The NFL Experience: There are things more valuable than safety and security

The very next game after the Bengals had the Monday Night Football game canceled, I had a chance to go and see them in Cincinnati play the Baltimore Ravens for the last game of the season. It had been a busy year where literally every weekend was spoken for. But knowing that the Bengals were going to be in the playoffs and that, especially during this time of the year right after Christmas, this is when I like the NFL experience the most, I wanted to go to a game and enjoy what that product did for the entire city on a cold winter afternoon. It’s hard to experience the NFL product fully; it involves more than just watching the game for three hours out of your day like you do when you watch the games on television. Even that is hard for me and is often difficult. I get pretty mad when the team I’m cheering on doesn’t win because I feel that I wasted my time on them only to end up feeling not encouraged. So attending sports events for me is a lot like gambling. With my life so carefully managed from one moment to the next, investing in an experience where I don’t control the outcome is a lot of risk. But once the Christmas lights come down and we enter the full clutches of winter, I love that our culture produces the NFL playoffs to edge us through the hardest winter months. By the time the NFL playoffs are finished, and we have the Super Bowl, which I consider a great American holiday, we are almost ready for spring. The maple syrup starts flowing, and we know the days of extreme cold are ending. So the NFL experience is very valuable for all kinds of reasons, and they are best viewed from the Club Seats in Cincinnati. 

I was not supportive of the NFL calling off the game against the Bills literally just a few nights earlier because the game itself means so much more to people than just the events of a player who happened to get hurt. The NFL is a very progressive corporation, what many call the No Fun League, putting on the field a uniquely American product. So the NFL is always in an interesting tug of war between appeasing their fan base and marching to the beat that comes out of the World Economic Forum’s strategic intentions for world domination. And, of course, the attack comes from where nobody really understands the direction. While fans watch the military flyovers during NFL games, which are quite spectacular in their own way, and complete the National Anthem with hats over hearts, the tide of the game, which is entirely out of the NFL’s control, takes on a life of its own. And it’s something you can only ever really see in person by experiencing firsthand. During this particular game, I had a very personal relationship with the military craft that was used, and they flew over very low, so low and slow that you could see the pilots. With all the fireworks, I had my grandson with me, which was quite a ceremony. Clearly, he was having a moment with the whole stadium, and patriotism was fully in the air. The haters of American culture might have the ear of the NFL and are pushing for its destruction through woke policies, but the current of American society itself was on full display all around us, and I found it very refreshing, worth its own currency in those cold January months.   

Ultimately, the NFL is like a pioneer trying to cross the current of a raging river. They started something that Americans genuinely love, and that made them happy until their masters of finance leveled an attack against our culture, trying to use that love as a device of hate, to destroy that very culture by luring innocent people near it, then to influence them with extortion to social behavior changes that were controlled by the Desecrators of Davos as I call them, the Bond villains who are a part of the World Economic Forum. And those types of people called off that game against the Bills to remind people that safety and security were more important than the results of a game, which I will always argue are oppositely true. The result of a game, or an event in life of any matter, is far more important than safety and security. American football, represented by what the NFL puts on the field, is a dangerous sport that represents capitalism at its finest. It is different from European soccer in many ways that are critically important to our culture. Soccer is a kind of pinball game where skilled players get a random chance to kick a ball into a goal uniquely. American football is all about planning and precision. You get four downs to get 10-yard increments. Every play is like a business plan, and success is the end zone of all that planning and coordination paying off. The offense on the field is all of us. The defense is life itself, trying to keep you from scoring. Football in America has much more going on than most sports. People have an unconscious understanding of it, even if their conscious reality manifests into too much beer drinking and dancing to booming music. Football in America has a unique relationship with capitalism, and we have a perceptual understanding of that value, which is why globalist forces are attacking the game the way they are. If you want to bring down America, which many forces in the world do, then American football is the way to do so. That leaves the owners of NFL teams in a strange place. Do they follow the rules of wokism from the World Economic Forum, or do they listen to the fans who continue to make them rich and allow the currents of capitalism to wash over them in a way they enjoy and can thrive in? 

I tend to be very free with the wallet at these kinds of events; I like my children and grandchildren to know how vital NFL games are to Americana itself. I don’t complain about the expensive drinks or hot dogs. I like the very expensive jerseys and hats. I like to tip the guys out front of the east entrance who are playing the drums. I love the energy and the celebration of life that is obvious at all NFL games. And I wish everyone could win every time. It is much like gambling to investing so much time and money into the NFL experience, but I see it as nothing but positive. And after going, I was reminded how dumb it was to cancel that game just because a player was injured. When bad things happen, we want to take time to see them taken care of. But there was more going on with the Bills player who suffered a heart attack on the field during Monday Night Football during the first game of 2023. Likely the heart attack was brought on by the NFL’s push for untested government vaccines, playing their role in the Great Reset by Klaus Schwab and the gang of destroyers who gather every year in Davos about this very same period. There are a lot of hostile forces in the world, and fans at NFL games are uniquely prominent in their effects, which is obviously frustrating for those forces. That’s why games should never be canceled, no matter what. The show itself has a value that transcends the way antagonistic forces shape logic, and the rebellion against their wrath is very much the core of the NFL experience, an unintended consequence. It’s what people cheer for during the game and why going to the games is such a cherished activity. And it’s why we must fight to keep our corporate products out of the hands of global politics intent to rule us all behind bureaucratic rules and regulations centered on safety and compliance. Those are the real enemies, and we love to cheer when our football teams score, regardless of what defense is set up to stop us. In the end, that’s what people celebrate, and it’s certainly worth doing.

Rich Hoffman

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A Class Action Legal Need Against Lakota That Should Happen: I’ll gladly be the first to put my name on it

Of course, there has to be legal action against the Lakota school system and directly against their public employee Matt Miller, the controversial superintendent. A reasonably sized class action lawsuit is around 20 people, and there are more than enough people involved already to participate in one against these parties after the desist letters issued by the superintendent’s attorney Elizabeth Tuck were sent out to at least 6 to 7 different people issuing threats of financial destruction for essentially being concerned about the actions of the superintendent. The issue was always about children, character, and legality, which was quite clear from the public speakers at Lakota during their meeting on November 7th. Under any circumstances, concerns about abused children are the first priority. When it was learned that this public employee, Matt Miller, participated in sexual fantasies about kids who attend the school he manages, people were upset about it. This was, of course, the talk of the evening at the various election night ceremonies that I was involved in, and these letters from Elizabeth were the topic of much anger. There would have to be an answer now that the action was taken. It centered around the language of the threat letter itself, where it emphasized that Matt Miller had spent 30 years building community goodwill and his professional reputation and that the people are receiving one of these threat letters initiated, published, and disseminated false, destructive, and defamatory statements about him as part of a malicious conspiracy to damage that goodwill and reputation and either effect his termination or extort him into resigning. Well, that’s what started this whole process because Matt Miller was guilty of doing all those things to Darbi Boddy, the newly elected school board member, so if that were the standard, well, then he would be vulnerable to that action as well. Reviewing that part of the letter reminded me of a discussion I had with school board members a few years prior regarding Matt Miller.

At the time, I could have cared less about Matt Miller or why the board was worried that he would sue the board for millions of dollars for a contractual breech over his actions that were revealed during his messy divorce. To be somewhat fair to the school board, who didn’t know much about legal matters and consulted their attornies on the risk of enforcing some judgment about their public employee that might be protected in his contract for lack of some “morality” clause. So instead, they turned to cover up as much of his behavior from the public as they could. That’s also the same dumb advice they received recently when they tried to shut down public comments at school board meetings. And the same boneheaded tactic behind these letters of intimidation that were issued by the Tuck Firm representing Matt Miller in an attempt to repair a reputation that he damaged by his own actions. The effort behind it all has been to contain bad behavior, not correcting it.   And when you start adding up all the fees for PR firms, lawyers, and the other elements of what public employees cost a community when they go bad, the cost is extraordinarily high. Likely, Lakota schools had paid out as much money as Matt Miller could have sued the district for anyway, so where is the advantage? I’ve read his contract, and it could be argued that what he has cost the community should be compensated by him back to the taxpayers because of his behavior and could certainly be argued by a competent presentation of the facts to any court. 

What we see at many levels is mismanagement of the Lakota school system by public employees, and the school board, who simply hired too many firms to bridge their lack of knowledge on these kinds of disputes, and to hide all that mismanagement from the public.  To compensate for that expensive level of incompetence, they have turned to harassment to shut down critics who expect much better from their school district. For my part, I have no tolerance for someone who engages in sexual fantasies with children at any level, and they shouldn’t be running a school because of that condition. If it’s not against the law, it should be, and maybe there needs to be a legal case to make it a law for the future. Perhaps it’s not against the law because nobody ever thought anybody would do such a thing. Regardless of what people think about the law or the definition of evidence, there is a police report where Matt Miller admitted to doing this very real act, which is part of the public record. So this interpretation of evidence that Elizabeth Tuck has proposed in her intimidation letter is full of opportunities to clear up any loose ends that might be debated in the future. Especially when kids are involved, any recipient of knowledge that may be illegal or harmful to others must see something and say something, which is what occurred. The behavior was conducted and is the responsibility of Lakota’s public employee, and that employee is liable for damages that they have incurred upon the public with their actions. And the school district is liable for the damages imposed on the public for their lack of management of their employee, who clearly feel entitled to a job at taxpayer expense no matter what personal conduct they have decided to participate in. The person who committed many bad deeds does not get to attack the people who find his behavior reprehensible, and everyone just quietly hides. It has become known that there are many threats imposed on the Central Office over this issue, so this is an extensive campaign of intimidation that cannot be tolerated in our community. 

There’s a lot to consider in taking action to recover losses caused by Matt Miller to the community. The school that mismanaged that employee and allowed that person to commit all these acts against an elected school board member, loss of reputation, defamation, destruction of Darbi Boddy’s brand, and the reputation of others, logic has to be put into the language of legality, which many people glaze over when the subject is brought up. But the same effort that we raised money to elect school board candidates to now articulate the case from very competent legal minds is not unreasonable. I already have several contributors who are eager to start that process at a high level. When it is considered how much the Lakota superintendent has cost by his lifestyle actions in reputation management as opposed to direct contract enforcement, there is a very justified approach to resolving this manner properly, where the public is in charge and not the activism of employees who initiated the guilt on every level, especially in the defamation of character that was invested into the destruction of Darbi Boddy which started all this in April of 2022. Matt Miller would have been good to just stick with the fruit basket he gave to the new school board members in January. But when he made a move to get rid of Darbi Boddy, well, then her supporters were going to fight back. That was politics, and all is fair in it. But when fantasies with kids became known, well, that changed everything. And at that point, there is an obligation to the preservation of children. And if Matt Miller turned out to be innocent, and the police cleared him, everyone could have gone about their day. But he admitted to it in a police report, which is real evidence even if his legal counsel doesn’t want to acknowledge that it exists. That evidence is available with the Butler County Sheriff’s department, and it’s on Protect Lakota  And it will undoubtedly be part of any court cases that are being conducted going forward, along with a lot more information that perfectly justifies a public uproar. But the one who puts himself in all this mess doesn’t get to lash out at those who find his behavior reprehensible. There is a cost to what he has done to the community, and now, because of this culture of harassment that has come from his direction, we must correct that behavior because the school board didn’t do their job and manage him properly, as they should have years ago. Instead, they spent a small fortune trying to cover it up, much more than a legal dispute over his contract would have cost initially.  Further, I would propose that the gains acquired from this class action legal resolution, after the attorney fees are paid, would go to a war chest for future school board candidates, to give Darbi Boddy help in the future.  That would be a way to take this very negative situation and make it into something the community can be proud of.  There are more than enough occurrences of a lack of public transparency and a desire to keep the public in the dark to allow competent legal representation to acquire positive gains.  I will be the first one to put my name on it. 

Here is the whole meeting for context

The school board and its out-of-control employees should have never tried to defame, destroy, and remove Darbi Boddy from her elected position. That is what started all this, and now they have shown where a lot of lost money has been going, and it hasn’t been for the kids. It’s for bad management and entitled employees who behaved in self destructive ways which forced the school district to clean up the public perception, at great cost to the taxpayers.

Rich Hoffman

The Police Extortion of the Cincinnati Bengals: Communist labor unions always expect “the rich” to pay for their mismanagment

For me, and this has always been the case, there is a limit to how much of the thin blue line I’m willing to pay for. We need police in our society; we can’t function without them. We should not defund the police as Democrats have suggested. But when you are dealing with public sector unions that always want to expand government, “defund” is not an open checkbook that is beyond the reach of management. Throwing infinite amounts of money at police or any government employee is a bad idea. Society should pay for the police and to pay for them well. But not infinitely.

Traditionally, when police or fire employees insist that they always receive more money, they say, but we run into fires, we run into gunfire, so you don’t have to. I will volunteer to run into a burning building to save a dog any day of the week. I will gladly engage with a dangerous group of shooters any day of the week, any hour of the day. And I’d do it without pay because I would look at something like that as fun. So I’m not a big fan of that argument. Yes, police work is dangerous. But those who get into it understand that. It’s a privilege to wear the badge. The community should support the police enthusiastically. We should all live by the laws of our society, constitutionally supported. But the arguments of pay, such as what Dan Hils did on 55 KRC with Brian Thomas, is an exploitation of the standard union point of view, which is always communist in nature, to attempt to argue more pay in all the ways that the police unions expect it. There is a limit to what police are worth. When an FOP president makes the case from an obvious liberal point of view to a radio talk show host who is typically a small government kind of guy, it makes for an interesting debate that often hides in the cracks of our society.

Everyone knows I’m not a big fan of the Cincinnati Bengals. My favorite team is the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and it has been since Mike Brown fired Sam Wyche as the head coach. My support of Wyche went with him to Tampa from Cincinnati, and I have never forgiven the Brown family for that firing. They are losers as NFL owners. They run a bad organization that does not represent the city well. Sure they went to the Super Bowl last year because they have really good players. But over the years, they don’t know how to close the deal, and if they win, it’s usually because they get lucky and the other teams overlook them. But I don’t like this Billionaire Bengals talk from the FOP president, Dan Hils. I also have to remind people that every labor union in America started as a communist idea. Every entertainment union, government sector union, and union that runs some manufacturing aspect are all Karl Marx’s products. With Trump he’s a former Democrat who has opened up the tent of the Republican Party to include labor unions. In politics, there are many viewpoints, and people often don’t get everything they want. So it’s worth discussing unions’ problems with the same people who now consider themselves MAGA Republicans. With that in mind, all this talk about the Bengals paying double time and triple time for traffic staff before and after games is a perfect example of how the same people who will talk about saving money with taxes on one topic find themselves nodding in agreement with Dan Hils on the extortion racket being played out with the Cincinnati Bengals and talked about on the air as if the Bengals should pay whatever it costs for safety because they have the money and can afford to. Just because someone like Dan Hils, from the perspective of a communist police union, thinks that the Bengals are rich, does that mean they should be obligated to pay some artificial value for more traffic cops at Bengal games? 

I go to Bengal games a few times a year, and I prefer the great seats when I go. When I arrive, it’s usually where the player entrance is, so I get to see all the security they have at these games from that point of view, and there is a lot of police there—a lot of security. I tend to think that the Bengals should hire their own security for their own events. But as Dan Hils points out on Brian Thomas’ broadcast, the Bengals can’t pay for their security on a city street leading to and from the stadium. Those are city streets, and the police union has it rigged so that only they can provide traffic services. It’s the same kind of mess that you deal with at any union where tasks are placed in silos, and restrictions to productivity are also associated with the labor assigned to that task. For instance, you might have a box of pencils sitting on a dock meant for the office area. But the unionized dock workers are on a break, or have called off work for the day. Or maybe they are on strike. So there sits the box of pencils. The office people need them. They can look through the window into the dock and see the pencils sitting there. But they are not allowed to go in and pick them up so they can get their pencils. They have to wait for the union to perform the task. That is the kind of political game the Cincinnati FOP has going on regarding city streets leading to and from the stadium. Because the unionized police want a monopoly on the work, they complain that the work just can’t get done because they don’t have the staffing or the money. But the Bengals aren’t allowed to provide a solution. Or perhaps the people attending the games might volunteer to help direct traffic. They are prevented from helping because they are not lawfully permitted to perform that task. 

Spoken like a true communist union president, Dan Hils places all the blame on the Billionaire Bengals because they are rich and can afford to pay whatever the members of the Thin Blue Line require. But the Bengals’ options are to use Dan Hils unionized employees at rates of double time or triple time to pay for the mismanagement of the police force in general at whatever cost they decide. Rather than hiring their own people at $15 per hour or less to perform a task that is only worth minimum wage for a few hours on a Sunday to keep people from running into each other. And because we are politically on a path to support the police no matter the cost, someone like Brian Thomas, who is a small government guy, gets pulled into a discussion about defending a government union’s ridiculous extortion racket. And from the perspective of Dan Hils, his argument is that the Reds pay for the security, as to other sports events in the downtown area. So why don’t the Bengals pay too? Well, because the police union is forcing a customer to pay for goods and services that they control exclusively, and they expect to pass their mismanagement off as an undisputed bill, which is ridiculous. The police are great to have, but I don’t like their labor unions. I’d volunteer to help the police if there weren’t so many dumb rules that keep people from helping them. In many ways, they create their own problems by forcing restrictions on themselves and then expect a community to pay for their mismanagement of financial resources. And at a certain point, when they ask for too much, the community should just get rid of them and form their own law enforcement that doesn’t have a union attached to it. And my argument would be that it would work far better and be a whole lot cheaper. Just because rich people can afford to pay, that’s not up to Dan Hils to decide. It’s up to market values to determine, and the FOP of Cincinnati clearly isn’t interested in that kind of discussion. They are just like everyone else; they want the most money possible for the least work produced. It’s up to management in all cases to determine the value of that ratio.

Rich Hoffman

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A Man Who Gets Divorced Loses Leadership Ability: What is wrong with Tom Brady

I haven’t talked about the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in a while because, honestly, the world is at war, and who really cares about NFL football? But this story is about Tom Brady, who almost everyone agrees is the best football player of all time. His marriage, his retirement, and why the Bucs aren’t as good on the field as they are on paper is an interesting study on the impact of good leadership on any culture, whether it be business, entertainment, or politics. What Tom Brady is going through is a good baseline for just how important leadership is to any culture. He has traditionally been the best on a football field not because he is the strongest, fastest, tallest, or most creative, but because he has a way of making the people around him better, which is why he’s been in so many Super Bowls and Championship games and won many of them. And when that leadership isn’t working, it’s obvious why. So with the Bucs at 3 and 3 at the point of this article is not over for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. They are playing in the weak NFC South division, so they are still in first place even though the Bucs should have won close games against Kansas City, Green Bay, and Pittsburg. But they lost those games because they were simply outplayed, and it’s quite clear that the team is distracted by Tom Brady, his retirement status, his marriage trouble, and his general age. It has to be tough to be 45 years old and playing with a bunch of kids who are 25 years old, old enough to be his own kids. And the head coaches are all the same age or even younger. 

What’s different about this year with Tom Brady is that the NFL obviously doesn’t want him around. The media doesn’t either. They have moved on to the Patrick Mahomes types, the Josh Allens, the much younger and mobile quarterbacks who are part of the new story of the NFL. The Bucs have done the woke thing and put people of color in charge of their coaching staff, even though they obviously have problems making decisions. They aren’t the best people for the job; they were put there because of color, although Todd Bowls, the head coach, made great news when he recently dismissed the measurement of color, which gained national attention. Bowls is a great defensive coordinator when he can dominate the other team. But his playcalling is terrible in close games when the other team isn’t intimidated, and that has certainly carried over into this year, where he remains the defensive play caller, and he just can’t stop the other team. Everyone has gotten so used to being lazy on the field and on the sideline because they just expect Tom Brady to get the ball at the end of the game and win it for them that some of these games are just getting out of reach. Tom Brady usually has an opportunity to still win the game for them, but people are happy to let him do most of the work. And that problem comes from leadership. The coaches are lazy; the players reflect the coaches. One thing about leadership that is always obvious, people adapt to the personality of the leader, so when a good leader is present, it’s evident to the world because the culture takes on their personality; when there isn’t good leadership, it’s just as evident for all those reasons. 

And every day, the news is that Tom Brady is getting divorced from his wife, Gisele Bundchen, a person many consider the most beautiful woman in the world. During the Super Bowl year of Tom Brady’s first year in Tampa, she was a tremendous asset. The other players looked at Brady and his wife, their children, Tom’s love of his parents, and his good-guy image as the best in the world, and they played off it. They listened to Tom Brady because they wanted to be like Tom Brady and have what Tom Brady had: good successful life in every way people measure success, money, beauty, ethically, and categorically. But this year, Tom Brady looks like a person like everyone else. Even at press conferences, Brady goes way out of his way to appear just like the other guys, that he’s nothing special and that he continues to play because he wants to be around his teammates. This is to other players who often have to think about whether to tackle at full speed a 300-pound player with their 250-pound bodies at 20 MPH with a head-on collision that will undoubtedly hurt the next day, a weak proposal. While they know, they have a few million dollars in their bank accounts. Why are they going to hit the other player so hard again? Especially since everything is always about Tom Brady?   Unless you have a special coach who can motivate such players, a lackluster effort is almost baked into the problem.

But specifically for other guys, they look at people they follow, and if the leader can’t hold together a marriage, then why should they listen to them about anything? A guy going through a divorce is a loser, no matter how fair that assessment might be. If you can’t hold a family together, why should anybody listen to you about anything? If a woman who knows you in your most vulnerable state, behind the media curtain, isn’t so in love with you that she’ll do anything to stay with you, then there is something wrong, and a locker room will quickly figure that out. And that holds true for everything, not just sports. If a leader can’t lead a family, they certainly can’t lead an organization, a school, or a society. All men know that once a wife leaves a man and is off to Chuckee Cheese with a new one, and a man loses his kids to a stepfather, it’s over. A family is broken beyond repair, the children will grow up with likely problems as a result, and the leadership potential of that man is gone. There is a lot of effort in the world to try to hide personal behavior behind processes, but that is just not how human beings are wired. Tom Brady is the best of all time because he did everything well. His private life was successful, which then carried over into on-field behavior. But this is the problem when you stick around too long, people start thinking of him as just another guy, who has problems just like everyone else, and at that point, the magic is gone forever. This is why I thought it would be good for Brady to stay retired, ride off into the sunset, and let history remember him as the best. But to lose that leadership ability, which he clearly has, especially now that his wife is clearly not with him, the cost is far worse than just lost games. Tom Brady has lost his leadership brand. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers may still win their division. Tom Brady may even win another Super Bowl. But in doing so, he has lost what is most important, his leadership brand. And once a man loses it, it’s nearly impossible to get back. And to the way I think, that isn’t worth another chance at a Super Bowl. 

Rich Hoffman

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Yes, We are In a Recession Headed for a Depression: The lying Biden administration is trying to hide the crime by abandoning the measurement

There has never been a question about the definition of what a recession is; if there are two consecutive quarters of GDP decline, we have a recession. And as to our present circumstance in America under the illegitimate Biden administration, we are actually in a far worse situation than just a recession. They have been living off a positive Trump economy that was mostly hands-off on economic growth, which allowed it to grow in more positive ways than it has in decades. Basic economics 101, recessions are caused by too much government tampering, and the indicators begin when you see negative GDP growth. For economies to work, people need to go out and do productive enterprises, and they must have the freedom to take the risks to generate those enterprises. What all socialist economists get wrong, which is most of them who get their information through liberal university study, is that restrictions on economic activity are detrimental to GDP growth. Economies do not expand due to administrative state tampering and top-down bureaucratic compliance. Money is made and expanded when creative freedom is at its highest in a culture, and people are free to take risks with the fewest penalties a society can tolerate. All the cable business channels get their information from the same socialist-trained market analyzers, so people tend to view economic data the same way they do medical or legal information as something beyond their comprehension. But in truth, the proper measures of positive economic growth, whether it be a country or a local business, is the more restrictions there are on creative business growth, the worst the performance of the profit-driven enterprise. 

So it was no surprise that the very micro-managed Biden administration would impede GDP growth with its intrusive business policies. Just the vaccine mandates of the fourth quarter of 2021 would have been enough to cause a recession in the first quarters of 2022. The Biden administration and Democrats, in general, have been living off the Trump economy and benefiting from it. Job growth has been easy to measure because many of the jobs they are taking credit for, including this latest one in August of 2022, have been because of the global shutdowns due to Covid. The CDC has been gradually reducing its very harmful “recommendations,” which essentially torpedoed positive economic growth due to surrendering logic to the government-made Covid virus that was produced in a lab in China under the guidance of Dr. Fauci and many others as a bioweapon. When China unleashed that bioweapon before the election in 2020, the goal to remove Trump from the American White House was the top priority and remains the top priority of the Liberal World Order, Henry Kissinger’s “world order.” So the CDC put forth lots of restrictive recommendations that harmed employment numbers. As those restrictions were reduced, people have slowly returned to the workplace, helping make employment numbers look like growth. However, it’s all smoke and mirrors because those employees may have returned to the workplace, but performance expectations have been dramatically reduced.

If anybody doubted that the Biden administration were complete liars and that they would lie about anything just to see if they could get away with it, then this attempt by them to redefine what a recession is proving their true merit. They have attempted to hide their bad economic output by changing the definition, just as they attempted to do this previous week by denying that there is any inflation. Biden himself declared that inflation was at 0% because they simply erased all previous measures and declared that the official record was happening upon that announcement. Of course, the Biden people have lied about the invasion of Trump’s home, about election fraud, and about the validity of the Covid vaccines, which have turned out to be dangerous for some people. They have lied about the cause of the war in Ukraine, and the price of gasoline, so nobody should expect them to suddenly start telling the truth about economic talk ahead of an important election. They have taken an excellent economy coming out of 2019 and 2020 and absolutely and purposely destroyed it in 2021 and 2022 with overly restrictive policies that crippled economic growth. And now it’s showing in the economy for two quarters now. It took some time for the ship to start sinking, but once it started to, there was no way to stop it. Too much government intrusion means an economy that can’t grow and expand. It’s that simple. When an organization of any kind starts destroying its measurements, you know then that they are failing. What doesn’t get measured doesn’t get done. Or what measurements are abandoned, are meant to hide what isn’t getting done. 

The truth about Biden’s position on recession and their attempts to hide the information from the public indicates a much larger problem. We’re not just in a recession, but we are in a depression, a bad depression that will make the one in the 1930s look like a child’s creation. Biden hopes to hide the criminal conduct of his son until after the midterm election, as well as all this bad economic information for political reasons. The media, of course, is helping him because, in essence, they work for the administrative state, not freedom of speech, and they serve the Liberal World Order completely, without debate. But the evidence of the trouble starts to be seen when you see organizations throwing out their measurements because they want to hide the truth from people wanting to understand what’s going on. The Biden administration has no plan to explain negative growth in the third or fourth quarter or for what looks like it will be years of negative growth. Without question, to attempt to hide the obvious depression that America is now in will be to throw out all the measurements and redefine the definitions so that the public might be oblivious to the real harm in the facts. It’s not just happening in America; everywhere that the Liberal World Order has impressed itself into culture is finding themselves suffering through negative growth. And the Biden team hopes to hide their failure in the failures of the rest of the world suffering for all the same reasons. In that way, they certainly hope to redefine the definitions to conceal their lackluster performance. But the evidence is obvious, and people feel it at the gas pumps, in the reductions in commercial options, supply chain failures, and how the world has slowed down.

Even though people are returning to work after the many-year Covid haze, they are not as good as before the lockdowns. Workers have lost their edge, their competitive spirit. They have been sung a lullaby of death by the Desecrators of Davos, the European attitude of sleeping through life and not being driven by any sense of urgency.   We are living in a world of the Great Reset, as Klaus Schwab and many global progressives like him intended, and the economy is reacting worse than they initially thought. That is because they listened to all the loser economists that the university system produced and started their measurements with the wrong assumptions. And now we have a recession in America and around the world. But worse, we are headed for a long depression, and that depression will last until the government is removed from the money-making process. And not before 

Rich Hoffman

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F*** Joe Biden: Putting up with evil is not acceptable

People Will Not Let the Government Destroy Their LIves

It’s much healthier to chant in a stadium “F*** Joe Biden” instead of resorting to violence to remove him from office.  Self-expression and disobedience are more honest than suppressing the anger or doing as they do in Europe and other places in the world, putting up with tyranny in public while chiding it in private with a passive-aggressive approach that nobody respects. You’ll never hear me make calls to arms to take over the capital or to grab guns and take violence to the doorsteps of our domestic enemies. I’ll use the law until the law doesn’t work.  But what Joe Biden did on Thursday, September 9th, 2021, was make up laws from the White House, which is not how things work, and he took a swipe at all our lives in a very unAmerican way.  It was, in essence, a declaration of war against Trump supporters and one of the most divisive things any president has done since the formation of the United States.  And it can’t and won’t go unchecked.  It requires an answer from the public.  It is evident that Democrats have no intention to work with “the other side.” They want to overthrow our style of government in favor of something else, and the only way to deal with it is with a fight.   They do not respect us and have pushed us all into a place where conflict is unavoidable.  Yelling F*** Joe Biden in a football stadium is a natural and healthy reaction to the complete show of tyranny we have witnessed while we can do it openly.  So we should.

It is long gone the opportunity for reconciliation.   The political left has been showing this ugly side of itself for over a century.  Only now, they made the mistake of going all in and showing themselves to people who usually don’t care much about politics.  They know they have a short window to make one big final push to overthrow America while Trump is not officially in office, so they are proceeding way out of the comfort zone of most Americans.  Dr. Fauci is in trouble for lying to congress, for his involvement in the Wuhan lab, in helping China to create a bioweapon they used to manipulate the American economy, cheat elections, and in general bring great harm to us all.  They have election problems in California, where people want to get rid of Newsom, and Biden couldn’t show up to help the recall because he couldn’t draw flies on a pile of excrement.  They have all these state audits where some of the critical states are looking to decertify the election results, questioning whether or not Joe Biden is even the president.  I think there is enough evidence now to decertify the election of 2020 entirely just by cleaning up the voter rolls for the states in question, which should have been done before January 20th.  That was, in essence, what people were mad at during the turbulence of January 6th, which Nancy Pelosi thinks was the worst thing ever to happen in America.  Hardly.  But if she thinks that is bad, she does not understand the anger that’s out there.  I have heard from more people lately who are not very political talking hot talk about guns and an armed insurrection, which I always push down.  Before anybody does that, they should go live American lives despite the political forces against them.  By doing that, maybe we can avert actual violence and carnage.  But putting up with it and acting docile in the face of evil, no, that’s not going to happen.

When Joe Biden and his team decided to ramrod down everyone’s throats this ridiculous vaccine requirement through an executive order, he essentially made an aggressive move against the nation as a domestic enemy.  At best, it was audacious to insist that we take some mandatory medicine that his head of the NIH, Dr. Fauci, insists on when that character is under investigation for so much crime and treachery against our nation.  If we thought Benghazi was bad all those years ago and the Hillary Clinton emails deleted and hidden from us to reveal the guilt on the matter, what Fauci has done with Bill Gates, the World Health Organization, and China itself is beyond forgiveness.  Then to be told by a president illegally inserted through election fraud that by executive order, we will be forced to take medicine run by and recommended by all those same characters is like trying to stuff crack cocaine down the throat of a nun without her permission, by force.  It’s such a bad idea that it seems like science fiction that it would even be proposed at all. 

Yet as ugly as all that is, I thought it was good to see people pushing back before turning to violence.  I personally still believe we can solve this thing without violence.  The best thing that could have happened last week after a weekend of college football games where students were chanting F*** Joe Biden from the stands for the first time in almost two years was the Thursday Night Football game between the Buccanneers and the Dallas Cowboys.  Raymond James Stadium was packed with people not wearing masks and not socially distancing, and people were able to see an NFL game in almost normal conditions for the first time.  I would say that it’s obvious the Democrats know all this stuff mentioned above is coming apart, and they have no other game plan for dealing with it.  They don’t know what to do but double and triple down, which was the origin of the September 9th executive order.  People are on to them, and they are angry at the people for catching them, and this was one last punishment before they become irrelevant forever.  After a hot week of treacherous politics, there was another weekend of great football games where people showed they were done with Covid.  They were tired of the government telling them what to do, and President Trump is looming out there, giving interviews and being the president in every way that you can be from outside the White House.  People know they have an option and can vote out these Democrats, which is better than throwing them out with violence.  Democrats, on the other hand, will probably prefer violence because they can’t live in a world where they don’t try to get their point across without conflict.  So let them make the move.  Let them know what you think of them, and when they turn to violence, we can let them have it then.

Accepting tyranny is just not part of the consideration.  I know my position on things and what I’m willing to do.  Hey, I’m in my mid-50s. I’m not going to turn away from a fight when provoked. I’m one who looks forward to those kinds of things.  I want the opportunity to punish Democrats for their attempts to turn my country into a rat hole of globalism.  But usually, I’m somewhat alone in that sentiment. Instead, now, I see something else. Ordinary people, everyday football watchers, and the kind of people who spend half their life dropping their kids off at soccer practice are starting to think about these things the way I do.  And they are hoping for a fight to channel their rage on.  To poke the government in the eye for trying to intrude on their lives.  And that is something new.  When they chant “F*** Joe Biden,” they mean it.  

Rich Hoffman

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Rules are Made by the Lazy: Socialism with a mask of safety to hide it

Rules are Made by the Lazy

It’s interesting to see what woke terms are considered “hostile.” The video above talks about a recent posting there, which got me banned for a few days. It’s a quote from The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business that says, “never forget that the cheaters and the lazy made the rules of the world, so to make things easier for themselves, not to serve justice.” Well, it’s an accurate statement that is describing a condition that needs to be fixed.  Yet for the Linkedin crowd, it was too harsh, which came to my mind is an experience I had over a recent weekend, which I’ll talk about later that is a real problem in America in a post-Covid world.  And I say “post” because the coronavirus is over and has been for a long time.  But political exploitation of it for a whole host of reasons isn’t. They’d like it to go on forever for all the reasons we’ll talk about here.  But in truth, I expect to get flagged, especially on social media, a lot.  It has been happening to this blog site increasingly for years, and when it comes to the book, well, I meant it to be as honest as possible, and there are many bad guys out there profiting off dishonesty.  So, of course, they won’t like it.  Yet it doesn’t change the nature of the comment, that the lazy are usually the ones who make all the rules the rest of us are expected to deal with.  You don’t often see the best in a field making many rules because they are good at doing what they do.  The rule-makers are the ones who are looking to handicap the good to give the weak a chance to win. 

In a perfect world, competition would determine who wins and who loses.  The objective would be well defined, and various parties would fight it out to see the best.  Someone would win, someone would lose, or a whole lot of people would lose.  The losers would know if they could practice and get better for the next competition, and in that way, everyone would get better, and the world would be a better place as a result.  However, and it’s certainly out of the bag now for mainstreamers, socialism and a mixed economy have taken their toll on our intellects over the years.  So much so that we no longer know the purpose of competition.  In the quest for equality, we have given rise to a society of rule makers who are always seeking to penalize the winners so that the losers in life can win more often.   Worse yet, the value of winning has been so much attacked that many don’t even want to win anything.  They don’t want to be targeted for various social attacks and the stigmas that come with it.  Granted, these positions are not innate to the human being.  Humans all want to strive for the best they can get in anything. Still, the social pressure to embrace meekness is incredible and has given us a society of lawmakers who enjoy controlling the mass of humanity with equality measures meant to cripple the best to prop up the worst. That has given us many of our modern problems. 

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Of course, the excuse for rules makers to always make more regulations is always the pursuit of safety.  The socialist always looking to conceal their loser tendencies wants desperately to take away opportunities for danger to avoid complex discussions about their timidity.  So rules and regulations in an overly litigious society are the perfect cover.  Under the undeclared socialism of our times, the banner of equality takes precedence over victory in every way, meaning that a safe society preserves human life in one fashion only to destroy them in thousands of other ways.  But for a community of rule makers, the more rules there are, the more value that losers have in the world.  I can think of a few blue pill examples of this kind of thing that most people would understand.  In the video above, I give a few examples of the NFL in how socialism has been generally accepted to make the game appeal to the overall mass audience of the product itself.  In 2003, after the Tampa Bay Buccaneers won the Super Bowl, there was a change to their invented Cover 2 defense against the Bump and Run rules.  The Buc defense used to be able to manhandle receivers constantly on their routes, but after that year, it was changed to 10 yards of coverage; the hands had to be off.  Now it wasn’t the Bucs who proclaimed this trend to be unfair.  They had just won a Superbowl.  The rest of the NFL was upset that the Bucs had such a dominant defense that caused the rule change.  And as a result, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers didn’t win another Super Bowl until 2021. That’s just one small example out of hundreds of thousands of similar rules tampering quandaries that we all deal with every day.  But in dealing with them with such frequency, we have forgotten what a life with many fewer rules looks like and how much better our society could be without those rules. 

That, of course, brings up the many rules of business and how rules are used to either crush competition or stabilize the best in dominating a market.  Once a company sticks its head up and shows itself as a contender of excellence, it comes to the parasites to either loot off the efforts or penalizes the company with more rules and regulations until they are worn down into complacency. That’s about the time that the management takes up their open collar shirts and deliberately shows the world that they aren’t so great because they hope to get off the radar of the rules and regulations class.  Too many rules inspire people not to play the games of life, and it is in the games that we find the most value for everything.  That, of course, is the point I make in the book, but on a professional site like Linkedin, you’d think that they would value such talk.  But then again, that’s what wokeness is all about.  Wokeness is about destroying the good and the best to make way for the average and the complacent.  It is just another byproduct of socialism, the quest for sameness, not perfection and dominance in a particular field.  Rules are sold to us through safety, but they intend to eliminate risk, which drives the world’s economies.  And once those who have acquired great wealth and no longer want to be challenged, they can then hire the rules makers of governments to prevent that competition from knocking them off their pedestal.  That is when rules and regulations are used to preserve the best and to allow them to become complacent because nobody is allowed to compete with them.  And that in itself is sheer evil that is allowed to be brewed right under our noses. 

Well, I’m OK with getting banned on all these various platforms. I’m going to do what I do, and the message does get out.  Maybe not to the extent that would be possible without all the rules and regulations tampering.  But the honesty of competition cannot be ignored.  When everyone wonders why the world has many of the problems that it does have, look no further than the impact that rules and regulations have on society as a whole, and you will find the beginning to your answer.   The way to fix any society is not with the burden of more regulators but with more competition.  Not in sameness but in uniqueness.   And once that idea is embraced, we will all see vast improvements in our social discourse.  The skinny jeans tech geeks who flag all these postings aren’t the arbiters of quality and performance.   Winning is. That’s how all societies grow and prosper, is in winning despite all the rules. 

Rich Hoffman

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