Ray Warrick Testimony on S.B.5

My good friend Ray Warrick from Mason testified on Collective Bargaining in Columbus on February 17th, 2011. Since I have video of his testimony I put it here to be watched instead of read. Listen to the rumble of the crowd outside who were able to watch the proceedings on a screen and hear what was going on in the chamber.

This is what it looked like outside that chamber.

Even though many union workers took the day off to be there, “paid for I might add,” there were some who managed to go up to Columbus and show public support for the bill. Mixed in with the chanting on this next video, “kill the bill,” are people yelling, “Pass the Bill.” It is easy to ascertain that many supporters of the bill are not present. They are the silent majority, while the many of the people against the bill were encouraged by their unions to take off work and protest. This shows the fundamental difference in philosophy.

Here is a short speech by Matt Mayer. I think he took the high class approach in the face of very intimidating union tactics. As Matt said, the people supporting the bill were routinely called “retarded,” by union members chanting from the crowd.

Here is how the news was covered in Toledo, where many just aren’t ready to deal with the cost collective bargaining has imposed on tax payers, particularly the mayor there who is trying to appeal to his political base.

Unions had almost 30 years to be “fair.” Instead they just kept asking for more, and more, and more, and more, and more, and more, and more……………………………………..

Only now that there are Republicans in place at all government levels in Ohio are they willing to “negotiate.”

I have news for those people who think like that. The Republicans did not just walk in off the street to take control of our government process. Ohioans all across the state looked at the situation and said they did not like the direction Democrats have taken the state. So they put Republicans in position to work on bills like S.B.5. They are doing their job. Taxpayers are tired of politics, and unions are wrapped up so tight with politics that it is inevitable that they will feel the impact of that wrath. But they did it to themselves and have only their leaders to blame.

Rich Hoffman

Union Violence and Intimidation

If a picture is worth a thousand words then the pictures below is worth billions and billions of writing. I’ll say it again; I do not want my tax money poured into organized labor. It’s really no different from organized crime. President Kennedy had no right to make public unions legal. It was an epic failure that brought organized crime like tactics to not only politics, but each and every one of the lives of Americans.

I have always felt this way. It’s not due to some conservative conspiracy. It’s simply recognizing that our public systems are broken in a fundamental way, and the source of that break is in the creation of the entitlement culture. So I’m going to take you on a journey of union arrogance, violence and political manipulation, which costs each and every person reading this very dearly.

Let’s begin with Reed Larson from 1997, over a decade ago. American society knew we had a problem then, and nothing changed. We have the same issues now, as we did then. So listen to Mr. Larson.

Now, do you think Reed is speaking out of turn? Well, listen Bob Chanin from 2009. After 41 years as the nation’s top education lawyer, Chanin closes his last Representative Assembly as general counsel with a stirring address to more than 8,000 delegates. Who wants to pay for this kind of “power?” I don’t.

The problem is, these people tend to be radical and on the left side of our political spectrum. If there was more of a balance of all political types, it would have more merit, and justification. But what happens is many of the union members adopt left winged policies in trade for the financial security the unions provide.

And this is how unions bring people under their ranks and ensure that everyone toes the line.

Here is a non-union truck driver trying to deliver his load to a union construction site. It’s a little long, but worth watching because it shows why businesses would rather do business with Right to Work States. Look how unproductive this activity is.

And when it’s thought that this is all a right winged conspiracy, it’s not. If a guy like Jeff Smith was running in my district, I’d vote for him even though he’s a democrat. I admire Jeff, not because of this speech, but because he’s a very hard worker and wants to be in politics for all the right reasons.

If you are a union member and are giving money to these organizations, you should be ashamed of yourself. I’d advise you to take action now and remove yourself from the situation. For those of you that are not a part of a union, or are like me, that have chose to not give money to unions or participate in them because of their tyrannical behavior on American Society then pass this link to a friend.

Left leaning citizens are always quick to protest the destruction of whales, or deforestation. They’ll protest drilling for oil in Alaska, or the rights of the gay population. But who’s protesting the thuggish influence workers unions have on state and national economies? Who!


That’s why these people feel they can do what they’re doing in Wisconsin, and Ohio where law makers are doing what a majority of the people who think with reason know needs to be done. This is how unions respond.

Rich Hoffman

Zombie Like Protestors: Who is responsible? The evidence points at President Obama.

According to The Huffington Post, Ohio is about a week behind Wisconsin. There is an organized plan, just as there is in Wisconsin, to swamp Columbus, Ohio with the type of radical behavior delivered to Madison.

So what’s going on in Wisconsin? Here is the platform for Governor Walker’s budget plans. Sounds pretty reasonable to me. The guy was elected by the citizens of Wisconsin to govern the state and balance the budget. If people wanted another democrat to further exacerbate their debts, they would have elected one. But they didn’t. So here is Walker’s proposal.

But listen to these people. Sounds like public education failed them miserably because they clearly don’t have a grip on reality. Where do they get these ideas?

Remember when everyone in the media said Glenn Beck was a crack pot for saying socialist were trying to undermine our society through social networking? Listen to these two kids. They believe what they are saying. Where’d they get their ideas?

Listen to these people, “it’s for the kids and their families.” They actually believe it. Where would they get that idea? Because it clearly isn’t, they are just repeating what they’ve learned from some other source.

Here is some of the rhetoric on the signs displayed in the protests. Look at the type of rhetoric written on them. Where did they get those ideas? They all seem so similar.

Now, we’ve seen this locally, but it’s a national tactic, where teachers use our kids to fulfill their political and financial objectives. These children have no idea why they are at the rally. All they do know is that they are off school and doing what their teachers told them to do.

So what’s behind all this crazy stuff? That’s right, it’s good ol’ George. It’s all about ideological issues according to him, even though he’s smart enough to become rich, so he’s being misleading. What he really means is that the millions he’s spent pushing left winged agendas are being rejected by the part of the country that is in the political center and to the right of that center. The ideology that he speaks of is the mark he left through his influence on all the people shown above that are protesting something they don’t understand.

And of course here is President Obama’s position on all this. Obama is simply a spokesman to people like Soros who definitely have an agenda to subvert the Constitution. The victims of this activity can be seen in these protests.

Now where do you think all these people get the ideas behind their rhetoric? Here is President Obama. Listen to what he says, and you’ll see that the protestors are asking for all the things he promised.

I was playing a video game today called Left 4 Dead 2 which is a game where a bunch of thoughtless zombies try to suck your blood. It’s a fun game intended to be action packed and scary. The zombies in Left 4 Dead reminded me of these protestors. The protestors look like us. Talk like us, but they are sick and diseased with something that is dangerous to all of us. And I blame people like President Obama for doing his part to make those poor souls sick on his rhetoric. Obama is responsible for doing his part in creating the hostile climate we are seeing in Wisconsin.

Listen to the generals of this new kind of war. Because that’s what it is.

It’s sad to see so many of our fellow citizens sick on these entitlement ideas. Like zombies, they seem to have lost all thought of their own and can only see the world based on their own needs. They spout the commands of their leaders without question and to hear them, and see them is a sad, pathetic sight.

They truly believe that if they display in mass that somehow the peer pressure will change the fate of our nation. Soon the zombies will descend on Columbus, Ohio by the command of their democratic leadership with direct support from the President of the United States who is under control by people Soros. And that’s not acceptable.

Even if all the zombie protestors which exist in the world take to the streets, they do not outnumber the normal thinking citizens that run these states and pay the taxes. Soon the protestors will learn how fruitless their endeavor is when they quickly prove how irrelevant they are to the public sector.

Rich Hoffman