Mustache Mob and the Army of Insecure Men: More debate about the value of public sector services

Upon hearing the testimony in Columbus on February 15, 2011 primarily against Senate Bill 5 by the organized elements of union influence, I find it astonishing how many times I’ve heard, “we serve the public, when you call 911, we’re on the other side. That’s why we’re more important, and that’s why we should have collective bargaining because we are entitled to things because of the risks we take.”

Well, I never take bullet point answers at face value. I look deeply into everything. It’s a hobby of mine. Before I say what I’m going to say next, I’ll say that I see a certain value for police officers, firemen, and teachers, because they all kind of get thrown into the same pot. They cost a lot of tax money and most of what they sell is based on things most people don’t want to do themselves, so tax payers surrender some of their freedoms for the convenience and trained professionalism of those professions. A world without police officers would be more violent. Their presence in the world discourages bad guys from doing bad things.

However………… experience, which is extensive speaks that sometimes the bad guys are the cops themselves, and this occurs more frequently than people care to admit. It’s not popular to bring that little fact up, just like it’s not popular to question the integrity of teachers, because those professions through their union marketing machines, have made doing such a thing a social taboo. Reality though is a different story.

Ever wonder why so many police officers wear a mustache? Young boys when they first discover they can grow facial hair are quick to grow a mustache because they want to prove that they are men, or at least on their way. It’s a primal desire for males to gain acceptance with other males by displaying manhood and mustaches are a way to do it. My personal experience with people that have mustaches though is that when they have them, they are trying to hide something from public opinion or even from themselves, and wearing a mustache is a dead give-a-way to a person of questionable character.

I’ve raised two girls, and the very first thing I taught them about sex, and males is that if a young man or even a middle aged man has a mustache, don’t trust a thing they say. Look for the hidden messages in their words and never get too close to them. Now that’s a general term, and there are probably many good people that have mustaches and all they are hiding about themselves may be some secret desire to wear women’s clothing, or hiding from themselves an attractiveness to other males, so their secrets may be harmless. The dangerous mustache men are the ones that wear a mustache to hide what they are really up to, and that’s a quest for power, and an assertion of dominance over other males, and women which is a biological remnant from their adolescence which they carry into adulthood.

I’ve known of situations where police have been involved in many bad deeds, and most of them had mustaches. Not all of them. I know one that used to work for me that was very clean faced and took so many liberties with the truth that he could even lie to himself, and while he was a police officer he got himself into trouble pulling over women and exchanging sexual favors to get out of tickets. He was the worst kind of bad guy because he doesn’t give off visual clues to his intent. But as a general rule, as I explained to my kids, there is a reason in the early days of cinema that the villains had mustaches. Because at a primal level, the human mind acknowledges there is something not quite right with people that wear facial hair.

Among the many stories I could tell about bad police officers, that are using their positions of authority to profit themselves, I could testify that I actually had a police officer tell me to move from my home if I didn’t like the drug trafficking that was going on with the teenage kids that lived across the street from me years ago. What I found out was that this particular police officer had been a trouble maker when he was a kid and straightened himself out, or so he said. Turned out, he was making money on the side from the kids covering for their drug trade to kids at the high school. He had a mustache. Once he realized I was a “holy roller” as he spread the word through the police community, and that I was not going to play nice, he conspired with other officers to “lean” on me. There was a police offer that lived two homes down from me that worked in a different municipality, and yes, he had a mustache, and he became friends with the officer covering for the kid’s drug trade. He had teenage kids that behaved badly and I scolded them more than once for making too much noise or playing their radio too loud in front of my house, because it was disrespectful. I thought because their father was a cop, that he might see things my way, but he didn’t, instead he worked with his kids and the drug dealers across the street to run the “holy roller family” out of the neighborhood.

So I started video taping all this and I sent it to the chief of police thinking this bad behavior would be exposed. I actually had a drug deal on tape and I hand delivered it to the Chief.

All it did was make things worse.

These police officers did nothing to put themselves on the bad side of the law, other than turn their heads and take money for looking the other way. What they did do, and I see the same behavior from teachers trying to get their levies passed, it’s they use the kids to do their dirty work. That’s a common strategy, to get the youth to do the ugly stuff because they’re too young and naive to think for themselves.

The straw that broke the camels back came when a majority of the kids in the neighborhood turned against my kids for riding their bikes down the sidewalk of their own street, again encouraged by the police officer dad, and the corrupt local police officer, that a mob of these boys ranging from 16 to 19 gathered at the drug dealing house across the street from my home and called my wife a “bitch” when my wife confronted the boys about hassling my kids.

My wife called me at work; I left immediately and came home. Once I saw the mob I ran into the center of the to fight any of the kids that wanted to take a swing. There were about 22 to 25 of them, most of them just over 18. The boys didn’t expect that kind of aggressive action, so were unprepared. Eventually the mother of the house came out and had all those boys go inside her home leaving me by myself on the front yard. Technically I was wrong and could have been prosecuted for assault, but I estimated that she didn’t want the police to come break up the fight, and the police didn’t want to come, because they wanted deniability. So no cops came even though every neighbor up and down the street witnessed the act. I recognized that a situation of complete lawlessness was going on in my neighborhood and it occurred to me that the only way I could put a stop to it was to respond with violence and make a big incident of the issue that would transcend the community I lived in that was covering up this whole issue. I had been warned by the police officer that I either looked the other way as a resident or I move, because he wanted things to stay the way they were. And I wasn’t about to do that. So we had an all out war.

I began to patrol the neighborhood with my bicycle at night and if I caught kids out where they didn’t belong, I chased them down with my bullwhip. It got pretty violent at times.

My kids, who were only about 7 years old at the time, were hassled too. One boy that was about 15 spit on my oldest daughter while he was in a group of kids numbering more than 10. I tracked the kid down with my daughters and their friends in the car and dragged that kid by his shirt to his house and made him apologize on his knees to my daughter in front of his father who was working in his garage. His father was appalled and proclaimed that he was going to have me arrested because his son was under aged and he wanted to fight me, which I agreed to. Instead he called the police, but they never came, because it was me, and the police didn’t want to bring light to their other activity.

My wife and I eventually moved and bought a place that had some property and space. She and I agreed that we were the type of people that enjoyed our space and my bullwhip hobby was intimidating to many of our neighbors anyway. So we moved.

At my new place things worked well for a while, until I became involved in a property dispute in my township. Since I was the lead opposition to that property dispute I was a political target. My wife noticed that she was followed by township fireman everywhere she went. She kept seeing the same people. They never spoke to her, but they seemed to be everywhere she shopped. I told her not to worry about it.

We often built bon fires in our back yard which was legal, and I started to notice that every time I built them, someone would call the Fire Department.

Down the road would come a parade of Fire Trucks, police and even an ambulance to put out the bon fire I had in my backyard. One time in particular I had been practicing with my bullwhips in the back yard when 5 firemen and a few first responders came into my yard without saying a word to me with a hose to put out my little fire. I was furious.

I had a major argument with the police officers at the scene and the firemen that had brought 5 vehicles to my home, lights blaring and sirens whining. I counted 11 public officers at the scene, 8 of them had mustaches.

I gave them the cost of what bringing all those vehicles to my home cost the tax payer and when they heard that I spoke in that language they instantly backed off. “Sorry sir, we just wanted to check things out. We had a report.”

I said, “No, you are looking for a way to brag to your buddies, the township trustees, that you hassled me. And you did this in an attempt to embarrass me, and put me in my place. You’re showing off for your employers.”

They looked at me like guilty children caught stealing cookies. They said nothing more, got in their cars and trucks, and left.

I told my story in a commentary in the local paper and exposed the waste of tax payer funds in that trip to my house by the fire department. After that everyone pretty much left us alone. The fire department personnel stopped following my wife around. And they never bothered me again for a silly bon fire, which I continued to build.

I could go on for many pages more instances of such corruption. Like I established, I’ve employed people that went on to be police officers and I know the things that go on behind the public eye. I’m friends with people that are pretty important in the law enforcement community and I understand all too well that speeding tickets, DUI check points and other activities are all about generating revenue, and not public safety. And I know there are quotas, even though they aren’t called that directly. I know of cases where a home dealt drugs for years, but was “suddenly busted” when an important raid was needed for the papers for budget approval by the taxpayers.

And a vast majority of the participants of this questionable behavior were by officers that wear mustaches.

Am I a purist? Maybe. I expect the product that’s delivered to be what was advertised. I expect people to behave ethically. But my experience which involves teachers, police officers, fire departments, first responders, mayors, congressmen, council members, business leaders, I have not been shy over the years, more often than not I am let down by the corrupt nature that is revealed.

Now, many of the people that don’t want their pay reduced that are benefitting from collective bargaining are good people. They are doing their jobs, taking care of their families and trying to be good people. It’s not their fault that insecure people attracted to authority positions are in the same field that they are in. And it’s too tempting for such insecure types to not suck up to local politicians in hopes of promotions or kick backs. None of this is new. We all know it, but we don’t discuss it.

And this behavior is not unique to this decade. When I was a teenager I was at a party hosted by a cop. His daughter was the practice girl for the entire school, he knew it, and was fine with it. He provided alcohol openly to under aged kids and didn’t think anything of it. He wanted to be the “cool cop” in the neighborhood. He was almost identical in personality type to the officer I originally talked about, that was letting the house across the street deal drugs. He thought it was a good party till a big fight broke out on his front yard by two different guys that wanted to have sex with his daughter on the same night, and there were injuries that were embarrassing to him. But the EMT guys kept everything quit and the papers weren’t notified and he was never reprimanded. And he had a mustache.

So when these people in Columbus are proclaiming how important they are, think about your own experience. I often wonder if we might not all be a bit safer if they didn’t do their jobs. I can say that the only time I’ve called the police in recent years, it’s to take a statement that I’ll need for court. Because I take care of the situation by the time they arrive. And as far as EMT’s and Fire Departments, I would always take a victim to the hospital myself, even if it cost me a law suit. I wouldn’t waste precious time waiting for a paramedic. So I feel that most of the service they provide is very over stated.

It really comes down to a social decision. If society wants to be staffed at these levels in public service positions, that’s fine. But the unions spin their usefulness so they can justify the expense. When public servants realize their jobs are under scrutiny from the public, they’ll clean up their act. They may even shave off those mustaches and stop hiding the sins they commit when they think nobody is looking.

You get what you ask for and if you don’t ask or keep your eye on these crooked mustache men, they’ll play you for a fool. Without question there are many that will look at what I’ve written here and think it’s a conspiracy or that I am angry at public officials because I have a bone to pick. No, I have a history of sticking up for myself and others and when you do that you make enemies. And when you have enemies you see the true nature of people in their anger and actions. The difference between me and everyone else is that I’m willing to say what everyone else thinks, but don’t feel comfortable saying. I feel comfortable saying it because I’ve seen it for myself and can stand with certainty behind my words of what goes on behind the eyes of crooked men.

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior