Big Minds and Small Minds: How Michael Wolff missed the mark with an embarrassingly edited book no publisher should stand behind

I read the Michael Wolff book Fire and Fury for many reasons—not because I agree with him in any way, or that I think his book is something of any quality. It’s actually a pretty junky piece of writing. I have noticed more mistakes grammatically in that book than in any 100 books that I’ve last read put together. It’s a very sloppy book thrown together by an activist publisher trying to torpedo the Trump presidency before the tax cuts kick in during 2018—essentially. I read the book once to get a general impression, then I’ve been going back through it to pick on some of the more spectacular problems that it has which I’ll reveal over the coming weeks now that the sales have slipped off and everyone has had a chance to digest the thing properly. My impression of Wolff and his writing of President Trump is that the writer is just one more silly ankle biting little man out there in the world who hates big grand thinkers—and I think there is something worth noting about people in general regarding this type of tabloid nonsense.

The revelation in the book that Trump was having an affair with Nikki Haley is just outlandish and reveals that even sitting there on that couch in the White House interviewing a bunch of people around President Trump that even from that vantage point Wolff, as a writer, couldn’t put his finger on what was going on. Throughout the book especially in the opening chapter in a conversation between Steve Bannon and Rupert Murdoch Wolff has taken a “he said, she said that some guy over there thinks the lady at the water cooler believes that a person close to the President overheard him saying that while talking on the phone that this or that happened.” The book is full of those types of things and it surprises me that it was even considered for publication given its flimsiness. But to assume that because Trump has a good relationship with a woman who is doing very well in the United Nations, that he’s having an affair with her is rather “sexist.”

But that is how small minds think about things—the “little people” out there always think in terms of flesh and satisfaction first because they have not developed their intellects to encompass anything greater than such lustrous fantasies. I think for most of his life Trump was held back by some of that same small thinking—while he could apply big thinking to buildings and business concepts making himself very wealthy in the process, he still considered success through the lens of little people—so he was a womanizer. His wife Melania obviously understands what her husband is about, and she embarked on a marital journey with him like a lot of women hope to reform the men in their lives away from self-destructive behavior. It doesn’t always work, but in her case, along with his natural age—it appears to have had a great effect. History will no doubt view Donald J. Trump as one of the greatest American presidents and that fact is something that a small-minded person like Michael Wolff and his publisher can’t get their thoughts around. I think this goes beyond hate for Trump—it’s just that they don’t have minds to understand him.

The biggest giveaway to Wolff’s ignorance in his book Fire and Fury is that he constantly seeks to make Trump look like an ignorant blowhard who isn’t nearly as wealthy as he claims to be. Wolff constantly uses liberal billionaires as the foundation for revealing what an idiot Trump is—but the facts are far from supporting the claims of the hateful writer. Just looking at the Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, it is Trump’s winter White House. It’s the second largest mansion in Florida and is one of the premier real estate investments in North America. It rivals Europe in its audacious elegance, and Trump acquired and developed that property long before he ever became president. You don’t see other billionaires like Bill Gates, Rupert Murdoch and Warren Buffett developing properties like Mar-a-Lago even though they have the financial resources to conduct the task. Only Trump has done something on that scale, and in many ways, it’s the keys to his presidency. I would go so far to say that Trump has eclipsed Steve Wynn on elegance and rapture of highly visible commercial real estate in entertainment zones—and Mar-a-Lago is one of the biggest examples. What the Trump Organization did with the Old Post Office in Washington D.C. is another example. It takes a unique vision to perform those types of tasks and those skills are obviously very elusive to people even with the financial resources—and Wolff doesn’t at any time put his finer on what makes Trump tick in the entire book. Instead, he views everything through the eyes of the small people who cling to Trump by natural inclination licking his boots hoping to pick up whatever he leaves behind as natural second handers. Picasso can have painted strange images of cubical people and the art world calls it a work of genius. (I’ve seen Picasso’s stuff at the Louvre and I wasn’t impressed). But what Trump does with buildings and big concepts is the work of an idiot? Only when small minds are doing the analysis. Their inability to understand something does not lower the quality of what has been done. It just means they lack the means to define it.

It was just ahead of the State of the Union address that a spokesperson for Melania Trump had to quell rumors that there is trouble with the Trump marriage—which is another constant drum beat that was cited in the Wolff book—as if he were trying to create a narrative for a presidential downfall. Disney owned ABC is putting on the porn actress Stormy Daniels with Jimmy Kimmel Live after the State of the Union speech in an obvious attempt to take air out of the impact of Trump’s national address. They are putting her on to talk about the supposed affair she had with Trump years ago and the hush money the campaign is alleged to have given her to keep quiet. Where were these people when we said these things about Bill Clinton for several decades and nobody listened? Whether true or not, nobody is going to care about Stormy Daniels but that the small minds behind this enterprise would consider doing it, knowing the outcome will go nowhere says everything about the true nature of our modern times.

Small minded people were taught incorrectly for most of the last century that they were equal to the big thinkers—and now they are in shock that reality is telling them something different. Even billionaires who happen to have acquired wealth in their specific fields of knowledge are not able to get to the level in life that Donald Trump has achieved, which is well beyond the words of some little man writer in Michael Wolff. I’m sure people could go through all my blog postings and find little mistakes here and there, but the scope of the work is something few writers can touch—anywhere. I do this essentially for free—we could clean up a lot if a professional editor went through my articles. However, a second-rate writer like Wolff was able to write his book because even publishers these days are too small-minded to think beyond the hatred they have of a world that is not what they thought it was. They have pulled up the curtains of sight around themselves and look at everything through a circular firing squad of liberal thought derived from failed philosophies that they are too stubborn to admit are destructive to the human race and to shield them from that reality all they can think about is sex and whose sleeping with whom. Quality and talent is not necessarily what drives whether a book gets published or not, it’s whether or not the small people out there will buy it. Yes, Wolff wrote a best seller with a book that is an editing disaster and the publisher is making money. But it’s not reflective of what’s really happening in a Trump economy in 2018.

Sure its sexist to assume that if a man gets along with a woman where sex is not involved. It’s also sexist to assume that there is trouble in the Trump marriage if every little rumor that comes along might push Melania Trump into a jealous rage of divorce breaking the heart of the 71-year-old president. Look at Mar-a-Lago, that is Melania’s reality. Class, elegance, and big thinking. She’s smart enough to deal with the ex-wives of the past and all the disasters that get left in the wake of a big thinker like Trump. What does she care about Stormy Daniels—half of the west coast has slept with her? What matters in the end, and what makes people rich is often more than the money in their wallets—it’s the content of their minds. Trump reveals what’s on his mind by what he builds and by the nature of the people around him, Melania and his kids. Wolff and the losers from his circle of influence don’t and never will get what makes Trump tick. Instead they are like so many other little people out there in the world who are the way they are because they think so small about everything in their lives. And thus everything they say about reality turns out to be a lie—even though from their vantage point that’s all they are able to see due to their intellectual limitations.

Rich Hoffman
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Andrew McCabe Leaves the FBI: Smoke on the water and fire touching the sky–the marijuana joint that is Hillary Clinton

You know what they say, where there’s smoke—lots of smoke in this case—there’s fire. Or what they don’t always say, where there’s smoke there’s someone trying to get away with something concealed behind the smoke artificially created to hide a crime. That is what came to my mind when Hillary Clinton was revealed reading the anti-Trump book Fire and Fury at the Grammy Awards ceremony surprising the crowd during the 2018 event. Can you imagine the audaciousness of that act dear reader, to assume that all of America watching those Grammys were in on the joke of watching a criminal like Hillary Clinton reading the book by a person trying to undermine the current president and that everyone was supposed to laugh about it? Who do those people think buy their music—who do they think “middle America” is?

The day after the Grammy show the right-hand man to former FBI Director James Comey himself, Andrew McCabe–announced that he was leaving his position immediately. He wasn’t even going to wait to retire until the spring as he originally had planned. And why is that? Well, because there’s a lot of fire behind all the smoke coming out of the FBI these days. The case against McCabe, Comey, and many others is heating up and we’re all about to face a mammoth crisis regarding faith in our institutions. And this is all very scary for a lot of people who want desperately to believe in these institutions. Obviously, I’m not one of those people. I’m all for letting the whole thing burn down. I don’t need the FBI—not if they are proven political insurgents attempting to rule America as some kind of shadow government—which is precisely what was revealed in the recently discovered text messages of Lisa Page and Peter Strzok—the FBI agents who were having an affair while working closely with their immediate boss, Andy McCabe. How much do you want to bet that what’s in those text messages is exactly why the FBI second in command is leaving so quickly? The heat from that fire is getting just a little too hot for him.

And we were supposed to laugh at the Hillary joke at the Grammys? Who thought that was a good idea? Is it smart to only target half the nation while pissing off the other half? Or do they figure the Fox News crowd wouldn’t buy their stupid music anyway? Talk about a bunch of people living in a bubble. The political left thinks is funny to break the law, and they really think its funny that they had people like Andy McCabe in their hip pocket to cover for their crimes. They were so audaciously arrogant about it that they invited Hillary Clinton the criminal herself on a large platform to take jabs at the current president. You don’t see them asking any conservatives to read derogatory books about liberal heroes during the Grammys or the Academy Awards, do you? These people have openly declared war on American culture and have sought to redefine it with their messed up progressive views—then they think so highly of their musical product that we might put up with it just because there isn’t anything else. Well, guess again. There are a lot of other options and many people are headed in those directions because the lefties in entertainment culture are so radically displaced from reality that many people like me don’t want to participate in their art.

I’ve been onto Andrew McCabe since the early stages of the presidential primary when it was revealed that his wife accepted approximately $700,000 for her Virginia senate run by Clinton handlers. How could that guy be anywhere near the Clinton email investigation—yet it was people working directly for the office of McCabe who were doing the interviews and settling up the case well before there was even an interview. I remember it well, the news that the FBI was allowing Clinton to turn in cell phones and other devices with the sim cards missing and the hard drives erased. And that Hillary Clinton’s testimony was not “under oath.” And that the FBI was actually terrified about pissing her off because they thought she might be the next president. What about pissing off the current president? The FBI had to deal with Trump for at least four years—why didn’t they show the same worry about him? Instead, they were sending text messages to each other about bringing down the newly elected president, which of course is what the FISA abuses were all about—again McCabe had his hands all over it. And this was all something to laugh about during the Grammys?

Stupid people might think all this is very funny, but I don’t—and I’m not alone. People who read books and have an understanding of history think that what they FBI did for the criminal Clinton was devastating. But I could say the same about the intentions of the music industry on our youth. Look at what a mess they are—and they are direct products of the music of their generation. When rock and roll first hit the scene many traditional Americans had great consternation about it, and for good reason. In many ways they were right. We might look back on the days of Elvis Presley and Little Richard and think that those old folks from the 50s where simply stuck in their ways, but they inheritably understood a basic fact—that many liberal ideas were communicated to the masses through the music of the entertainment industry and the goal wasn’t just to make money—it was to control populations. I have always spoken out against musical groups like Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, The Doors, and even the Beatles. Many of the songs from those groups have heavy political messages to them designed to inspire revolt against American tradition—and to push young developing minds into drug abuse and thoughtlessness.

I remember going to rock concerts when I was younger—especially a Deep Purple concert at US Bank Arena in Cincinnati and it was impossible to escape the pot smoke. Even as a young man I was looking around at the people there and thinking our nation was in trouble, because these people weren’t very smart. They were openly abusing drugs, security wasn’t doing anything about it, because pot was considered a rebellious right in defiance to the traditions of our nation. The only song I liked from Deep Purple was “Smoke on the Water.” All the rest sounded like hippie nonsense to me. I went to the concert because my friends wanted to go. I was miserable when everyone started passing around joints because I didn’t do drugs and had no desire for it. But the culture of the entire place was all about sex, drugs and rock and roll—and even to my young mind the path to a world that would allow people like Andy McCabe to function as a criminal cover-up for a radical leftist like Hillary Clinton who was offered to us like a joint of marijuana at a Deep Purple concert to ingest and live a life of comfortably numb existence. Now that those same idiots are grown up their brains are so fried that they can’t see good for evil. And their kids, the fans of this new generation of music, are worse.

Only people without a working brain could be scammed by this FBI. Because the rest of us see it all very clearly. There’s not only smoke on the water regarding the FBI, but the fire literally touches the sky, and that’s why McCabe had to step down. Granted, he still gets paid, because he’s a federal employee and they never get fired or lose any money—which is why they are so inclined to abuse their privileges in the first place. McCabe and his boss Comey were anti Trump activists who tried to get Hillary Clinton in the White House—even if they had to break the law to do so. Why did they do it, I’m sure they’ll never fess up. But likely we can deduce the reason just by looking at their paychecks. Where else can you make the kind of money they do for doing almost nothing but sitting around sending text messages to their girlfriends all day long? And when they weren’t doing that they were abusing their authority as law enforcement agents to be the ultimate dirty cops—on the payroll of our tax dollars. And to sell it to the American people they put Hillary up on the screen at the Grammys like one of those joints that get passed around at a rock concert—meant to numb our senses and bend our logic to the realities of their nonsense politics. But it didn’t work, and they are caught, and that institution is burning down—as well it should.

Rich Hoffman
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The Jurassic Quest Disaster: Cincinnati needs to get its act together downtown

It pains me to say it, but the Jurassic Quest event at the Duke Energy Center in Cincinnati, Ohio on the weekend of January 28, 2018 was horrible. My kids and grandkids wanted to go, so at $20 dollars a ticket I thought it would be something special. The good news is that the dinosaurs themselves were great animatronic creatures—but they were no better than the good exhibit at Kings Island just up the road. This Jurassic Quest thing is a traveling show that goes from city to city every weekend, so it takes money to get around the country and pay everyone—I understand the need to make a nice profit and in Cincinnati we are spoiled in regard to having Kings Island—not every city has something like that. It certainly didn’t hurt attendance, there were a lot of people coming to Jurassic Quest—and at the cost of a basic ticket, there is no question that the people putting the whole show on were making money. But here’s the problem, they charged for every little thing—there were very few things that you could do with your $20 price of admission. Our kids were bored in a half an hour and were ready to go home and for something like that—that is a shame.

The larger problem however is the city of Cincinnati itself. I hadn’t been down to the Duke Energy Center in a few years, the last time was a Freedom Fest type of thing that Glenn Beck and a lot of reform minded people were at. I had parked at Carew Tower and walked down so my experience was a decent one. Things are pretty nice in the Fountain Square area relative to where I live in Liberty Township, Ohio—so nothing jumped out at me as being of low quality—for a city. But because we had a bunch of kids and strollers I wanted to park close to the entrance of the Duke Energy Center which was charging for “event” parking so it was $15 dollars per car. We had two cars, so add up the price of the parking and the tickets and do the math—we made a significant investment in this thing and expected something of a decent quality.

What we were greeted with was a mess, the elevator in the garage was slow and clunky. It smelled like death. The windows to the stairs were mostly broken and the entry to the Skywalk was in disrepair. Everything on that second level that would take visitors into the convention center from the garage looked torn up and broken which was a shame, because the whole area was the premier part of the downtown experience, and this appeared to be the best they could do. City management should be ashamed of itself along with whoever is managing that garage. What a waste of money that was. If they are charging that much money for parking—and Paul Brown Stadium is right around the corner within walking distance—then why couldn’t everything at least work and look cared for?

When we arrived at the ground floor we came to a very uneventful door that led into a courtyard that looked like it came out of the video game Fallout—as if a nuclear holocaust had rid the city of its occupants for a century or more. The door into the garage for which I was holding to let the kids come out, looked like a broom closet once I closed it. There was nothing to say that this was the entrance to the garage or anything connected to capitalist activity in the downtown region. It was just a beat up rusty door that needed to be painted badly and was pathetic. Of course we had a big stroller for the kids and there was no ramp or anyway to get to the up the steps that took us to the ground level so we carried the thing up and onto the sidewalk. That surprised me because I’ve done work within the city of Cincinnati just two or three blocks down from that location at City Hall and I can tell you that I’ve wasted many hours of my life arguing with the idiots at the CBC (Cincinnati Building Code) office about easement ramps for new projects so handicapped people and people with strollers like us could get around. I of course am against imposing unrealistic restrictions on businesses with a bunch of stupid ramps, yet as strict as the bureaucrats at city hall are about such progressive concepts, they had nothing in one of their sidewalk easements to one of their best garages in an area where guests coming into the city will interact most. I’d be surprised if they didn’t know about the issue.

Then there are the rug rats and the homeless that were hovering around the area. Forget about all the compassion nonsense, and why there are homeless people, and people who will whore themselves out for a shot of heroin—people coming downtown to spend $300 on an experience with their kids don’t want to look at a bunch of losers panhandling. If the city wants to let them hang around begging for money and sleeping on the streets, they should corral them somewhere that doesn’t impose such a swanky demeanor to visitors of the city. It is one of the biggest problems of visiting any city. I can say that in traveling to London and Paris within the year I could say the same about those places—no city is dealing properly with the homeless situation. Canterbury which is a town in England that I like quite a lot has a lot of homeless people and you have to step over them literally at times because they sleep right on the sidewalk and interact with the people around them. When you are shopping and spending time with the people you care about in life, these people are an interruption. Feeling sorry for their condition in life is one thing, but having to deal with them when you are tying to enjoy something is quite another. Allowing them to hang out at the entrance of the Duke Energy Center is a mistake. In London even, they understand not to allow the unsightly to gather in front of their big tourist areas—they shove them off into the corners wherever possible. You won’t see them outside Buckingham Palace—that’s for sure, and we shouldn’t see them outside of the Duke Energy Center or in the path to Fountain Square, or the Banks a few blocks to the south.

I know Cincinnati is mostly ran by liberals. My oldest daughter loves going down to the Over the Rhine district on Vine Street that has really come a long way since I was her age. But just a few streets over it’s still the crime infested place it always was—it has taken a lot to push the criminal element to the east and west to create an enterprise zone that people like my daughter will actually visit. But the people running the city wondering why nobody wants to ride their stupid street car must understand that people of value don’t like to have losers shoved in their faces when they are spending their entertainment dollars. So the city has to manage their losers and keep them away from the people who have money in their pockets otherwise that money won’t come downtown. After what I saw I would be very reluctant to do such a thing again. I have so many more options to the north and south where I don’t have to see losers hanging around on the street where I can spend my money. I only say something because I like Cincinnati and want it to be successful. But it won’t be so long as these basic little things are left unresolved.

Rich Hoffman
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It’s Time to End the FBI, and to Start Over: Using dirty tricks to hide their crimes is an insult to American intelligence

I’m not willing to give the FBI a blanket designation of value—in saying that it is only the losers at the top who run the organization that were corrupt.  To my experience there are always boot lickers down the chain of command who will do whatever the bosses reveal about their culture to get in the good graces to climb up to that top-level.  If the leaders of the FBI were worried that Hillary Clinton was going to be president and they didn’t want to anger her over their investigation into her email crimes—which we now know happened due to the text messages of two agents who were having an affair—then without question this attitude was reflected down through the ranks of the local agents as well.  It’s not enough to say that the corruption of the FBI was only a few people at the top.  History tells us that if the top is corrupt, so are all the levels under—so blind patriotism toward the role the FBI plays in American life doesn’t help us solve the massive problem that is afoot.

Since the start of it under J. Edger Hoover, the FBI has been used as a fourth branch of unelected government, a very KGB type of spy organization meant to harass American citizens into compliance by unelected aristocrats.  Like most things they do some good, but the things they do bad outweigh their value in my mind.  I’ve pointed out well before the Comey case that the FBI in response to the many acts of domestic terrorism was up to no good.  Just consider the San Bernardino terrorist shooting where the FBI allowed the media into the homes of the suspects just a few days after the crime had been committed which essentially destroyed the evidence.  Remember that, because it was only a few years ago.  Also remember how long it took the FBI to come out and say that it was an act of terrorism and not a situation of “work place violence.”  The FBI knew right away what was going on but they chose to mislead the American public on the matter for political reasons, and this is far from the only time.  It’s just one of the most recent and audacious.

The tactic now that the current FBI has been caught in their schemes to leak to the press this whole situation that Robert Mueller of the current special prosecution was scheduled to be terminated by Donald Trump is a standard practice by them.  They really think the American public is stupid and that they aren’t sophisticated enough to figure out everything.  The FBI has been caught trying to overthrow an election and they are using a cover story they manufactured to keep Robert Mueller’s investigation going to give them some kind of Hail Mary pass deep down field with the intention of impeaching Trump from office.  That is pretty serious to me—I’m not so in love with the FBI that I’m willing to overlook that action.  The release of that information is a standard playbook for the FBI which is feeling the heat now that the 50,000 text messages between the two agents at the top of the Clinton case have been recovered.  Then of course there is the “Release the Memo” movement going on which shows to what extent FISA warrants were abused by that same FBI to allow the spying of agents into the Trump transition team.  Talk about an abuse of power—we’re talking about Henry the VIII territory here by the entire FBI.

Listening to the media and so many liberal lapdogs utter this nonsense that in wanting to fire Robert Mueller, Trump was obstructing justice is just absurd.  Federal employees have grown to believe that they can’t be fired for anything, look at their behavior over the years—not just in the FBI, but at the CIA and IRS.  Heck, just look at your local school and discover what it takes to fire a bad teacher.  These people on the federal payroll are out of control in what they expect as far as employment security and it’s a real problem.  I’ve had to personally fire lots of people and it’s always hard—hard for the employer and of course it’s hard for the people who get terminated.  But the act of doing so is important to the management of people who are on a payroll.  The fear of termination is an important management tool which helps build the right kind of culture that falls under that employment culture.  Take that away and you have a bunch of people like we’ve seen recently in the FBI playing around with the rules of law while picking and choosing American presidents in spite of what our elections desired.  It is an insult to suggest that Trump was doing any obstruction of justice or that the Russians were tampering with our election process.  It was the FBI who was doing all those things, not the Russians.  The Russians have the GDP of an American kid’s piggy bank—they aren’t that powerful.  But our FBI is and they have manufactured this story about Russia involvement to give themselves and the Democratic Party a means of escaping justice for their complicit activity. What the FBI and Democrats have in common is that they both support larger government so they have joined together to keep President Trump on his heels so he can’t drain the swamp which they’ve constructed.

I’ve told the stories of my personal experience before.  I know what it feels like to be marked by authorities as a trouble maker and harassed to no end.  I know what it feels like to have a file against you that policing authorities use to attempt to steer you in a direction they desire, and if you resist they will make your life hell.  I came out against drug dealers in my neighborhood many years ago that involved the local law enforcement community—it was another source of income for some of the street officers and they didn’t want me to mess things up for them.  So they came after my wife and I with everything they could legally do—they spied on us with constant recording, they followed us around everywhere, they tried to manipulate people close to us, they tried everything.  When they couldn’t get to me they went after my wife heavily.  It’s a common tactic that they feel they have a right to employ to protect their flock from the authority of real justice.  So I have no illusions that the FBI as a whole isn’t up to scandalous tactics from top to bottom.  Now that we’ve seen what they are capable of, it’s time to shut it all down and start over.  Once they lost their trust, they owe it to the American public to make things right—and that requires a complete reversal of their behavior.  The FBI isn’t so old and traditional that we couldn’t function without it and start over. We’ll live.

I never backed off my case described about my experience—the more they pressed me, the more I pressed back.  I always found it reprehensible that law enforcement would even attempt to use fear as a means of controlling my behavior.  I have no doubt that I have a FBI file marked as a potential trouble maker and that they spy on everything I do.  I think we need a law enforcement presence in a civilized society, but I’m not willing to surrender all my liberty to these idiots to have it.  I think I could come up with something better all by myself, and I’m sure Trump is thinking the same thing as a private sector guy suddenly in charge of all these idiots.  I’d be thinking of firing Robert Mueller as well.  You can’t have terminated employees like James Comey leaking sensitive documents to the press to get another corrupt buffoon on a special counsel to protect the job of another crook—Hillary Clinton.  These government employees think they are too big to fail and that they are entitled to their jobs, and if you get too close to them they then reveal embarrassing information about you and try to control the sentiment of the public in a way that stacks it against whoever opposes them.  It’s an insult to our intelligence.  The real crime here is in what the FBI did to try to get Hillary Clinton elected and protect the legacy of Barack Obama.  Yes it starts at the very top of our government, but it also flows down to the street cops looking for that next promotion—the boot lickers who want to make people like James Comey and Robert Mueller proud of them.  Giving too much unchecked power to these types of people is dangerous.  We should never assume they are looking out for our best interests as a nation just because they wear a badge.  My experience says otherwise, and every time they leak something to the press, such as they did about the desire of Trump to fire Robert Mueller as the case against the FBI closes in on them, they prove my point.

Rich Hoffman

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President Trump, The Rock Star: How a visit to Davos changed the world with the daredevil antics of dynamic intellectualism

Watching Donald Trump at Davos, as some the world’s most powerful and wealthy fought to gain the ability to get a selfie with the controversial American president, it would seem wise to discuss one of the least discussed and understood aspects of human culture. It’s an aspect to leadership that obviously Donald Trump has, Clint Eastwood has embodied in several appearances on the silver screen, and many rock stars touch on for a moment in their lives. Often the later thinks that the charisma that emerges from them is due to the drugs they are taking, but it’s not—it’s an intellectual plateau that few people ever reach. I call it the overman complex since there doesn’t seem to be a better name for it thus far. When people have it, people want to be near it. When we say that someone is a good “leader” we are acknowledging this hidden gem—but generally, nobody understands it in a conventional sense. Without question Donald Trump has it, and he knows it. He has written many books trying to teach it to other people, but I think he has only pecked at the surface. Norman Vincent Peale understood it many years ago and attributed it to the power of God, which isn’t all that unrealistic. Great figures throughout history obviously had it, people like King Solomon, Napoleon and Genghis Khan. There are many tycoons throughout business that have it at many levels—but they are a rare breed–they are what drive the world forward. Ayn Rand wrote about it at a very foundational level, but other than that analysis, there really hasn’t bee much scientific study on the matter. But Trump has it, the people at Davos knew it, and the world of the orthodox watched in horror as the American president stepped into their typical socialist celebration of world economic matters and took over easily making the whole event about him.

Did you ever wonder dear reader how greasy teenage rat pack losers practicing music in their garage on a Saturday afternoon could develop in just a few short years into massive celebrities who can walk out on stage in front of thousands of people—half naked in many cases—and sing and seduce all the people in an arena? Anybody who wants to develop themselves into a rock star has to either have it, or get it before they can enchant an audience of thousands into doing whatever they want them too. Yes, there is much to be said about how women will throw themselves at the feet of such people, and why there aren’t more women who have “it” naturally without society trying to bend the rules of engagement to make such an acquisition obtainable. Society has called such people “rebels” and we love them. We love them in our movies, or novels, and our music. We aspire to them in every way except in our institutional reckoning which is in direct opposition to their nature. Institutions do not like “rebels” because they are a dynamic that upsets the static world for which the foundations of life reside. And for the first time in history we have one in the White House and it has truly upset the balance of the world. Trump obviously knew what he was doing by going to Davos and the speeches he gave will change the world for the better.

As Davos was shedding much adoration over Donald Trump it was announced that Stormy Daniels would appear on Jimmy Kimmel in an attempt to embarrass the president of an affair he looks to have had with the porn actress. But much to the surprise of many leftists nobody will care just as it is assumed that the rock stars of ZZ Top and Metallica who are all married have found women throwing themselves at them constantly while on the road. That doesn’t make it right, but it is subconsciously understood that the rules are different for such people. The institution of marriage is transcended by the rock star persona. Melania obviously married a man much older than she was understanding the background of her husband who was a playboy of excess need. It took her a while it appears to get him to settle into marital bliss and once he did, he did not seek the conquest of women to satisfy his voracious appetite to dominate the world around him, he turned to politics and ran for president, and won. Probably a lot more rewarding than worthless affairs with skanky, cheap women and porn stars. A much better way to use the time of a master “rebel.” What Jimmy Kimmel won’t understand until it’s too late is that Stormy Daniels will only make Trump more popular because what people like about the president is that he doesn’t have virtue for institutional barriers artificially created by mankind to regulate our world from the ashes of chaos, he lives by his own rules of valor, and value which are defined by him. It’s an idea that is very Nietzschean which probably crushed the concept in the German philosopher sending him into insanity allowing smaller minds to fall short of his aims and bringing the destruction of the Nazi to Europe essentially destroying everything. Nietzsche was an anti-institutionalist—but the Germans tried to make him into an institutional figure which simply didn’t work. Rebels can be figures of good or evil, but when it’s wondered why so many people followed Hitler it could also be asked why so many nice young girls are taking off their shirts in front of thousands of people and throwing their panties at the stage when Metallica plays in a concert. The admiration for dynamic forces functioning against institutionalism are the same. I think until Trump settled into marriage with Melania he was happy to function at the “rock star” level and he enjoyed that women threw themselves at him regularly. But after a while he needed more, which made him a figure for good in relation to the United States of America, and made Davos for the first time since its inception, a very good thing.

Most people live very quiet lives of desperate yearning for something else. Likely they didn’t have parents who taught them the right things because their parents didn’t understand it either. But by the time most of our population gets to age 40 they regulate themselves to an imprisonment behind walls of their own making. They follow the rules of the institutions around them hoping that by doing so they will be able to feed their families and take care of their responsibilities as human beings more appropriately, so they never shake things up and live quietly behind the fear of ever leaving their self-imposed exile. In a lot of ways, they are like wild animals in the zoo stuck in their exhibits looking out into the mysterious world of the free people who look in on them from another place. They don’t dare leave because the food is good, and their caretakers are nice to them. When an animal does try to escape, they are treated with great force, and are sometimes killed, so everyone knows that making a break from their barriers leads to pain, maybe even death. But they do look with amazement at the free people who watch them and jealousy is a typical emotion. We all see animals at the zoo slumped over sad that they are not free. They are comfortable, but they aren’t free, and this wears its impression on everything that lives—even fish.

Freedom is what everyone desires, and it is what the “rebels” of our society epitomize. It is what makes motorcycle riding alluring, the long-haired boyfriend a desperate yearning for the suburbanite young woman, the girl who makes a living with a stripper pole look appealing against the lives cemented into institutionalism. Although institutionalism isn’t a villain, it’s needed in a stable society—but so is the dynamic intellectualism that challenges static social patterns—which typically advance culture—Elvis Presley, Jim Morrison—Evel Knievel—Donald Trump just to name a few. Our civilization advances only as far as our daredevils challenge the status quo—and that is what is so extraordinary about Trump in Davos. When a person achieves a status of “larger than life” this means they have exceeded the institutional boundaries of static intellectualism and are thus performing a dynamic force against the limits of convention. When such forces are not focused and bored they tend to be destructive to themselves—such as sleeping with porn stars—just because they can. But when they are performing at their optimal efficiency, they can be forces of great good which is where President Trump is in his life presently. It’s also why all those caged people chained to their meager institutionalized existence hate him with more jealousy than resentment. They’d love to be rock stars in their own right, but they don’t have the guts.

What is most fascinating to the participants of Davos is that Trump himself is a product of the economic philosophy of Adam Smith who understood from the vantage point of Scottish life in the mid-1770s that this freedom thing could really advance societies and bring great wealth to nations which then became the title to his famous book. By capturing this yearning for freedom that all people have it allowed America to balloon into a magnificent economy, which is what Trump was selling in Davos. Capitalism allows these dynamic people to be a disruptive force for good in the context of institutional affairs—and advances everything in a positive direction. Of course, such figures are the topic of much consternation, especially from those who have committed their lives to those cell blocks of imprisonment that they have erected around themselves. While those same rebels are viewed with sheer hate by the institutionalists, the improvements however destructive they may appear relative to the orthodox views of our times, benefits greatly by the daredevil antics of the bold and reckless. That is why those who dare to live in such a way will always be loved and sought after. Rebels may appear to be dangerous and even evil, but their necessity is an element that the most basic foundations of the human soul craves with an understanding that their life force is the engine that drive existence—everywhere in the universe. And at this place and time, that power descended on Davos and changed the course of the human race.

Rich Hoffman

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The Wonderful Melania Trump: Without her, a Donald Trump presidency wouldn’t be possible–that’s why the media is attacking her more

If there is a person I really feel sorry for its Melania Trump.  She did such a marvelous job during the Holiday season to bring great class to the White House, but the moment that we hit January 2018 the fangs and venom of a very hate filled culture came after the Trump family with everything it had—and she has taken the brunt of it as the person most sensitive to pressure.  The target of course is Donald Trump—her husband.  He can handle anything; he’s a 71-year-old billionaire who made his way through life as an alpha male playboy real estate investor.  She knew what she was marrying and I really think Melania has had an effect on Trump as a person over time.  He likely married her for her looks initially, but it is the class of her personality that appears to have had a gradual change on him—and having another son at a point in his life when he was most ready for it.  So the constant CNN stories about Stormy Daniels, the porn star that was allegedly paid $130,000 to keep her mouth shut about an affair with Trump in 2006 would be a hard thing to deal with.  The small-minded Michael Wolff book Fire and Fury likely did as well.  Then there were the SAG awards where it was obvious that Melania was hated by the Hollywood left where they spent much of their show roasting her just because she is physically beautiful.  If I were Melania I’d be questioning right now if any of all this White House business was actually worth it.

I knew a girl a long time ago who was a premier model for Penthouse magazine.  She was 26, a few years older than I was at the time and she was married to a developer in Cincinnati who was magnificently connected to all the movers and shakers.  He was in his late 50s so obviously she wasn’t physically attracted to the guy, but she did love his money.  I knew him as well, he was a good guy who obviously wanted a trophy wife to show off to all his friends in the business world because as every man knows, other men judge alpha males by the quality of their wives and their ability to get the attention of other women as potential mates.  If you want to be the top dog among other males you need to have the best looking wife and also have the ability to steal away your friend’s wife—just to show him that you are better than he is.  Of course this kind of thinking is what drives the women’s rights groups with their own radical progressivism—but we’re talking about millions of years of innate instinct here which resides in the human species.  Women are attracted to men who can provide the most options for a growing family.  They aren’t all that concerned with looks, but with what a man can do for them.  A man wants to show that he can have the pick of a litter in potential mates.  If a man is really a top male, he can take any woman he wants and this is essentially Michael Wolff’s presentation of Trump in that book of his.  To a beta male like Wolff, this is disgusting behavior, but to other alphas, they understand it and don’t hold it against Trump.

This woman I was speaking about was in desperate yearning for male attention from people in her own age group.  She enjoyed meeting the mayor and local celebrities with her husband, but she couldn’t do anything with her needs for physical contact due to her husband’s age.  She was simply an ornament hanging on his arm to make him look good.  She knew that when she married him, but that didn’t stop the human need for personal contact.  He and she were pretty good friends, they talked and shared a lot together.  But sex for him was a task—for her it was a need—and that came from being at two different biological stages in their lives.  That left her living a life of quiet desperation that I’m sure is a bit of what Melania is going through right now.  Trump is great at many things—but at nearly 72 years old there’s not much he can do for a woman like Melania Trump.  When she was living in New York at the top of a golden tower apartment hidden from the world when she wanted to be, the arrangement was likely worth the downside.  But in the White House where everything is under microanalys every five seconds the pressure is probably pretty immense.

Melania is essentially the same age as my wife is now so I can understand the needs she probably has.  Melania isn’t the type of FLOTUS that Michelle Obama was where she says in your face types of things to the other political side routinely.  Melania as a top fashion model was used to being liked, her jewelry line was sought after by the biggest celebrities, and now to see those people hating her at the SAG awards must be painful. But it is all worth it.  In the end of all this I think she will go down as the greatest FLOTUS that the United States ever had. Currently she has brought a class to that White House that even President Trump has to live up to and that is a remarkable achievement.  I’m sure that she played a major role and making Trump into the kind of man who could run for president—instead of running around golf courses with porn stars.  For alpha males there is a very subtle switch that takes their otherwise destructive personal behavior and turns them into an extreme positive force and I credit Melania Trump for providing that to her husband.

As I read the Wolff book I was pretty stunned by the small mindedness of everyone in it, from the perspective of the little man author of course.  As a little beta man he has a natural resentment toward alpha types and that shows in his writing.  But there is of course some truth to what he put on paper, especially in relation to Roger Ailes and Steve Bannon.  At the start of the book the two men were sitting around at a restaurant contemplating what kind of president Trump would be as the newly elected victor of the 2016 election.  Ailes just fired from Fox News apparently was a little mystified that he had turned down Trump to run his campaign and that this fat slob in Bannon from the small market $1.5 million dollar a year operation in Brietbart was now one of the most powerful men in the world.  But the two men were students of history and they really couldn’t believe that Trump—the man they had known for years—was president.  “The Donald” was after all a player, a reckless business investor who used his massive charisma to make people do things they might otherwise not do.  How could he be president when they knew more about history and politics than he did?  Well, Trump obviously had all the ingredients to be president and he is doing a remarkable good job.  But what he has that everyone else doesn’t is Melania Trump, that takes all those great skills he has and focuses them on bigger things than sleeping with porn stars and other top models in entertainment to prove his alpha maleness.  That is why I think she deserves a lot of credit for this wonderful revolution that is going on.

If the people at CNN and the publishers and authors out there who are like Michael Wolff, just hanging around in the background trying to pick apart every little thing that Trump does as president, if they really knew anything they’d see what a great woman Melania is and what role she has played in improving our White House by being that silent partner which gives far more than anybody realizes.  That gift doesn’t come from just her looks; it comes from being a good person that inspires in the people around her greatness.  I’d say that is really the source of people’s resentment of her—because they unconsciously understand that the way to bring down Trump is to bring down his wife.  That is his only real weakness.  That’s the soft side of Donald Trump that he doesn’t show.  I don’t think we’d have a President Trump without her and I hope she can fight through these tough months—because the work that is done over these next few years will change America for the better.  And her role in it may not be truly ever realized, but without her none of it would have a chance.

Rich Hoffman

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Employees Don’t Get to Interview “The Boss”: Why Trump has no obligation to grant an interview to Robert Mueller

The only purpose of the Robert Mueller investigation at this point, since after a year, nothing has been revealed that the Trump campaign colluded with Russians—is to show the world that the employees can drag the boss to the table and demand answers. It’s a very proletariat sentiment to say the least—that those stalwarts at the FBI and media could bring down the most powerful among us. That is after all the message. It’s a progressive dream, and a fantasy that they are actually trying to carry out in reality. The only problem is that the FBI are the ones who did all the colluding, not the Russians. That whole Russian story was fabricated to create a coup against an elected president legally put in office by the Republic of the United States and the FBI got caught. So to cover their tracks they pressed for a special prosecution to put the new boss on his heels and keep his reforms from destroying the country club of insurrection that had been brewing at the FBI for decades—where many of them had become advocates for progressivism. Knowing all that, Trump should not grant the Mueller investigation an interview. The employees do not get to “grill” the employer, and Trump is in charge of the FBI as the leader of the Executive Branch. He doesn’t have to tell any of them why he fires people or what he might plan to do. They are employees like any other endeavor in business—and they are at the mercy of their boss—Donald Trump.

Trump has a unique problem, he knows there is massive corruption within the FBI but he also needs the reputation of the institution to keep the bad guys out in the world at bay, so he has to act carefully. He can’t just step into office and start firing everyone. Comey had allowed for a culture at the FBI which produced Lisa Page and Peter Strzok to be anti-Trump activists directly handling one of the most sensitive cases in the history of the FBI, the Hillary Clinton criminal investigation during a presidential election. Comey as their boss had to know about their illicit affair and their anti-Trump activism and he put himself in jeopardy by publicly saying that he had not corroborated the Clinton case with anyone else when we now know that Strzok was feeding Comey his information to commit to the public record. Comey additionally was revealed to be one of the leakers of the new Trump administration—as his testimony in front of the senate revealed that he took government documents directly to a Columbia University professor to inspire the press to bring down the president and ignite a special prosecution to put so much pressure on Trump that he’d be impeached. No wonder Comey was fired—and how do we know all this happened, because it was in the text messages between Lisa Page and Peter Strzok—who were at the core of all these investigations under James Comey himself.

As the boss, of course Trump learned all this for himself over the first quarter of his presidency, so he removed the biggest problem in Comey at the first opportunity, a few days after the FBI Director revealed he had leaked information to the press under sworn testimony. That is the answer to the Mueller investigation, so Trump doesn’t owe the FBI anything more. Trump has entertained openness to of course shake off any accusations of impropriety—which was the Comey, Strzok plan all along. Everyone has skeletons in their closet after all—everyone has something they are afraid of getting out to the public—right? That was the FBI logic anyway in prosecuting thousands of cases over the years and making plea deals with the criminal minded. They thought they could manipulate Trump the same way they had many thousands of other Americans guilty and innocent. But it didn’t work with Trump, he was on to them from the start revealing very early in his presidency that he was being spied on by the Obama administration and the FBI, CIA and NSA agents loyal to the Democratic control of Washington D.C.

Then there’s the real bombshell for which the FBI also has all their fingerprints on, the Christopher Steele anti-Trump dossier which was designed to embarrass the president in his first months to such an extent that it would destroy him. But more importantly the dossier was used to obtain FISA warrants so that Obama controlled intelligence agencies could spy on the Trump transition team and use what they learned to hopefully eliminate Trump’s administration before it ever got started. Therefore, the entire Russian story was yet another fake story designed to hide the criminal activity of the FBI itself, so they don’t get to hide those crimes behind an interview with “the boss.”

The FBI’s hope by interviewing Trump is that it gives their enterprise much-needed credibility and shows the world who is really in charge. Once they establish that, they can successfully control the flow of information and the prosecutions of the case while maintaining public sentiment for their reputation which has been good in the past. Or at least, so they believed. In all honestly, the cross-dressing J. Edger Hoover abused his power quite audaciously and the legacy of the FBI was cemented with him going forward. And if it is considered that the FBI had many agents on the payroll of Al Capone, the reputation of the famed agency is only in sentiment, not in action. This behavior of the FBI is not new, President Truman was said to have stated about J. Edger Hoover that the founding FBI director had turned the agency into his own secret private police force—let’s see what was it he specifically said—”… we want no Gestapo or secret police. The FBI is tending in that direction. They are dabbling in sex-life scandals and plain blackmail. J. Edgar Hoover would give his right eye to take over, and all congressmen and senators are afraid of him.” — Harry S. Truman[7]

So you see dear reader, this secret police idea and attempt at using sex scandals for the blackmail of their political targets are not new to the FBI. They have always abused their power—from day one of their inception. Truly I think we all wish that wasn’t the case—we’d hope that they were bright-eyed Eliot Ness types, but that would simply be a fantasy. In all reality, they are a corrupt group of political activists allowed to believe they were the ones running the country, not the people elected into the three branches of government by the people of The United States. But that’s not what the FBI was ever supposed to be. It was meant to serve the people, not to terrorize them. And they are not the “boss” of our elected president. We put Trump in that White House seat to get things under control and that doesn’t mean that Robert Mueller has any control of him—or us for that matter. Rather, Trump can hire, fire, or otherwise manage anyone who works for him under Constitutional protection—on behalf of us. And like it or not, that’s the way it is.

Rich Hoffman

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The Primary Reason Peter Strozk and Lisa Page Should Be Fired: Who has time to send 50,000 texts–unless you are a non essential employee

I know I’ve been talking about it for years, we know that our government agencies such as the FBI, IRS, and NSA have been weaponized against us—the proof has been quite clear. From what we know it could be argued that our FBI isn’t much different from the Cold War era KGB—their behaviors are very similar. Now that the FBI has been caught in their escapades to help Hillary Clinton become president—allowing destroyed evidence, assisting in collusion with the fake dossier against Donald Trump where they could, and working the surveillance strings to attempt a coup largely led by James Comey, Peter Strozk and Lisa Page, evidence of that activity is being destroyed in the same manner that we’ve seen routinely under the Obama years from these government agencies. Without question there were crimes and people need to go to jail and the guns are smoking—and we can all see them. But to me the biggest crime is in the amount of text messages Strozk and his lover Lisa Page sent to each other. Out of the over ten thousand text messages between the two, the FBI has conveniently lost the critical five months’ worth that falls within the times frames in question—which isn’t surprising given the criminal behavior displayed by that investigative bureau. How did these two federal employees have time to send that many text messages? I’ve been texting my wife and kids for over ten years—maybe fifteen and I can’t imagine that I’ve come close to 50K messages. How did they have time to send over 60 text messages per day to each other and still have time to do their jobs? That is problem number one.

Imagine having the time to send roughly 10 messages per hour when these FBI agents are supposed to be working, because they wouldn’t be doing it at home since in the case of Strozk, he had a wife to deal with. If you take an hour for lunch and for ideal chit-chat with other co-workers, what were these idiots doing all day besides sending text messages to each other and covering up crimes for Hillary Clinton—because there wasn’t much time for anything else? We know Strozk was involved in the Clinton interviews, and those with General Flynn. We also know he wrote the position statements for Director Comey—so how did he have time to do real FBI work? By the nature of these text message revelations no matter if they are lost or not, Strozk and Page showed that the demands of their jobs were not very intrusive to contributing to their illicit affair and salary requirements.

Then imagine if we add to all this lost productive time their anti-Trump activism. For instance, how many of these texts between each other were “anti-Trump” in nature, and how much time did they plan between one another to manipulate the strings of justice to ensure that he not win a seat in the office of the presidency? That is kind of an important question. We know there was a portion of those text messages that were certainly conspiratorial in nature, as the two lovers at least talked about keeping Trump from getting elected, so we must accept that there were many more as it appeared to be a subject of great concern between the two. We already know that Strozk had no issues with concealing the truth because his wife was kept in the dark about this affair with Lisa Page so we can also conclude that this is a behavior pattern that would carry over into other parts of his professional life. Then knowing all that, what does it take to get fired at the FBI? Why do these people still have jobs when they were obviously not doing anything except talking about having sex with each other and controlling the fate of a rightly elected American president?

And how stupid is James Comey? This Director of the FBI obviously was close enough to let Strozk rewrite his draft language from extremely careless” to “grossly negligent,” he had to know what was going on between these two FBI agents and understand their anti-Trump hatred. He was in charge of the entire FBI and he had to know Strozk and Page were having an affair, and what their political nature was—and he had to know the dangers as well of listening to anything they had to say—yet he did listen and he allowed them to control the nature of his press conferences which got him into a whole lot of trouble. It was nearly impossible for Comey to not prosecute Clinton for the crimes she committed, especially lying to the FBI while at the same time giving her a clean slate to work with so she could secure the Democratic nomination. We know that at the very least these two FBI lovers, Strozk and Page were responsible for shaping the Comey case against and for Hillary Clinton—which explains the confusion over those summer months of 2016. Reading the text messages between the two lovers is confusing and Comey was obviously caught up in the drama.

Then to attempt to cover all this up Comey leaked government documents to the media to inspire his friend Robert Mueller to head up a special prosecution against President Trump—which is what happened. In this case the entire FBI became involved in a conspiracy to remove a sitting president. Does anyone think it was an accident that one of the first things Comey said to Trump was to inform him about the embarrassing Russian dossier—which again the FBI played a part in making a reality? This was obvious leverage over the president-elect at the time to manipulate him into compliance. But since none of it was true, Trump had nothing to fear and the whole thing backfired. Comey lost his job five months later once it was obvious that he was playing a part at trying to undermine the White House with the same type of radicalism evident in the actions of Lisa Page and Peter Strozk.

From what I can see there is no reason that either Page or Strozk should not be fired. They obviously aren’t needed to do any protective work the FBI might need out of them. Instead, they used their office to have sex with each other and behave as political radicals protecting the Democrats from obvious crimes against the very nature of justice itself. Any two people who have time to send 50,000 text messages to each other over a short period of time are not productive people. They are lazy people not concerned with the business they were being paid for—which is the most obvious giveaway that they were Hillary Clinton supporters. Anybody who could support such a criminal minded person for president obviously has other problems they wish to conceal behind the chaos of a Democrat in the White House.

The question I have now is I wonder if Page and Strozk are still dating? With their names on the news every day I wonder how Strozk’s establishment wife is taking everything? Since they work for the government there are never any real consequences for their actions—which is why there was such an uproar over James Comey being fired. When Trump did fire Comey it was like the scene in 2001: A Space Odyssey where the apes first saw the monolith—and realized that there were things out there in the world that were not a part of their daily routine. When Comey was fired they all assumed there must be come malicious conspiracy—because in their world there always is. But to Trump he fired Comey because the Director was a terrible employee and he hired terrible people to work close to him at the FBI. And the evidence of that is in the behavior of Peter Strozk and Lisa Page.

Ooops, at the 1 minute mark.

Rich Hoffman

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Nintendo’s Labo: A stunning new addition to the hot selling Switch platform that is a real innovation in the foundations of “play”

With all the things going on in the world, one of the best things I have observed is the wonderful outside the box thinking by the people at Nintendo with their invention of the Switch console device. As anyone who knows me understands, I love innovative learning technology. While there likely will never be a better substitute for learning than the function of a book, there are a lot of neat technological developments that inspire learning while having fun and the most innovative that I have seen in recent years is the Nintendo Switch. I have spent hours and hours on it playing games like Zelda and Mario Odyssey, and I was stunned to see that Doom was available for the little device. I think the portability of such a powerful device is absolutely astonishing—you can essentially sit in an airport waiting on a flight and play complicated video games on the move. The experience can be paused to resume in your hotel later and can then be put back up on your television when you get home. For a massive experience like Zelda, I think the game portability combined with the intricacies of the game itself provided me with a once in a lifetime game experience that I cherished in 2017.

I have been sharing more and more the Switch experience with my oldest grandson and my nieces are heavily involved in their Switch, so its been fun to watch this whole thing flowing into such a positive family bonding experience. The Nintendo Switch games aren’t just fun, they are quite smart and seem inclined to inspire intelligence among their players. I was very impressed with the kind of games my grandson wanted to play on the Switch, of note—titles like Stick it to the Man—which is a remarkably complex game geared toward the early teen market. As I watched him play it I was amazed at how clever it was. Culturally there is a lot to be anxious about in our political landscape, but I see a lot of hope and yearning in video game designers and producers of the hardware of this Switch console. That it brings so much joy to my grandson is enough for me, but I am very excited about every new Switch release because of the inclination toward innovation that is on full display within the industry.

Usually a device like the Switch wears out its technical prowess after the first year and we all look toward the next great thing. But the people at Nintendo had just began to touch the magic of their Switch device apparently, and in April they have a new addition coming out for it called Nintendo Labo which essentially lets you turn the Nintendo Switch into just about anything, from a working piano to a complex robot using cardboard cutouts. I was just a little shocked at the simplicity of the whole presentation when Nintendo released their first look at the incredible technology during the middle of January 2018. What it aims to do is essentially take the raw imaginative power of playing with paper and cardboard and adds a technical dimension to it all to bridge fantasy to reality. My impression is that it was a stunning undertaking that has real possibilities in the realm of personal education.

One of the big criticisms of video gaming as opposed to books and classroom instruction is that the belief is that video games inspire antisocial skills for the introvert in all of us, and does not inspire proper interaction with other people. I don’t agree with any of that. If anything, video games these days are very community based and devices like the Switch allow young people who cannot yet participate in the greater aspects of the world to have access to that freedom early under supervised conditions. I can’t think of a better way to teach young people how to function in the world than to put the world in their hands along with all the possibilities and to let them play around with what works and what doesn’t. After all, isn’t that why kids play to begin with? We let them play so they can learn. Heck, as an adult I still play at lots of things because playing and learning go hand in hand. Kids should not learn to play less as they get older, adults need to learn to play more.

Kids love attention with adults to work on projects, whether its model rockets, Lego projects or back yard science experiments. If an adult will sit down with a child and play with them, both get a lot out of the experience. Obviously for the children, they have the most to gain and they always appreciate the attention—and that is what the fine people at Nintendo have uncovered with their new Labo concept. Who hasn’t built model vehicles and buildings out of cardboard, but to allow the Switch to bring life to them gives that extra incentive to put a bit more effort into the task, and to have those sit downs with the children in your life to allow them to have those critical teaching moments—the learning of basic physics and mechanical applications of known construction methods. It’s a brilliant concept that takes an already great device, the Nintendo Switch, and really ramps up its appeal and market influence.

Pessimists will declare that the new Labo offering is just another way for Nintendo to make money—but isn’t that the name of the game? To offer the public something of value with just cardboard seems like a damn good idea to me. We will likely get all the Labo kits which will run us many hundreds of dollars, but if it gives us good times with the children in our lives we’ll consider it all worthwhile. Still to this very day my kids remember all the little things we built together, and those moments are very sentimental to them. Kids neve forget no matter how old they get. What Nintendo has done is to take those opportunities for family bonding and brought life to them with the wonderful features of the very technically malleable Switch device.

More and more my grandson has been taking our Switch home with him to play with, and I let him because I think the device is a miracle that can really inspire intelligence. I can’t help but think of Neolithic man building shelters against inclement weather and spending half of their day hunting for food and the other half trying to procreate. Then to think how far we’ve come as a species where we can get food in five minutes and spend the rest of our day playing a video game on such a portable device. A Nintendo Switch can take the mind to places once though unimaginable and encourage the brain development that took thousands of years of evolution to otherwise muster, and we can now achieve so much before a child even turns ten—if only we could turn the switch on in their minds and ignite their imaginations with an expectation of greatness. And while the people at Nintendo Switch are in business to make money, they really didn’t have to go this far to make it—they are offering nothing less than a positive device for all of human kind to inspire in them the best that it means to be human—and they put it into a very small, and easy to use device that actually accentuates our very lives as people. And that is quite remarkable.

Rich Hoffman

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Trump’s First Year as President: The difference between being a narcissist and a good leader–walking the razor’s edge between villainy and greatness


January 20, 2018 came and went for most people but I did go through some little celebration for the first full year of the Donald Trump presidency.  I am very proud of him and remain very happy that he took this job on because it was the only way that anything was ever going to change.  The villains of our time had embedded themselves too far into our culture to ever remove them without the strategies that Trump is employing.  Watching Saturday Night Live’s first open since the medical exam for which President Trump was more open and healthy at 71 years old than any president in history, it was very mean-spirited to pick on Trump’s weight, which in my opinion isn’t that bad. But, it’s all they have on the other side.  What makes Trump great is that he understands it.  In one of his bestselling books, Trump 101: The Way to Success the president explains to the reader “believe in yourself, exude confidence, and get in your competitor’s way.  Project yourself into their picture and upset their status quo.”  Trump understands what’s going on, and he doesn’t take it personal, because he is utilizing these leadership methods on a global scale, and it is upsetting the status quo, and that was the only way to do it peacefully, and he’s doing it, and I’m proud.

It’s a very fine line between being a loser narcissist where everything done is to make the subject about “them” and a confident leader who can make everything about them for the benefit of everyone who follows them.  It is such a razors edge that one must keep moving across it like a person walks across hot coals, because if you stop and stand, the sheer weight of your presence will drive the blades into your feet and split you in two with just the force of gravity.  I think it’s the hardest thing in the world to master, and for those who do; they become the best in their fields of whatever they are doing.  There are a lot of narcissists out there who never get it, and very few true leaders who break through to become a Tom Brady type of quarterback.  The proper way to identify the difference is with the Robert  Pirsig Metaphysics of Quality.

A narcissist in psychiatry is a personality disorder characterized by the patient’s overestimation of his or her own appearance and abilities and an excessive need for admiration. In psychoanalytic theory, emphasis is placed on the element of self-directed sexual desire in the condition.  The situation is made worse these days by the type of education we have given our young people where they’ve been taught that their parents were idiots, they should become political Democrats to show empathy for others to cover for the narcissist behavior nurtured by their public school years where everything was made about them.  At home their parents were divorcing and felt guilt over it so they spoiled the children.  At school everything was a crime producing a victim, and there was never ever any blame for bad behavior.  Everything was made into an excuse to prescribe the next drug that a pharmacy was welling to “ease” the depression.  That is how we ended up with the type of people we have in media today which only a President like Trump could have challenged and defeated.  These narcissists are the type of people who work now as writers at Saturday Night Live, and they are the assistant editors at every magazine, television broadcast, and newspaper.

Narcissists in relationships are easy to spot, they are the people who are the perpetual victims to the other party—they feel everything that happens can only be interpreted through the spectrum of their own vantage point.  For instance, when they are planning to cheat, or look for a way out of the relationship they might blame the other party for wanting to cheat, and they’ll go through elaborate measures to attempt to project their anxieties onto other people so that the reality of their fantasy might manifest into behavior which can justify their true wishes, which is to be out of the relationship.  So they’ll go through the Facebook account of their bed mate and look for the very signs of illicit behavior which they are personally guilty of so they can then built a case in ending the relationship by imposing their own emotions into the situation for which only they can interpret.  To the narcissist the nature of reality doesn’t matter, only how they interpret that reality.  So to gain control of such a relationship where they are actually the guilty party in wanting to cheat they build up the case against the other person imposing the conditions for which the narcissist is actually guilty.  This sexual example is something everyone can understand—but it can be applied to anything.  The way the media interprets the Trump presidency is a classic case of this—where everything he does is interpreted through the eyes of narcissists.  Hillary Clinton may have been guilty of all the crimes they are accusing Donald Trump for, but the narcissist tries to insert that value onto the Republican president, and when Trump refuses, they are angry about it.  It is the liberals who are the racists in America—they are the ones with the history of the behavior—not the Republicans, yet it is the GOP who have been categorized with the behavior.

I have always thought very highly of my grandparents, and they were great people.  But I had a grandfather who went through a very narcissistic period in his life.  He drank too much and ran around with crazy women and to keep my grandmother from pressing down on him and forcing him to change he imposed all his guilt on her.  He accused her of wanting to be with other men so much so that she never learned to drive a car.  He was afraid that if she had a car she’d run around town cheating on him with other men.  But in reality, the only one cheating was him and by imposing that type of chaos to the relationship it gave him a good cover story to allow his narcissistic tendencies to continue—and it kept her from looking too deeply into what he was doing.  A lot of men did this in the previous century and it is what fueled the women’s rights movement because women wanted to exact an eye for an eye—which has further exacerbated the problem in our society.  Now we have men and women doing all these bad things when traditionally it was men who were the screw ups.  A lot of that happened before I was born so I had a good relationship after all that was over.  But the effects lasted their entire lifetime, they slept in separate beds and my grandmother never really got over it.  They stayed together because that’s what the older generation did for the sake of the family—but they had lost their intimacy with one another.  That’s what narcissists do, they destroy the trust in the people around them because they make everything about them no matter what reality states and it always causes hard feelings in the people they are in relationships with.

Trump is the most literate president we’ve ever had—while the narcissists think he doesn’t read enough or isn’t intellectually engaged, it is really themselves they are talking about.  Trump is the bestselling author of a number of books which he has written.  Not even Teddy Roosevelt could say that.  Roosevelt’s Winning the West series did well, but it didn’t sell to the level of Trump’s business books.  People can argue that the quality of the writing favored Roosevelt, but Trump’s ability to cut through the nonsense has a value all its own.  I personally think the quote I shared in this article is one of the best bits of advice I’ve ever read on strategy and the power of positive thinking.  Like I said, it’s a fine line between being a narcissist and being a confident leader.  People who fall short of that glorious Metaphysics of Quality become destructive narcissists.  Not every great quarterback out there becomes Tom Brady.  They’d love to, but they never develop those extra attributes of leadership which keep the feet from slicing in half on that razor’s edge.  And with so many villains who are clinical examples of dangerous narcissists running the world right now mainly because our institutions do not yet understand the Metaphysics of Quality—only someone like Donald Trump could have a shot at defeating them.  One year into his presidency, I can see that he has everything well under control.  And for me, it was worth celebrating.

Rich Hoffman

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