Institutional Slavery to the IRS: Darryl Parks 700 WLW broadcast from Saturday May 18th 2013

It’s always the cover-up that brings to light institutional failure because the participants will stoop to no low to protect the organization of which they’re a part.  With the same denials seen during the Penn State child molestation case where thousands of individuals protected Jerry Sandusky because of his legendary contributions to the football team’s defense, employees of the IRS are willing to do the same to keep their jobs and protect the institution. The IRS employs over 100,000 employees all across the nation, 4000 of which work in Cincinnati alone.  It is a giant monster of a bureaucracy and no reform is possible due to the billions of dollars that are stolen out of the treasury to pay for all those employees—which are largely unmanaged positions with payroll values as ridiculously high as public school teachers teeming with incompetence for the same reasons.  The IRS is the judge, jury and executioner of their own crime syndicate and every human being that works for them places their individual judgment into the back of their minds serving blindly an institution created by government to perpetually grow uncontrolled of service to itself and nothing else.  This issue was particularly well articulated by Darryl Parks during his midday radio show on 700 WLW during May 18, 2013.

Darryl was right; there isn’t a politician in the Ohio region who will take on the IRS scandal any further than the Ways and Means hearings because they cannot in all consciousness go against the government institution for which they serve.  People who think in such ways have lost their individual judgment, or their value assessment for other individuals because they are in service to an institution—and their primary task at that point becomes to protect that institution with any sacrifice necessary to further its continuation.  That means lying under oath is on the table of possibility because most individuals who serve like slaves to the government and all its divisions have lost touch with their individuality not fearing even eternity in hell if the preservation of the institution can be preserved.

Local Republican politicians have known about this IRS scandal for over two years.  I know personally because I have been intimately involved with the Liberty Township IRS harassment case.  John Boehner knew all about it.  Rob Portman knew all about it.  Mitch McConnell knew all about it, yet nobody did anything about it because they all primarily serve the institution of the federal government.  They do not serve the interests of the individuals who elect them.  This is the fault of our social commitment to altruism which informs these institutional soldiers that individuals should always sacrifice themselves to the “greater good” and that individual judgment should be suspended for collective causes.  Republicans willingly play their roll in preserving institutions at the expense of the individual—even at a cost to themselves.

If I had a quarter for every kitchen I stood in where the children disrespected their parents and the women looked wistfully toward every horizon for some great lover to sweep them off their feet in a passionate romance even though their families all live well in large houses with perpetual financial security, I would have already amassed all the world’s wealth in my possession.  I can speak that in Cincinnati I have been on 90% of the roads of the city covering approximately 150 square miles.  And at one point in time I have stood in the kitchen of at least one house in every neighborhood in all those communities and always the stories are the same, especially when one or both parents work for the federal government.  There is a soulless look on the faces of such bureaucrats that is the direct result of such lack of individuality.  The children of these households are attracted to any presence which might contain some sense of individual structure and they flow toward these personalities like water seeking a glass to hold some semblance of their personal identities.   These children do not respect their parents because their parents do not serve the family, they serve their employer—the government first and foremost which is hidden to nobody.  The women in such relationships if they are still young and attractive have affairs with any man with tattoos, long hair and some external exhibition of individual merit.  Later, when they’ve become shells of their younger physical bodies and such men are no longer attracted to them, they fill up the nail salons’ getting manicures and pedicures so that they can have some sense of individual pampering trying to rekindle their individual identities which has been consumed by the institutions they serve.  The effort is to feel individually special, since their jobs do not offer such entitlement—as they are in service to an institution.  The men fare far worse in such arrangements.  They drink to evade their social realities, they have affairs to feel young so to hide from themselves what they’ve become, and they all end up the same way.  By the time they hit 40 they are physical wrecks often overweight with skin problems, eyesight deficiencies, and heart illnesses.  Their broken hearts are more mental than physical, but the muscle of the heart reflects the broken dreams of every bright-eyed little boy who wishes to save the world with heroics, only to discover that they are middle-aged sell outs afraid of their own shadows.   They become empty husks as the institutions they serve drain them of all their worth feeding off them like a parasite till their deaths.

The commitment to institutions over individual need is the leading cause of misery in American culture and the IRS is filled with these types of people.  Most of them are suffering from the same ailments shown above, even though they have new cars, nice homes, and comfortable retirement packages.  The 4000 employees who work in the Cincinnati IRS fit the above profile by nearly 95%.  They are willing to trade their lives away for the security the IRS provides as an employer because the pay and benefits are good—better than they’d get at a comparable job elsewhere.  They do not care that the value they reap as institutional employees is stolen from millions of tax payers with looted money in a system that mimics slavery in every definition of the word.

This is why the IRS is allowed to attempt ruining the lives of individuals no matter how severe the imposition.  This is also why the IRS has so many supporters who are willing to lie on its behalf.  This makes the testimony provided to the Ways and Means committee on May 17, 2013 that much more potent because if the IRS employees are willing to admit to their specific targeting of individuals in the Tea Party case, then what deeper imposition are they actually protecting?  The IRS didn’t just decide to release a statement that it knew would anger millions of Tea Party protestors like a match thrown on piles of dry paper sprinkled with gasoline.  The IRS itself as an employee of the much larger federal government is seeking to protect the institution of statist government from something the same way that individuals protect the IRS from institutional scandal.  The answer to what that scandal is defines the real scoop of the current problem.  For my money, I would bet on Benghazi.

Rich Hoffman

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