Warrior of the Week: Sharon Poe

This week’s “Warrior of the Week” isn’t being recognized for her sudden bravery in the face of overwhelming opposition for last week, or even last month, But Sharon Poe has been fighting the good fight both in front of the camera and behind the scenes for a long time. Here is footage of her prior to fighting the Mason Levy during the summer of 2010.

If you listen to the radio, you’ll probably hear her. If you are watching TV and they are covering news regarding Mason, you’ll see her being interviewed. If you go to a school board meeting, you’ll most likely see her giving a speech. But with Sharon, that’s only a small part of what she does.

She amazed me during last week when she helped me coordinate on air interviews from Columbus with news organizations, and was able to turn around in the same afternoon and drop a load of “classified” documents to a major news organization that proves to be a bold and unprecedented move revealing a major cover-up that has been contained from the tax payers for years.

While doing all this she has fulfilled a leadership role within the Lebanon Tea Party, worked to advance “School Choice” as a viable option in Ohio, and maintained very close relationships with key politicians to advance legislation key to much-needed education reforms in Ohio.

For all those reasons and more, Sharon Poe is a “warrior” that if others did half of what she does in her commitment to justice, this world would be a free and wonderful place.

Rich Hoffman


The Overton Window and The Jonestown Tragedy: Richard Trumka’s Progressive Push

I’ve said it many times, I read a lot. A whole lot. And over 2010 one of the books that most jumped out at me was Glenn Beck’s The Overton Window. My daughter had bought it for me for Father’s Day and I read it in one day.

I hear people like Richard Trumka of the AFL-CIO talk about the “RIGHT WING” and you hear what comes out of his mouth and you have to wonder about his sanity. As far as a union leader, and a person close to the White House, which he says he speaks to daily, I would be ashamed if that guy where my boss or leader. He clearly doesn’t understand basic economics and its people like him that create the message that millions of union workers chant.

Here is Trumka speaking in March of 2009. He has no idea how the bill he’s speaking about will “expand” the middle class, and he doesn’t have any idea how this will drive up the labor costs. He just makes statements that people seem to blindly following without question. Something he accuses Beck and other people primarily on the political right of doing.

You can read here how he believes the best way to expand the middle class is through further taxation. http://www.theblaze.com/stories/afl-cio-boss-raising-taxes-is-best-way-to-create-jobs/

America is supposed to be a group of individuals, not a unified collective sum like Trumka speaks about. The Federalist Papers, which went on to become The Constitution were written to protect American from people like Trumka, and Obama. Those people and people like them taken by themselves are not bad people, but they have a dangerous ideology and they disguise it with a message the masses can understand. So it is not a far stretch to say that when I saw Trumka speak on February 26, 2011 that the best way to create jobs was to raise taxes, which I know from economics is false, yet people chant and cheer in approval, and I witnessed the union protests all across the country, it reminded me of Jim Jones, of the Jonestown massacre from 1978. Jones had several thousand supporters that followed him from Indianapolis Indiana, to San Francisco, then to Guyana South America. Jones was an admirer of Marx, Lenin, and Mao. That’s why they chanted this song at their church rallies in the early 70’s.

Jim Jones is a tough story to swallow. Because it is the extreme example of what collectivism can inflict on people. Jones was a proud socialist. What you are about to hear is the actual death tape from the Jonestown Massacre. Jones turned on a tape recorder and gave a final speech while his thousands of followers drank poisoned drink to their deaths. He calls it “revolutionary suicide” to an inhuman world. You will actually hear people perishing in the background, so if you have a soft stomach, don’t listen to this. This behavior is far from a joke. If you listen you will hear several people step forward and speak about the greatness of Jim Jones, their “Daddy,” and of the merits of socialism and communism.
The following clip is from the film The Guyana Tragedy and is a reenactment of what you will hear below.

Here is the actual death tapes. Now consider as you listen to this, these people speaking are just moments from their death. They know it. Listen to their thoughts and what they intend.

So what is the lesson here? Well, madmen have a way of lying to themselves and distorting the reality of the world around them. And such people are attracted to socialism, communism, progressivism and all those collective “ism’s.” At that point it no longer becomes a simple argument about economics and the best way to handle economic issues. It evolves into a struggle between good and evil.

That’s where I start seeing startling comparisons from people in the modern labor movement. What they are saying are simply the words their leaders speak.  Richard Trumka is a powerful union leader and in this recent case involving these labor protests, what he says in public, over a microphone, ends up coming out of the mouths of his followers.

Trumka, like many people attracted to those “collective ideologies” are prone to climb for power. History shows that it happens in every case. I don’t know of a single instance of a collective society that survives outside of a tribal village. The individuality inherit in the human being seems to break down true collectivism, and social experiments to water this tendency down in our youth have failed with terrible results. This is the reason the Tea Party has risen as a permanent movement, because many people are just tired of the “social experiments.” Many want to return to the original blue print that paved the way for the greatest nation on earth.

The Tea Party is a push back against the tendency of “collectivism” that has gotten out of control.

Whether or not he is aware of it or not, Trumka’s actions show that he is power-hungry and idealistic, and is essentially no different from someone like Jim Jones. It is quite possible that if that congressman from California had not went to Jonestown and been killed, Jim Jones and his followers would have lived for years without a mass suicide. But the scary thing about it is that Jones had to retreat to South America to have his utopian society. And the congressman was doing in that society much of what the Tea Party is trying to do in American Society. They are intervening and attempting to break up the dangerous collectivism that is consuming the nation.

Progressives are insistent in the modern age to not leave the country for their utopian society. They instead are intent to change the country itself. Here Trumka reveals what he is all about, which concerns me a great deal. It concerns me because watching his followers on Saturday; they seem to think he truly believes in this whole “middle class” protection. Yet he states otherwise.

Now this doesn’t mean Trumka is just like Jim Jones. Jones when he was in Indiana seemed like a reasonable guy. Thousands and thousands of people wouldn’t have followed him if they thought the path would take them to their sweaty deaths in a South American jungle within a decade. But Trumka’s followers behave almost identically to the congregation of Jim Jones, and that is what is troublesome.

Watch and listen to these clips from the Saturday Protests. And compare the behavior to what you heard from Jim Jones’s Congregation.

This brings me back to the Overton window concept introduced in Beck’s book. People can say what they want about Glenn Beck, but from what I know about the guy, he genuinely wants to get at the truth. His agenda is the truth. And that’s why he wrote his book, The Overton Window.

As I was reading The Overton Window, I realized that here is a guy that Time Magazine called the most dangerous man in American. Here is a guy hated by all these various progressive groups. Here is a guy that has become massively popular in a very short period of time. Here is a guy that has an agent that is very liberal. Here is a guy that knows a few rich people yet has not forgotten his humanity. Here is a guy that has hit the bottom, and realizes that it’s the little things in life that makes things precious. Here is a guy that would never, ever, under any circumstances be a Jim Jones. He might have the power to be, but he would not sub come to it. Glenn Beck is the kind of man who you could put a pile of gold in his lap, ask him to watch it for you till you come back, and when you returned 2 years later, he’d give it back without anything missing. Since he has a unique insight to how the game is played at the level he’s at now, the book, The Overton Window is a particularly rare opportunity for a reader. And I found the book and its concepts uniquely rich. It may not be the most profound literary work in history. But it is very bold in its attempt and it succeeds. What it is successful in doing is capturing the confusing political landscape that we are currently involved with revealing through a cleaver story what drives all the groups involved in creating their own Overton window that will pull society in their desired direction.
Here is the definition and description of what a Overton Window is as described in Wikipedia.

The Overton window, in political theory, describes a “window” in the range of public reactions to ideas in public discourse, in a spectrum of all possible options on a particular issue. It is named after its originator, Joseph P. Overton.

At any given moment, the “window” includes a range of policies considered to be politically acceptable in the current climate of public opinion, which a politician can recommend without being considered too “extreme” or outside the mainstream to gain or keep public office. Overton arranged the spectrum on a vertical axis of “more free” and “less free” in regards to government intervention. When the window moves or expands, ideas can accordingly become more or less politically acceptable. The degrees of acceptance of public ideas can be described roughly as:

• Unthinkable
• Radical
• Acceptable
• Sensible
• Popular
• Policy

The Overton Window is a means of visualizing which ideas define that range of acceptance by where they fall in it. Proponents of policies outside the window seek to persuade or educate the public so that the window either “moves” or expands to encompass them. Opponents of current policies, or similar ones currently within the window, likewise seek to convince people who these should be considered unacceptable.

Other formulations of the process created after Overton’s death add the concept of moving the window, such as deliberately promoting ideas even less acceptable than the previous “outer fringe” ideas, with the intention of making the current fringe ideas acceptable by comparison.

This site has an interesting twist on The Overton Window by describing it in four planes instead of just left and right, which I like.

What these extreme left groups have done over time is they pulled the Overton window radically to the left with key phrases like, “workers’ rights” and “tax the rich.” Or “all conservatives are Hitler.” 100 years ago at the start of the progressive movement these ideas were considered radical. But in the election of 1912, Eugene V.Debs had doubled the Socialist vote from 500,000 in 1908 to 1 million in 1912. This wasn’t some guy from Europe; he was born in Terre Haute, Indiana. In fact, the Socialists had their 1912 Convention in Indianapolis; the same place Jim Jones started his socialist church. Ronald Reagan toyed with joining the socialist party when he was a young man in Hollywood. It was after he traveled to England and witnessed what socialism had done to England through the Labor Party that he turned far to the right, out of fear for his country. But those people, those 1 million people who voted socialist in 1912 are out there, and they attached themselves to progressive ideas, they had children, raised families and found themselves drawn to the Labor Movement in America on the backs of the unions. Now many of those people aren’t bad people, but they are attracted to the collectivism of socialist concepts by their family culture and genetic make-up, because let’s face it, some people are more comfortable hiding in the masses and are not inclined to stand on their own.

Those poor, unfortunate souls are the people who end up following someone like Jim Jones in the extreme circumstance. And to a lesser degree, they find themselves repeating word for word what someone like Richard Trumka utters, without any care as to the relevance of his words. Trumka knows he can’t talk to an economist about how he represents the “middle class” or how “increasing taxes on the rich,” “creates jobs.” Those are just buzz words to stir up the followers. What Trumka is really after is moving the Overton window far to the left as was the trend during the entire 20th century. It happened because people weren’t aware of the threat and it just crept into our culture subtly. Trumka said it himself; he’s not in the labor movement for wages and benefits. He’s using the labor movement as a platform to change society, and that isn’t any different from Jim Jones who wanted to change the world through religion.

The Tea Party wants none of that non-sense. The Tea Party wants people like Trumka off our back, and wants to pull the Overton window back to the far right so that the recoil will leave the political spectrum back in the middle where it belongs. The caution is there because half the nation isn’t drinking the cool-aid of Trumka. Half is, roughly. The problem is that other half are made up of people who have evolved to expect an entitlement culture, so those aren’t the kind of people who will carry a nation by themselves. They’ll need a fanatical leader to lead them. The Tea Party has no such leader. Glenn Beck could disappear tomorrow and someone like Doc Thompson in Cincinnati would just take his place, or maybe the young man in the radio broadcast above. The movement is essentially leaderless, because it is built upon the ideas of self-reliance, which was what America was intended to be.

The real threat and real money being poured into politics isn’t coming from Rupert Murdoch, or the Koch Brothers. George Soros, and all the Hollywood left has poured far more money into political manipulation so there isn’t any room to talk. Yet if Trumka says “the conservative right is for the rich, and we are for the working man!” Look at all these contributors to the radical left! Yet all these people point to the right and say it’s “Wall Street, the rich, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Sarah Palin, all are blamed for manipulating the American people when in fact it is these people that have committed the act of their accusations.

“The working man” is another false premise captured by the labor movement and placed into the minds of Americans by the Overton window. In Ohio 655,000 people work for a union, both public and private. That’s only 13.7 percent of the 4,787,000 million people who are employed in the state. That leaves over 4 million people not represented by a union, and don’t particularly want to be represented by a union. And most of those people are not in management. Most of those people are the real workers, and is proof that such extreme rhetoric as exhibited by people like Trumka to an army of people built on entitlement. Yet, because of the Overton window, the media, and the regular everyday people accept that “workers’ rights” represents union work, because that’s how the term was marketed.

The times we live in have these two ideologies colliding before us. And unlike in the past, people will have to choose. One side is the side of life, and one side is the side of doom. So we must choose and choose wisely. Because the time has passed where both sides can’t coexist together now that the radicals have made a move and shown their intentions.

Rich Hoffman


S.B.5 Would Have Saved $1.3 Billion in 2010: Yet the OEA says it’s teachers will suffer when the average teacher makes 55K?

The picture here refers to a report from the Columbus Dispatch which cites that if S.B.5 had been enacted during 2010, the state would have saved 1.3 Billion dollars. That’s a massive figure!

Darryl Parks of 700 WLW talks about the savings S.B.5 would have saved, and addresses the hypocrites within the Tea Party Movement that are now complaining about some of the budget cuts they pushed for.

You can see the whole article for the Columbus Dispatch here.

Most of the savings are not a direct savings to the state, but an indirect cost imposed by “step increases” which is the primary reason I am supporting S.B.5. At Lakota, as I’ve stated many times, the average teacher makes over 62K . When you study the reason Lakota, Mason, Lebanon and all the other large Southern Ohio districts need a levy passed, it is because the districts have to live up to their rising costs imposed by the “step increases” required by state law. So when I asked the question, “why can’t Lakota live within their 160 million dollar budget? Why can’t Lakota cut salaries since they are obviously inflated, and leave busing alone, keep the sports, keep the electives, don’t lay off teachers?” The response was, “we can’t, because we are obligated by state law.”

Step increases are the hidden villain here. I calculated that if the teachers at Lakota took a 30% reduction, which is reasonable considering what they are making, it would save Lakota $29 million a year which would mean the district wouldn’t have to ask for more money in an operating levy.

I’ve written about this elsewhere and if you want to see the other article click the link. All businesses whether they are service oriented or manufacturing oriented have a responsibility to keep their costs in line. One way that businesses do that is to use the 10-80-10 rule as it’s applied to labor. That rule states that 10% of your workforce will be your typical “top” performers, and they will get the most dramatic increases, 4% to 15% depending on the situation. 80% of your workers are average, and will typically get a standard 2% to 3% increase, otherwise considered a “cost of living” increase. And of course every place of business has approximately 10% that are poor performers and they won’t get an increase of any kind. Why? Because those bottom 10% you want to look for another job, and you want them to leave so you don’t have to pay them. It gives you a chance to hire somebody that might want to compete for the top 10% percentile. If you manage things correctly, your bottom 10% are the kind of people who your competition is hiring at the middle 80%, and you want that so you can maintain a competitive edge.

That’s the reason the teachers are protesting. Because their union knows the scam that they’ve been playing against the tax payer is falling apart now that their cost to society has reached a breaking point. Their strategy all along was to continue to push for higher taxes to pay for their scam and they had full confidence based on their track record over the last two decades that they’d achieve that goal. Now, compare what you’ve learned here about step increases, and the imposed cost to the tax payer, and the amount of money teachers are making on average, and then look at Patricia Frost-Brooks, President of the OEA, comments in that same mentioned article from The Dispatch.

“If you lower the wages, and your health insurance goes up, then what does that do to a family? How is the family going to sustain their livelihood?” said Patricia Frost-Brooks, president of the Ohio Education Association.

What planet is she living on? Doesn’t she realize that her teachers are making A LOT more money than the average worker in Ohio? You can read more about Patricia’s view of the world at http://www.progressohio.org/blog/2010/09/lets-revitalize-ohio-not-go-backwards-by-ohio-education-association-president-patricia-frost-brooks.html Notice she doesn’t mention much about kids in that article. Only politics.

Patricia goes into great detail attempting to demean Governor Kasich before the election. The OEA is a lobby group in Columbus where Patricia Frost-Brooks is president of the Ohio Education Association, a statewide union representing 130,000 members in k-12 schools, public colleges and universities and education support professionals. So when you listen to what she says, consider that she has one primary job and that is to protect her members. And in her view, she if protecting her members by driving up their wages, paying them very well, so they will have the expendable income to give back some to her lobby group. It’s that simple.

She accuses Kasich of misleading. She makes that assumption based on her own actions, so she assumes that the rest of the world is playing the same game, and they aren’t. Patricia reveals much of herself in that Progress Ohio Article. She is against school reform, she is against reducing the salaries of teachers to help districts deal with their costs, and she genuinely believes that somehow education costs can continue to expand as they have forever. She is completely out of touch, and if she’s the leader of the union, and is one of the most “rational” minds, then what do the “rank and file” believe? Where do they think all the money comes from? Do they not have a basic understanding of economics?

But Tom Ash, director of governmental development for the Buckeye Association of School Administrators, said school boards may not do away with all automatic pay increases.

“At milestones during their career, I think there should be step increases in an attempt to retain those people because you don’t want to lose them,” he said. “But the notion that you should do it every year, I don’t know that that’s necessary when you’re also providing an increase on the base salary.”

Mr. Ash is speaking my language. That’s the reality of the situation. For some teachers that are exceptional, I’ll use Lakota as an example, like Mr. Duff, who is a science teacher that I think is great, I don’t want to see him go anywhere. I’d be happy to tell the school board to throw money at a teacher like that. He should make 70 to 80K per year. But for every teacher like him, there are 4 or 5 that are just cruising through their careers, and they do not deserve to make more than 55K per year, no matter how much education they obtain for themselves.

You have to understand that this whole thing is a system. The OEA for years has lobbied to create legislation that creates incentives for teachers to obtain a master’s degree. For many teachers, obtaining a master’s degree is practical and necessary. According to the U.S. Department of Education, 52 percent of teachers hold a master’s degree or higher. Although some states require teachers to obtain master’s degrees, teachers often seek advanced degrees to increase their salaries and obtain new skills.

Read more: Requirements for a Master’s in Teaching | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/list_6388286_requirements-master_s-teaching.html#ixzz1FA2fulvD

There is a reason Patricia and the OEA wants its teachers to have a master’s degree. That is because the OEA also represent teachers who work for universities and if every teacher working in Ohio continues their education and gets a master’s degree so they can qualify for the financial rewards of obtaining that degree then the money funneled into the colleges can help pay the salaries of the professors staffed at those institutions. It’s what the “working people” in know would call, “job security.” The OEA knows that their teachers at the K-12 level are likely to seek that higher degree if they can afford it with good wages to begin with, but the promise of even higher wages are at the end of that degree. Here are the tuition costs at Ohio State, as listed at their website.
Estimated Costs for U.S. Students

All costs are subject to change without notice. A complete list of quarterly tuition charges by program may be found at the Office of the Registrar’s website. http://gradadmissions.osu.edu/Costs.html

• $11,298 – tuition cost for a U.S. citizen, permanent resident, aslyee, or refugee and a legal resident of the State of Ohio;
• $28,746 – tuition cost for a US citizen, permanent resident, aslyee, or refugee whose residence is outside of Ohio;
• $13,980 – estimated annual expenses for room, board, insurance, books and supplies

The truth of the matter is it’s all about money. It’s always been about money, and it’s a game played at the tax payers’ expense and it has to stop.

Look at this ad from “Teacher World” which is a teacher recruiting website.

With an average teacher salary of $55,931,* teaching in Ohio is a great career choice. Whether you like bustling cities like Cincinnati, Cleveland or state capital Columbus, or prefer smaller towns or rural communities, Ohio has it all. Learn about teaching in Ohio on Teacher World.


The OEA knows what it’s doing. It’s a shell game. They manage to obtain for their teachers above average wages so they can funnel some of that money into the higher education system. They also have to create the incentive for teachers to make more than enough money so they won’t suffer when they must pay their union dues, because the OEA needs that money to lobby elected officials and participate in the political system.

During this entire process, the OEA has managed to wrestle control away from school boards all over the state so that this financial balance cannot be upset by local communities not wanting to pay outrageous taxes. The school boards are brought into the shell game each November when they attend the OSBA, (Ohio School Board Association) event in Columbus.


Check out this video. This is how they sell it.

Once the school board members are taught what they can and can’t cover as board members, the implementations that are put in place by the OEA are safe from scrutiny. This is why the first and only thing school boards are allowed to deal with are the costs associated with direct operating expenditures, which only occupy under 20% of a school district budget. Notice how many times teachers and administrators mention in that video that the only hug a child gets in a day or hot meal they eat comes from the school system. It is ironic that they sell their service and the necessity for the massive amount of money flowing within it by creating the perception that they are the only chance kids have for success in life.

Yet, the message is effective, and the employees believe what they are told from leadership. One person that believed the message was Ryan Fahrenkempt who was teaching at Lakota last year before being forced to resign in August of 2010. As a Lakota educator, Fahrenkamp hosted a science day for students and was featured in a newspaper article about the shortage of male teachers in the elementary classroom.

He was quoted in the 2008 article while he was teaching sixth-grade at the former Shawnee Elementary School.
“I think that boys at this age need that male influence outside just the home,” he said. “In some cases, they don’t get that in the home,” Fahrenkamp said.

Oh, he wasn’t the only one. Just one month later the Mason School System had this happen.

How did Stacy Schuler see herself and her role as a teacher? Schuler said she isn’t perfect and she knows of a healthier lifestyle than she is living now. “I used to wake up earlier to come in [to the school] and work out,” Schuler said. “But I just wasn’t getting enough sleep, and as much as I preach a healthy lifestyle, I would say I’m not a good example of a healthy lifestyle right now.”

What do the parents think about this behavior?  Listen to a mom read a note from her son during the last school board meeting in Mason, Feb 22nd 2011.  Her son went to Mason several years ago, he graduated in 2007.  This proves that the recent news went on for quite some time.  The woman’s testimony is at approximately the 1/4 mark of the video.  George Coates named in this video was the AP who’s genitals were found on Stacy Schuler’s computer upon her arrest and was a direct supervisor to Ms. Schuler.


And it’s happening all over the country. That video you saw from the OSBA, about how school is the only safe haven for many kids is completely misleading. Parents have to be more involved in their kids’ lives. Money will not make that issue go away, because we cannot trust our kids completely to school systems. There are a lot of good people who work within the system, but schools are not the utopia’s that the OSBA envisions and tries to sell to its members.

Click this link to visit a page that attempts to capture all the school scandals in the country. Just pick a city. http://www.schoolteachernews.com/scandal.html

Parents must be an important part of a kid’s life. Schools have sold themselves as an option while busy parents conduct their lives, and in the chaos, people like Patricia, of the OEA, and Governor Strickland, pandering to union money has manipulated tax payers into funding their personal social agendas. And the experiment has been a terrible, miserable failure. Not only is the per pupil spending in Ohio at 10k per student that money has done nothing to prepare children for the world marketplace. MTV is proving to be the stronger influence among young people, and kids get that information for free. The education reforms that Patricia fears so vehemently, like competition with school vouchers, and competitive salaries controlled by school boards, are coming because the OEA have been caught not doing what is right for the children and the communities that send their children to their care every day. Public school is a valuable asset, but is producing at a mediocre level. Not at the level that the wages being asked for dictate. The OEA has attempted to cover that fact with smoke and flashy imagery. But they are the failures behind the curtain. Remember the Wizard of Oz? Patricia is the one behind the curtain in this particular case.

What S.B.5 will do is it will save tax money indirectly, with anticipated increases that used to be mandated by the state will now be controlled at the local level, where tax payers can help the school board adjust their costs to the supplied budget. And it will take control away from the shell game that the OEA has been conducting for years.

That’s why S.B.5 is a great bill. And it’s also why the OEA is so steadfast against it. It’s all about control and manipulation. That’s what Kasich means when he says he wants to return “management control” to local communities. That’s how the economics of the state get balanced and why Ohio can be a model for how the United States as a country should function. We cannot allow a central authority driven by union manipulation to drive up the costs of education in our communities, like it is now. That central authority has to be removed as an influence because they are not elected by the tax payer, yet act as a government authority. The experiment has failed terribly, and it’s time to try a method that puts the responsibility on the local community, and allows competition to do its work of driving costs down, in this case up to 1.3 Billion just for the impact of S.B.5 alone, and make the best and brightest employees excel while the mediocre stay in a budget range that does not destroy the ability of the community to fund them.

The question is, will the communities of Ohio allow themselves to see through the smoke screens and do what is obviously right or will they choose to allow themselves to be scammed by a ruthless adversary. Only time will tell.

Rich Hoffman


Paying for Protection: The Organized Crime of Teacher Unions

Should a teacher have to pay dues to a union in order to work for a public school? Of course not, yet that is exactly what’s happening in Ohio and many other states. Such a policy is no different from organized crime, where protection money is required in order to avoid some retaliatory measure. This type of behavior has absolutely no place in modern education!

Doc Thompson talks to Tracy Bailey of the Association of American Educators about alternatives to teachers unions and politics along party politics. It is a fascinating discussion that deserves review. If you are truly hungry for facts, make sure to listen to this interview. Bailey discusses how teachers are listed at the top of many public opinion polls as to people society trusts. But union leaders are viewed equal to used car salesmen in a trust worthy factor, and there is a growing disconnect between those two gaps.

Check out Tracy’s link here.

Yet the stories of impropriety continue among the tax payer employees known as teachers. Lakota had a major scandal recently in January from Ryan Fahremkemp and Mason had one with Stacy Schuler in February and there are more to follow on her coat tails. Read this next bit of information coming out of Mason.

You can read the whole article from The Whistleblower at this link.

Sex and Drugs for All: The Mason Schools

Here’s yet another Mason teacher, Daniel P. Little, who is still teaching in the district.

Several of our readers said we didn’t report enough detail about Mason teacher Dan Little, 28, and his arrest in the midst of his sex and drugs two-day party spree in Room 403 at the Hampton Inn on Crescent Avenue in Covington, Kentucky. Also present at the party when the arrests took place were five other people: another Mason teacher Russell Fallon, Mason assistant wrestling coach Jabree Jones, Tasha C. Davis, Carrie Little (Dan’s wife), and John L. Miller.

I don’t know about you, but I expect better behavior out of the teachers we hire with our tax dollars. I am aware that there are always bad apples in a bundle, but what doesn’t get analyzed from all the chanting protestors in the Ohio and Wisconsin State Houses is that there is a level of expectation that the public has about their teachers. Unfortunately many tax payers throw up their hands in frustration and have stopped “expecting,” because bad behavior goes unpunished, or is brushed under a rug by administrators. That is the crime here, and that is why we are finding more of these stories from teachers that are abusing “The System.”

It is certainly not new, this idea that teachers want to have sex with students, or administrators are having sex with teachers, or teachers like in the case involving Daniel Little are getting together with a group of other teachers along with his wife to engage in extremely bad behavior. This wasn’t just one teacher and one isolated incident much like the Schuler case wasn’t just sex with one student. She was involved with the Assistant Principle also, which has not been discussed much. And Dan Little wasn’t just having a crazy drug party with his wife in a hotel room. It was with several other teachers, people we expect to teach our kids about the negatives of drugs.

But schools hire public relations people known as “spokesman” to clean up these issues and present a public face that the media can assist in portraying. Notice how Dan Little is portrayed on the Mason School System website.

Staff Awards and Honors
Mason City Schools’ staff members are at the top of their profession.
• 31 Mason teachers earned National Board Certification, MMS science teacher Dan Little and Mason Heights second grade teacher Greg Hill won the Rising Above Teacher Award sponsored by Panera Bread Company
Check it out for yourself. http://masonohioschools.com/district.cfm?subpage=185


Do you think Panera Bread wants it’s Rising Above Teacher Award going to a drug abuser? Of course not. And would the public be inclined to pass another school levy if they knew about such bad behavior? Of course not. So it doesn’t get talked about. It gets spun and twisted so a moral judgment cannot be made, and by the time the next levy hits the ballot box, the voters have forgotten, because all they see is the awards that were won and published by the school.

That’s where the unions come to play, and that is what the teachers are paying for with their union dues, protection. Dan Little makes $86,000 and he’s only 28 years old. The union has collectively bargained in favor of a teacher like him obviously. Who thinks that kind of financial compensation would be available in the private sector? But that’s not the only thing the union dues purchase for a teacher like him. The union makes it so difficult for the administration to investigate and punish bad behavior that administrators have given up too.

Administrators and I know this is a hundred percent true because I know some of them personally, spend their time protecting image and not enforcing policy. The inmates do run the asylum and everyone knows it, within the school systems. It is a running joke.

Now I get a lot of letters from people who don’t want to see it. Or they get mad at me for pointing it out, because in their minds, they want to maintain the illusion that they want to believe. And I say to those people that they are irresponsible participants of destructive behavior which directly corrupts our youth. If they cannot see the error of their self-imposed blindness, then they are as bad as the people who commit these terrible acts, because the public trusts these tax funded employees to care for their children.

I started this quest by asking a simple question. Is a the average teacher salary at the Lakota School District worth 62K. For me, no. I think that is way too high as an average. The average needs to be in the lower 50K range to meet the budget requirements. But if the public is going to be required to pay teachers like Dan Little 86K a year, is it too much to ask that he uphold a high moral order in his private life? Is a person with obvious social problems qualified to make so much? Is he even qualified to teach one child let alone a class, or several classes? Yet those questions cannot be asked because the teachers union with all their collective bargaining agreements put in place for “safety” of the employee prevents even asking the question, because the pursuit of justice is far too costly to overcome the organized crime strategies of the union.

That is the heart of the problem. There are a lot of good ideas out there. Doc Thompson as a radio talk host has went above and beyond in examining them. You can listen to hours of his testimony on this site or simply visit this extensive online video library with sound bites from his show. http://www.mefeedia.com/feeds/51484/overmanwarrior

The question is, as the supervisors of these employees, which is all of us that pay taxes, is the system the way it is now to your liking? Do you think it works? Or do you want to do like David Letterman said recently, “why don’t we just throw more and more money at education until it works.” It doesn’t matter if it’s 20K or 30K per pupil! The union bosses bet that you don’t have the fortitude to oppose them, because as long as the bad stuff is kept from your eyes and you can have deniability to impropriety, you can still look at yourself in the mirror each day and feel ok about things. They know human nature doesn’t like to fight, and they have built an empire on the backs of our children at our expense in more ways than just money, and they know most people won’t challenge them directly.

Meanwhile the bad behavior continues in the shadows. It’s everywhere if you want to lift up the rug and look. And we are paying for it all. Our kids watch us and can measure our blindness, and they will take that lack of vision into their adulthood. And when we are all grandparents looking over our children’s lives and the wrecks they have become, the guilt will be on us all for turning away from trouble, and lacking the courage to even question a system that is rooted in tyranny to protect the fates of our children from the organized corruption that resides in the human soul.

Rich Hoffman


Bill Cunningham and the Hot Fudge Sundae: Betting on a S.B.5 Referendum.

Want to hear leadership? Listen to this interview of John Kasich by Bill Cunningham from 700 WLW. Kasich is defending the Ohio State Senate Bill S.B.5 from Cunningham who has taken a surprisingly soft stance against the bill, surprising because Cunningham has a long history of looking for leadership in elected officials that take strong positions; yet he is now siding with politicians like Jessie Jackson and Todd Portune, which is highly unusual.

One of the reasons that Cunningham cites he is taking a soft position on S.B.5 is out of fear that the labor unions will be encouraged to put the bill on a referendum to be voted on by the voters of Ohio. Cunningham believes it’s easier and more conciliatory to the unions to allow them to be a part of the negotiation process, and it may take the edge off and avoid a referendum.

I never had illusions that S.B.5 would avoid a referendum. After all, when it comes to union activity, they have a history of pushing and shoving until they get what they want, so a referendum that is well financed by the union is a certainty one way or the other.

So when that referendum happens, I am making the formal announcement that I will bet Bill Cunningham a hot fudge Sundae that the referendum will be defeated when the unions do collect all their signatures and place it on a ballot. Cunningham predicts a 60-40 defeat in favor of the unions based on a 1997 decision regarding workers compensation. What Cunningham isn’t taking into account is the presence of the Tea Party Movement that was not in place in 1997. This time when the unions send out teachers and fireman wrapped in the flag, there will be a counter to them in Tea Party members all across this state telling the truth behind the pro-union campaign.

Even though the numbers of the Tea Party are less, I will take the enthusiasm of the Tea Party over the rhetoric of union organization in a head to head battle between right and wrong any day, and I firmly believe that this new political element will swing public opinion armed with facts the opposite way that Cunningham predicts.

Cunningham has also stated that if Shannon Jones had not introduced S.B.5 in its aggressive form that all the protests and anger created by the unions would subside. But the truth is, Wisconsin attempted such a minor reform, and we see that the intensity of the protests are every bit as radical, so it does Governor Kasich no good to negotiate because unions have not shown any interest in the past of doing such a thing. Only now, with a Republican majority faced with a nearly 10 billion dollar deficit, are there any cries from unions to “talk.” Kasich knows it will do no good to “talk,” and I respect his position because it represents many in this state that feel the same level of frustration.

So the real battle for S.B.5 will be decided by the voters in the state of Ohio whether or not Kasich plays nice. Any reform attempted will bring on union aggression. It’s unavoidable, because the unions are a radical organization that only understands forward advancement. They don’t know how to give back once it’s realized that they asked for too much.

If I’m wrong, which is about as rare as an eclipse, I’ll be happy to buy Cunningham a hot fudge sundae from UDF. But my bet is that these new elements that exist in the political landscape will tip the balance of power in a new direction not to the liking of the public sector unions.

To display this argument I submit exhibit “A.” Witness David Letterman talking to Rand Paul and you can see how the world of yesterday “thought” and how the world of tomorrow will “think.”

Letterman said, “I think he’s wrong, but I’m just not sure why.” A referendum against S.B.5 is referred to in much the same way by Cunningham. His political instincts tell him that S.B.5 is wrong, yet there is a part of him that understands what the Tea Party represents. The truth will be revealed in the tax payer as they vote on the battle ground of Ohio’s ballot boxes, and it won’t be in favor of continued union control over the public sector.

Rich Hoffman


Lakota Lists 12 Million in Cuts: But What about the Wages?

During the meeting at Lakota East on February 23, 2011 it was discussed that Lakota was going to cut 12 million dollars from the budget. The contents of the news report and details of those cuts are included here as reported by the Pulse Journal for prosperity to record. Among the many things said are that Lakota needs a new revenue stream in order to survive into the future. Really?

This interview with Doc Thompson below is especially potent. If you have any doubt about impropriety among the public sector employees, then listen to this broadcast. If you want to continue walking around blind and gullible, than only read the latest news from Lakota also below. If you want the whole story then read the article and listen to the broadcast together, so take a break from your schedule and enjoy the broadcast. While you listen compare what you hear to the news released from Lakota, as reported by Lindsey Hilty, about the specific cuts announced by the Lakota Administration. I will save my closing comments for the end of that article.

By Lindsey Hilty, Staff Writer Updated 8:22 AM Thursday, February 24, 2011
LIBERTY TWP. — Tensions ran high at Lakota East High School Wednesday night as more than 200 concerned parents and community members listened to how cuts would impact students next year.
“We’ve looked at all areas of our budget — everywhere,” interim Superintendent Ron Spurlock said. “…We have to start living within our means.”

Many of the budget cuts, he said, likely could be permanent even with the passage of a levy.
“It’s not a pretty picture,” Spokeswoman Laura Kursman said. “And it’s hard to communicate bad news.”
Another meeting will be at 6:30 p.m. Thursday at Lakota West High School to hear about how $12.2 million in proposed cuts to the operating budget may be implemented pending school board approval.
Parents who can’t attend sessions are asked to fill out a survey on the district’s web site to help with some of the future tough choices.

“I’m very worried,” parent Tricia McCaffrey said. “The Lakota School District I moved in to eight years ago is not the school district I have now when it matters for my son. Losing electives and going to state minimums is not why I chose to pay Lakota taxes.”

Elementary reductions: $3 million, 50 employees cut
The goal is to maintain reading supports, supplemental classes taught by specialists, media center access and an accelerated gifted programs. To be cut: sixth-grade band; third-grade gifted program and services for grades four through six; gym, art, music and library time to 30 minutes each per week for grades one to six; one reading specialist per school; three media specialists sharing 14 schools; literacy coaches and two fewer English as a Second Language instructional aides.

Junior school reductions: $1.7 million, 25.5 employees cut
Reduce day from eight bells to seven with 26-minute study hall, four core content classes and two electives. Programs eliminated include wood shop, English double block, band team teaching, jazz band, an intervention math class and department performance supplemental contracts. There will be two fewer media specialists.
High School reductions: $1.9 million, 28 employees cut

Elective classes to be based on enrollment numbers with limited options, elimination of seventh bell; class size increases and 23.5 credits possible with 21 needed to graduate.

Special Services: $858,500, 19 employees cut
Six fewer special education aides, one counselor per junior school and reduced nursing aids.
Athletic reductions: $1 million cut

No funds for junior school athletics; $550 per high school athlete per sport with no family cap; supervision supplemental and sports information directors positions eliminated, and decreased transportation budgets.
Central Office: $874,143, 5.5 employees cut

Elimination of an assistant superintendent and several central office support positions. Changes to contracted services and a hold on filling positions also led to savings.
Transportation: $2.8 million cut

Already implemented in part, but in August, no student within two miles of school will receive transportation. This will impact half of Lakota’s student population.

Now, that they’ve announced the cuts, keep in mind that the average salary at Lakota is 62K per year for teachers, and those wages occupy over 75% of the total budget. When S.B.5 is passed in the Ohio State Senate and the House of Representatives, which will happen soon, the School Board will then have the power to begin discussing wage issues and other catastrophic costs that are currently being imposed by the teachers union. It would be my hope that the LEA would come to the School Board to renegotiate their very expensive contracts, but they won’t. So make sure to let the school board know that the best way for them to cut costs is to get their ballooning salary expenses under control.

After S.B.5 is passed the administration will not be able to blame the state for those costs any more. The power to control the costs of the district will fall within our district once again. So make sure you let them know that you know that. Because when it is discussed that a new revenue stream is needed, it is clear that the administration doesn’t understand the situation. A school can only consume revenue in the form of tax dollars. They cannot create revenue unless they sell something. Their solution is to implement some cosmetic cuts and ask for more money during the 2011 fiscal year. And that’s not going to happen. So what’s their plan besides asking for more money?

They don’t have one. They are going to have to think differently. Because asking for more revenue to feed wages they’ve allowed to escalate irresponsibly is not going to work. It’s a complete lack of management.

It’s time for a new plan, or to step away and let people who know what they’re doing to manage the situation. The old way won’t work because the community isn’t poised to pass another levy no matter how they chose to spin it with their new spokesman. “Lakota hasn’t passed a levy since 2005.” What will never be forgotten, because I’ll never let people forget it, is that after that levy was passed, in 2008, the LEA bent the community over backwards for increased wages which drove up the costs we are seeing today. So we won’t be traveling back down that path again, no matter how it gets manipulated to the public.

The union should have renegotiated their deal instead of letting employees be let go to preserve their own selfish interests. The cuts Lakota announced don’t begin to deal with the districts real problem, and does not deserve an approved levy in 2011. Once the administration brings the wages under control and the union agrees to some wage reductions, then we can discuss further funding from the community.

Rich Hoffman


Who is Rich Hoffman: Journey toward the Road of Death

Who is Rich Hoffman? That’s been the question I’ve been asked a lot lately from angry email senders that have looked over these pages and wondered of what authority I speak from. Well, I’ve so far lived a very full life, too much to sum up in a few paragraphs. But due to that full life, I learned a lot, and my world view reflects that.

The video below is something I put together for a project I’m working on. The trip I describe in that video is the kind of thing I consider to be successful. Success to me cannot be obtained in business, even though I’ve had plenty of success. Success is not in knowing celebrities, politicians or other powerful people. Success is in doing what is uniquely you.

I am working on a motorcycle journey from Alaska to the bottom of South America. It will cost a lot of money, so I have to find a way to assemble some investors and a documentary crew so there can be a return on the investment. But I’m planning the trip as a grand adventure of endurance. I assembled this video to show what a trip like that might look like, so I put a year of my life into a roughly 15 minute video.

The gun in that video is what I consider the greatest handgun in the world, the Smith and Weston .500 Magnum. And the tunnel my family was rappelling from is haunted and very spooky. Some of the pictures from that clip are in my description blog site. But as you can see, I spend a lot of time on motorcycles and hiking. I enjoy working with my friends in western arts, reading books, shooting with my wife and kids. I work with bullwhips because it’s good exercise and it helps me spiritually. So when Glenn Beck made his E4 Project announcement in Wilmington, I understood what he was talking about, and thought it was a good idea.

You see, that’s why I get so frustrated with this whole Progressive Movement, because those people are stuck psychologically and emotionally. When you get a taste of freedom, and enlightenment, it’s natural to want to share that with other people, but all too often you find out that people aren’t able to understand what you’re trying to tell them.

But you can’t help people who don’t know what they’re missing as they cleave to some ancient tradition which lacks some sense of spirituality and self-discovery. And that is the personal tragedy of progressivism and the primary failure of modern society. When you rob a person of their initiative, you rob them of a fulfilling life, and the entitlement culture created from progressivism has eroded initiative from millions of Americans, many of them seek refuge on the left of the political spectrum blind to the rest of the world.

I can state clearly that when I wake up in the morning and look at myself in the mirror, I love the person that looks back. And that is what success is. That success doesn’t come from the money given by a job, or a check issued by government. Success comes from saying yes to life and having the courage look in the mirror and liking what looks back.

Rich Hoffman


I Don’t Want My Money Going to a Union: End of Story!

Why is it so difficult to understand that people like me, don’t want my tax money to go to a public union? I don’t want my money spent on union activity of any kind. End of story. I’m willing to go along with what society wants, but I personally think unions as an institution are un-American, socialist fronts and I want no part of them. I’ve thought that for years, well before it became popular. So to me, S.B.5 is not nearly strong enough.

Doc Thompson covers the latest with S.B.5 as Dan Hennessey of the Lebanon Tea Party reports from Columbus with a fantastic, and fair interview.

Virtually everyone covering this story of union influence assumes that public sector unions have always existed. And those that work in those unions actually believe they have a human right to certain benefits. I’ve said it more than once; unions have a right to exist. But I don’t want to pay for that activity because I do not believe in them. Their view of the world is unproductive and naive. Listen for yourself.  This audio clip is a song endorsed by SEIU.  Gives you a great insight to their mentality. 

I’ve worked in a union establishment during the 2000 election between Al Gore and George Bush and was told by the union to vote for Al Gore. Well, I never paid any dues to the union, I had no desire to be a part of the union, and I certainly wasn’t about to vote for someone they told me to vote for.

I have told my union story in another article. Feel free to have a look. The short argument is that I, as an American citizen, should have a “right” not to feed an organization that I believe makes other Americans dependent, weak, emotionally soft, collectively oriented, psychologically off balance, and behave like a crime syndicate. I believe so strongly about it that I don’t even like to put money into the movie industry, because of the union activity. I feel the same about sports. I like both entertainment venues, but I do avoid spending money on those activities because they have large unions. I think there is a real danger of there not even being a professional football season this year because of the collective bargaining situation emerging in the NFL and it makes me sick!

It is disgusting to listen to union bosses complain that Governor Walker and Governor Kasich are rushing through legislation to bust unions, that there isn’t a place at the table for unions to negotiate. For years, the public unions have pushed politicians with EXTREME aggression. It’s always been a one way street. The union has superseded management in most every case. It doesn’t work. Union leadership has proven over the decades that they cannot self-regulate.

In Ohio only 655,000 people belong to a union both public and private. That’s 13.7 percent of the 4,787,000 people employed in the state. Yet this minority has dictated an extraordinary expense upon the tax payers through taxes improperly collected and distributed.

There are Republicans that cannot stomach their emotional attachment to the marketing tactics of firefighters, police and teachers in order to do what is right, because they are guilty in their past of pandering to these groups for their own climb to power. What those Republicans fail to understand is that what is going on in America is there is a real desire to do what’s right, even if it hurts.

The Republicans that are of that selfish ilk, they care about issues so long as their world is convenient. Those are the conservatives that have made the conservative philosophy look bad for years. They are Republicans because it makes them money. They are the first Judas’s to report to a Roman guard what goes on in the garden in order to save their own necks, and this again is a pathetic by-product of the unions which have subsequently weakened our society. Lawyers, and police heads that are Republicans, but benefit off of legal antics driven by union activity, they have difficulty thinking clearly. These people are the type of Republicans that say ending collective bargaining is a bad political move because the unions have the power to put the issue on a referendum to overturn such a law as S.B.5 proposes to do. Those Republicans are afraid that they will lose office holders in the next election if such bold legislation is created.

What those Republicans don’t take into account is that if collective bargaining is ended, and Ohio becomes a right to work state, and the economy begins to show signs of improvement by 2012, and 2014 the other 86.3% will forgive any anxiety that comes from S.B.5. If the unions attempt a referendum, the old school Republicans underestimates the ability of the Tea Party in Ohio to campaign against the referendum. They are content to allow 13.7% of the population to manipulate the rest of the state. We know there will be police, firefighters, and teachers wrapping themselves in the flag to manipulate the voting public. And we know the inner cities will vote their way. But times are changing and people are waking up. I believe a referendum against the organized crime tactics used by these unions could be turned against them if they’d try such a thing, and that is a battle I’d willingly take part in.

This battle that is taking place is more than Republicans versus Democrats, or Tea Parties versus unions, but of the establishment versus the new breed. I would contend that the soft position of some Republicans has more to do with control than anything. It has to be difficult for them to see that Shannon Jones, who is a fairly new senator has proposed such aggressive, sweeping legislation, because after all, for those that have been in the State House for years have toed the line and played the game. They desire to put their own touches to a bill like S.B.5 so they can stake their claims to the success.

I can say that I’m sick of the whole process. I don’t want my money going to unions. I don’t want to see my elected representatives playing politics either. I don’t care if that’s how it’s been done in the past. We’re talking about the future, and I don’t want to see that kind of thing going on. My position is that it should not be going on. Politics and political parties are something to be thrown out the window.

Do something bold, get rid of collective bargaining. Get rid of the money and influence built around the Democratic Party. And don’t play politics like it’s a football game where there are this many Republicans and this many Democrats and whoever has the majority wins. Take the chips off the table and the majority concerns with it. Take away the special interest of union influence and lets see what Ohioans really think politically, and we’ll have a better representation of what the state really wants from its elected officials.

I don’t want to support public unions with my tax money. Get it! Keep the firefighters, the police, and the teachers, but drop the union. Union influence is as wrong as the definition of wrong can be.

Rich Hoffman


A Democrat is Supporting S.B.5 Bill in Ohio: Putting people ahead of politics and emotion

As Columbus, Ohio fills with union protestors like expected, the “real” working people are left to other devices to participate in this issue. After all, the protestors are making the case for themselves why we should pass Senate Bill 5. The primary reason aside from all the financial reasons is it is obvious that the public sector will continue to function in their absence, because life is going on while thousands of them take off all at the same time to march on the Ohio capital.

Those of us with real jobs, where our value is missed even if we take off one day, must write, give interviews to newspapers, talk on the multiple talk radio stations, or vent our frustrations at the hundreds of tea party meetings that conjugate all across the state a few times a month.

The intent of the protests is to look like a unified force, and such a force is supposed to function to intimidate the election process. It’s worked in the past, and union bosses are hoping it will work this time. They have a list of Senator’s that they are hoping to intimidate which I’ve included below. But their overall strategy is to make the whole issue of collective bargaining appear to be an “us against them” kind of thing, or a “poor rising up against the rich.” These are tired diatribes however and because of these strategies over the years it has finally caught up with us. If S.B.5 is not passed or if it is passed but watered down to appease the mob, the people who vote it down will be held directly responsible. Because like any right thinking person who understands economics, this issue is not about political revenge, or rich versus poor, but is about balancing our financial books and creating a business friendly environment for potential jobs, and it crosses party lines.

Listen to Jeff Berding, a democrat from southern Ohio speak to Doc Thompson on 700 WLW about his support for S.B.5.

If you are a frequent visitor to this site you know that Jeff isn’t an isolated politician when it comes to understanding reason. There are hundreds of hours of such conversations documented here just like the one you just heard. I admit there are hundreds of thousands of words written here and many hundreds of articles, videos and sound bites, so it can be overwhelming. That information is here like a library to help discuss topics that aren’t covered by the popular press. You can search for that information by checking the calendar off to the side of this article.

You can also pull them up by Googling “Overmanwarrior” along with whatever topic you want info for.

What’s happening in the country is Americans saw what happened to our film hero, Arnold Schwarzenegger as governor of California when he started strong only to be wiped out by the unions, unable to do anything to stop the financial bleeding in the state, much the way they are attempting to do in Ohio. The unions have a long history of this kind of thing, and it’s designed to scare politicians that the people elect to represent them, which actually subvert the process. That’s one of the biggest aspects of these protests that are wrong. Public Sector Unions use money they’ve made off the tax payer to lobby members of elected officials through strong-arm tactics to subvert the will of the people who elected those politicians. That’s a very bad thing. The people who are currently in the state house of Ohio, and Wisconsin are there because tax payers do not want to become the next California, and expect bold action to return our states to prosperity lacking deficits. And the people protesting and speaking out against S.B.5 are short-sighted and selfish. They are looking at their tiny sector of the economy, which has a major impact on the whole, and seeks to preserve their imposition on society.

Some Senators have given the unions hope because of comments these Senators have made, and they are the targets of these protests. The protests are designed to break these senators’s resolve to reason out of fear from reprisal or the possibility of not being re-elected.

Sen. Bill Sietz R – Cincinnati District 8

Senate Building
1 Capitol Square, 1st Floor
Columbus, OH 43215
Phone: (614) 466-8068
Email: SD08@senate.state.oh.us
“While there is much in the bill I think is good, there are some things I think are decidedly a bridge too far,” said Sen. Bill Seitz,

Sen. Frank LaRose R – Fairlawn District 27

Senate Building
1 Capitol Square, 2nd Floor
Columbus, OH 43215
Phone: (614) 466-4823 (614) 466-4823
Email: SD27@senate.state.oh.us
Sen. LaRose, said he doesn’t believe the system is functioning as well as it should, but “I think that reforming collective bargaining doesn’t mean getting rid of it.”

Sen. Keith Faber R – Celina District 12

Senate Building
1 Capitol Square, 1st Floor
Columbus, OH 43215
Phone: (614) 466-7584 (614) 466-7584
Email: SD12@senate.state.oh.us
The question is, what will the bill look like? Sen. Faber,, the Senate’s No. 2 GOP leader, said he was confident there would be “clear majority support in my caucus.”

Sen. Scott Oelslager R – Canton District 29

Senate Building
1 Capitol Square, 2nd Floor
Columbus, OH 43215
Phone: (614) 466-0626 (614) 466-0626
Email: SD29@senate.state.oh.us
Sen. Oelslager, expressed the most definitive opposition to the bill. “I’ve been a strong supporter of collective bargaining my entire career.”

Sen. Gayle Manning R – North Ridgeville District 13

Senate Building
1 Capitol Square, Ground Floor
Columbus, OH 43215
Phone: (614) 644-7613 (614) 644-7613
Email: SD13@senate.state.oh.us
Sen. Manning, said she understands the teachers’ perspective, but she also understands the budget deficit and has not made a decision on the bill.

Sen. Bill Beagle R – Tipp City District 5

Senate Building
1 Capitol Square, 1st Floor
Columbus, OH 43215
Phone: (614) 466-6247 (614) 466-6247
_Sen. Beagle, said the bill’s replacement of continuing teacher contracts with one-year contracts could be difficult to implement and is a fairness issue because administrators can have five-year contracts.

Sen. Jimmy Stewart R – Albany District 20

Majority Floor Leader
Senate Building
1 Capitol Square, 1st Floor
Columbus, OH 43215
Phone: (614) 466-8076 (614) 466-8076
Email: SD20@senate.state.oh.us
Sen. Stewart, would not say whether he supports the bill, but he stressed he is searching for some middle ground with “some of my labor friends.”

Sen Jim Hughes R – Columbus District 16

Senate Building
1 Capitol Square, 1st Floor
Columbus, OH 43215
Phone: (614) 466-5981 (614) 466-5981
Email: SD16@senate.state.oh.us

Sen. Hughes, said he is keeping an open mind on the bill and offered no commitments to its major provisions.


It’s not hard to see how some of these senators might be intimidated by the constant chants of “Kill the Bill.” To have emotional testimony from firefighters, police and teachers proclaiming that they are the hinge pins of society will work on your conscience if you are not a strong-willed person to begin with. After all, people are people and nobody wants to hurt anybody when it comes down to it. So it’s difficult to reason fact from fiction when emotion is used as the argument.

If you’ve worked on a school levy campaign like I have, you learn to see the false prophets and all the emotional testimony. Even though these are senators, it is hard to develop the experience needed to do what is right when people pull on your heart-strings. But that’s what has to be done. So be sure to send those fine people an email letting them know that they can walk that plank of sharks protesting in Columbus and you’ll be there for them. After all, think how it must feel to have hundreds, maybe thousands of emails, and letters filling their offices while they can’t even go to lunch without seeing a sea of protestors chanting at them. The protests are designed like torture, to alter people’s reality and make them think less clearly.

The reality is 15K, 20K or even 70K is not very many people. The real mass is out there in the plains and hills of Ohio, and they are busy working and watching. And if politicians waver from their task, those politicians will be removed and new ones put in place until reform does happen. It’s as simple as that.

If anyone questions the level of corruption at play here listen to Richard Trumka brag about his influence over the White House. If anybody hears this and doesn’t think there’s something wrong you’ve completely lost your way.

That is just another reason why all this public union business has to stop. It is an issue that transcends Democrats and Republicans. It’s too important to play politics with. And it requires courage in the face of adversity. The unions are betting that they can scare away enough Republics off S.B.5 through sheer intimidation. They don’t have to worry about the Democrats not voting their way, because they put those people in office……….with our tax money. Who do you think those Democrats represent? The farmers, laborers, businessmen, who aren’t, and don’t want to be represented by a union?

Congratulations Jeff Berding for reaching across the aisle and showing the kind of boldness these times require. It may hurt politically in the short-term, but it will give you a proud story to tell your grandchildren someday when they are looking for a hero and you can offer them one with your grand story. Because doing what’s hard is what we take pride in when life darkens around us.

And Senator Sietze, I was inspired by your speech last year calling on Governor Strickland to “lead.” Well, now you have a Governor willing to “lead.”

I personally think your reasonable comments about refining S.B.5 and reading it thoroughly is wise. But remember, the only reason Democrats and the unions are willing to talk now is because they pushed everything too far to the point of breaking the tax payer backs, and they see that it’s a real possibility of losing forever collective bargaining. The problem with Republicans, traditionally, is they always back off the throttle when they shouldn’t. It should be a positive to take the high road. But the political opposition never does, and if you “negotiate” too much, that window will close forever. We arrived at this point in history because Democrats pushed and pushed and pushed while good people took the high road.

I get the high and low negotiation process. I’ve done it myself many times. But when it comes to the kind of activity that goes on in collective bargaining, use the strong cards you have when you have them, and play the game to win in the long run. Not just to appease the current masses. It’s best to avoid a referendum process, but consider how many of those people in unions vote purely as Democrats because of their pay check. So long as there are public unions involved in politics we will never know what is the true nature of our Republic, because the numbers will always be skewed. Unions tell people how to vote and that’s a problem.

Being nice won’t fix this problem. It was imposed on all of us by years of greed and ruthless manipulation and it falls on us now to act with uncommon valor.

Rich Hoffman


Teachers Cheat in Wisconsin: Lying about why they’re off work

During school levy campaigns, it doesn’t matter if it’s Lakota, Mason, Little Miami, Lebanon, just name the Ohio district and you’ll find a multitude of accusations of impropriety on behalf of the teachers. Teachers through their unions have learned how to “game” the system, and they’ll do whatever they can do to achieve results for themselves. This has been most obvious to those of us that work on anti-levy campaigns where State Revised Code prohibits school officials and administrators to use school resources to work on campaigns for levy requests, but they do it anyway.

Teachers and administrators participate openly in extortion tactics such as cutting busing to make transportation inconvenient on parents of the district, and other cosmetic cuts imposed for much the same reason. There is a level of arrogance in these school systems that you might experience from organized crime elements, yet we send our kids to these institutions and pay the tolls because we don’t have much choice. It’s easy for us to turn away from the crime because much of it is done in the gray areas of the law.

You can learn a lot by observing people while under duress, and now that there are protests in two states over legislation that is seeking to end collective bargaining, there’s a lot of duress from unions. The union rank and file is now out of their comfort zone and showing what they truly are, including President Obama, who has attached himself to the movement. And what we are seeing is much of what many of us feared in our deepest darkest anxieties. At the protests in Wisconsin teachers, the same people that we trust to teach our children are openly seeking doctor notes from physicians that have made themselves available to falsify documents to excuse those teachers while they protest.

Doc Thompson has some great sound bites with examples of this behavior which is extremely disgusting. He also has some great quotes from the testimony Jeff Berding who is a Democrat that has come out in support of the S.B.5. Jeff testified to collective bargaining abuses to Cincinnati’s personnel costs that are growing 18 percent annually. The city’s contract with police gives officers an average of $87 an hour for working holidays and can let workers retire with six-figure sums for unused leave, totaling $93 million. Listen to all that from Doc himself from the February 21, 2011 show.

If you really want to see what is behind this type of insidious behavior, look who emerged from his Clown Rally in Washington, Ed Schultz. It would seem that Ed couldn’t get a crowd to come to him, so he went to the crowd. Listening to these people says a lot about their mentality. What they are chanting has nothing to do with a middle class life style. What they want is essentially un-American. It is clearly socialist theories that people like Ed have been pushing for years. (That’s why the system is bankrupt, Eddie.)

It’s a good thing to know these things, because the next time these schools ask for a levy, people will know what is behind the numbers. So I encourage those protests to continue as they are and show us all what you’re made of. I’ve known for a long time. Now, it’s time the rest of America see it for themselves.

I wonder what the parents of those kids think? I’d be ashamed if my kid was participating in this vile, disgusting, hippie-like behavior. Maybe that’s why these kids are doing it, because their parents yearn for the radicalism of the 60’s. Maybe they get the ideas from MTV and through their music which again craves the radical 60’s. It’s probably a little bit of both those things topped off with the influence of radical teachers toeing the union line on a daily basis. My opinion is that nobody in the United States should behave like this. This behavior belongs in some third world country, because that’s what this behavior gets you. And to all you left winged hippie sympathizers, all you’re doing is proving Glenn Beck right. He called this behavior from you people over a year ago. If this is what education is all about these days, I want NONE of my money to go to it, because it’s not working.

Rich Hoffman