American’s For Prosperity: Help in fighting school levies and other tax increases in Ohio–how and why to contact them

I continue to get a lot of email from people all over Ohio wanting to know how they can fight their local school levies and take controversial positions against fire/police levies.  Without question the levy attempts will continue to be a problem in Ohio as collective bargaining agreements are wrecking the budgets of virtually every community.  The idea of collective bargaining is a preposterous notion that only ignorant fools would support.  They are a direct result of communist influence during the “red decade” reacting to extensive pressure from the Soviet Union, and should have never been brought to The United States in any form.  The mistake of collective bargaining is that it pays employees value based on years of service, seniority and collective membership, not on individual merit which is essential to a capitalist system.  Collective bargaining is the brain-child of Karl Marx and is anti-capitalism in its fiscal approach.  The practice needs to be abolished before management of community resources can be performed properly.  Collective bargaining is the single greatest cause of tax increases in any government endeavor.  Employees are paid too much because of it, and too many people are paid with such over abundance—which recklessly drives up labor costs on a community forcing tax increases.

Although collective bargaining for private sector workers was adopted into federal Law in 1935, it was nearly 50 years later when public employees in Ohio obtained the right to negotiate workplace contracts. On July 6, 1983 Governor Richard Celeste signed the collective bargaining bill (SB133) into law, which went into effect on April 1, 1984 and is contained in Ohio Revised Code, Chapter 4117.

As a result of the collective bargaining law, six hundred thousand public employees including teachers, firefighters, police officers, state and local service workers, could not only form and join a union, but also enjoy legal rights in negotiating workplace contracts with the public employer (the taxpayer). The collective bargaining law also ushered in the State Employees Relations Board, principally charged with administering Chapter 4117 and resolving labor and management disputes through a three-member board appointed by the Governor, which almost every time favors the lobby power of the labor unions.

Until the mistake of Celeste in Ohio during 1983 and the 1935 federal law are abolished tax levies will continue.  Many of the people writing me lack the network to fight the large well-oiled machines of community labor unions but I have been able to help some of them construct successful strategies to defeat their levies as they come up on the ballot.  To date, the government institutions, particularly the schools simply ignore the election results when they fail and try again for another tax increase in the next business quarter.  This scam is driven by collective bargaining agreements and unions flock to protect those agreements because it is the life-blood of their high wages.  So, it is helpful to have a larger organization behind tax fighting efforts to match and surpass the scams proposed by labor unions in bed with statist government lovers.

I recently spoke with Hanna Faulkner from the Americans for Prosperity organization who is the Southwest Ohio filed coordinator.  She offered the services of AFP to communities struggling to defeat their tax levies with the might of their dynamic group powered by incredible activists.  They have organized and influential citizen leaders in every state who work at local, state, and national levels to embrace the principles of economic freedom.  AFP understands that individual and entrepreneurial freedom creates a higher quality of life than government controls and excessive regulation.  They also understand that efficient, effective and limited government protects hardworking taxpayer and allows the real economy to grow and thrive.  AFP believes that genuine merit should determine success, not government cronyism or favoritism which is exactly what collective bargaining breeds everywhere it is applied.  AFP knows that communities are healthier and more prosperous when personal responsibility is reward and dependency is discourage, so they are the perfect type of organization to help lend support when it comes to fighting tax increases.

According to Hanna, AFP is all about action.  Throughout the year they crisscross the nation holding rallies, town halls, and grassroots events to inform, empower, and activate Americans to become influential voices in the battle for economic freedom.  In addition to their aggressive stance on national issues, AFP frequently focuses on critical issues at the state and local levels.  That’s why they mobilized massive resources to combat New Jersey’s Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI), where they conducted nearly 50 special events and training seminars, resulting in Governor Christie removing New Jersey from the Cap-and-Trade scheme.  AFP also played a major role in Wisconsin’s budget reform battle, where they defended those in the state who were fighting to balance Wisconsin’s budget.  To that end, they took over the airwaves, rallied grassroots activists, and organized a statewide bus tour.

AFP’s North Carolina activists ensured passage of the first veto-proof budget without a tax increase in over a decade.  The legislative success was the result of grassroots pressure involving AFP-North Carolina activists knocking on more than 56,000 doors and holding rallies as well as AFP’s large-scale paid media effort.  AFP-Nevada activists logged a whopping 35,441 live, non-partisan, Get-Out-The-Vote calls leading up to the special election in Nevada’s 2nd Congressional District.  In Wisconsin, AFP deployed their vertically integrated grassroots strategy, 110,000 activists who ensured that Governor Scott Walker’s crucial collective bargaining reforms and spending cuts carried the day by running a statewide paid media effort, hosting dozens of large-scale rallies, and logging tens of thousands of live issue advocacy calls to households across Wisconsin.  In Michigan AFP helped thwart an unnecessary international bridge project between Michigan and Canada after mobilizing tens of thousands of calls to elected officials in Lansing.  In Texas, AFP along with a coalition of state-based partners, helped wipe out a $27 billion budget deficit in Texas without raising taxes or draining the state’s rainy day fund.   American’s for Prosperity is a group that offers fresh troops to the budget battles of the day—and they are quite effective.

This is why I was speaking to Hanna.  When my school district of Lakota attempts to place another levy on the ballot, I intend to beat that levy so badly that it will change state dialogue in Ohio with a mandate setting defeat that is so high-profile that every district in Ohio, and the board of education at the state level will shudder.  To do this I intended to defeat the next measure by 65% or more at the ballot box, and to do that it will require different tactics than I have used in the past.  The activism record of AFP is just the kind of thing I’m looking for, so such an alliance looks to be forthcoming.  However, in the meantime, AFP is there for other districts all across the state, and they should be contacted to assist with those battles.

Recently there was a levy attempt in the district of Greenon north of Dayton which was quite ugly.  The levy fighters there had lost their house, pushed out because of the higher taxes, and they were all alone in their levy fight.  They managed to defeat the May levy attempt with a wonderful campaign that I am proud of them for implementing.  For them, I would recommend that they contact Hanna for further support on the next attempt as working with AFP will give them more troops on the ground than they currently have.   In Greenon, obviously most people agreed with my friends, but they wouldn’t dare say so publicly because they fear the kind of retaliation that was suffered.  There are many school district preparing levy attempts for the fall ballot so now is the time to contact Hanna at the AFP to organize against those efforts with the successful track record achieved by that liberty defending group.

Levies must be defeated if the collective bargaining debacle of Dick Celeste is to be reversed.  Tax increases are slow intrusions on the value of private property that were typically imposed out of graciousness so long as the value of homes continued to artificially increase.  Now that the housing bubble has burst, the taxes paid to schools are not paid out of falsified property increase values, but out of the real value of property that is not going to increase by means of miracle for the owner.  For the entire duration of Celeste’s diabolical scheme of collective bargaining, property values have artificially inflated with the perception that it would go on forever.  But now reality has set in, and the villain of collective bargaining must be dealt with first by defeating the proposed tax increases, then removing collective bargaining from all government jobs in Ohio so that proper management of tax payer resources can be conducted.  Yet these reforms do not have to be terrifying enterprises where only a few must stand against the many.  Americans for Prosperity is there to help provide support for just this sort of thing, and I’d recommend contacting them over ballot initiatives in Ohio whenever possible.

Hanna Faulkner at American’s for Prosperity can be contacted at:

Rich Hoffman

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Explorer and Investigator Rich Hoffman Writes: Theories on mankind’s secret past

Some of my readers here have been collecting some of my articles on archeology and history to surmise the article shown below.  The complete article can be seen at the link at the conclusion of the text.  Lately, my mind has been rather obsessed with the waters in and around the Bimini Islands, so knowledge of this article contained well-timed articulations of lingering thoughts that span decades.  The latest information on the discussed crystal pyramids that are resting on the ocean floor Dr. Meyer Verlag is providing exact coordinates for verification of his claims. With the use of sonar, oceanographer Dr. Meyer Verlag has discovered giant glass pyramids at a depth of two-thousand meters.  The use of other devices have allowed scientists to determine that these glass giants are both made of a crystal-like substance, and are nearly 3 times bigger than the pyramid of Cheops in Egypt.  Read more about Verlag here:

As is typical of these types of stories, they are ignored by the media not because they are hokey, or inaccurate, but because they jeopardize the scholastic claims of many professions who have built careers on the hasty assumptions of mankind’s origin which now fills history books.  So exploring further information is interesting, and healthy.  In a story that is unfolding in my mind rapidly, the giant pyramids are but one of two underwater investigations that need to occur in the waters off of the Bimini Islands, yet science is afraid to ponder.  The other are the large wrecks of ships which sit off the waters of the Bimini Road nearby, which will undoubtedly prove that America was discovered by the Chinese, and not Christopher Columbus.  But until there is a will to investigate these mysteries with reputable science not afraid of the results, speculation will dominate discussion.

Now enjoy an article inspired by my material!

Reporting on some of Williamson’s amazing findings, Rich Hoffman, explorer and investigator, writes: “There are 40 stone temples on Malden Island that are described as similar in design to the buildings of Nan Madol on Pohnpei, some 3,400 miles (5,475 km) away. In fact, there is a basalt road that runs along the bottom of the Pacific Ocean which connects these islands under hundreds of feet of water.

“This suggests a culture that is more than 50,000 years old and that this entire land mass was once above water supporting a civilization that had no trouble moving around tremendous stones to build very large, complicated societies which we know absolutely nothing about, other than the fact that someone built them and they are older than biblical history.

“Yet, nobody discusses them because they don’t fit into our understanding of the human race and their origins. Scientists have their diffusion theories of how migrants arrived in North America using the land bridge of the Bering Strait and they are sticking with it.”

The same can be said of the scattered ruins of the Caribbean that suggest a very large civilization extending from the coastal waters off the Florida Keys, toward the Bahamian waters, crossing near Bimini, and east into the Atlantic.

Cuba too has underwater ruins off its coast that may have been part of the same city-state complex.

Hoffman also mentions, almost in passing, the incredible report of explorer Tony Benik who made the momentous discovery of yet another huge pyramid under 10,000 feet of water in the middle of the Atlantic.

The pyramid, Benik claims, is capped with a huge crystal.

And if that’s not enough, Hoffman shares the discovery of the Ari Marshall expedition in 1977. The team discovered a smaller pyramid off Cay Sal in the Bahamas. Marshall snapped underwater photos of the pyramid that’s submerged beneath 150 feet of water.

Rich Hoffman

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CineBistro Coming to Liberty Center: Why Tri-County Mall is failing–not understanding good quality from bad

I had a conversation with a political mover in the Butler County area who did not share my excitement over the upcoming Liberty Center development in Butler County, Ohio which is shaping up to be one of the most dynamic shopping/entertainment destinations in the country.  My enthusiasm was due to the recent announcement that the Cobb Theater chain of CinaBistro had just signed on to bring their 8th movie theater complex to the Liberty Center development which is unique in its concept.  CinaBistro offers fine dining and other upscale options while watching movies.  That includes serving bottles of wine and mixed drinks to the seat of movie goers and full course gourmet meals.  CinaBistro is a fashionable experience that will prove very successful in the Liberty Township complex if for no other reason than I might be there with my wife every single day.  I love movies and since CinaBistro will offer all the other entertainment options within the movie theater experience that I enjoy I will be a constant fan.  What’s even better is the theater has restrictions on children under the age of 21, which means that unpleasant, pubescent, smelly, greasy adolescents won’t be able to attend without being present with adults.  The way it appears to work at CinaBistro is that I can take my grandson to see the new Star Wars films there and we can eat a couple of New York Strip Steaks together in luxury.  But my grandson won’t be able to go by himself to the theater with a bunch of his friends unsupervised even as a teenager.  That is a GOOD thing!

The reason the political mover didn’t share my excitement is that Tri County Mall is being foreclosed upon in a sheriffs auction in July and the Cincinnati Mall down the road in Forest Park continues to struggle to find lease commitments, leaving one of the largest shopping malls in the world mostly empty.  Tri County Mall has found itself in the hole by about $272 million, and is losing lease commitments rapidly.  Even the long-standing Spencer Gifts finally pulled out along with Chick-fil-A recently.  That is the sign of a dying mall.  The city of Springdale hopes that the new owners of the mall will have the opportunity and money to restore Tri-County Mall to greatness—and personally I hope so too.  I love the Tri-County Mall.  I grew up with it, and it has always been an important part of my life.  But when my own mother told me that she didn’t like to shop there any more, I knew it was doomed to failure because she isn’t alone.

When Tri County Mall allowed public busing to bring despots and welfare recipients from the inner city to the shopping experience of West Chester, they doomed themselves.  And to no fault of Tri County Mall social policies in the surrounding area from Sharonville to Fairfield of higher property taxes and commitments to public housing have destroyed their communities in many areas.  Those with money and value have consistently moved north over the years to run away from these destructive social policies which fail to understand that there are differences in human behavior, and some of those behaviors are not conductive to economic growth.  Tri County is the latest victim of this progressive ignorance in failing to fathom that the working poor, the down-and-out, and the members of society on government assistance are that way for a reason.

I have known people who have lost everything in life, and have rebounded back on their feet within a few years.  Businesses fail, tragedies happen, and life circumstances change.  But good people find a way to bounce back and become prosperous once again.  Then of course there are people who run across hard times and they never get back up.  These people tend to surrender the responsibility of their lives to public assistance, whether it is public transportation, housing, food or whatever program that the government supplies to help them.  The problem is that the two types of people do not mix well.  People who fight every day of their lives to improve themselves and do good things for themselves and others do not have anything in common with the person on public assistance.  If the government forces two men—one on public assistance and a “rich” man from the suburbs to sit down together and talk while in line at Tri County Mall, the later will not speak to the former and vice versa—because the two men have nothing in common beyond possibly support behind the local sports team.  Their lives and philosophies are radically different, and they are not compatible as two human beings.

When Tri Country Mall allowed the Orange bus line to come to the shopping complex, it allowed a slow influence of people from neighborhoods where drugs, crime, and public welfare are common to interact with well-to-do, upper middle-class shoppers who are uncomfortable associating with people who act as though they might try to rob them at any moment.  Teenage boys walking about with their pants down around their knees are not appealing.  No woman wants to shop at a high-class venue only to see packs of teenagers hooting and hollering unsupervised and looking dangerous.  Progressives have called these suburbanite women “snobs” for not wanting to share their shopping experience with such people.  They have also been called “racists” for participating in some mythical class warfare.   Instead of being called names the shoppers of Tri County Mall and Cincinnati Mills have stayed home or went else ware—such as to Kenwood Mall.  The two types of people are simply not compatible in the same setting.  Their quality of life is just too radically different, and quality is something that progressives always ignore in their social projects, which is why all their projects fail.

The feeling is that when Liberty Center opens that Tri County will sink, and that the Liberty Township development should be stopped because in addition to the amount of retail space it will suck away from complexes like Tri-County Mall, the movie theater isn’t needed.  The political mover speaking to me used the AMC Theater down the road in West Chester and the Springdale Showcase Cinema near Tri-County Mall as evidence that the area is over-saturated with movie theaters.  I pointed out that the AMC theater at The Streets of West Chester are havens for kids under the age of 21 and nobody wants to go there because of all the stupid kids.  The new Cobb Theater at Liberty Center will solve that problem, allowing me to take my wife to a movie without having to interact with pubescent majorities who are only five minutes out of their mother’s wombs.

The real issue is one of value, and failing to understand that value.  Value is determined by quality, and without some measure of quality, you get failure in any endeavor.  If the assumption is that all human beings are equal—well they are if only arms, legs and heads define a human being.  But if the kind of thoughts a person has is considered, and what they do with those thoughts, then quality becomes more than basic human function, and evolves into something much more complex.  That complexity is why Tri-County is failing and why new developments like Liberty Center are being pursued.

I personally am willing to go to the worst areas of any city at any time and do whatever I need to do.  In the past when I’ve needed a tire for a car I was selling, instead of getting one from the local tire store and paying $40 to $60, I would go down to Liberty Street in Over-the-Rhine and get a tire from the guys who operate a used tire refurbishing business for $5.  They change the tires right in the street mounted, balanced and everything in about 15 minutes.  I’ve walked the length of Vine Street from the University of Cincinnati to the river at 3 AM and managed just fine, so it doesn’t bother me to see a gang of thugs in the hallways of Tri-County Mall.  But I do find I can’t relax as I am always on the look-out for some little pick-pocket or despot to cat-call in my wife’s direction.  If I want to shop, I want to enjoy the experience.  If I want to fight, I’ll go where fights are common.  But it is unreasonable to expect suburban moms and dads to desire shopping in a hostile environment with people who are barely hanging on to life by their bad choices and a solid commitment to ignorance.

The Liberty Center project is a result of capitalism.  There is a market desire and the economic viability is present for such a thing to offer upscale options to a shopping public.  The Steiner Group has picked the location for demographic reasons.  It has nothing to do with race, but everything to do with the quality of the people in that demographic region.  There is no way on earth that such a project like Liberty Center would be proposed in Over-the-Rhine because the type of demographic group that could financially support such a project is not present.  The type who are, no longer wish to go to Tri-County Mall not because the mall is a bad one, but because the social interaction has changed the economic viability forever leaving Tri-County to rot in the same way that progressives destroy everything they put their hands and minds to.  The decisions one makes in their life has a major impact on the level of quality they offer the world.

The situation is so bad now in the Tri-County area that I no longer enjoy seeing movies at the Showcase Cinema which I have went to for nearly 40 years.  It is impossible to go there any more without seeing gangs of kids making out, walking around with disheveled appearances, and worrying about my car in the parking lot.  It is hard to relax and watch a movie because the type of people Springdale has allowed to take over their community does not respect private property, ownership, or personal value.  The result is that I tend to now see movies at the Regal in Mason, where I don’t have to worry about those kinds of things.  There are kids at that theater, but they are much better behaved as most of them come from complete families who live in the Deerfield Township area, where there is a mom and a dad living under the same roof.  But when the CineBistro comes to Liberty Center I will be there often and with much delight.  I will also thank capitalism for providing such options freeing my time and money from the social failures of progressive governments who wish to mix types of people together like a cook mixing ingredients that just don’t mix.  People of value do not enjoy spending time with people who value very little.  Those are the facts of life and the real meaning behind success and failure in business endeavors.  Tri-County Mall is not failing because it’s a bad mall; it’s the same mall that it always was.  But the people have changed, and that is a truly sad story for everyone involved.

Preventing Liberty Center from being constructed will not force the residents of Liberty Township and West Chester which number over 100,000 people to continue shopping at Tri-County, and going to see movies at the AMC Theater taken over by teen-aged kids, or Showcase surrounded by declining communities and broken family units.  It will simply halt economic activity.  Government manipulation of restrictive zoning will not force people like herds of cattle to destinations of desire by statist governments.  The independent nature of people with value will simply cause them to rebel in some other way and spend their money elsewhere.  The Orange bus line as a result will be dropping off despots to an empty mall at Tri-County because the social experiment of mixing “rich” and “poor” has failed—because the cause of wealth and lack of value was never identified.  And the heart of that difference is why CineBistro will be an astonishing success at Liberty Center even though they do not allow unsupervised children under the age of 21 to attend and will serve Moët Imperial  for $79 a bottle to each seat while Die Hard 10 starring a 75-year-old Bruce Willis kicks the crap out of bad guys on the silver screen……………….

………………………do you smell that………………………ahhhhhhh…………………………….CAPITALISM!

I can’t wait for the CineBistro at Liberty Center!

Rich Hoffman

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Why Common Core is Bad for Children: Learn everything you need to know from Bill Gates funding to state law violations

Government schools, politicians, union leaders, and busy parents too wrapped up in their own lives to raise their children attempt to justify why they should surrender education to their local government-run school district, will declare that Common Core standards will help all children reach a level of excellence within the public school system.  Yet such an idea is only good from the perspective of the statist school designed by The United States Department of Education.  For any other freedom loving individual Common Core is a gross tyranny that attempts to break down the primary family influence in a child’s life and claim children as property of the state.  Common Core seeks to un-educate instead of create dynamic individuals who are free thinking and diverse in their thoughts and opinions.  Common Core is essentially the first step which leads to Aldous Huxley’s novel A Brave New World, yet for busy, young neurotic parents and politicians who would gladly sell their soul to an airport baggage handler in exchange for a strip tease lap dance, Common Core in education is their children’s salvation, because it promises to make their children into good people and repair their short-comings as parents.  Common Core was the brainchild of a former genius who was told by a statist society that they need to “give back” some of the vast wealth they’ve earned.  Years of guilt and family tradition have turned Bill Gates and his wife to education philanthropy to prove they are not terribly greedy, rich people—but caring contributors to ideas greater than themselves starting with children, even though Bill Gates dropped out of college to start Microsoft—a company that is leading the charge for Common Core.  These complicated dynamics were the subject of the May meeting at the West Chester Tea Party where Heidi Huber, one of the leaders of Ohioans Against Common Core, passionately explained the who, what, why, when, and where Common Core is targeting  young minds to destroy for the benefit of statist government intentions.  This group is leading the charge of taking Common Core out of our schools in Ohio.

I learned during my school levy fights at the Lakota school district that what Heidi stated in her speech was true.  Education is not designed for the children; it is designed for the adults who support a statist view of government.  This is why I moved my position from just a reformer of public education cost, to an advocate against public education completely—and instead favor competitive alternatives to drive the market cheaper with better results based on performance.  The biggest problem with Common Core is it’s far from competitive.  But don’t just take my word for it on this, feel free to watch ALL the videos provided here, and learn for yourself the severity of Common Core on children’s lives, and the future impact it will have on establishing a working philosophy for American society.  I reject the effectiveness of modern education based on the results it has currently provided, children who would rather participate in evasion rather than think—so public education is a dismal failure before the implementation of Common Core.  More of the same is simply not acceptable.

The Common Core State Standards (CCSS) are being sold as a state led initiative that will bring quality education standards to our schools.  CCSS is an illegal overreach by the US Department of Education into local education.  CCSS are national standards which the federal government is forbidden by law from creating, which were developed by a group of progressive education “reformers” in D.C. and released under the auspices of two Washington trade groups.  Because those groups have members from the states, the creators claim this effort was ‘state-led.’  But state representatives had little or no meaningful input to the development process.

The states were coerced into accepting Common Core Standards as a requirement to apply for Race to the Top grant money and in order to receive a waiver from No Child Left Behind mandates.  Ohio’s State Board of Education along with former State Superintendent, De Delisle and Gov. Strickland signed onto this federal intrusion with the RTTT application on January 19, 2010.  Seeing this activity it was then that I decided to start the No Lakota Levy effort at my local school, to pick a large pristine school in Ohio that would get the attention of Columbus and let them know that they would get resistance to their far-reaching attempts to possess the minds of children with new impositions.  During that January 2010 RTTT application there was no legislative involvement.  Even today, legislators are in the dark about Common Core.  Deb Delisle was nominated by Pres. Obama and is currently an Asst. Secretary at the US Department of Education.  Small world……………..

The Ohio Constitution requires a State School Board to obtain legislative approval to change the state’s curriculum.  Common Core radicals in Columbus did not obtain this approval prior to or after signing on to CCSS.  Two consortia, SMARTER Balanced and PARCC, which are paid by the Department of Education with stimulus funds, have developed on-line assessments that are slated to replace the OGT test, but at a greater cost.  Estimates put that cost at more than two times the OGT test costs.  Because they are on-line tests, they will require school district to massively ramp up their technology inventory, at a time when school districts are already struggling to meet their existing operating costs because of their collective bargaining agreements with overly paid labor unions.  This will cause more school levy requests which fulfills the long stated goal of all statist government, to tax private property even more so to discourage property ownership—surrendering those rights to the state in exchange for cheaper lease rates from renting.  So Common Core for the statist government achieves two objectives, it attacks private property ownership, and placates the minds of generations of children with statist government philosophy breaking down the traditional family and replacing parental influence with “community ownership,” of children.

Home Schoolers and private schools cannot escape Common Core through self-instruction.  The Ohio Department of Education will only confer a high school diploma to students passing the new PARCC national standards assessment.  Lead author of Common Core, David Coleman, is now the president of the College Board, the developer of the SAT exam.  They have made it impossible for families to control their child’s education, which should enrage every American with a child.  The Feds, progressive “philanthropists” like Bill Gates and his wife, and the crony capitalists have taken over education.  If CCSS proponents have their way, all standardized tests (ACT, SAT, etc) will align with CCSS forcing private schools and home school families to teach to the test or risk being unfairly evaluated for college and scholarship opportunities.  Personally, I think that if a parent sends their children to a modern college with unfocused goals and spends $50,000 to $100,000 on their college education to be turned into a liberalized buffoon, that parent is an idiot.  If the college taught conservative, or otherwise traditional values, that would be a different story, but they don’t.  They currently instruct students to be agents of a statist system, and the results to our country are quite obvious.

CCSS is part of a broader federal effort to collect huge amounts of personal student and family data (P-20 longitudinal data system).  This data, like that collected through the new health care mandate, will be shared among federal departments) e.g. HHS, Labor, Corrections) and private entities who claim a need to know for education purposes.  Ohio’s LSDS system was a Senate added amendment (post-committee) to HB290 and done under “emergency” measure in the last hours of the December 2009 session to meet the RTTT application compliance.  It is now law as ORC 3301.0712.

CCSS proponents said only English and Math standards were being crafted.  They said Social Studies and Science standards development might be far down the road.  With the consortia assessment structure in place, tests for these standards are almost a certainty.  Both these subjects have the potential to contain ideology with which local school districts may not agree.  States/local districts will not be able to change the standards, but our teachers and students will be evaluated based on them nonetheless.

Some contended that we need these standards because US students do not do as well as their foreign counterparts on national tests and that CCSS would be internationally benchmarked to help our students be more globally competitive.  This contention conveniently ignores the differences in how other countries administer these tests which skews their results.  Those other countries are also not “FREE” countries with a system of government that is unique to America.  Additionally, CCSS standards have not been internationally benchmarked as promised.  If Common Core Standards are so great, why did states have to be bribed with stimulus dollars and NCLB wavers?  Why is Governor Kasich so willing to advance this federal intrusion?  Well, for the same reason that Kasich is supporting Medicaid expansion—for federal dollars to help balance his budget.  It shows no respect for state sovereignty, citizen representation, or limited government.  It supports infinitely statist government perpetually with its implementation.

Common Core is evil, and parents who support it are stupid beyond definition.  They are surrendering the lives of their children to the doom of a statist government.  In political sciencestatism as defined by Wikipedia (Frenchétatisme) is the belief that a government should control either economic or social policy, or both, to some degree.[1][2][3][4] Statism is effectively the opposite of libertarianism.[1][2][3][4] Statism can take many forms. Minarchists prefer a minimal or night-watchman state to protect people from aggressiontheft, breach of contract, and fraud with militarypolice, and courts.[5][6][7][8] Some may also include fire departmentsprisons, and other functions.[5][6][7][8] Totalitarians prefer a maximum or all-encompassing state.[9][10][11][12][13] Big Governmentwelfare state, and other options make up the middle territory of the scale of statism.[14][15]

Some analyses [who?][16] use a dichotomy between state and market, viewing the state as a homogeneous institution capable of using political power to force policy on the market which is the sum of peaceful human action. Such an analysis depends on an elitist theory of power rather than a pluralist theory of power; that power is exercised by individuals and competing organizations within society.[17]

Authoritarianism, on the other hand, views a strong, authoritative state as required to legislate or enforce morality and cultural practices.[citation needed] The ideology of statism espoused by fascism holds that sovereignty is not vested in the people but in the nation-state, and that all individuals and associations exist only to enhance the power, prestige and well-being of the state. It repudiates individualism and the family and exalts the nation as an organic body headed by the Supreme Leader and nurtured by unity, force, and discipline.[citation needed] Fascism and some forms of corporatism extol the moral position that the corporate group, usually the state, is greater than the sum of its parts and that individuals have a moral obligation to serve the state.[citation needed]

The term statism is sometimes used to refer to market economies with large amounts of government intervention, regulation or influence over a market or mixed-market economyEconomic interventionism asserts that the state has a legitimate or necessary role within the framework of a capitalist economy by intervening in markets, attempting to promote economic growth and trying to enhance employment levels. Although this intervention may be undertaken in the name of the public interest, in many instances unintended consequences may ensue, to the opposite of those good intentions. For example, in one interpretation, the USA promoted the Federal National Mortgage Administration (FNMA) as a cure for widespread home ownership; however, coercion of banks to lend to multitudes of unqualified buyers, accentuated with unintended trading of the financial derivatives of these mortgages, led to a dramatic collapse of the housing market in the USA in the period 2008 to 2012.[19]

When career politicians are involved, what form of government would they logically pick?  Is it any wonder that their philosophy of statism is imprinted all over Common Core?  Failure to stop Common Core is the failure to exist as The United States of America.  It infringes upon everything Americans think of themselves, and it is happening right under everyone’s nose because parents refuse out of inconvenience to admit that they have a problem.  Over a year ago when I called out the PTA moms in my district and the parents who support school levies by essentially calling them prostitutes, I meant to insult them so that they might investigate my accusations and save themselves and their children from the course they are currently on.  Their blind acceptance of statism policies is allowing tyrannical concepts like Common Core to migrate into the minds of our children, which is unfathomably foolish.  They are too busy to pay attention the way people like me do to the status of public education and the conditions of society in general, and without their psychological investment into the world of government, statist policies will continue to favor people like Barack Obama, De Delisle, and David Coleman.

When kids picked on Bill Gates in elementary school for being a super geek, and his school teaching mother could not help him overcome those terrible bullies, Gates decided to place his fate in his own hands.  He dropped out of Harvard and started Microsoft.  But always in the back of his mind are those bullies, leaving Gates forever traumatized to the abuses of other bullies for the rest of his life no matter how many billions of dollars he has been able to ascertain to protect himself.  When Microsoft met the bully of the federal government who took Gates to court over monopoly accusations, the old sentiments for his mother probably kicked in and with the same determination that built Microsoft into a giant corporation of incalculable human benefit, Gates dedicated his life forever forward with evidence that he was not a greedy, heartless, “capitalist,” but a bleeding heart progressive like the rest of the government bullies hell-bent on global statism.   So he helped start a new cable television news channel called MSNBC and has spent around $30 billion dollars on philanthropy, to prove to those government bullies and statist leaning media outlets that he was not a bad person.  Gates might be a genius at computer code and forward thinking applications, but the money that he made off his inventions does not make him qualified to continue the teachings of his school teacher mother by supporting Common Core with a social philosophy that he does not understand.  Like most geek types, they are book smart, but socially awkward until they gain the kind of incredible wealth that Bill Gates has achieved where looters and moochers are constantly eating out of his hand giving him an illusion of power that he does not possess.  Only people willing to sell themselves cheaply treat people like Gates as an authority on all manner of life.  Gates is at a financial level where he has lost touch with reality, which is reflected in his advocacy of Common Core.  Bill Gates earns $250 every second; that’s about $20 million a day and $7.8 billion a year!  If Bill Gates drops a thousand-dollar bill, he needn’t even bother to pick it up, because it would take him 4 seconds to pick it up, he would’ve already earned it back.  Bill Gates and Melinda Gates’ house worth of $150 million and annual taxes is over $1 million.  Bill Gates is worth enough money to send every 18-year-old in the country to a 4-year college.  If you change all of Bill Gate’s money to US $1 notes, you could make a road from earth to moon, 14 times back and forth. However, you have to make that road non-stop for 1,400 years, and use a total of 713 BOEING 747 planes to transport all the money.  Bill Gates can donate US $15 to everyone on earth and still be left with US $5 million for his pocket-money.  Yet with so much money, which he rightfully earned, statist bullies have taken his past torments and used them to their advantage—launching Gates on a progressive course that has ushered in Common Core as the single greatest threat launched against The United States.  The attack is not with physical weapons, but with the destruction of the human mind, and they performed the feat by using one of the richest men in the world to do it.

I know many very wealthy people, and they all share this symptom that is seen in Bill Gates, the social pressure to prove that they are not bad people because of their wealth.  But such a negative philosophy of wealth was created by statist governments so that they could find ways to get their hands on that money through altruistic practice.  And this is how Common Core has found its way into our schools, seeking to eradicate the minds of children everywhere to non-thinking commitment to a Brave New World right out of the novel written so long ago, yet coming true in 2013.  But it doesn’t have to be this way.  Common Core is illegal, especially in Ohio and it can be stopped.  To find out how, Visit the great web site at and find out how you can save children from the intrusive influence of Common Core before their minds are consumed by the evil mechanisms of statist government forever destroying families in the process by design for tactical aims that are more sinister than the most vivid imagination can conger.

Rich Hoffman

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The Mind of a Terrorist: London attacked quickly, America over a long period of time

“Woolwich Attack’ Man Killed in Terror-Attack London / Wednesday 22 May 2013”

In a statement, London’s Metropolitan police commander Simon Letchford said that police have shot two men who had attacked the victim in Woolwich’s John Wilson Street. The Telegraph reports that local MP Nick Raynsford said that he believed the victim was a soldier returning to his barracks, while several witnesses described the attack as a “beheading.”  According to Bloomberg, two men are in police custody.  The Guardian reports that British Prime Minister David Cameron called the incident “truly shocking.” Cameron asked Britain’s home secretary to chair a meeting of Cobra, the government’s emergency committee.  Like lost children authorities and citizens have attempted to come to grips with the violent nature of the attack by a radical Muslim extremist on the quiet streets of London.  Yet nobody has an explanation as to how a killer could be so enraged one moment killing another human being, then with hands still dripping with the blood of the victim, give a speech in dedication to Allah to a nearby cameraman.

The two things—murder and a vocal, articulate summation of the crime in broad daylight with bold audacity are elements not commonly associated together, leaving spectators baffled as to how to prevent such treacherous behavior in the future.  Yet the evidence is clear, the killer wanted to be known for the crime.  He remained in hiding, through plain sight for as long as he deemed necessary, then attacked at will which is the most jarring aspect of the terrorist attack.  The behavior provides no measure for authorities to prevent such murders in the future as the patterned behavior falls outside the realm of acceptability.  The killer obviously did not care that his life was effectively over when he gave the speech.  He knew that police would be on the scene in just a few short minutes, and he was completely unconcerned about the crowd that had gathered around him.  He spoke in a level-headed and thoughtful rendition of his view of reality to the camera freezing the world with his calmness.

To understand how this might have happened let’s examine the situation hypothetically so to perhaps understand how we might discover such a plot concealed behind good intentions that is obvious to many, but existing because of social paralysis.  Let’s assume that the same type of terrorist as the London killer had decided to take a different path of Muslim extremism, one much slower, but over time much more effective than killing a British soldier in broad daylight on a London street.  Let’s assume such a thing so that we might prevent being caught in America unguarded the way the Boston bombers were able to pull off their crime against humanity yet again.

Let’s just theorize dear reader that a young Muslim student from Jakarta thought in the same way as that killer from the London beheading, that dedicating their life to Allah was the ultimate redemption in life, and the more audacious the act, the more joy that Allah’s grace would earn them.  Let’s consider that this young Muslim student had “daddy” issues and lacked a strong male role model in their life and turned to religion as a stabilizing force.  Let’s assume that in their Jakarta public school system they learned to hate American colonialism and had fantasized bringing meaning to their life by bringing down the imperial beast and crushing the infidels not with a knife and dagger, but with bankruptcy and moral depravity.  Let’s also assume that this young student had a communist mentor who helped shape his world view, and helped him get a student visa to American schools, and explained to the young lad that he could bring America down like the Trojan Horse of legend—from the inside.  The communist mentor might explain that the young student could do the work of Allah be earning the trust of the infidels until they were unaware of the terrorism, until it was too late.

In college the young student learned about law, and made friends with terrorists connected to The Weather Underground.  Together they learned how to subvert American politics in broad daylight by acting in ways that were contrary to accepted thought.  The young student learned to smile and deceive to hide his true long term intentions which the terrorists explained to him was the best way to serve Allah.  The great American beast could be slow bled from such terrorism and the best way to achieve it would be for the student to work his way into politics.  But for the student to get elected he would have to pretend to be a Christian so to earn voter’s trust and not worry about the real objective of destroying American infidels in Allah’s honor, hypothetically speaking of course.

Once in office, the levers of power were available, and the work of Allah could be performed by stripping away the values of infidels starting with their families, their finances, and their culture.  It was discovered quickly that such a task was easy and that other Trojan Horses in government were doing exactly as he was doing, sent to Washington D.C. by the same type of people from the same college professors all across the country.  Washington D.C. was like a mini Jakarta school yard, with many patriots serving Allah for spiritual purity.  The ruse was easy, all one had to do was pretend to be a Christian so to direct public eyes elsewhere, and if anyone asked any questions, the accusation of racism would quell any further investigation.

From the inside the young student from Jakarta found that many of his fellow patriots wanted him to penetrate The White House so they could really get to the heart of America and dismantle it from behind enemy lines.  So the student ran for president and won, largely by appealing to other minorities, unproductive lazy sociopaths easily seduced by communism, and election fraud.  Now the young student could spend the wealth of the infidels audaciously right under their noses taking lavish vacations, and running up a national debt that that would allow the collapse of the dollar to foreign interests who helped put him into The White House with their contributions.  They got what they wanted, the destruction of America and he got what he wanted, destruction of imperialist America as a nation of Christian infidels.  And if anyone criticized his movements, the call of “racism” would shield him from prying eyes.

He would endure scandal, after scandal, after scandal.  The lies didn’t bother him because the oath of office was done against a Christian Bible and Allah had no use for such work of the infidels.  The true objective initiated on the playgrounds of Jakarta was being fulfilled, America was seeing its last days and his people from the homeland would see him as a hero.  Better yet, Allah would shine upon him.  America was being decapitated not with a knife, but through its banking system.

Of course this is all………………”hypothetical.”  But wouldn’t it be possible for such a scheme to play out in the same manner that the London terrorist remained in hiding disguising his extremism behind a thin mask of social acceptability, of failing to name a villainy by its true name for fear of being out of favor with political correctness, invented among academics for the purpose of such subversion?  If the goal of the murder was to make a religious and political point, sacrificing himself to the altar of Allah, why wouldn’t a devious schemer lacking proper family influences ration that much worse could be achieved if such extremist acts could be done from the inside out over a long period of time so that nobody would see the daily details instead of a quick and impatient severing of the head to send a bold message to the western world that nobody is safe anywhere from the might of Allah.

On a separate note, but somewhat related, why is it that President Obama fails to identify that all the recent terrorist activity throughout the world, on the heels of the London murder and Boston bombings are acts of radical Muslims?


And on another completely unrelated note……………..why did Obama dedicate the once juggernaut of American technology, NASA, to the study of Muslim self esteem, shutting down the Space Shuttle program and cancelling the replacement vehicle?


I wonder why?

Rich Hoffman

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Overcoming an American President: Making ‘Tail of the Dragon’ novel–metaphor at The White House

At my new book has been sold out for most of 2013 which has qualified Tail of the Dragon for some bulk discounts bringing down the price.  Amazon is now offering Tail of the Dragon for $17.99 on their online store.  I can’t promise that the same price will be held elsewhere as Amazon has a relationship with my distributer and publisher that allows for the price reduction.

I am very proud of the way the novel Tail of the Dragon came about.  Those who have read the book have had wonderful things to say about it, and have enjoyed the contemporary message that is uniquely a mix between Mr. Smith Goes to Washington and Smokey and the Bandit.  I did with the novel what I do with most things—I put a lot of effort into the project on the front end.  I am never happy embarking on a creative endeavor from the distance of mere contemplation.  For instance, in the title I am currently working on called The Trial of Fletcher Finnegan, where the entire United States military representing global bank cartels wish to arrest the protagonist for being a flame of liberty in the small, seemingly insignificant town of Fort Seven Mile, Ohio I want to have some authenticity about the character as I write it.  So I tend to incorporate such needs into my research.  In this case it requires me to do things that I cannot say at this time, until some future date, but I do place myself into my character’s shoes whenever I can.  I want to know that what I put to paper is possible, and not just the fantasy of a person locked in psychological duality—where they live one way of life, but write about another.  I want to know that what I write about could happen the way I envision it, and the best way to perform such a thing is to do samplings of the behavior in real life.

For Tail of the Dragon my wife and I rode over 20,000 miles on a motorcycle during one summer.  Even though the novel is about an epic car chase, the essence of the story is about the struggle for real freedom, not just the legal illusion.  That meant I had to understand the idea more than just intellectually—I needed to see and feel it up close.   So we rode our motorcycle from the shores of Lake Erie to the southern tip of Key West and many points in between while I worked out the details in the novel to give the story a uniquely hands on feel.  The result of those journeys can be seen in the below six part video series featuring The Making of Tail of the Dragon.  Click on the videos to watch, and then click on the descriptive text below to revisit the details of each episode.

In Part One, my wife and I visited the actual site of the mythical Tail of the Dragon in the pouring rain riding at elevations over 5000 feet.  This was the first time I had ever visited the road and was scouting for a metaphorical template for which to paint a uniquely American version of freedom upon.   I had heard about the Tail of the Dragon at Deal’s Gap in North Carolina, but had to see the place for myself.

In Part Two we approached the Tail of the Dragon from the west across the Cherohala Skyway nick-named the Mile High Legend.  I wanted the car chase in my story to begin on the Skyway which is the only way over the mountains from the west.  At 100 to 200 MPH of speed during the chase landmarks come and go quickly, so I had to have a good feel for the roads in and around the area.

In Part Three, I needed to work out the context of the main character’s obsession with personal freedom.  To accomplish this, my wife and I took a long, hot, and punishing trip to Key West by motorcycle to study a place which is well-known for its love of personal freedom and distrust of politics.

In Part Four, I joined a motorcycle club and became its vice-president participating in a membership ride from Cleveland, Ohio to Freemont just south of Sandusky.  I was working on the problem of individualism over collectivism and had become fascinated by the dual problem present with motorcycle riders where they proclaim to be rugged individualists, yet travel together in packed formations much like birds in flight.  The concept seemed wrong to me, so I explored the idea first-hand.

In Part Five, my daughter rode her first motorcycle on her own with me to Cleveland for a film festival where I was set to pick up an award for a separate project.  We raced up I-71 at speeds exceeding 90 MPH most of the way as time was not on our side.  As a man, I am a risk taker, and that tendency is certainly present in my Tail of the Dragon characters.  But I wanted to explore a trust issue where my wife and daughter needed to trust my recklessness to a new level.  I was working out a problem I was having in the novel and I needed to prove a theory to myself so that I could find the words to articulate the problem for my characters.

In Part Six, I needed to solve a new problem.  The story required a level of fearlessness that comes only to those who really push life to the ultimate limits.  That requires participants to move beyond the social façade most live within their entire lives.  I felt the best way to do this was to go to one of the most haunted places in the country and face down the ghosts that live there.  It was a supernatural themed motorcycle trip that will never be forgotten.

The result of all these trips became the basis for my novel Tail of the Dragon.  I am very proud of the result.   Even though the story is essentially a high-speed car chase and audacious flight from everything representing modern authority, the psychological transformation of the characters required that I put them “above” all established authority known to the present day world from which we live.  Most people recognize the American President of The United States as being the ultimate authority figure on planet earth.  In my story, this meant that my characters had to overcome this figure—at least metaphorically.  I knew I hit the mark when my editor at American Book commented on the scene which took place in The White House with tears of joy.  I further received conformation when the copyeditor hired by American Book to finalize the manuscript wrote me a personal note which can be seen here:

Rich, here’s a lovely comment from the copyeditor to you:

 Mr. Hoffman:  It was very much an honor to work on your book, which I found to be fascinating, thrilling, and insightful.  I found myself pouring through the book, wanting to know what would happen next.  Your book is wonderful on its own, and on top of that, it reminds me of my own parents; I can’t wait to have them read the book once it is printed.  Thank you for the pleasure of being part of such an enjoyable and rewarding process;  I wish you the best of luck! 


To get the climax to work in The White House I needed to take the readers to a place that no other mechanism had achieved in society, no song, no movie, no television show, no piece of prior literature—nothing.  My editors on the East Coast are hardly bastions of conservativism.  At the start of the book they were much more aligned with the type of people who voted for Barack Obama than my Tea Party favoring tendencies of Rand and Ron Paul.  What I had to overcome in Tail of the Dragon was this notion that the American President was a figurehead to be worshipped and honored, and that was an idea that transcended any political party known to current society.  The primary antagonist in Tail of the Dragon was willing to do anything to become president.  He was willing to run over anyone anywhere to have the chance to sit in the Oval Office—so to achieve the aims of his political ideology which he had built over a lifetime.  This all comes at the expense of society and the individuals that make it up.  To make my point I had to go beyond this ridiculous notion and place my heroes above all established authority—not as typical outlaws, but as something else—that defied understanding prior to my writing of Tail of the Dragon.

I had the idea in my head, but to put the final touches on it, I can say that those 20,000 miles of motorcycle riding finalized my thoughts into a coherent philosophy that is unique onto itself.  The cure for the human race is to arrive at the mental view-point the President arrived at during the climax of Tail of the Dragon.  And for me to understand that not just conceptually but philosophically required an extraordinary journey both physically and mentally that pushed me to my limits in a unique way so that when I put words to paper the context was created in a way that had never been done before.  My editor’s reaction was the first conformation of that success.  The second has been the slowly building love for the novel by those who have read it, and kept Tail of the Dragon a rare commodity at driving the price down so more people can enjoy the fun, adventure, and philosophy for which it contains. 

You can find Tail of the Dragon at by CLICKING HERE.


Rich Hoffman

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A timeline of the IRS Scandal: Freeze their assets, take back their bonuses, hold their pay, and lock up their buildings

The IRS is guilty of misleading the American public and the Obama Administration has proven itself at the very least incompetent to manage government offices.  The Obama White House is most likely very guilty of much, much worse—with a series of scandals that far eclipse Watergate.   To understand the severity of these crimes, here is just the IRS timeline of who knew what and when they knew it.

Dear reader, the best thing you can do is send a copy of this article to your congressman and let them see the IRS timeline for themselves.  Also, make sure to instruct them you expect Congress to treat the IRS in the same way that the IRS treats all of us.

  • Freeze all their paychecks till the matter is resolved.
  • Take back any bonuses paid during the above timeline.
  • Freeze all assets till innocence is proven.
  • And padlock their doors till legal justification for holding a position of authority can be restored.

If any of us were in trouble with the IRS and caught in just a fraction of the trouble that they are currently in, that is what would be done.  So the same needs to happen to the IRS.  Without the urging of the public, Congress will lose their back-bone and let justice subside to back-room negotiations, and this cannot be allowed to happen.

You have seen the evidence.   Now act on it. And if you have doubts……the below video was filmed one week before the IRS bomb dropped. Obama was well aware of what was going on……………he is lying, and that is against the law.  And he knows it.

Rich Hoffman

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The H.A.A.R.P Weapon: Serving statist governments the world over

It is a sad state when wild conspiracy theories provide the most logical conclusions to President Obama’s many political catastrophes.  But it can’t be ignored that when Obama needed political capital most prior to the 2012 election, Hurricane Sandy hit New England soaking up the news cycle with tragedy allowing Obama to look presidential and putting an effective shackle across the loose lips of Governor Chris Christie.  Christie suddenly found himself in need of federal relief money—which Obama largely controlled.  This effectively shut down one of Mitt Romney’s most vocal advocates just days before the election which had been up to that point a very tight race.  Then within the same year when Obama’s administration was drowning in three major scandals a F5 tornado hit Oklahoma in a devastating manner taking lives and destroying billions of dollars worth of value in both real and emotional capital.  At a critical time during the IRS hearings, the news cycle was distracted by another terrible tragedy caused by the weather which brought to my mind the conspiracy theory of the super secret government weapon called HAARP which can supposedly heavily influence the weather at will.  I have always been skeptical of this technology but became somewhat more convinced of its possibilities by some of my readers here at Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom who sent me off-line emails showing Hurricane Sandy gaining strength in the Atlantic Ocean prior to the election.  The argument provided to me detailed weather maps of ionospheric manipulation that was attempting to “nudge” the storm into a higher hurricane category instead of being just a big storm that might otherwise hit the heavily populated region with a lot of rain.

The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) as reported by Wikipedia is an ionospheric research program jointly funded by the U.S. Air Force, the U.S. Navy, the University of Alaska, and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).[1]

Designed and built by BAE Advanced Technologies (BAEAT), its purpose is to analyze the ionosphere and investigate the potential for developing ionospheric enhancement technology for radio communications and surveillance.[2] The HAARP program operates a major sub-arctic facility, named the HAARP Research Station, on an Air Force–owned site near Gakona, Alaska.

The most prominent instrument at the HAARP Station is the Ionospheric Research Instrument (IRI), a high-power radio frequency transmitter facility operating in the high frequency (HF) band. The IRI is used to temporarily excite a limited area of the Ionosphere. Other instruments, such as a VHF and a UHF radar, a fluxgate magnetometer, a digisonde, and an induction magnetometer, are used to study the physical processes that occur in the excited region.

The HAARP Conspiracy: What is it?

HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) is a little-known, yet critically important U.S. military defense project which has generated quite a bit of controversy over its alleged weather control capabilities and much more.

Though denied by HAARP project officials, some respected researchers allege that secret electromagnetic warfare capabilities of the HAARP project are designed to forward the US military’s stated goal of achieving full-spectrum dominance by the year 2020.

Others go so far as to claim that HAARP can and has been used for weather control, to cause earthquakes and tsunamis, to disrupt global communications systems, and more. The U.S. patent of a key developer of HAARP and other documentary evidence support these claims.

Major aspects of the program are kept secret for alleged reasons of “national security.” Yet there is no doubt that HAARP and electromagnetic weapons capable of being used in warfare do exist. According to the official HAARP website, “HAARP is a scientific endeavor aimed at studying the properties and behavior of the ionosphere, with particular emphasis on being able to understand and use it to enhance communications and surveillance systems for both civilian and defense purposes.” The ionosphere is the delicate upper layer of our atmosphere which ranges from about 30 miles (50 km) to 600 miles (1,000 km) above the Earth’s surface.

The HAARP project website acknowledges that experiments are conducted which use electromagnetic frequencies to fire pulsed, directed energy beams in order to “temporarily excite a limited area of the ionosphere.” Some scientists state that purposefully disturbing this sensitive layer could have major and even disastrous consequences. Concerned HAARP researchers like Dr. Michel Chossudovsky of the University of Ottawa and Alaska’s Dr. Nick Begich (son of a US Congressman) present evidence suggesting that these disturbances can even be used to trigger earthquakes, affect hurricanes, and otherwise manipulate weather control.

Read more here:

The first thing that critics of such technology will point out is that politicians like Obama and his supporters wouldn’t possibly kill innocent people and destroy massive amounts of property just to hold an elected office.  The second thing is that the government couldn’t possibly keep such a weapon secret, and whistle blowers would not participate in the military use of such a weapon maintaining a classified status during high-profile elections.  After all, the top-secret operators of such a weapon might not be Obama supporters and would not be motivated to assist in the re-election efforts of a president who obviously does not support NASA, or the military even though he is the Commander-in-Chief—the ultimate boss and authority over the military.  One must have serious doubts about such schemes as the realm of reality does not lend credence to such an undertaking.

However—first……… must admit that such a weapon as the HAARP exists, which it appears to, and to what extent it can control the weather.  I would doubt that a HAARP weapon could turn a totally cloudless warm day into a stormy blizzard, but it might have the capability to extenuate existing circumstances that exist in the ionosphere and aggravate their natural reactions.   I have a friend who once explained to me the possibility of creating another Ice Age in the world by simply injecting copious amounts of fresh water into the Gulf Stream in the Atlantic Ocean—such as a way to get the Great Lake water into the Atlantic Ocean quickly to destabilize the salt content and allow the Northern Polar cap to freeze further south.  Theories of such weather manipulation have been around for decades.  In order to aggravate a large storm cell such as a hurricane all one would have to do is find a way to increase the contrasting currents within the storm at its core to help it become stronger kind of like giving it environmental steroids.  The storm would already have to exist, but technology such as what HAARP suggests might in fact elevate existing conditions making them un-naturally strong holding durations of activity that are unusually long.

The same theory might hold true with the Oklahoma Tornado.  An already unstable atmosphere in the Tornado Alley region might be “nudged” along into becoming full-fledged storms with a HAARP weapon provoking them into activity that nature might otherwise alleviate.  So in the realm of scientific theory, there is a possibility of the HAARP weapon actually doing the kinds of things that conspiracy theorist propose.  The problem therefore becomes the unfathomable condition of a government who can order such a weapon used on its own people for some silly political maneuver. How could any one person be so evil to actually do such a thing without blowing the whistle?  And why would a politically motivated person in charge of such things use a HAARP-like weapon to destroy billions of dollars of property and kill innocent people?  Well, for the answer, all one need to do is watch the IRS hearings, or study the Benghazi terrorism event to see that the government is more than willing to collectively lie, deny, and sacrifice their own to protect the statist institution of government.  They collectively believe that a sacrifice of the individual is needed at times to protect the collective whole for a perceived “greater good.”

Then there is the idea of coercion, of “nudging” individuals, or groups of individuals into doing things against their will so to avoid the consequences of going against a democratic mob.  The government does this all the time, most notably in the alarming revelation that the IRS broke the IRS story in the first place.  Lois Lerner used a reporter to plant the question in a conference she was speaking at.  She “wanted” the question asked based on predictable results—knowing full well the level of anger that would be generated by her revelation.  The destruction and lives that would be ruined because of her revelation were known before hand, yet she admitted to the controversy willingly for reasons that are most likely more sinister than any logical person could possibly fathom.  We also know that governments will exploit tragedy at any opportunity, such as what Obama did with the victims of Sandy Hook to advance gun control.  Public schools constantly use the innocence of children to secure more funding for their statist education philosophies, so it is not at all beyond the realm of possibility that government is always on the lookout for tragic circumstances that they can use to advance more statist legislation and expansion of their social philosophy. George W. Bush used the tragedy of 9/11 to create the Department of Homeland Security, the TSA and many other deficit spending measures that favor big government.  But you will never see President Obama suggest that he seek permission to use the HAARP weapon to save the lives of people from hurricanes or tornadoes because if people didn’t die occasionally, or if the world did not have tragedies, then society would not buy into the environmental philosophies which are behind the new world-wide Socialist International movement.  Obama will never propose that the government seek ways to alter the weather to prevent the death of children in public schools like what happened in Oklahoma that produced nearly as many deaths as the tragic Sandy Hook shooting did.  The modern statist government needs such tragedies to justify FEMA, and federal relief agencies which gives Washington D.C. legal means to impose itself on state governments suppressing the 10th Amendment.  If such a weapon as HAARP is actually able to instigate violence in existing weather patterns, then it can do the opposite, and that is dissolve such threats before they occur.  Years from now when it is revealed that the HAARP weapon has been functional for many years, the information will then be revealed once the current politicians have all died off and cannot be blamed for all the senseless deaths that occurred during tragedies like the Oklahoma tornado of 2013 which they did have the ability to stop—but didn’t—because they needed the collateral damage for political capital.

Before such realities can even begin to be accepted, the realization that it is not incompetent fools like President Obama who would pull the trigger on such a catastrophe must be understood.  Obama is simply required to have deniable ignorance and provide social diversions.  The real manipulators are the various shadow government representatives who pour so much money into K-Street in Washington that really rule the world.  It is they who provide the technology; it is they who keep it concealed with hush money placed into the pockets of politicians in the gentleman clubs of D.C.  To them, secret sex with strippers equates to national secrets involving HAARP because easy money comes to their pockets from the shadow government giving them access to women they would otherwise never have a chance to meet while they maintain a false façade of a happy family in their home districts.  The operators of HAARP have their own strategy and make their aims more obtainable over others, so tragedies occur according to their strategic needs.

Most of the time a tornado is just a tornado, and a hurricane is just a hurricane.  The violent earthquakes and seismic activity that built the Appalachian Mountains or the many meter impacts that have possibly erased life on earth many times over are part of nature.  But if there is a way to use a weapon like HAARP to nudge the weather into a desire that is to the advantage of a statist government and the money holders of all potential shadow governments, there is much evidence that such characters will use it—no matter what the social, economic, or moral cost.  All it takes for such acts of coercion and terror to occur is for enough people to deny that such an evil is possible.

As outlandish as such a theory sounds, the HAARP weapon concept actually makes more sense than the acts of the current government and the unique accidents that conveniently occur which contribute to shielding the extremely corrupt Obama Administration from the multitude of scandals which are currently plaguing it.  Unless such a fantastic idea is introduced, there are simply too many missing pieces of the puzzle present which do not make any sense.  That is how bad the current government in America is.  Only fantastic theories can explain the evil that is present.  Logic and good sense are so vacant that conspiracy theories at least offer a glimpse into the treacherous behavior of the current statist government in America that is marching to orders that do not come from the people who elected them, but global interests who do not care who dies, who suffers, or who is destroyed so long as they achieve power for the sake of power at the expense of innocence.

Never forget Benghazi, or the people who died there.  Evil has the reigns of power, and they will do anything to keep it.  Anything…………..even if it is the manipulative use of science fiction made into science fact under the cloak of secrecy and millions of timid souls who allow it.

Rich Hoffman

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The Iron Men Doc Thompson and Skip Lacombe: Raising $1.5 million for Oklahoma tornado victims after a marathon 24 hour radio broadcast

On Thursday morning, May 23, 2013 The Morning Blaze with Doc Thompson and producer Skip Lacombe broadcasted for 24 straight hours to raise money for Mercury One’s Midwest Tornado Relief Fund with support from The Blaze Radio Network‘s Glenn Beck, Jay Severin, Buck Sexton, Pat & Stu and other special guests such as yours truly.  The broadcast began at 6AM Thursday morning and ran through 9 AM Friday Eastern time 5/24 from Oklahoma.  The time over that 27 hour period that Doc and Skip were not on the air was during Glenn Beck’s regular 9 AM to 12 PM broadcast.  The marathon broadcast was quite an achievement as Doc and Skip spoke straight for the entire time with a performance that far exceeded Rand Paul’s recent filibuster in the Senate and successfully helped generate over $1.5 million dollars for victims of the Oklahoma tragedy.  It was halfway through this marathon that I came on with Doc to talk about the IRS situation surrounding Lois Lerner and how much mutual affection we had for one another.

I have worked long periods of time that also exceeded 24 hour intervals, so I have an appreciation for what Doc and Skip achieved.  Since Doc joined The Blaze, I leave their streaming audio on just about everywhere I go.  With phone apps being what they are these days and computers being so mobile The Blaze Radio can be heard anywhere through streaming audio, so I never have to worry about signal strength that was so typical of AM radio.  I can now travel anywhere in the country never having a break in a broadcast, and that is the single best reason for using The Blaze as my new primary news source.  But I wasn’t willing to give it a chance until my good friend Doc joined The Blaze.  Now that he has, I am hooked.

I left Doc and Skip’s broadcast on for the entire period and was surprised to hear them displaying the same enthusiasm at 4 AM as they did at 6 PM the previous day.  Before the 27 hour marathon performance, Doc and Skip had done remote broadcasts from Washington D.C. and Richmond, Virginia, in the same week which demonstrated the strength of The Blaze’s Radio program to pick up from one location and successfully set up a remote in another location so quickly.  The innovation that was being used at The Blaze means that Doc and Skip due to their iron man-like endurance no longer have to be constrained by cumbersome equipment as other radio stations are limited to.  The phone screener no longer has to be in a booth in the next room communicating to the radio host through a glass window.  Modern equipment efficiency allows part of an operation like The Blaze to function out of New York City, Dallas, Texas, and then the road team represented by Doc and Skip communicated over computer networks through headsets in real-time.  This means that ambitious projects like the Oklahoma fundraiser on the heels of an already extensive road trip are possible because Skip can pack up their radio studio and put it in their car easily to set up in the next town quickly.  The Blaze has been one of the first, and best of their kind, who have a large news organization that is so mobile, and is free of FCC regulation.  That makes them very unique.

After Doc left the air to catch up on some much-needed sleep, The Blaze Radio Network switched over to Glenn Beck who was broadcasting from The American Dream Labs in Salt Lake City and immediately stepped into coverage of the London terrorist incident where a young soldier was beheaded by a radical extremists in the city streets.  The Blaze is a creation of Glenn Beck built by the money he earned off his popularity gained at CNN and Fox News.  Instead of becoming a pompous ideologue, like so many do who have even a fraction of Beck’s talent, he took his money and did great things with it as an entrepreneur.  It is because of Beck’s commitment to The Blaze that it is such a dynamic radio program and had the ability to send Doc and Skip on the road to Oklahoma to raise money for the victims there so efficiently, and effectively.

As I’ve said, more than once I have worked 24 hours or more, and I know how tired Doc and Skip had to have been.  But add to that the need to talk for such a long period of time without the assistance of visual aids, or even music to fill the time.  The entire show had to be filled with Doc and Skip’s voices and that is difficult, because to do so, there has to be enough thought in the mind to articulate words in a voice.  As a fairly frequent guest on talk radio, and occasional public speaker, I can talk for hours without notes—but this is due to the many books and information I put into my head with a daily education that I work hard to maintain.  So I can appreciate the sheer volume of thought it takes to generate 24 hours of straight talking with only breaks at the top and bottom of each hour for the news.  Doc’s performance with Skip was a Marconi Award winning endeavor in my opinion.  No other radio host in the country could come close to what Doc pulled off.  Doc and Skip’s unique brand of news radio and commentary is laced with comedy that is the conservative equivalent to Jon Stewart from The Daily Show, it was funny stuff at 6 AM Thursday, and it was still funny 27 hours later at 9 AM Friday.

Doc didn’t just get to such a level over night.  When he was in Cincinnati Doc did 6 hours of radio every single day.  He did three hours at 700 WLW then 3 hours in Richmond, Virginia at 1140 WRVA for well over a year.  I used to think that was a lot of radio for a voice to perform, but Doc blew that trend out of the water with his marathon Oklahoma performance.

Doc’s iron man tenacity in radio was reflected in his broadcast, and ultimately, it is that type of on-air personality that makes The Blaze a much better news organization than is offered any place else.  The Blaze hires and recruits out-side-the-box types of employees like Doc and Skip, and the results are overwhelmingly obvious.  The Doc Thompson Show on The Blaze demonstrates a passion for the material that is simply unheard of anywhere else.  It was a pleasure to listen to Doc and Skip on the radio for more than 24 hours.  I came away from that broadcast wishing that every day could be so wonderful as to hear the Doc Thompson Show on the radio with fresh content every hour of the day for the entire duration.  I feel fortunate to have witnessed it, and even participated in a small way—to be a part of that magnificent history.  Doc’s broadcast was a shining example of how individuals come together in a crisis without government coaxing, to do good things for good people with all the ingenuity and tenacity that is typical of the American spirit.  All those elements were present on The Blaze Radio Network’s 24 hour fund-raising efforts in Oklahoma during a tragedy that brought good will to millions upon millions of listeners who were joined to a great cause by the voice of Doc Thompson and his producer and sidekick, Skip Lacombe.

Nice job guys!

Rich Hoffman

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Lois Lerner Pleads the Fifth: Tea Party protests the IRS all across America

When I was on the radio with Matt Clark earlier in the week he played a clip from MSNBC where an interviewee declared that the Tea Party movement was equivalent to American politics as a terrorist organization.  I had not heard the comment before Matt played it for me.  It enraged me deeply to hear such a thing!  After I calmed down I came to realize what MSNBC defined as terrorism, and from their point of view, the actions of the Tea Party does stand against everything progressives dream of—which is a statist government, and the Tea Party is undermining their imaginings of a big government utopia—and they are angry about it.  The Tea Party showed what they stood for when they recently protested the IRS building in downtown Cincinnati.  They informed the IRS that “they” worked for them, and they sang “God Bless America” and other acts of vile treachery from the viewpoint of the typical progressive and other godless heathens.  Many of the participants were my personal friends, the type of people who cut their grass regularly, work 45 to 60 hours a week, attend church regularly, say prayers before eating, avoid using curse words, and love their country, their families, and themselves.  The Tea Party protestors at the IRS were in essence the complete opposite of a typical progressive radical.  Progressives fear the Tea Party in the same way that insects fear an exterminator.

The day after the protests of the IRS Lois Lerner director of the IRS division of exempt organizations plead the Fifth in testimony to the congressional Oversight Hearing exploring gross incompetence and possible criminal action by the hated tax collecting organization.  Lerner was given on many occasions an opportunity to defend her previous congressional statements where she advanced the planted question that the targeting of conservative organizations was taking place in the IRS.  She declined to answer any further questions regarding any investigation into her management behavior, or knowledge of IRS corruption that is obviously evident in the recent discoveries.  Lerner opened her testimony with a statement declaring her innocence, and then plead the Fifth so that no questions could be asked in cross-examination.  Even if her actions did not violate the law under Constitutional terms, she showed an arrogance that is bred into all thirty-plus year government employees—including school teachers, cops, firefighters, congressional employees, senators, and ESPECIALLY IRS employees.  They feel entitled to make up the rules as they go since they work for an entity that makes the rules.  They behave with knowledge that if something isn’t legal or illegal today, that with the pull of a lever, they can make it so to their desire at a whim as long as their actions preserve the institutional needs of the systems which employ them.

The National Treasury Employees Union has denied claims that the union’s president was in contact with President Obama shortly before Internal Revenue Service employees began targeting conservative groups.

In a statement emailed to The Daily Caller, the NTEU explained just what NTEU president Colleen Kelley was doing at the White House on March 31, 2010 — shortly before the IRS Determinations Unit began targeting tea party groups.   “On March 31, 2010, NTEU president Colleen M. Kelley attended the White House Forum on Workplace Flexibility at the Old Executive Office Building,” an NTEU spokesperson wrote in an email. “The forum was attended by approximately 200 attendees including business leaders, workers, policy experts and labor representatives discussing telework and worklife balance issues. Attendees were broken into five groups to discuss workplace issues.”

Read more:

Yet just a few days after Kelley visited the White House attending the Delphi Technique oriented White House Forum, the message spread through the IRS community to target the Tea Party and make life difficult for them leading up to the 2012 election disrupting their political ground game—so that president Obama could win a second term.

Anyone who has dealt with public school unions understand how government labor unions work and how the culture of corruption is inherit in their mere existence.  With a wink and a nod, radical activists are ready to pounce on the collective aims of the government organization as all the participants are paid so extraordinarily that they go along to get along, even if they disagree with the ideology.   Until a few days ago I didn’t even know that the IRS had a labor union, and this knowledge points to a big problem.  Labor unions for any government employee should be illegal.  President Kennedy in 1962 was in serious error when he made public sector unions legal through Executive Order—probably to appease the mob at the time.  He should have never done such a thing as the corruption of labor unions made the corruption of government much worse by sheer apathy, ignorance, and scope.  As a result, there is no management present in government.  The inmates run the asylum, and the case with the IRS is beginning to show just how terribly corrupt the entire system is.

Obviously Kelley took with her from The White House a subtle directive that was so obscure that all parties could have plausible deniability.  But because of the nature of labor unions, and their collective hive-like behavior patterns, all that was needed for the IRS to target conservative groups was a wink and a nod.  The culture of corruption was already built by the labor union—always ready to implement the directions of their superiors so that they can maintain their outrageous payrolls, and lucrative retirement packages.  All they needed was a wink and a nod, and administrators like Lois Lerner would take it from there.

When fighting school levies, I have learned that the first defense failing administrators provide for why they cannot manage their costs is that they are legally obligated to fulfill certain parameters which drive up the cost to the community.  What they fail to acknowledge is that the legal means to those funding needs were created through legislation by their public sector unions. In government the chaos is always created by the same people who declare their management is always needed, and only they can solve the problem because everything is too complex for average people to understand.  But the complexity is created as camouflage to hide their ineptness, and their profit margins.

There are over 4000 IRS employees in Cincinnati, and they all want to be well paid, and cared for during the remainder of their lives, and they will sacrifice much of their personal credibility to preserve that system which has become the heart-beat of their very souls.  Lois Lerner caught in lies from her previous testimony decided not to make her treachery any worse for herself by offering conflicting testimony.  Like all government employees, she hoped to stall, belittle, and use Saul Alisnky’s Delphi Technique any way possible to wiggle out of the jaws of justice.  Like a typical government employee Lerner is willing to take the fall for her superiors, in much the way that Stacy Schuler, the Mason teacher caught having sex with 5 of her high school students and going to jail for the crimes, sacrificed herself for the good of the system and her peers at the institution—many who were more guilty than she was.  Lois Lerner is doing the same on a much bigger scale, only the game is clear to all who are watching.  She’s not fooling anybody.

It is for these reasons that the Tea Party protested the IRS.  We are the boss of the IRS, not the other way around and they answer to us, not some stupid labor union.  And the labor unions have no right to “organize” on behalf of the political aims of the President of The United States, where the President might have said to NTEU president Colleen Kelley, “I need some help during the next election, Colleen.  I don’t know if I can win this on my own—in fact I know I can’t.”  An enthralled Colleen Kelley might state in return, “You’re not alone Mr. President.”  Wink and a nod as both parties smile knowingly–no laws broken.  Later Kelley contacts Lerner by phone where she might have said, “I had a wonderful day at the White House yesterday.  It was very productive.”  Lerner might then ask, “How is the president these days?”  Kelley might then have responded, “Oh, he’s worried that some of these Tea Party organizations are actually fronts for the Republican fundraising machine, and they could hurt him in 2012.”  Lerner would then respond with a bit of glee in her voice learned from over thirty years as a government employee, “Well, we might just have to take a little closer look into their finances.”  Again, Lerner didn’t lie, cheat or steal…………and she didn’t break the law.  But in pleading the Fifth, she allows doubt to hide the connection between Kelley and herself leaving plausible deniability as a perpetual option.  The game of government is infected with many hundreds of thousands of similar situations, and they all cost money and lead to vast amounts of corruption.  It is that game that the Tea Party protested, and will continue to fight against and if progressives wish to believe such a thing is terrorism, then the accusation is from the perspective of those who wish to bring harm to America, by destroying what is good about it in preservation of their ever-growing statism.

Rich Hoffman

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