Does Anybody Love Joe Biden: It would be terrible to live his life

Taking a step back from politics for a moment and considering the life of Joe Biden, I wouldn’t say that I have sympathy for him. On many levels, I have a distinct hatred for people like Joe Biden for many reasons that we’ll get into here. But I do feel sorry for him, sorry for such a disastrous life lived, for who he has become. For the kids he has. The life he has led. I feel sorry for him that he can’t look in the mirror and be proud of what looks back at him. I think I would feel sorry for anybody in that condition, especially at the end of their life after many years of living it and not deciding to become a person that people love. Because the real problem with Joe Biden the most obvious question is, does anybody in his life really love him? Has Joe Biden ever known love or what it feels like to be loved? Has he ever sat at the dinner table and enjoyed being loved for who he is, rather than people telling him that because they wanted something from him? Joe Biden certainly isn’t unique to this problem, but since he is President of the United States, we get to watch him every day, and his life is an open book to the degree that we know even small details about his life which then provoke the question, is there anybody who really loves him. And I say that because I saw a nice note yesterday from Yuna Lee, the television anchor who was married to my friend Doc Thompson. She’s a very beautiful young lady, and I remember when they married because he was fired from Clear Channel while they were on their honeymoon over political wokeness on many levels. Doc has been dead for a number of years now; he was hit by a train while jogging. He had been working for Glenn Beck at the time. Well, it was his birthday, and Yuna put up a sweet tribute to him, wishing him a nice birthday in heaven. I would say that what they had was real love, something that even transcends death. But is there anybody in Joe Biden’s life like that? I think the obvious answer is no.

Sure, many people would say, but he’s the most powerful politician in the world. He’s been in politics for a long time and was the VP under President Obama. And he has a Corvette right next to all the classified documents that he had in his garage. For a lot of people, they would consider that a successful life. But, and this became very obvious during the Democrat primary in South Carolina, where Biden suddenly jumped out in the lead over the other rivals, Joe has always sold himself as the “yes man.” As a simple whore who would sell his integrity for a pack of gum, and when things were tough during that primary, and nobody was stepping out, it’s evident that the Deep State types saw that there needed to be a front-runner. A deal was made with the rivals to step out, and Biden found himself propped up and ahead for many reasons, none of them good. A decision was made to put compromised Joe into the White House to stave off the populist movement that was developing in America. So Joe was the guy with his hand up, and with his family history and all the compromises a life lived poorly has over him, he made himself a great target for the powerful to use to impose their authority controls over American society as a kind of Trojan Horse. 

With all that known, Biden didn’t earn the White House through merit. And much of his life has been that way, including his marriage to Jill. Looking at Joe Biden’s life, there aren’t many moments where he earned something good because he was the better person. Instead, he was given titles because he was willing to be a compromised asset. And then, by acquiring that power, he could sell it to outside influence. So the game became, achieve the highest offices you can, then selling that access would then grant him more personal wealth. You don’t get to acquire the kind of wealth Joe Biden did as a public servant all his life by not selling out. Joe Biden didn’t have vast private sector experience making much money before running for public office. Instead, he has spent his whole life selling his titles to contributors who wanted access, and that is the role his son, Hunter Biden, played in setting up that access, which is quite evident in the Hunter Biden laptop scandal that was suppressed before the election to contain the narrative. The same kind of intelligence influence that suddenly propped him up in that South Carolina primary. It’s a phony game that he allows himself to be the face of, and he gets financial power in return. 

Then it becomes evident that the people in his life only cared about his financial power gained as a looting politician. Choice, love, and respect are attributes that are missing from Joe Biden’s life, all his life. Now he’s a rambling old man who has told so many lies over the years that he doesn’t know which one he is talking about. And the people around him are there for the power he has acquired as a sell-out, not because they love him. People happy with those kinds of choices tend to be not very good people themselves, as is obvious from Hunter Biden and the stories of Joe’s daughter who wrote in her diary that she took showers with her dad. The FBI stepped in and tried to suppress that information to preserve the narrative. So when you look at Joe Biden’s life, he is surrounded by people who want to use his power and position for their own purposes. For what they can get out of the relationship. They don’t have a relationship with Joe Biden because they love him. They only care about Joe Biden because of what they can get from him, including the globalists, the Democrat Party, his children, his wife, and the labor unions. They only like him because he has acquired power. And Joe apparently knew this early in his life, so he worked to compromise himself to acquire more power so that people would like him. He has obviously never had a life where people liked him because he was likable. And to fill the void, he has had to make up all this fake backstory about his life. It would be a terrible way to live. It certainly isn’t the kind of love Yuna had for my friend Doc Thompson. And that certainly isn’t the only example. But when Joe does move into the realm of death, will anybody remember him for who he was? Or will they simply move on to the next sell-out? Well, the answer to that is in their behavior while he’s alive. He’s obviously struggling as an elderly person, and everyone around him is letting him because his power and position is the only thing they value about him. And if he makes a fool out of himself while doing it, they’re fine with that. Because they only care about what they get from Joe Biden. They don’t care about the guy himself, which is a very sad condition. 

Rich Hoffman

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Trump and Fort Sumter: Understanding the election results and path forward

We’ve been doing all this for a long time, and like everyone else, I was looking for a good clean election and a second term of President Trump on November 4th.  And that’s where it was heading, until many, many government villains stopped the count on election night in five states and went into a scamper to recalibrate their voting machines which were switching votes from Trump to Biden to a new algorithm which had to be set in the middle of the night to keep Trump from winning with a massive landslide that was headed to give him over 400 electoral votes.  It was so embarrassing to the media, to the Deep State, to the Never Trumpers, to the globalist billionaire investors, to the consultant class, the pollsters to the open socialists and Marxists who have been calling for a hostile takeover of our American way of life.  Trump was going to win in spite of everything they had thrown at him and his supporters so they pulled a nuclear bomb for cheating which had never been tried before and they unleashed hell on us all essentially starting a second civil war formally in America on election night with even more audacity than the South had attacked Fort Sumter to start the last one. 

I feel good with what I have been doing with the blogs and radio over the last 10 years and honestly, I saw election night 2020 as an end to it all and a chance to start fresh.  But in the back of my mind there was this nagging feeling that we were dealing with government criminals, literally and they couldn’t afford another Trump term for their own good.  Trump had been holding off on all the dirt he had against many of these government attackers that make up what we call the SWAMP until after he won a second term, and the criminals in our government including in the CIA and FBI couldn’t afford for that to happen due to the massive complicity pointing in their direction for crimes of a massive nature.  So having nothing to lose they cheated on a scale that many think is unthinkable and the level of corruption that is now obvious to many of us, and will soon be obvious to all of us will force questions that will last for centuries about how any republic manages its representatives.  I wanted to move on with my life and do something else, I certainly didn’t want to fight in a war.  I wanted to enjoy watching movies again, playing with my grandchildren, make a decent living and occasionally go out to eat to have a nice meal with my family.  But we were attacked on election night by criminals, socialists and outright Chinese communists which meant all those nice thoughts would have to be put on hold and we’d have to go even deeper into the abyss of government corruption which had taken over through decades of lazy mismanagement by voters and politicians who took way too much for granted. 

Many people have been asking me to do podcasts of my content since its hard for many people to find time to read.  We have turned into a video-oriented society and are used to some figure presenting information to us rather than reading it by candlelight or computer in a traditional way.  I figured I’d decide how to proceed after the election was over and now that we are there and there is an obligation to step away from traditional forms of media, I’ll be making some changes to how I distribute content, because we are at war and I don’t trust any of the cable networks or their cozy relationship with the political class.  Even more than that, usually I write articles which I then provide lots of evidence so that any reader can feel assured that other people are thinking the same way, so that their thinking doesn’t feel so lonely.  But after studying the election results, which appear to have Trump winning more than 80 million votes, with 7 million actively destroyed by activists or switched to Biden to siphon off Trump’s massive lead in many states to make things closer for the media pick for insurgency to crawl across the finish line.  Many figured that this even was bigger than any form of law and order and would transcend prosecution, so they made their move and expected us to live with it. 

With all that said I have decided that my best contribution to the war is to climb even further out on the edge and explain the elusive more clearly without all the support of other media, but to create all my own content so that strategies can be seen and used for the bigger picture.  For six or seven years now, I have primarily focused my content to top tier influence leaders and it has been successful.  But with this kind of trouble with a government looking for complete insurrection, the needs change considerably so I’m going to adjust to those needs and see where it takes us. So, we’ll start with this and evolve accordingly, where the major content is in the video message where a translation of the written word isn’t the only mechanism for understanding things.  On this topic of the election being more of a Fort Sumter attack than an actual civic process talking to all the people who are trying to sort out their feelings on this matter is the best way to go.  I typically give 1200 words a day to these articles, but as many have been telling me, a picture is worth 1000 words and there are a lot of pictures in a video.  So, it should allow us to cover much more ground that can then be confirmed with written text to support the contents of the video. 

For this specific topic, waiting out the legal cases, uncovering all the mass fraud and proving it in court as the media is trying to rush to certify the election so they can swear in their pick, it feels like, actually it is, that we are all being pushed to our dooms to capitalize on our surprise before we realize what’s happened.  It’s a military tactic and we are all experiencing it currently.  But my contention is to give my point of view and share how I plan to play the long game, and the one that will defeat these attackers.  They are a minority attacking a majority and everyone needs to understand that.  Don’t be a victim, don’t let them scare you, don’t let yourself feel helpless and be flat footed to realize that crimes have just been committed against us all and that justice can be scary for normal people who don’t want the trouble in their lives.  But it has been given to us to deal with.  And my plan is as I said in the video.  I don’t recognize anything that I’ve been hearing from government, the media or even most talk radio.  We are in new territory and are writing history as we speak.  And for that, there is no script to follow or historical context to guide us.  Therefore, the burden of writing that history falls on us, and the best way to attack the problem is with fresh and free ideas on how to live life during a war we didn’t choose.  We voted for peace, but they gave us war.   So, it’s up to us to complete that task for the future of our country and our own survival. 

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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Mike DeWine Tests Positive and Negative for Covid-19: The scam I always told you coronavirus was as an attack on the Western way of life

I call Governor Mike DeWine a dummy because as our highest government official in Ohio he allowed his naive and gullible outlook on life to easily be controlled by Marxist doctors taking direct orders from the CDC who took orders directly from the World Health Organization, who in turn took orders directly from China to shut down the great American economy in retaliation against President Trump’s trade deal which the communists were furious about. Anybody who has studied Sun Tzu’s great book, ‘The Art of War’ understood quickly what the coronavirus out of China truly was, a weapon of war, not science, and DeWine should have known better before shutting down the state through emergency directives not even contemplated through the state legislature, shitting all over the American Constitution and the Constitution of Ohio. What DeWine did was give a path for all the Blue State Governors to essentially become the communist Chinese in their micromanaging of the American way of life so there is a lot of blame to lay at the feet of Governor Mike DeWine for being stupid and going along with it. And on Thursday of the second week of August 2020 he got a feel for what people like me have been saying all along when he tested positive for Covid-19 early in the day keeping him from meeting the President on a fundraising trip to Cleveland, Ohio then later that day, tested negative. So which one was correct, how accurate is the Covid-19 testing anyway, and what does any of it mean?

I am happy to hear a little urgency out there, my local Sheriff Jones is seeing it, so is radio personality Bill Cunningham on 700 WLW. Tucker Carlson on Fox News is getting it and so is Laura Ingraham, many people are coming to learn what I was saying about coronavirus in February and March of this year and they have had to learn it the hard way. I don’t take pleasure in all these “I told you so’s” only in that maybe in the future people will listen when I say things the first time. I’ve read and studied human behavior to an extent that many couldn’t do it in several lifetimes, they certainly wouldn’t get the picture in just a few years of college, so I am able to see things way before others do, and I can sniff out maliciousness in the actions of the most deceitful people rather easily, so a lot of people would save themselves a lot of trouble if they’d just shut up and listen. But it is better late than never, especially in regard to Covid-19. The government reaction to it has been a Marxist takeover of the American way of life instigated by China for the destruction of the West and that has always been the point. Covid-19 by itself really isn’t a problem. For instance, out of all the vast cases the media reports that there are in Ohio from beginning to end, you still could put all the people who have come up positive for Covid-19 in the Ohio State Football stadium. As a percentage of population, the positive Covid people are a small group, nowhere near enough to mandate government shutdowns of the economy and the ridiculous rules and regulations given to us by government pinheads who are not our best and brightest. They pick government jobs for a reason, because they can’t hack it in the private sector and are for all practical purposes, rejects of our society who couldn’t do anything else with their lives.

Dummy Mike DeWine followed all the rules, he had handlers who kept him from doing anything risky including Amy Acton, the Marxist queen of WHO radicalism herself until just a few days ago, so the Governor had to be quite surprised to learn he tested positive for Covid-19 while being screened for a presidential visit. But like a good government worker and compliant loser that he is, it was announced that he was going to go into the mandatory 14 day quarantine that is now expected of anybody who gets the virus and those who might have even been nearby through contact tracing. In this way doctors have introduced the idea of micromanaging all our lives and putting extreme limits on our economic opportunities by taking people out of the workforce just because they might have been near someone with Covid-19. But when DeWine learned later that he actually didn’t have Covid-19 with a second test that was negative, then a new problem became obvious. How many people who have tested positive under any circumstances were given incorrect diagnosis because the testing is unreliable, and the results are politically motivated? The Governor of Ohio now saw the problem first-hand, and so did everyone who has been trying to use the news for their own political advantage. The story of the day is that every positive case that has ever been announced likely isn’t real and that like the death counts on Covid-19, can’t be trusted in any statistical manner.

Look, I told everyone that our education system was filled with Marxist radicals who wanted to teach our children all these bad Chinese communist ideas to destroy our nation several decades ago, and people were uncomfortable with that assumption. But it has turned out to be all true, every last bit of it. It was never a conspiracy; it was a fact and a lot of people would have saved themselves a lot of headaches now if only they had listened to me way back then. And the same with Covid-19, I called it a Pearl Harbor type of attack against the American way of life when we first heard about it, and we quickly need to recover and get things back to normal for strategic reasons in a fight most didn’t even know we were having. But its here and perhaps even Dummy DeWine is getting the picture now. And when Sheriff Jones is doing a press conference to state perhaps government has overstepped itself, the rest of the mainstreamers aren’t far behind. Only now do people see what has always been the problem. But their belief in the system blinded them to the obvious malicious intent behind Covid-19. They wanted to believe that government had the best of intentions, what they didn’t know was that those intentions were a communist take-over of the American way of life and all this lockdown stuff with the mask mandates were not what they signed up for.

I would venture to say that the Covid case counts the media reports every day are meaningless. Even if they were true, what is the point of reporting them? There is no medical cure for Covid except for perhaps hydroxychloroquine so what is the point of testing if slowing the spread is not the objective? Hospitals are not over capacity so what advantage is knowing anything about Covid numbers? It’s a nothing measurement. And we know we can’t trust the death numbers, because they have been contaminated by all sorts of false assumptions in how the data was even collected. The purpose of the whole Covid enterprise was a terrorist attack—in using “terror” to inspire social change—and nothing else. It wasn’t to save lives, it wasn’t for the betterment of government management of a crises, it was to create a false crises on a nothing, small virus about as dangerous as poison ivy, and to rot the American way of life out from the core. China didn’t shut down their economy and neither did many of the countries of the East. They knew what Covid-19 was and since they already control most of our media literally from a financial point of view they have literally tried to destroy us through terror. So knowing all that—what are you going to do now dear reader?

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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Finally Republican Law Makers are Standing up to Dummy DeWine: When leadership is cowering in fear, the destruction is much, much worse

Watching Governor DeWine’s terrible handling of the Ohio Covid-19 situation, what the communist leaning World Health Organization calls a “pandemic” I am increasingly convinced that any and all politicians need to have some basic business experience before they can qualify to run for any office. The lack of managerial skill that DeWine has displayed as an executive has been mind blowingly terrible. It isn’t stunning that he and the Kentucky governor have been getting high polling from the same sources that are always showing President Trump running behind Joe Biden. The high pole numbers for DeWine and his health director the Obama loving, abortion advocate, Amy Acton are because they as politicians are doing what people who want to bring harm to America want them to do, shut down the economy, teach people to obey authority with draconian “orders” and expand the role of government in everyone’s lives. But dummy DeWine thinks he’s actually going to be popular after all this and he believes the media polls, he likes getting invited on CNN, and MSNBC to help them usher in the destruction of America—not bad for a simple kid from Yellow Springs, Ohio who married his first girlfriend and thinks an exciting day is eating her cookies. The power and showers of praise from the media on every draconian measure have made him drunk on the power he has and its time to rip that power back.

Its good to see that finally some GOP lawmakers are starting to stick up to DeWine, particularly Speaker Larry Housholder, Rep. Bill Seitz, Rep. Paul Zeltwanger, and Rep. Nino Vitale who are presently making moves to take back the runaway emergency powers that DeWine has been abusing and setting the stage for the politics that will come after Covid-19 is over. Of course President Trump’s own version of Wormtongue from the classic Lord of the Rings books—Dr. Fauci wants Covid-19 to re-emerge in the fall for a second wave, as does Amy Acton. The scam of flattening the curve was just another way of saying, make it last longer, because these idiots have a day of hell waiting for them when the full brunt of this reaction to the Covid-19 outbreak makes its casualties known. Three of my kids have personally been devastated by our state’s reaction to the virus, I have a daughter who is literally losing several hundred thousand dollars out of this year because of the ridiculous voodoo science of social distancing. Her business will have to be rebuilt again which will take years of recovery. She is so mad at DeWine that she’d probably be in a lot of trouble if she met him face to face. Just the name of DeWine sends her into a rage. Another one of my daughters is an artist and she had planned to sell much of her work at the various shows that go on at convention centers in the Tri-state area and those plans were wrecked costing her many tens of thousands of dollars in opportunity cost. No government is giving out checks for opportunity cost, but its as real as anything else. Then of course I have a son-in-law, a hard working one who is out of work with no projection of a recovery. Those are just three lives impacted who are close to me.

Further, I have seen five people on my street have their cars repossessed over the last two weeks. Several other neighbors have moved into formal divorce, they have had too much time together. The misery index caused by our government’s reaction to Covid-19 has been horrible and the costs are just now becoming known, like a category 5 tornado that touches down in a town overnight. People know it hit, but its only when the sun comes up that people see how much destruction actually took place. The Ohio economy has been leveled and DeWine seems completely oblivious to it. To make matters worse he knew he picked a liberal Obama supporter in Amy Acton as his health director and he has consciously placed all our futures in her hands which was the most irresponsible thing he could have done. If Ohio picks a Republican governor, they don’t expect the economy to be run by a major liberal Democrat. Its not that Amy Acton was pretending to be something she wasn’t, although I’m sure she said what she needed to so she could get the job. Ultimately, as DeWine says, “the buck stops with him.” Well, yes it does and that’s why the other branches of congress need to take away DeWine’s power and start proceedings to replace him with a real Republican.

Listening to Jon Husted has been painful, the Lt. Governor. He’s supposed to be the business guy who gets it, yet he wouldn’t make it five minutes an the kind of business meetings I’m used to. He sounds like a child when it comes to the economy and what makes business work. I don’t know who he has been talking to which have been giving him all these unanimous votes on new normal policies such as wearing masks in businesses for all employees, but they were all smoking crack and telling him what they thought he wanted to hear just to reopen. Its obvious that those people are disconnected from their own businesses which Jon should see if he’s so smart, yet what has ended up happening is that we have a re-opening by committee in Ohio that only government could think was productive. Some of the things they have been saying are literally some of the dumbest things I’ve ever heard. It’s a shame it has taken Householder and Seitz so long to get their guts going, but I guess its better late than never. Now that people in Ohio know that the Covid-19 virus was a scam in the way it was sold to the public as the next death of civilization, they want their money back, and their lives and somebody is going to have to deliver. It’s a shame that its an election year and the Republican party would like to unite behind Trump and DeWine, but both have global activists in their administrations and people are going to hold them responsible for that, and its not going to be pretty. Trump has Fauci and DeWine has Acton.

DeWine’s biggest failure was in the lack of leadership during the whole Covid-19 outbreak. Sure the media loves him because he led Ohio over a cliff, which is what they wanted—fear ruling over logic. But it was DeWine who just took everything Trump did and go several steps further by letting Amy Acton guide the administration policy. For a comparison, sure its safer to go get your mail out of the mailbox of your house dressed in a helmet and knee pads, but is it practical. Just going safer isn’t leading—its yielding, and that is what DeWine did. He played things safe to save his own ass, and in so doing he ruined the lives of everyone who should have been following him. These politicians keep calling themselves leaders, but all I have seen from them is followers, governors following World Health Organization directives which the CDC adopted, and legislators following those governors with no checks on power by allowing emergency powers to continue infinitely as their minds were captured by fear. Maybe now that people see the hoax of the numbers regarding coronavirus they’ll start showing some leadership. But the lack of it up to this point has destroyed so many lives because they trusted politicians to make the right choices, and as we can all see, the people of Ohio were let down by Republicans who sat on their hands and chose not to do the right thing when it mattered most.

Rich Hoffman

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IMPEACH MIKE DEWINE: Is the governor having sex with Amy Acton?

There are only two explanations for it, Mike DeWine is either having sex with Amy Acton, or he’s a complete idiot and is just letting her be the liberal activist she’s always wanted to be because he doesn’t know better. Watching those two in these every day public scare announcements has been like watching a couple of young kids in love. Yes Mike DeWine, I “get it” I understand how a virus spreads.  But I don’t trust you to make decisions for me, you have lost that trust with this massive over-reaction to this virus.  I think of Mike DeWine as a good family man, if there is anything good to say about him at this point, and it would shock me to find out that he’s bent over for this girl. But I was surprised to learn that many people, even very religious people, fall to the fruits of a little attention by someone climbing for power at any cost. Whatever it is, Mike DeWine needs to be impeached for what he did over the voting issue on Tuesday. Its bad enough that he had already shut down the economy of Ohio which set off a chain reaction across the nation by other panic driven governors, but he has essentially been letting this former assistant climate change activist, and abortion supporter run economic policy in the state of Ohio and has circumvented the legislature all in the name of emergency to do it giving this lady free reign essentially over the nation. Impeaching DeWine would not be like the congressional attempt to impeach President Trump, in this case DeWine actually did something wrong even as a judge stated that the elections would go on as normal. DeWine went even further and tampered where he had no right to go, and that is why he has to go—as soon as possible. At the very least we must elect some other Republican the next time around, but due to his extreme radicalism, well intentioned or not, he needs to be made an example of.

Ultimately its DeWine’s problem that he appointed a bad person for the Public Health Director in Ohio. He knew her record and he appointed her anyway, she has a tendency toward liberalism and as we are learning, so does Governor DeWine. That’s why many of us held our nose to vote for him, but the surprises don’t stop there. One of the selling points was that DeWine came with Jon Husted who we hoped would keep the Governor in check. But in a meeting held shortly after the closing of the restaurants and bars in Ohio on Sunday, Husted told those listening that if all these measures saved just 10 lives, that it would all be worth it. The world had literally fallen apart, and sanity had dropped away. What leftists like earth girl Amy Acton want in the deepest recesses of their hearts is to turn humanity into a harmony with the earth and shut down all those mean big businesses, and using a little flirty feminine charm, whether or not things actually got touchy and feely, a pent up old man is likely to give more ear to her than she would otherwise deserve, and that brings up a whole lot of problems we need to consider.

I’m personally not convinced that this coronavirus is very dangerous at all. Over the weekend there were four people in West Chester who were found to have had it, the hospital there diagnosed it, then sent them home to self-quarantine. They were all in the same family, so it wasn’t exactly the end of their lives. Tom Hanks and his wife just recovered from the virus and that is likely going to be the story with anybody who gets this. We are not going to have rows and rows of hospital beds in parking lots all across the nation with sick people dying left and right. These fears come from the imaginations of climate scientists and pot smoking loons who are left over hippies yearning for a return to Woodstock, not right thinking, practical people. It looks like most people who get coronavirus won’t even know they have it and will likely recover completely with their own immune systems.

This whole thing reminds me of the campaign several years ago to reduce the amount of toilet paper that people bought and consumed, in order to save the planet. Some of these people are very loony people, and they have a right to exists of course, but they don’t have a right to shut down our economy and induce panic over nothing. Mike DeWine has empowered one of these loony leftists and given her full power to run the national economy by default all in the name of an emergency. As I ponder the relationship of Mike and Amy, I can’t help but think of what might have happened if Andrew Gillum had won in Florida the governor seat in that very tight election. We have all heard by now that Gillum was found with meth and a gay male prostitute in a Miami hotel room. He couldn’t even be dependable to his wife and three kids, yet he was just a few votes away from being a governor of a big state. Who wants someone like that making decisions with the kind of power that Mike DeWine has abused? And that is the heart of the problem. We can never just trust government to have our best interests in mind, they are human and fallible. And when Mike DeWine, let his girl Amy Acton override an Ohio judge who clearly rejected the request to shut down the election, then DeWine let an unelected bureaucrat make the decision to do so anyway, we witnessed a reckless abandonment of the rule of law all in the name of safety.

Anything could be said to be dangerous, and that is the massive danger of this virus. Its not that it will kill anybody, it’s that government and all the fallible people who run it, are making a power grab all in the name of safety. DeWine feels that he knows better than everyone else what is best for people and that’s not how things are supposed to work. Already the news reports are stating that this crisis will demand that we never go back to how things were before. This in a lot of ways is a 9/11 for the modern political terrorist, they will push for more regulation, larger government, and a more panic driven society where only they have the answer. And for people like Amy Acton, that is a dream for big government people. They want us all to be tied together and to be honest, I want nothing to do with people like that. Mike DeWine doesn’t get to decide that we are all “in this together” by literally taking away every conceivable option otherwise because some staffer of his whom he is psychologically sweet on set off his judgement into a bad direction. That is why we have checks and balances in the legislature and within the judicial. Mike DeWine decided to overstep those checks with activism and deserves to be fired from his job.

Whatever conspiracy theory might be interesting to think about, the bottom line with coronavirus is that I think many of us would rather live a little dangerously than to place our lives in the hands of micromanaging bureaucrats like Amy Acton and a love-struck governor in Mike DeWine. I’ll take my chances with coronavirus rather than to lock ourselves in our homes and to kill the best economy in the world just so maybe 10 people might live, who would otherwise die anyway of a bug, or a stick of butter. Government doesn’t get to decide for me how my life will be, they are supposed to manage our affairs within the context of the various branches of government. But when they step over everything, whether it’s a Republican or a Democrat doing it, we have to throw them out of office in order to keep our system honest, or we’ll empower them to continue to step all over our Constitution and run our lives from a perspective of fear, forever.

Rich Hoffman

Kathy Wyenandt the Democrat Lakota Tax Supporter: Apparently they want a rematch

I think its very interesting that Kathy Wyenandt is still celebrating the passage of the Lakota levy of 2013 as her calling card to get into the Ohio Senate. At a recent debate some of the things I heard her say about her role in passing that levy stirred me the wrong way. In ways that I’ve written plenty on, that levy was personal and had evolved well beyond just a healthy debate between opposing sides. When she talks about No Lakota Levy as the organized resistance to the tax increases that were proposed three other times prior and went down to defeat, it was my face that was in the front of it, and it was my reputation that they attacked when they couldn’t win any other way, so I disagree with Kathy Wyenandt who became the fourth campaign attempt at passing that ridiculous tax increase at Lakota schools. After listening to her I think we need to set the record straight because there was some really bad action going on with that effort for which Kathy was in the middle of and we need to talk about it.

Kathy Wyenandt is taking credit for her role in passing that tax increase so let’s review what happened. After three levy attempts for which I was the spokesman of the No Lakota Levy group the school board targeted me personally to get me out of the way of their opposition for another attempt which they were talking about doing in the following spring. I had two problems with that, the voters had spoken on three previous attempts, a resounding no, and Lakota wasn’t listening. Instead they made it personal and went after my character directly, siding with the Cincinnati Enquirer in bringing great harm to my reputation in an effort to smoke out all the No Lakota Levy supporters whom I represented often on WLW radio. The organized labor efforts of the teacher’s union and the levy supporting moms of Lakota went on quite a campaign against me, because they couldn’t beat the arguments I poised at them in live debates on the radio, on stage at various forums, and anywhere else they wanted to fight. Because their premise on the whole thing was wrong. So they lobbied WLW to stop supporting the No Lakota Levy campaign, which led to the firing of my radio friend Doc Thompson while on his honeymoon, which was a very low blow to him.  He and I talked about the situation and he spilled the beans to me as to what went on behind the scenes at WLW in conjunction with Lakota lobbyists, all which occurred at the same time in a coordinated fashion.  No school system should have that kind of power against the tax payers who pay their bills and hire them to manage their district. There were other elements, but the Lakota position was certainly a corporate decision on behalf of Clear Channel that wasn’t there in the 2013 election.

I had my much publicized fight with the core levy supporters when I called them all “latte sipping prostitutes” essentially as I was outraged that those people did not respect the previous 3 elections and kept scheming and plotting until they got their property tax increase, and it caused a separation of No Lakota Levy from my representation. I wanted out in a lot of ways because I was sick of talking about education issues. I wanted to publish a book I had been working on that wasn’t related at all to public education, yet my actions with the Lakota levy was setting me up on all kinds of television, radio, and other public formats that wanted me to be their education spokesman, so the longer the Lakota levy issue went on, the more trapped in it I became. I was hoping that after that third attempt they would stop and listen. But they didn’t, instead they spent more tax money on more consensus building efforts and showed they intended to try for a fourth wasting more of my time, so I blew up and the rest is history. We agreed to a cease fire, I moved on to other things and Lakota started plotting for that fourth attempt a year and a half later for which Kathy Wyenandt was brought in to help. And even with all that, they only won by 1% of the vote, not at all a stout and convincing victory. No Lakota Levy was there to organize a resistance but in looking back, I think we all agree we should have stuck together and if we had, there is no way that Lakota would have won. If Lakota tries again, we are talking about getting the band back together again.

The big turn in the vote was Sheriff Jones, the popular Republican who thought it was time to support Lakota because they had promised to use some of the money for increased security. Many of the No Lakota Levy people were willing to join with Jones to give Lakota a chance and some voters followed, enough to give Lakota a very small victory. After the win, Lakota did with the money exactly what I said they would do, they gave raises to the teachers even though they should have been laying off due to declining enrollment. They had been operating as a surplus for several years due to that declining enrollment but now they find themselves in the same trajectory of surplus spending and are talking about yet another levy. I just had a talk with several No Lakota Levy people the other day and we are seriously considering to meet that levy attempt in the same way we did on the previous three attempts that defeated the tax increase. Playing nice like many of them wanted to in that 2013 attempt stung in the end and the taste has been bad for everyone because many feel like they were lied to by Lakota. We have all been focused in getting a third conservative vote on the school board, but that has been not nearly as effective as just voting no on school levies. But the status quo of just passing more property tax increases every so many years is just not an acceptable option. If Kathy Wyenandt wants to take credit for that tax increase, which she clearly does, then have at it. But the truth of the matter was that Sheriff Jones changed the numbers, and we had split our efforts within No Lakota Levy. Only by dividing and conquering did the levy pass. It wasn’t that Kathy reached across the aisle to Republicans and Democrats to build a coalition. It was simply that Jones and his followers wanted to give Lakota a chance, which they have squandered.

I have spoken to Kathy on several occasions now and everyone seems surprised that I am not some raving lunatic on that matter. In fact during the three previous levy attempts I was very friendly with everyone, including the pro levy people. I was always happy to argue the facts. But I have a very bad temper, I can handle it just fine, but when someone punches at me or even thinks to, it doesn’t go well for the perpetrator.  I have never taken an attack on me lightly and when Joan Powell and Julie Shaffer on the school board decided to attack me personally, that was the end of the cordial activity. It was they who weren’t listening to what the voters said, and insisted on continuing to make levy attempts until they wore voters out into just saying yes. It was one of the most crooked schemes I have ever seen and it ruined my thoughts on public education forever. I don’t think those people should be anywhere near educating the next generation and I could tell stories all day for the record, and if this extortion scheme wasn’t so wide spread in virtually every government school, there would be serious legal issues.  I have not told all the stories I know about these people because honestly, I have wanted Lakota to improve its image, for or community’s sake.  But since its government, it gets overlooked and we are all supposed to take it smiling.  It was with each levy attempt that Lakota made that caused me to think that the John Dewey system of education was a ridiculous failure that needed to be completely reinvented, which is where I am on all education topics these days. Most of the No Lakota Levy supporters do not feel as strongly as I do on the matter, they just don’t want to get ripped off by the school that harms their projects. I however think public education as a concept needs a complete re-invention, so I don’t want to spend a further dime on any of it until we have that discussion. If not for my experiences with the Lakota levy attempts, I might not feel that way, but the more I learned, the more I despised the process.

It certainly helped that when Kathy Wyenandt came along, she didn’t look like the bottom of someone’s shoe the way previous pro school advocates presented themselves. That certainly helped take the edge off all the hatred that had been brewing between the various groups in the process. But that hatred was created by Lakota not listening to the voters and insisting that they just keep going to the voters until an election went their way. They cut busing as an extortion tactic, they took away sports programs, they played lots of games when the real meat of their problem was their excessive payroll. Kathy made it easy for Sheriff Jones and some other local leaders to give Lakota a chance, which they have blown, of course. And if Kathy wants a rematch, let’s have it. I bet Lakota wouldn’t get 1% of the vote today. And I think she knows that which is why she wants this senate job, because everyone knows Lakota is going to try for another tax increase because they do not have control of their budget. And when that happens, Kathy wants to be in Columbus so she doesn’t have to face the fact that the levy win in 2013 was a falsehood of smoke and mirrors, and once people realize that, she won’t be able to use it for an opportunity for higher office.

I am always happy to have a professional debate and discussion about everything. I am used to dealing with people who do not agree 100% with my view of the world and I can talk to a person like Kathy and many of these other pro tax advocates without getting mad at them. But when they take a shot at me and make it personal, then my policy is worse than Donald Trump’s policy of hitting back twice as hard. I tend to hit back until there is nothing left of the other side and I do that in everything in my life. So any past that we have had where Lakota used people like Kathy Wyenandt to advance a tax position they shouldn’t even have been asking for is on them, and all the anger that came from that attempt which is still as strong today, if not stronger, than it was prior to 2013. The problem was and always has been that after the first levy attempt that was defeated way back in 2010, Lakota should have managed their labor contracts differently. But instead they chose to pass their mismanagement off onto the community to cover the insane expenses of their collective bargaining agreements to the taxpayer, most of which do not have children in the school system. And today there are more of those people voting than there were in 2010, so a rematch to set the record straight would be a welcomed occasion. Whether or not its No Lakota Levy or some update of that concept, I’ll be there to meet it with those also interested, and the truth will be obvious.

Rich Hoffman

Dear Lisa Page: Where did you go?

The common attack from guilty people is always to attempt to divert attention away from their crime onto someone else, and that is very much a part of the Nancy Pelosi attempt at impeachment of President Trump. Normal people only have so much bandwidth and they know that. So, it is in their best interest to keep the news cycles so busy with anything but their guilt so that they might escape unnoticed into the pages of history. But we’re not going to allow that to happen. Every magician in the world understands this game of diversion because that’s how they pull the rabbit out of the hat or saw a woman in two on stage and trick you into believing in the illusions is that they give you information they want you to look at while they do something else. And in American politics if impeachment is the trick you are supposed to see, what is really going on behind the stage, where is Lisa Page?

Remember when Lisa Page came out in December declaring that she was “coming out” swinging, or something like that? She went on that one cable show which was covered by nobody, for that one dude on MSNBC and acted as if she were about to do a tell all. She even activated a Twitter account to speak directly to the public. Well, that whole thing died on the vine immediately and fell off the front pages before the paper was even purchased for a printer. A quick look at her Twitter comments reveals how quickly the wind has gone out of her sails. The Twitter thing is hard for a girl like her, you must actually have thoughts to say, and it takes work—neither of which she seems to have time for. Her story was killed, and quite on purpose, and she seems confused by it.

On her Twitter page she talks on January 3rd about how smart Iran is and how they are everywhere, all over the world, and that they are proud of their 5000 year old culture and that she was afraid they were going to hit back at the United States for aggressions against them. Out of all the things she talks about on her new Twitter page, this one says the most about who Lisa Page truly was and why she was so easily seduced by fellow FBI agent Peter Strzok. Her knowledge of history sounds like it came from the bar of the wine club at a Cooper’s Hawk on a Friday night. “Oh yes, darling, Iran is so dangerous. Let’s sip some wine and talk about it some more. Does your wine pair correctly with your bread?” Everything is scary to people who call themselves wine connoisseurs and society types who talk at each other instead of to people. As I have said many times as a student of history that goes way back before the times of Zoroastrianism in that Iran region, that country and their attempts at communism have left them a dust pit of Islamic extremism with no money in the bank and a lot of people unhappy with their government, and the place is ripe for an overthrow. You’d expect an FBI lawyer screwing one of the top agents in the business working all the big cases, the investigation into Russian collusion against Trump, the Hillary Clinton investigation, and even the laptop of Huma Abedin with all of her congressman husband’s porn on it, you’d expect her to be just a little bit smarter. But she isn’t.

As a matter of fact it was the guys in these cases, Peter Strzok the FBI agent and Anthony Weiner who both showed excessive bad judgment as both had very high positions in government who fell quickly head over heels in love with targets of their adultery, essentially putting our country at risk with their access to classified material while they pursued sexual liaisons. And the women of their lives, Lisa Page for Peter the FBI agent, and Huma for her husband Weiner created an environment of validation for these liberal men to allow them to believe that this behavior was normal, because to their dense understanding of the world, everyone does these things.

And to that effect Peter Strzok was found to have seriously brought to question the trust that the public has in the FBI because he was so in love with Lisa Page that he deliberately let Huma and Anthony off the hook by not taking seriously the Clinton emails that were likely on that laptop with all that Weiner porn, and was the key evidence to the Hillary Clinton case that the FBI was investigating, and trying to destroy so that she could run for president. That part of the insurance policy that Peter promised to his lover Lisa was in those very bits of evidence for which he helped destroy to keep Clinton from being indicted by the Department of Justice which extended straight into the Obama White House. Nothing to see here—move along.

Yet we’re supposed to believe that over Trump’s simple phone call looking into corruption by Joe Biden and his son, that we are supposed to accept impeachment. While the real crimes were covered up by the FBI and the DOJ by a former administration assisted by the media, and this poor girl Lisa Page was taken advantage of and she wanted to fight back. Only the magicians in the media don’t want her talking. They want to maintain the illusion that Trump did something so that nobody sees all the chopped-up bodies behind the curtain from the magic tricks gone wrong and have been hidden from the audience. And for people too stupid to understand the real threat of Iran, or the true nature of government corruption, or that it really doesn’t matter what wine you drink with a hamburger, the real threat to us all are all the things that we aren’t talking about.

I’m sure Lisa Page is a nice young lady. What our modern education system put into her head and the world she believes in isn’t completely her fault. She is just getting along to go along. She like so many like her are social butterflies who sleep with these sleezy Democrat men who have all kinds of emotional problems, even the best of them at the top jobs, and they have validated completely why we can’t put all our trust into any government. They are not capable of doing the job without resisting the temptations of corruption and we must always keep our eyes on them. Someone needs to do the job, but we must always be cautious. That is the real story here, and the reason that Lisa Page’s coming out party died before it opened. Nobody wants to talk about that, yet they want to get rid of the guy we sent to Washington to clean them up, which is why there is an impeachment attempt in the first place. Its not to seek justice, its to hide many massive crimes that threaten the entire world of people like Lisa Page, for which she is but a snowflake in the snowstorm that we know as the Beltway. And that is a truth we still all must deal with.

Rich Hoffman

What Disney Calls Magic is what Chick Fil A Calls Competency: Taking away the excusses to happiness

People have been wondering why as a grown man who could go anywhere in the world why my wife and I went to Disney World for vacation, without any kids. Well, there were a lot of reasons, but one of the main ones is something I don’t hear a lot of people talking about, but its at the core of their theme park business model, and its very similar to Chick Fil A. What Disney sells is happiness, its in their mission statement which is clear the moment you enter the property in Orlando welcoming you to the happiest place on earth. Obviously the first thing that cynical people think of in Disney are the huge expenses and the long lines, but there is a reason everything costs so much yet is so extraordinarily crowded. Its essentially for the same reason that Chick Fil A is crowded every afternoon just for selling chicken, it’s because as a company, they don’t make excuses for failure and have a can do spirit on everything, and that is precisely what people are looking for at the Disney Parks, and why I specifically wanted to vacation there. I’m a very positive person and professionally everywhere I have turned over the last year and a half was some drag asser looking for every little excuse not to do something, and it was driving me crazy. It had been time for a Disney vacation.

That doesn’t mean that what you get at Disney is happiness. I watched carefully during my vacation the other people who were looking for the same thing as me, but obviously were not so inclined to experience such a product as Disney calls “magic.” Magic is the word for it, because in reality, its only the performance of illusions, not some mystical energy created to manipulate the impossible. Magic to create happiness is a series of tricks designed to evoke in the user a feeling they couldn’t get anywhere else, but not all people are prepared to experience it. So they can go to Disney World and spend many tens of thousands of dollars, they can have their magic bands and take the shuttle from the airport to the parks without paying all the tolls on the highways between the two, and all they’ll see are long lines and misery. They’ll complain later that Disney World is all about just making a buck and is for kids as they seek some psychological distance between their present reality and any future attempt at happiness. For many people, they do not want to be happy, because there is responsibility in it, so even going to Disney World can’t do it for them. But on this trip, I wanted particularly to study Disney as a company and how they maintained their brand so I was watching with different eyes than I normally would in times past.

One thing that was obvious, and likely the key to their success at Disney was that all of their employees were taught to buy into the philosophy, like Chick Fil A. You don’t go to Disney to hear excuses about why this or that can’t or won’t happen. With them anything is possible. Any request from a customer is entertained, and it’s done so with a smile on their faces. As I went everywhere and asked lots of questions of what they call “cast members” a personality trait emerged that was part of their employee development. The customer was always right, and the employees of Disney were taught never to complain, or to let it out that they disagreed with those very valuable customers. Everything was on time; no rides or attractions were shut down because they didn’t have enough employees to operate the activities. Nothing stopped at Disney World due to massive call offs of a weak labor pool to draw from. To make the parks work magically each day, it literally took tens of thousands of park employees to make the massive operation run. If 10% of their work force didn’t show up for work on time there would be big problems in selling that happiness, yet Disney didn’t have that problem at all. The reason why is the key to the answer.

To conduct my experiments my wife and I stayed in Kissimmee and spent some time out of the park interacting with the various work cultures there to draw some long-held conclusions that I have had. In years past, whenever we went to central Florida, we would meet at the family condo over in Cape Canaveral, and a fair amount of socializing was always part of the trip. This time, we didn’t talk to anybody, we just conducted my experiment spending a lot of time at all four Disney Parks, eating and interacting with their various resorts, and crawling over every inch of their Disney Springs development. We used all their various transportation systems and even talked to the janitors who walked around the park cleaning up the trash. I purposely looked for the ugly side of Disney, any peeled paint, any decaying wood, any sign of shortcuts toward the magic illusions that Disney was so obsessed with creating. Then once the parks closed, or before they opened, we would eat and shop down in Kissimmee and the differences in culture were obvious.

We were staying only two miles from the entrance to Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios the entire time along RT 192 which had a lot of great Gatlinburg types of tourist traps that I love so much. Only the employees almost everywhere we went sucked, and I mean, they sucked big time. We went to Joe’s Crab Shack which was just a stone’s throw to the south of Animal Kingdom, off the Disney property and it was obviously mismanaged in a terrible way. It took 15 minutes for someone to even ask to seat us, even with most of the place full of empty tables. Then we were told it would take an additional 15 minutes to seat us. When I asked why, they told us that they had a few call-offs and that they were running behind. Disney operates hundreds of restaurants, hotels, rides, and other vendors and I don’t think they would permit any of their employees from making such a ridiculous statement. Why would a business make their mismanagement problems the problems of the paying customer? Its an absurd concept, so we left Joe’s Crab Shack and looked for other options. And we found the same behavior everywhere else, including a Cracker Barrel

Our hotel had half dead slugs running the place, the room cleaners kept forgetting to give us new towels, coffee packs and whatever we asked for because they were not engaged in maintaining our happiness. They were just going through the motions like the rest of the world. Disney by contrast didn’t permit such excuses and that was obviously part of what they called magic. From the airport in Orlando to the surrounding establishments around the Disney World property, the contrasts were obvious, and a key to the success story. It really came down to a management decision to take away the excuses of unhappiness. If people wanted to see the strings and hidden chambers of the magic show, they could. But Disney would not be responsible for it. Their whole thing was to take away the excuses to be miserable. If people chose to be miserable anyway, that was on them.

I am one who likes to be happy, so it didn’t take much for me to enjoy that level of competency. In such a “can do” culture it doesn’t take much for me to respect such a thing. The cast members no matter how important their roles were in the customer experience held to the company motto and it was obviously successful. It shows what can be done when a company has expectations from their employees to behave a certain way and to ensure that the customer experience from their side is positive and excuse free. And in that, there are lots of lessons for the outside world to come to grips with, which is precisely why I chose this vacation over other options, which I’m glad I did.

Rich Hoffman

Julie Shaffer and Ray Murray Want Transgender Bathrooms at Lakota: Lynda O’Connor and Jim Hahn could stop them if elected

Another thing that voters need to understand in the Lakota school district as they vote on November 5th 2019 to cast a ballot for new school board members, is where they stand on the transgender bathroom policy. Clearly by the video below, and on many other issues there are two right thinking candidates, and two who are out of their minds. The two good ones are Lynda O’Connor and James Hahn. The two bad ones are Ray Murray and Julie Shaffer. What makes Ray and Julie bad are several things, but for this particular circumstance its their policy of allowing sex to determine the focus of a taxpayer funded education that makes them such villains. Lynda and Jim are against the proposal of taking away parental rights from their children by allowing transgender kids in locker rooms and in the general bathrooms. Transgender politics is a dangerous progressive platform that is driven by government schools and is meant to erode away family value so that children are raised under the umbrella of an all intrusive government. The issue is not about fairness, its about family destruction. Listening to Ray and Julie below I would say they are not savvy enough to understand the politics behind the movement. And that makes them even more dangerous to the Lakota school board, because they are pawns to a progressive policy without even knowing it. But if left to them, if Julie and Ray are on a board together, you can bet they will be voting for transgender bathrooms and locker rooms. Listen to them for yourself:

In many ways Lakota dealt with this years ago, and Lynda O’Connor was part of the leadership in creating an option for transgender kids with a separate bathroom. The continuation of this issue proves that the agenda is not about keeping kids from committing suicide because boys want to be girls, and vice versa. It’s about eroding away the values of students into instruments of progressive thought and turning them into activists for change into a liberal, anti-traditional family direction. To be clear, Jim and Lynda working together on the school board would prevent further transgender issues from becoming a distraction. Ray and Julie would perpetuate the issue and vote to allow mixing boys and girls into general bathrooms and locker rooms. They are weak people who are not very smart making them easy victims of the aggressive teacher’s union. The union has supported both of them because they know that Julie and Ray are easy targets for their agenda of progressive considerations. To prevent this issue both Lynda and Ray would need to be elected because currently Lynda is outvoted on the board two votes to three for approval. The only thing stopping it currently is this upcoming election.

Its hard for many people to admit, including school board members, but education is much less about teaching kids anything, but is more about changing them into progressive activists. In many ways, no discussion about sex should be going on with taxpayer funded efforts. Liberals have been pushing for years to continue lowering sex education among student populations into younger and younger ages. In many cases students aren’t even thinking about sex as public schools are proposing teaching about it in the fourth and fifth grade. Progressive planners at the state level who make up these curriculums know that most children are home alone and bored out of their minds as both parents work these days. And when kids are thinking about sex, they are easy to control especially at school because the teachers become the adoptive parents. Julie isn’t thinking in such conspiratorial terms and Ray is too busy smoking pot and digging his hands into the pavement of Chicago streets to think very deeply about anything. But those are stories for other articles. For this, they just do what they are told by the union. And believe me, the leadership within the unions are all about advancing the progressive anti-family national position of their liberal organization.

Transgender issues are a minority and to provide them with a bathroom to use is fair. Anything beyond that is disruptive to the other students. I could go back to my school days and tell lots of stories as these issues were just becoming part of the narrative. I was a very good athlete and obviously all the school coaches wanted me to play on their programs whether it was basketball or football. I liked playing the games, but I hated, HATED undressing and dressing in the locker rooms. I hated it with kids of the same sex. I can’t imagine it with people who were openly gay and girls who were claiming to be boys. Nudity for me was always a very vulnerable position. I grew up going to church every week. My mom was a housewife and we had a very traditional family structure so I had clear definitions of right and wrong and not being vulnerable around strangers.

We have learned over the last decade or so however that sexual manipulation is actually very common among coaches and students and creating conditions where kids are getting nude is meant to teach them to lower their defenses. With me, I never did. I just didn’t play the sports, because I didn’t want to be stripped of my clothing and assimilated into a Borg Continuum that they called a “team.” I would say that most people reading this are at least my age or older, so they likely had similar experiences and all this modern talk about transgender locker rooms and bathrooms is beyond their understanding. But its quite an obvious attack on our lifestyles in America and its on purpose. It is happening at Lakota. But it is happening everywhere that the teacher unions touch taxpayer money.

When Julie Shaffer says that over 70% of students are thinking about committing suicide, she is talking about 70% of something like 2% of the student population, overstated on purpose to exacerbate the issue for overly emotional people. Rather than deal with the exceptions the progressive position is to use the exceptions to change the standard and drag more and more kids into the confusing condition of sexual identity when most of them can’t even read a book or do basic math. And that is the real crime. Even if nobody wants to believe that progressives at the state and federal level are attempting to destroy the American family with these transgender policies, the truth of the matter is that while we are talking about these issues, kids aren’t learning what they should be, so a change is desperately needed if we are to save them at all from these dangerous educations. What is absolutely certain is that if either Julie or Ray are elected to the Lakota school board, then they will have the votes to advance this agenda. They both support it, you heard it from their own mouths. But if Jim and Lynda are elected, then the issue will be held off and parents will retain their rights to at least manage their children’s sexuality as they should have the responsibility for. Its not the school’s place to stick their noses into such a small topic of the human experience and anybody who says otherwise is looking to limit the intellect of young people with such a trivial topic to consider. Which to my mind should be a crime. But for now, its at least subject to a vote and with an election, we can stop the continued damage.

Rich Hoffman

Public Education Sucks: If President Trump really wants to drain the Swamp, make government unions illegal

Part of the solution to the public education nightmare is to elect good local school board members who take the job seriously and truly want to help children become smarter with a proper education. In my local district of Lakota I will be voting for Lynda O’Connor who has been in that position for a while and needs a critical third vote to have proper management authority to do anything productive, like at least keep the budget in check. And to get that third vote I will be voting for James Hahn who is a savvy business figure offering his talents to help solve some of the public education problems. Those are the conventional measures that can be taken at a local level to help provide a solution. But as many know by now, my involvement in the public education system has shown me that the entire thing needs to be scrapped, which Betsy DeVos stated quite nicely on a segment with Bret Baier on Fox News Friday evening, October 18th, 2019. The problem isn’t money, public education has been well funded for many years. The problem is all about performance. Public education has been terrible for our children and it needs a complete overhaul. Local elections might slow down some of the spending bleeding that goes on, but it can’t change what kids learn, only competition can do that.

Most of the things that President Trump would like to do with education is a second term thing, Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos has been setting the stage for quite a long time and for a good reason as she stated on Bret’s show. America, a first world country of considerable resources is ranked around the world #24 in reading. #25 in science. And #40 in math. 40! For me only a top ten measure would be acceptable. And I personally would expect a ranking of #1 in all the categories if not just a few of them. Based on those measures, public education isn’t working and every other week we have another school district somewhere going on strike demanding more money using those kids as hostages to get it. The madness has to stop and until it does, we need to call it what it is, an unmitigated disaster that is only a very expensive publicly paid babysitting service for busy parents who aren’t managing their children and are committed to raising a generation of idiots.

I know Lynda personally and respect her commitment to education, she has dedicated a considerable amount of her life to it. And I have come to know a bit about James Hahn, he really, really cares about education. I have had countless people ask me to run for a school board position and I have had to decline time and time again simply because I can’t do what they want to do, and that is beat my head against an emphatically broken system. They are willing to save what they can of it. I’m not, I’m with Betsy DeVos, School Choice is really the only way to fix the system. Attach the money to the kids and keep the unions out of it. I would go so far to push for making union membership illegal in any government entity. If you want to drain the swamp in D.C. that would be a good place to start. And in education, the evidence would quickly present itself of just how bad the labor unions are for the education system. There are likely few people who care as much about education as I do at my age. I still endeavor to learn things every day like a 6-year-old child does naturally. Books and education are a part of my daily life, and not just a little bit—but a lot. I still read at least one book a week and push to learn something new every day, so it is quite insulting to me to listen to a bunch of stupid people telling me we need to spend more money on education just to inflate government employee’s paychecks, and that we will still be ranked so low by international standards. I know what education and a life with a mind on fire should look like for young people and the public education system we have now does not get us there, and it never will.

All the performance standards we have now are baked into protecting the labor union employees. The goals of those employees is not to train a bright mind to become brighter, but to train them to be good stewards of the state and to care more about fictional climate science and gay rights then learning to engineer the next great thing. Luckily in America through our free market system we develop great talent in spite of such a disastrous public education system, but we could do so much better. Light years better! What we have now is garbage, even in the best of cases. My district of Lakota is considered one of the top destinations in the country, great neighborhoods, great business inputs, great infrastructure yet with the kind of budget that could fund a Fortune 500 company they still got a “B” on their state report card. Anybody who thinks that’s good enough is part of the problem and no matter how much you try to help solve the problem, until you change the way it functions, it will continue to fail.

We should not allow labor unions to control regionally the quality of an education institution with one bland choice after another. Lakota just had a debate about transgender bathrooms, that is the kind of garbage that these loser teachers are pushing down our kid’s throats on a daily bases. But guess what, move out of the district to the east part of town or even worse yet, down into the city and you’ll get the same crap because the teacher unions are progressive organizations set on an agenda that is very much anti-American and they take our property taxes and use that money to advance that line of thought. If we completely dismantled public education and replaced it with nothing, we’d be better off than forcing kids to unlearn for the last half of their lives all the garbage they learned in their formulative years when learning was easier. We are graduating not contributors to the greatest economy of the world, but little monsters that want to use anarchy to topple our entire system, and spit on our flag. That’s what we are getting for our money spent in public education.

Our public education system does not work for anybody but the teacher unions. And we must change that to have a shot at any significant improvement in our national and international test scores. People might argue that the entire world is following the same basic education standards. But the problem is, American society is based on free will and when given a bad choice, like many of our kids do, they choose not to learn where other countries will not give such an open option. America needs competition in its schools to bring about the kind of performance that is expected. And to then give school board members something truly beneficial in managing a school system. Until then, work with what you have. But understand that in the very near future, public education is going to have to be completely overhauled down to its very foundations. And until then, it sucks.

Rich Hoffman

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