The Psychology of the Silent Majority: Measuring engagement with President Trump, Joe Biden and Darbi Boddy

Understanding the silent majority is the key to comprehending many elements of modern politics. This came up recently as antagonists of Darbi Boddy at Lakota schools were poking around, observing that my sites don’t typically have a lot of comments. My readers tend to read, observe, and think about what they engage with. They don’t usually feel that they should write down their thoughts for all to see. This is also true of polling; when a pollster calls members of the silent majority, they are much less likely to answer the phone or interact with the established organization because they are much more guarded about their thoughts and actions to the public. This tendency has given the political left a sense of power that they never had. RINOs, too, have misread the tea leaves over the years, believing that their task has been to appease the noisy minority. And there was a considerable amount of panic when within a week of the pro-union elements of radicalism at my local district of Lakota couldn’t use social pressure to force Darbi Boddy off the Lakota school board, the liberal controls over conservatives were losing their grip. When some of those same elements brought their value system to me, hoping to invoke the same concerns, “you don’t have much engagement in the form of comments,” one of them said to me, looking for a way to invalidate the content by the way they measure. That is because the silent majority stays silent on issues, and the political left never had control over them. It was just an illusion created by the small minority who do care about such things. When I say that liberalism is a mental illness, this is what I mean by it. The Conservative silent majority types do not need the validity of their existence acknowledged by others for their happiness and actions in life. Liberals do need the validation of their peers. They are the epitome of classic philosophy; if a tree falls in the forest and nobody witnesses it, did it fall? Well, for the silent majority, of course, it did. To the liberal, they need acknowledgment of its falling to believe that it fell. They need social validation. 

Just the recent Trump rallies in Nebraska, then the one in the pouring rain in Greensburg, Pennsylvania, will show the evidence that provides some sort of measure on this condition. Back to the Darbi Boddy case at Lakota schools in Butler County, the belief by the radical lunatics is that if 100 to 800 of them make noise on a Facebook page and speak at a school board, then that is enough to observe that she should be removed from the school board and replaced with someone they like as liberals better. But the silent majority lives in Butler County, Ohio, in numbers that are around a half a million. Every officeholder in Butler County is a Republican, and the biggest fight in politics isn’t between Democrats and Republicans but between real conservatives and RINOs. So regarding Darbi, the liberals are grossly outnumbered at the ballot box. Still, they believe they are in the majority because they gauge their reality off peer engagement like-minded insanity. On the same day that Trump went to the Greensburg rally in the rain to a massive crowd that waited all day to see him give the same essential speech he provides every week, Joe Biden came to Butler County to visit a metal plant that specializes in 3D printing to try to affiliate himself in a manufacturing sector in a positive way. Well, I was within feet of that obviously inserted President. Nobody cared; everyone went about their business as if he wasn’t even there. The motorcade on the way in and out was uneventful. If it had been Trump, the traffic would have been backed up for miles. For Biden, it was a few missed traffic lights. He came and went as if he were never there. Without cameras and some CEO cheerleading, nobody would have otherwise known Joe Biden was even the President of the United States. Yet hours later, in Pennsylvania, standing in a steady spring rain covered in mud for over six hours, Trump supporters waited for the former President, who has been gone for 15 months from high office, to talk to them about supporting his next round of endorsements. 

The problem used to be getting the silent majority to engage in politics because they never wanted to support people like George Bush, John McCain, or Mitt Romney. I remember the challenge in 2012 when Kid Rock came to West Chester, Ohio, to do a big rally for the Ohio GOP, including John Kasich. I was supposed to go to it and do my usual behind-the-scenes stuff. But I had better things to do than meet all the Republican celebrities that year, which nobody but the extreme insiders was excited about. If you want to go to the zoo to see RINOs, that was the event. But most people like to see other things in the political zoo, so attendance was light. A few years later, when I was involved in helping secure a location for the future President Trump during the primaries of 2016, we booked him in the Savannah Center just a few feet from where Kid Rock had been playing for the 2012 GOP, and it was a madhouse. Trump wasn’t even the nominee for the Republican Party at the time, and it looked like he never would be. But people were parking everywhere. West Chester turned into a madhouse as no traffic management could have managed people’s desire to see Trump. Most of the people who came to see Trump at the Savannah Center never got into the building. That was the silent majority. They don’t feel they need to validate their existence on message boards like Facebook or engage with pollsters. But when you see they all want to be in the same place to do the same thing, that’s when you can begin to see them and understand the political movement that is upon us. 

We’ve learned a lot about the silent majority over the last ten years since that 2012 event. Back then, the GOP managed to fill the field by the clock tower in West Chester, but it certainly wasn’t close to the madhouse of Trump’s visit to the Savannah Center. And the crowds are much larger now, and he’s not even President. The recent rally in Nebraska was supposed to be on a Friday night, but they had terrible weather, so they canceled and rescheduled for Sunday. People waited all weekend for Trump to arrive at the rescheduled time. And they’d do it again. So why is Trump so popular, whereas Joe Biden is not? Why is Darbi Boddy making so many liberals upset by being on the school board, yet their protests are falling on deaf ears?

Darbi knows what many are just now learning about the silent majority. They are where America has always been, yet they weren’t represented in politics or even the entertainment industry. Every so often, there would be a movie like American Sniper that would catch their interest, and you could see them.   But without a person who represented them in public, evident for all to see, nobody knew they existed who measure these things because the measurement was wrong. Engagement was being used to measure sentiment. But the silent majority was silent for a reason; they were not stimulated by the measures of engagement being presented to them, so their passions went unrecorded.   And they didn’t participate in the measure. The insanity of the political left to feel unchecked and validated while the silent majority disengaged and stayed to themselves. They might talk to each other over grilling in the backyard and ooze about the corruption of politics. But they wouldn’t otherwise interact with the established world. They certainly didn’t go to school board meetings to make themselves seen. But when there is an issue they can get their teeth into or a person they feel represents them, they vote and do so enthusiastically. And they don’t need anybody to acknowledge that they did it, which terrifies the mental depravity of the political left because, without validation, they have nothing in the world. 

Rich Hoffman

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Mike DeWine Ruined Kings Island’s 2020 Season: The danger of an out-of-control government ran by losers like the current Ohio governor

As if anybody needed a reminder about just how terrible Mike DeWine has been as governor. Apparently, there are people out there with the memory of a goldfish, so they need the reminder. Just remember on election day of May 3rd, 2022, that Kings Island, one of the greatest amusement parks in the country, in the world for that matter, is currently under a big lawsuit from season pass holders from the 2020 season who wanted a refund, and are now taking the Cincinnati treasure to court over how the parent company, Cedar Fair Amusements handled the government imposed business shutdowns during the fake Covid pandemic. Now for those who aren’t regular readers, you probably know people who were sick over Covid, who may have died. Remember about Covid, which Governor DeWine was one of the first in the country to be suckered into the Bill Gates power grab for which Covid was created. Covid-19 was made in a lab in Wuhan, China. Dr. Fauci knew about it. He and Bill Gates knew some medicines could have stopped the virus, such as hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin. Still, they deliberately suppressed that information from the public with donations made by Bill Gates to manipulate the media coverage and steer the public toward government-mandated vaccines, a multi-decade project that Bill Gates personally has funded so to usher the world toward a one-world government run by the United Nations steered by the Desecrators of Davos party. The same minds have now brought us the crises in Ukraine. And regarding Covid, the government reaction to the virus caused trillions of dollars of damage, ruined many lives, destroyed jobs, and broke the laws of our constitutions in gross ways that many thought was impossible before 2020. Kings Island in northern Cincinnati is an example of how government can ruin lives when it is unchecked and has too much power, for which Governor DeWine is guilty. 

I was on several conference calls with Ceder Fair Amusements and Governor DeWine during the spring of 2020 when the entertainment giant was making its plea to get some visibility to schedule when they could reopen operations. At that time, it was May. Being a seasonal company operating two very large amusement parks in Ohio, which Mike DeWine had prevented from opening by abusing his emergency powers as governor, Cedar Fair Amusements needed answers from the government-created travesty. They had no idea when they could open Kings Island or Cedar Point, and being a seasonal company, they were already hurt in acquiring employees for the season. On that conference call, Mike DeWine was strutting his authority under emergency powers, and it was apparent that he never planned to give up those powers. Now two years later, we still have the pandemic going. The Democrats want desperately to use Covid emergencies to shield them from election results they don’t like. That was certainly the case in 2020 when they wanted Donald Trump out of office. And it’s the case now in 2022, with midterms shaping up to be really devastating for Democrats and the terrible job they have done at the national level possessing all three houses of government, Blue state governors are still looking for Covid to shield them from poor performances. And out of all the governors in the country, Mike DeWine has governed as a blue state governor, certainly not a Republican. And on that phone call, he could not tell Cedar Fair Amusements when they could open or the plan for them ever to do so. DeWine was utterly unsympathetic to the business community’s needs and showed everyone just how dangerous government could be when it was out of control. 

That year Kings Island finally was able to open with horrendous restrictions to the public by July, after half the season was over. That year also, Kings Island had to shut down their Halloween Haunt weekend schedule and their Winterfest activities. So Kings Island was open from July 4th essentially to Labor Day. And before DeWine would let them do that, they had to agree to all kinds of unscientific social distancing rules and mask mandates after having to scramble to find enough employees even to open the park, let alone to give the customers the amusement park experience that they were craving. Kings Island was trying to open one of their big multi-million dollar Giga coasters, and the steam of the whole event was completely destroyed by what DeWine himself had done. Under emergency powers, he cut out the legislature. He took complete command of Ohio’s economy, which he didn’t have the right to do. He took hundreds of millions of dollars from Kings Island in opportunity cost. For Cedar Fair Amusements, it was a devastating summer, just as it was for many hundreds of thousands of other companies, large and small, who struggled to survive the ominous behavior of government exerting powers it didn’t have for the destruction of the people they were supposed to serve. If Covid was a virus that was built by our own Defense Department, funded by Dr. Fauci, and released by China as a bioweapon, and it robbed us of our taste buds, our health, and happiness, the government reaction to it with all the rules and regulations was far more dangerous. People might say that Cedar Fair Amusements is a wealthy company with all the money to absorb the costs. Those would be people who have no idea how much money it takes to run an amusement park. 

I thought what Kings Island did that year was good; they essentially gave all season pass holders for the 2020 season a free renewal of the 2021 pass. Even that following year, Covid was still a problem, and DeWine had just reopened the state against his will. The Senate passed a bill to take those emergency powers away from DeWine, and it finally went into effect in June of 2021, and then and only then did DeWine step away from the lockdowns. The government had spent over a year terrifying people over Covid, which certainly hurt Kings Island’s business model. It will likely take them a decade to recover what was lost in just that one year. The current lawsuit is over how Cedar Fair Amusements managed Covid, which was entirely out of their control. Some people wanted a refund of their 2020 passes because they couldn’t use them. My wife and I went one time to ride the new Orian ride but didn’t go the rest of the year because the mask mandate was impossible to deal with in the hot summer sun, and it wasn’t worth it to us. We thought it was nice that Kings Island honored our passes for the following year. In 2021 we went often but noticed that many of the normal crowd had not returned. Some people were still worried about Covid, and they might never feel comfortable going out in public again. Those are the people suing Kings Island because they wanted a complete refund of their passes for 2020. The government had so terrified those people that they were permanently damaged. So now, with the summer of 2022 coming, Mike DeWine is running for a second term. And Kings Island is in court trying to defend itself from actions that Governor DeWine caused by his horrible mismanagement of Covid in the summer of 2020. Anybody who votes for him after that terrible performance is an idiot and an enabler of abuse.   

Rich Hoffman

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RINOs and Freemasons: Slow to adopt to a changing world

I will admit that I have a soft spot of sympathy for even the most treacherous characters in politics. When we talk about “draining the swamp,” which we must, some of the scum that will go down the drain are people who didn’t know they were part of the mess. They thought they were following the universe’s rules and doing God’s work as civil servants. And they see the freedom movement as the work of the devil because it is shattering institutional norms, and many of these people believe much more in the institutions of mankind than they do in the human spirit, which is pushing, manifesting, and striving for individual freedom with every cell of their bodies. Of course, the more these institutions feel they are losing control of this process, the harder they are attempting to clamp down on the behavior, which leads directly to the mess we have in 2022 politically, spiritually, and socially. I’ll be the first to call a squishy politician a RINO, someone like Mike DeWine and his supporters. But when I have a chance to meet people like that, I usually don’t have anger toward them but sympathy because, in reality, they have the crises and are suffering the most. What they believe has been wrong since their birth, and this new world is scary to them. This world of Trump and the MAGA movement, like the Tea Party that came before it, operated without any real leader but purely out of self-initiation. 

It used to be and was that way for many thousands of years, that if you were a good boy or girl, a member of your community would seek you out and initiate you into a secret society of some sort, like the Freemason movement which is in almost every community. Or the Rosicrucians might be another that went underground the more institutional and politically connected the church became. Of course, if you were an outstanding Freemason starting in the year 1776, the same year as the American Revolution and the publication of Adam Smit’s Wealth of Nations, you would be sought out by the Illuminati, who are the content of lots of movies and conspiracy theories, usually by rival factions of Luciferians and Satan worshipers who also think their quest for mankind is the correct one. The Illuminati thought to operate a shadow government beyond the kings of Europe and defeat them behind the scenes instead of having to engage in actual battlefield wars. During their revolution, they got into trouble in France and had to go further underground and indeed moved to America. Aaron Burr was part of the Illuminati movement as I’ve told the story of his duel with Alexander Hamilton before and how he fled down the river of the Ohio to seek help from his Illuminati friend at Blennerhassett Island. They would go on to attempt to create a nation against America to overthrow it from the Mexican territory. It was all very dramatic. Then there are members of the Cabal, the followers of Isis. Some of these groups would form organized crime groups and other social mechanisms of menace. When the mobs were destroyed publically, they went underground and became part of the government. History is filled with such characters, and when we wonder why nobody ever gets prosecuted, well, it comes down to these swampy connections with police, mobsters, civic leaders, and the bonds they form in initiations that go well beyond the laws of nations in their minds.

I know all about the skeletal remains of a skull and two thigh bones that include a white cloak buried within just about every Masonic temple scattered around the world. Initiates who get high enough in the ranking learn about these esoteric mysteries, which essentially reveal the hidden books of the Bible that were not included in the Roman censorship that took place after Emperor Constantine made Christianity the official religion of the Roman Empire. That episode was just an early form of cancel culture where the Romans were pushed to undo themselves by adopting the values of the person they crucified. We see the same tactic now as we always do with the Vico Cycle. Now it’s issues of racism, transgenderism, and guilt of any kind that can be used as a weapon to destroy culture from within. Rome didn’t last long after it made Christianity its official religion. But secret societies would continue to teach the original material, such as the Book of Enoch, which talks about the life and times before Noah built the ark to survive the coming deluge.   The Masons felt it was their task to help teach the light of the world to the uninitiated masses, which is how America really got its start and why there are Masonic symbols all over Washington D.C., our money, and just about every community. George Washington was a member of the Freemasonry movement, as were most of the Founding Fathers. But then again, so were Karl Marx, Engles, and Lenin, the blistering communists who have all but destroyed the world with their dumb ideas about economic management. When you learn about the kind of political movements that we have been dealing with for thousands of years, you learn pretty quickly that they were formed out of these secret societies, where the members thought they were smarter than everyone else and had hidden knowledge that they could then teach the public at large and facilitate the development of mankind in what they thought was a positive direction, as decided by them.

But what they didn’t know was that humanity would get to freedom with or without them. President Trump was not a creation of theirs; he resulted from the human desire for freedom. People didn’t need or want guidance from the Masons, the Illuminati, or even church leaders; they would get where they wanted to go whether or not someone told them it was acceptable. They would learn what they wanted despite whether someone initiated them into one of these secret societies. But it used to be if you were invited and became a Freemason, a path to civic society would open doors for that member.   They might become a great politician, judge, or a commissioner and be forever respected as members of the community. And that is where many RINOs find themselves now, in the post-Trump years and everything that was exposed during that first term. Society had outgrown group associations of all kinds, and the trajectory of thought was still moving in the way of freedom. This has panicked those who live off group associations, especially the government, which bent the rules for years toward the wisdom of the orders. But that hasn’t impacted the human race’s need for decentralized management of their lives. Even if Freemasonry was instrumental in creating America, like a sad parent who has raised its kids, the kids had no more need for the secret societies to live their lives. People don’t want the controls of the Skull and Bones products like George W. Bush and John Kerry, who share membership with that society from Yale. They want someone to free them from people like that, such as Donald Trump. So, the RINOs in the Republican Party, who never really understood the role of government in civic life, who thought that if they were a high degree Mason, the public would respect them for the rest of their lives, have been in for quite a surprise. And in that way, I feel a little sorry for them. The rules changed as the freedom movement matured, and they were now outcasts when they thought they would be perpetual insiders. But that is how it is with all group behavior. If a society doesn’t want to be crushed under the perpetual weight of the Vico Cycle (theology, aristocracy, democracy, anarchy), then it must function from individual achievement, not group consensus. And that is what is happening in the world whether or not the functionaries of collectivism get it and can learn to live with it, to avoid their own destruction.

Rich Hoffman

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The Lincoln Day Dinner of 2022: Battles coming, going, and brewing

It’s always good to talk about nice things, and the Lincoln Day Dinner for 2022 for the Butler County Republican Party was undoubtedly something good to talk about. Like I say all the time, politics is a blood sport. People aren’t always supposed to get along. So it’s not the function of a prominent Republican gathering at the Savanah Center in West Chester to just have everyone get along, even though they did. The goal of politics is to get the best people into public offices that can be obtained. Often the best management of any resource involves pressure applied to individual vision to draw it out for the public’s benefit. In Butler County, with Todd Hall as the party’s Chairman, it has undoubtedly been a success story. Butler County is a large, wealthy county in Ohio; it has over 400,000 people and a major national university. And every officeholder position in the county is held by a Republican. That is something to say and provides a good indication of what the people of Butler County are really like. But it’s not easy to manage all the ‘A type” personalities who get into politics for their communities. The people who run for office don’t tend to be the shy types, so managing all those personalities, especially when they sometimes get cross with each other, is quite a challenge, and Todd Hall does the job well, which culminated in the evening at that dinner which was nothing short of magnificent. 

Mike Pompeo came in to speak at this Lincoln Day event, along with the nationally bestselling author Vivek Ramaswamy, who managed to find time between Fox News media appearances to give a rousing speech to a hungry room of freedom fighters. Warren Davidson, of course, was there and was instrumental in bringing Mike Pompeo in, fresh from the Trump administration, where we all had the feeling of reloading for the next round of political battles that were coming next. I had a chance to talk to Jim Renacci a lot as he came down from his campaign for governor of Ohio, which is going well. There were many people from all over the state of Ohio who came to this Butler County Republican Party Lincoln Day Dinner, which filled the Savannah Center into every crevasse. It was great to see so many friends in one place simultaneously. The battles that everyone fights for are worth it, especially on evenings like that one. During primary season, like the one we have this year where there are so many contentious races, such as the governor race where Mike DeWine is running for re-election, and Jim Renacci was challenging him, it would be easy to have factions of discontent which wouldn’t even be able to shake hands. But the event’s mood, led by Todd Hall and guided by the diligent hands of hundreds of volunteers who worked behind the scenes for the party’s best interests, provided an atmosphere that felt more like Mar-a-Lago from Trump’s Florida home than just another political gathering. Every last touch had behind it a love of country and an intention to do good in the world. Different people, of course, have different ideas about what good is, but the pursuit of it was apparent for all to see. 

It’s not like the Butler County Republican Party was playing things easy; they recently endorsed Jim Renacci for governor over the incumbent. In the audience was Justice Pat DeWine, the son of the governor.  Jane Timken was in the audience, and Mike Gibbons, who are both running for the hotly contested Senate seat soon to be vacated by Rob Portman. There were literally hundreds of contentious side stories that could fill novels that interacted in the halls of that grand event, but what impressed me was the candor with which it was all presented. Todd Hall’s management style with all these unique personalities allows for hotly contested debate and personal battles that still celebrates the achievement voters get in the end, and that is something special. Politics is tricky under the best of circumstances, but routinely pulling off successes like what Butler County enjoys is quite an accomplishment. Of course, behind the scenes come the unifying elements of Ann Becker, whom I’ve known for many years now, going back to the Cincinnati Tea Party, which she led. Debbie Lang who always brings energy to everything she’s around. Joe Statzer and Mark Murphy work on all the details. There is a long list of people behind the scenes who make the Republican Party of Butler County, such a great organization. I single out Todd Hall because it takes a unique person to give all these diverse personalities autonomy and to trust that people will find common ground and build from that position rather than break out in fistfights from the many different perspectives that so many officeholders have. Guided by a less skilled hand, everything could turn out to be a disaster rather than the success story that it continues to be. 

Ultimately, the Lincoln Day event is a good team builder, and they are always nice to go to when the people putting them on so much love what they do. But what the public gets is a strong party that represents them where it matters most. Contention in politics is good; it forces the best people and best ideas to the surface to manage on behalf of the voters, and Butler County is an example of how it should be done everywhere in the country. The Butler County Republican Party is the example that everyone should be following, especially in the newly Trump-led Republican party. The management style it takes to unify so many diverse personalities is the stuff success seminars are built on. To have an evening in the height of election season just to take a breath of fresh air is nice. But the reminder of why so many people get into public office and how an army of volunteers behind the scenes contribute their time and energy without ever thinking about pay tells a story that is worth recognizing. If not for them and the tireless hours of work that go on behind the scenes, there would not be a great Republican Party of Butler County. There would not be a Republican in every Butler County political office. The strength of the party is because of all the effort that countless people put into it, and by the leadership of Todd Hall to have just enough guiding force to keep people together just enough but not to impose on them any dictates which might threaten their unique gifts for which voters could then select as representatives. The whole evening was just as impressive as the Butler County Republican Party is itself. It reflected many thousands of hours of hard work and an ambitious eye toward tomorrow; whereas bad as things look on the national horizon, in Butler County, Ohio, all is great and getting better. If such a formula could project itself nationwide under the next Trump presidency, there is a lot to be excited about in the years to come. Because ultimately, politics is there to serve the Republic for which we all fight to make a stand, and the voters are in charge and respected by the guiding light of hard-working people who genuinely understand how to do it right.

Rich Hoffman

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The Climate Change Cult of Larry Fink and his Desecrators of Davos Friends: We need a separation of church and state to protect Ohio’s powerplants

Think how ridiculous the concept is; for many years in America, we were told that we had to take the Ten Commandments out of our courthouses, that we couldn’t pray in public schools, that we had to have a separation of church and state. Then, we watch the Desecrators of Davos at their World Government Forum in Dubai use climate change religion as the primary means to attach all of us to their insane view of the world. They have introduced a religious cult to the world and suddenly think it mandates a necessity for change that ties all of us to it whether or not we believe it. Climate change, by no measure, is a science; it’s a cult of earth worshipers who have a maniacal desire to return to the primitive village of global habitation. And they want it for all the same crazy religious disputes that have taken place over the history of the human race, to control those villages during human lifetimes. It’s a ridiculous proposal, yet when it comes to the global management people who spoke in Dubai with Klaus Schwab and the usual Desecrators of Davos crowd who are using climate change speculation at creating fear and anxiety to drive change, we see those changes in our local communities. This is no longer a debate for the nightly news, it is attacking the infrastructure of the United States, and it’s all built on nonsense, just as Covid science was. It’s a scam, a power grab no different than some crazed religious fanatic pointing to the rapture as a reason to sell all our worldly possessions. The essence of the climate change religion is to advance their cause without any evidence whatsoever, only fear and made-up articles paid for by billionaires who donate the funds to their own version of a mythical armageddon. 

In Cincinnati, Ohio, we are losing another power plant, the Zimmer plant, which is actually up the river in Moscow from downtown Cincinnati. It was scheduled to close by 2027 purely over ridiculous environmental standards imposed on it by a government captured by the Desecrators of Davos, the Larry Finks of the world. They use ESG scores to impose changes to progressive businesses rather than political ones at the ballot box. They knew people would never vote to cut their own throats, so they attacked the boards of directors of power plants like Zimmer and gave them ridiculous standards to live up to based purely on the climate change religion. And knowing that the inevitable is happening anyway, the Zimmer people are just throwing in the towel and closing the plant early. Where is that extra power going to come from? The Desecrators of Davos intend to impose on us all wind and solar methods that may or may not work all the time. And when they don’t work, we are supposed to sacrifice our power needs to the gods of climate science and be happy about it. Their reasoning is just as crazy as some Mayan priests cutting off the heads and hearts of human sacrifices on a temple top in the Yucatan, hoping that the killing of people might help make it rain for their crops to grow. We might laugh at such notions now in the modern age, which the Mayans or Egyptians might have believed. But the climate change radicals are just as ridiculous. 

It’s one thing to look at people like the Descrecrators of Davos and laugh at their sheer stupidity in what they believe. For instance, I could have owned a condo in Florida in the 1980s and today measured the same distance from the porch to the high tide mark, and it wouldn’t have changed at all. I could also point to archaeological sites in England now covered by water across the English Channel and show that the sea level there rose several hundred feet from the last Ice Age. People could have walked then across to France without getting wet. Climate change is a condition of living on earth, and some cycles occur every 10,000 years, every 600,000 years, and every 10 million years. The climate will never stay the same whether or not humans are on it. Instead, the climate change religious lunatics have seen how well the phony science worked with Covid and have become encouraged to make their long-planned moves to control the world much more aggressively. It’s not that we can laugh at their stupidity from afar; they are in all our companies, our government, and running our country through finance, attaching all of us to their radical religion. Whether we agree with their religion of climate change or not, we are all being forced to live under their rule, just like some medieval dispute between the Catholics and Protestants. It is the dumbest thing in the world that we addressed in America upon its founding. Separation of church and state. 

Just as liberals protested that they didn’t want to see our Ten Commandments, we don’t want to see their stupidity over wind turbans and solar panels. We don’t want to be tied to their crazy cult, which isn’t any different than the fanatics of the Jim Jones massacre or the Helter Skelter murders. What the Desecrators of Davos believe is insane; their religion of climate change is the stuff of lunacy. They do not have a right to attack our infrastructure in America with it, so the same argument must apply in their direction. Climate change is not a science. There is no scientific evidence anybody can point to and show a need for any human action on it, any transfer of energy from a coal plant to a solar farm not while China is opening a new coal plant much dirtier than Zimmer every week as we allow the Descecrators of Davos through agents like Larry Fink to destroy the Ohio power grid leaving us all starving for power. What business will want to come to Ohio if they can’t get any power and have to wait for the wind to blow or the sun to come out to be able to microwave a sandwich in the breakroom? It’s insanity to allow a mindless cult to take over our energy grid in America by a bunch of religious fanatics who are just as superstitious as the many failed societies of the past who turned to sacrifice as the way to propel civilization forward. Not that a history lesson should be necessary, but it has never worked. And it won’t work this time. So it is time to call things what they are. Climate change is not science; it’s a religious cult advocated by losers who have no idea what they are talking about and expect the rest of the world to follow them toward our own destruction. When power plants in Ohio like Zimmer are shutting down over this nonsense, it’s time to call it for the good of the rest of society. The left has argued that they wanted protection from the religious founding of America with a separation of church and state. Well, we need the same to protect our businesses and our very lives from the religious cult of climate change. If they want to worship the earth, they can dress up in their stupid robes and chant to the ocean somewhere. But they need to stay out of our lives. Their insanity cannot be allowed to set policy for America or any of its people.

Rich Hoffman

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Jennifer Gross Endorses Jim Renacci: The Overton Window in Ohio Politics

I’ve never been a “no government anarchist.” My thoughts on government management have always been a small but active legislature that is contentious, honorable, yet tenacious. Those who have read my Gunfighter’s Guide to Business know I view most group-oriented behavior as a competitive match, not an opportunity for back-slapping and friendship. Our republic form of government has been unique globally, and now that we understand the nature of the attack against our country, we can better understand the threat that has always been there. I have thought about this kind of thing a lot over the last year, especially while visiting Mt. Rushmore. I found that place to be a temple of intellect, and the bookstore they have there is better than a gold mine of infinite wealth. My thoughts on the matter have matured up to the present with this visit to the Statehouse of Ohio. The challenge has been to create as open a market as possible for business and individual rights while still defending the sovereignty of our states and nation from foreign aggression. Which, of course, is hard to do in an open market global economy. The hostile forces to the United States have attacked not the concept of any nation-states but the essence of our very economy. This corporate board room government within a government type of thinking is challenging the very nature of our Republic form of government. Understanding the nature of that attack is precisely why I have been pointing out Ohio politicians I know who are doing the job correctly, in their own unique way, so that we can see examples of how our republic government should look. And a fine example of how government should look can be found in my State Representative Jennifer Gross, whom I recently had a chance to visit at the Statehouse. 

It’s taken me a while to warm up to Jennifer Gross. During a rough election, she ran against my pick for that seat that Mike DeWine had screwed up with emergency power Covid rules. But in the short time Jennifer has been in the seat of the 52nd District; she has brought more of the Tea Party to Columbus than I would have thought possible. When I recently found her after Governor DeWine’s State of the State speech, she was very bubbly and enthusiastic, working the floor and talking to many different people. I know that many members of the House and Senate and many other politicians view Jennifer as a disruptive force and find her unsettling. I’ve heard lots of negative talk about her by several in the political class, but I have some other ideas about her that I wanted to confirm. So we spent some time together talking about the Overton Window and its role, which she more than understood. And we also talked about the challenger Jim Renacci whom she is one of the only official members of the Statehouse to endorse openly. I know there are a lot more, but I could see the pressure up close. At this event, where Jennifer and I talked, Governor DeWine walked around talking to people. People in the House and Senate know they need DeWine to sign bills they are working on. And DeWine needs them to, to look like he’s in charge. DeWine wants to take credit for the big Intel chip manufacturing plant coming to Ohio, announced just ahead of the primary for 2022. And he recently signed a controversial Constitutional Carry bill he would never have signed otherwise, except for Republican pressure to act more “conservative.” But the trade-off has been to show public support for DeWine in a very tight race against Renacci and other challengers. So there is a lot of double talk going on around the Governor. But Jennifer is not one of those double-talkers. She is right out in the open about it, and the Governor is well aware. 

And that is the value I see in Jennifer; she openly embraces that role of a disrupter, someone who will challenge the Overton Window on the political spectrum and yank it hard right away from the communism that has seeped into the process over the years. Back to the constitutional republic, we have needed and expected. Politics is not about friendships, it’s about doing the job correctly, and there is a real hunger from Jennifer to do a great job. She intends to represent all the people honestly in her district, including the people who didn’t vote for her, and that was the general vibe I picked up on as she showed me around where her desk was and other features of the House chamber. Things got pretty heated in Columbus as Jeniffer was on the front of legislation to prevent mandated vaccine requirements imposed by the Biden administration. We all learned a lot from that experience. It was a balancing act between a Chamber of Commerce view of the world, allowing corporate environments to impose rules on their workforce for their own needs and the individual’s rights. The workers have their own sovereignty. Jennifer represented the raw Tea Party small-government perspective against forces that didn’t want to be bothered with contentious debate during a government-imposed pandemic. But in hindsight now, after watching Klaus Schwab at the World Government Forum in Dubai recently, we see those vicious bandits plotting the demise of America out in the open. Their mode of attack has been through the corporate boardroom, our Chambers of Commerce, and our mom-and-pop businesses, dancing to ridiculous rules and regulations imposed by unconstitutional commerce clauses. If we ever needed a functioning republic to sort all these things out, it was now. And I have been increasingly happy that there is someone like Jennifer Gross who will ask the hard questions and force people to think out of the box without making it unnecessarily contentious. Jennifer walks that line quite well, I think. 

So how to put businesses first in Ohio and give corporations the autonomy to locate in our state and do great things is the problem of those lofty halls in Columbus. It’s why I wrote The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business and started passing out copies of it to people I talk to in the political world. We have to defend business and commerce, uphold law and order, and stand by our government and boardroom politics. We have to stand for executive-level leadership in business and politics. But we must also stand for individual freedom and to force the scum and villainy out of our lives without killing the host. Not an easy thing to do, and that is what that book is about, a guide on how to tell good from bad, right from wrong, and unprofitable activity from the driver of all things, profit and value. And to perform that task well, especially in organized government, I find great value in disruptive forces like Jennifer Gross. She will uncomfortably keep everyone honest without turning the dispute into a personal fight. Playing along to get along is not what makes any republic form of government great. But asking the right questions, most often the ones you don’t even know you need to ask, is the key to keeping a government working correctly. And in the world we have today, where the bad guys have been hidden behind the rules and regulations of corporate America and international partnerships, there is a significant need for more disruptive Overton Window types like Jennifer Gross in our grand Statehouse. I am glad to have her there, and I feel proud to have such an engaged representative with plenty of fire to fight the forces at work in our state for duplicity and malice. The need for good government is genuine, more so now than ever. And Jennifer Gross keeps honesty at the front of all conversations for the betterment of everyone. 

Rich Hoffman

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Beating the Most Dangerous Thing in the World: Seeing the Administrative State for what it is and why it exsists

I continue to say that Rebekah Koffler’s book, Putin’s Playbook is one of the best of its kind ever written. I have watched many interviews with her, and everyone misses the point. They booked her on a show thinking they were getting top intelligence agency information on the big bad guy in the world, Vladimir Putin, as Russia invades Ukraine. And they do get that. After all, Rebekah worked at the top of intelligence counseling top VIPs in the American government, including the White House. She was Russian-born and very good at her job. And yes, she does understand how Putin works and what the Russian intentions are in the world that are a significant threat to the United States. Putin’s Playbook is about all those things. Any reader will come away with a great history of Russia and an understanding that they don’t want to be friends with America in any way on any day. Instead, they want to destroy America, and they think about it every day, all days of the year. They never stop thinking about killing off America. It is what they live for. And that is the case with China as well, although outside of Rebekah’s book in this case. Instead, Putin’s Playbook hits on something much more sinister, which is the real terror in the world, which she uncovered as a kind of therapy for writing this book. She discovered an evil much more sinister than Putin, Xi Jinping, or the Desecrators of Davos. Without meaning to, she discovered a threat I have been talking about for decades. Perhaps because she was an idealistic foreign American loving personality full of energy and a do-gooder spirit, she could see it most clearly from the top of America’s DIA view of the world. The greatest threat to America and the world is the Administrative State. 

It was a two-year process for me to write my own book, The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business, and believe me; there was severe contention during its creation. I have a background in Lean Manufacturing and helping people worldwide improve their processes. The Lean tools have always been good. Toyota took what Deming brought to Japan and managed to connect management to production in positive ways. But the smoking gun to inefficiencies has always been the most contentious issue in all companies, no matter how big or small. So I set out to crack that code and create psychological tools to deal with the elephant in the room, rather than putting the elephant in the room with the audience and forcing them to look at each other. A wrong move by the elephant could still crush all the people, so dealing with the elephant was what was needed, and my ideas were undoubtedly bound to ruffle feathers. It got so bad, added to the political problems in the world; I spent much of 2021 traveling with my wife to the far-flung reaches of America with our RV. It was one of the best years of my life, looking back on it. I had over 30 years of work in the world at all levels of society, colliding with the vastness of the wild west as it has been for many thousands of years. To see the problem clearly, I needed to remove myself from that Administrative State as much as possible, and the result was highly satisfying. I’m very proud of the results that ended up in The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business.

I didn’t know Rebekah Koffler, and she didn’t know me. But we arrived at essentially the same conclusion between the two of us. She saw how Russia had created the Administrative State in America through its years of KGB interference in our social structure. She understood it because that’s what she was running from in Russia, much like Ayn Rand did decades before.   Much of the world was suffering under the crush of administrative perceptions. While Putin played his part during his lifetime in sending the bureaucracy of the administrative state to America and into our education systems to then convert all our social practices into the same kind of mind-numbing sameness that Russia was famous for, and that all communist regimes associated, it was just a continuation of a long term goal. But the effort was much older than Putin or Xi from China. Americans had an instinct for the problem, but the administrative state ran so deep into everything we do, including our cable companies, all our places of employment, even the drive-thru windows of our favorite restaurants. We have grown to accept their disfunction even if we don’t like it. Unlike in Russia, where they don’t know better, or in China, where choice is not an option, Americans do have choices enough to be frustrated with the conditions of the administrative state even if they were powerless daily to fight back against it. That was the purpose I was after, in defeating the administrative state without destroying accountability that people and businesses need in their lives. I knew we had found that balance at one point in our history. This position was uniquely American, so I sought to get back to those basics by teaching people how to turn away from the administrative state’s security and think for themselves for a change. That’s how I ended up on several magnificent journeys into the wild west and how The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business was created. 

Here was a wide-eyed Russian with American loving passion writing a book about one of the world’s most dangerous characters, Vladimir Putin, and what she ended up criticizing was a much more significant threat, a creation of communism made well before Putin was even a sparkle in the eye of his parents, the administrative state. The Administrative State is crushing the world today everywhere we look. It gives tyrants an ability to rule as monsters because it channels all the resources of an organization through the bureaucrats who are less inclined to do anything good with that energy. So thus, there is much misery in the world toward their corporations, governments, and even individual lives. Of course, there is a means to overcome this challenge. But the first problem is in understanding the need and recognizing the danger. And so far, I have not read a book that better articulates this recognition better than Putin’s Playbook. As a top DIA intelligence officer, you would think that Rebekah Koffler would be placed on a pedestal for all her excellent work. But instead, she was chastised for being too good because she made ordinary people look bad. The Administrative State was created to make ordinary people look good, just as I say often, “the rules are often made by the losers,” meaning that the best don’t regulate themselves. Only those too lazy to get the skills needed want rules to slow down the best and brightest into the comfort level of the many and the mediocre. And that is the danger of the Administrative State. It allows tyrants to rule the world, but the mechanism that will enable it to happen comes from the mundane bureaucracies of existence. Where the best and brightest are crippled by the lazy and the mediocre, and to my point, if you ever really want to fix an organization at any level, you must unlock the exceptional and turn them loose to solve problems and create wonderful cultures. When they are penalized and crippled by the power of collectivism through the administrative state, that is when the worst things in the world happen, and evil is unleashed to rule over all of us for all our days.

Rich Hoffman

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The Honesty of Deception: Biolabs in Ukraine, Covid murders, and the Desecrators of Davos wanting to rule the world

Often the best propaganda in the world is the truth. Obviously, someone like Vladimir Putin would know that and use it to his advantage, which is the case of the leak from Russia about the many Biolabs in Ukraine that apparently have sponsorship from the United States and were a concern during the invasion. Things haven’t been going as well as Russia would like in that war, and Putin needs to change the story in his favor. But the guilt of the Western socialist countries trying to play chess with the former communist country turned pure statist allows for information warfare to be utilized by an opposing party, and its clearly working to Putin’s advantage. Putin also knows that the American government does not represent the American people; that has been the problem with globalism in how John Kerry believes in it. As Kerry said to Klaus Schwab’s Desecrators of Davos group, the politics in the United States is volatile currently, so climate religion will have to be fought by the United Nations and the World Economic Forum. So we have an entire political class in America that hostile foreign actors have captured, whether from the Desecrators of Davos, China, Russia, wherever who are off and doing malicious things to America without the voters supporting them. That’s the volatility Kerry talks about as he represents the Biden administration. Putin knows this and sees this.

Just as he did during 2016 when Russia knew bad stuff about Hillary Clinton, that information found its way into Wikileaks and eventually the media in general. I was a part of that. I actually had the opportunity to be at the Ecuadorian Embassy in England where Julian Assange was held up during all that information warfare, so I saw it close. The information may have come from Russia, but Hillary Clinton conducted the villainy just as these Biolabs were kept secret and are now exposed to the world by Russia. It’s good to know about them; our own government has been lying to us. Russia is exploiting that information to make them look like good guys. But he’s only helping us with this information to justify his own actions. That doesn’t suddenly make him a good guy on the world stage. 

Many people don’t know that the entire Democrat Party in America was created by the Russians and their massive network of disinformation warfare that has been going on to take down capitalism since 1919. The party platform of Democrats is essentially a KGB creation meant to destroy America during the Cold War. Today they have aligned themselves with the Desecrators of Davos, who are now at war with Russia over the Ukraine matter. Russia is fighting for nationalism as the Desecrators of Davos are fighting for global domination. But they are all bad characters and always have been. Bad, in this case, is determined by their hatred of the American Constitution. Anyone working against that should be said to be a villain in the world. Having Russia tattle on the illegal and malicious work of our government in Ukraine may be helpful in the goals of American national preservation. Still, it doesn’t make the MAGA movement of Trump suddenly aligned with Putin. It just means that the creation of the KGB for a century is suddenly working against the interests of Russia’s desire to maintain national power. China and Russia are aligned on this topic with the MAGA movement in the United States for the same reasons as the Democrats, and the Desecrators of Davos within the World Economic Forum are aligned for mutual benefit. The United Nations are the most obvious threat in the world presently. Information warfare thus can become the most confusing element in society because it is happening by almost every faction, and for ordinary people, it’s impossible to tell what’s going on. 

Not to sell my book at every opportunity, my Gunfighter’s Guide to Business, but this is precisely why I wrote that book. One of the strategy aspects I point out in it is understanding the American game of poker very well and learning to master the elements of deception, which comes naturally with all human interaction. Poker is a game about managing risk and rewards through the manipulations of information warfare. Are the other players bluffing? Do they have a good hand? Are they going to go all in, or will they fold? Poker is a great game that I play every day. I have a poker table set up in my professional office that I play every day. And the people I deal with all the time play it with me. It’s not about wasting time when people should be working in life; it’s about teaching the arts of deception and making the elements of the games of life work to your advantage to win in those engagements. But by becoming proficient with poker, people can then train their minds for the deception that comes with all elements of the human race. To ask the world to be honest and straightforward is too much. Humans are not inclined to such behavior. That’s not to say they aren’t genuine. Putin, in his revelation of the Biolabs, is being honest. Putin and Wikileaks were sincere about the Spirit Cooking from John Podesta’s email where his password was easy enough, “password,” to discover. The Clinton campaign was involved in a scandal against Bernie Sanders and the DNC that year. All that was true. It wasn’t Putin’s fault Hillary was crooked. He exposed it for his advantage, just as he’s doing now with the Biolabs. But the value of the exchange comes from the chips that are on the table in the games of life. Deception is honest if you know how to read it, and that’s why I teach all those around me to understand the American game of poker. Its all about managing risk while understanding value based on the level of deception the other players are throwing your way. They may not tell you what they are up to, but you can tell by the way they bet, by how they shift in their seats, and by how they hold their cards. Yes, as I teach in The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business, poker is a great way to defend yourself and grab an advantage in a deceptive world run by deceptive human beings who use their creativity for malice at every opportunity. 

The trick is in not expecting the other players at the table to be honest, but to react in their own self-interest and see the honesty of that preservation as the indicator of the truth. The Desecrators of Davos don’t get to rally all their enemies behind them against Russian nationalism by showing a constant flow of children dead in the street, as Dr. Fauci contemplates retirement on the propaganda networks hoping to put the mistakes of Covid and their mass casualty policies behind them. Russia may be putting out an all-out assault of information warfare, hoping to create a Civil War in America to keep a unified front off their borders. But the United Nations is a more significant threat and was the originator of the mess in Ukraine, to begin with. The Desecrators of Davos types have brought so much corruption to that country and set off the global conflict. But to see things clearly, everyone needs to understand the game and what kind of wins can be won from it. Russia is not suddenly our friend. But the pressures of the game can be, and that’s what we are seeing coming out of this war between Russia and Ukraine and the manipulations from the Desecrators of Davos. It can be hard to tell who the good guys are and the bad guys. Perhaps they are all bad guys. But the value of the victory is how you can tell what’s morally correct and what is not. And the Biolabs in Ukraine coming out of what we know about Covid is a big win for all of us who stand for truth and justice. The pressures of war have revealed things of great value, and its time to go all in.

Rich Hoffman

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The Watergate of Butler County: When politicians try to get rid of other politicians by abusing the law

There have been many problems with the Roger Reynolds case in Butler County, Ohio since Fox 19 did a story during the 2021 election season featuring several prominent Republicans in a corruption scandal. One of which was a guy I have known for a long time to be an excellent auditor for the county in Roger Reynolds. Reviewing some of the details of the case, I considered it a simple land dispute among long-time neighbors. Reynolds has lived in Butler County much of his life, and sometimes, relationships like Thanksgiving dinners can get wobbly. And when you have family involved and emotions, and you are trying to be a public servant still, sometimes the gray areas can blend in the lines a bit. But as I said, when I think of Roger Reynolds, I think of high quality, competent public service, the best that government can offer. I have always been and continue to be very proud to have Roger Reynolds as the auditor for my county. I am proud of how the public officials generally conduct themselves in Butler County. I understand everyone doesn’t get along all the time, but for government, I think the public officials in Butler County are some of the best in the country, so I took exception to the hit piece by Fox 19 in Cincinnati. And how that real estate case ended up with charges from a grand jury of three felony indictments and two misdemeanors related to corruption, which could lead to 7 years in jail, was baffling. That is until I read a fantastic book by Geoff Shepard about Watergate called The Nixon Conspiracy

We all know Watergate, the breaking in of the DNC headquarters by G. Gordan Liddy and others on behalf of President Nixon to do opposition research. As it turned out, Nixon was innocent of the whole thing. In documents released in 2018 finally by Geoff Shepard, who worked on the case for 50 years trying to defend President Nixon from the embarrassment pushed upon him, we have learned that the prosecution didn’t like Nixon. They conspired with the law to get rid of him. Nixon never knew what the prosecution had given by way of a “road map” to the Grand Jury. And that forced him to react in all kinds of ways that looked guilty, leading the court of public opinion to put so much pressure on Nixon that he just resigned for the country’s own good. And after getting to know the situation involved in this Roger Reynolds case, that is precisely what has been going on against him. The law has been abused by many political rivals, the mushy Republicans who just don’t like Roger for several reasons, which I’ll get into. But they have taken the complaint of someone and blown it out of proportion to fulfill a politically motivated manipulation of the law and gross abuse of power that really is unforgivable. How do I know? Well, I know the players on all sides. I generally like them all. I view the situation more like a human resource problem than a legal one. But the abuse of power and manipulation of the legal system to be weaponized is another matter. This one goes all the way up to the Attorney General of Ohio, David Yost. The pressure campaign coming out of Yost’s office was essentially the same applied to Nixon. 

I wouldn’t have let myself think any of that was possible until I found out about the Grand Jury submission by the prosecutors in the Nixon case that was completely fabricated. We all would hope that journalism would have figured all that out a long time ago. It shouldn’t have taken 50 years to figure it all out. But it makes you wonder how often that kind of thing goes on, especially by those who knew they got away with destroying a president. They tried it again with President Trump. And apparently, that tactic is used all over the United States by politically motivated prosecutors and law enforcement that think it’s their right to override the voters’ opinion by destroying the lives of the politicians they elect, just because they don’t like them. In Roger’s case, he’s really good at his job, which certainly makes politicians who don’t want to work that hard to be upset. Roger is a total disclosure guy who opens his books to show all how he spends money. And many don’t want to open their books up in such a way.

Additionally, politics can be friendly. Everyone shakes hands at the picnics. They hire each other’s family members out of kindness. That is until Covid comes along and re-wrote the attendance rules. Roger’s office let go some of those family members because they stopped showing up for work, and of course, that upset other elected officeholders who decided that they’d get Roger back. Now to me, that’s an easy problem to solve. People can shake hands and smooth things out. But things get out of control when they take the law into their own hands to try to destroy people’s lives out of pure meanness. Clearly, David Yost and his advocates wanted to force Roger Reynolds out of office just as Nixon had been pushed. Roger has done the right thing and stayed on the job to fight this out. And this past week, the Supreme Court supported him.

At the heart of these accusations of corruption is an audiotape, which I have included here. On it, Roger supposedly asked for a 200K consulting fee to help navigate the developers through this real estate endeavor. I’ve listened to that recording many times, and I only hear a very astute professional talking business with businesspeople. Now for some career politicians who want to destroy the life of a guy who is a pain in their neck, I think they heard what they wanted to hear. When you read the paper trail of the case against Roger Reynolds, it becomes quite clear that there are a lot of “feelings” articulated in the accusations. This is what courts are for, and without all the political tampering that has been injected into this case, resolutions would smooth out on their own. But what has happened is that the case was taken over by political activism in how rival employees try to sabotage each other in the workplace. And it is not reflective of the Butler County Republican Party. Instead, the pressure of an outstanding elected representative in Roger Reynolds has challenged many who aren’t so good and don’t like it and have plotted his demise. And that’s not how things are supposed to work in politics. Aside from the pending case, which is Roger’s business with the other parties involved, he is also up for reelection, making this recording all the more critical. I’ll be voting for Roger Reynolds again. I think he has done a fantastic job. I like his rival in this election, Bruce Jones. I have a lot of good history with Bruce. But on this election, the guy on the recording included here is the kind of guy I want doing the business of auditing in Butler County. And if he makes other politicians mad with the pressure of his greatness, then that’s all the better and a job very well done.

Rich Hoffman

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My Review of ‘Putin’s Playbook’: Rebekah Koffler nails the most elusive threat in the world

Every now and then, you read a book that is just jaw-dropping good, and that is what Rebekah Koffler’s book Putin’s Playbook is. Usually, these days when I read a book, I’ve read thousands at this point, so I usually only learn three or four things per book, which isn’t much considering each one takes 10 to 20 hours to read. But this one had around 30 new things that I learned or hadn’t thought about before. I picked it up because of Steve Bannon on the Warroom podcast. Bannon usually has excellent references for books, and because of all the Russian stuff these days, I thought it might be a good idea to read Rebekah’s book. She was, after all, one of the top DIA intelligence officers who often briefed the top VIPs of our nation and often members of the White House directly. Hearing from her what kind of person Vladimir Putin was would help understand the Ukraine situation. After all, Rebekah was a native-born Russian and moved to America for all the right reasons. She was in a great position to understand the Russian view of the world, so I approached her book as one of those learn a few things books but had no expectation for it to be as good as it was. It’s so good I would recommend everyone buy it and take a week off work to read it once it comes. It will be some of the best time you will ever spend on anything. We are in an information war presently, so the more information you can consume and explain to others, the better your side is prepared to win that war. 

I was not surprised to read about a person I have talked about for a long time in Putin’s Playbook, Yuri Bezmenov, the well-known ex-KGB spy who came to America to warn us about what the Soviet Union was doing to convert America from a capitalist country to a communist one with a four-step plan. I have covered Yuri a lot, there are many YouTube videos about him, and he was even featured on one of the latest Call of Duty games. He is not science fiction or conspiracy theory. What he warned the world of was a real threat and still is. But people didn’t listen to him, and I didn’t understand why until reading Rebekah’s book. It’s a mystery I have been wondering about for four decades. And that mystery extended into the way Ayn Rand was treated. And Cleon Skousen. It’s not that people weren’t warned about communism from the Soviet Union trying to infiltrate our culture. Heck, the entire Democrat Party is a production of the Russian spy network that has been at work in the United States since 1919. Yet, our top officials never seemed to really care. Ronald Reagan cared, and many on the left hated him for it. They wanted communism in America, and they brought it into our culture in all the ways these writers warned. So why didn’t our government work harder to listen to them? Well, that is the compelling part of Rebekah’s story. The part that I didn’t know confirmed many suspicions I have had for a long time.   

It turns out that the real villain in the world is not Vladimir Putin. Sure, he wants to destroy America and everyone in it. Since he was a boy, he has wanted to do that because that’s what Russians do. They don’t have any words in their language for “fun,” so they look at the West as a decadent society of happy people that they want to destroy. It’s in their nature to do so; it’s purely cultural. One of the hardest things that the Russian spy network has always tried to figure out is how to emulate Americans while infiltrating our society. For the Russian-born working for the KGB, how do you convincingly simulate the American life of a carefree attitude about everything? In Russian culture, privation is an honor. To show how much you can endure is a measure of success. In America, they lived to have fun. They worked to have fun and buy things that were fun. Their aim in life was to be happy. How was a Russian supposed to simulate that trait when they had no point of reference for it? It’s a real problem for them and continues to be today. So, they’d love to get rid of us from the face of the earth. They have no desire to live in peace with America under any circumstances. But no, that’s not the most significant threat mentioned in Putin’s Playbook. No, the greatest threat to America by Russian attack is our American bureaucracy. 

Of course, that is a theme for me, but it was great to hear someone else say it, someone, who has worked with the top people in our government and understood the most dangerous people in the world intimately. It’s not the bad guys out there we have to worry about. Still, it’s their creations, the political left, and more specifically, the administrative state they have built from the ground up through years of communist influence starting with our education systems, then our businesses, and ultimately how our government functions. I have talked about the socialist movements in America going back to the Bellamy book Looking Backward, in 1888. But I didn’t know that Russians were trying to infiltrate the United States just two years into their Revolution in Russia under Lenin. That explains a lot. As I said, I already knew about Yuri, Cleon, and Ayn Rand. I didn’t realize just how effective their communist intentions already were within our own culture at the level of bureaucracy. Rebekah didn’t mean to expose all this; she just wanted to help her adopted homeland win the war in the world against the aggressors that were in it, like Vladimir Putin.    But it’s not Putin who we have to worry about; it’s the administrative state created by the political left in America. Now, it has made such a mess that the world terrorists who want to dominate the world no longer worry about America. Because they have built the bureaucracy in America from the ground up and know that it has paralyzed ambition to the point of ineffectiveness, this is why with Biden in the White House, Putin has made his move on Ukraine and is not worried at all about retaliation. Because he has given the West the poison they plan to fight him with; they are only entirely paralyzed to beat the Russians at a game they created over 100 years ago. Ultimately Rebekah was fired from her job, not for being incompetent. But because she was the opposite. She was too good, and the world of mediocrity, which spy agents have infiltrated America with, could not stand for exceptionalism to force their performance higher. So, they plotted at the DIA to get rid of Rebekah, and eventually, they did on some manipulated technicalities. The bureaucracy wanted to preserve its mediocrity from people like Rebekah Koffler, and ultimately that has become the policy of American politics.   They did the same thing to Trump. They intend to do it to us all. The fight isn’t over there in Ukraine; it’s down the road at the license bureau and the courthouse. It’s in our capitals, federal and state. It’s in our education institutions. And it’s on our nightly news. Everywhere, bureaucracy establishes a culture and is far more dangerous than Putin or any other modern character. And that is also why they want us to look at Ukraine while the real threat percolates right under our noses in an attempt to take over the entire world again and rule us all through mediocrity and a centralized state. 

Rich Hoffman

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