they were the only ones on the stage.


Rich Hoffman

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The Train Derailment in Ohio: The fire behind the smoke politically that is very dangerous for the Biden Administration

I wasn’t going to say much about it because I think there’s a lot more to the story that hasn’t been uncovered yet, but the train derailment in New Palestine, Ohio, has taken on a unique political perspective that has all kinds of things wrong with it. Personally, I think the deeper problem is that we have a modern version of the Weather Underground terrorist group going around the country and sabotaging infrastructure purposely. Burning down food processing plants, destroying power plants, using complicated electronics to shut down power systems on helicopters, and of course, multiple train derailments, such as the really bad one in New Palestine, which was unique because it’s Trump Country and in the wake of the tragedy the Biden administration clearly targeted them as a purposeful victim. These are the kind of people the Biden administration and globalists, in general, want to destroy. So if a train derails in their community and poisons them all with toxic fumes, there are members of society who would be happy about that, including many in the media who hate Trump, hate his supporters, and would love to destroy all these little towns and force people to move into blue cities where Democrats can control everyone. Other than those elements, however, I viewed the tragedy as a basic catastrophe, much the way a tornado or hurricane would be viewed, and didn’t think there was much of a story to consider until reporters on Fox News and other places started making everything about a contrary argument against environmentalism. The victimhood is a trap that Republicans always fall for, such as why are all the globalists so worried about climate change flying around in private jets? Or, in this case, why is a massive chemical spill that could cause cancer in the entire town not a concern of the liberals so concerned about environmentalism, yet they will destroy entire economic projects to help a turtle cross the road in California to protect the little creature from extinction? These political activists act like they want the people of New Palestine to go extinct.

Well, of course, they want the people of New Palestine extinct, we are witnessing a government that knew all about Covid before it was released, and they allowed people to die ruthlessly to drive home a political narrative, one about climate change and the other about government-controlled health care that would rule over everyone’s life. They had to kill people to scare them into submission, to get them to wear the mask. So, of course, Biden isn’t going to visit New Palestine and will avoid emergency relief to the town even though the entire world has been watching the news coverage of the purposeful burning off of the spilled chemicals by the rail company. The optics looked horrible, yet the Biden White House showed its contempt for the Trump voters there in ways that certainly didn’t surprise me. But it apparently did for everyone else. DeWine is not MAGA country Republican, I don’t consider him a Republican in any way, but there wasn’t much he could say to convince people that the drinking water was safe when obvious evidence of chemical residue was seen in the local creeks and the local pets were dying from some mysterious airborne killer, that might just be slowly killing off everyone in the town. DeWine tried to assure everyone that the water was safe to drink; their local processing plants could make it so. J.D. Vance was there to support the town, as he should be. President Trump is committed to a visit because they are his people. The train company itself has done a pretty good job cleaning things up. In the end, they are inspired to leave things better than they found them. There is plenty of criticism to go around, but in a few months, nobody will remember anything about this train derailment, and it will pass into history quickly. 

But yet, there is more to the story. Quickly the people of the town went from being normally compliant to being ostentatiously vocal about their condition, which we don’t normally see from people in MAGA country. If this had been a police shooting in a blue city, there would have been riots in the streets over something much less severe, as the locals would complain about police violence taking full advantage of the media coverage. Normally Republicans don’t say much when bad things happen to them, but this time they did. And nothing the government offered to do, or the train company would be good enough for them. They would voice their opinions about their dissatisfaction, which is something different. The news coverage took on a whole new meaning in the wake of the Biden classified documents, the Chinese spy balloons, the inflation rates, and the attempts by Covid to make a political comeback as a terrorist weapon of the global left. There was something new present in all this that was dangerous for the established order of things.

The level of defiance from New Palestine was clear; these were people who were not over all the lies of election fraud they had been exposed to. And the massive lies and cover-ups regarding Covid were still on their minds. And instead of taking the tragedy the way they might have in the past, not complaining about the drinking water, and trying to move on the best they could, now they were deeply skeptical of anything the government had to say, no matter who was saying it. It didn’t matter if it was Governor DeWine or the Biden administration; there was a general assumption that everyone was lying to them, and they were going to talk about it. Before the government cried wolf on Covid just a few years prior, these same people likely would have said very little about the train derailment. But in the wake of the mandatory lockdowns, the forced vaccinations, and the known election fraud, we are living in a completely different world, and the government has lost all credibility on just about everything. And the open war is not such a secret anymore. Trump voters do not like Biden’s administration, and the Biden insurgents don’t like them either. If anything new was revealed in this massive tragedy, it’s this inconvenient information that the normally peacefully compliant are no longer so peaceful. They aren’t happy, and they are going to let everyone know it. People are tired of being victims of government problems. When the EPA didn’t act quickly on the matter, people quickly noticed the difference in behavior and exploited it in political ways that were damaging to Biden’s administration. It’s not just a level of incompetence that we are talking about here. It’s a purposeful intent to destroy traditional America small town from small town, and these people of New Palestine weren’t going to go quietly in the night. Again, I think the train derailment was an act of sabotage, and time will prove it out. An overheated bearing is being blamed now, but there are just too many of these things happening for them all to be an accident. But something different happened this time, people made their voices heard in ways they haven’t before, and the established order of things wasn’t sure what to do about it. There is an uneasy volatility brewing, and the political class will find they don’t have the tools to fix it.

Rich Hoffman

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Darbi Boddy is Right Again: The SAVE Students Act seeks to separate students from their parents

When I was watching the Lakota school board meeting from February 6th, 2023, on video, I heard the statement from Darbi Boddy regarding the suicide watch program that was being proposed and didn’t think there was anything controversial about it. I also listened to some of the public debate and the counter statement by Julie Shaffer, who is up for re-election this year, and I would expect those types of big government types to find what Darbi was saying disturbing. In the wake of the meeting, there were apparently a lot of people confused about why the topic was even brought up, which in my view, was just a regular topic for a typical school board meeting where the Matt Miller drama was no longer the centerpiece. Then toward the end of that same week, I heard a constant barrage of negative articles in the media done on the story, Darbi’s position on mental health initiatives by Ohio’s SAVE Students Act on suicide watch. She had really hit a nerve because the stories just kept coming. And on Friday of that week, there were top-of-the-news discussions on Clear Channel radio stations discussing it and how there was a petition to remove Darbi from the board again with a signature drive. Several people approached me and said, “your buddy Darbi Boddy is in trouble again; it doesn’t look like she’s going to survive this one. What’s with her?” My reply to them is the same one I’ll address here, “she’s fine. This is the kind of topic they should be talking about in school board meetings, and she brings up a great point, how much parental involvement should there be in these programs, and what role should a school have in the personal lives of the children who attend?” 

Regarding Julie Shaffer, the fellow school board member who offered a counter comment to Darbi’s statement on the SAVE Students Act, I learned about her a long time ago that she represents all the things I personally hate. She and I had debates on WLW radio many years ago about the nature of education in general, and she and I agree on pretty much nothing. And since it’s an election year, there will be time to tell lots of stories about her personal conduct that shows why she thinks the way she does about things.   But the bottom line is that she represents the kind of parents at Lakota who do not have much confidence in their ability to raise their own children, and they want to lean on the crutch of a big public institution to help them deliver good kids into adulthood. I don’t get freaked out about it because she represents a portion of the Lakota population with the same issues with their personal parenting power. And Darbi also represents a significant portion of the Lakota population that believes in old-school parental roles and that the debate they had in a school board meeting regarding the SAVE Students Act was a healthy exchange of ideas which Darbi put forth as a concern from her point of view. Darbi’s argument was that nowhere in the proposal for suicide watch was there a protocol for calling the parents. The fundamental assumption was that the school knew best what to do with the kids, and the parents were thought of as a kind of nuisance or perhaps even the cause of suicide concerns. And by Darbi pointing all that out, it ripped the scab off a concern that all those big government school types have about everything, and that’s the security blanket they all have in the back of their minds. Can they be bad parents and still raise good children if institutionalism can come in like Superman and save everyone? It’s a liberal fantasy that most Democrats have about big government, and essentially what Darbi said popped that bubble of a fantasy in a very public way, and people reacted very violently to it. 

I listened to Darbi’s comments several times and put them here for others to listen to. Darbi is simply saying that the SAVE Students Act should have as a priority a relationship with the parents. As its written, it assumes that parents are part of the problem, which is implied in the text, and she was concerned about the direction it was going, and she brought it to everyone’s attention during the meeting. Her references to the Salem Witch Trials and to Nazis are historical in context and weren’t mentioned just to be an eye-popping revelation. The way that public schools view parental relationships is very much in line with mistakes from history which she pointed out, in separating parents from their children through institutional controls. We have well-recorded incidents of those mistakes from the past, which is why she mentioned them. The fact that we can never talk about Nazi behavior in public unless it is referenced to conservatives is a topic all its own for many other articles. But for this one, the state sponsored the Hitler Youth movment historically and those same sentiments were clearly present in the SAVE Students Act as it was proposed. Parents were not at the center of suicide watch concerns, and they should be. In terrible situations where kids want out of a bad situation so severely that they are thinking of taking their own life, their school relationships would likely be the cause, and parents should know about it. Not to be assumed that bad parents were the cause. Darbi simply wanted to point out that mental health conditions in public school atmospheres should involve a relationship with the parents. The parents might cause the depression, and the school may help those kids. But often, and likely, the situation would be the other way around, and such conditions should trigger parental involvement to provide resolution. Not castigation. 

The violent reaction to Darbi from those on the liberal side of things makes perfect sense; again, I didn’t see anything wrong with it. Obviously, there are strategic reasons for their violent reaction. We just went through six months of drama where the school superintendent admitted in a police report that he had sexual fantasies of drugging, molesting, and videotaping kids who went to the school he managed, and nobody had any problem with that. But their faces melted when Darbi suggested that the parents be the center of any public school interaction with children. It’s obvious what’s going on. There is a political push behind all this to separate children from their parents, with the government stepping in as a kind of gooish blob of liberalism and taking over the parental role. That was the warning Darbi was making, which is perfectly valid. People who want that transfer of power don’t want any opposition to that transaction for whatever reason they think that way.

In many cases, in their own lives to be fair, they lack confidence in their ability to be good parents, and they hope and dream that a taxpayer-funded school will bridge the gap in their parental abilities. They love their children; they just don’t have the confidence in themselves to be a “super parent.” But that is the topic for a school board debate, which is all I saw it to be. Healthy and fruitful. All the rest was political revenge for what happened to Matt Miller. And to those negative participants, I think they will learn that making such a big deal over little issues will only bring forth more like Darbi Boddy, who will want to run for school board and join her on a much-needed crusade to restore parental rights in public education, which is obviously in short supply and in much need of change.

Rich Hoffman

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The Lakota Education Association Shows Their Radical Political Agenda: Teacher unions are the biggest danger to kids

It used to be controversial, to tell the truth about labor unions. All of them are the works of Karl Marx. Participating in a labor union is an acceptance of the basic premise of communism. Even four years ago, saying such a thing in public would have received snickers from an unsuspecting public; since the mid-1850s, labor unions have been around. They don’t predate our constitutions in America or the basic philosophy of the country’s founding, which is best summed up by the rival philosophy of Adam Smith and his excellent book The Wealth of Nations. The alarm bells of the communist movement by socialist sympathizers emerged with immigration into America during the late 1880s aggressively. Those rivals brought with them the assumption that European socialism, represented by the labor movement, the federal “Department of Labor,” was intent on carrying on the work of the poor loser, Karl Marx, who was a fool in his lifetime, and a weapon of global governments in his death. Everywhere that there is a labor union, we are dealing with some form of communism. In the 1920s, alarm bells sounded in books like The Richest Man in Babylon. Then in the 1940s and 1950s with, Ayn Rand’s uniquely American books addressed the matter. The idea of wealth creation and social organization were under attack by these recent communist assumptions, and over many decades they wore the mask of patriotism, confusing their members into believing that by espousing communist ideas, that they were somehow being patriotic. 

And the destructive effects of the labor movement were never more obvious in the teaching profession, as the radical progressive John Dewey imagined the role of public education. No matter how much money is spent with confiscated tax money from property values, all socialist schemes that predate all our lifetimes, public education will fail because it has been built on the progressive fantasies of John Dewey and his supporters in government and the communist labor union ideas of the various teacher unions. But things are different now; we’ve grown up in a lot of ways from the kind of world we were before President Trump was in office. Many things that were said about labor unions, and even the communist scares of the McCarthy hearings, turned out to be more true than anybody wanted to admit. Now, as we look at the trash heap of our political landscape, people are now admitting to the obvious. Labor unions don’t represent American values, and they have no place in the education of our children. Too many people listened to the labor union diatribes that have embedded themselves into many of our government institutions, and the collision of ideas was always bound to happen. It’s no longer about good wages for teachers, and smaller classrooms, as they have disguised their movement for years from public judgement; what it was always about, which I have warned people over three decades, is blue-haired losers who want to teach kids about sex in kindergarten, and convince them to embark on perverse sexual lifestyles at the earliest age possible. The results of the labor movement’s political escapades have devastated families, and the evidence has mounted up into a modern admission where people are finally willing to say the quiet stuff out loud. No labor union in a public school is good. They aren’t good for the kids. They aren’t good for the community. And they are anti-America at their very foundations and never should have been included in anything “public.” When people cry out that public schools should never be about “politics,” they simply have ignored that teacher unions are 100% about politics, and if they are not dealt with “politically,” then they will continue to erode away the basic hopes of anything good happening with tax money helping children learn the basics of an education. 

And that is the context of the battle raging in Lakota schools these days, where the Lakota Education Association, without a thought in their head, published to their members an antagonizing memo, shown here, trying to get their members to show up at a school board meeting and harass the first year school board member Darbi Boddy. Darbi, for her part, has made public admissions that she feels about the labor union, similar to my position, where she sees them as an impediment to the education of children, which is well founded. And the union responded by saying regarding a recent meeting, “You were under attack at this January 9th meeting by Ms. Boddy. She stated that she did not want to work with the LEA. We need to continue to show our union is strong, and it is not her choice that we have a voice!” Their activism resulted in a loud meeting with the threat of violence looming over everything obvious, meant to intimidate any supporters of Darbi Boddy who might dare to speak. And when many did, the union members didn’t have anything to offer but implied violence as a result. There is no logical debate that they can have because the foundation of their movement is communism straight out of The Communist Manifesto. So, they have violence and intimidation to support their claims of existence. But Darbi represents the voters of the community, who are in charge of everything, and that right predates anything Karl Marx ever wrote. So she is right to have an opinion on the matter, where the union has a mentality of changing it or getting rid of her. With that mindset, obviously, things were going to get pushy at the meetings. Finally, we are uncovering the real problem in these public schools because Darbi has had the guts to expose it by finally representing the public in public. And the LEA labor union hates it.

Labor unions are the primary danger to Lakota’s kids and all public schools. Their progressive mentality is corrosive to all efforts the human race might attempt to utilize, and years of their conduct are easily seen with history to support a destructive opinion of their foundations in philosophy. Follow the teachings of the labor union members, and you’ll get destroyed families—dangerous sexual lifestyles. You’ll raise corporate stooges who put money above family creation and will end up lost and destroyed as mature adults. You’ll end up with the kind of government we see today, ineffective, too expensive, and unaccountable. To be fair, I can’t think of one possible good thing that ever came out of a labor union, and the kind of society they are teaching to kids are promises of personal destruction. So their assumption that they have a right to exist is only a parasitic promise to steal wealth from hard-working property owners and use that money to destroy the community by destroying the kids in the process. I wouldn’t want any kids to be taught by the losers who attended that January 23rd school board meeting. I am glad that Darbi Boddy is a school board member who is willing to stand up to those hostile forces. And for the sake of the children attending Lakota schools, I would like to see at least two more school board members like Darbi Boddy, perhaps more aggressive than she is, there to govern that mess. The more who do, the more desperate the union members will become, showing the world what they are really made of. If left alone, they will continue to hide their liberal radicalism behind a façade of politeness. But when pressured, as they have been with Darbi Boddy, they show their true nature, which is wonderful for voters to see, and people will be able to see for themselves what the truth of the issue always has been. 

Rich Hoffman

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The State of the State Speech: More money on education can’t help the core problem

It was different this time from the last when I had a chance to get a picture with Governor Mike DeWine and his wife. After the State of the State Speech in the Ohio Statehouse Rotunda, there was a nice reception where all the members of the legislative bodies could break some bread and mend fences together. DeWine offered pictures to anybody who wanted them, and they moved around the room, providing the opportunity. I was taking some photos of the event, and he asked me if I wanted a picture. But I turned it down, not for the reasons before, but for entirely new ones. I have not been a Mike DeWine fan, to say the least. Yet, over this past year, and really since the significant Covid mistakes, he has worked hard to improve his relationship with the Representatives and Senate. The last time one of these photo opportunities came up, I was cheering on a replacement for DeWine, and I was still very angry over the Covid lockdowns. Since then, however, DeWine has been very good on Second Amendment issues, such as Stand Your Ground and Constitutional Carry, things that seemed like science fiction just two short years ago, and I am appreciative of the process that caused DeWine to go from a gun grabber with aggressive background checks to suddenly a star on gun rights, even with the training of teachers in schools to prevent school shootings that my friend Thomas Hall carried to the finish line I had much more appreciation this year for the work DeWine had done than before, so my reasons were more to protect him than anything else. 

I always appreciate getting invited to those kinds of events, and it was great to see so many good friends in that type of setting. I like to see how the cookies are made behind the scenes, and I revere the Ohio Statehouse as a temple of law and order. I have a particular relationship with the Ohio Constitution that most Supreme Court Justices likely don’t have. I always keep a copy of it near me, and I read from it frequently. The Ohio Constitution, the American Constitution, the Bible, and Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged are books I always keep near me to read through a few pages here and there because I find them refreshing. Just for good measure we might have to throw in The Richest Man in Babylon as well.  They are beautiful works of human imagination and effort, and I never get tired of pouring over their words and intentions. And going to the Ohio Statehouse anytime is like going to church on Christmas Eve for most people. It’s a spiritual endeavor; I feel very comfortable there, like a second home. This 2023 speech was a bit different because it was an off-year election, and everyone was a bit more relaxed and cordial. I saw in almost everyone a real desire to do the right things based on their own view of the world. They may have the wrong idea of the world, but the intent was undoubtedly present, and it was a day of good government with the pressure dialed down a bit, and I found it very enjoyable. 

Yet, out of all the people there, I was the one most likely to end up on the cover of a newspaper or splashed all over the headlines of a news broadcast. There have been at least three times over the last six months when things were really close to getting out of hand. I do a lot of things, and there are a lot of enemies out there who would like me not to do those things. And things do get contentious, to say the least. I don’t look for those scenarios, but they do come looking for me. And if that were to happen, given all the good work that DeWine has done for the Second Amendment, I was worried that news outlets might dig up a picture of us together and use it to slam him for his support of gun rights. So the best way to keep that from happening was not to take the picture. I tend not to take many pictures with political figures I like. They sometimes want a picture, and it makes me feel good when they do. But I do worry about their reputations if I get into a situation that might take the legal community a few weeks to sort through while they clean up a mess. I am happy that these occurrences have not turned into a bloody mess so far, but the law of averages says that one of these times, it will. And I really don’t want the news outlets to make others guilty by association. I couldn’t tell Governor DeWine all that; there was only time for a “no thanks.” But that is the reason why I didn’t get a picture when the opportunity presented itself. I love the Ohio Statehouse and would like others around the country because the concept of law and order is always present; the intent is to have a good, civil society. Yet there are villains out there who want chaos, no accountability, and sheer evil and don’t respect such places. And they would like to see a guy like me gone from their minds. So the math problem of an eventuality is always a concern I have in public settings, not for myself but for those around me. It can take weeks or months to sort out those kinds of legal issues in the aftermath, and the media would look for every opportunity to demonize anybody who has supported the Second Amendment in the process. Even if the outcome would be innocence, the damage is always done with first impressions. 

One of the big themes of the day from the speech was education and how to improve it. I didn’t want to say to everyone that spending more money on education was worthless. They were there to pass laws and provide leadership, so what were they supposed to do, do nothing? Spend nothing when it’s evident that so many kids were falling between the cracks and were entering adulthood with very low reading ability. The education system we have always intended an intelligent society. Still, there is so much political radicalism from the left that is a part of every level of the education system that the problem is what we teach, not whether we teach or don’t teach. Money isn’t the problem, it’s the radical teacher unions and the overall communist manifesto they all seem to have that have ruined the minds of so many kids. There wasn’t room at the State of the State Speech to cover that essential problem. But it did loom in the background over all the good intentions in ways that were obvious to me. But that was a fight for another day, and it extended out beyond the Ohio Statehouse into the philosophy of mankind itself. Until we changed that, a problem that is well beyond the media façade that usually deals with education issues, there was nothing that could be done to help improve education. It’s a system of corruption that protects itself with the promise of violence, so there isn’t much law and order can do in those situations. It’s a fight that resides deeper in the pages of our state and federal constitutions, and that fight is unfolding as we speak. But for a few hours on a cold January day in Ohio, some good tidings and snacks were worth a break in the rotunda of a magnificent and historical building. And it was a day I appreciated quite a lot. 

Rich Hoffman

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