Yes, I Deny Climate Change: And Yes, I believe we walked on the moon and will do so again

I have always said that the whole climate change issue reminded me of a religious cult, but with the newly empowered socialist element of the Democrat party gaining power over congress it is more obvious than ever. Their approach to climate science and the theories of warming are just as insane and over bearing as the Catholic Church was during the Protestant Reformation in Europe. Calling people like me “climate deniers” is just the same as declaring someone a “Satanists” during the Dark Ages. It is just as arrogant as the Spanish were to rape and pillage the Inca, Mayan and Aztec empires and to steal all their gold in the name of the Catholic Church and enrichment of Europe, then sending missionaries to those places to convert them to Catholicism. And its every bit as radical as the Protestants seeking refuge in a New World calling themselves puritans and putting “A”s on the forehead of adulterers and every potential witch in Salem, Massachusetts—a state where the Revolutionary War started but can’t even own a firearm in now. Climate Change is just the latest radical religion meant to control the behavior of people and it has no place in our modern age. People who believe or advocate for climate change are dumb, lazy people who are no different from the religious fanatics around the world through all history who have used some form of religion to justify the killing and eventual destiny of the human race.

Our education institutions are corrupt and teaching the wrong things, directed that way by the same radical forces from the old world that has changed compliance to the Pope to rule over kings all in the name of Jesus, to rule by Mother Nature where every little sun burn is a cause for bowing before a religious icon. On the day that I wrote this temperatures plummeted across the Midwest of the United States to below zero, temperatures colder than even the North or South Pole. Schools were called off an entire day before the cold even hit. Many especially conservative types were mystified by this sudden desire to negotiate between risk mitigation and productive necessity, schools and some companies picked the safe route, to just shut down. But where did the pressure come from to even consider to shut down due to extreme cold—it comes from the religion of climate science where we are all supposed to be terrified of extreme temperature fluctuations as if they were signs from god of a coming apocalypse. The desire to shut down so many schools over every little meteorological element isn’t to save the school district from potential law suits, it’s to weaken kid’s resolves in the future so that they will be much more compliant to climate science religion than their parents were. I remember a few years ago when for two weeks in January the temperature never climbed up over 5 degrees, most of the time staying -5 to -10 degrees below. I rode a motorcycle to work every day during that spell and enjoyed it. These temperatures were no colder than that, yet our approach is radically different. The religion of climate change is there to usher in a new age of liberalism and socialism—and nothing more.

The real science that is at work wants to take mankind off earth. The divide between climate science and actual science could be traced back to the divide in America over walking on the moon for the first time and the hippie concert Woodstock a month later in 1969. One act was a definite jump forward for the human race, the other was a desperate clamoring for reverting back in time to the Dark Ages where belief in mysticism ruled the world with kings using superstition to control the masses. With modern education especially at the college level so addicted to government funding scientists will say anything to get their money, and that is how the climate change scheme is perpetuated as actual science. Maniacal lunatics on the political left attacked Sea World for their treatment of orcas where it is that same company that does so much to educate people about the wonders of life at sea. The same people who claim to want to save people from Central America from corrupt governments with open arms are the same people who clapped when New York passed a law to essentially give women the right to an abortion very close to their due dates killing babies in quite an audacious way. And regarding those Central American countries, it is largely the liberal class of people, the Climate Change religious worshipers who want the drugs that are smuggled across the border in the chaos that exists there presently because they want to poison the minds of people so that they don’t question the religion of their very insane liberal cult. If there are climate change deniers they are to be put on the rack and stretched until they confess their loyalty to the Queen of the Earth, Mother Nature herself.

Who do you thing started all the conspiracy rumors that mankind never walked on the Moon, that the whole NASA landing was a fake? It was these same people on the left side of things who want us all to serve the cult of Climate Change. By taking away the hope of interplanetary travel and our first step in that direction as a civilization, the desire is to get more fanatics to join the cult of Climate Change by assuming mankind will be locked in its bedrooms for the rest of their lives while Mother Nature holds the key outside our doors deciding whether or not we will all live or die. In truth mankind has formed in a very narrow cosmological window, just a few thousand years and we probably only have a few hundred more to become something of a Type 1 Civilization. Failure to do so will put us on a track to ride the Vico Cycle back to the beginning to start all over again as primitives which is clearly the goal of modern liberals. Even Steph Curry the wonderous three-point shooting guard from The Golden State Warriors has joined the circus by stating he doesn’t believe the United States ever went to the Moon and that the whole thing was a fake. Why does he think that, because “they” (liberalism) need people to believe in the cult of climate science and not the ambitious efforts of actual science. Without knowing why or how, Steph Curry is still just a kid a few years removed from high school and he was taught all his life to believe in the cult of Climate Science. Space travel and humans moving to space is just a threat to Climate Science as it was to the Roman Catholic Church to have Protestants fleeing Europe to settle in a New World beyond their reach, which is how the United States actually came to be.

The reality to Climate Change is that people will flee to the stars the moment they can and mankind will leave the earth and all its socialists just to get away from them. Because aside from not liking them as people, liberals are part of a dark past in the human race that all sane people want to flee from. Democrats want to revert back to the primal ambitions of villages and herds that are easily controlled by superstition and greed. Everyone else is looking toward the stars to get away from them. Its one thing to move out into the suburbs to get away from corrupt city governments that want to tax everyone into oblivion. But Democrats can to some extent chase good people down into those vast spaces between cities. But once people start moving into space and leaving Mother Earth behind, that effort at control will be lost forever and that is what they really fear. They fear becoming irrelevant which to my mind has already happened. They just haven’t come to terms with it yet. They call us “climate deniers,” but it is they who are in denial.

Rich Hoffman

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Four Officers Shot in Houston: When the state abuses property rights and things go wrong–more consideration of Roger Stone’s case

There are a number of things that still bother me about the arrest of Roger Stone at his home before dawn a few days before this writing. When police officers where shot trying to enter the home of some bad guys the day that Stone was set to appear in court to make a plea, four were wounded by gunfire and even Laura Ingraham on Fox News contemplated how bad it was that often residents have more firepower in their homes than the police. The police officers after all were just doing their jobs and serving a narcotics warrant. For a while there was wall to wall coverage of the action but the key issue was not discussed. What right did the police have to enter the home of suspects? Who decides who bad guys are and how can the state impose itself on the individual rights of its citizens with the assumption that everything the state touches can be taken away in a moment’s notice if that state decides that the greater good is in jeopardy?

I am of the thinking that Roger Stone should have held his ground and retaliated against the FBI agents who assaulted him in the early morning hours. After all, we know the FBI is corrupt so what good is any warrant that they issue. The Bob Mueller investigation is an attempted insurrection of an American President. They are bending the law to use as a weapon against political enemies, so why should Roger Stone go quietly upon being assaulted. He had no record of firearm ownership and there was no reason to attack him the way the FBI did in a predawn raid to show that the “state” had power over the individual which was the real message. It was a forceful exchange to show who was the boss, even over presidents of the United States.

In Houston, Texas neighbors had reported the sale from a home of black tar heroin so the police came to arrest the suspects. Now I’m not a guy who has any tolerance for drugs or their sale. I think drug dealers should be prosecuted for attempted murder, even for the sale of marijuana, so I am not lax in my judgement on drug use and sales. But our own CIA has been very actively involved in pushing drugs into cultures for control reasons, so what makes the two guys who opened fire on the invading police any different from world governments who also sell drugs? Not much in my book, they are all bad people. So with that off the table of consideration what gave the police the right to break down the front door and enter the home of these people in Houston? The shots weren’t fired until the police entered the home. Why would anybody expect any other result?

It was obvious to me that Laura Ingraham on Fox News was a mixed bag of emotions. I had just appeared on one of her shows just last week over the Covington Catholic case and I know she is a very hard-core conservative, but it was she who suggested that it was a shame that bad guys in homes often have better weapons than the police and that its sad that police are sometimes shot just for doing their jobs. Well, doing jobs doesn’t give a free pass to an abusive state government that has forgotten that the purpose of the Constitution is to protect individual rights and property is one of the centerpieces of that argument.

The same approach is used when getting pulled over by a police officer, they shine that bright light on you and approach the vehicle as if they owned it and you inside are required to be a compliant citizen. You are expected to recognize that your rights are subject to the judgment of law enforcement and their protection of the “greater good.” Well, none of that “greater good” talk is in the Constitution. I would argue that law enforcement officers are not capable of such judgments, they are not philosophically equipped and are illiterate in the matter. So what gives them the right to confiscate private property and to kick down doors to homes just because a neighbor called in a report?

I couldn’t help but think that the news coverage of the shooting was part of the problem, immediately the news was reported with a tinge of sadness at how dangerous police work was and how you never know what’s on the other side of a door to a house. That same assumption was made by the FBI in how they set up Roger Stone with an embarrassing CNN recording of the actual raid of his home. Of course, the FBI hoped to tap into people’s ingrained sense of yielding to authorities as they watched Stone be handcuffed and taken into custody. The message of course if it can happen to Stone it can happen to all of us, so you better answer the door and yield to authorities when they come for you. And when the Houston shootings occurred even Fox News jumped on the bandwagon of state rule and decided that the police were sad victims of violence without really knowing the details. Oddly enough, the news story was almost completely gone just 10 hours later.

The Bill of Rights in the American Constitution does not indicate that we must all yield to the authority of the state. The employees of the state make mistakes all the time and just because they issue a warrant against you that does not give them the right to enter your home and arrest you on your property. They do not have the right to take your car if they suspect you of some crime and they certainly don’t have the right to spy on you maliciously. The safety of the state does not supersede our rights as individuals. Only lawyers and judges over time have muddied the waters on Constitutional interpretation with loose case-law that has created a belief that the police have such rights of intrusion. But in reality, they don’t. The police who kick down doors to serve paperwork from the state are just as bad as the drug dealers who generate suspicion to generate such paperwork. Just because police officers have a warrant for an arrest it doesn’t give them the right to kick down doors and confiscate property and rights. Warrants can be served without violence, yet the state requires violence on occasion to build up the public perception of conformity, and that is not the spirit of the American Constitution.

As much as people don’t like President Trump, while I am a very loyal supporter, he certainly is a centrist especially in regard to police and military use. I disagree with him very much when it comes to police and elements of state control of law enforcement. As I’ve said many times, I am very much of an Anti-Federalist mindset when it comes to law and order. I don’t trust people to make the right decisions about their peers. If police kick down the door to your house or violate your independence within your car while traveling about in the realm of commerce, then you have a right to defend yourself, pure and simple. And when that doesn’t happen, arrogant bastards like Robert Mueller get cocky and think they can get away with arresting big names like Roger Stone to not only punish him, but to send a message to all of us—resistance is futile. Obey the state. And that is precisely where our modern times have gone wrong.

Rich Hoffman

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Why Socialism Fails: The science of political and economic structures is completely dependent on autonomy

I’ve been writing about the coming of socialism in America for a very long time. In some ways, many ways its been with us since just before the presidency of FDR. But it has been a bad word in our capitalist economy, and for good reason. Yet many people really don’t understand why. It’s not enough any more to say that socialism doesn’t work, look at Venezuela. Now that it is essentially the platform of the Democrat party and so many kids have been taught socialism openly in public schools over the last couple of decades its time to explain exactly why socialism doesn’t work and why all countries should avoid it, especially these days because the world is actually growing more independent not more collectivist. Socialism is an old fantasy that took over a 100 years for the political left to spring into the light of day in the most powerful country on earth but they are about 20 years too late. Here’s why:

I was driving next to a person the other day who could not get off his cell phone. My first thought was that he could and should wait at least until he came to a stop light to do so much texting, but he was really engaged in his phone which reminded me of the question many have these days, why do people like their phones more than they enjoy talking to a person who is right in front of them. The answer is simple really and can best be understood in the great book on psychology called Flow by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. The reason people spend more time on their cell phones than with real people is purely because of autonomy, the ability people have to control their own destiny on a moment to moment basis. Often in direct contacts with other people individuals do not control all aspects of the conversation, and often the people present represent varying degrees of less personal autonomy including subject matter, the pace of a conversation, and even how the other people smell as their breath enters into your own lungs by inadvertent biological necessity just by being in close proximity with them. Whereas a smart phone puts the whole world and everything that has been learned in it literally in the palm of your hand and allows you to control the pace of a conversation. If someone sends you a text, you decide how long to answer if at all and it gives the user great autonomy and unlimited creativity which is the primary motivator of all human beings. Four main things have ignited in modern human beings a great revolution in the need for more personal autonomy, the smart phone, the explosion of the video game industry as a means of personal recreation, smart televisions and the decentralization in general of all entertainment options, and the use of personal transportation such as cars, motorcycles and even airplanes. Because of these four factors, and I’m sure we could break down even further, but socialism will never take hold again in an industrialized country.
Socialism in the modern sense, at least the way governments try to sell it to people is that essentially free pay checks not connected to any kind of real performance is attractive because it allows people not to worry about how they pay their bills so that they can think with more autonomy what they really enjoy in life. But the ways ultimately that people actually receive those paychecks is to essentially give up great autonomy in the factors that truly generate wealth so every nation that has tried socialism fails due to this condition. People may get a pay check but the work that is performed that generates wealth lacks the creative need for humans to contribute to it, and is missing making those workers much less effective than people who are performing those tasks with great autonomy. The key to all future economic growth in all nations isn’t to just give a pay check to workers who go through the motions of a job title with the same mundanity that they communicate with other people when a smart phone gives them freedom of autonomy to do and say what they want to other people when they want to. Those same traits need to be brought into the marketplace of employment in order to continue with efforts at nationwide economic expansion.

The problem in America is obvious because there is a free market system to serve as a backdrop. Socialism that we see in labor unions is much less effective than an industry where the workers have great autonomy in the work they do. The love of work for instance in a unionized school teacher who has a class full of children in kindergarten is much happier and autonomous compared to the history teacher of high school kids who aren’t as bright-eyed and willing to learn as the five-year old’s. With the labor union mandating collective bargaining and taking away incentives for personal performance and all other things being equal what makes a job happy or not for the employee is the degree for which they have autonomy. The kindergarten teacher is likely to spend the night before a class cutting out little pictures and words that might ignite learning in the children because they will react to it positively and feed the autonomy of the teacher whereas the history teacher knowing that the students will be more interested in dating, playing on their cell phones, and what they are going to wear the next day might only manage to make a cup of coffee for themselves in order to get autonomy in their jobs as misery looms over most of their lives due to those conditions.

Socialism fails because jobs are collective based and measured instead of the individualized results of productivity and the joy of creating and doing the task. Socialism robs individuals of their autonomy in performing work so it destroys the actual output of the task. When the only reason a person shows up for work is to just get a paycheck the reason for having a worker there in the first place is lost—employers might as well hire a robot, they’d be better off. People need autonomy in their jobs and where that personal freedom for performing a love in work is lost, productivity is destroyed and a culture dies, since culture is entirely made up of human input. Humans are thinking creatures and they require autonomy to bring about what’s unique about them to a marketplace and they need the ability to figure out what that is so they can get there. Socialism is too rigid of a structure and is entirely too social for autonomy to exist and that is why it has always failed and will always do so.

Autonomy in the world of productivity is the most important ingredient. Where great autonomy exists in workplaces, great productive output is common. Where a loss in autonomy is prevalent, a stagnant workplace will result. It doesn’t matter what industry it’s in or where in the world the work is performed, if autonomy is part of the management, companies and nations do well. If autonomy is controlled, the company and nation fail. It’s not that people in Venezuela conspired to hurt the government by not being as productive. Its that they lost their autonomy for performing work because of the means of instituting socialism even when the nation is sitting on vast resources for creating wealth. When the government took away the incentive to think freely on how to use those resources for the creation of wealth the ability to do so became impossible because humans cannot function well without autonomy, and socialism robbed the entire culture of that essential ingredient. Socialism can’t be made to work under any form of government management, it was an idea created by Karl Marx who clearly was illiterate in these understandings of psychology. But we’ve learned a lot about ourselves over the years. Socialism was pretty attractive to people who still had to hunt for their food and wash their clothes by hand, or couldn’t just go down to McDonald’s to get a hamburger when they were hungry. As people gained more autonomy in their lives through leisure time, they wanted more of it which is why we’ve had such explosive growth intellectually by way of invention in the last century as opposed to every century that came before it. But in the 21st Century autonomy is the expectation and if our jobs don’t factor that into their plans, they will have miserable work forces and therefore much less productivity which is the purpose for doing work. That is why socialism fails, because it destroys personal autonomy and the good work that comes with that invisible ingredient to anything that might be considered successful.

Rich Hoffman

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When Violance Is Neccessary: The Arrest of Roger Stone is where the line was crossed

After watching the whole Roger Stone arrest by the FBI, I couldn’t help but wonder what I would do in his situation. I kept my thoughts to myself while I worked out the details, but I think its time to talk about them for context, after all, I know where I am in this whole argument. You dear reader likely need to figure it out because these decisions are not easy. But I can say this for certainty, and firearm use doesn’t even come to mind. There are many ways to defend yourself, shooting people isn’t the only one and I likely wouldn’t resort to it unless I felt there was no other way. But if the F.B.I. comes knocking on my door before the sun comes up with CNN cameras outside to record the whole thing with the implicit desire to embarrass me using the law as a club to do so, then a lot of people won’t be going home that night. I can promise that. I would consider such a knock on my door as an invasion by a government I have lost respect for and do not recognize their authority. I would not and do not recognize their authority over my property or my life and a conflict would ensue. I would not allow them to put me in shackles. I will not call a lawyer, I will defend myself in all manner of the law as I recognize it in our American Constitution. That would be that.

As I’ve said from the beginning of this blog exercise, I am an Anti-Federalist Papers guy. I view our current Constitution as a reasonable negotiation between the Anti-Federalist types and the Federalists. For example, I view Alexander Hamilton from the poplar Broadway play as a bleeding-heart hippie liberal in relation to the minds of the time that the Constitution was written. If I had been around at that time I would have very much have been on the Anti-Federalist side of things regarding that famous debate which instigated the Constitution of America starting in 1787. I have read the Anti-Federalist Papers many times, in fact I often do it just for relaxation. I’m not crazy about The Federalist Papers which were written by Hamilton, Madison and John Jay, primarily. I am much more of a Patrick Henry and John DeWitt—and ultimately a Thomas Jefferson type of individualized thinker. But I was born long after those arguments were done and am willing to accept the eventual settlement of the Constitution that we have in America as a work of philosophy that emerged from the great Salisbury Plain in England and emerged into Philadelphia and then eventually Washington D.C. in America.

For me the 1st Amendment and the 2nd Amendment are non-negotiable. They are the results of the Anti-Federalist positions that started off the Bill of Rights and I personally will never surrender them to modern encroachments. That I am willing to accept the other soft language of the Constitution as written before the Bill of Rights were introduced is something that everyone should consider themselves lucky. As I see it the minds who haggled out the problems of government between 1787 and in the ensuing years immediately thereafter are far superior to the minds of today, 2019 which is in an obvious state of decline. So whatever documentation emerges legally and progressively I simply reject and will defend any incursion even suggested with violence, because that is the only language that insurgents understand. Could the Constitution be improved, well, that’s a relative question and from my perspective, yes. It could be improved by incorporating more Anti-Federalist ideas instead of the soft tone of the Federalists who wanted big centralized federal governments similar to what European kingdoms maintained at the time and still desire. Specifically speaking of the 1st and 2nd Amendment, the first gives a warning to those who might try to destroy the Constitution, the 2nd allows to defend it, which I propose is what we should all do now. Forget about all the negotiations, the Constitution is the Constitution and anybody trying to erode it away needs to be met with force to prevent their actions from becoming a reality.

The Roger Stone arrest in my eyes was a violation of Amendment 3, no soldier in a time of peace shall be quartered in any house without the consent of the owner. Who the hell did the FBI think they were to set up tents and knock on Stone’s door between 5 AM and 6 AM? That wasn’t there property and they had no right to it without Stone’s permission. I don’t care what Robert Mueller decided was legal. Just for being on Stone’s property he had a right to defend it from the government insurgents, because that’s what they were. The FBI through their actions in attempting to oust President Trump from an elected office have lost their credibility to enforce the law and should be viewed as potential hostile government agents. It wasn’t Roger Stone who built that reputation, it was the various intelligence agencies that have been working for a long time to appeal to the Federalist fantasies of Hamilton and Madison and have fully justified the fears of Henry and DeWitt. I’m not saying the FBI couldn’t earn back the trust of the American people but they don’t have it now and if they show up at my door, I will not recognize their authority. I have watched Democrats supported openly by James Comey the former FBI Director seek to undercut the laws of our nation for their own benefit, so don’t expect me or other people to suddenly follow the laws that not even the FBI is willing to live up to. Just what they have done with the FISA warrants against President Trump are enough to cause to question any action they have conducted in a court of law anywhere. If they are willing to break the law with President Trump what would they do to the rest of us. And therefore, if they knock on our door at 6 AM in the morning with guns drawn and armor displayed with law enforcement setting up processing tents and evidence collectors violating the basic premise of home ownership, well, to hell with them.

Then there is the 4th Amendment, the right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizers. There is nothing beneficial to the “greater good” that justified how the FBI raided the home of Roger Stone. Doing such a thing was a flagrant violation of Stone’s basic 4th Amendment rights. If it were me I would not recognize any case-law that had established otherwise and that would be my argument in front of a court of law representing myself as an attorney because I wouldn’t trust any modern lawyer to represent my position due to their commitment to the Bar Association. Case law is not in the Constitution that I am willing to defend with force. Read that sentence very carefully before raiding my home because I will tear up any court with it with great fanfare. I would have advised Roger Stone to do such a thing in the future. The same intrusion was done to Michael Cohen and Paul Manafort, people directly connected to the current President of the United States so if they’ll do it to him, they’re willing to do far worse to all of us and guess what, they don’t have a right to do any of it. They don’t have the moral authority to do it and they certainly don’t have the legal means either.

I would argue that Stone’s 5th Amendment was also violated because the presumption of the Grand Jury indictment was created through a polluted means by a special investigation created to hide its own crimes as a FBI organization using individuals such as Stone and Wikileaks to conceal their own misdeeds. What good is a Grand Jury if the evidence gathered to create an indictment was generated off a false premise and therefore Stone was made to answer for a crime entirely politically motivated. The crime was that Donald Trump was elected and while the FBI can’t get at him directly because they technically work under the office of the Executive Branch have instead used these malicious other means of peeling away at the strength of the presidency. And the situation is quite pathetic and fully justifies the use of force against these illegal perpetrators who have hijacked our justice system.

Of course, the 6th Amendment of Roger Stone was violated because he had a right to a speedy trial of his peers by an impartial jury. When the law was broken and details of the arrest was leaked to CNN the future jury pool was contaminated beyond all possibility of a fair trial in the United States and that was clearly a calculated decision by the FBI and its special prosecutor Robert Mueller. If I were President Trump I would fire every last one of these employees who are participating in this exercise and I would put sanctions on the press for their terrible coverage of my administration. Of course, Trump won’t do that because he doesn’t want to look like a tyrant, but they will think that regardless of what the President does. If we don’t have law and order at the highest level, and I’d say that we clearly don’t, then how can we have it at the local level? My argument is that we don’t and we won’t until serious changes are made and the Constitution is restored as a document of respect in our legal system, not just referenced to while corrupt lawyers and judges use case-law to put their own names against the great debaters DeWitt, Henry, Hamilton and Madison along with many others.

You see dear reader and the many insurgents who are reading this and thinking, who does this guy think he is—well let me tell you, before I accept changes to the American Constitution, I am stating that it needs to go more to the Anti-Federalist Papers and not away from what was agreed to in 1787. If we are going to admit to Constitutional failure, or the FBI and other agencies of law enforcement are going to play with paperwork, lie to FISA courts and destroy evidence for some but raid houses in early morning arrests of Presidential enemies just so they can show Constitutional compliance but an obvious disrespect in practice then I say that we have no law and order resorting our society to a need for violence to reset the system to something we can all agree with. But living under an out of control police state, which is what that raid of Stone’s house was, is a provocation to all of us and I take it very, very serious. Compliance to authority is not a value system, its being a pussy. Respect for the Constitution is a value and that is something I will defend with force, violence and any means necessary in a pursuit of justice as defined by an incredible philosophy born in North America under extraordinary circumstances that should be built upon, not destroyed through corruption and apathy.

I’d love to just live life, follow the law and raise good, bright children and grandchildren leaving my neighbors to their business and to wish for the success of my peers to achieve as much as they can possible in our capitalist society. I’m a very positive person who loves life and wants to share with others the gift of how to live a good life. But the last thing in the world that I am is a pushover, and I really don’t like bullies because those types of people rob others of their autonomy and that is a very bad thing to me. So as I define it by the Constitution, the original, our current legal system and the law enforcement that gives it arms and legs is abusive and out of control. They use the law as a weapon to impose political view points and that isn’t acceptable. So the time to use violence against that system is when you have proof of that going on and I can’t think of a better, more flushed out case than the one of Roger Stone, a personal confidant of the President of the United States. What we have learned about the FBI just over this last year exceeds anything even the most fantasy driven conspiracy theories could have imagined with confirmed facts. Roger Stone’s arrest just puts the issue on the table for us all to examine. Its as bad as it gets and is exactly what the Bill of Rights was supposed to protect us all from, yet the abuses are out in the open and quite audacious. And that’s where we are presently. History will remember how we deal with this tragedy and the future of our nation will depend on what and how we do it.

Rich Hoffman
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Democrats are “Singing in the Rain”: What Jesus Christ and Roger Stone have in common

To understand just how bad the whole Roger Stone thing is context is required. Trump had four campaign managers during his presidential run and two of them have now had the doors of their homes molested with early in the morning raids by the FBI to be arrested and charged by the Special Counsel generated by the firing of the FBI director James Comey. That is a highly unusual activity that has behind it a deliberate show of teeth from the political opposition that obviously controls a large part of the federal government and is making sure that President Trump knows that he doesn’t have any real power. Trump has access to the classified documents of past experiences, such as the Kennedy assassination and while he may not be concerned for himself, he is for his family. There aren’t too many Kennedys around these days, are there? It took a few years for everyone to crash airplanes or to mysteriously run their faces into trees during sky trips, but Trump can at least see from the classified documents what has been done in the past and can match it up to the present.

To understand just how bad it is someone from the Mueller investigation tipped off CNN to be at Roger Stone’s house as the FBI showed up with guns and body armor to arrest a 66-year-old man just for making a prediction that turned out to be right about the actions of Wikileaks. As I watched the video from CNN of the Stone raid by the FBI, knowing what we do now about the Clinton case, and the DNC paid for dossier against Trump that was used to manipulate FISA warrants, and the text messages from Peter Strzok and Lisa Page I couldn’t help but think that Stone should have been armed with lots of guns in the house and he should have defended himself from a criminal government obviously abusing its power and has gone rogue. The federal government is not abiding by a Constitution, they are seeking a takeover of America and are essentially a corrupt government beyond repair which is precisely why we have a First and Second Amendment in the terrible case that we may need to use them to retake out government back away from tyranny.

For the last two-week I kept hearing from older members of the Republican party to stay the course and have watched the gradual erosion this week of conservative resolve especially in the wake of what happened to Nick Sandman from Covington Catholic at Washington D.C. I happened to be listening to WLW radio with Rocky Boiman and Eddie Fingers the other day and they were talking about how stupid the movie A Clockwork Orange was and how they didn’t understand it. I really like Rocky, I’m not a fan of Eddie because of the role he played in an incident I was involved in during 2012, but I sometimes listen to them in the evening while I finish up my work for the day. Rocky is a jock from a professional football background, so I don’t expect him to be very wise on arts and sciences. I just don’t think Eddie is a very smart guy, which gives the show appeal because everybody listening is smarter than he is and it gives people that assurance as they listen. But their reaction to A Clockwork Orange, which is one of the best movies of its nature and describes quite accurately what we are seeing these days in our modern political activity is very much the way older Republicans are seeing their conflict with Democrats.

Republicans believe in law and order assuming that human nature means well and that everything will work out in the end. They have done for us, and I’m thinking of the Sheriff Jones letter from Butler County that was sent to President Bush and Obama that caused so much trouble, the same of that nice lady in A Clockwork Orange that answered to door and let the crazy youth into her house only to rape her in front of her tied up husband while the criminals sang “Singing in the Rain.” When Trump Republicans like Sheriff Jones sent that letter for which The Washington Post immediately keyed on all Trump could see around him was the menace of the Democrats, the abuse of the Covington Catholic kids just for wearing a MAGA hat, the continued stories of the government shutdown being his fault, the desire for open borders at ANY COST, and the continued harassment from an out of control prosecutor arresting everyone connected to his campaign and their public stripping of all their wealth and power as a warning to others sure to come—perhaps even Trump himself. Republicans like the nice couple in A Clockwork Orange think they can work with Democrats and negotiate with them. You can’t, Sometimes you have to kill them at your front door before they enter your house and destroy everything you have built your life around. A Clockwork Orange isn’t a stupid movie. It’s happening right now and not in some far away land of England. It’s happening in the United States and Roger Stone in some ways was treated worse than the girl who was viciously raped in that movie. CNN was called to watch him publicly humiliated as it was a direct message to President Trump. “We will get you eventually, and everyone connected to you—because we can.”

I say it all the time, people of value cannot negotiate with people who don’t have any. Above the line people cannot have equal negotiations with people below the line. This is why Republicans are always on the bad end when dealing with Democrats, because value cannot negotiate with a lack of value. The empty person has nothing to lose but can afford to do anything to take from others so to fill themselves. Those who have value always have something to lose and that is why bad things happen to good people. Nancy Pelosi has nothing to lose, because her party is always looking to take something. The new socialists in Congress have nothing to lose, because they are takers in society. They are open border abortion supporters who would love to see the destruction of the American family. They don’t have a Trump Tower and lots of children who will inherit a multibillion-dollar fortune in a few years to worry about. As Trump decided to work with Democrats and reopen the government on January 25th 2019 the Democrats just like the rapists in A Clockwork Orange were “Singing in the Rain.” And as conservatives watched the lynch mob pounce on Roger Stone by the corrupt FBI and the collusion they had with CNN, the signal was quite loud. We are all in danger.

I am not a Republican who believes that there is no place for violence. Quite the contrary, I think violence is the only leverage that can be utilized on people functioning from an evil position, and Democrats are clearly doing that. I don’t want to hear stories of cooperation with Democrats when it is quite clear that that political party wants to end America as we know it and change it into something else. I heard that same Sheriff Jones on with Bill Cunningham, which I listened to just so I could hear how the story would be spun talking about the current Speaker of the House in Ohio Larry Householder working with Democrats for a more peaceful union. That is stupid. Older Republicans who chose to believe that kind of garbage are like the woman answering the door in A Clockwork Orange, they are just letting evil into our house to cause death and destruction. What happened to Roger Stone happened because conservatives have allowed our government to get out of control. When they could they did not prosecute Hillary Clinton, John Podesta, they did not defend Wikileaks which has turned out to be the only honest news reporting agency. They did not defend Glenn Beck when he was knocked from power. They did not defend Alex Jones. They did not defend Bill O’Reilly. They did not defend Mel Gibson for God’s sake!  None of this is new.  They just keep hoping that bad people won’t show up to their door to arrest them because they don’t understand what A Clockwork Orange was all about, they don’t understand how some people can just be evil, even if that culture has now taken over law enforcement and sent young kids working in the FBI to arrest an old man before the sun comes up with CNN there to film everything for public embarrassment.

People can tell themselves what they want about Jesus Christ, that he came to earth to wash away all our sins and give us all everlasting life. I don’t care about any of that. What I do care about is that I imagine he felt the way a lot of us are feeling now as he stood before Pontius Pilatet and the crowd picked Barabbas to save. This betrayal is not new, it’s as old as humans have walked the earth. But what is new is the concept of the United States Constitution, and if we want a different outcome from what happened to Jesus, then we better start using it. And my advice is to take care of that at our front doors before the arrest is even made. Because once they take you in, it’s over anyway. Might as well make it count. At 66 Roger Stone would have done well to drop his hope of winning a crooked court battle and just had a fight to the death right then and there—because that is the only thing the political left understands and fears to lose, their own lives and comfort. That is the only negotiating tool they understand—violence.

Watch all the videos above for context.  One thing I promise is that if I end up in the same situation as Roger Stone, I won’t be nearly so nice.

Rich Hoffman

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What To Do About the State of the Union Speech: Government workers should find another job and get on with their life

I’m assuming that the Democrats will stall on their three week deal and that President Trump will have to shut the government down again.  I think he thinks he needs to appear to move toward a deal for which the Democrats will blow it.  President Trump can obviously do what he wants about the State of the Union speech he is supposed to give to Congress. However, it would be my advice to him that he give his speech anyway, but to a MAGA rally to show the Washington establishment that life goes on with or without the government endorsement of activity. Nancy Pelosi cannot be allowed to have the kind of power she is trying to display in stopping the State of the Union speech. The halls of congress are not that valuable, especially if they are infested with socialists, as they are presently. The State of the Union speech is a phony affair full of kingly assumptions and is something that should be reinvented anyway. So why not take the speech directly to the people instead of playing the Beltway game? If Trump had a State of the Union rally which filled up the seats with MAGA hats and an overflow crowd, the optics would be quite terrifying to the Democrats and the national media at how much power and persuasion the president really did have even after the last election, and would go a long way to really solving the problems we currently have in government, so why not break with tradition and do it that way? I certainly would.

Of the 800,000 federal workers not receiving a paycheck for the second period in a row due to the government shutdown, around 57,000 are from the TSA which is a recently created branch of government that was only unionized around 2012. It’s not like they have a deep history of employment in America. Previously airlines were responsible for their own security so all the sob stories about the poor TSA workers is a moot point in my book. They shouldn’t be government employees, but airport employees and they shouldn’t be unionized. It’s that simple. I’m not a fan of the TSA, I hate dealing with them at airports—especially Chicago and Atlanta. They are a terrible creation created by panic driven politicians overreacting to global terrorism which is the fault of the political class anyway, for failing to really deal with the causes of terrorism to begin with. We don’t need more TSA agents, more security, and more government unions. We need a lot less.

If it were me in that 800,000 who weren’t getting a check from the government, I can promise that I wouldn’t be waiting around for the shutdown to break loose. I’d work another job to cover my bills. I would have done that after the first day of the shutdown. There is no way in the world that I would put my family at risk by sitting around waiting for a bunch of politicians to resolve the government shutdown. In fact, not all government workers are sitting around waiting for the situation to be resolved, Michael Mateos, a graphic designer and contractor for the federal government has been selling Star Wars models as extra income generating a few thousand dollars a month, which is a great idea. His story is what I’d consider a distinctly American one, and one I can support. People like him are what our country is all about, not a bunch of parasites sitting around waiting for the world to call them back to work.

I can be sure to say that I would not be one of the 800,000 because I’ve been around a few years and can report that I’ve seen many disappointing work situations that resulted in layoffs, terminations, or greatly reduced hours—and I have never ever in my life a single day not received a pay check. I have at times worked three jobs at a time all days of the week to make sure my family had what they needed and I still work 12 to 16 hours ever single day toward successful implementation of occupational goals to ensure that I do what needs to be done to keep that trend alive, and that’s the kind of mindset all Americans should have in my book. I don’t understand and will never understand a person who gets a check from one job who sits around waiting for that job to be resolved. I don’t understand the teacher who will strike and hold up classes for little kids then go back to work after they get a 3% collective bargaining agreement and only then declare how much they love the kids while their fat asses were previously in the streets protesting the tax payers for more money. And I surely don’t understand the federal worker sitting around crying about their two missing paychecks when we have the hottest economy in the world and everyone is hiring. I’d get another job either temporarily or permanently, but I wouldn’t be waiting.

Nancy Pelosi indicated that the State of the Union speech wasn’t important anyway, essentially saying that President Trump wasn’t important, and that we should hold up everything until the shutdown is over. Well, I think we should lay off all 800,000 of those workers and privatize their positions. And Trump’s border wall is a must, and if he can’t get the money from Congress, then he needs to do it another way and run right over them. Obviously, the Democrats are all about changing America from a capitalist zone into a socialist one, and they do not have our best interests in mind. So who cares what they think? Trump should show them that life goes on, the speech gets done whether or not its at congress and the government workers aren’t that important, especially at the newly created TSA.

This is a time that I disagree with Sean Hannity over the State of the Union speech, who cares if President Trump is announced in the halls of congress, “Mrs Speaker, I present the President of the United States.” I don’t want to see Trump shaking hands with Nancy Pelosi, not now and not six months from now. Honestly, I’d like to see him body slam her in a WWF ring, and I say that with a sensitivity to equal rights. I’m fine with treating women equally to men, including in a cage match in front of 100,000 people. I don’t like Nancy Pelosi, I don’t want my president to work with her. Democrats have shown their hatred of my presidential pick and they have unleashed the forces of the FBI to attempt to change the election, and they are spying on us and trying to use that information to destroy our capitalist society, then lecturing us on the way we should all live, I don’t feel a need to be nice to those people and I certainly don’t want Trump to make nice with them at a State of the Union speech. In essence, the State of the Union is that we are at war as a nation, so we might as well admit that to ourselves. Forget the pomp of a speech in Congress with Nancy Pelosi standing in the background. Just have the speech as a MAGA rally and take it directly to the people and let the world see that life goes on without government workers and corrupt politicians. If I was Trump that is what I would do and I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s not what ended up happening. Change is good, especially when it takes power away from people like Nancy Pelosi. And as far as the government shutdown goes, I don’t care if they miss the next 50 pay checks. I’d say to them, find another job and get on with your life.

Rich Hoffman

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Talking Tough isn’t the Same as Being Tough: My appearence on Laura Ingrahm’s Podcast

It was very disappointing to see Sheriff Jones from Butler County put out his Tweet that ended up in the anti-Trump Washington Post calling for Obama and George W. Bush to come together to stop the party bickering that is currently going on. When I first saw it I thought about saying something to him about it, because what ended up happening was precisely what I knew would happen, the national media would key on it as a top Trump supporter who was reaching back to “traditional” politics for help in solving today’s problems in America between Republicans and Democrats. I’m sure Jones thought he was being cute and that he was trying to show leadership in solving the problem from a public relations standpoint, as his role in government as a sheriff and leader of the Republican party in Butler County, Ohio. But it ended up looking like just another two-faced Trump supporter getting cold feet when the President needed him most, and it was embarrassing. Ironically around the same time that Sheriff Jones was conducting his political insurgency Laura Ingraham’s producer was asking me to be on her podcast to talk about the Covington Catholic issue that involved Nick Sandman and the Indian activist Nathan Phillips. You can hear my comments at the 24-minute mark at the following link.

Essentially the contents of that Laura Ingraham broadcast was to display why the two political sides cannot work together, it was the opposite of what Sheriff Jones was asking for which ended up in The Washington Post. My comments were to state simply, the kids of Covington Catholic went to Washington D.C. to go on a field trip. They bought their MAGA hats and shirts at street venders who frequent the area they were visiting, and the point of the trip was to have fun. It was a free and open market and if other political parties had a message the young people were interested in they might have bought hats and shirts from those as well, but Trump represents something in American politics that is above the line in its thinking and the Democrats want desperately to avoid it, they want to keep the nation in a below the line condition, meaning they want victimization and turmoil for which they can apply government resources to in an indirect way to maintain their power. Trumps’ message of “Make America Great Again” is a powerful message of optimism and leads to above the line thought. Democrats needing to keep the political discussion below the line need to make everything about fairness and racism, not opportunity and growth. That is where the political divide exists and there is no way to negotiate with it.

By listening to Laura’s broadcast, you can hear clearly, she understands the situation. The political left wants to go to war and if they have to ruin the lives of kids like Nick Sandman to do so, they will gladly. That is what we are dealing with. There is no way to make peace with that. The political left had all the dominos set up to topple at any little thing and all it took was the professional activist Nathan Phillips to step up to a group of under aged kids and challenge them with all the plotlines the left had created to engage the targets and start a political dialogue of below the line thinking. When Phillips said in an interview that “these were indigenous lands” he was simply supporting years of progressive statements to apply to the here and now for tactical implementation. The Democrats in this case had set the table and all it took was one of their activists to strike a hit on some unsuspecting Catholic kids from Northern Kentucky. The kids weren’t the target, it was Trump’s border wall, but the political left had no problem exploiting them, or even destroying them to enact their cause.

Sheriff Jones should know better, and I really think he has good intentions. But he doesn’t know the game really. Neither does his WLW buddy Bill Cunningham. Jones has a good relationship with the media. When he says something, they usually run with it. He plays his game safe by making suggestions that look bipartisan and logical. Sure it gets him on WLW. I used to be on WLW all the time too, but the media in Cincinnati decided I was too radical for them. Its been a while for me to appear on a national show like Laura’s. But the truth is that I stayed the course, I am saying the same things now in the same way I said them many years ago when Cunningham and Jones were painting me as a local radical who was instigating trouble instead of building bridges with the other side. So I’ll say it again for them and everyone else, you can’t build a bridge to Hell and expect not to get burned on the other side. Only good-natured Republicans are even willing to do such a thing, liberals are actively looking to take over the world with their ideas. Barack Obama isn’t going to help make peace in the world, especially in America. This is the America he helped create. It is Trump who has the best chance at bringing peace, by cutting all the bridges to Hell.

I like Sheriff Jones, quite a lot actually. And I have listened to Bill Cunningham on and off for years. Not much since 2012, I’ll never get over the way he sided with the Lakota teachers on that issue that cause a tax increase indirectly in West Chester and Liberty Township. But those guys are old and out of touch. Sheriff Jones has great cowboy pictures in his office and his morality ultimately comes from those movies from his youth which I think is great. But these times are not those times. The enemy doesn’t want to make peace or avoid the gunfight in the street to establish moral order. They want to kill conservatives completely and ultimately. They want to destroy talk radio. They want to destroy law and order and they want to eradicate the American family, the Constitution, and all semblance of American lifestyle. They don’t care if they destroy children, adults, men or women, and they don’t care what color someone is. If the conservative who is challenging them is black, or is a woman, they would just as soon destroy that person as anybody. They have no interest in peace, they want to destroy conservativism and those are the facts.

Laura has always been good at what she does but lately she has taken a turn toward the kind of moral stand that I’m talking about. Sheriff Jones might think its cute to be an advocate for peace and bridge building, but that is exactly how Republicans have constantly ended up on the short end of these tactical engagements over all these years. You have to understand the nature of the people you are fighting. In this case Laura gets it, but Sheriff Jones doesn’t. What the media and Democrats in general were willing to do to Nick Sandman show to what extent they are willing to destroy others to win their game. And if that effort isn’t matched with equal force, then one side will continue to win everything while the other continues to lose moral ground inch by inch. Those cowboy pictures on Sheriff Jones wall used to define America. Not any more, that is because the image was stronger than the action. The fight we are in now requires our action to be stronger than our image, and when pressed, we must be willing to do what needs to be done. And that is the moral of this story, which will only have a happy ending if conservatives get with the program and come to terms with the condition of the battle field. Both sides can’t live together, as much as people would like to believe. This is a war and it requires both sides to fight it out for a defined victory. There is no other way at this point.

Rich Hoffman

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Nobody Has a Right to Threaten Anybody over Anything: Ocasio-Cortez and her socialist supporters are setting themselves up for a major ass kicking

You know, one thing that I get tired of are these threats coming from the below the line political left. There is this ridiculous assumption, especially among the newly formed socialist youth in the Democrat party such as this Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez creature. I don’t have to make a lot of threats about what I will personally do to a group of socialists who march into my community looking for trouble and to overtake our legal system. The nature of our modern times will likely destroy them long before that happens because her brand of socialism goes against the nature of human needs, the autonomous relationship that we have with work and productivity that Americans enjoy and have developed. While rewards are not the only reason that people do things, the American portion of risk in the economic engine of our species leads to most of the great things that people do experience, and the Democrat dream of European socialism will never take root among all American people because it would rob them of critical lifestyles for which they enjoy. Mobs of cry baby millennials will not be enough to turn America into the latest socialist failure. Socialism doesn’t work because it robs people of autonomy, pure and simple.

But to see the death threats and the public desire to threaten the Covington Catholic school over the whole media circus that occurred in Washington D.C. over the weekend, it reminds me that we do have to stick up for ourselves and let the opposition know where things stand. This public mob mentality was long ago predicted by Ayn Rand who lived through the communist takeover of Russia and saw it first hand, and it is always the youth movements that are not yet quite there who lead these things. Ocasio-Cortez being just the latest dumb kid to advocate for high taxes and fairness for all while spending is conducted without any mind toward actual fiscal responsibility. Any real attempt by them to show any kind of force or to come into our neighborhoods to actually kill people or even threaten nice kids like the primary victim in the Covington Catholic case, Nick Sandman will be met with force, force they aren’t prepared for. I don’t think they understand that.

I get that Ocasio-Cortez is from the Bronx which is already a socialist haven due to their love of European style lazy economic thoughts, but it’s quite another thing to lead mobs of people into America’s heartland to take over our economic system and get away with it. She clearly doesn’t understand what she is advocating, and her followers see her as a way to get out of having to work so they can play more video games. There is a maturity factor lacking that these kids just aren’t ready for in the real world. But they can’t make threats of violence without getting those threats thrown back in their faces. To threaten to kill a kid and his family just because some Indian guy stepped into the young man’s face trying to provoke the situation just isn’t acceptable. All people who have made those threats should be arrested and thrown in jail immediately. It’s sad that nobody actually expects anything to be done to such people, but the threats were so great that the school did have to shut down for the safety of all. That is just not something that we can accept as a reality.

The world and its occupants do not own the lives of others. As I said, the most powerful driver of modern economic movement is autonomy, the right to do what you want when you want to. While the profit motive of material possession is not what drives people truly, surrender of autonomy for the fairness of all is not on the table either. The idea that if one individual or a group of individuals steps out of some social barrier which states that Nick Sandman should surrender his individual rights to exists because of his skin color or even his political beliefs by wearing the MAGA hat is a gross violation of everything that human beings truly desire, let alone the nature of all-American citizens. By not agreeing with the mob it doesn’t give the mob the right to kill anybody or even make the threat of it. It doesn’t give the right of the mob to even suggest physical violence. Because if they go there, then all law and order gets thrown out the window and we all have the right to do those types of things and they won’t like it when the shoe is on the other foot—which it is anyway. Ocasio-Cortez and her socialist friends don’t understand those people obviously, but if they keep pushing themselves into the rural areas, they will learn soon enough. But even among their radicals crying out for equality, they are already on the path to defeat because all people are looking for more autonomy in their lives and that is not what the Democrats are offering. The socialism of the current Democrat party is all about the surrender of individuals into groups, not about giving more individuals more autonomy.

This paradox is best seen in modern-day Silicone Valley where European socialism is something they think they want because it’s what they studied in school and what the media culture wants. I remember how people thought a radio series that I did on WAAM in Ann Arbor, Michigan was conspiracy theory material several years ago when we discussed in great detail how communism and socialism had targeted in the late 1950s to embed itself into our media culture to advocate for it. Now people can see for themselves how right I was. But media doesn’t determine reality, just because someone says it, or a mass of people do, it doesn’t make it right. Silicone Valley’s technology has flourished not because it connects more people in a social way, which might appear to be so at first glances, it’s because technology has given people more autonomy—ways to control their own lives without outside influences, and people won’t be giving that up for Ocasio-Cortez and her Democrats.

But while they are learning these hard lessons they do not have the right to threaten people, shut down schools or even to attack mass aspects of American culture with threats of violence and even death. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander and if they can do it, so can we. From my perspective there is nothing scary about any of these millennial losers advocating for socialism and trying to advocate for a high tax borderless world. They won’t be winning any physical confrontations when real fists start flying and guns are blazing. It won’t be very hard to kick the crap out of them, so a socialist take over of America isn’t going to happen. And in their frustration just in seeing young people who are from the heartland who aren’t scared of them, they can’t threaten to kill people and get away with it. The media may be willing to give them a free pass, but people looking for more autonomy in their lives won’t. In Europe they were willing to go along to get along because they were used to not having much autonomy in their lives to begin with. But in America we have all tasted it, and we aren’t going to give it up—even many of the followers of Ocasio-Cortez, especially once they learn that people will hit back when threatened. And believe me, the people I know will hit back—very hard.

Rich Hoffman

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MAGA Hats are all About Above the Line Thinking: Why the media picked on Nick Sandman but not Tommy Sotomayor

The MAGA hats were never part of the plan for below the line liberals, their intention was to rob Americans of hope through victimization techniques taught in public schools and to gradually take over the world. Literally, that has been their plan, so it was quite shocking to them when Trump ran for president and started making the MAGA hats a rally cry that robbed from liberals their hopes and dreams of a below the line life where they could hide from the glaring eyes of expectation and competency. It didn’t surprise me that the media made so much out of Nick Sandman staring down some old hippie type who called himself an Indian at a right to life rally, and tried to make the whole event into a white power type of thing to demonize the MAGA hats that Nick and his Catholic school classmates from Covington Kentucky were wearing. But what did surprise me is that over the same weekend Tommy Sotomayor, a black man wearing his MAGA hat got into an argument with a Hooters waitress and his video went viral, but none of the news stations covered it, even though YouTube had over a million hits on the video. People saw it, but the story didn’t fit the narrative that the below the line types were trying to create. Black people were not supposed to support Donald Trump, let alone run around wearing MAGA hats. And that caused problems that compounded into even more destruction for the liberal ambitions for controlling the world.

Donald Trump’s MAGA hats have become a symbol of above the line thinking, in much the way that wearing a suit and tie to a meeting filled with loser types sitting around with holes in their jeans and untucked shirts. It’s a behavioral representation of an idea for thinking above a problem rather than below. The efforts liberals have to use victimization as a means to advance a way of thinking is obvious below the line efforts and that was why that guy beating on his little drum claiming to be a “Native American” was propped up to be a victim of white privilege and due for some measure of respect just by his ancestral relationship to a group of people the left has sought to exploit to advance their below the line concepts for the entire human race. Nick Sandman because he was a white teenager from a Catholic school was instantly supposed to respect the rules of engagement and apologize for his very existence upon just seeing the Indian who moved in to confront him knowing that the progressive politics of Washington D.C. favored his intentions even if violence did break out. Nick was the villain just for existing and he had the audacity to wear a MAGA hat to a right to life rally of all things.

Tommy Sotomayor is a guy who goes around looking for controversy and he did provoke the situation at the Hooters restaurant after the black waitress confronted him about his MAGA hat. In spite of the obvious attempts at social grandstanding the point was well made, here was a black man with a group of other blacks standing up for their right to wear a MAGA hat and the effort was completely ignored by the very hateful below the line media. They couldn’t handle a black man fighting for the right to wear a MAGA hat in a story that was obviously much bigger than the one Nick Sandman was involved in. That story with the Covington Catholic kids made every news wire and radio station announcement across the country with stunning coordination, yet Tommy Sotomayor was ignored, essentially because he was a black man on the wrong side of the below the line progressive argument. It was a very interesting thing to watch.

Nick Sandman did a very good job in the aftermath of the ordeal, he is obviously a very above the line young man. He reported the death threats that his family had received since the news outbreak and other terrible threats that came his way which we all recognize as the type of bullying that our society has learned in public school where below the line victimization is taught to the masses for the obvious end result of reshaping the social structure from looking above the line toward problems, to living below. The whole narrative reverts back to the notion of white toxic masculinity being eradicated from the social sphere so that below the line thinking can be nurtured and a new power vacuum would be created for Democrats to fill as a perpetually tearful class of people crying out for more government services extracted from even higher taxation. The MAGA hats were never supposed to give young people like Nick Sandman hope just as the right to life types were supposed to have all legislation ripped out from under them and have their hopes of a society that valued life removed. These elements to the eyes of below the line Democrats and European progressives were never supposed to come to fruition. Even if a Republican did win the White House at some point in the next decade it would be someone like Jeb Bush who could easily be steam rolled over by below the line thinking. There would never have been a MAGA hat revolution otherwise.

But then there are people like Tommy Sotomayor and Kanye West who proclaim that the MAGA hats have given them power and the fortitude to stick up for themselves as individuals and as blacks. The shockwaves of that social movement is something that Democrats can’t deal with because they thought they had that whole demographic locked up into a victimization summation and that all blacks would stay there and be happy collecting their government services, and would keep voting Democrat. Instead they are wearing their MAGA hats out to Hooters and picking a fight with the establishment itself blowing the progressive narrative completely out of the water and you can know that it is very painful for them because of the silence. Progressives have no answer for it in any of the 30 to 40 people from the Democrat side of things running for president. They have nobody like Trump, and they have no message like MAGA hats to start a revolution toward above the line thinking as opposed to below.

I have several MAGA hats and I love them. They are some of the best hats that I’ve ever had because they represent to me the efforts of a president who has a desire to make America an above the line country again instead of a country of victims and despots looking for pity over every little sin in the past. The young man Nick Sandman obviously wants a shot at life-like anybody else and his MAGA hat is that hope. That same hope resides in a black man like Tommy Sotomayor and Kanye West. I’m sure there are lots of Hispanics and Indians who also love their MAGA hats because they understand that the notion of making America great again means that the country is heading above the line in its expectations instead of below where the filth and excuses reside. And that is what everyone who is below the line hates about the MAGA hats and why nobody covered Tommy’s Hooters experience. Because the truth is quite the opposite from what the media tried to create out of the Covington Catholic story. Once the facts where well-known, the evidence was not in the favor of the below the line Democrats and their ambitions for destruction all over the world.

Rich Hoffman

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Project Blue Book on The History Channel: How the new science of intrinsic value is beating traditional Theory X academia

Watching the Project Blue Book series on the History Channel has reminded me of several topics that are quite important to our current times. One thing I have to say about stupid below the line people who have been critical of my articles on the topics of alien life outside of our planet is that it’s not my fault those people aren’t very smart. I am extremely well read and I make my living solving very hard, and complicated problems that many people count on for their livelihoods. This idea that humans evolved from some religious text and gradually emerged as hunters and gathers into complex city states without some outside influence is a pretty dumb idea if you consider the vast amount of evidence coming in on the topic, so I’m not accepting the government offerings on the relationship between mankind and space. I have watched governments lie about little things, let alone big things, so my thoughts on the matter are independent of the social trends. That doesn’t make them irrelevant just because I often discuss political matters every day. One doesn’t cancel out the other just because the government has created a narrative that is convenient to the power structure of below the line thinking. I am quite certain that the government has been lying about the human races relationship with extraterrestrial influences so that is the perspective I am functioning from based on huge amounts of evidence. But I also am not psycho over it either. If an alien spaceship landed on my lawn right now, I’d go out there with one of my big guns and get them off my property. I don’t care where they come from or what they want, so long as they don’t impede themselves on my individual life.

My thinking is that these travelers were always part of our world, from the earliest days of Greek philosophy to the founding of the American republic. They were interacting with the Indians, the Romans, the Egyptians, with every culture of the world the way we visit places like Fiji and the Caribbean. Slowly over time our culture became influenced by those interactions and our present government is doing the same thing that religious leaders from the past did, they put themselves between these travelers and the people of our world for the power position of control. If they could be the ones to bring forth new technology and ways of thinking, then they could be considered gods on earth. After all, who doesn’t want to be a god? Its one of those fantasy things that most humans have, especially below the line thinkers. So the cover-up’s of these travelers isn’t so much to protect us from them, but to allow the communicators to appear to acquire all this vast knowledge suddenly on their own. In our modern age it was the German obsession with the Vril Society that likely unlocked many of the modern UFO instances and catapulted our present society into space by use of rockets. The quick advancements of flying one of our little Wright Brothers fliers to a supersonic stealth fighter developed at Area 51 in Nevada had some help in ensuring engineers, German at first, that the conceptual ideas were possible, and that even traveling to the moon was within the realms of science.

The History Channel Project Blue Book series takes place during this period and I think it’s entirely feasible as presented. One of the spookiest books I have ever read was The Mothman Prophesies which took place in 1967 in Point Pleasant, West Virginia. I read the book because I thought the Richard Gere movie released almost two decades ago now was interesting but I had no idea it was about UFO sightings. And given the proximity to Wright Patterson Airforce Base near my home and has been at the center of alien UFO activity during the entire age of our jet propulsion era, the Mothman story was filled with lots of mystery that needed to be answered. I have always been skeptical about people who claim they have been abducted and I never just take a story at face value, but I am more distrustful of governments, so I am quite convinced that something was going on at Point Pleasant and that it had a relationship with the relatively close Wright Patterson Airforce Base and that all this assisted in building planes that could achieve supersonic and space flight. Reading the book I instantly recognized the Mothman as the Birdman of the Cahokian culture or the Thunderbird of Indian tradition. It is always the same character that could attributed to any number of cultures around the world at many different periods of history. That particular region of Point Pleasant is filled with mounds from an ancient culture of apparent giants who inhabited the Ohio valley before the Adena, Hopewell and Shawnee Indians moved into the area, and those people appear to have come directly to the Ohio Valley well before Christ was born and came from the mysterious people who built Stonehenge. These influences have been going on for a long time and the only thing that has really kept us from doing serious research into them has been our religious reluctance and addictions to below the line thinking controlled through our political structure.

I very much do believe in life on other planets, I even believe in life between dimensional planes of reality at both the quantum level and in higher dimensions above our own four-dimensional world. I believe those things because of the evidence that is out there. Our current science fields are still in their infancy so I consider that its only a matter of time before they catch up. One thing that is very prevalent in the science fields is that the studies by Daniel Pink in his great book Drive are very much at play. UFO researchers and mound culture investigations are driven literally by people functioning from intrinsic motivation—“I Type” personalities. They don’t do what they do for money, but because they are self-motivated to solve the puzzles. Scholastic scientists and government types are Theory X types, and “A Types” authority driven and stick and carrot motivated, meaning that they do what they do for financial compensation which ultimately provides corrupted results. A professor trying to get tenure and respect from the academic community, and ultimately for their schools need to publish findings and they expect those findings to stick for eternity and for science to build on those findings for the advancement of all science. But if the premise is wrong from the outset, then the entire foundation of academia turns out to be faulty, and that is what we have going on with the whole UFO investigation issue.

It is nice that The History Channel is willing to explore these topics but this is only the tip of the iceberg of thought that is really out there. However, while considering it we have to be aware that it is a long way from maturity. That is why we must remain intrinsically motivated in these explorations and to keep the analysis above the line. Project Blue Book is an above the line production the way the film Close Encounters of the Third Kind was, or The Mothman Prophesy. Just because the material may be uncomfortable to consider we can’t rule it unfeasible, especially when so much evidence is there to state the obvious. Lots of things in our modern life are hidden in plain sight and they stay in that condition largely because of our learned behaviors below the line and lost of intrinsic motivations as we age. But to the curious and evidence driven minds, there is a lot of mystery to play with and a truth we should all seek just sitting there for us to add to our human knowledge. And with each new show like Project Blue Book, we get closer each time to understanding the role we play in the great mysteries, so that in time they won’t be so mysterious.

Rich Hoffman
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