The Mind of a Terrorist: London attacked quickly, America over a long period of time

“Woolwich Attack’ Man Killed in Terror-Attack London / Wednesday 22 May 2013”

In a statement, London’s Metropolitan police commander Simon Letchford said that police have shot two men who had attacked the victim in Woolwich’s John Wilson Street. The Telegraph reports that local MP Nick Raynsford said that he believed the victim was a soldier returning to his barracks, while several witnesses described the attack as a “beheading.”  According to Bloomberg, two men are in police custody.  The Guardian reports that British Prime Minister David Cameron called the incident “truly shocking.” Cameron asked Britain’s home secretary to chair a meeting of Cobra, the government’s emergency committee.  Like lost children authorities and citizens have attempted to come to grips with the violent nature of the attack by a radical Muslim extremist on the quiet streets of London.  Yet nobody has an explanation as to how a killer could be so enraged one moment killing another human being, then with hands still dripping with the blood of the victim, give a speech in dedication to Allah to a nearby cameraman.

The two things—murder and a vocal, articulate summation of the crime in broad daylight with bold audacity are elements not commonly associated together, leaving spectators baffled as to how to prevent such treacherous behavior in the future.  Yet the evidence is clear, the killer wanted to be known for the crime.  He remained in hiding, through plain sight for as long as he deemed necessary, then attacked at will which is the most jarring aspect of the terrorist attack.  The behavior provides no measure for authorities to prevent such murders in the future as the patterned behavior falls outside the realm of acceptability.  The killer obviously did not care that his life was effectively over when he gave the speech.  He knew that police would be on the scene in just a few short minutes, and he was completely unconcerned about the crowd that had gathered around him.  He spoke in a level-headed and thoughtful rendition of his view of reality to the camera freezing the world with his calmness.

To understand how this might have happened let’s examine the situation hypothetically so to perhaps understand how we might discover such a plot concealed behind good intentions that is obvious to many, but existing because of social paralysis.  Let’s assume that the same type of terrorist as the London killer had decided to take a different path of Muslim extremism, one much slower, but over time much more effective than killing a British soldier in broad daylight on a London street.  Let’s assume such a thing so that we might prevent being caught in America unguarded the way the Boston bombers were able to pull off their crime against humanity yet again.

Let’s just theorize dear reader that a young Muslim student from Jakarta thought in the same way as that killer from the London beheading, that dedicating their life to Allah was the ultimate redemption in life, and the more audacious the act, the more joy that Allah’s grace would earn them.  Let’s consider that this young Muslim student had “daddy” issues and lacked a strong male role model in their life and turned to religion as a stabilizing force.  Let’s assume that in their Jakarta public school system they learned to hate American colonialism and had fantasized bringing meaning to their life by bringing down the imperial beast and crushing the infidels not with a knife and dagger, but with bankruptcy and moral depravity.  Let’s also assume that this young student had a communist mentor who helped shape his world view, and helped him get a student visa to American schools, and explained to the young lad that he could bring America down like the Trojan Horse of legend—from the inside.  The communist mentor might explain that the young student could do the work of Allah be earning the trust of the infidels until they were unaware of the terrorism, until it was too late.

In college the young student learned about law, and made friends with terrorists connected to The Weather Underground.  Together they learned how to subvert American politics in broad daylight by acting in ways that were contrary to accepted thought.  The young student learned to smile and deceive to hide his true long term intentions which the terrorists explained to him was the best way to serve Allah.  The great American beast could be slow bled from such terrorism and the best way to achieve it would be for the student to work his way into politics.  But for the student to get elected he would have to pretend to be a Christian so to earn voter’s trust and not worry about the real objective of destroying American infidels in Allah’s honor, hypothetically speaking of course.

Once in office, the levers of power were available, and the work of Allah could be performed by stripping away the values of infidels starting with their families, their finances, and their culture.  It was discovered quickly that such a task was easy and that other Trojan Horses in government were doing exactly as he was doing, sent to Washington D.C. by the same type of people from the same college professors all across the country.  Washington D.C. was like a mini Jakarta school yard, with many patriots serving Allah for spiritual purity.  The ruse was easy, all one had to do was pretend to be a Christian so to direct public eyes elsewhere, and if anyone asked any questions, the accusation of racism would quell any further investigation.

From the inside the young student from Jakarta found that many of his fellow patriots wanted him to penetrate The White House so they could really get to the heart of America and dismantle it from behind enemy lines.  So the student ran for president and won, largely by appealing to other minorities, unproductive lazy sociopaths easily seduced by communism, and election fraud.  Now the young student could spend the wealth of the infidels audaciously right under their noses taking lavish vacations, and running up a national debt that that would allow the collapse of the dollar to foreign interests who helped put him into The White House with their contributions.  They got what they wanted, the destruction of America and he got what he wanted, destruction of imperialist America as a nation of Christian infidels.  And if anyone criticized his movements, the call of “racism” would shield him from prying eyes.

He would endure scandal, after scandal, after scandal.  The lies didn’t bother him because the oath of office was done against a Christian Bible and Allah had no use for such work of the infidels.  The true objective initiated on the playgrounds of Jakarta was being fulfilled, America was seeing its last days and his people from the homeland would see him as a hero.  Better yet, Allah would shine upon him.  America was being decapitated not with a knife, but through its banking system.

Of course this is all………………”hypothetical.”  But wouldn’t it be possible for such a scheme to play out in the same manner that the London terrorist remained in hiding disguising his extremism behind a thin mask of social acceptability, of failing to name a villainy by its true name for fear of being out of favor with political correctness, invented among academics for the purpose of such subversion?  If the goal of the murder was to make a religious and political point, sacrificing himself to the altar of Allah, why wouldn’t a devious schemer lacking proper family influences ration that much worse could be achieved if such extremist acts could be done from the inside out over a long period of time so that nobody would see the daily details instead of a quick and impatient severing of the head to send a bold message to the western world that nobody is safe anywhere from the might of Allah.

On a separate note, but somewhat related, why is it that President Obama fails to identify that all the recent terrorist activity throughout the world, on the heels of the London murder and Boston bombings are acts of radical Muslims?


And on another completely unrelated note……………..why did Obama dedicate the once juggernaut of American technology, NASA, to the study of Muslim self esteem, shutting down the Space Shuttle program and cancelling the replacement vehicle?


I wonder why?

Rich Hoffman

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