Ahsoka Faces Her Greatest Challenge: Watch the end of Season 5 of ‘The Clone Wars’

As I have said on many occasions, I would recommend my readers here watch Star Wars: The Clone Wars on Saturday mornings at 9:30. They aren’t just for kids, and are great family entertainment.  But never more than this upcoming Saturday. The wonderful animated series will conclude in very dramatic fashion that many who read here often will find parallels my work here all to closely. Art is often the best representative of complex ideas, and when it comes to The Clone Wars, that has never been more true.

Ahsoka, one of the premier Jedi Knights who has defended the Old Republic valiantly has been set up by the mysterious unseen actions of a Sith Lord, which isn’t revealed fully until the actions in the feature film Revenge of the Sith, which was released by Lucasfilm into movie theaters in 2005.

The shocking finale to Season 5 of Star Wars: The Clone Wars has arrived, with major revelations that will leave characters forever changed. Ahsoka is wrongly accused for sedition and murder, and is to be prosecuted in the High Courts of the Galactic Republic by a zealous Admiral Tarkin. Seemingly abandoned, Ahsoka’s last hope lies in Anakin Skywalker, who hunts the Coruscant underworld for the real murderer in “The Wrong Jedi,” Saturday, March 2nd at 9:30am ET/PT on Cartoon Network.

This episode – the culmination of five years of development of Ahsoka Tano’s character and her relationship with Anakin – is personally helmed by Dave Filoni, who serves as episodic director in addition to being the supervising director for the series. Underscoring the significance of the finale, composer Kevin Kiner arranged an orchestral score for this episode to better resemble the full, classical score found in the Star Wars feature films.

Rich Hoffman

“If they attack first………..blast em’!”


The Untapped Money of Hollywood: Rebels WITH a Cause–A strategy guide for conservative eyes only

I enjoyed the Academy Awards presentation of 2013 for most of the broadcast over 1 billion people viewed until Michelle Obama presented the award for Best Picture.  Her presence reminded me of the cozy relationship Hollywood has with the American version of communism in the Democratic Party.  Jack Nicolson who has become a Hollywood legend playing pot headed hippies, crazy people, and ghost ridden psychopaths obviously enjoyed the rub against the conservative right as he presented Michelle Obama’s bang engulfed face on a big screen television.  However, up to that Best Picture category, I enjoyed the Oscars, because I love movies.  I love all movies, liberal ones, conservative ones, and films that are about all forms of life.  Personally I was rooting for Lincoln to do well, but I also admired the work of Ben Affleck in Argo, and I really think a lot of Ang Lee as a filmmaker—so I was very excited to see Life of Pie do so well.  But there was nothing that grabbed my heart more than the live performance of Skyfall by Adele, which won an Oscar for Best Original Song.

Normally I have learned to overlook the obvious shortcomings of Hollywood which were subtly evident in Seth MacFarlane’s presentation of the Oscars.  Being a fan of Family Guy, I am used to Seth’s atheist views and tendency to lean in progressive directions, but I deeply admire his talent, so I can enjoy his work without going crazy about his politics.  He did a good job as a host of the Academy Awards, and I appreciated his satirical song about an issue I pointed out over a year ago, that Best Actresses for the Academy usually get there by showing their breasts in a film.  MacFarlane performed a very funny song titled, “We Saw Your Boobs.” From a distance it looks like Hollywood tried very hard to show that they don’t take themselves too seriously.  MacFarlane poked fun at Hollywood in typical roast fashion which is customary with jokes about cocaine trees, orgies at Jack Nicholson’s house, and references to the mythical Jewish control of Hollywood.  But less obvious was the desire to prove that all the participants were less than perfect human beings, as MacFarlane made fun of his own film Ted in 2012, and Ben Affleck discussed the need to not hold grudges.  These are the under cover elements of progressivism that have plagued Hollywood since the 1950s, and were kept very restrained until the revelation of Michelle Obama splattered the issue in front of everyone left watching at 11:30 PM on a Sunday night.

Hollywood however is not about progressive causes and much of the best of what Hollywood has to offer was not present at the Academy Awards.  Dark Knight Rises was openly snubbed most likely due to the fact that the plot line was critical to collective politics.  The villain Bane was the essence of what many on the political right fear about Obama in present day reality.  So it didn’t go unnoticed that there wasn’t a single award nomination for Warner Brothers billion dollar money-maker.  There was a slight nod to The Avengers, and the entire evening was dedicated to 50 years of James Bond.  It was during the moments of James Bond celebration that many of the Hollywood elite in the audience had glazy faces from the powerful musical performances of Adele from Skyfall and Shirley Bassey from Goldfinger.  It was great to see Shirley again, her voice has rung in my ears for many years, and I wasn’t the only one taken by her performance.  She sang with great power, but more than that, it was the thoughts of James Bond that her voice and that of Adele evoked which is what Hollywood was built on in the first place.  James Bond, like many action heroes are theatrical manifestations of the Übermensch.


The Übermensch (German for “Overman, Overhuman, Above-Human, Superman, Super-human”; German pronunciation: [ˈˀyːbɐmɛnʃ]) is a concept in the philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche. Nietzsche posited the Übermensch as a goal for humanity to set for itself in his 1883 book Thus Spoke Zarathustra (German: Also Sprach Zarathustra).  Hollywood finds itself a kind of Doctor Jeckle and Mr. Hyde personality in that they publicly celebrate progressive causes like drug addiction, human weakness, casual sex, and openly intrusive government—which was the idea of presenting Mother Michelle Obama at the end of the broadcast.  Hollywood however makes its money off of exceptionalism, and is the soul reason that directors like Ang Lee make movies for the big studios instead of in Europe, or Asia.   Hollywood is the creation of exceptionalism and the stories are specific to American thought.  The Academy urges more progressive films to be produced to fit their ideological pursuits, but Hollywood makes its money off films like Dark Knight Rises, any Bruce Willis film, and films that have Übermensch’s as the protagonist.  Movie goers do not like weak kneed heroes, they want the Übermensch.  James Bond is super-human, he is not a man who has all the normal emotional weaknesses, which has been an issue with this new Daniel Craig Bond—until Skyfall.  Bond is a man of exception, he is the best of the best and that is why tears flowed at the end of Bassey’s performance of Goldfinger.  “Little girl, beware of his web of sin,………………….but don’t go in.”

Considering that Return of the King won Best Picture just a few short years ago, it was shocking that The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey didn’t have more nominations.  But for those who know the labor backlash over The Hobbit being filmed in Wellington, New Zealand it should come as no surprise. Hollywood holds grudges.  They hold them against George Lucas for his independence of the Hollywood system, they hold grudges against James Cameron for declaring that he “Was king of the world.” Hollywood holds grudges against Mel Gibson for making The Passion of the Christ.  So Ben Affleck almost let out too much when he accepted his award, and quickly composed himself on discussing grudges in Hollywood.  Big players in Hollywood know that they must play by the rule of progressivism if they want to continue working—even the biggest names.  Notice that Clint Eastwood wasn’t there this year after coming out in favor of Mitt Romney in the last election and calling President Obama “the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people.”  Hollywood offers a seat at the table for those who fall in line, and takes the seat away at the Oscars for those who don’t follow the party line.  True superstars like Eastwood, Bruce Willis—who just came out in favor of the Second Amendment, and Sylvester Stallone were not shown walking the red carpet this year, even though films from those actors will be watched on televisions many years into the future while films like Argo will be forgotten along with Black Hawk Down, and The Deer Hunter.


Hollywood shoots itself in the foot by aligning themselves with progressive politicians like Michelle and Barack Obama.  But Hollywood, especially above the line, loves glittery lights, and Democrats are better at presenting glitter than Republicans.  So Hollywood—at least the elite that are always present at the Oscars are in bed with Democratic politicians because they all love the pretty lights and glitter that those politicians offer.  Republicans fail because they expect to be judged on substance, but Hollywood can’t even judge the best among them correctly without politics getting in the way.

For me even bigger than Adele’s performance of Skyfall was Hal Needham the stuntman and director of films like Smokey and the Bandit and Hooper winning a special Academy Award he very well deserved.  Needham is a man I personally admire, so it was good to see him finally get an Oscar for his long career of work.  It wasn’t a surprise to me that Seth MacFarlane did a comedy skit with Sally Field at the beginning where he asked her on a date in a Trans Am and everyone instantly recognized the role that will forever define her in Smokey and the Bandit.  That film would have never happened without the effort and expert stunt work of Hal Needham.  Sally Field won’t be remembered as the mother of Forest Gump, or the wife of Lincoln or any of her other fantastic acting roles over many years—she will always be known as Frog from Smokey and the Bandit, because the Bandit was an Übermensch and society loves their overman heroes.

When I saw the mug of Michelle Obama speaking from The White House I instantly wondered why Hollywood was allowed to get away with such an audacious display of affection.  But I instantly knew the answer.  Conservatives who have a lot of money do not spend their money on film production.  They buy oil wells, real estate, and other traditional investments, but when it comes to film, they do not put their money where their mouth is, and because of it, have lost their message to investors who think progressive causes are the correct path.  That is why Hollywood is in bed with the political left.    Actors like Jack Nicholson will be anything you want them to be for the right price, and in Hollywood the money comes from progressive investors.  The relationship is so cozy that for the first time, the wife of a President announced the Best Picture at the Academy Awards.  Conservatives could have a seat at the table and compete directly with progressives if only they learned to put some of their money into film production so that they could at least play the public relations game, which they are now losing without a fight.   The boldest attempt in my opinion during 2012 was Atlas Shrugged Part II.  But not enough conservatives supported the film, leaving the producers hanging on the vine alone. 

I spend a lot of time considering the implications of the film industry because movies whether we like it or not shape our culture more than any other modern factor.  The values of our society do come out of Hollywood, and so long as the trend leans toward progressivism, conservative causes will always waver in the eyes of the public.  But it doesn’t have to be that way.  All it takes is an understanding of what forces are at play, and I have put them forth here for analysis.  The world doesn’t want more art films to inspire them to political leanings.  They want more Skyfall, and more Adele.  They want more Bruce Willis and crave Clint Eastwood to tell somebody to “Make My Day.”  They want more Incredible Hulks to grab a villain by the head and fling them about like a rag doll only to utter, “Puny God.”  Worldwide film audiences want to see a woman like Sally Field play not Lincoln’s wife but to put on the wedding dress once again and run off on a high-speed adventure with a cowboy wearing Übermensch named Bandit.  Human beings crave to be more than what they currently are, and they want their movies to reflect that desire.  But such acknowledgments do not come because conservatives have lost the fight in Hollywood at their own peril or that Jack and the gang flaunted reality at the close of the program with Obama’s face to send conservatives to bed with nightmares of socialism. They come like all things in life, with understanding–he who has the gold rules, and conservatives have contributed very little gold to Hollywood and therefore find themselves ruled by liberals in entertainment and politics.  They are caught in a vice between the two, and wonder how it happened when their ideas are sounder and more statistically proficient.  But that is a situation that could change easily, if only conservatives would get the message.

Meanwhile, I’m going to go listen to Adele’s Skyfall on my iPod about 2 million more times and contemplate the importance of the Übermensch in human culture.  I will also dedicate my time, money and resources not to the orgy seekers who wanted to partake in mashed potato sex at Jack Nicholson’s house after the Academy Awards, but the Rebels With A Cause who are emerging as the new counter-culture in America.  It is there that the new heart of Hollywood resides and the fate of our country and world.  The new cool is not the Obama loving pot smoking, Che wearing actor from Beverly Hills, it is the conservative from the Midwest who walks like John Wayne, utters one liners like Clint Eastwood, and articulates an idea like Ronald Reagan.  That is where the country’s salvation resides, and the real money that Hollywood could make if they didn’t eat like pets from the hands of ultra progressives who have finally taken over the Oscars and began to hand out Best Picture awards………..and laugh about it like it’s hip.


Rich Hoffman

“If they attack first………..blast em’!”


A Kindergarten Teacher Plots Murder with a School Nurse: The many tribulations of secularism in public schools

When Barack Obama beats on his chest, as he did during the sequestration talks, and declares that America is somehow falling short by allowing cuts to occur in programs that feed the education industry he seems to be including all teachers and education workers in his audacious statements.  His statements are audacious because he insists that America is more committed to corporate jets than education as he gallivants around the world at tax payer expense in Air Force One.  For him and his wife, he doesn’t think the rules apply to him as he is a member of the ruling elite—as he sees the world, so he obviously doesn’t make the connection.  Such perceptions of reality come directly from our nation’s education system which Obama advocates on behalf of his progressive comrades in organized labor.   So one can only assume that Obama’s education system includes teachers that plan the murder of ex-husbands so that kindergarten teachers can avoid paying their husband’s money such as in the case of the Virginia elementary school teacher and a school nurse that are facing charges in what police are calling a murder-for-hire plot.

Angela Nolen, a 47-year-old kindergarten teacher, was arrested in February 2013 for allegedly plotting to hire a hit man to kill her ex-husband for $8,000. According to police, Nolen’s friend 37-year-old Cathy Bennett, the school nurse, worked with Nolen to find the hit man.  According to the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office, Nolen’s plan unraveled when she gave a police officer, working under cover as a hit man, an up-front fee of $4,000 to kill her ex-husband, 63-year-old Paul Strickler.


When politicians like Obama utter blind devotion to education without applying a value to the type of employees that schools utilize, or even attempt to decipher the kind of education that children are getting he is reflecting his ignorance in being raised in the public school system of Jakarta, Indonesia.  In Jakarta, the public schools are the best things children see on a day-to-day basis because the children are growing up in a third world country.  The content of the education matters less than the fact that children get to sit in a chair under a solid roof for a few hours a day—as opposed to their homes in thatched huts, or sleeping in an alley with a blanket over their head while their mothers cook dinner in the hubcap of a discarded tire.  Such murder plots are common in third world countries, so children who are the products of those environments obviously don’t see the trouble—and Barack Obama is a product of those environments.  Politicians like Obama are flawed people just as children taught under teachers like Angela Nolen will end up flawed because children are incredibly influenced by the adults in their lives, and if the teachers are planning to execute their ex-husbands even in their private time that the essence of their personalities will come out in their instruction to children.

The trouble with Obama’s view of education and those administrators who regret in hindsight their employment of Nolan is that they have helped create through deficient education of progressive ideas the demoralized world of the current through their policies of secularism.  Nolan should not have been a teacher, and there should be mechanisms in place to detect such folly driven personalities.  However, because of the progressive labor union mentality of large central government that wishes with all its heart and soul to replace the worship of any God with worship of the God of government, religious worship has been separated from the act of education, which has left millions upon millions of children lacking a spiritual identity which is the backbone of education.  Without spiritual value, education has nothing to adhere to, and children find that everything they learn from secularists like Angela Nolan flies in one ear and right out the other, because there is no value in between for knowledge to grip onto and grow within an individual. The progressive commitment to secularism has destroyed public education and the process started with the 1947 Supreme Court ruling of Everson v. Board of Education which began a series of secular Constitutional interpretations that gradually pushed all concept of value from public education class rooms.  At this point dear reader, it is important to understand the proper definition of the word secularism, because it is a silent disease that is destroying our world.

Secularism by definition:

  • Holding a system of political or social philosophy that rejects all forms of religious faith and worship.
  • Embracing the view that public education and other matters of civil policy should be conducted without the introduction of religious element.
  • Having indifference to, or a rejection or exclusion of, religion and religious considerations.
  • Believing that religious considerations should be excluded from civil affairs.

The results of secularism can be seen in everyday life without any effort.  They include:

  • An individual student may not say a voluntary prayer at a football game, graduation, or any other school event.
  • Cadets at military academies may not engage in offering voluntary prayers over their meals.
  • A choir may not sing a religious song as part of a school concert.
  • A school may not place a Bible in a classroom library.
  • An individual student may not write a research paper on a religious topic, draw religious artwork in an art class, or carry is personal Bible onto school grounds.

Source material: http://www.wallbuilders.com/

I am hardly a Bible thumping practitioner of hard-core Christian obedience.  My views on religion can best be discovered by CLICKING HERE.  However when I make such statements I assume that there is a basic understanding of spiritual essence in the life of the listener, and the primary religions of the world can provide that basic human need.  Without a spiritual essence there is no way to teach another human being anything but to be a slave, because education requires an appreciation of cultural value in order to learn the most basic math problem.  Secular progressives like Obama’s clan of domestic radicals have destroyed the very social mechanism of education that they proclaim to adore with the same hypocrisy as claiming that corporate jets are evil while they usher themselves about in a very expensive tax payer funded airplane in Air Force One.

When progressives seek to advance the Muslim faith, they are not doing it to advance the cause of spiritual awareness, or to provide a comparison between the Holy Bible and the Koran.  They seek through their secular philosophy to crush Christianity by pitting the faith of Islam against it.  Their hope is not the spread of Muslim faith as much as it is to provoke war between the faiths to spread the desire for secularism—by causing public establishments to abandon any discussion of religious and spiritual value, secular progressives hope to create a void that will then be replaced by government.

These times are not the first in history where government sought to destroy the religions of conquered people so that society would view the ruling class as a deity on Earth.  As a general rule, every advanced society that had a King, a dictator, a centralized ruler of any kind has sought to replace in the mind of man the idea that it is the highest member of government who is the deity that the people must be concerned with.  Secular progressives due to their mindless pursuit of social collectivism wish to have centralized government be the ruling deity in the lives of the masses.  Of course the next step in such a world is to have a centralized figure ruling in such a power vacuum over the government body.  Collectivist theories fail because they never figure into their plans that government will never operate as the ambitionless democracy Plato contemplated in his book The Republic.  Ambition for power over others will always taint the human mind until evolution millions of future years ahead bring the event about.  Until such a day humans will be governed by their spiritual values.

Secularists wish to believe that Thomas Jefferson was the kind of Founding Father who believed in secular government, and they have advanced that fabrication for their own ends.  But such a statement is a falsehood equivalent to Barack Obama’s commitment to education.  Jefferson’s actual beliefs reflect much more closely my own as he understood that spiritual value was the key to resisting future tyrants.  In fact, Jefferson purposed as the national motto the phrase, “Rebellion to Tyrants is Obedience to God” to Congress in 1776.  Jefferson was less concerned about the style of God worshipped, but was much more concerned with the recognition that some sort of dedication to a higher cause was needed to resist the dangling temptations of tyrants in all future government endeavors.

Angela Nolan was a tyrant to her kindergarten class.  Countless children were exposed to her distorted viewpoints as she taught children their basic values while plotting the death of her husband with a school nurse who had become her co-working friend.   The public school is at fault because it allowed secular viewpoints to drive spiritual value from institutional education, allowing people like Angela Nolan to possibly plan for the murder with her friend in the teacher’s lounge of a school without fear that the other co-workers might take offense.  In a society that lacks value because of secularism, those of the loosest system of value among mankind can see themselves as equals in comparison to the most moral, and can be employed as school teachers, lawyers, politicians and all professions that touch the lives of many.  Secularism is the cause of Angela Nolan being in a school classroom teaching children and administrators are powerless to assert value because lawyers would sue them for their implementation of religious views.  So it should come as no surprise that more teachers in public education will plot the murder of others while teaching children in kindergarten or teachers who have gratuitous sex with underage kids, because values in public school are lacking.  The acts of detriment are only bad when compared to the value of sin that most learn in religious pursuits.  When those values are stripped away, there is nothing to keep a teacher from imposing on young people their inner demons which harm children in subtle ways forever.

When Obama says he is dedicated to education and that more money should be spent on teachers like Angela Nolan, he is speaking with the mouth of a fool who lacks personal value.  There are thousands of Angela Nolans out there in the world of public education and they feel entitled to inflict tyranny upon society through the innocence of children.  The broken souls of existence who plot the murder of their ex-husbands or the seduction of young students for sexual gratification are the products of secular progressivism and through collective endeavor are destined to destroy the lives of everyone they touch.  This makes Obama and any politician who advances a system that produces more people like Angela Nolan complacent in every life that is destroyed because of secular progressivism and the products of it like Angela and her friend the school nurse who fantasized in their warped minds that they could kill Nolan’s husband and keep the money from the sale of a house to live happily ever after in progressive utopia, which includes murder, rape and human sacrifice to the gods of government and the tyrants wishing to quell any rebellion by goodness against their desire to rule the world, and everyone in it.

Rich Hoffman

“If they attack first………..blast em’!”


The Conservative Versus Libertarians: Looking for laws to create shared values

John Stossel and Ann Coulter had a wonderful debate recently in front of a group of college Libertarians in Washington D.C. over the nature of personal liberty.  During the debate Coulter told John and the audience that Libertarians were a bunch of pussies for pandering to liberals with a social message of drug use and gay marriage.  I normally agree with much of what Stossel, Judge Napolitano, and Glenn Beck who are all declared Libertarians state, but in this debate seen below, I am on the side of Ann Coulter 100%.  I personally deplore drug use of any kind, and that includes over-the-counter medicine.  I would never use marijuana as an ingested smoke into my lungs under any circumstance.  I resist even taking aspirin or drinking alcohol.  I think anyone who drinks alcohol to get drunk is an absolute fool.  I have ended long-standing friendships over drug use and even abuse of alcohol, so I have no tolerance for it among the general population.  Even in my teenage years where such behavior was expected, and I lived a life from 16 to 18 years old that would fill encyclopedia volumes with wild adventures, I had a sign in my car that indicated that no smoking was allowed.  And it wasn’t…………for anybody.  I have even thrown people out of my car for lighting up cigarette in the back seat while I was driving.  I have no tolerance for drug or alcohol abuse and I have always been that way.   So like Ann Coulter, my biggest problem with modern Libertarians is their permissiveness of drug use and the name of their movement, which is way too close to the word “liberal.”  So I do not identify myself as a Libertarian.  The barrier for me is their permissiveness of social debaucheries behind a flag of liberty.

The question that arises from Libertarians is how can government control what goes on in the bedroom of citizens, or dictate what an individual puts into their bodies?  For me, government can’t, and shouldn’t be in the business of social behavioral regulation.  That type of thing would normally be regulated to the spiritual pursuits of an individual which would create the goals people strive to live within.  This would work fine if people shared similar values, such as a majority of the population wished to live by Christen values or Buddhist ideas, but in the absence of such social conviction there is a kind of free-for-all mentality that causes some to impose their freedoms on others who don’t share their values.  So a law is necessary under those conditions, and a penalty for that law must be swift so it is respected by the public as a shared value.

For instance, if I’m in line at Kings Island, a popular amusement park in Southern Ohio and there is a guy in front of me smoking a marijuana cigarette, he is making a decision based on his personal liberty to impose upon me the expelled air from his lungs that contain within it chemicals I do not want in my body.  Currently the law protects him from me, because I cannot just go up and knock his face into another dimension as he imposed upon me the marijuana smoke from his lungs.  Because using drugs in public is illegal, the conflict is averted, where it wouldn’t be if marijuana use in public were legalized.  There is nothing more disgusting than such public displays where the careless use of intoxicants can be seen coming out of the mouth of an individual and the only way you can prevent yourself from ingesting it yourself is to hold your breath.  Such a thing is nearly as disgusting as seeing discarded cigarettes on the ground of a parking lot, or walkway that has been saturated with rain and are smashed flat.  When in a public place I am always cautious to avoid stepping on them because I don’t want to drag that trash into my car, or my home as the old cigarette might become lodged into the tread of my shoes to fall out within my property littering it.  I am just as cautious about looking for places in public that people have spit on the ground.  I do not want to step in the spittle of some other person and drag their chemical intoxicants into the carpet of my vehicle on the way home.  The rights of liberty from the person who spit on the sidewalk do not supersede my rights to maintain my property free of their discarded saliva, or cigarettes.

With liberty comes responsibility and if the social trends of the day leaned in the direction of social valor, then I might embrace the Libertarian designation a bit more amiably.  I have no desire to visit the city of Amsterdam because of their loose drug laws, and now that Colorado has passed legislation legalizing pot, I may never visit that state in the years to come.  The very idea of a body of people who collectively wish to participate in detrimental drug use is disgusting, and changes the way I view the entire state.  I find the tendency to use drugs even for bi-polar disorders to be deplorable.  I would like to see the human spirit overcome shortcomings and illnesses in the most self-reliant fashion possible—and I don’t see the Libertarian political movement going in that direction.  Instead, it appears to be a happy middle place between what the Republicans once stood for, and what the hippie liberals promote actively–human weakness.

I hate more laws, and encourage breaking unjust laws as the situations dictate.  The ultimate question is who decides what good and proper social behavior is—is it the Republicans, Democrats, or Libertarians?  The answer is in none of them.  Before the kind of freedom that Libertarians are striving for can ever occur the human race has to have a desire to behave with quality.  They have to want to live quality lives and to respect the quality of other peoples’ lives.  Without a firm definition of quality and what makes one thing better than another one persons freedom becomes another person’s hell.  Without a spiritual bonding agent that is shared between one group of people and another, freedoms will collide and impose on unwarranted victims the pursuits of less stable personalities and their flaws.

The argument between Ann and John above is the direction that I see America going.  As for the liberals, the Democrats, the communists and socialists of collectivism, I don’t even recognize them as having a seat at the table of tomorrow.  I see them as having the same kind of living quality as any other animal on Earth.  They live, eat and die in predictable fashions but are governed through their lives by animal instincts, the desire to have sex, consume food, and sleep.  Without a personal commitment to any higher thoughts or causes, they are no different to me than an average household pet—and they will lose their standing all together in the future of America between the pot-headed Libertarians and Republicans like Ann Coulter who are trying to return the party back to the ideas it was founded on.  As for me, no political party represents my thoughts best but the old Anti-Federalist Party of Thomas Jefferson.  All these new political variations are lacking an inherit wisdom that is governed by personal valor.  Without a human desire to be good, all the laws and political posturing of any collective group of individuals is a worthless pursuit that lacks sustainability.  So long as Libertarians embrace drug use of any kind, I will never have an “L” next to my name in any professional or casual reference.  I’ll stay with Independent—which is what the aim of all politics should be.

Rich Hoffman

“If they attack first………..blast em’!”


Greenon Schools Want More Money: Employee Debra Mauer arrested for embezzling $40,000

I provided the other day an example of the school system Springboro that finally has proper management of its financial resources and is establishing a relationship with its unionized teachers that is beginning to be beneficial to the children.  CLICK HERE TO REVIEW.  I consider Springboro a success story that is the example that all else mentioned below should be measured against.  I also recently covered the superintendent of Franklin and how he complained with great spectacle about how rich communities like Springboro were stealing tax money from poor districts like his in Governor Kasich’s new budget.  CLICK HERE FOR REVIEW.  Creep teacherThe Franklin superintendent of course had the situation backwards, which is quite common with smaller schools with less checks and balances in the media, especially those surrounding Springboro and other Dayton suburbs.  I even covered the case in Steubenville, Ohio where many in the town refused to pay justice to a rape victim because treasured members of the football team were involved.  CLICK HERE TO REVIEW.  Even with all the bad behavior that I have pointed out in large public schools like Lakota, Mason, and Fairfield in Southern Ohio which are considered the best of the best from the teachers and staff, much of the labor from these schools have thought that it was unfair to judge them in relation to stories that only education insiders know about. To them, they are exceptional when compared to the antics from smaller schools with a much lower profiles that garner much less public attention.  The bar of justice has been set mighty low in public education so to the self-assessment of teachers who work in public education seeking to justify salaries that exceed the taxpaying public by almost double, they consider the job they are doing good if they are not abusing special needs kids  like Amanda Kitcho is accused of at Kings school system.  Teachers these days think they are doing good just because they showed up for work and run a clean classroom.  But more reporters than ever are showing courage in covering these terrible stories, some of which can be seen below in the videos that follow.  Amanda left her position as a teacher and is now a bridal consultant while a trial proceeds over the Kings scandal, but following the trend of smaller schools, the more that an investigator digs, the more crimes they typically find occurring in broad daylight in public education like cheating on test scores, abuse of students, and even embezzlement—because their small town nature keeps critics and other prying eyes from their activities.  Such an ideal example of extreme corruption and characters of low quality in public education would be the Greenon Local School District which is just to the north of Springboro.

On January 17th following a three-month sheriff’s investigation by detectives of one of the leading school levy supporters of the recent Greenon tax increase from November police converged on a home at 150 S. Harrison Street and arrested Debra Mauer confiscating computers, papers and mail before being charged with theft by embezzling $40,000 from the village and altering their financial records as Enon’s fiscal agent between 2008 and 2012.  She was also charged with tampering with evidence.  Mauer was elected to the office in November of 2003 and ran for re-election for a second term ending in March of 2012.  Mauer also served as interim fiscal agent for Mad River Township. Mauer was employed full-time at Greenon Local Schools as a High School Social Studies Unit Leader receiving a contract stipend for $609 at a June 21st 2012 meeting just prior the last levy attempt.

Greenon Local Schools placed on the ballot for November 6 2012 a combined 6 mill bond issue and 0.75 percent earned income tax for voter approval. Passage of this issue would have provided the matching funds required by the Ohio School Facilities Commission to leverage $22.5 million in state money to build two new schools and provide long-term operating dollars. The ballot issue was defeated by a vote of 3,000 “for” vs. 3,689 “against” votes. In the wake of that defeat of which Debra Mauer engaged in a rather colorful levy campaign against the only NO voter campaign in the area, who happen to have lived across the street from Mauer, superintendent Dan Bennett is seeking to place on the May ballot of 2013 another levy following the same pattern that most schools do after a levy defeat, and that is to come back with a smaller request and hope the numbers fall in their favor.  This next attempt will be a 4.95 mills levy which is a bit less than the November attempt.

While Debra Mauer’s antics as a fiscal officer in an elected position may seem bizarre and corrupt beyond measure, her employer Dan Bennett at Greenon has had a track record that is less than stellar.  Bennett moved to Greenon to take a job that superintendents understand internally as equivalent to being sent to Russia’s Siberia.  It’s his last chance at success as he was the former superintendent at Little Miami where voters turned down eight consecutive levies before Bennett had to leave the district in a fiscal emergency to take the Greenon job.  The stories left in his wake lends credibility as to how Debra Mauer in the tiny district of Greenon could have conducted her alleged crimes without detection as school employees placed their focus on passing levies and gaining more tax money rather than managing their employees properly and controlling their costs.  You can read more about Bennett at the link below.


The Debra Mauer case points to the tip of an ice berg which resides just below the surface of the small Wright Patterson Air Force community of workers with a total student population that is less than what Lakota schools will lose each year for the next 10 years in declining enrollment.  The community is small and everyone knows each other, but to show the emotional remoteness of Greenon Local Schools where most of their community is in fear of the sequestration cuts coming from Congress, the announcement of another tax increase from Bennett without any consideration to the community’s ability to pay even $12 more dollars a month in taxes, has not stopped the school’s arrogant agenda.  They, like their employee Debra Mauer do not care about those around them as can be easily affirmed by their actions.  They only want to prove that they can pass a levy which is all superintendents are really tasked with under the guidelines established by the OSBA (Ohio School Board Association.)  If a superintendent cannot pass a levy for their district, they will be passed around from job to job until they can, or be forced into early retirement.

The only people in the community of Greenon who opposed the last levy, watched the antics of Debra Mauer from across the street.  When police cars came to take away Mauer for her accused crimes after spending most of the previous fall looking at the campaign propaganda coming from the pro levy home on Harrison Street, it wasn’t much of a surprise.  After dealing with the Greenon administrators for some time and asking many questions the reality gradually fell on the founders of Vote No on Greenon School Levies that they were dealing with people whose actions belong in the back of a police car, instead of tampering with the lives of children.  Greenon School employees like Debra Mauer seemed to capitalize off voter naiveté at every turn and every opportunity for their own selfish gain.

You can visit the Vote No for Greenon Facebook page at the link below to provide them with assistance and wisdom.  They have a heck of a fight on their hands because they dared to question more of the iceberg than what everyone could see.  Unfortunately for children attending Greenon, by the time a teacher like Debra Mauer is arrested and processed by the court system, it’s often too late.  Without people like Chris Finney at Kings Local or the couple at the Facebook site below, there is no defense for the children, because school employees and the legal system in general work in favor of modern public education and have shown where their passion is, and it isn’t in children.  Their actions speak for themselves, and can be found in virtually every school district–especially ones in small towns, where the superintendents are spill over’s from larger districts.   Public schools then reflect more accurately a crime syndicate than an institution of learning that places before the children the highest priority of moral stewardship over the personal failures of teachers like Amanda Kitcho and Debra Mauer.   Like the mob, the harm that comes to those who stand in the way of the school making money off tax increases will not be tolerated, and harassment of every kind is on the table.  If one wishes to stand in their way of a new levy, then destruction of those barriers will be pursued with every measure the law and the cohorts of organized crime can muster for the perceived greater good of failed superintendents or alleged embezzlers like Debra Mauer—former advocate of Issue 21 and teacher of children in the school district of Greenon.


For more about the Kings story CLICK HERE for the Channel 19 Exclusive. 

And to understand how law enforcement often tag teams with their labor union comrades in the teaching profession CLICK HERE for a story where the police were caught trying to defend their own wrongs even when great video of the actions were on hand.  Just because law enforcement investigates a matter in education it does not mean that justice will be done.  Someone has to watch the watchers.  

Rich Hoffman

“If they attack first………..blast em’!”


Living the Creation of Ayn Rand’s ‘Anthem’: Fighting back against Duke Energy and the Cincinnati Streetcar

George Lang, trustee of West Chester Township has recently had to contend with a large financial settlement due to a controversial police beating, then he went on 700 WLW radio with Bill Cunningham to give a statement about the attempt from Duke Energy to pass the cost of the Cincinnati Street Car off on suburban residents since the city does not have the money to pay for the project they foolishly voted for.  Lang has been very busy, and has done a more than respectable job of handling the various management issues that have come his way.  The Duke Energy issue is very serious.  It is the result of a Cincinnati based company that is dedicated to progressive causes–especially with their participation in the Agenda 21 Smart Meter program–that is allowing the reckless costs of Mayor Mallory’s Street Car to be passed on for infrastructure construction to their wide base of customers.  The Street Car like the Smart Meters is an Agenda 21 strategy and it should come as no surprise that the Cincinnati Mayor is personal friends with Barack Obama and is fully committed to the Rio, Brazil Earth Summit agenda created in 1992.  CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT AGENDA 21. George Lang is fighting the idea of Duke Energy passing the cost of the Street Car onto residents of Butler and Warren County and he had a great interview with Cunningham which can be heard below.

When logic is used, nobody can figure out why Mallory is so committed to the Streetcar.  Like Lang said, the Streetcar makes no economic sense for Cincinnati and much less sense for the residents of Butler and Warren County.  It’s sluggish old technology that limits people geographically to an area that is less than desirable.  I know that Lang understands the real answer, but he can’t say it on WLW without sounding like a kook, because George knows that attacking these big problems with too much information that the public isn’t willing to learn will lessen his message—so he focused the discussion around economic viability, which is something people understand.  Yet the reality is that Mallory like his friend Obama are looking far into the future—beyond their own lifetimes with a commitment to social collectivism that can best be found in Ayn Rand’s great novel Anthem which I have been reading at least twice a week lately, because of its stirring accuracy.


I have been reading Anthem written first in 1937 which appeared to have had a tremendous impact on Walt Disney (CLICK HERE TO READ MY REVIEW) because out of all my books and attempts at explaining away modern behavior, it is the only one that makes sense.  It predicted the attempt by Socialist International to spread global communism through The United Nations nearly half a century before the 1992 Earth Summit meeting in Brazil.  Ayn Rand knew the signs and they were already happening in America during the days of the Red Decade, when Anthem was written.  Anthem was a warning about the dangers of communism from a woman who lived it first hand in Petrograd, Russia at the start of the 1917 Revolution.  In Anthem mankind has reverted back to almost a primal village where council members run everything and personal identity has been eradicated.  One man in the story re-discovers the light bulb from a long dead culture.  He brings the discovery to his ruling village council thinking they will be delighted.  Instead he is beaten and tortured for making the discovery to the point that he escapes into the wilderness to re-establish civilization and all the inventions of the past that have been suppressed by the ruling class.  The book is so powerful that I believe that Walt Disney built the Epcot Center in Orlando Florida to protect our society against such an eventuality.  You can see a dedication to Ayn Rand’s work in the American Heritage building at that famous park.  Only Walt or Roy, his brother, would ever be able to admit to such a thing today, so enjoy the dedication to Ayn Rand while it lasts.  Progressives hate Ayn Rand, and seek at every turn to remove her warnings from the eyes of human beings.  If you want to piss off a progressive, talk about Ayn Rand, which is why the dedication at The Epcot Center is remarkable.  Anthem’s hero is Equality 7-2521 and he lived in the dark ages of the distant future.  In a loveless world he dared to love the woman of his choice.  In an age that had lost all trace of science and civilization he had the courage to seek and find knowledge.  But these were not the crimes for which he would be hunted.  He was marked for death because he had committed the most unpardonable sin: he had stood forth from the mindless human herd.  He was a man alone………….a sin worse than murder in a society of collectivists.

The Overton Window in our current society has been pulled so far to the political left that even dedicated conservatives feel uncomfortable discussing novels like Anthem in public.  So Lang was smart to stay away from the topic on WLW because large media types like Cunningham have had the Overton Window pulled so far to the left during their lifetimes that they are not willing to examine ideas that may categorize them as “tin headed conspiracy theorists.” ( CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THE OVERTON WINDOW.) Such thoughts do not belong so much on Channel 5 interviews and WLW talk shows as society is currently struggling with the current status of America.  The news reporters and producers of such shows are having a hard time grappling with these issues as they don’t want to be considered extreme, or kooky so they stay with the observable evidence that the public can most easily relate with.  The political left has captured the media and they have established the parameters which everyone in the business must follow.

I ran up against this issue with the education reform topics I used to cover so often with mainstream media.  I argued the cost of the school levies for a long time, but when nothing changed and the reasons were examined with facts the answers were much more sinister than even I thought.  Mainstream media isn’t prepared to deal with that reality at this time, just like they are not prepared to deal with the real reason for the Streetcar in Cincinnati, or the strategy behind the Smart Meters from Duke Energy.  Lang stuck to the cost and extreme imposition of Butler County being required to pay for the progressive Streetcar that was rammed down the throat of Cincinnati residents, and is now being pushed off into the suburbs for mysterious and illogical reasons.  The Streetcar intent seems illogical in relation to the known data that people like Cunningham and his producers at WLW are willing to deal with.  After all, Cunningham’s television show exploits the result of progressivism, so too much examination of progressive causes disturbs the apple cart of many people who make livings off them.  Mainstream media is left trying to explain only the tips of icebergs leaving much hidden below the surface.  It is in art that society must tackle the big issues so they can be seen fully, and not in the tid bits of news topics.  Artistic endeavors like this blog, paintings, movies or novels are where the bigger issues can be examined by individuals alone with their thoughts in the quiet of the night, and at their own command.

The intent of the Streetcar like all progressive causes is to eliminate suburbs and individual freedom in dedication to the foundation of collectivism.  Suburbs in Butler and Warren counties have been targeted by pretentious United Nations bureaucrats in far away cities like Rio during yearly Earth Summits to be eliminated through regulation.  County and city planners trained in colleges by Marxist professors do not even question their role in the scheme as they have been trained to be collectivists, by collectivists.  In virtually every company in the country there are now programs like Six Sigma and other consensus building efficiency measures that are rooted in global collectivism, not individual endeavor, which all are born from this trend perpetuated by liberal college professors instructed in the motivations of Earth Summit agenda points.  The intentions of collectivism as it is taught in virtually every public school and college, every company that embraces consensus building, and every public works project like the Street Car is to carry society toward the future of Anthem.  When all the elements are added up from what we see today, to what is coming in the future, the sum is what the novel Anthem is all about.

George Lang is fighting the good fight in standing up to the Duke Energy imposition of raising energy rates to cover their cost of building the Streetcar infrastructure.  But like Cunningham said, Duke will get it’s way in the end and Mayor Mallory knew it all along, just as Obama knew it when the Streetcar idea was invented in the first place as the hub of transportation in Cincinnati in the distant future when the suburbs are destroyed through taxation and all residents are forced back into the cities to preserve the green space of planet Earth.  The collectivists know they have every sector of public life covered from the media to the smallest business—that even die-hard conservatives feel uncomfortable discussing the origin and intention of progressivism outside of their own thoughts.  So what can people do, what measures can people take to strike back?

Well, since Duke Energy is at the center of two controversies, the Smart Meter program and the willingness of their company to pass off the cost of the Streetcar onto their customers who had nothing to do with voting for the stupid thing, there are options.  The best way to hit a company like Duke Energy is in their pocketbook.  Duke makes their money in two primary ways, off their infrastructure usage and off kilowatt-hours.  While we are all stuck through the monopoly power of Duke Energy in Cincinnati with their infrastructure, we do have options with how we buy the kilowatt-hours of power supplied to our homes.  Since it looks like Butler County will be forced to pay nearly $7 more on their monthly bills to cover the Streetcar that money could be returned to household income by buying kilowatt-hours of power from another company.  One such company is First Energy which can provide considerable savings to any family household.  If you own a business, you can save thousands of dollars in kilowatt usage through First Energy or companies like them.  To learn more, check them out at the link below.


Even if the savings on your electric bill is only $10 to $40 per month, it is still money that will not be going to Duke Energy and is an excellent way to use dollars to express unhappiness about Duke Energy’s willingness to pass off the cost of the Street Car to the suburbs of Ohio by caving into the whims of progressive politics without a fight.  And it will teach power companies a hard lesson that America does not get its mandates from The United Nations in Earth Summits at Rio.  Duke Energy has stated that they control the infrastructure that goes onto our homes so we have no say as to whether a Smart Meter goes on them or not, just like we have no choice but to pay the extra rates for the Streetcar in Cincinnati.  But we do have a choice of whether we purchase our kilowatt-hours from Duke Energy or First Energy.  It is in the power of choice that the degradation of political progressivism can best be defeated, and the eventual aim of taking society to the brink of the old novel Anthem—a society that has become inundated with soulless collectivism, can be averted.  Agenda 21 might sound like conspiracy theory skepticism, but it is quite real, and exists outside of the accepted realm of discussion like a cancer cell that slowly eats away a healthy body that is in denial of its presence.  It does no good to yell at Duke Energy and proclaim that they are agents of evil in direct service to The United Nations and progressive politicians who are using the green movement as the new red of communism.  But the money to feed some of these agents can be greatly reduced in retaliation for the Smart Meter program and the audacity to even consider spreading the wealth from rich suburbs to fund a streetcar in Cincinnati that is the dream of progressives.  The aim of those progressives can be seen in Ayn Rand’s novel Anthem and the path begins and ends with companies like Duke Energy who by choice or by design are guiding society in that tragic direction.


We can only be thankful that there are a few politicians like George Lang who can walk the tight rope of politics and still fight for what’s right.  And asking residents of Butler Country among others to pay for a Streetcar in Cincinnati is wrong in every meaning of the word, and deserves a recourse that will place in the mind of Duke Energy management great regret.  Give First Energy a call and start that process.  It might divide up a household electric bill into two bills one to Duke for the infrastructure and one from First Energy for the kilowatts, but half that bill won’t be going to Duke……….and that will really piss them off……..and teach them a hard lesson.

Rich Hoffman

“If they attack first………..blast em’!”


The West Chester Police Beating that Cost $265,000: Trustee George Lang presents the case

On February 13th, 2013 West Chester Township decided to settle a lawsuit brought against it by Jeremy Lewis winning the victim of police brutality $265,000 of tax money because of the over zealous work by four officers who called to a bar fight as a sports bar was closing.  Because of the large settlement, West Chester Trustee George Lang wanted to provide an explanation to the portion of the community most concerned over waste in tax expenses—the West Chester Tea Party.  In the video below Lang explains in explicit detail the now famous video in slow motion and why he felt the township should settle out-of-court rather than risk showing it in a court of law.


Watching that video no matter what the official comments of the police force were, it is easy to conclude that the second officer who arrived on the scene, the one who sprayed the pepper spray in Lewis’s face, would have done much better to express more logic.  Since the video has no audio we will never know what Lewis might have said to the officer to provoke being sprayed in the face with repellant, but logic would dictate that the officer used excessive force that was not necessary.  If the training that officers are given instructs them to be such panicky primates, then the training needs to be re-evaluated quickly.

To my eyes if I were on a jury watching this video I would have to agree with the assessment of Trustee Lang—the second officer with his adrenaline pumping wanted to show his authority over Lewis in a way that would make Cartman from the cartoon on Comedy Central South Park proud.  If the officer had been comfortable with his position of authority he could have easily handled the situation differently waiting for his back-up to arrive in mass and hand cuff Lewis for an uneventful arrest.  Rather, he chose aggressive domination of Lewis behind the authority of the law for reasons that appear to exceed the situation which deserves ridicule.   It is in those actions by the police that the cost of $265,000 was levied against the West Chester tax payers.

The situation exacerbated once the other two officers arrived on the scene and through collective recourse they felt entitled to beat Lewis into submission with gang like imposition.  In spite of what the unified front from the police department stated in defense of their officers they were obviously more concerned with protecting their own than the merit of true justice.  There were officers who felt guilt over the incident and reported to Lang later the information that the police who conducted the beating were bragging about the incident at the station, much to their disgust.  In my assessment the officers who were upset by the bragging are the kind of officers I have no reservations of employing.  But the officers who conducted the beating and the administrators who wished to shove this incident under the carpet with flimsy explanations and malicious intent are those who make me feel terrible to learn that West Chester police make more money than any police force anywhere from Pittsburgh to Indianapolis, which is quite a statement.   CLICK HERE TO SEE WHAT WEST CHESTER POLICE MAKE.

The police union has already shown displeasure with Trustee Lang because he recently did not vote in favor of their recent contract increase.  Lang is trying to reel in costs for the police department the way he should, but that doesn’t stop administrators from using other measures to apply pressure against Lang.  As Lang spoke at the Tea Party meeting an undercurrent of fear emerged that was almost audible during the silent portion of the video viewing the first run through.  The reason came from not desiring to be on the wrong side of the law.  Politicians like Lang have a good reason to fear the same police they employee because the collective force behind law enforcement is one where it is well-known that police will look out for their own as a collective unit, and this is what makes them dangerous.  If they get caught doing something wrong—as in the case of the police beating, the police force expects the trustees to just pay the money and make the problem go away.  Internally, there was no disciplinary action, no recourse, and no punishment of any kind.  There was just a hope that the trustees would pay the money and make the problem disappear with the same audacity that the police force expects trustees to blindly approve pay increases for them without question, even when they are already the highest paid officers in this part of the country.

In my assessment of the video looking behind the shell game of blame, I see in the actions of the police force a desire to occasionally beat people like Jeremy Lewis so that the authority of police is asserted on the public so that when levy time comes, there is the gentle nudge of intimidation that puts in the minds of voters a fear that they don’t want to find themselves on the wrong side of the police.  Even as Lang spoke, it ran through my mind that he was taking a risk, because word would get out in the station house that one of the West Chester Trustees was speaking out negatively in regard to the police action.  The hot-blooded youth in the modern police force do not see the logic or cost implications behind the out-of-court settlement, they will only see that Lang is not with them right or wrong—and that makes Lang a target.  The same fear came from people directly related to the case who didn’t want their names revealed least they find themselves pulled over by the same police officers at midnight and treated the same way that Jeremy Lewis was.  The public tendency of norm including the other two trustees in West Chester has been to ignore these kinds of problems and throw money at them to go away and hope that those of authority are not angered so that the officers do not cast their revenge upon the tax paying citizen.  The fear is real and was put there by cases like the one that occurred with Jeremy Lewis over a long period of time.

In the audience at the end of the video George Lang presented, was the former assistance chief of police from Union Twp., which is what West Chester used to be called.  This man held the position as far back as when the great tornado of 1974 hit Mason causing him to work 7 consecutive days without sleep because of the massive damage done.  All cops are not bad, in fact many of them are very good people.  But…………when they function as a “collective” entity, they can be dangerous.  Many of them are only 25 to 30 years old and do not have much life wisdom about them yet, so when 4 hot-blooded males in a police uniform with the power of the badge behind them show up at a bar at 2:30 in the morning, the ability to beat an unarmed man into submission to prove their manhood and overcome internal insecurities is very tempting.  The old assistant chief of police testified before the Tea Party his experience with violence and the tendency of new officers to escalate a situation instead of exercising de-escalation procedures due to their modern training.  The training officers receive is largely approved by FOP organizations that have contained within them a desire to put political posturing in such confrontations to escalate a level of fear and respect that has aims beyond righteousness.  The aims behind the beatings is to create a level of perceived danger that ultimately hopes to influence the public when police levies come due, in direct reaction to contracts that are often approved by trustees who fear falling out of favor with their employees, the police.  In West Chester the scheme has worked, police are paid more than anywhere else in the Midwest—yet the danger on the job is less than just about anyplace else.  So there is pressure to “create” dangerous situations from time to time and a drunk fighting at a bar at 2:30 in the morning is an easy target.  Unfortunately for the young officers who participated in the beating, they didn’t think that the action would be captured on a security camera—since normally the situation would have been contained and rumor from the mouth of Jeremy Lewis would have moved through the community without the court system regulating the authenticity.

The lesson of this incident is that police should do a better job of controlling their personal fears and not let their anxiety get the better of them.  They should also not use the unfortunate position of people like Jeremy Lewis to impose their authority on the public in general with such force.  The police should also not take out their wrath on trustees who do not agree with their labor contracts, or speak out against the actions of the collective because they feel they need to explain why the bad decisions of the police force cost West Chester tax payers $265,000.  But on a larger scale, the public in general should come to understand that police should not be given absolute authority over the lives of private citizens.  The failure of the police in the Jeremy Lewis case is exactly why the new federal NDAA Act will never work, and cannot be imposed upon American citizens.  Police are only human beings, and can never be given so much power to violate the lives, liberty and pursuit of a good life of any person.  The aims of their collective organization do not supersede the rights of an individual even if that individual is a drunken malcontent shouting obscenities at authority without discretion.  The first and second officer at the scene knew they had a gun on their hip and other weapons on their bodies that could easily subdue a person of such staggered appearance.  The officers are expected to be cooler than that, and they are paid well to be the best.  They are not paid to be thugs in the streets of West Chester and to give in to boyish desires to prove their manhood.  And because they weren’t West Chester is not only out the cost of their salaries, but also a hit to our community reputation, and the cost of the court settlement—which are all excessive just because the personal valor of the officers was lacking.

To review this case as it appeared in the West Chester Buzz, click the link below:


To see the union response against Lang in the Middletown Journal, which provoked this explanation by the trustee, CLICK HERE:

Rich Hoffman

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How A School Board Should Work: The Success of Kelly Kohls in Springboro

With all that I have said about the proper way to manage a public school system the birth place of such thoughts has not previously been revealed.  But I am happy to reveal now that birthplace after my friend Kelly Kohls spoke at the West Chester Tea Party to a packed house on February 19th 2013.  Several years ago Kelly invited my wife and I to The Golden Lamb for a special meeting in one of the upstairs banquet rooms for a group she started with other Ohio school board members called Educate Ohio.  Kelly had recently become a member of the Springboro school board and had a lot of ideas on how to improve education quality for children while driving down the costs for the taxpayers.  Since that very innovative meeting Kelly has went on to become the head of the Warren County Tea Party and is now president of the Springboro school board and managed to drive the per pupil cost of their district downward.  Kelly has become everything that I would consider to be the most pristine example of what a school board president should be for every school in Ohio.  Watch the video below to see how she did it, and how the same type of thing could be duplicated in any district.  Her style of management should be the example that every school in the United States should follow.  But it’s not easy, if it was, everyone would do it.  And as Kelly will describe below she has faced many challenges.  In fact, on the eve of the below speech the SEA, (Springboro Education Association) filed a complaint against Kelly’s school board for unfair labor practices—which I will get into more detail in a bit.

I knew when I attended The Golden Lamb meeting years ago that good things were going to come out of Kelly Kohls and I am very proud of the very good work she has done.  It is far from easy to stand up to organized labor the way she has, but her district is much, much better for it.  If you watched the video above, you learned that Springboro’s per pupil costs are on a downward trend.  They are now into the $7,000 range down from the mid $8,000 range and this is unprecedented for any school board anywhere in Ohio.  They are actually now projecting a budget surplus which is also unprecedented.  In addition, Kelly has managed to bring up the weaknesses in the district rating system and performance of students by setting new standards of performance that are not driven by union controlled lobby expectations, but instead by common sense.

One of the major ways that Kelly has managed to gain control of the costs in Springboro is that she convinced her school board to drop out of the OSBA organization.  The Ohio School Board Association is a membership driven entity that is locked arm and arm with the Ohio Education Association, the largest teacher labor union in Ohio.  The goal of the OSBA is to train new school board members to show the community a unified front while actually taking direction from the teacher union leadership.  As soon as school board members are elected they are whisked away to Columbus for a weekend of “bonding” with other education professionals so that loyalties can be achieved and consensus delivered.  This always works against the tax payers and does absolutely no good in controlling education budgets.  Kelly’s school board has cancelled their membership to the OSBA and instead has started her own leadership group designed to teach school board members to think independently of the OSBA and the OEA.

Another thing that Kelly revealed in her speech that was very illuminating was that Ohio no longer requires teachers to have a master’s degree from college to teach—which is contrary to what many districts have been telling the public when levy pushes are provoked.  If I had a quarter for every time a teacher stated that they had to pursue a master’s degree to become a kindergarten teacher at Lakota there would be enough money to fund that school for decades with the result.  The required master’s degree mandate uttered from public schools has been deliberately misleading.  Ohio for four years now has dropped the requirement for master’s degrees for public education teachers.  The pursuit of master’s degrees has artificially driven up the labor costs of teachers through step increases which amplify budget costs.  Kelly has begun to make decisions from her school board with that knowledge which has led to a savings of the overall district financial requirements.

Of course the labor unions have had many problems with Kelly Kohls.  After the meeting shown above Kelly and I had a good laugh reminiscing about all the reporters we know who eat out of the hand of the OSBA and local teacher unions.  For Kelly it is the Dayton Daily News, a Cox Media division that writes many hit pieces against her.  For me it has become The Cincinnati Enquirer which has been chronicled with much fanfare.  The newspapers are functioning from a position of desperation.  They need content to fill their paper and they often get that content from the local school system.  They need a good relationship with the school system more than they need a relationship with the reformers of education, so loyalties fall in line accordingly.  But in Kelly’s case, especially now that she’s the president of her school board, the media needs her again, but she doesn’t need them—so they are in a precarious situation in Springboro, Ohio.

The unions see the writing on the wall under the leadership of Kelly Kohls, and know that they are losing their power and influence.  There is no public tolerance for a strike in Springboro or any of the Southern Ohio districts, so they know they cannot play that card in the future to extort more money from the district.  Unions are also losing the power of the media, because the negative press they attempt to wield has only helped Kelly Kohls and those like her become stronger and more influential.   So when Kelly indicated that the school board wished to begin negotiations on a contract that is up in June of 2013 the SEA union filed a motion against Kelly’s school board with an “unfair labor practice” complaint.  The union desires to not negotiate the new union contract until the last minute, using chaos to drive up the costs in their favor, which is an old union tactic. Kelly, being a good manager is trying to get the contract negotiated well before hand so that the numbers come out in favor of the district—which is what she is supposed to do.  The action taken by the union is a toothless gesture.  Without question they will attempt the same tactic again and again in the months to come trying to turn the public sentiment against Kohls, but it won’t work.  Kelly will gain in popularity with each labor attempt because normal people admire courage, and respect people who stand squarely against adversity.  So the more the Dayton Daily News writes about the labor dispute in Springboro, the stronger the public will lean in Kelly’s direction.  This has placed the Springboro school board for the first time in perhaps 100 years in a position of strength, and is certainly a modern first in Ohio.  Kelly’s Springboro school board is the shining modern example of how a school board should operate, and they are having immediate and noticeable success that is very dramatic.

The success of Springboro is dispelling all the myths that levy advocates for public education have been using to increase property taxes with an ultimate subtle aim of fulfilling Agenda 21 goals by collapsing suburbs through taxation using progressive groups like labor unions to set the mechanisms in place.  The unfortunate victims have been the children who by Kelly’s charts have been denied proper educations in favor of an education system designed to benefit the adult employees at the expense of youth.  The fight that Kelly has been combating is one that is of the highest honor, because in the history of Ohio far into the future, it will be remembered who fought on behalf of the children, and the future of not only Ohio, Springboro, or education in general, but the future of all mankind in the minds of our youth.  Kelly Kohls is fighting that fight and has been successful.  Now all the children of the world need is more brave souls to join Kelly in this fight against education tyranny so that proper management of tax payer resources can be provided, and the children can directly benefit.  The thieves of public education need to be put out of business, and it takes tough ladies like Kelly Kohls and a handful of others to advance that cause in order to preserve our species from the downward spiral that is currently engulfing us all in public education.

If you are a school board member or would like to become one and need guidance, please feel free to contact Kelly Kohls and the other members of the OSBLC (Ohio School board Leadership Council) at the link below.


Rich Hoffman

“If they attack first………..blast em’!”


The Danger of Agenda 21: Eating old people so the young can suffer

To understand what Agenda 21 is, the people who designed it for the United Nations with an aim of one world government, and what it will look like in the future implemented from cities like Hong Kong to Cincinnati, Ohio all you need to do is visit the birth place of it in Rio de Janeiro where the Earth Summit is routinely held.  Agenda 21 was created in the minds of European socialists while attending one of these Earth Summits as far back as 1992, but in reality percolated in the minds of collectivist oriented governments for decades, since the words of Karl Marx first touched their minds nearly a century and a half ago.  The Earth Summit has been routinely held in exotic cities like Rio and Cancun, Mexico to enamor the participants with familiar culture and high-minded thinking while topless women and string bikinis fill the sights and sounds of visitors with equatorial delight.  Both Rio and Cancun are examples of what the future of the world will look like if left to Agenda 21.  Both cities are filled with delightfully luxurious hotels and tourist accommodations while they are surrounded by extreme slums of people stacked upon each other in an inhumane fashion of compressed living and diabolical concessions to the human soul.  These cities are true glimpses of what the future of human civilization will look like under Agenda 21 globally.  Everything looks wonderful in the tourist areas, but for the workers who maintain the cities of Rio and Cancun—life sucks—big time.  Listening to Bob Silliman who is the coordinator of Ohio’s Agenda 21 awareness efforts I thought of a visit my wife and I made fairly recently to Cancun where the United Nations often holds their Climate Change Conferences and saw the future of my own community in the vision plans of local Agenda 21 planners.

At the end of Bob’s speech many in the audience contemplated what the end game was for Agenda 21, and why it was even being implemented.  Many speculated generally that it was power that was the intention—but as the young lady who stood up at the end declared, even if radical environmental leftists like George Soros wanted to use Agenda 21 to gain power over massive municipalities of people he would be long dead by the time Agenda 21 takes full hold in America—leaving the question mostly unanswered.  The menacing answer is much more severe and difficult to comprehend.  The people from the United Nations who fly in to participate in the Earth Summits and Climate Change Conferences in places like Cancun and Rio see the glitter of tourism and exotic locations and find themselves enchanted by the beauty of the Earth.  Often they don’t travel too far from their hotels so they don’t see the massive slums that the people who live and work in those exotic cities contend with.  For proof of these summit locations check the links below.



When my wife and I visited Cancun we were both astonished at the terrible living conditions of the residents just outside of the main strip in Cancun.  Even more shocking was the massive shopping mall like complex just down the road from the airport that held a multiplex of strip houses and sex shops.  The entire complex was one giant sex store that was reeking with human trafficking from young girls stolen from their families all over the world.  It made the sex store at Exit 141 in Tennessee just a few miles from Knoxville look small.  In the city of Cancun, Mexico if you head into the interior of the country within ten miles of the major hotels, once you pass the shopping mall of gentlemen clubs there is nothing for many dozens of miles, and for hundreds of miles in the Yucatan, there are only a few villages—many of them still containing thatched roofs the way a primitive might inhabit.  As my wife saw this for the first time after growing up in America and living all of her life in upper class conditions, she was absolutely aghast and wanted to help the poor Mexican people.  But the social conditions and politics of Mexico have imprisoned those poor residents of Cancun to be run by corrupt drug lords and the mobs who own all the hotels.  The government is run by the mobs, and this is what the United Nations is selling in Agenda 21.

In Mexico and Brazil the residents have been pushed through regulation and policy into the cities to live like rats under the command of central planners.  The living areas of these cities are terrible, and to call them slums would be a credit.  They are the result of the well intended global climate United Nations sympathizers who think they can contain the human spirit in a bottle to preserve the Earth from global warming.  Their intention of putting the human being in a bottle and holding them there so that green space thrives can be seen in Cancun.  Mexico has lots of green space…………..lots and lots………….and LOTS of it.  After traveling for a few days around the Yucatan Peninsula after being accustom to travel in America, my wife and I enjoyed a Big Mac at the McDonalds outside of our hotel like it was a feast at one of Chef Ramsey’s restaurants.   In fact, a Big Mac never tasted so good and my wife and I decided in that McDonalds in Cancun on Kukulcan Blvd that we would commit ourselves to saving America from United Nations global planners.  In America when we travel from Cincinnati to Louisville, or Cincinnati to Lexington, or Cincinnati to Columbus there is a lot of farm land that is being used productively, there is a lot of wonderful green space, and the Earth’s beauty is easy to see.  If there is one reason to go after Agenda 21 it is to preserve the Big Mac.  When I want a Big Mac, I can get one about every 20 miles no matter where I go in America—and that is a BEAUTIFUL thing.  Savor the moment—take a deep breath……………ahhhhhh…………capitalism.  Capitalism=Big Mac.  Two very wonderful ideas.

No place in the world has it so lucky as I do in The United States, and I would love to see places like Mexico, Brazil, and the entire continent of Africa have a life as good as I have it in Cincinnati, Ohio and that means a McDonalds every twenty miles and cell phone service uninterrupted for thousands of miles.  But they won’t get it with Agenda 21.  Instead, Agenda 21 and the United Nations architects wish to take from me these wonderful attributes of American culture and make Cincinnati more like Cancun and Rio.  The end game of Agenda 21 that is intended to take place over many generations is to destroy the infrastructure of suburbia and force residents back into the cities.   The sinister aims at work are not ones of direct power from people like George Soros in his generation, but the larger aim of surrender to global collectivism where the human body is but a cell in the body of the Earth, which is considered the highest form of existence.

In my community of Liberty Twp one of my favorite Trustees David Kern finds himself voting in favor of a massive apartment complex at the new Carriage Hill development because members of the Vision Committee years ago approved the development.  Developers are happy to make money off the Vision Committee’s idea, but what nobody knows is that the Vision Committee created their land use plan with a commitment to Agenda 21.  Since most people think only in terms of their generation and not the collective salvation of collectivists who attend the Earth Summit in Rio, they don’t know that the intent behind the luxury apartments at Carriage Hill are to be Section 8 housing 50 years from now, and as taxes push people out of their homes in the suburbs they will retreat to those Section 8 homes as they lose their homes.  Once they get used to that style of living they will crave the same kind of home centralized in Cincinnati near public transportation like what the Street Car is offering.  When Mayor Mallory used the Delphi Technique mentioned in the video above, to achieve passage of the Street Car even with all the opposition, it wasn’t because Mallory wanted to build a legacy for himself; it is because of his collective commitment to Agenda 21.  Fifty years from now when all the United Nations plans for the Twenty First Century are put in place, the suburbs of America will look like the green space outside of Cancun and all the residents will be stacked like insects in the apartment slums of Cincinnati not out of convenience to make life for the human being a good one, but out of a sacrifice to preserve Mother Earth.  When Liberty Township Zoning Administrator Jon West says to my good friend Cathy Dirr who is the loudest voice in Southern Ohio against Agenda 21 that “you can’t stop progress, Cathy,” he is saying that the progress of Agenda 21 and its commitment to Mother Earth is more important than the happiness and sovereignty of the individual citizens of Liberty Township.  By the time those new apartments being built at Carriage Hill–the Homearoma community in 2013–becomes Section 8 housing in 2040 the developers will long be dead and their children will have squandered all the money they made on the present real estate deals.  But Agenda 21 will just be kicking in and those same children will be pushed out of the suburbs and back into the city where the prying eyes of government can control and regulate their lives with the kind of imprisonment that one can see in present day Cancun.

In Cancun nobody is rich, but the organized crime organizations who own everything.  The same with Rio de Janeiro, but Hollywood has taken part in selling the Agenda 21 dream to the world with films like Blame it on Rio and the Mickey Roark film Wild Orchid.  To the soundtrack of Ofra Haza’s sexy Egyptian music, the sex in Rio during Wild Orchid was the fantasy of most men and women and the result has been a massive influx of spring breakers who have fled the control of their liberal college institutions in America for destinations abroad where commitment to Mother Earth takes priority over human lifetimes and morality.  Thousands of young people fill the hotels of Rio and Cancun as they have become the premier spring break destinations where they indulge in the loose rules of sexual conduct and make fools of themselves forever drowning their morality on the beaches of those resort cities.   As adults they will remember their shame and pour their redemption into collective salvation by sacrificing their lives for Mother Earth.  The plan of Agenda 21 is there in the financing of those particular films most recently exhibited in the Fast and Furious film titled the Fast Five, which featured street racing in Rio.

The pattern and commitment to Agenda 21 can best be seen in the 1973 film Soylent Greenhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Soylent_Green  The investment of the culture into youth can be tragically seen and the result for the elderly who are killed and eaten by the youth once the reach the decided upon age for death is the end game for Agenda 21.  It may not be the intention during the Earth Summits, but it will be the result.  After all, that is what Soylent Green is, the chopped up bodies of the dead elderly of society who are fed to the youth as a sacrifice similar to the commitment of all collectivists into the surrendering of their lives to the benefit of Mother Earth.  Agenda 21 is so embedded in our culture that conservative trustees and country commissioners have been voting in favor of its implementation for decades without even knowing it.  Agenda 21 was there in the movie Soylent Green, it was there in Blame it on Rio, Wild Orchid, and The Fast Five.  It was there when travel agencies created the incentives to lure young people from American colleges to spend spring break in Cancun to have crazy sex on the beaches like they saw in movies under the watchful eyes of Mexicans with machine guns patrolling the beaches at night and watching in delight.  The bulge in their pants is not from the clips of .223 ammunition designated for their machine guns.

Part of the Agenda 21 strategy is to get people to finance their own demise.  Uncontrollable development will make a few developers wealthy such as in the Liberty Twp case of the Carriage Hill Apartments, but everyone else will suffer.  But in the far away land of Rio and Cancun the plans were created long ago to use the greed and short-sightedness of the average American to drive them like cattle to the slaughter-house of their own culture.  The end game is the city of Cancun and Rio where the tinsel looks impressive right off the airplane quickly degrades just under the blankets of society’s view.  While dining in an upscale Mexican restaurant in Cancun my wife and I spoke a bit with our waiter, a nice Mexican man who said yes senior and yes senorita at the end of every sentence in his dialogue with us.  At first site we thought he was just like us, that he lived in a decent home, had a decent family, had a decent car to drive—access to iPods and Xbox games and watched football on Sunday afternoons in the autumn.  But as we spoke to the man deeply, more than he was used to, he revealed after fifteen minutes of conversation that his brother had been recently killed by gang violence in the living quarters outside the tourist district.  He lived in a card board box.  His wife worked at the Sex Mall outside the airport and his children had all disappeared.  The epic peril of his story immediately alarmed us that he was using a typical tourist scam on us hoping for a good tip, but his body language and demeanor was one of honesty.  He was barely hanging onto life, and had little incentive to proceed from one day to the next.  Looking at him I thought of the movie Soylent Green where the elderly actually looked forward to their death because the toil of their lives would soon be over with pleasant music and comfortable settings not experienced in their day-to-day living.  In that man’s face I saw the result of Agenda 21 and the future of not only Cincinnati but every city in America.  If Agenda 21 is left unchecked the future of all our children can be seen in the lives of the current residents of Rio and Cancun.  The plans made by The United Nations are made in those cities for the results of the current inhabitants, and the results are not good for the human race.

Without question zoning administrators like Jon West in Liberty Twp will roll their eyes at the presentation shown above by Bob Silliman and regard them as the frightened antics of an elderly man.  Community administrators like West are so entrenched through the Delphi Technique to the practices of Agenda 21 that they are not able to see the big picture beyond the advancement of their own careers—and that is part of the United Nations strategy that is discussed at Earth Summits every year since 1992.  They count on human beings to be too short-sighted to see the whole picture, and in America people like Bob Silliman who are elderly and no longer concerned for their social advancement can finally see these schemes for what they are.  There is a clarity in old age that people like Bob Silliman have that people like Jon West do not yet possess—and the truth is in the words expressed in Silliman’s presentation.  Agenda 21 is a sinister aim for the human race, and wishes to end the American way of life.  The situation is made even worse when it is realized that The United Nations uses American tax dollars to fund its own existence which is the joke at all these events in Rio and Cancun.  Americans are funding their own end, and members of The United Nations are laughing about it as they gaze at the bronze bodies of topless women and string bikinis while sipping on their margaritas thinking of themselves as masters of the universe.  They might even think that their sacrifice of the human race to the goddess Mother Earth be equivalent to the Mayan who sacrificed many human beings to the god Kukulcan which is the name of the main road that runs the strip of Cancun.  The mind of these social collectivists and parasites to the human soul has the end game of the movie Soylent Green where future human beings will beg to be killed so their misery ends and they can become the food that feeds the human race and bring real value to their lives at last, as they spent a life time locked in an apartment living miserable lives of labor because of Agenda 21.

For a local example of organizations that most advance Agenda 21 in the Cincinnati area here is one:


They are the same group involved with the Street Car issue of Cincinnati and was hired by Lakota Schools to operate their “community conversations” which have not been cheap.  They specialize in The Delphi Technique which anyone who has attended the meetings with Jeffery Stec at Citizens for Civic Renewal has learned.  CLICK HERE to learn about The Delphi Technique and how it works.  It is the same technique mentioned in the video of Bob Silliman.

Rich Hoffman

“If they attack first………..blast em’!”


The Tea Party is America’s Only Hope: A look into the future of politics

The political entities who claim that the Tea Party is a radical organization of dangerous individuals are speaking relative to their far left positions, and that includes people like Karl Rove—political strategist for the Republican Party.  In a very clarifying example shown below by Glenn Beck and Judge Napolitano it is displayed why Republicans and Democrats are emerging into a single party that we might at this time call “Republicrats” which is a combination of raw communism, progressivism, and soft socialism following the Overton Window of gradual progression toward big government.   To them, the position of the Tea Party does seem radical as it is their desire in both parties to move further and further toward big government until all personal freedoms are completely lost.  The video below should be watched in its entirety, because it is filled with information that is very useful in explaining the direction of politics today.  I personally consider Judge Napolitano to be one of the greatest human scholars of Constitutional understanding alive in America with the exception of Supreme Court Judge Scalia.  Scalia, Napolitano and other members of true American conservatives represent my beliefs and the thoughts of most Americans.  It is the big government radicals on the far left relative to the Tea Party position who consider such conservativism as radical.  It is they who have attempted to move millions of Americans toward an unmanaged government utopia with an end game of far left control.   It is people like Karl Rove who have split the Republican party by strategically taking the party toward the misfits of socialism instead of the direction of American liberty and it is not the task of Americans to buy into the collectivism of party rule—but rather to reject it in favor of Constitutional logic and freedom loving scholarship that paves the way toward self-initiated prosperity.  Watch the clip below carefully and take notes.  This one is very, very important.  The fate of America and each of our lives is described within it.

The failure of Republicans to unseat President Obama can be said to have rested upon the power of collectivism.  Democrats have long ago surrendered self-initiation and are happy to function as a blob of collectivism, so they do not have a philosophical struggle within their party.  They are all to some degree or another socialists.  Some Republicans have taken notice and have allowed themselves to be pulled in that direction for many years.  They have been weak in their convictions and have lost consistently to the radicals on the left.  The best and most recent example is that Mitt Romney felt he had to defend his wealth and success in his run for president, and the campaign became entirely about the bourgeois class against the proletariat which is a communist strategy from the far left.  Some conservatives like Rove, Governor Kasich, and Speaker Boehner have decided that they need to move from their conservative positions to meet the liberals halfway, but often get scammed when liberal politicians refuse to meet them at all creating a situation where the conservatives move to the left, but the left stays where they were.  Once the conservative is with the liberal, the liberal then moves further to the left, which is what has been happening during the Obama Presidency.  Karl Rove is urging conservatives to rally behind the party so they can defeat the mass of liberal collectivism aligned behind politicians like Obama, and the Clintons behaving like insects in an insect colony rallying to the urgings of the queen.  But reaction and compromise is the worse thing that can happen, because it is the strategy of far left radicals to propagate their scam using the Overton Window to continue a collective march to the left.  Rove says, “If you can’t beat them, join them.”  That is where the Tea Party has emerged to fill the void and provide representation to those not represented by the two-party system which is in essence just one leftist leaning party all dancing to the same music.

The successful formula for America is in The Constitution.  It has worked in the past and it can work again, because it was formed by people with a deep philosophical understanding of life and politics that transcends historic barriers or limitations.  The Constitution has most come under attack as Judge Napolitano pointed out in the video above during the Presidency of both Roosevelt’s and Woodrow Wilson.  The deal at the time was a basic disagreement over the style of collectivism that would be imposed on society.  Teddy Roosevelt deeply in love with European hierarchies openly began the process of bypassing The Constitution that is seen to this day by virtually every President which has gradually moved America further to the left as seen in the chart Glenn Beck displayed.  It is not the problem of me, or you dear reader that politicians like Roosevelt, Wilson, and Johnston imposed their personal views—and personal failings into politics and attempted to suppress The Constitution with their own princely influences.  It is not our job as a collective society to cover their follies with more mistakes.  It is our job and duty to return the country back toward the Constitution.

As Judge Napolitano stated, that process will be painful.  It is hoped that perhaps time will merge the two current parties together into some form or Republicrat and that people in the Tea Party will be represented by some sort of Freedom Party that is more representative of the original Anti-Federalists.  In the mean time America may become a three-party system as strategist have abandoned conservativism in favor of short term political victories.  But things will not continue to proceed to the political left without conflict.  I’m not going in that direction, and the people I know in the Tea Party aren’t going either.  It is not my job to follow Boehner or Kasich in a march to maintain party rule, it is the job of the Tea Party to return the nation to Constitutional principles and to chastise those who abandon it in favor of financial security under the covers of collectivism.  Napolitano also discussed the unfortunate end game if the political process fails, and that is that we have an obligation to return the nation back to The Constitution away from the hands of Obama, Kasich, and Boehner with force if needed, which is why we must have the Second Amendment.  That is not a negotiable Amendment, and history proves that politicians cannot be trusted with power.  So guns will always be needed.

In short, the Tea Party exists not as a radical organization hell-bent on old-fashioned ideas, but as a defender of The Constitution where the present political system has failed—immensely.  It is not the collective obligation of American citizens to continue to cover up the false interpretations and radicalism of European loving monarchs who would crown themselves king of America—if allowed.  They are not allowed, and presidents, speakers of the house, governors, congressman, senators, trustees, commissioners are all servants of the people—servants of the republic of America.  If they insist on anything else, they are wrong and it is the obligation of Constitutional protectors like the Tea Party to reset the correct political course through debate or conflict in the unbiased pursuit of justice.  The movement to the political left by both parties can no longer be advanced through name calling and extortion.  It is time to stop that progressive erosion of American value with a firm dedication to Constitutional adherence and not the loose interpretation of radicals who would seek to end The United States through the Overton Window.  CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE.

Click the link below to see how George Washington viewed government, which is what the Tea Party wishes to bring about again.


Only an idiot would call the logic of Washington’s arguments “radical.”

Rich Hoffman

“If they attack first………..blast em’!”