Darbi Boddy is Exposing Sexual Grooming at Lakota Schools: Only 6 months on the job, the radicals are trying to get rid of her just as they did Todd Parnell

It’s not even entertaining anymore, the constant attacks against Darbi Boddy, the newly elected school board member at Lakota schools, which is in my home district. The latest media circus advocated by school leadership, specifically the superintendent, Matt Miller, has been to cite a trespassing order against Darbi because she went to two of the schools to take pictures of gay pride artwork that was on the walls as evidence in her endeavors to discover the extent of sexual grooming that is going on in public schools. Of course, the school rules are meant to protect the teacher’s unions from inquiry. The rules don’t exist to protect the children from intruders; it’s intended to give the radical leftist teachers in the union a platform to project their progressive agenda onto the students while their parents are away from them. Darbi recently got into a lot of trouble trying to point out how this is happening in Lakota and public schools in general. So she went to gather evidence which provoked Miller to send the police to her house to issue a trespassing violation, and of course, the major news organizations were camped out in front of Darbi’s house to record it all. The story made national headlines and even ended up in The New York Post. So Lakota has declared war on Darbi Boddy and the people who elected her, and they weren’t trying to hide it. But why would they? This has been their mode of operation for years. Darbi was just the latest target of their radical, progressive agenda. 

A few years ago, Todd Parnell was forced to resign from the Lakota school board because he let it be known how he felt about some students who had been involved in criminal activity which happened to be minorities. Of course, Superintendent Matt Miller and other board members saw this as an opportunity to get rid of a conservative school board member that disagreed with them often, so they leaked the email and blew it out of context. It was a page out of the woke playbook. Todd Parnell said something that most people were thinking, but the woke rules of conduct that we now find uncomfortably in every level of our society held him to a public standard that was crippling, and he saw no way out but to resign. That’s precisely what progressives have wanted for years, to paralyze judgment from those most suited to have an opinion about it and to use that frozen reality as a way to control the people themselves with woke policies. And when someone like Todd, or now Darbi, violates those woke rules, they can then get rid of them by canceling the candidates that the voters had elected for those positions. Once Parnell left, the board selected a replacement board member of their choosing and tried to run him on the ballot in November, where he lost. Darbi Boddy beat that incumbent and many others by gaining over 8000 votes. So that school board and Matt Miller specifically are looking to cancel culture Darbi Boddy who was just elected, and force her into hiding as they saw worked with Todd Parnell. Only Darbi isn’t having any of it. She’s doing what conservatives should have been doing for decades; she’s fighting back. 

The school board meeting on Monday, 5.9.22, was a circus. The pro-union mob of mask-wearing malcontents whom the superintendent represents like a parrot who should be fed in crackers instead of the $200,000 we pay him with property taxes that range from $5000 per year to $10,000 tried to have a flash mob before the meeting to push Darbi into hiding. But it turned out to be a few losers that are in the far minority of the typical Butler County voters. Voters had just sent Darbi to the school board of Lakota, and here were these radical progressive elements who wanted to invalidate the voters with radicalism and woke rules. Of course, at the heart of the matter is the debate of whether or not sexual grooming is going on in Lakota, which of course, Matt Miller says, isn’t happening. Yet one of the radicals from the anti-Darbi crowd sent me a t-shirt design that said otherwise. I brought it to the meeting to demonstrate the culture we are dealing with. We can’t trust what Lakota says, so we elected Darbi to get on the board and get control of the mess. But the t-shirt shows who the anti-Darbi, pro unionized teacher supporters really are. The shirt proudly displays all the gender-neutral pronouns in the news these days, illustrated in rainbow colors, intended to provoke sentiment toward gay pride. The intent of the shirt, which says, “We are Lakota” at the bottom of it, advocates for alternative homosexual lifestyles. The rainbow doesn’t mean anything but sex. It’s not supportive of building rockets or learning how to operate an easy bake oven. It intends to bring to the minds of students, teachers, and parents at Lakota the issue of alternative sexual lifestyles. Much of this exposure happens to kids who aren’t even in puberty yet. So the progressive playbook that is a national problem with public schools sees their access to children as a way to loosen the parameters of sexual lifestyles culturally, which is a big problem. The voters of Lakota voted for Darbi Boddy to stop that kind of behavior. Not to play nice with it. And in her first six months, she has managed to make all those vile elements of public education upset, which means she’s doing a great job as a school board member. 

I’m over 50, so when I see the gay pride rainbows, even if it’s at Disney World or Target, I think of a couple of misguided losers with a jar of vaseline in the back of a rusty Pinto wasting the night away to a tape in the tape deck playing Queen’s greatest hits. When I was younger, gay day at Kings Island was not a day anybody went because you didn’t want to be associated with gay activity. Obviously, progressives have sought to change that sentiment, and their goal is to make the gay pride rainbow colors mainstream. To make people see it as “normal.” And that is what they want from their access to children in public schools, to groom them into alternative sexual lifestyles. Many people don’t like having these homosexual messages stuffed in their faces, and there has been backlash at Disney, and Target has felt its wrath. And so too should Lakota. But what is going on at Lakota is that the rules of conduct are created to keep people like Darbi from discovering just how bad the sexual grooming is in schools. Superintendents like Matt Miller representing the radical teacher’s union types, don’t want elected members of the community digging through their progressive, safe space, so they tried to punish Darbi into submission and force her to resign just six months into her first term when she was the most popularly elected official on the board. It’s not just an attack on Darbi Boddy, but it’s an attack on the voters who elected her. And it’s a pattern of behavior that is consistent with the overpriced leadership of the school itself. The attempt to run off a second board member who is at odds with the woke progressive agenda is not acceptable. Todd Parnell didn’t feel like fighting it, and that was a shame because I thought he should have stayed on the board and made them look at him every day for what they did to him. I am very happy that Darbi is willing to stay and fight. And for that, we should all be thankful. It’s not just the voters who benefit, but someone has to fight for the right of kids to be as innocent and intelligent for as long as possible. And by the actions of the teaching staff and leadership of Lakota schools in Butler County, Ohio, they intend to groom children into sexual alternatives as young as possible.   That is why they don’t like Darbi Boddy because she is exposing it. 

Rich Hoffman

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The Milgram Experiment: Covid was worse, but this time, on a global scale–what did we learn?

We know one thing for sure about the massive government takeover experiment of Covid-19, they attempted to throw the entire world under a rule by authority, and it failed along the same lines as the Milgram Obedience Experiment indicated in the 1960s. The reports have been out there for a long time; the governments of the world and all the power players who want to use governments for their own aims of global domination know what Stanley Milgram, the psychologist, intended to demonstrate, that a dangerous percentage of any society is willing to obey orders even if those orders go against their own self-interest. That was what the dumb lockdowns were all about and the social distancing; it was the Milgram Experiment on a massive global scale. When Stanley Milgram wanted to know to what degree and percentage a sampling of men he had brought in to conduct his experiment would perform under pressure, he was unveiling a riddle that authority types would salivate to and abuse for their own evil intentions in the years to come. Corporations and governments would often use the Stanley Milgram Experiment in the future but never had anybody witnessed the entire world attempting to perform the experiment on such a mass scale. The guilty parties would be the usual suspects, the Desecrators of Davos, so to unleash Klaus Schwab’s The Great Reset. But why they thought it would work was based on those initial test results that nobody in academia would ever get away with today. Although, as I say it, the entire world, based on the activism of Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci almost exclusively, performed the same test hoping for a different result. So for those who say that the Milgram Experiment could never be done in modern times, we just lived through it with Covid. 

Milgram hired an actor to pretend to receive an electric shock from several participants who would respond to instructions from an authority figure, the person giving the test. If the actor got a question wrong, the test administrator would instruct the participant to administer various degrees of electric shock to the actor. Of course, the participants had no idea that the shocked recipient was an actor. They believed that they were genuinely administering electric shock and that the screams they heard from the actor were real. So when told to administer a shock, the participant would turn a dial-up to conduct the pain. The shocks would start at 15 volts, then increase to 150, 330, then ultimately go all the way up to 450. The astonishing aspect of the experiment was that out of all the participants, 65% of them administered the lethal amount of 450-volts even as they could hear the pain of the actor screaming from concealment. In some of the cases, the actor went so far as to pretend to have died, but the participants did as they were told by the administrator anyway. The experiment proved something terrible about people. Even though they knew better, if told to do something, most people would do it because their need to comply with orders was more substantial than their free will to think for themselves. 

Well, those in the world who love to have power over other people salivated over this news. And since the experiment, they have been taking advantage of that 65% of the population ever since. Now there has been some debate about the validity of the study. For instance, all the original participants were men because it was the 60s, and that’s how it was then. So it could be argued that women would have had more empathy toward their screaming victim and perhaps would have been less inclined than 65% to administer the shock. Or perhaps women were more willing to follow orders, and the percentage might have been higher. Many say we will never know, but as the results of Covid show, we do have a better understanding. Out of all the earth’s population, the final numbers look to be in the 40% range of all people who will follow orders in society even to their own detriment. We can base that on the reaction of people who adopted masks when the CDC told them to wear them. We can see who took the vaccine shot in the opening days of administering them. We can see who complied with the stay-at-home orders, chose to work from home during the pandemic, and toughed it out, and ignored social distancing and other mandates. The gamble that Gates and Fauci and their many conspirators within the world’s governments made was that the percentage would be higher for the compliant, more like the Milgram Experiment from the 1960s rather than what they ended up in reality. Many people complied to the government’s face but did what they wanted when they thought nobody was looking. This is important because of what China just did to Shanghai. China had, over the years, killed off many of their non-compliant types, so the experiment there was to see how many people they could lock in their homes to the point of starving to death, only patrolled by a little dog-sized robot in the streets telling them to stay put. In America and places in Europe, the population proved to be way too independent for that kind of control. 

So, what did we learn? Well, I think the news is good. America was founded on far less a percentage of people, somewhere between 15% and 30% of the population. We know that if a movement can gain that much of a following, there will always be between 40% to 60% of any given population that will follow the orders of the minority, even if they disagree. That is how corporations have been ruling over their workforces for years, but they haven’t been able to change the nature of the people themselves. Only their social behavior. That same problem arose during the Covid mass experiment and international execution by denying hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin to Covid patients even though it would have saved lives. By allowing people to take medicine, it would have been the same as letting the participants of the Milgram Experiment know that the person receiving the shock was only an actor. And the scam wouldn’t have worked, which was, in this case, a massive power grab by the Desecrators of Davos for a global Great Reset of all economies into communist-controlled centralized planning, that, of course, they would oversee through the United Nations. Yet not the correct percentage of the global population fell for it, and two years into the scam, there were way too many non-compliant and even angry people. They always knew that a certain percentage of the population would do whatever an authority figure told them to do. After all, we start as babies being told what to do by a parent. Then we are told what to do by our teachers in public schools. By our church. All kinds of authority figures. Most people never grow out of that mode and learn to think for themselves. But what is that percentage? Well, the experiment of Covid, which was a massive Milgram Experiment on a global scale, showed that not enough people would fall for it, and for those who want to rule the world through fear and anxiety, that was terrible news. Which, for the rest of us, is very good. 

Rich Hoffman

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How Dr. Fauci Knowingly Committed Mass Murder: The diabolical details of Lancetgate

The biggest problem with Robert F. Kennedy Jr’s book, The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health is that it’s too good, it’s too well researched, too hard-hitting, and way too voluminous for the average person. Although it is very assessable, I bought my copy at my local Barnes and Noble. I saw several of them recently at the Books A Million in Dayton at The Greene, and they are routinely on the shelf at Walmart. But the book itself is about a long history of medical topics and how they entwine with politics, and the information just isn’t very narrative. As most of the books are that come from the Children’s Health Defense group, whom I personally love, they have an edge of anger about them from a world that is clearly functioning from a lack of justice. Kennedy is undoubtedly one of those angry types. He knows too much about the corruption of medicine to soft-sell his outrage, and for many readers, where every page of a book is laced with something that could lead to years of congressional testimony and death penalties for intentional murder, his case against Dr. Fauci legally outlined in his book is solid, consistent, and ominous. I’ve read the book about seven times from November of 2021 when it first came out, and I have watched society sort of slow drip to the eventual conclusions about the massive corruption scam that Dr. Fauci has been running for years as the head of government medicine. Partnered with a globalist radical like Bill Gates, the spawns of Dr. Fauci are far worse than what even the most crazed conspiracy theorist could have concocted. Truth is clearly stranger than fiction. But to help the information along, I’m going to do a series of articles like this one to sort out the conviction from the chaos because literally hundreds of legal cases against Dr. Fauci and many others could be made from the Kennedy book. But lawmakers and other influencers who read my articles daily need some help sorting through the fog to get to the good stuff, the prosecutable stuff. And an excellent place to begin on that endeavor is with Lancetgate.

So here’s the case with Lancetgate that should send chills up the spine of us all. The level of evil in just his case should be a termination offense in any civil society. It’s so bad that many of us can’t get our minds around just how bad and evil it is. But here it is. As of this writing, we know that Covid-19 was created in a Wuhan lab in China. Dr. Fauci knew about the gain of function research through an email he had in January of 2020, before any lockdowns or government emergency policies started by the Trump administration. We trusted Dr. Fauci, although it’s not clear why he wasn’t fired for all the deaths he caused during the AIDS crises of the 80s and 90s with his pharmaceutical commitment to AZT, which stripped away the T Cells of the patients and killed with a slow death. It turned out that HIV wasn’t the killer part of the disease; it was the drug AZT to treat HIV that was killing people. There was so much concern over the vaccines for this recent government-created pandemic, Covid, because of Fauci’s history with AIDS. The trust in Dr. Fauci was lost by those in the know long ago. The public wasn’t aware because the media deliberately propped him up for various reasons. But the skeptics from the outset were understandable. Dr. Fauci shouldn’t have overseen anything, yet he was, and he knew about gain of function in China and that the virus had broken out of the Wuhan lab. 

At first, nobody knew much about how serious Covid would be. President Trump played along and did what Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci recommended: shut down the economy to slow the spread. It was a sucker punch in an election year, but Trump did what the professionals recommended, as most people would. In March of 2020, the government health people said we needed to stop everything for 15 days to slow the spread and allow hospitals to get in front of the virus. Trump went and did all the things the Fauci doctors told him to do. We looked for masks, made ventilators, spread resources where we thought they would be needed. The entire world shut down because of essentially Dr. Fauci and America’s reaction to the virus. America leads, the rest of the world follows. So in that aspect alone, Dr. Fauci was ruling the world with Bill Gates sprinkling money around to media to get favorable coverage. This went on past the 15-day mark, of course. It was always planned that way, and once the shutdowns went beyond Easter of that year, Trump was getting impatient. This whole Covid thing was killing the US economy, and now Fauci had painted him in a liability corner. He couldn’t reopen anything without Dr. Fauci’s blessing because every death would be blamed on the administration. So, Trump looked for a solution outside of Dr. Fauci, and he started talking about hydroxychloroquine. We now know that if we had allowed American society to use the known drug hydroxychloroquine, Covid could have been brought under control within a few months, and we could have reopened our entire global economy by the summer of 2020. And many, many lives would have been saved. 

This wasn’t good for Fauci and Gates. They needed the pandemic to spread, for all the economies of the world to respond to their commands because they had a plan for getting the entire world to take vaccines, untested vaccines at that. And there were, of course, the Desecrators of Davos who were counting on Fauci and Gates to give them an opportunity for a Great Reset which I have talked about extensively. All that is well known now. But what Gates and Fauci did to keep the virus going isn’t. In May of 2020, Gates and Fauci started talking about a Surgisphere study that came from 11 Illinois employees, two of which were a science fiction writer and a porn actress. And that study found its way into the prestigious medical journals Lancet and the New England Journal of Medicine. Gates looks to have funded much of the media coverage directly and indirectly. The Surgisphere study was a hit piece on hydroxychloroquine that once discussed in the Lancet convinced the medical community that using that drug to treat Covid was dangerous. So nobody wanted to touch it, again out of fear of liability. Politicians turned to the medical journals as well as the media to turn away from hydroxychloroquine which then pushed treatment of Covid off for another year, well past the 2020 election. In hindsight, we know that ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine are incredibly effective treatments for Covid. And Dr. Fauci knew it at the time. Still, he acted purposefully to prolong Covid for the strategic designs of an international progressive movement, and if people died to accelerate their cause, they didn’t care at all. 

A few months after the study had been released, the Lancet and New England Journal of Medicine had to issue a retraction of the Surgisphere study, which was completely bogus. Then shortly after that, Surgisphere disappeared from the public. It was a complete creation of Bill Gates money for the strategy of Dr. Fauci, to mold public sentiment toward the government science position, which under an emergency superseded the elected president of the United States. So the crime was not just the tampering of evidence under an emergency pandemic in a conscious effort to prolong the crisis for political reasons. The biggest crime is that they denied helpful medicine to people who were dying of Covid so that the death numbers would benefit their eventual cause of partnering government with the pharma companies producing a vaccine that they weren’t sure at the time would be even ready in the foreseeable future. Bill Gates knew what he was doing; the money trail is obvious and well laid out in the Kennedy book. And Dr. Fauci knew he denied medicine to people, purposely keeping them sick and some dying so that he could grab more power himself in the process, just as he had done years before with AZT and AIDS. And knowing that, just think how many murders Dr. Fauci knowingly committed. Lancetgate is just the beginning. This story you can read for yourself in the Kennedy book on Pg. 29. 

Rich Hoffman

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The Real War is at the Doorstep of Davos: Ukraine is just the latest distraction and justification to raise gas prices

I’d rather not, but the Russian invasion of Ukraine is the story that is in the news right now, and because it is, I should say something about it. But my thoughts on it are not what the news is espousing. For me, it’s just another attempt by the world, and specifically, Democrats, to use Russia as a punching bag to cover all their vast incompetence. Biden has to give a State of the Union speech. He has nothing but bad news and an economy with inflation creeping in, pushed there by a giant asset bubble created by the Fed through over a decade of quantitative easing. Call it Modern Monetary Theory, call it Keynesian economics, call it whatever socialist theory of modern academia you want. Too much money chasing after too few goods and personal productivity will be a disaster, and it is for Biden presently.

Additionally, Biden has been a disaster in foreign policy, specifically regarding Afghanistan. Covid has been traced back to a Chinese lab in Wuhan, and his own science guys that he picked to be on his staff were part of the deal with the Department of Defense. There is a lot of embarrassment to go around on Covid, and now people are sick of the rules and are pulling off the masks whether or not the government likes it. The Biden vaccine mandates were a loss in the Supreme Court. The President’s bosses at the World Economic Forum didn’t seem to understand when they came up with the plan to begin with that the American Constitution would win on that, leaving the Davos crowd perplexed.

Yet that isn’t even the start of the story. As I have been saying more lately, we aren’t talking about conspiracy theories concerning the Party of Davos. It’s not the Bilderbergers, the Rothschilds, or the typical Illuminati tin foil hat talk; we have actual names like Klaus Schwab and Larry Fink who have made the conspiracies real. The World Economic Forum board has announced themselves with ESG grades to change the world’s economy from fossil fuels to 100% emission-free standards, which are directly connected to each and every one of our 401K plans. We’re not talking about theory here; it’s a fact, and it’s in our faces every day. The testbed for this behavior was Covid. The Party of Davos watched how various countries reacted to the lockdowns and how the economy behaved. They have made adjustments to their plans based on what they saw—watching their summit from Davos this year, which included Janet Yellon and Dr. Fauci, it’s clear they are perplexed about how to deal with their intentions for a Great Reset. The populism that is going on around the world is a problem for them, so they very much want a distraction. Putin tends to like playing the bully in the room. The whole thing comes out like a night of WWF big-time wrestling with Vince McMahon to those who see the big picture. The Russian invasion is a scripted wrestling match with Putin playing the bad cop, and the Davos guys are trying to help Biden out by looking like the good cop. But behind the curtain, they are all shaking hands and patting each other on the back.

Then we have the China situation; Russia is in partnership with them. The Davos gang uses China to prop up as their stabilizing authoritarian model, which will help maintain global banking. They have invited Xi to be the keynote speaker at their World Economic Forum that they had in January. They are invested in China, but now that all these books are being written about all the American politicians and celebrities who China pays off, some damage control must be done. China’s hostile intentions toward America have been uncovered, and the bad guys need a distraction. Russia invading Ukraine is the perfect thing to do; it diverts everyone’s attention away from the real problems, which are massive.

To make matters worse, and this traces right back to the doorstep of the Party of Davos, they have a real need to push people away from gas cars and to convince people to buy their electric cars, which through ESG, Ford, GM, and most of the other car companies have joined in the effort to manufacture purely electric vehicles instead of those driven by oil. To pull that off, they need an excuse to push gas prices up over a reasonable limit to change behavior in the West in the kind of cars they are buying. When people wonder why election fraud happened, now they can see why the Party of Davos could not afford another term of Trump. They had all these plans, and they had to have a president that would follow the party line. Not that party line from the Democrat Party, but to make the Democratic Party follow the Party of Davos. This is simply part two of the ESG scores that started this process years ago, of monitoring the environment, then social behavior behind a new kind of governance created by the Party of Davos, an authentic thing. Just follow the money from the Federal Reserve to BlackRock and Larry Fink, then back to his Board of Trustee position at the World Economic Forum. You will have your answer. He’s just one of these desecrators of American life. The Party of Davos has many of them.

Now knowing all that is very inconvenient. When people say, even people who should know better, “why isn’t Biden turning on the American oil reserves to bring down gas prices?” That is because Biden was put in place to tear down the West’s machine, prop up China in the East, and be the new global economic model for the world run by the Party of Davos, who is essentially the United Nations. Biden is doing what they put him in power to do. The American people didn’t elect him. He was put in place by the people who wanted to control the entire world. And people are catching on to it, so they called up Putin to cause some trouble in the world and get everyone to look at it. They did it to stop the rise of populism in America and other places, which is their most significant threat to all these long-established plans. And to keep those plans something of a secret, even as the conspiracies are blowing up everywhere, they need this Ukraine war as a diversion in a political year in America in hopes to continue their desecration and a total takedown of Western Civilization, finally. So if I’m not all that excited about the invasion of Ukraine by Vladimir Putin, well, it’s because I know it’s just Russia, Russia, Russia all over again. This time it’s not Hillary Clinton making up garbage on President Trump and our legal system ignoring the incursions. Now it’s Biden, a compromised globalist himself and one who was put in place to destroy our country, not help it. And he needed this diversion, and the Party of Davos gave it to him. Putin is just playing a part in the fake wrestling match.   Besides being a diversion, the primary objective is to increase gas prices from 4 dollars per gallon to $6 or $7. It’s a repeat of the Obama era war against fossil fuels, and that real war is at the doorstep of the Party of Davos. Not in the Ukraine where they want you to look.

Rich Hoffman

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Matt Dolan is a Great Guy: Sadly, we don’t have a political system that can appreciate him

I had a chance to have a personal meeting with Matt Dolan, who is running for Senate in Ohio, Rob Portman’s seat. He is one of many running for that seat; it’s a very tight field. He’s from Northern Ohio; his family is owners of the Cleveland Indians, who have just changed their name to the Guardians under a lot of pressure from the woke politics that are entangled in our sports these days, so going into the meeting with him, I wasn’t too excited. He wasn’t a particularly Trump type of candidate either, so to my mind, there wasn’t much to get excited about. The meeting was with a small group, Warren Davidson was part of it, so I went into it with the most open mind possible. Ultimately, I’m glad I did because it turned out that Matt Dolan was a really ethical guy. After meeting him, my impression was that it was a shame that we didn’t have a political system that could appreciate him. A vote for Matt Dolan was undoubtedly a good one, an honest one. After talking with him for a while, I came away thinking that he was one of the most honest and least corrupt people I had ever met in politics. He is currently working well with George Lang, whom I respect greatly as a Senator in Ohio, and has a proven track record of doing good, hard things in legislative practice. He’s a guy who will get down to work and pound out what is needed with always an eye to the constitutions of Ohio and the Federal Government in all the ways people hope politicians would. He is putting over 10 million dollars of his own money into the race and doesn’t need to do the job for power and finance. He already has access to both. Yet he wants to be a senator for all the right reasons, which left me liking him quite a lot. I wish we had a republic filled with people like Matt Dolan.

However, that wish is a wish for a reason because we don’t have that kind of political system. At least, not at this point of history. I am encouraged that we may have at some point in the future. But currently, the values of honest work alone are not conducive to our political environment, which is a shame. It would be great indeed if there were more places for people like Matt Dolan to work in politics, people who have done well for themselves and want to move into the public sector to give something back in making the world better. Too often, political people get into the business for all the wrong reasons, yet here was Matt Dolan, who wanted to be involved for all the right ones. But those right reasons are not sexy enough for the political world we are in these days. As a senator, one of the essential requirements would be to go on Fox News and other entertainment outlets and talk up legislation and convince people that what he was doing was good and beneficial. As a federal senator, there are only 100 of them, so every seat counts, and in Ohio, Rob Portman has wasted his seat for quite a while now. Portman had turned much more liberal over the years valuing team building more than getting things done, which many politicians fall into. And with the environment we are in now, where Democrats actually have shown they want to sell out our country and destroy our sovereignty to the United Nations under a Great Reset, we just aren’t in the kind of world where good legislation is valued. We are essentially at war, an undeclared war, but it’s war nevertheless. If we don’t meet that ruthlessness in congress, in the senate, on television, radio, and in the streets, then we can’t hope to have a chance to win that war, and that is unfortunate.

As I said, Warren Davidson was there too, and there were some excellent discussions within the small group about ethics in politics and actually getting things done. Warren Davidson, I would say, is a highly ethical and intelligent member of the House. He is by far one of the good guys in congress. But as he will report, even when Republicans had the House and Senate for some time when Trump was in the White House, conservatives were still weak on border security. There were still many Lindsey Graham types who were war hawks worldwide and wanted to stir up trouble wherever they could, much as the Bush administrations had been. There wasn’t a lot of interest in doing the right things in government, even if Warren Davidson wanted to do them. Not getting more people to join him was a constant problem. And the way to build those alliances was through the theatrics of television, where boring topics could be made sexy and build support from people who might not otherwise pay attention. But with all the victimization that is going on now, where Democrats have stolen the House, the Senate, and the White House through Covid rules on elections, with only a bit of a whimper from Republicans on the matter, at the level of Mitch McConnell, Republicans had shown that they couldn’t do much better when they had the power to do so. That leaves good people like Matt Dolan and Warren Davidson trying to do good in a cesspit of scandal where good values are turned on their heads and distorted every which way that can be imagined. 

When Trump was running, and throughout his term, I often said that the most qualifying aspect of the celebrity billionaire was not his experience on television with the popular show, The Apprentice. He was in the Hall of Fame for the Worldwide Wrestling Federation. Trump understood the theatrics of television, and he knew how to sell usually boring ideas to a public with the attention span of a nat. And it was that skill that allowed him to do so much in such a short time. It is also why people in the business hated him so much because he simply made the money machines that center in politics worthless. Because try as they might, nobody could out brand Trump on anything. Trump’s ability to build a brand was simply better than anybody else in politics, and people could see that and vote for him. And when they needed to go to war for him, as they are doing now, they do and will. Theatrics in politics is absolutely necessary; it’s not optional. And unfortunately, Matt Dolan presents himself as a person who hates that system. Probably as much or more than the rest of us. But it is the system we have in a culture that progressive politics have shaped for over a century. We might deep down inside want other options and a more stable republic. But we are not socially there now, nor will we be in the immediate future. Theatrics and sexy selling legislation are very much necessary for any politician who wants to do good in the world. Being a good person just isn’t enough. With all that said, I couldn’t blame anybody who wants a good person to vote for Matt Dolan in the upcoming primary. He’s undoubtedly a good person, and I do wish we had a whole lot more like him. But the reality remains, we don’t.

Rich Hoffman

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Sheriff Jones Endorses the Governor of the Most Corrupt State in America: A solution to the stupidity of Mike DeWine

Another Reason Corruption is Good to See

This is precisely why I value the measurement of corruption, which I talk about extensively in my book, The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business. For the last several weeks, people around me have been asking, “what is going on with our great Sheriff Jones” the Butler County figure that is internationally known for his support of President Trump. Suddenly he has thrown his support to Governor Mike DeWine and made a whole lot of other flip flop decisions that seem ultimately at odds with the MAGA movement. So there is a bit of a panic on the matter, which I have explained as a form of corruption that must be accounted for to understand the decision-making process of Sheriff Jones. Corruption isn’t always just about money, but in the case of Jones and DeWine, without a Trump in the White House, many in the Republican Party are drifting back into the cave of power for the sake of it, and that is why we are seeing rifts forming ahead of the Ohio primary coming up in May of 2022. Unless we have a way of understanding the nature of corruption, we would otherwise have no other means of comprehending these strange behaviors. Trump has at least three more years before he’ll have a chance to be back in the White House. Naturally, Jones must align himself to the world between now and then. Yes, he is perfectly willing to adjust his beliefs to the power void that has formed in Trump’s wake, and from his point of view, the smart money points at the current governor of Ohio, the most corrupt state in all of the United States, Mike DeWine. 

As all this is going on, the challenging governor and my pick for the upcoming primary, Jim Renacci, is up 8 points over the incumbent DeWine. I had the opportunity to listen to Mike DeWine on many conference calls during the Covid mishap that his administration unleashed on Ohio. I have seen behind the veil just what an idiot DeWine was. I voted for him in the last election because he called himself a Republican. What I heard during the government-imposed shutdowns was a complete fool out of touch with reality. One moment in particular that impacted me was when I had to listen to Cedar Fair Amusements in May of 2020 try to explain their problem to DeWine about the trouble with not knowing when they could open their amusement parks because they had to hire, prepare their parks, and take all kinds of measures to get ready for a summer season that government had destroyed, and couldn’t give any guidance going forward. As a right-to-life governor, DeWine had put the pro-abortion Obama activist Amy Acton as head of his Health Department. She was running the state the way a stringy-haired pot-smoking hippie would run it, which was costing the business community billions of dollars during a lockdown over Covid that nobody could see the end of, especially Cedar Fair Amusements who ran a seasonal operation in two Ohio locations. It was worth hundreds of millions of dollars to them, and DeWine wouldn’t commit to anything to help them out. That was pretty much what DeWine said to everyone on those many teleconferences concerned over their businesses. His message was, we’re the government, and we’ll tell you when and what you can do and how long you can do it, and you’ll like it. Mike DeWine showed himself to be just as bad as the worst of Democrats during his first three years in office, and what he has done to Ohio will take decades to fix. So for me, it’s easy; Jim Renacci is the answer to the Mike DeWine debacles of the first term in office as governor.  DeWine has been a disaster.

Sheriff Jones has been something of a thorn in DeWine’s side while Trump was in office. DeWine was one of the first in the country to attempt mask mandates leading all other governors to the mandate first, just as he did with lockdowns. Without DeWine, many other governors only fantasized about it. DeWine was the first to do it. He was also the first to unconstitutionally alter election laws which would then pave the way for massive cheating that the Democrats would perform later that year with mail-in voting to remove Trump from office before the courts could even process the assault. Sheriff Jones, who advertised himself as a “pro Trump” member of law enforcement, suddenly endorsed DeWine for governor after all that DeWine had done to Ohio. Why? Well, the first thing is that the DeWine money machine is kicking in. Corruption and DeWine are never far from each other, and Sheriff Jones is always attracted to a kind of power. I’ve known Sheriff Jones for several years and what’s most valuable to him is his brand. For instance, when his brand is aligned with the Trump White House, it’s a wonderful thing. But I’ve seen it negatively align with big government union business, especially in 2013 when he backed the Lakota school tax increase, which he put his name behind to get it to pass by the most narrow of margins. So the Sheriff isn’t always a hard conservative; he just plays one on TV and in public appearances. And with Biden in the White House for the foreseeable future and Jones up in years himself, he needs to protect his brand while the political world sets itself in a new reality. 

What does Sheriff Jones like to do with his brand? Well, we have seen what he did to Thomas Hall, an Ohio Representative from Middletown who didn’t vote the way that the Sheriff wanted him to vote in Columbus, so the Sheriff used his name to berate the young man on WLW radio to thousands of people, personally attacking Thomas. Nobody elected Sheriff Jones to control other members of congress that we have elected to vote on our behalf. The Sheriff is supposed to take care of law enforcement concerns, not to dictate the terms of how other Republicans vote in our community by bullying them to his will. As a reaction to Thomas, the Sheriff went out of his way to put a primary candidate up against the Ohio Rep by dragging Matt King into the race, which naturally was pitting Republicans against Republicans on purpose for the intention of getting his way and making his point as being the “king maker” of the party, which put all kinds of people into a difficult position. Sheriff Jones didn’t care. He just wanted to show who had the power and what they had to do to kiss the ring to appease him, to hell what the voters of Butler County thought about the matter. That is why Jones had to align with Mike DeWine. Even though the governor is known to be attached to corruption, that power overflow gives Sheriff Jones the power to his brand that feeds his need to stay relevant as a man coming to the end of his career. Jones doesn’t have time to wait for Trump to be back in the White House. The need for power is always present, and DeWine is the quickest way to keep it. 

Now, of course, Jones would never admit to any of this. I’ve spoken to dozens and dozens of people affected by this situation, and they don’t know what to think about it. They feel betrayed and don’t have the words to put to the matter. That is why I like corruption so much, because if we didn’t have some way to measure corruption, no matter what form it exists, we wouldn’t have a way to explain this behavior. From his big labor union perspective, everyone thinks they are doing right; Jones thinks he’s doing what’s right for the Republican Party. He’s a moderate at best, and Thomas Hall has turned out to be way too Trump for his taste, so he is taking action. DeWine loved the way Amy Acton’s hair smelled after she took a shower, so he gave her the keys to Ohio and let her destroy it. As a long-married guy who is a closet Democrat, DeWine thought Acton knew what she was doing, so he defended her against all those evil business leaders who were outraged that DeWine and Acton had closed them down over Covid. DeWine showed himself to be an idiot who thought he was doing right. That’s why we have elections so that when we learn these things about people, we can get rid of them with an option, in this case, Jim Renacci. But honestly, there is only one right, not the right that Sheriff Jones comes up with, or his new buddy, Mike DeWine. But in our Republic, for it ever to really stand, it takes the taxpayers and respect for their vote. If they pick Thomas Hall, it’s not for Sheriff Jones to decide otherwise. Or for DeWine to attempt to hide four years of horrible management of Ohio behind one deal from Intel worth 20 billion dollars and to ride it like a bucking bronco at a rodeo. Corruption seeks to hide its misdeeds behind a façade that, if you know what you are looking at, can tell you the truth about the matter and allow voters to understand who they are getting involved with. And that is why corruption is a lot better to understand than to pretend like it doesn’t exist at all.

Rich Hoffman

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The Stupidity of a Billion Dollars for Tri-County Mall: Its bad behavior that killed the shopping complex, money can’t fix that

A Billion Dollars for Tri-County Mall

Believe me, I want Springdale, Ohio, to succeed. My idea of going into the big city when I was a kid was going to the Tri-County Mall and the surrounding areas. They had everything there, and I have always loved it. When I was first married, the Forest Fair Mall opened just down the highway at Forest Park, and it had all kinds of exotic stores and places to eat, along with a movie theater. I thought I was in heaven. I raised my family in these malls, and I would love to see them stay alive. But I think the city council of Springdale is smoking crack if they think voting to spend a billion dollars on refurbishing the Tri-County Mall into a mixed-use development is going to work. It’s enormously stupid and is doomed to fail, and they should not do it. Instead, they need to understand why those malls failed, why all those stores and restaurants left, and make changes to their communities. Because if you don’t change the behavior of a community, throwing money at it won’t improve a thing. Instead, money is made in all economic activity because of behavior. Behavior is not changed by money. Behavior makes money. Bad behavior destroys money. 

From Springdale’s point of view and that of Forest Park, they blame Liberty Center’s success a few more miles north along I-75 for their demise. That state-of-the-art mixed-use community is a real treasure, and it’s where I go these days when I want to go out on the town. I love Liberty Center. It’s great to go see a movie. Eat at a nice restaurant. It has a traditional mall environment, and it also houses an outside mall area that feels like a downtown kind of atmosphere. But you know what it doesn’t have, thugs walking around with their pants half down acting like they will beat up all the customers. Liberty Center is privately managed to get rid of scum bags and losers when they threaten the positive shopping experience of the guests, and they do. They don’t put up with gangs of kids hanging out at Liberty Center, which is why the shopping area is doing well. That is also what destroyed Forest Fair Mall and Tri-County Mall. It wasn’t the change in box store status that came with online retail shopping. It was more that moms found it easier to shop for things from their living rooms rather than go to these malls where young people hang out and misbehave, dropping F-Bombs as they walk by and acting like they might be raped at any moment.  

This isn’t a racist thing; as much as progressives would like to make it so, it’s a behavior issue. When I was young, Tri-County and Forest Park were considered great places to live. Fairfield, which was just next to Forest Park, was voted in Playboy magazine to have some of the most beautiful girls in the country. I went to church in Fairfield. I dated lots of girls from Fairfield and Springdale. I used to be a driver for some of the old Cincinnati Bengals players after they retired, and they lived in Forest Park. I would take them home to their wives in their nice Forest Park homes. Those cities were family-friendly and full of economic prosperity. But as liberal politicians moved into their city councils and mayor positions, they brought many progressive ideas, which we all talk about now. But I was pointing all this out 20 years ago, and the writing for the decline was on the wall. The more liberalism moved into Springdale and the Tri-County area in general, the more that families moved out, north into Liberty Township, West Chester, and Mason. The smart money is left to get away from the bad behavior of progressive politics. And that same story could be said in just about every city that has seen its wealth leave, dropping the value of their communities to derelicts, government addicts, and substance abusers. People do not enjoy being around lousy behavior, and when they see it, they avoid it with other options. That is what killed Tri-County Mall and much of the retail in that area. The local government failed to protect their families by allowing bad behavior to move in and take power with some woke view of the world from a progressive perspective. 

Putting a billion dollars into the same bad behavior will not succeed in Tri-County. Case in point in Over-The-Rhine in downtown Cincinnati where Vine Street repurposed itself to give the illusion of a safe space. The problem is, the surrounding areas are still hives of gang activity and bad conduct up and down Liberty Street and around Findley Market. Instead of crime happening on those streets, gangs like the Glacier Gang follow millennials back to their homes in the suburbs of Sycamore Township and Mason and rob them there. It’s not something they are talking about on the news because they are afraid that people might stop going to downtown Cincinnati for a night out, but it’s a real problem that always stifles economic growth. Bad behavior kills the making of money. 

Oh, I’m sure people reading this who are in denial will say that such judgments are “racist” or are coming from the mind of “white supremacy.” Well, I’m none of those things. I would tell anybody who wants to know to interview any mom-type outside of the I-275 loop and ask them what they think of Tri-County. They’ll say openly that they don’t want to get robbed, raped, or groped because many moms over the last decade who have shopped at Tri-County Mall have been harassed in some way by gangs of youth who didn’t respect the shopping experience. Was getting raped an exaggeration on the part of the moms? Maybe, but it’s how they felt while going to the mall, so they instead turned to online shopping to avoid the threat altogether. Then once Liberty Center opened, they went there instead or made the drive over to Kenwood. With that said, Liberty Center has its own problems. It needs a government bailout as we speak because it’s not hitting the targets it needs to financially. Much of that is due to the changing market of box stores compared to online shopping. It’s a challenging environment these days under perfect conditions. But then-Governor DeWine of Ohio shut down the state economically, which hurt Liberty Center immensely. They still haven’t opened their playground there over liability concerns. The government often gets in the way of positive economic growth, which is undoubtedly the case at Liberty Center. 

To show how stupid government can be, just think of the Springdale City Council, knowing all I have said here but refusing to admit to themselves because of their progressive politics that somehow a billion dollars of investment will change anything. Who in their right mind will invest in a restaurant or store in this new complex knowing that the people who will be giving them money will likely bring trouble with them? And who is going to live in these new apartments? People who don’t care about getting their cars broken into? Or harassed as they are walking down the sidewalk with a gang of kids playing rap music out of the trunk of their car and selling pot out of the front seat? No, you can’t put lipstick on a pig and pretend it’s a flower. It’s still a pig, and until the government puts value on good behavior in their society, they will always see a loss of revenue 100% of the time. It’s a fundamental law of economic activity which progressives choose to ignore. But it certainly doesn’t make it any less relevant. 

Rich Hoffman

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The Covid Criminals of Government: The evidence is in the book, ‘The Real Dr. Fauci’

We Have a Government of Criminals

Watching Joe Biden give that little speech to the nation regarding Covid showing the same fear tactics we have all come to expect from such a dumb government was like watching Al Capone beat in the head of a rival in front of the media cameras.  Of course, if you test more people, you will get more cases.  The real question and the origin of the scam is, what do you do with cases?  Do you treat them with therapeutics, or do you try to avoid transmissibility through quarantine, which is the dead giveaway to the ultimate, anti-work, communist plot that all this has always been?  To understand the extent of the criminal conduct and what’s at stake in the matter of Covid and its spread around the world, I am referring everyone to the Robert F. Kennedy book The Real Dr. Fauci, which came out during the Holidays of 2021 and is essentially the court case that should put Fauci and most of Washington DC in jail for the rest of their lives.  That is if we had a legal system that actually worked.  They knew the defense department was using Fauci to develop bioweapons in China because they couldn’t do it under the regulations of the United States, and Fauci lied about it all to congress.  There are so many crimes related to Covid that it should be the only thing we are talking about.  To consider how many trillions of dollars Covid destroyed and how many lives were changed forever in the negative, what our government, the Chinese government, and specific people like Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates did regarding Covid is really the only story in the world that matters right now.  And those who used it to commit massive voter fraud in the elections of 2020 just compounded that problem in extraordinary ways.  It’s all in the Kennedy book.  We don’t need to reinvent the wheel at this point, but really, nothing else should matter to the government or us until justice is done to all these anti-constitutional insurgents. 

Of course, the Biden administration is choking on rotten eggs.  Democrats are polling poorly, the Build Back Better socialist plan that the Biden people wanted to put their name on is failing, and the unconstitutional vaccine mandates are either failing in the courts, or they are being flat-out ignored by people making Biden’s executive orders looks silly on the world stage.  Federalism does not give him the authority to issue a vaccine mandate.  Period.  And now that people are ignoring the government and all its alarmism, they have to do something.  So they came up with this stupid Omicron variant in hopes of conducting a sequel to the 2020 efforts at shutting down the economy.  At this point, the Democrats are desperate, and the global insurgents behind them are cleaving for any cover story that they can get.  There is no doubt that Dr. Fauci’s role in creating Covid in China or that China released it to the world knowingly occurred.  It’s all in the book.  And because books like that are out there explaining where Covid came from, Democrats are desperate to keep the virus around longer so that they can hope to have a cover story for all the crimes they have been involved in.  Whether it’s the FBI tampering with our elections during the Trump years in office trying to instigate a coup against the voters.  Or the 2020 Zuckerbucks scandal.  Changing the Facebook name to Meta will not erase what they did in the 2020 election, so wonderfully illustrated in a couple of other books, Rigged by Molly Hemingway and Peter Navarro’s book In Trump Time.  For those who are still in doubt about the guilt of these government characters, the evidence is clear from multiple sources, and not all of them are Republicans.  These crimes are so bad that they should make every American angry, very angry. 

And that’s all I saw when Biden gave his speech.  A desperate criminal compromised by China to provide them with cover for the crimes they committed with members of our own government.  Biden is the salesman who is supposed to smooth it all over to the American public.  So he and his handlers hope that the next generation of Covid-19 might shut down our economy again and put everyone on their heels so that the real crimes might go undetected or uninvestigated.  So long as ABC, owned by Disney, will put Dr. Fauci on every week as the “expert,” they help sell him as a saint saving the world instead of the sinner that he really is.  And for every media outlet that plays the game in the cover-up, they are all guilty of the crimes as well.  If you know someone committed a crime, and you don’t say something, that makes you culpable.  That means Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Twitter, the U.S. Defense Department.  NIH, the World Health Organization, China, The Gates Foundation, so many organizations all working against the rule of law in America, it is unforgivable.  Trump has been talking about reparations against China in the trillions of dollars as a response, money they don’t have.  But he has the right idea.  But even that wouldn’t fix the problem and bring justice to those who deserve it. 

They think we’re stupid; they think we won’t see what they’ve done.  They have abused our trust.  They have sold us out to foreign powers.  They have betrayed our nation using our money to do it.  And many people are reading these books and the information is getting out.   This is different than how it was in 2020 when Covid first came out, and we were all a little willing to follow some safety protocols to contain the spread.  But it didn’t take long to see that all of Covid was a preplanned event and that much of the mentioned organizations, and many more, were tired of Trump in the White House, and they intended to do something about it in his last year.  Just by the evidence of Trump’s previous three years, we see that the American intelligence agencies would do anything to get rid of Trump, short of an old-fashioned assassination as was done to JFK and Bobby Kennedy.  If the goal was to collapse the American way of life and the constitution that made up it’s laws, what did any of them care if they got caught?   They thought the world would convert to communism by now and would then be rulers of us all functioning from the acquired power of the United Nations. After all, that’s why Biden was put in the presidency, to soothe say us into this changeover.  And to give speeches to keep the public asleep, as he gave to the nation on December 21st, 2021.    

Those who don’t want to read the evidence just look at the behavior.  None of these government people want to fix Covid; they just insist that we run from it and clamor to the government to protect us from a virus they funded and made in the lab of our enemy to use as a bioweapon against us. We’re supposed to trust those same people, these criminals?  I would suggest to everyone not to play the government game.  Take hydroxychloroquine to prevent Covid.  Take Ivermectin to kill it once you get it so that you can pass the highly rigged Covid tests.  The way to make this problem go away is to take medicine, dominate the virus, and kill it in our society.  The government wants to spread it for their own selfish reasons.  They have crawled in bed with their extensive political donors, big pharma. They use the virus to guarantee income for those donors and use rules and regulations to destroy their competition. It’s no different than a mob offering protection for crimes they commit against you.  If you pay them, they won’t attack you.  Buy their vaccine, and you can work.  Serve them, and you might be allowed to live.  But remember, they need to have death and overrun hospitals to scare you. Otherwise, all their plans fall to dust.  And that’s all Biden said in his speech.  It was an old trick, but this is a new day.  And we’re not as stupid as he and they think we are.

Rich Hoffman

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Liz Cheney and Establishment Types at Fox News Have No Idea What’s Going On: Remember the Know-Nothings because they knew a lot

Know about the Know-Nothings

Alright, we’ve played patty cake enough.  For all the global insurgents, the George Soros types, Bill Gates, Michael Bloomberg, Mark Zuckerbucks, and many many others, you have to understand history, which they obviously don’t.  After listening to Liz Cheney scratch, a chalkboard with her wretched voice reading the texts from Fox News hosts over what happened on January 6th, 2021, all I can say to everyone is to remember the riots of the Know-Nothing Party of the 1840s and 1850s.  None of this is new.  People are willing to put up with a certain amount of corruption and government nonsense so long as they have money in their pockets and can ignore government in their lives as much as possible.  But when you shut down an economy over Covid and rob them of their opportunities at an election, because of the massive cheating that took place with Covid providing Zuckerbucks and big tech with the ability to tamper with our election of 2020, people are going to be mad when they can’t escape the useless nature of government.  I see nothing wrong with January 6th, and I’ve said that from the beginning.  People expressed themselves after a lot of frustration, and they had a right to do it.  People see what’s going on.  They know what is behind the January 6th commission. It’s essentially Joe Biden and government in general saying, “I don’t have the votes for Build Back Better, 50% of the country thinks I’m doing a bad job, and all these damn states won’t stop investigating the election fraud that put me in office with a minority of the voting population. Please give me a distraction! Give me Omicron! Oh, and we have to cover up that Dr. Fauci, who is on my staff, helped develop the bioweapon with our enemy, China, who also has trash on my son selling access to my offices. They released the virus to get rid of Trump. And now the public thinks I sexually molested my daughter, and the ice cream after didn’t make the problem disappear. That’s what the January 6th commission is, to cover all that up in the news cycles, and it’s out of touch with reality and history.

News flash to the losers who think Tragedy and Hope is some great work of future philosophy, who believe that Edward Bellamy’s Looking Backward was a future people would put up with. America will never accept a centralized authority running their lives.  What happened on January 6th is just a silly thing compared to what will happen in the future if the government continues to impose itself into the lives of people the way they have been trying to do since Trump left office.  People know the government is corrupt, and they are willing to waste a certain amount of money on it to make it disappear.  When government oversteps that comfort zone, as they have essentially since 2016, people will be unhappy about it.  And if the government gets in their way, the government will get its ass kicked.  Humans have been running from government imposition for thousands and thousands of years, and they are not going just to say, “Hey, let’s give up our freedoms and adopt communism.” It’s not going to happen.  It may have occurred in cultures where people did not expect freedom where they had been living under tyranny for many hundreds if not thousands of years.  But people who came to America to get away from Europe, or some other corner of the world and all their problems will not fall in line with some big global New World Order.  I don’t care if it was predicted in the Bible.  I don’t care if the wealthiest people in the world want it.  I don’t care if the United Nations has planned all this for most of a century.  People have a comfort zone about tyranny, and our current government has exceeded that, meaning that people will lash out when enforcement becomes a mandate.

The Know-Nothing Party literally came about as a secret society of conservatives forming out of the Whig Party.  While Democrats were fighting to keep their slaves in the South, conservatives were trying to figure out how to have a society that would honor the constitution of the founding of America.  Abraham Lincoln would obviously be the most successful in building the Republican Party over time.  But the Known Nothings, they would tell people when asked about their Party, “I Know Nothing.” Because they were very skeptical of more Europeans settling America and bringing with them the garbage of European ideas, they were anti-immigrant, especially regarding the Catholic Church because they thought people might be more loyal to the church than to the American Constitution.  In hindsight, there is a lot of intelligence in that.  Being all-inclusive as Americans into every idea out there probably hasn’t been a good thing.  People need to fight for what they believe and to maintain their freedom.  But throughout history, people have shown that so long as they had money in their pockets, freedoms to make a decent life for their families, they would put up with differences in others to a certain point.  When things did get hot, such as they did with the riots of the Know-Nothings, which were far more severe than anything that happened on January 6th, 2021, the conflict would boil over, and people would fight it out.  The Civil War is a good example of this.  But this idea that all people will be thrown under some umbrella of centralized control is just preposterous, and those who used Covid to invoke election fraud in the 2020 election were out of their minds. People have a right to be angry about it.  A little of that anger was expressed on January 6th, and it will not go away. 

When Liz Cheney read off the names of Sean Hannity texts from that January 6th event, along with Brian Kilmeade and Laura Ingrahm pleading with Mark Meadows to get Trump to speak to his “followers” not to undo four good years of the America First agenda, they were all speaking from a perspective that was not relevant to the circumstances.  The Fox News hosts just showed that they didn’t understand the Trump presidency at all.  Trump was not a leader.  He was a representative of the people who voted for him.  And we voted for him not to play these kinds of stupid games that obviously the Fox News hosts were wholly committed to.  We don’t care what the optics look like on television. We’re not on television and could care less.  We don’t want the government sticking its noses in our business.  We don’t wish to have a centralized authority.  We don’t want leaders.  We want to be free of all that, and the government took away Trump from us through many methods.   And people were upset about it.  And they are angrier now than they were then.   The only difference is that the anger has become much more passive-aggressive than direct.  People now won’t express it publically because they’ve seen how the government will react.  So they have gone underground where the government will never have control again, ever.  The central planners have lost their merit forever, and no amount of theater from the January 6th commission will make that problem disappear.  It will just get worse.  And that is what everyone is missing in this case, especially old establishment losers like Liz Cheney.  America is never going back to those days of the Bush administration and a commitment to the New World Order.  Americans have been fleeing that world order from the beginning of time, and if governments want to fight, well, then we’ll fight.  But catering to centralized authority is not going to happen.  It has never happened, really, and that is a lesson obviously Liz Cheney and the rest of the establishment are going to have to learn the hard way. 

Rich Hoffman

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Self Government Starts by Being a Good Person: Politicians are not leaders as Tucker Carlson says, they are representatives

You Need to Be a Good Person to Have a Good Government

It’s not enough to just talk about it or make names for it.  The real problem is a fundamental one of philosophy and not recognizing the basics of human nature.  What is self-government?  Then, how do you fund it, this something that nobody really understands?  For me, it’s about the difference between a republic and a democracy.  It’s about breaking the Vico Cycle.  In a republic, our politicians are our representatives, extensions of ourselves that buy us time to do other productive things in the world. At the same time, they manage the affairs of our country, states, and counties.  We do need government, but what does that mean for people.  Some, especially those who aren’t so bright and are timid about spiders and other bugs, don’t want the responsibility of self-government. They’d rather have a “leader” running things so they can complain about the results, one way or another.  For self-government to work, all individuals must be empowered to understand how to maintain a republic as opposed to democracy and to spend their lives productively, not worshipping others in the process because they fear personal responsibility.  So the key to everything past and future, including the present, is to define responsible living and how that translates into responsible government.  You can’t expect politicians to behave if the people who put them in decision-making positions truly represent the people who voted for them.  If you want a good government, you first need to be a good person. 

These are the thoughts I had while watching a local school board meeting.  I don’t mean to pick on Brad Lovell, whom I have covered in other articles about the politics of changing our school board from a liberal body of government to a more conservative one. He’s a local guy; every school district has its own version of him.  There are many people like Brad Lovell in government at all levels most of the time.  They are little power-hungry attention seekers and are easily corruptible.  Electing people like that and turning them loose, thinking they are leaders, is one of the most dangerous things society could do to itself.  To be mad at Brad for being what he is isn’t really fair.  We elected him at some point in time because we were suckered as a society into what he said he would do, which was bring big government to our community by wasting endless amounts of money in the process.  When I heard Brad talk this past week, it was just as dumb as what we hear from our own congress over budget considerations revolving around Build Back Better.  This article is not the one to talk about the communist intentions of Build Back Better.  It’s about how weak people spend money and are lazy and too unmotivated to manage money given to them as taxpayers properly. They essentially don’t understand their roles as politicians, and the people who voted for them don’t either.  Even Tucker Carlson gets it wrong all the time.   We do not elect our “leaders,” we elect our “representatives.” No politician is a god to be worshipped.  None of them can be elected and turned loose to do all the hard work while we sit around watching reality television. 

Based on my experience in life, especially in a corporate setting, I would say that half the money we spend on taxes at the federal, state, and local level could be cut in half right now.   If we use the same methods used to approve basic overtime in a corporation, we could reduce the tax burden by at least half by asking our political class basic questions.  Now, where I live, and this is not by accident.  People call me the Tax Killer for a reason.  I would say that I’m a pretty nice guy.   My family loves me.  I think people respect me tremendously.  But when I walk into a room, I would not say that people like it.  Everywhere I go, I am called the “tax killer,” which is a nickname that people who don’t like what I do have persisted to call me because I do question our taxes, especially at the local level.  I think everyone should do what I do; it is the primary responsibility of self-government to elect representatives and ask those reps to be responsible in the same way I would.   When I get mad at Brad Lovell, the local school board tax and spend liberal, it’s not that I don’t like the guy as a person. I’m sure his wife loves him and his kids, and that’s fine.  People care about him out in the world, but we are talking about management here, and being liked is not a value; it’s a lazy retreat and a shift of responsibility for those afraid of it.  I would say that I am known as the tax killer locally because I ask questions the same way I would in a business.  I don’t get invited to many Christmas parties because the goal is to get drunk and act like idiots, and I am also known as a buzz kill.  Sometimes you have to pick being liked to being right, and to my mind, being right is all that matters.  If many managers brought me the overtime needs for over 100 employees who needed to work 10 hour days and 8 hours on a Saturday, I would challenge them.  I would ask them why they weren’t getting the production they needed in an 8-hour day.  Are you short headcount?  I would then ask why Saturday was necessary because it’s a lot more expensive to operate on a weekend than during the week.  Now everyone who knows me understands that productivity always trumps comfort.  I expect people to do whatever they must do in life to be productive, even crawling through broken glass naked.  I ask people to do what I would do in life, and it’s my job to set the parameters to define success.  Most of the time, those managers retreat from their overtime requests and figure out how to get the work done without overtime.  Why? Because the overtime requests were lazy and driven by chaos, not logic. 

I could write books and books and books on this topic of self-management and the values of a republic, and over time, I just may do that.  But for now, understand that the areas I live in, the school district, the townships, and my county all are operating at a surplus, meaning they take in more money than they spend because the money they spend is challenged.  Just think of what a nice world it would be if people everywhere challenged their politicians in such a similar way.  The goal is not to elect a leader then go to sleep playing video games.  It’s also not to be liked. “Oh, here comes that person who will ask us all kinds of uncomfortable questions.” But once we manage to understand our role in a republic and not a democracy, we can begin to improve lots of things for the better.  I don’t think it’s difficult at all, but people go wrong in the world when they’d rather be liked than to be respected.  And in that basic function, so many evils in the world are conducted.  What needs to happen often doesn’t because people, including voters, would rather be loved than to be right.  It doesn’t matter if we have term limits or an R next to a name or a D.  If we elected idiots to office, then stop asking them to represent us, allowing them just to lead us, no wonder costs run out of control, and a government develops a bottomless pit attitude about taxation and its worth to society.  The way to fix it isn’t to complain; it’s to demand answers for the spending, then to watch them flail when they can’t explain it, and in that way, the conditions of our republic improve dramatically, and for a fraction of the cost. 

Rich Hoffman

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