Finally Republican Law Makers are Standing up to Dummy DeWine: When leadership is cowering in fear, the destruction is much, much worse

Watching Governor DeWine’s terrible handling of the Ohio Covid-19 situation, what the communist leaning World Health Organization calls a “pandemic” I am increasingly convinced that any and all politicians need to have some basic business experience before they can qualify to run for any office. The lack of managerial skill that DeWine has displayed as an executive has been mind blowingly terrible. It isn’t stunning that he and the Kentucky governor have been getting high polling from the same sources that are always showing President Trump running behind Joe Biden. The high pole numbers for DeWine and his health director the Obama loving, abortion advocate, Amy Acton are because they as politicians are doing what people who want to bring harm to America want them to do, shut down the economy, teach people to obey authority with draconian “orders” and expand the role of government in everyone’s lives. But dummy DeWine thinks he’s actually going to be popular after all this and he believes the media polls, he likes getting invited on CNN, and MSNBC to help them usher in the destruction of America—not bad for a simple kid from Yellow Springs, Ohio who married his first girlfriend and thinks an exciting day is eating her cookies. The power and showers of praise from the media on every draconian measure have made him drunk on the power he has and its time to rip that power back.

Its good to see that finally some GOP lawmakers are starting to stick up to DeWine, particularly Speaker Larry Housholder, Rep. Bill Seitz, Rep. Paul Zeltwanger, and Rep. Nino Vitale who are presently making moves to take back the runaway emergency powers that DeWine has been abusing and setting the stage for the politics that will come after Covid-19 is over. Of course President Trump’s own version of Wormtongue from the classic Lord of the Rings books—Dr. Fauci wants Covid-19 to re-emerge in the fall for a second wave, as does Amy Acton. The scam of flattening the curve was just another way of saying, make it last longer, because these idiots have a day of hell waiting for them when the full brunt of this reaction to the Covid-19 outbreak makes its casualties known. Three of my kids have personally been devastated by our state’s reaction to the virus, I have a daughter who is literally losing several hundred thousand dollars out of this year because of the ridiculous voodoo science of social distancing. Her business will have to be rebuilt again which will take years of recovery. She is so mad at DeWine that she’d probably be in a lot of trouble if she met him face to face. Just the name of DeWine sends her into a rage. Another one of my daughters is an artist and she had planned to sell much of her work at the various shows that go on at convention centers in the Tri-state area and those plans were wrecked costing her many tens of thousands of dollars in opportunity cost. No government is giving out checks for opportunity cost, but its as real as anything else. Then of course I have a son-in-law, a hard working one who is out of work with no projection of a recovery. Those are just three lives impacted who are close to me.

Further, I have seen five people on my street have their cars repossessed over the last two weeks. Several other neighbors have moved into formal divorce, they have had too much time together. The misery index caused by our government’s reaction to Covid-19 has been horrible and the costs are just now becoming known, like a category 5 tornado that touches down in a town overnight. People know it hit, but its only when the sun comes up that people see how much destruction actually took place. The Ohio economy has been leveled and DeWine seems completely oblivious to it. To make matters worse he knew he picked a liberal Obama supporter in Amy Acton as his health director and he has consciously placed all our futures in her hands which was the most irresponsible thing he could have done. If Ohio picks a Republican governor, they don’t expect the economy to be run by a major liberal Democrat. Its not that Amy Acton was pretending to be something she wasn’t, although I’m sure she said what she needed to so she could get the job. Ultimately, as DeWine says, “the buck stops with him.” Well, yes it does and that’s why the other branches of congress need to take away DeWine’s power and start proceedings to replace him with a real Republican.

Listening to Jon Husted has been painful, the Lt. Governor. He’s supposed to be the business guy who gets it, yet he wouldn’t make it five minutes an the kind of business meetings I’m used to. He sounds like a child when it comes to the economy and what makes business work. I don’t know who he has been talking to which have been giving him all these unanimous votes on new normal policies such as wearing masks in businesses for all employees, but they were all smoking crack and telling him what they thought he wanted to hear just to reopen. Its obvious that those people are disconnected from their own businesses which Jon should see if he’s so smart, yet what has ended up happening is that we have a re-opening by committee in Ohio that only government could think was productive. Some of the things they have been saying are literally some of the dumbest things I’ve ever heard. It’s a shame it has taken Householder and Seitz so long to get their guts going, but I guess its better late than never. Now that people in Ohio know that the Covid-19 virus was a scam in the way it was sold to the public as the next death of civilization, they want their money back, and their lives and somebody is going to have to deliver. It’s a shame that its an election year and the Republican party would like to unite behind Trump and DeWine, but both have global activists in their administrations and people are going to hold them responsible for that, and its not going to be pretty. Trump has Fauci and DeWine has Acton.

DeWine’s biggest failure was in the lack of leadership during the whole Covid-19 outbreak. Sure the media loves him because he led Ohio over a cliff, which is what they wanted—fear ruling over logic. But it was DeWine who just took everything Trump did and go several steps further by letting Amy Acton guide the administration policy. For a comparison, sure its safer to go get your mail out of the mailbox of your house dressed in a helmet and knee pads, but is it practical. Just going safer isn’t leading—its yielding, and that is what DeWine did. He played things safe to save his own ass, and in so doing he ruined the lives of everyone who should have been following him. These politicians keep calling themselves leaders, but all I have seen from them is followers, governors following World Health Organization directives which the CDC adopted, and legislators following those governors with no checks on power by allowing emergency powers to continue infinitely as their minds were captured by fear. Maybe now that people see the hoax of the numbers regarding coronavirus they’ll start showing some leadership. But the lack of it up to this point has destroyed so many lives because they trusted politicians to make the right choices, and as we can all see, the people of Ohio were let down by Republicans who sat on their hands and chose not to do the right thing when it mattered most.

Rich Hoffman

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