Bill Gates and his Army of Prostitutes: What $319 Million can buy with the media

What Bill Gates is Buying

Obviously, we are dealing with it; it’s a global drug dealing operation where pharmaceutical companies are tied to government to maintain a market.  For instance, it was no coincidence that the day after Thanksgiving in America, on Black Friday no less, a new variant of Covid announced from the World Health Organization was unleashed upon the world, the Omicron (Sounds like a Transformer), which shut down travel to and from the country of origin, South Africa.  But pay no attention to the man behind the curtain, or in this case, the many members of the administrative state who want to advance their drug dealing agenda as they have received millions of dollars from people like Bill Gates to do so, who pull the levers of the media and politics to advance their agenda.  On November 24th, South Africa asked the pharma companies J&J and Pfizer to stop sending vaccines.  They only had 35% of their adults inoculated, and now they were going to stop asking for more vaccines.  So what was the retaliation? Well, Big Pharma, Big Tech, and the world’s governments did the deed and came up with a new virus to scare everyone so that South Africa could feel the financial sting of a travel ban.  Thus, you have the new war on the world, and Bill Gates and other billionaires like him are the new Hitlers and Stalins.  The fight this time isn’t with military equipment on the other side of the world; no, this time it was in our own homes and businesses as this new interconnected world was run not by our governments, but by the people who fund it with dark money, soft money, and the allocation of grants from charitable foundations.  And Covid is their creation to change the world to their image. 

I think the new Robert F. Kennedy book The Real Dr. Fauci is the damning testimony to this long ordeal, and Bill Gates has been caught once and for all. It’s the hot new book that is hard to get.  Millions of people are going to read this book. For me, it’s similar to the Judy Mikovits books that came out before and during Covid, which I had read and kept me ahead of the inside track on what the coronavirus was really about.  Kennedy, in this new book, whenever you can manage to get your hands on one is the court case that all of society needs to have on this matter.  Every media company involved in shadow banning the Kennedy book, every act of censorship of any kind regarding Covid-19 and the perpetuation of its continued terror are guilty of crimes such as sedition and treason to America, and the advocates should be hung for their actions.  Bill Gates by himself has committed gross terrorism against America and the world in general purely on his rationale to use his money as a weapon to steer the world toward zero emissions. From his perspective, we can save the earth from human beings.  Personally, I think Bill Gates lost his mind a long time ago, back when Windows 95 came out.  I don’t begrudge anybody from making a good living and making all the money they want to make.  But they never have a right to use that money to alter my life in any way or to rule over me or any people for that matter.  And that is what Bill Gates has done with his money.  He has decided, and George Soros falls in the same category, that he has more money than all government and should use it to take over our republic forms of government and become our dictators in the process. 

It was reported recently that Bill Gates had poured $319 million into the various media outlets to promote Covid over the last few years essentially.  That is money well beyond the millions he has given to China, the WHO, and various foundations promoting vaccine research and tying it to pharma companies.  If all the money is considered, he has spent in the billions advancing his agenda, bringing up an interesting problem that we all must deal with.  What does $319 million buy in media influence?  Well, I think of these kinds of things like prostitution; what would a prostitute do for $100 or $1000?  $319 million isn’t much money by itself, but if you are an influential leader in the media and you get checks in that amount, or free vacations to some exotic place because you do favorable stories for Bill Gates, then why wouldn’t the media go out of their way to show him and his intentions in a good light?  We are not talking about philosophical geniuses here; we are talking about parrots who repeat what they are told and often take the path of least resistance to a story.  I read over the holidays another great book, The Nixon Conspiracy, by Geoff Shepard, and I will forever have a different opinion about the media, which is still going on.  Essentially the Deep State that we have apparently just discovered has been operating in the background for a long time.  They obviously were involved in the killings of the Kennedys, and they certainly set up Richard Nixon in the same way that Trump was set up.  The FBI was caught with Trump, so all this is much clearer in hindsight than it was at the time, but there is no question we have people in our government, and in these billionaire classes who do not respect the concept of “rule by the people” or any form of “self-government.” And Bill Gates is one of those people.  They use their money like Hitler used tanks and airplanes to invoke influence.  The fear of death is just a method of delivery.  But make no mistake, that’s what we are dealing with, these kinds of authoritarian minds. 

The evidence is abundant, and I would point you, dear reader, to those books.  But the bottom line here is that we must stop the influence that people like Bill Gates and George Soros have over our government or companies and our media so to keep them out of our lives.  We can’t have the money of Bill Gates tainting the prostitutes in the media into retaliating against a country of the world just because they aren’t complying with the vaccine mandates that Gates wants.  And the people enforcing his desire want his money like sluts in a strip club on a Friday night in Vegas.  We don’t have journalistic integrity to police corruption.  We have people in these jobs who will do anything for the money, and it’s been like that from the beginning.  Watergate was all about the media being used by a Deep State to shape governments not by elections but by sentiment.  Anybody who doesn’t think that the election of 2020 was stolen because Trump was a threat to the plans that Gates had, George Soros had, and many other billionaire insurgents who are looking to rule the world with their money, not elections, isn’t being honest with themselves.  Why do the world’s governments think it’s OK to attack South Africa over their vaccine policies?  Well, they’ve gotten away with it in the United States.  They stole a popularly elected president.  They shut down the entire economy.  They created the virus in Wuhan with American money and a partnership with communist China.  So why wouldn’t they attack South Africa with travel restrictions because they aren’t complying with vaccine mandates?  For people like Gates they own the media and everything they broadcast.  Just ask Disney-owned ABC News why they still put Dr. Fauci on as the expert when he should be in jail for lying to Congress over funding gain of function research in China.  Because the message is clear to us all, Bill Gates is in charge of an army of prostitutes, and they’ll do anything for him to get some of it. Including destroying our nation and everyone in it.

Rich Hoffman

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The Legality of Fake Vaccination Cards: People want freedom from any administrative state

Freedom from an Administrative State

When people say they want “freedom,” this next story represents the reason.  Freedom is more than a cliché; it’s a desire not to be limited to the restrictions of an administrative state that, through history, has shown time and time again to be corrosive to innovation, joy, and advancing society.  The less of any administrative state you have, the better a society and its people.  An administrative state only benefits the people running it, who are always in the extreme minority. It forces people to live within the limits of the weakest links in such a society.  So when people say they want freedom, they mean they don’t want an administrative state of losers running their life.  And that was never more obvious than in a story about Antonio Brown, a wide receiver for my favorite football team, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  Over the last week or so, one of his private cooks and a girlfriend of some kind leaked information that the fully vaccinated NFL football player was using a fake card to prove it and that he had bought it for $500.  Since that accusation, Brown and the Buccaneer staff had stood by his vaccination status; when Brown got the shot, a team member was with him to witness it.  The Buccaneers had complied by reviewing the vaccine cards to the NFL, which was doing the bidding of the Biden administration like nice little servents.  So there weren’t many teeth to the story to go anywhere, but it does bring up a whole host of problems that I had been thinking about myself.  Even if Antonio Brown did provide a fake card proving his vaccine status, so what?  What law did he break?  And why was it such a big deal causing the media to attempt to shame him into compliance with quite a lot of news generated?

I have personally witnessed hundreds of people getting the shot and the card at this point, so I’ve had some of these questions from the beginning of the process.  First, I have watched many people get the shot who immediately had terrible side effects from it.  They tell you when you get the shot to stay near the administrator for 10 minutes in case you pass out.  So getting this shot, even under forced government coercion, is the grounds for many, many lawsuits.  Watching the process over these many months, I would say it’s one of the cruelest things I’ve ever seen a government attempt to do to its people.  It’s terrible stuff because the government knows the vaccine is dangerous.  When they gave Joe Biden the shot on television, I do not believe that they really gave him the shot because it would have knocked him out for days, perhaps even killed him at his age.  I would not blame a professional athlete one bit for not wanting to get a vaccine shot and looking to get a fake vaccine card to prove it, to avoid the painful aftereffects of the vaccines that might ruin the season for them.  Professional athletes cannot afford to have their bodies shut down the way this vaccine does to people.  So my first thought about Antonia Brown’s actions for me was, “so what.” While the media made it sound like he had just murdered people with his “dishonesty.” 

Then again, watching all those people get the shots, then have some administrator pick up a card off a tall stack of little cardboard vaccine cards and scribble some dates, and the site of the administration as the proof of the event was shaky from day one.  That tiny, unextraordinary card was what the big deal was?  The first thought I had was that massive amounts of counterfeit cards would be shown as proof that they received the vaccine.  There was no traceability to the cards, and given the stakes, where it meant that some people wouldn’t be able to have their jobs if they didn’t have a card showing they had a vaccine, well, of course, they were going to cheat with a fake card filled out with some chicken scratch.  The Buccaneers as an organization said precisely what I had been thinking for months when they were pressed on the matter.  They reviewed Antonio Brown’s card and didn’t see any errors in it.  What were they supposed to check, a proper signature, the correct dates?  It wasn’t the Buccaneers responsibility to check the validity of the cards themselves, just that people had them.  So the government, in all its administrative wisdom, issued this massive mandate with considerable costs to people in their health and livelihoods. Yet, they had no way to know if people had received vaccines or not, based on a stupid, standard piece of cardboard that a child could copy and fill out as proof.  Yet, that was precisely the case. 

I remember how hard it was to get a fake ID when I was younger, showing that people were over 21 when they were only 18 or 19.  Back then, it was perfectly justified to make a fake ID because all the hot girls were looking for older guys who could take them to places 21 and over.  So as a guy, you had to have a fake ID to play the game; the government didn’t know what it was doing when it changed the drinking age from 18 to 21 as I was coming to those ages, so people had to survive like every culture where there is an overly administrative state, a black-market forms.  China has a big one, as do all totalitarian governments, because people want the freedom to do what they need to do in life and when governments come up with too many rules based on their own personal limitations, law-breaking will become a dominant recreational activity.  I knew some sharp cookies who made fake IDs, and they made good livings providing them.  These vaccine cards were not even close to being as challenging to make.  Anybody could make a proof of vaccine card, so given the political climate, there was no question to my mind that there was going to be massive fraud in providing the cards. 

Yet even worse, the government obviously hadn’t thought about any of that as they clamped down on people with Executive Orders and tried to scare everyone into compliance.  Nothing about the vaccine mandates was constitutional, the government got caught breaking the law themselves by implementing such a thing, and the Buccaneers knew it as an organization.   They played along with the made-up rules, but it wasn’t their job to investigate whether Antonio Brown got the shot as the card showed he did on the dates they showed he received them.  It was their job to collect the cards and demonstrate compliance to an out-of-control government and the woke NFL that wanted to bend the knee to an administrative state so they could stay in business.  There were so many things wrong with the whole process that the path of least resistance always has the answer, come up with a fake card and shut everyone up.  There was no legal authority. The government could not enforce any breaking of the rules because they made up the rules like some playground kid making them up as the game was being played, and that’s what the government gets for its gross overreach.  When they force people to comply with their dumb rules, people will find a way to break those rules so they can live life.  And that is the kind of freedom that we all talk about in these kinds of circumstances.  People want to be free of being bothered by this kind of administrative state overreach.  The more rules people have to live under, the more rules they will have to break to live life, and that is the reality that the administrative state of any kind has never admitted to itself. 

Rich Hoffman

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I Support Josh Mandel for the Ohio Senate: It’s all about making elevator rides uncomfortable

I Support Josh Mandel for Ohio Senate

The upcoming senate race for Ohio to replace the Rob Portman seat is coming up fast.  There were some good elections in 2021, but that’s all behind us now.  It’s time to go or get off the pot for endorsing someone for the Ohio Senate Race of 2022.  I like many of the candidates; I think they all have some great attributes.  The key to something like this, which still has many months of campaigning, is to pick the person who will best serve that seat a few years from now, not necessarily where politics is presently.  And I think, especially after reading The Nixon Conspiracy by Geoff Shepard and The Real Anthony Fauci by Robert F. Kennedy Jr., that the political world of tomorrow will be much different than what it has been over the past decade.  Picking candidates for the climate we are coming into is essential because the political terrain will be robust with political stunts, media hype, and the ability to shame candidates on the senate floor and still ride the elevator back to the parking garage after.  It’s not going to be for the political lite but rather those who can most withstand betrayal and scandal and support the Trump America First Agenda without hesitation. And my pick to be that guy is Josh Mandel. 

I like Jane Timken a lot, but after meeting with her a few times and watching her campaigning now for several months, she’s too conventional. She’s a bridge-builder, and we’re talking about a senate that needs to get rid of people like Mitch McConnell in the leadership and who will instantly harass Chuck Schumer right out of the gate.  Even sitting in the bathroom stall, they need to shame all the comfortable senate members like Lindsey Graham.  Retaking the Senate as a Republican majority is a war, including even the RINOs who are there now who have not been protecting the American Constitution the way they need to.  Jane talks about herself being a fighter, and I think she is, perhaps for some time in the past or the future.  But not for the 2022 race extending past 2025. She’s just too nice for that environment, for what has to be done.  I have nothing against her, she has done an excellent job with the Republican Party in Ohio, and I think she can work the Trump endorsement that she no doubt would get once the primary is over. Still, she’s just too conventional to excite people into action.  

The other guy I had been rooting for whom I was happy to meet is J.D. Vance.  His problem is that he was a Never Trumper, and in a Trump-heavy election, that is coming back to bite him.  He has a lot of money pouring in to support him, a lot of the big conventional money would rather have a Trump hater than a Trump copy, so J.D. Vance is raising a lot of money and has a shot to keep things close.  But what it comes down to is he’s too nice of a guy.  Like Jane, he might make a great senator in a different time when people played nicely together, and a legislative agenda was more important.  But these are not those times; what matters is America First and nothing else, and the ability to fight with peers on the senate floor the way Lauren Boebert and Marjorie Taylor Greene are in the House.  Radicals have overtaken the Democrat Party, I would say for the last 40 or 50 years. 

The masks of communism are off now, but the radicalism is deep in their culture, especially as it extends into the media and global investment brokers.  To undo all that, it will take a lot of political theater and members on the Hill who will write legislation endorsed by the Trump White House and fight for it on the floor, perhaps even physically.  It’s not what you see on TV that anybody must worry about; it’s what happens in the halls, the offices, and during the commute that requires aggression and boisterousness.  The Democrats are the enemy, and the fight has to be taken to them.  J.D. Vance is a nice guy who does pretty well on Tucker Carlson and can come up with some one-liners.  But when it comes to fighting, he’s not the guy for the battlefield.  Like I said, maybe during a different time.    

The rest of them in the field, such as Mike Gibbons, are to the left of J.D. and Jane, and I don’t consider them relevant in this race.  They may make some noise, but they don’t have what it takes for this Senate seat that essentially needs to pressure Sharrod Brown’s supporters to fall off the earth.  None of this hand-holding that Rob Portman has started with the Brown camp is what Ohio voters have been wanting.  Democrat progressives need to be destroyed.  There were three things that Josh Mandel did that solidified my opinion about him.  He worked with Darby Boddi at Lakota in gaining the support of the growing number of angry moms there, and he did a fantastic job on 55 KRC with Brian Thomas to talk about it. I personally spoke to Josh at a Republican event privately and on stage in front of a really big audience with big-time Republican members in the audience such as Jim Jordan and Frank LaRose, about his commitment to the election fraud that robbed Trump of the Executive Branch in 2020.  And the third thing was an event at the Solid Rock Church in Monroe where he had the Tea Party religious right showing great support.  He appeared on stage with Jena Ellis from the Trump legal team and was very evangelical.  Now, that particular assemblage of the electorate is only about 30% of the total conservative vote, but they are passionate, and when they are winning, they are contagious.  When Trump gives out endorsements in the summer of 2022 after this primary race is over, it’s going to be Trump for Renacci for governor and Mandel for Senate, and these people will be the ground troops who fill the crowds. 

When people wonder if Josh Mandel can win the general election, as he obviously can win the primary, the answer to that will be yes.  Even though he will come across as weak and vulnerable in a general election to Democrats and media members, the people who actually vote will put everything on the table for a hard-core Trump supporter, especially as Trump does many campaign stops in Ohio during that election season.  Any scandal that follows Josh Mandel around, as he is a little on the wild side, won’t matter just as it hasn’t for Trump.  Mandel will have the evangelicals, and they will be his foot soldiers to success.  People in Ohio will vote for someone attached to Trump’s hip, and none of the candidates in this race has more openly embraced Trump than Josh Mandel by sticking to the election fraud issue more.  Trump will reward Josh with an open endorsement as he will be campaigning for Renacci anyway.  At that point in the race, the other candidates would be nowhere near as exciting to Ohio voters as someone who isn’t afraid of political stunts and sticking to them when the pressure is most significant.  And when it comes to taking the fight to the Senate floor in Washington D.C. I asked Josh the same thing. I asked the other candidates how prepared they were for the battle to come.  Only Josh Mandel gave me the correct answer about actually showing light in his eyes when the talk of fighting liberals personally and directly came up.  And I’m convinced that with Josh Mandel, there will be many uncomfortable elevator rides for the opposition in the years to come.     

Rich Hoffman

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Jim Renacci, The DeSantis of Ohio: Even the Disney Company has benefited from federalism

Jim Renacci for Governor of Ohio

Well, thank goodness for federalism.  If you have read the new book from Geoff Shepard, The Nixon Conspiracy: Watergate and the Plot to Remove the President, you can see clearly that what happened to Trump and Kennedy is not new tactics.  In the climb to global power, foreign and domestic enemies have thought that they could control the world by controlling the presidency.  They make a mistake in viewing the presidency as a kind of American king, which was always wrong.  But the plot to remove Trump is just the same old power that has been around for a while, and in knowing what we know now and comparing it to the Nixon Conspiracy, there are a lot of ah-ha moments in that book which is very telling.  What has protected America from a complete takeover by these crazy powers, which we might call the “deep state” or the “globalists,” is our very good government balance of federalism where local and state powers are a priority.   The federal government has very little power within the borders of the country.  We could spend hours and hours talking about the vast Covid conspiracies or the quandaries of the “deep state” and their intentions of menace.  In essence, what we have learned after the Trump presidency and the global Covid protocols is that federalism is the way to go all over the world.  A competitive check on powers among the states has shown many economic lessons they had previously taken for granted.  And in America, Governor DeSantis of Florida has proven to be one of the very best governors of a state, where Ohio’s Mike DeWine has shown himself to be the worst.  Both call themselves Republicans, but only DeSantis has truly embraced federalism and the magic of capitalism to solve problems that came from so many directions.  And to this day, Florida is thriving where Ohio is not.  If only Ohio could have a governor like DeSantis.

But wait, Ohio does have such an opportunity.  Jim Renacci is running for governor and looks poised to primary DeWine in May of 2022.  Jim is offering to be the DeSantis of Ohio, using the model of federalism that has evolved out of Covid, where governors of states have shown just how much power they had.  During the Covid lockdowns, which Mike DeWine started even among the blue state governors, the fundamental philosophy of the governors of all states had a measurable distinction in the success and economic recovery of the states.  In red states where governors were strong, the economic impact of Covid had a much less impact.  Cases being cases, all the states dealt with their issues, but in blue states where lockdowns and tyrannical power went to the heads of the governors, such as in New York and Michigan, death by Covid and the rapid spread of the virus had no improvement.  Statistically, they look to have performed worse than in states that were more free and open with much less government intrusion.  And these were valuable lessons.  No longer was federalism debated in a college classroom advocating Marxism and more centralized authority as a capitalist utopia boomed outside the windows preparing for a big college football game on the weekend.  Now all the rules of economic theory were put to the test by the two primary ways of approaching government, and the red states clearly won.  Blue state governors, which Mike DeWine operated as one even though he called himself a Republican, showed the severe cost in misery, economic downturns, and the dangers of letting health departments run the general policy of a state. 

On the other hand, DeSantis decentralized the problem, took away the federal government’s power to stick its nose in people’s business, and promoted an environment where people at the local level could solve Covid problems and economic challenges through their own innovations.  By protecting the diverse state of Florida from centralized mistakes made by the federal government and protecting people with executive orders from further centralized authority mishaps, DeSantis led Florida to a very successful economic recovery coming out of the government-made pandemic.  And the correct measure has been in the reaction by the very liberal woke company Disney in what they have been forced to admit, even if reluctantly.  Due to the severe and lingering lockdowns in California, the Walt Disney Company has moved several thousand employees from the Anaheim offices to Orlando because Florida has been open and is a much more stable business climate where the government can’t interrupt their business operations so frequently.  With DeSantis, companies can at least trust the governor will keep the government out of the company’s management. With Disney going woke for such a long period of time, much of that wokeness came out of mitigation of knowing that for decades, a centralized government coming out of the White House intended complete authoritarian control, similar to what they have in communist China.  So they did what most companies did, appease the tyrants with wokeness so that they could survive.  But in Florida, where the Disney presence is a massive part of the state’s economy, actively and passively, the reality of the situation benefits the entertainment company tremendously.

From the beginning of Covid, Disney led the way just like Mike DeWine by adopting all the government rules and regulations, imposing mask mandates, and all kinds of ridiculous and unscientific protocols, which has hurt their business tremendously.  For them, if everyone had to impose the same restrictions upon themselves, then it made sense.    But because of DeSantis not following all the rules, but in protecting people from those rules, all businesses in Florida did not have to wear dumb masks or socially ridiculously distance themselves.  That left the Disney Company hanging out there alone, and losing money because of it, by their own choice.  When it came time for the unconstitutional vaccine mandates, which the Disney Company wanted to impose, DeSantis had created a business climate where that Biden Executive Order would be challenged in court protecting businesses from an overreaching government that was just spitballing in the wind regarding ways to manage a virus they had in fact through Dr. Fauci released upon the world.  So because of DeSantis, the people of Florida were protected from that level of stupidity, and even the Disney Company had to recognize the benefit.  They announced last week that while they reviewed the legal circumstances, they would not be imposing the vaccine mandate on their employees for the time being.  Essentially, they were putting their finger to the wind and seeing how these court cases play out, which is great for everyone involved.  But if not for DeSantis, there would be no check on federal power, no matter how well-intentioned.  Ultimately, when mistakes are centralized, everyone suffers.  When errors are separated by federalism, then not everyone has to suffer.  That is the benefit of a great governor like DeSantis.

That DeSantis model is now out there, and there is history that can be studied for centuries on the positive impact of federalism during a mass international crisis.  Nobody can put this genie back in the bottle; it’s out, and it’s out forever.  All those who have been pushing governments toward more centralized government, as they were even in the Nixon White House, have seen through Covid the root cause of their massive failures.  They had hoped, like Disney, to hide those failures by forcing 100% submission to their cause. Still, because power was decentralized through federalism within the states of America, to compete, even the mighty Disney Company had to see reality for what it was.  They benefited greatly from DeSantis as governor; even if they didn’t vote for him, his policies made Disney a better company.  And that approach is what is needed in Ohio.  With Mike DeWine, we will never have such a governor.  But with Jim Renacci, we have a chance to have perhaps someone better than Ron DeSantis.  Trump helped pave the way for DeSantis.  And DeSantis has helped pave the way for people like Jim Renacci, whom I think can actually do better in Ohio than DeSantis has been for Florida.  And the time is coming quickly for us to be able to vote for him in the primary.  Which is something we can all look forward to with great zeal!

Rich Hoffman

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Liberals Only Want to Boss People Around: The mental illness of the Democrat Party

People Who are Obsessed with Bossing You Around Tend to be Democrats

Without question, especially after Thanksgiving dinner with family members, some that you may only see a few times a year, politics is always that unsatisfied topic that burns in the back of all our minds.  We have been taught that we shouldn’t talk about politics or religion even though both dominate our lives and thoughts almost exclusively.  And the losers who spread that bad advice to us were liberals who encouraged us to avoid a conflict at the dinner table or living rooms of our homes from people who may be liberal in our lives.  So in the same fashion that we see prosecutorial misconduct among liberal prosecutors or religious ideologies, like “climate change” coming at us with blinding speed, we are not supposed to engage it or talk about it. Instead, we are supposed to talk about Blue Pill stuff like sports or Black Friday sales and hope to avoid talking about supply chain problems caused by an illegal president Biden with a big-government approach that has crippled our economy and put China on a pedestal for world domination.  So in that way, we never talk about the solution to the world’s real problems; we just learn to put up with it, which has empowered them into all sorts of destructive behavior.  Yet, there is a reason we are uncomfortable with these political rules of our day because the rules themselves mask something we all know and feel about the matter, which demands a resolution.  And it all points back to what I always say about liberalism; it’s a mental illness that needs a psychological fix, not an understanding of fairness on the battlefield of ideas.  Liberalism, because of its severe disfunction in nature, shouldn’t even be on the battlefield. 

One thing that all liberals have in common is that they like to boss people around.  We obviously have seen this with Covid and the government’s reaction to it.  Blue state governors have been the worst, and those who want to tell people what to do have heard the dog whistle.  They have acted like that big brother who is babysitting all of us and wants to essentially be the parent out of control with power telling us where to go, when to wash our hands, when to go to bed, when to eat, change clothes, even what to watch on television.  They are obsessed with telling us what to do about everything.  And now that they have captured through all types of political theater, they have the congress, the senate, and the White House at the federal level; they are out of control.  It’s not that the power went to their heads; it’s that they needed power so much that they were willing to do anything to get it.

Another thing I say all the time is that the number one thing that people are most concerned with in life is their status on the pecking order with their peers.  Adults, more than anything, want to climb the social ladder of power and prestige among their peers more to satisfy their insecurities about their meaning of life-based on how it was taught to them as children. You’re born, you do what your parents tell you, what society tells you, and you gain power so that you can acquire the ability to do that eventually to other members of society.  If you work hard, you might become a powerful politician or CEO of some company, and people will respect you and do what you tell them.  Really, when it comes down to it, liberalism, in varying degrees, is one of the most destructive elements of any society, and it can be measured based on how much people want to boss you around.  The more conservative a person truly is, the less they like to tell other people what to do.  The more liberal, the more they want to boss people around. 

But it doesn’t stop in politics such as “elected office.” Still, it extends into every aspect of our lives, such as the nosy neighbor who is always calling the neighborhood association about some flag you might be flying that might bring down property values.  Or the slow person in the fast lane on the highway who travels under the speed limit because they intend to slow you down for what they perceive as safe conduct.  We see it with the mask police now in stores.  We see it in the places we work where some ladder climber boss is always there to tell us when to use the restroom or take a break.   It’s not enough to call someone who thinks they are conservative a RINO if they claim to be Republicans but have the psychological problem of always wanting to tell people what to do all the time.  We have to identify the mental illness for what it is, some form of liberalism that has migrated in name to the current state of severe mental dysfunction. 

The real quandary for many of these people and why their psychological disorder is so destructive to the world around them is that the essence of their behavior is that they must live off the efforts of others.  That is why they want to boss people around because they actually need the efforts of others to survive. After all, deep inside, they lack the courage to do things on their own.  So they make themselves part of the world around them as a figure of authority to mask their own timidity.  And if they appear to be in charge of the pecking orders of our existence, they can hide their most profound insecurities.  So when we find ourselves at some social gathering and there are always these micromanagement types who start telling us we have to take our shoes off to enter a room, or to tell us where to sit, what to eat, how to dress, and so on, avoiding talking about politics only makes the problem worse.  It allows these loser people to live free of judgment while abusing the world with their psychological disorders.  By avoiding discussion about their ailment, it never gets fixed, which isn’t good for anybody.  One of the reasons I wrote The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business was to help people deal with the tyrants in their lives.  It may not be Joe Biden or Nancy Pelosi who are the worst; it might be some nosy aunt or peeping neighbor going through your trash.  It might be a boss who goes out of their way to harass you so they can remind you that they are your means to a living, and you have to do what they say.  It might be the little Cartman mall cop or the latest local health department newly empowered by the CDC to ruin our lives in their effort to tell more people what to do.  But what it all amounts to is that the desire to boss people around is an illness of the mind, not something that should be respected or even dealt with as a legitimate manner of public conduct.  We don’t need to treat liberals with equality and understanding.  We need to get them help in insane asylums because that’s where they belong.  Not believing they are equal or above us on some invisible pecking order.  They are not our “betters.” They are malcontents and damaged people who need treatment, not a pass of the gravy and a tight lip uttered under sports scores. 

Rich Hoffman

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AFPI is Something to be Thankful For: Trump and the Pilgrims of Robert Cushman

Never forget Robert Cushman

What am I most thankful for on this Thanksgiving of 2021?  Well, it’s something I said last year would be happening when I said not to fret, not to despair over lying hiding, Joe Biden.  That Trump was still the president as far as I was concerned and that he didn’t need to be in the White House to act in that fashion.  Instead, he could run the country from his Winter White House down in Mar-a-Lago, which is what he has spent the last year doing.  And the result has been the creation of the America First Policy Institute, a collection of like-minded people intent to make an America First agenda the policy of the United States for many years to come.  This is, of course, something that you probably didn’t hear about in the media, so I have included a few videos from them in this article for context.  Needless to say, I am very thankful to see them emerge as a political powerhouse that will shape all future elections and build on the more than 75 million voters who voted for President Trump in the last election who have been ignored, scandalized, and tormented ruthlessly since President Biden was put in place to protect the swamp and all the deals made there from draining the filth the way we have wanted to do for a long time.

I’ve been talking about shadow banning more lately because I have been thinking a lot about the AFPI.  I came to know about them because I joined in Big Tech’s Trump lawsuit, which I essentially view as criminal conduct.  Google doesn’t own the internet, nor does Facebook or Twitter.  Yet, they have acted like it.  The internet is essentially a public utility that our government developed for our use.  Google doesn’t own it, yet I have become one of the most shadow-banned people on the internet.  Considering how much content I have provided over the last decade, I should be getting millions of hits per week on my work. Instead, it’s just hundreds, or thousands, depending on what’s going on.  The only real people who see my content are subscribers, as search engines deliberately shut me off from the world.  It’s pretty ostentatious, to be honest. I’m not one to cry about it, but when I had to fill out my paperwork for the lawsuit, it brought it all to my mind just how mad I have been about it.  If it were simply a competition issue, I wouldn’t care.  But this is a free speech issue over a public utility, and these companies that I didn’t elect have chosen to disrupt the operation of our republic toward political positions they favor, and that isn’t acceptable.

I can see where all this is headed by getting to know the AFPI people a bit, and it will only grow.  I have been thinking of them much like the original pilgrim colonies of Plymouth Rock.  I was reminded recently of my trip to Westgate in Canterbury, England, with my wife, where we went to see the cell of Robert Cushman.  Cushman was the original commissioner of the Mayflower on behalf of the Pilgrims. They were fleeing Europe due to the tremendous religious persecution from the Church, the state, the royalty, and their continuous power struggles.  The protestants wanted to be free of that persecution.  Robert Cushman, after all, just wanted to run a little grocery in Canterbury, but the Church insisted that he believe in their style of religion, so they shut him down and threw him in jail.  Essentially, it’s what we are seeing today, where the state insists that we believe in the gods of Covid, in climate change, and that we do what they say needs to be done, or nothing else.  Its tyranny to consider Covid vaccine mandates or to be put out of business.  But that was how it was in the times of Robert Cushman, around the 1620s, before and after. 

That hunger for freedom from tyrants has always been part of the human race.  America was founded on it, first from the pilgrims, then again during the Revolutionary War.  I would say today, with the election of Trump, the creation of the American First Policy Institute, and the political upheavals of our times, we are going through all that once again.  There is nothing new about tyrants wanting to capture people to make them think and do what they want them to do.  We see an example of this tyranny every day with the shadow banning.  It’s one thing for me to say it’s happening to me.  But one of the strongest examples is that of Jonathan Karl from the Disney-owned ABC News regarding his latest book, Betrayal: The Final Act of the Trump Show.  That book has been quoted by most mainstream media outlets as if everything in the book was a fact.  It is the narrative of the captured press, but they are still a minority opinion, and to maintain that illusion, they have to shadow ban other views.  In this case, it’s the Peter Navarro book In Trump Time, written by an actual Trump insider in the White House.  Jonathan Karl was just a reporter.  Peter Navarro is the real deal.  His book is selling great, underground.  Just as my material gets out, underground, black market style, but the attempts at shadow banning couldn’t be more apparent.  The New York Times took Navarro off their Best Seller list not because it wasn’t selling but purely over political ideology.  The belief of the political left is just as the kings and popes of Europe thought about the protestant movement, that by ignoring why people wanted something, that something would go away. 

Just as the pilgrims came to America under great hardship and settled a new country founded on Christian sentiments, the America First Policy Institute was formed by a need to correct what happened to Trump and his voters during the 2020 election.   The government that pushed Trump out of office was not going to get away with just shutting down the thoughts and speech of those they disagreed with.  They were not going to be able to intimidate compliance.  Just as it always is with humans, the consequences would be harsh for those seeking to control them.  No matter what period in history we look at, we see people fighting tyranny.  If they can flee to get away from it, they will.  But in a world like what we live in now, where every corner of the world is occupied somehow, leaving no place to flee to, the only alternative left is to fight those who want to control us.  In reaction to that, the America First Policy Institute was formed to do just that, starting at the ballot box.  It won’t take long for the AFPI to grow into a much larger and influential organization, especially with the kind of people who are in the leadership. It’s a natural reaction to a very long story, and if I’m thankful for anything, it’s in the human response to the last couple of years, which is the birth of the AFPI.  Whether it’s the pilgrims or the front-line policymakers at Mar-a-Lago, it’s the human need for freedom that continues to endure and is what the real meaning of Thanksgiving truly is.  And this year especially, there is a lot to be thankful for because of the AFPI. 

Rich Hoffman

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Vigilante Justice is Better than No Justice: If the government fails to do its job, order can’t be the casualty

Justice is Valuable

The word so far is that the Milwaukee County district attorney John Chisolm had set the bail for the Waukesha mass murderer, James Brooks, artificially low—at only $1000, because of financial contributions from George Soros.  Soros has been doing a lot of that, spending money on district attorneys to shape law enforcement policy toward his goal of destroying the United States through internal turmoil.  No need to send troops to the border to fight invaders like in the movie Red Dawn.  The new villains of the world are billionaires who have had their money go to their heads and drive them to world domination.  They seek to undermine our system of law and order to overthrow our nation and rule us all in place of the values of our republic. It’s a fast-moving story, and if you add that incursion onto the millions of dollars other billionaires have used to buy off the media, it’s not an accident that in the wake of the tragedy of Brooks driving his car through a Christmas parade, killing children and adults alike, that we didn’t see a vigil for all the names of the dead.  They did have a vigil, just not the usual wall-to-wall media coverage that usually happens in tragedies like this one.  Unlike a mass school shooting that drives a political narrative, the political left put Brooks on the streets to commit this crime.  It was part of their strategy, and they wanted nothing more than to move on from the story and get back to talking about how they felt about the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict that freed him in his self-defense case.  These attackers from the political left, from international criminals like George Soros to the Milwaukee rapper James Brooks all want the same thing, the destruction of America and all of us who make the nation great.  And they’ll do anything to make it happen, frequently breaking the law as they do it.  And they don’t care. 

This has brought up the concept of vigilante justice in the wake of the Kyle Rittenhouse case, where the political left felt the young man should have gone to jail for murder for the rest of his life for defending Kenosha from thugs, scum bags, and thieves with a rifle.  Yet, they support the bail and release of known criminals like James Brooks totally based on skin color and social status. It’s a concept based on insanity, which is a symptom of the Democrat party as a whole.  Liberalism is an insane concept that should be psychologically treated, not supported by philosophic debate for its own value.  I happen to have some extensive experience in vigilante justice; I wrote a book on it called The Symposium of Justice way back in 2004, which was based on experience I had with mayors, law enforcement, and the FBI over drugs that were being sold across the street from my home.  I wasn’t about to put up with that kind of thing, drugs were always something I fought against, and I couldn’t have them sold across the street by a bunch of punk kids.  But the police were in on it, and so were the many levels of government I turned to for exposure and justice.  In the end, if there weren’t vigilante justice, there wouldn’t have been any justice, and I will say all the time that vigilante justice is always better than no justice. 

But it’s no justice that the political left is after in this modern invasion of our country.  George Soros is just one of the many billionaires who have global intentions and see America as in the way of his plans.  So he is willing to throw vast sums of money to bring us all no justice, frustration, and an eventual collapse of our legal system for their tactical objectives.  But one thing they can’t stand is when people insist on justice anyway and take to the streets as Kyle Rittenhouse did with his Second Amendment rights fully intact.  Kyle wasn’t a vigilante; he was a young kid who wanted nothing more in the world than to be a cop.  But, if you are someone like George Soros, getting rid of cops is the goal, just as in my old case of the drug dealers; getting them hooked on the extra income made them less effective.  In whatever case, the goal is to erode law and order in favor of chaos and overthrow.  The political left wants people like Kyle Rittenhouse locked up while criminals like James Brooks are free on the streets to rape, pillage, and destroy American society.  The thugs of society are the army of the elite, as they see themselves, and they expect us to put up with it. 

I learned a lot from my vigilante days, and I don’t mind saying it.  The FBI knows all about it, but they let it happen, so there isn’t much they can do about any of it.  They broke the law by allowing it all to happen.  But I will say this, the wisdom of age is a much better tool than the antics of vigilante justice.  When I was younger, nobody wanted to listen to a young kid.  But as an older person now, I have quite a lot of influential people who listen carefully and value the input. I will always say that the best thing to do is try to make the system work by putting yourself in the middle of it.  You may not always get what you want, but you will find that your action will make it better.  Debate is the way to keep the kind of corruption I mentioned in my case in check.  If someone had been there to debate the mayors involved, the city council people, and many others, corruption could have been reduced.  The head of police who couldn’t pay his cops what they thought they were worth allowed for this side activity openly.  If someone had been there to debate with them, they might not have gone along with so much crime.  And in the case of John Chisolm, someone should have been going to lunch with this radical progressive.  Maybe then he wouldn’t have been so tempted by George Soros’s money if he had a few more friends.  The best way to have justice is to be part of the system, take responsibility for asking the hard questions, and work to make it as fair as possible.  Sitting around waiting for a crime to happen is the worst idea, but you don’t necessarily need to roam the streets as Batman.  I might suggest doing that if you are in your 20s and 30s, but the better way is to develop intelligence and reputation so you can fix it before it becomes a problem.  Corruption happens when good people are not part of the process. 

When Justice by Government Fails

Yet, for anybody to assume that vigilante justice won’t happen due to some liberal rule, they are smoking crack.  By nature, all humans seek justice, and if their society lets them down, they don’t have much recourse otherwise.  Demanding that people put up with bad government performance is simply unrealistic, and the Soros plan counts on that very concept.  People have a sense of justice, right and wrong, and if the government fails to uphold that standard, people will turn to vigilante justice. It’s the correct and moral thing to do.  But it is all of our responsibility to make sure the government doesn’t fail because we are the government.  These days I know lots of judges, lots of politicians, I know lots of law enforcement.   I would say that I have a pretty cut and dry sense of law and order, and they all know that.  And it helps them have a reference point just through relationship building.  We should all try to be more involved before we turn to vigilante justice.  But if all else fails, then we must have justice of some kind.  Putting up with criminal conduct and the media that has prostituted itself to billionaire money meant to attack us all should not be a hindrance.  In the end, no matter what method it is obtained, we will have justice, and we will have justice for all. 

Rich Hoffman

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Dr. Fauci Learned Too Late: Americans will never accept the limits of an administrative state

The Limits of an Administrative State

In a lot of ways, I’m grateful for this mass chaos that we are seeing today.  I have been warning about it for so many years. Finally, there is context to the warnings.  Now people who don’t think about these kinds of government problems very much can see the cost of what a bad government can bring them.  I wish it weren’t so costly, but I think people needed to see it in a way that impacted them.  In their busy lives of paying the bills and picking their kids up from soccer practice, most people don’t have time to think very deeply about the things that impact them most.  And in many ways, the pressure put upon Dr. Fauci under the coronavirus management has been a fantastic exhibition of why the concept of the Administrative State is a perpetual failure every time it was tried.  But too often, these failures have been hidden behind successes that happen by accident.  Because President Trump left the White House and Biden came behind him, it left Dr. Fauci exposed.  As soon as we took away the positive sales talk of Trump, Covid-19 and its perpetrators were left open to their commitment to administrative failure. I’ve been talking about the Edward Bellamy book Looking Backward because it was the formation essentially of big government at the start of the Progressive era, from the perspective of 1888.  And its stupidity in assuming that creating an all-powerful administrative state would be the cure-all for corruption and door for all future progress was misplaced from the start.  Many have always known this, but not enough could see it clear enough to act on that knowledge, that is, until now. 

From the Sunday Morning interview with the defender of the progressive administrative state, Ted Koppel, Dr. Fauci was exposed.  It’s clear that during all the lead-up to the pandemic crises role-playing that had been done at events like Event 201 in New York during October of 2019, that the American constitution was not discussed as a limiting factor to crises management on a global scale.  No matter what role Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci had in creating the Wuhan virus through gain of function research in partnership with China, it is quite evident that they did not understand how Americans would react to their protocols.  At first, people gave Dr. Fauci the benefit of the doubt.  They allowed lockdowns.  They allowed for masks, social distancing, and all kinds of crazy ideas created by the administrative state Edward Bellamy and Karl Marx had always dreamed of.  One world functioning under the rules and regulations of medical professionals to essentially nationalize all industry under a Covid emergency.  But Americans expect a plan to solve a problem.  They were never going to accept a perpetual change state where the medical industry that we count on to keep us healthy would become some parental government figure telling us what to do all the time, over everything.  And that ultimately is what Dr. Fauci didn’t understand at the beginning, which he is learning about now. 

Do I think Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates are the intentional embodiment of evil?  No, I think they are typical bureaucrats who create evil by injecting themselves into a process as an administrative impediment to innovation, which is typical in all bureaucratic management bodies.  From their perspective, they were doing the right thing.  But see, that’s the problem.  The definition of the “right thing” is always determined based on the limited understanding of the characters involved. The administrative state that manages all that activity, as Edward Bellamy fantasized about, and progressives for the last 150 years have been trying to implement through our education system, was always going to be determined by the weakest links, which is something Americans ran from in Europe.  It was the cause of westward expansion.   Whatever anybody thinks about the destruction of the Indian nations, or the battles to free people from slavery, the revolutions, the piracy in the Caribbean, it all came from people wanting to be free of the administrative state, not chained to it more.  People like Dr. Fauci followed rugged Americans to their homes and now, through the media, were in every part of their lives.  So when there was no plan for getting rid of Covid, it would only be natural that people would grow to hate Dr. Fauci, as they hate all people who constantly intrude on their lives.  It’s clear now that Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates never understood how Americans think or why, among others, in the administrative state. 

To indicate that Americans have a misplaced belief about individual rights over the demands of a public health crisis is not to understand the essence of our country.  Progressives like the billionaires attacking America like Bill Gates, George Soros, Michael Bloomberg, and many others have shown why we all want freedom from an overarching administrative state.  Whenever a thought process is siloed, as it is in the case of a heavily bureaucratic government where someone like Dr. Fauci sets a policy that everyone else must follow, then you are limited in your life to the limits of such people.  If they are not the smartest in the world or even the best, people will get frustrated and get stuck behind them.  For instance, I say this often, but when people tell you to stay in your lane, what they mean is that they expect you to stay behind some big truck on a highway that is only going 40 mph up a big hill, and they don’t want you to pass them.  They want you to follow the rules and to lower your own speed limit and expectations to the weakest link on the highway.  But Americans like to travel at their own speed, and if they come upon such a slow-moving vehicle, they expect to pass.  When the administrative state says they cannot give them room to pass, there will be angry people.  And Dr. Fauci obviously never planned for that reaction, which he should have considered from the outset. 

Before this debacle of the Biden administration and Dr. Fauci’s massive failures, by sticking himself into all our lives so recklessly, people tended to forget about the slow-moving trucks once they could pass.  By the time they got where they were going, their tempers lowered considerably, and life went on.  But now, because people have been restricted for so long, and there are no plans for a fix, people are getting justifiably angry.  America was founded as a solution to the administrative state.  We left the world to start our own life in North America.  We did it to be free of people like Dr. Fauci.  Not to become more managed by them.  Free people will give them the benefit of the doubt until it goes on too long and they get tired of being stuck behind the slow-moving truck. “They will not stay in their lane forever.” It’s a lesson Dr. Fauci and the rest of them learned too late.  No matter how good the intentions were, the rule in America is that administration state incompetency will not be tolerated, whereas it’s generally accepted in the rest of the world.   They accept it in other countries because they have learned to.  But in America, the nature of the people who make up the country and have a constitution that limits the powers of government on purpose, the concept of yielding to infinite authority isn’t in the cards.  Eventually, people will pass the administrators, and if their goals were to slow down society with their slow-moving truck, they would always end up disappointed.  The hatred of Dr. Fauci and the political division that has erupted over Covid is healthy, and it’s good for people to see it this way instead of through actual violence.  Perhaps this lesson will sink in and make us a better society.  But it won’t change America into an administrative state. Instead, maybe now people will listen better when we warn about it in the future. 

Rich Hoffman

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Darrell Brooks, the BLM Rapper MathBoi Fly: The killer of Waukesha is in custody

The race war that the political left has created against traditional America has left more misery upon the innocent prior to the Holidays in Wisconsin. Read the most recent information about the killer’s identity here:

Watch it while you can

Rich Hoffman

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The Nature of Corruption: Uncovering history at the Buffalo Bill Center of the West

The Nature of Corruption

I can’t say it enough, the Buffalo Bill Center of the West in Cody, Wyoming, turned out to be a treasure trove of philosophy that was just what America needed at just the right moment, at least for me, so that I could explain it to other people.  It was interesting; my family was mad at me for the breakneck pace of a big trip we were all on together.  We had just spent the day before seeing all the big sites in Yellowstone.  Every day, we had been getting up early and doing more in a day than most people do in a week of vacation.  Not only were my two daughters with me and their spouses but all my grandchildren as well.  I was on a mission; I was uncovering rocks putting together the essence of what was happening to our country.  The election year of 2020 had presented us all with lots of unusual problems, and I was looking for answers in 2021.  In June of that year, my family was deep in the rugged buttes of Wyoming several miles from the East entrance to the park outside Cody, Wyoming, which convinced me they needed a break from all the adventuring.  So, we agreed on a compromise; we’d take a day off our adventure and go to the Buffalo Bill Center of the West in town and take it easy to let everyone catch their breath.  It was their idea, actually, but I didn’t tell them that the Buffalo Bill Center of the West was one of the places I had on my list that was always at the top, and I wanted to go there badly.  So quite unexpectedly, I found myself there with my entire immediate family, and it turned out to be one of the great highlights of my life.  I didn’t know it at the time, but it was one of those wonderful days with my family that intersected with questions I had been asking all my life, and suddenly there were answers. 

My concern was in asking the nature of corruption; we had just seen the removal of President Trump by a rigged election and hostile Democrats hell-bent on socialism and communism.  They had seen how well Bernie Sanders, the socialist, polled among young people during the presidential election the year prior, so now they were pulling off the masks and showing themselves to be the socialist they always were.  They were behaving the way I always said were their true intentions, and for many Americans, they were shocked by it.  At that time, I was also working on my book The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business, which I had finished on the road that year and was in the editing process.  At the center of that book was an understanding of the nature of corruption.  My point was that some of the best years of American life that was least corrupt were the one where the modern socialists were declaring to be one of the most, the Victorian age, the end of the Gilded era, and the start of the Progressive.  For me, it was the other way around, so I was very interested in why the Buffalo Bill Wild West show was so popular among Americans for the closing decades of the 1800s and how Trump was an interesting call-back to that Make America Great Again sentiment that also was there with the Buffalo Bill Wild West show.

I have an interesting relationship with Buffalo Bill, each year in Ohio; I participate in the Annie Oakley Festival in Darke County during the last weekend of July. I have done that for most of my adult life.  It’s always been a throwback to the Buffalo Bill show which Annie Oakley was the trick shooting act.  When I was a kid, the Clint Eastwood film Bronco Billy touched me deeply, and I wanted to be a part of that life, so the Annie Oakley Festival in Greenville, Ohio, gave me that chance, which I have always seen as the essence of American life.  I used those experiences to paint my book’s unique point of view to what America was, especially from business life.  So a lot was culminating there at the Buffalo Bill Center of the West that the average visitor wouldn’t have experienced.  But the museum didn’t disappoint.  It was top class, one of the best of its kind in the world, and I brought back from there a real treasure of books and art that I would spend the rest of the year studying, which is the usual way I do things.  I visit places; then I learn all I can about those places long after I’ve gone.  In that way, my visits last a long time, but I get to know a place months and years after the initial visit.  And it was in this exploration that I ran across the Edward Bellamy book Looking Backward and discovered precisely what I had been looking for, the link to many of our modern problems.  That book had been trendy during the time of Buffalo Bill’s Wild West show, and it held the answer to the long question of why that show had been so popular with people, even in this modern day.  It even explained why Trump was such a good president and why so many people on the socialist left wanted to see him utterly destroyed. 

Bellemy’s biggest mistake in his book Looking Backward was that he assumed that an administrative state of the central government could regulate corruption out of existence.  This idea of a socialist utopia was very attractive to some people, and they became progressives that would shape the Democrat party we see today early in the 1900s. Ironically, many Americans, without realizing it, understood that the life of Buffalo Bill and his show had touched on the essence of America, and they wanted to see more of it before it vanished as progressives had been promising.  There was honor and invention in the Wild West that Buffalo Bill showed in his displays.  America was remarkably uncorrupted for a few years of western expansion until corruption took over on the heels of Progressives and the work of Karl Marx sought to sabotage it right out of the gate, which is a battle that is still being waged to this day.  As it turned out, and it’s evident at the Buffalo Bill gun museum on the Center of the West campus, gun ownership in America had punched a window into the long history of corruption in the world. Buffalo Bill represented the best to have come from that philosophic period.  This bit of history was so remarkable that Plato and Aristotle would have never conceived of such a thing. Still, there it was in the American west, the defeat of corruption before the world’s governments could taint it with their looting presence.  And the left never figured it out. It’s an easy answer “Looking Backward” at how childlike Bellamy was in his assumptions within his book.  The socialist utopia that Karl Marx wanted and the Bellamyites who followed him for years after that book instead made corruption worse through the administrative state.  We were all a lot better off when the world was, as Buffalo Bill showed it.  And people understood that when they went to see his show. 

The nature of corruption comes from any organization of people who are put in power over other people. The other people have no means to check the power inflicted upon them.  The magic of America that no other society in the world had figured out is that with Americans having gun ownership, they could control the influence of corruption as it grows within any centralized authority. That centralized authority might be our corporations or our local, state, and federal governments.  Corruption was always going to happen, but the ownership of guns kept it checked in healthy ways that worked best before the works of Karl Marx infected American academic circles with a completely foreign concept from Europe that fed corruption rather than controlling it.  And that was something new for me to think about.  I think it’s normal to have thoughts about something where you know it’s right or wrong, but we often don’t understand why.  Well, at the Buffalo Bill Center of the West, they had recorded “why,” and it was just the right thing I had been looking for.  It’s not enough to say that something doesn’t work for emotional reasons.  But in the context of history, we have preserved facts that we can study and apply to our modern-day.  And within that study, we have our answer on the nature of corruption and what we can do to control it.  It’s in the minds of all societies to have corruption.  For the liberal, they think they can educate it out of people.  But in the process, they make much more of it.  Yet, in the proven history of western expansion, we did control corruption for a healthy period, and the world was much better for it.  History proves it so.   

Rich Hoffman

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