The Trans Movement that Started at the Stonewall Inn: Violence is their preferred mode of expressing themselves because it has worked

Scientifically speaking, we may be dealing with retarded malcontents from other dimensional realities when trying to understand a vast evil that entered our world during the 1969 Stonewall Inn riots.  As I explain all the time, most paranormal activity, I think, can be explained through quantum mechanics, and to that understanding, there are likely many lifeforms who live below and above our four-dimensional reality, and they have their own motivations.  We might rationalize them as the spirit world, but they are there, and to work with or through us, it’s difficult to do it directly but to do it spiritually, we can at times communicate with them.  Some of us can hear their voices quite clearly, others not so much so.  Intoxication seems to be a vehicle to allow these otherwise restricted minds to interact with our reality more often and more accessibly.  But given the history of the world, we should not assume that these voices are intelligent.  Just because they come to us from other dimensional realities, we should not assume that they are the best their world offers.  Because they are talking to us, we might otherwise apply that they are not of a sane mind and may seek to dominate our spiritual world because they have been discarded in their own.  That would certainly explain the antics of Ishtar and her other deities from the times of Mesopotamia, which actually may not be so old at all, but are working as openly in our world of today as they did in the reported times of pre-Biblical associations in the land of Canaan, and the Mesopotamian valley, then extending down to the early civilizations of Egypt.  Studying the life of the actual person, Ishtar, I think she may have been a deranged fool, not an object of worship, as she has taken on that role even in our present society, and she makes herself most known when technological boosts show her that our world is outgrowing her rule from the shadows. 

The 1960s was a challenging time in America, we were the new superpower in the world after the creation of the United Nations in a post-World War II relationship, and the KGB was looking to undermine American life with all kinds of psychotic tricks, drug use, and cultural destruction, most recognized by the hippie movement.  China today has resumed that level of discontent, but many doors were opened during the 1960s to purposely kill off American culture from the level of the youth and hopefully stop all the technological innovations that were coming from us that the rest of the world just couldn’t put their finger on.  So it should not be surprising that in the summer of 1969, as America landed people on the moon, the KGB aggressively undermined our society and many other competing forces, including occultists who wanted to see global communism.  Gay lifestyles were illegal then, so it was quite a rebellious thing for the people who gathered in Greenwich Village in New York City, at the mob-owned gay bar, a kind of speakeasy for its time, the Stonewall Inn, and participate in that lifestyle.  To enforce their anti-gay policy, the police would often raid this bar for operating without a license and arrest everyone.  But they’d be free within a few hours and would resume their gay lifestyles back at the bar.  The mob would bribe the police behind the scenes to keep the place open, and things went on like that for quite a while.

When we talk about gay and perverse sexual lifestyles, it was the goddess Ishtar who, all during written record, all around the world, has represented the life of the prostitute and enjoyed watching human beings having sex.  And the more perverse sex, the more she was interested, and people all through the years would engage in such activity hoping to win her appeal and maybe have her sprinkle some fertility their way in the way of luck, productivity, or just plain good fortune.  In that regard, a place of drunken action in one of the biggest cities in the world, under the occult attraction of the anti-American forces, would be a great place to evoke the attention of the goddess, especially one month before the moon landing, which had the world jealous with rage at the time.  So this time, at the end of June of that year, the police raided, but the people fought back, all in the name of gay rights.  It was there that the gay men, the lesbians, and the transexuals who had been forced to live closet lives in a very Christianized America fought back, and a riot took place that started the Pride movement.  And from there, the rest was history.  Gay people saw radicalism and violence as their way to advance their lifestyle and not be worried about social prosecution.  And from that Stonewall Riot until the present, the Pride movement, the arm of Ishtar’s cult of sexual perversion, rampant pornography, and massive prostitution, has been unleashed on American society with the military intent to bring it down.  Ishtar herself has seen many civilizations rise and fall from her perspective and could care less about America.  But the attention she gets from her worshipers has made her a rockstar in the spirit world, giving her many reasons to continue her quantum abuse across dimensional space and time. 

So it should come as no surprise that after a trans-liberal shot up a Christian school in Nashville, where the authorities worked hard to suppress the manifesto of radicalism that the shooter left behind, that violence is the preferred method of expressing themselves.  We saw transsexual Rocky Horror Picture Show lunatics storm the capital to make the entire issue about gun rights, not their sexual predilections that just caused the death of many innocent Christians.  We have also watched many trans activists vandalize lawmakers’ homes and move further to the aggression of violence to advance their agenda of the Cult of Ishtar.  They do it because it worked at the Stonewall Inn, and since then, they have not seen a resistance from society to inspire them not to.  And their movement is driven by the ancient Goddess Ishtar, and foolishly they assume that by appealing to her, they gain the power of expression that extends into the afterworld.  Their empty, drunken minds open them to the evils of Ishtar’s world, either from her directly or her many minions.  But the mistake comes in thinking that she has intelligence, or a moral role in the superiorities of mother earth worship, which ultimately points to the worship of her, worship of Aphrodite, of Venus, of Isis, of all the voices of the spirit world who are likely too stupid not to abuse their position from other dimensional realities to a species of the dumb and lazy who would rather get action from the spirit world than to do for themselves with the tools of their own existence.  For the lazy, help from Ishtar is like the mother they never had, so they listen to her insanity for destroying the world because they are too insecure to do anything else.  And in this fashion, the Cult of Ishtar has been unleashed upon our world to deal with.  And we see her violence and chaos in our modern news stories, which will continue until we stop allowing it to happen.  Of course, trying to rationalize with them is a foolish enterprise that will never work.

Rich Hoffman

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The Magnificant Launch of Starship: A Jealous, Fat, Mother that wants to Sabotage her son’s hot wife

The biggest story of the year so far was undoubtedly the SpaceX Starship launch that occurred on April 20th, 2023. It was the largest rocket configuration that ever attempted to fly, and they managed to get the monstrosity to leave the pad and achieve supersonic speeds in its first flight. I stopped what I was doing when the launch occurred in Boca Chica, Texas, around 9:30 AM. And the rest of the world was watching too. Suddenly nothing else was more important, and it was nice to see. But of course, there were problems. The force of the launch damaged the launch pad, some of the Raptor engines did not ignite, and others burned out during the flight, leaving the upward trajectory to fall short of its orbital goals. The craft lost control in the upper atmosphere and had to self-destruct in what SpaceX called “an unscheduled disassembly.” We were watching an entirely new sector of the economy blooming before our eyes. Starship was essentially a giant space bus that would make it possible to move civilization into space with routine, reusable space flights, much more effectively than the Space Shuttle from NASA was able to. Starship was a game changer, and they actually made the thing fly, which many thought would be impossible. So with everything going on which seemed so important, there was nothing bigger, better, or more dramatic than the launch of SpaceX’s Starship into orbital testing. There are more phases to test, such as the orbital spaceflight itself and reloading back on a pad in Texas for rapid refueling and relaunch. Yet, there is a lot more going on with this launch than just a technical achievement. The entire world was not happy about it, even though they were paying attention. You didn’t see Joe Biden stop and give a press conference about this event from the Rose Garden because, in essence, the world’s politics did not want to see SpaceX achieve anything, which became apparent in the hours after the launch. 

All the news coverage was negative to one degree or another. The key reports talked about the damage to the launch pad and that the Starship had exploded on its first flight. There was almost a jealous parent syndrome going on when a son brings home a hot young girl he intends to marry, and the mother is a fat piece of cabbage shaped by years of bad decisions who says nothing but bad things about the young wife-to-be. Of course, the son wants his mom to be happy, but she’s overtly jealous and can’t say anything good because here is a nice young couple who have a chance to do all kinds of great things together, while the mom’s life is essentially over. So she jealously criticizes everything about the young couple to their face, and even worse, behind their backs, making it impossible to have a conversation with her about anything because she is so filled with jealous hate. That global mother is the earth, and the way she intends to manage her family is communism, as China has been selling it to the world. And with communists, a centralized government intends to prevent options for the children so that they are easier to control. For top-heavy governments filled with lazy bureaucrats, they are always looking for the easiest options, so they wish to limit the desires of the human race to fit their limited abilities. Space, in this case, is the hot young wife that is filled with promise colliding with the desire by governments to rule at all costs. They want Covid restrictions and economy lockdowns, while the children want to be free of such parental figures and a chance to do things their own way in the world. That is what Starship brings to civilization.

The plan is for Starship to launch a new craft several times a week within a few years. The assembly line-like approach at Starbase, where the Starship launches, currently have plenty of other rockets ready to go. That’s the way SpaceX operates. Even with all the damage, SpaceX will have another craft ready to fly in a few months, and they’ll stay along that path until they achieve stable flight that is so routine that people won’t even pay attention anymore, much the way that the Falcon Heavy launches are now, that launch so often that nobody hardly takes the time to watch them, even though every one of them is its own minor miracle of science. In a short time, Starship will be able to take people into space by the busloads, and they will unlock a whole new economy where the tools of space will suddenly free mankind in ways that recorded history has never been able to achieve. The ability to set up space stations on the moon, manufacture in the weightlessness of space, and travel to Mars and other places is a game changer that many haven’t come to terms with. And yet launches like the one early in 2023 drag that angry mother along for the ride that is way beyond their control, and they don’t like it. 

A quick reminder that when NASA landed people on the moon, we had two significant events that sought to pull mankind back into the worship of ancient Sumerian gods, such as the Cult of Ishtar with the Stonewall Inn riots at the end of June 1969, then again a month after the July landing on the moon with the Woodstock music festival. What we saw was a crawl by the timid of our society back to the primitive grasp of that jealous mother because they lacked the courage to embrace this new future where mankind could build a rocket and land people on the moon to walk around, pick up rocks and practice their golf swing. The governments of the world should be more supportive, just as they should support the young son who brings home the hot wife-to-be, untarnished by the mistakes of age and a fresh outlook on life. Space is an opportunity for everyone, and SpaceX’s work is destroying the yearnings for global communism because it brings too many options to civilization, requiring an entirely new political philosophy. Knowing all that, the way that the news media is these days, entirely on board with centralized governments controlling every aspect of society, this push into space does not fit their comfort zone of technical innovation. The imagination and ambition of our society were outgrowing the governments that wanted to hold it back with silly rules and regulations. And many of those static figures hoped that SpaceX would fail and continue to fail. So all they could think about during that magnificent launch was their hope that it would all go bad and that; hopefully, Elon Musk would get discouraged and stop trying to get into space and would shut up, sit down, and take orders from an authoritarian government like everyone else. Instead, what SpaceX continues to do, and why people cheer on those launches the way they do, is because space gives people options. Options that organized societies have always struggled with. How do you boss around people with kingly roles if people can just pick up their stuff and leave? And with that, there were many animosities that Starship had a successful launch, that it had left the pad and achieved great things that will bring tremendous new options to all existence. Which clearly the tyrants of the world do not want to see. 

Rich Hoffman

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Fox News Cutting Tucker Carlson: Corporate structures failing everywhere and trying to hide why

It was no surprise to me that Tucker Carlson was removed from Fox News, even as the number one guy. I’ve been saying it for weeks; it’s almost as if Tucker was trying to get them to fire him so that he could be free of that corporate structure. We are all getting ready to go through a highly unusual period in world history that was a long time coming. There is a belief, especially among the communist-minded, that they could be as rulers, the center of all thought and activity. And that if only they captured the corporate structure, they would always capture economic flow. But the truth was that corporations existed to fulfill market needs and that invention was only part of that discovery. The condition always existed; people needed food, recreation, security, and social and intellectual advancement, so it was the problem of corporate structure to fulfill those market needs as they presented themselves through the measurements of money. Money, particularly capitalism, was the best measure of this incentive-based economy, so corporations would rise to meet those needs and attempt to make a profit from those efforts. Since America had the capitalist system, it obviously made more money than the rest of the world, leaving other economies struggling to figure it all out. But there was a problem; it was getting harder and more complicated year by year for CEOs to stand before shareholders and explain a lack of quarter-to-quarter increases. Because if an economy doesn’t continue to expand, such as in America, where our 19 trillion dollar GDP continues along an upward spike, then CEOs can’t tell shareholders where those subsequent profits will come from. 

Over the last several years, CEOs and corporations, in general, have turned toward globalism to reach new global markets and continue to expand that upward trajectory of profit-based reporting. But the problem was, the rest of the world didn’t think like America. They were struggling with some balance between outright communism, complete centralized control of their governments, and socialism, where the “state,” a collection of mindless bureaucrats who have yet to prove anywhere in the world that they can do anything right, is going to control the means of all production. So there has been a collision that most in America haven’t noticed too much because they only really care that they can get a Happy Meal from McDonald’s at will when they want it. So long as they could do that, they didn’t care much about globalism, communism, the World Economic Forum, or what John Kerry said latest about worshipping his long lost mother, Earth, with a sacrifice of our capitalist economy to the gods of communism. And along this process grew the belief among corporate circles that they controlled social fulfillment and not the other way around, where market forces were determined by social need. Communists have always gotten it wrong. Yet more and more, our colleges, our board rooms, and our CEOs have read all the wrong books, listened to all the wrong people, and have turned more and more inward to share the belief that it was corporations that decided the fate of economies. Not something they had to work with to find their place in it. And that’s what has happened to Fox News. They started their organization as an alternative to corporate media, dominated by CNN and the mainstream outlets that leaned politically left at the time. Fox offered a center-right option that Americans were hungry for. They put on some attractive news anchors and turned loose a market need that was much in demand, and they had success until they tried to change that formula. 

That formula really began to change when Glenn Beck was removed from his 5-6 slot over ten years ago, mainly because the billionaire tycoon George Soros was tired of Beck doing stories that showed what he was trying to do to America through finance. Fellow billionaire and progressive pal Rupert Murdoch listened to Soros and the New York Society of upset progressives sent Beck packing. A few years later, they would do the same to Bill O’Reilly, another number one talent that they removed essentially because they felt that Bill legitimized Donald Trump by allowing him to announce his presidential campaign on his show. Then from there, the ball really started rolling, whether it was Dan Bongino, Rudi Guiliani, Kimberly Guilfoyle, Ed Henry, the list goes on and on. The more effective the MAGA movement was, the more desperate progressive radicals who always intended to spread communism worldwide and into corporate structures became. Like self-centered children who believe the world centers around them, they thought that Fox News had created Donald Trump, and it was Trump’s sales of capitalism that were interrupting the plans of globalism most, and they had to destroy that means of communication. 

That government beast serving globalism is very attractive to the American intelligence agencies who were caught allowing election fraud in the 2020 election, so they had to do something to attempt to bury their complicity in that massive crime, so they blew on the mind of Ray Epps to provoke an insurrection on January 6th. But people saw it for what it was, and Epps has been well hidden from the public since that January 6th event in 2021. After Tucker Carlson did some excellent reporting on Ray Epps and the general condition of government activism around January 6th, it was evident that Fox News would cut him too. They didn’t care if he had the number one show. They had fallen into the belief that they “Fox News” had made Tucker Carlson. Not that Tucker—and those like him—made Fox News as is usually the case of market-driving influencers. Then Fox News had to settle the Dominion lawsuit because they were actually all complicit in the election narrative, which would have been exposed in court, so they settled a massive payout to keep the case private and not released under the lens of public exposure. Remember when Fox News called Arizona for Biden when people were still in line voting for Trump in 2020? Yeah, there’s that and much more. So 60 Minutes doing the work of the Deep State, globalists who are terrified that Trump will win the Republican nomination played their part in resurrecting the Ray Epps story so to set up the next lawsuit against Fox News, which showed itself to be willing to settle lawsuits making it a prime target for everyone who has an ax to grind to get a little money in their pockets, so the rest was history.

The next day after the 60 Minutes story, Tucker was released, and the political left cheered, thinking they had done something substantial. They had eliminated the voice of the MAGA movement, and now they would be one step closer to keeping Donald Trump from winning the nomination. But that only shows how stupid they all really are. I’ve said it and said it over and over for many months now; Fox News was holding back Tucker Carlson. Tucker would be better off away from Fox. Fox was lucky to have a guy like that. But Murdoch knows he’s not going to live very much longer. His kids are radical New York lefties who will destroy Fox anyway. So now is a chance to sell off Fox News before they screw it all up. Likely Murdoch has in mind Larry Fink’s group at BlackRock because through Fed activism, BlackRock, Vanguard, and StateStreet own most of all the corporate boards that are out there, and they are all equally failing to meet market trends versus the imposed ESG measures. So Fox is ripe for buying, primarily if they can protect themselves from another lawsuit, this one coming from Ray Epps, and sell the company while it still has value before the kids destroy it anyway. And the progressive radicals, like Larry Fink, can hang the head of Fox News over their fireplace. And they all think they will have then stopped the MAGA movement. Yet, in reality, all they will have done is decentralize that MAGA movement, which will then make it much more powerful and less restricted. 

Rich Hoffman

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The Anti-Christ is Among Us: A Guide to Saving the World from the Villain of Evil, with America leading the way

By all indicators, the Anti-Christ, in whatever form your religion has defined it, is among us now, and it is in our current time we must deal with that maniacal evil. The mistake many make in dealing with the Anti-Christ is that they are looking for an individual person, a creature of some unique personality with horns, red skin, cleft feet, and a pointy tail wearing a tee-shirt, “Jesus, I’m Coming for You.” We have a cinematic idea of the Anti-Christ from years of mythology and children’s stories, so we are looking for those signs in society in some way that makes sense to us. But I would argue that the Anti-Christ has more than made itself known and that quantum mechanics explains how it works more than observable science by our five senses. Meaning a spiritual lifeform outside our four-dimensional reality is much more likely to be a single personality with maniacal, evil intentions that embodies many people as their avatars worldwide. Traditionally we call that kind of movement the actions of a “Holy Ghost,” or angelic interference, or even demonic possession. But the Anti-Christ, a character working toward the opposite goals of the Jesus Christ personality, would easily be missed if people were looking for a terrestrial being. Such an evil being would likely be interpreted or masked by a god from Earth’s pagan past, such as Baal, Ishtar, or Moloch from ancient Sumerian society. Such names mean nothing to such an Anti-Christ. They don’t care how people interpret their behavior so long as they listen and do as they command. I would go as far as to say that the reason we have so much drunkenness and intoxication through drugs in our present culture, sponsored by our governments, is to make it easier for these Anti-Christ characters, plural as we observe them, but singular under the rules of quantum mechanics, is to provide more empty minds for the manifestation of demonic energy in the world to most facilitate their destructive intentions. 

But fear not; I don’t do what I do to scare you. Fearful of stuff is not what I do, nor will it ever be. I see many terrified people these days who are shaken to their roots. Even President Trump was having a moment of hopelessness while he was interviewing with Mark Levin recently. It’s safe to say we are dealing with a level of evil that goes way beyond politics here, and what is terrifying is that we see that our governments are under the rule of these evil forces, so we have not taught ourselves how to deal with such a thing. Typically, we would turn to the Bible for our reference, as Western civilization would offer as an option, and the Book of Revelations would tell us about the judgment of the living and the dead. But if it comes to that, it’s all over, right? After all, Mother’s Day is coming up; we have to plan birthday parties, care for our sick and elderly parents, and pay our mortgages. Who has time to fight the Anti-Christ and toss away everything we care for to wait in line for judgment day and to be carried away to heaven if we’ve done well in the world or to Hell if we have been evil? For Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims, or even the Earth-worshipping losers from the World Economic Forum, everyone has their own scriptural interpretation of what such a judgment day might entail, and you better believe it, the Anti-Christ figure understands that and is playing on our fears to give itself power. That is part of the script it uses to make its way in our world and bypass our laws, social norms, and most profound intellect to apply suffering and evil strategy against us on a very personal level. But there is a way to beat the Anti-Christ. We don’t have to take a passive stance on this combat challenge. And the Anti-Christ’s defeat is much easier than people imagine it to be. Out of all the religious texts in the world, I think The Book of Mormon best captured its essence, which is my suggestion for this present challenge. 

One of my favorite possessions in the world is a leather-bound copy of the original 1830 Book of Mormon. I love all my books, but this one is very unique, and within that book, my favorite part is the Book of Alma, specifically Chapter 30. Now the story of the Mormon people is very controversial; after all, the story has them settling into South America, large parts of the Caribbean Sea at a time when the water level was much lower than it is now, then migrating up into North America. These were the lost tribes of Israel, and they came from the Holy Land about 100 years before the destruction of Jerusalem as Nebuchadnezzar attacked and destroyed Solomon’s Temple the first time. Over the years, I have tended to view the Book of Mormon as a work of fiction by Bible enthusiasts written during a unique period in America’s creation, specifically Western expansion. But, what we have learned from Archaeology is pointing to this likelihood of trans-Atlantic travel before Christ was born and that Indian cultures were actually part of the Vico Cycle of the original descendants of Lehi and Nephi, one of his sons who landed around where the Panama Canal is today around 589 BC. This is very consistent with Archaeology we know about in that specific region, what we are calling the pre-Mayan culture that had very advanced roads and temples as described in the Book of Mormon, and that Mayan, Aztec, Incan and much of the North American Indians were declining factions of these cultures that fell to their own versions of Anti-Christ time and time again as the Vico Cycle shows us occurs in every civilization since recorded history.

Further, as these people migrated into North America over the next 1000 years, they actually occupied the same kind of areas as we saw the Hopewell and Shawnee Indians perform under historical records. So these days, I think there is a lot more to these stories than fan fiction from Bible fans who wanted a sequel to the stories coming out of the Holy Land, collected in the Bible by the Council of Nicaea under the tutelage of the Romans who wanted to keep their empire together which was falling apart, around 325 A.D.  Ironically, the eventual destruction of the Nephites from the Book of Mormon was a hundred years later in around 421 A.D. It would be in 1830 that Joseph Smith supposedly found the record of these events in New York and started the Mormon religion around much controversy by interpreting that record from some lost hidden plates. 

So the point of that little backstory is that around 74 B.C., there was an Anti-Christ by the name of Korihor who was brought before Judge Alma, this was a society trying not to rule as kings but as a kind of representative government that America would try many years later, and the Anti-Christ was put on trial. This was obviously many years before the birth of Christ, but these people knew through prophecy that Christ was coming, so this Korihor character was tormenting the people with ridicule, trying to poison the thoughts of the youth against the traditions of their parents. He stated during his trial, “Why do ye look for a Christ? For no man can know of anything which is to come. Behold, these things which ye call prophecies, which ye say are handed down by the holy prophets, behold, they are foolish traditions of your fathers. How do ye know of their surety? Behold, ye cannot know of the things which ye do not see; therefore, ye cannot know that there shall be a Christ.” The trial goes on for many pages beyond this, but we could see this kind of talk from many Anti-Christ sources today, nearly word for word. And the goal is to undo our founding beliefs, our cascade training of our youth by the wise elders, and to undermine society with such tampering. And this is precisely what we are observing now. As the trial continued, and the conviction of Alma was resolute, Korihor began to fall apart and undo himself. And in the end, it was with such confidence and intolerance of evil that did Korihor in. He was sent to a hostile people, the people of Zoramites, where he was run over by horses and killed. The moral to the story is that under pressure, the devil will not support his children and his followers on the last day when they need his help. But he will certainly speedily drag them back to Hell. This is precisely how any modern version of Korihor can be defeated, and the menace of evil defeated spectacularly. Our American laws, our Constitution, and our persistent characters who refuse to be tricked by the forked tongue of evil, they know the recipe for defeating evil, and that is law and order, a tradition that passes on stability from generation to generation and stops the tricks of devils everywhere with a firm culture that destroys the narrative of evil. And causes them to self-destruct under their own pressure, only to be destroyed in the end. That is precisely what I see happening now and how this current work of the Anti-Christ ends. I see it happening as we speak, so don’t be so terrified of the Anti-Christ. Take the lesson of Korihor and send these modern versions to a similar fate. And everything will turn out fine in the end. History has shown us the way; we must learn from it and apply it to the future.

Rich Hoffman

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Yes, Lakota Schools Are Letting Boys Use the Girls’ Bathrooms: Why liberals hate Darbi Boddy

I think the only reason many anti-Darbi Boddy people hate her with so much conviction is that she does not look like the bottom of a foot, as most other education types do. Most people who do work in the field of education are not what you might call attractive. Instead, they look like potatoes that have been left in the basement too long on one side and are in a perpetual state of rot. That thought came to my mind as I saw Darbi Boddy, the second-year school board member from Lakota, at the Republican Lincoln Day Dinner, a glamorous event celebrating conservative values each April with Ron DeSantis speaking about his education reforms in Florida. Darbi was dressed well, and a long line of people wanted to take their pictures with her. There was quite a crowd, but we did get a chance to talk about how things were going and what she had in mind for the future as one of the most important political offices that any property owner could vote on. We send so much money to these public schools only to have them used against us as a backdoor for extreme liberalism distributed like a weed into our community with the intent to rot the minds of our youth. When you get a chance to meet Darbi, it would be hard to understand why so many people hate her. But it becomes apparent when you look at the line of people waiting to shake her hand and take a picture with her. Fellow school board members Kelley Casper and Julie Shaffer could never get a reception like that, and jealousy is undoubtedly a factor in the way that women get jealous of other women for obvious insecurities.

For all those reasons and more, Darbi Boddy is one of the most controversial figures in Cincinnati politics; she is a Butler County version of Marjorie Taylor Greene, only with a softer presentation. She and I did get a chance to talk about a few Lakota problems, and one was the transgender radicalism that is exploding in all public schools across America as a clear strategy by progressives that was unfolding. Darbi, unlike me, thinks that public education can be fixed or at least improved. Where I tend to think all elements of public education are ready for the junk pile, I am happy to see at least that people like Darbi want to try and make it work, especially considering how much money gets wasted on it in our community. And to that point, she told me about some of the challenges regarding boys and girls’ bathrooms that were trying to emerge again. Listening to her talk, she sounded very reasonable, leaving it clear to the mind of any decent person the precise point of view that people hated Darbi for purely cosmetic purposes and because she was a conservative more than any other reason. I was impressed with her statement that her main reason for dealing with many of the problems she has become wrapped up in is because she wants kids to have a stable environment to work in. And the liberal politics was intrusive to them, especially the trans bathroom issue where boys were using it as a means to get into the girl’s bathroom. Of course, at a recent school board meeting, the rest of the board stated clearly that they didn’t think that was happening. But then, after the meeting where Darbi brought the issue up for a vote to put the issue to rest, Lakota spokesperson Betsy Fuller stated that only under exceptional circumstances were boys being let into the girl’s bathroom and that the issue was distracting for students who would rather not think about those kinds of things.

After speaking with Darbi, I always leave with the thought about how bat-crap crazy women can be with other women, just over cosmetic looks, and how nuts Democrats are who are so full of hate, they want to protest the sun coming up. Darbi’s argument about removing political radicalism from kids so they can just be kids makes a lot of sense. But then again, Lakota schools are filled with radical, progressive liberals, from the school board down to the class-to-class teachers who are teaching CRT and are supporting trans activism, and those people, if left unchecked, are looking for a co-parenting relationship with the community’s kids, and to teach them all the wrong kinds of things. If Darbi wasn’t there to protect them, who would? The radicals would say that the best way to protect the kids would be to get rid of Darbi because she is the center of political controversy. But without Darbi, these people would have unhindered access to children, which is a terrifying thought, when you find out how radical some of these people really are. Darbi, in person, behaves very professionally and has genuine sincerity for the betterment of children in the classrooms. And the people who hate her hate that she’s a conservative who is not afraid to express it in public. And they hate her because of what they intend to do to innocent kids, which Darbi stands in the way of. 

You always have to watch it when the public relations people are controlling the message, and Betsy Fuller made it clear without trying, that boys were being allowed in the girl’s bathroom under unique conditions, as expressed in an email to the media after Darbi proposed a ban on the entire idea, for the safety of all kids. At a fundamental level, boys are dirtier than girls, and if they don’t sit down while using the restroom, they tend to make a mess of the seat, making it very inconvenient for the girls who have to use it after them and it’s just not fair to the girls. The other school board members were a bit outraged by Darbi, for all the reasons stated that they would be, but that didn’t change the fact that Lakota is supporting transgender radicalism, which is more of a religious issue than one of political inclusion, which is an entire problem of its own under a separation of church and state argument. Public schools have made it clear that religious references such as the Ten Commandments were not allowed to be displayed, but then they are very supportive of the rainbow flags of the Pride movement, which is a direct correlation to the Cult of Ishtar. That support was evident in Betsey’s statement to the press; they prioritize inclusion among kids that identify with gender questions, which are purely political in their progressive push culturally. And as Darbi made it clear to me, kids just want to be kids. Adults are trying to push all this sex agenda radicalism onto them, abusing that innocence between the child and adult relationship that is often detrimental to the child’s development. When you really peel back the layers of hate that have been applied to Darbi just for existing, it becomes clear that it’s not because she’s a bad school board member. Quite the opposite, I think she is the best out of the current four, and Lakota would do well to get four more just like her.   And if they did, at that point, Lakota schools might actually serve the community well and spend the vast amounts of money that are sent to them by the community wisely. And kids might be able to have one thing less to worry about than adults with radical political agendas who want to pervert children sexually for their own maniacal purposes. 

Rich Hoffman

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The ‘Clockwork Orange’ Plan of Leftist Attack on Western Civilization: Planned terrorism using dope-smoking lazy Youth to Destroy America

I’ve heard it with increased frequency, especially over the last several weeks, “You better watch out for the youth. They own tomorrow, and they are coming for you.”  Let me explain a few things; there is no world where a bunch of freaks doped up on marijuana, and a lazy work ethic takes over America. Now we see an intent by the liberal government that has corrupted these young people for most of the last century. This is the kind of leftist radicalism that we saw in the excellent book by Anthony Burgess and the Stanley Kubrick movie of the same name, A Clockwork Orange, where a radicalized youth terrorizes society and shoves the government toward more authoritarian motivations. If you remember the movie, the “Singin’ in the Rain” scene, which was an obvious desecration of the Gene Kelly classic film makes the point clearly. The scene was the rape and torture of a suburbanite couple that was brutal to that song which many modern viewers would quickly recognize as the Liberal World Order playbook. These classic liberals thought they had it all figured out, and their attack on Western civilization rooted in ancient gods from Sumerian civilization is a long story that is playing out presently with increased panic. And that panic I reported from the last several weeks is because they see it isn’t working because of one consideration they never planned on. We see it unfolding in cities like Chicago where unleashed, progressive youth, weaponized to do precisely what the youth did in the famous book and movie, terrorize innocent people so that they will vote for bigger government to save them has not worked outside of the gun-free zones where Democrats control policy. In other places where Republicans have “stand your ground” laws, this youth terrorism has not worked out so well. 

It has been hard for people to realize that our youth in the world has been purposely radicalized to use them as weapons of war against Western civilization. Going back even further to The Decline of the West by Oswald Spengler, there is this fantasy hope by the old forces of Baal worship that we see the trend of in the Bible, of Western civilization falling apart and a return to the gods of the pre-deluge days. To what degree evil works in the background of intellect is a debate of philosophy, quantum mechanics, religion, spiritual understanding, and a whole host of sciences that don’t typically appear in political science discussions. I remember a particular dinner party I attended with the director of the play Equus as it was shown in the very conservative Cincinnati, shortly after the Robert Mapplethorpe exhibition of art desecration that was so publicly disputed, and I know these people. Yes, they are evil, intend evil, and mean for the destruction of life as we know it, the Christian-based Western civilization. So much of these left-leaning diatribes about the fall of the West is a fantasy that is the foundation concern of the political left. The play I referred to by the director, whom I knew, she had a thing for nudity, and she wanted to rub it in the face of an overly conservative Cincinnati public as a desecration. That was her reason for directing the play at the Taft Theater. This concept of corrupting the youth through easy sex, drugs, music and turning them into street activists against their parents’ generation has a long story of hope from the evil of the world that wants a Christian America to fall, and they have written a lot of books hoping to make that happen. 

But they never understood the value of market-based capitalism, which is the key to Western civilization. So liberal leaders in Chicago have one of the most progressive cities in the world, aside from San Francisco. They have a radicalized youth who can be turned into the streets to do essentially what the “Singin’ in the Rain” scene from Clockwork Orange was about: domestic terrorism to produce political change toward a communist government. Terrorize people to run to the arms of government for their protection; then, once a communist government was put in place, then the destruction of Western civilization, as the radical leftists have been dreaming of for years, can occur. And in the case of Chicago, this action has prompted Walmart to close three stores because they have simply shown it to be impossible to keep open because of the level of theft they see. So rather than collapse capitalism as the political left has hoped, capitalism instead goes where the value is, and it isn’t in state-controlled blue areas. As a result, stores will close in areas where the youth is out of control and inspired by radical politics. That is the real-life consequences of radicalism invoked by the youth, as seen in the movie A Clockwork Orange. Government weaponizes kids to revolt against their parents as trained in public education, and the downfall of society would naturally follow. The state-controlled blue areas are limited to only a few spots around America, leaving it always possible to move capitalism out into state-controlled red regions, which are much more numerous than state-controlled blue areas. Unlike the tendency of the left to gain power through election fraud, we see clearly the trend of actual voter sentiment by social behavior that most of the country does not allow their youth to get out of control. 

That is the ultimate failure of this plan by radical leftists; they thought that the Second Amendment would have already been eradicated and that unarmed people would be free to be terrorized by an out-of-control youth, as seen in A Clockwork Orange. For the leftist political plan to work, where youth could knock on your door late at night, take a family hostage and rape the women in front of their men grotesquely, the Second Amendment would have to have been removed. But in America, that is far from the case. Instead, gun laws have been loosened as many Republicans have learned of this trick and come to understand the strategy. If you want to eliminate the out-of-control violence, as they see in Chicago and San Francisco, get rid of the gun-free zones and let people protect their private property. That keeps these Clockwork Orange youth violence campaigns down to a minimum and completely screws up the lefty plan for destroying Western civilization. Seeing this plan fall apart, the political left has been screaming bloody murder because they really don’t have a plan B. If people aren’t afraid of them, they have no other means of getting their point across. They can’t win a debate on merits, only through force. The same model occurred with communism in Russia, China, and especially Cuba. The youth radicals wearing Che Guevara shirts destroying the Bible-thumping suburbanites was the object of a toast at the Equus play in Cincinnati, the desecration of western civilization to the worship of the pagan gods of old, the pre-Biblical times. But because of the Second Amendment, the backdrop of the rule of law, the plan isn’t working. And so long as there are over 300 million guns in America, it never will. And that is a wonderful thing that is causing the political left a lot of frustration.

Rich Hoffman

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Chick-fil-A Gets It: Recruiting Homeschool Kids is the Wave of the Future

It’s not artificial intelligence that everyone should be worrying about. The question as to whether or not artificial intelligence will take over the world and surpass the human being is a far less severe problem than what history will show results from the attempted takeover of the Liberal World Order during Covid. Covid was a bioweapon meant to destroy cultures while leaving the infrastructure intact for the hostile agent that employed it. Destroy the people without destroying the actual assets. After three years, people just now admitted that Covid came from China, and our government is willing to say so. But that took too long.

Meanwhile, the social distancing policies, where the damage really came from, were created by the government to inflict on its populatios around the world and destroyed a great deal in the process. But in that effort, people discovered something I have been warning about for over thirty years, as the public schools were shut down, and people had to care for their children at home. Suddenly people didn’t have access to that free babysitting service, public education, and a substantial cultural revelation was exposed to people for perhaps the first time. No longer were there theories about what was going on in public schools, but in the vacuum of daily noise, parents were able to see it for themselves as the push to work from home and the confidence that a “new normal” would result from shutting down the public school system across America and that nobody was ever coming back anyway. But things had to return to normal, which left all the leftist radicals exposed to what we are seeing today, and that’s good in its own way. At least people now understand what a devastating concept public education is and what it has done to several generations of children.

My wife and I whenever we could homeschool our kids we did. It was enormously difficult, and we did not have family and community support. Some fractures within my family are still very strong today because things were said that could never be taken back. But the social pressure for my wife to go out and get a job, process our kids through the public education system, and allow the government to co-parent our kids was never in my plans. I couldn’t wait to get married to my wife at age 19 so that I could get off the grid of processed human beings and raise a traditional family of my own, essentially to show the rest of the world how stupid they were. And my wife and I are about to celebrate our 35th wedding anniversary. We’ve done it the entire time as traditional families did; she was a strong, central figure housewife. We built our whole family around her. My job was to provide income and emotional stability, to change the oil in the cars, and fight off any bad guys that might stick their noses into our business. Her job was the traditional full-time, around-the-clock stable mom that everyone could count on seven days a week under any condition. And the results were that our way of life flourished during Covid because we weren’t dependent on the ridiculously stupid outside world.   And my kids made the decision very quickly to homeschool their kids because they were raised correctly as children themselves, and they wanted to provide that level of security to their children even as the world crumbled away into stupidity and dust. It was an inconvenient time when I met my wife; we were just starting out in life. But I knew when she was being pushed into a fashion model occupation by many forces and all she was talking about with me was being a housewife that I had found the perfect person to do what I wanted to do, which was raise a traditional family in the traditional American ways and spit in the face of a progressive society. My hatred for that society goes back to my youth, so by the time I was 19 years old, I was more than ready to swipe at the endeavor. 

After Covid failed to destroy our society, and the yearly homeschool conventions returned to Cincinnati each April, my kids take the day off and go to it to get supplies for the upcoming year. They have been homeschooling their children for two years now and never plan to return to the public school system. The results in their kids are just too dramatically positive. It’s hard work and takes supportive spouses, but the effort is clearly beneficial when you do a side-by-side comparison with other kids who have been processed through the public education system. And what’s interesting is to see how many other parents are figuring this out as well, by the amount of growth my kids have witnessed at the Cincinnati Homeschool Convention downtown from each year they have attended. It has grown a lot; there are many more homeschoolers than there used to be. But one thing they noticed this year, as opposed to years past, is that Chick-Fil-A was there recruiting workers, which said a lot to me. Of course, Chick-Fil-A would do that, they have such nice kids working at their stores, and people are always flocking to go there for a chicken sandwich. The company Chick-Fil-A recognizes the next-generation problem that the biggest challenge is in staffing with good, quality people. The kids coming out of public education are not as reliable and good as those homeschooled.

When we talk about the modern labor shortage, it’s not because there is a lack of applicants to fulfill an economy that does 19 trillion in GDP per year. Many jobs go unfulfilled, and artificial intelligence can hopefully help cover those employment gaps. The problem is that there aren’t enough quality candidates. Now, Chick-Fil-A has a good recruitment and training program that staffs their stores with good kids with fundamental Christian values, and that is what the customers want when buying a Chicken Sandwich. But to keep that recruitment up to their company standards, they are turning to homeschool conventions to recruit new employees for their stores, which is a very telling admission. This is one of the methods Chick-Fil-A uses to get better workers over their competitors. Going after homeschooled kids are going to be the wave of the future, as most corporations who listened to all the same dumb advice about embracing woke values are learning sequentially that the advice was terrible and they are going to have to change their behavior for the future. Companies looking for good employees will not care about their college education, what high school they attended, or whether that school won a national championship in football. They will care about whether or not the kids come from backgrounds where the parental structure was good; homeschooled kids would be a great bonus. And are the kids engaging, willing to work, and confident enough to continue learning as an asset of their corporation? Chick-Fil-A gets it, and the trends in the future of employee recruiting will be along those lines, throwing out all the previous measures entirely because they will historically be proven to be completely ineffective. 

Rich Hoffman

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Getting Away into Natural Bridge, Kentucky: The ultimate kind of Rebellion, Kindness, and Defiance

April is my birthday month and is always a positive benchmark for me. It’s always been my favorite month with all the life that returns from a long winter, and I always use the month as my own gauge into successes that need to be celebrated and things that need to be improved. But as a treat to myself, I wanted to go on a camping trip to Natural Bridge with as many of my family who could go and get off the grid for a few days in a place I grew up enjoying. My grandparents were from that region of Slade, Kentucky; during prohibition, my grandpa and his family ran moonshine, which I respect. I view moonshine differently than drug dealing for several reasons, even though I dislike intoxication of any kind all the time. I like to see independent and free people pushing back against a tyrannical government, and during prohibition, the government was out of control and deserved to have pushback, and that my grandfather and his father certainly did. Currently, we have a very dangerous government that is way beyond acceptable tyrannical tolerance, so for my birthday, I wanted to revisit a state park from my youth nicely nestled in the foothill mountains of the Appalachians and recharge. Over the last few years, my favorite mode of travel has been RV camping, so I wanted to take ours and live out of it for a few days, which is precisely what we did, and it was a wonderful experience. One of my sons-in-law brought their own camper, so we had a nice little family get-together down in the hills of Natural Bridge, Kentucky, and get away from the government for a bit.

Slade, Kentucky, where the Natural Bridge State Park and the world-famous Red River Gorge are located, is unusual because they have a particular hostility toward big government. Many census takers have found it impossible to do their job because the local residents simply don’t like government. So when you want to get away from big government and deal with people in a traditional Christian background setting in the Bible Belt, there aren’t many places in the world better. I’ve been to Natural Bridge a lot over my life, especially as a little kid. It’s been about ten years since my last visit. It’s not that it’s hard to get to; it’s very close to Cincinnati, Ohio, where I live. But my schedule has been busy; since my last visit, I have traveled around the world a few times, been to many countries, and experienced unique cultures. My opinion about the Slade, Kentucky region isn’t for lack of knowing anything else. But instead, it’s because I’ve seen a lot of other places that I appreciate that one of the best travel destinations there is, in my opinion, one that I knew well from my youth, was literally in my own backyard. It was a lucky experience to have, out of all the places in the world I could have gone, to have such a relationship with literally one of the best places there is. Our camping trip was wonderful, we had a nice campsite nestled in the hills, and we lived off the bare minimums and were able to let the world go for a bit, which was the present I wanted to give myself this year for a well-deserved birthday.

My wife and I started RV camping during Covid, and we will likely never do anything else again. I like hauling around my hotel room, bathroom, and refrigerator. It makes traveling so much better to step away from the grid as much as possible. I have a TV in my RV that we can stop and have a snack to take a break from driving and relax. Camper traveling with an RV has been a great experience, so doing that kind of camping at Natural Bridge brought together parts of the world that are favorites. It was all a gratifying experience. A lot of my family was able to come along, so it was nice to be around them and celebrate life while stepping away from the world of problems that traditionally come from government interference in our lives. Living out of a camper for a week in April of 2023 was enormously rewarding and recharged my spirit considerably. As a family, we had a good trip, and we were all grateful to have it. 

My wife and I had an interesting experience, a few actually, but one that reminded us just how good the world is without government in it. And people still live and get along without the stupid government imposing themselves into our lives. People left alone by government tend to do the right things without having a parental authoritarian in the form of government looming over our shoulders. For example, we went into town for some ingredients for smores and other snacks. And one of the items we needed was more firewood. So we were going to pick some up from a gas station down by the Mountain Parkway with a nice store. But the nice clerk there was a mountain woman from Appalachia, of course, and she told us that the wood that the gas station was selling was too expensive and you didn’t get very much. So she told us to go down the road around 400 yards to a tire mechanic with a little shed behind a Subway restaurant. He was selling a whole-wheel barrel of firewood for ten bucks. So we went down there to see him, and he loaded us up with firewood for our campsite. He had a rough mountain man accent; I would have needed subtitles to understand what he said. But we paid him the ten dollars, and he gave me a very large wheel barrel of wood to load into the back of our hatchback.

We couldn’t understand each other, but we quickly became good friends. That region is famous for many campfires, so he has many customers for his little enterprise due to the many campers who come to climb the world-famous Red River Gorge. It’s kind of a hippie culture, the rock climbers. More libertarian than anything. We probably wouldn’t agree on presidential picks or even drug usage. But we all do share a love of independence. Many of them come and camp with four people in a one-person dome tent with hundreds of others who can barely rub two dimes together in their pockets. And I find them refreshing, especially at Miguel’s Pizza, where they hang out. I’ve had pizza from everywhere, and the pizza they have at Miguel’s is a real treat. It was wonderful to pick some of it up and take it back to our campsite, where I had my reading chair set up next to the fire as all the kids played and enjoyed each other, and I had a stack of books to read well into the night as the sun set outlining the mountain tops and the dark sky stars made themselves obvious. It was a nice place to be, and it was certainly a great birthday present for me. No matter how much money you throw at recreation, it never gets better than that. 

Rich Hoffman

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Don Lemon Thinks Michelle Obama is Better Looking than Melania Trump: The Attributes of a good person

He’s said it before, and it’s come up again recently wherever he’s working these days. It used to be CNN. But Don Lemon thinks that Michelle Obama is better looking than Melania Trump, and that has reemerged as a controversial statement for whatever reason. Not to defend Don Lemon in his preference, but we all know that the controversial news personality from the extreme left is wired differently than most everyone else, and there is certainly room in the world for diverse opinions. After all, Lemon is a known gay man, and it could be understood that looking at a hairy rump and wanting to have a piece of it sexually naturally would make him more attractived to Michelle Obama. Many still think that Michelle Obama is actually a man, so that would make sense that Don Lemon would find Melania Trump, an ultra-feminine fashion model who made her way in the world as one of the most beautiful women well before she was married to Donald Trump, not attractive to an openly gay man. Don Lemon’s opinion is skewed toward an unusual, minority sexual opinion, so it’s not controversial. It just expresses that so long as there are differences like that, where liberals who are addicted to sexual deviancy can’t agree on what an attractive woman looks like, then we certainly will never agree on serious policy, such as whether or not a new road should be built, or what the debt ceiling should be. When you can put one of the most beautiful people in the world in front of someone like Don Lemon, and he wants to argue the base of the merit, then it’s evident that people like him will never agree on anything. 

I’ve had the benefit of meeting Melania Trump in person; as far as beauty goes, she is about as good as it gets. She looks even better in person, which is rare for celebrities who often benefit from makeup and camera lenses. But I’ve often said about Melania that there is more to her than just beauty, which is only skin deep. When we say a woman is beautiful, we essentially talk about them like a beautiful flower. The amount of beauty is a mutually agreed sentiment among the bees of sexual existence. Do we all agree that that flower would be worth pollinating? If yes, then we would say that it is a beautiful woman, all the sign stimuli are there to evoke such a process, and we can appreciate the opinion as a shared expression. But then there are other elements to beauty, such as the development of intellect and personal expression, and Melania Trump is probably the most beautiful in this category. She’s a woman who took a large section of her life to personally raise her son, Barron, as a traditional housewife, which had the feminist movement in quite an uproar. She does not like communism, as her family came from a communist country, and she has an almost Ayn Rand hatred for it, which was clearly reflected in her marriage to Donald Trump. I’ve often said that she brought out the best of Donald Trump. And that is true of most great women; they make people around them better, whether it’s their husbands, children, extended family, or community; their inclusion in the world makes the world better for several reasons. And that is how it has been with Melania Trump; she made everyone around her better just through her sheer personality. And when you meet her in person, that is what emerges most, which doesn’t show up so much in the pictures of her. 

President Trump has tried marriage three times, and I’ve said it before, he would not be someone I would have voted for before he married Melania. Sure, he wanted to insert himself among his competitors as the alpha male who could attract the best-looking females to mate with. This is an attribute that Democrats have been trying to remove from our society because most people aren’t that pretty to look at, and they consider it unfair that people like Melania have access to all the best things in life just because she’s a beautiful person. She could marry anybody she wanted to literally, and women who look like the bottom of a foot are obviously going to feel disadvantaged. So they beat on that drum of equality, inclusion, and all the progressive diatribes that go into skin-deep judgments. But when it comes to Trump, and I have always read his books, I watched a change in him happen in his marriage to Melania that I think made him a far superior president. I wouldn’t like President Trump if he was not married to Melania. And regarding any rumors of affairs with other women while Trump was married to Melania, I see the situation as a weaker man trying to be better but often falling short. Other women are easier to live up to, so affairs with them are tempting when a man is feeling bad about himself. 

However, the power of beauty, both inside and out, Melania has clearly had a grasp, and she has kept herself as an object to behold, almost living in a remote world of her own rather than caring one bit what lesser people think, and that has forced Trump to be a better person. That’s also why extreme leftists hate her, not just because she is beautiful, but because she knows how to use it to evoke exceptional expectations from the rest of the world to appease her in the classy way that women have been known to do. Even though she was one of the most accomplished fashion models on earth, it was not a surprise that those trying to reshape the world toward equality would want to suppress obvious exceptions from consideration. And when they are looking for ugly people that aren’t threats to the averages in society, Michelle Obama is often confused as being a guy, so women aren’t threatened by her ability to take their men to bed on a whim possibly, and she makes them feel more comfortable with their own insecurities. That’s understandable, even if it’s not factually rooted in truth. It’s a shame that Melania wasn’t first lady during a time when America would have appreciated her more, such as was the case with Jackie Kennedy and Nancy Reagan.

Regarding first ladies, Melania Trump is unquestionably the best-looking in the young history of America. And among all similar women in the world. She is undoubtedly in the highest category of beauty when compared to anyone, anywhere in the world. And when Trump married her, he was looking for the best-looking woman to beat his rivals, which is superficial at the essence of it. But through that exchange, something good happened; Melania improved Trump. And Trump made America better. And that made millions and millions of individual lives better. Then for a political left that wants to destroy America, of course, they would resent Melania Trump for being a good person and using her gifts to make the world better because they want to destroy it.

In comparison, Don Lemon may look at Melania Trump and not see a beautiful flower like other men. The hatred of the left goes far beyond that. This makes Melania Trump one of the best-looking people on planet Earth in the history of civilization, both inside and out. And a significant character that will still do well for the world many years into the future. 

Rich Hoffman

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The Meaning of the Pride Flag: It’s a religious debate, not about fairness

It’s time to stop arguing obvious progressive intrusions as unfair. When Lakota school board member Darbi Boddy took pictures of obvious sexual grooming in the halls of Lakota, and the defense was that the evidence was the result of political tolerance of sexual lifestyles, the reality was much more severe. The rainbows that were being taught to young children in the schools of public school were not just symbols of sexual alternative lifestyles; they were the roots of a cult that was religious in its nature which actually goes back many thousands of years to the worship of the goddess Ishtar from the Mesopotamian region. In essence, the rainbows in the halls of Lakota schools were the same religious symbols with precise meanings, as though there were images of the Christian Cross hanging on the walls with the Ten Commandments. And when the issue of transsexual rights came up at Lakota schools in April of 2023 regarding the bathrooms, the nature of the discussion was not one of fairness but of a religious cult that is actually behind the trans movement, which exploded into American culture late in June 1969, just a few months before the Woodstock music festival and a month before the Moon landing. Many things were happening to America to sabotage the space program from NASA, and the KGB was hard at work to backdoor communism to an unsuspecting public through its young people, which is what happened at the Stonewall Inn in Greenwich Village in New York City.

The examination into the root cause of the Stonewall Inn riots was that many of the participants were worshipers of the Cult of Ishtar and were using its sentiments to undermine the Christian nature of America through alternative sex practices, such as gay rights, trans rights, and the ritual practices of drunkenness and ostentatious pornography. Since that time in 1969, since the rest of the world was not landing on the moon, and there were lots of hostilities toward America that wanted to sabotage the effort, the same kinds of religious cults that destroyed previous civilizations, such as those from Sumer were introduced to do essentially the same in the United States. And for the diligent lawyers out there, the foundation argument for all this is in the excellent book by Jonathan Cahn called The Return of the Gods. In that book, he presents lots of evidence regarding the Cult of Ishtar that argues that the Trans movement is not about fairness or tolerance but is strictly a religion that should have the same rules applied to it that have been used to any Christian reference. If we cannot hang the Ten Commandments on the walls of our public schools and court houses, then we can’t put any rainbow references toward the Goddess Ishtar either. Because that is what the rainbow symbols refer to, Ishtar and her cult of followers. The rainbow was the battle flag of Ishtar, and the colors have particular meanings. So the argument that we have had regarding the use of rainbows in the halls of public schools and the evidence that America is a tolerant nation that will show compassion for people who are confused about how they feel inside and what biology they were given at birth, and the desire to desecrate their sexual rolls socially, the real issue was that of competing religions, the desire of one religion, the Cult of Ishtar and the Cross of Christ. If we had to accept Trans rights and activism, then public places had to tolerate prayer in the classroom and reference to the cross as the symbol of Christ’s crucifixion to die for the sins of mankind.  

The rainbow flag dedicated to the Goddess Ishtar was designed by Gilbert Baker, a drag queen and very openly gay man, on June 25th, 1978, just nine years after the riots at Stonewall. By 1994 that rainbow symbol was adopted as the official symbol of gay Pride and became recognized worldwide for that effort. Now the goddess Ishtar was a symbol of sex; she was a prostitute who was very promiscuous sexually. Whether she evoked in mankind the primary traits of sexual conduct and their perversion to satisfy the whims of a perverted deity or whether her reverence was purposely promiscuous intent on the downfall of whatever civilization adopted her practices as a priority, the results cannot be ignored. A worship of her by occult practitioners is why we have such a desire for drunkenness and sexual misconduct in our public schools and colleges to this very day. As stated, the KGB, which very much wanted to destroy the kind of culture from within that could put a man on the moon, was dusting off whatever aspects of ancient occult that might ruin America. And we are seeing the wheels set in motion then clearly in our present times because nobody has made an honest attempt to stop the madness. We instead have reacted by answering the argument posed, are we a tolerant nation? The answer obviously is yes, and we have been putting all our effort into fighting that accusation rather than the actual merits of the case that a religious ideology has been purposely trying to alter our country and destroy it at the foundations of its Christian belief. 

In the rainbow flag of Ishtar are definite meanings to the eight primary colors, with pink representing sex, red representing life, orange representing healing, yellow representing the sun (sun worship as a deity, turning the culture to worship of solar gods, solar power, reverence to the forces of the sun) green representing nature, (climate change, ESG measures) turquoise representing magic, (dark art, occult practices) indigo representing serenity, and the last color violet represented the spirit of sexuality, in whatever form it manifested, gayness, lesbianism, transsexuality, all the alphabet sex practices that are being shoved at us today as a value system. The purpose of the priority is to desecrate our traditionally Christian nation and replace it with the flag of domination by the Goddess Ishtar. It truly has nothing to do with sexual tolerance and social inclusion but desecration and undermining of our culture from its roots by hiding behind the concept of Church and State. I do not doubt among my readers that some very clever lawyers can see these implications. Once case law is established that the rainbow symbols are references the same as the Cross of Christ and prayer in public places, we have a whole new way of looking at this vast evil that has been cast upon our culture. Darbi Boddy at Lakota schools has had the right instincts about this issue from the start of her term. And the anger at her for pointing it out goes back to the kind of social activism that was evident at the breakout of the transexual movement beginning at Stonewall in New York City in 1969. These things didn’t happen by accident and aren’t about fairness. They were always attacks on American culture meant to corrupt our youth, and now many of those corrupted youth are running our country from a political position and are embedded in our media and other places of authority. And they worship the Cult of Ishtar, and their reverences, such as the rainbow flags of the Pride movement, are religious. Not symbols of inclusion but the battle flag of cultural domination and social destruction purposely invoked from ancient history to destroy America and everyone in it.

Rich Hoffman

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