Warrior of the Week: Sharon Poe

This week’s “Warrior of the Week” isn’t being recognized for her sudden bravery in the face of overwhelming opposition for last week, or even last month, But Sharon Poe has been fighting the good fight both in front of the camera and behind the scenes for a long time. Here is footage of her prior to fighting the Mason Levy during the summer of 2010.

If you listen to the radio, you’ll probably hear her. If you are watching TV and they are covering news regarding Mason, you’ll see her being interviewed. If you go to a school board meeting, you’ll most likely see her giving a speech. But with Sharon, that’s only a small part of what she does.

She amazed me during last week when she helped me coordinate on air interviews from Columbus with news organizations, and was able to turn around in the same afternoon and drop a load of “classified” documents to a major news organization that proves to be a bold and unprecedented move revealing a major cover-up that has been contained from the tax payers for years.

While doing all this she has fulfilled a leadership role within the Lebanon Tea Party, worked to advance “School Choice” as a viable option in Ohio, and maintained very close relationships with key politicians to advance legislation key to much-needed education reforms in Ohio.

For all those reasons and more, Sharon Poe is a “warrior” that if others did half of what she does in her commitment to justice, this world would be a free and wonderful place.

Rich Hoffman


4 thoughts on “Warrior of the Week: Sharon Poe

  1. Can anyone help? What percentage of Ohio teachers are members of a union? Having a difficult time tracking this info down.

    My sis is a teacher and is not union. How do non-union teachers benefit?


  2. I have come to realize her tireless efforts just recently and was able to meet her briefly at the lastest Scool Choice meeting in Mason thanks to some new friends. She’s got the “Brass” it takes to get things done and I commend her for the staying power she has. A True Warrior for sure.


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