The Eight Ways WEF Declared War Against America: Crimes that require punishment

We’re not the ones who said it; it was the World Economic Forum members, the people I call the Desecrators of Davos, who did. They even published it in their books, their obvious hatred of America, as many of the members of the WEF are open socialists and communists are. They have eight goals or predictions as they have called them to limit their liability, four of which directly undermine the lifestyle of America openly and call for the end of the only superpower in the world. What else could any of that mean but an open act of war with hostile intention? There is so much that can be determined to be wrong from Charlie Kirk’s new little book that you can get with a small donation to Turning Point USA titled The Great Reset. In hindsight, it is much clearer than seeing it in live time, but the World Economic Forum has its hands all over many crimes that have transpired over the last several years that challenged the human understanding of what war was. The Desecrators of Davos types played those poorly defined definitions to their full advantage for global takeover, which is quite clear now that we see where the world is in 2022. With gas prices being out of control, food shortages being projected, inflation, the Biden presidency, Covid, just about every bad thing we are experiencing can be traced back to a member of the World Economic Forum and their terrorist tampering with elements of our global economies for the changes they wish to see implemented as a military exercise, done without nation-state approval for the first time in the history of the world. But how can we say such a thing? Well, let’s look at their eight goals as they proposed them and let them speak for themselves. Here they are as stated in 2016, the first year of the Donald Trump presidency:

  • You’ll own nothing and be happy.
  • The U.S. won’t be the world’s superpower. 
  • You won’t die waiting for an organ donor. 
  • You’ll eat less meat.
  • A billion people will be displaced by climate change.
  • You could be preparing to go to Mars.
  • Western values will be tested to their breaking point.
  • Fossil fuels will be eliminated. 

A few of those items, such as the medical breakthroughs on organ donors, for context, organ harvesting is a significant problem around the world, so there is a lot of talk about being able to build body parts in a lab. And the Davos crowd was clearly looking to loot off the efforts of Elon Musk and his efforts toward Mars. Musk has since picked his sides, and he is turning toward America for his own needs. Socialist governments will not fit the Musk plan for interplanetary travel. But four of the predictions directly impact the United States. While the rest will certainly have an impact on America. From the viewpoint of 2016, we might have called this list an insane doomsday scenario by out-of-touch globalists too wealthy for context. But, from a 2022 point of view, it’s clear that the members of the World Economic Forum have actively worked through acts of terrorism to implement these eight predictions. That changes their meaning considerably from just the musings of real-world Bond villains into declarations of war against the world, and specifically the guardian of global commerce, the United States of America, and its capitalist economy, which they are fully committed to destroying. So, of course, they were inclined to make bold predictions about how the world would be by the year of 2030 because they knew what they planned to do to make them all happen.   For instance, Bill Gates has his hands all over Covid. In an incestuous relationship with the Federal Reserve, Larry Fink destroyed the economy through quantitative easing, then used that inflated asset bubble to buy up American corporations and turn them into woke progressive allies. Or Mark Zuckerberg gets control of global elections and takes power away from governments in determining their representatives. 2020 for Facebook was all about proving how a tech company and their conspirators at Google and Twitter could get control of the election process. Facebook spent half a billion dollars tampering with the American election. And this has also opened the door as a way to control populism elsewhere in the world. 

One of the most significant crimes to emerge from this list is Bill Gates’s work to deny hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin to a public sick with Covid, which was created in a Chinese lab by many of the same people committed to the goals of the World Economic Forum. Klaus Schwab was well aware of the plans as they were hatched at Davos regarding Covid. He had his book, The Great Reset, ready to go in the summer of 2020 as health officials seeking Bill Gates funding invoked unconstitutional tyrannies worldwide for the first time in all human history. People died because Gates and Fauci, both very active in World Economic Forum politics, denied sick people the medicine they needed to get healthy as a result of Covid. So the fingerprints of the World Economic Forum are all over the creation of Covid, its distribution, and the ultimate solution they sought, which was mandatory vaccines. The eight predictions’ ultimate goals were well stated, and now we could see how they meant to make them happen through Covid and use the Great Reset to topple the world’s economies and unite everyone under the socialist umbrella of the United Nations. They killed people. They tampered with our American elections. They ruined many lives of people who didn’t die, and they did it all out in the open, thinking that nobody would ever have the guts to call them on their villainy. 

To me, the World Economic Forum declared war on the United States, and they are daring us to answer the call. They openly sought to topple our country in every way that a war would, by destroying our economy, destroying our power grid, the fuel of our economy. And destroying our constitution through an administrative state imposition run by white coat health experts. All roads run back to Davos when it comes to an understanding of how America has found itself in the troubles it is currently experiencing. And its characters like Bill Gates, who have become the new villain, the new Hitler, provoked to do the bidding of globalism not with tanks and troops, but with vaccine shots and viruses made in bio labs under the American Department of Defense and advocated by a media that eat out of their hands. Bill Gates has paid for the propaganda and did it for his religion of climate change, which many members of the World Economic Forum share. It’s because of them that we have such high gas prices. It’s because of them that we have election fraud. It’s because of them that we have runaway inflation. They have tampered with American markets in a war-like way and told us what they planned to do. Only, we didn’t see it because we were looking for the attack to come from China or Russia. Not from some pinheaded geeks in the World Economic Forum, in the ski resort of Davos. We didn’t look at Bill Gates, Larry Fink, Mark Zuckerberg, and Klaus Schwab and think we were looking at the next Adolf Hitler, complete with concentration camps and swastikas. But if you are the enemy wanting to take down America, you can’t blame them for attacking us in a way we would have never expected. But that’s precisely what they did. And now we have to pick up the pieces and bring justice to those who did the deed. 

Rich Hoffman

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Darbi Boddy Gets the Sam Adams Award: What people want out of school boards

It was ironic to attend the Patriot Awards at the historic 20th Century Theater in Oakley, Ohio, to see Darbi Boddy get the Sam Adams Award for constitutional preservation and outstanding patriotism while the radical elements of Lakota schools were petitioning a judge in Butler County to remove her from the Lakota school board. Two different views of the world couldn’t be further apart. Since Darbi entered her first term as a school board member at Lakota, activated due to her concern for the way things had been going in public schools, the politically left-leaning elements of the union-controlled Lakota were irate toward her very existence. And they have been pushing to have her utterly destroyed. Yet, there are lots of people happy to see Darbi Boddy fighting on their behalf, and here they were on a Saturday night during Memorial Day weekend, giving her an award for doing exactly what was making the radical elements of Lakota so angry. Darbi received her award and gave a nice little speech that clearly indicated she wasn’t about to resign from the school board, as the school administration was pushing for her to do. At the heart of the matter was a battle for who really controls public schools, elected officials or hired administrators. And the hired administrators were obviously fighting to maintain their assumption that they were in control and that the elected members of the school board were just token sentiments. So the battle lines were drawn up in Lakota schools for an issue that had emerged to be a national one most clearly expressed in the newly elected Darbi Boddy.

The teacher unions have established themselves as being in charge of all public schools. There has evolved a kind of mutual understanding that nobody questioned so long as parents had the free babysitting service of public education. A superintendent would be inserted to be a mediator between the progressive radicals of the union and the school board elected by the public. As soon as school board members were elected, they’d join the Ohio School Board Association and would learn the rules of conduct that the public would see. And the labor unions would then advocate for a more progressive political world shielded by the superintendent, who would take over the management tasks from the school board. While the school boards worried about all the rules of their endeavor, the radical progressives in the labor unions were putting the focus on pay, benefits, and whether or not there were gay rights celebrated at the school, and all references toward God and country removed from the instruction of the children. I’ve been pointing these things out for several decades, and it’s taken people a while to accept these conditions as a reality. I knew at some point there was going to be a wall that the whole thing would hit; I figured it would happen during the Trump administration. But really, it took Covid to bring it out, as mad moms saw what was really going on in the classrooms because the lockdowns broke the cycle of free babysitting that had been occurring. Parents had time to think about how serious the problem really was in public education. 

For all those who hate Darbi Boddy, I can report that there are many like her out there. Darbi is one of the best that I’ve run across who may be able to save some aspects of public education because she genuinely cares about the school and the kids in it. And their parents. But the fight to go back to what labor unions used to have, a superintendent who would run cover for all their bad conduct and continue to ask for perpetual raises regardless of performance, is over. Getting rid of Darbi Boddy won’t put that mess back together; it was always destined to hit the wall of public perception. Darbi is just the first brick in that wall they’ve come in contact with. Like bell-bottoms and disco attire were come-and-go fashions from the 70s, this period of union control of public schools will be viewed as archaic and embarrassing in hindsight. The future of public education is not in the union’s control of them. Like all institutions that labor unions have controlled, they have driven them out of business because they insist on the organization’s management control. But they do not make management decisions; they make emotional ones, so their efforts fail everywhere they are tried, especially in public education. To hide their failure, they use the superintendent to hide their incompetence behind high wages and get the school boards to chase their tails through rules and regulations—something I call “procedural camouflage.” Well, that’s no longer acceptable, and taxpayers are finally figuring out the story with public schools; they aren’t worth the money, aren’t teaching kids the right things, and are open sores in their communities for progressive politics. While the school boards try to play by the rules, the crimes of public schools are hidden behind the rules. 

That is why there was so much anger at Darbi Boddy for immediately going around the rules to get to the heart of the matter, in challenging the power structure of the superintendent and his protection over his flock of unionized teachers. Within the culture of Lakota, of course, Darbi was hated. And voters cast in her favor because they wanted her to do that particular job. They wanted her to seek media attention to get the story out so that it couldn’t be contained within the structure of institutionalism and concealed from the view of voters. And while she was being vilified at school board meetings and in the halls of the schools the way most bosses are by incompetent employees, at the Patriot Awards, Darbi was getting applause for patriotism under fire and doing what many didn’t have the guts to do, stand up to the corrosive elements of public education and dare to ask questions that nobody wanted to answer. I tend to see Darbi Boddy as the best thing that has happened to Lakota schools. Public education, in general, is undergoing major changes. The labor unions will not be able to remain in control as they have been. Soon, the public money that the schools divide up like pirates after a robbery on the high seas will go to the kids. It will only take the next Republican presidential administration with a Republican-controlled House and Senate that will take the power of the Department of Education away completely, as Ronald Reagan had promised back in the early 80s. His failure to do that has caused much of the trouble we see today, which new politicians like Darbi are coming forth to challenge. Soon, it will gain national steam, and the political capital will be present to change the entire structure. There are already 1.5 million kids who stepped away from public education because of Covid. That number is increasing due to the obvious CRT teachings and the transgender politics that so many parents find objectionable as a public policy. Public schools have done it to themselves. Lakota will be glad that they had these disputes with Darbi early in the future. Maybe they can use this conflict to get in front of the inevitable, and Lakota can find a way to be relevant in the ways of the future. Holding on to the past where the unions ran everything, and the superintendents ran cover for the unions is over. And that wasn’t the fault of Darbi Boddy. She’s doing what the voters want.   Lakota schools were the ones caught going in the wrong direction.

Rich Hoffman

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The World Economic Forum Must Control Elections Worldwide to Implement their Plan for Global Domination: The lessons learned from Hillary Clinton

If you search my site here of Hillary Clinton’s name, you will see that I have written hundreds of articles about her guilt and corruption, all of which have turned out to be true. It has taken, in some cases, six years to uncover some of the crimes. Some of her crimes, especially regarding Benghazi, have not been adequately investigated, but time will prove them all to be true. While I enjoy the Glenn Beck’s of the world and Alex Jones’s work, I would distinguish what I have done for over a decade to be much different. I purposely work to keep theater out of my statements, even though the things I say may sound like radical conspiracy theories. How they sound is only relevant to the experience of the consumer of the information. The relevancy of what I say obviously is something I consider essential. Otherwise, I wouldn’t mention it. From my perspective, if I’m talking about it, it’s something you should be concerned about. When I talked about Obama and his illegal presidency, or the crimes of the Clinton family, or the crimes of the current Biden family, election fraud, manufactured viruses like Covid was and distributed by our own people to help the Desecrators of Davos change the world to global communism, I have no plans to say in the future, “oh, my bad. That never came true.” Instead, I expect everything to be proven true, just as this Hillary Clinton case has proven concerning the Sussman trial, which revealed that Hillary Clinton actively promoted the Russian conspiracy with the Trump campaign and many millions of dollars wasted with four years of Hell that followed a properly elected presidency. All because she wanted power and was throwing a fit because she didn’t get it. Never underestimate the evil people will perform to gain power over others. 

So when I say that everyone should expect the World Economic Forum supporters to attempt to use the Monkey Pox or some other virus as a way to try Coronavirus shutdowns 2.0 before the Midterm elections in 2022, I say it with the meaning to take it seriously. I watched all the coverage from this year’s World Economic Forum from Davos this year, and they are clearly delusional. They are not paying attention to global trends toward populism, and it’s not hard to read between the lines as to why. I’ve said it for a while now, the Democrats in America, and the progressives around the world, have no plans for America ever to have a fair election again. They got caught stealing the 2022 election, as the evidence from the movie 2000 Mules shows clearly. For anybody who wants to debate that fact, just interview those 2000 Mules and trace where their money came from to harvest ballots to put Joe Biden into the White House. With the same confidence that I’ve said everything about Hillary Clinton that has come true, Facebook will turn out to be the bank that paid the cash to all the election fraud mules, and they should all go to jail for what they did to our country. If we had a law enforcement system that wasn’t beyond corruption, the next step for 2000 Mules would be massive investigations and trials in congress. It might take a decade for everyone to admit to it finally, but eventually, they will. But ultimately, it wasn’t just Zuckerberg who stole the 2020 election, it was the entire group of the Desecrators of Davos who did, and for that, we must focus our anger.

The World Economic Forum spent much of the last week of May 2022 talking about its elaborate plans for global domination. But what they didn’t talk about was their need to control all elections worldwide to make it happen. There is no way for them to get votes from the world to support their efforts. There is an assumption in their meeting that voters won’t have a say in their efforts. And it is that aspect of their candor that we should be most alarmed about. At local and state levels, I would caution all public officials to role-play what the next pandemic will be. There is no question that this is why the Biden administration is flirting with giving over American sovereignty to the World Health Organization so that they can manage lockdowns from a centralized United Nations source. They watched how Americans reacted to Covid and the vaccine mandates. That is why the WHO is being tasked with managing future pandemics, taking constitutional law out of the hands of American courts, and placing them into global governance. That means that it will take local officials to challenge their state governors in the future with constitutional challenges, especially those that come from the World Health Organization and the United Nations. The apparent plan is to use another manufactured crisis, just as Covid-19 was manufactured and released by communist China with the help of Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci, as proven in the book, The Real Anthony Fauci by Robert Kennedy Jr., to change election laws and prevent a free and open election in the fall of 2022. The World Economic Forum characters are counting on that to save them from a wave of populism that will destroy all their plans. 

Knowing what the plan is and learning from the past, not to just dismiss something that seems outrageous only to turn out to be true, America at every local level needs to consider the lessons of the Doctrine of Lesser Magistrates to challenge any legal assumptions that might come from the direction of the World Health Organization and ultimately, the World Economic Forum. Their plans are obvious, they already have our CDC and Biden administration in their corner, and none of them can afford a real election in America this coming November. So now is the time to role-play just as they do for implementing viruses, as they have just done with the Monkey Pox. We must role-play our counteraction against their methods with legal challenges of our own. Instead of accepting an Executive Order health emergency to shut down our economy this coming fall to hide the terrible inflation numbers and the impact of actual in-person voting, we must have a legal challenge ready before the executive orders are even written or before a blue state governor like Ohio has in DeWine attempts to use emergency power to take control of everything, all in an effort to manipulate the election results that might put a wet blanket over the World Economic Forum’s plans for global communism and dominion of all national sovereignties. The lessons we have learned from the past have been costly. So this time, lets put them to good use; let’s learn from history and be ready for them when they do attack through the back door of emergency powers because they have no choice but to try. We are not dealing with honest people; these are international criminals who seek protection from justice by world domination, so let’s not take them lightly, as many did with Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton is a product of these criminals; she’s small potatoes. The big cats are in this Desecrators of Davos group, and they are out for blood. They have told us so, so take them at their word and take nothing for granted. 

Rich Hoffman

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I Love Corruption: Knowing the nature of people is worth more than the wealth of the measure

Corruption is Good if you Capture Human Behavior

Personally, I love corruption. There is a chapter in my book, The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business, called “Money is Not the Root of All Evil, It Reveals It,” that deals specifically with this unique way of looking at the world. Corruption is caused by the insecurity of a person, or a group of people, in their ability to produce. A person lacking corruption and is confident in their ability to produce will not seek shortcuts to success because they understand that the opportunities for which money is generated are always available to them. Whereas the cheaters trying to scam their way through each day feel they will only get a few open doors to financial opportunities in their lives, and they will bend their ethics to step through those open doors. Now all too often, those open doors are traps set by other people for the opportunity to take whatever value someone else has, and the whole game can seem very treacherous and bloodthirsty. But the value is in the money, which then reveals the content of the game’s characters. Once you can see and measure what people will do for money, you can then know everything you need to know about them and turn their efforts toward the success you want to see happening. Corruption shows what kind of people are playing the game, and knowing who is corrupt and who is not is very useful in playing the great games of value. There is a lot of evil in the world that would not be seen if we did not have the value of money to measure it and witness what people will do to get their hands on it.

I tend to view many things in life from the perspective of Poker. The religions of the world have tried for centuries to figure out the motives of mankind and to contain ambition behind otherworldly rules of conduct that, like Santa Claus, might get you into Heaven if you are a good little boy and girl. When religion doesn’t work, we turn to governments to regulate behavior, and the fear of being put in jail might keep us all honest and trustworthy in our interactions with each other. But what these methods essentially only do is to push corrupt behavior deep down and out of sight. It essentially makes all of society like a Thanksgiving Dinner with a family that doesn’t really like each other; when we pass the corn, it’s always very civil and polite. While behind everyone’s backs, there is always plotting and scheming going on. But at the table everyone is polite. That is what we generally have in society and why we are so shocked when we discover that corruption has been happening. Like how shocked many are to learn that Dr. Fauci has been a corrupt administrator in government health for most of his career. He can hide his corruption behind the façade of social rules and conduct. But when we study what he is willing to do for money, or how money moved from government to government employees as him acting as the broker for funding, the need for power is instantly recognizable, and that behavior tells us a lot about the people we are dealing with. The measurement of money reveals a lot about the people trying to possess it. The most corrupt people are the most insecure about how the value of money is generated. People least corrupt understand that money is produced from the value of production. But those naturally lazy and not wanting to produce in life will have all kinds of insecurities about their ability to acquire money and will jump easily at every opportunity to become corrupt to get it because they don’t think many such opportunities will come their way in their lives.

It really comes down to the question of what we want to know about people and if we want to really know it. Governments would like to believe that human behavior can be controlled through fear, such as fearing the law, fearing the power of government, or fearing the opinions of others. Religions believe that good conduct can be controlled in society by fearing what might happen to you in the afterlife. And if only you might listen to them, then maybe you might have everlasting life. Instead, to my eyes, a good poker game tells you everything you need to know about people, and a good player can control what everyone at the table is doing and thinking based on how big the pot gets. Poker is a uniquely American game that is born out of pure capitalism, and it’s actually much more moral than we have been led to believe by the same forces who today want us all to fall into centrally controlled socialism. Playing Poker reveals a lot about the characters playing the game to acquire the total sum of the pot bet between game rounds. The good and honest player will be willing to toss away a bad hand and play again in the next round. The corrupt player will try to cheat and stuff cards up their sleeve to pull out when the pots are significant because they fear they might miss such an opportunity if they don’t cheat in some way to make the conditions of the game more favorable to them. To my eyes, knowing such information about people is much more valuable than in the value of the money itself. Money is just a measurement of value. But what people will do to have it is far more critical. 

So it is in that way I see corruption as a good thing to see because it tells you who you are dealing with. The rules of society might make the preacher look like a bastion of Heavenly summation. But when alone with children of the congregation, they might be abusing them all in the name of God. Or the politician might seek legislation to provide good conduct in social interaction while they are taking money from a donor to do something voters don’t want. But the temptation of money makes it hard to turn away from. The social face may look like an outstanding citizen, complete with power dress and nice shoes. But what goes on in the politician’s mind is another matter, will they take shortcuts to get the money, or will they hold true to constitutional principles? Are they worried that they only have a few chances in life to make wealth for themselves, or is every day an opportunity to hit the jackpot and they play the game for the joy of it, knowing they will have plenty of chances for success because of their character? These are the fundamental ways to understand social behavior, and yes, corruption is just one more measurement of a thriving culture. If we have a society with a lot of corruption in it, we obviously need to change something to inspire different behavior. But we can’t delude ourselves into believing that the rules of mankind might encourage good behavior. Instead, we must understand that we must first see it with some kind of measurement and act on that knowledge. Pretending that corruption isn’t happening because we refuse to measure it is not a way to solve problems. Half the battle is in knowing, and when we have money to measure corruption, we can then see a lot that is true about the health of our society, which I find extremely valuable.   

Rich Hoffman

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The Tornados of Mayfield, Kentucky: Government using tragedy to grab more power for themselves

The Government Power Grab after the Tornados of Kentucky

It’s more than worth it after the media tried to portray Rand Paul negatively after asking for tornado disaster relief for his state to tackle a usually obscure issue of government interference.  Paul has a history of speaking out against every little bailout, but I understand Rand Paul and Mitch McConnell’s problem in Kentucky.  In many ways, it’s the only thing they can do now that the government has embedded itself into people’s lives the way they have.  They really have no choice.  Saying no to federal money would be like denying people surgery after they’ve lost a leg.  The only option but to bleed to death really isn’t practical. This topic deserves some analysis for the many evils that come after the tornados ruined the lives of many thousands of people in Western Kentucky, an area I know very well.

In some cases, there was a tornado on the ground for over 200 miles, so the level of destruction was enormous, even to the point where Rand Paul had to put his differences aside and ask for federal money when he clearly, otherwise wouldn’t.  There is something else at work here that is much more sinister than the tornados themselves.  In a drool of excitement, the media revealed it, and it’s something we must all contend with while dealing with these issues in the future.  The media and their partners in government ultimately want a universal wage to pay people and control them totally. To get there, they have an anti-work attitude about everything hoping to rob people of their joy of work so that the universal wage can become possible.  Where people would just accept the government check, accept what role the government gives them in a heavily managed economy, and lower their standard of living to such an extent that the government could justifiably become everybody’s parents from the perspective of a panel of experts who themselves are nothing but lazy slugs looking for a government check. 

The instant target was a candle factory in Mayfield, where reports were that the management there ordered workers to continue working even during the tornado sirens.  The communist governor Andy Beshear has stuck his nose into the situation to promise an investigation.  The media and government both quickly jumped into an anti-work sentiment indicating that safety is always first, no matter what.  Now, I have a long history with this kind of thing, and honestly, I would have kept working.  When there is something to be done, nothing comes between me or it.  However, the rules say that you are responsible for their safety if you employ people, so I would have let the employees seek shelter or even gone home.  If it had been me in charge that night at the candle factory, I would have been tracking the storm on my phone, and when the red part of the cell hit our area and moved on, I would have then had everyone return to their jobs.  The whole tornado drill would have lasted about 15 minutes.  The employees could have worked a little overtime to compensate for the lost time.  But, I can see why the management would have been skeptical of the storms and the weather reports.  Usually, the news is wrong about these kinds of things, just as they have been over Covid.  So when the media cries wolf too many times, people just stop listening.  Tornados in December are pretty rare, and I can see how management would have thought it a safe bet to ignore the news and keep working.  After all, some things needed to be done, and just because the media says something, it suddenly doesn’t make everyone who hears it culpable.  You see, that is the little secret that is really behind all this.  The media wants to do the bidding of the government and claim powers it doesn’t have, such as telling people when it’s safe to work and when it isn’t.  And they use every little tragedy that might come along to gain that power little by little.  So the management of companies that did not run for their lives when the media reported a tornado warning is under attack not just for not believing the news or ignoring the information, but in putting work and the need of it over all else.

I’ve ridden bicycles in tornados, I’ve worked through serious tragedies, I’ve steamrolled through every kind of problem imaginable.  There have been times when my wife and I only had one car, and I’d ride a motorcycle through snowstorms to get to work.  I am one of those never-call-off types.  Work is always the most important thing to me, to hell with what the rest of the world thinks.  And yes, I have been in charge of many workers under dangerous conditions, and everyone has always gone home without harm to their families at the end of their shifts.  People might get angry with me, but so what.  If there is work to do, that is always the highest priority, end of the story.  The media and government have been trying over a long period to gain control of work through socialism, regulation, emergency powers such as they did with Covid, and to throttle productivity into something they control.  Every time there is a tragedy like these tornados in Kentucky or a hurricane in the south, the government can’t wait to pass out confiscated wealth to the victims so that they can then set new rules against the qualification of money because they have become so litigious that all human resource departments are now slaves to every little government whim.    And in that way, Rand Paul had no choice but to take money from the federal government to help the victims.  Because that good ol’ fashioned “can-do” spirit that is quite well-known in regions like Western Kentucky is destroyed under the liability of making the wrong decision according to the government.  And nobody wants to take that chance. 

The government stuck its nose in our economy over Covid, and we have never recovered.  That is why fast food lines are taking too long, shipping is stuck in ports, and planes are canceling flights.  The government creates a liability to alter behavior and, thus, to tamper with the enthusiasm to be productive.  Most of the time, the media gets tornado warnings wrong, and even though that candle factory was pressed to fulfill orders during a holiday season, and the Amazon plant there was trying to stay on top of things, tornado or not, everyone would have gone home except for this extraordinary situation of a perfect December storm.  Without question, it was wrong not to let workers seek shelter, and people did die.  But, the government doesn’t really care about those deaths; what they want out of this tragedy is more control.  The management had the liability to follow the storm and to listen to what the “experts” said.  And because they put productivity over safety, according to the government, they are now accountable for what nature did to them.  And companies all across the country are watching and taking note.  When people wonder how companies become so “woke,” this is how.  They overreact to every government action because it’s really the only way they can stay in business.  And when compliance to the government becomes more important than the productivity of industrious effort, you have an economy that is moving more to the static. You are putting up with government interference that is far worse than the death of a freakish storm.  You have tyranny that is disguised behind safety and a government that looks to eat all innocent people in its perpetual desire to grow and dominate our lives from behind a desk of bureaucracy and wants to rule us all without the risk of a physical, risky takeover.

Rich Hoffman

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AFPI is Something to be Thankful For: Trump and the Pilgrims of Robert Cushman

Never forget Robert Cushman

What am I most thankful for on this Thanksgiving of 2021?  Well, it’s something I said last year would be happening when I said not to fret, not to despair over lying hiding, Joe Biden.  That Trump was still the president as far as I was concerned and that he didn’t need to be in the White House to act in that fashion.  Instead, he could run the country from his Winter White House down in Mar-a-Lago, which is what he has spent the last year doing.  And the result has been the creation of the America First Policy Institute, a collection of like-minded people intent to make an America First agenda the policy of the United States for many years to come.  This is, of course, something that you probably didn’t hear about in the media, so I have included a few videos from them in this article for context.  Needless to say, I am very thankful to see them emerge as a political powerhouse that will shape all future elections and build on the more than 75 million voters who voted for President Trump in the last election who have been ignored, scandalized, and tormented ruthlessly since President Biden was put in place to protect the swamp and all the deals made there from draining the filth the way we have wanted to do for a long time.

I’ve been talking about shadow banning more lately because I have been thinking a lot about the AFPI.  I came to know about them because I joined in Big Tech’s Trump lawsuit, which I essentially view as criminal conduct.  Google doesn’t own the internet, nor does Facebook or Twitter.  Yet, they have acted like it.  The internet is essentially a public utility that our government developed for our use.  Google doesn’t own it, yet I have become one of the most shadow-banned people on the internet.  Considering how much content I have provided over the last decade, I should be getting millions of hits per week on my work. Instead, it’s just hundreds, or thousands, depending on what’s going on.  The only real people who see my content are subscribers, as search engines deliberately shut me off from the world.  It’s pretty ostentatious, to be honest. I’m not one to cry about it, but when I had to fill out my paperwork for the lawsuit, it brought it all to my mind just how mad I have been about it.  If it were simply a competition issue, I wouldn’t care.  But this is a free speech issue over a public utility, and these companies that I didn’t elect have chosen to disrupt the operation of our republic toward political positions they favor, and that isn’t acceptable.

I can see where all this is headed by getting to know the AFPI people a bit, and it will only grow.  I have been thinking of them much like the original pilgrim colonies of Plymouth Rock.  I was reminded recently of my trip to Westgate in Canterbury, England, with my wife, where we went to see the cell of Robert Cushman.  Cushman was the original commissioner of the Mayflower on behalf of the Pilgrims. They were fleeing Europe due to the tremendous religious persecution from the Church, the state, the royalty, and their continuous power struggles.  The protestants wanted to be free of that persecution.  Robert Cushman, after all, just wanted to run a little grocery in Canterbury, but the Church insisted that he believe in their style of religion, so they shut him down and threw him in jail.  Essentially, it’s what we are seeing today, where the state insists that we believe in the gods of Covid, in climate change, and that we do what they say needs to be done, or nothing else.  Its tyranny to consider Covid vaccine mandates or to be put out of business.  But that was how it was in the times of Robert Cushman, around the 1620s, before and after. 

That hunger for freedom from tyrants has always been part of the human race.  America was founded on it, first from the pilgrims, then again during the Revolutionary War.  I would say today, with the election of Trump, the creation of the American First Policy Institute, and the political upheavals of our times, we are going through all that once again.  There is nothing new about tyrants wanting to capture people to make them think and do what they want them to do.  We see an example of this tyranny every day with the shadow banning.  It’s one thing for me to say it’s happening to me.  But one of the strongest examples is that of Jonathan Karl from the Disney-owned ABC News regarding his latest book, Betrayal: The Final Act of the Trump Show.  That book has been quoted by most mainstream media outlets as if everything in the book was a fact.  It is the narrative of the captured press, but they are still a minority opinion, and to maintain that illusion, they have to shadow ban other views.  In this case, it’s the Peter Navarro book In Trump Time, written by an actual Trump insider in the White House.  Jonathan Karl was just a reporter.  Peter Navarro is the real deal.  His book is selling great, underground.  Just as my material gets out, underground, black market style, but the attempts at shadow banning couldn’t be more apparent.  The New York Times took Navarro off their Best Seller list not because it wasn’t selling but purely over political ideology.  The belief of the political left is just as the kings and popes of Europe thought about the protestant movement, that by ignoring why people wanted something, that something would go away. 

Just as the pilgrims came to America under great hardship and settled a new country founded on Christian sentiments, the America First Policy Institute was formed by a need to correct what happened to Trump and his voters during the 2020 election.   The government that pushed Trump out of office was not going to get away with just shutting down the thoughts and speech of those they disagreed with.  They were not going to be able to intimidate compliance.  Just as it always is with humans, the consequences would be harsh for those seeking to control them.  No matter what period in history we look at, we see people fighting tyranny.  If they can flee to get away from it, they will.  But in a world like what we live in now, where every corner of the world is occupied somehow, leaving no place to flee to, the only alternative left is to fight those who want to control us.  In reaction to that, the America First Policy Institute was formed to do just that, starting at the ballot box.  It won’t take long for the AFPI to grow into a much larger and influential organization, especially with the kind of people who are in the leadership. It’s a natural reaction to a very long story, and if I’m thankful for anything, it’s in the human response to the last couple of years, which is the birth of the AFPI.  Whether it’s the pilgrims or the front-line policymakers at Mar-a-Lago, it’s the human need for freedom that continues to endure and is what the real meaning of Thanksgiving truly is.  And this year especially, there is a lot to be thankful for because of the AFPI. 

Rich Hoffman

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Dr. Fauci Learned Too Late: Americans will never accept the limits of an administrative state

The Limits of an Administrative State

In a lot of ways, I’m grateful for this mass chaos that we are seeing today.  I have been warning about it for so many years. Finally, there is context to the warnings.  Now people who don’t think about these kinds of government problems very much can see the cost of what a bad government can bring them.  I wish it weren’t so costly, but I think people needed to see it in a way that impacted them.  In their busy lives of paying the bills and picking their kids up from soccer practice, most people don’t have time to think very deeply about the things that impact them most.  And in many ways, the pressure put upon Dr. Fauci under the coronavirus management has been a fantastic exhibition of why the concept of the Administrative State is a perpetual failure every time it was tried.  But too often, these failures have been hidden behind successes that happen by accident.  Because President Trump left the White House and Biden came behind him, it left Dr. Fauci exposed.  As soon as we took away the positive sales talk of Trump, Covid-19 and its perpetrators were left open to their commitment to administrative failure. I’ve been talking about the Edward Bellamy book Looking Backward because it was the formation essentially of big government at the start of the Progressive era, from the perspective of 1888.  And its stupidity in assuming that creating an all-powerful administrative state would be the cure-all for corruption and door for all future progress was misplaced from the start.  Many have always known this, but not enough could see it clear enough to act on that knowledge, that is, until now. 

From the Sunday Morning interview with the defender of the progressive administrative state, Ted Koppel, Dr. Fauci was exposed.  It’s clear that during all the lead-up to the pandemic crises role-playing that had been done at events like Event 201 in New York during October of 2019, that the American constitution was not discussed as a limiting factor to crises management on a global scale.  No matter what role Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci had in creating the Wuhan virus through gain of function research in partnership with China, it is quite evident that they did not understand how Americans would react to their protocols.  At first, people gave Dr. Fauci the benefit of the doubt.  They allowed lockdowns.  They allowed for masks, social distancing, and all kinds of crazy ideas created by the administrative state Edward Bellamy and Karl Marx had always dreamed of.  One world functioning under the rules and regulations of medical professionals to essentially nationalize all industry under a Covid emergency.  But Americans expect a plan to solve a problem.  They were never going to accept a perpetual change state where the medical industry that we count on to keep us healthy would become some parental government figure telling us what to do all the time, over everything.  And that ultimately is what Dr. Fauci didn’t understand at the beginning, which he is learning about now. 

Do I think Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates are the intentional embodiment of evil?  No, I think they are typical bureaucrats who create evil by injecting themselves into a process as an administrative impediment to innovation, which is typical in all bureaucratic management bodies.  From their perspective, they were doing the right thing.  But see, that’s the problem.  The definition of the “right thing” is always determined based on the limited understanding of the characters involved. The administrative state that manages all that activity, as Edward Bellamy fantasized about, and progressives for the last 150 years have been trying to implement through our education system, was always going to be determined by the weakest links, which is something Americans ran from in Europe.  It was the cause of westward expansion.   Whatever anybody thinks about the destruction of the Indian nations, or the battles to free people from slavery, the revolutions, the piracy in the Caribbean, it all came from people wanting to be free of the administrative state, not chained to it more.  People like Dr. Fauci followed rugged Americans to their homes and now, through the media, were in every part of their lives.  So when there was no plan for getting rid of Covid, it would only be natural that people would grow to hate Dr. Fauci, as they hate all people who constantly intrude on their lives.  It’s clear now that Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates never understood how Americans think or why, among others, in the administrative state. 

To indicate that Americans have a misplaced belief about individual rights over the demands of a public health crisis is not to understand the essence of our country.  Progressives like the billionaires attacking America like Bill Gates, George Soros, Michael Bloomberg, and many others have shown why we all want freedom from an overarching administrative state.  Whenever a thought process is siloed, as it is in the case of a heavily bureaucratic government where someone like Dr. Fauci sets a policy that everyone else must follow, then you are limited in your life to the limits of such people.  If they are not the smartest in the world or even the best, people will get frustrated and get stuck behind them.  For instance, I say this often, but when people tell you to stay in your lane, what they mean is that they expect you to stay behind some big truck on a highway that is only going 40 mph up a big hill, and they don’t want you to pass them.  They want you to follow the rules and to lower your own speed limit and expectations to the weakest link on the highway.  But Americans like to travel at their own speed, and if they come upon such a slow-moving vehicle, they expect to pass.  When the administrative state says they cannot give them room to pass, there will be angry people.  And Dr. Fauci obviously never planned for that reaction, which he should have considered from the outset. 

Before this debacle of the Biden administration and Dr. Fauci’s massive failures, by sticking himself into all our lives so recklessly, people tended to forget about the slow-moving trucks once they could pass.  By the time they got where they were going, their tempers lowered considerably, and life went on.  But now, because people have been restricted for so long, and there are no plans for a fix, people are getting justifiably angry.  America was founded as a solution to the administrative state.  We left the world to start our own life in North America.  We did it to be free of people like Dr. Fauci.  Not to become more managed by them.  Free people will give them the benefit of the doubt until it goes on too long and they get tired of being stuck behind the slow-moving truck. “They will not stay in their lane forever.” It’s a lesson Dr. Fauci and the rest of them learned too late.  No matter how good the intentions were, the rule in America is that administration state incompetency will not be tolerated, whereas it’s generally accepted in the rest of the world.   They accept it in other countries because they have learned to.  But in America, the nature of the people who make up the country and have a constitution that limits the powers of government on purpose, the concept of yielding to infinite authority isn’t in the cards.  Eventually, people will pass the administrators, and if their goals were to slow down society with their slow-moving truck, they would always end up disappointed.  The hatred of Dr. Fauci and the political division that has erupted over Covid is healthy, and it’s good for people to see it this way instead of through actual violence.  Perhaps this lesson will sink in and make us a better society.  But it won’t change America into an administrative state. Instead, maybe now people will listen better when we warn about it in the future. 

Rich Hoffman

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Perhaps Its Time to Bring Back Dueling: After Kenosha, the prosecution showed themselves to be the enemy

In Pursuit of Justice

I’m one who thought the Kyle Rittenhouse case in Kenosha, Wisconsin, should have never gone to trial.  If you have to shoot someone in self-defense, it’s a simple constitutional issue for me. The essential protection of private property starts with the self and expands to the assets that might be possessed.   A person’s life is their most important possession.  The riots in the streets that night in Kenosha looked to overthrow the town, destroy property and terrorize the people who lived there to make a political point. I’m all for debate with people who don’t think the way you might. I’m all for settling disputes with a vote.  But once campaign signs are stolen, or mobs are formed, it becomes a private property case, and the way to defend that property is with deadly force, whatever it may be.  Yet the Rittenhouse trial was an interesting one to watch.  That poor kid should have never had to suffer through it to get to a “not guilty” verdict in the end.  Thankfully there was a good judge on the case, and the jury was respectable.  But the kid should have never had to go through all that to satisfy the overly progressive prosecutor in the case who represented the state in more ways than just this specific murder case.  The prosecutors in the Rittenhouse case were disgraceful.  How many liberals are there in these roles?  I know the prosecutors in my community of Butler County, and I know many judges, and they are what I would consider “normal people.” They think and act like regular people, and they have a basic understanding of the value of our constitutions, state and federal.  Where did all these liberals come from in these district attorney positions who put on these cases?  That is the bigger problem, and it set my mind to consider what I proposed in my book, The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business, dueling as a solution to the legal problems of our times.

I see it as a mistake what we did at the end of the Victorian era and the start of the Progressive era. I’ve been spending a lot of time discussing those mistakes recently as I’ve been thinking about it a lot over the last several years.  When President Jackson was in many duels, or even Alexander Hamilton was, it is obvious we have lost something in our culture to turn over the responsibility for the conflict to pin-headed lawyers to fight on our behalf.  After all, that was what the Kyle Rittenhouse trial was; it was a duel between a young person who killed rioters and a state that wanted to make a case for the abolition of private property.  In the prosecution’s assertion was the concept that the people had a right to destroy personal property and terrorize people into collective belief and that Kyle had an obligation to appease the mob.  That is a standard position of the communist loving left. I conclude that nobody who thinks from a leftist point of view can co-exist with constitutionally minded people in America.  The left wants to erase the constitution; the right wants to live by the ground rules.  Those are opposing forces that will never get along, so why fake it?  The way to obtain respect for two such unmoveable forces is to blame the actors themselves instead of punting them to a third-party legal system to do it for them. 

I recently read a magnificent book that I bought at The Hole in the Wall bookstore at Wall, Drug in South Dakota.  It was called Outlaws of South Dakota and was all about legal cases where the people breaking the law either ended up hung or shot dead in most cases covering the gold rush period up until the time of the gangsters in the 1920s and 30s.  When the public just shot criminals dead, or as a group themselves, hung people for their crimes, things worked much better in society instead of catching a criminal and holding them for a trial that might not happen for months.  The presumption of fairness wasn’t worth the trouble if you take the cases in their totality.  Jack McCall, for instance, the killer who shot Wild Bill Hickok in Deadwood right in front of everyone, should have been engaged and shot right on the spot.  Instead, they captured him, had a phony trial, then let him go, only to be caught later on another charge and eventually killed.  As it appears, the town of Deadwood did not want any law and order, so they wanted McCall to kill Wild Bill so the criminal element could continue to make money the way they had been.  As I read that book, I visited the actual sites where Wild Bill was shot and resided and considered these legal issues.  For me, it’s a perfect comparison to what the Swamp did to President Trump when we elected him to clean things up.  The Swamp didn’t want to be clean, so they got rid of those who threatened their criminal enterprises.  It costs a lot more to allow people like that to reside in the shadows than to confront them directly with a deadly duel in a lonely street when honor meant something because it was personal. 

Because of Covid vaccine mandates and other Biden administration matters, I have had to talk to more lawyers than I usually do. I have been astonished at how stupid they are; they are a lot dumber than they used to be. What’s worse, it’s the quality level of the Bar Association itself.   The standards of law have depleted over the years.  Lawyers and human resource departments are not suitable replacements for two people fighting out a problem among themselves.  The transition from dueling to court trials has not been a successful one.  The Rittenhouse case was a hit from the state against an individual for purposes of the state to erode the concept of private property.  Personal integrity is not a consideration of modern law, and because of it, the premise of all legal cases is flawed before they ever get started.  Kenosha was intended to be destroyed to advance a progressive concept of eradicating the police so that personal property could not be protected in society.

Therefore, all people would have to submit to the mobs of leftism.  If we allowed dueling to continue, as it had in the past, none of this legal assumption would have even established itself in our culture.  But because we have punted personal resolution to the courts, now the courts have abused their power and become the bullies themselves.  The thugs and losers who were shot in Kenosha obviously should have never been on the street if our court system had worked properly, and it would be people like Kyle Rittenhouse putting them in jail.  But the prosecution in the Rittenhouse case wanted the opposite; they wanted Kyle in prison and the thugs on the streets just as the town of Deadwood wanted Jack McCall to roam free to murder law and order so that crime could flourish.  And that is what we have in Washington D.C., a society of crime that advances while the innocent suffer under legal restraints meant to cripple them, not to empower them.  With all that in mind, we were a better society when we settled our matters not with lawyers but with guns.  It forced a much more honorable society and personal responsibility for the morality of our people, and it worked a whole lot better than what we see in examples like the Rittenhouse trial.  It should never have happened.  The night that Kyle shot those thugs, he should have been back home with his mother enjoying milk and cookies for a rough night on the town—not incarcerated for prosecution by a state that wanted to destroy him for even worse reasons than the killings occurred. 

Rich Hoffman

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The Root Cause of Failed Liberalism: ‘Looking Backward’ to where the problem started

The Root Cause of Failed Liberalism

Not to brag, but as a statement of fact, I know many people are wondering why I have not been canceled out of existence.  Many bad people have certainly tried, and the shadow banning of me is just flat-out ridiculous.  But the truth of it is that my phone never stops ringing, even though I don’t make any attempts to broadcast what the political left considers toxic masculinity as a gun-wielding conservative, way to the political right of John Wayne.  I consider him a long-haired hippie compared to the way I think of politics.  But I do work extensively with people of all kinds of political affiliations and religious beliefs.  I get along with everybody until they do me wrong.  Yet if I answered all the calls and emails, I would never have time to do anything else, so I have to be very selective with my time.  It’s such a problem that I spent a whole chapter of my book The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business explaining why selective management of time is so important.  You might want to spend all kinds of time with people, but spending infinite amounts of time with them has a cost, usually a big one.  That leads to the answer to the question as to why this modern attack vector has not canceled me out by the liberal’s global progressive mindset.  Well, it’s because I have something the world really wants, a unique skill and that people are willing to put up with some conservative eccentricities so they can get some of what I have.  And that skill is a very keen sense of root cause analysis. 

For more than 30 years now, I have been an expert in Lean Manufacturing; I’ve been through all the reiterations and have advised many on it over the years.  I know it backward and forward.  But, I am not at all in love with it.  I see it strictly as an eastern spin to Japan’s lessons from Deming after World War II.  They were smart; they took one of the American manufacturing consultants into their arms after it was American manufacturing that essentially won that war, and they set out to beat us at our own game.  They turned what they learned into Lean and then sold it back to us, which now has much of the world thinking that they can copy Lean into their own cultures, only to find that it doesn’t work so well in the West.  I have never been all that impressed with Deming or the people who worship him as a manufacturing god. Those in the Lean movement with martial art terms that they think sound cool when selling eastern ideas to the West thinking it will help make companies better and more profitable.  If anything, it has only contributed to the spread of communism as we assumed that they knew something in the east that we didn’t know in the West, which essentially started this push toward global communism.  I have a saying that many who know me often hear, “get rid of the Black Belt and embrace the gunbelt.” I wrote my own book about this way of thinking after many years of experience and my root cause analysis of the state of the world, which needs some fresh insight. 

However, I’m not one to throw the baby out with the bathwater.  One of the Lean tools that are most commonly used in the world to determine root cause analysis is the “five whys.” Now here, my gunfighter analogy would say that I shoot from the hip on those kinds of things because I have great experience and troubleshooting ability.  I can usually arrive at a root cause analysis by walking into a room.  But to use a more traditional tool to bring other people into the knowledge, they need to see a process like the “five whys” to work out the problem.  And that’s precisely what I did when it came to asking the questions about why liberalism so often fails, why the Biden administration sucked so much.  Why do so many people hate Donald Trump?  And essentially, why the state of the world was so bad when liberals did their work in it.  Those weren’t political statements; they were observations based on reality.  I had my shoot from the hip understanding of it, which long-time readers here understand I usually peg things months, years, or decades ahead of when trends hit. That’s why my phone never stops ringing, and it never will.  Much of the time, I’d love the phone to stop ringing.  But there is a cost to everything.  But to prove my thoughts to people, I needed a more traditional root cause analysis.  So I found myself way out West with my family at the Buffalo Bill Center of the West in Cody, Wyoming, which gave me what I had been looking for. I’ve been to museums all over the world, some of the best that there are.  And the Buffalo Bill Center of the West was, and is, something extraordinary. 

It was at that museum that I learned to what extent Edward Bellamy had played a role in shaping socialism in America during that little vacuum of history when the Buffalo Bill Wild West show was the most popular form of entertainment in the world, from around 1880 to 1910. Bellamy’s book Looking Backward came out in 1888. It was a continuation of Karl Marx that essentially started quite a movement in America toward socialism that seamlessly merged with progressivism around 1910, during the Teddy Roosevelt years.  In the Bellamyites, much of modern liberalism was formed, which populates our nightly news cycles. Specifically, the nationalization of all means of production.  It has loomed in the background for the last 150 years, and they have constantly made gains for their movement over that entire time.  But to see the root cause of the problem of liberalism, you must go back to that period before the Progressive Era and at the end of the romantic Gilded Era, what I think of as the age of the gunfighters.  Many believe in gunfighting as a barbarous age of aggression and violence; I see it as much better than the concepts of Bellamy and his followers of the modern-day progressives in the Democrat Party. 

Like any root cause analysis, when trying to solve a problem, it’s not acceptable to put up with something causing you a defect, whether in manufacturing, psychology, or global politics.  If a bad idea is causing trouble, then you have to get rid of it.  And liberalism was a bad idea from the moment it was released with the work of Karl Marx.  What Edward Bellamy did with it was infect America with a disaster of thought that we see fully on the stage today.  But to see it correctly, you have to go back to a time before the problem gained support, which Edward Bellamy did for the work of Karl Marx during the period of massive westward expansion in America.  In my own book, The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business, the basic premise is designed to help put a business back on track or a country; however the thought exercises are wished to be used by the reader.  But accepting the failure of a thought is not acceptable. That’s not to say that in the past, they had everything right.  There are always ways for “continuous improvement.” But a continuation of a bad idea which liberalism is is not the path to success for anything.  And to deal with it effectively, we must as a culture accept that premise as a fact and not make concessions with failure just to avoid hurting anybody’s feelings.  That frankness is why the phone never stops ringing; there are so many people stuck in the world between a problem and broken feelings on how to have a proper solution.  Usually, the problem is easy to fix, but the people involved make it difficult.  But the fix is the fix, and for America to be right again, we must solve the sickness at its source, to the world before Edward Bellamy and his destructive book Looking Backward.  

Rich Hoffman

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‘Looking Backward’: Where the liberal snipers have been hiding

Finding the Snipers by Looking Backward

I talk about it all the time, but if you are new to all this and have been getting your news from more mainstream sources, well, maybe you didn’t know about the successive tyrants of the world, the World Economic Forum who recently announced their Great Narrative from Dubai.  That is, of course, the same group behind the Great Reset, which Covid was created to implement across the world to shut down all the world’s economies simultaneously.  Then to have a managed restart under the United Nations using climate change fake science to drive the need.  I was catching up on all the latest climate crises, United Nations propaganda, and Davos Great Narrative updates while playing the new Call of Duty: Vanguard.  I was on a specific mission where you had to cross a vast field with broken-up buildings off in the distance full of snipers.  You had to work with a teammate to draw out the sniper fire, determine which windows the snipers were in, and quickly shoot them to advance.  I couldn’t help but see the parallels to what I was listening to.  The political left has kept themselves concealed in darkness for a long time, forcing us to focus on their specific positions.  As we put our sniper scopes on them, they’d shoot us from a different place.  When we changed our priorities, they’d shoot us yet from somewhere else.  But I like to look at the whole battlefield and pay attention to all the muzzle flashes from the various snipers to see them as one big story.  And that’s what the Great Narrative revealed to me; it was essentially a word-for-word utopian update of the old Edward Bellamy book Looking Backward.  This time, climate change was the driver toward global socialism and communism, taking over government over private enterprise so that the state could justify the power grab.  Since people resisted the first attempt, which took over 100 years to try, the political left has now turned to climate change to drive the justification, and it is evident to anybody who had a mind to look at the big picture. 

Looking Backward was essentially a short evolutionary novel meant to soft-sell Karl Marx to America and was in 1888 the third most popular book behind Ben Hur.  There was a massive following for the socialist utopia that the book describes when the hero wakes up 130 years in the future after being put to sleep with hypnosis only to suffer an accident in the process.  When he finally wakes up, the world has evolved into a socialist utopia, complete with the state taking over ultimately the means of production. There is no crime, everyone is equal, and the government maintains that fairness at the expense of all else. It’s a fluffy sort of fiction that, looking forward, was every bit like science fiction as Star Wars. Still, the premise was intentionally real, and a considerable following erupted from 1888 to 1900.  It only ended because Bellamy had died, and the movement took on a new shape.  But it’s a period of history that hides behind other things like the Civil War, the invention of the airplane, the electric bulb. The Model T. It’s a socialist movement that completely infected our education system at all levels, starting with John Dewey, who designed our public education system around the premise of Bellamy’s book.  So this wasn’t some fringe movement, it was the evolution of Karl Marx right in front of our faces, and it happened at the turn of the century.  What evolved after it became the stuff of nightmares, the creation of the Federal Reserve, the centralized control of money, progressive taxation, the big government politics that would lead to the New Deal.  The attempts at creating the League of Nations, then finally the United Nations.  It all started with that little book that replaced the gunfighters of western expansion and the liberalized easterner’ desire to assimilate the new nation’s success. 

People called these strange new socialist lovers “elite” because, at the time, they were the ones who were in our education system and teaching us.  They were the education system, the professors of our colleges, and they were our intellectual guides in a time when many people still couldn’t read.  Because many who founded America as a new country were suffering from an inferiority complex with Europe, these socialist lovers had the ear of many people we trusted to teach us things we didn’t know due to our lack of culture and history.  We didn’t know that much of what they were teaching were things we didn’t want or need to know.  We just knew they knew something we didn’t, so our society listened to them.  This went on for several decades, getting worse and worse over time.  As communism took over in the Soviet Union in 1917, then socialism moved into the collapsed German government with Hitler in the 1930s. China with a total communist takeover in 1949, Cuba in the 1950s, then Iran in the 1970s, the long march of global domination of communism has been moving along at a predictable pace.  Liberals in America’s own government were always sympathetic. They sought to teach Americans the ways of socialism and communism in our public schools and colleges the entire time, so there is a bit of socialism in just about everyone these days.  And always, the turn toward communism was through financial pressure and forcible military conquest.  That is certainly the case in Germany, where their financial system completely collapsed after World War I, and China after fighting in World War II.   The same playbook was at work on America now in 2020, and if you know how to sniff out the snipers to see where they are shooting from, you can see what’s been happening quickly.  I read the book that they are still following almost verbatim.

Of course, there are flaws to this plan that these losers have never worked out.  They don’t understand where socialism went wrong from its beginning plans, which Bellamy never figured out.  The failure of these so-called elites is that they assumed that if the world’s governments could unite and issue fairness, they could take over all industries and never miss a beat.  But that’s not what’s happening. Instead, all the flaws from the beginning all the socialist academics were in love with were never resolved.  The Bellamy novel was fiction at best when it first was shown to the public.  Because it appealed to the below-the-line people out in the world, they ignored that socialism defied the essence of human need.  It was a fantasy written by the mind of a child, and it had migrated into a governing force that still insists on trying it over and over again, even though it never worked.  These educated elite have shown themselves not to be very smart.  We gave them the benefit of the doubt looking forward, but looking backward, as the book suggests, they had it wrong from the beginning, and they never had a chance ever to get it right.  Yet that is the very premise of the Davos crowd of the World Economic Forum people.  They are as lost as they ever were, and they, in their most profound thoughts, want to rule the world as all tyrants have over the many centuries of warfare.  And they expect America to fall like all the other places in the world have, especially since they’ve spent over a century building the momentum.  But I would argue that we see where they are shooting from now, we know where their snipers are, and we can win this game now that they are exposed.  They may have hidden that book, Looking Backward, from history, but they can’t hide the result.  It’s time to pay, and the evidence points to a bad day for all of them. 

Rich Hoffman

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