Renaming the Norwood Lateral: The disasterous and toxic memory of Barack Obama


You might have heard that a group of progressive liberals want to rename the Norwood Lateral in Cincinnati after Barack Obama. At first this seemed like a terrible idea–absolutely appalling. Obama will be known in history as one of the most terrible American presidents ever—even worse than the worst. I don’t say that as a racist because I’m not—I would have gladly voted for Alan Keys, Herman Cain, or Ben Carson—skin color doesn’t concern me in the least. Rather it is the content of the character of the public official and Obama is dreadfully lacking. I do sometimes use the Norwood Lateral to get back over to I-75 when visiting downtown. If Obama’s name were on the road I would likely find another way—just because I would hesitate to use a road with Obama’s name on it even if it saved me some time. Channel 12 news reported the attempt this way:

NORWOOD, Ohio (Angenette Levy) — The Norwood Lateral could be renamed for President Barack Obama. State Sen. Eric Kearney has introduced legislation in the state legislature to rename State Route 562 for the nation’s 44rd president. “The Norwood Lateral would be renamed the Barack Obama Norwood Lateral because we have the Ronald Reagan Cross County Highway and so it would be a complimentary type of naming opportunity,” Sen. Kearney said. Kearney was a supporter of President Obama’s during his two election campaigns. Kearney said President Obama deserves the honor because he won Hamilton County twice as President Ronald Reagan did in the 1980’s. State Route 126 – also known as Cross County Highway – was named for Reagan in the 1990’s after he left office. “I don’t have a problem with that. I like President Obama,” said Norwood resident Charles Gatling. Norwood Mayor Tom Williams, a conservative democrat, wants the lateral’s name to stay the same.  “I’m as opposed to it as I can get,” Mayor Williams said.

I am likely even more opposed to Barack Obama having a cat named after him, let alone a tax payer funded road. But, after some consideration, it might actually be appropriate as the Norwood Lateral actually does represent the Obama presidency. After all, the road does run past the parking lot that used to be the Norwood General Motors plant which used to build Camaros. Unions killed the productivity at that plant and now the jobs are gone. Also, the Norwood Lateral runs past the empty lot that used to be the Showcase Cinemas of Cincinnati—one of the largest and best movie theaters in the Midwest—just twenty years ago. Now it’s gone and is an empty lot filled with grass growing between the cracks in the pavement. Also, the Norwood Lateral runs by homes that used to be some of the best in the city, but are now considered Section 8 as government intrusion into the neighborhoods there have built a dependency culture that has destroyed the local economy and crushed future investment. Where the Norwood Lateral begins used to stand Cincinnati Milacron, a vast campus of precision machinery manufacturing that dried up and died by the year 2000, just eight years before Barack Obama became president—liberal policies and a nation of labor unions killed the machining market in America giving no place to go for Cincinnati Milacron but to close. Now the buildings which used to make such technical wonders are gone and replaced by some retail shopping selling shoes and cloths made in China

Perhaps the Norwood Lateral should be named after Barack Obama after all, as it represents what he has done to the nation of America during his tenure. I won’t drive on it any longer, but others who voted for that complete idiot would and could reap the world they helped to create—lost businesses, welfare expansion, and redistribution of wealth. The only thing Obama has created during his presidency was a wasteland. He will be the first president since perhaps the Civil War that has left America less than it was before he was first elected—a depleted place destroyed by progressive politics and old hippie economic philosophy.

There would be nothing worse for the economic development of Norwood going into the future than to remind Americans of such a ridiculously stupid and terrible president than to force them to see his name each time they drive down the Norwood Lateral. Social degenerates will love to see the name of their religious savior who stole from the productive and gave to the lazy, but unfortunately for Norwood the entire community will trend toward the latter and not the former, dooming the city forever. At least the current mayor of Norwood is smart enough to understand just how toxic the name of Barack Obama will be in the future. Obama is still fashionable among radical groups for the time being, but that window is quickly closing as history is about to cast its opinion of the debacle for posterity.

What’s even worse than the possibility of naming the Norwood Lateral after Obama, it is the sheer stupidity of suggesting it in the first place as the news headlines are currently filled with his immense failures. It is a terrible idea brought forth with equally terrible timing. Naming the Norwood Lateral after the diminished president would seal the fate of Norwood forever—because there are people who feel even stronger about the guy than me and just the site of such a name is enough to cause them to go someplace else. It’s not due to race, but the reminder of such a failure. Nobody wants to remember the terrible game their favorite team played, nobody wants to remember the time they did something embarrassing—and nobody will want to remember a president who was such a sheer failure. They will do whatever they can to overlook that failure in the future and those who wish to remember are the types who are capable of nothing short of destruction.

Rich Hoffman

Spaceport America: Open for business, get your tickets today

Maybe you didn’t know it as the news is saturated with crises after crises attached to political affiliation. The marvelous news of America’s first spaceport in New Mexico has likely been lost to curious eyes. Perhaps you have just watched the movie Interstellar, or have watched a movie about space travel on a home theater system and were wondering why we aren’t doing more in space. Perhaps you just visited the Kennedy Space Center—one of my favorite places on earth and detected accurately that NASA seems to refer to itself in the past tense as opposed to the present. NASA used to be the best and brightest, but they have been defunded and mismanaged by the same federal government that can’t find their way out of a paper bag—so they are no longer what they used to be and you likely felt sorrow for the realization. You probably heard on the news that American astronauts have to pay Russia to journey into space with the same helplessness that travelers to New York City have to call upon the services of an overpriced taxi just to move four blocks in a crowded Manhattan. But you have not heard that in southern New Mexico innovation and space exploration is alive and well—and thriving.

Gateway to Space

Behold the headquarters of the first-ever ‘commercial passenger spaceline’.

Developed by the international design team of URS Corp. and Foster + Partners, the award-winning Virgin Galactic Gateway to Space is the iconic home of Virgin Galactic’s global operations and fleet of motherships and spaceships. Precision-engineered to exacting LEED Gold environmental requirements, the sinuous shape of the building in the landscape captures the drama and mystery of space flight itself, articulating the thrill of space travel for the first commercial space tourists. The Gateway’s many interior spaces, including its massive central super-hangar, astronaut multipurpose training rooms, and the exclusive astronaut lounge, may all be reserved in coordination with Virgin Galactic.

Literally, anybody who can afford a ticket can visit this spaceport and fly into space starting in 2015. It is available to the general public for the first time in human history and is a very exciting development. And it isn’t just Virgin Galactic which will operate at the spaceport, just as one particular airline doesn’t operate at an airport. Just a couple of days prior to this writing a new company has signed up with the spaceport to operate a new variety of space travel with a bit cheaper and more luxurious option. The following is from the Albuquerque Journal in New Mexico about this exciting new flight option from Spaceport of America.

World View Enterprises Inc. of Tucson, Ariz., plans to send customers on balloon flights that climb 20 miles into the stratosphere, allowing passengers to view the earth’s curvature and the dark of space while wining and dining in a luxurious cabin with 360-degree views.

No decisions have been made, but the company is in negotiations with Spaceport executives to launch its balloons from southern New Mexico, starting in late 2016, said Chief Technology Officer Taber MacCallum.

“We hope to have a home base at the Spaceport,” MacCallum told the Journal. “It’s an amazing facility.”

MacCallum and World View CEO Jane Poyntner were key players in the “Stratospheric Explorer” team that helped prepare Google executive Alan Eustice for his record-breaking supersonic skydive over Roswell last Friday. The team, set up by Paragon Space Development Corp., created the balloon technology that carried Eustice to nearly 136,000 feet, as well as the spacesuit Eustice used to safely leap back to Earth.

MacCallum and Poyntner co-founded Paragon and then launched World View as a separate company in 2013

World View has now acquired the balloon and spacesuit technology from Eustice’s jump for incorporation into the balloon flights that will eventually take paying passengers to the Earth’s outer edge.

The company expects to charge $75,000 for seats on a luxury capsule attached to a helium balloon. The capsule, which will carry six passengers and two pilots, will slowly ascend to 100,000 feet and then float in near space before returning to earth. The five-hour trip will include a meal and an open bar in the capsule, equipped with a lavatory and enough room for customers to walk around.

“The balloon will be the size of a football stadium once it’s fully blown up,” said World View Experience Manager Andrew Antonio. “Passengers won’t experience weightlessness, but that’s deliberate. The experience is about the spectacular views they’ll get while enjoying a leisurely flight and not even spill their drinks during takeoff and landing.”

The options being offered at this time from the Spaceport of America so far are just rides into space for the fun of it—for the experience. But with the construction and operation of the spaceport—and the type of people who will be the first to fly into space—new options will become available quickly. The area around that spaceport will soon become flooded with resident housing and commercial supplements to a new classification of human being, the first workers in space who will soon build hotels and launch platforms in space for future travel. At this phase, the Spaceport of America will allow investors into space to see the real-estate available to the ideas their minds create—the many factories, shopping destinations and resort communities that will soon float around the earth in zero gravity. It will not take long for the Spaceport of America to move from a novelty voyage to a daily commute to work as employees will fly up and down daily from that port building the next steps of human endeavor. In about the same time it took for the Wright Brothers Kitty Hawk plane to move into a thriving airport like O’Hara in Chicago, space travel will move from a gimmick of leisure to an act of function.

The gateway to it all is the Spaceport of America. It won’t take long for there to be spaceports in Japan, in Indonesia and other places so that voyagers can even use space travel to shave time off their flights around the world. A flight to Japan for instance from New York would be just a few hours instead of an entire day—which can be very valuable if the meeting requires a face to face encounter to fulfill the needs and speed of business. The degree to space travel that will occur will be directly tied to the amount of government intrusion there is into the surrounding culture. Large intrusive governments obviously will not be able to sustain such projects—and concepts, but those that allow entrepreneurial efforts to flourish will explode with opportunities. What is a desert now in southern New Mexico will soon become an oasis of capitalism and opportunity. The Spaceport of America will soon change the way everyone does business and spends their leisure.

You likely didn’t hear about this Spaceport of America because government considers its business of elections and chaotic micromanagement of tax payer resources as a priority—but to the world at large—its not. The true miracle of our age is there in the New Mexico desert growing by the day. In just a few short years it will be a hub of activity for all those scratching at the sky for an opportunity that only space can provide. If you are an older couple who has a few million dollars sitting in your bank account knowing that you likely won’t live long enough to spend it during your life time—what they Hell, get your tickets at the Spaceport of America for a memorable 50th anniversary in space from the luxury of a balloon cabin. Why not, the government will just steal all your money if you leave it to your children. Spend it on yourself and have some fun starting with the Spaceport of America and start a new club of romance called the “20-mile club.” The ticket office is now open so book your trip today!

Rich Hoffman

Why Credentialed Respect Can Never Make Hans Zimmer: How to make music that matters

I am likely to continue talking about the new movie Interstellar for quite a long time—because it is the latest and most exciting philosophic/scientific endeavor aimed at a mass audience that I can think of, and is a vastly important film. Below is one of the first reviews from Variety and should be read by anyone on the fence considering seeing the movie. It will tell you everything you need to know about the film. But more specific to the film and an equal part of its majesty is the music by Hans Zimmer. The score is mind-blowing good and may well eclipse the iconic music of 2001: A Space Odyssey as instantly recognizable. So it deserves to be known that Hans Zimmer, one of the premier musical composers of our age and on par in history to be known among the giants of Straus, Beethoven, and Mozart did poorly in school and did not attend college. Listen to the man himself talk about his education—or lack thereof—and what he believes is the path to success that most should take.

There isn’t a college in the country who can teach a student with tuition charges to be as good at conceiving and conducting music for films as Hans Zimmer is. There is not a band program out there who can teach an army of others to become another Hans Zimmer. The best way to become another Hans Zimmer is to get near him and start learning—then applying his techniques at decision-making and problem solving into the individual experience of the student. A school cannot teach those skills with memorization techniques. Only through natural aptitude and practice can one hope to become as proficient. There is no way to cheat the system by throwing money at a skill hoping that it can be purchased. The kind of skill that Hans Zimmer has is only obtained one way, through lots of hard work and dedication while maintaining his uniqueness on the curb of perception.

Yet government schools and colleges all across the world suggest that they can produce such people if tuition dollars are applied, and the results never come back with satisfaction. There are many who aspire to become like Hans Zimmer and they may even learn to play his songs at a high school football game through a band program, but they cannot teach a student to become a person equal to the skill of Hans Zimmer with just scholastic education methods. The aspiring artist if they have a hope of such lofty heights must apprentice themselves to someone equivalent to the value they wish to achieve and start with a total dedication of themselves to the craft. Advice is only as good as the person who gives it.

Once when I wrote an article about the failure of a band teacher from our local high school the parents of the students sent me many nasty emails about my opinions. It wasn’t hard to conclude that their vast anger was inspired by a deeply rooted fear that they had in realizing that money could not purchase skill for their children—as they wished to believe. When the famed band teacher fell from grace and was cast aside by the district as a vagabond it was feared that his students would fall as well—as if their success was attached directly to his star. Much to the terror of the parents the real answer was that their children were learning nowhere near enough about music to become anything but copycats in the music industry. They were learning to play the instruments, but they weren’t learning to make music that would play from them—which is a big difference. And these days, anybody can practice playing music with a software program. What needs to be taught are the ways that notes can be composed into new forms of music that reveals the inner sanctum of thought and all human possibilities.

It is for that reason that I seldom ever listen to any “pop” music. My iPod doesn’t have a single music track in eight gig of memory that is not a movie soundtrack of some epic intention. Over a third of my soundtracks on that iPod are Hans Zimmer scores. I still listen to Gladiator at least once a week which I think is one of his best pieces of work. Music should speak about possibilities and achievement, not just passive witnessing of the world around the listener. Band students and music classes in general are not learning about the epic scale of a subject matter, they are simply learning to repeat the work of Hans Zimmer.

If I were to attempt to teach such students I would not do so in front of a class in a stale government school with brick walls and blackboards with the smell of lunch drifting down the halls promising frozen pizza and tatter tots among several hundred other students emitting waves of pent-up rage at adolescent frustrations. I’d have them climb a mountain with sweat pouring off their foreheads then piping the Gladiator soundtrack into their tired ears as they sip for life-sustaining water from a canteen warmed by body heat. Then I’d ask them to compose the first notes that came to their minds based on their experience once the music had been silenced. That is how you learn to compose music, not just copy the notes of Hans Zimmer.

I can’t say how many times I have now listened to the Man of Steel soundtrack even in the minus zero degree temperatures on the back of a motorcycle as the snow was falling ever so ferociously—with my fingertips so frozen that they were in great pain. It has now been more than a dozen at least and each time brought the notes to a grand fortissimo inside my helmet that spoke of another world reality of possibility well beyond the grips of conventional manhood. While most men are first concerned in the morning with where they will use the rest room, what they will eat, where they will dispel their sexual appetites, and how they will earn the acclaim of their peers—such music under such circumstances dictate higher thoughts far more epic than the animal wants of flesh. It is only under those extreme conditions that Hans Zimmer can be understood as notes put upon a blank page as opposed to copied the way a band conductor of a local high school teaches students how to blow a horn and put on a show for their proud parents with their video cameras out to record the occasion—and a “yes” vote during levy time for the memory. On the way home from such concerts the parents foolishly declare that their child may become the next Hans Zimmer because they learned to play the Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack. But the students never see the music as from the feelings of observation—they simply memorize the motions put in place for them by someone like Hans Zimmer.

Too many people believe wrongly that being “credentialed” equates to success. They believe that if a music instructor at a school somewhere says that a student knows something—that they know it. Yet they fail 100% of the time to create future Hans Zimmer types no matter how much money is spent on music programs and government school electives. Those good at music are still those with a natural appetite to take their skills to the next levels through extremely hard work and persistence. Credentialed these days has been regulated into being symphonious with security—and that is a path to average—which is not what Hans Zimmer’s music is about at all. His music is much more than that and is why I listen to it with great zeal and marvel at its uniqueness. That uniqueness is why it’s a joy to hear—and thus far, as admitted by Zimmer himself, is why schools cannot duplicate the efforts of the award-winning history making composer even with all the money in the world. That is because his music does not come from comfort, but experience, in a life lived and felt as opposed to copied and mimicked—and is why Hans Zimmer’s score for Interstellar will literally take people out of this world. Zimmer actually let his mind leave this world to write the music—and that is a grand achievement!


Rich Hoffman

Navagate the Universe of Kip Thorne: Solar system driven climate change that is inevitable

There are some who are anxious that Christopher Nolan’s new film Interstellar is another blind narrative from the Hollywood left portraying climate change as a central theme based on Al Gore’s global warming concerns. The science of that leftist position is a fiction. Nolan’s climate change is based on events well beyond the control of anything mankind can do, and dictates that earth’s inhabitants must leave the planet or face extinction. Nolan’s view and that of his brother who wrote the film is much more galactic based, and not rooted in the political scheme to increase taxation on productivity through the sale of carbon credits. It is based on legitimate science, and very real concerns which are unraveling the nerves of everyone who has so far seen the film, and will shatter the reality of all those who will see it. As stated in a previous article on this subject, Interstellar is based on a very dear book to me called Black Holes and Time Warps: Einstein’s Outrageous Legacy by Kip Thorne who is an executive producer on the new film. Needless to say it will be an incredible movie—but it will not be just another example of leftist trash and theoretical nonsense. So do not let the early concerns about such things keep you from the wonderful experience of seeing this movie. The science is beyond the scope of most, including all the climate bashers from the political left, so they will be equally displaced upon viewing the contents of Interstellar.

Even more impressive as an unforeseen byproduct of the release of Kip’s book into this screen format are the marketing opportunities that have presented themselves as the release date has approached. My wife and I have read Kip’s book so many times that the pages of our hard cover edition are literally falling out of the binding. The edges are blackened from our fingertips and the glue no longer holds the pages to the spine of the book—which is quite thick. When my children were very young, my wife used to take them to the pool in Mason, Ohio and let them play while she read that book for many, many hours contemplating the contents. It is one of the great books of science ever put to print. So it was bewildering to me to discover that the Interstellar websites shown below have released a game based on the film that is just fantastic. Paramount has just released the new Android game on Google Play based on director Christopher Nolan’s upcoming sci-fi epic Interstellar and it is a tad different from the normal movie tie-in as the player can not only create his or her own solar system but can also explore it as well as others made by fans.

This game is no space shooter but one that is supposed to simulate real physics as you pilot a ship through these solar systems. Here’s a quick bullet list of the game’s features:

  • Create your own solar system and share it with friends
  • Customize planets, stars and asteroids
  • Pilot the Endurance through friend’s and other fan’s solar systems
  • Upgrade your ship to increase durability and range
  • Earn mission patches for completing objectives
  • Based on Newtonian physics with simulated gravitational fields endorsed by the movie’s science advisor Kip Thorne
  • Slingshot between planets and return research data to Earth
  • Navigate past massive black holes

Needless to say I downloaded the app onto my iPad and I spent the entire weekend playing it—nearly nonstop. It was absolutely fascinating to traverse through Kip Thorne’s treasured book finally with a video game played on my tablet. Absolutely stunning! The most fun in the game is navigating past the black holes, which are rendered accurately and really for the first time ever. Part of the means for getting to worm holes so that you can punch through various layers of folded space-and time, is by sling-shooting passed the dreaded black holes.

If you have the means and scientific inquiry, this is a must have app—a real journey and best use imaginable for a few moments at the airport waiting to catch a flight. It duplicates some of the most basic concepts of Kip Thorne’s book so wonderfully. For instance, one of the ways that you collect power to stay in space is to move into orbit around a sun. It is difficult to maintain a trajectory that puts you in that sweet spot orbit, but once you do, you can load up on power to further your voyage. The trouble is, while in orbit around a sun, its imprint into the space-time continuum is much slower than the time on earth. So while you are communicating with earth on your missions, time for them is moving at a much more rapid way than it is for you during your power collection around suns. Also, the distance between planets involves many millions of miles which is passed by instantly in the game. It does calculate out the years the endeavor is taking so that it is understood how much time is passing on earth while all this effort is being undertaken.

What this does is shatter the concept of time as a liner type of thing that is currently understood. Instead, it plays with time as a force of momentum relative to where you are and what kind of mass the object you are near has on the space around it. To this effect space is divided up in the game with a grid system that shows the imprint the planet or sun involved has on the surrounding area. Within that imprint time will be affected differently than in other places within the galaxy, or galaxies involved. For a simple app, it is yet another example of a giant leap forward for human endeavor, to have such a powerful conceptual tool on a device that you can whip out in a McDonald’s over lunch and play a quick mission involving advanced physics concepts.

Often it is these by-products of such endeavors that films like Interstellar bring to the table of contemplation. And I am so excited that Kip’s treasured book is finally making it to formats of understanding that are so accessible. I knew when I first read the book Black Holes and Time Warps that there was something very special going on, and always thought that a fantastic movie could be made based on the concepts. But few in Hollywood really have the mind for something like that. I never fantasized that someone like Kip Thorne would be given a seat at the table to actually produce such a thing for mass audiences. And in a game app designed to bring awareness to the movie for marketing reasons, the Interstellar game does two things, it helps introduce people not familiar with Kip Thorne’s work to some of the basic ideals that have to be understood to relate to the actual movie. But for someone like me, who already loved the book, it provides the opportunity to dwell in that world in a virtual reality that has so far only been possible in a physics equation and the most active imaginations. It is just a wonderful addition to what is proving to be a very exciting time to be alive.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to navigate passed a black hole in a distant solar system so that I can get to the worm hole that takes me back to earth before everyone is dead by the time I get there. And I’ll do it while eating a Big Mac, drinking a nice cold Coca Cola, and eating some upsized French Fries. Capitalism at its finest!

Rich Hoffman

A Playground of Many Million Dollar Toys: Virgin Galactic and a resiliant Chuck Yeager

Governments seldom do anything right and when they do it is off the backs of individual effort. NASA is an example of this paradox, at least in the beginning. In many ways the government created Chuck Yeager by putting him into an airplane as an 18-year-old kid and letting him become a fighter pilot at their expense. Now as a 90-year-old man who still flies and has defied the odds of living in almost every circumstance it was because of his individual effort that so many doors to the future have opened. In Yeager’s case, government gave him the tools to become great and out of thousands of potential pilots, one or two here and there did—and because of it, the world is about to unlock an entirely new dimension of discovery. This has never been truer than Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic endeavors which I’ve reported on before.   2015 will bring many exciting things to the societies of the world, but nothing more than what Branson is about to unload. I suggest that the videos of this article be watched completely dear reader for the proper depths and context to seep in correctly.

I am the type of person who always jumps into cold swimming pools. I do not dip my feet in the water—I just jump in. Much of the work at this site is to help people jump into the rapidly occurring events of the 21st century—to drop the restrictions of the 20th century behind and acclimate themselves to the future. Sometimes it requires a bit of harshness while dealing with the chill and shock of such a cold reality, and that is the task of creativity to douse minds with the cold hard facts for their own good. While watching Star Wars: Rebels this past week the beginnings of that acclimation were in full swing. As a kid I had a toy, which I still have called a “troop transporter.” It never appeared in the original Star Wars films, but Kenner designed it to fill a market need for their action figures in the early 1980s. Well, the guys making the new Star Wars cartoons and films are about my age, and they played with the same toys as children, and they finally put the toy into a Star Wars show, the third episode of Rebels during the first season. It was a bit of rather profound evidence in how small things from a childhood can have a major impact on the mind of an adult. When I was a kid, just as it was for the kids who are now involved in Star Wars projects science fiction and video games were very primitive—nowhere close to how they are in the present condition. So mathematically, it becomes very easy to see that the impact of these mythologies will compound dramatically in the coming years driving actual science quickly as the public consciousness has been prepared for these breakthroughs.

In 2015 the new Christopher Nolan film Interstellar will break box office records and win many accolades from the Academy Awards. It will become available for home theater systems and will become an instant treasure and topic of many dinner conversations. That is how the year will begin. The year will end with a new Star Wars film which Disney will market to every corner of the earth in a positive way. The mind of mankind will be opened in many more profound ways because of these two entertainment events alone. But in addition to that some of the minds sparked by these events in the past, the original Star Wars movies, and the science opened up by Chuck Yeager, and the unequivocal playfulness of Richard Branson’s entrepreneurship, civilians will for the first time climb into space. The mind of mankind will be prepared to behold a bit of this explosive reality by art, Star Wars, Interstellar and other similar features, but those playful thoughts from childhood which inspired the creation of a “troop transporter” inserted into Rebels will jump several steps forward—and stay there forever. It is a very exciting time to be alive.

Once the celebrities of society are routinely ferried into space by Virgin Galactic starting next year the way we view the world will change forever. Competition is on the heels of Richard Branson and even more methods of space travel will emerge in the few short years thereafter. Not long after that will be hotels and manufacturing facilities in space because that is the next step for mankind and the generations brought up on Star Wars and all the byproducts of fantasy and science fiction will be there to recreate the dreams of their childhoods with a sudden infusion of such science made into a reality.

Two forces are emerging in tandem, the old world and its ways are so closely tied to the false belief that government expansion and influence will preserve the traditions of the past and all the philosophies created by those minds—where Karl Marx still has a place at the table. There is no place for Karl Marx in space, so the philosophies introduced by George Lucas and lived out by real people like Chuck Yeager—the bravado of adventure and discovery upon scratching the face of an unknown wilderness will bring out the best of the human race leaving behind those still clinging to the terrestrial remnants of the German radical stuck to regional concerns of economic fairness. That voice will quickly become eclipsed as the untouched potential of space becomes a reality for average people instead of the very few—in much the way that Chuck Yeager was the fastest man alive in 1947, but just a few years later, flying supersonic was a common occurrence. Travel into space for civilians by a civilian company will move at a speed that governments could never fathom, and an explosive growth period will follow by minds already thrown into the deep end of the cold water by entertainment endeavors like Interstellar and Star Wars.

It was a pleasure to watch the documentary of the creation of Virgin Galactic. Seeing their engineers do basic layup of their fuselage sections in a giant open room without EMA controls, or lab coats with all the ambition of children playing with Lego’s, then rolling the large tooling into a giant oven was a privilege. My first thought was that they’d be busted by a government auditor for such work practices, but then I had to remind myself that Virgin Galactic is not beholden to such things as they are the end-user of their product and do not need government to stick its nose into their business. While in the air they have FFA requirements and the like to deal with, but they can avoid many of the insane government red tape and bureaucratic nightmares that are often involved in large aerospace companies forced into compliance with government authority because they are still a small company with ambition filling their sails of innovation. What is going on at Virgin Galactic is very similar to the early days of Chuck Yeager’s flight tests in the X-1, when he broke his ribs and his friend and engineer Ridely cut off the tip of a broom handle to allow him to lock the door to the first supersonic jet ever flown. The government back then had no idea what to do about flight, or if it would even become a viable option, so they had not yet stuck their regulatory tentacles into the endeavor allowing Chuck Yeager to be the cowboy of the desert, a hell-raising test pilot given millions of dollars worth of tools to prove that he could become the fastest man alive.

Virgin Galactic for the small fee of $250,000 will take people into space traveling faster than anybody has ever traveled before if they have the money to pay it. At first it will only be people like Labron James, and movie producers like Steven Spielberg who will touch that virgin face of space in a way nobody has before—for 6 minutes of weightlessness. But shortly thereafter, the cost will decrease dramatically because of competition and once there is something to do in space, such as a resort to fly to and vacation at, space travel will become a daily occurrence.

It is easy to become depressed about the state of the world, especially for those trying to help fix it, no matter what side of the political aisle they reside. But if you know how to read what’s coming and can see it clearly, you can take refuge in the knowledge that everything is changing right before our eyes for the better. The water might feel cold to the touch, but it is just right for a refreshing plunge into the depths of adventure. Those growing up with the entertainment influences of the past will have a better time adapting—others will struggle to keep up, and many more will be left behind fearful of the giant leap mankind is about to make. But the correct way to approach this new age is with the gusto that 91-year-old Charlie Yeager displayed after climbing out of his F-15 after a supersonic flight over Las Vegas in October recently paying homage to his ground breaking supersonic flight in 1947. Arms crossed across his body, feet square with his shoulders his usual no-nonsense approach to life was in evidence to the type of individuals who must have the “Right Stuff” for this exciting period being delivered by Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic. When a reporter asked Yeager when he was going to stop flying he remarked with his typical West Virginian, candor—“when I get too old.”

Yeager even as a very ripe old man still has in his mind the heart of a lighthearted child who just wants to play with toys—which I’d say is the secret to his longevity. Richard Branson beholds the same curiosity and playfulness. And today’s entertainment will breed more of those types through their endeavors creating in many millions of young people a deep yearning for life-long play and love of life that extends beyond the physical limitations of governments or previous philosophy. Virgin Galactic is on the precipice of a world-wide rejuvenation to an upcoming age of adventure that will go down in history as one of the most dramatic steps forward ever conducted by human minds. But, behind that glorious endeavor is a person I greatly respect not for his years of service in the Air Force, but because of his playfulness in life that ushered in the age of aviation to planet earth and all the wonderful inventions and discoveries that only comes from playing with expensive toys for the benefit of further creation—General Chuck Yeager. At 92 years of age, I can only hope that he can be one of the few first who gets to go into space on Virgin Galactic. I love that guy.

Rich Hoffman

Butler County GOP in the Belly of a Snake: The slow digestion of a split party

As reported previously the Butler County Republican Party is going through some growing pains. The old political machine seems to believe they can continue winning into the future by just sticking the Republican name next to their titles on election ballots. However, the real Republicans, the boots on the ground types who hit the streets and go door to door are many who find the Tea Party name attractive. Unwisely, the Republican leadership has decided to run the Tea Party individuals away so that they could garner the publicity of positive press. CLICK HERE FOR REVIEW. In an open letter from one of the protestors at the Kasich rally recently in Butler County two incidents of harassment from the party toward Tea Party types has been identified. Because of this behavior it should not be a surprise that nobody is showing up for these political events organized by the party except the type of people who gain financially by their party affiliation. The core of the party has been purposely pushed off to the side with the ultimatum of compliance or abandonment. It is the same reckless option that is given to a child from a parent who is clueless as to what to do next—so they resort of sending a child to their room without supper if they don’t put on a nice smile and behave at a social gathering in the manner the parent deems worthy. Little do the parents know is that the children have a stash of food in their bedrooms and could care less about the punishment. It is the parents who need the children to brag about and show others what good people they are. Similarly, the Butler County GOP needs the activists driven by passion to show Democrats that they can compete against them—and as of now, the party of socialists, the progressive Democrats are drooling at the show of weakness coming out of the Butler Country Republican Party.

Open Letter to Leadership of Butler County Republican Party,The current leadershipoftheBCRP is operating on a personal agenda that damages the Republican name and Republican candidates.  The Republican voters of Butler County deserve better.The Tea Parties of Butler County would like to see the following three things happen. 

  1. Follow the Ohio Revised Code
  2. Follow the By-Laws of the Party
  3. Adopt the National Party Platform


Here are two examples of the behavior of the party leadership.


Here is what happened at VOA Rally for Kasich:


“I went to the Governor Kasich rally last night at VOA. About 30 of us were there in protest of Common Core. After I finished and was going into the building for the rally I talked to Todd Hall. He told me that I could not bring the signs into the building. I took my signs and placed them in my car and returned to the building. When I got inside, I noticed almost every candidate had signs to give away. I re-approached Todd and asked him why I could not give away Pritchard signs; he became belligerent and threatened me by saying that he would physically remove me from the premises. He gave no reason why Mary’s signs could not be given away.”


September visit to Republican Headquarters:


“This afternoon I had an interesting encounter at the Butler County GOP Office.  I went in to get a Condit and Sharon Kennedy yard sign. The older blonde lady did not know me nor did she ask. I told her that trying to get volunteers in an off-year election is hard. She immediately started ripping into All Tea Parties saying they won’t help out and they are obstructing road to success.  Wow!


She also said that the Central Committee will not allow Tea Party to get the majority and they will be extinct in 30 months anyway. ”


THIS BEHAVIOR NEEDS TO STOP, strengthen the many not the few.


So let’s first address the Todd Hall issue involving the signs for Mary Pritchard. Mary is an anti-Common Core candidate who wants to put more conservative voices onto the Ohio State Board of Education—which is something that area Republicans should be happy about. Her candidacy should be supported, yet it’s not the direction that party players want to endorse as they are looking to merge the lines with the opposition—the Democrats who want fundamental transformation of America into accepting more socialism and less capitalism. Republicans like John Boehner and John Kasich under the direct influence of Barack Obama have sought to change the Republican Party from the perceived “party of no” into a party of “consideration and compassion.” Part of that compassion is to accept federal standards for education, open border immigration policies that bring in more voters for the Democratic Party and higher taxes to pay for all these utopian plans. Democrats have not moved even a perceived centimeter into accepting American capitalism as the saving grace of any economy—rather it is only Republicans who continue to move toward the center as it is established by radicals from the political left. Once they have arrived at that left established line, the same radicals who called Republicans names and derided them in the media as “rich,” selfish,” “white men,” will then move that line further to the left forcing the same clueless oafs that they are just big mean capitalist if they don’t move more to the left as a “compromise.” Meanwhile, Democrats will stay on their left leaning positions and will always seek to move further in the wrong direction at the first opportunity. So in their desire to appease the radical Democrats, Butler County Republicans are hand-picking their candidates who will be friendly to these strategic aims of “social compromise.” Mary Pritchard is not considered to be one of those Republicans who will fall in line quietly, so her signs were not allowed to be distributed at a GOP event.

Conversely, Democrats do not have such restrictions in their party. To qualify all one needs to be is a social derelict, a cocaine addict, a welfare promoter, a thief, a prostitute or molester of the innocent. Democrats do not care what kind of person their candidates are, they just assimilate them into their collective blob and call anybody names who might attempt to pass judgment on their individual character. And the media plays their role in maintaining these standards. This is the game that Republican Party leadership across America is dealing with—especially in Butler County.

The other issue is the GOP office where the old blonde lady openly derided Tea Partiers by saying they will be extinct in 30 months and that they were obstructing the road to success. The letter writer was in the office to pick up signs for Sharon Kennedy, who is on the Ohio Supreme Court and quite a fine personality from Liberty Township— a general, class-act, and Margie, who is the same as a House member. She is softer on issues than I’d like to see, but she is a generally good person. And in the office was a low-level mouth-piece for the establishment Republicans who likely hasn’t read a book in years, and conducts her life as a marionette to other people’s concepts of reality by stating that Tea Party types will be extinct soon.

In 30 months at the rate its going it won’t be the Tea Party who is extinct, it is the area GOP who will be forced to move further and further to the left until they are unrecognizable as conservatives, which for many, is already the issue. The path of success that the lady was talking about is not a path for area conservatives; it is for those who have a financial stake in politics who use the Party to make money. For those I know in the Tea Party, this is not something they care about—they do not seek party affiliation to profit from, they are passionate about their beliefs and do not easily yield—which is the real gripe. The Republican Party is feeling the social pressure to change and wish to do so—and they are upset that the rest of the party won’t unite behind them. But the evidence of that same Kasich rally in Butler County is that without the Tea Party types, nobody was left to attend the rally leaving only political insiders and profiteers left to cheer on the governor with a crowd that could have filled a living room, but didn’t come close to making the Ronald Reagan Lodge at the VOA look populated.

Compromise is a dirty word because the other side has no desire to perform the task. Those who beat the drums of modern compromise loudest are those who have an objective of social assimilation by conservatives into socialist mind-numb, knuckle dragging oafs so that they can easily conquer them in future elections. They don’t want to “co-exist” with conservatives—they want to destroy them utterly and completely. They are performing a military objective of domination and destruction—not compromise. So anyone who plays their game is doomed to failure. It will be they who are “extinct.” You can’t “compromise” with a lion, tiger or bear. You can’t reason with at Great White Shark. You can’t sign a peace treaty with a snake. If those creatures are hungry and you are available to eat, they will consume you without regret or warning. Democrats like snakes lay dormant and passive until they need food, then they strike ferociously without an ounce of compassion. And the Butler County GOP including the blonde lady passing out signs are functioning from the belly of a snake called the Democratic/(socialists) of Ohio. The last words of a party and its people who do not realize they are being digested so slowly that they can’t even feel the destruction of their very essence.

Rich Hoffman

The Loudness of Silance: Miami University students protest George Will

It should be surprising that the conservative columnist George Will was protested against at Miami University—but it wasn’t when over a 100 people lined the streets to banter against his lecture series. It is understood that virtually every college, especially those who receive public funds, are progressive institutions—meaning they deliberately seek to attack traditional American life and the capitalist success specific to the North American continent. When liberal speakers give lectures on such universities, nobody says anything against them. But if the speaker is a conservative, then most of the time there are hecklers and protestors organized by the university clubs and radicalized functionaries to provide verbal assault against any opponent to progressivism. The Pulse Journal reported the fiasco:

“I’m out here protesting because I think that Miami, as an institution, shouldn’t be supporting the type of sentiments George Will expressed. I’m not trying to restrict anyone’s freedom of speech, but this is our freedom of speech as well,” said Lana Pochiro, a Miami University student from Newton Falls, Ohio. Not all of the protesters were from Miami University. “I think this man is being paid far too much by a university that clearly does not condone the opinions this man advocates … I think it puts a bad light on the university and a bad light on the community,” said Charles Mullenix, a senior at Talawanda High School.

Will didn’t address the controversy during his lecture, called “The Political Argument Today,” which dealt largely with the country becoming over-reliant on government. However, Will did respond to a question about his controversial column, saying that he meant to criticize the idea that those accused of sexual assault would be denied due process.

“Our society has decided rightly that rape ranks close to and not far behind murder as the most serious crime. Therefore, we have rightly said rape should be subject to severe penalties. Therefore, it is particularly important that people accused of this heinous crime have all the protections … (but) lawyers of the office of civil rights in the Department of Education, wielding the hammer of withdrawal of federal funds, which no school, public or private, can withstand, is now forcing colleges to say that all the due process normally associated with criminal investigations must be suspended,” Will said.


The protest against Will is purely driven by the desire for social evasion at Miami University—and not the actual facts of the matter. There are fewer places in the world—including whore houses—where unsolicited sex imposed by males upon females takes place than on a college campus. I have lived on the University of Cincinnati campus for a number of years, and I have spent a lot of time on the Miami University campus—even as a speaker myself. There are more young girls raped under the guise of intoxication on college campuses than anywhere else, because of the large collection of young people concentrated into a single point on a map. To pretend otherwise, is to avoid the grim reality of sex abuse which occurs every single day on college campuses.

The cause of this sexual abuse is not so much the alcohol, which is so frequently blamed; it is the loose and permissive nature of the typical liberal which is nearly the exclusive caretaker of such colleges. They create the atmosphere which makes rape on college campuses a regular occurrence by promoting sexual promiscuity, drunkenness, and social behavior that is not connected to responsibility. When women are raped at college parties, the blame goes to the alcohol instead of the reckless conditions of the youthful gathering. The women blame their drunken state, the young men blame the same, and the college blames the parents for sending them reckless children. The blame goes to the only parties not in the room, so it continues on perpetually. Secretly the college loves the behavior because the sexual antics on college campuses assist their progressive cause of breaking down the individual sanctity of the student so that they can remake such individuals into collective sloths.

George Will wrote his controversial article which was protested by the Miami radicals to address a portion of this sexual culture which dominates college campuses at every level in every city. Because nobody at the campus wishes to address this functional evil propagating under their responsibility, they instead attack anybody who might point it out to them. This is why conservatives are attacked when they speak at universities and why liberals are left nearly unmolested. The institution and its creations—which these student radicals were—see conservatism as something that is intended to end their very existence, so they attack it aggressively in whatever form it presents itself.

Colleges are not bastions of free speech seeking to protect the Constitution with intelligence and an educated electorate. They are cesspools of liberalism designed to manufacture drones of slack-jawed slugs intent to destroy traditional America to pave the way for a progressive European styled revolution of collectivism over capitalism. Not everyone who attends such colleges falls for the scam, but most do and spend the next two decades of their life fighting off the devastating effects of those four to six years of constant exposure to liberalism. To show that they are functioning as an institution of free speech colleges like Miami University do allow speakers like George Will to give their oratory dialogue. But this is only to keep the federal money facet on into their coffers. By practice, they attack any message which appears on a college campus with great aggression in an attempt to advance progressivism deeper into the American consciousness. And they do it with the full support of the upper echelons of college alumni. Collectivism over the individual is their practicing mantra, and to that end, sexual surrender of individual sanctity above the collective desires of mass society. That is the military goal of progressivism and its desire for the next step of the human race.

That is why Miami University silently encouraged the protest of George Will and every progressive at every news outlet, and institutional body who heard the story subtly cheered for those 100 people. Sometimes, in cases such as this, silence is the loudest declaration of endorsement that there is.

Rich Hoffman

Why Tracie Hunter is an Agent of Evil: Using racism to mask criminal behavior

It was quite revealing to watch the real Tracie Hunter speak in front of a church and hear her justification for breaking the law and abusing her power as a juvenile court judge in Cincinnati. Her crimes involved using her position of power as an activist toward the black community without addressing what the cause of the problems were—which were on full display by Tracie Hunter herself at a Cincinnati church shortly after charges were brought against her as a sitting judge. Her antics and sudden revelation of her public persona as an activist was on full display in a shocking way. It wasn’t just in how she said it, but in what she said—which can be seen in the video below around the halfway mark. In short, she indicated that the crimes she committed were because God had healed her from a serious car accident, so has dedicated her life to God and his service. Among that service was her activism in abusing her power as a Hamilton County judge.


Seeing who she really was only confirmed the suspicions that many public officials like Barack Obama, and radicals like Eric Holder use their power to perform similar acts against the law purely out of an ideology of victimization that is common in such religious congregations as the one Tracie Hunter spoke to—and in the same radical manner. Her speech was a window into the mind of such nut cases—who actually believe in the merit of social collectivism and use God to hide their inner corruption behind a mask of virtue. Even more shocking were that many people around her during the speech were proclaiming, “YES,” and “I HEAR THAT,” as if what she was saying were things they all believed.

It is not racism, as there was a white guy on the stage with her—it was purely an ideological failure and a lack of understanding of how life really works, and what constitutes merit. People like Tracie Hunter, and her followers have surrendered thought to God and claim to be guided by his invisible hand. But with such an abandonment of logic, how can they ever be certain that the invisible hand guiding their lives toward corruption, perpetuation of violence in the black community through activism, and intellectual foolishness, isn’t the work of a vile devil? The real force at work is laziness at not even wanting to commit thought to the condition of their lives—but to follow emotional tides of sentiment based on village mentality collectivism propagated by ignorance. And they justify that ignorance, and their natural laziness propping up their lack of intellectual curiosity by claiming they have dedicated their lives to God—letting some invisible being residing in the folds of the universe as their guiding light to break the law and spread evil across the earth. This is essentially the defense of Tracie Hunter as justification for her crimes.

Rather than bring justice to the young juveniles of her court, Tracie Hunter only threw them back out into the rat race of government driven slums created by the welfare state. Not wanting to point out the social failures of the poverty programs of the LBJ administration during the mid-60s, they simply tossed the responsibility back toward God and pretended to be working on his behalf yielding young black kids back into violence against one another—then proclaiming that all her crimes were “for the children.” Such statements were then followed by a congregation of mind numb fools saying “AMEN.”

The church listening to Tracie Hunter are the same type of drones who believe that Eric Holder is not a criminal, and that Barack Obama is not a functioning communist. They are the same types in fact who are still falling for communist rhetoric all over Africa, which is keeping their countries in a state of decrypt economic conditions. When Tracie Hunter exclaimed the name of Nelson Mandela there was a roar of approval from the congregation—apparently those same enthusiasts were aware that the South African leader was a radical communist, which is why he was put in jail in the first place. It wasn’t for the color of his skin, but for the radical political beliefs he held to incite a communist takeover of South Africa.

The unspoken definitions for things often cannot distinguish the aims of 20th century communism from churches like the one that Tracie Hunter enunciated so voraciously from the podium. They often have the same goals and aims filled with good intentions. But their implementation often carries them into the realm of law breaking and counter-capitalist objectives.   Tracie Hunter made the decision to break the law as a judge interpreting the conditions of the black youth dangling by her fingers for the fate of their lives through a lens of unspoken communist thought which runs rampant through many communities of color hidden behind the Sherman tank of racism. Nobody dares call out that communism for fear of being called a racist, but the definitions between communism and Tracie Hunter’s justice—just as it was Nelson Mandela’s, or Barrack Obama’s is indistinguishable. The kind of social activism reliant on communism to advance the cause as though inspired by God is what Tracie Hunter was speaking in her speech backed by several pastors.

It is the rejection of capitalism that causes the people under the spell of Tracie Hunter to suffer under other groups of people who are driven not by racist desires, but those of free markets and competition. It is the cause of the youth that appeared before her inciting her to use her power of position to manipulate as if to fight back against the vile evils of capitalism—as if she were marching to the very trumpets played by God himself from a cloud floating above the welfare office. But to clearer minds, it is not a God, but something of a vile evil which maintains shackles upon the legs of many youth tricking them into believing that it is freedom that they are chained to, instead of perpetual enslavement. Radical devotees to social change—from a capitalist society to a communist one is the hidden rhetoric of Tracie Hunter and her church followers. And they are not shy about their desire to penetrate public office to execute their aims—and when they are caught—to point toward God and toss the blame for their actions at that invisible ruler shirking all responsibility for their actions. It should then be of no surprise that their communities continue to fail as does everything they put their hands on. The reason Tracie Hunter failed is the same reason that Barack Obama continues to fail—and the reason that South Africa has floundered economically under Nelson Mandela for decades—it is because they are worshiping behind the mask of God a deity of collectivism. And when they are caught advancing evil as they do, they use God as their shield. And if that doesn’t work, they cry racism. Then they break the law and do anything they can to advance the intentions of evil for aims designed outside of the scope of the Holy Bible driven by words never printed upon a written page.

Rich Hoffman

The Dream of Kip Thorne: Christopher Nolan’s ‘Interstellar’

Over twenty years ago I read a book by Kip Thorne about black holes and time warps that was a treasure I will never forget. In it the theoretical physics applied I knew would alter the way human beings relate to virtually everything in their lives. It has taken a long time, but finally that applied science is emerging into a film that I think will shatter the perceptions many have of their reality and I am ecstatic about its release in theaters everywhere on November 7th. I have been waiting a long time for this movie as the subject matter is one that excites great passion in me. The topic of black holes as a category of science is an obsession of my wife who spends most of her time contemplating them and how they relate to the universe. It makes for some interesting dinner conversation. As I pay attention to politics and social sciences to a large degree, she would rather not have her mind encumbered with such sluggish perceptions. But when it comes to theoretical physics and the morality of the universe—she blooms like a spring flower. The movie is called Interstellar and was developed by Steven Spielberg then taken over and directed by Christopher Nolan in 2010, whom I have said so many positive things about as a young film maker.

When the movie Back to the Future came out, the film left a mark on the public consciousness that changed social vocabulary. It was a Spielberg produced project that made discussions about the space-time continuum a topic of dinner time conversation. Mankind became smarter because of the comedy Back to the Future due to the presentation of the theoretical science involved. A few years later Spielberg did it again with Jurassic Park and the concept of DNA building of living creatures. Complicated discussion about DNA engineering soon filled the airwaves and mankind took another complicated step forward. Only through the popular action movie Jurassic Park was the hard debate about DNA framed for public dialogue. In the new film Interstellar the concept of space, time, and even the life of the earth will be brought into a focus yet unexplored properly. That is because Kip is the executive producer of this important film and Christopher Nolan along with composer Hans Zimmer are willing to take epic risks to portray these complicated elements on-screen for audiences who had been previously unaware of these scientific concepts.

Interstellar is an upcoming 2014 science fiction film directed by Christopher Nolan. Starring Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway, Jessica Chastain, and Michael Caine, the film features a team of space travelers who travel through a wormhole. It was written by Jonathan Nolan and Christopher Nolan, who combined his idea with an existing script by his brother that was developed in 2007 for Paramount Pictures and producer Lynda Obst. Nolan is producing the film with Obst and Emma Thomas. Theoretical physicist Kip Thorne, whose works inspired the film, acted as both an executive producer and a scientific consultant for the film.

Warner Bros., who produced and distributed some of Nolan’s previous films, negotiated with Paramount, traditionally a rival studio, to have a financial stake in Interstellar. Legendary Pictures, which formerly partnered with Warner Bros., also sought a stake. The three companies co-financed the film, and the production companies Syncopy and Lynda Obst Productions were enlisted. The director also hired cinematographer Hoyte van Hoytema since his long-time collaborator Wally Pfister was busy working on Transcendence, his directorial debut. Interstellar was filmed with a combination of anamorphic 35mm and IMAX film photography. Filming took place in the last quarter of 2013 in locations in the province of Alberta, Canada, in southern Iceland, and in Los Angeles, California. The visual effects company Double Negative created visual effects for Interstellar.

Kip Stephen Thorne (born June 1, 1940) is an American theoretical physicist, known for his contributions in gravitational physics and astrophysics. A longtime friend and colleague of Stephen Hawking and Carl Sagan, he was the Feynman Professor of Theoretical Physics at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) until 2009[2] and one of the world’s leading experts on the astrophysical implications of Einstein’s general theory of relativity. He continues to do scientific research, and is reported to work on the 2014 science-fiction film Interstellar.[3]

Thorne was born in Logan, Utah, the son of Utah State University professors D. Wynne Thorne and Alison C. Thorne, a soil chemist and an economist, respectively. Raised in an academic environment, two of his four siblings are also professors. He became interested in science at the age of eight, after attending a lecture about the solar system. Thorne and his mother then worked out calculations for their own model of the solar system.

Thorne rapidly excelled at academics early in life, becoming one of the youngest full professors in the history of the California Institute of Technology. He received his B.S. degree from Caltech in 1962, and Ph.D. degree from Princeton University in 1965. He wrote his doctoral thesis, Geometrodynamics of Cylindrical Systems, under the supervision of relativist John Wheeler. Thorne returned to Caltech as an associate professor in 1967 and became a professor of theoretical physics in 1970, the William R. Kenan, Jr. Professor in 1981, and the Feynman Professor of Theoretical Physics in 1991. In June 2009 he resigned his Feynman Professorship (he is now the Feynman Professor of Theoretical Physics, Emeritus) to pursue a career of writing and movie making. His first film project will team him with Christopher Nolan.

Throughout the years, Thorne has served as a mentor and thesis advisor for many leading theorists who now work on observational, experimental, or astrophysical aspects of general relativity. Approximately 50 physicists have received Ph.D.s at Caltech under Thorne’s personal mentorship.

Thorne is known for his ability to convey the excitement and significance of discoveries in gravitation and astrophysics to both professional and lay audiences. In 1999, Thorne made some speculations on what the 21st century will find as the answers to the following questions:

  • Is there a “dark side of the universe” populated by objects such as black holes?
  • Can we observe the birth of the universe and its dark side using radiation made from space-time warpage, or so-called “gravitational waves”?
  • Will 21st century technology reveal quantum behavior in the realm of human-size objects?

His presentations on subjects such as black holes, gravitational radiation, relativity, time travel, and wormholes have been included in PBS shows in the U.S. and in the United Kingdom on the BBC.

Black hole cosmology

Main article: Hoop Conjecture

Thorne has made contributions to black hole cosmology. Thorne proposed his Hoop Conjecture that cast aside the thought of a naked singularity. The Hoop Conjecture describes an imploding star turning into a black hole when the critical circumference of the designed hoop can be placed around it and set into rotation.[5] That is, any object of mass M around which a hoop of circumference can be spun must be a black hole. As a tool to be used in both enterprises, astrophysics and theoretical physics, Thorne has developed an unusual approach, called the “Membrane Paradigm“, to the theory of black holes and used it to clarify the “Blandford-Znajek” mechanism by which black holes may power some quasars and active galactic nuclei. Thorne has investigated the quantum statistical mechanical origin of the entropy of a black hole and the entropy of a cosmological horizon in an inflationary model of the universe. With Wojciech Zurek he showed that the entropy of a black hole of known mass, angular momentum, and electric charge is the logarithm of the number of ways that the hole could have been made. With Igor Novikov and Don Page he developed the general relativistic theory of thin accretion disks around black holes, and using this theory he deduced that with a doubling of its mass by such accretion a black hole will be spun up to 0.998 of the maximum spin allowed by general relativity, but not any farther. This is probably the maximum black-hole spin allowed in nature. He, along with his mentor John Wheeler, additionally proved that it was impossible for cylindrical magnetic field lines to implode. Both Hawking and Thorne have theorized that a singularity exists in the interior of a black hole.

Wormholes and time travel

Thorne was one of the first people to conduct scientific research on whether the laws of physics permit space and time to be multiply connected (can there exist classical, traversable wormholes and “time machines“?). With Sung-Won Kim, Thorne identified a universal physical mechanism (the explosive growth of vacuum polarization of quantum fields), that may always prevent spacetime from developing closed timelike curves (i.e., prevent “backward time travel”). With Mike Morris and Ulvi Yurtsever he showed that traversable Lorentzian wormholes can exist in the structure of spacetime only if they are threaded by quantum fields in quantum states that violate the averaged null energy condition (i.e. have negative renormalized energy spread over a sufficiently large region). This has triggered research to explore the ability of quantum fields to possess such extended negative energy. Recent calculations by Thorne indicate that simple masses passing through traversable wormholes could never engender paradoxes – there are no initial conditions that lead to paradox once time travel is introduced. If his results can be generalized, they would suggest that none of the supposed paradoxes formulated in time travel stories can actually be formulated at a precise physical level: that is, that any situation in a time travel story turns out to permit many consistent solutions.

Relativistic stars, multipole moments and other endeavors

With Anna Żytkow, Thorne predicted the existence of red supergiant stars with neutron-star cores (Thorne–Żytkow objects). He laid the foundations for the theory of pulsations of relativistic stars and the gravitational radiation they emit. With James Hartle, Thorne derived from general relativity the laws of motion and precession of black holes and other relativistic bodies, including the influence of the coupling of their multipole moments to the spacetime curvature of nearby objects. Thorne has also theoretically predicted the existence of universally antigravitating “exotic matter” – the element needed to accelerate the expansion rate of the universe, keep traversable wormhole “Star Gates” open and keep timelike geodesic free float “warp drives” working. With Clifford Will and others of his students, he laid the foundations for the theoretical interpretation of experimental tests of relativistic theories of gravity – foundations on which Will and others then built. Thorne is currently interested in the origin of classical space and time from the quantum foam of quantum gravity theory.

All of that complicated dialogue will be presented with a coherent and compelling story driven by the director Christopher Nolan. It will be an epic event to say the least as many of Kip’s theories described above will be presented in Interstellar. For my wife and I it will make for marvelous diner conversation afterwards—an event that is rare indeed. It’s the kind of thing that we talk about often and it will be a pleasure to see such obscure topics presented in a way that elevates the future dialogue of the human race. On November 7th 2014, mankind will take a new step forward toward a fate that has not yet been written.

Rich Hoffman

Cancellation of Union Contracts: The self-entitlement of public workers

A regular citizen shown in the video below pulled over a police officer—a government worker who believes that they are exempt from the law. The officer was driving an unmarked police car and using it for traffic citations—which in Washington state is illegal. The private citizen knew as much and pulled over the bewildered officer. Notice the arrogance of the officer in believing that because he was a police officer, that he was held to a different standard than the rest of society.   Wisely, he realized that the citizen knew more about the law than he did, so he shut his mouth rather quickly—but his irritation at being called out for illegal action was classic.

This is what you get when you have unionized employees in charge of society. Unionized behavior doesn’t work in private industry and it certainly doesn’t work in the public sector. It is because of the lack of competition in promotions, raises, and benefits acquisition that there is so much incompetence in the public sector centering around union contracts paid for with tax payer funds. As predicted at this site four years ago, time is running out for this kind of behavior as city managers and councils are beginning to understand that the only way they can manage tax funded resources is to introduce competition to the equations so that they can get better value for the consumed dollar.

Two remarkable stories happened over the last week resulting in the cancelling of union contracts by public officials. One is the dissolving of the Lincoln Heights police department in Ohio due to excessive insurance costs triggered by union driven law suits so to move the bar of progressive activism far to the left—which has cost Lincoln Heights a lot of money. They decided to just drop their police department to stop the bleeding—which was an excellent decision. The other is the Philadelphia school system cancelling their teacher’s contract because of the excessive cost of health care contributions. The union over the years refused to budge on their golden plans with little contributions from themselves which has broken the bank leaving the only responsible thing to do is to just drop the contract. I have reprinted each story with the original links below. The Lincoln Heights story was the result of a WCPO I-Team investigation and is what journalism is supposed to be about. The Philadelphia schools system story is a Fox News feature. Both have their roots in the same crises located in different parts of the country to show that this is not a regional problem. One is in a relatively conservative area, the other a very liberal one. In the coming months and years this will become a much more common occurrence as it is the only way to properly manage tax payer resources from the greedy hands of public sector unions who just don’t know when to stop asking for more, and more, and more.

CINCINNATI – Lincoln Heights police and fire departments were shut down Thursday after a “lapse in insurance coverage,” but at least one service returned Friday morning.

Hamilton County dispatchers said the fire department reopened, but the police department will remain closed.

Public Entities Pool of Ohio (PEP) – an insurance group that provides property and liability coverage to public entities – terminated the village’s insurance at 12 a.m. Thursday, forcing the departments to shut down.

“It was a yearly renewal,” Lincoln Heights Village Manager Stephanie Summerow-Dumas said. “It was time for a renewal and (PEP) made the decision (to cut coverage) because of certain variables.”

Those variables are lawsuits, according to PEP Executive Vice President JT. Babish.

Babish said coverage was pulled due to the “substantial negative financial impact” of wage disputes, employment harassment, wrongful terminations, allegations of wrongful arrest and violations of civil rights within the departments.

Twenty-three of those claims have resulted in lawsuits – nine of which are still being defended, he said.

PEP officials said the village could not keep up with the costs of those suits.

“Any company would look at that and see if they want to be vulnerable to offer insurance,” Summerow-Dumas said. “I’m sure that came into play and they looked at some of that.”

Lincoln Heights emergency dispatchers were advised to tell callers to contact the Lockland Police Department and Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office, which have taken over emergency duties.

RELATED: I-Team: Lincoln Heights police department struggles with ‘corruption’

The closure of Lincoln Heights’ safety services comes on the heels of an I-Team investigation looking into allegations of corruption inside the police department.

The I-Team uncovered several officers within the department have been cited with violations and charged with crimes .

Lincoln Heights Mayor Laverne Mitchell called Ohio Rep. Alicia Reese Thursday after the insurance coverage was revoked.

Reese said she is working to find a solution.

“I contacted the governor to ask for help,” Reece said. “Safety has to be the top priority for the residents, both in the short and long term.”

Reece said she also held an emergency meeting with cabinet members and representatives from the Department of Insurance and Public Safety.

She said the state agreed to work with Lincoln Heights officials over the next several weeks.



Philadelphia schools cancel teachers’ union contract

PHILADELPHIA – The troubled Philadelphia school district abruptly canceled its teachers’ contract Monday, a surprise move designed to force health care contributions after two years of stalled labor talks.

The announcement came at a hastily-called meeting of the state-run School Reform Commission.



District officials said they have no plans to cut wages of the 15,000 teachers, nurses and other members of the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers. They would pay about $55 to $140 per month for health care premiums, and face other benefit cuts, starting in December, unless the move is challenged in court.

The American Federation of Teachers called the vote Monday “a well-planned Hail Mary ambush” by Republican Gov. Tom Corbett, who faces a tough re-election fight next month.

“Corbett’s School Reform Commission has amped up a war on teachers and support staff,” AFT President Randi Weingarten said in a statement. “The commission would rather attempt to impose a contract than work with teachers to figure out what is best for Philadelphia’s kids.”

The district, one of the nation’s largest, has 135,000 students. Officials have eliminated 5,000 jobs and closed more than 30 schools as they cut nearly $1 billion in expenses in the past few years. The district perennially struggles with a structural deficit caused by rising pension and health care costs and payments to charter schools, which serve an additional 65,000 students.

Officials said the benefit concessions were on a par with those made by administrators and other workers in recent years.

“Requiring teachers and other employees to contribute to their health care costs is a change and a sacrifice, but contributing to health care benefits is the reality of today’s workplace,” Superintendent William Hite said in a letter to parents. “Limited resources require difficult decisions.”

He expected the teacher health care contributions to yield more than $50 million in savings and new funding per school year. At the same time, Hite urged parents to keep pushing state lawmakers for what he called a fair funding formula.

“Philadelphia families have made extraordinary sacrifices: students come to school every day in buildings that lack critical resources necessary for teaching and learning,” said SRC Chairman William J. Green, a longtime Philadelphia councilman appointed to the post by Corbett earlier this year.

Corbett just two weeks ago signed off on a $2-a-pack cigarette tax in Philadelphia, which city leaders had sought to raise $83 million a year for the school district.

One Democratic lawmaker, Rep. Mike O’Brien of Philadelphia, called the SRC’s unanimous vote to break the contract Monday “an exercise in union busting.”

“It’s certainly a violation of all laws dealing with collective bargaining,” he said. “I think it winds its way into the federal courts.”

Union officials planned an afternoon news conference.

City schools have been under state control since 2001, but have always worked under a negotiated contract. Under the takeover law, teachers do not have the right to strike.

Only a few dozen people attended the surprise session Monday morning, according to parent activist Helen Gym, who said she only learned of the meeting at midnight.

“It’s a disgrace in terms of public governance and democracy,” said Gym, the co-founder of Parents United for Public Education.

“As parents, we’re obviously concerned, because the only thing that is really holding our schools together right now is the teachers and staff,” she said. “I just don’t know how we’re going to sustain and keep a talented teaching force without a contract.”

Rich Hoffman